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00:07<blarson>tom-bbl: try the mailing list.
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00:11<RIVE>My computer joust fresse for the second time this night, how can i check whats wrong?
00:13<RIVE>What must search in the logs to know waht's wrong?
00:13<qq_>dmesg said what ?
00:13<overflow>RIVE: error message probably?
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00:14<RIVE>overflow, How is the easiest way to find that?
00:14<overflow>dmesg |less and start reading ...
00:14<RIVE>Sorry for "the easiest", but i have tried and i'm lost in the logs.
00:15<RIVE>Let me try that, thanks.
00:15<qq_>cat /var/log/syslog | grep freeze
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00:17<RIVE>qq_ no anwser for that comand.
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00:21<RIVE>logs files have to much info for me, don't know where to start that error.
00:21<RIVE>*don't know where to start to find the error.
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00:45<keith>Etch 4.0. AMD 64. Photography. Can RawStudio 0.4.1 open raw files?
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00:47<dpkg>i heard tias is try it and see, or what you should have done first
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01:01<HelpAttacked>can I have both apache2 and apache installe don ebian through apt-get and start whichever I want?
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01:02<oPen>alguien esta por ahi..??
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01:09<HelpAttacked>I just installed apache on Debian, and then installed liabache-mod-dosevasive
01:09<HelpAttacked>will it be automatically configured in httpd.conf
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01:16<keith>etch 4.0. Photography. Is there a program available that can open raw files?
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01:20<Nemoder>keith: try gimp-dcraw
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01:26<dogsbody>has anyone had trouble booting LennyBeta2 DVD
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01:27<dogsbody>has anyone used LennyBeta2 DVD successfully?
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01:31<dogsbody>I burned it to DVD with the command "growisofs -Z /dev/dvd-I burned it to DVD with "growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=debian.iso"
01:31<dogsbody>but it failed to boot.
01:32<dogsbody>I can boot to a slax cd, so I am having a problem with my ddebian dvd burn
01:32<HelpAttacked>what is the php5 module for apache1.3 ?
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01:33<jMCg>dogsbody: you did verify that the checksum fits?
01:33<jMCg>HelpAttacked: libapache-mod-php5
01:33<jMCg>Or so I would dare claim.
01:34<HelpAttacked>gotcha, thanks
01:34<HelpAttacked>does it automaticaly configure httpd.conf
01:34<dogsbody>I downloaded it with bittorrent and there was no checksum in the directory.
01:34<dogsbody>I can mount the DVD and see the file system though
01:36<jMCg>HelpAttacked: yes, to suck.
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01:36<dogsbody>I also tried to burn a CD with "wodim dev=/dev/cdrw debian.img"
01:36<dogsbody>but it wouldn't boot either.
01:39<dogsbody>do these look like the correct commands to burn a CD or DVD?
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01:40<Nemoder>dogsbody: is there an error while booting or does the bios not even try?
01:40<dogsbody>I see the checksums in the jigdo directory thanks I will test my image.
01:41<RIVE>dogsbody, The Hard disk is SATA?
01:41<dogsbody>Nemoder: the disk looks like it is being accessed but no kernel image boots on the IDE DVD burner
01:41<dogsbody>The Hard disk is SATA why?
01:43<RIVE>I did have problems whit SATA and Lenny, in two computers.
01:43<RIVE>So i did install Etch and then dist-upgrade to Lenny.
01:44<dogsbody>RIVE: My old 4.0 install disk did work, I could install with it and then upgrade
01:45<dogsbody>RIVE: thanks for the info.
01:45<RIVE>No problem, is joust my experince.
01:46<Nemoder>whatever works :) I'd recommend a very minimal install, less stuff to update
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01:46<RIVE>O yes, sorry, i installed Basic Etch, then upgrade.
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01:47<dogsbody>The MD5 checksum was correct.
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01:48<dogsbody>If Slax will boot, I thought I should see the kernel booting at the very least.
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01:49<dogsbody>If I install debian 4.0, I can use the new DVD to upgrade most of the packages.
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01:52<RIVE>dogsbody, i sugest to install from netinstall then dowload.
01:53<dogsbody>RIVE: I will try the Netinstall disk tomorrow. Thanks
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01:54<dogsbody>RIVE: Sorry, I understand, I can upgrade the packages over the net, I thought using the DVD would save bandwidth
01:54<RIVE>dogsbody, netinstall basic etch, then upgrade.
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01:55<dogsbody>RIVE Ok, thanks
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01:56<RIVE>It takes more time, but for me it whot it.
01:56<RIVE>Hi Guarumin.
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01:57<Guarumin>i am brasilian, and you?
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01:57<dogsbody>Hello from Canada
01:58<Guarumin>speak in portuguese?
01:58<RIVE>NOt word of portuguese.
01:59<dpkg>Por favor use #debian-pt para ajuda em portugues ou #debian-br para ajuda em portugues do brasil. ( /join #debian-pt )
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02:20<xbj9000>my older PC is able to use ACPI, but it won't shut off after powering down.. can I make it shut off without resorting to APM?
02:21<HelpAttacked>Is there a VPS hosting out there that specializes in security, DDOS attack prventiona etc?
02:22<CoRPsE-->(your cpu doesn't support long mode) in vmware but my cpu is a pentium D 64 bits
02:22<x22>look for gigeservers ... nice ddos prot.. pricy
02:24<x22>that blue place that sponsors here looks nice to.. im thinking of signing onto theyre 1yr stuff
02:24<x22>so i dunno,... dedis or not.. mate
02:24<x22>everything is droppable.
02:25<x22>you will always get teh drop, if you know what kinda nets are out thee, no wesite would stand any real attack simple.
02:25<x22>you want to try tho, aim for higherpricing and i guess hasnt this network gfot hosting chans ./
02:25<x22>i was admin for shell co.. just kow some things.. but debian is debian :s not hosting
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02:26<x22>ive not yet seen one host box, wich has iptables set even close to right... so i wonder when or if, ddos prot is even ever going to be taken really serious.. but.. heck im looking at thee provider who is donating to this place, and, ive used gige and used staminus.
02:26<x22>anyhow, im not speaking about it... coz, this aint the place..and, i cbf.
02:27<x22>you should.. lookatgrabbing yaself a VPN Router ;p Business edition
02:27<x22>and, setup ya own..
02:27<x22>easi. , dns and edit dns account.. and you have a reversed vpn and, you control own prot. better than half hosters believe me.
02:28<x22>eek im ONLY uiser in centos channel,... blasphemy
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02:31<x22>centos5.2, is nice.... what happened to the support for it :s im shocked, is this debian download THAT good ? id love to thrash test one then tell you what i personally think... asin, patched vs patched centos.. and see wich lives even half the test.... interesting.. ill have to install the deb onto soemthng... and see why thers 400 deb chans on this place ;p
02:31<x22>peace...debianners... sheesh, i feel overwhelmed for first time ever online irc in any linux room.. it is like.. a pack of [penguins
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02:35<RIVE>Yes a pack of penguins.
02:35<ja>Could anyone recommend a media player for Xfce that doesn't pull tons of KDE/Gnome dependencies and has MTP support?
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02:36<xbj9000>wait I dunno about the MTP support
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02:36<ja>xbj9000: Don't worry. I've just been racking my brain over this.
02:36<adri>hello all last week i have download new version of debian r4 but a see now version r4a
02:36<adri>r4a is a last new version or ?
02:36<ja>I can't find anything that doesn't pull tons of dependencies.
02:37<xbj9000>what's mtp?
02:37<RIVE>ja audacius.
02:37<ja>RIVE: Can I transfer music to and from an MTP device in Audacious?
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02:38<RIVE>adri, the lastes stable version of Debian is Etch and a half.
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02:38<adri>ok but a have a only r4 version
02:38<adri>tis version is a r4a
02:39<adri>03-Aug-2008 22:59 4.4G
02:39<RIVE>That's the lastest.
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02:40<adri>nut why its a new name ?
02:40<RIVE><ja> RIVE: Can I transfer music to and from an MTP device in Audacious? <-- I don't know, i had never tried thata.
02:40<adri>ok thanks
02:40<adri>have a nice day
02:40<RIVE>adri, new kernel, new drivers.
02:40<adri>i see
02:41<adri>2.6.18 ?
02:41<ja>RIVE: Thank you for your help, I'll give it a shot. :)
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02:41<RIVE>adri, 2.6.24
02:42<adri>this kernel was a testig ?
02:42<RIVE>adri, if it is in Etch is the stable kernel.
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02:43<RIVE>adri, take a look of
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02:45<adri>its good
02:46<RIVE>adri i install Etch and a half in a testing server, it's good.
02:46<adri>i`m with etch
02:47<RIVE>adri, in a desktop computer?
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02:47<jMCg>Broken with kernel 2.6.24: XEN.. what do I use? XEN.. GAH....
02:48<RIVE>Yo can try upgrade to Lenny, the next stable, is very good as a desktop, i'm using it in mi desktop, laptop and an Eee Pc.
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02:49<adri>what a security i have use ?
02:49<adri>firewall or ?
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02:49<RIVE>I don't know how to catalogate the Eee PC, notebook, sublaptop?.
02:49<graytron>RIVE: you use lenny on eee pc? which eee?
02:49<RIVE>graytron, Eee PC Surf 701.
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02:50<graytron>RIVE: is everything functional? did you compile the kernel yourself?
02:51<RIVE>graytron, i stall following the instructions from
02:51<graytron>RIVE: thanks!
02:51<RIVE>And, yes everything is functional.
02:52<RIVE>adri, firewall to your desktop?
02:52<adri>no because in Bulgaria flood atacks is a normal
02:52<adri>UDP and more
02:52<RIVE>I don't use firewall to my desktops, in the server i use shorewall, easy to configure.
02:53<adri>yes but here people is a warriors :)
02:53<adri>and try demage you
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02:54<RIVE>Another easy to use firewall is firestarter.
02:54<adri>iptables ?
02:54<adri>only ?
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02:54<adri>ok i see
02:54<foxes>configure: error: gnome-doc-utils >= 0.3.2 not found when i try to compile new Tomboy
02:54<adri>i will see
02:54<foxes>but i have that in version 0.6.1
02:54<foxes>what's wrong?
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02:56<RIVE>adri, shorewall and firestarter, are joust like an easy way to configure iptables.
02:57<adri>ok thanks
02:58<RIVE>No problem adri.
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03:19*phillipsjk wonders if duplicate group names are a bad idea...
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03:23<phillipsjk>Scratch that, I Know it's a bad idea, I wonder if it is causing wierd problems on my test installation :P
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03:32<HelpAttacked>what does this mean: 190.56.0/17
03:32<HelpAttacked>it's not an ip, but like a range?
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03:35<phillipsjk>HelpAttacked, yes, that would be a subnet, the range would be - if I am not mistaken.
03:35<blarson>HelpAttacked: That could be a CIDR range of IPs.
03:35<blarson>phillipsjk: No, it would be -
03:36<HelpAttacked>how do i block everything in 190.68.*.* for example?
03:36-!-dino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:37<HelpAttacked>actualy when I tried to block this 190.56.0/17 it blocked from - or somethign like this
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03:47<phillipsjk>Blarson did you use a calculator of some kind to determine that? I am having trouble figuring out why your result would be correct. I derived mine by doubling the range covered by /16
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03:48<blarson>phillipsjk: A /17 is half the size of a /16. a /32 is one IP.
03:49<blarson>So it should be - 190.56..127.255
03:49<phillipsjk>k, I was backward then.
03:55<HelpAttacked>what is the command to restrict access to entire dubnet?
03:56-!-p_quarles [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:56<HelpAttacked>is this correct way of blocking range? : "-A INPUT -m iprange --src-range -j DROP"
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04:14<phillipsjk>I thought they changed the firewall format twice since the 2.0 kernel. (that appears to be IPChains, used in the 2.2 kernel
04:14-!-ser [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:16*phillipsjk reading above link discovers iptables is based on ipchains.....
04:17-!-SledgY [] has joined #debian
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04:19-!-ser [] has joined #debian
04:23<jMCg>Of course it is.
04:23-!-lifeman [] has joined #debian
04:23-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has joined #debian
04:24<lifeman>what package i should install to network-manager-gnome let me configure ip addresses?
04:27-!-cgreco [] has joined #debian
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04:52<egypcio>does someone knows about bind9 issue with high random udp port listening in or its happening only with me?
04:53-!-chab3sz [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
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04:56<EmleyMoor>Who is Lenny as in the name for the next release?
04:58<EmleyMoor>Oh yes - I have reduced my sources.list to the bare minimum and it's taking a long time to sort out the dependencies, prompting me Try harder [Y/n]? - how do I make it answer Y to that?
04:59-!-ushiushix [] has joined #debian
04:59-!-eddieB [] has joined #debian
05:01<EmleyMoor>No solution found within the allotted time. Try harder? [Y/n]
05:02<EmleyMoor>How do I make it keep trying harder without intervention?
05:02<egypcio>if ur usin' apt-get can use --force-yes
05:03<EmleyMoor>egypcio: Thanks - could have done with that last night
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05:10<aleix>how can a normal user execute openvpn on debian lenny?
05:11-!-icman [] has joined #debian
05:11<aleix>only root has access to execute it... if i want to connect a client via some user... how is this managed?
05:11<aptituz>aleix: you could use network-manager to manage vpn tunnels or configure sudo for the user
05:12<aleix>ok, the sudo option seems fine... thanks...
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05:17<EmleyMoor>Well, at least it's stopped begging me for an answer to that question now. Still taking ages, of course.
