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00:23<Dafusion>is there a list that shows what software changes debian has in the repository that is different drom the developers sources?
00:25<Dafusion>eg. app is in the repository, but does not include xyz plugin, because of licence issues?
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00:29<Dafusion>how about making sun java the default when u type java in a shell?
00:32<nomadium>Dafusion: man 8 update-java-alternatives
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00:35<Dafusion>nomadium: thanks! looks like it did something
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00:40<gosuperninja>I'm having an strange techinical issue with dpkg over and NFS connection. Is this a good place to get help?
00:41<streuner_>if you using Debian, sure :-)
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00:43<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
00:43<gosuperninja>I'm running an embedded ARM system with debian sarge. I have the package management files on my host machine (also running debian). The package management files are a tiny subset of all the packages out there.
00:44<Dafusion>* waits
00:44<gosuperninja>I run dselect and select the files i want to install. The installation process hangs on "Reading Package lists...)%
00:44<gosuperninja>sorry 0%
00:45<gosuperninja>it does this for 5 to 10 minutes
00:45<gosuperninja>and then it flies through to 100 %
00:45<gosuperninja>It then does the same thing building dependancy tree
00:45<gosuperninja>After all that it finally installs successfully.
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00:46<gosuperninja>Could there be a problem with a time out? NFS? A NFS file locking issue? I check the processor will it's hung and everything is pretty much in idle
00:47<Dafusion>gosuperninja: is there network activity during that time?
00:48<gosuperninja>Not sure how to check that on the system. gauging by the router lights blinking there really isn't much
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00:48<Dafusion>gosuperninja: nfs works with it when copy files?
00:49<gosuperninja>After it reads the package listing it can download the package from ftp really quick. My impression is that it's hanging up on NFS. But I don't know where to go from here.
00:50<gosuperninja>it can modify copy remove all over nfs
00:50<gosuperninja>I can browse it through the shell just fine.
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00:52<gosuperninja>I was thinking it might be a NFS locking issue. Is there a way to have dpkg not lock the package management files?
00:54<Dafusion>well, it maybe just some code in dselect, u try aptitude?
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00:56<gosuperninja>Not yet. But I doesn't look like that part of the execution was coming from dselect but rather dpkg it self.
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01:01<Dafusion>gosuperninja: so i am thinking its just dselect etc, try a different program
01:02<Dafusion>like aptiude
01:02<Dafusion>if they both dont do that , then u know its dselect
01:02<gosuperninja>I'll try that. I think you left the chat room for my last message. But that text comes from dpkg not from dselect.
01:02<Eulex>gosuperninja, dpkg isn't what is downloading packages.
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01:03<gosuperninja>Whats reading the package lists?
01:04<Eulex>gosuperninja, I'm not really sure with dselect. I never used it. it might be dselect itself, or it could be calling apt-get update.
01:04<gosuperninja>Cause it hangs before it downloads the package from ftp. It seems to be parsing the package list. What is it looking for when "reads the list
01:04<Eulex>gosuperninja, his suggestion might actually work, at least for maybe getting a sensible error for what is wrong.
01:04<Eulex>in any case, I'm off to work, bye
01:04<gosuperninja>Thats right. I'll try aptitude. Thanks for your help
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01:09<necro>i cna't mound cds for some reason... can anyone help?
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01:12<chealer>necro: no, unless you explain
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01:13<necro>When I put in a cdrw, and I try to mount it, it comes up with an error that says the volume doesn't exist
01:13<chealer>necro: "it"?
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01:13<necro>my system
01:14<necro>unless you mean the first it, which would be the cd.
01:15<chealer>necro: the second, yes. it could help to tell how you try to mount.
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01:24<GoinEasy9>Hi Again....was booted...geez
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01:26<GoinEasy9>did anyone answer my question?...was booted before i could see
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01:27<GoinEasy9>or did the whole channel go down?
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01:28<chealer>GoinEasy9: when did you ask? there was a split.
01:28<GoinEasy9>never channel....sorry
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01:28<GoinEasy9>lost oftc....
01:28<GoinEasy9>when it came back up i was here...sorry
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01:33<test1>hi , can we set a password on a room of this irc chatting ?
01:33<chealer>test1: ask #oftc
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02:09<arguapacha>hi, I am not very good with iptables and firewall stuff (mind you! I installed guarddog!! ) but I wanted to know how can I use ktorrent with the firewall activated. I opened the ports to P2P transfer and the "UDP Tracker" Port that I configured in KTorrent, but when KTorrent tries to connect to the tracker it does not use the UDP port, but one of the TCP dynamic pool ports... unfortunately I had to open all those ports in the firewall to properly
02:09<arguapacha>connect to the tracker, but I really want to keep them closed... any one knows how to do it?
02:11<Gef>you probably want to allow incoming ESTABLISHED,RELATED connections
02:11<jm_>arguapacha: otherwise you could unblock it by destination address
02:11<jm_>or port
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02:14<arguapacha>the tracker (ip) and port chages with the torrent, so I guess I can't do it that way, but thanks for the info... I didn't know I could (un)block by destination ip and/or port... I will check Gef's suggestion... thanks ^o^
02:15<jm_>that will unblock all outgoing requests though, but if you're happy with that, it's as good as it gets
02:17<jm_>alternatively there are options to enable it on a per application basis
02:17<arguapacha>I don't know... if I would prefer that or keep open around 4000 ports open for incomming connections... LOL
02:18<Gef>no it won't, it will unblock incoming requests that are related to connections initiated from behind the fw, which you either allow or deny with outgoing rules
02:18<jm_>(that would be owner module in iptables)
02:18<jm_>actually yes, you're right - I was thinking NEW state - if you block that, the above won't help you
02:19<jm_>so as long as you're not blocking outgoing connections you'll be fine with that
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02:20<arguapacha>thanks a lot! I can't really find an option like that in guarddog (as I say. I am starting to learn about linux firewalls) so I guess I will need a more specialized frontend
02:21<jm_>which option? established/related?
02:21<jm_>it's probably called something else
02:23<jm_>Guarddog is a firewall and is not used for configuring networking features such as IP masquerade and routing. These networking features must be configured using a different program.
02:24<jm_>maybe you need Guidedog for that
02:24<Gef>boo Guarddog
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02:24<arguapacha>Ohhh... LOL... thanks ;) downloading
02:25<jm_>that's from on-line manual
02:26<jm_>or maybe it's too simple for such rules
02:27<arguapacha>if it is about translations then the software is guidedog... I will have to read a bit about it, though, before messing up everythin, but thank you guys... you have been REALLY helpful
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02:29<sheldonh>firehol for the win
02:30<jm_>that's not GUI base, is it?
02:30<sheldonh>nope. it takes the highly readable text file approach :)
02:31<jm_>yeah similar to ferm I guess
02:32<sheldonh>jm_: aptitude show says yes
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02:32<sheldonh>jm_: firehol has two commands i like: try gives you 30 seconds to tell it to commit the newly loaded ruleset, otherwise it rolls back to what you had before the try. panic locks the box down, except for the current ssh session :)
02:33<sheldonh>jm_: explain is useful for newbies as well (shows you iptables generated for firehol commands and tries to explain why)
02:34<jm_>sheldonh: the problem with all these tools is that you really need to understand what's happening at low level, otherwise you'll screw up sooner or later, and when you know that, you can use iptables directly
02:35<sheldonh>jm_: that's a fair comment. but i _love_ that my juniors can mostly get it right _without_ understanding much of what's going on at a lower level
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02:36<sheldonh>jm_: that, coupled with the fact that raw iptables commands just takes more effort to read than higher level languages. of course, many of our firehol rulesets have to include some manual iptables anyway (like for adsl load balancing), but that still doesn't devalue the readability of the bulk of the ruleset
02:37<sheldonh>jm_: so yeah, i remain in two minds on the subject, but default to firehol when the situation presents no obvious winner
02:38<jm_>sheldonh: yeah I also use ferm at work because of its simplicity :)
02:39<jm_>and because I have very simple needs there for my workstation
02:39<sheldonh>speaking of which, time to go to work. later, skaters!
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02:59<akai>good morning :)
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03:02<sasha>hi , i have installed the new ati driver with compiz fusion from tux repository but when i launch compiz i do not have windows border anymore , could someone help please ?
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03:30<WildOS>err... what is the command to print system log? I thought it was dsmsg or something..
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03:33<WildOS>got it..
03:33<ifvoid>WildOS: or less /var/log/messages
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03:36<WildOS>ifvoid: Thanks =)
03:37<S3v3N>Hello. What do i need to install that make command will work? Because it doesn't work right now yet... I saw on google posted by one guy ( You didn't install the 'make' package, which contains the 'make' command. automake provides the 'automake' command, and cmake provides the 'cmake' command, neither of them have anything to do with traditional 'make' ) but I searched for "apt-cache make" and I didn't find nothing. What's the name of that package make?
03:37<dondelelcaro>!b-e S3v3N
03:37<dpkg>S3v3N: Sounds like you need to aptitude install build-essential.
03:38<S3v3N>what does build essential do?
03:38<S3v3N>solve my problem or i need to do anything else then?
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03:42<S3v3N>OK, I got make working but now another problem. "make: gcc: Command not found" ...
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03:43<Ganneff>install build-essentials
03:43<dondelelcaro>S3v3N: again, you want to install build-essential
03:45<S3v3N>Sorry for a bit stupid questions, but i'm new @ debian
03:45<S3v3N>Now I got this error...
03:45<S3v3N>tools/convconf.c: In function 'cofile':
03:45<S3v3N>tools/convconf.c:81: error: label at end of compound statement
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03:51<S3v3N>dondelelcaro: ok i found a problem, psybnc.tar.gz file was corrupted, now i tried different one and all works, thanks for help
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04:05<internat2>so i have a question.. do satadrives always come up in the same order?
04:06<internat2>ie sda,sdb,sdc,sdd etc? ie if i have 4 hdds on my controller, and i take out drive 3.. does sdc disapear, or does it reorder the remaining
04:06|-|padski [] has joined #debian
04:07|-|tjol_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:07<seanius>internat2: i wouldn't depend on the behaviour , but typically for sata drives i believe they disappear and the ordering changes
04:07<internat2>thats slightly unfortunate
04:07<seanius>if it's important, you should use filesystem labels or UUIDs to refer to the individual disks
04:07<internat2>i have a sata dive thats failed.. and i need to take it out.. but im not entirely sure which one it is
04:07|-|alaya [] has left #debian []
04:08<internat2>so if i just turn it off and take it out..
04:08<padski>internat2: get the serial number from smart ?
04:09|-|mode/#debian [+l 311] by debhelper
04:09<seanius>yeah you can probably get some kind of identifiable information that matches something on the top of the disk
04:09<internat2>hmm serial number.. thats an idea
04:09<internat2>didnt think ud be able to read it from smartd
04:09<seanius>alternatively, you could boot into a rescue system, and use hdparm/sdparm to spin down all of your disks, and then spin up the problematic one to find it :)
04:09|-|Risjh [~grub@] has joined #debian
04:10<seanius>dell servers and most SAN's have a nice "make this disk light blink" feature that you can use to find disks on them
04:12<akai>i use that one all the time :)
04:12<padski>seanius: yeah :-)
04:12|-|defiant [] has joined #debian
04:13<defiant>i know this is not really a debian question, but is there a way to determine what dependency is stopping me being able to enable a kernel option as a module? (the xconfig search reveals it as greyed out)
04:13|-|kooll [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:14<seanius>defiant: i believe taht the same file that has the "help text" you see during kernel configuration also has the dependency information
04:15<seanius>i just don't remember where it is. try a grep -r for the config option to find it :)
04:18|-|Piet [] has joined #debian
04:19|-|mydokumen [~mydokumen@] has joined #debian
04:20<jm_>yeah smartctl will show you serial number
04:21|-|zhuyaya66 [~zhuyaya66@] has joined #debian
04:21|-|defiant [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:21|-|zhuyaya66 [~zhuyaya66@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:22|-|vortex [] has joined #debian
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04:24|-|ptr [] has quit [Quit: For the Mouse is of an hospitable disposition.]
04:26|-|koollman [] has joined #debian
04:27|-|internat2 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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04:28|-|MrNaz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:28|-|ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
04:29|-|duke [~duke@] has joined #debian
04:30<duke>how to install latest kernel using apt-get?
04:30|-|gaspar [] has joined #debian
04:30|-|s0d0 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:30|-|gaspar [] has quit []
04:31|-|gaspar [] has joined #debian
04:31|-|freealan [] has joined #debian
04:31|-|gaspar [] has quit []
04:31<kon>apt-cache search "^(linux|kernel)-image"
04:31|-|gaspar [] has joined #debian
04:31|-|pmenier [] has joined #debian
04:32|-|teddy [] has joined #debian
04:32<chealer>duke: find a repository that contains it, add the repository to your APT sources, and install the package.
04:33<Risjh>hi, i am getting this Can't locate in @INC when i did apt-get install sun-java5-plugin
04:33<duke><chealer> with soures it's Ok, but which package i should install?
04:33|-|kanru [~kanru@2001:e10:6840:19:212:f0ff:fe21:3332] has joined #debian
04:34<chealer>duke: which repository will you use?
04:35<duke>deb unstable main contrib non-free
04:38<chealer>duke: which Linux image do you use?
04:38<duke><chealer> 4.0 etch
04:38<duke><chealer> amd k7.. something like this
04:38<chealer>duke: that's your Debian suite. what does $ uname -r; output?
04:39<duke>2.6.18 )
04:39<chealer>duke: linux-image-2.6.22-2-k7
04:40<duke>this package i should install, right?
04:40<chealer>duke: yes
04:40<duke>thanks a lot
04:40|-|rmayorga [~rmayorga@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
04:43<gaspar>anyone knows how to downgrade an installed packet? (I've installed hal and hal-info from sid and I need to have the testing version in order to avoid the bug #447676)
04:43<azeem>gaspar: apt-get install package=version
04:43<gaspar>azeem, and what about the sources list?
04:44<gaspar>i imagine I should place another line for testing, right?
04:44<azeem>of course, version "version" of package "package" needs to be mentioned in the sources.list
04:44<azeem>gaspar: e.g.
04:44<gaspar>ok, thanks a lot azeem :-D
04:44<azeem>gaspar: or look at
04:44<gaspar>azeem, what's that?
04:44<Risjh>hi, i am getting errors when i try to install sun-java5-plugin
04:44<azeem>a web service
04:44<Risjh> is the error
04:45<gaspar>azeem, xDD
04:45<azeem>Risjh: try to upgrade perl-modules
04:45|-|kon [] has left #debian []
04:46<Risjh>azeem, it says its in the latest version
04:46<Risjh> dpkg -l | grep perl-modules
04:46<dpkg>No packages found matching | grep perl-modules
04:46<Risjh>ii perl-modules 5.8.8-7 Core Perl modules
04:46|-|kevinbenko [~kvirc@] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies]
04:46|-|spy6 changed nick to spion
04:46<azeem>Risjh: then check whatever provides
04:47<Risjh>how do i find that out?
04:47|-|jimx [~jimx@] has joined #debian
04:48|-|jimx [~jimx@] has left #debian []
04:48|-|DoctorWeirdSeries [] has quit [Quit: Quite.]
04:49<azeem>Risjh: apt-file, e.g., or you can query at the bottom of
04:52|-|nd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:52|-|Risjh [~grub@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:52|-|grub [~grub@] has joined #debian
04:52|-|grub changed nick to Risjh
04:52<Risjh>azeem, it seems is in dpkg package but in etch, not in lenny
04:53<Risjh>what do i do now?
04:53<azeem>Risjh: are you half-way through an upgrade to lenny?
04:53<Risjh>azeem, no, i am running lenny already
04:54<Risjh>i was trying to install java for the browser ( iceweasel) and also for programming
04:54<Risjh>I upgraded to lenny a week or so back i think
04:54|-|duke [~duke@] has quit [Quit: õÈÏÖÕ]
04:54<azeem>maybe try to reinstall perl-modules the
04:55<azeem>apt-get install --reinstall perl-modules
04:55|-|asma [~asma@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:55|-|morii [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:55<S3v3N>"Tcl cannot be found on this system" on my user, but when i login as root and wanna download it, it says tcl8.4 is already the newest version..., where could the problem be?
04:56<seanius> tcl8.4-dev
04:57<S3v3N>i'll try
04:58|-|mentor [] has joined #debian
04:58<Risjh>azeem, still the same error
04:58|-|mentor changed nick to Guest403
04:58|-|bastet [] has joined #debian
04:58|-|jimx [~jimx@] has joined #debian
04:59|-|bastet [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:59|-|hq4ever [~hq4ever@] has joined #debian
04:59<S3v3N>seanius: thanks it works now ;)
04:59|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
05:00|-|kanru [~kanru@2001:e10:6840:19:212:f0ff:fe21:3332] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:00<azeem>Risjh: sorry, no idea then
05:00|-|smeding [] has joined #debian
05:01<Risjh>azeem, i get that error when i try to run `update-alternative` from the error
05:01<Risjh>oh ok, thanks for the help though
05:01<azeem>run update-alternative from the error?
