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00:01<Ouroboros>hm, both linux-image-2.6.18-6-686 and linux-source-2.6.18 seems to be version 2.6.18.dfsg.1-23, not sure what gives
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00:03<Ouroboros>in any case, in order to produce a correct ./include directory from either of these, i would need to copy /boot/config-... in there and do somehting like 'make menuconfig'?
00:03<Ouroboros>seems like kinda a pain to do this everytime the kernel is updated
00:04<dmoerner>Ouroboros, apt-get source will include the debian directory with patchsets, linux-source seems to have the patches already applied
00:05<Ouroboros>ah, that makes sense
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00:08<istoc>Hello, I'm trying to move a physical volume with pvmove. I have a lot more space in the volume group than the FS. Should I reduce the FS to as small as possible or increase it to fill the VG?
00:09<muh2000>dhcp6c fails :(
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00:18<muh2000>dhcp6_ctl_init: bind(control sock): Address already in use
00:18<muh2000>client6_init: failed to initialize control channel
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00:23<tcsetattr>I recommend a `netstat -pln' to see why the address is already in use
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00:29<istoc>Can someone help me? Im trying to remove a pv from LVM. When I try, pvmove complains I dont enough space but vgdisplay says I do.
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00:31<Ouroboros>dmoerner: i figured out that what i need is linux-headers-2.6.18-6-686.... thanks for the pointer though, got me on the right track
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00:57<Deiz>An acquaintance of mine has a shell with forwarding capabilities on my server
00:57<Deiz>I'm seeing excessive bandwidth usage, is it possible to monitor what's being requested?
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01:22<LivingSouL>I'm trying to learn about host wrapping
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01:22<LivingSouL>where can I find about hosts.allow and hosts.deny?
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01:22<dmoerner>LivingSouL, man 5 hosts.allow; man 5 hosts.deny
01:23<LivingSouL>dmoerner, thanks
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01:24<LivingSouL>after setting some IPs, it doesn't need to be rebooted right? or there's some services I should restart?
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01:28<jm_>man hosts_access
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02:24<avtobiff>i have a lacie external usb disk and it is recognized by the kernel, but no device file is created. how do i solve that?
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02:24<jm_>perhaps you're missing appropriate kernel module
02:24<avtobiff>i have loaded usb_storage
02:24<avtobiff>is there anything else i should load?
02:25<jm_>appart from core USB drivers, no
02:25<jm_>ehci and uhci/ohci
02:25<jm_>ohh of course, scsi disk support
02:25<avtobiff>i have. usbcore, uhci_hcd and usb_storage
02:25<avtobiff>and scsi_mod
02:26<avtobiff>would that suffice?
02:26<tcsetattr>sd_mod is important too
02:26<jm_>no, you need sd)mod too
02:26<jm_>sd_mod even
02:26<avtobiff>yes, that is in also
02:27<jm_>that one is almost always loaded with modern kernels anyway
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02:27<avtobiff>but it still doesn't work. i should just get a device file created by udev right?
02:27<jm_>are you using debian kernel? udev up and running?
02:27<jm_>also check /proc/partitions - is it listed there?
02:27<avtobiff>debian kernel, udevd --daemon
02:28<tcsetattr>yay, another udev screwup. was MAKEDEV really that hard to use, people?
02:28<avtobiff>should i use ohci instead of uhci maybe?
02:28<jm_>no, uhci is apparently fine because otherwise it shouldn't load
02:28<avtobiff>ah, ok
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02:29<jm_>uhci is for intel chipsets, ohci is for say nvidia
02:29<avtobiff>ok, so what should i do now...
02:29<jm_>like I said, check /proc/partitions
02:29<avtobiff>jm_, sorry, i missed that
02:30<avtobiff>jm_, no, not listed. only my host-disk
02:30<avtobiff>jm_, internal disk that is.
02:30<jm_>avtobiff: then kernel did not recognize it it seems
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02:30<avtobiff>how do i solve that?
02:31<jm_>first check what kernels says when you plug it in
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02:32<avtobiff>it says, "hey, you got a new usb device, your lacie usb hard drive at usb 5-1... usb-storage device scan complete usb 5-1 reset high speed device using ehci_hcd and address 9"
02:32<avtobiff>do you want a proper pastebin? :)
02:33<jm_>but no scsi/sd messages?
02:33<avtobiff>jm_, exactly
02:33<avtobiff>that is missing
02:33<avtobiff>wait what
02:33<avtobiff>now i got one
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02:35<avtobiff>jm_, it appeared now when i powercycled the drive as /dev/sdb
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02:35<avtobiff>thanks for your help!
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02:36<jm_>don't you love USB?
02:36<avtobiff>btw, is there anything special with partitioning an usb-drive? or could i go with the intended one big partition?
02:36<avtobiff>jm_, i really do :)
02:36<avtobiff>plug n' pray
02:36<jm_>naah, you can do it the way you want
02:38<avtobiff>so, this was some time ago, would i like a primary or an extended partition?
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02:38<avtobiff>nm, i'll jfgi ;)
02:39<jm_>primary is probably good enough
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02:40<avtobiff>jm_, that was my conclusion as well
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02:41<blarson>Use primary if you'll never have more than 4 partitions on a drive. Extended is just an ugly hack on a poorly designed system.
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02:43<avtobiff>i'll just go with primary and one big partition now. have to backup my non-working workstation before attempt to fix it.
02:43<avtobiff>then i'll go with some lvm+luks setup of the external drive.
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04:14<KaWarrioR>hi all
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04:14<KaWarrioR>debian leny is ok for a asus pq now?
04:14<KaWarrioR>P5Q sry
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04:45<[gloom]>hi there
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04:48<Bolly>can anyone recommend an iso mounting tool for gnome?
04:48<simonrvn>loop mount it
04:48<[gloom]>Is there a tool like Kig, but with 3d options? I want to make some 3d geometrical drawings (sphere, radius, a cube...) to explain something, but kig is only gor 2d geometry. And I don't want a real 3D modeling tool, cause they are far powerful and complicated for what i need...
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04:49<Bolly>is that a graphical tool?
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04:50<Bolly>in nautilus?
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04:50<simonrvn>no, terminal.
04:51<[gloom]>Bolly: the console way is: mount myiso.iso /mnt/iso/ -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop0
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04:52-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
04:53<Bolly>that is exactly what i want
04:53-!-yvesC [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:53-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:53<[gloom]>haven't tried it though
04:53-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
04:54-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
04:54-!-berto [] has joined #debian
04:54-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:54-!-Myon [] has joined #debian
04:54<Bolly>installing now
04:54-!-dani [] has joined #debian
04:54-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
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04:55-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
04:56<Bolly>bah fails during install
04:56-!-dani [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:02-!-morph_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:03<simonrvn>Bolly: aptitude install python-nautilus
05:03-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:04-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:05-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
05:05-!-sonoissimo [] has joined #debian
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05:08-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
05:09-!-themill [] has joined #debian
05:11-!-morph_ [] has joined #debian
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05:12-!-icman [] has joined #debian
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05:15-!-Yan^ [~Yan^] has joined #debian
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05:18-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:19<Yan^>Hello people, I am trying to connect my debian etch machine to WEB through wifi. I installed the firmware (ipw2200), and I understand that I must now install drivers. My problem is that apparently there are only drivers for 2.6.18-6-686 while my version is 2.6.18-4-686. Will these newer drivers work at all with my version?
05:20<simonrvn>update your kernel
05:20-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:20-!-Bolly [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:20-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:20-!-tuxdistro [~tuxdistro@] has joined #debian
05:22<Yan^>simonrvn - this is difficult since I DO NOT have at present a connetion to the WEB, I am trying to connect
05:22-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:22-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:24<simonrvn>um, usb key, and copying the .deb over. sheesh, sneakernet ;)
05:24-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:24-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
05:26-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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05:28-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
05:29-!-benjamin [] has joined #debian
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05:34-!-Bushmills [] has left #debian [Leaving.]
05:35<tuxdistro>Salve a tutti
05:35-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:35-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:35-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
05:35<dpkg>one warez list being sent to tuxdistro
05:36-!-jscinoz_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:36-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
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05:39-!-fike [fike@] has joined #debian
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05:44-!-zero0ne_ [] has joined #debian
05:45-!-thctlo [~ThCNbL@] has joined #debian
05:45-!-JoY [~KingSize@] has joined #debian
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05:45-!-JoY is now known as JoY_
05:45-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:46<thctlo>hai people i have a nfs question, i have a Sco unix, works fine, runs nfs V2 server, debian lenny client, with nfs mount for data. now i put a file on my sco server but it takes about 1 minute for the file to show up on the debian server, and i cant find why ..
05:46-!-GuilhermeCunha [] has joined #debian
05:47<thctlo>this is in fstab : /home/nfsmounts/uitwissel nfs nfsvers=2,rsize=1024,wsize=1024,rw,hard,intr,posix,nolock,tcp,addr= 0 0
05:47-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:47<thctlo>the fstab entry is a copy for a debian etch server.
05:47<zero0ne_>is this over a local network or the internets?
05:47-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:48<thctlo>local network
05:48-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:48<thctlo>yeah, i was thinking the same thats why the question here :-)
05:48<zero0ne_>how big a file? maybe it takes that long to transfer?
05:49-!-dasmaze [] has joined #debian
05:49<thctlo>about 4 Mb
05:49<zero0ne_>yup, real weird :P
05:49<thctlo>but with small files same problem i see , just tested a 4 Kb file
05:50<zero0ne_>and it happens all the time, regardless of file or destination directory?
05:50-!-tuxdistro [~tuxdistro@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
05:50-!-omer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:51<thctlo>yup, all the thime
05:51-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:51-!-artefact [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:51<zero0ne_>no idea, you may want to check the bug reports for your version of nfs
05:52-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
05:52<thctlo>ok thanks will do that.
05:52<zero0ne_>no problem
05:52-!-muammar [~muammar@] has quit [Quit: imagine a big red swirl here..!]
05:52-!-zero0ne_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
05:55-!-thctlo [~ThCNbL@] has quit [Quit: Bye, i was falling asleep]
05:55-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:56-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
05:57-!-yoryi [] has joined #debian
05:58-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
05:58-!-wfer1 [] has joined #debian
05:59-!-yoryi [] has quit []
06:00<wfer1>Hi! In dpkg --status Conffiles: section, there is a file marked "obsolete". It really is. Am I expected to remove this file?
06:01-!-haxi [] has joined #debian
06:02-!-adema [] has joined #debian
06:03-!-omer [] has joined #debian
06:03-!-egns [] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by beer]
06:04<jm_>wfer1: it's probably replaced by some other file
06:04-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
06:04<wfer1>I just wonder what to do with it.
06:04<jm_>just look at which other package is related to it and it'll make sense
06:05<wfer1>It's my package.
06:05<wfer1>It all makes sense.
06:05<wfer1>I just don't know what dpkg expects to do with this file.
06:05<jm_>in that case it obviously doesn't make sense to you
06:06-!-padski_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:06-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:06<wfer1>I don't know what to say.
06:06<wfer1>Where is this "obsolete" thing documented in dpkg's manual?
06:06-!-arya [~ignu@] has joined #debian
06:06<jm_>is your package declaring it as its config file in conffiles?
06:06-!-padski_ [] has joined #debian
06:07<wfer1>It did, in the previous version.
06:07-!-arya [~ignu@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:07<jm_>but it declared it in the past?
06:07<jm_>right - that's why it's saying obsolete now
06:07<wfer1>and I agree.
06:07<wfer1>But what do I do with it?
06:07<jm_>you can rm it I suppose
06:07<wfer1>I don't want to carry it along.
