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00:13<kop>chealer : Looks like the thin client I'm considering is using exactly the same video chipset (ATI Radeon X1250). Fussing required. *meh*
00:13<NinjaMan>does anyone know where I can download a patched version of e2fsprogs 1.40.8 that provides mkfs.ext4 and fsck.ext4 ?
00:14<kop>NinjaMan : I saw an article on ext4 on ibm developer works recently. It had lots of links. YMMV.
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00:17<NinjaMan>kop: I found that but it links to an older version of e2fsprogs - 1.39 from '06/'06
00:17<NinjaMan>kop: '06/'07 - just searching for something newer because I'm running mixed ext3/ext4 system
00:17<NinjaMan>kop: and don't want to have to downgrade the tools just to get ext4 tools
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00:19<co_LibUrAn_j>apa kbr
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01:09<shivraj>does DVD1 of lenny have most necessary packages ?
01:12<shivraj>slow connection .... at other users home
01:13<shivraj>my connection is 10mbits
01:14<Nemoder>yes it should have most of the basics
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01:15<shivraj>is wine on it ?
01:15<shivraj>they need to run office
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01:17<Nemoder>looks like it
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01:25<shivraj>Nemoder : thanks, gotta check jigdo out ........
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01:26<Nemoder>I'm not entirely sure how jigdo works, I've always just used the netinstaller
01:27<shivraj>me tooo.... I couldnt stand that connection 20kb/sec at times
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01:55<NinjaMan>any pasv FTP experts here? - If I force my ftp server to have only 1 pasv port does that limit the number of concurrent connections to my ftp server to 1?
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02:05<Cka3o4HuK>is anybody fron russia here?
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02:05<Cka3o4HuK>îé êàê õîðîøî )
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02:05<Luk>ñîâñåì íåïëîõîîî ;-)
02:06<Cka3o4HuK>à òóò âñåãäà òèøèíà â ýôèðå? )
02:06<Luk>íåçíàþ ÿ òóòà âïåðâûå:)
02:06<dpkg>i guess ru is Russian speakers, please use (Pogalujsta, zajdite na) (Pazhaluista, zahodite na) #debian-russian @
02:06<Cka3o4HuK>ÿ òîæ
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02:14<user01>hmmm video playback isnt working for me on lenny . . . i just get a green screen with audio
02:15<Nemoder>user01: what player?
02:16<user01>Nemoder, vlc and totem
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02:17<user01>Nemoder, youtube works alright with flv
02:17<Nemoder>user01: could be a missing video codec
02:17<Nemoder>flash ships with it's own decoders
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02:17<Nemoder>might also look into trying a different video output driver
02:17<user01>Nemoder, but flv has a green screen in totem and vlc
02:17<Nemoder>like SDL
02:19<user01>Nemoder, it was working though . . . a few days ago
02:20<Nemoder>user01: what video driver for xorg do you use?
02:23<user01>Nemoder, ati
02:23<Nemoder>did you use debian's driver or one from or someplace?
02:24<user01>Nemoder, debian's i believe
02:24<Nemoder>hm I'm not sure then, have you tried restarting X?
02:25<user01>Nemoder, im installing updates to see if that helps
02:25<user01>Nemoder, yep i restarted, and then i rebooted
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02:28<Nemoder>user01: you might try xine or mplayer, and check if other movie files still play ok
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02:39<jscinoz>I want to set up a 4 disk raid0 array, my motherboard is an asus striker ii formula which has the nvidia fakeraid. for the highest possible speed what would be the best way to do this? lvm, nvraid, md, dmraid or something else/combination of the above?
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02:41<Zoup>how can i disable on console messages/errors ?
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02:45<JL>Hello. I need help with a second SATA hard disk that is not recognized by the kernel but is by the bios on channel 3 (master). I have 2 identical drives in the system, both master on channel 2 and 3. Debian Etch recognizes only the first one.
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02:52<ntbnnt>so, would it be a good idea to set a cron job for my dist upgrade
02:53<ntbnnt>could that cause issues?
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02:59<JL>Hello. I need help with a second SATA hard disk that is not recognized by the kernel but is by the bios on channel 3 (master). I have 2 identical drives in the system, both master on channel 2 and 3. Debian Etch recognizes only the first one.
03:00<ntbnnt>what does fstab stay?
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03:06<jscinoz>I want to set up a 4 disk raid0 array, my motherboard is an asus striker ii formula which has the nvidia fakeraid. for the highest possible speed what would be the best way to do this? lvm, nvraid, md, dmraid or something else/combination of the above?
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03:09<ntbnnt>ca va
03:09<ntbnnt>je vois
03:09<steph>de quoi on parle ici,
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03:12<aloha-shin>ah.. Hello everyone
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03:13<ntbnnt>rien, je attends seulment
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03:15<aloha-shin>do I really need to aptitude update and upgrade for debian lenny every day?
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03:15<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: why do you believe that it is necessary?
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03:16<aloha-shin>is it really necessary?
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03:16<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: I don't understand why think it is necessary?
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03:16<aloha-shin>does updating and upgrade with lenny won't affect the installed mysqls/php?
03:17<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: if you upgrade mysql, php or any of their dependencies then maybe
03:17<aloha-shin>I'm asking IF its really important to aptitude update and upgrade with lenny
03:17<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: are you asking if lenny has a lot of bugs in it?
03:18<Gekz>aloha-shin: I do it once a week
03:18<Mastroquet>on lenny: aptitude dist-upgrade
03:18<Mastroquet>aptitude upgrade is for stable AFAIK
03:18<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: my point is people upgrade/update for a reason - to get updates, to fix problems, provide new functionality etc.
03:19<aloha-shin>does updating and upgrading affects some installed program like mysql5/php5/apache2
03:19<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: if your system works the way you want it and it is stable, there is no need to update it
03:19<aloha-shin>OK I understand ninjaman
03:19<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: unless an exploit is discovered that you should fix
03:20<zarchne>I would tend to demur.
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03:20<aloha-shin>bcause I wnt to run pserver ragnarok online in debian lenny
03:20<aloha-shin>that's all.
03:21<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: you are welcome and if during an update mysql, php, apache or a dependency like libc6! is updated then it could affect the applications you mentioned
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03:22<aloha-shin>and another question is, is there a guide how to add the xtra WAN IP.?
03:23<aloha-shin>I have a dedi server. the problem is that my host don't support linux.
03:23<aloha-shin>and he said ask for support in debian
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03:24<aloha-shin>and I don't know how to add that 2nd ip.
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03:24<Nemoder>man interfaces
03:25<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: you have a dedicated debian linux server, right?
03:25<aloha-shin>yea FRESH
03:25<aloha-shin>fresh install debian lenny
03:25<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: and you are connected to a router?
03:25<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: provided by your isp?
03:25<aloha-shin>my host told me that he can;t nstall so he ask for someone to install it.
03:26<JL>there is no sdb in fstab there is no /dev/sdb either
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03:26<aloha-shin>i dont know ninjaman
03:26<NinjaMan>JL: was there a previous conversation that your comments refer to?
03:26<aloha-shin>how will i know it?
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03:26<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: let me ask another way - how are you connected to the internet / ISP?
03:27<ntbnnt>i asked he has some sata drives that aren't being recognized, NinjaMan
03:27<JL>the comment is in reference to my system (Etch) I have 2 SATA drives but only 1 is recognized
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03:27<aloha-shin>I dont get it ninjaman.
03:27<NinjaMan>jL + ntbnmt: ok
03:27<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: you want another WAN IP
03:28<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: and presumably you already have one
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03:28<aloha-shin>I have 1 IP
03:28<JL>the BIOS sees them on channel 2 and 3 (same drive model) but neither the installer nor the kernel sees the second one (nor fdisk or df or fstab)
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03:28<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: can you do a "sudo ifconfig -a" and paste the output into pastebin
03:28<aloha-shin>ninjaman I dont know how to configure
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03:28<aloha-shin>ok wait
03:29<ntbnnt>JL, it may require some special drivers or something
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03:29<aloha-shin>ok where do i need to paste
03:29<aloha-shin>can we talk private?
03:29<NinjaMan>jL: I agree with ntbnnt, what is the make and model of your m/b or SATA pci card?
03:30<NinjaMan>aloha-shin: sure
03:30<aloha-shin>you have msn/ym ?
03:30<aloha-shin>add me pls
03:32<JL>MB is Shuttle SN68PTG5 the controller is on the MB
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03:34<JL>note that Etch installed fine on the first 160GB disk (the other is identical)
03:35<ntbnnt>JL, google the model of the disk drive and see if it requires some special modules to be installed in your kernel
03:35<ntbnnt>JL, do the same to the controller
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03:37<JL>I have done that. There is nothing special. it bugs me to see only one drive
03:38<ntbnnt>do you see in it in /dev/?
03:39<NinjaMan>JL: can you pastebin your dmesg output
03:39<JL>nope I'd expect to see /dev/sda# but no
03:40<ntbnnt>if its in /dev/ but not in fstab, it will not be mounted
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03:40<ntbnnt>i found my other sata drive in /dev/ upon install but etch did not add it for me to fstab
03:43<JL>mm hard to do as I am on a hardwired console. dmesg | grep scsi sees a scsi0 and scsi1 both sata_nv
03:46<JL>there is no node for the disk in /dev/
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03:49<steph>bjr, quelqu'un ,
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03:53<JL>note that the ata2 reports SATA link down
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04:34<mento>anyone here uses oidentd ?
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05:08<jaakko>How do I change xorg keyboard settings for user? If I start xorg as root I get correct keymap, as user it is wrong.
05:08<jaakko>I configured xorg with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (as root)
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05:10<R2r>!beer | r2r
05:10*dpkg deftly decants a fine Franziskaner Hefeweizen for | r2r
05:10<R2r>!comfort r2r
05:10<dpkg>There, there, r2r. It's OK. I'm here for you.
05:10<R2r>padski you there
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05:16<fxiny>jaakko: /msg dpkg keymap
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05:17<EmleyMoor>Damn! Even more of my backups failed...
05:18<EmleyMoor>How can I see what the ssh failed on?
05:19-!-andre [] has joined #debian
05:19<ex-bart>there's a problem with in the section about tinc the command to regenerate the keys shows as "tincd -n -K" when it should be "tincd -n <netname> -K"
05:19<fxiny>lovely , i'm checking ssh fix on a vuln box : the fix detects the old keys
05:20<fxiny>so i should get a message next time i log in
05:20-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
05:20<fxiny>rebooting :)
05:21-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
05:21<ex-bart>the section about cryptsetup in links to, however cryptsetup is not mentioned there
05:23<ex-bart>where do I report that stuff?
05:24<EmleyMoor>Why would my backups fail when run automatically due to ssh problems yet work when run from a command line?
05:24-!-mrpouet [] has joined #debian
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05:24<fxiny>what backup ?
05:25<cahoot>nothing useful in logs?
05:25<EmleyMoor>flexbackup - using ssh to reach remote systems
05:25-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
05:25<ex-bart>EmleyMoor: maybe some environment variables are set differently?
05:25<EmleyMoor>cahoot: Still investigating. Nothing about it in local logs - backup logs don't really say what happened?
05:26<EmleyMoor>ex-bart: But why would ssh cause that to happen?
05:26-!-adi_ [] has joined #debian
05:26-!-adi_ is now known as adi
05:26<cahoot>EmleyMoor: ok just being cpt obvious
05:26<ex-bart>EmleyMoor: is the backup run as root?
05:27<EmleyMoor>ex-bart: Yes
05:27<ex-bart>EmleyMoor: when you run them by hand, do you use sudo?
05:27<EmleyMoor>ex-bart: No
05:28<fxiny>EmleyMoor: any warning about RSA host key changes if you manually ssh into it ?
05:28<EmleyMoor>fxiny: No
05:28<ex-bart>hmm, sudo keeps $HOME set to the users home directory but if you don't use it i have no idea
05:29<EmleyMoor>I checked that the ssh worked last night
05:29<fxiny>cause i'm checking this unfixed box and i get such a warning
05:30<EmleyMoor>Typical other box (one that is Debian - not all are) logs this in auth.log: May 17 00:30:36 firthpark sshd[10321]: (pam_unix) authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= user=root
05:30<jaakko>EmleyMoor: what if you run the script as root?
05:31<EmleyMoor>jaakko: How "as root" do I need to be?
05:31<jaakko>EmleyMoor: I mean the backup
05:31<EmleyMoor>jaakko: That's just what I'm saying - run manually as root, go - run automatically, no go
05:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 365] by debhelper
05:32<jaakko>EmleyMoor: How do you run it automatically as root?
05:32<EmleyMoor>There are entries in cron.d... a typical one that ran this morning:
05:32<EmleyMoor>30 0 15-21 * * root flexbackup -wday 6 -set fixed -level 2 -ignore-errors >/dev/null
05:33<fxiny>ex-bart: are you saying cryptsetup is affected by ssh bug ? and what about LUKS ?
05:33-!-GoogleSucks [~Worf@] has joined #debian
05:34<GoogleSucks>Anyone here?
05:34<EmleyMoor>GoogleSucks: Of course - do you have a question about Debian?
05:34-!-ntbnnt [] has joined #debian
05:34<GoogleSucks>I want to shift to Debian
05:34<fxiny>i'm having problems with gog-magog-gle lately :P
05:34<ex-bart>fxiny: a day ago it said on one of those pages that cryptsetup (and LUKS) was no affected. What I'm saying is that that information vanished somehow
05:35-!-PiRANiA [] has joined #debian
05:35<GoogleSucks>I want to know if the Package manager
05:35<jaakko>EmleyMoor: try changing that flexbackup to your own script wchich starts flexbackup. And redirect output and errors to file.
05:35<GoogleSucks>is good
05:35<fxiny>ex-bart: that's why i'm asking you : no mails form sec-team mentioned cryptesetp or LUKS
05:35-!-DhaanIU [] has joined #debian
05:36<EmleyMoor>jaakko: I will show you what the flexbackup log shows... but OK
05:36<tj_>The package manager in debian is the best of the best :D
05:36<fxiny>ask IBM
05:36<fxiny>IBM said that is the best ever
05:36<GoogleSucks>I See
05:37-!-Brownout_ is now known as Brownout
05:37<EmleyMoor>jaakko: Will pastebin it shortly
05:37*GoogleSucks says Ahha!
05:37*GoogleSucks ASks what is the package manager called
05:37*GoogleSucks asks how to use ut
05:37*GoogleSucks *it
05:38<jaakko>EmleyMoor: ok, but I now nothing about that backup app. But I'm sure you get it run from cron if you can do it manually.
05:38*devil says: apt
05:38-!-llin-debian [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:38*devil says: read apt-howto
05:38<devil>!ctell GoogleSucks apt
05:38*GoogleSucks is Installing it on his iMac
05:38<fxiny>iMac ? hahahah
05:39*devil says: i dont care ;)
05:39<fxiny>i can't stand iMacs
05:39<jaakko>EmleyMoor: if it has something to do with environment vars, you can try: su - -c "flexbackup"
05:39<EmleyMoor>jaakko: The point is, this worked until the ssh problem
05:39<jaakko>EmleyMoor: If that works, put it to cron, and it will work too.
05:39-!-andre [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
05:40<jaakko>EmleyMoor: I missed your ssh-problem (came here later)
05:40<EmleyMoor>Not my, the.
05:40-!-llin-debian [] has joined #debian
05:40-!-spacepup [] has joined #debian
05:40<fxiny>EmleyMoor: get rid of the /dev/null error dump and let crom mailing you errors as usual
05:40<GoogleSucks>Ethernet drivers is Pre-Installed
05:41<EmleyMoor>I regenerated all vulnerable host and user keys and thought I'd resynced everything - obviously I haven't
05:41<azeem>GoogleSucks: try a live-cd and see for yourself
05:41<ex-bart>fxiny: in revision 149 that information was still there: I don't have anything more authorative than htat
05:41<EmleyMoor>fxiny: I will run some level 11 backups that way in a bit and see what happens
05:41<GoogleSucks>Dude... I am Installing it
05:41<azeem>GoogleSucks: so check for yourself
05:42<azeem>GoogleSucks: if you have problems with ethernet, report them in detail and we'll try to help
05:42<GoogleSucks>First let it install
05:42<GoogleSucks>If It doesnt work
05:42<GoogleSucks>I will be back tommorow
05:42-!-davi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:42<fxiny>EmleyMoor: tx you very much : i completely forgot LUKS/cryptsetup and i have one etch encrypted
05:42<GoogleSucks>}else{ Today is my last day here
05:42<fxiny>ex-bart : tx you very much : i completely forgot LUKS/cryptsetup and i have one etch encrypted
05:43-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
05:43<EmleyMoor>What might I have overlooked? I can ssh as root into all the machines, but it fails in the way indicated when an automated flexbackup tries it
05:43<fxiny>ex-bart: i think i'll dump/restore it and re-encrypt
05:44<tj_>EmleyMoor: Maybe flexbackup runs as another user?
05:44<EmleyMoor>tj_: Already ruled out. It runs as root
05:44-!-rodnik25 [constantin@] has joined #debian
05:44<EmleyMoor>A manually run flexbackup works - an automatic one fails
05:45-!-rodnik25 [constantin@] has left #debian []
05:45<jaakko>EmleyMoor: did you try that "su - -c"?
05:45-!-GoogleSucks [~Worf@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:45<EmleyMoor>jaakko: Not yet - it's busy and therefore "locked"
05:45<fxiny>ex-bart: your point is good : how an encryption layer like LUKS can be automagically detected ?
05:46-!-MoDaXaS [~nth@] has joined #debian
05:46<fxiny>if is affected there is no way apt can tell
05:46<ex-bart>fxiny: ??? what are you referring to? I think you lost me somewhere
05:46<jaakko>EmleyMoor: I think you know, but that will prompt root passwd and run the command as root normally logged in.
05:47<fxiny>ex-bart: i'm thinking about my encrypted etch
05:47<EmleyMoor>jaakko: Not sure what it will prove in this case. The local stuff works
05:47<jaakko>EmleyMoor: so the environment will be the same now and when automated.
05:48<jaakko>EmleyMoor: so it won't run on runs in both cases.
05:48<fxiny>ex-bart: i'll fix ssh first . dump , re-encrypt and restore after
05:49<fxiny>but i haven't seen any mail talking about LUKS
05:49-!-mysupper_ [mysupper_@] has joined #debian
05:50<ex-bart>fxiny: you can probably detect whether a partition is luks-encrypted with "file -s /path/to/partition"
05:51<fxiny>ahhhh : i have DSA and RSA broken keys in /etc/ssh
05:51<EmleyMoor>As far as I know, unsuppressing cron's mail will only mail me what flexbackup logs anyway - but I will try it and see, as soon as I'm actually ready
05:53-!-DhaanIU [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:53-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:53-!-TiEuAM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:53<ex-bart>fxiny: do you have the root-filesystem encrypted on your etch box or just some other filesystem?
05:53<fxiny>ex-bart: i manually regenerate all keys on my etch couple of dayes ago . just before i've checked an unfixed one with the very latest fix . borked keys are dfetected and fixed . checking a LUKS one in a minute
05:54<fxiny>ex-bart: root home and swap are encrypted ,boot plain ext2
05:55-!-TiEuAM [] has joined #debian
05:56<ex-bart>fxiny: if your root filesystem is encrypted, it only ever makes sense to enter the passphrase at boot on the console
05:57<EmleyMoor>Until I supposedly fixed this, the only box I lost access to was another etch box. Now I've lost all - even those which aren't even Debian - if that helps point to what I forgot to do
05:57<ex-bart>fxiny: that means you probably never entered it over ssh
05:58-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
05:58<fxiny>ex-bart: yes , one pass at boot
05:58<ex-bart>fxiny: since cryptsetup and luks don't seem to be affected, it's just a lot of work and no gain to reencrypt the partition
05:58<fxiny>ex-bart: not affected ? good news
05:59<ex-bart>fxiny: fxiny as I said, it's in, look for cryptsetup
06:00<fxiny>ex-bart: is not a lot of work : is a cloned system , i've done it from another running system same hd
06:01<ex-bart>fxiny: ah, and the dead link seems to have been a temporal issue, noew theres also official information at
06:02-!-jaakko_ [] has joined #debian
06:03-!-jscinoz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:04-!-jaakko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:06<ex-bart>fxiny: it says that cryptsetup is not affected unless you used SSL-encrypted keyfiles, which is non-default
06:06-!-hyacinth [~hyacinth@] has joined #debian
06:07<ntbnnt>what is the easiest way to view pids?