05:01<azeem>what do you mean?
05:01<Risjh>i mean, i run /sbin/update-alternatives
05:02<Risjh>and i get Can't locate in ... error
05:02<azeem>ok, so a general perl installation issue
05:02<Risjh>so its perl, thats the problem creator?
05:03<azeem>ah, no
05:03<Risjh>can it because of some lib mixup?
05:03|-|jimx [~jimx@] has left #debian []
05:03<Risjh>( i have that a lot on lenny )
05:03<azeem>what do you mean with lib mixup?
05:03<Risjh>lib mixup that is, have to move old libs from /lib and /usr/lib to get around the errors
05:04<Risjh>and leave only the updated libs.
05:04|-|morii [] has joined #debian
05:04<azeem>Risjh: how did you get to this situation?
05:04<Risjh>azeem, the perl one?
05:04<azeem>and yes, that would likely be the possible issue
05:04<azeem>the lib mixup one
05:04<azeem>a simple upgrade from etch to lenny shouldn't lead to that
05:04<Risjh>well it happens when i update/upgrade something, and i get errors
05:05<azeem>you should fix the errors in a Debian way, not by moving around files manually
05:05<azeem>now your package systems thinks files are somewhere else than they really are
05:05<Risjh>I installed etch from a netinst cd and then upgraded to lenny the only thing i installed which was not in the repos was skype before upgrading to lenny
05:05<azeem>Risjh: did you install the skype .deb?
05:05|-|Martinp23 [] has joined #debian
05:06|-|SwampyLT [] has joined #debian
05:06<Risjh>and i never did move/change anything before i started getting errors
05:06<azeem>well, it's hard to figure out what went wrong as I guess you cannot tell us the exact errors anymore
05:06<Risjh>azeem, i added the line deb stable non-free
05:06<Risjh> when i was running etch
05:06<Risjh>and installed skype from that
05:07<azeem>ok, that should be fine
05:07<Risjh>thats all i did
05:07<Risjh>i never moved/changed anything else, i still got errors when i upgraded to lenny.
05:07|-|jm_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:07<azeem>11:03 < azeem> well, it's hard to figure out what went wrong as I guess you cannot tell us the exact errors anymore
05:08<Risjh>what is the debian way though?
05:08<Risjh>to fix errors, that is
05:08<azeem>in any case, moving around files under /usr or /lib manually is *never* an appropriate fix for a package installtion issue
05:08<azeem>Risjh: that depends on the error :-/
05:08|-|madrescher [] has joined #debian
05:08|-|Guest403 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:09|-|madrescher [] has quit []
05:09<azeem>Risjh: did you try to google for the INC error?
05:09<Risjh>azeem, i only moved old files, which someone in #debian ( freenode ) suggested me i should move
05:09<Risjh>azeem, yes, no relevant results :/
05:09|-|tr0yck [~kurumin@] has joined #debian
05:09<azeem>Risjh: what do you mean with "old files"?
05:09|-|tr0yck [~kurumin@] has left #debian []
05:09<azeem>Risjh: did you use the same nick on freenode?
05:10<Risjh>azeem, nick-> grub
05:10|-|mentor_ [] has joined #debian
05:10<azeem>that's a bad nick to search logs for :P
05:10|-|SwampyLT [] has left #debian [My IRC: - Skulltag: - ZDaemon:]
05:10|-|hq4ever [~hq4ever@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:10<Risjh>azeem, old files as in, say and ( when i did ls -l one had timestamp of 2006)
05:11<Risjh>and that was the one causing the trouble ( i wasn;t able to run ssh )
05:11<azeem>Risjh: why do you think 2006 is old?
05:11<Risjh>ldd ssh and other tests suggested that lib was the culprit
05:11<azeem>Risjh: likely that file was there because some program needed it
05:11|-|f1d0 [] has joined #debian
05:11|-|MoDaXaS [] has joined #debian
05:12<Risjh>azeem, but i had updated, and already had the newer version of the lib, isnt it ok?
05:12<azeem>eh, no
05:12<azeem>that's the whole reason for libs
05:12<azeem>so different programs can you use different versions of the lib
05:12<azeem>again, removing or moving files under /usr or /lib is wrong
05:12<Risjh>the ssh problem i had worked if i prefixed ssh command with LDD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib
05:13|-|MoDaX [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:13<azeem>that means you probably had a bad openssl library in /usr/local/lib, wonder how it got there
05:13<azeem>aptitude or (since recently) apt-get would have figured out that no program needs that library anymore, and offered to remove the
05:13<azeem>Risjh: at this point, I suggest a reinstall
05:14<Risjh>azeem, etch->lenny then?
05:16|-|awolf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:17|-|cwlin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:18<azeem>installing etch first is probably a good idea, yeah
05:20<Risjh>ok thanks azeem for the help
05:21|-|Melais [] has joined #debian
05:23|-|allisterb__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:27|-|rame [~rame@] has joined #debian
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05:29|-|asma [~asma@] has joined #debian
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05:32|-|somebody [~somebody@lts01.tubit.TU-Berlin.DE] has joined #debian
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05:33|-|GodHell [] has joined #debian
05:33|-|De_Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:34|-|allisterb__ [] has joined #debian
05:35<GodHell>Hello, trying to setup an ftp-server using Debian I get the error: 530 Login Authentication failed and I followed this guide;
05:35|-|M0ffe [] has joined #debian
05:35|-|cwlin [] has joined #debian
05:36|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
05:37|-|Garda [] has joined #debian
05:38|-|dawolle [] has joined #debian
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05:39|-|Holborn [] has joined #debian
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05:41|-|Inv_ [] has joined #debian
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05:47|-|asma [~asma@] has joined #debian
05:50|-|woozy [] has joined #debian
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06:04|-|Origin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:06|-|bowman [] has joined #debian
06:07<bowman>Hi all! I'm facing a mysterious problem with apt inside a vserver. apt connects fine to the debian repositories, but for it tells me "cannot connect to 8888:80 - illegal argument" - anyone seen this behaviour before?
06:07|-|rame [~rame@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:09|-|madrescher [] has joined #debian
06:09|-|madrescher [] has left #debian []
06:11|-|Manshoon [~Manshoon@] has joined #debian
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06:13<koollman>bowman: are you sure the sources.list is correct ?
06:14<bowman>koollman: pretty much - it contains only 3 entries, one of them is deb etch/updates main
06:14<bowman>the other 2 being deb etch main and deb-src etch main ;)
06:16|-|moffe [] has joined #debian
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06:21|-|SleepingSloth [] has joined #debian
06:22|-|Le_Vert [] has joined #debian
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06:44|-|galluible [] has joined #debian
06:45[~]galluible wants a hug
06:46|-|Caino [] has joined #debian
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06:50|-|mentor_ changed nick to mentor
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07:07|-|Chilero [~operacao@] has joined #debian
07:07|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
07:08<Chilero>alguem ai pode me ajudar?
07:09|-|GhostlyDeath [] has joined #debian
07:10|-|gs_ [] has joined #debian
07:10<gs_>can anyone recomend drupal irc channel?
07:11<petemc>tried freenode?
07:12<gs_>will do, cheers
07:12|-|gs_ [] has quit []
07:13|-|freak [] has joined #debian
07:16|-|freak [] has quit []
07:17<Chilero>alguem ai pode me ajudar
07:17|-|nduna00 [] has joined #debian
07:18<dpkg>Este canal é apenas em inglês. Por favor, use #debian-br (/j #debian-br) para ajuda em portugues.
07:18|-|Chilero [~operacao@] has quit [Quit: Fui embora]
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07:26|-|Aicart [] has joined #debian
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07:33|-|anessen [] has joined #debian
07:35|-|MrUmbrela [~MrUmbrela@] has joined #debian
07:35|-|Holborn [] has joined #debian
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07:37|-|dutche [~dutche@] has joined #debian
07:37|-|dutche- [~dutche@] has joined #debian
07:37|-|DTE [] has joined #debian
07:37<DTE>hi all
07:37|-|dutche [~dutche@] has quit []
07:38|-|crazy-tictac [] has joined #debian
07:40|-|MrUmbrela [~MrUmbrela@] has left #debian [Leaving]
07:42|-|nduna00 [] has joined #debian
07:44|-|flavio [] has joined #debian
07:44|-|julian [] has joined #debian
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07:45|-|david [~david@] has joined #debian
07:46|-|david changed nick to lammah
07:48|-|flavio [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:48<lammah>debian:/home/david# rmmod ndiswrapper
07:48<lammah>ERROR: Module ndiswrapper does not exist in /proc/modules
07:48<lammah>debian:/home/david# modprobe ndiswrapper
07:48<lammah>FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found.
07:48|-|lammah kicked [#debian] debhelper [use the paster bot or #flood]
07:49|-|lammah [~david@] has joined #debian
07:49<lammah>hello i need help
07:50<gsimmons>lammah: Sounds like you need to compile the ndiswrapper module for your installed kernel.
07:50<gsimmons>!ndiswrapper one-liner
07:50<dpkg>[ndiswrapper one-liner] aptitude install ndiswrapper-common build-essential module-assistant && m-a a-i ndiswrapper
07:51<lammah>yes this is problem
07:54<lammah>done i think ...
07:54|-|emi [] has joined #debian
07:54|-|emi [] has quit []
07:54<lammah>Thanks gsimmons
07:55<gsimmons>lammah: np
07:56|-|freealan [] has joined #debian
07:58<lammah>gsimmons, one more question pls ... how i activate my wifi card ? iwconfig ?
07:59|-|vin` [~nach@] has joined #debian
07:59|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
08:00|-|Mean-Machine [] has joined #debian
08:01|-|sorn [] has joined #debian
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08:03<gsimmons>lammah: iwconfig configures your wireless interface once it's available in your system. To make it available, you'll first need to install the relevant Windows driver using "ndiswrapper -i <driver.inf>". See /usr/share/doc/ndiswrapper-common/README* and the ndiswrapper wiki.
08:06|-|freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:08|-|E0x [] has joined #debian
08:08|-|nomeata [] has joined #debian
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08:11|-|CrazyZ [] has joined #debian
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08:17|-|runev [] has joined #debian
08:17<runev>Anyone know why "compiz --replace" just freezes the screen, forcing me to kill the X server? Running nvidia drivers, which works as intended. Changed everything in xorg.conf according to the compiz wiki (aiglx is loaded, so is direct rendering). Still, it freezes everything. Trying to run it with Gnome.
08:18|-|posix [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:18|-|posix [] has joined #debian
08:22|-|lammah [~david@] has joined #debian
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08:26|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has joined #debian
08:29<lammah>iwconfig wlan0 essid ESSNAME enc off; dhclient wlan0
08:29<lammah>Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A) :
08:29<lammah> SET failed on device wlan0 ; No such device.
08:30|-|smeding [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:30|-|hansome_devil [~cl10@] has joined #debian
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08:39|-|mode/#debian [+l 318] by debhelper
08:39|-|jaro [] has joined #debian
08:41<crazy-tictac>running dpkg --pending --configure ...
08:41<crazy-tictac>running dpkg --pending --remove ...
08:41<crazy-tictac> kam grad was bedeutet des was war des ... ich hab nichts gemacht und dann kam des
08:41|-|pazsion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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08:43|-|tomas [] has joined #debian
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08:44|-|Rendergraf [~Rendergra@] has joined #debian
08:45<chealer>!tell crazy-tictac about de
08:45<user01>if i figured out how to get a wireless modem to work in lenny for a carrier researching a couple different things and would like to have documentation of what i did for others . . . where should i post it?
08:45|-|drsource [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:45|-|Garda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:46<petemc>user01: what kind of wireless modem, out of interest?
08:46<user01>aircard 875u
08:46|-|hajvan [] has quit [Quit: after years if irc see you in RL ;)]
08:46<user01>sierra wireless
08:47|-|kart_ [~kart_@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:47<user01>petemc: there wasnt really step by step guide so i improvised witha couple different pages
08:47|-|Piet [] has quit [Quit: Piet]
08:47|-|pazsion_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:48|-|pazsion_ [] has joined #debian
08:48<petemc>user01: nice one, you could perhaps add some info the debian wiki
08:48|-|crazy-tictac [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
08:49<user01>petemc: ok thanks
08:49|-|Chaos`Eternal [~Palpatine@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:50|-|jaro [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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08:53|-|last-ottom4n [~coki@] has joined #debian
08:53[~]last-ottom4n hi
08:53|-|pazsion_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:54|-|Frolic [] has joined #debian
08:54|-|ernesto [] has joined #debian
08:54<user01>petemc: is there a hardware section or just put it under howto?
08:56|-|julioams [~julioams@] has joined #debian
08:57|-|yongju [~yongju@] has joined #debian
08:58|-|streuner [] has joined #debian
08:58[~]last-ottom4n alooo
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09:07|-|[SpA]SaintK2 [] has joined #debian
09:07|-|[SpA]SaintK2 changed nick to w00ter
09:08|-|popap [] has joined #debian
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09:08<Aleric>Is there a way to get aliases to work/expand/whatever inside a bash script?
09:09<w00ter>Hiya, I run a Debian Etch (i386) install on my Xeon Qcore machine. I have a weird issue with Open-SSH. For some reason it keeps closing the SSH port after like 10 minutes after boot. After a random period of time, suddenly the port is accesable again, to close down after a couple of minutes again. Other ports on the machine stay opened the whole time, and its also pingable etc. Any clue were i should start looking for this issue ?
09:10|-|miguel [] has joined #debian
09:10<w00ter>btw, SSH works fine when the port seems to be down, when i do 'ssh' on the machine itself i can logon without a problem
09:10|-|miguel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:11|-|Patricio [] has joined #debian
09:11|-|godaddy [] has joined #debian
09:11|-|maplebed [] has joined #debian
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09:12|-|kakozii_ [] has joined #debian
09:12|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:12<w00ter>When i do a netstat -a on the machine, i see it having SSH bound to tcp6
09:12|-|maplebed [] has joined #debian
09:13<Aleric>w00ter: What do you mean with it is pingable?
09:13|-|anessen [] has joined #debian
09:13<w00ter>How can i prevent it from binding to tcp6, and bind to tcp (4)
09:13<w00ter>i can ping the machine just fine, so its not a a connection issue
09:13<Aleric>You did never read 'man sshd' it seems.
09:14<w00ter>It seems i didn't, thought i do see now also Apache2 attached itself to TCP6 and is no longer reachable. I kinda never experianced a situation like this, normally after a clean install everything would just propperly run on tcp 4
09:15|-|Rendergraf [~Rendergra@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:15<w00ter>So i was wondering if *something* in the network config or so is changed that it now prevers tcp6 or something ?
09:16|-|De_Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:16|-|anessen [] has quit []
09:16|-|anessen [] has joined #debian
09:16|-|ali [~ali@] has joined #debian
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09:17|-|pusling [pusling@] has joined #debian
09:17|-|pmenier [] has joined #debian
09:17<pusling>can someone please add some faq about fucked-up keyboard layout in kde => see bug reports for xserver-xorg-input-evdev ?
09:18|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has joined #debian
09:18|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
09:18<Ganneff>pusling: add it to dpkg?
09:19<pusling>maybe. dunno how.
09:19|-|maplebed [] has left #debian []
09:19|-|nomeata [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
09:19<Ganneff>what text with what keyword?
09:20|-|user01 [~user01@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:20<popap>Oct 24 09:04:56 webmail2 dovecot: imap-login: Can't load certificate file /etc/ssl/certs/server.crt: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line
09:20|-|pringao [] has joined #debian
09:20|-|popap changed nick to poprobson
09:20|-|cwlin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:20<pusling>Ganneff: something like weird-keyboard-layout =>
09:20|-|pringao [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:20|-|linac [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:21|-|copernic [] has joined #debian
09:21<ali>hello to all
09:21<poprobson>hello ali
09:21<dpkg>well, weird-keyboard-layout is You want to look at
09:21<ali>I have a Twinhan Vision Plus DVB-s card and use Debian 4.0r0(etch).When it is loading,it load all bt878 and bttv modules (show Twinhan vision Plus with specification of my DVB card in text start up screen) but do'nt exist any DVB folder in /dev
09:21<w00ter>Okay, in man sshd i find '-4 for TCP 4 only' , but i only know how to start/stop the proccess trought /etc/init.d/ script. How can i pass on the -4 option there?