06:08-!-sangi [~sangi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:08-!-maxb [] has joined #debian
06:08<wfer1>Yes, that was my instinct, but when my instinct says rm, I rather ask first.
06:08<wfer1>I had to force myself to backspace that command.
06:08<wfer1>But OK, if dpkg has no further plans with that file, I'll just rm it still.
06:08<wfer1>Thanks for the help.
06:09-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
06:09<jm_>it can also happen when one package provided it in the past but then another one provides it now
06:09-!-jackyf [] has joined #debian
06:10<wfer1>it's not the case now.
06:10<wfer1>It's still in dpkg --status output, though.
06:10-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:10<wfer1>how do I refresh that?
06:10<jm_>hmm good question
06:11<jm_>probably by purging and reinstalling it
06:11<jm_>or maybe it will notice it on upgrade
06:11<wfer1>And restoring the config, yes.
06:11<wfer1>probably. Or vim dpkg.status. Anyway, that doesn't hurt, the file is gone.
06:14-!-forest [~forest@] has joined #debian
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06:15-!-superjet_busy [] has joined #debian
06:17-!-chraist [] has joined #debian
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06:26-!-allisterb [] has joined #debian
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06:48-!-Bushmills [] has joined #debian
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06:50-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
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06:59-!-mode/#debian [+l 367] by debhelper
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07:09<xtremox>oh shit
07:09-!-xtremox [foobar@] has left #debian []
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07:11-!-msantana [] has joined #debian
07:11-!-dvst [~jperez@] has joined #debian
07:14-!-egns [] has joined #debian
07:14-!-Kate26_il [~Kate26_il@] has joined #debian
07:14-!-prower [] has joined #debian
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07:15-!-path [~path@] has joined #debian
07:15<Kate26_il>Hello , i got new laptop of "Gigabyte model : w566n" , i installed the latest version of Ubuntu , my wireless not working ?
07:15<petemc>try #ubuntu on freenode
07:15-!-r3r3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:16<Bushmills>Kate26_il: how should we know?
07:18<Kate26_il>Bushmills my lan is working fine , but my wireless not working . how can i check if my wireless card detected ?
07:18-!-r3r3 [] has joined #debian
07:18-!-prower [] has quit []
07:18<Bushmills>Kate26_il: maybe, install debian, then we could offer suggestions which are known with the distribution you are actually using
07:19<maxb>Kate26_il: Debian is not Ubuntu. You should ask on #ubuntu (which is on the different IRC network,
07:19<Bushmills>i heard of ubuntu before, is that red hat based?
07:19<Kate26_il>ops sorry :) i got into the Debian room lol
07:19-!-Kate26_il [~Kate26_il@] has left #debian [Leaving]
07:20-!-admin_ [] has joined #debian
07:22<Bushmills>how come ubuntu users find #debian accidentally?
07:22-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
07:22-!-meandtheshell [] has joined #debian
07:22<Bushmills>hitting #presidential_race to ask had been just as likely
07:23-!-pd_ [] has quit [Quit: out]
07:23<petemc>well, thats not entirely true
07:23<petemc>i idea that ubuntu is based off debian and therefore the same is fairly common
07:23<Bushmills>right, there is no #presidential_race
07:24<petemc>that too
07:28-!-Garda [~Garda@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:29-!-wemerson_deibid [~wemerson@] has joined #debian
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07:33-!-siko [~siko@] has joined #debian
07:33-!-rutski [] has joined #debian
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07:33-!-Deibid [~Deibid@] has joined #debian
07:34-!-yvesC [] has joined #debian
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07:34-!-skule [] has joined #debian
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07:35-!-dvst [~jperez@] has joined #debian
07:35-!-jcwu [] has joined #debian
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07:41-!-Garda [] has joined #debian
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07:49<enouf>Bushmills: how about #Clown_and_Pony_show :-)
07:51<torrr>*** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption (fast): 0x08148398 ***
07:51<torrr>cups went down
07:51-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
07:54-!-mobil-7k [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:55-!-leke [] has joined #debian
07:55-!-LFH [] has joined #debian
07:55-!-LFH is now known as lkh
07:56-!-leke [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:58-!-adema [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:59<lkh>I am using cupsys and a USB printer. I can print test-page but nothing else (lp doesn't work, I cant use iceape Print button)
08:01-!-d0rt [] has joined #debian
08:02-!-danilocesar [~danilo@] has joined #debian
08:02-!-khussein78 [] has joined #debian
08:04-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has joined #debian
08:04<khussein78>i am looking about FTP client can draw a graph of the process (download and upload)
08:05<Bushmills>lkh: you might need cups-bsd
08:05-!-mastroquet [] has joined #debian
08:06-!-felix|bear [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:07-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:08<Bushmills>khussein78: a dummy iptables rule (just to count traffic), munin, and a plugin to read traffic from that iptables should give you a graphs of ftp traffic
08:09<Bushmills>(not real time, though. gets updated every 5 min)
08:09-!-prower [] has joined #debian
08:09<khussein78>Bushmills, i need to run it on client side, i asked if there is a client like filezilla do this job
08:10<Bushmills>my suggestion can work client side
08:10<prower>hello :> i'm using debian lenny, it's working out great so far...i've noticed that something has changed though. my motherboard supports altering the speed of the cpu fan based on the cpu's temperature, it should be able to go up as high as 3000rpm...but in lenny (as opposed to etch) the fan always hovers at around 1600. can it be adjusted somewhere?
08:11<jm_>lkh: is lp coming from cupsys-client?
08:11<Bushmills>prower: there is fancontrol, with lmsensors, which can adjust fan speed according cpu temperature
08:12<prower>Bushmills: Ah, this is probably what I need, i'm using lmsensors to get the info of course :> thanks, i will read the man page
08:12<lkh>Bushmills, I have cups and cups-bsd installed. Sorry I don't use cupsys but cups 1.3.8-1lenny2
08:12<Bushmills>prower: but you can set the speed-to-temperature envelope yourself.
08:12<enouf>prower: IINM, all the stuff that used to be in /proc/acpi/ is now moved over into /sys/ somehwere - the kernel docs talk about a lot of that
08:12<prower>enouf: Ahh yeah, i was wondering about that too, thanks
08:12<enouf>actually, IIRC, within the Kconfig file (the one with ACPI_PROCFS) is the best fast info
08:13<Bushmills>actually, temperature-to-speed
08:14<enouf>oops. climb even higher
08:14<lkh>jm_, I don't know. I guess so. i have lp and lpr. I installed xpp bit it failed to do anything
08:14<jm_>lkh: run lpstat -a
08:15<lkh>jm_ , I have both cups-client and cupsys-client
08:15<lkh>jm, lpstat does not return anything
08:15<lkh>(same as lpq)
08:17-!-cesurasean [~cesurasea@] has left #debian [Kopete 0.12.3 :]
08:17<jm_>lkh: then something is clearly not working as it should -- is cupsd running and listening on a socket?
08:17-!-haxi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:17<enouf>hrm .. i have |-lpd,3417,lp -s
08:18-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
08:18<lkh>jm_, this is from ps ax: 8819 ? Ss 0:00 /usr/sbin/cupsd
08:19<jm_>lkh: netstat -nap|grep cupsd
08:19<jm_>lkh: do you have ~/.cups/lpoptions file?
08:19<enouf>hrm, would usb devices require the user to be in the 'plugdev' group? hrm, does it work as root user?
08:20-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
08:20<enouf>gah, then there's the sane{d} groups too, heh .. oh well -- bbiab
08:20-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has joined #debian
08:21-!-esaym [] has joined #debian
08:21-!-geenna [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
08:22<lkh>netstat it says LISTEN for tcp and ::1:631 for tcp6. for udb there is no LISTEN
08:22<lkh>jm_, no only .cup/clinet.conf
08:22<lkh>(I mean .cups/clients.conf)
08:23<prower>there we go, back up to around 2300 rpm again...less chance of things melting on me now :> next to figure out why keyboard repeat randomly stops working
08:23-!-shashi [~shashi@] has quit [Quit: Bye]
08:23<jm_>lkh: but no sockets in /var/run?
08:24<jm_>lkh: what's in that client.conf file?
08:24-!-wfer1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
08:25-!-jesus [~jesus@] has joined #debian
08:25-!-jesus [~jesus@] has quit []
08:25-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:25-!-kalpik [~kalpik@] has joined #debian
08:25<lkh>jm_, yes there is cups.sock too: unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 40583 8819/cupsd /var/run/cups/cups.sock
08:26<Norgur>hey, i got a problem with the b43-drivers... the driver is actually working great... but for some reason, http-downloads won't climb above 300kb/s while i have got a 2mb/s connection... couriously, aptitude safe-upgrade manages to download with 1,3mb/s what is gowing wrong with those http-downloads?
08:27-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:27-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has joined #debian
08:27<petemc>Norgur: tried from multiple http soruces? including local
08:27-!-wanglei [~wanglei@] has joined #debian
08:27-!-smaug9 [] has joined #debian
08:27<jm_>apt can do parallel downloads when downloading from multiple sites, perhaps it's that simple
08:28<Norgur>haven't any local http-sources... but tried with several browsers (including wget) and from several servers
08:29-!-jmux [] has joined #debian
08:29-!-smaug9 [] has left #debian []
08:29<Norgur>jm_: but i don't think, that all the other servers i tried to download from are locked to 300kb/s... i did not get even 600kb/s what would be normal for dsl-6000
08:30<Norgur>and as i said, this is dsl 20000
08:30-!-prower [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:30<jm_>Norgur: do you have another computer on LAN to test against?
08:30<jm_>lkh: that looks fine then
08:31<Norgur>yes, but none with http-servers on it
08:31-!-fede [~fede@] has joined #debian
08:31<Norgur>just my familie's windows-machines
08:31<lkh>jm_, client.conf seem to contain some outdated info I removed that file now my ~/.cups is empty.
08:32<lkh>jm_, yes that was it! now it works thanx a lot
08:32<jm_>Norgur: use that
08:32<Norgur>for what use?
08:32<jm_>lkh: probably had wrong path/host specified or somesuch
08:33<jm_>to test the NIC speed?
08:33<lkh>jm_, yes wrong host my ex-ex-work address should have been trasnfered when I moved my home dierctory because this is a fresh debian installation
08:34<Norgur>as i said, aptitude uses 1,3 to 1,6 mbit.. but http won't do so... so the nic speed seems to be okay
08:34<petemc>your apt sources are http?
08:35<kooll>mastroquet: so it's probably not a driver problem
08:35<kooll>hmm. that was for Norgur
08:35<petemc>be easier to know for sure if you would check a local connection
08:35<kooll>the driver wouldn't even know it's http or some other kind of tcp connection from apt
08:36<jm_>but you claimed you have problems with b43 drivers, apparently not then
08:36<Norgur>i just wanted to mention the driver iÄm using
08:36<enouf>ethtool ethX (or whatever) looks ok?
08:37<jm_>are you sure apttiude isn't doing http anyway?
08:37<Norgur>of course it does... but it is the only tool to break this weird 300kb/s "limit"
08:37-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
08:38<jm_>so that's one more point for "https is not a problem"
08:38<jm_>http even
08:38<enouf>the NSA and Comcast is onto you :-p ..restart some shit
08:38-!-erKURITA [] has joined #debian
08:39-!-mode/#debian [+l 381] by debhelper
08:39<kooll>Norgur: are you using some kind of http proxy ?
08:39<kooll>like ... http_proxy variable is set
08:39<kooll>(and ignored by apt)
08:39<kooll>or, is apt using a proxy ?
08:39<Norgur>no proxies at all
08:39-!-Peter_Lawliet [~peter@] has joined #debian
08:40<kooll>hmm. and if you download something from the mirror used by apt, with wget or another tool, is it fast ?