05:18-!-pumpkin0 [] has joined #debian
05:18<EmleyMoor>In the count of open, closed, defer and conflict, what exactly do the figures mean?
05:21-!-james_ [] has joined #debian
05:23-!-theurs [~theurs@] has joined #debian
05:23<james_>on a reboot i get an email message that says "A DegradedArray event had been detected on md device /dev/md1."....can how can i fix this?
05:23-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:23<blarson>james_: replace the failed disk in the array.
05:24-!-theurs [~theurs@] has left #debian []
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05:26-!-jac [] has joined #debian
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05:28-!-james_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
05:32-!-MadHag [] has joined #debian
05:33-!-tamis [~tamis@] has joined #debian
05:33<MadHag>I am bout to get a dedicated server that is raw, how easy would it be to install webmin or something like that on it remotely?
05:33-!-aleix [] has quit [Quit: Me'n vaig]
05:35-!-vook [] has joined #debian
05:35<blarson>!tell MadHag about webmin
05:35<MadHag>would it be that I would ssh into the server as root and apt get webmin, install and then access the gui via the web. As straight forward as that?
05:36<vook>!tell MadHag about sudo
05:36<MadHag>something to get started with though
05:36<MadHag>are any better free admin gui's out there?
05:37-!-darrenn [] has joined #debian
05:37<blarson>MadHag: What's the matter with ssh? Why does it have to be a gui?
05:37<MadHag>its setting up domains etc that I would not know how to do via command line as root
05:37<MadHag>I am not a sys admin or anything like that
05:38-!-d3f3nd3r [] has joined #debian
05:38<MadHag>my question is if I accessed the server remotely via ssh would it be easy to setup a gui for admin
05:38-!-Lethalman [] has joined #debian
05:39<darrenn>hi all, which is the best site to visit to learn how to use debian, besides
05:39<MadHag>I guess it would but I have not done it before
05:39<EmleyMoor>darrenn: I guess it depends on what you want to do with it
05:39<EmleyMoor> is never a bad place to start though
05:40<vook> is nice too
05:41<EmleyMoor>This machine is taking ages to resolve dependencies
05:41-!-drone77 [] has joined #debian
05:41<x22>HelpAttacked: iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP .... block a range, but.... setup abit more about it, and to remove that use same rule but, use -D not -A , there is better ways to just letting you in on a secret
05:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 330] by debhelper
05:42<x22>as you wished todo.
05:42<darrenn>it would be more on the line of may a blog spot, a place to communicate with others online ask questions on how to use commands etc
05:43<EmleyMoor>There are user forums, but once you go beyond the basic use of the system, the applications tend to have their own
05:44<darrenn>give me names so i c
05:46<x22>debian has a good user wiki and large community, im surprised the question is there, unless you ask... i would suggest eBooks, has always been my favorite way of learning advanced topics, just to many cooks will always spoil your broth
05:46<x22>but, im impressed with debs userbase sofar.
05:46<darrenn>any blogging software or communication software like this irc chats that i can load
05:46<x22>err... rss ... on an eggdrop.. lol.
05:47<x22>siple.. get topics as newsgroup spits them out
05:47-!-insan-e [] has joined #debian
05:47<darrenn>ebooks - recommend a web for this
05:48<x22>i say that to
05:48<x22>i find the best
05:48<x22>and ill waste the ink to print it
05:48<x22>and thatll do
05:48<x22>linuzx is, a mess of mans to
05:48<x22>using simple online man
05:48-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:48<x22>is sometimes an eye opener
05:49*EmleyMoor is both impressed and unimpressed at the moment
05:49<x22>lists... well, sofar i am impressed with debians userbase...
05:49<x22>its a hard one
05:49<x22>the community is so big in it, that your gonna have so much conflicting chatter in the whole area.. its pretty good really..
05:49<EmleyMoor>Impressed that upgrading to lenny has got rid of the echo on his phones, but unimpressed this machine is taking so long to resolve dependencies prior to upgrading
05:50<x22>as i see it, its most active linux online
05:50<x22>that sounds like it would be. yer
05:50<x22>is there no mirror able to force closer to you
05:50<x22>or is it just conn speed
05:50<EmleyMoor>It's local stuff that's taking time, nothing to do with connection speed
05:51<EmleyMoor>If I knew what the figures meant, it would help
05:51<x22>linux is fun like that
05:51<EmleyMoor>open, closed, defer, conflict
05:52<x22>i am atm grbabbing the distro of deb
05:52<x22>i aint used, since 3.3r1 or so
05:52<x22>so, i wanna see this
05:52<x22>i hope it wil run ok on a blade server :S
05:52<x22>on scsi im hoping itll take to
05:52<x22>but, yea
05:52<x22>alot of distro in this dvds
05:53-!-mawes [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:53<x22>im shocked at size.. i know it took time to make but it seems like this setup would no require apt-get or sumthn.. or, its just a bigarse setup... is, somethng im getting round to.. debian again
05:53<x22>it is just, amazingly big.. on here and online.. .i was shocked when looked around today and aw.. its prescence is larger than ever now
05:54<x22>anyhow.. ill have fun with numbers soon to dw... have a nice evening/day
05:54<x22>time to relax
05:54<darrenn>hey guys how would you compare debian with other linux flavours. I am talking for laptop use
05:55<x22>well... size..
05:55<x22>is one thing
05:55<x22>wich is in my head. lol.
05:55<x22>ask the others tho
05:55<x22>its BIG and.. yea... you wanna have a nice large arse hd in that laptop!
05:56<darrenn>i want a flavour with thats has both intelligent design & stable
05:57-!-aptituz [~schoenfel@] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
05:58<darrenn>o yes i need a good virus/hacv
05:59<darrenn>o yes i need a good virus/hacker preventing program what do you suggest
05:59-!-raul [] has joined #debian
05:59-!-eddieB [] has quit [Quit: eddieB]
06:00-!-raul [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:01-!-MadHag [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:01-!-alcocos [] has joined #debian
06:01-!-drone77 [] has quit [Quit: yey kernel]
06:03-!-bdrung [] has joined #debian
06:03-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
06:04-!-NCommander [] has joined #debian
06:04-!-alcocos [] has left #debian []
06:05-!-darrenn [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:05-!-pumpkin0 [] has joined #debian
06:07-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
06:14-!-Gopan [~gopa_kuma@] has joined #debian
06:14<Gopan>hey Debian lovers
06:15-!-d3f3nd3r [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
06:16-!-kutio [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:17-!-kde [kde@] has joined #debian
06:17-!-phorce1 [] has joined #debian
06:17-!-Gopan [~gopa_kuma@] has quit []
06:19-!-phorce1_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:20-!-drone77 [] has joined #debian
06:20-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
06:21-!-Inv_ [] has joined #debian
06:21-!-raf [~raf@] has joined #debian
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06:23-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
06:24-!-Hobbestigrou [~hobbestig@] has joined #debian
06:24-!-raf [~raf@] has quit []
06:25-!-kde [kde@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:26-!-pumpkin0 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:26<EmleyMoor>It's still counting up
06:27<EmleyMoor>Is there anything I could do to make it quicker?
06:27-!-eljefe_ [] has joined #debian
06:28-!-d0rt [~ni@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:31-!-eljefe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:32-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
06:32-!-lifeman [] has joined #debian
06:34<EmleyMoor>I will give some figures in a minute
06:35<EmleyMoor>From the last scrollup: open 512644, closed 359998, defer 0, conflict 48
06:36-!-muammar [] has joined #debian
06:36-!-fxiny [] has joined #debian
06:37-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
06:37-!-mr_tachi [] has joined #debian
06:37-!-mr_tachi [] has quit []
06:39-!-Wezz6400 [] has joined #debian
06:39-!-dosmanak [] has joined #debian
06:42<jMCg>EmleyMoor: you updating from woody or something?
06:44-!-mike_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:44<EmleyMoor>From etch
06:45<dosmanak>Hello, I am trying download debian AMD64 iso image and any link is not functional, nor torrent, it is possible that I have bad dns, or what? Thanks
06:45-!-phorce1_ [] has joined #debian
06:45-!-kutio [] has joined #debian
06:47<dosmanak>Oh, i found good mirror.
06:47-!-phorce1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:48-!-drone77 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:49-!-vook [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
06:49-!-onur [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:50-!-dosmanak [] has left #debian []
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06:52-!-mobil-7k [] has joined #debian
06:56-!-MrNaz [~naz@] has joined #debian
07:03-!-narcan [] has joined #debian
07:03<EmleyMoor>Now 524288 365820 0 48
07:08-!-jotun [] has joined #debian
07:11-!-darsie [] has joined #debian
07:11-!-HellTiger [] has joined #debian
07:12-!-mdevan [~mdevan@] has joined #debian
07:12<darsie>Hi! How do I hotswap a SATA disk?
07:12-!-phorce1 [] has joined #debian
07:12-!-skytramp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:13<darsie>does the hotswap command work for sata?
07:14-!-phorce1_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:15-!-kanotix [] has joined #debian
07:15-!-kanotix [] has left #debian []
07:16-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has joined #debian
07:17-!-stoffepojken [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:17-!-ernesto [] has joined #debian
07:17<Nemoder>darsie: if your hardware supports it you should be able to just unmount the drive and replace it
07:18<darsie>hmm, easy
07:18-!-s0d0 [] has joined #debian
07:18<darsie>no particular order of dis/connecting power and data plug?
07:18-!-sysop [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:19-!-mdevan [~mdevan@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:19<Nemoder>probably safer to remove data first
07:19<darsie>that's my guess, too.
07:19-!-sysop [] has joined #debian
07:19-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
07:21-!-pumpkin0 [] has joined #debian
07:22<Nemoder>if it's something you plan to do frequently I highly recommend a switched removable bay
07:23<darsie>Currently I just want to remove a disk from a server permanently. I could shut it down, but I want to try hotswapping.
07:24<darsie>what do you mean by switched?
07:24<Nemoder>most bays have a power switch on them that cuts power and data to the drive so you don't have to yank it out manually
07:25<Nemoder>I'm really happy with mine, works wonders for doing complete backups
07:27-!-Sertse [] has joined #debian
07:27-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
07:27-!-muammar [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:27-!-Sertse [] has quit []
07:27-!-Sertse [] has joined #debian
07:28-!-phorce1_ [] has joined #debian
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07:29-!-Sertse [] has joined #debian
07:29-!-Sertse [] has quit []
07:29-!-pol [] has joined #debian
07:30-!-pol [] has quit []
07:30<darsie>so I have the sata_promise driver which does not support hotplug. Should I not hotplug then?
07:30-!-phorce1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:30-!-MoDaXaS [~nth@] has joined #debian
07:30-!-raijin [] has joined #debian
07:31-!-raijin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:32-!-MoDaX [~nth@2002:54f0:1683::1] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:33-!-snogglethorpe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:34<egypcio>any clue? random udp port (named) listening on ->
07:35-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
07:35-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest1980
07:37-!-MoDaXaS is now known as MoDaX
07:38-!-slaxz [] has joined #debian
07:41-!-habtool [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
07:42-!-Guest1980 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
07:44-!-aptituz [~schoenfel@] has joined #debian
07:45-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
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07:47-!-kde [kde@] has joined #debian
07:50-!-reno-at-work [] has joined #debian
07:51-!-reno-at-work [] has left #debian [WeeChat 0.2.6]
07:52-!-reno-at-work [] has joined #debian
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07:54-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
07:54<EmleyMoor>Figures not risen since I last gave them
07:57-!-abrotman [] has joined #debian
08:00<jMCg>egypcio: I wonder, does lsof -i:<PORT> work for UDP ports as well?
08:02-!-oahong [~oahong@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:03<egypcio>$ sudo lsof -i:60608
08:03<egypcio>named 6665 bind 516u IPv4 49306 UDP *:60608
08:04-!-user [~user@] has joined #debian
08:05-!-user is now known as Guest1986
08:07<jMCg>Btw, have you considered asking in #bind -- maybe they know that kind of phenomena
08:07-!-Garda [~Garda@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:10<egypcio>hmm... not =x
08:13-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
08:14-!-oahong [~oahong@] has joined #debian
08:14-!-cahoot [~radix@] has joined #debian
08:16-!-tibu [] has joined #debian
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08:17-!-phorce1 [] has joined #debian
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08:20-!-stevecotton [] has joined #debian
08:21-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
08:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 338] by debhelper
08:22-!-sociale-901 [] has joined #debian
08:23-!-se-901 [] has joined #debian
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08:26-!-Aleric [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:26-!-Aleric [] has joined #debian
08:27-!-yvasilev [] has joined #debian
08:27<Aleric>If I reboot, X doesn't start (until I type 'startx'). What command can I give to start the display manager, so that I get the login screen again?
08:28<Aleric>I tried /etc/init.d/gdm start .. but that doesn't work :/
08:28-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
08:28-!-stroyan [~stroyan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:29<abrotman>is gdm installed ?
08:29-!-newbe1 [~robert@] has joined #debian
08:30-!-stroyan [~stroyan@] has joined #debian
08:31-!-Txt-file1 [~Txt-file@] has joined #debian
08:31-!-Sindacious [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:31<newbe1>OK what's going in in here
08:32-!-se-901 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:33<newbe1>ubuntu server is active
08:33<newbe1>ok must go now
08:33-!-newbe1 [~robert@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:36-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
08:37-!-michela [] has joined #debian
08:38<michela>salve a tutti tengo a precisare che sono totalmente ignorante in materia e misono fatta gia un giro con google ho un
08:39<michela>portatile acer aspire 1690 su cui ho installato debian
08:39<michela>ho installato kwireless
08:39-!-erKURITA [] has joined #debian
08:39<dpkg>it has been said that #debian-it is Ciao! Utilizzi prego #debian-it per aiuto Italiano-orientato. Italian Speakers: Please use #debian-it, there you will get much more help.