09:22<poprobson>I need of a help is a server webmail
09:22<Ganneff>pusling: you tell dpkg about new things with "foo is $TEXT" and change it by asking for it and then say "no, foo is $TEXT"
09:22<pusling>dpkg: weird-keyboard-layout is
09:22<dpkg>...but weird-keyboard-layout is already something else...
09:22|-|charl [] has joined #debian
09:22|-|mode/#debian [+o Ganneff] by ChanServ
09:22|-|[Ganneff] changed the topic of #debian: 4.0r1 released /msg dpkg etch | /msg dpkg etch->lenny | PUBLIC KEY NOT AVAILABLE? /msg dpkg no public key | THIS IS NOT #ubuntu | FAQ: | /msg dpkg bts | NO FLOOD: USE #flood or /msg dpkg paster | /msg bots NOT people | /msg dpkg weird-keyboard-layout
09:22|-|emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
09:22<@Ganneff>pusling: i already set this one
09:22|-|mode/#debian [-o Ganneff] by Ganneff
09:23<poprobson>Oct 24 09:04:56 webmail2 dovecot: imap-login: Can't load certificate file /etc/ssl/certs/server.crt: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line
09:23[~]pusling is getting quite some bug reports and support requests everywhere about it.
09:23|-|ali [~ali@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:24<Aleric>w00ter: Add it to /etc/default/ssh
09:24<padski>w00ter: SSHD_OPTS in /etc/default/ssh
09:24<Aleric>Note that I figured that out by looking at /etc/init.d/ssh
09:24|-|e-Flex [] has joined #debian
09:24<Aleric>There you can see that $SSHD_OPTS is being passed to sshd and that /etc/default/ssh is being sourced.
09:25<padski>w00ter: what Aleric says :-) it is the debian way :-)
09:25|-|CrazyZ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:25|-|WildKid [] has joined #debian
09:25<w00ter>Aleric, padski - thanks alot!
09:26<WildKid>How do I boot an ISO image from a hard drive?
09:27<padski>WildKid: ISO has it's boot sector on the 17th block, a PC expectes the MBR onn the 1st block.
09:28<Aleric>WildKid: No idea - but if it's possible then I suppose you'd have to use grub.
09:28<WildKid>Then what's on tracks 1-16?
09:28<padski>blocks ?
09:28<WildKid>I meant 'blocks'
09:29<padski>WildKid: yeah. I forget, legacy CD stuff I think.
09:29<WildKid>'legacy?' LOL - CDs are not a legacy medium, correct?
09:29|-|xdeng [~xdeng@] has joined #debian
09:30<padski>WildKid: you could boot it in a VM
09:30<Aleric>padski: Do you know how I can 'export' an alias, so that it still works from a (bash) script?
09:30|-|katie [] has joined #debian
09:30|-|katie [] has left #debian []
09:30<w00ter>Ok, this is too odd.. As soon as i changed SSHD to start wth option -4, it does indeed bound to TCP (4), and for some funky reason, apache2 also binds to TCP (4) now, were it did bind to TCP6 when ssh was too... A well, it works now :)
09:30<padski>WildKid: that is a matter of perspective.
09:30<Aleric>I have an alias 'configure', but then I run the script ./rebuild that I wrote, in which I use 'configure', it says that configure is not known.
09:32<padski>Aleric: no. I don't trecall ever using alias other than in an interactive shell.
09:32<charl>Hi, I'm quite new to debian and have encountered a problem. I'm currently using KDE for most of my operations, 2 days ago I tried installing cssh via aptitude when aptitude found 200+ unused items, asked me whether I want to remove them and I foolishly said yes. So 2 days down the line I reboot my machine, get to the KDE login, I log in and nothing visibly happens. I'm currently booted into failsafe mode which allows me to at least use
09:32<charl>konversation. I have tried quite a few things, for instance purging kdm, reinstalling it, etc. Any suggestions would be awesome!
09:32<WildKid>Is it possible, usiong grub or a similar bootloader, to tell it to load x file from y partition (in this case NTFS), skipping y blocks, booting the image from said partiition (without loading the whole thing into RAM? Remeber, I only have 128MB of RAM...
09:33|-|Chaos`Eternal [~Palpatine@] has joined #debian
09:34<WildKid>Ub thus casem telling it to skip the first 16 blocks of the ISO image.
09:34<gsimmons>poprobson: See <>.
09:34<padski>Aleric: you might be able to put it in one of the shell config files, but that seems kinda icky to me.
09:34<w00ter>padski / Aleric : Unfortunatly, the issue continues :( SSH is unavailible again, a netstat -a shows its running propperly on the TCP (4) on port 22, server is still reachable trough ftp, http etc etc. Local i can still SSH to the machine. Any hints on what i should be checking next ?
09:34<WildKid>padski: In this casem telling it to skip the first 16 blocks of the ISO image.
09:35<lupine_>w00ter: firewall
09:35<padski>WildKid: only? only! why when I was your age I would have killed for 128MB of RAM ;-)
09:36<w00ter>lupine_ its a default debian Etch install, i didn;t install anything more accept of Apache2 and SSH. Debian doesn't install a firewall by default, does it ?
09:36<lupine_>nope. but there could be a firewall anywhere between you and the remote computer.
09:36[~]Aleric coded his first 3D maze game in .... 48 kB.
09:36<WildKid>padski: I have a computer from 2002, so I bought some RAM rcently.
09:36<Aleric>That is 48 kilo bytes.
09:36|-|sergio01 [~sergio01@] has joined #debian
09:37<WildKid>padski: Knowing that the ICH4 unofficially supports DDR RAM, I bought a 1GB stick of the stuff.
09:37<sergio01>TEM ALGEN AI
09:37|-|lammah [~david@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:37<Aleric>The '3D' meaning that the white lines on black background appeared to show you a 3D look into the maze. If you turned, it would redraw the maze 90 degrees turned :)
09:37<w00ter>lupine_ - its on the local LAN, not firewalled
09:37<WildKid>padski: Unfortunately, it didn't fit (the slot had the wrong keying...) :(
09:38<sergio01>eu tenho dinheiro
09:38<padski>WildKid: :-(
09:38<sergio01>eu sou brasileiro
09:38<dpkg>Este canal é apenas em inglês. Por favor, use #debian-br (/j #debian-br) para ajuda em portugues.
09:39<padski>WildKid: why do you want to do crazy things with iso ?
09:40|-|GodHell [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
09:40<WildKid>bpadski: Because I really don't feel like burning 17 CD images...
09:40<padski>Aleric: same sort of stuff, but it was a BBC B, which IIRC was 32KB of RAM
09:41|-|sergio01 [~sergio01@] has quit []
09:41<padski>WildKid: 17 cd images ?
09:42<WildKid>padski: And I don't have any CD-RWs handy.
09:42<padski>WildKid: why would you burn 17 ISOs ?
09:42<WildKid>I don't have 17 CD-Rs.
09:42<WildKid>only 10.
09:43<charl>My KDE keeps crashing at the login. If I aptitude purge kde and reinstall it, could this posibly fix the problem?
09:43<padski>WildKid: 17 CDs of what ?
09:43<WildKid>Debian stabel release 14
09:44<padski>WildKid: I thought so.
09:44|-|Phezaun [] has joined #debian
09:44|-|Phezaun [] has left #debian []
09:44|-|ErJeDi [] has joined #debian
09:44<Aleric>padski: It seems like that the things I coded as a teenager were a lot more difficult than what I write these days... More hackerisch anyway I guess; like, I once coded a debugger a-la the debugger of 'turbo pascal' in GFA-basic (an interpreter), by using PEEK and POKE to change the running program and then hook into the interpreter code itself to display the lines being executed and set breakpoints :^)
09:44|-|techbie [~techbie@] has joined #debian
09:44|-|ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:44<Aleric>That wasn't the intention of those who wrote GFA-basic ;)
09:45<padski>Aleric: I know exactly what you mean. sadly these days I don't do much at all :-(
09:45[~]Aleric is now working on
09:46|-|Aicart [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:46|-|jthomas [] has joined #debian
09:46<Aleric>I bet that program is more complex than 99% of people who can code C++ will ever be able to understand ;) :p
09:46|-|al55 [] has joined #debian
09:46|-|charl [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:46<Aleric>Hmm, I should update the webpage.. the class PseudoMessageOut isn't in there yet I see.
09:47|-|al55 [] has quit []
09:48<WildKid>padski: Does the netinst kernel have an initrd with the ntfs module on it? That may I could boot it, drop to a shell, mount the NTFS partition
09:49<WildKid>padski: Does the netinst kernel have an initrd with the ntfs module on it? That may I could boot it, drop to a shell, mount the NTFS partition, mount the cloop filesystem, and then start the installer.
09:49<padski>WildKid: dunno, maybe but I wouldn't bet on it.
09:50<padski>WildKid: help us all out here. state your actual problem. what are you trying to do ?
09:50<WildKid>padski: I am trying to boot the extraqcted iso image from the hd.
09:50<WildKid>from a grub boot floppy
09:50<padski>WildKid: why ?
09:51<WildKid>becauyse I don't have any CD-Rs, and the closest store is about 20 miles away.
09:52<WildKid>becauae I don't have enough CD-Rs, and the closest store is about 20 miles away.
09:52<Aleric>So, you downloaded a bootable CD image - but you can't boot it because you don't have a CD-rom.
09:52[~]last-ottom4n ben gittim sikin ananisi :D i got to hell
09:52<Aleric>Maybe I ask what is on that image?
09:52<padski>WildKid: what happenned to the 10 disks you had earlier ?
09:53<WildKid>I still have them, I just don't have the 17 required to burn all of the CDs
09:53|-|ViaToR [] has joined #debian
09:53<Aleric>If you need 17 CD's to run some program, then it's never going to work.
09:54<Aleric>It will ask you to insert the next CD.
09:54|-|ViaToR [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:54<WildKid>But then I would need to know in advance what CDs I don't need...
09:54|-|madrescher [] has joined #debian
09:54|-|madrescher [] has left #debian []
09:54<Aleric>I doubt that
09:54|-|Dexter [~dex@] has joined #debian
09:54|-|allisterb__ [] has quit [Quit: Thanks for taking part in this Turing test.]
09:54|-|Dexter changed nick to Aquarius
09:55<Aleric>It will ask for the next CD, you can't insert it - and that's the end of it.
09:56<Aleric>If the 17 CD's form a whole - and you think you only need 10 CD's, then you're best bet is to burn the first CD - and try the boot/install - when it asks for number 'x', you stop and burn 'x'.
09:56<Aleric>Still, however, ... I somehow doubt it's gonna work with only 10 CD's
09:56|-|last-ottom4n [~coki@] has quit []
09:56<WildKid>ok, thanks
09:56|-|WildKid [] has quit [Quit: WildKid]
09:57|-|streuner_ [] has joined #debian
09:58<Aleric>I had an equivalent problem not long ago. I tried to install Unreal Tournament on linux, but I didn't have enough CD's to burn it on...
09:59<Aleric>I started the install by mounting the first with -o loop, but that didn't even gain me one, because it started the install, then asked for CD 2, then 3, 4, 5 and then 1 again :p
09:59|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:59<padski>Aleric: I can't help thinking that with more knowledge of the problem we could have found an easier solution than what he was suggesting. I liked the VM option.
10:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
10:00<Aleric>I burned first 2, then 3, then 4, and then got tired (and assumed I'd not need 1), so I burned 5 and 6 both. However, then it turned out that I didn't need 6 but DID need 1!
10:01<Aleric>Yeah, but his 'problem' didn't sound worth of spending time on in order to figure out how to do this :/
10:02<padski>Aleric: granted. I was suckered in by the original bizarre question :-)
10:02|-|ramoonas [] has joined #debian
10:03|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:03|-|kolja [] has joined #debian
10:03|-|ramoonas [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:03|-|sqrt [] has joined #debian
10:03|-|sqrt [] has quit []
10:04|-|streuner [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:05|-|djfg [~djfgu@] has joined #debian
10:05|-|kolja changed nick to Donner
10:05<djfg>hi yall
10:08|-|cwlin [] has joined #debian
10:08|-|techbie [~techbie@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:09<djfg>so, is there anyone here in the mood to help me
10:09|-|Br01 [~ess@] has joined #debian
10:09<djfg>I am a three day old newbee eager to escape from the commercial clutches
10:10<Br01>hi all
10:10|-|Aquarius [~dex@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:10<padski>!tell djfg about ask
10:10<w00ter>Ok, seriousely, my Debian install is on and off opening and closing ports.... Now i have ports 110, 135, 139 and 445 open. A minute ago, i had only port 80 and 22 open... And i am absolutely clueless were to start searching for this weird weird behavior
10:11<padski>djfg: did you get the factoid from the bot ?
10:11<djfg>!tell padski nope
10:12<padski>w00ter: try to go a bit more slowly. how are you seeing this ? in netstat ?
10:12<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
10:12|-|usuario [~usuario@] has joined #debian
10:12<padski>djfg: ok. see above then ^^^^
10:12|-|usuario [~usuario@] has quit []
10:12<djfg>I was a little sqeamish
10:12|-|pusling [pusling@] has left #debian [pferd]
10:14|-|Optical [~dlz@] has joined #debian
10:14<djfg>How do i make nautilus show me my ntfs-3g drives on desktop and in Computer location?
10:16<djfg>The debian is the latest etch 4 r1 the ntfs-3g is the latest backport version
10:16|-|poprobson [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:18|-|egon_spengler [] has joined #debian
10:18<djfg>my exact version of ntfs-3g package is 1:1.516-1~bpo.1(
10:19|-|ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
10:19<padski>djfg: maybe add them in fstab
10:19|-|angasule [~angasule@] has joined #debian
10:19<djfg>i have
10:19<djfg>do you want to see the list?
10:19|-|Donner [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:19<djfg>sorry - i meant cat /etc/fstab
10:20<padski>djfg: I believe you. I don't use nautilus, so I am a little in the dark here.
10:20<djfg>you can't be more in the dark than I am
10:20<dpkg>from memory, flash is
10:22<padski>djfg: there seems to be something called "places" where you might expect to see filesystems. is that where you mean ?
10:23|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:23<dpkg>somebody said ntfs was Windows NT's filesystem. There are 2 main drivers in Debian, a Linux driver only able to read and NTFS-3G, a FUSE driver able to write too. For information about the former, ask me about <ntfsro>. For information about the latter, ask me about <ntfs-3g>. See also and
10:23<padski>djfg: like in "Places>Computer"
10:23<djfg>After i mount the ntfs-3g the old volumes remain listed there and unfunctional
10:24<djfg>I am lookin for a way to remove them, and replace it with the real ones. There's bound to be confusion this way
10:25<djfg>!tell dgpg
10:25<dpkg>one warez list being sent to djfg
10:25<noflash>please /msg the bot
10:26<padski>djfg: suggest you '/msg dpkg' instead
10:26<djfg>sorry. I am such a goof
10:26|-|qbit [] has joined #debian
10:27<padski>djfg: sorry. can't help you with nautilus. yeuch!
10:27<djfg>the tell me what you're using
10:27|-|silviana_ [~jesus@] has joined #debian
10:27<djfg>I really don't care
10:27<djfg>All I want is a usable platform
10:28<djfg>And a good way to get to know GNU/Linux
10:28<padski>djfg: I'm using KDE, but I don't do that kind of stuff in the gui, I do it at the command line.
10:29|-|silviana_ [~jesus@] has left #debian []
10:29<djfg>padski: Yes I agree - I did mount the partitions from the command line and edit the fstab using vim
10:30<Br01>i have problem with flash disk
10:30<Br01>A security policy in place prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient, see message bus configuration file (rejected message had interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" member "Mount" error name "(unset)" destination "org.freedesktop.Hal")
10:30<djfg>but the GUI is important for the actual workers on my machines - I am planning to convert my whole business to linux
10:31<djfg>padski: because we don't like Vista ->
10:31|-|jae [] has joined #debian
10:31|-|Firechris [] has joined #debian
10:32<Firechris>Hello @all
10:32<djfg>padski: I'll just try and remove the whole "Computer" location. And may I ask you something else?
10:32<Firechris>may someone help me with a new installation of a debian -> Trouble with X-Server
10:33|-|jae_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:33<padski>djfg: while I try to complete conversations, it makes sense to ask the whole channel a new question
10:34|-|ciurariu [~ciurariu@] has joined #debian
10:34<padski>djfg: as far as users go. I don't immediately see the use for them seeing partioning of fixed disks in the gui. removable volumes is a different matter.
10:34<Firechris>I got a nvidia-card and i think that's the problem
10:35|-|ciurariu [~ciurariu@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:35|-|manel [~manel@] has joined #debian
10:35<Firechris>in single-user mode i can log on a terminal as root
10:36<djfg>padski: I agree, but I need to make the partitions easily accessible, and havin two versions of icons whichof only one works is not my idea of safe computing :)
10:36|-|linediconsine [~marco@] has joined #debian
10:36<Firechris>but X won't start either, then I tried to set $DISPLAY (=:0) and the screen was black
10:36<djfg>!tell Firechris
10:36<padski>djfg: what do you mean by "make the partitions easily accessible". mount them ?