06:07<Cheatah>of what?
06:08<ntbnnt>i kept typing tap instead of top
06:08<Cheatah>px ax
06:08<jaakko_>ntbnnt: ps -A
06:08<Cheatah>ps ax
06:09<Cheatah>if you only want the pids: ps ax | awk '{print $1}'
06:10<Cheatah>or only the pids of apache2: ps ax | grep apache2 | awk '{print $1}'
06:10-!-chapajai_ [] has joined #debian
06:11<Cheatah>combining simple commands can lead to quite advanced results
06:13<ntbnnt>that's the beauty
06:13-!-Penol [] has quit [Quit: - nbs-irc 2.39 - -]
06:15-!-PiRANiA [] has quit [Quit: halt -h now]
06:16<ntbnnt>there's a dozen ways to do it
06:17-!-chapajai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:18<ntbnnt>java keeps killing iceweasel :\
06:18<EmleyMoor>ntbnnt: Consistently?
06:19<EmleyMoor>Any particular site?
06:19-!-ccube [] has joined #debian
06:19<ntbnnt>anthing that ends in jsp, but not applets
06:20<ntbnnt>i just distupgraded to sid
06:22-!-MoDaXaS is now known as MoDaX
06:22<ntbnnt>and now when i use the middle button on my mouse iceweasel reports that the URL is invalid :/
06:24-!-evoke [~blades200@] has joined #debian
06:25<evoke>does any know why the the new anjuta is not in the synmantic manager
06:25-!-jurgen [] has joined #debian
06:25-!-linuX|Reneger [] has joined #debian
06:25<evoke>anjuta 1.2 is the only one available there
06:25<EmleyMoor>evoke: Which Debian are you running?
06:25<evoke>there is 2.4 anjuta stable available
06:25<evoke>debian etch
06:26<evoke>debian 4
06:26-!-adii [] has joined #debian
06:26-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
06:26<evoke>who i do talk to about getting the new one on the synmatic manager
06:26<fxiny>ex-bart: i use cryptkeys like this : head -c 2880 /dev/urandom | uuencode -m - | head -n 65 | tail -n 64 > ~/root.key
06:27<EmleyMoor>evoke: If you are running etch, it won't be updated
06:27<evoke>can i ask
06:27<fxiny>ex-bart: and then : cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/hdxxx /etc/cryptkeys/xxx.key
06:27<EmleyMoor>evoke: Because that's what makes etch stable. Making big changes that could affect other things is not what stable is about
06:27<EmleyMoor>It is in lenny and may be backportable
06:28<EmleyMoor>2.4.1 is in sid
06:29<evoke>Latest stable release is Anjuta version 2.4.1.
06:29<EmleyMoor>Nobody has backported anjuta 2.4 to etch
06:29<evoke>is what they say on their website
06:29<EmleyMoor>evoke: Yes - but it's not what's in etch and is not going to be
06:29<EmleyMoor>2.4.0 is in lenny, 2.4.1 is in sid
06:30<EmleyMoor>Only really critical things that come to light affecting the operation or security of 1.2.4 will be fixed in etch
06:30<evoke>so if i install it in etch it could potentially make etch unstable
06:30<EmleyMoor>evoke: Do other things depend on it?
06:31<evoke>no it depends on other things sorry
06:31<ntbnnt>it cannot be installed on etch, evoke
06:31<fxiny>ex-bart: i never used ssh to encrypt : cryptsetup -y -s 256 -c aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 luksFormat /dev/hdxxx
06:31<evoke>alright so i cannot install it, ok that is good to know
06:31<evoke>i was going to try it.
06:31<EmleyMoor>evoke: The other things it depends on may well affect the system more seriously if you change them for the newer versions later anjuta requires
06:31-!-davi [] has joined #debian
06:32<fxiny>i presume sec-team kows that
06:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 372] by debhelper
06:32<evoke>that is good to know
06:33<Gekz>I love having remote root access to my friends debian
06:33<Gekz>when he bugs me, I kill gdm
06:33<evoke>so is it bad to install programs from a tarball
06:33<evoke>should i only stick with what is in the synmatic manager
06:34<fxiny>Gekz: root access ? never ! just user and unnder vserver control ;)
06:34<Cheatah>it shouldn't matter too much evoke
06:34<EmleyMoor>evoke: Done properly. it may be OK - but you may find that things depend on libraries you just can't get. Using the managed packages ensures that everything should work
06:34<Cheatah>just install packages in /usr/local etc
06:34<EmleyMoor>Use xstow to make a kind of management for /usr/local
06:35<evoke>yes that is where i install the programs i make myself /usr/local/
06:35<jurgen>hi i installed an external western digital hard drive. But only the owner can write to it. I tried to change the permissions for /media/My-Book/ xxx but this is impossible. Access thru Samba has the same problem (read only although i have the line read only = no in samba.conf.
06:35<EmleyMoor>evoke: You'll be fine then
06:35<Cheatah>evoke: then you shouldn't run into too much trouble
06:35<Cheatah>you do mean source tarballs, don't you?
06:35<EmleyMoor>I do likewise and always try to use xstow to manage them, in the rare occasions I need something that is not already packaged and suitable
06:36<evoke>i just wanted to get into developing programs for debian so will with that
06:36-!-xandy [~xandy@] has joined #debian
06:36-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has joined #debian
06:36<Cheatah>well, for testing you might just want to install in youre homedir
06:36<maxb_>The badness is that you don't have a database saying what installed which files where, and you don't have inter-package dependency tracking. If you're ok with putting up with that, you should be fine.
06:36<evoke><Cheatah> yes sources tarballs which i make from anjuta
06:36<Cheatah>real debian packages shouldn't install in /usr/local
06:36<EmleyMoor>maxb_: Using xstow gets around some of that
06:36<fxiny>just run samhain : it will tell you
06:37<Cheatah>for your custom packages, /usr/local is a good location
06:37<fxiny>dunno if checkinstall still works
06:37<jurgen>can anyone help pls
06:38<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
06:39<ex-bart>fxiny: looks like you're not affected then
06:40<fxiny>ex-bart: :)
06:40<EmleyMoor>jurgen: What happens when you try to change the permissions?
06:41<fxiny>ex-bart: i had a good time playing with LUKS
06:41<jurgen>EmleyMoor : chmod -v says it changed the permissions but they are not changed
06:41<EmleyMoor>jurgen: What is mounting it?
06:42<jurgen>EmleyMoor :it is mounted automatically when i plug it in the USB port
06:42<fxiny>lovely : three *.broken dsa/rsa keys with the latest fix
06:42<EmleyMoor>... by?
06:42-!-thomasbl_ [~thomasbl@] has quit [Quit: bye]
06:42<EmleyMoor>Something must be automatically mounting it
06:42<maxb_>fxiny: latest fix?
06:43<fxiny>and none on a manually regenerate box
06:43<haxi>Do anyone know what is the "windows charset"?
06:43<fxiny>maxb_: yes
06:43<evoke>is there any way of changing the permissions for a certain time. every time i want to change a file from one foler to another using the windows way it says i do not have permission because i am not Super user. then i have to go on the command line and chmod the file with 777. but people say this is dangerous
06:43<EmleyMoor>I suggest that it is the configuration of that that is giving you unsuitable permissions
06:43<evoke>chmod the foler i mean to be allowed to drag and drop the file in the folder
06:43<EmleyMoor>evoke: Why do you want to change them for a time? Why not change them for a group and put the authorised users in the group?
06:43<maxb_>haxi: There is no single 'windows charset'
06:44<fxiny>maxb_: i had an unfixed etch , upgraded just before . borked keys detected and automagically regenerated
06:44<maxb_>Oh, same fix as before, not a new one
06:44<evoke>ok will try that and see if works
06:45<jurgen>EmleyMoor : i don't know how to change those automatic mounting settings
06:45<fxiny>impressive ssh progression fix . i think debian now knows more about this kind of stuff then other distro . in case this will happen again debian can fix it in hours
06:47<Cheatah>the fix is just as impressive as the bug
06:47-!-chapajai_ [] has quit [Quit: nos vemos...bye]
06:47-!-habtool [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:47-!-thomasbl [] has joined #debian
06:47-!-chapajai [] has joined #debian
06:48<EmleyMoor>I won't mind as long as I know how to stop the repercussions it's given me happening again
06:48-!-visik7 [] has joined #debian
06:49<evoke>so i making a group at the moment
06:49-!-chapajai_ [] has joined #debian
06:50<evoke>what properties make a group have Super user access
06:50<evoke>if i add the root as a member to the group
06:50<ntbnnt>root has access to everything
06:51<cahoot>evoke: what are you doing? is this samba? or simply a vfat mounted with wrong umask?
06:51-!-chapajai_ [] has quit []
06:51-!-chapajai_ [] has joined #debian
06:51<evoke>just trying to give my own user root access. so that i can drag and drop files in a folder with chomd the window first
06:51<cahoot>... or ntfs?
06:52<ntbnnt>whats wrong with sudo?
06:52-!-munckfish [] has joined #debian
06:52<evoke>i thought sudo only worked for the command line
06:53<ntbnnt>you can have a gui app lauch as root
06:53-!-white_ [] has joined #debian
06:54<Cheatah>yeah, but that's not meant for changing a folder's owner
06:54-!-jurgen [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:54<Cheatah>if you need to do that often, you had better find a better solution, imho :)
06:54<fxiny>Cheatah: the bug is an accident
06:54-!-albin [] has joined #debian
06:54<chapajai_>hi where is a channel to ask about web develop? thx
06:54<fxiny>can happen anytime
06:55<Cheatah>i don't think it's an accident
06:55-!-albin [] has left #debian []
06:55<evoke>you know when you are in debian and you select a file from one window folder and drag it across with the mouse to another window folder. it then comes up with an error with permissions. how to i get my user to have those permissions so i can drag and drop
06:55<cahoot>fxiny: not a very reassuring statement
06:55<fxiny>i'm more interested in the reaction
06:55<fxiny>cahoot: there is something good in everything
06:55<Cheatah>it's a big fuckup by one or more people that meddle with stuff they have too little knowledge about
06:56-!-chapajai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:56<cahoot>Cheatah: right - feel better now?
06:56<Cheatah>that's very threatening to the status debian had built up over the years
06:56<ntbnnt>evoke, if your using gnome you can launch gnome-open using sudo, thats the way i've always done it
06:57<fxiny>cahoot: what if that was an upstream bug ? the reaction and the experience counts
06:57-!-white_ [] has left #debian []
06:57<evoke>i am using gnome
06:57<aloha-shin>I'm having problem with phpmyadmin. I already installed apache2 and I install phpmyadmin with aptitude install phpmyadmin then i choose the apache2 to work for phpmyadmin but I tried to look in /var/www/ for phpmyadmin and I saw nothing. but when I look for phpmyadmin its already installed. how to fix this?
06:57<cahoot>I don't think anyone involved is unaware of the consequences
06:57-!-munckfish [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:58<ntbnnt>alrighty, then, evoke, launch gnome-open as root
06:59<Cheatah>aloha-shin: probably there's an alias
06:59<evoke>so idid that from the command as su and it gave me back Usage: gnome-open <url>
06:59<aloha-shin>how to solve it?
06:59<Cheatah>check /usr/share/phpmyadmin or /etc/phpmyadmin or something
07:00<aloha-shin>can we talk?
07:00<cahoot>and this endless rumination of the obvious is getting a bit old
07:00<ntbnnt>evoke, type "sudo gnome-open <folder you start with>"
07:01<evoke>that worked but then i cannot take the file out of the folder again
07:02<ntbnnt>the terminal is your friend
07:02<evoke>never mind i can copy it out of the folder again
07:02<fxiny>no , i don't think has been done on purpose , is an accident
07:02<evoke>and then delete the file in the folder again
07:02-!-tombs [] has joined #debian
07:03-!-jotun [] has joined #debian
07:03-!-Vorphalack [] has joined #debian
07:04<evoke>that is brillant. that was one thing that was annoying me about linux. dragging and dropping folders
07:04<evoke>and files into other folders
07:04<fxiny>never seen a folder :P
07:04<ntbnnt>you just be careful with that
07:04-!-Vorphalack [] has quit []
07:04-!-Vorphalack [] has joined #debian
07:04<evoke>i will have chmod back the folders i chmod to 777
07:04<evoke>be carreful with what
07:04<ntbnnt>launching gnome-open as root
07:05-!-TiEuAM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:05-!-foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:05-!-Vorphalack [] has quit []
07:05<ntbnnt>well, you have access to everything
07:05<ntbnnt>in the CLI, you can read what your doing
07:05<evoke>that is what i want
07:05<evoke>what is CLI
07:06-!-TiEuAM [] has joined #debian
07:06-!-HellTiger [] has joined #debian
07:06<ntbnnt>you can accidently hit delete over some very important files
07:06<evoke>any other way of doing this drag and drop files into folders with out chmoding the folder first
07:07-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
07:07<ntbnnt>if you are running gnome-open as root, chmod shouldn't be necessary
07:08<evoke>i know but you were saying gnome-open is not a good way to do that
07:08*EmleyMoor is still waiting for an emergency backup job to complete so he can continue to fix the problem that has stopped him doing automatic backups
07:08<jaakko_>evoke: why you need move files from other users folders?
07:09<ntbnnt>if you must drag and drop, then gnome-open as root sounds like the best thing
07:09<evoke>i mean life dragging files into www folder . i had to chmod the folder before it let me drag a html file in
07:09<fxiny>evoke: use mc as root
07:10<evoke>like not life
07:10<jaakko_>evoke: see "ls -l www"
07:11<jaakko_>evoke: I think the www owner is "www" or something. Then you can add the user in www group.
07:12<evoke>www-data is a user that i can add to the group
07:12<jaakko_>evoke: if you have only one user, you could "chown www evoke" etc
07:12<evoke>that is cool
07:13<evoke>yes i only have one user
07:13-!-linac [~lin@] has joined #debian
07:13<jaakko_>evoke: but be careful, if some other process needs access or so
07:14<evoke>i might aswell add all users to my group so then i will have full access to everything
07:14<ntbnnt>that's a little dangerous
07:15<evoke>so i should only add the users that i want to use to my group
07:15<fxiny>EmleyMoor: why you are not using dump ?
07:15<evoke>like root user and www-data user
07:15<evoke>and ftp user
07:15<ntbnnt>and use su for those admin tasks
07:15<EmleyMoor>fxiny: Much research has led me to the conclusion that dump really isn't for me
07:15-!-slaxz [] has quit []
07:15<ntbnnt>you've got the idea
07:16<evoke>ok cool. that is one of the things that confuses me about linux. the permissions
07:16<EmleyMoor>fxiny: Besides, using flexbackup to do the tar job for me makes it fairly easy to convert that into DVDs
07:16<ntbnnt>its a multiuser OS so, go figure
07:16<fxiny>EmleyMoor: is flexbackup fast ?
07:16-!-blubberdiblub [] has joined #debian
07:16-!-ppikula [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:17<EmleyMoor>fxiny: In general terms, yes. It gets slowed if it is accessing a Windows box
07:17<evoke>cool guys thanks for the help. i love this irc. helps me improve my debian skills faster so i can start on a debian project
07:17<fxiny>EmleyMoor: i use partimage
07:17-!-ppikula [] has joined #debian
07:18<EmleyMoor>partimage would be even worse for me
07:18-!-Phoenix_the_II [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:18-!-abrotman [] has joined #debian
07:20<fxiny>EmleyMoor: partimage is the fastest , then dump , dd last
07:21-!-evoke [~blades200@] has left #debian []
07:22<EmleyMoor>fxiny: partimage seemed to be less feature-rich than dump. flexbackup adds what I like about dump to tar
07:24<fxiny>EmleyMoor: partimage can be bitchy when resizing partitions but is lightning fast . i think i'll move to dump in lenny . to clone partitions to partitions i use mirrodir , when drunk ;)
07:24<jaakko_>is there actually any reason to use partimage (or images at all) for backup? Isn't plain tar enough (with gzip?)?
07:24-!-hever [] has joined #debian
07:24<jaakko_>..except the boot loader, wchich is easy to install when needed
07:25-!-Cheatah [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:25<TiEuAM>i have install mysql5 with my configure sets, install ok, mysql launch restart ok, but i cannot connect him under the terminal, with the command "mysql -u root mysql -p" -bash: mysql: command not found
07:25-!-ex-bart [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:26-!-tjol [] has joined #debian
07:27<jaakko_>I think your system is broken if it needs an image to work correctly.
07:29<fxiny>jaakko_: partimage is faster , i can replace my system in less then 3 minutes
07:29<fxiny>dd and tar is slower
07:30<fxiny>dump is halfway partimage dd
07:30<jaakko_>fxiny: really? ok, then it is really advantage. I thought it slow but perhaps it was my compact flash anyway.
07:30<fxiny>jaakko_: but i prefere dump
07:30<jaakko_>fxiny: though I don't know how big your system is.
07:30<fxiny>now it works on ecxt3
07:30<EmleyMoor>Hmmm,... when I try to run this backup job with su - -c "flexbackup ...", it prompts me for a passphrase unexpectedly
07:31<jaakko_>fxiny: I haven't heard dump, got to find out.. :)
07:31-!-streuner_ [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
07:31<fxiny>jaakko_: bsd stuff
07:31<EmleyMoor>Why would it do that, but not do so when I simply run flexbackup from the command line?
07:31<jaakko_>TiEuAM: did you install mysql-client?
07:31<EmleyMoor>I gather that is what may be failing when I try to do an automated backup now
07:32<jaakko_>EmleyMoor: it is the "su" which is asking root pw
07:32<fxiny>jaakko_: partimage skips unused space
07:33<jaakko_>EmleyMoor: or did you run that as root?
07:33<EmleyMoor>jaakko_: No - it is not. It is the stage of checking the shell on the remote machine that is asking for the passphrase
07:33<fxiny>jaakko_: but you can't mount partimege dumps
07:33-!-TuxCrafter [] has joined #debian
07:34<fxiny>and that sucks
07:34<TuxCrafter>hello everybody
07:34<TuxCrafter>i am doing some testing with the creation of a deb package
07:34<TuxCrafter>and i would like to install a init.script
07:34<EmleyMoor>jaakko_: I did run the su... as root but even so, this would still have happened
07:34-!-adii [] has quit []
07:34<TuxCrafter>and let it reconfigure when dpkg-reconfige package name
07:34<TuxCrafter>but i dont know how to do this
07:34<TuxCrafter>can somebody help me
07:35<EmleyMoor>Why would it now, of all times, be prompting for a passphrase?
07:35-!-infernixx [] has joined #debian
07:36-!-jscinoz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:37-!-TiEuAM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:37-!-ppikula_ [] has joined #debian
07:37<fxiny>EmleyMoor: did you add a pass when regenerating user authorized_keys ?
07:37-!-TiEuAM [] has joined #debian
07:38<EmleyMoor>fxiny: I think that may well be it - that would hose it
07:38*EmleyMoor corrects his mistake
07:40-!-kurumin [~kurumin@] has joined #debian
07:40-!-kurumin [~kurumin@] has quit []
07:40<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: I know how to create the package, but haven't tried reconfigure
07:41<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: I think it is easy.. Googling..
07:41<TuxCrafter>jaakko_: if somebody changes or removes init files with rc-update an dpkg-reconfigure package-name should fix i
07:41<TuxCrafter>i am searching how i can add this behavior to a package
07:42-!-gurunx [] has joined #debian
07:42<dpkg>one warez list being sent to gurunx
07:42<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: I think that Debian policy says, a package may not add removed startup links
07:43<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: don't know reconfigure, but in updating and installing
07:43-!-gurunx [] has left #debian []
07:43<TuxCrafter>jaakko_: it alsways doesit on my system
07:43<TuxCrafter>with all new packages i need to resetup my services
07:43<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: Ok, then I'm wrong
07:43-!-MrNaz [] has joined #debian
07:43<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: but not with your package?
07:44-!-ppikula [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:44<TuxCrafter>but i remove services with rc-update -f packagename remove
07:44<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: How did you do your package to install the links?