08:40<Aleric>abrotman: Thanks, it wasn't :/. Don't know why it was removed :/
08:40-!-swo [] has joined #debian
08:41-!-Aleric [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:42-!-Aleric [] has joined #debian
08:43-!-an3as [] has joined #debian
08:47-!-sebbowolf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:50<Aleric>Hmm, I'm doing a 'apt-get upgrade' and it wants to upgrade login and passwd...
08:51<EmleyMoor>My system is taking ages to resolve dependencies - half a million open
08:51<EmleyMoor>Aleric: So let it
08:51<erKURITA>EmleyMoor what did you do to deserve that? o_O
08:52<EmleyMoor>erKURITA: I'm trying to go from etch to lenny
08:52-!-mike_ [] has joined #debian
08:52<erKURITA>it makes sense
08:52<EmleyMoor>How long should I allow it?
08:53<erKURITA>allow what
08:54-!-kanru [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:54<EmleyMoor>To et on with finding solutinons
08:54<EmleyMoor>... get
08:54-!-pumpkin0 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:55<erKURITA>until there are no dependencies
08:55<erKURITA>othewise you might end up with a broken system
08:55<EmleyMoor>It's not found a single solution yet though
08:55<EmleyMoor>It's taking ages even to get that far
08:55<erKURITA>Uninstall stuff then
08:55<EmleyMoor>What's prime for uninstalling in such an instance?
08:56<erKURITA>like X, the desktop manager, unneeded programs, etc...
08:56-!-Kloiahack^Linux [~kloiahack@] has joined #debian
08:56<erKURITA>leave yourself with a basic system
08:56<erKURITA>man, I hope the transition to the next testing is smooth
08:56<EmleyMoor>If I leave configs on, will they be used to help with the upgrade?
08:56<erKURITA>which configs
08:57<EmleyMoor>Well, anything to do with X for a start!
08:58<EmleyMoor>This has to be the worst transition yet
08:58-!-kde [kde@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:58<erKURITA>you don't leave configs on. They'll remain there if you uninstall them or not
08:58<erKURITA>just go to a TTY and uninstall the desktop manager first
08:58<EmleyMoor>If I purge they go - if I uninstall, they stay
08:58<erKURITA>don't purge then
08:58-!-foolano [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:59<erKURITA>unless you want to reconfigure it all
08:59-!-chattr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:59-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
08:59-!-michela [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
09:00-!-arc [] has joined #debian
09:00-!-perez [] has joined #debian
09:00-!-mike_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:00<arc>what happened to old debian menu in sid?
09:01-!-perez [] has quit []
09:01-!-fili [] has joined #debian
09:01<abrotman>arc: that's been gone a long time
09:02<EmleyMoor>Right - well, if no progress when I get back, I will
09:07-!-oahong_ [~oahong@] has joined #debian
09:07-!-oahong [~oahong@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:07-!-franklin [] has joined #debian
09:09-!-J-On [] has joined #debian
09:09-!-Inv_ [] has left #debian []
09:09-!-mawes [] has joined #debian
09:10-!-J-On [] has left #debian []
09:11-!-dino [] has joined #debian
09:11-!-kanru [] has joined #debian
09:12-!-lukehasnoname [] has joined #debian
09:13-!-Kloiahack^Linux [~kloiahack@] has quit [Quit: Shutdown Linux!]
09:13-!-Kloiahack^Linux [~kloiahack@] has joined #debian
09:13-!-Jon__ [] has joined #debian
09:13-!-Kloiahack^Linux [~kloiahack@] has quit []
09:13<Jon__>Hum re
09:14-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
09:14-!-Jon__ [] has left #debian []
09:18<arc>abrotman: sorry, i had to step out. I just noticed it, after installing sid in my laptop, I miss some its structure
09:19-!-Netsplit <-> quits: chealer_, Exclamation, stroyan, rook_, sardyno_, kp^, eljefe_, spacepup, colbinator, Pryon, (+24 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
09:19-!-Goldjian [] has joined #debian
09:19-!-Netsplit <-> quits: yvasilev, franklin, Goldjian, ernesto, an3as
09:20<arc>abrotman: the old debian menu missed less packages, the new one has a lot missing (as dwww), etc
09:21-!-Netsplit over, joins: Goldjian, franklin, an3as, yvasilev, ernesto, kanru, dino, stroyan, alephnull, abrotman (+29 more)
09:21-!-hingwah [~hingwah@] has joined #debian
09:21<hingwah>dpkg, happy birthday
09:21<dpkg>hingwah: wish i knew
09:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 344] by debhelper
09:22-!-noflash [noflash@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:cda7:61ee] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:22-!-noflash [noflash@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:cda7:61ee] has joined #debian
09:24-!-snogglethorpe [] has joined #debian
09:25<arc>hey guys, anyone knows how to enable/use TI 5-in-1 multimedia card reader
09:27<cahoot>arc: doesn't show up in lsusb?
09:28<arc>shows up
09:28<arc>shous up in lspci
09:28<cahoot>nothing in dmesg when you insert a card?
09:29<arc>nope, let me try again
09:30-!-Lethalman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:30-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:30<cahoot>arc: does lspci -v say anything about what module it uses?
09:32-!-adema [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:33<arc>dmesg just reprted detection, didnt do it before
09:34<arc>how do i mount it?
09:35-!-EduS [] has joined #debian
09:36<cahoot>got a /dev/sd*#?
09:36-!-NetNuttt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:37-!-s_i_m [] has joined #debian
09:37<arc>yeap, i was hoping that udev by now would do it automatically, do i have to do it via tail -f kernelmessage to detect the sd it attaches to and mount it manually?
09:38-!-hever [] has joined #debian
09:38-!-kmap [] has joined #debian
09:40-!-Sertse [] has joined #debian
09:40-!-Sertse [] has quit []
09:40-!-Matthew [] has joined #debian
09:40-!-Matthew [] has quit []
09:40<cahoot>arc: I don't know much about the automagical aspects of this - seems to work OOTB here on lenny
09:41-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
09:41<arc>cahoot: tail -f /var/kern.log doesnt tell me the sd it attaches to, only says
09:41<arc>SmartMedia/xD card detected in socket 0:0
09:42<arc>so, i still dont know how should i make it visible / mount it (sid)
09:42-!-adema [] has joined #debian
09:42<erKURITA>fdisk -l /dev/sd[a-d]
09:42<arc>erKURITA ?
09:42<arc>let me see
09:42<erKURITA>or just fdisk -l
09:43<erKURITA>that will list you your hard drives as well, though
09:43<arc>sdax ( x noteq 4, x any other from 1 to 9)
09:44<arc>3 also missing
09:45<erKURITA>try to see which one is yours
09:45<erKURITA>and which one is not mounted (via cat /etc/mtab)
09:46<arc>only sda2 is not part of file system
09:46<arc>from my original partition + sawp
09:47<arc>erKURITA, cahoot: does it mean sda2 is hosting the card?
09:47<arc>let me see
09:47<erKURITA>fdisk -l /dev/sda
09:47-!-sociale-901 [] has joined #debian
09:47<erKURITA>and see if it has a FAT(32) filesystem
09:48<arc>system, linux, extended, and swap, no FAT
09:49<erKURITA>then your sda is the system drive
09:49<erKURITA>that's not the one
09:50<arc>hmm, thats how the original install did it, where the card would be going to?
09:50-!-smk [~smk@] has joined #debian
09:51-!-EduS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:52<erKURITA>I have no idea
09:52-!-t1m0r [] has joined #debian
09:53<t1m0r>hello, i'am a problem, i instal derbian
09:53<arc>hmm, thanks anyways, i will try to figure out something, in the mean time i will use a usb adaptor
09:53<t1m0r>and after lanch my screen is black
09:53<s_i_m>arc, run udev monitor from root, remove/insert your card and look at the messages
09:54<smk>give me plz sources.list for debian lenny
09:54-!-EduS [] has joined #debian
09:56<abrotman>smk: man sources.list
09:57-!-NCommander [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
09:57<erKURITA>have fun
09:57<smk>thx )
09:57-!-adema [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:58-!-adema [] has joined #debian
09:59-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
10:00-!-knoppix_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:01-!-tanuki [] has joined #debian
10:02-!-mode/#debian [+l 350] by debhelper
10:02-!-tanuki [] has quit []
10:03-!-Netsplit <-> quits: lionel, Knight_Lord, bofur, maxb, s0d0, wololo, Simon43, mikefive, jkoenig, kutio, (+51 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
10:04<Wezz6400>oh don't you love a good old netsplit
10:04-!-BlackMouse56 [] has joined #debian
10:05-!-BlackMouse56 [] has quit []
10:05-!-overflow [] has joined #debian
10:05-!-EduS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:07-!-fili [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:07-!-nfc [] has joined #debian
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10:10-!-swo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:10-!-Netsplit over, joins: Matt, Knight_Lord, tomaw, Kvant, crib, yang, skule, fosco, smk, erKURITA (+49 more)
10:12-!-nuffe [] has joined #debian
10:12-!-nuffe [] has quit []
10:12-!-HellTiger [] has joined #debian
10:12-!-nuffe [] has joined #debian
10:13<nuffe>How do I list users in bash?
10:13-!-swo [] has joined #debian
10:14-!-sociale-901 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:15-!-garryowens [] has joined #debian
10:16-!-futex [] has joined #debian
10:16-!-garryowens [] has quit []
10:17-!-smk [~smk@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:21-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has joined #debian
10:22-!-buffoon [] has joined #debian
10:22-!-atperez [~atperez@] has joined #debian
10:28-!-sao [] has joined #debian
10:28<abrotman>nuffe: current users or all users?
10:28-!-todoesverso [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:28-!-AbsintheSyringe [~absinthe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:29<nuffe>abrotman: All users please.
10:29<abrotman>getent passwd
10:29-!-sao [] has quit []
10:29-!-Piet [] has joined #debian
10:30-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
10:30<nuffe>abrotman: Thank you.
10:30-!-schoinobates [] has joined #debian
10:31-!-schoinobates is now known as Guest2003
10:32-!-Guest2003 [] has quit []
10:33-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
10:33-!-sociale-901 [] has joined #debian
10:33-!-s_i_m [] has quit [Quit: Good bye!]
10:34-!-schoinobates_ [] has joined #debian
10:35-!-dmoerner [] has joined #debian
10:35<arc>sim: thanks, i will cgive it a try later, sorry didn't acknowledge sooner
10:35-!-cogwheel [] has joined #debian
10:36<arc>s_i_m: thanks, i will cgive it a try later, sorry didn't acknowledge sooner
10:36-!-zevarito [] has joined #debian
10:36-!-schoinobates_ is now known as schoinobates
10:37-!-gcs [~gcs@] has joined #debian
10:39<gcs>Hi! Anyone knows what kind of shell 'cron' uses?
10:39-!-nuffe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:39<schoinobates>/bin/sh, I suppose
10:40<jMCg>gcs: man cron
10:40-!-sysop2 [] has joined #debian
10:40-!-dmoerner [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:40-!-professor [~professor@] has joined #debian
10:41-!-phorce1_ [] has joined #debian
10:41-!-smk [~smk@] has joined #debian
10:41*jMCg running a fascistic crond
10:41-!-professor [~professor@] has quit []
10:41-!-arc [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 356] by debhelper
10:42-!-dmoerner [] has joined #debian
10:42-!-jackyf [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo]
10:42-!-E0x [] has joined #debian
10:42<gcs>All: The strange is that I have a command line, runs fine in every shell I have tried.
10:42<gcs>All: If I put it into cron, I get: /bin/sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
10:43<jMCg>gcs: apt-get install herloom-shell, try that.
10:43<gcs>All: Triple checking the command, it looks fine.
10:43-!-phorce1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:43<gcs>jMCg: It does not exists on my system. :-0
10:43<gcs>jMCg: What is it?
10:44<jMCg>Neither on my. And I'm so glad it doesn't.
10:44-!-smk_ [~smk@] has joined #debian
10:44-!-smk [~smk@] has quit []
10:44<jMCg>It's a POSIX compatible Bourne Shell.
10:44-!-smk_ [~smk@] has left #debian []
10:44-!-sociale-901 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:45-!-NCommander [] has joined #debian
10:45<jMCg> there you go. Have fun with it.
10:46<jMCg>Anyways. What I wanted to say: Don't put your nifty one-liner in a crontab. Rather write a script and put that in the crontab.
10:47<gcs>jMCg: OK, is there any recommended place to store those shell scripts run by cron<
10:47<gcs>Run by cron?
10:47-!-tatotat [] has joined #debian
10:47-!-hever [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:48<jMCg>gcs: ~/bin/ /usr/local/bin/ /usr/local/sbin/ /opt/<foo>/bin/ /opt/<foo>/sbin/
10:48<dmoerner>gcs, i just put them in ~/.cron/whatever and put a full path in crontab
10:48<gcs>I think I will stick with ~root/bin/ If cron can read that.
10:49-!-mcasadevall_ [] has joined #debian
10:49<jMCg>gcs: I suggest using the FULL path.
10:49<jMCg>~ was just meant to mean $HOME
10:50-!-mcasadevall_ [] has quit []
10:50<gcs>jMCg: Yup. I know that. Mistake happened only here.