10:37|-|dli [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
10:37<padski>djfg: will dpkg guess what to tell ?
10:38<djfg>padski: I have already done that by settign them up in fstab -> that works fine. My only problem are the misleading locations on the desktop as well a in some of the places listed in nautilus
10:39<djfg>padski: i.e. when someone clicks on the Computer icon on the desktop he/she gets a list of volumes
10:39<WildOS>I get "FATAL: exception not rethrown ABORT" when exiting my app. This never happens when using NPTL. What might be causing this behaviour? or what have changed between the old posix threads and the new one to cause something like this?
10:39|-|S3v3N [S3v3N@] has joined #debian
10:39|-|linediconsine [~marco@] has left #debian []
10:40<djfg>padski: and half of them are returning that they are unable to mount. I did however post the links to the real locations which work
10:40<WildOS>Sorry, a typo there. Mean it never happened with the old thread lib, but on every exit with NPTL
10:40<padski>its infectious
10:42<djfg>we like to mistreat the bots :)
10:42<djfg>padski: I hope that I have been able to convey the gist of things - it may look like a purely cometic problem
10:43<djfg>padski: co$metic
10:43<djfg>padski: but It's a major obstacle to overall usability
10:43<padski>djfg: I only see one thing in "computer" relating to fixed disks and that is "filesystem"
10:43<dpkg>[usb] (Universal Serial Bus) A technology that has replaced the way that some peripheral devices connect to a computer. It is much faster than serial and parallel communications. It is also much more flexible: it will be able to connect to many devices simultaneously., or
10:44|-|mikkel [] has joined #debian
10:44|-|streuner_ [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
10:44<padski>Br01: you can /msg dpkg as well :-)
10:45<djfg>padski: the official nautilus path is 'computer:///'
10:45<Br01>ok padski
10:45<mikkel>hiya.. i may have deleted my /home partitions superblock by mistake.. how do i restore it? or write a new one..
10:46<padski>Br01: just in case you didn't know, don't feel oppressed :-)
10:46<Br01>how to mount a Mass Storage Devices
10:47<padski>Br01: man mount
10:47|-|mankod [] has joined #debian
10:47|-|Firechris [] has quit []
10:47<mikkel>mount -t /dev/device
10:47<Br01>i'm using KDE
10:47<padski>mikkel: depending on the fs there may be a backup of the superblock
10:47<mikkel>anyone good @ filesystems? need to know how to restore my ext3 fs superblock
10:47<padski>Br01: me too :-)
10:47<mikkel>padski: ext3 :]
10:48<padski>mikkel: man fsck.ext3
10:50<mikkel>ah manpage was a little more informative than the error message.. thanks padski
10:51<djfg>padski:Off I go... Thanx for the good will.
10:51|-|libereco [~libereco@] has joined #debian
10:51<padski>djfg: yeah. you could ask somehwre gnome or nautilus specific perhaps.
10:52<djfg>padski: or switch to apple
10:53<padski>djfg: horses for courses. their stuff is very good, but for ease of using free software debian has them thrashed.
10:54|-|eulogy_mobile [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:54|-|mxey [] has joined #debian
10:54|-|jason_ [] has joined #debian
10:54|-|jason_ [] has quit []
10:54<mikkel>nice design... bad performance :/
10:55<padski>mikkel: go on I'll bite ... what ?
10:55|-|egon_spengler [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
10:55|-|rmayorga [~rmayorga@] has joined #debian
10:55<mikkel>apple.. too expensive hardware :/
10:55<Br01>what is the group of media
10:56<Br01>my flash disk don't mounted
10:56<padski>mikkel: again, horses for courses. it is not unreasonable, but on certain sort of budget you wouldn't look at it.
10:56<Br01>i have this message
10:56<Br01>A security policy in place prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient, see message bus configuration file (rejected message had interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" member "Mount" error name "(unset)" destination "org.freedesktop.Hal")
10:57|-|Disputin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:57<mikkel>padski: yeah i suppose so.. just feels like buying beer when you could have had whiskey :]
10:58<djfg>re:apple:: It may be expensive, but the maintenance is next to nothing and they are foolproof
10:58<S3v3N>Sorry because I'm asking this easy question here but, what thing I need to have installed on debian to have access on internet to my box. HTML but I don't know how ti called the program, apt-get install html or what? :p
10:58<mikkel>but ofc.. if i wasnt such a poor sod i'd problably be flashing a spiffy macbook down at the cafe hehe
10:58|-|ErJeDi [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies]
10:59<S3v3N>Maybe apache will solve my problem?
10:59<djfg>mikkel: I need to provide machines for my graphic designers. I myself can afford an old intel 7520 server.
10:59<padski>mikkel: lol, or only being able to find the govenment approved poteen ?
10:59|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:59|-|david [] has joined #debian
11:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
11:00|-|david changed nick to Guest434
11:00|-|Disputin [] has joined #debian
11:02|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has joined #debian
11:02<mikkel>s3v3N: hrm seems like you might need to do some reading.. what exactly do you need? web browsing?)
11:02|-|antonin [] has left #debian []
11:02<padski>windows is priceless: "Health Monitor encountered a problem and needed to close"
11:03<djfg>anyhow you gys are a better crowd
11:03|-|oberon [] has joined #debian
11:04<padski>S3v3N: does sound like you want a web browser. firefox is called iceweasel on debian.
11:04|-|Br01 [~ess@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:04<padski>djfg: aw shucks! ;-)
11:04<S3v3N>sorry for my stupid question, i want web server, i already installed apache but as far as i know apache is only for html, not supporting php right?
11:05<dpkg>it has been said that php is #php or Common installation methods include libapache-mod-php4(for apache1), libapache2-mod-php4(for apache2), php4-cli(CGI). PHP5 now in etch/sid. Don't forget to read and - use php4-suhosin/php5-suhosin, or see <php wants me to download still>
11:05|-|andrea [] has joined #debian
11:05|-|andrea [] has quit []
11:06<djfg>padski: how'd ya manage to do THAT. It must be one of them sloppy drivers for yellow motherboards (not that Intel does a better job though)
11:06|-|e-Flex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:07<padski>djfg: huh ?
11:07<mikkel>damn no luck with the backup superblocks...
11:07<djfg>padski: health monitor
11:08|-|Patricio [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:08<padski>djfg: no this is stock vendor-preloaded and supported kit. windows is like that.
11:08<padski>djfg: although the shortage of space on the C: might have something to do with it ;-)
11:09<S3v3N>djfg: thanks
11:09<djfg>and the fact that the "Health Monitor" comes from source forge :)
11:09|-|vnode [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:09<padski>djfg: lol
11:10<mikkel>ok so i ran mkfs.ext3 on /dev/sda4 and lost sda5 superblock.. cant load a backup superblock and -p wont get me anywhere..
11:13|-|CrocoJet [dundee@] has joined #debian
11:13<padski>mikkel: but you have as many backups as you would like ?
11:14|-|CrocoJet [dundee@] has left #debian []
11:15|-|spot [] has joined #debian
11:15<djfg>anyway y'all have a good day now
11:15<djfg>see you soon
11:15<padski>djfg: don't graphic designers simply demand Macs anyways ?
11:16<mikkel>padski: when i run fsck.ext3 -b 8193 /dev/sda5 i get the same error
11:16<djfg>padski: they can demand what they want as long as I am the boss :)
11:16|-|oskie [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:16|-|oskie [] has joined #debian
11:16<mikkel>mac was better @ adobe back in the day
11:16<djfg>padski: the windows adobe package is quite good and corel as well
11:16|-|spot [] has quit []
11:16<mikkel>now there's no difference..
11:17|-|oskie [] has quit []
11:17|-|oskie [] has joined #debian
11:17<djfg>padski: they cost the proverbial 'an arm and a leg' but have been known to work for a year without trouble
11:18<padski>djfg: what do think of inkscape ?
11:18|-|foolano [] has joined #debian
11:18|-|Optical [~dlz@] has quit [Quit: Wave~~]
11:18|-|Guest336 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:19<djfg>padski: I am so new to the free software concept that I haven't tried it out yet
11:19|-|strudwick [] has joined #debian
11:19<padski>djfg: applications matter
11:19|-|david_ [~david@] has joined #debian
11:20<padski>djfg: I'd be very interested to hear your review when you do
11:20<djfg>padski: we have in in our conversion projects to try out right after Xara
11:20<djfg>padski: really?
11:21|-|geekaia [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:21|-|DTE [] has joined #debian
11:21<djfg>padski Xara is nonFree but cheap
11:21<DTE>hi all
11:22<padski>djfg: yes, really. I know quite a few corel users. I want to know when/if inkscape is ever going to be ready (or even usefull) for them.
11:22<DTE>i have a big problem with ldirectord
11:22|-|mikkel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:22<DTE>is not able to send a rr connection to the second server
11:22<padski>djfg: I appreciate that price is an important consideration, but it is not my interest.
11:22|-|Guest434 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:23<djfg>padski: we have an opinion about corel here at DJFG :)
11:23<padski>djfg: the old "free as freedom" not "free as in beer" thing.
11:23<djfg>padski: yes
11:23<padski>djfg: tell
11:23|-|Optical [~dlz@] has joined #debian
11:23|-|dac_ [~sputnik@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:23<djfg>padski: it's kinda like a result of a few years' experience
11:23|-|magnetic [] has joined #debian
11:23|-|dac [~sputnik@] has joined #debian
11:24<djfg>padski: thing done in Illustrator simply look better
11:24<djfg>padski: it makes artists draw
11:24|-|petteri [] has joined #debian
11:24<djfg>padski: not improvise, and design not tweak
11:24|-|libereco [~libereco@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
11:25<djfg>padski: I try to encourage them to use both of the solutions but that's what a lot of people tell me
11:25|-|Smooph [] has joined #debian
11:25|-|sebastian [] has joined #debian
11:25|-|mikkel [] has joined #debian
11:26|-|sebastian changed nick to Guest438
11:26|-|strudwick [] has left #debian []
11:26|-|thomasbl [] has joined #debian
11:26<djfg>padski: and they are quite sensitive. i.e. I've managed to get a few freelancers to try and use GIMP
11:26|-|nd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:26<S3v3N>djfg: how do i uninstall apache from my debian? I have console mode.
11:26|-|InYourBase [] has joined #debian
11:26<Gathond>apt-get remove apache or apache2 (depending on which you have installed)
11:27<S3v3N>ok thanks
11:27|-|Optical [~dlz@] has quit []
11:28<djfg>padski: and they were almost all annoyed by not finding a way to zoom from the keyboard, or not being able to find a keyboard shortcut to do something
11:28<padski>djfg: have you seen gimpshop ? any use ?
11:29<mikkel>padski: anyways.. you were quite omnius about me having as many superblocks as i wanted :] i know i must have written over the first block on sda5.. could really need assistance getting that dev mounted again ;)
11:29<padski>mikkel: no sorry. I meant do you have backups ? (not of superblocks, but of your data)
11:30<mikkel>once you've gotten into ps it's really really hard to get used to some other program :/
11:30|-|fabain_ [] has joined #debian
11:30<padski>mikkel: what other program would you use ?
11:30<djfg>padski: is there one for Linux? Last time I heard it was for MacOS
11:30<mikkel>padski: ah.. nope real men never back up..
11:30|-|foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:30<mikkel>real men cries alot..
11:30|-|Optical [~dlz@] has joined #debian
11:31<djfg>padski: I am only doing this for the last three days
11:31<djfg>padskI: and my head hurts ;)
11:31<djfg>padski: from all the new input
11:31<mikkel>djfg: gimpshop is an attempt to make gimp usable for ppl coming from ps :)
11:32<djfg>mikkel: I know, but I've only seen it on mac's
11:32|-|madrescher [] has joined #debian
11:33|-|madrescher [] has left #debian []
11:33<padski>mikkel: ah! that ps.
11:33<mikkel>padski: im in console.. cant start kde without my home partition ;/
11:34<djfg>m&p: We'll certainly give this GNU/Linux thing a try, but only if it does not kill our productivity
11:34|-|kart_ [kartikm@] has joined #debian
11:34<padski>djfg: "GIMPshop is available for many different operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows 98+, Linux, and Solaris."
11:34<djfg>Is it perhaps a better idea to get some of the commercial distros == like SUSE or something?
11:34<padski>djfg: I hope it goes well for you. best spend less time on irc ;-)
11:35<djfg>padski: I am downloading it as we speak.
11:35<djfg>padski: U're kidding - it's my time off
11:35<padski>mikkel: when you said you fsck'ed sda4 and killed sda5, that was when I started to worry
11:35|-|knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
11:35|-|knoppix_ [] has quit []
11:36<padski>djfg: working in your time off ? that would be like an undocumented procedure, the union would never allow it ;-)
11:36|-|meandtheshell [~markus@] has joined #debian
11:37<djfg>padski :)))
11:37<mikkel>padski: no i tried to make a partition.. mkfs.vfat sda4
11:37<djfg>padski: and people think that it's an easy job to own an ad agency :)
11:37|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:38<djfg>padski: lots of cahsh and easy work
11:38<mikkel>then after that i rebooted and found my sda5 producing errors
11:38<padski>djfg: sounds good, where do I sign ? ;-)
11:38<djfg>padski: you'll have to move to Serbia first :)
11:38|-|petteri [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
11:38|-|ocha [~w7@] has joined #debian
11:39|-|mode/#debian [+l 324] by debhelper
11:39<padski>djfg: beer is cheap ?
11:39<djfg>padski: very! But I've grown allergic to it from all the abuse!
11:40|-|ocha [~w7@] has quit []
11:40|-|wo0f_ [] has joined #debian
11:40|-|Dr_O [] has joined #debian
11:42<fabain_>whois fabain_
11:42|-|flamma [] has joined #debian
11:42<padski>mikkel: sda5 is an extended partition. which one of the basic four are is it in ?
11:42<mikkel>padski: well on my system sda5 is a primary and sda4 is an extended
11:43|-|JoY [~JoY@] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
11:43|-|f1d0 [] has joined #debian
11:43<padski>mikkel: sda5 primary or logical ?
11:44|-|morph_ [] has joined #debian
11:44<f1d0>sda5 can only be logical
11:44|-|sini [~sini@] has joined #debian
11:44<padski>hey! I can type these: ððð
11:44<lupine_>that's amæzing
11:45|-|sini changed nick to help
11:45|-|help changed nick to qratz
11:45<qbit>i can technoviking!
11:45<padski>f1d0: that would be my experience also
11:45|-|Atomo64 [~Atomo64@] has joined #debian
11:45<mikkel>padski: where do i check that?
11:45|-|fabain_ [] has quit [Quit: My damn controlling terminal disappeared!]
11:45<padski>so if sda4 is the extended partition that houses sda5 ...
11:46<padski>mikkel: fdisk -l /dev/foo
11:46<lupine_>so ner :p
11:46|-|qratz [~sini@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:46<padski>that has to be cut'n'paste ;-)
11:47<padski>what does it say then ?
11:47<lupine_>although I'm suspicious of the grammar
11:47[~]qbit gets that tattooed on his back
11:47<mikkel>padski: i only get up untill sda4.. sda5 is not showing in fdisk
11:47<lupine_>it's meant to say "I can write japanese language"
11:47<padski>mikkel: ouch
11:47<mikkel>sda4 = extended
11:47<mikkel>padski: yeah thats what i thought too
11:47<padski>mikkel: Id 5
11:47<lupine_>romanised, it would be "watashi ha(wa) nihongo ga tsukuru
11:47<padski>mikkel: or perhaps 85
11:47<mikkel>padski: yes Id 5
11:48<padski>mikkel: diagnosis confirmed.
11:48<f1d0>sda4 is not necessarily an extended partition
11:48<padski>f1d0: you are so late to the party
11:48<mikkel>padski: well what would you perscribe doc?
11:48|-|olegb [] has joined #debian
11:48<f1d0>i dont care about the party. i just state things correctly
11:49<padski>mikkel: the partition table that contained the geometry of sda5 was in sda4. so was the contents of sda5. if your mkfs.vfat only wrote the fat, thn some may be recoverable. see gpart
11:49<mikkel>padski: ok thanks ill have a look :)
11:50<padski>f1d0: he says it has Id=5 and sda5 disappeared when he mkfs.vfat'ed it
11:50<padski>f1d0: looks like a duck, quacks like a duck ...
11:51|-|cahoot [~radix@] has joined #debian
11:51|-|Dr_O [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:52<f1d0>did he re-read the partition table after creating sda5?