07:44<TuxCrafter>jaakko_: i am just a newby with packages creating
07:44<TuxCrafter>i need to know how i can auto isntall an initscript
07:44-!-chapajai__ [] has joined #debian
07:46-!-inta [] has joined #debian
07:47<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: Have you done a package with debian/control file? just create in same directory the postinst file
07:47-!-Christmas [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:47-!-bcochofel [] has joined #debian
07:47<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: which has "update-rc.d myscript"
07:47<TuxCrafter>jaakko_: jups i created my package with just a debian/controle file
07:51-!-touparx [~touparx@] has joined #debian
07:51-!-chapajai_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:51-!-kuzmich [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:53-!-OdyX [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:54-!-OdyX [] has joined #debian
07:55<avtobiff>i am not able to install the package mac-fdisk. aptitude says it doesn't exist. but it does.
07:56<EmleyMoor>avtobiff: Have you updated?
07:56-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
07:56<avtobiff>EmleyMoor, yes. 1 min ago
07:57<EmleyMoor>avtobiff: Which architecture are you on?
07:57<EmleyMoor>avtobiff: It doesn't exist for i386
07:57-!-spacepup [] has left #debian []
07:57<avtobiff>aha ok
07:57<EmleyMoor>It is powerpc only
07:57<avtobiff>i see it now. thanks.
07:58<EmleyMoor>(also m68k)
07:58<avtobiff>so how do i prepare my usb stick on i386 with the netinstall?
07:58<avtobiff>i dont have to do the partition step?
07:58-!-munckfish [] has joined #debian
07:59<avtobiff>nm i also downloaded the cd iso
08:00<jaakko_>avtobiff: what are you preparing for what?
08:00<avtobiff>installation of my mac mini
08:01<avtobiff>s/of/of debian on/
08:01<jaakko_>avtobiff: can't you just boot the installer in mac and install on usb (did I get your intentions right?)?
08:01<jaakko_>avtobiff: eh, you don't have CD?
08:01<avtobiff>no the disk is empty
08:01<avtobiff>yes i have
08:02-!-mode/#debian [+l 378] by debhelper
08:02<avtobiff>but i thought it would be neat to not downloaod 650MB
08:02<jaakko_>avtobiff: yeah, why don't you start netinstall at your mac?
08:03<avtobiff>jaakko_, elaborate
08:03-!-kutio [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
08:03<jaakko_>avtobiff: but anoway, use fdisk if you cant have mac-fdiks
08:03<jaakko_>avtobiff: (on your i386)
08:04<user01>im getting a dark green screen when i play any video file in vlc,totem including flash but not when i play flash video in iceweasel in lenny
08:04<user01>audio works fine
08:04-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
08:06-!-kutio [] has joined #debian
08:08-!-xandy [~xandy@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:09-!-dpm [] has joined #debian
08:12<user01>i tried playing video with mplayer from command line too but still get a green screen
08:13-!-bcochofel [] has quit [Quit: brb]
08:15-!-zepard [] has joined #debian
08:16<user01>oh i think i found the issue on a ubuntu forum posting
08:17<user01>in mplayer right click preferences video
08:18<zepard>hi people, any gforge irc you know?
08:18<zepard>on debian sure!
08:18-!-bcochofel [] has joined #debian
08:19<jaakko_>user01: how would that help VLC?
08:20<jaakko_>user01: there has to be some wider problem?
08:21<dpkg>Do not paste more than 3 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or or for pics. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste!
08:21-!-pbn [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:21<user01>jaakko_, hmmm when i select x11 for video preferences it works fine it looks
08:22-!-makke [] has joined #debian
08:22<user01>jaakko_, it was set to xmga
08:22-!-raven478 [] has joined #debian
08:22<raven478>how does debian differ from ubuntu?
08:23<TuxCrafter>raven478: debian has an linux standard base kernel setup
08:23-!-tamis [~tamis@] has joined #debian
08:23<TuxCrafter>it does not use proprietary drivers in his default kernel
08:24-!-bootlog [] has joined #debian
08:24<TuxCrafter>it has better quality assurance on his packages, meaning stricter rules, less breakers, and less dependency's
08:24-!-Martin [] has joined #debian
08:24<TuxCrafter>it also works on other platforms like arm, ppc and lots more
08:25<jaakko_>raven478: not much I think, it is mainly "political", ubuntu releases more often new version (with cost of being less stable and more buggy).
08:25-!-Martin is now known as Guest1463
08:25<TuxCrafter>jaakko_: i do not agree
08:25<TuxCrafter>there are serous differences
08:25<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: How it is possible to do cope with problems with less tehsting?
08:25<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: Oh, ok, you meant that part
08:26<TuxCrafter>jaakko_: yes the question of raven
08:26-!-Guest1463 [] has quit []
08:26<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: ok, keep going, what differences.. :)
08:27-!-bootlog [] has quit []
08:27-!-Brownout [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:27<raven478>So will debian have an performance increase?
08:27<TuxCrafter>ubuntu does not have an open development process, it uses an closed bug tracking system like launcepad that is against the gnu/linux way
08:27<TuxCrafter>raven478: yes
08:27<user01>isnt xmga default?
08:27-!-bootlog_ [] has joined #debian
08:27-!-Brownout [~brownout@] has joined #debian
08:27-!-bootlog_ [] has quit []
08:27<TuxCrafter>debian will be faster because it takes less diskspace
08:28<TuxCrafter>it has more freedom to choice witch packages you want
08:28<azeem>please keep out debian vs. ubuntu discussion of this chan
08:28<jaakko_>TuxCrafter: you can't say that, you can install bloat as much as you want in debian
08:28<TuxCrafter>but debian is far from perfect
08:28<user01>is there a way to universally change for all media players since xmga appears to be buggy?
08:28-!-MartinS [] has joined #debian
08:28<raven478>ah well il go for debian 4.0 but will world of warcraft work thru wine on debian?
08:28<TuxCrafter>raven478: dont know
08:28<TuxCrafter>you have to test it
08:29-!-MartinS [] has quit []
08:29<TuxCrafter>stopping the ubuntu discussion right now
08:29<TuxCrafter>dont like to talk about it anymore
08:30<fxiny>raven478: why not lenny ? it will be releaed end of this yer
08:30<raven478>And I understand debian does not have a GUI install how difficult is it to install?
08:30<jaakko_>raven478: It is still menus you can use with keyboard
08:30<raven478>I want to stay with etch as its the stable release..
08:31<fxiny>you can find steps by steps screnshots on the net
08:31<user01>fxiny, i said the same thing at my lug and this expert guy in debian just laughed at me, he thought that was a joke
08:31-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
08:31<fxiny>user01: about being easy to install ?
08:31<fxiny>it is easy
08:31<TuxCrafter>release date /...
08:31<user01>fxiny, no that lenny would actually released in september as expected
08:31<fxiny>release date is a wish
08:32<fxiny>user01: tell him you asked the stars for the big WIR next ;)
08:32<user01>fxiny, ok! :)
08:33<dpkg>methinks wir is When It's Ready. See also RSN and SIYH
08:34<user01>well i mean WIR is what i have heard since woody then all the sudden i see in linux format magazine that they are looking at september for the next release . . . what happened to WIR?
08:35<user01>i think there are like 1300+ bugs
08:35<raven478>thanks for the help
08:35-!-xiao-ye [~xiao-ye@] has joined #debian
08:35<user01>one of which i have right now
08:36-!-azeem_ [] has joined #debian
08:36<fxiny>user01: wir is the x month of the debian calendar
08:36-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has joined #debian
08:36<fxiny>can fetora sport such a wir ?
08:37-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has quit []
08:38-!-klh[dodo] is now known as klh
08:39-!-xiao-ye [~xiao-ye@] has quit []
08:39-!-isBEKaml [~nnn@] has joined #debian
08:40<fxiny>user01: none of the 1300+ is like the M$ sp3 endless reboot :))
08:40<zepard>what should happen if I set a different port on sshd and I host a site on the same computer using https, should I notify that port somewhere?
08:41<fxiny>they blame por old AMD chap for this , heheheeh
08:41-!-azeem__ [] has joined #debian
08:41-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
08:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 385] by debhelper
08:42<jaakko_>zepard: no
08:42<jaakko_>zepard: just don't use port 80 or 443 :S
08:43<fxiny>leave 31337 alone :P
08:43<zepard>jaakko_, ok but the browser should find the right port then?
08:43-!-azeem [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:44<jaakko_>zepard: sshd with browser?
08:44<fxiny>use iptable
08:44<zepard>jaakko_, :/
08:44<zepard>jaakko_, no
08:44-!-ntbnnt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:45<jaakko_>zepard: don't touch the web server (apache?), and browser will show http and https as allways
08:45<jaakko_>zepard: ..if you just change /etc/ssh/sshd.conf port setting
08:45-!-azeem_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:45<zepard>jaakko_, my problem is gforge using https and it dosn't work, I wondered if sshd is related or not with this?
08:46<zepard>jaakko_, ok
08:46-!-azeem__ is now known as azeem
08:46-!-klh [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
08:47<zepard>jaakko_, I should look somwhere else!
08:47<jaakko_>zepard: yes, https problem is not ssh problem
08:48<zepard>jaakko_, thx
08:48<jaakko_>zepard: I don't know gforge, but google for apache https if that is your problem
08:49-!-isBEKaml [~nnn@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
08:49<zepard>jaakko_, what i experience is that the default gforge install on sid doesn't load other pages than the first http://localhost
08:49<zepard>jaakko_, hum
08:49-!-slaxz [] has joined #debian
08:49-!-infernixx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:49<jaakko_>zepard: so can you see local pages with http but not with https?
08:50<zepard>jaakko_, yes, the 1st page is loaded (http://localhost) and links on it are going on https://MY_HOST_NAME
08:51-!-tjol_ [] has joined #debian
08:51<jaakko_>zepard: can you see https://localhost ?
08:51<zepard>jaakko_, its the 1st time I use gforge though
08:51<zepard>jaakko_, no I cant
08:52<jaakko_>zepard: then it is apache config, or openssl installation problem, I think.
08:52<zepard>jaakko_, :/
08:53<zepard>jaakko_, I haven't apache before the gforge install
08:53<jaakko_>zepard: you need private and public key for encrypted connections, perhaps they are missing
08:54<zepard>jaakko_, the web browser should ask for it no?
08:55<jaakko_>zepard: the server needs it to create encrypted connections. Not browser.
08:55<zepard>jaakko_, ok I got a error message now
08:55<zepard>jaakko_, ssl_error_rx_record_too_long
08:56-!-LoRez_ [] has joined #debian
08:57<zepard>jaakko_, i ll take a look
08:58-!-infernixx [] has joined #debian
08:58-!-tjol [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:58-!-inta [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:58<jaakko_>zepard: one more (all with google):
08:58<zepard>jaakko_, :)
08:59<jaakko_>zepard: do you need encryption with gforge?
08:59-!-LoRez [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:00<zepard>jaakko_, i don't need , but does gforge need it ? i don't know
09:01-!-yournick` [~user@] has joined #debian
09:02-!-yournick` [~user@] has quit []
09:02-!-cahoot [~radix@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:02<jaakko_>zepard: I don't think it needs. Try to configure it. Or if the start page is plain text html, change the links (https -> http)
09:03-!-raven478 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:03-!-streuner [] has joined #debian
09:03<user01>thats interesting, double clicking on a file to open cause an error in mplayer, but dragging and dropping it doesnt
09:03-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has quit [Quit: Jak mam vedet, jestli to chodi? To je smysl betatesteru. Ja to jenom napsal. - Linus Torvalds]
09:04-!-klh [] has joined #debian
09:04-!-Laeborg [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:04<zepard>jaakko_, https --> http : no, because I changed the url to http (on those https links), it doesn't work
09:04<zepard>jaakko_, I should see the configuration
09:05<jaakko_>zepard: what was the error?
09:05<zepard>jaakko_, wich one
09:05<user01>maybe i should just reinstall lenny? ive been running it for 7 months now
09:05<jaakko_>zepard: when you changed the link and tried..
09:05<zepard>jaakko_, Data Transfer Interrupted
09:06-!-TuxCrafter [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:06-!-RastASD [] has joined #debian
09:06<zepard>jaakko_, you're right those links are http on the net for example
09:07<zepard>jaakko_, i mean for exp
09:07-!-piippo [] has joined #debian
09:07<jaakko_>zepard: yes, web pages should not care for encryption (but it is possible to do so)
09:07-!-ser [~ser@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:07<zepard>jaakko_, mmmye
09:08-!-ser [~ser@] has joined #debian
09:09<jaakko_>zepard: is the start page dynamically created, php or just plain file?
09:09-!-FeOS [] has joined #debian
09:09-!-sysop4 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:10-!-tchaikov [~user@] has joined #debian
09:10<jaakko_>zepard: when you copied the links, was there a port number in the link like "localhost:443"?
09:10<zepard>jaakko_, donno the url doesn't show that so it shod be generated thing
09:11<zepard>jaakko_, no port numbers
09:11<RastASD>hi i have a laptop with Intel GMA 950 driver, how can i get the maximum performance using debian 4.0
09:11<jaakko_>zepard: I was thinking if you don't have support for eg PHP and the pages need that. If the start page is plain html.
09:11-!-AnglaChel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:11-!-AzaTht [] has joined #debian
09:11-!-franco [] has joined #debian
09:12<jaakko_>zepard: did you install it from debian repo? it should have right dependencies then.
09:13<zepard>jaakko_, yes from debian redpo
09:13-!-mire_ [] has joined #debian
09:13-!-ser [~ser@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:14<zepard>jaakko_, 1 thing. no images too one the welcome page only basic layout text and links only
09:14-!-Buster [] has joined #debian
09:15-!-Buster [] has quit []
09:15<jaakko_>zepard: try http://localhost/index.php ?
09:16<zepard>jaakko_, yes the same page
09:16<jaakko_>zepard: ok, so the server and php works
09:16<hikenboot>is there a safe way to setup ip tables remotely so you do not loose connectivity to the host?
09:17<dendrite>hikenboot: What I do in those cases is set up a script to clear, or reset to a known sane configuration.
09:17-!-FeOS [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:17<dendrite>hikenboot: Then I schedule that script to run in an 'at' job about 10 mins in the future...
09:17-!-NetNuttt [] has joined #debian
09:18<dendrite>hikenboot: Another think you can do is define a variable CMD that holds the base iptables command. Then, while testing, you prepend 'echo ' to that iptables command, so that while testing, you're running 'echo iptables <parameters>
09:19-!-franco [] has left #debian [Ex-Chat]
09:19-!-lidb [~lidb@] has joined #debian
09:19<jaakko_>zepard: well, then you have to get https work or get gforge work without it..
09:19-!-ser [~ser@] has joined #debian
09:19<hikenboot>dendrite got a link to a tutorial on these techniques
09:19<zepard>jaakko_, yep
09:19<dendrite>hikenboot: ... No, sorry, I don't. It's all what I'd call basic stuff, sorry.
09:20-!-haxi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:20-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
09:20<dendrite>hikenboot: You can also experiment on a local machine first, including developing and scheduling the reset script.
09:20-!-haxi [] has joined #debian
09:21<dendrite>hikenboot: And one variation on the reset script, if you haven't tied the iptables confing into init yet, is to schedule a reboot in the not too distant future...
09:22<hikenboot>sounds kind of like rushian rullet
09:22-!-touparx [~touparx@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0/2008051206]]
09:23-!-hever [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:23<dendrite>hikenboot: Well, if you spend enough time editing and invoking iptables scripts on remote machines, you WILL eventually lock yourself out.
09:23<jaakko_>hikenboot: type first: (sleep 600; ./myOldRules;) & disown
09:23<dendrite>jaakko_: How do you cancel that?
09:23<dendrite>I prefer an at job.
09:23<jaakko_>HellTiger: then you have 10 minits to play and old rules come back
09:23-!-yxoc [] has joined #debian
09:23<dendrite>atrm removes the job, if all is well.
09:24<HellTiger>what jaakko_ ?
09:24-!-ser [~ser@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:24<hikenboot>well thanks guys i will investigate
09:24<dendrite>hikenboot: at '09:45' -f /path/to/reset/script
09:24<jaakko_>dendrite: you could kill. But yeah, if you need ask these things, you had better to play with any important anyway.
09:25<dendrite>jaakko_: YOu kill the sleep.. and the reset runs.
09:25<jaakko_>dendrite: oh, yes, you should use &&
09:25<jaakko_>dendrite: ..if you want to be able to kill
09:25-!-cary [] has joined #debian
09:25-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
09:25<jaakko_>dendrite: (sleep 600 && ./myOldRules;) & disown
09:26-!-cary [] has quit []
09:26<dendrite>jaakko_: I'm familiar. And yes, that would also work.
09:26-!-RastASD [] has left #debian [Távozom]
09:27-!-mire_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:31<fxiny>hahah gog-magog-gle thinks i have a slow connection so it loads "basic html" mode
09:31-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:31-!-mire_ [] has joined #debian
09:31-!-nexus [] has joined #debian
09:31<fxiny>firebus needs a revison :P
09:32<nexus>ciao come faccio a trovare un film???
09:32-!-mire_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:32<fxiny>and no . i won't unban magog adserver :P
09:32-!-ser [~ser@] has joined #debian
09:33-!-iainel [] has joined #debian
09:33-!-iainel [] has left #debian []
09:33-!-nexus [] has left #debian []
09:33-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
09:34<zepard>jaakko_, ok I disabled on gforge's file the ssl use and it works
09:34<zepard>jaakko_, thx for help
09:36-!-jotun [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:36<jaakko_>zepard: :)
09:37-!-docmax [] has joined #debian
09:37-!-Franki [WGraoKMi@] has joined #debian
09:37-!-ser [~ser@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:38<zepard>jaakko_, it should be usefull for me to enable ssl on apache to see if it works wwith gforge
09:38-!-docmax [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:39-!-ppikula_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:40-!-infernixx [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:40<Franki>hi folks
09:40-!-tchaikov [~user@] has quit [Quit: ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs)]
09:41-!-swo [] has joined #debian
09:41<fxiny>hahahah , it was a big lie : gogmagog thinks i am on a fast connection . a lie lie lie : it's firebus beta 3:))
09:41<jaakko_>zepard: you could try "aptitude install apache-ssl"
09:41<Franki>Does anyone have an idea why i should use ?
09:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 378] by debhelper
09:42<fxiny>they should support more debian instead of pushing beta5 which can't run on etch
09:42<jaakko_>zepard: with luck it will ask about generating the encryption keys
09:42-!-fscorsini [~fabio@] has joined #debian
09:42<zepard>jaakko_, :)
09:43-!-Jussi [] has joined #debian
09:43<zepard>jaakko_, no installation candidate on sid
09:44<zepard>jaakko_, but ssl is installed
09:45<jaakko_>zepard: how about the links I gave?
09:45-!-jotun [] has joined #debian
09:45-!-fscorsini [~fabio@] has quit []
09:45*fxiny passes gog-magog marketing director bpo CEO telephone number
09:45-!-jotun [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:46<zepard>jaakko_, I am reading I am reading , I'm abit slow :)
09:46<jaakko_>zepard: Now you know the problem, you will find with some "apache ssl" google.. :)
09:46<zepard>jaakko_, thanks to you
09:46<user01>hmm something broke during the last upgrade
09:47-!-irinix [] has joined #debian
09:47<kop>How can I get apt to tell me why "aptitude upgrade" is telling me that the packages I'm installing are "untrusted"?
09:47<zepard>jaakko_, a question: do you now a practical resource management tool for projects
09:47-!-pharm [] has joined #debian
09:47<jaakko_>zepard: no, and I don't
09:47-!-makke [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:49-!-dice [] has joined #debian
09:49<zepard>jaakko_, humm
09:49<kop>The mirror I use is down, which makes apt-cacher _slow_. And I'm wondering if that makes a cached file "untrusted" for some reason. I'm trying to install yesterday's openssh-client/openssh-server upgrade and I'm getting complaints that the packages are "untrusted".