10:51-!-giorgio [] has joined #debian
10:51-!-giorgio [] has quit []
10:54-!-yhlfh [~yhlfh@] has joined #debian
10:54-!-mawes [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:55-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
10:56-!-NetNuttt [] has joined #debian
10:56-!-overflow [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:58-!-jmtechy [~james@] has joined #debian
10:59-!-EduS [] has joined #debian
10:59<jmtechy>howdy again
11:02-!-dino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:02-!-fcannini [] has joined #debian
11:03-!-RaZa [] has left #debian []
11:05-!-ian_brasil [] has joined #debian
11:05-!-j1mb0b [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:05-!-Kloiahack^Linux [~kloiahack@] has joined #debian
11:05-!-buffoon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:06-!-stoffepojken [] has joined #debian
11:06<jmtechy>tell me will the latest debian 32bit support 4gb ram or just shy of 4gb?
11:06-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
11:07<dmoerner>jmtechy, it supports 4 gigs of ram
11:07<dmoerner>just install the -bigmem kernel
11:07<schoinobates>jmtechy: it is more of a BIOS issue
11:08<jmtechy>meh my mobo suports upto 16gb dual channel
11:08<schoinobates>with exactly 4GB of ram, some will map PCI/PCIe sapce into the 3-4GB sapce, losing you between 300 and 800MB.
11:08-!-sociale-901 [] has joined #debian
11:08<jmtechy>bigmem kerenl?
11:08<schoinobates>Then, probably OK; you may have to enable an option called something like "remap above 4GB"
11:09-!-yerli [yerli@] has joined #debian
11:09-!-yerli [yerli@] has left #debian []
11:11-!-lkh [] has joined #debian
11:13-!-pengux [] has joined #debian
11:14-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has quit [Quit: 暂离!]
11:14-!-pengux [] has quit []
11:14-!-pengux [] has joined #debian
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11:17-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
11:18-!-ZNiF [] has joined #debian
11:18-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
11:20-!-meandtheshell [~sa@] has joined #debian
11:21-!-EduS [] has joined #debian
11:23<lkh>how can I find the URL that is being played by totem plugin?
11:25<LeGreffi3R>lkh: file > properties, and FTW : right click > read source code , Ctrl+F ".wmv"
11:25-!-E0x [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:25-!-ohcibi|lappi [] has joined #debian
11:28<lkh>LeGreffi3R, the right click Ctrl+F doesn't work. The stream names are uniquely generated. I am using iceweasel with totem plugin
11:28<lkh>(soryy iceape)
11:29<LeGreffi3R>the browser doesn't matter
11:29<LeGreffi3R>if the vids is embedded in the page, you'll find the link in the source code...
11:29-!-yhlfh_ [~yhlfh@] has joined #debian
11:30-!-foxes [~flash@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:31-!-yhlfh__ [~yhlfh@] has joined #debian
11:35<pi-equiv> 11:34:23 up 76 days, 16:24, 6 users, load average: 0.24, 0.29, 0.29
11:35-!-foxes [~flash@] has joined #debian
11:35-!-yhlfh [~yhlfh@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:36<lkh>LeGreffi3R, and if the video is not embedded in the page?
11:37-!-adema [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:38-!-yhlfh_ [~yhlfh@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:38-!-adema [] has joined #debian
11:38-!-wayneward [] has joined #debian
11:39<LeGreffi3R>well it wouldn't display in the plugin :/
11:39<wayneward>is there anyway i can get kde 3.5.9 on etch without it changing my base system to lenny sid?
11:40-!-pi-equiv [] has quit []
11:40-!-Goldjian [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
11:40<dmoerner>wayneward, did you check backports
11:40-!-schoinobates [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.2.6]
11:40<wayneward>no ll do that now
11:41-!-Celelibi [] has joined #debian
11:42-!-chattr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:42-!-user_ [] has joined #debian
11:42-!-user_ [] has quit []
11:43<lkh>LeGreffi3R, I am confused, can a streaming video be embedded as HTTP? I was looking for RSTP or MMS but I can only this HTTP in the source
11:43<LeGreffi3R>of course it can be http
11:43<wayneward>no its not in backports - kde 3.5.9 is a lenny testing package unless some else knows any differenet
11:43-!-geenna [~geenna@] has joined #debian
11:43-!-Kloiahack^Linux [~kloiahack@] has quit [Quit: Shutdown Linux!]
11:44-!-dogsbody [] has joined #debian
11:45<wayneward>ive found some unaficial 3.5.8 backport for etch they will do i suppose!!
11:45<lkh>LeGreffi3R, so is http URL this all I need to be able to dump the stream using mplayer? (I ask this because I want to be sure before I install the non-free mplayer)
11:45-!-upsilon [~mike@] has joined #debian
11:46<dmoerner>wayneward, honestly lenny has already frozen etch + unofficial 3.5.8 backport is probably worse than just using lenny
11:46-!-todoesverso [] has joined #debian
11:46-!-kmap [] has joined #debian
11:47-!-dogsbody [] has quit []
11:47<wayneward>its just im running 64studio and if i add the sid repos it updates my base system from 4.0 to sid/lenny
11:47<wayneward>which is a pain
11:47<wayneward>apt pinning might do it
11:47-!-makke [] has joined #debian
11:48<wayneward>but what package to i pin to stop the system from updating to lenny sid
11:48<dmoerner>wayneward, ah if you aren't running straight etch then this way makes more sense
11:48<dmoerner>3.5.7-4 is in normal etch backports
11:49<wayneward>yes ill try that version for now ill add the backports thanks!!!
11:50-!-bruno_garbim [] has joined #debian
11:50-!-oahong_ [~oahong@] has quit [Quit: brb]
11:51-!-yhlfh__ [~yhlfh@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:51<bruno_garbim>alguem poderia me ajudar? meu pc não reconhece minha webcam
11:52-!-bruno_garbim [] has quit []
11:52-!-bruno_garbim [] has joined #debian
11:52<dmoerner>!tell bruno_garbim -about portuguese
11:52<LeGreffi3R>lkh: if the url ends in ".wmv .avi .ogg .whatever it should work...
11:53-!-oahong [~oahong@] has joined #debian
11:53<LeGreffi3R>if there's an ID/DRM thingie, there's an option in mplayer to do it too
11:53-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
11:53<LeGreffi3R>gtg see you
11:55<lkh>LeGreffi3R, ok thanx a lot.
11:57-!-skygenetic [~skygeneti@] has joined #debian
11:58<skygenetic>i was dc asubuntu
11:58<skygenetic>anyone can help me on my virtual box
11:58-!-Glenn^BF [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:59<dpkg>Please do not ask if anyone uses 'some_program'. Instead, ask your real question. (If the real question _was_ "does anyone use 'some_program'?" ask me about <popcon> instead.) See <ask> <sicco> <ask-to-ask> <polls>, or <search>
11:59-!-skygenetic [~skygeneti@] has quit []
12:00<dmoerner>cogwheel, that's a nice factoid...good to have some variety from !ask :)
12:00<cogwheel>blah. should do, though, heh
12:00-!-chab3sz [] has quit [Quit: Távozom]
12:00-!-oahong [~oahong@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:02-!-Persouille_Etch [] has joined #debian
12:02-!-makke [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:04-!-Doorslammer [] has joined #debian
12:04-!-phorce1 [] has joined #debian
12:05-!-an3as [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:05<Doorslammer>SURPRISE BADGER!
12:05-!-Doorslammer [] has left #debian []
12:06-!-phorce1_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:06*fxiny takes the door off the hinges :P
12:06<fxiny>come back now :P
12:07-!-makke [] has joined #debian
12:07<Cheatah>he was in the wrong channel anyway, ubuntu is the badger distro ;)
12:08-!-gcs [~gcs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:08-!-Persouille_Etch [] has left #debian [Quitte]
12:09-!-tatotat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:09-!-bruno_garbim [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:13-!-atperez [~atperez@] has quit [Quit: atperez]
12:17-!-zevarito_ [] has joined #debian
12:17<wayneward>so if i a dd the lenny repositories for kde 3.5.9 to my etch install would this update my base system to lenny aswell??
12:18<wayneward>or can i stop this with apt pinning ?
12:19-!-av6jj [] has joined #debian
12:20-!-cahoot [~radix@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:20-!-dmseg [tty@] has joined #debian
12:20-!-stoffepojken [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:20<dmseg>hi guys
12:20<dmoerner>wayneward, you may be able to stop it with ap tpinning
12:20<dpkg>Pinning is a method to choose packages when multiple repositories are enabled in sources.list. man apt_preferences,, Bugs are explained at If you use stable, pinning won't help you from messing up the system... use <backports> instead.
12:20-!-mike_ [] has joined #debian
12:21-!-mike_ is now known as chattr_
12:21<wayneward>ok yes i tried pinning and it didnt wotk i ended up semi upgraded!!
12:21<wayneward>ill try backports
12:22-!-javatexan1 [] has joined #debian
12:22-!-matong [] has joined #debian
12:22<dmseg>guys see this
12:22<dpkg>methinks rohan is a php scripter in the everlasting search for more warez and porn
12:23-!-mossy [] has joined #debian
12:23<dmseg>iam a php script writer but i dont search for warez and porn ops!!! who edited this ?
12:23<mossy>What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
12:23<mossy>^^^these files dont seem to exist on my system
12:23-!-zevarito [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:24<mossy>i installed linux-headers-'uname -r' but that did not correct the problem
12:24<dmoerner>what header are you trying to find
12:24-!-rik_ [] has joined #debian
12:24-!-syntaxis [] has joined #debian
12:24<Cheatah>they should normally be in /usr/include
12:25-!-vin` [] has joined #debian
12:26-!-zephir [~zephir@] has joined #debian
12:27-!-chattr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:29-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
12:29<mossy>nm. i was entering linux-source-<blah> instead of linux-headers-<blah>
12:29-!-HellTiger [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:29-!-HellTiger [] has joined #debian
12:30-!-sisto [] has joined #debian
12:30-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
12:31-!-sisto [] has quit []
12:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 362] by debhelper
12:32-!-todaakira [~kurumin@] has joined #debian
12:32-!-chattr_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33-!-jandd [] has joined #debian
12:34-!-rik_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:34-!-todaakira [~kurumin@] has quit []
12:35-!-ccube [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:36-!-todaakira [~kurumin@] has joined #debian
12:36-!-HellTiger [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
12:37-!-HellTiger [] has joined #debian
12:37-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
12:37<dmseg>dont flood
12:38-!-Holborn [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
12:39-!-h2-gw [] has joined #debian
12:39-!-path [] has joined #debian
12:39-!-AzaTht [] has joined #debian
12:40-!-todaakira [~kurumin@] has quit []
12:42-!-guilherme [~guilherme@] has joined #debian
12:42-!-guilherme [~guilherme@] has quit []
12:43-!-jmtechy [~james@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:44<dmseg>too mcuh flood
12:44-!-dmseg [tty@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:45-!-chattr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:46-!-esaym [] has joined #debian
12:47-!-jmtechy [~james@] has joined #debian
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12:49-!-phorce1_ [] has joined #debian
12:50-!-zephir [~zephir@] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
12:51-!-phorce1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:52-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
12:52-!-mawes [] has joined #debian
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12:55-!-Lethalman [] has joined #debian
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12:56-!-multivac [] has joined #debian
12:56-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
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12:57-!-schoinobates [] has joined #debian
12:59-!-stevecotton [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:00-!-villain [~villain@] has joined #debian
13:03-!-stevecotton [] has joined #debian
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13:11-!-dpalacio [~itsuki@] has joined #debian
13:14-!-Gekz_ [] has joined #debian
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13:17-!-d0rt [~ni@] has joined #debian
13:20-!-chealer_ is now known as chealer
13:20-!-minimalisti [] has joined #debian
13:22-!-Ubuntur [] has joined #debian
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13:24-!-an3as [] has joined #debian
13:26-!-makke [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:26-!-Simon_42 [] has joined #debian
13:28-!-phorce1 [] has joined #debian
13:30-!-EduS [] has left #debian [Leaving]
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13:31-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has joined #debian
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13:32-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has joined #debian
13:32-!-darkstar [~marcelo@] has joined #debian
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13:33-!-darkstar is now known as msantana
13:34-!-Simon43 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:34-!-mjk [] has joined #debian
13:34-!-EmleyMoor [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:38-!-SledgY [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:39-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:39-!-ferfactor [~ferfactor@] has joined #debian
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13:40-!-Dream [] has joined #debian
13:41-!-NetNuttt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:42-!-lkh [] has left #debian [Leaving]
13:44<Dream>anyone alive?
13:45<fxiny>just after midnight :P
13:45<stevecotton>dpkg, are you?
13:45<dpkg>bugger all, i dunno, stevecotton
13:46-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
13:47-!-futex [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:47-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has joined #debian
13:47-!-NetNuttt [] has joined #debian
13:48<upsilon>am I meant to not have mencoder if I have mplayer?
13:49<abrotman>i don't think mencoder is in debian
13:49<dpkg>[dmm] Debian Multimedia, a repository of unofficial Debian packages, not in Debian for patent-related reasons, maintained by Christian Marillat. For information on how to use this repository, see . or ask me about <debian-multimedia.etch>
13:50-!-ubuntu_567 [~maniac@] has joined #debian
13:50<ubuntu_567>hi All
13:51<ubuntu_567>m having some prob with my soundcard...not able to listen nything...
13:51-!-habtool [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:51-!-shmed [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has quit []
13:52-!-p_quarles [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has joined #debian
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13:53-!-NetNuttt [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:54-!-w1dget [] has joined #debian
13:54<jMCg>ubuntu_567: What exactly is happening and in what way does it differ from what you want to be happening?