11:53|-|nabu [] has joined #debian
11:53<f1d0>did he paste his partition table anywhere?
11:53|-|nabu [] has quit []
11:53<djfg>have a nice day(2)
11:53|-|djfg [~djfgu@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:54|-|lpb-oberon [] has joined #debian
11:57|-|poprobson [] has joined #debian
11:57|-|julioams [~julioams@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
11:57|-|inbitado34 [] has joined #debian
11:57|-|De_Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:58|-|inbitado34 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:58|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
11:59|-|s0d0 [~john@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:59|-|oberon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:00|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
12:01<f1d0>mikkel: hello?
12:02|-|elmindreda [] has joined #debian
12:03<f1d0>you dont have to reboot. but you have to re-read the partition table after making changes to it
12:04|-|carmen [~carmen@] has joined #debian
12:04<f1d0>and dont do things that depend on the updated information because this could cause drama
12:04|-|elmindreda [] has left #debian []
12:04|-|carmen [~carmen@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:05|-|Swissgent [] has joined #debian
12:05|-|magnetic [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:07|-|s0d0 [~john@] has joined #debian
12:07|-|xdeng [~xdeng@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:10|-|lee_ [] has joined #debian
12:11|-|visik7 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:11|-|lee_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:13|-|tjol_ [] has joined #debian
12:14|-|emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Quit: That's all for now, folks]
12:14|-|kakozii_ [] has quit [Quit: bye]
12:15|-|Optical [~dlz@] has quit [Quit: Wave~~]
12:16<mikkel>f1d0: well if there's not partition table for sda5 how would i go about re-reading it?
12:17|-|dasenjo_ [~dasenjo@] has joined #debian
12:17|-|freealan [] has joined #debian
12:18|-|david_ [~david@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:18<padski>mikkel: simplest way to be sure is a reboot. I think fdisk should tell you on exit whether the re-read suceeds or not.
12:19<padski>mikkel: I don't recall the answer to the "do you have backups" question.
12:19<mikkel>gpart -c -k 14000 /dev/sda <- sda4 ends on block 14592.. sda5 should be in that general area yes?
12:20<mikkel>padski: no backups never got around to setting it up on my laptop :/
12:20|-|tjol [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:21<padski>mikkel: :-(
12:21<mikkel>gpart is working but im still not seing some output.. just the cursor blinking ?:(
12:22|-|lee_ [] has joined #debian
12:22<padski>mikkel: I reckon it does stuff like spot superblocks ...
12:22|-|Cap_J_L_Picard [~ewanm89@] has joined #debian
12:22<mikkel>padski: well at least now i'll learn to rsync my laptop =)
12:22|-|lee_ changed nick to lee986321
12:23|-|lee986321 changed nick to LEE986321
12:25<padski>mikkel: backups are your friend
12:26|-|LEE986321 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:27<padski>mikkel: ISTR there are settings to gpart that ask it to look harder
12:28<mikkel>padski: any chance i can make it look for one fs only?
12:29<mikkel>padski: since i know it's ext it wouldnt make much sense looping through all the others right?
12:29|-|x [] has joined #debian
12:29|-|x [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:30|-|hierax [] has joined #debian
12:30<padski>mikkel: I know no more than the manual page. you have the source. I have searched by hand for this sort of stuff in the past.
12:30|-|Mean-Machine [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:31|-|Mean-Machine [] has joined #debian
12:31|-|Poof [] has joined #debian
12:31|-|foka [~foka@] has joined #debian
12:32<mikkel>well theres alot of hdd reading.. i suppose thats good
12:33|-|kevinl [] has joined #debian
12:34|-|fxiny [] has joined #debian
12:35|-|bob_ [] has joined #debian
12:36|-|freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:36|-|bob_ changed nick to Machaon
12:36|-|Machaon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:37|-|Mean-Machine [] has quit [Quit: Linux - because a PC is a terrible thing to waste! ]
12:37<Poof>good morning, I have a quick question maybe one of you can help me with. I am using a Custom built Debian Live CD (with persistent usb to save changes) and have installed NVidia proprietary drivers. However, on each reboot I have to rerun nvidia-config and then ctrl+alt+backspace to launch the Nvidia drivers. Anyone know how I can set the configuration as an option at boot?
12:39<mikkel>Poof: what does your /etc/modules say?
12:39|-|manphiz [~manphiz@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:39<Poof>mikkel, on the persistent partition or the live cd?
12:41|-|s0d0 [~john@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:41<mikkel>Poof: the one where /etc counts as configuration :]
12:42<Poof>mikkel, /etc/modules is empty.
12:43<mikkel>Poof: okie should be fixed by adding nvidia to it
12:43|-|freealan [] has joined #debian
12:43<Poof>mikkel, Do you know if modules will accept if else statemtns?
12:44<mikkel>Poof: that i dont know.. you'll have to ask one of the gurus for that :)
12:44|-|wo0f_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:45<mikkel>but i highly doubt thats the file you want to do that operation on tho
12:45<Poof>Well cause if the modules do not exist I would like to have them skipped. Let me see if I can first get this to work
12:45|-|mxey_ [] has joined #debian
12:45|-|mxey changed nick to Guest441
12:45|-|mxey_ changed nick to mxey
12:46<mikkel>Poof basically it dosnt matter if the module dosnt exists.. it'll just print an error if it dosnt
12:47|-|Melais [] has quit [Quit: Melais]
12:47<Poof>mikkel, sounds good, let me try it out. Thanks
12:47|-|Swissgent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:48|-|s0d0 [~john@] has joined #debian
12:48|-|ptr [] has joined #debian
12:49|-|streuner [] has joined #debian
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12:55|-|muammar [] has joined #debian
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12:57|-|rickysarraf [~Rickyx@] has joined #debian
12:58|-|pmenier [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
12:58<hainz>hi, i need help to "cyrus-nntp-2.2"
12:59|-|hainz [~hainz@] has left #debian []
12:59|-|snowball_ [] has joined #debian
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13:03|-|Dice [] has joined #debian
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13:16|-|Piet [] has joined #debian
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13:16|-|ameyer [] has joined #debian
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13:20|-|gpm [6289@apocalypse.OCF.Berkeley.EDU] has joined #debian
13:20|-|techbie [~techbie@] has joined #debian
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13:28|-|moffe changed nick to M0ffe
13:29|-|valdy [~valdy@] has joined #debian
13:29<gpm>la la la
13:30<valdy>la la
13:33|-|lpb-oberon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:34|-|janbangue [~janier@] has joined #debian
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13:35|-|fajoo [] has joined #debian
13:36|-|Br01 [~ess@] has joined #debian
13:36<Br01>hi all
13:36<fajoo>chi sei?
13:36|-|locsmif [] has joined #debian
13:36|-|wo0f_ [] has joined #debian
13:36|-|locsmif [] has left #debian []
13:38|-|etch64_a6km [] has joined #debian
13:39<Br01>hi all
13:39<Br01>how to mount my usb flask disk
13:39|-|Seb [~Seb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:39<Br01>i'm using KDE
13:39|-|Seb [~Seb@] has joined #debian
13:40|-|cafuego_ [] has joined #debian
13:40|-|shaliuno [] has joined #debian
13:40|-|wo0f_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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13:42|-|bruce__ [] has joined #debian
13:42|-|aptituz [] has joined #debian
13:43|-|mirshafie [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:43<bruce__>can anyone help me with desk permissons?
13:44|-|bruce__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:46|-|lucifero [~lucifero@] has joined #debian
13:47<lucifero>Ciao a tutti
13:47<lucifero>hallo every one
13:48|-|fajoo [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
13:48<lucifero>ma che accoglienza
13:49|-|etch64_a6km [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
13:49<S3v3N>Hello all. I'm installing debian now from mirrors. I already choose 2 mirrors and on both gaves me error: bad archive mirror. The specified Debian archive mirror is either not avaliable, or does not have a valid Release file on it. Please try a different mirror. What can i do?
13:49|-|RichiH_ changed nick to RichiH
13:49|-|ETCH64A6KM [] has joined #debian
13:49<fxiny>paste your sources list ?
13:50<dpkg>Do not paste more than 3 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or or for pics.
13:50<Br01>hi all
13:50<Br01>A security policy in place prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient, see message bus configuration file (rejected message had interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" member "Mount" error name "(unset)" destination "org.freedesktop.Hal")
13:50<S3v3N>fxiny: i'm installing debian im in setup...
13:50<Br01>i get this message when i click to mount the the usb flash disk
13:51|-|lucifero [~lucifero@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:51<S3v3N>fxiny: i tried slovakia mirror not and also doesn't work, what can i do wtf...
13:52|-|sasha [~sasha@] has joined #debian
13:52<fxiny>S3v3N: paste your sources list so we can check
13:52<fxiny>S3v3N: on the paste bin
13:52<sasha>hi where can i find a bootsplash patch for kernel cause it seems www.bootsplah is down
13:53<S3v3N>fxiny: how can i see the sources.list if i'm in setup dude???
13:53<fxiny>true :))
13:53<S3v3N>i don't know what to do..
13:53|-|Br01 [~ess@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:54|-|darksatanic [] has joined #debian
13:54<fxiny>S3v3N: slovakia ? try de : etch main
13:54|-|rulor [] has joined #debian
13:55<S3v3N>later, im installing 3.0 r1 debian and old release i have it on cd, maybe this one will work and then i'll only update to 4.0 r1
13:55<fxiny>S3v3N: sarge ? go for etch
13:55<S3v3N>3.1 r1 or 3.0 r1 i dont know exactly :P
13:55<gpm>S3v3N: wait, what's the problem?
13:56<fxiny>S3v3N: going from sarge to etch is not easy
13:56<S3v3N>im reinstalling debian, all works fine till i came to apt configure, i chose one mirror, didn't work error, second didn't work etc...
13:56|-|kdean06 [] has joined #debian
13:57<Poof>s3v3n, you could try using the latest netinstall iso
13:57<JasonS>S3v3N: didnt work?
13:57<S3v3N>i have it the latest netinstall bro..
13:58<Poof>IS your network card being detected?
13:58<S3v3N>very strange thing, VERY! :s
13:58<S3v3N>yes sure..
13:58<S3v3N>autoconfigure dhcp
13:58<fxiny>S3v3N: i can check if slovakia works : is it "sl" ?
13:58<Poof>I know I have a system with two cards and it doesnt like one of them
13:58<darksatanic>The bochs BIOS shipped in amd64 testing seems to be twice as long as it should be (131072 bytes, not 65536 bytes), and bochs is failing to start as a result.
13:58<S3v3N>but why it wouldn't like only this time
13:59|-|mode/#debian [+l 331] by debhelper
13:59<darksatanic>Anyone know of a quick fix for it?
13:59<S3v3N>i reinstalled debian like 2times now, always works
13:59<S3v3N>and now didn't work i really dont know
13:59|-|Piet [] has quit [Quit: Piet]
13:59|-|Piet [] has joined #debian
14:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
14:01|-|crocket [~crocket@] has joined #debian
14:01|-|crocket [~crocket@] has quit []
14:01<fxiny>S3v3N: so : you installed base from a cd then you cannot connect at all or you get errors maybe because of sarge ?
14:01<fxiny>S3v3N: can you connect ? is /etc/resolv ok ?
14:02<S3v3N>how do i check that if im in setup?
14:02<S3v3N>at beginning of the setup it says autoconfiguring dhcp, and it says working blabla..
14:03<S3v3N>it always works but now doesn't, i reinstalled debian few times till today i don't know why today doesn't work
14:03<S3v3N>really its very strange
14:04|-|sazha [~sasha@] has joined #debian
14:04<Poof>S3v3N, are you sure this box has an internet connection
14:04<sazha>hi is there a bootsplash patch for 2.6.22 kernels ?
14:04|-|sasha [~sasha@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:04<kdean06>I'm interested in filing a bug report and i'm using the "reportbug" tool, but I'm not exactly sure which package has the bug... I'm not sure if it's a specialized kernel package (vserver) or BASH, what is the proper thing to put here if I don't know?
14:04<S3v3N>Poof: yes dude, lol im not that retarded ;)
14:04<sazha>apt-get install reportbug
14:04<fxiny>S3v3N: you don't need a connection to install from a cd
14:04|-|darksatanic [] has left #debian [Ah, never mind. Fixed it.]
14:05|-|De_Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:05|-|system-D [~system-D@] has joined #debian
14:05<fxiny>so when the trouble start ?
14:05<Poof>fixiny, he is trying to install packages via the repositories
14:05<kdean06>sazha, I have reportbug installed, I'm not sure which package has the bug that I should report. :)
14:05|-|HarDGuN [~HarDGuN@] has joined #debian
14:05<fxiny>Poof: he's using a sarge cd
14:05|-|Eulex [] has joined #debian
14:05<S3v3N>at mirrors fxiny, wait im installing it again and if i'll get error i'll make photo with digital and upload the photo
14:05|-|system-D [~system-D@] has left #debian []
14:06<sazha>sorry read too fast :0
14:06|-|angryGhost [] has joined #debian
14:06|-|Rendergraf [~Rendergra@] has joined #debian
14:06|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
14:06<Poof>fixiny, then why does he asking why he cannot connect to a debian repo
14:06|-|HarDGuN [~HarDGuN@] has quit []
14:06|-|keith [] has joined #debian
14:06|-|hexmode [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:07|-|hexmode [] has joined #debian
14:07<S3v3N>fxiny: sarge cd? im using debian net install 4.0 r1 the newest version of netinstall on
14:08<Poof>"<S3v3N> Hello all. I'm installing debian now from mirrors. I already choose 2 mirrors and on both gaves me error: bad archive mirror. The specified Debian archive mirror is either not avaliable, or does not have a valid Release file on it. Please try a different mirror. What can i do?"
14:08<S3v3N>beetwen i tried with 3.1 r4 and it didn't work too
14:08<fxiny>S3v3N: 19:55 < S3v3N> 3.1 r1 or 3.0 r1 i dont know exactly :P
14:08|-|Holborn [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
14:09<S3v3N>brb i'll try something
14:09|-|S3v3N [S3v3N@] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )]
14:10|-|jrolland-iMac [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:10|-|berto [] has quit [Quit: bye]
14:11|-|mirshafie [] has joined #debian
14:11|-|Requiem [] has joined #debian
14:12<fxiny>slocakia >> sk works
14:13|-|kdean06 [] has left #debian [It's the little things that make Freedom become Not Freedom.]
14:14<gpm>wait, is he sure his 'net is working?
14:15<fxiny>is not a debian mirror problem
14:16|-|trueno [~trueno@] has joined #debian
14:16|-|szaby [~szaby@] has joined #debian
14:16|-|trueno [~trueno@] has quit []
14:18|-|nd [] has joined #debian
14:18|-|ninh88 [] has joined #debian
14:18|-|szaby [~szaby@] has quit []
14:19|-|S3v3N [S3v3N@] has joined #debian
14:20<keith>Can anyone point me in the right direction for streaming video off a Debian box to Windows clients?
14:20<fxiny>S3v3N: slovakia mirror works
14:20|-|Aicart [] has joined #debian
14:20<S3v3N>fxiny: i think now router joking me
14:20<S3v3N>i will piss out soon
14:21<gpm>better than pissing in
14:21<S3v3N>guys i have last chance to make internet on debian
14:21<S3v3N>network autoconfiguration with a dhcp hostname
14:21<S3v3N>what is dhcp hostname this numbers 00-0A... etc..?
14:22|-|cydork [] has joined #debian
14:22|-|keith [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
14:24|-|ninh88 [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:24|-|aredhel [] has joined #debian
14:25|-|jrolland-iMac [] has joined #debian
14:25|-|valdy [~valdy@] has quit [Quit: My damn controlling terminal disappeared!]
14:25|-|swolf [] has joined #debian
14:27|-|Poof [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:27|-|InYourBase [] has quit [Quit: "Tomorrow you're homeless, tonight it's a blast"]
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14:29|-|owner [] has joined #debian
14:29|-|mirshafie [] has joined #debian
14:29|-|owner [] has quit []
14:31|-|witte [] has joined #debian
14:31<gpm>S3v3N: dude, is autoconfiguration failing?
14:32|-|aredhel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:32|-|xota [] has joined #debian
14:32<dpkg>use hostname <hostname> to set the hostname, $EDITOR /etc/hostname to set it for the next boot, and $EDITOR /etc/hosts to set the FQDN, or create /etc/hostname if it doesn't exist, or 'man 1 hostname'
14:33<valdyn>S3v3N: that looks more like a MAC
14:33|-|bam [] has joined #debian
14:33<gpm>valdyn: he's having troubles with d-i though, a little soon
14:33<valdyn>gpm: and he needs to know what a hostname is not )
14:33|-|bam changed nick to Guest447
14:34|-|ag3r [] has joined #debian
14:34<valdyn>S3v3N: why would you need to know a 'dhcp' hostname? i dont think debians installer asks for that.