08:41-!-fede [~fede@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
08:42-!-metalqga [] has joined #debian
08:42-!-payman [~payman@] has joined #debian
08:43-!-payman [~payman@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:44-!-Deibid [~Deibid@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
08:44-!-Peter_Lawliet [~peter@] has quit [Quit: [BX] Choosey moms choose BitchX!]
08:45<enouf>why haven't people yet learned about kb vs KB and m vs M? /me scratches ... must be an american mcbush thing
08:45-!-yvesC [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:45<erKURITA>enouf touché
08:45-!-wanglei [~wanglei@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:46<Norgur>it's as fast as apt... but why doesn't any other server reach this speed?
08:47<metalqga>what is kibibit?
08:47<jm_>ask the owners of the servers, we can't tell you that
08:47<jm_>and you'll probably need to contact many ISP-s on the way
08:48<Norgur>... :P
08:48<ranix>enouf: don't forget that not all americans are stupid
08:48<ranix>enouf: just like not all Europeans are British
08:48<enouf>ranix: i am an american dumbass :-P
08:48<metalqga>I guess the KB kb thing comes from around 1999
08:48<Norgur>well, i'm from europe and i am not british :P
08:48<ranix>enouf: all the more reason to keep it in mind
08:49<ranix>enouf: it's easy to lose hope in the supermarket
08:49-!-screenn [~screenn@] has joined #debian
08:49-!-lkh [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:50-!-jac [] has joined #debian
08:51-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:53-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:54-!-mobil-7k [] has joined #debian
08:54<metalqga>ranix not all americans are americans :P
08:54-!-meandtheshell [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:55-!-saper2 [] has joined #debian
08:56-!-superjet_busy [] has quit [Quit: superjet_busy]
08:59-!-mastroquet [] has quit [Quit: à tous de suite]
09:00-!-cesurasean [~Sean_Brad@] has joined #debian
09:00<cesurasean>I can't get etch to install on a machine. I still keep getting the same init problem with my RAID controller.
09:01-!-hazard2 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
09:01<cesurasean>etchnhalf isn't installing correctly on my machine.
09:01<jm_>real raid or some el-cheapo stuff?
09:02<cesurasean>just RAID using both IDE controllers
09:02-!-grim_fandango [] has joined #debian
09:02-!-meandtheshell1 [] has joined #debian
09:02<cesurasean>and now I can't even get etchnhalf to install
09:02<cesurasean>etch worked fine
09:02<cesurasean>lenny won't work either
09:02<jm_>d-i doesn't support that yet
09:02<jm_>or let me check the status
09:02<cesurasean>what do you mean it doesn't support it yet?
09:02-!-R2-D2 [] has joined #debian
09:04<jmux>Hi - I'm running a system with LDAP auth in two different networks. 1st network "id" just shows user and primary group, in 2nd net "id" shows all groups. Also /proc/<PID>/status has different groups. But id <username> is correct in both networks. Any idea, why the current processes groups differ? Same problem if I login via ssh @localhost.
09:04-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
09:04-!-khussein78 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:04<jm_>actually it has dmraid support for a while now
09:04-!-tom [] has joined #debian
09:05<cesurasean>yes, I had etch working fine
09:05<jm_>but only in lenny installer, not in etch
09:05<cesurasean>now, I can't get the new r5 to install
09:05<cesurasean>how do I download lenny cd?
09:05-!-mastroquet [] has joined #debian
09:05<jm_>get the daily d-i image and try with that
09:05<cesurasean>where do I get the daily image?
09:06<cesurasean>this image isn't working -
09:06<petern>hi, i'm using software raid1, but modules for other raid modes get loaded. what's the best way to prevent that?
09:07<cesurasean>FYI this is an older machine
09:08<petern>that's an ambiguous statement if ever
09:08-!-chomwitt [] has joined #debian
09:09-!-adema [] has joined #debian
09:09<cesurasean>ambiguous statement? enough with the big words! ;0
09:09<cesurasean>that doesn't help me to get lenny working
09:10<cesurasean>etchnhalf isn't stable if it won't install on something the original etch would
09:10-!-tom [] has left #debian [Lämnar]
09:12-!-R2-D2 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:12<metalqga>what type of raid is it?
09:12<petern>cesurasean, md5sums check out fine?
09:12<cesurasean>RAID 1
09:12<stew>petern: you can try "/msg dpkg blacklist" but i'm not sure that it would work
09:12<cesurasean>the cd is fine, I've installed it on two other machines
09:13<cesurasean>but, it's installing a 486 kernel
09:13<cesurasean>the bios is from 2001
09:13<stew>cesurasean: can you be more specific about what is wrong with the etch installer?
09:13<cesurasean>init isn't working
09:13-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:13<cesurasean>on the installer
09:13<stew>cesurasean: can you be more specific than "isn't working" do you get an error?
09:13<cesurasean>it goes to busybox, and the RAID doesn't load
09:14-!-eleni [] has joined #debian
09:14-!-stefano [] has joined #debian
09:14<cesurasean>yes, I get errors that init doesn't find the md0
09:14<dpkg>one warez list being sent to stefano
09:14-!-fdd-0 [~fdd@] has joined #debian
09:14<cesurasean>warez list? wooo hoooo
09:14<cesurasean>send me one
09:14<stew>cesurasean: the installer doesn't find md0? or md0 can't be found post-install?
09:15<cesurasean>the kernel doesn't find md0
09:15<cesurasean>the installer works fine
09:15<dpkg>one warez list being sent to stefano
09:15<stew>stefano: do you have a debian related question?
09:15<cesurasean>I had lenny working on an older kernel before I bombed out the whole machine
09:15<dpkg>one warez list being sent to cesurasean
09:16-!-esaym [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:17-!-eleni [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:17<stew>cesurasean: i'd recommend that after the install, you boot again from the cd, chroot to the install and rebuild the initrd on the install with "dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$version" where $version matches the directory name in /lib/modules/, probably something like 2.6.24-etchnhalf.1-486
09:17<stew>cesurasean: or you could just install the 686 kernel while in the chroot
09:18-!-anton_ [~anton@] has joined #debian
09:19<cesurasean>stew: do you think the lenny installer will fix the problem?
09:19<stew>cesurasean: the etchnhalf installer is the lenny installer
09:20<cesurasean>so, this is a bug?
09:20-!-saper2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:20<stew>cesurasean: sounds like it
09:21<cesurasean>I think it's related to the kernel, and not so much the installer.
09:21<cesurasean>should I try to install a newer kernel and see if that works?
09:21-!-tatotat [~tato@] has joined #debian
09:22<cesurasean>2.6.26 seems to have problems
09:22<stew>cesurasean: the problem is with the initrd / initrd creator. rebuilding the initrd would probably fix your problem. installing / reinstalling a kernel would cause a new initrd to be created
09:22<stew>cesurasean: what problems does 2.6.26 seem to have?
09:22<cesurasean>the init problem is the only thing I can find
09:22<cesurasean>now my machine won't boot from the etchnhalf cd
09:23<cesurasean>I mean, it won't start the raid devices
09:23<cesurasean>installation went fine
09:23<stew>cesurasean: if it doesn't start the raid devices, then how did it install onto them?
09:23<cesurasean>not sure
09:23<cesurasean>that's what I don't understand.
09:23-!-mailq [] has joined #debian
09:23<cesurasean>the installer works fine
09:24<stew>cesurasean: then it must have started the raid devices
09:24<cesurasean>booting into the kernel is the issue, the kernel panics something about init not being able to mount the md0
09:24<cesurasean>yes, it started them during the installer. that is correct.
09:24<cesurasean>the issue is the kernel panic once the software has been installed.
09:24<stew>cesurasean: yes, becuase your initrd wasn't properly built
09:25-!-mailq [] has quit []
09:25-!-anton_ [~anton@] has quit [Quit: Ухожу]
09:25<cesurasean>stew: how do I rebuild the initrd?
09:25<erKURITA>mkinitramfs ?
09:25-!-Alinor [~anton@] has joined #debian
09:25<metalqga>look up xx:17 mins
09:26<stew>09:17 < stew> cesurasean: i'd recommend that after the install, you boot again from the cd, chroot to the install and rebuild the initrd on the install with "dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$version" where $version matches the directory name in /lib/modules/, probably something like 2.6.24-etchnhalf.1-486
09:26<cesurasean>let me try that stew, I will let you know if it works.
09:26-!-martinslopez_ [] has joined #debian
09:27<cesurasean>I wish someone would have told me this before I bombed the whole machine away
09:27-!-martinslopez_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:27<jm_>maybe you should be more specific in the way you describe your problems
09:27-!-javatexan1 [~aars@] has joined #debian
09:27<jm_>your initial question suggested you're having a problem with the installer
09:28<cesurasean>installer works fine
09:28<cesurasean>it's the kernel panic that's the problem
09:28<jm_>yes as we know now
09:28-!-jm_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:29<cesurasean>what is the difference between the 486, and 686 kernels?
09:29<cesurasean>how much memory it can handle?
09:30-!-Alinor [~anton@] has quit []
09:30<stew>cesurasean: the 486 can't handle more than 1g, and doesn't support multiple CPUs / multiple cores. the 686 supports up to 4g, supports multiple cpus/cores but doesn't support 486 or pentium
09:31-!-aura [] has joined #debian
09:31<cesurasean>so if the installer installed 486, then I probably need to stay with the 486 kernels, right?
09:32-!-aura [] has quit []
09:32<petern>by install...
09:32<stew>cesurasean: what cpu do you have?
09:32-!-dmu [] has joined #debian
09:32<cesurasean>AMD Athlon
09:32<petern>do you mean it actually installed that, or that is what it loaded from the cd to do the install?
09:32<stew>cesurasean: then you want the 686 kernel
09:32<cesurasean>Thunderbird, something like that
09:32-!-javatexan1 [~aars@] has left #debian []
09:32<cesurasean>why is it installing 486 from the installer?
09:32<stew>metalqga: there is no k7 kernel
09:32<petern>you said it didn't find the raid... is that before install, or after installing and then rebooing?
09:32-!-Amorphous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:32<cesurasean>after installing, and booting
09:33<stew>cesurasean: becuase 486 works on a wider variety of cpus
09:33-!-scart [~scart@] has joined #debian
09:33<petern>686 should work on k7
09:33<cesurasean>stew: I understand now
09:33<cesurasean>yes, 686 works on the k7
09:33<cesurasean>except for the fact there is a bug in the debian setup
09:33<cesurasean>I'm going to see if stew's advice works this time
09:34-!-towo|work [~Torsten@] has joined #debian
09:35<petern>so you have two problems :o
09:35<metalqga>yes just checked, the k7 is a trasition package which installs the 686 kernel
09:35<cesurasean>yes, I have two problems
09:36<cesurasean>#1 it's installing a 486 kernel, #2 during boot, the kernel panics because it can't find the RAID
09:36<petern>is your raid1 done with md or a controller card?
09:36<petern>does it find the disks?
09:36<cesurasean>yes, during install
09:36<cesurasean>not on kernel boot
09:36-!-martinslopez [] has joined #debian
09:36<petern>at all? Hmm
09:36<metalqga>do you really have to answer the same q-s once again
09:37<cesurasean>not really, this is an older machine. :)
09:37-!-billybigrigger [] has joined #debian
09:37<cesurasean>I guess it doesn't have priority over some other machines :/
09:37<petern>metalqga, not if everything is stated unambiguously first :p
09:37-!-jthomas [] has joined #debian
09:38-!-martinslopez [] has quit []
09:38<petern>not finding raid devices could be md isn't working/loading, or drive controller is not working/loading
09:38<petern>and if it can't find the drives, then it's not a raid problem
09:39<cesurasean><going to try stew's advice> brb
09:40<petern>you should be able to try the etch kernel as well
09:40-!-larkin [] has joined #debian
09:40-!-Torsten_W [~Torsten@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:41<metalqga>isn't it better to do without the cheapo raid controller and just make a software raid with the installer?