09:49-!-dice [] has left #debian []
09:50<zepard>jaakko_, I 've been looking on ggle but nothing FOSS
09:50-!-Papanico [] has joined #debian
09:50-!-user01 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:50<irinix>question regarding wireless networking: I apparently have all the appropriate drivers installed in my debian install, iwconfig is detecting wlan 0, my router is set up with no security at the moment, and the install I used included the wpa_supplicant & wireless tools, yet when I tell the machine to connect to the router it just sits there trying to acquire and address.
09:50-!-maste [] has joined #debian
09:51-!-maste [] has left #debian []
09:51-!-irinix [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:56-!-pipmeister [] has joined #debian
09:56<fxiny>kop: local packages are untrusted
09:57-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
09:57-!-jjmiv [] has joined #debian
09:58-!-pipmeister [] has quit []
09:58<fxiny>kop: i'm just upgrading my box with local packages
10:01-!-ppikula [] has joined #debian
10:01-!-ser [~ser@] has joined #debian
10:02<zepard>jaakko_, ahh , I installed apache2-mpm-worker and my gforge is uninstalled from apache
10:03-!-faw [] has joined #debian
10:04<fxiny>is google moving to ipv6 ?
10:04-!-Kalith [~Kalith@] has joined #debian
10:04-!-mrpouet [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
10:06-!-nomeata [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
10:06<jaakko_>zepard: perhaps you just have to reconfigure the apache.
10:06-!-ser [~ser@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:07<jaakko_>zepard: what do you see at http://localhost ?
10:07<zepard>jaakko_, yes I did a mistake it's ok, i'll try to discover gforge first and playing with apache after while
10:08<zepard>jaakko_, in fact apache2-mpm-worker is not "compatible" with gforge so it uninstalled it
10:08<zepard>jaakko_, I reinstalled gforge and it works :)
10:08<jaakko_>zepard: ah, ok
10:08<TiEuAM>what is gforge ?
10:09-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:10<Franki>hi, I'm planing to release a small self-written script as open source and I'm looking for an apropriate licence text. Unfortunately, I'm completely unexperienced in this field. What shall I do?
10:10-!-Kalith [~Kalith@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
10:10<azeem>Franki: choose either BSD or GPL, depending on whether you want people to able to use it in proprietary apps or not
10:10<azeem>for a script, GPL is probably alright
10:11-!-ppikula [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:11<Franki>azeem: hmm, I don't like neither. I more though of something like , what that make sence?
10:11<Gathond>or use both, that seems popular
10:12<EmleyMoor>Does the Artistic licence get much use these days?
10:12<Gathond>probably because the conflict if its used in/together with other stuff of the other license
10:12<azeem>Franki: then consider MIT
10:12-!-pharm [] has quit [Quit: Time wasted on IRC: 25 minutes 15 seconds]
10:12<azeem>Franki: if you have made up your mind about licenses already, why do you ask?
10:13<EmleyMoor>Has anyone ever used the phrase "STRICTLY COPYLEFT"?
10:13<azeem>EmleyMoor: please keep it on topic
10:14<Franki>azeem: actually, I've not made my mind up about licences, I was just poking around what licence terms I could use
10:14<fxiny>a wtfpl licence makes no sense
10:14<Franki>or more, what licences actually exist, but I have no clue what to use
10:15<azeem>Franki: for all pratical purposes, BSD, LGPL and GPL are enough for FLOSS software
10:15-!-jscinoz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:15<fxiny>a wtfpl is not even a licence : where's the ethic side of it ?
10:16<azeem>fxiny: this channel is not for license discussions
10:16<fxiny>azeem: right
10:16-!-ser [~ser@] has joined #debian
10:16-!-Steel_Lord [] has joined #debian
10:16<Franki>hum, where can I discuss this topic then?
10:16-!-Steel_Lord [] has quit []
10:17-!-meandtheshell [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
10:18-!-thomasbl [] has quit [Quit: bye]
10:18-!-meandtheshell [] has joined #debian
10:18-!-Seb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:19-!-Papanico [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:19-!-davi [] has quit [Quit: The democratic FS job site ']
10:20-!-diggler [] has joined #debian
10:23-!-Steel_Lord [] has joined #debian
10:24-!-Steel_Lord [] has left #debian []
10:25-!-AbsintheSyringe [~absinthe@] has joined #debian
10:27-!-Mastroquet [] has joined #debian
10:29-!-dendrite [] has quit [Quit: z]
10:29-!-antoniopr [] has joined #debian
10:29-!-antoniopr [] has quit []
10:29-!-ppikula [] has joined #debian
10:29-!-tehk [] has joined #debian
10:31-!-DaCapn [] has joined #debian
10:32-!-apostols [~jam@] has joined #debian
10:33<apostols>bzed, ping
10:33<azeem>apostols: if you have a question, ask it
10:33<azeem>don't ping specific people
10:33<apostols>azeem, ?
10:33<apostols>azeem, bzed is my AM
10:34<zepard>jaakko_, I have problems now with project creation on gforge. it's about project's email validation. what should I look for to create new 'valide' mails on my debian
10:34<azeem>apostols: then you can talk to him in private, I guess
10:35-!-diggler [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:38-!-jotun [] has joined #debian
10:38-!-posix [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:39-!-ironmark [] has joined #debian
10:39<dpkg>one warez list being sent to ironmark
10:39-!-streuner [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
10:40<abrotman>ironmark: give up already
10:41-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
10:41-!-ironmark [] has quit []
10:41<abrotman>doh .. different person
10:44-!-thejapa [] has joined #debian
10:45-!-Mastroquet [] has quit [Quit: Silence]
10:46-!-swolf [] has joined #debian
10:46-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
10:47-!-zepard [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:49-!-giota [~orb@] has joined #debian
10:49-!-giota [~orb@] has quit []
10:50-!-libereco [~libereco@] has joined #debian
10:52-!-swo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:53-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
10:53-!-mrpouet [] has joined #debian
10:55-!-WolfClaw [~zohair@] has joined #debian
10:56-!-nbb [] has joined #debian
10:56<nbb>Hello, could someone help me please ?
10:56-!-qeed [] has joined #debian
10:58<WolfClaw>i suggest you state your problem nbb
10:58-!-NetNuttt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:59<nbb>Well, I'm attempting to install Debian on my desktop computer
10:59-!-_shai_ [] has joined #debian
10:59<nbb>I downloaded the first CD (that is like 650 mb), and started the installer
11:00<nbb>I set up the partitions, installed the base system, unchecked the boxes of "Desktop Environement"
11:00<nbb>And all the others, to have a clear system and install Fluxbox & stuff later on
11:00<shilow>wont that not install x when you do that ?
11:00<nbb>But now it's asking me to insert a disc labelled "GNU/Testing Lenny Snapshot i386 CD Binary-1"
11:01<nbb>The problem being, I don't know where to find this one exactly
11:01<WolfClaw>it should install x when later you apt-get fluxbox
11:01-!-Frolic [] has joined #debian
11:01-!-posix [] has joined #debian
11:01<shilow>remove the cd form /etc/apt/sources.list
11:01<nbb>What do you mean?
11:02-!-mode/#debian [+l 387] by debhelper
11:02<WolfClaw>are you still in your installer, nbb?
11:02<shilow>anyone know if it's possible to link audacious into nautilis or however you spell it so you can right click an mp3 and add it to the playlist through a file browser?
11:02<WolfClaw>it should not be asking for CDs you dont have
11:02<nbb>Well, it is!
11:02<WolfClaw>isnt there an ignore option?
11:03<WolfClaw>did you use the graphical installer?
11:03<nbb>Apparently, yes
11:03<WolfClaw>try the old installer,
11:03<WolfClaw>i used it and it doesnt ask me for extra cds.
11:03<nbb>"Install the GRUB boot loader on a hard disk" step
11:03<nbb>Isn't that kinda risky to reboot now ?
11:04<WolfClaw>is that step done?
11:04<nbb>Apparently, not
11:04<nbb>It's asking for a media change
11:04<WolfClaw>it is the last step
11:04<nbb>Arf :D
11:04-!-aloha-shin [~Alejandro@] has left #debian []
11:04<nbb>So what should I do ? I'm afraid to fuck it up by rebooting
11:04<WolfClaw>i assume you downloaded the lenny CDs
11:04<nbb>Downloaded the first one
11:04<WolfClaw>if you didnt overwrite your other OS partition
11:05<WolfClaw>it should be fine to reboot
11:05<nbb>I have a 500 GB HDD partitioned as the following:
11:05<WolfClaw>try using the etch CD
11:05<nbb>213 GB NTFS (Windows, boot)
11:05-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:05<nbb>213 GB NTFS (Data, such as music and Windows' My Documents)
11:05<WolfClaw>well if the Windows partition is still there
11:05<nbb>70 GB divided in "/", "/home" and the rest
11:05<WolfClaw>you should be fine
11:06-!-cahoot [~radix@] has joined #debian
11:06<WolfClaw>if it does give you trouble in rebooting
11:06<WolfClaw>do this
11:06<WolfClaw>put in your windows cd and go into recovery console (Windows XP, dont know about Vista)
11:06<WolfClaw>then type FIXMBR
11:06<nbb>Then fixmbr ?
11:06<nbb>What for my Debian Installation ? :(
11:06<WolfClaw>try installing from an etch cd
11:06<WolfClaw>lenny changes regularly
11:07<nbb>The CD I took, it's the first one of the weekly built
11:07<WolfClaw>you can upgrade to lenny once you've got a debian box running
11:08<WolfClaw>or if somebody here can help you with the lenny install.
11:08<nbb>I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do know, not sure you got what I did exactly
11:08<WolfClaw>I think the installer in the Lenny Cd might be broken dont know
11:08<WolfClaw>youre safest bet is an Etch Cd
11:09<WolfClaw>or try the non-graphical installer on the LEnny cd
11:09<nbb>It didn't propose me that
11:09<nbb>Well I'm just gonna reboot it and see what he proposes
11:09<WolfClaw>I mean its always given an optoon to ignore a CD
11:09*WolfClaw shrugs
11:10<nbb>Not there :/
11:10<WolfClaw>did the reboot work
11:10<nbb>I'm rebooting atm
11:10<nbb>The hell
11:10<nbb>After "Verifying DMI Pool Data"
11:10<nbb>"Fehler beim Laden des Betriebssystems"
11:10-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
11:10<nbb>I'm French
11:11<weasel>a french with a german error message in an english speaking channel.
11:11<nbb>I'm not really familiar with German ;)
11:11<WolfClaw>I;m guessing reboot didnt work
11:11<nbb>Gonna translate this, wait
11:11<weasel>error when loading OS
11:11<WolfClaw>do the fixmbr then
11:11-!-schoinobates [] has joined #debian
11:11<WolfClaw>is it a grub screen?
11:12<WolfClaw>your BIOS must be german then :/
11:12<WolfClaw>then why?
11:12<nbb>My BIOS is in English
11:12<nbb>My Windows OS is in English
11:12<nbb>My Debian Installation was set to be in English
11:12-!-Papanico [] has joined #debian
11:12<nbb>Trying to reboot again, let's see
11:12<nbb>Same german message
11:13<WolfClaw>seriously man, try the Etch CD
11:13<nbb>I would like to fix my booting before
11:13<nbb>Will that work if I use a French CD ?
11:13<nbb>Not sure I got a Windows CD around
11:13<WolfClaw>yes i shoudl think so
11:14<nbb>The hell, I have a DUTCH windows cd right in front of me
11:14<WolfClaw>dude youre a regular linguist arent ya?
11:14<nbb>No, I don't speak much languages
11:14<nbb>French, a very bad English and a bit of Spanish
11:14<fxiny>beim Laden german ? didn't know it:P
11:14<WolfClaw>that doesnt explaing much at all
11:15<WolfClaw>where do you live? the UN?
11:15-!-lidb [~lidb@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:15-!-mrpouet [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
11:15<nbb>I wonder how hard it is for you guys to understand me ;o
11:16<WolfClaw>youre english is fine
11:16<nbb>:o Thx
11:16<nbb>I'm practicing as much as I can, using EN software & stuff as much as possible
11:16<WolfClaw>!: does anybody know if one can simulate a reboot?
11:16*WolfClaw nods
11:17<nbb>Faint using Ctrl Alt Del ;o
11:17-!-foolano [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:17<nbb>"Windows wird gestartet"
11:17<fxiny>simulating a reboot ? wine does it
11:17<nbb>This languages is weird, whatever it is
11:17<nbb>"Bitte warten"
11:17<WolfClaw>fxiny: no i mean for my debian system. I wanna test some init scripts
11:17<fxiny>or was some codewevers install
11:18<WolfClaw>Dont remember but I think R brings up the console
11:18-!-DoctorB [] has joined #debian
11:19<nbb>"Verwenden sie die NACh-OBEN und NACH-UNTEN-TASTEN, um eine partition oder einen nicht partitionierten bereich in der lite auszuwahlen"
11:19-!-DoctorB [] has quit []
11:19<nbb>=> Drucken sie die EINGABETASTE um Windows XP in der ausgewhalten partition zu installieren
11:19<nbb>Weird zomg
11:20<WolfClaw>hold on
11:20<WolfClaw>checking babelfish :)
11:20-!-thomasbl [] has joined #debian
11:21<WolfClaw>Use they post+above and POSTCDOWN KEYS, around a partition or a not partitionierten range into lite out by-elections
11:21<WolfClaw>that cant be right
11:21<fxiny>WolfClaw: try beim Laden ;)
11:21<nbb>Fxiny, speak german ?
11:21<WolfClaw>Print they the INPUT KEY around Windows XP in the ausgewhalten partition to install
11:22<fxiny>nbb: nope
11:22<nbb>apparently, i can press :
11:22<nbb>ENTER => to install windows on the selected partition
11:22<WolfClaw>while the loading
11:22<nbb>E to create an partition on the unpartitionned space
11:22<nbb>L to delete a partition
11:22<fxiny>nbb: is asking you a second cd after installing fluxbox ?
11:23<WolfClaw>go back
11:23<nbb>I can't boot anymore so I don't give a hell on the installation anymore lol
11:23<dpkg>So you installed windows after debian, huh? Tssk. Boot to your debian install disk or whatever else you have, switch to the other console (alt-f2), then mount your root filesystem (mount -t ext2 /dev/whatever /target ; mount --bind /dev /target/dev ), then chroot into it (chroot /target) then run "mount /proc ; grub-install /dev/hda && update-grub" Also ask me about <dual boot guide>.
11:24<fxiny>nbb: ^^^ use debian technology ;)
11:24-!-path [] has joined #debian
11:24<nbb>Dpkg, before mocking me, be sure you got the problem correctly :(
11:24<dpkg>no idea, nbb
11:24<WolfClaw>that woudl install grub
11:24<nbb>I had Windows installed, wanted to install DEbian, it failed for some reason and now I can't boot anymore
11:24<WolfClaw>i gtg
11:24<nbb>IT gives me an error message in german
11:24<WolfClaw>hope you solve your problem nbb
11:25<nbb>(Which is not logical since I'm not german)
11:25-!-WolfClaw [~zohair@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:25-!-woozy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:25-!-streuner [] has joined #debian
11:25<fxiny>nbb: dpkg is an adept of the Asimov church : a bot :)
11:25<nbb>srsly ?
11:26<nbb>I got a Windows Server 2003 disk
11:26-!-makke [] has joined #debian
11:26<nbb>Could that work ?
11:27<nbb>? :(
11:28<fxiny>nbb: a 2003 disck ? no idea , can you load a floppy ?
11:28<nbb>But my BIOS probs allow me to use a USB key
11:28<nbb>my mobo is quite recent
11:29<fxiny>fine : i think supergrub can be loaded in a stick , with supergrub you can boot into windows
11:30<nbb>imma try a fixmbr
11:30<fxiny>lemme check
11:30-!-vince [] has joined #debian
11:30-!-vince [] has left #debian []
11:30<nbb>fixmbr done
11:31<nbb>lets check
11:31<fxiny>nbb: yes : cdrom floppy and usb stick
11:31*nbb prays
11:31<nbb>"Error loading operating system"
11:31-!-noppe [] has joined #debian
11:31<nbb>It's in English at least
11:31<noppe>where does iceweasel keep its cookies?
11:31<fxiny>nbb: get supergrub , ask googgle
11:32<nbb>but its gonna install grub :/
11:32<nbb>not a standard mbr
11:32<nbb>could a fixboot c: help ?
11:33<fxiny>nbb: boot into windows and fix your mbr from there
11:34<nbb>booting on windows, using supergrub?
11:34<fxiny>you boot windows
11:34<fxiny>with your usb stick
11:34<nbb>or a cdrom
11:35<nbb>shit happens everytime i try linux ><
11:36<fxiny>nbb: check this :
11:36-!-oxymor00n [~user@] has joined #debian
11:36<nbb>the debian loader
11:37<nbb>that's what i used first
11:37-!-jjmiv [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
11:37<nbb>then it rebooted and launched the installa
11:38-!-faw [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:39-!-AbsintheSyringe [~absinthe@] has quit [Quit: Hit any user to continue]
11:39<nbb>lol i can hardly believe im burning a 4 MB cd :D
11:39-!-alphad [~alphad@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:40-!-mikes_ [~mikes@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:40<nbb>still there?
11:41-!-qq [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:42<nbb>THE HELL
11:42<fxiny>is a warm place :P
11:42<nbb>thanks, captain obvious
11:42<nbb>imma try fixmbr + fixboot c:
11:43<nbb>supergrub does shit
11:43<fxiny>why ?
11:43<nbb>well it doesn't but i just dunno how to use it :3
11:43<fxiny>it works
11:43<fxiny>read the docs
11:43<nbb>on the website?
11:43<fxiny>it will save your a*
11:43<nbb>I have much choices
11:43-!-qq [] has joined #debian
11:44<erKURITA>Hell already froze over
11:44<fxiny>nbb: on the web site or googling for "grub manual boot"
11:44<erKURITA><nbb> imma try fixmbr + fixboot c: <= come again?
11:44<fxiny>erKURITA: hahahah : the sun 11 years cycle stopped ?
11:44<nbb>this page?
11:44<erKURITA>sort of
11:44<erKURITA>nbb what do you want to do?
11:45<nbb>boot on my windows :(
11:45<erKURITA>you could try re-installing Grub
11:45<nbb>I have a Supergrub CD
11:45<fxiny>erKURITA: he had a borked install so now he need to boot into windows and fix his mbr
11:45<erKURITA>using a live CD
11:45<erKURITA>he doesn't need Win$ux to fix his MBR
11:46-!-Bravewolf [] has joined #debian
11:46<fxiny>then he can try again with the right cd , this time
11:46<cahoot>it fill *fix* it allright
11:46<erKURITA>he just needs to successfully install Debian
11:46<fxiny>no winsux ? good
11:46-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
11:46<erKURITA>Debian will then create an entry to boot Win$ux
11:46-!-MoDaXaS [~nth@] has joined #debian
11:47<nbb>Well when I try booting normally it gives me a "Error loading operating system" message
11:47<erKURITA>that's the part when you're asked wether you want to install grub on a partition or in the MBR
11:47-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
11:47-!-AbsintheSyringe [~absinthe@] has joined #debian
11:47<erKURITA>I preffer the partition method
11:47<nbb>I'd prefer to be able to boot on Windows and then look about a WORKING Debian installer
11:47<fxiny>erKURITA: i do hd install booting with grub
11:47<erKURITA>so I can restore grub easier when I mess around
11:47-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest1478
11:47<fxiny>since sarge
11:47<erKURITA>me too
11:48<nbb>I have the SuperGrubDisk there, can this help me?
11:48-!-MoDaXaS [~nth@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:48<erKURITA>nbb the working installer is either the first cd, dvd or a netinst
11:48<erKURITA>of any release
11:48<fxiny>nbb: of course it will , you can boot anyting with it
11:48-!-Guest1478 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:48<erKURITA>there's no such thing as a "non-working" installer, unless devs borked it
11:48-!-humbolto [] has joined #debian
11:48-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has joined #debian
11:48-!-Supermule_ [] has joined #debian
11:48<nbb>Well it was not working I don't care about WHY
11:49<nbb>SuperGrub is AWESOME
11:49<nbb>I just booted my Windows :3
11:49<fxiny>or you can just start the install again , installing only base + grub
11:49<erKURITA>nbb have you used GNU/Linux before?
11:49<nbb>I ran Ubuntu for almost six months
11:49<fxiny>no flux nothing at all
11:49<erKURITA>so I guess you setup a root and swap partition, right?