14:35|-|Neroptik [] has joined #debian
14:35<S3v3N>sorry i want here
14:35|-|rulor [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:35<S3v3N>gpm: yes because now router is joking me
14:35|-|ag3r [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:36<S3v3N>valdyn: it does if autoconfiguration is failing
14:36|-|the-dude [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:36<valdyn>S3v3N: no.
14:36<S3v3N>yes :)
14:36<valdyn>S3v3N: dhcp hostnames don't even exist.
14:36|-|Neroptik [] has quit []
14:36|-|fxiny [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:37<S3v3N>man go install debian and chose autoconfiguration dhcp hostname something like that if autoconfiguration will fail
14:37<S3v3N>you have 3 choices: manually configure, autoconfiguration and autoconfiguration with specific dhcp hostname
14:37|-|lionel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:37|-|lionel_ [] has joined #debian
14:38<valdyn>S3v3N: i see, i haven't seen that one
14:38<S3v3N>but nevermind i will fuck with this tomorrow cauz im rellay pissed off, if debian doesn't fucking me up then router does fuck that
14:38<S3v3N>always some errors and shit
14:38<valdyn>S3v3N: you shouldnt need a dhcp hostname anyway, as your router wont be setup that way if its a simple home router
14:38<gpm>too much cursing with too little proper grammar
14:38<S3v3N>i don't know what is with router now that it doesn't want to connect with modem
14:39|-|Across [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:39<gpm>well that sounds like a router problem
14:39<gpm>i sometimes have to power cycle the router/modem
14:39<S3v3N>i already restarted it, turned off for 5minutes
14:40<S3v3N>nothing changed..
14:40|-|hazard2 [~hazard@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:40<S3v3N>i'll let the router connecting the whole night when i'll go to bed
14:40|-|the-dude [] has joined #debian
14:40|-|WildKid [] has joined #debian
14:40<gpm>is your modem connecting to the internet?
14:40<valdyn>S3v3N: the router log should tell you why its not connecting
14:40<S3v3N>no router to the modem
14:40<valdyn>S3v3N: be it because the access concentrator is offline on your isps side or whatever
14:41<S3v3N>man you know what i always hate, when i try to do something always some errors then i need to beg people for help i hate that
14:42<gpm>S3v3N: what would you prefer?
14:42|-|WildKid [] has left #debian []
14:43<S3v3N>doing something without any errors
14:43<S3v3N>but i always have some :)
14:43|-|lionel_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:44|-|glud02 [~glud02@] has joined #debian
14:45<S3v3N>valdyn: i'll check router log now but i think i can check only security log, wait
14:46|-|jo_ [~jo@] has joined #debian
14:48|-|Patricio [] has joined #debian
14:48|-|Across [] has joined #debian
14:48|-|knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
14:49|-|knoppix_ changed nick to Guest448
14:50|-|lionel [] has joined #debian
14:50<S3v3N>the security log
14:51<Maulkin>Guest448: Can I help?
14:52<Guest448>just trying knoppix the first time
14:52<Maulkin>Guest448: I'd head over to #knoppix then.
14:53<JasonS>Guest448: /join #knoppix
14:54|-|jo_ [~jo@] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
14:56|-|craigevil [] has joined #debian
14:59|-|mode/#debian [+l 337] by debhelper
14:59|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
15:00|-|lionel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:01|-|Guest448 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
15:01|-|mxey [] has quit [Quit: See you at the bitter end]
15:03|-|wo0f_ [] has joined #debian
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15:06|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has joined #debian
15:06|-|thedonvaughn [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:06|-|thedonvaughn [] has joined #debian
15:07|-|Aigle [] has joined #debian
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15:08|-|hexmode [] has left #debian [ERC Version 5.2 (IRC client for Emacs)]
15:09<gpm>irc client for emacs
15:14|-|ubuntu [] has joined #debian
15:15|-|e-Flex [] has joined #debian
15:15|-|ubuntu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:15|-|nabu [] has joined #debian
15:15<ifvoid>gpm: what so weird about that?
15:16|-|renaldo [] has joined #debian
15:16|-|renaldo [] has quit []
15:16|-|nabu [] has quit []
15:18|-|WildKid [] has joined #debian
15:18<WildKid>Hi. I seem to be having a problem downloading the initial installer image...
15:18<gpm>ifvoid: one forgets that emacs is an os
15:18<gpm>and one is shocked
15:19|-|bougi [~bougi@] has joined #debian
15:19<WildKid>Downloading this file: "boot.img.gz" at results is something very strange....
15:19|-|ubuntu [] has joined #debian
15:20<bougi>hello, I would like to ask if you know of a nice linux stock charting tool like Metastock..
15:20<WildKid>Afrter downloading, the file is 250,609,664 bytes....!!!!!
15:20|-|angryGhost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:21|-|ubuntu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:21|-|oberon [] has joined #debian
15:22|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has joined #debian
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15:23|-|giovanni [] has joined #debian
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15:25|-|ernesto [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:25|-|ohnotagain [] has joined #debian
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15:25|-|jan [] has joined #debian
15:26|-|swolf [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies]
15:26|-|meoblast001 [] has joined #debian
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15:26|-|jan [] has left #debian []
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15:28|-|Sr-Knoppix_Debian [~Sr-Knoppi@] has joined #debian
15:29|-|bougi [~bougi@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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15:30|-|lionel [] has joined #debian
15:30|-|oddtod [~Tod_Ander@] has joined #debian
15:31<oddtod>hey guys i'm look for a command that will tell me file stats like size of the file on the CLI
15:31<gpm>man du
15:32<aricz>ls -lh
15:32|-|S3v3N [S3v3N@] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )]
15:33|-|muammar [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:34|-|raffo [] has joined #debian
15:34|-|streetcleaner [] has joined #debian
15:35|-|raffo [] has left #debian []
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15:35|-|Patricio [] has joined #debian
15:37|-|padski [] has joined #debian
15:38|-|sazha [~sasha@] has quit [Quit: using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12]
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15:39|-|sindreij [] has joined #debian
15:41|-|ohnotagain [] has joined #debian
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15:41|-|ernesto [] has joined #debian
15:41|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:42|-|crazy-tictac [] has left #debian [Verlassend]
15:43|-|Swissgent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:44<padski>I'm looking for a system for uploading ssh keys. I'm thinking in terms of something like the sourceforge one, and I'm aware of ssh-copy-id. any suggestions ?
15:44|-|meoblast001 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:45|-|Swashix [] has joined #debian
15:46|-|kevinw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:47|-|Patricio [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:47|-|kevinw [] has joined #debian
15:49|-|mode/#debian [+l 330] by debhelper
15:49|-|lewis [] has joined #debian
15:49<lewis>how do you remove zombie processes?
15:50<dondelelcaro>you don't
15:50|-|infestator [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:50<dpkg>A zombie process is one which has issued an exit(), but whose parent has not yet issued wait() (or one of its variants) to retrieve the exit code. This usually means the parent process is buggy. You can't kill a zombie, because it's already dead; you have to kill the parent, or just ignore the zombie.
15:51<dondelelcaro>(there's no realy reason to worry about zombies unless you have so many that you're running out of pids
15:51<dondelelcaro>they take almost no resources
15:54|-|lewis2 [] has joined #debian
15:54<lewis2>how can I remove zombie processes? (apologies if repeat - lost connection)
15:54|-|Frolic [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
15:55|-|oddtod [~Tod_Ander@] has left #debian []
15:55<dpkg>A zombie process is one which has issued an exit(), but whose parent has not yet issued wait() (or one of its variants) to retrieve the exit code. This usually means the parent process is buggy. You can't kill a zombie, because it's already dead; you have to kill the parent, or just ignore the zombie.
15:56<jagerman>lewis2: # to avoid repeating
15:56|-|lewis [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:56|-|Patricio [] has joined #debian
15:57<Pryon>dpkg: in real life, that kind of advice will get you killed
15:57<Pryon>(yes, I know it's a bot)
15:58|-|Smooph [] has left #debian [Kopete 0.11.1 :]
15:58|-|don2718 [] has joined #debian
15:58<lewis2>thanks - the parent is ssh. I restarted ssh to no avail. I suppose if it was a problem I could reboot the machine....
15:59<gpm>why would you get killed for that advice
15:59<gpm>i'd kill *for* that kind of advice
15:59|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:00<Pryon>Ignore a zombie?
16:00<Pryon>You're just asking for it.
16:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
16:00|-|the-dude [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:01|-|MoDaXaS changed nick to MoDaX
16:01<lewis2>okies - i'll forget about it - kind of risky killing parent ssh processes when connected via SSH....
16:02<Pryon>lewis2: I'm making a stupid joke, not offering you any advice. I apologize if I was confusing you
16:02<lewis2>I got it. Appreciated :)
16:04<Pryon>Hmmmm. Doesn't sshd fork off a copy of itself on a new connection? As long as you don't kill the one responsible for your session, I think you'll be okay.
16:04|-|aptituz [] has quit [Quit: gn8]
16:04<padski>you can restart opensshd while connected without losing your session
16:05<jagerman>Just don't disconnect before making sure it's really working :)
16:05|-|ETCH64A6KM [] has quit [Quit: Ich geh dann mal ... Tschau !]
16:06<padski>I want a simple https port knocker. and unless I get one within 24hrs, I'll write and release Yet Another Port Knocker upon the world (oh! and I want a pony!) Anyone? ;-)
16:07<jagerman>So, you're offering us nothing in order to get a free porn knocker?
16:07<jagerman>Sounds like a deal.
16:07|-|keven204 [] has joined #debian
16:07<gpm>and and n aren't even close by
16:07<keven204>działają :)
16:08<keven204>i to pięknie :)
16:08<dpkg>i guess pl is perl, "packet loss", or polska -> (on
16:08<jagerman>Someone was talking about porn a few minutes ago in another channel.
16:08|-|mathersis [~kukako@] has joined #debian
16:08|-|magnus [] has joined #debian
16:08|-|mathersis [~kukako@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:08<keven204>tylko jeden problem.. w NVIDIA X Server Setting
16:08|-|glud02 [~glud02@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
16:08<keven204>jak ustawie roździelczość "auto... to potem chce zapisać X'a
16:08<keven204>i wyskakuje error
16:08|-|bernd [] has joined #debian
16:08|-|magnus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:08<keven204>Unable to remove old X config backup file'/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup/.
16:09<padski>this is like where only the punch-line is in english ?
16:09<lewis2>I tried specifically killing the pids, which doesn't work. Restarting SSH said it worked but didn't remove the zombie processes.
16:10|-|keven204 [] has quit []
16:10<Rendergraf>hi ernesto :)
16:11<padski>lewis2: did you determine the ppid for the zombies ?
16:11<Pryon>probably ignorance speaking here, but isn't ppid for a zombie automagically == 1?
16:12<lewis2>err - I determined the pid I believe, not sure what a ppid is (parent pid?)
16:12|-|cahoot [~radix@] has quit [Quit: cahoot]
16:12<padski>man ps
16:12|-|the-dude [] has joined #debian
16:13|-|De_Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:13<padski>lewis2: although you might be right. if the parent dies, doesn't it go to the grandparent ?
16:14<padski>really :-) ISTR the buck stops at initt
16:14|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
16:14<padski>but with just the one 't'
16:14<padski>ha! I can do it!
16:15|-|e1th0r [~hector@] has joined #debian
16:15<Pryon>I think that, in the vast majority of cases, the grandparent *is* init
16:15<Pryon>Well, that's not even close to being true.
16:15<lewis2>how do I display the ppid?
16:15<padski>Pryon: and if I don't believe that I should go count them myself ? ;-)
16:16<Pryon>Hah. I was ignoring the shell, the session manager, etc. Business as usual!
16:16|-|e1th0r [~hector@] has left #debian []
16:16<Pryon>Anyhoo, init inherits orphaned processes
16:17|-|mentor [] has joined #debian
16:18<padski>lewis2: eg: ps -ef
16:19<lewis2>got 'em
16:19<lewis2>all the ppids are different
16:20|-|caat [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:20<lewis2>should I try killing the parent PIDs specifically?
16:20|-|kebdani [] has joined #debian
16:21<lewis2>ooh - it worked. one zombie down, five to go, just worried about killing my ssh connection :P
16:21|-|kebdani [] has left #debian []
16:21|-|mxey [] has joined #debian
16:21<padski>lewis2: you might want to look and see what they are before you kill them ?
16:21<lewis2>heh - I like to live on the edge ;)
16:21|-|qeed [] has joined #debian
16:23<lewis2>phew - it worked
16:23<lewis2>almost gave myself a heart attack - right thanks for the help
16:23|-|pumpkin0 [] has joined #debian
16:24|-|KAMELSPORT75 [] has joined #debian
16:24|-|lewis2 [] has quit []
16:25|-|wo0f_ [] has joined #debian
16:25|-|mentor [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:26|-|rmayorga [~rmayorga@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:26|-|wo0f_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:26|-|mentor [] has joined #debian
16:26|-|mentor changed nick to Guest452
16:27|-|Guest452 changed nick to mentor
16:27|-|arato [] has joined #debian
16:28|-|ErJeDi [] has joined #debian
16:28|-|mire [~mire@77-105-22-149.adsl-3.sezampro.yu] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:31|-|fsi [~fsi@] has joined #debian
16:31|-|fsi [~fsi@] has quit []
16:31|-|gpm [6289@apocalypse.OCF.Berkeley.EDU] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:32|-|mythos [~mythos@] has joined #debian
16:33|-|Aicart [] has quit [Quit: |]
16:34|-|kakozii [] has quit [Quit: bye]
16:39|-|inbitado34 [~mano@] has joined #debian
16:39|-|pmitros [] has joined #debian
16:39|-|inbitado34 [~mano@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:40<pmitros>I've got a TIFF file I'm trying to open. It came from a scanner. Every application I've tried thus far (gimp, xv, krita, imagemagick, openoffice) has told me that they don't support the compression method. Any clues about what I should try?
16:40<witte>pmitros: what says file <filename>
16:41<pmitros>witte: As I said. It's a TIFF image: Scan001.TIF: TIFF image data, little-endian
16:42<pmitros>It just got e-mailed to me by a superfancy Xerox all-in-one copier, scanner, printer, etc. the size of walk-in closet (but half as tall)
16:42<witte>do you have libtiff4 installed?
16:43<pmitros>"libtiff4 is already the newest version"
16:43|-|mire [] has joined #debian
16:43<witte>pmitros: I would say that it "should" work
16:43<pmitros>Well, tiff is one of those formats that has a bazillion variations.
16:44<pumpkin0>pmitros: (guessing) xzgv ?
16:44<pmitros>You can specify a compression method in it, and I don't think any system handles _all_ tiff files.
16:44<witte>can your thing also make other file types (pdf or something similar?)
16:45|-|dpm [] has joined #debian
16:45<pmitros>pumpkin: Installling... Trying... Failed.
16:46<pmitros>witte: I can and I will. The downside is that the other formats are substantially loosy. It has JPG and PDF. PDF may or may not be fundamentally loosy, but it will lose resolution information.
16:46<pumpkin0>pmitros: it was a guess ... bad luck. Does tiff2pdf do something useful ?
16:46<pmitros>pumpkin: TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, Scan001.TIF: unknown field with tag 512 (0x200) encountered
16:46|-|KAMELSPORT75 [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
16:47|-|Patricio [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:47|-|swami [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
16:47<pmitros>Hmm... I think that might be JPEG-style loosy compression anyways...
16:48<pumpkin0>Looks like a comen problem. check google for "TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, unknown field with tag 512 (0x200) encountered"
16:49|-|pds [] has joined #debian
16:49<pmitros>pumpkin: Yeah. That's what I'm doing now. I found a discussion where people manually strip out a JPEG from the file.
16:50<pmitros>pumpkin: That's nice. I didn't get a useful error before using tiff2pdf. Most of the other things would either fail silently, or give a meaningless error.
16:50|-|dennis [~dennis@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:51<pumpkin0>pmitros: it still looks like a very hacky project ...
16:51|-|thomasbl [] has quit [Quit: bye]
16:53<pumpkin0>is it possible to deregister and restart a USB-device via software ? My USB-cardreader fails if it is pluged in at boottime. But it works if i unplug/replug it latter.
16:53|-|don2718 [] has left #debian []
16:54<pmitros>pumpkin: The short answer is "somewhat"
16:54<pmitros>pumpkin: I don't actually know how to do it in GNU/Linux, but I've developed USB hardware. There is a protocol for putting it to sleep and waking it up that should do most of a restart.