09:41<stew>petern: he said that the etch installer doesn't work
09:41<stew>but then again he also said it worked
09:41<stevem_>HURRAH! Have you heard that Debian was just proclaimed the meaning of life?
09:41<petern>stew, oh, i thought it was a complaint about a regression in etch+half?
09:42<cesurasean>it's not a cheapo raid controller, it's a software raid
09:42<stew>petern: it was. but he said that the etch installer stopped working as well
09:42<cesurasean>I believe it is a regression in etch+half
09:42<cesurasean>etch worked fine
09:42-!-Piranha [] has left #debian []
09:43<cesurasean>the installer works fine, and finds both IDE devices, installs fine. when I go to boot, init doesn't find md0
09:43<cesurasean>the kernel panics
09:43-!-nihil [] has joined #debian
09:43<cesurasean>+ it's trying to install a 486 kernel on a k7
09:43-!-scart [~scart@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
09:43<stew>there is nothing wrong with a 486 kernel on a k7
09:43-!-billybigrigger [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:43<metalqga>i'm using this kernel with AXP2400
09:44<metalqga>no problems
09:44<petern>and it does find the IDE devices after booting?
09:44<cesurasean>why is the kernel having a panic then?
09:44<cesurasean>the bios finds the IDE devices, but the kernel does not
09:44<stew>cesurasean: becuase the initrd doesn't know how to start your raid
09:44<petern>the installer is a 486 kernel, and that works...
09:44<cesurasean>stew: let me go try your advice and see if I can get it working
09:44<petern>cesurasean, finally. THAT is why the raid/md is not working then
09:45-!-K6ORJ [~mark@] has joined #debian
09:45<cesurasean>whatever the problem, it's an issue with etch+half which isn't making it stable
09:45<petern>sure but "raid doesn't work" is a completely different issue to "ide drives not found"
09:45-!-sylock [] has joined #debian
09:46-!-Ganneff_ [] has joined #debian
09:46-!-Myon_ [] has joined #debian
09:46-!-erKURITA [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:46-!-loony [] has left #debian []
09:47-!-Amorphous [] has joined #debian
09:47-!-Myon [] has quit [Killed (Myon_ (go away))]
09:47-!-Myon_ is now known as Myon
09:47<K6ORJ>Anybody get 'mjpegtools' to work?
09:47<sylock>I have a question about bash config. In the case of gnome-terminal for example. By default it is a non-login shell. So it doesn't read the /etc/profile but the /etc/bash.bashrc. It is hard coded into gnome-terminal to read the /etc/bash.bashrc ?
09:48<sylock>Is it*
09:48-!-ansgar [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:48-!-seanysmotpoker [~cesurasea@] has joined #debian
09:48<seanysmotpoker>booting into mepis now
09:48-!-bzed [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:49<sylock>(and why I read everywhere about /etc/bashrc which don't exist on Debian?)
09:49-!-And1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:49<seanysmotpoker>look in /root/ for bashrc
09:49-!-bzed [] has joined #debian
09:49-!-CdK1 [] has joined #debian
09:49-!-CdK1 [] has quit []
09:50-!-Ganneff [] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
09:50-!-Ganneff_ is now known as Ganneff
09:50<sylock>I know, there is a .bashrc. But I don't really understand who calls who in what circumstance ^^
09:50-!-_phoenix_ [] has joined #debian
09:50-!-zobel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 600 seconds]
09:50-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:51<stew>sylock: its not gnome-terminal that sources /etc/bash.bashrc but bash itself
09:51<stew>sylock: "man bash" and read the INVOCATION section
09:51<stew>K6ORJ: why do you ask?
09:51<sylock>ah ok. thx
09:51<sylock>I'll read that
09:52-!-_phoenix_ [] has quit []
09:52<seanysmotpoker>I can't mount /dev/sda from mepis
09:52-!-_phoenix_ [] has joined #debian
09:52<K6ORJ>Anybody get 'mjpegtools' to work?
09:53<seanysmotpoker>how do I mount a hd using mepis?
09:53<seanysmotpoker>mount /dev/sda?
09:54<seanysmotpoker>or mount /dev/sda /mnt?
09:54<metalqga>learn to mount :D
09:54-!-ansgar [] has joined #debian
09:54-!-And1 [] has joined #debian
09:54<seanysmotpoker>I have. I can't seem to get this machine to mount.
09:55-!-zobel [] has joined #debian
09:55<seanysmotpoker>nevermind, I think I know why now.
09:55-!-larkin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:55-!-vito [] has joined #debian
09:55-!-buffoon_work [~buffoon@] has joined #debian
09:55-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
09:56<stew>seanysmotpoker: please go to #mepis on for help with mepis
09:56-!-vito is now known as Sgrullo
09:56-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1296
09:56-!-metalqga [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:56<seanysmotpoker>stew: this is cesurasean, I'm on another computer.
09:57<seanysmotpoker>im about to do what you said would fix the problem
09:57<seanysmotpoker>one moment, and I'll let you know if it works
09:57<_phoenix_>i have put the netinstall cd in a computer and plugged it on the network. Unforunally i have no screen and no keyboard... how can i "contact" him with my notebook?
09:57<_phoenix_>*contact it
09:57<stew>oh, i was saying to use the installer, since we know that knows how to mount your raid
09:57-!-stefano [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:57<Sgrullo>anyone program in C++
09:57-!-scorche|sh [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:58<petern>i've had my moments
09:58<_phoenix_>i have put the netinstall cd in a computer and plugged it on the network. Unforunally i have no screen and no keyboard... how can i "contact" it with my notebook?
09:58-!-biber [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:58-!-Sgrullo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:59<seanysmotpoker>reconfiguring now
09:59-!-Ivanopollo [] has joined #debian
09:59<petern>_phoenix_, i don't think that's supported. you could try a serial port if the bios supports that, i guess
09:59<stew>_phoenix_: you'd have to setup preseeding. has some information but it is somewhat outdated
10:00<Ivanopollo>Hello all. Can anybody help me. i install debian in net_install_cd. i want to choose external mirror ( but i can't know how i can use it.
10:00-!-dmu [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:00<seanysmotpoker>stew: same problem
10:01<stew>Ivanopollo: man sources.list
10:01<seanysmotpoker>the dpkg didn't fix anyting
10:01<seanysmotpoker>mdadm: failed to RUN_ARRAY /dev/md0: Invalid argument
10:02<seanysmotpoker>Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init
10:02<stew>seanysmotpoker: try again but first list the modules you need by hand in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
10:02<Ivanopollo>stew now i havn't linux for use man. can you talk, need i use lenny main contrib non-free? or
10:02-!-fike [fike@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
10:02<seanysmotpoker>what do you mean by list the modules by hand?
10:02<seanysmotpoker>how do I know which modules I need?
10:03<K6ORJ>_phoenix_ Do you have a pcmcia network card? Might try that if you do.
10:05<seanysmotpoker>should I try installing another kernel instead?
10:05-!-michi_ [] has joined #debian
10:05-!-jazz [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
10:06-!-Ivanopollo [] has quit []
10:06<stew>Ivanopollo: doesn't seem to host a publicly available debian mirror, though if it did "deb lenny main contrib non-free" would be correct
10:06-!-wenchien [~wenchien@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:07<stew>seanysmotpoker: you need at least raid1, i don't know what else
10:07<seanysmotpoker>should I pastebin the entire error messages I am getting?
10:08-!-michi_ [] has quit []
10:09-!-towo|work [~Torsten@] has quit [Quit: *Patsch* Feierabend]
10:10<seanysmotpoker>stew: raid1 seems to be #'d out.
10:10<seanysmotpoker>perhaps I need to change that
10:10<seanysmotpoker>what about sd_mod?
10:12-!-nihil [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:12<K6ORJ>Ivanopollo:Try ' lenny main contrib non-free'
10:13-!-qquchn [] has joined #debian
10:13-!-foxes [flash@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:13<K6ORJ>also look at
10:13-!-foxes [flash@] has joined #debian
10:14<seanysmotpoker>stew: I enabled raid1, and it's still not working.
10:14<seanysmotpoker>do you want me to pastebin the error messages to you?
10:15<seanysmotpoker>ide0: I/O resource 0x3F6-0x3F6 not free.
10:16<seanysmotpoker>this is definately a regression in etch+half
10:16<K6ORJ>Ivanopollo: Did you get that?
10:17<seanysmotpoker>is anyone in here able to help me to get this bug worked out? is there not some kind of work around to this problem?
10:17-!-Guest1296 [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:18-!-yvesC [] has joined #debian
10:19<stew>seanysmotpoker: if etch works, why not install etch and upgrade? or why not stick with the etch kernel? or why not try installing the etch kernel now?
10:19<stew>K6ORJ: he's gone
10:20-!-screenn [~screenn@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:20<petern>[ 6.360973] ide_generic: I/O resource 0x1F0-0x1F7 not free.
10:20<K6ORJ>Ya I noticed that after I sent that. Gotta stick around long enough to get your answers????
10:20<petern>i get that
10:20<petern>but it still works
10:20-!-dmu [] has joined #debian
10:20-!-Pino [~Miranda@] has joined #debian
10:21-!-CdK1 [] has joined #debian
10:21-!-pd_ [] has joined #debian
10:21-!-Pino [~Miranda@] has quit []
10:22-!-screenn [~screenn@] has joined #debian
10:22-!-CdK1 [] has quit []
10:22-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
10:23-!-pd_ [] has quit []
10:23-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
10:24-!-demas [~demas@] has joined #debian
10:24<cesurasean>stew: I upgraded two of my machines to lenny, and was trying to get the 3rd to lenny also.
10:24<cesurasean>either way, this bug will have to be worked out for me to upgrade to lenny, correct?
10:25<cesurasean>plus, I don't have the old etch cd anymore
10:25-!-demas [~demas@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:26-!-kapil [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:26<cesurasean>what is the point in using etch if I can't upgrade?
10:26<stew>cesurasean: why can't you upgrade?
10:27<cesurasean>same problem
10:27<stew>cesurasean: how are you trying to upgrade?
10:27-!-egns [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:27<cesurasean>well, etch is stable on that machine, yes.
10:27<cesurasean>but, how do I know that issue will be fixed?
10:27-!-egns [] has joined #debian
10:27<stew>cesurasean: it probably won't be fixed
10:27<stew>cesurasean: but i don't see why that matters
10:27<cesurasean>that's what I think also
10:28<cesurasean>stew: is there a work around so that I can get etch+half to work?
10:28<cesurasean>I want to get lenny working on this machine
10:28<stew>cesurasean: why can't you upgrade from etch to lenny?
10:28-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has quit [Quit: The master has left]
10:28<cesurasean>same problem
10:28<cesurasean>init doesn't find my md0
10:28<stew>cesurasean: how did you upgrade from etch to lenny?
10:28-!-komputes [] has joined #debian
10:29-!-komputes [] has quit []
10:29<cesurasean>I had this same kernel panic yesterday, so I tried using etch+half installer, and same issues with kernel
10:29<cesurasean>msg dpkg etch->lenny
10:29<cesurasean>that's how I upgraded.
10:29-!-aknowles [~aknowles@] has joined #debian
10:29-!-aknowles [~aknowles@] has left #debian []
10:29<cesurasean>I was able to use lenny under an older kernel ( etch's kernel ), but, not the newer lenny kernel
10:30<petern>tried an install without software raid?
10:30-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
10:30<petern>is your ide controller 'special'?