13:54<jMCg>Hmmm.. that wasn't precise enough
13:54-!-sarthor [] has joined #debian
13:55-!-widget [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:55<shmed>I'm running on this box with an i810 integrated video chipset, getting a lot of segmentation faults, do you think that's to be expected with integrated graphics chipsets?
13:55-!-HaMMiE [] has joined #debian
13:55-!-narcan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:55-!-Sindacious [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:56-!-jandd [] has joined #debian
13:56<dmoerner>shmed, no, although i don't know about the track record of older i810 intel chipsets
13:56-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
13:56-!-gnuler [] has joined #debian
13:58<ubuntu_567>m using gOS...kernel 2.6.22-14-generic...and my soundcard is
13:58-!-chattr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:58<ubuntu_567>as i mentioned earlier
13:58<ubuntu_567>no sound output
13:58-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
14:00-!-stoffepojken [] has joined #debian
14:00<ubuntu_567>tell me how to configure this soundcard
14:03-!-fcannini [] has joined #debian
14:03<ubuntu_567>nybody out there?
14:03-!-shmed [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:03-!-kmap [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:04-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
14:05-!-Sindacious [] has left #debian []
14:05-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
14:05-!-nomeata [] has joined #debian
14:07-!-futex [] has joined #debian
14:09-!-HaMMiE [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo]
14:12-!-juliank [] has joined #debian
14:12-!-lobao [~Humberto@] has joined #debian
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14:13-!-martyn [~martyn@] has joined #debian
14:13-!-icman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:14-!-Netsplit over, joins: sarthor, msantana, d0rt, esaym, javatexan1, dmoerner, hingwah, lukehasnoname, MrNaz, CompWizrd (+25 more)
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14:15-!-fcannini [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:15-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
14:18-!-EmleyMoor [] has joined #debian
14:19-!-EmleyMoor is now known as Guest2027
14:19-!-av6jj [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
14:20-!-Guest2027 [] has quit []
14:22-!-Piet [] has quit [Quit: Piet]
14:22-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
14:22<blarson>ubuntu_567: You should uprade to the current lenny or sid kernel. Or ask for support from your distro.
14:22-!-cockroach_zZz is now known as cockroach
14:22<ubuntu_567>m not able to use Alt+F2 as a shortcut for Run command? in greenOS....
14:22-!-vin` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:23<ubuntu_567>@blarson to do that
14:24-!-shmed [] has joined #debian
14:25<mawes>ubuntu_567: works here, lenny+kde
14:25<blarson>!tell ubuntu_567 about ubuntu
14:25-!-client [] has joined #debian
14:26<mawes>any solution for "for i in `ls`; do ...." if filenames contain spaces ?
14:26<client>i have some files with french characters in the title and in konquorer they don't show up.... do i need to change the font or install some sort of forgien font thing?
14:26<abrotman>mawes: ask #bash on freenode
14:27<mawes>abrotman: thanks
14:29-!-marco_ [] has joined #debian
14:29<dmoerner>mawes, for i in *
14:29<dmoerner>and then call $i with quotes. the "ls" is unnecessary
14:29-!-phorce1_ [] has joined #debian
14:30-!-client [] has quit []
14:30<mawes>dmoerner: cool, thanks
14:31-!-marco_ [] has quit []
14:31-!-phorce1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:32-!-cockroach is now known as cockroach_nothererightnow
14:34-!-tremor [] has joined #debian
14:36-!-Rick [] has joined #debian
14:37-!-Dream [] has quit []
14:38-!-gnuler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:38-!-xyg [] has joined #debian
14:38-!-lavaramano [] has joined #debian
14:38<xyg>hello; I've got a quick question. I just rebooted, and for some reason my whole root fs is read-only. any ideas on why/a solution to fix?
14:40<dmoerner>xyg, errors=remount-ro is the default in /etc/fstab so there was probably some sort of fs error
14:40<dmoerner>you could try "touch /forcefsck" and rebooting to force an fsck and see if anything is wrong
14:40-!-javatexan1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:40<xyg>is there something I can use to check/repair them? I'd rather not have to reformat, this is my production system, and is holding me up quite a bit so far.
14:40<xyg>nods. thanks. will do
14:41-!-javatexan [] has joined #debian
14:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 368] by debhelper
14:42-!-Rick [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:42-!-ubuntu_567 [~maniac@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:43-!-ubuntu_567 [~maniac@] has joined #debian
14:43<ubuntu_567>hi all
14:43-!-fcannini [] has joined #debian
14:44<xyg>there were bad inodes. maybe that was it. I can't touch because it's a read-only fs.
14:44<xyg>I'll reboot when it finishes
14:45-!-hever [] has joined #debian
14:47<chealer>shmed: when doing what?
14:47<xyg>baller. there's my login pc beeps... lem' see if that worked. think it did
14:48-!-sociale-901 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:48<xyg>that helped, thanks a ton. is there a way I can get that to run on boot before it mounts the fs?
14:49-!-E0x [] has joined #debian
14:49-!-fcannini [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
14:50<ubuntu_567>help me...m having some problem with my soundcard
14:50<ubuntu_567>no audio output
14:51<xyg>have you modprobed the card?
14:52-!-alvarez [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:52-!-alvarez [] has joined #debian
14:53<chealer>ubuntu_567: which Debian suite do you use?
14:55-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
14:55-!-xyg [] has quit [Quit: xyg was useing Mirc4Life 2.3 from:]
14:56-!-cockroach_nothererightnow is now known as cockroach
14:56-!-gnuler [] has joined #debian
14:56-!-msantana [~marcelo@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
14:57-!-phorce1 [] has joined #debian
14:58-!-Germ [] has joined #debian
14:58-!-Germ [] has quit []
14:59-!-phorce1_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:59-!-Germ [] has joined #debian
14:59-!-Germ [] has quit []
14:59-!-imu [] has joined #debian
15:00-!-EmleyMoo1 [] has joined #debian
15:00-!-rickbot [] has joined #debian
15:00-!-dmoerner [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:01-!-dmoerner [] has joined #debian
15:01-!-slaxz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:01<EmleyMoo1>Is there an easy way to enable iLBC in Asterisk on lenny?
15:03-!-Germ [] has joined #debian
15:03-!-Germ [] has quit []
15:06-!-ubuntu_567 [~maniac@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:06-!-coyotle [~coyotle@] has joined #debian
15:07-!-coyotle [~coyotle@] has quit []
15:08<matong>is there a software similar for cfengine which goal is more on smaller installation/configuration [ say 5-8 clients ]
15:09-!-ohcibi|lappi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:09-!-alephnull_ [~alok@] has joined #debian
15:10-!-aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #debian
15:10-!-nei [] has joined #debian
15:11-!-KaiSVk [] has joined #debian
15:11<dpkg>Telling us that something is broken is fairly useless. You need to tell us exactly what is failing, and what you expected it to do. Ask me about <doesn't work>, or
15:11<KaiSVk>hi all, how do I convine apt to install package with broken dependencies ? ?
15:12<rickbot>KaiSVk: apt-get install -f
15:12<KaiSVk>rickbot: don't work
15:13<ansgar>That lolcat URL from dpkg does only give a 404...
15:13<rickbot>then its something that apt is not able to deal with and you should re-consider if you really want to install the thing
15:13-!-Lucas_BP [~dvn@] has joined #debian
15:13<rickbot>it may seriously b0rk things
15:14-!-zevarito_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:14<rickbot>KaiSVk: whats the output from install -f?
15:14-!-b [] has joined #debian
15:14-!-nei [] has quit []
15:14<KaiSVk>broken package
15:14<KaiSVk>I wrote apt-get install nvidia-glx -f
15:15-!-b is now known as Guest2031
15:15<KaiSVk>The following packages have unmet dependencies:
15:15<KaiSVk> nvidia-glx: Depends: nvidia-kernel-173.14.09 but it is not installable
15:15<KaiSVk>E: Broken packages
15:15<rickbot>you need to get a source package for the nvidia driver and build a kernel module
15:15<matong>KaiSVk: maybe you have to use m-a to build and install the suitable kernel-module
15:16-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:16<rickbot>'nvidia-kernel' is produce from compiling the module
15:17<Guest2031>anybody have experience using rsync over ssh
15:17<Guest2031>i want to copy files to a server running ssh
15:17<KaiSVk>matong: kernel module and nvidia-glx are two different things
15:17-!-alephnull__ [~alok@] has joined #debian
15:17<rickbot>oops. ignore me... i was thinking of the way ati driver works
15:18<Guest2031>rysnc -auv /files -e ssh server:/file - doesnt work
15:18<rickbot>there are nvidia-kernel packages, you need the right one to match your kernel
15:20<matong>KaiSVk: but to meet the dependencies for nvidia-glx, you need a suitable nvidia-kernel package
15:21-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
15:21<fxiny>Guest2031: ... user@server ...
15:21-!-sarthor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:21<Guest2031>fxiny: can't use alias?
15:21-!-KaiSVk [] has left #debian []
15:22-!-sysop [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:22<fxiny>Guest2031: what exactly yoy wanna do ? sync a dir ?
15:22-!-alephnull_ [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:23-!-jurg [] has joined #debian
15:23<fxiny>Guest2031: -e sss localdir/ user@remote:/remote/dir/
15:23<Guest2031>fxiny: yes, the server is reached via ssh, but i've been trying to use alias- server- instead of user@server
15:23-!-Swissgent [] has joined #debian
15:26<fxiny>Guest2031: rsync -avz --delete ... will sync remote with local
15:26<fxiny>man rsync
15:26-!-alephnull__ [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:27<Guest2031>without using "-e ssh" ?
15:27<Guest2031>fxiny: i get "rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(635) [sender=3.0.3]"
15:28-!-LightKnight [] has joined #debian
15:28<fxiny>rsync -avz --delete -e ssh ....
15:29-!-martyn [~martyn@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:30-!-habtool [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:30-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:31-!-hingwah [~hingwah@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:32-!-pug [~Web-sidux@] has joined #debian
15:34-!-pug [~Web-sidux@] has quit []
15:36-!-nomeata [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
15:37-!-b_ [] has joined #debian
15:37-!-Guest2031 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:38-!-b_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:38-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:39-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has joined #debian
15:39-!-evilgold [] has joined #debian
15:42-!-narcan [] has joined #debian
15:43-!-NCommander [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:43-!-sysop [] has joined #debian
15:43-!-Goldjian [] has joined #debian
15:45-!-Goldjian [] has left #debian []
15:46-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
15:46-!-geenna [~geenna@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:46-!-p_quarles [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:46-!-nifan [] has joined #debian
15:47<shmed>chealer, sorry, had to step away for a sec
15:47-!-adema [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:48<shmed>well anything I suppose, it's intermittently flaky
15:48-!-adema [] has joined #debian
15:48<shmed>I could be running opera and mplayer fine and then all of the sudden X windows appears to crash
15:49<shmed>this is an old 566 with 384 megs of ram, shared video ram, maybe i'm just taxing it too much
15:50<chealer>shmed: that's not to be expected
15:50<shmed>the only error i've seen is "segmentation fault" in a console
15:51-!-Mojo1978 [] has joined #debian
15:51-!-fcannini [] has joined #debian
15:53-!-orfen [] has joined #debian
15:54-!-HellTiger [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:54-!-krishna [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-dino [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-pumpkin0 [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-orfen [] has quit []
15:55-!-fili [] has joined #debian
15:57-!-githogori [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:58-!-revslowmo [] has joined #debian
15:59<revslowmo>Quick install question, I have the 4.0a install and I want to use dmraid, I used udpkg -i to install it but not sure what todo next, I tried to activate it but get an error ERROR: pdc: zero sectors on /devsdc
15:59-!-pumpkin0 [] has quit []
16:00-!-Lucas_BP [~dvn@] has quit []
16:01<dmoerner>revslowmo, apt-get has dmraid; why are you using dpkg to install it?
16:02-!-genaro [~genaro@] has joined #debian
16:02<shmed>I have an almost the same amd computer, k7 with 384 megs of ram but non-intergrated video, installed off the same dvd, running basically the same setup and apps, no problems whatsover
16:02-!-stroyan [~stroyan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:02-!-genaro [~genaro@] has quit []
16:03<revslowmo>dmoerner: well I am doing this during the install
16:03<revslowmo>I need to activate it for the install
16:04-!-stroyan [~stroyan@] has joined #debian
16:05<shmed>i was wondering if manually specifying the video ram in xorg.conf might help instead of letting it guess
16:05-!-noflash [noflash@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:cda7:61ee] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
16:05<revslowmo>dmoerner: Well I have a software raid that I just setup in the bios, I want windows to be able to read it too, is dmraid a good solution or should I try mdadm
16:05<dmoerner>revslowmo, sorry i have no knowledge of raid setups
16:06-!-fxiny [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:06-!-gnuler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:08-!-insan-e [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:09-!-syntaxis [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:09-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:10-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has joined #debian
16:10<chealer>shmed: I don't think so. if it helps, it's a bug.
16:10<revslowmo>Anyone else have knowlege of dmraid and debian install
16:12-!-noflash [noflash@2001:5c0:8fff:ffff:8000:0:cda7:61ee] has joined #debian
16:13-!-sysop2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:13<E0x>i can indicate in the installer process of debian that use the UUID instead of the device name ?