16:55|-|mjk [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:55<pmitros>pumpkin: There is no way to cut off power, to the best of my knowledge, so depending on how wedged it is, that may not help.
16:55<pmitros>pumpkin: If you're running a modular kernel, I'd try unloading and reloading the appropriate module.
16:56<padski>pumpkin0: could you just avoid driving the device at start-up ?? (pmitros is right, sometime the only thing you can do is powercycle the host)
16:56<pumpkin0>i cannot cut USB. That thing boots from a USBdrive.
16:56|-|s0d0 [~john@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:57|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:57<pumpkin0>padski: it is server running in the basement. Reboots happen at each kernel update and power-failture. I just don't like to go down there if i can avoid it with a simple command.
16:57<pmitros>pumpkin: Also, while the USB spec requires all devices to implement the sleep mode, quite a few do not bother to do it.
16:58|-|Guinea_pig [] has joined #debian
16:58<pmitros>The USB spec is one of those things that almost no one actually bothers to follow....
16:58<witte>pumpkin0: you only need to rmmod and modprobe the module of the specific component
16:58<pumpkin0>witte: rmmod scsi_mod and the /-fs is gone...
16:58|-|Guinea_pig changed nick to lambda
16:59|-|mode/#debian [+l 323] by debhelper
16:59<pumpkin0>witte: rmmod usb and the /-fs is gone to. And network...
16:59<witte>pumpkin0: what kind of device do you have plugged in?
17:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
17:00<pumpkin0>witte: USB-cardreader and a flash stick. The stick works and has the /.
17:00<pmitros>pumpkin: If you wanted to be superfancy, you could try it in initrd, before you need your / partition full-time ;)
17:00<pumpkin0>pmitros: errrmm... i will walk in that case.
17:00<witte>pumpkin0: you can do a lsmod before it works and after it works, and compare
17:01|-|Amorphous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:01<pumpkin0>OK, even lsusb cannot see the bloody thing ...
17:01<witte>the cardreader will normally have somehting special
17:01|-|poprobson [] has quit []
17:02<pumpkin0>witte: on, the modules do not change. But during the first usb-scan /sys/module/scsi_mod/parameters/max_luns seems to be 1. It has to be at least 7 for that cardreader.
17:02<pmitros>If my girlfriend were here, she could help you. She hacks the software end of USB a fair bit. Sadly, she's in her lab.
17:03<pumpkin0>pmitros: any hints what /sys or /proc file controls the usb ?
17:04<pmitros>pumpkin: I assume you looked at usbtools and other toys listed here: ?
17:04<pmitros>I have no idea if any of them do it.
17:04|-|Guest447 [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
17:05<pmitros>er, usbutils, I meant.
17:05<pumpkin0>pmitros: this is my first go to solve that one. I will try usbutils.
17:05<pmitros>I doubt it'll help. I'm just Googling and asking if you've already looked at those things before looking further.
17:06|-|d0rt [~ni@] has joined #debian
17:07|-|Amorphous [] has joined #debian
17:08|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:11|-|lambda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:12|-|gayan [] has joined #debian
17:13<gayan>i want help
17:13<gayan>onfig firwall
17:13<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
17:13|-|sindreij [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:13|-|sindreij [] has joined #debian
17:13|-|sindreij [] has quit []
17:13<lupine_85>gayan: check out Firestarter for a GUI config tool
17:14<lupine_85>or the netfilter website for a comprehensive iptables tutorial
17:14|-|warrior [] has joined #debian
17:14<gayan>ICMP packet are not recognised
17:14<pumpkin0>thanks everybody. The server just crashed so i have to go down there anyway.
17:14|-|pumpkin0 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:14|-|etarip`office [] has joined #debian
17:15|-|etarip`office [] has quit []
17:15|-|ErJeDi [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies]
17:16<lupine_85>define 'not recognised'.
17:17<gayan>i didnt found on netfilter
17:17|-|robinsw [] has joined #debian
17:17|-|Swashix [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
17:17|-|robinsw [] has left #debian []
17:18<lupine_85>"--protocol icmp"
17:18<lupine_85>it's in the manpages here
17:18|-|foolano [] has joined #debian
17:19|-|dennis [~dennis@] has joined #debian
17:19|-|last-ottom4n [~coskund@] has joined #debian
17:22|-|warrior [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:23<gayan>'iptables -A INPUT -p TCP -s 0/0 --dport 22 -j ACCEPT' please edit and send me this line for recognise incoming ICMP packets
17:24|-|mentor [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:25|-|vin` [~nach@] has quit [Quit: .]
17:25|-|Eulex [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:25|-|Requiem [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:25<JasonS>define recognise gayan
17:26|-|Atomo64 [~Atomo64@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:26|-|toucha [~tuocha@] has joined #debian
17:26<gayan>'iptables -A INPUT -p TCP -s 0/0 --dport 22 -j ACCEPT' please edit and send me this line for recognise incoming ICMP packets
17:27<JasonS>define recognise gayan
17:28<JasonS>what do you mean by recognise incoming icmp packets? are you trying to set up iptable to allow ssh in or what?
17:29|-|mode/#debian [+l 317] by debhelper
17:29<lupine_85>ICMP != TCP
17:29<JasonS>lupine_85: let me guess its in the manual? ;)
17:29<lupine_85>just s/TCP/icmp/
17:29<lupine_85>they're both on the same OSI layer
17:30<lupine_85>JasonS: yes. it's also in common sense :)
17:30<gayan>ssh allowed its ok
17:30<gayan>i want to ping default gateway
17:30<gayan>pinging block
17:31<gayan>its the problem
17:31<lupine_85>pinging is not a problem. you should never drop incoming packets
17:32<padski>lupine_: incoming icmp packets ?
17:32|-|Requiem [] has joined #debian
17:32<lupine_85>including incoming ICMP
17:33|-|zobel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:33<f1d0>what? haha
17:33<lupine_85>security through obscurity... ever heard of it?
17:34|-|pmitros [] has quit [Quit: Init 6]
17:34<gayan>incoming icmp packets are blocked
17:34<gayan>i want to allow incoming icmp packets
17:34<f1d0>if you drop incoming packets based on a policy then it makes very much sense and has nothing to do with obscurity
17:34<padski>lupine_85: neverthless there are other reasons to block packets, such as not wanting to give them use of a limited resource.
17:34<lupine_85>gayan: so drop the --dport line (since it's not valid for the icmp protocol), and change tcp protocol to icmp
17:35|-|E0x [] has quit [Quit: off]
17:35<gayan>thank you very much
17:35<gayan>ill try that out
17:35<lupine_85>padski: perhaps, if you have severely limited upstream. but who uses ICMP on a DoS these days?
17:35|-|ernesto [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
17:36<f1d0>lupine_: "its rarely used. thats why we disable our security measures"
17:36<lupine_85>as a security measure, it's no security at all
17:36<lupine_85>as a bandwidth-saving measure, it's possibly mildly useful in a few edge cases
17:37<f1d0>its no security measure to filter packets?
17:37<lupine_85>not incoming ICMP, no
17:37|-|dutche- [~dutche@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:38|-|zobel [] has joined #debian
17:38<lupine_85>you're pretending you're not there. big deal. most decent network exploration tools these days (i.e. the ones you want to worry about) will ping, but also attempt to connect to 22, 53, 80 and a few other common ports as well
17:38<f1d0>i should be used to the fact that a lot of people talk complete nonesense on IRC. but it still activates me
17:39<lupine_85>do you store all your passwords as plaintext in ~/.passwords as well?
17:39<f1d0>the problem is that a beginner might buy this nonesense
17:40<lupine_85>well, believe whatever you like. I don't really care.
17:40<f1d0>this channel is not about believes
17:40<lupine_85>then provide data proving me wrong, or take the blue pill
17:40<f1d0>it is about giving volunteer support. but that does not mean you can use it to spread bullshit
17:41|-|aribarti [] has joined #debian
17:41<lupine_85>you know, like a study exploring how many intrusions "-p icmp -J drop" iptables rules would prevent
17:41|-|aribarti [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:41|-|Across [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:41<dkr>lupine_85: that would break a lot more things than it would prevent
17:41|-|botero [~luk@] has joined #debian
17:42|-|luk_ [~luk@] has joined #debian
17:42<dkr>you should accept --icmp-type 0 3 11 and 8 and block the rest
17:42<f1d0>you only allow certain ICMP types as they are needed and drop the rest.
17:42<lupine_85>dkr: I know.
17:42<lupine_85>well, dunno about specific ICMP types
17:42<f1d0>but claiming you should not drop _any_ incoming packets is really the dumbest thing i read for a long time
17:42<lupine_85>I didn't claim that
17:42<dkr>(not that i read any furtehr back in the buffer than you statement just ebfore mine) :)
17:43<lupine_85>and I'd love to see you point out where I did
17:43<f1d0>and this "no security through obscurity" is taken from some kiddie book
17:43<dkr>well, implying a study of it is necessary implie signorance that it is a dumb thing to do. :)
17:43|-|Mean-Machine [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:43<f1d0>dropping packets that are not wanted has absolutely nothing to do with obscurity
17:43<lupine_85>dkr: nmap --help
17:43<lupine_85>I rest my case
17:43|-|BaDBoYKilleR^ [~BaDBoYKil@] has joined #debian
17:44<lupine_85>f1d0: it is if your primary reason for doing so is to be undetected in ICMP ping scans
17:44<f1d0>what a load of crap
17:44<f1d0>echo request and echo reply are 2 of many ICMP types
17:44|-|BaDBoYKilleR^ [~BaDBoYKil@] has quit []
17:44|-|botero [~luk@] has quit []
17:44|-|luk_ [~luk@] has quit []
17:45|-|spline [] has joined #debian
17:45|-|DanDare [~DanDare@] has joined #debian
17:45<dkr>lupine_85: uhm, automated scanners don't bother pinging first to see if a machine is there, they connect directly to the port of daemon with vulnerability they are scanning for
17:46<spline>is there a way to take a locale (via locale-gen) generated on one machine and scp it up to another?
17:46<lupine_85>yes, I know
17:46<f1d0>spline: why not build the locale on that machine?
17:46<lupine_85>spline: package locales-all ?
17:46|-|Uomo [] has joined #debian
17:47<spline>lupine: just install that?
17:47<spline>my problem is that the box I run locale-gen on is a vps, so its limited on memory and exhausts it doing the gen
17:47<lupine_85>spline: yep. that's all the locales data, precompiled
17:47<spline>I have another debian box
17:47<lupine_85>uses up a bit more HD space than just having the ones you want in, but not enough to worry about I would imagine
17:47<spline>ohh cool and just make sure the LANG= and other environment variables still stick to mine (en_US.UTF-8)
17:48<lupine_85>hah. 2.3MB
17:48<f1d0>spline: if building the locales exhausts your resources i wonder what you plan to do with it
17:48|-|kurumin [] has joined #debian
17:48|-|J1G [] has quit [Quit: bye *]
17:48<lupine_85>most VPSs come with maybe 64, 128MB RAM
17:48<jagerman>How do you run anything useful in that?
17:48<lupine_85>plenty enough to run a small to medium-sized website on, say, apache (or lighthttpd if you're desperate)
17:49<lupine_85>I ran a mirror for beryl at it's heyday on one of those
17:49<jagerman>One catalyst ap + apache + mail server = death.
17:49<lupine_85>once you drop X, linux uses surprisingly little RAM
17:49<spline>yeap, mine is 64mb
17:49<spline>does openvpn great
17:49|-|J1G [] has joined #debian
17:49<spline>jagerman: it is a challenge :)
17:49<f1d0>and building locales exhausts that?
17:49<jagerman>That isn't inclusive of disk caching, is it?
17:49<spline>lighttp has saved me there
17:50<spline>apache would not run, even scaled down
17:50|-|dpm [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:50<padski>I used to boot linux on 4MB :-(
17:50<gayan>debain and ubuntu use linux kernel, so why some commands are different
17:50<spline>even apt-get will break with lighttpd running
17:50|-|padski [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:50<spline>my first box was kernel 1.2.* something with 4mb.. chugged along :)
17:50<lupine_85>gayan: because the kernel is in, um, kernelspace
17:50<lupine_85>and everything else is userspace
17:50<spline>jagerman: well, we're under openvz, so I am not sure
17:50<lupine_85>spline: got space for a swapfile?
17:50<spline>the way it splits the virtual/actual is interesting
17:50<spline>lu: I think openvz lacks swap
17:50<spline>vpslink just added xen stuff so im looking to move over
17:50<lupine_85>that'd stop things from arbitrarily dying, at least
17:51<spline>yeah, I've tried ulimit and many commands
17:51<lupine_85>I was only ever in xen instances
17:51<spline>I have used distcc but the packages with 4.0 are normally fine
17:51<spline>I've run out of memory logging in with bash (using dropbear vs openssh, lighttpd vs apache)
17:51<spline>can't even get a db, unfortunately
17:51<f1d0>i cant believe i am sitting here to read all this nonesense
17:51|-|f1d0 [] has left #debian []
17:52<jagerman>spline: That sounds like a complete waste of time.
17:52<lupine_85>spline: investing a bit extra to double the RAM sounds like a good idea to me
17:52<jagerman>spline: A cheap dedicated server can't be that much more.
17:53<lupine_85>jagerman: usually 1GB or more
17:53<lupine_85>but you don't get "cheap" dediboxes
17:53<jagerman>lupine_85: I meant cost :)
17:53<lupine_85>my 128MB VPS was £15/mo
17:53<spline>jag: I use it as a vpn endpoint
17:53<spline>and its great
17:53<lupine_85>which isn't much, really
17:53<spline>jager: since I need to link up a bunch of dev boxes across many links/etc
17:53<spline>its a very inexpensive solution
17:53<spline>maybe 6$/mo
17:54<spline>lu: absolutely. gonna upgrade
17:55<lupine_85>I could do absolutely anything I wanted to with 128MB RAM
17:55<gayan>i wanna download linux enterprise 5, plz send me a url or mirror
17:55<lupine_85>linux... what?
17:55<jagerman>gayan: Go away.
17:55<JasonS>gayan: pardon?
17:55<jagerman>gayan: This is a Debian channel.
17:55<JasonS>so why ask here?
17:55|-|esaym [] has joined #debian
17:56<lupine_85>is that like linux with bells, whistles and a sybian attachment?
17:56<JasonS>lupine_85: heh
17:56<gayan>okey i got it
17:57[~]JasonS waits for questions on setting up linux enterprise 5
17:57<gayan>no found a mirror
17:57|-|Uomo [] has left #debian []
17:57<gayan>its downloading
17:58<lupine_85>is that.. RHEL 5?
17:58<dpkg>extra, extra, read all about it, debian is See
17:58<lupine_85>ah, so it really /does/ have a sybian attachment
17:58<lupine_85>enjoy getting screwed
17:58<jagerman>gayan: This is *not* a general linux support channel.
17:59[~]thedonvaughn laughs at gayan
18:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
18:00|-|e1th0r [~hector@] has joined #debian
18:00<lupine_85>¬:) - RedHat will eat your eyeballs and break your knees
18:01<lupine_85>then bill you for services rendered
18:01<JasonS>they even kick chuck norris's butt i bet
18:02<lupine_85>they aren't that good
18:02|-|gayan [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:02|-|cydork [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:02|-|Swashix [] has joined #debian
18:03|-|pds [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:03<JasonS>i still will bet he'll be back asking about installing rhel
18:03|-|culguy [] has joined #debian
18:04|-|pastouche_ [] has joined #debian
18:04|-|Swashix [] has quit []
18:04<culguy>waht is the command config wlan on debian
18:05<lupine_85>(and iwpriv and iwlist)
18:05|-|last-ottom4n [~coskund@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:05<culguy>auto config?
18:05|-|pastouche_ [] has quit []
18:06|-|Swashix [] has joined #debian
18:06<lupine_85>I never really use those things
18:06<culguy>ok ill find
18:07|-|culguy [] has quit []
18:07|-|chipit [] has joined #debian
18:07|-|swami [] has joined #debian
18:08|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:08|-|Garda [] has joined #debian
18:09|-|war [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:10|-|angasule [~angasule@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:10|-|chipit [] has quit []
18:10|-|gpm [] has joined #debian
18:11|-|kernel [] has joined #debian
18:11<kernel>how config kmyfirewall properly?
18:11<kernel>which file
18:11|-|snowball_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:13|-|Guinea_pig [] has joined #debian
18:13|-|Guinea_pig [] has quit []
18:14|-|last-ottom4n [~coskund@] has joined #debian
18:14<kernel>anyone know about it
18:14<JasonS>isnt that an x front end to iptables?