10:30-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has joined #debian
10:30<cesurasean>there is one difference for this machine that I noticed
10:30<cesurasean>both HD's are different sizes
10:30<cesurasean>could this affect init?
10:30<stew>cesurasean: which ide controller do you have?
10:31<cesurasean>not sure
10:31<stew>cesurasean: does the kernel see your ide controller when you have the problem?
10:31<cesurasean>it has a panic as soon as the kernel boots
10:31<stew>cesurasean: lspci will tell you what controller you have
10:31<cesurasean>h/o let me tell you under seanysmotpoker
10:32-!-k1lumin4t1 [sortadi@] has joined #debian
10:32-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has joined #debian
10:33-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
10:34-!-yo [] has joined #debian
10:35-!-yvesC [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
10:35-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:35-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
10:36-!-b0x [~cha0s@] has joined #debian
10:36-!-b0x [~cha0s@] has left #debian []
10:37-!-freiheit-- [] has joined #debian
10:37<seanysmotpoker>controller is IDE interface: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 5513 [IDE] (rev d0)
10:39-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
10:40<ranix>Are you doing something boneheaded like putting /etc/ or /boot/ on its own partition
10:40<ranix>no raid on /boot/?
10:40<stew>ranix: he says it breaks when he installs a newer kernel on an otherwise working install
10:40<seanysmotpoker>no, everything is going into / partition
10:40<ranix>From which kernel to which kernel
10:41<seanysmotpoker>well, now I can't get etch+half to work, so whichever kernel comes with that currently.
10:41<ranix>and are you sure it's the kernel and not GRUB being altered slightly to, say, try to boot off the wrong partition?
10:41<ranix>I've experienced that problem myself with grub updates
10:41<ranix>specifically with an etch->lenny update
10:42<seanysmotpoker>it may be grub
10:42<ranix>using MD software raid
10:42<stew>it can't be grub
10:42<seanysmotpoker>what is the issue then stew?
10:42<stew>seanysmotpoker: i don't know, but if it was grub saying to boot off the wrong partition, it wouldn't have the problem of not recognizing your ide
10:43-!-admin_ [] has quit [Quit: admin_]
10:43-!-Blocket [] has joined #debian
10:43<seanysmotpoker>im going to try the lenny cd and see if that works
10:43<stew>seanysmotpoker: how did you determine that it doesn't recognize your ide?
10:44<seanysmotpoker>stew: let me pastebin the error messages
10:44-!-screenn [~screenn@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:44-!-nihil [] has joined #debian
10:44-!-_phoenix_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:44<Bushmills>cesurasean: i think it was suggested to you to use lenny (which has been installed already) with our old kernel. kernel version is not what determines whether you run etch or lenny.
10:44-!-Pino [~Miranda@] has joined #debian
10:44<stew>he should be able to get it running with a lenny kernel or an etchnhalf kernel, since those kernels work from the installer
10:45<seanysmotpoker>should is the key here. there is some kind of bug in the debian installer.
10:45<Blocket>I need some help, I put a card reader (USB) with a micro SD memory into the USB-slot. Then I mounted it by typing "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt" and it worked. Then after I used it, I realized the file I copied over wasn't there, so I remade this step. Now I cannot mount it anymore and the SD memory doesn't work in my DS
10:45<Bushmills>stew: yes. eventually. no pressure, if the system is usable.
10:46<Bushmills>kernel panic != user panic
10:46<stew>seanysmotpoker: this is not a bug in the debian installer
10:46<stew>seanysmotpoker: obviously, since it happens with a working system that you are upgrading without using the installer
10:47-!-rgr [] has joined #debian
10:47*Bushmills pukes at SIS
10:47<Blocket>simply, I cannot mount my USB stick anymore, it worked 5 minutes ago. The memory card cannot be read
10:47-!-dpalacio [~itsuki@] has joined #debian
10:49-!-hanthana_ [~hanthana@] has joined #debian
10:49-!-debalance [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
10:51-!-Pino [~Miranda@] has quit [Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.]
10:51<seanysmotpoker>you are correct, this is not an issue with the installer. this is in fact an issue with the kernel itself.
10:52-!-greeq [~jake@] has joined #debian
10:52<seanysmotpoker>stew: check out my pastebin, I just copied the entire error message after installation.
10:54<Blocket>does nobody know what could be causing this? would really appreciate if someone could help me.
10:54-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:54-!-egns [] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by beer]
10:55<kooll>Blocket: any error message ?
10:55-!-_phoenix_ [] has joined #debian
10:55<stew>seanysmotpoker: oh, it clearly does detect your ide
10:55<kooll>Blocket: what happens when you plug it in ? (somewhere at the end of dmesg)
10:55<Blocket>kooll: nop
10:55-!-dmu [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:55<seanysmotpoker>stew: yes, but it says the device is not free
10:56<seanysmotpoker>so, something must not be letting go of the devices
10:56-!-mps [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:56<Blocket>ah wait, here it is: Can't find a valid FAT filesystem
10:56<stew>seanysmotpoker: what?
10:56<Blocket>kooll: I can paste it on pastebin
10:56-!-Torsten_W [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
10:56<seanysmotpoker>why does it say I/O resource not free?
10:56<kooll>Blocket: do so.
10:56-!-Panterh3art [] has joined #debian
10:56<stew>seanysmotpoker: my guess is that you'll find that it says this on your working kernel as well
10:57<stew>seanysmotpoker: and it is not saying that the device is not free
10:57<Panterh3art>can somebody help me with debian ?
10:57<stew>Panterh3art: if you have a question, just ask it
10:57<Panterh3art>well i have a problem with dpkg
10:57-!-hanthana [~hanthana@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:57<Panterh3art>it says i have a problem with the mergelist
10:57<Blocket>kooll: it's weird though. It worked the first time, now I cannot mount it anymore : /
10:57<Panterh3art>can't install things anymore
10:57<stew>Panterh3art: show us the actual command you typed and the actual output, use a pastebin: /msg dpkg pastebin
10:57-!-lwi [lwi@alektra.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE] has joined #debian
10:57<Panterh3art>with apt-get install
10:57<stew>seanysmotpoker: what happens if you run "modprobe raid1" in the busybox?
10:58<kooll>Blocket: I would say it's a dying memory stick or some hardware problem (like bad usb cable). but that doesn't help you much
10:59-!-mps [] has joined #debian
10:59-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
10:59-!-madrescher [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:59<Blocket>I put the SD card into the USB card reader and plugged it in. Copied a file to the wrong place and umounted. Then I put it in again and mounted it again, it worked. I copied a file to /dev/sdb1. When I opened the SD memory in the Nintendo DS after that it didn't work
10:59<Blocket>so I tried it on my computer for the third time and I couldn't mount it
10:59-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1306
11:00<seanysmotpoker>nothing happens if I do the modprobe raid1
11:00<Blocket>but it still shows up on "fdisk -" as the fsystem W95 Fat32
11:00<kooll>Blocket: so it's still there
11:00<kooll>Blocket: what happens if you try to mount it ?
11:00-!-chomwitt [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:00<Blocket>kooll: it asks for the filesystem noww when I mount. So I specified "-t vfat".
11:01<seanysmotpoker>it goes to a blank line after I do modprobe raid1
11:01<Blocket>when I specify vfat, I get the error: Wrong filesystem type, wrong flag, wrong superblock on /dev/sdb1
11:02<Blocket>and "dmesg | tail" says FAT invalid media value (0x00) VFS: Can't find a valid FAT file system on /dev/sdb1
11:02<seanysmotpoker>anymore ideas stew?
11:02<stew>Panterh3art: try saving a copy of /var/lib/dpkg/status and replacing it with /var/lib/dpkg/status-old or one of the backups from /var/backups
11:03-!-ptr [] has joined #debian
11:03<stew>Panterh3art: it seems like your /var/lib/dpkg/status got corrupted somehow
11:03-!-_phoenix_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:03<Panterh3art>i think when i installed mysql
11:03<Panterh3art>but i will try that ;)
11:03<stew>Panterh3art: is it possible that /var was full?
11:03<Panterh3art>like in what way ?
11:03<Panterh3art>hdd space ?
11:04<Panterh3art>it has a 250g hdd
11:04<Panterh3art>and only thing what is running on it
11:04<seanysmotpoker>grub says : kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-etchnhalf.1-486 root=/dev/md0 ro quiet
11:04<Panterh3art>is unrealircd + anope + neostats3.o and denora
11:04<Blocket>damn, why would the file system on the memory just get messed up when I didn't do anything ://
11:05<Panterh3art>but i will try ure way ;)
11:05-!-Skratz0r [] has joined #debian
11:05-!-Guest1306 [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:06<cesurasean>any ideas stew?
11:06<cesurasean>for a work around to this problem?
11:06-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
11:07-!-emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:08<cesurasean> - anyone have any ideas on how to fix this kernel panic?
11:08<Bushmills>blocket, what fdisk -l says, and dmesg after mount attempt, sin't derived from the same information. fdisk merely looks at partition type. dmesg info is result of trying to use the partition, i.e. more reliable.
11:08<stew>cesurasean: try googling for the RUN_ARRAY error
11:09<Bushmills>Blocket: sounds like your partiition got corrupted.
11:09-!-vi [] has joined #debian
11:09<cesurasean>kernel panic is making me panic
11:09<cesurasean>I won't be able to upgrade this machine into this bug is fixed
11:09<stew>cesurasean: you said already that you were able to upgrade this machine
11:09-!-vi [] has left #debian []
11:10<Panterh3art>i replace status with status.old
11:10<Panterh3art>what now ?
11:10<Bushmills>Blocket: did you pull the stick out without unmounting? sometimes fat partition can be corrupted that way
11:10-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
11:10<stew>Panterh3art: try whatever command was giving you an error
11:10<Blocket>Bushmills: I did unmount it
11:11<cesurasean>stew: I can upgrade everything except a working kernel
11:11<Bushmills>Blocket: try disktype /dev/yourpartition
11:11<Panterh3art>it works again :D
11:11<Panterh3art>thank you stew :D
11:11<cesurasean>where do I download etch, and not etch+half?
11:11<Blocket>Bushmills: I don't think there's any reason to try anymore, because I tried to open it in Windows and it only recognizes the partition as a unformated drive
11:12-!-fdd-0 [~fdd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:12<Bushmills>Blocket: if you say so.
11:12<Panterh3art>stew is there any way to start openssh-server ?
11:13<Panterh3art>cuz the bootup didn't do it
11:13<Skratz0r>/etc/init.d/ssh start ?
11:13-!-Blocket [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
11:13<cesurasean>stew: I found this -
11:15<cesurasean>it seems like a modprobe problem to me
11:15-!-dinus [~dinus@] has joined #debian
11:16<stew>cesurasean: what makes you think that it is a modprobe problem? and what do you mean by a modprobe problem?
11:16-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:16-!-elrebrin [] has joined #debian
11:16<stew>cesurasean: you think that the page you found was wrong about this?
11:16<cesurasean>well, it seems to be a common problem.
11:17<cesurasean>I'm not the only one having the issues
11:17-!-JackSparrow [~jacks@] has joined #debian
11:19-!-mode/#debian [+o stew] by ChanServ
11:19-!-mode/#debian [+q *!*@] by stew
11:19-!-mode/#debian [-o stew] by stew
11:20-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
11:20-!-hever [] has joined #debian
11:20<cesurasean>stew: im not really sure how to go about fixing this.
11:20<cesurasean>I think the kernel needs to be recompiled a certain way, or use busybox to fix the issue.