11:50-!-mrpouet [] has joined #debian
11:50<erKURITA>Ubuntu is no experience for installation
11:50<nbb>The partitionning is the following
11:50<erKURITA>just a bit of usage
11:50<nbb>215 GB NTFS, C:, Primary, Windows disk
11:50<fxiny>it takes no more then 45 seconds to install base + grub if you know what you are doing
11:50<nbb>215 GB NTFS, D:, Logical, Data disk
11:50<Supermule_>Hi all. I have just gotton a new mouse. The scroll wheel can also make left/right cursor movement. The left/right movements are extreamly annoying, as I cannot help but make them by accident. So, anybody know how to make X ignore the left/right movements?
11:50<nbb>Then 70 GB dedicated to Linux, divided in :
11:50<nbb>=> 1.0 GB Swap
11:50<nbb>=> 60 GB /home
11:51<nbb>=> 9 GB / & others
11:51<erKURITA>fxiny yeah right... I guess you're not counting package reading, installation, partition formatting, inputting the root and user data, etc...
11:51<cahoot>all on sda?
11:51<fxiny>erKURITA: thats' right
11:51<nbb>BTW I'd like to try the Net-install but it never worked on my computer
11:52<nbb>I last tried in march so
11:52<fxiny>erKURITA: i assume the partitioning already done
11:52<nbb>It has never detected my Ethernet thingy, nor the Wireless
11:52<fxiny>base and reboot
11:52<nbb>Though I'm using a VERY well-known motherboard + chip
11:52<fxiny>nbb: new hardware ?
11:53<nbb>Not really
11:53<nbb>I bought that computer in Feb
11:53-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
11:53-!-irinix [] has joined #debian
11:53<fxiny>ok so you don't need kmuto stuff
11:53<fxiny>feb this year ?
11:53<dpkg>For etch (or sarge) with up-to-date kernels, see
11:53<nbb>gigabyte p35-ds3r, e4500, hd3850 ati, and a samsung hd
11:54<fxiny>nbb: i bought this in August
11:54-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has joined #debian
11:54<fxiny>nbb: '98 :)
11:54<nbb>what ? ;o
11:55<nbb>ALRIGHT what could I try now?
11:55<erKURITA> <= I bought this in December :P
11:55<nbb>lol, nForce 4 motherboard :|
11:55<fxiny>if the installer can't detect your hardare try kmuto
11:55<dpkg>For etch (or sarge) with up-to-date kernels, see
11:56<nbb>what is that meant to do ?
11:56-!-Supermule_ [] has left #debian []
11:56<irinix>nbb, what problems are you having with nforce4? I had issues with it the other day and ended up solving them, maybe I can help
11:57<nbb>no, i have got a P35 mobo
11:57<nbb>i was just saying that nForce 4 was kinda old
11:57<irinix>oh ok
11:57<nbb>"Etch and a half is the nickname for a project to add newer packages (kernel, Xorg drivers and debian-installer) within the stable Debian 'etch' release to increase its usefulness to users with hardware that requires updated drivers."
11:57<nbb>sounds good to me
11:58<erKURITA>nbb it costed me €255
11:58<nbb>So what should I do now ?
11:58<nbb>NetInst ?
11:58<fxiny>erKURITA: no utf8 here : how much ?
11:58<erKURITA>I like netinsts
11:58<nbb>$ ?
11:58-!-oneforall [~guru@] has joined #debian
11:58<nbb>e ?
11:58<nbb>€ ?
11:59<nbb>where are you from erKURITA ?
11:59<erKURITA>I was born in Venezuela, but I live in Spain
11:59<fxiny>erKURITA: how many euro ? type again
11:59<nbb>spain :D
11:59<nbb>where in ?
11:59<fxiny>my deal was better
11:59<erKURITA>Galicia, above Portugal
11:59<fxiny>300 DVD for 20
11:59<irinix>is anyone here familiar with getting wireless working under debian? I have a netgear card and used the kmuto installer with wireless-tools et al, and debian is apparently seeing my wireless card, because running iwconfig brings it up, but, alas, it cannot connect.
12:00<erKURITA>irinix what chip ?
12:00<dpkg>madwifi is a driver for wireless devices with an Atheros chipset. More information at To install madwifi drivers built against Debian stock kernels, ask me about <madwifi-install>. No USB devices are supported. NOT for AR5007UG (aka AR2624/AR5524) chipsets, ask me about <zd1211rw> instead., #madwifi @ No AR5008 support until 0.9.5.
12:00<chealer>irinix: just ask your question
12:00-!-slaxz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:01<erKURITA>m-a should help you installing it
12:01<erKURITA>it worked for me
12:01<nbb>the one that i have to get
12:01<nbb>is the debian-40r3-i386-netinst.iso ?
12:01-!-th0nak [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:01<irinix>thanks erKURIta
12:01<erKURITA>it will leave you a stock, ready to use out-of-the-box system
12:02<nbb>the netinst ?
12:02<erKURITA>nbb then you'll have to download the rest of the package
12:02<nbb>will it detect my P35-associated ethernet controller ?
12:02<erKURITA>that means, Xorg, Window Manager, etc...
12:02<erKURITA>it should
12:02<nbb>i plan using FluxBox
12:02<fxiny>don't burn . save the iceberg
12:02<erKURITA>it will ask for an internet configuration if it detects it
12:02<fxiny>nbb: flux rulez and wmmi is so cute
12:03<nbb>a friend will help me configure it
12:03<erKURITA>I didn't like Flux
12:03<erKURITA>gnome for me <3
12:03<nbb>if i wanted KDE/gnome/xfce i'd go on ubuntu lolz
12:03-!-NetNuttt [] has joined #debian
12:03-!-insanity_x [] has joined #debian
12:03<erKURITA>I'd pick xfce if I had to choose a lowmem window manager
12:03<oneforall>hey whats the url that proves maintainer asked back at 2006 iirc. aobout the openssl patch .
12:03<nbb>yay, its rly light
12:03<insanity_x>hey guys
12:03<fxiny>nbb: have you ever checked tiled windows managers like ion wmii xmonad dwm awesome ?
12:04<nbb>noes lol
12:04<nbb>i'm not really experienced with Linux
12:04<insanity_x>is there a way to use deborphan to remove the packages it lists?
12:04<nbb>i know the basic commands ... like the apt-get thingys, make, makeinstall & others
12:04-!-Dargol [] has joined #debian
12:04<EmleyMoor>insanity_x: You could always use dpkg to remove them... or change the status in aptitude
12:05<insanity_x>EmleyMoor: well i use deborphan to list the packages. but then, i want to apt-get purge them without having to retype each one
12:05<fxiny>deborphan does it
12:05<nbb>you guys would kill me if i told you which OS is running my laptop lol.
12:06<jaakko_>nbb: nope, this is not a zealot channel :)
12:06<nbb>VISTA D:
12:06<fxiny>winsta ?
12:06<nbb>i have to admit that it works perfectly and smoothly :/
12:06-!-atperez123 [] has joined #debian
12:07<insanity_x>fxiny: you mean when i run deborphan from the terminal it removes the packages?
12:07<insanity_x>fxiny: automatically
12:07<insanity_x>fxiny: ?
12:07<nbb>burning the debian netinst
12:07-!-thomas [] has joined #debian
12:07<jaakko_>nbb: yes, the freedom of choice brings some problems too
12:08<nbb>what do you mean?
12:08<fxiny>insanity_x: what deborphan say to you ?
12:08-!-kutio [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
12:08<fxiny>i'm not using it since woody
12:08<jaakko_>nbb: As no one is designing the whole system, it will not be as nice one which is designed.
12:09<fxiny>i have a very clean system
12:09-!-kutio [] has joined #debian
12:09<insanity_x>fxiny: it lists a bunch of libs and programs.
12:09<nbb>Which OS are you talking about ,
12:09<insanity_x>fxiny: then that is it.
12:09<jaakko_>nbb: can do it, but it takes some work :)
12:09-!-thomas [] has quit []
12:09<erKURITA>insanity_x I've never used deborphan, but if it lists the packages names only, you could just: #apt-get purge `deborphan`
12:10<insanity_x>erKURITA: no because that would remove the package deborphan, not the ones it lists
12:10<fxiny>lemme installing it
12:10<erKURITA>you know what does ` ` do
12:10<nbb>some guy
12:10<nbb>"hellar, i'm running Debian with KDE !"
12:10-!-hyacinth [~hyacinth@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:11-!-atperez123 [] has quit []
12:12<jaakko_>insanity_x: to avoid mistake, you can use # apt-get purge $(deborphan)
12:12<insanity_x>jaakko_: wait i dont get it.
12:12<erKURITA>jaakko_ works aswell
12:12<cahoot>oh my girlfriend?
12:12<erKURITA>insanity_x `` evaluates the text inside and returns the result
12:12<nbb>I can not believe it !! :P
12:13<insanity_x>erKURITA: ohhhhh
12:13<jaakko_>insanity_x: those a "back ticks", not quotes!
12:13<erKURITA>it's mainly used when you want to install your kernel headers: #apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`
12:13<insanity_x>erKURITA: will that apt-get purge the output?
12:13<erKURITA>insanity_x if deborphan outputs a list of package names, yes
12:13<erKURITA>with nothing else
12:13<erKURITA>such as when you do a normal ls
12:13<insanity_x>erKURITA: thanks
12:14<erKURITA>nbb ?
12:14<nbb>I'm into the partitionning thing
12:14<fxiny>insanity_x: has been long time since i use it : deborphan | xargs dpkg --purge
12:14<nbb>I already have Linux-designed partitions
12:14<erKURITA>fxiny lol
12:14<nbb>2.7 GB swap, 60.1 GB home & 7 GB /
12:14<fxiny>erKURITA: hehehe
12:14<insanity_x>fxiny: what is that command you just gave me>
12:14<nbb>I'm doing the manual partitionning, so i have to tell Debian which partitions to use what for
12:14<nbb>I have selected my home one
12:15<nbb>"How to use this partition :
12:15<fxiny>insanity_x: a pipe to xargs which will tell dpkg to remove/purge what deborphan will find
12:15<insanity_x>fxiny: will that work?
12:15<nbb>What choice should i pick ?
12:16<nbb>Ext3 journaling file system
12:16<nbb>Ext2 file system
12:16<nbb>? :|
12:16<insanity_x>fxiny: oh that worked thank you
12:16<fxiny>insanity_x: you know xargs ? and dpgg --purge ?
12:16<jaakko_>nbb: both will do
12:16<fxiny>insanity_x: np
12:16<nbb>but how do i tell Debian that the 60GB partition is my home, the 7 GB is my / ?
12:17<jaakko_>nbb: select the partition (enter), and then you can select use..
12:17<nbb>Use as ?
12:17<jaakko_>nbb: yes
12:17<nbb>That's where i have the choice
12:17<nbb>Ext3 Journaling File System
12:17<nbb>Ext2 File System
12:17<nbb>ReiserFS, etc
12:17-!-insanity_x [] has left #debian []
12:17-!-Glenn^BF [] has joined #debian
12:17<jaakko_>nbb: select ext3 (i said both are ok)
12:18<nbb>"Format the partition :"
12:18<nbb>Yes ? No ?
12:18<jaakko_>nbb: then use "root filesystem" or what you want..
12:18<nbb>I selected yes to ensure it's ok lol
12:18<nbb>Oh ok
12:18<nbb>I understand, the mount point defines what the partition is for
12:18<jaakko_>nbb: :)
12:18<nbb>but ...
12:19<nbb>i have 3 partitions : one for the /, one for the /home, one for the swap
12:19<nbb>i have like 10 choices
12:20<nbb>Will it tell himself where the /sys & stuff will bez?
12:20-!-berto [] has joined #debian
12:20<fxiny>erKURITA: this is safer : deborphan | xargs aptitude -s purge
12:20<erKURITA>why? aptitude is nearly the same as the standard apt-get
12:20<jaakko_>nbb: you need to select only root partition, and do the install. And later modify other mounts.
12:20<nbb>:s ?
12:20-!-dpalacio [~david@] has joined #debian
12:21<jaakko_>nbb: but select the swap too, won't complain so much
12:21<nbb>i selected the /home and /swap too
12:21<nbb>my list is like
12:21<jaakko_>nbb: and root / ?
12:21<nbb>#1 - primary - 214.7 GB - B - ntfs
12:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 393] by debhelper
12:22<nbb>#5 - logical - 214.7 GB - ntfs
12:22<nbb>#6 - logical - 2.7 GB - F - swap - swap
12:22<nbb>#7 - logical - 60.1 GB - F - ext3 - /home
12:22<fxiny>erKURITA: but this is great fun : deborphan | xargs aptitude --purge >> This aptitude does not have Super Cow Powers hahahaha
12:23<nbb>#3 - primary - 7.0 GB - f - ext3 - /
12:23<nbb>is that OK ?
12:23<cahoot>so sda3 is your / ?
12:23<erKURITA>I suppose, but I'd add 3 GB more to /
12:23<nbb>the partitions are done already
12:23<nbb>i'm not planning to make Debian my main OS so i believe that 7GB will be ok?
12:24<irinix>erKURITA, using m-a it states that I don't have the wireless extensions enabled, I do have wireless tools installed, and am mostly confused at this point.
12:24<fxiny>nbb: i use 3.5
12:24<nbb>ok lets go!
12:24<erKURITA>irinix did you click prepare first?
12:24<nbb>partitionning is being done
12:24*nbb stresses
12:24<erKURITA>then build ?
12:25<fxiny>nbb: check out lvm2 , you'll love it
12:25<nbb>root password
12:25<erKURITA>I don't recall how I installed the SMC pmcia card...
12:25<irinix>I followed the instructions on the site you linked for me.
12:25<erKURITA>all I know is that I used m-a
12:25<nbb>"Full name for the user :" SURNAME, Name ?
12:25<nbb>(or reverse)
12:25<nbb>im asking stupid questions, nvm
12:25<cahoot>nbb: no need keeping us posted
12:26-!-GiAnLuiGi [] has joined #debian
12:26-!-GiAnLuiGi [] has quit []
12:26<fxiny>password ? i suggest winstaadmin , very secret ...
12:26-!-hever [] has joined #debian
12:26<nbb>i put my usual one
12:27-!-HellDragon [] has quit [Quit: HellDragon]
12:27<fxiny>6 only ?
12:27<nbb>ya, will be enough
12:27<avtobiff>8 is the bare minimum
12:27<nbb>no one else is using the computer :/
12:27<fxiny>mine is 13 long
12:27<avtobiff>nbb, then dont use passwords at all. have empty
12:28<nbb>cool, the netinst seems to work :)
12:28<nbb>Should I participate to the package usage survey? :/
12:28<avtobiff>nbb, if you want to
12:28<fxiny>i have edited pam , no way you can do with 8 here
12:28<fxiny>syuper cow power
12:29<nbb>Should I install the Desktop Environment now ?
12:29<jaakko_>nbb: if we could answer all the questions, the installer would have the answers too...
12:29-!-HellDragon [] has joined #debian
12:29<jaakko_>nbb: it will install gnome, I think
12:29<nbb>I wanna be sure not to do anything wrong
12:29<jaakko_>nbb: so don't, if you want flux
12:29<nbb>And the Standard System thingy ? i've been told it wasn't that useful
12:30<shivraj> /away
12:30<jaakko_>nbb: you can get everything later, but I think standard is a good thing anyway
12:31-!-monyu [~monyu@] has joined #debian
12:32-!-matteo [] has joined #debian
12:32<nbb>alright its retrieving the files, thanks
12:33-!-esaym [] has joined #debian
12:33<nbb>'bout grub ... should i put it on the MBR or say "No" ?
12:34-!-matteo [] has left #debian []
12:34-!-rob [] has joined #debian
12:34<jaakko_>nbb: if you want to boot debian, you have to install it, I think. Or modify Vista boot loader :D
12:34<nbb>the desktop has XP Pro on it
12:34-!-oneforall [~guru@] has left #debian [Leaving]
12:34<nbb>i said YES
12:35<jaakko_>nbb: Ok, I recommend to install grub
12:35-!-rob is now known as Guest1483
12:35<jaakko_>nbb: with no warranties :D
12:35<nbb>"Installation is complete ":p
12:35<fxiny>erKURITA: have a look at the next generation aptitude :
12:35<erKURITA>I lol'd
12:36<nbb>"hda : lost interrupt"
12:36<cahoot>"He is a very friendly and gentle cow" ?
12:37<jaakko_>I think that cow has bloat
12:37<cahoot>gender mixed up?
12:37<nbb>"hda : lost interrupt"
12:38<jaakko_>nbb: did you reboot and got that?
12:38<nbb>apparently yes
12:38<fxiny>he/she deserve a place in apt-dom
12:38<jaakko_>nbb: did you see grub menu to choose operating system?
12:38<nbb>oh, it continued loading something
12:39<nbb>"atap 48x dvd-rom [specifications]"
12:39<nbb>now its idle again
12:39<nbb>"hda: lost interrupt" again
12:39-!-Glenn^BF [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:40<nbb>so, "wtf" ?
12:40<nbb>its doing something againb
12:40<nbb>and another lost interrupt -.-
12:40-!-neiljp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:40-!-samaivv [~samaivv@] has joined #debian
12:41-!-mirai33 [] has joined #debian
12:41<jaakko_>nbb: google tells it might be acpi problem.
12:41-!-samaivv [~samaivv@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:41<nbb>someone told me to add acpi-off and something like that
12:41<nbb>to grubzor
12:42<jaakko_>nbb: boot again, and wait in grub
12:42<nbb>i'm in grub
12:42<nbb>I have 2 debian lines and my xp pro one
12:42<jaakko_>sooperkuh: ok, press "e" on the debian
12:42<jaakko_>select the "kernel" row and press e
12:42-!-atperez [] has joined #debian
12:43<jaakko_>nbb: type that "acpi-off" in the end of the line
12:43<jaakko_>nbb: press enter
12:43<nbb>acpi=off noapic nolapic ?
12:44<nbb>i'm booting
12:44<jaakko_>nbb: yes, you can press b
12:44<nbb>hda: lost interrupt
12:44<irinix>okay, so my problem occurs when m-a checks my kernel config. It asks me to enable wireless extensions, which I'm not sure how to do. The entire build log can be found here:
12:45<nbb>i think imma let down that linux thing -.-
12:46<nbb>any other idea ?
12:46<jaakko_>nbb: did you have also initrd row?
12:47<nbb>do i have to add the acpi=off thing too ?
12:48-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:48-!-LoRez_ is now known as LoRez
12:48<jaakko_>nbb: you tried that allready?
12:48<nbb>it sounds like it didn't take in count my modifications
12:49<jaakko_>nbb: how did you boot, did you press "b" after modification?
12:49<nbb>i added the acpi=off thingy to the initrd and kernel
12:49<jaakko_>nbb: no need for initrd
12:49<nbb>now the boot thing is "frozen" after detecting my mouse
12:49<nbb>oh it moved
12:50<nbb>hda:lost interrupt, cool
12:50-!-sepp [] has joined #debian
12:50<nbb>i bet that if i reboot, go into grub and check the lines, the modifs wont be there anymore
12:50<nbb>HOW WEIRD
12:50<nbb>I AM RIGHT
12:51-!-Brownout [~brownout@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:51<nbb>the modifications ain't being saved
12:51<cahoot>of course not
12:51<kop>fxiny : When you say "local packages are untrusted", by local you mean what? (Now that the mirror I use has come back I don't get the "untrusted" message any more. So trust must hae something to do with contacting the mirror, and apt-cacher introduces an opportunity for some race-like condition.)
12:51<nbb>why not?
12:51<cahoot>nbb: because they are valid only for that boot
12:52<cahoot>nbb: to make changes stick you need edit menu.lst
12:52-!-mikes [~mikes@] has joined #debian
12:52<nbb>i'm trying once again
12:52-!-snama [] has joined #debian
12:52<nbb>it LOOKS like it's booting
12:52<nbb>i said it LOOKS
12:53<nbb>"has gone 49710 days without being chcked"
12:53<nbb>long time!
12:53<snama>harddisk check?
12:53<nbb>it works now
12:53<nbb>i need to install my graphical inteface^^
12:53<nbb>aptitude install x-window-system-core ?