18:15|-|DanDare [~DanDare@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:16<kernel>i installed kmyfirewall i dnt knw which file i should edit
18:17<JasonS>kernel: read the man for it? thier website? i still think its an x frontend
18:18<JasonS>it is an x front end to iptables
18:19|-|bl4de [] has quit [Quit: /* no comment */]
18:20<kernel>i want to knw where the .sh file located
18:20<JasonS>kernel: did you read the doc or faq or man?
18:20|-|De_Ghost [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:20<JasonS>why are you editing files with that anyhow?
18:21<kernel>ya x front end
18:22|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
18:23<JasonS>kernel: so why are you editing files?
18:23<JasonS>doesnt that defeat the entire purpose?
18:23<kernel>what is the command start kmyfirewall
18:23<JasonS>kernel: man kmyfirewall, the faq and the url i pasted
18:27|-|e1th0r [~hector@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
18:27|-|Swashix [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:27|-|kurumin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:29|-|mode/#debian [+l 308] by debhelper
18:30|-|peppe [] has joined #debian
18:31|-|morph_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:32|-|war [] has joined #debian
18:32|-|rmayorga [~rmayorga@] has joined #debian
18:33|-|mxey [] has quit [Quit: See you at the bitter end]
18:34|-|picassobaldi [] has joined #debian
18:36|-|predius_ [~predius@] has joined #debian
18:36|-|picassobaldi [] has quit [Quit: Ciao!]
18:36|-|sebastian [] has joined #debian
18:37|-|sebastian changed nick to Guest464
18:38|-|toucha [~tuocha@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:38<kernel>how config dhcp3 server
18:38<kernel>advance config
18:39|-|marco [~marco@] has joined #debian
18:39<kernel>can u help
18:40|-|marco changed nick to Guest465
18:40<Guest465>Good night
18:40|-|xota [] has quit [Quit: Abandonando]
18:40|-|gpm [] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
18:41|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has joined #debian
18:42|-|peppe [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
18:42|-|predius [~predius@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:43<Guest465>Can you tell me how to install more screensavers in etch ?
18:43|-|Guest438 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:45|-|peppe [] has joined #debian
18:45|-|mankod [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:49|-|noxorc [~noxorc@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:49|-|dli [] has joined #debian
18:50|-|rafael [] has joined #debian
18:50|-|hobophobe [] has joined #debian
18:51<hobophobe>Is there a convenient way to downgrade xserver-xorg-core to the testing version, ie where it will downgrade other packages as needed?
18:51|-|E0x [] has joined #debian
18:51|-|Gef [] has joined #debian
18:52<hobophobe>Or is my best bet to boot into recovery mode, completely remove xorg packages then install the testing version?
18:52|-|malex [] has joined #debian
18:53|-|HolyAvenger [WinNT@] has joined #debian
18:53<hobophobe>I wouldn't bother, but every time I log out xserver dies & I have to reboot, I'm hoping the testing version will be more resilient
18:54|-|abrotman [] has joined #debian
18:55|-|emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
18:55|-|hazard2 [~hazard@] has joined #debian
18:55<hobophobe>The problem is, if I try to remove it will it not want to remove, eg gdm and other packages that depend on an X server?
18:56|-|mentor [] has joined #debian
18:57<lupine_85>they don't depend on an x server
18:57<lupine_85>or shouldn't
18:57|-|mentor changed nick to Guest467
18:57<hobophobe>ah, ok
18:57<hobophobe>so you'd recommend removing all the X stuff and then installing fresh from testing?
18:58<lupine_85>apt-get install --reinstall <package>=<version
18:58|-|emonge [~emonge@] has quit []
18:58|-|smeding_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:58<lupine_85>>. assuming you have both testing and unstable repos in your sources.list, just use apt-cache policy to find the right version to use
18:58|-|predius_ [~predius@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:59|-|mode/#debian [+l 314] by debhelper
18:59<lupine_85>Guest465: just search your packages for screensavers
18:59<Guest465>good night <lupine_85>
18:59<lupine_85>good night, sweet prince
19:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
19:01|-|war [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:03<Guest465>i already have done a quick search in synaptic package manager, but i found only a few of them
19:03|-|kevin [] has joined #debian
19:03<Guest465>the matrix, and more 3 or 4.
19:04<Guest465>i miss that. :-)
19:04<lupine_85>tut tut
19:05<Guest465>apart from this, can you tell me if you know some repository or place that i can download
19:05<Guest465>screensavers ?
19:05|-|thedonvaughn [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:06<hobophobe>probably you could download the xscreensaver packages and just take the ones out of those that you wish to have?
19:06<lupine_85>gnome-look or kde-look might have some
19:06|-|GhostlyDeath [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:06<lupine_85>but most people making a screensaver will just add it to one of the already-existing screensaver packages
19:06|-|GhostlyDeath [] has joined #debian
19:06|-|kevin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:07|-|copernic [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:08|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:08<Guest465>thanks for your time
19:08<Guest465>Best Regards ;-)
19:09|-|Guest465 [~marco@] has left #debian [Leaving]
19:11|-|Patricio [] has joined #debian
19:12|-|hobophobe [] has quit [Quit: Ommm.......]
19:13|-|peppe [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
19:15|-|lg [] has joined #debian
19:18|-|fili [] has joined #debian
19:24|-|lee_ [] has joined #debian
19:25|-|lee_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25|-|efren [~efren@] has joined #debian
19:26|-|fili [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:26|-|efren [~efren@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:26<kernel>how to start kmyfirewall
19:26|-|saltmiser [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:26|-|oberon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:27<chealer>kernel: which files does the package contain?
19:27|-|profesx [] has joined #debian
19:27|-|rga [~rga@] has joined #debian
19:27|-|rga [~rga@] has left #debian []
19:27<kernel>which package
19:28<chealer>kernel: the package which provides kmyfirewall
19:28<kernel>i use kmyfirewall start
19:28|-|profesx [] has quit []
19:28<kernel>its start but cant config
19:29|-|mode/#debian [+l 308] by debhelper
19:29<kernel>its kmyfirewall
19:29<Patricio>hey a question kinda off of the wall......but do ya know anything wiring for cat5 cable?......
19:29<chealer>Patricio: sorry, ask the channel
19:29<lupine_85>cat5 cable ftw!
19:30<Patricio>chealer: its no biggie.......
19:30<lupine_85>what do you want to know about it?
19:30|-|gravity [] has joined #debian
19:31|-|last-ottom4n [~coskund@] has quit []
19:31<Patricio>lupine_85: well it pertains to a interface that uses VOIP with multiple lines in different locations......
19:32<Patricio>lupine_85: it really has nothing to do with 'data'........'voice' is the issue......
19:33<lupine_85>ok... I don't get how that ties in with cat5 cable specifically
19:34<kernel>which file i shoud add rules in kmyfirewall
19:34|-|gpm [] has joined #debian
19:34|-|M0ffe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:35<Patricio>lupine_85: I am using cat5 cable for my data network and my 'Voice Over IP' network for 4 phone lines throughout my office, and I am having an issue with how to run them consecutively.....
19:35<lupine_85>4, 5, 7 & 8 are the unused pairs on a 100baseTX network
19:35<lupine_85>but your VoIP - if it is really VoIP - is carried over IP, which means that it's on the same pins as your data
19:36<lupine_85> is pretty good at describing the wiring schemes, etc
19:36|-|ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:36<Patricio>lupine_85: that is VOIP devices pick up an IP from my DHCP server, and I am using an interface to run these devices to my '4 line' phones, and have ' line 1, line 2, line 3 and line 4' working.......
19:37<lupine_85>so IOW, your question is nothing to do with cat5 cabling? a coherent description of the problem would be useful
19:38<Patricio>lupine_85: well.......I could have done that at first......without explaining it.......but I wanted to be thorough.........
19:38|-|M0ffe [] has joined #debian
19:38<lupine_85>a 100baseTX network should have no problems running 4xphone calls using a gsm codec, + plenty of internet stuff too
19:39|-|Disputin [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
19:41<gpm>Well, anyway, I was reading this James Bond book, and right away I realized
19:41<gpm>that like most books, it had too many words. The plot was the same one that
19:41<gpm>all James Bond books have: An evil person tries to blow up the world, but
19:41<gpm>James Bond kills him and his henchmen and makes love to several attractive
19:41<gpm>women. There, that's it: 24 words. But the guy who wrote the book took
19:41|-|gpm kicked [#debian] debhelper [use the paster bot or #flood]
19:41|-|gpm [] has joined #debian
19:42<Patricio>lupine_85: yes I know......and my network runs great.......but I was informed from support that I needed a '4x4 breakout module' at each location......and I have been trying to figure out wiring with cat5 cable to avoid buying additional hardware........which is quite expensive
19:42<Patricio>well.........except for ebay.....hehehe
19:43|-|bernd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:44|-|Holborn [] has joined #debian
19:44|-|yo [~yo@] has joined #debian
19:44<lupine_85>at $15 each, I'd hardly call them expensivw
19:44|-|infernix [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:45|-|infernix [] has joined #debian
19:45<lupine_85>anyway, the site I referenced you to earlier gives you the full details of the wiring
19:46|-|qeed [] has quit []
19:46|-|ocnos [] has joined #debian
19:48|-|ocnos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:49<dondelelcaro>gpm: like many essays, that one was too verbose too. It could be reduced to "I hate reading"
19:50|-|lg_ [] has joined #debian
19:55|-|Disputin [] has joined #debian
19:56|-|Piet [] has quit [Quit: Piet]
19:58|-|lg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
20:00<gpm>dondelelcaro: i'm an idiot
20:00<gpm>i fiddled with fortune
20:00<gpm>and screwed up
20:02<dondelelcaro>no worries
20:03|-|J1G [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:04|-|kernel [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:06|-|Chaos`Eternal [~Palpatine@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:07|-|Patricio [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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20:09|-|dli [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:12|-|emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
20:17|-|muammar [] has joined #debian
20:18|-|kevinw [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:18|-|thejapa [] has joined #debian
20:20|-|J1G [] has joined #debian
20:23|-|Guest467 changed nick to mentor
20:24|-|thejapa [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:24|-|thejapa [] has joined #debian
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20:29|-|De_Ghost [] has joined #debian
20:32|-|swami [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
20:37|-|foolano [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:39|-|ernesto [] has joined #debian
20:40|-|sirjoebob [] has joined #debian
20:40<sirjoebob>hey all. i have AWN installed in Gutsy and it is pushing all my windows above its area... any ideas?
20:41<gpm>!ubuntu ?
20:41<dpkg>Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is not Debian, and it is unlikely to live up to Debian's standards (see <Debian policy>). Only Debian is supported on #debian. Use #ubuntu instead. Even if the channel happens to be less helpful, support for distributions other than Debian is offtopic on #debian.
20:41<sirjoebob>im sorry. must have clikced the wrong irc
20:42|-|sirjoebob [] has left #debian []
20:43|-|muammar [] has quit [Quit: imagine a big red swirl here..!]
20:44|-|J1G [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:44|-|Atomo64 [~Atomo64@] has joined #debian
20:44|-|Holborn [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
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20:49|-|Holborn [] has joined #debian
20:50|-|faw [] has joined #debian
20:51|-|k-man_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:54|-|DanDare [~DanDare@] has joined #debian
20:56|-|valdy [] has joined #debian
20:57|-|gsimmons [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:57<DanDare>Hi there. Someone could suggest me any way to make reliable images of installed etch systems? I know using dd but its too much slowly. I was using norton ghost to make EXT3 partitions backups but now using etch norton ghost i have corrupts bad the EXT3 file system... someone have some info on this?
20:58|-|gsimmons [] has joined #debian
20:58<DanDare>dd seems to take near en entire day to backup here in the target machine :/
20:59|-|HolyAvenger [WinNT@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:00|-|buzztracker [] has joined #debian
21:00<DanDare>i did several tests, on same disk ghost will do it ok on sarge but not in etch but both are EXT3... its just..... frustrating :p
21:02|-|Chaos`Eternal [~Palpatine@] has joined #debian
21:03|-|patricio [] has joined #debian
21:04|-|agamon [] has joined #debian
21:04|-|valdy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:06<DanDare>i can backup an etch system installed in a 8Gb partition and then restore to a 4Gb partition using dd without major problems?
21:07<DanDare>idid used dd before as testing but im not experienced
21:07|-|rmayorga [~rmayorga@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08|-|mire [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08|-|buzztracker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08|-|HolyAvenger [WinNT@] has joined #debian
21:10|-|trogdor3 [] has joined #debian
21:10<trogdor3>anyone recommend a small footprint HTTPd?
21:11<DanDare>this sounds good.. just reached by googling alternatives, it looks worth a try!
21:11|-|agamon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:12<gsimmons>trogdor3: You might be interested in lighttpd or thttpd.
21:12<trogdor3>light is the one i was looking for
21:12<trogdor3>i couldnt remember the name
21:13|-|agamon [] has joined #debian
21:13|-|greg [] has joined #debian
21:13<DanDare>its evil
21:13<trogdor3>lighttpd work with php?
21:14<DanDare>for a non daily linux user like me learn a lot of things but after some time forget another lot of things and commands and procedures
21:14<DanDare>but anyway the logic behind the system in footprinted i guess
21:15<greg>is anyone familiar with apache2 and nph-proxy adding SSL support to it?
21:16<DanDare>just out of curiosity
21:16<DanDare>its dinner time in USA right now?
21:16|-|Rendergraf [~Rendergra@] has quit [Quit: "saliendo..."]
21:16<greg>umm what time zone in US
21:17<dondelelcaro>dependings on when people eat dinner
21:17<DanDare>yeah indeed
21:18<DanDare>shit i dunno what usa time zone US is. i think they have 3 different ones
21:18<DanDare>GMT -1 maybe
21:19<greg>yea western US is like 6pm
21:19<dondelelcaro>we have more time zones than just that
21:19<greg>east coast is like 10
21:19<DanDare>yeah i know google all know things
21:19<dondelelcaro>but if you want to know, TZ="America/New_York" date; or similar.
21:20<DanDare>just cahting a bit while ppl is on dinner
21:20<greg>is anyone familiar with apache2 and nph-proxy adding SSL support to it?
21:20|-|crdlb [] has joined #debian
21:20<DanDare>im currently trying to be familiar with apache2 itself :/
21:21<greg>i can do most basic stuff
21:21<greg>but little details like reading perl scripts get me
21:21<DanDare>its something i still need to read in the README apt installs both and put both to work but without an default httpd.conf for apache2 for reasons explained on the README
21:22<greg>apache 2 has a default httpd.conf
21:22<greg>its now apache2.conf
21:22|-|linac [] has joined #debian
21:23<DanDare>and seems that apache2.conf is a bit different than the usual httpd.conf by it looks
21:23|-|Holborn [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:23<greg>yea it is
21:23<DanDare>not good for me
21:23<greg>how come?
21:23<DanDare>maybe good for global progress
21:24<greg>its easier to work with
21:24<DanDare>nice to hear
21:24|-|dli [] has joined #debian
---Logclosed Wed Oct 24 21:24:34 2007
---Logopened Wed Oct 24 21:24:39 2007
21:24|-|mikegrb [] has joined #debian
21:24<DanDare>well, good night fellas i need get the bed
21:25|-|DanDare [~DanDare@] has quit [Quit: .]
21:26|-|Kanal #debian zsynchronizowany w 100 sekundy
21:27|-|Holborn [] has joined #debian
21:28|-|valdy [] has joined #debian
21:29|-|mode/#debian [+l 309] by debhelper
21:29|-|elronxenu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:30|-|lg_ [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
21:31|-|aredhel [] has joined #debian
21:32|-|crdlb [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
21:33|-|markgreene [~markgreen@] has joined #debian
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21:36|-|yo [~yo@] has quit [Quit: Abandonando]
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21:42|-|morf [] has joined #debian
21:42|-|morf [] has quit []
21:47|-|rmayorga [~rmayorga@] has joined #debian
21:47|-|Wyzard [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
21:49|-|mode/#debian [+l 303] by debhelper
21:49<greg>anyone familar with ssl and apache2?
21:50|-|greg [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:50<dli>!tell greg about anyone
21:51|-|LinuxAthos [~standard@] has joined #debian
21:51<LinuxAthos>hello! i have a problem that appeared suddenly with my linux that is a debian based. The last showed messages were | Kurumin contains a file system with errors, check forced.| Inode 1722571 has compression flag set on filesystem without compression support| Kurumin: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUM fsck MANUALLY| (i. e. without -a or -p options) | fsck died with exit status 4.| .......I tried to boot the linux using a live cd and then use 'chroot' and typ
21:51<LinuxAthos>e the command, but it didn't work
21:52<gsimmons>!tell LinuxAthos -about kurumin
21:52<gsimmons>LinuxAthos: We're unable to assist with your distribution. Try the kurumin user forums.
21:54<LinuxAthos>oh, i know, the problem is that the kurumin channel is empty =/
21:55<LinuxAthos>but thnx anyway
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