11:21-!-Skratz0r [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
11:21-!-JackSparrow [~jacks@] has quit []
11:21-!-nihil [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:22-!-tghy [~dima@] has joined #debian
11:22-!-dam85 [] has joined #debian
11:22-!-alvarezp [] has quit [Quit: alvarezp]
11:22<dam85>hello everybody i have this problem
11:22<dam85>Relay access denied
11:23-!-erikg [] has joined #debian
11:23-!-krlos [] has joined #debian
11:23<erikg>is there any way to make deb-pkg in the kernel tree to build a i386 package on a amd64 system?
11:23-!-itunes [] has joined #debian
11:24<dam85>what can i do?
11:24<erikg>i've set up a 32-bit chroot and have built the kernel there, but the resulting .deb is given the amd64 architecture
11:25<cesurasean>I'm guessing no one can help me with my issue.
11:25<elrebrin>erikg: It should work if you're using "linux32" as your chroot personality. Does on my amd64 system anyway.
11:26<elrebrin>erikg: Failing that, doesn't make-kpkg have a switch to specify target architecture? --target or --architecture or something similar. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere.
11:27-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:27-!-icman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:27<erikg>elrebrin: how do i set my chroot personality to linux32?
11:28-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has joined #debian
11:28-!-yo [] has quit [Quit: Abandonando]
11:29<elrebrin>erikg: Depends on your chroot command. If you're just using "chroot", use "linux32 chroot /path/to/chroot/". If you're using schroot, there is an option in /etc/schroot.conf for setting it (its explained in the manpage).
11:29-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:29-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has joined #debian
11:29-!-hazard2 [~hazard@] has joined #debian
11:30-!-prower [] has joined #debian
11:30<elrebrin>erikg: The way to check if that is the problem or not is by running "uname -m" in the chroot. If it comes up as "amd64", you need to use linux32. If it comes up as "i686", its all groovy :)
11:30<Norgur>for amd64 it will say x86_64
11:31-!-hadarshan [~hadarshan@] has joined #debian
11:31<erikg>elrebrin: aha!
11:31<erikg>elrebrin: that works perfectly
11:31<elrebrin>Norgur: Cheers for the correction, I'm not on my amd64 machine just now and my memory sucks :P
11:31<elrebrin>erikg: Cool :)
11:31-!-hadarshan [~hadarshan@] has left #debian []
11:31<greeq>hi. apt-get remove says it has removed the package but wont install another package because of conflict.
11:32<erikg>elrebrin: now i'll run the build in the kernel tree and see if it all works
11:32<Norgur>greeq: use aptitude instead of apt-get
11:32-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:32<greeq>and not solve this?
11:32<greeq>i cant watch any flash
11:33-!-antonys [] has joined #debian
11:33-!-freiheit-- [] has quit [Quit: zZZzzZZZzuzzZZ]
11:34-!-antonys [] has quit []
11:34<Norgur>aptitude is much more reliable in resolving dependency conflifts
11:34<greeq>debian is really sad when it comes to flash. so many problems. even when it was working the frame rate was sad
11:34<greeq>ok so i type what
11:34-!-freealan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:34<Norgur>sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree
11:34-!-badserii [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:35<greeq>oh actually
11:35<Norgur>let's see if this is enough to get flashplayer to work
11:36<greeq>so the softwares i installed using apt-get will be recognised byaptitude as well?
11:36-!-ant_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:36<Norgur>of course they will
11:36<SlimeyPete>greeq: yes. Apt-get and aptitude use the same package database.
11:36-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
11:36<SlimeyPete>As do Synaptic and Adept.
11:36<Bushmills>and dselect
11:36<petemc>greeq: i think you'll find the problems with flash are down to its proprietary nature rather than debians fault
11:36-!-sfears [] has joined #debian
11:37<greeq>which can be taken care of by windows?
11:37-!-sfears [] has left #debian []
11:37-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
11:37<petemc>greeq: sure, if all you care about is watching flash videos
11:37-!-ricky [] has joined #debian
11:38<greeq>do u hate flash videos?
11:38<Norgur>then, windows would be the perfect choice
11:38-!-ricky is now known as Guest1309
11:38-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
11:38<greeq>i have that too
11:38<petemc>im ambivelent towards them
11:38<elrebrin>greeq: Doesn't everyone hate flash videos? The internet used to be fast at loading, then two things came around: flash and banners.
11:39<Norgur>but do you want to do more with your os than watching boring crap on youtube?
11:39<Norgur>elrebrin: AND website sounds
11:39<greeq>i dont watch boring crap
11:39<greeq>and thats like a nerd attitude. why cant i like flash videos
11:40<petemc>greeq: what i do hate is people coming in here and saying how debian is crap because flash or whatnot doesnt work for them
11:40-!-renon [~r3n0n@] has joined #debian
11:40<Norgur>hi renon
11:40<elrebrin>Norgur: Forgot about those, cheers ;)
11:40<greeq>i didn't say that. but seems u are used to it
11:40-!-itunes [] has left #debian []
11:40<renon>can i ask something?
11:40-!-Guest1309 [] has quit []
11:40<renon>how to install flash player 10 at debian 4.0 r0
11:40<petemc>16:34 < greeq> debian is really sad when it comes to flash.
11:41<Norgur>lol @ renon
11:41<petemc>renon: thats not an answer to your question
11:41-!-dam85 [] has quit []
11:41<renon>is it i'm wrong?
11:41<petemc>renon: /msg dpkg adobe flash
11:41<greeq>so its not sad when it comes to flash? where am i looping it?
11:42-!-seanysmotpoker [~cesurasea@] has left #debian [Kopete 0.12.3 :]
11:42<greeq>thats what ive installed and everything dissapeared
11:42<elrebrin>From what I remember, basically everything you need to know about Flash on Debian is on the wiki anyway:
11:43<renon>ok thx anyway
11:43<greeq>earlier with flashplayer-mozilla package it was working but fullscreen was too jerky to watch any video
11:43-!-si0ux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:43-!-hazard2 [~hazard@] has quit [Quit: Quitting.]
11:44-!-pol [~paul@] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
11:44-!-elrebrin [] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
11:44-!-elrebrin [] has joined #debian
11:45-!-nike [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:46-!-nike [] has joined #debian
11:46-!-judd [] has quit [Quit: Ctrl-C at console.]
11:46-!-sohmestra [~sohmestra@] has joined #debian
11:47-!-sohmestra [~sohmestra@] has left #debian []
11:47-!-JoY_ [~KingSize@] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
11:47<greeq>Norgur, do i have to restart my browser to see if flash is working with this new package . reloading it wont work
11:48-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:48-!-hever [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:49-!-mode/#debian [+l 374] by debhelper
11:49<K6ORJ>renon: You must remove '' file form 'usr/lib/mozilla/plugins' to get flash to work
11:49<Norgur>greeq: yes you have
11:50<stew>greeq: no you don't have to restart the browser if it is installed correctly
11:50<prower>actually if you have two different plugins installed, you have to do update-alternatives --config, not delete it :>
11:50<prower>just switch it to the non-free one
11:50-!-blast_hardcheese [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:51<prower>and if you're in firefox about:plugins will tell you whether or not it's using the non-free plugin or swfdec
11:51<K6ORJ>How do you get that to work. Nothing would work for me when that was in the plugins folder?
11:51-!-whozatmac [~mack@] has joined #debian
11:52<greeq>hmm so leaving the one i have opened can i start another one and see? i dont want to close i havent read all that
11:52<prower>K60RJ: all i did was this: install flashplugin-nonfree, then update-alternatives --config to switch it to the new one
11:52-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
11:52<greeq>prower, with apt-get?
11:52-!-jkf_tmp [] has joined #debian
11:53<prower>greeq: or aptitude whatever you want to use
11:53<greeq>thanks alot man. i'll check this
11:53-!-hannes--- [] has joined #debian
11:53<prower>greeq: no problem, sorry if i'm not explaining it very well but i've only been running testing for two days :>
11:54<greeq>no that was precise
11:54<prower>in one line for a command prompt it would be like this
11:54<jkf_tmp>did someone know how to install a package without it depencies? i checked a lot of manual but nothing
11:54<prower>apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree && update-alternatives --config
11:55<prower>there will be two there if you have flashplugin-nonfree installed, one has "swfdec" in the name...that is the free one, the other should be the nonfree one :>
11:55<hannes--->hi, i screwed up grub by formatting another (unneeded) partition. getting "error 17". now i guess i have to set the proper /dev/hda? in "kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.26-1-686 root=/dev/hda3 ro", is that right?
11:55<prower>(that's assuming that it has been installed properly)
11:55<hannes--->and how can i find out which of my partition it is
11:55<elrebrin>jkf_tmp: "dpkg --force-help" will tell you how to.
11:55<greeq>prower, the package or tar.gz i got from adobe also had some .so file do i have to replace that file?
11:56<jkf_tmp>i take a look
11:56<jkf_tmp>nothing with apt-get?
11:56<hannes--->oh wait, that needed partition is the one with my root on it...
11:56-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:56<prower>greeq: oh, you downloaded it from the website then? i guess you would have to put the .so file you downloaded in /home/yourusername/.mozilla/plugins and restart then? i'm not sure, i didn't install it that way
11:57-!-jotun [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
11:57-!-prower [] has quit [Quit: sorry, need to reboot for some updates :> bbl]
11:57-!-tpelka_wfh [] has joined #debian
11:57<stew>jkf_tmp: why do you want to install a pacakge without dependencies?
11:57-!-rgr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:58<renon>how about install firefox 3 at debian 4.0 r0?
11:58<jkf_tmp>because something i do not need
11:58<K6ORJ>I never noticed flashplugin-nonfree it is under 'contrib sound'
11:58<greeq>hmm.. cool. there is one more problem . i tried installing some ms fonts . from that day whenever update my apt i get stuck at those package resolving urls
11:58<hannes--->oh no, knoppix mounted the existing partitions with no write access. how can i enable it?
11:58<elrebrin>jkf_tmp: The whole point of apt-get (and its similars) is to calculate and resolve dependencies. If you don't want to install the dependencies, then there is no point using them, and you may as well use dpkg.
11:58<hannes--->jkf_tmp, but a dependency means the program to install needs it
11:58<greeq> ttf-mscorefonts-installer
11:58<elrebrin>hannes: mount -o remount,rw /path/to/mount/point
11:59<hannes--->elrebrin, cheers
11:59<stew>jkf_tmp: what packages are you talking about?
11:59-!-krlos [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
11:59<jkf_tmp>i do not think that apache need php to install
11:59<stew>jkf_tmp: no, it doesn't. what command are you running?
11:59-!-Yabada [] has joined #debian
11:59<jkf_tmp>just one moment
12:00-!-qquchn [] has quit [Quit: 暂离]
12:00-!-cesurasean [~Sean_Brad@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:00<elrebrin>hannes: No worries :)
12:01<hannes--->elrebrin, did not work though
12:02-!-cesurasean [~Sean_Brad@] has joined #debian
12:02-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
12:02<jkf_tmp>i just check one: gaim it wants to install aspell, but i know what i am writing
12:02<hannes--->elrebrin, oh nevermind. i wasn't root
12:02-!-tghy1 [~dima@] has joined #debian
12:02<elrebrin>hannes: You scared me for a second there :P
12:02-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1314
12:02*Yabada brb
12:02<hannes--->wish me luck, thanks and bye :P
12:02-!-hannes--- [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
12:03-!-Guest1314 is now known as duraperidol
12:03<greeq>nope adobe-flashplugin conflicts with this new one and remove cannot find it
12:03<greeq>so i cant get rid of it
12:04-!-tghy [~dima@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:04-!-whozatmac [~mack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:05<jkf_tmp>i have a good example: install kde, but i do not need kpoker
12:05<jkf_tmp>and other games
12:05<elrebrin>jkf_tmp: Then don't use the KDE metapackage.