12:54<jaakko_>nbb: I did this: aptitude install xorg
12:54<snama>ahy not apt-get?
12:54-!-mirai33 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
12:54<nbb>i've been told to do aptitude install
12:54<nbb>"please insert the disc labeled ...3
12:54<snama>apt-get install xorg xorg-core?
12:54<fxiny>kop: apt-cacher/apache are serving local debs over the lan if already downloaded , when packages are not avaiable apt-caher pulls them from the repo .
12:54<snama>nano /etc/apt/sources.list
12:55<snama>then you set a "#" infront of the cd source
12:55<nbb>err i typed what you said
12:55<fxiny>kop: i use local packages most of the time , sometimes with apt-cacher sometimes without
12:55<nbb>everytime i type it the installation progresses lol
12:55-!-davi [] has joined #debian
12:56<nbb>99 % [Working]
12:56<nbb>it wants a CD :/
12:56<snama>should i be able to install sid by first: booting into the debian testing network install cd. then edit sources.list to use sid repos. and then start the install?
12:56<snama>abort it
12:57<snama>Ctrl + c
12:57<snama>then do what i said
12:57-!-hever [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:57<fxiny>kop: when i istall 'em again after replacing my system they are unstrusted , just a warning
12:57<snama>nano /etc/apt/sources.list
12:57<snama>then you add a "#" infront of the cd source
12:58-!-AndresVia [~admin@] has joined #debian
12:59<snama>should i be able to install sid by first: booting into the debian testing network install cd. then edit sources.list to use sid repos. and then start the install?
12:59-!-atperez [] has quit [Quit: atperez]
12:59-!-Brownout [~brownout@] has joined #debian
12:59<nbb>its unpacking things
12:59<nbb>setting up things now
13:00<nbb>now it asks for a command
13:00<nbb>i typed startx
13:00<nbb>now i have weird things
13:00<nbb>i have half black-half whit escreeen
13:00<nbb>i can write and it appears
13:00<snama>you need to configure x first
13:00<snama>dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
13:00-!-minimalisti [~minimalis@] has joined #debian
13:00<jaakko_>nbb: if it works it is ok!
13:00<nbb>its rebooting :/
13:01<nbb>rebooting. :s
13:01<nbb>i feel like i have installed HAL from 1984
13:01<nbb>hda: lost interrupt
13:01<nbb>omg imma suicide
13:02<nbb>screw this im booting windows
13:02<snama>cmon man
13:02<nbb>its not WORKING
13:03<nbb>it does weird things
13:03<snama>is this your first distro?
13:03-!-Franki [WGraoKMi@] has quit [Quit: quits server]
13:03<nbb>its actually the fourth one that doesn't work/works weirdly
13:03<snama>what specs?
13:03<jaakko_>rebooting is weird, there is something wrong.
13:03<nbb>the computer you mean, snama ,
13:03<snama>any weird hardware?
13:03<snama>any unusual hardware?
13:03<nbb>p35 based motherboard, core 2 duo, s-ata hard drive, ati graphics
13:03<snama>something there is only 10 of?
13:04<nbb>logitech keyb+mouse, nothing weird
13:04<snama>what distros you tried?
13:04<nbb>mandrake, ubuntu, opensuse, ubuntu again, now debian
13:04<cahoot>so the problems regarding hda shouldn't do any real harm?
13:04<fxiny>kop: from man apt-key >> "Packages which have been authenticated using these keys will be considered trusted"
13:05<nbb>well the HDD is working, windows works perfectly
13:05<snama>should i be able to install sid by first: booting into the debian testing network install cd. then edit sources.list to use sid repos. and then start the install?
13:06<nbb>either there is a solution, either i let it down :/
13:06<snama>i dont know
13:06<snama>never encountered
13:07<fxiny>kop: more stuff on : man apt-secure
13:07<jaakko_>snama: the netinstall installs base system from cd, so you could do that, change sources and then "aptitude dist-upgrade"?
13:07-!-hamed [] has joined #debian
13:08<snama>jaakko can i use the etch netinst cd?
13:08<snama>instead of testing
13:08<nbb>i'm off, its in those times that i rly want to say windows ftw
13:08<snama>vista or xp?
13:08<jaakko_>snama: I'm not sure, but I think you could. Perhaps better to upgrade first lenny
13:08-!-nbb [] has quit []
13:08<fxiny>kop: i think i'll look into debsig-verify and debsign
13:09-!-irinix [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:09-!-snama [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:09-!-erwin [] has joined #debian
13:09-!-Mastroquet [] has joined #debian
13:09-!-erwin is now known as Guest1485
13:12-!-xsdg_ is now known as xsdg
13:13-!-Fhdux [] has joined #debian
13:14-!-kalango_ [~kalango@] has joined #debian
13:15-!-kalango_ is now known as Peannut
13:15-!-Peannut [~kalango@] has left #debian []
13:19-!-crv [~crv@] has joined #debian
13:19-!-crv [~crv@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:24-!-hamed [] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
13:24<Mastroquet>hi all, has anyone been having problems with 2.6.24 et SATA hds?
13:24-!-habtool [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:24-!-Guest1485 [] has quit [Quit: Ik ga weg]
13:25<Mastroquet>I had to recompile it for it to boot on my SATA hd...
13:25-!-sepp [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
13:26<Mastroquet>if not: "hda: lost interrupt", despite "irqpoll noapic nolapic acpi=off" in grub/menu.lst
13:26-!-Cheatah [] has joined #debian
13:26-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
13:27<Mastroquet>(oh, and it was on Lenny, of course)
13:27-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest1488
13:27-!-marsbiker [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:29-!-colde [~colde@] has joined #debian
13:31-!-marsbiker [] has joined #debian
13:32-!-woozy [] has joined #debian
13:33-!-adi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:33<jaakko_>Mastroquet: interesting, nbb just had that "hda: lost interrupt" problem
13:33-!-Xenguy [] has joined #debian
13:34<jaakko_>Mastroquet: "nbb" was a nick who see to left this channel..
13:35<Mastroquet>I understand, jaako_. It was on SATA, too?
13:35-!-piju [~piju@] has joined #debian
13:35-!-Bravewolf [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:35<jaakko_>Mastroquet: yes
13:35<Mastroquet>Did he manage to get it booting?
13:36<jaakko_>"< nbb> p35 based motherboard, core 2 duo, s-ata hard drive, ati graphics"
13:36-!-faw [] has joined #debian
13:36<jaakko_>Mastroquet: he did after a few fails, and then system rebooted by it self.
13:36<jaakko_>Mastroquet: and then nbb gave up and booted to windows :D
13:37-!-Guest1488 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:37<Mastroquet>I have an intel chip
13:37<Mastroquet>and no windows to reboot to :)
13:37-!-humbolto [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
13:38<jaakko_>Mastroquet: so did that recompiling help you?
13:39<Mastroquet>I had a 2.6.24 working on SOurceMage linux, so I used it's config to recompile the debian kernel and it worked. It booted, but very slowly, so I recompiled it again and it was fine
13:40<Mastroquet>*its config
13:42<Mastroquet>I think I know what option(s) made it slow the first time, but not sure what completly prevented it from booting in the first place (I do very basic changes in my kernel config usually, I'm far from being an expert)
13:42-!-roodie [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:42-!-humbolto [] has joined #debian
13:42<jaakko_>Mastroquet: so what do you think (too many to tell?)?
13:43-!-Frolic [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
13:43<jaakko_>Mastroquet: nbb had slow booting too, because the hd interrupt errors, I think.
13:43-!-insigne [] has joined #debian
13:44<jaakko_>Mastroquet: ..what options do you think caused the slow booting?
13:44-!-CrazyFoam [] has joined #debian
13:44<insigne>my nameis bruno
13:45<insigne>i am brazil
13:45<jaakko_>insigne: you can ask about Debian
13:45-!-insigne [] has quit []
13:45<Mastroquet>well, whan I removed "tickless system" and "high resolution timer support" it wasn't slow anymore
13:45<Mastroquet>(that was for jaako_)
13:46<jaakko_>Mastroquet: they are not related to sata?
13:46-!-noppe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:46<Mastroquet>I know, I don't understant...
13:46-!-eljefe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:47-!-carnil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:47-!-eljefe [] has joined #debian
13:48<jaakko_>Mastroquet: if the irq problem is related to that, who knows (I don't!)
13:49-!-colde [~colde@] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
13:49<Mastroquet>Well, but more important is the reason why the changes in config made it boot (even slowly) the first time -- and of course, unfortunatly, i was in a hurry because I wanted my debian box and I just can't really tell what made it boot
13:49-!-madrescher [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:50<Mastroquet>I know I should diff very carefully the two configs
13:50<jaakko_>Mastroquet: yeah, and then you could spend a few days changing .config, compiling and booting to find out :D
13:50-!-eljefe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:50<Mastroquet>Or maybe submit them to some guru
13:50-!-eljefe [] has joined #debian
13:51-!-eljefe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:51<Mastroquet>jaako_, you're right ;) I've not been coureagous enough for this until now....
13:51-!-pat93 [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-eljefe [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-carnil [] has joined #debian
13:53-!-Fhdux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:54-!-eljefe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:55-!-colde [~colde@] has joined #debian
13:56<jaakko_>Mastroquet: It would be nice to have more precompiled kernels to choose with debian installer.
13:56<jaakko_>Mastroquet: it is difficult to compile kernel without working system.. :-|
13:57<jaakko_>Mastroquet: why the installer works but the installation not? How did you install your system?
13:58<Mastroquet>jaakko_: I agree, that's what I thought too whan I said to myself that if the debian installer sould use such a kernel I couldn't install debian today...
13:58-!-Borman [borman@] has joined #debian
13:58<Mastroquet>(hope you understand my english)
13:59<Mastroquet>glad I installed it years ago
14:00<Mastroquet>I had "hda; lost interrupt" too whan I tried to installed first, but the "irqpoll noapic nolapic acpi=off" options solved the problem
14:01-!-NetNuttt [] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
14:01<Mastroquet>unfortunatly with the 2.6.24 these were not enough anymore
14:02-!-AndresVia [~admin@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:02<Mastroquet>I have to use these options with any linux system i use (Source Mage, and any live-cd)
14:02-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
14:02<jaakko_>Mastroquet: hope we get a patch to kernel, if the bug is there..
14:03-!-colde [~colde@] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
14:04<Mastroquet>jaakko_: I hope too...
14:04-!-Guest1483 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:05-!-tom [] has joined #debian
14:05-!-tom [] has quit []
14:05-!-makke [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:06<cahoot>Mastroquet: no use updating the bios?
14:07-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
14:08-!-Kwekus [] has joined #debian
14:09-!-TCP [] has joined #debian
14:09-!-chapajai__ [] has quit [Quit: nos vemos...bye]
14:09<Mastroquet>cahoot: I didn't try
14:10<cahoot>Mastroquet: is it a laptop?
14:10-!-p_quarles [] has joined #debian
14:10<Mastroquet>cahoot: no, a desktop pc
14:12-!-abyss [] has joined #debian
14:13<valdyn>Mastroquet: maybe you can use the newer libata drivers
14:14<abyss>lo everyone i just installed a fresh installation from netinst and installed automatix2! when i run automatix2 it says Automatix is for Debian 4.0r0! anyone has a clue how to get the right automatix?
14:15<abrotman>don't use automatix
14:15-!-emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Quit: That's all for now, folks]
14:16<abyss>well but after fresh install x-server wont start cause it uses the nv driver! i switched it now to vesa and at least i got the x-server working in a crap resolution :)
14:16-!-eljefe [] has joined #debian
14:16<abyss>exists there any installer for the nvidia 8500GT graphiccard?
14:16-!-chapajai [] has joined #debian
14:16<abyss>also my sound seems to work not out of the box
14:17<abyss>and i read that automatix does this all, excuse me if im wrong :)
14:17-!-Kwekus [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:17<chealer>abyss: ask whoever distributes Automatix
14:17<abrotman>he shouldn't be using it
14:18<chealer>abyss: which Debian suite do you use?
14:18<Mastroquet>valdyn: I'll check this out, I'm not on my pc right now so I can't tell exactly what I done or not, sorry for that
14:19<abyss>well actually i dont know :) the latest netinst uname-r shows: Linux Debox 2.6.18-6-486 #1 Sun Feb 10 22:06:33 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux
14:21<abyss>should i start with installing nvidia-kernel?
14:22-!-eljefe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:23-!-geenna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:23-!-femichel [] has joined #debian
14:24-!-eljefe [] has joined #debian
14:25<abyss>chealer: i found it out i use 40r3
14:25-!-aggelosssss [] has joined #debian
14:26-!-aggelosssss [] has quit []
14:27<chealer>abyss: there's nvidia-installer, which is likely to break your system
14:28<abyss>have to reboot brb
14:28-!-abyss [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
14:29-!-giota [~orb@] has joined #debian
14:29-!-giota [~orb@] has quit []
14:31-!-cahoot [~radix@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:33-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:33-!-ingorian [~ingorian@] has joined #debian
14:34-!-ingorian [~ingorian@] has left #debian []
14:34-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
14:34-!-Holborn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:34-!-Refakki [] has quit [Quit: Ухожу]
14:35-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
14:35-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
14:37-!-trebol6 [] has joined #debian
14:42-!-humbolto [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:43-!-humbolto [] has joined #debian
14:44-!-muammar [~muammar@] has joined #debian
14:44-!-FTDM [] has joined #debian
14:44-!-FTDM [] has left #debian []
14:44-!-craigevil-eee [] has joined #debian
14:45-!-jimb0b [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:46-!-june [~june@] has quit [Quit: 전 이만 갑니다.]
14:49-!-chapajai [] has quit [Quit: nos vemos...bye]
14:50-!-Politics [] has joined #debian
14:51-!-Holborn_ [] has joined #debian
14:51-!-madrescher [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:51-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has joined #debian
14:51-!-Holborn [] has quit [Read error: Connection refused]
14:53-!-freex [~user@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:54-!-TiEuAM [] has quit []
14:54-!-musica [] has joined #debian
14:54-!-Holborn_ [] has quit []
14:55-!-musica [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:56-!-femichel [] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
14:57-!-morfeu [~carlos@] has joined #debian
14:58-!-AbsintheSyringe [~absinthe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:59-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
15:01-!-user01 [] has joined #debian
15:02<user01>mmm... is usb flash suppose to be in sda?
15:03-!-jorgeBavaria [] has joined #debian
15:03<jaakko_>user01: depends on what else you have, might be
15:03<user01>jaakko_, how would i find out?
15:03-!-klh is now known as klh[away]
15:04<user01>jaakko_, no sd devices listed
15:04-!-anyel [] has joined #debian
15:05<jaakko_>user01: try "fdisk -l" as root
15:05<user01>jaakko_, thanks i was using mount
15:08<jaakko_>user01: yes, that only lists the devices, you have to mount the device still
15:09-!-speck [] has joined #debian
15:09-!-craigevil-eee [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:09-!-speck [] has quit []
15:11<user01>jaakko_, ummm i did it again and now it lists my hard drive partitions
15:11<user01>jaakko_, an no sda
15:12-!-anyel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:12-!-dli [] has joined #debian
15:13<jaakko_>user01: can you switch to virtual terminal? press control alt f1
15:13-!-jorgeBavaria [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
15:13<jaakko_>user01: or are you in one already?
15:13-!-jorgeBavaria [] has joined #debian
15:14-!-shilow [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:14<user01>jaakko_, yes i switched there
15:14<jaakko_>user01: now unplug and plug the usb
15:14<jaakko_>user01: you see some messages?
15:15<user01>jaakko_, thought that wasnt good when it was flashing its light . . .
15:15-!-humbolto [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:15<jaakko_>user01: it is not ready yet, if it is flashing?
15:16<user01>jaakko_, no messages
15:16-!-Dargol [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:17<user01>jaakko_, ummm think im going to do a fresh lenny install
15:17<jaakko_>user01: are you using etch/stable?
15:17<user01>jaakko_, nope lenny
15:17-!-malademental [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:18-!-jorgeBavaria [] has quit []
15:18<fxiny>user01: sda1 or sda4
15:19-!-dli [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:19-!-prodor [] has joined #debian
15:19-!-dli [] has joined #debian
15:19*fxiny compiles firebus3-rc1 libs ...
15:20<jaakko_>user01: if the messages are not coming to console, you can do.. cat /var/log/syslog | tail -n 20
15:20-!-prodor [] has quit []
15:20<jaakko_>(I wonder why tail -f does not work)
15:21<Mastroquet>see you all, pals
15:21-!-Mastroquet [] has quit [Quit: Silence]
15:21-!-dli [] has left #debian []
15:21-!-jotun [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:21<user01>i think hal broke something awhile back when lenny was more unstable . . . maybe i should try a fresh lenny install
15:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 385] by debhelper
15:22-!-trebol6 [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:22<user01>fonts seem screwed up as well . .. and the default icons i had were lost
15:23<user01>and video playback no longer works
15:23<user01>unlesss i go into mplayer and change to x11 for video output
15:24<user01>but if i change it in vlc it doesnt work
15:24-!-Skrat [] has joined #debian
15:24-!-mikes [~mikes@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:24-!-foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:27-!-Skrat [] has quit []
15:27-!-yxoc [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:28-!-sooperkuh [] has left #debian []
15:28-!-ppikula_ [] has joined #debian
15:28-!-TCP is now known as moka
15:28-!-woozy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:28-!-yxoc [] has joined #debian
15:28-!-yxoc [] has quit []
15:29-!-Emerson-Resende [] has joined #debian
15:29-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has joined #debian
15:30-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has quit []
15:32-!-Emerson-Resende [] has quit []
15:33-!-libereco [~libereco@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:34-!-ppikula [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:38-!-Refakki [] has joined #debian
15:39-!-gcs [~gcs@] has joined #debian
15:39-!-Zyklon-B [~morbid@] has joined #debian
15:40<gcs>Hi. How can I create a chroot with build-essential and gcc-4.3 being the default compiler?
15:44<jaakko_>gcs: if I remember.. apt-get build-dep chroot
15:44<jaakko_>gcs: apt-get -b source chroot
15:44-!-shilow [] has joined #debian
15:46<gcs>jaakko_: I mean I can and already have installed the chroot itself. But build-essential makes gcc-4.2 to the default.
15:47-!-duane [] has joined #debian
15:47-!-duane [] has quit []
15:48<jaakko_>gcs: I don't remember how to change the default.. I found it with google some time ago.
15:48<jaakko_>gcs: it might be just the link somewhere
15:49<jaakko_>gcs: ls -l `which gcc`
15:49<jaakko_>gcs: you might try to change that link pointig the version you want
15:49<jaakko_>gcs: at your own risk :)
15:50<gcs>jaakko_: Yes, /usr/bin/{gcc,g++} symlink to g{cc.++}-4.2 . Still in buildds gcc-4.3 is the default. I don't think all buildds modified by hand.
15:50-!-GoNoGo [] has joined #debian
15:51-!-morfeu [~carlos@] has left #debian []
15:53-!-sebash_ [] has joined #debian
15:56-!-yayo [] has joined #debian
15:56-!-craigevil-eee [] has joined #debian
15:58-!-HellTiger [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:00-!-sebash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:02-!-jjmiv [] has joined #debian
16:05-!-usrname [] has joined #debian
16:05-!-usrname [] has quit []
16:05-!-user01 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:11-!-Laeborg [] has joined #debian
16:11-!-jrolland-iBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:11-!-yayo [] has left #debian []
16:12-!-Papanico [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:14-!-jrolland-iBook [] has joined #debian
16:19-!-craigevil-eee [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:23-!-mikes [~mikes@] has joined #debian
16:24-!-munckfish [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:25-!-klh[away] is now known as klh
16:25-!-dendrite [] has joined #debian
16:27-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
16:27-!-jrolland-iBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:29-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has joined #debian
16:29-!-GoNoGo [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
16:29-!-Mater_TuX [] has joined #debian
16:29-!-DaRtH_VaDeR [~anakin@] has joined #debian
16:29-!-Mater_TuX [] has left #debian []
16:30-!-jjmiv [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:31<schlurchz>Guys, by any chance, is it possible that NFS isn't entirely accurate with file time stamps?