16:13-!-evilgold_ [] has joined #debian
16:13-!-evilgold [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
16:17-!-tom-bbl [tom1000000@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:17-!-fili [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:18-!-chris__ [] has joined #debian
16:18-!-chris__ [] has quit []
16:19-!-fike [] has joined #debian
16:19-!-alvarez [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:21-!-w1dget [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 362] by debhelper
16:22-!-dargol [] has joined #debian
16:22-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:22-!-evzy [~evzy@] has joined #debian
16:22<dmoerner>E0x, i don't believe so
16:23<revslowmo>can lvm be written to and read from windows and do a raid0
16:23-!-dino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:23-!-evzy [~evzy@] has quit []
16:25-!-tykus [] has joined #debian
16:25-!-tykus [] has left #debian []
16:25-!-gutocarvalho [] has joined #debian
16:25<the-me>revslowmo, windows can't read LVM volumes or SW raid ones
16:26-!-dino [] has joined #debian
16:26-!-alvarez [] has joined #debian
16:26-!-franklin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:27-!-luxh [] has joined #debian
16:27<revslowmo>the-me: I am getting a strange error with the debian install and the dmraid program, ERROR: pdc: zero sectors on /dev/sdc
16:29-!-mjk [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:29<revslowmo>dang, their is no weekly build cd for amd64 for debian.
16:30<revslowmo> <--- broken for amd64
16:30-!-krishna [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:32-!-nomeata [] has joined #debian
16:34-!-path [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:35-!-franklin [] has joined #debian
16:36-!-egypcio [~korn@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:37-!-Blacker47 [] has joined #debian
16:37-!-chattr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:38-!-gnuler [] has joined #debian
16:39-!-egypcio [~korn@] has joined #debian
16:42-!-valdyn [] has joined #debian
16:42<revslowmo>where can I get the amd64 testing install cd
16:43-!-valdyn [] has quit []
16:43-!-valdyn [] has joined #debian
16:43<chealer>revslowmo: there were no weekly build for all arches
16:43-!-valdyn [] has quit []
16:43-!-valdyn [] has joined #debian
16:43<revslowmo>Why not
16:45<dmoerner>limitations on resources
16:45<chealer>revslowmo: possibly because of "parted fails due a in progress transition to new soname"
16:45<revslowmo>is their archives of these builds?
16:46<chealer>revslowmo: there are several. did you see ?
16:46-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
16:48-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
16:50-!-aigarius [~aigarius@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:50<revslowmo>let me check
16:51<revslowmo>that worked
16:52-!-HellTiger [] has joined #debian
16:56-!-member1 [~member1@] has joined #debian
16:56-!-member1 [~member1@] has quit []
16:58-!-rickbot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:59-!-s0d0 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:59-!-Txt-file1 [~Txt-file@] has left #debian []
17:01-!-marcocampos [~marcocamp@] has joined #debian
17:01-!-jac [] has quit [Quit: 暫離]
17:02-!-widget [] has joined #debian
17:02-!-rickbot [] has joined #debian
17:04-!-dino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:06-!-nifan [] has quit [Quit: gone]
17:06-!-overflow [] has joined #debian
17:07-!-sysop2 [] has joined #debian
17:07-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
17:08-!-stroyan [~stroyan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:08-!-user [] has joined #debian
17:08-!-user [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:08-!-franklin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:09-!-jclinton [] has joined #debian
17:09-!-meandtheshell [~sa@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:09<sysop2>hi guys. I am on a eee pc running real debian lenny, and everytime I hibernate by closing the lid the wireless card wont work without a reboot.
17:09-!-stroyan [~stroyan@] has joined #debian
17:09<sysop2>is there a way to reset the card? I tried ifconfig off and on, and that didnt do anything.
17:10-!-marcocampos [~marcocamp@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:10-!-tatotat [] has joined #debian
17:12-!-esaym-acer [] has joined #debian
17:16-!-franklin [] has joined #debian
17:17-!-dino [] has joined #debian
17:19<dmoerner>sysop, modprobe -r the module and then reinsert it with modprobe again
17:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 369] by debhelper
17:22-!-javatexan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:23-!-marc_ [] has joined #debian
17:23<marc_>Anybody around that knows a bit about bluetooth setup/
17:24<jurg>You'll be better off just asking your question ;)
17:25<marc_>I was trying to be nice
17:25<marc_>Well I just got a blackberry curve and wanted to tether it through bluetooth
17:25<marc_>my problem is that bluetooth isn't enabled on my laptop (I do have bluetooth though)
17:25<jurg>modprobe hci_usb
17:25<marc_>Its not under the usb bus like I thought it would be so I'm a little lost
17:26<marc_>Dud:/proc/bus/pci# lsmod |grep hci
17:26<marc_>hci_usb 14780 0
17:26<marc_>sdhci 16836 0
17:26<marc_>mmc_core 47300 1 sdhci
17:26-!-marc_ was kicked from #debian by debhelper [use the paster bot or #flood]
17:26-!-marc_ [] has joined #debian
17:26<marc_>newb mistake
17:27<jurg>modprobe bluetooth ? :p
17:27<marc_>anyway the output shows bluetooth is loaded with hci_usb
17:27-!-javatexan [] has joined #debian
17:27<jurg>Never had to load any drivers manually :\
17:27-!-mossy [] has joined #debian
17:27<marc_>The drivers are already loaded, hence my confusion
17:28<marc_>I don't *think* theres a bluetooth kill switch on this laptop
17:28<marc_>hrm ...
17:28-!-chattr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:28<marc_>nope no killswitch
17:28-!-dargol [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:29-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
17:29-!-superlinux [] has joined #debian
17:29<superlinux>hi all
17:30<marc_>go go google! Come on ...
17:31<superlinux>how can i unload an old versioned kernel to load a new versioned one while keeping the computer running normally?
17:31-!-eth0 [] has joined #debian
17:31<superlinux>can this happen
17:31-!-Pipperss [] has joined #debian
17:31<marc_>changing kernel
17:32<marc_>means you have to reboot
17:32<marc_>its about the only process in linux that actually requires a reboot
17:32<superlinux>you are right. but the case with Linux usually you dont need a reboot
17:33<superlinux>and i know that you must reboot
17:33<superlinux>but when i compile a kerner, by any way, it's an executable file
17:34-!-revslowmo [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070208]]
17:34<cyberjames>maybe developers are still developing modules for switching kernel version... :D
17:35<superlinux>this versioining is making troubles to driver writers
17:35-!-p_quarles [] has joined #debian
17:35<superlinux>even i the networking c++ headers
17:35<superlinux>even in the networking c++ headers
17:36<marc_>when compiling the kernel you should get a boot file
17:36<marc_>its been a long time since I last did it
17:36<marc_>bzImage or something to that effect
17:36<marc_>place it in the /boot directory and update lilo or grub (whichever you use) and boot off of it
17:36<marc_>I don't think i understand your question
17:37<dmoerner>i'm not sure if there is a question at this point
17:37<superlinux>marc_, i was just theoratically wondering if it is applicable
17:37-!-Ionic [] has joined #debian
17:38<Ionic>Hello boys and girls... < does anybody have any explanation for THIS?
17:39-!-insan-e [] has joined #debian
17:39-!-gnuler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:39<marc_>oh in that case, I don't think so. But I'm not a guru
17:39-!-HaMMiE [] has joined #debian
17:40<Ionic>(Was this to me? :p)
17:40<superlinux>it came to me while was thinking of root mounting an NFS share as root mount with chroot
17:40<schoinobates>This will help:
17:40<schoinobates>master@bagnat:~$ cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10Local
17:40<schoinobates>Apt::Cache-Limit 33554432;
17:41<Ionic>Thank you schoinobates, but why does it work using the C locale, but not with de_DE*?
17:41<schoinobates>(if not, increase the number)
17:41<superlinux>schoinobates, just for my information. this will Limit what?
17:41<superlinux>the download size?
17:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 375] by debhelper
17:42<schoinobates>Ah. It works with C? I don't know then. Maybe it will not help then. Let us know :)
17:42<schoinobates>It is the size of an internal data struture in apt.
17:42<schoinobates>(the data structure that contains the list of available versions for every package)
17:42<superlinux>ah ok
17:43<superlinux>thats new to me.. never faced it
17:43<schoinobates>USed to be common before the default got increased :)
17:44<Ionic>schoinobates: have a closer look at the paste. Generally, I'm using the locale 'de_DE.UTF-8'. Increasing the Cache-Limit doesn't help, btw.
17:44<Ionic>But it's working fine when using 'C'... this is
17:44<Ionic>Whoops, *really* weird.
17:45<schoinobates>lemme take a look....
17:45<superlinux>no one should use a locale
17:45<superlinux>just use C. and add the locale as auxiliary
17:45<superlinux>or append it
17:46<superlinux>i hope you've got me.
17:46-!-debian-ib [~debian-ib@] has joined #debian
17:46-!-martianixor [~knoppix@] has joined #debian
17:46<superlinux>cos the console is mostly C
17:47<superlinux>i tried once . it messed everything
17:47-!-tatotat [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:47<Ionic>I'm using localized system for years and it was working fine most of the time ;-)
17:47-!-mawes [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:47<schoinobates>Rah, my mirror is down :-(
17:48-!-debian-ib [~debian-ib@] has left #debian []
17:49<superlinux>well i am an arab. and the arabic has not that that (2x) taken-care-of
17:50-!-tremor [] has quit [Quit: remote host closed the connection]
17:50-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~absinthe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:50<superlinux>although i don't deny the work done.
17:50<superlinux>for the arabic language
17:51-!-shmed [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:51<Ionic>Arabic is a little bit of a mess due to the inversed writing direction
17:51-!-jotun [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:51-!-variable_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:51<Ionic>At least IIRC
17:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 369] by debhelper
17:54<superlinux>in our traditions/understanding, ppl start correctly from right to left. not otherwise.
17:54-!-mawes [] has joined #debian
17:55<schoinobates>Ionic, people around me tell me it can be solved by having less lines in sources.list
17:56<schoinobates>I hope there is another way....
17:56<schoinobates>lemme search...
17:56<superlinux>and right in arabic is [yameeen] which comes from [youmn] which is simplisity and easiness
17:56<Ionic>schoinobates: yes, it's quite huge:
17:57-!-martianixor [~knoppix@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:58-!-tezeract [] has joined #debian
17:59<EmleyMoo1>My upgrade has broken - I get "dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. ,,,
17:59<upsilon>did you try that?
18:00-!-magyar [] has joined #debian
18:00<schoinobates>I can't find a way to increase that magical limit; sorry
18:00<EmleyMoo1>and on doing that: "dpkg: too many errors, stopping | dpkg: ../src/packages.c:265: process_queue: Assertion `!queue.length' failed."
18:00<superlinux>i just want to share this Linux user management LDAP howto that i found on google. seems to be good.
18:00<magyar>hi, how can i update arp when i switch eth0:0 from one system to another?
18:00-!-foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:01-!-path [] has joined #debian
18:01<superlinux>magyar, doent auto-update?
18:01<EmleyMoo1>What do I do to fix this?
18:01<superlinux>EmleyMoo1, which?
18:02<magyar>superlinux: the cisco gateway is dumb
18:02-!-nomeata [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
18:02<EmleyMoo1>There is only one - they are the same
18:02<superlinux>ah ok..
18:02<magyar>i remember there was a way to rebroadcast the arp table
18:02<superlinux>just a moment
18:03-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
18:03<superlinux>magyar, what about : man arp?
18:04-!-BratwurstmitSenf [] has joined #debian
18:04<EmleyMoo1>I've even removed /var/lib/dpkg/lock to no avail
18:05<EmleyMoo1>What do I need to do to fix this problem? Don't be afraid to say if it's drastic
18:07-!-flex [] has joined #debian
18:07-!-jandd [] has quit [Quit: good night]
18:07<Lethalman>EmleyMoo1, dpkg --configure -a
18:07<schoinobates>Ionic: I have no immediate solution; file a bug
18:07-!-flex [] has quit []
18:07<EmleyMoo1>Lethalman: Doesn't work, as stated
18:08-!-RaZa [] has joined #debian
18:08-!-cogwheel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:09<Ionic>schoinobates: I want to thank you though for spending your precious time on my problem. :)
18:09-!-overflow [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:09<superlinux>magyar, there is an "arpd"
18:09<superlinux>userspace arp deamon... run that
18:09<EmleyMoo1>Lethalman: Any other suggestions?
18:10-!-dino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:10-!-Swissgent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:11<EmleyMoo1>Where do I start from in the spew of problems dpkg --configure -a outputs?
18:11-!-marc_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:12-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:12-!-schoinobates [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.2.6]
18:13-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
18:13-!-jMCg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:13-!-mawes [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:15-!-emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Quit: emonge]
18:15-!-path [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:15<EmleyMoo1>I appear to have a serious breakage here - is there anything I can do to fix it?
18:15<magyar>superlinux: how do u run that?
18:16<superlinux>magyar, 1st try to apt-get install it
18:16-!-nomeata [] has joined #debian
18:16<superlinux>apt-get install arpd
18:16-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:16<superlinux>and read it's manual
18:16<superlinux>man arpd
18:16-!-overflow [] has joined #debian
18:17<EmleyMoo1>aptitude dist-upgrade fails, gives me a command to fix it and that doesn't work either... already stated the full story above
18:17<EmleyMoo1>Is there some kind of secondary package list lock?
18:17<superlinux>it's arp but with a file as arp cache table
18:18-!-zephir [~zephir@] has joined #debian
18:18-!-insan-e [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:18-!-fike [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:19-!-ian_brasil [] has quit [Quit: yeh baby]
18:19<EmleyMoo1>Do I need to run stuff again and get you all the output?
18:20<mossy>are you opposed to reinstalling from scratch?