12:06-!-renon [~r3n0n@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:06<jkf_tmp>and how do i make it?
12:06-!-pierre [] has joined #debian
12:06<stew>jkf_tmp: /msg dpkg install kde
12:06<jkf_tmp>so if i checked dpkg --force-help
12:06<jkf_tmp>i can use depends
12:06<K6ORJ>prower: Package flashplugin-nonfree is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another sourceE: Package flashplugin-nonfree has no installation candidate
12:06<stew>jkf_tmp: you don't want to use --force-anything, it won't do what you want
12:06-!-pierre is now known as Guest1316
12:06<stew>jkf_tmp: --force-depends is not going to work the way you are hoping it will
12:06-!-Guest1316 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:07<stew>K6ORJ: its in contrib, /msg dpkg contrib
12:07-!-Ninja [] has joined #debian
12:07-!-elrebrin [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:07-!-elrebrin [] has joined #debian
12:08-!-scheer [] has joined #debian
12:08-!-scheer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:08<jkf_tmp>ok stew what does the /msg in front of dpkg install kde do?
12:09<K6ORJ>stew: I have contrib in my sources list? deb-src lenny main contrib non-free
12:10<elrebrin>jkf_tmp: Its an IRC command. stew wants you to type the "/msg ..." command into your IRC client.
12:10<stew>jkf_tmp: its an irc command that will get the bot in this channel named 'dpkg' to send you information
12:10<jkf_tmp>if i configure a system and make a "dpkg -l" then i get my installed packages and with this list i want to install 10 other
12:10-!-jegc [~jegc@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:10<stew>K6ORJ: deb-src is for install source packages, you are trying to install a binary package, so you need a deb line instead of a deb-src line
12:10<jkf_tmp>i am new to irc
12:11<stew>jkf_tmp: /msg dpkg selections ; /msg dpkg aptitude clone
12:11-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:12<K6ORJ>stew: so ad a 'deb lenny main contrib non-free'
12:12-!-hannes--- [] has joined #debian
12:12-!-gutocarvalho [~gutocarva@] has joined #debian
12:13<stew>K6ORJ: you should already have a line with "main" and you just need to add "contrib"
12:13<jkf_tmp>ok seems to bring me where i want to go
12:13-!-Wulfe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:13<stew>K6ORJ: you should not be using, you should use a mirror instead: /msg dpkg mirrors
12:14<hannes--->that did not work :( this is my menu.lst , before it was "(hd0,2)" and "/dev/hda3". hda2 is where my / is on, not my home though.
12:14<K6ORJ>stew: That was the first one on the list when I installed
12:14<hannes--->getting "grub error 17" with it
12:15-!-kynlem [~kynlem@] has joined #debian
12:15-!-whozatmac [~mack@] has joined #debian
12:15-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
12:15-!-knoppix_ is now known as hannes-2-
12:16-!-Garda_ [] has joined #debian
12:16<hannes-2->i pinged out, if someone said something :)
12:16-!-Garda [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:16-!-kynlem [~kynlem@] has quit []
12:16-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:16<K6ORJ># deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux testing _Lenny_ - Official Snapshot i386 DVD Binary-1 20080922-10:35]/ lenny contrib main# deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux testing _Lenny_ - Official Snapshot i386 DVD Binary-1 20080922-10:35]/ lenny contrib maindeb lenny main contrib non-freedeb-src lenny main contrib non-freedeb lenny/updates main contrib n
12:16<K6ORJ>on-freedeb-src lenny/updates main contrib non-freedeb lenny/volatile main contrib non-free# deb lenny main contrib non-free
12:17<stew>K6ORJ: yes, that should work, but you should change to a mirror
12:17-!-illovae [] has joined #debian
12:17-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
12:17<K6ORJ>ok working on that
12:18<jkf_tmp>ok thanks, i think i get it to work
12:18<jkf_tmp>bye bye
12:18-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1317
12:18<elrebrin>hannes: What does "fdisk -l" show as your partition type for /dev/hda2?
12:18-!-jkf_tmp [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:19<hannes-2->elrebrin, "Linux", id is 83
12:19-!-mat [] has joined #debian
12:19-!-foolano [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:19-!-tudor [~tudor@] has joined #debian
12:19-!-egns [] has joined #debian
12:19-!-egns [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:19-!-mat is now known as Guest1318
12:19<hannes-2->hm, /dev/hda1 (windows) has the * in the "Boot" column, could that be the cause?
12:20<stew>hannes-2-: the boot flag is ignored by grub
12:20<K6ORJ>stew: is 'deb-src' exceptable?
12:20-!-sergio [] has joined #debian
12:20-!-serge [] has joined #debian
12:20<tudor>hi all. I've just installed ubuntu 8.10, made things to work well except mplayer that tells me: "It seems there is no Xvideo support for your video card available".
12:20-!-Garda_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:20-!-egns [] has joined #debian
12:21-!-sergio is now known as Guest1319
12:21<stew>K6ORJ: no, the url should end in /debian. you'd need a suite name, and section names, like "deb-src lenny main contrib". but again, deb-src is for source packages and you are trying to install a binary package
12:21<elrebrin>hannes: Open a grub shell (just typing "grub" on a terminal as root should do it) and run "geometry (hd0)" and make sure grub is listing the partition as known. Just to be sure...
12:21<tudor>oops. wrong channel. :D
12:21<stew>tudor: please go to #ubuntu on for help with ubuntu
12:21-!-rgr [] has joined #debian
12:21-!-Guest1319 [] has quit []
12:21<tudor>stew, my bad
12:22-!-Guest1318 [] has quit []
12:22<K6ORJ>stew: yes I cut that off to save space but yes.
12:22-!-tudor [~tudor@] has quit []
12:22-!-OdyX [] has joined #debian
12:22<OdyX>Hi. My server has its / partition that went read-only
12:22<OdyX>no services provided anymore (apache, ftp, ssh)...
12:23<OdyX>Is there anything I can do to prevent this ?
12:23-!-hannes--- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:23<OdyX>(else than buying a new disk to replace the failed one from the RAID under...)
12:23<hannes-2->elrebrin, haaa, it does not list /dev/hda2 there
12:24-!-GoNoGo [] has joined #debian
12:24<hannes-2->but just to make clear: i am running from a livecd at the moment
12:24<tghy1>Hello all
12:24-!-ant_ [] has joined #debian
12:24-!-serge [] has quit []
12:25<hannes-2->oh oh
12:25<elrebrin>hannes: It should get listed as something like "Partition Number 1, Filesystem type is ..., partition type is ..."
12:25-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
12:25<hannes-2->elrebrin, stupid me again, it lists with the other numbers. partition num 1 is there, ext2fs and 0x83
12:26<elrebrin>hannes: And if you type "root (hd0,1)", does it read it OK?
12:26-!-whozatmac_ [~mack@] has joined #debian
12:27<elrebrin>hannes: I'd be inclined to run "setup (hd0)" then. Its about all I can think of...
12:27<hannes-2->the grub lists one partition less than fdisk though, that is kinda weird. also the higher partitions (5-8) are using the same numbers
12:27-!-whozatmac [~mack@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:27<hannes-2->alright, i am always curious what will happen :)
12:28<hannes-2->that was not exciting
12:28<hannes-2->ok, i'll try to reboot. but if it does not work i won't come back either, then i will try again tomorrow. thanks again
12:28-!-hannes-2- [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
12:28-!-grim_fandango [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:29<K6ORJ>stew: 'deb etch/volatile main contrib non-free' doesn't work.
12:29-!-geenna [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:30<stew>K6ORJ: you want
12:30-!-nike [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:30-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
12:30<K6ORJ>stew: ya I put it back to that.
12:31-!-nike [] has joined #debian
12:31-!-Guest1317 is now known as duraperidol
12:32<K6ORJ>stew: I still get
12:33<K6ORJ>EricB: Package flashplugin-nonfree has no installation candidate
12:33<stew>K6ORJ: what version of debian are you running? and on what arch?
12:33-!-blast_hardcheese [] has joined #debian
12:33-!-Pinou [~chenzhipe@] has joined #debian
12:33-!-james [] has joined #debian
12:33<stew>K6ORJ: did you run 'apt-get update' or 'aptitude update' ?
12:33<ranix>do you have non-free in your deb source line?
12:33-!-james [] has quit []
12:34-!-janez [~janez@] has joined #debian
12:34-!-scorche|sh [] has joined #debian
12:34<stew>ranix: flashplugin-nonfree is not in non-free
12:34<ranix>stew: sorry about that then. It's unfortunately named
12:34-!-Yabada [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:35-!-linuX|Reneger [] has joined #debian
12:35<K6ORJ>stew: yes and still get the same response. I don't see it in the list on kpackage either.
12:36-!-chealer [~chealer@] has joined #debian
12:36<K6ORJ>stew: am I missing somthing in my sources list
12:36<tghy1>Does anyone can help me in are one little problem?
12:37<elrebrin>tghy1: Depends what the problem is ;)
12:37<stew>oh, right
12:37<stew>K6ORJ: it was removed from lenny. you'd have to use the package from sid
12:38<K6ORJ>stew: ok cool
12:39<stew>K6ORJ: the thinking being that releasing it with lenny isn't very useful, becuase by the time lenny is released it will be outdated, it will be provided via or volatile after release (like was done for etch)
12:39<K6ORJ>stew: oh boy going unstable .......
12:39-!-elrebrin [] has quit [Quit: Dinner time!]
12:40<stew>K6ORJ: you should not add unstable / sid to your sources.list, just download the package from
12:40-!-hannes--- [] has joined #debian
12:40<K6ORJ>stew: thank's
12:40<hannes--->here i was!
12:40<hannes--->ah, my helper is gone
12:41<whozatmac_>yeah much safer option unless you really want to run sid
12:41<hannes--->it runs again \o/
12:41<tghy1>My problem in one some little PC which live in my far far kigdon (home). He wont turn off after typing any shutdown command (halt etc). And show me this
12:41-!-hannes--- [] has quit []
12:42-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
12:43<K6ORJ>stew: Looking at adding the to my list?
12:43-!-Yabada [~yabada@] has joined #debian
12:43<stew>K6ORJ: there won't be backports for lenny until it is released
12:44<K6ORJ>stew: ok
12:44-!-blubberdiblub [] has joined #debian
12:44<K6ORJ>stew: would backports etch have stuff that lenny doesn't have?
12:45<stew>K6ORJ: no, they are backported from lenny
12:45<stew>well, i guess they would have some things that have since been removed from lenny
12:45<K6ORJ>stew: ok I see
12:45<whozatmac_>tghy1 has it ever shut down correctly at the halt command? and when did that stop working?
12:45<stew>like flashplugin-nonfree
12:45-!-yrfox[away] is now known as yrfoxtaur
12:46-!-AbsintheSyringe [~havoc@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:46-!-infernixx [] has joined #debian
12:47-!-infernixx [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:48-!-jlbelmonte [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:49-!-Pinou [~chenzhipe@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:49-!-hjb [] has joined #debian
12:54-!-path [~path@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:55-!-hanthana_ [~hanthana@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:55-!-path [~path@] has joined #debian
12:55-!-metro-gi [] has joined #debian
12:55-!-fike [fike@] has joined #debian
12:55<K6ORJ>stew: ok is playing so all is good!
12:57<tghy1>whozatmac_ IT WONT power off my PC. Only shutting down Linux
12:57<tghy1>I may think my Linux doesnt load with ACPI but it isnt
12:57-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
12:58-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:58-!-Emesh [~chenzhipe@] has joined #debian
12:59-!-mode/#debian [+l 381] by debhelper
12:59-!-jmux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:00-!-dannys_ [] has joined #debian
13:01<whozatmac_>tghy1: Do you remotely reboot this machine?