16:32-!-jrolland-iBook [] has joined #debian
16:32-!-Laeborg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:32-!-BaD_CrC [] has joined #debian
16:33<schlurchz>I have a test routine here that sets the mtime of a file to 14 days + 1 second ago, and immediately afterwards it's not regarded older than 14 days.
16:34-!-xatiya [] has joined #debian
16:34-!-jrolland-iBook is now known as jrolland-MacBook
16:34-!-DaRtH_VaDeR [~anakin@] has quit [Killed (NickServ (Too many failed password attempts.))]
16:34<schlurchz>(this makes git-core FTBFS on NFS, btw)
16:34-!-DaRtH_VaDeR [~anakin@] has joined #debian
16:35<schlurchz>very weird.
16:35-!-DaRtH_VaDeR is now known as DaRtHo
16:35-!-muammar [~muammar@] has quit [Quit: imagine a big red swirl here..!]
16:36<schlurchz>I've to investigat that further.
16:36<xatiya>What is error code 24?
16:36-!-DaRtHo [~anakin@] has quit []
16:37<jaakko_>xatiya: grub?
16:37-!-sara [] has joined #debian
16:37-!-sara [] has quit []
16:38<jaakko_>xatiya: where do you get that!
16:38-!-madrescher [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:39<schlurchz>.oO( windows messagebox )
16:39<fxiny>habemus gtk_II_X
16:39-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
16:39-!-knoppix_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:39<jaakko_>xatiya: I was wondering if that is an error code from Grub. Did I miss you earlier discussion?
16:40<xatiya>a free software that has nothing to do with debian
16:40<xatiya>sorry for my bad english
16:40<fxiny>no f* extensions , firebus3-rc1 is naked !
16:40<xatiya>te software make a server the ragrarok online (the game)
16:41<xatiya>I know that Linux has error codes
16:41<jaakko_>xatiya: the kernel?
16:41-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
16:41<xatiya>and the numbers have to do with a type error
16:41<erKURITA>not eAthena
16:42<erKURITA>then you better go to and enter #athena
16:42<erKURITA>that has nothing to do with Debian
16:42<xatiya>is eAthena why?
16:42<xatiya>ok sorry
16:42-!-leetsweden [] has joined #debian
16:43-!-leetsweden [] has quit []
16:43-!-xatiya [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
16:43-!-linuX|Reneger [] has quit [Quit: linuX|Reneger]
16:44-!-gass [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:44-!-HaMMiE [] has joined #debian
16:46-!-makke [] has joined #debian
16:46-!-famelix [] has joined #debian
16:46-!-alec [] has joined #debian
16:47-!-famelix [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:47-!-alec is now known as linux_powwa
16:47-!-linux_powwa [] has quit []
16:47-!-gcs [~gcs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:48-!-dpm_ [] has joined #debian
16:51-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has joined #debian
16:54-!-kripple [] has joined #debian
16:54-!-kripple [] has quit []
16:55-!-dpm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:56-!-foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:00-!-luca_ [] has joined #debian
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17:01-!-eviljess [] has joined #debian
17:01<eviljess>lo all
17:02-!-rosa [] has joined #debian
17:03<eviljess>anyone have recomendations for a good streaming plug in with live show abilities for debian?
17:03-!-fxiny [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:03<eviljess>been trying a few and all of them either crashed or made me wanna pull my hair out
17:03-!-rosa [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:06-!-kutio [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
17:09-!-prahal [] has joined #debian
17:09-!-Hydroxide [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:10-!-Hydroxide [] has joined #debian
17:12-!-prahal [] has quit []
17:13-!-kutio [] has joined #debian
17:14-!-bcochofel [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:15-!-ricardo_ [~ricardo@] has joined #debian
17:15-!-ricardo_ [~ricardo@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:16-!-Firewall [] has joined #debian
17:17-!-Zyklon-B [~morbid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:18-!-alphad [~alphad@] has joined #debian
17:20-!-DeadFishMan [] has joined #debian
17:20-!-woozy [] has joined #debian
17:21-!-rosa [] has joined #debian
17:21-!-DeadFishMan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:22-!-diego [] has joined #debian
17:22<diego>hi there, I just got my hp webcam working but now I want to use my hp express card tv tuner
17:22<diego>came with a HP DV9548US laptop
17:23<diego>and I cant find anything for it :(
17:23-!-firewallcz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:23<diego>also, camorama does not work, but xawtv does (for webcam)
17:23-!-pikapika [] has joined #debian
17:23<pikapika>I have some problems with grub2 to detect other oses
17:23<diego>any help :D ?
17:24<diego>which is the problem ?
17:24-!-rosa [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:24<pikapika>diego: first thanks for help ;)
17:24-!-ptniemi [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:24<diego>pika: no prob, maybe I dont know, hehe
17:24<pikapika>i installed grub2 and os-prober, but still have no entries for other oses
17:24<diego>it does not detect you some os ?
17:24<diego>oh, I see, its a windows right?
17:25-!-pepe_ [] has joined #debian
17:25<pikapika>no freebsd and opensolair
17:25-!-pepe_ [] has left #debian []
17:25-!-rosa [] has joined #debian
17:26<pikapika>and the update-grub uses templates and overwrite the grub.cfg even with modifications
17:26<pikapika>more complex than legacy-grub :)
17:27<rosa>¿Alaguien me puede enviar a un chat en castellano?gracias
17:27<diego>rosa: si, puedo
17:27<rosa>¿como hago?
17:27<diego>pikapika: ohh, yes, I would look for menu.lst examples for pika: i would look examples for menu.lst
17:28<diego>(damn copy lol)
17:28<dpalacio>rosa: /j #debian-es
17:28<diego>pika: it should work lol
17:28<rosa>muchas gracias y buena noche
17:28<pikapika>diego: the grub.cfg that replaces the menu.lst is totally overwritten at update-grub, i can't write entries to it
17:29-!-diego [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:32-!-giota [] has joined #debian
17:32-!-giota [] has quit []
17:32-!-tombs [] has quit [Quit: N.Y.H.C.]
17:33-!-dpalacio [~david@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:33<eviljess>from earlier anyone know a shoutcast like plug in (for djing not server) for debian i've already tried liquidsoap,butt,idjc, none of those apps worked
17:39-!-DrHackenbush [] has joined #debian
17:41-!-asteroid [] has joined #debian
17:42-!-humbolto [] has joined #debian
17:42-!-DrHackenbush [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:42<asteroid>i have an incident (might be a problem) with audacity
17:42-!-p_quarles [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:43<asteroid>it plays files 5 % faster
17:43<asteroid>i think audacity works ok
17:44<asteroid>what steps do i take to find out if the box is still safe?
17:44<asteroid>i can't see any strange connections
17:45<eviljess>that's more a sound recorder
17:45<eviljess>what i'm looking for is a program that streams radio
17:46<asteroid>streams both ogg and mp3
17:46<eviljess>with the capabilty to do live shows?
17:46<asteroid>of course
17:46<eviljess>might retry that i think that's one of the ones that my computer looked at and fell over on
17:49<asteroid>how do i get the proper libraries back to make audacity working normal again?
17:51<asteroid>please don't make me use windows.
17:51-!-john [~john@] has joined #debian
17:51-!-TiEuAM [] has joined #debian
17:52-!-clown_ [~clown@] has joined #debian
17:52<asteroid>thanks, it seems that nobody knows an answer
17:52<asteroid>i guess i have to reinstall debian
17:52-!-asteroid [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:53<john>hi, i have just installed debian on a new server from a cd and my sources.list is empty with only the cd info....which repos do I need??
17:54<clown_>it depends on what u intent to install
17:55<john>thanks clown... I was trying to set up LAMP .. and i'm on mysql but there are dependencies that are not being met
17:56-!-lars_ [~lars@] has joined #debian
17:56-!-Hydroxide [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:56<john>i can't even install mysql-client or server
17:56-!-Hydroxide [] has joined #debian
17:56<john>apaches and php installed fine from cd
17:57<john>btw i'm installing etch
17:58<chealer>john: probably just main
17:58-!-Laeborg [] has joined #debian
17:58<clown_>maybe restricted too
17:58<john>yea i dont have main and can't find the url through google yet
17:58-!-lea_w [] has joined #debian
17:59<clown_>try adding -> deb etch main
17:59<clown_>into your /etc/apt/source.list
17:59<lea_w>I'm having "# X-Start-Before: networking" in an init script, but the script is still started after networking. Any ideas why this might be?
18:00<lea_w>It doesn't have any Required-Start/Stop lines.
18:00<john>i would have thought main and restricted would be written to my sources by default..trying now
18:00<john>thanks clown...i have been searching all day for the url
18:01<clown_>john, np
18:02-!-lars [~lars@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:05-!-makke [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:05-!-Christmas [] has joined #debian
18:06-!-blubberdiblub [] has quit [Quit: Santa Maria, den Schnitzelwagen, Santa Maria]
18:07-!-curcius [] has joined #debian
18:07-!-curcius [] has quit []
18:10-!-_shai_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:10-!-Jussi [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:14-!-kevin_ [] has joined #debian
18:14-!-weld [] has joined #debian
18:14-!-Engywuck [] has joined #debian
18:15-!-kevin_ [] has quit []
18:15<Engywuck>i see there are twontfs drivers in testing: ntfs-3g and ntfsmount from ntfsprogs
18:15<Engywuck>which one is "better"?
18:18<erKURITA>ntfs-3g is the driver
18:18<erKURITA>ntfsmount just invokes the ntfs-3g
18:18<erKURITA>err, maybe
18:18<erKURITA>le sux
18:18<dpkg>from memory, ntfs-3g is a user-space NTFS driver with write support and good performance. It is available in Lenny, or through for Etch (ask me about <> for instructions and see Usage examples:
18:19-!-Firewall [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:19-!-tribex [~tribex@] has joined #debian
18:20-!-tribex [~tribex@] has quit []
18:20-!-githogori [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:20-!-githogori [] has joined #debian
18:21-!-githogori [] has quit []
18:21-!-githogori [] has joined #debian
18:21<Engywuck>hmmm. ntfsmount says it's something different...
18:21-!-witte [] has joined #debian
18:22<erKURITA>I can't really recall
18:22<erKURITA>but I'd go for ntfs-3g if I had to choose
18:23<Engywuck>thank you
18:23-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has quit [Quit: Jak mam vedet, jestli to chodi? To je smysl betatesteru. Ja to jenom napsal. - Linus Torvalds]
18:26-!-Zyklon-B [~morbid@] has joined #debian
18:26-!-Laeborg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:26-!-corrado [] has joined #debian
18:27-!-rosa is now known as nika50
18:27-!-Seb [] has joined #debian
18:28-!-corrado [] has left #debian []
18:29-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:30-!-ppikula_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:32-!-alphad [~alphad@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:32-!-nick_ [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-ludax [] has joined #debian
18:35<nick_>anybody know how to create a package CD from a partial Debian mirror? Specifically I want etch non-free and debian-multimedia for a PC that without a network connection.
18:35<witte>maybe jigdo?
18:36<dpkg>it has been said that jigdo is *the* method for downloading CD/DVD images of Debian. at or
18:36<nick_>will that include non-free?
18:36<witte>nick_: don't know, you'll have to go through the manual to see what it can do
18:36<kop>Yeah, if you don't want to just download the cd images for the release.
18:36-!-wo0zy [] has joined #debian
18:36<kop>nick_ : The trick is going to be splitting up the data into different cds.
18:37-!-faw [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:37<kop>nick_ : I _know_ that jigdo will re-master/patch old cds as new stuff comes in. Let us know if it'll make cds from a repostory from scratch.
18:37-!-alphad [~alphad@] has joined #debian
18:38<kop>nick_ : The people who make the debian cds use _some_ tool. :)
18:39-!-woozy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:40<nick_>ok I've got a partial mirror and just burned the tree to a CD, but when I apt-cdrom it it fails with:
18:40-!-moka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:40<kop>What do I need to read to understand the relationship between what needs to go on in the kernel to support X and what goes on in Xorg? I know the Radeon driver (in sid) supports the chipset I'm interested in, but I don't want to run sid. I'd like to backport what I need/build whatever kernel I need.
18:40<nick_>E: could not open file /cdrom/debian/dists/etch/non-free/source/Release
18:41-!-oxymor00n [~user@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:41<nick_>E: Unable to determine the file size - fstat (9 Bad file descriptor)
18:41<kop>nick_ : I assume that file is not on the cd? Maybe because the cd ran out of space?
18:41<kop>nick_ : What did you use to make the mirror? A debian mirror tool or something you rolled yourself?
18:41-!-tj [] has joined #debian
18:41<erKURITA>maybe could help you?
18:42<abrotman>CDs don't have non-free
18:42<abrotman>i dn't think anyways
18:42<erKURITA>whoops, maybe not
18:43<kop>erKURITA : I went looking the other day and it didn't help. Besides, I think it's time I learned to do that sort of thing myself. Mostly, backporting should be an easy recomple. (Although xorg is bound to be crazy, but for a single simple little program a recompile should be good.)
18:43<nick_>apt-mirror@deepthought:~/mirror$ du -sh
18:43<nick_>only downloaded non-free
18:43<nick_>used apt-mirror
18:44-!-tj [] has quit []
18:44-!-nika50 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:44<nick_>is there an extra file required on a CD? Some sort of index?
18:44<kop>erKURITA : I retain the hopeful fantasy that now that xorg is modular maybe I only need to backport the driver module that I need.
18:45-!-aloha-shin [~Alejandro@] has joined #debian
18:45<aloha-shin>hey erKURITA
18:45<aloha-shin>your from eA
18:45<kop>nick_ : There's a bunch of stuff like that. I don't know the details.
18:45<erKURITA>I am
18:45<erKURITA>I was
18:46<erKURITA>I'm no longer there
18:46<aloha-shin>oh yea im right
18:46<aloha-shin>I know u
18:46<aloha-shin>I'm one of the member reading your guide about item_db
18:46<aloha-shin>and mob_db
18:47<erKURITA>it's quite outdated, anyway
18:48<aloha-shin>i see.
18:48<aloha-shin>but stilluseful
18:48-!-eviljess [] has quit []
18:48-!-jaakko_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:49-!-Cheatah [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:50<nick_>ok thanks for the hints. I'll try to tackle this another day. I'll blog my results if I succeed.
18:51-!-nick_ [] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
18:51-!-Christma1 [~dsotm@] has joined #debian
18:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 377] by debhelper
18:52-!-minimalisti [~minimalis@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:53-!-faw [] has joined #debian
18:53-!-john [~john@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:53-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:54-!-ludax [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:54-!-Christmas [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:55-!-Cheatah [] has joined #debian
18:55-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
18:55-!-kutio [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:58-!-dpm_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:58-!-Number9 [] has joined #debian
18:59-!-Fade_To_Black [] has joined #debian
18:59<Number9>could someone tell me what is acceptable permissions to give a user in sudo? i know ALL=(ALL) ALL is a bad idea--whats a good stretegy?
19:00<dondelelcaro>Number9: depends what you want the user to do
19:00<dondelelcaro>Number9: that's what I have, but I know the root password too.
19:01<Fade_To_Black>does anyone know how to change appearance of the mouse pointers in the session chooser / login screen? I use gdm
19:01<Number9>i am trying to let the normal user on the web and also run whats in /usr/bin
19:02<dondelelcaro>Number9: they shouldn't need root access then.
19:03-!-alphad [~alphad@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:03-!-grand_grunt [] has joined #debian
19:03<Number9>i need it to run jack audio as root
19:03<witte>Fade_To_Black: have a look at /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and /usr/share/gdm/defaults.conf
19:04<Fade_To_Black>witte: tnx
19:05<witte>Fade_To_Black: i am not sure that it is the correct location, but it would seem logical if it were :-)
19:05-!-aloha-shin [~Alejandro@] has left #debian []
19:06<Fade_To_Black>witte: yup that's the location
19:08<witte>Fade_To_Black: there is also a mention of a gdmsetup command
19:08-!-marcelo [] has joined #debian
19:08<marcelo>Hello out there
19:08-!-Zyklon-B [~morbid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:09-!-marcelo is now known as Guest1519
19:10<Guest1519>Mein erste Mal hier
19:10<dpkg>well, openssl is the OpenSource version of Secure Socket Layer, or
19:10-!-Mantaar [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:11-!-Number9 [] has quit [Quit: core dumped.]
19:12-!-pos_ [~mark@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:12-!-Guest1519 [] has quit []
19:14-!-clown_ [~clown@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:15-!-ivanilson [] has joined #debian
19:15-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:17-!-aloha-shin [~Alejandro@] has joined #debian
19:18-!-ravenbird [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:18-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
19:18-!-flami [] has joined #debian
19:19-!-neocalderon [] has joined #debian
19:19-!-qq [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:20<flami>Hi, where can I see what options apt uses when it runs a command ( e.g. Running fmtutil-sys ... fmtutil-sys --what ? )
19:20-!-ravenbird [] has joined #debian
19:21-!-MoDaX [] has joined #debian
19:22-!-qq [] has joined #debian
19:22<witte>flami: in /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.postinst *.postrm *.prerm *.preinst
19:25-!-pikapika [] has quit [Quit: bye]
19:26-!-dendrite [] has quit [Quit: l8rz]
19:26-!-ivanilson [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
19:27-!-MoDaX [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:27-!-Gekz [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
19:28-!-MoDaX [~nth@] has joined #debian
19:29-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:30-!-Gekz [] has joined #debian
19:31-!-neocalderon [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 369] by debhelper
19:33-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:34-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:34-!-HaMMiE [] has quit [Quit: byessssssssssssssssssssssssss]
19:36-!-Christma1 [~dsotm@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:36-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
19:36-!-Christma1 [~dsotm@] has joined #debian
19:40-!-grand_grunt [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
19:42-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
19:43-!-kcynice [~kcynice@] has joined #debian
19:43-!-rmayorga [rmayorga@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:44<kcynice>a want to install virtualbox, so i add a item, deb etch non-free
19:44<kcynice>but i got an error said the source can't be verified because the public key is not available:
19:46-!-TiEuAM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:46-!-TiEuAM [] has joined #debian
19:47-!-pos [~mark@] has joined #debian
19:47<flami>so start searching for it and install it e.g. like this : wget -q [URL to key ] -O- | apt-key add -
19:47<flami>or just ignore the error
19:47-!-klh is now known as klh[dodo]
19:47-!-tamis [~tamis@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:47<flami>kcynice, --^ up there
19:48-!-p_quarles [] has joined #debian
19:48<kcynice>if so, i will cant use apt-get right?
19:48-!-thomasbl [] has quit [Quit: bye]
19:49<kcynice>follow a tourist, i add "wget -O-| apt-key add
19:49-!-ant_p [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:50<kcynice>but it will tell me"Type 'wget' is not known on line 18 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list
19:50<flami>no just run that command
19:51<flami>its not for your sources.list
19:51<kcynice>ok. how to compose a complete command?
19:51<flami>also use aptitude install bla ... its moar awesome ( dependency resolution wise )
19:51<flami>uhmmm copy paste , enter ?
19:52-!-neocalderon [] has joined #debian
19:52<kcynice>ok. i wii try
19:53-!-ant_p [] has joined #debian
19:54-!-neocalderon [] has quit []
19:55-!-lea_w [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:55-!-neocalderon [] has joined #debian
19:55-!-pos [~mark@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:55-!-pos_ [~mark@] has joined #debian
19:55-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
19:56-!-flami [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:00-!-piju [~piju@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:06-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:06-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
20:07-!-Fade_To_Black [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:12-!-bpZero [] has joined #debian
20:14-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
20:15-!-kokalos [] has joined #debian
20:15-!-kokalos [] has quit []
20:16-!-leoserra [] has joined #debian
20:16-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:17-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has joined #debian
20:18-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
20:18-!-Engywuck [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:19-!-tr00 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:20-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:22-!-yayo [] has joined #debian
20:22<yayo>hi when I plug a USB thumb drive it says "Unable to mount selected volume"
20:22<yayo>help please =3
20:23<witte>yayo: where does it say that?
20:23<yayo>I click on the Computer icon on desktop
20:23<yayo>and click on my USB thumb drive
20:23<yayo>then that pops up
20:24<witte>yayo: probably you want to add the option "user" to the usb line of you /etc/fstab
20:25<witte>yayo: this line is in my /etc/fstab: /dev/sdb1 /media/usb_stick auto rw,user,exec,noauto,defaults 0 0
20:26<yayo>can I copy and paste this?