18:20<EmleyMoo1>Not opposed, no - if it really is unavoidable
18:21<EmleyMoo1>I will have to do a fresh install when I do the rebuild next month anyway
18:21<superlinux>magyar, isn't that near to what you want?
18:21<mossy>you have been doing this since yesterday, right?
18:21<mossy>is having testing that important to you?
18:21<EmleyMoo1>Is reverting possible at this stage?
18:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 359] by debhelper
18:22<mossy>no. i learned that the hard way.
18:22<mossy>i suggest if you want to use testing/unstable, to make the upgrade immediately after you complete a clean install.
18:23<tezeract>use a biz card cd and install unstable directly
18:23<EmleyMoo1>mossy: That makes a mockery of the purpose of upgrading
18:23<tezeract>that saves lots of time.
18:23<mossy>potato potato
18:23<EmleyMoo1>If it smashes my system this badly, it will smash loads more when it goes stable
18:24-!-an3as [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:24-!-tuxtux [] has joined #debian
18:25-!-allisterb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:26-!-tuxtux [] has left #debian []
18:26<mossy>i need to install my kernel sources. i'm browsing for the right tarball. which one do i get? 2.6.18-6-686
18:26-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
18:27-!-widget [] has quit []
18:27<EmleyMoo1>mossy: Install the appropriate linux-source package from Debian
18:28-!-path [] has joined #debian
18:30-!-Goldjian [] has joined #debian
18:34<esaym-acer> how does debian know ctrl+alt+f1 means to switch to getty1?
18:34<esaym-acer>because it ain't working for me from kde
18:34-!-bruno [~bruno@] has joined #debian
18:35-!-bruno [~bruno@] has quit []
18:35-!-syntaxis [] has joined #debian
18:37<EmleyMoo1>Is reverting a system from backups just a matter of clearing and restoring /, /usr, possibly /var and then maybe booting from a recovery CD to put the kernel right?
18:37-!-hazard2 [] has joined #debian
18:37-!-nomeata [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
18:37-!-qq [] has joined #debian
18:38-!-zephir [~zephir@] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
18:39-!-Goldjian [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:40-!-tamis [~tamis@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:40-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:40<EmleyMoo1>(admittedly, I have to get to a situation where I can do that, first, but I have means)
18:41-!-thunay [~thunay@] has joined #debian
18:41-!-insigne [~insigne@] has joined #debian
18:41<magyar>superlinux: nope, fyi what i need it iputil-arping
18:41<magyar>superlinux: nope, fyi what i need it iputils-arping
18:41<superlinux>lemme readf about it
18:41<magyar>superlinux: you can trick the neighboring routers to update
18:42<superlinux>ah ok
18:42<magyar>thanks for trying, chher
18:42<magyar>bahh -_-
18:42-!-insigne [~insigne@] has quit []
18:43<superlinux>magyar, that progra is kewl
18:43<EmleyMoo1>(Am I at least right in principle on the restoration?)
18:43-!-alain [] has joined #debian
18:44*superlinux mv superlinux bed
18:44-!-alain [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:44*superlinux : ~ # echo superlinux >> sleep
18:47-!-thunay [~thunay@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
18:47-!-path [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:47-!-PC [~PC@] has joined #debian
18:48-!-PC [~PC@] has quit []
18:49-!-overflow [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:50-!-an3as [] has joined #debian
18:57-!-BratwurstmitSenf [] has quit []
19:00-!-ian_brasil [] has joined #debian
19:00-!-xxx__ [] has joined #debian
19:03-!-EmleyMoo1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:04-!-Pedrike4 [] has joined #debian
19:04-!-overflow [] has joined #debian
19:05-!-Pedrike4 [] has quit []
19:07-!-__iron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:08-!-ian_brasil [] has quit [Quit: yeh baby]
19:09<sysop2>hi guys.
19:09-!-githogori [] has joined #debian
19:10-!-mossy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:12<matong>is it possible to create a fully encrypted vm, where the host system is not able to get any information of the guest? And if so, which tool should be uesd?
19:13<matong>or let's the host can not access files from guest [ or even see files in the guest container ]
19:13<Nemoder>I would guess no. at least not if you want to interact with it in anyway
19:15<matong>well, it should only start and stop the guest, not more
19:15-!-overflow [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:15-!-sociale-901 [] has joined #debian
19:16-!-p_quarles [] has quit []
19:16-!-oPen [sylar@] has joined #debian
19:16-!-mossy [] has joined #debian
19:17<oPen>necestp ayuda urgente
19:17-!-fcannini [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:17-!-fike [] has joined #debian
19:18<stevecotton>matong - that sounds like the problem of implementing Digital Rights Management; if you're looking for essays on why it can't be done.
19:18-!-oPen [sylar@] has quit []
19:19-!-derSmutje [~dersmutje@] has joined #debian
19:19-!-narcan [] has quit [Quit:]
19:20-!-derSmutje [~dersmutje@] has quit []
19:21<matong>well my idea is, to put a "guest" system on a server, where I can mailserver and so. The mails are in an encrypted filesystem and thus can not be read by the host - for privacy issues
19:21-!-sysop2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 353] by debhelper
19:23-!-qq [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:23-!-darsie [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:24<stevecotton>matong - I think you need the mails to be encrypted outside the system, so neither host nor guest can decrypt them.
19:24-!-juliank [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25-!-muammar [] has joined #debian
19:25<stevecotton>encrypt on the sending machine, decrypt on the machine owned by the recepient
19:25-!-Amorphous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:26-!-imu [] has quit [Quit: Software is like sex, better when it's free (Linus Torvalds)]
19:28-!-hever [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:28<matong>stevecotton: mails are just an example. But you're right, encrypted mails would solve this,
19:29-!-mossy [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:29-!-Inv_ [] has joined #debian
19:29-!-gutocarvalho [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:29-!-Inv_ [] has left #debian []
19:30-!-curado [] has joined #debian
19:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 347] by debhelper
19:34-!-HellTiger [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:34-!-gutocarvalho [] has joined #debian
19:38-!-Amorphous [] has joined #debian
19:39-!-gce [~gce@] has joined #debian
19:45-!-Hobbestigrou [~hobbestig@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:46-!-HaMMiE [] has quit [Quit: byessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss]
19:48-!-rickbot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:48-!-gutocarvalho [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:48-!-gutocarvalho [] has joined #debian
19:49-!-krishna [] has joined #debian
19:49-!-mzjilani [] has joined #debian
19:50-!-zevarito [] has joined #debian
19:51<mzjilani>Anyone know how to configure Debian to run some program on startup with text-mode (It's for a server).
19:52<Jflesch>mzjilani: what you're looking for are probably the init scripts, more exactly thoses in /etc/rc2.d
19:53<mzjilani>Jflesh : Thanks ! It's exactly what i'm looking for. I found static links to /etc/init.d entries.
19:53<mzjilani>Thank you very much.
19:54<Jflesch>mzjilani: on IRC, you can type just the first letter of a nickname and then press tab
19:54<Jflesch>this way you won't mispell my nick :)
19:54-!-Sertse [] has joined #debian
19:54<Jflesch>and you're welcome :)
19:54-!-_Fabio20 [] has joined #debian
19:54<mzjilani>Jflesch, Thanks for the tip :)
19:55-!-Mojo1978 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:57-!-piper [] has joined #debian
19:57-!-LightKnight [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
19:59-!-krishna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:59-!-franklin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:59-!-Hobbestigrou [] has joined #debian
19:59-!-MrNaz [~naz@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:03<_Fabio20>i've downloaded nvidia drivers
20:03<_Fabio20>but i cant install in my lenny
20:06-!-curado [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
20:06-!-muammar [] has quit [Quit: imagine a big red swirl here..!]
20:08-!-sociale-901 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:11-!-AnotherOne [ircap751@] has joined #debian
20:11-!-javatexan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:15<_Fabio20>how can i install my nvidia driver
20:15-!-xplorer [~xp@] has joined #debian
20:16-!-habtool [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
20:16<xplorer>does someone have a link on where i could go to learn step by step to install a mailing list on my Debian box?
20:16<AnotherOne>who got to kill to have a decent x session?
20:17-!-Sertse [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:17-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
20:19-!-sociale-901 [] has joined #debian
20:20-!-mzjilani [] has left #debian [Leaving]
20:21<AnotherOne>let me guess ... xfree86 3.3 did never work
20:21<AnotherOne>no matter what you do
20:21-!-humberto [~humberto@] has joined #debian
20:21-!-mtnman [] has joined #debian
20:22<piper>_Fabio20: you could put it in /usr/src then do cd /usr/src then sh (or whatever driver you downloaded)
20:22-!-Lethalman [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:22-!-NetNuttt [] has joined #debian
20:22<_Fabio20>piper driver said i have wrong gcc
20:22-!-xplorer [~xp@] has quit [Quit: Read error: Broken Bong]
20:22<_Fabio20>4.1 and 4.3
20:24<piper>_Fabio20: i have no idea what version lenny has, i run unstable and use 4:4.3.1-2 (gcc)
20:26<chealer>_Fabio20: did you already use a testing/unstable mix?
20:26<piper>_Fabio20: for Candidate what does apt-cache policy gcc say
20:27-!-andax [] has joined #debian
20:27<stevecotton>_Fabio20: did it say which GCC it wanted?
20:27<stevecotton>Are you using the Debianized package (from contrib)?
20:27-!-zephir [~zephir@] has joined #debian
20:29-!-_Fabio20 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:29<AnotherOne>alienized one
20:30-!-hyperstream [~hyperstre@] has joined #debian
20:30-!-hyperstream [~hyperstre@] has quit []
20:32-!-zephir [~zephir@] has left #debian []
20:32<AnotherOne>what do you think about converting an rpm kernel pack to deb?
20:32-!-guy [] has joined #debian
20:33-!-dpalacio [~itsuki@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:34<piper>what rpm kernel pack & why
20:35-!-NetNuttt [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
20:35<andax>i've noticed some strange activity on my community development server. ( lenny ) One of the devs has logged in via ssh, started several instances of pids called 'ssh-scan' then _deleted_ the binary from his home folder. Which tool can I use to sniff/monitor what outgoing connections it's generating? it would be easier to just kill these but they are not necessarily evil.. I'd like some proof first. Any ideas or suggestions about identifing what th
20:35<andax>ese pids are doing?
20:36<x22>look for x2 ssh brute scanner.. it is an automated ssh brute forcer.... had that happen once and had to remove the user.. well.. was abuse
20:36<x22>thats prettymuch him hackin fom your pc ;p
20:36<x22>he wiped only files.. if not... lookup everything he typd:
20:37<andax>if it is a brute force ssh slamming tool then of course deluser will follow
20:37<x22>that is a modded version of x2
20:37<x22>made to autoscan
20:37<stevecotton>netstat -antp and see what those processes are connecting to?
20:37<x22>id kill it
20:37<x22>just kill it
20:37<x22>forget what it is attached to... ya dont care.. it is a bruteforcer and couldm login anywhere..
20:37<x22>ya want it not running, history in bash will heklp
20:37<x22>typical hack
20:38<stevecotton>copy /proc/number/whatever if you want a copy of the binary, maybe?
20:38<andax># netstat -antp |grep ssh-scan |wc -l
20:38<andax>ok i'll suspend the account and contact him in the morning.
20:38<x22>yea well you eould tar -cf the folder
20:39<x22>and just back it jup then yea deluser.. but, the scanner i have copy of
20:39<x22>is modified x2..
20:39<x22>is just abuse tool...
20:39<x22>it does not run hidden tho
20:39<andax>great news.
20:39<x22>you should not have any problems tracing anything to the binary itself
20:39<x22>yer you dont want it running as i said
20:39<x22>it will login
20:39<x22>and log the troots
20:39<x22>then itll logout
20:40<andax>looks like it's flooding random ips with ssh connections
20:40<x22>so god knows what its doing, but, lookuop x2 by Teso if wanna know any bin details
20:40<x22>the ssh-scan is a sh file
20:40<x22>and usually theres a couple others
20:40<x22>used to admin at a shell co.. had it happen alot
20:40<x22>it was a pest of a thing to
20:40<x22>coz we got reports of people hacked..
20:40<x22>whjo we did not touch personally..
20:41<x22>but, yer, ya wanna kill those pids, look into maybe x2 if interested in how it runs, and, thats just a modded scanner compiled with most rootkits now
20:41<x22>you might wanna check
20:41<x22>your web
20:41<x22>or, was known user
20:41<x22>no hacking further. but... maybe wanna see what else hes been up to :P lol
20:41<x22>god knows since you only seen activities prettymuch by his fault ...
20:41<x22>he was using your box to scan
20:41<x22>the rest is x2 modified brute tool
20:42<andax>he's a long-time developer, mayber for 2 or 3 years
20:42<x22>kssh brute based on ssh lib v0.1, is dead
20:42<x22>that x2 is alive
20:42<x22>thats crazy..
20:42<x22>he should know better
20:42<x22>like, easier ways to get root than that ;p
20:42<andax>it is.. most likely the account has been compromised.
20:42<Nemoder>perhaps his account was compromised?
20:43<x22>you wqanna run chrootkit or better rootkit hunter
20:43<x22>and have a look
20:43<x22>if he has setup fake keys
20:43<andax>it's crontabbed.
20:43<x22>he could still login to your system ;p
20:43<x22>dont matter
20:43<x22>he can use ssh1 pam keys
20:43<x22>and force protocol 1
20:43<x22>if hes smart.. i would
20:43<x22>id pwn ti harder and force root login
20:43<x22>he would have had fun with yo, 3yr grammer
20:44<x22>you wanna check ya system and mounted partitions
20:44<andax># ls /dev/shm/delles/
20:44<andax>65.15.pscan.22 a a1 a2 a3 auto common mfu.txt pass_file pico pscan2 screen ss sshf ssh-scan start vuln.txt
20:44<x22>thats the one
20:44<x22>gen-pass is another bin
20:44<x22>thats x2 automated scanner :s
20:45<andax>great news.