20:26<witte>yayo: no
20:26<yayo>where do i add it
20:26-!-Silensius [] has joined #debian
20:27<yayo>there are multiple lines?
20:27<witte>yayo: can you upload your file to a pastebin, i will tell where you need to add it
20:27<dpkg>Please don't paste anything into the channel; use a paste site instead, like:,,, for pics. --- Also ask me: <pastebin pipe>
20:29-!-NetNuttt [] has joined #debian
20:30<Silensius>hi everybody, does anyome give me a link for a guide installing debian on a thinkpad R2 sorry but i'm a newbie user
20:30<yayo>sorry witte
20:30<yayo>brb ok
20:30-!-itomato [] has joined #debian
20:31<witte>yayo: ok
20:31<dpkg>I heard "ig" is Installation Guide...see for Etch 4.0 stable, or for now oldstable Sarge (3.1). Lenny is now the new Testing!
20:31-!-lea_w [] has joined #debian
20:31-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:31<witte>Silensius: and have a look at
20:31-!-neocalderon [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
20:32<itomato>can anyone tell me where the inittab that is actually used in a live build is stored/generated? I have to destroy this "user" user login problem..
20:32<itomato>it's killing me.
20:32<Silensius>thanks witte, just one thng i need debain ask me format in ext2 or ext3 i just use my computer for reading email
20:33<witte>Silensius: that all doesn't matter that much, i always use ext3
20:35<Silensius>thank's for all i go to read the how to first
20:37-!-a [~a@] has joined #debian
20:37-!-pos_ [~mark@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:37-!-a [~a@] has left #debian []
20:38-!-yayo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:39-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
20:42-!-kcynice [~kcynice@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:44-!-Mobil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:45-!-Laeborg [] has joined #debian
20:45-!-jegc [jegc@] has joined #debian
20:47-!-linac [~lin@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:48-!-morfeu [~morfeu@] has joined #debian
20:48-!-morfeu [~morfeu@] has quit [Quit: [BX] The Power Rangers use BitchX. Shouldn't you?]
20:49-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:50-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
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20:52-!-morfeu [~morfeu@] has joined #debian
20:52-!-june [~june@] has joined #debian
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20:55-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:56-!-yayo [] has joined #debian
20:57<yayo>witte did you get a chance to see it?
20:57-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
21:01-!-pcc [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:02-!-Quaternion [] has joined #debian
21:02-!-pos_ [~mark@] has joined #debian
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21:04-!-Quaternion [] has quit []
21:04-!-Morphous_ [] has joined #debian
21:05-!-jpolowy [] has joined #debian
21:06<witte>yayo: hello, yes, i saw it, there is no line for your usb drive in there
21:06<jpolowy>how do i go about getting my wireless nic card working? its a broadcom.... fresh install of lenny
21:06<witte>yayo: do you have usbmount installed?
21:07<witte>jpolowy: can you give the lspci output of your card?
21:07<jpolowy>witte: sure.. been awhile since i been on linux.. gimme a sec
21:07<witte>jpolowy: don't paste the entire output here, only the one line
21:07<yayo>sorry how do I do that?
21:08<jpolowy>yup i know ;-0
21:08<witte>yayo: open a terminal and type "dpkg -l | grep usbmount"
21:08<jpolowy>03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI (rev 01)
21:08-!-mrpouet [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08<witte>yayo: (there are also gui ways to do that, but this is easier ;))
21:09-!-sam_ [] has joined #debian
21:09<yayo>ah ok
21:09<yayo>hang on
21:09<yayo>let me try it
21:10-!-sam_ is now known as S^_^S
21:10<yayo>I see no output
21:10<jpolowy>witte, above is what ya needed right
21:10<aloha-shin>hi everyone
21:11<aloha-shin>where is default install place for the current config of kernel, on lenny
21:11<aloha-shin>default install place for the current config of kernel, on lenny
21:11<witte>jpolowy: ok, i am google for the correct driver
21:11<jpolowy>witte, thanks for helping :-)
21:11-!-Morphous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:12<witte>yayo: ok: as root do: aptitude install usbmount
21:12-!-S^_^S [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:13-!-faw [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:13<aloha-shin>default install place for the current config of kernel, on lenny
21:13<yayo>now what witte?
21:13<aloha-shin>ahmm hello
21:13<aloha-shin>anyone knows the default install place for the current config of kernel, on lenny
21:14-!-habtool [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:14<TiEuAM>yes, someone know where is this ".config" file, when we compil kernel
21:14<witte>yayo: get your usb device out, and plug it back in
21:14<witte>yayo: now try again
21:15<dpkg>bcm43xx is a driver for Broadcom's wireless chipsets ( included in kernels since 2.6.17-rc2, "modprobe bcm43xx" in Etch. Firmware required to be loaded before operation, ask me about <bcm43xx-fwcutter>. Deprecated by <b43legacy> in kernels 2.6.24 and later. USB devices are not supported. Disabled in Debian 2.6.24+ kernel images.
21:16<dpkg>i heard b43legacy is the new driver for legacy Broadcom wireless chipsets (ie. old 802.11b and early model 802.11g), included since kernel 2.6.24 ( Version 3 firmware required to be loaded before operation, ask about <b43-fwcutter>. USB devices are not supported. Modern BCM43xx devices are supported by the <b43> driver. See also <which b43>.
21:16-!-Holborn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:16<dpkg>extra, extra, read all about it, b43 is the new driver for modern Broadcom 802.11g and 802.11a wireless chipsets (, included since kernel 2.6.24. Use <b43-fwcutter> to extract version 4 firmware for this driver. USB devices are not supported. For a list of supported devices, see Legacy BCM43xx devices are supported by the <b43legacy> driver. See ...
21:16<dpkg>hmm... b43 is the new driver for modern Broadcom 802.11g and 802.11a wireless chipsets (, included since kernel 2.6.24. Use <b43-fwcutter> to extract version 4 firmware for this driver. USB devices are not supported. For a list of supported devices, see Legacy BCM43xx devices are supported by the <b43legacy> driver. See also <which b43>.
21:16<witte>jpolowy: you should have 2.6.24 kernel installed now (or you should do that, it is in lenny
21:17-!-Brownout [~brownout@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:17<jpolowy>ya its already installed stock....
21:17<yayo>no progress
21:17-!-NetNuttt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:18<witte>jpolowy: have a look at the pages dpkg told about to see which you need (legacy or not), and then ask dpkg about teh correct firmware cutter
21:18-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
21:19<witte>yayo: ok, try to make a directory /media/usb1: k
21:19<witte>yayo: mkdir /media/usb1
21:20<yayo>file exsist
21:20<yayo>can not be made
21:21-!-sam_ [] has joined #debian
21:22<witte>yayo: ok, i just installed it myself as it seemed to be the best option for you (i usually do everything by hand) but now i see that usbmount has issues with vfat so probably it is nothing for you, let's try the alternative route
21:23-!-jpolowy [] has quit [Quit: thanks witte]
21:23<yayo>sounds good
21:24<witte>yayo: first, let's determine which device it is: if you type "dmesg" in your console, you will get a lot of output, and in the end there should be somethign about "sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb]..."
21:25<yayo>where do I type this?
21:25-!-neocalderon [] has joined #debian
21:25<yayo>in terminal?
21:25<witte>yayo: and then there should be a line with "sdb:" or "sdb: sdb1" or somethign similar (that can also be sda instead of sdb
21:25<witte>yayo: just in console
21:25-!-Aemis [~aemis@] has joined #debian
21:26<yayo>omg..I am so a nub
21:26<yayo>what's the consol
21:26-!-haxi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:26-!-qq [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:26<witte>yayo: the terminal
21:26<witte>yayo: the doslike window ;-)
21:27-!-berto [] has quit [Quit: bye]
21:28-!-shivraj [] has quit [Quit: BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.]
21:28<yayo>there is a lot of lines like that
21:28-!-Aemis [~aemis@] has left #debian []
21:29<yayo>want me to paste it on that site and show oyu?
21:29<witte>ok, yes, that should be ok, but there is one line with only the device and its partitions normally
21:29<witte>or you can paste it as well...
21:31<erKURITA>you guys are still trying to mount an usb key?
21:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 360] by debhelper
21:32<erKURITA>it ain't that hard
21:32<witte>erKURITA: yes, first thought usbmount would be the easiest
21:32<erKURITA>witte fdisk /dev/sdb
21:32<erKURITA>fdisk -l /dev/sdb
21:33<yayo>I should type that?
21:33-!-sam_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:33<erKURITA>witte <=
21:33<yayo>=3 k
21:33<witte>yayo: ok, put this in your /etc/fstab: "/dev/sdb1 /media/usb auto rw,user,exec,noauto,defaults 0 0"
21:34<erKURITA>it will tell you the partitions and filesystems, after that, just mount -t type /dev/sdbX /mnt/dir, where type is the filesystem type, X is the partition number shown in that command, and dir a directory to mount it at
21:34<witte>yayo: next, mkdir /media/usb
21:34<erKURITA>actually, who's trying to mount it
21:34<erKURITA>witte or yayo
21:34<erKURITA>then you
21:34<witte>erKURITA: yeah, but i needed to know if it was sdb or sdc or sda or sdb1...
21:35<witte>erKURITA: once you have figured that out, it is trivial ;-)
21:35<erKURITA>fdisk -l will tell you all the devices then
21:35<yayo>ok what do I type
21:35-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has joined #debian
21:35<erKURITA>fdisk -l
21:35<yayo>who do I listen to?
21:35<witte>erKURITA: yeah, probably that was the easiest thing, but i usually just look in dmesg in the last part
21:35-!-Silensius [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
21:36<witte>yayo: both :P
21:36<yayo>ok type what first
21:36<yayo>fdisk -1l?
21:36<erKURITA>l, as in lowercase L
21:36<witte>yayo: no, type the thing i mentioned in /etc/fstab, and you should be able to mount your usb stick every time
21:36-!-june [~june@] has quit [Quit: 전 이만 갑니다.]
21:37-!-qq [] has joined #debian
21:39-!-leoserra [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:39-!-p1L6r1M [~p1L6r1M@] has joined #debian
21:40-!-path [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:43-!-lea_w [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:43<yayo>please see that
21:43<yayo>I get that error when I open the USB
21:44-!-terrestre [] has joined #debian
21:44<erKURITA>fdisk -l please
21:44-!-sebbowolf [] has joined #debian
21:45-!-terrestre [] has quit []
21:46-!-freak_ [] has joined #debian
21:46-!-moivoi [] has joined #debian
21:46<erKURITA>create a directory in /mnt, or if you have one in /media use that one
21:46<erKURITA>mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /mnt/dir
21:47<erKURITA>replace /mnt/dir with the path to the directory you created, or the one in /media
21:47<erKURITA>it should mount. If it doesn't, execute fsck.vfat /dev/sdb1
21:48<yayo>I have mnt and media
21:48<yayo>what do I use?
21:48<erKURITA> /mnt is a directory on its own, you need to create a directory inside. If you have one inside media that you created previously, use that one.
21:48<erKURITA>directory as in folder
21:48<yayo>what should I name it?
21:49-!-p1L6r1M [~p1L6r1M@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
21:49<witte>yayo: sorry was gone for a minute
21:49<yayo>inside media
21:49<yayo>there are many USB folder
21:49<yayo>they are all empty
21:49<witte>yayo: you have a fault in your /etc/fstab
21:49<erKURITA>he doesn't
21:50<witte>you should have exec instead of exes
21:50-!-Bravewolf [] has joined #debian
21:50<witte>erKURITA: that could cause the "bad option" warning...
21:50<yayo>BOO YEA
21:51<yayo>thank youuuuuu
21:51<erKURITA>exec is pointless anyway when he has the ownership of the mount. That means when he mounts it.
21:51<erKURITA>with his own user
21:51<witte>erKURITA: well yes, true, he can leave it out if he wants, but it cant hurt
21:51-!-Bravewolf [] has quit []
21:51<erKURITA>true aswell
21:51-!-swolf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:52<yayo>ah crap
21:52<yayo>now my External harddrive
21:52<yayo>this all use to WORK..what happend
21:52<witte>yayo: this is similar
21:52<yayo>all I did was restart
21:53<yayo>so what should I type in that folder to get it going aswell witte
21:53<yayo>all my files are in that
21:54<witte>yayo: there is some gnome stuff that does all that stuff automatically (and most people like that kind of stuff)
21:54<erKURITA>I, myself
21:54<witte>but i don't remember the name (as i am not one of those people
21:54<yayo>how do I use these "stuff"
21:54<erKURITA>though I have my pen's own entry in fstab
21:55<dpkg>[gnome-volume-manager] a package for gnome users that will automount removable volumes. aptitude install gnome-volume-manager pmount ; adduser username plugdev ; you will have to log out and back in before it works
21:55<witte>yes, that's the one
21:55<erKURITA>it's automatically installed with Gnome, afaikl
21:55<witte>yayo: do what dpkg told: aptitude install gnome-volume-manager pmount ; adduser yayo plugdev
21:56<yayo>; adduser yayo plugdev ;
21:57<yayo>do I change yayo with my user name on computer?
21:57<witte>yayo: yes :-)
21:59<yayo>nothing really installed?
21:59<yayo>all it did was adding user "yayo" to group
21:59<witte>yayo: can you log out and try if it worked?
22:01-!-itomato [] has left #debian [Bye, now..]
22:03<yayo>it says
22:03<yayo>you do not have permission to view contents of "usb0"
22:04-!-bpZero [] has left #debian []
22:04<erKURITA>maybe root is mounting it
22:04<yayo>how do I make so it doesn;t?
22:05-!-Brownout [] has joined #debian
22:05-!-Seb [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:05<erKURITA>with the user option it should be more than enough
22:05-!-Seb [] has joined #debian
22:06<yayo>apprently its not atm
22:06<erKURITA>cat /etc/mtab
22:07<yayo>what you want meto show?
22:09-!-path [] has joined #debian
22:10<erKURITA>remove the user in the /etc/fstab entry and add
22:11-!-sysop [~sysop@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:11<erKURITA>/dev/sdb1 /media/usb auto rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,exec,noauto,defaults 0 0
22:11<erKURITA>there, change the line with this one
22:12<erKURITA>oh and
22:12<erKURITA>/dev/sdb1 /media/usb auto rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,exec,defaults 0 0
22:12<erKURITA>that last one
22:12-!-Tavitux [] has joined #debian
22:12<erKURITA>noauto may be forbidding gnome-volume-manager
22:13*witte thinks noauto could indeed be the reason it failed
22:14<witte>yayo: if you have several usb devices that can be plugged in simultaneous, it could be interesting to replace /dev/sdb1 by /dev/disk/by-uuid/<correct-uuid>
22:16<witte>yayo: but consider that as a note for now, use it when you find it obnoxious that the disks is sometimes mounted under /media/usb and the stick under /media/disk...
22:16-!-qeed [] has quit [Quit: qeed]
22:16<witte>yayo: if your external disk is always plugged you should have a problem without it...
22:17<yayo>now it says "mount: only root can mount /dev/sdb1 on /media/usb
22:17<yayo>son of a
22:17<witte>yayo: :-), you need user in those options
22:18<witte>yayo: did you try with the gui, or from command line?
22:18-!-esaym [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:18<yayo>to open it?
22:19<witte>yayo: try to add user in the options in /etc/fstab
22:20<witte>yayo: /dev/sdb1 /media/usb auto rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,user 0 0
22:21<witte>yayo: note that i removed exec and default because they are not needed, but you do not need to remove them
22:21<yayo>do I add this line?
22:21<yayo>oh replace it
22:21<yayo>with this /dev/sdb1 /media/usb auto rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,exec,defaults 0 0
22:22<witte>yayo: replace the line you have with sdb1 with the one i gave
22:24<yayo>replace user with my name?
22:24<yayo>im guessing year?
22:24<witte>yayo: no, just user
22:24<witte>yayo: it means that it is mountable by any user (and you do not need to be root)
22:25<yayo>OMG my pc blew UP
22:25-!-Edwar [~edwar@] has joined #debian
22:25<erKURITA>lol ?
22:26<yayo>it's dead
22:26<yayo>nah just kidding, just so happy haha it's finally working (don't want to jinx it xd)
22:27<yayo>Thank you so very much Witte and erKURITA
22:27<erKURITA>you're welcome
22:27<yayo>I love you both
22:27-!-Tavitux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:27<yayo><3 xD
22:27*witte is happy he does not have to check his insurance company :P
22:27<yayo>but you know
22:27<yayo>funny story
22:27<yayo>when I first installed debian
22:28<yayo>half of my house power restarted
22:28<yayo>not joking
22:28<yayo>really happend...
22:28<witte>yayo: or the electricity in your house is really bad, or you have a 400 CPU "pc" :-)
22:28<witte>yayo: or it was not related to installing debian :P
22:29<yayo>a sign from above that debian is some power that should be used responsibly?
22:29<yayo>mine makes more sense..sorry =3
22:30-!-kurumin [] has joined #debian
22:31-!-kurumin [] has quit []
22:31<yayo>ok guys bye
22:32-!-yayo [] has quit []
22:32-!-esaym [] has joined #debian
22:34-!-omar [~omar@] has joined #debian
22:34-!-E0x [] has joined #debian
22:34-!-nike [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:35-!-omar [~omar@] has quit []
22:35-!-Edwar [~edwar@] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
22:35-!-TiEuAM [] has quit []
22:36-!-nike [] has joined #debian
22:37-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:38-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
22:38-!-mzhang [] has joined #debian
22:39-!-mzhang [] has quit []
22:41-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has left #debian []
22:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 354] by debhelper
22:44-!-june [~june@] has joined #debian
22:47<june>가락시장역 2번출구 KIPA 라,,, ㅎ
22:47<dpkg>from memory, cn is China, or for help in chinese please /j #debian-zh, or for help in chinese please /j #debian-zh Please use UTF-8, for IRC help see | Qt/KDE è¿æ¸¡æå¼å§ï¼è¯¦æ请é读
22:47-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:47-!-tehk [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
22:47<june>Oh~ my mistake ,,,,
22:48<june>BTW ,,, That's Korean
22:48<witte>june: ah, well, i believe you :)
22:49<witte>june: for me they look quite similar ;-)
22:49-!-Glooskep [~guillermo@] has joined #debian
22:49<june>hahah Yes I understand :)
22:49-!-Glooskep [~guillermo@] has quit []
22:52-!-tehk [] has joined #debian
22:54-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has joined #debian
22:56-!-jjmiv [] has joined #debian
22:56-!-snogglethorpe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:57-!-aredhel [] has joined #debian
22:58-!-morfeu [~morfeu@] has quit [Quit: BitchX: the official sponsor of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games]
23:00-!-ccube_ [] has joined #debian
23:03-!-mikes [~mikes@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:05-!-hikenboot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:05-!-devil_ [] has joined #debian
23:05-!-devil_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:05-!-devil_ [] has joined #debian
23:07-!-mentor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:07-!-ccube [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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23:11-!-zjason [] has left #debian []
23:12-!-devil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:15-!-black_13 [] has joined #debian
23:16<black_13>can xorg have unusual screen rations
23:17<erKURITA>if you have a triangular screen, let me know
23:17-!-moivoi [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:18-!-zjason [] has joined #debian
23:18<ranix>I don't find the need to ration my screen
23:18<ranix>I have enough of it to last several weeks
23:20<erKURITA>ranix I hadn't got it...
23:20<erKURITA>but yeah, I noticed now
23:22-!-thepretender84 [~thepreten@] has joined #debian
23:23-!-terrestre [] has joined #debian
23:26-!-Mobil [] has joined #debian
23:26-!-maxb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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23:38-!-thepretender84 [~thepreten@] has joined #debian
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23:38-!-Omlette [] has joined #debian
23:39-!-witte [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:39-!-Spyder [~want@] has joined #debian
23:39-!-Spyder is now known as torque
23:40-!-snogglethorpe [] has joined #debian
23:40<torque>anyone has an idea about the error in identd? it says error: no-user
23:40-!-Omlette [] has quit []
23:41-!-terrestre [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
23:41-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
23:49-!-thepretender84 [~thepreten@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:50-!-pat93 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 348] by debhelper
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