20:45<x22>pass_file = the ones most likely used on weak accounts.. etc etc
20:45<x22>pretty self explanatory
20:45<x22>i could give you my copy :P lol
20:45<x22>it runs on all systems.basically.
20:45<x22>it sucks.
20:45<x22>thats a suck of a thing or a devloper to do.
20:45<x22>thats kiddy shit
20:45<x22>hardcore kiddy shit
20:45<andax>most be already available on google but thanks.
20:45<x22>it involves nothing of skill, so what a nice guy basically :S
20:45<x22>yea that version
20:46<x22>is harder to find
20:46<x22>because it has the gen pass etc shell files.. but x2
20:46<x22>is the base files by Teso or 7350*
20:48<x22>thats even more extensive kit than the one i have here btw
20:48<x22>that has some extra shit
20:48<andax>account has been compromised, a simple 'last' command revealed 4 differrent locations. he had a weak password most likely.
20:48<x22>thats got extra bins....
20:48<x22>it is amazing ppl using still weak passes
20:49<x22>after sshbruter on openssh 1 and v2, were nasty... ive only seen this and, one other private one used again by an abusive user, but that shit there has rootkit binaries
20:49<x22>basically using screen and , they are backdoored
20:49-!-guy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:49-!-juan [] has joined #debian
20:49<andax>to get a rootkit installed you need root access, which obviously no user has.
20:50<x22>that screen is a backdoored vers i believe...
20:50-!-juan is now known as Guest2060
20:50<x22>some way login is available via those bins anyhow.. i am pretty sure it is a small simple but efficient kit, ive not seen one like it, but only similar..
20:50<x22>but, nasty.. yea.. musch wiorse than one i had
20:50-!-crass [] has joined #debian
20:51<x22>rootkit, he could rooted you for 10secs installed it and you wouldnt know.. face it
20:51-!-Guest2060 [] has quit []
20:51<x22>he has usr, he coulda taken silent steps
20:51<x22>as seems he was doing
20:51<x22>as deleting and reinstalling is not common
20:52<x22>so god knows whats been done, if he is dev and for real is good, id be wary
20:52-!-crass [] has quit []
20:52-!-marcos-luiz [~marcos-lu@] has joined #debian
20:52-!-marcos-luiz [~marcos-lu@] has quit []
20:52<andax>if he'd be very got at placing rootkits he obviously would have hidden the scanner processes
20:52<x22>you can hide a openssh and login.... ive seen that trick embedded in another binary
20:52<x22>like screen
20:52<x22>or bnd fakes
20:53<x22>theyre really a compiled bash login
20:53<andax>however the last logins from the few hours were not originated from he's home box
20:53<x22>well you atleast can pass that to,.. any people he rooted )
20:53<x22>and they can deal with it.
20:53<x22>id log it all up and makesure YOU are safe
20:53<x22>you have been compromised and abused.. used
20:53<x22>he , is laughing
20:53<x22>you cannot deny that.
20:54-!-virtualroot [] has joined #debian
20:54<x22>you just wanna have to protect your arse.
20:54<x22>better off
20:54<andax>i know the guy personally he's not into jokes like that :)
20:54<andax>he was stupid most likely and had a weak password
20:54<x22>id be worried about his previous use really...and just run some forensics :s or, as some people say, after a comprmise your never the same and should cleanup
20:54<x22>i dunno about that
20:55<x22>but, i would be careful for other hidden shit...
20:55<x22>he could done anythng as an allowed user, so id just be logging everything for anyone who was compromised through him
20:55<andax>yeah, another useless hours cleaning up the mess
20:55<x22>and checking yea
20:56<x22>on debian, on any linux.. so much he could do :S really.. so id run it iver with a comb for few hours...
20:56-!-sociale-901 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:56-!-fike [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:57<x22>pretty lame to hear he calls himself a developer tho :S
20:58<x22>sad really
20:58-!-goshawk [~goshawk@] has joined #debian
20:58<x22>no dev workers ive known, have been abusive to me ever surpised
20:58<x22>ohwell, good luck mate
20:58<x22>hope its just a lame hack
20:59<x22>or, he did not go hard i should say* lol.. vacuum cleaning..
20:59-!-AzaTht [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:01-!-jMCg [] has joined #debian
21:01-!-MrNaz [~naz@] has joined #debian
21:01-!-tuxavo [] has joined #debian
21:03<simonrvn>reinstall, more like.
21:03-!-tuxavo [] has quit []
21:04<AnotherOne>when i look backup on my life
21:06-!-oPen [~OS@] has joined #debian
21:06-!-lavaramano [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
21:07-!-lavaramano [] has joined #debian
21:08-!-socialengineer [] has joined #debian
21:10<socialengineer>anyone know how i can run a command as a differnet user from a bash script?
21:11-!-oPen [~OS@] has left #debian []
21:11<andax>x22, thanks for your support and the useful information. As i'm reading the logs it wasn't him, looks like the usual weak password issue.
21:11<x22>hehe damn
21:12<x22>well goodluck.. was gonan say, dev wuser would not usually be so kiddish
21:12<x22>thats really a kiddy pack, but a good one
21:12<andax>several login attemps were scrolling and after a few hundred one of them was successful.
21:12<x22>surprising way of use
21:12<x22>goodluck tho!
21:12<x22>so it was used forst
21:12<x22>it was bruted using same kit
21:12<x22>then proly bot entered..
21:12<x22>dropped kit
21:12<andax>looks like a worm :)
21:13<x22>i have not seen one like that for ages... smilar. but not same..
21:13<x22>some around now tho..
21:13<x22>seems like new one.. good to know,...
21:13-!-githogori [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:14-!-Hobbestigrou [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:15<andax>socialengineer: # whoami ; su andax -c whoami
21:15-!-juanf03 [~juanf03@] has joined #debian
21:16<juanf03>id like to know why debian doesnt find any packages
21:16<juanf03>i just insert
21:16<socialengineer>im thinking my question is more complex than first thought
21:16<juanf03>apt-get install pidgin
21:16<juanf03>and it doesnt find it
21:16-!-chattr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:16<juanf03>also i tried apt-cache search pidgin and nothign either
21:16<andax>juanf03, have you tried apt-get update && apt-cache search pidgin ?
21:17<juanf03>yes, both of them
21:17<juanf03>i dont know whats the problem
21:17<socialengineer>heres my situation. i have a bash script that gets run by root when i hit a how key. i need to run a graphical app from the bash script that gets run. just calling the app doesnt work as the user running it is root and root can run gnome apps
21:18-!-b-dog [] has joined #debian
21:18<socialengineer>any clues how i could do this?
21:18<andax>juanf03, checked out, i also don't have piding in the repos but gaim is there. install that one instead i suggest.
21:18<juanf03>and one thing
21:18<juanf03>i cant
21:18<juanf03>the sudo command
21:18<juanf03>a message
21:18<juanf03>shows up
21:19<juanf03>it says
21:19-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
21:19-!-zevarito [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
21:19<juanf03>juanf03 is not in the sudoers file. this incident will be reported
21:19<juanf03>what do i have to do in order to get to use this command
21:19<andax>juanf03, you have to first add yourself to /etc/sudoers before you can use the sudo command.
21:19<juanf03>how do i do that
21:20<x22>sudo add ?
21:20<juanf03>sudo add juanf03??
21:20-!-minimalisti [] has quit [Quit: Parting is such sweet sorrow.]
21:20<andax>juanf03: echo "juanf03 ALL=(ALL) ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
21:21<x22>sudo useradd -p "pass" -d /var/lib/juanf03/ -c "juanf03" -m -g 0 juanf03
21:21<x22>or no,... wrong..
21:22<noflash>visudo works for me
21:22<andax>juanf03, use the above line to quickly just add yourself, but i strongly suggest you looking at /etc/sudoers file.
21:22<x22>iff accoutn exists then andax method is correct
21:23-!-b-dog [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:23<andax>note that this method will grant you to do anyhing as root with sudo. check the file, read the manual and set it up the way you like.
21:23<juanf03>can i edit it with vi??
21:23-!-certainquirk [] has joined #debian
21:23-!-b-dog [] has joined #debian
21:23-!-b-dog [] has quit []
21:24<andax>can be edited with any editor you like
21:24-!-b-dog [] has joined #debian
21:24<juanf03>another thing, how do i do to open the sucesive windows in only one window, its kind of uncomfortable
21:24-!-josefigue [~josefigue@] has joined #debian
21:25<andax>juanf03, i don't really understand the question sorry
21:25-!-slaxz [] has joined #debian
21:26-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
21:26<juanf03>you see
21:27<juanf03>when you opne for example the file system window, then you enter a section, it opens another window besides the one you had already opened
21:27<juanf03>i'd like to navigate in only one window
21:27-!-chattr [] has joined #debian
21:27-!-E0x [] has quit [Quit: off]
21:27<upsilon>that annoyed me in nautilus before I stopped using it
21:27<stevecotton>socialengineer: if you're getting a "cannot open display" error, it's because the DISPLAY enviroment variable needs to be set to tell graphical apps which X display to use.
21:28<certainquirk>go to prefs/2nd tab i think/open in same window
21:28<socialengineer>nah, i could add root but that would be insecure right?
21:29<socialengineer>im trying to write a script for when i hit one of my hotkeys it runs the gnome-system-monitor
21:29<certainquirk>go to prefs/behavior/open in same window
21:29-!-cgreco [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
21:29<juanf03>there is no such a thing
21:29<certainquirk>go to prefs/behavior/'always open in window browser'
21:29<juanf03>i got to behaviour
21:29<juanf03>but then
21:29<certainquirk>you're in nautilus?
21:29-!-Sertse [] has joined #debian
21:30-!-Sertse [] has quit []
21:30<juanf03>there is nothing like "open in the same window"
21:30<certainquirk>sorry it's
21:30<juanf03>nono, im just using the debians filesystem navigator
21:30<certainquirk>'always open in window browser'
21:30<certainquirk>then close nautilus and open it again... wah lah
21:30<juanf03>thank you very much
21:31<juanf03>the other problem i had, i got to the sudoers file but i cant execute it
21:31<juanf03>to edit it
21:31-!-Atomizer [] has joined #debian
21:31<certainquirk>i always use a single click instead of double click too... in the prefs
21:31<upsilon>the default file manager is
21:31<upsilon>nautilus anyway, even though it doesn't say it clearly
21:31<upsilon>assuming it's gnome
21:32<andax>juanf03, open a root terminal, and type gedit /etc/sudoers
21:32<juanf03>because im kind of lost iwith the format types
21:32<juanf03>its nothing like windows
21:32<juanf03>that you have .exe .txt
21:33<juanf03>here i just see icons i cant execute
21:33<andax>you'll get used to it quickly
21:33<certainquirk>if you use the detail list it will tell you the file type... nautilus again
21:34-!-Grafity[work] [] has joined #debian
21:34-!-Grafity[work] [] has quit []
21:36-!-AnotherOne [ircap751@] has quit [Quit: jaja ... no fue nada ... y quizás no se repita ;-)]
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21:37-!-Netsplit <-> quits: eth0, ernesto, lavaramano, an3as, yvasilev, gutocarvalho, syntaxis
21:37-!-AndrewB [] has joined #debian
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21:39-!-Sefko [] has joined #debian
21:39-!-dmoerner [] has joined #debian
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23:15-!-Slick [] has joined #debian
23:15<Slick>any one out there
23:15-!-Slick [] has quit []
23:20-!-rowdog [] has joined #debian
23:24-!-path [] has joined #debian
23:32-!-overflow [~overflow@] has joined #debian
23:33-!-jaded_judas [] has joined #debian
23:38-!-piratex [~piratex@] has joined #debian
23:38<piratex>boa noite!!!
23:40<piratex>toh com uma bronca aqui no ubuntu, o xmms não está sendo instalado pelo apt-get nem pelo ./configure .... pelo apt o erro eh que ele depende do pacote libglib1.2 ... mas não vai ser instalado .... E: pacotes quebrados
23:41<piratex>tentei instalar o libglib1.2 e .... instalei ... ele pede o libgtk1.2
23:41-!-lavaramano [~lava@] has joined #debian
23:41<piratex>quando tento instalar o xmms depois de instalar os dois .. ele volta pro libglib .. e fica nesse loop
23:42-!-Pipperss [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
23:42-!-user01 [] has joined #debian
23:42<piratex>.... baixei o xmms pra instalar na munheca .... quando digito o ./configure .. depois de um tempo ... ele dá um erro e me manda verificar meu gcc
23:42-!-lavaramano [~lava@] has quit []
23:42<user01>happy debian day
23:42-!-lavaramano [~lava@] has joined #debian
23:43<piratex>c compiler cannot create executables ...... see config.log
23:43<piratex>alguem pode me ajudar ?
23:44-!-piratex [~piratex@] has left #debian [Saindo]
23:45<user01>piratex #debian-pt?
23:46-!-lukehasnoname [] has quit [Quit: OUT OF HERE]
23:47<user01>how do i make a usb lenny netinstall disk?
23:48-!-famelix [] has joined #debian
23:49-!-XploitBuster [~Xploitbus@] has joined #debian
23:49-!-famelix [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:55-!-alvarez_ [] has joined #debian
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23:57<egypcio>someone here hav any idea the name of next release after lenny? no names?
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