13:05-!-metro-gi [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:05-!-NCommander [] has joined #debian
13:06-!-Emesh [~chenzhipe@] has quit []
13:06-!-ant_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:06-!-OdyX [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:08-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
13:09-!-mack__ [~mack@] has joined #debian
13:10-!-jegc [~jegc@] has joined #debian
13:12-!-hjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:12-!-hjb [] has joined #debian
13:13-!-angasule_ [~angasule@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:14-!-meandtheshell1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:14-!-meandtheshell1 [] has joined #debian
13:16-!-tjol [] has joined #debian
13:17-!-whozatmac_ [~mack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:17-!-Samu [] has joined #debian
13:17-!-nomeata [~jojo@] has joined #debian
13:19-!-jackyf [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo]
13:22-!-zevarito_ [] has joined #debian
13:22-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:22-!-alphad [~alphad@] has joined #debian
13:23-!-salvatore [~salvatore@] has joined #debian
13:23-!-salvatore [~salvatore@] has quit []
13:23-!-tjol_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:24-!-mack__ [~mack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:24-!-ptr [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:24-!-ptr [] has joined #debian
13:26-!-haxi [~haxi@] has joined #debian
13:28-!-Samu [] has quit [Quit: Lähdössä]
13:28-!-jrolland-windows [] has joined #debian
13:28-!-zevarito [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:29-!-krlos [] has joined #debian
13:29-!-jrolland-windows [] has quit []
13:31-!-yvesC [] has joined #debian
13:32-!-InkBottle [] has joined #debian
13:33-!-jac [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:34<InkBottle>Hi, is partman not a stand alone command?
13:35<InkBottle>cfdisk seems to be depreciated (indebian manual)... What tool would you recommand?
13:37<yrfoxtaur>i dunno
13:37<yrfoxtaur>i used parted myself
13:38-!-rgr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:38-!-rgr [] has joined #debian
13:38<InkBottle>yrfoxtaur: thank you
13:39<yrfoxtaur>no problem :)
13:39-!-Worf_ [] has joined #debian
13:40-!-rtheys__ [] has joined #debian
13:41<chealer>InkBottle: partman is a debian-installer component
13:41<InkBottle>chealer: it there a way to call it?
13:41<InkBottle>would it be interesting to do so?
13:42<chealer>InkBottle: from the installer?
13:43<InkBottle>not from the installer
13:43<InkBottle>I just have a new disk and I'm installing it
13:44-!-rtheys_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:44<simonrvn>gparted, gnu-fdisk, cfdisk, what
13:44-!-K6ORJ [~mark@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:44<ranix>InkBottle: I have recently used cfdisk, it worked fine for my purposes
13:44<chealer>InkBottle: no. partman is only an installer package
13:44-!-t [] has joined #debian
13:45<ranix>InkBottle: I have also used fdisk and mkfs to create jffs2 flash devices
13:45-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:45<ranix>InkBottle: so, whatever is convenient and does the job, use it
13:45<InkBottle>with cfdisk, where do I set the 83 fs type?
13:46<tghy1>I had currectly worked Debian, but before i dot updaited to Lenny
13:46-!-t [] has quit []
13:47-!-screenn [] has joined #debian
13:47-!-Halitech [] has joined #debian
13:47-!-talntid [~eric@] has joined #debian
13:48-!-alphad [~alphad@] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo]
13:49<Halitech>howdy folks, got a file permission question, using etch n half, 200gig external drive, ntfs, read/write as normal user. I have a set of folders that is owned by root and cannot delete them as root or change permissions. any ideas?
13:49<simonrvn>InkBottle: setting fs type doesn't actually write the fs on it, fyi
13:50<Halitech>ntfs-3g is installed
13:50<InkBottle>is 'write partition table to the disk' is what is going to format the disk?
13:50-!-cliente [] has joined #debian
13:50-!-d4r1os [] has joined #debian
13:50-!-d4r1os [] has quit []
13:50<Bushmills>InkBottle: depends on what you call "format"
13:50-!-cliente [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:50<Bushmills>InkBottle: what is "formatting" in your terms?
13:51<InkBottle>Bushmills: the disk will be 'ready' after that?
13:51<Bushmills>InkBottle: that would be, creating a file system on the disk
13:52-!-GoNoGo [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]]
13:52<Bushmills>no, writing the partition table won't create a file system
13:52-!-cliente [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-dpalacio [~itsuki@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:53-!-jaume [] has joined #debian
13:53-!-jaume [] has quit []
13:53-!-Norgur [~philipp@] has quit [Quit: The master has left]
13:54-!-cliente [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:54<InkBottle>Bushmills: writing partintion table to the disk...(done) what next?
13:54<Bushmills>create a file system on a partition
13:54-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
13:55<InkBottle>Bushmills: not with cfdik?
13:56<Bushmills>InkBottle: no
13:56<InkBottle>it doesn't propose me to do it
13:56<InkBottle>how then
13:56<Torsten_W>man mkfs
13:56<Bushmills>apropos filesystem | grep mk
13:57-!-barribar [~barribar@] has joined #debian
13:58<ranix>InkBottle: you should remove the word 'format' from your vocabulary, it's kind of not proper to what's actually being done. I think it was originally a microsoft ambiguation
13:58<InkBottle>ranix: yes
13:59<Bushmills>ranix: the term dates back to pre-msdos times
13:59<InkBottle>I've never had to do that, I'm ashamed
13:59-!-barribar [~barribar@] has quit []
13:59-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
14:01-!-variable [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:01-!-shaya [] has joined #debian
14:02<Bushmills>but lost a bit its meaning, or became more ambiguous when hard disk, rather than floppy disks or tapes, started to be common for computers
14:02<shaya>anyone here use the debian phpbb3 package?
14:02<dpkg>"Does anyone have X or use Y?" is taking a poll, not asking a valid question. Don't do it or sussudio's army of militant badgers will hurt you. Also see <ask> and <bad polls>
14:02-!-nycz [] has joined #debian
14:02<Bushmills>thanks, dpkg. botsnack
14:02-!-variable [] has joined #debian
14:02-!-kh111 [] has joined #debian
14:02<shaya>having trouble using it
14:02-!-jackyf [] has joined #debian
14:03<Bushmills>dpkg, botsnack. take!
14:03<shaya>its spewing php errors
14:03-!-anto9us [~anthony@] has joined #debian
14:03-!-cahoot [~radix@] has joined #debian
14:03-!-talntid [~eric@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
14:04-!-anto9us [~anthony@] has quit []
14:05<Bushmills>shaya: then i'd commend the developers. other packages might just crash.
14:05<Halitech>so any ideas on my inability to delete a folder even as root?
14:05<shaya>well, it effectively is crashing
14:06<Bushmills>shaya: but with those error messages, you have a great source of information what is wrong, and can fix the config.
14:06<shaya>I know the issue
14:06<shaya>but can't figure out where its being set
14:08<Bushmills>then you could try asking, maybe with describing the known issue
14:08-!-tghy1 [~dima@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:08<nycz>i've just updated to lenny from etch, and when i'm booting now my screen says "Out of range", instead of the login screen...
14:08<shaya>hence, why I was asking if anyone uses it
14:09<shaya>its trying to open a file named "/includes/auth/auth_.php"
14:09<shaya>however there's supposed to something after the _
14:09<shaya>probably db
14:09-!-tghy [~dima@] has joined #debian
14:09<shaya>but for some reason its not getting it
14:10<shaya>namely $method = basename(trim($config['auth_method'])); is failing
14:10<shaya>and unsure where $config array is set
14:10<shaya>it seems to be defined as a global
14:10<shaya>unsure what that means, assumes its defined externally
14:11-!-Alan_New [] has joined #debian
14:11<Bushmills>shaya: sorry i misunderstood. so your question was actually whether anyone used it. here is some information on that:
14:11<ansgar>shaya: Did you set up the database?
14:11<themill>looked in /usr/share/doc/phpbb3/README.Debian?
14:11<shaya>I symlinked the apache.conf file in
14:12<shaya>I reloaded apache, and have /phpbb alias in apache
14:12<shaya>but it just shows junk
14:13-!-cesurasean [~Sean_Brad@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:13<shaya>well, not junk
14:13<shaya>but not bieng a php hacker, can't parse
14:14<Bushmills>try apt-file list phpbb3|grep auth
14:14-!-angasule [~angasule@] has joined #debian
14:14<ansgar>shaya: There should be an entry called "auth_method" in the phpbb_config table.
14:14-!-nubbun [] has joined #debian
14:14-!-themill [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:15<shaya>where is that table?
14:15-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:15-!-fernando [] has joined #debian
14:15-!-awatkins_ [] has joined #debian
14:15-!-fernando is now known as Guest1329
14:15<nubbun>anyone know of a tool that can place files (fotos) into directories according to date?
14:15-!-brian [] has joined #debian
14:15<brian>Is this a linux irc chat?
14:15<ansgar>shaya: In the database used by phpbb3.
14:16<Bushmills>nubbun: bash
14:16<shaya>I see
14:16<brian>I have a question
14:16<shaya>reading the dbconfig-common install files for it
14:16<ranix>about Debian right brian?
14:16-!-sphenxes [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:16<shaya>seems it support w/ sqlite is broken
14:17<nubbun>Bushmills: bash can do anything. (not that it would be my first choice for programming) But I'm still hoping for an existing program.
14:17*brian is awesome
14:17-!-fike [fike@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
14:17<Bushmills>nubbun: that's not difficult to do with bash, in combination with the stat program.
14:17-!-awatkins__ [] has joined #debian
14:17-!-hilfertyt [~hilfertyt@] has joined #debian
14:17<ranix>nubbun: uh, you want a bash script. Really.
14:17<ranix>really really.
14:17<Bushmills>nubbun: assuming file date, not exif info.
14:18<nubbun>File date suffices.
14:18-!-Gekz_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:18<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
14:18<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
14:18-!-Gekz [] has joined #debian
14:18<brian>i'm on ubuntu
14:18<dpkg>Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is not Debian, and it is unlikely to live up to Debian's standards (see <Debian policy>). Only Debian is supported on #debian. Use #ubuntu ( instead. Even if the channel happens to be less helpful, support for distributions other than Debian is offtopic on #debian. See also <based on debian>.
14:19-!-mode/#debian [+l 388] by debhelper
14:19<Bushmills>brian: "i am on ubuntu" is not a question
14:19<brian>I'm on Ubuntu and I do not know how to install the Adobe flash player. Whenever I install it, nothing happens.
14:19-!-awatkins [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:20<ranix>brian: read what dpkg just said abotu ubuntu
14:20<brian>ok sorry
14:20-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
14:20<Bushmills>brian: stating that you don't know how to do something is not a question
14:20-!-hilfertyt [~hilfertyt@] has quit []
14:21-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1331
14:21-!-nou [] has joined #debian
14:21<dpkg>Dear visitor, please don't bother telling us you're a "newb" or a "n00b". We can tell. Please don't bother telling us you're not a "newb", "noob" or "n00b" either. We can tell that too, you probably are, if you have to say you are not.
14:21-!-egns [] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by beer]
14:21<ranix>aw, that wasn't as appropriate as I'd hoped
14:22<ranix>I guess I'll stop talking for awhile to redeem myself
14:22-!-egns [] has joined #debian
14:23-!-awatkins_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:23<shaya>with mysql it works fine
14:23-!-brian [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:23-!-Guest1331 [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:24<Halitech>you would think with all the fine howtos and helpful people over on ubuntu he'd be able to find help over there /end sarcasim
14:25-!-prower [] has joined #debian
14:26-!-nifan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:27<Bushmills>Halitech: there are a number of quite savvy ubuntu people, but they don't seem to hang out on the #ubuntu channel, or don't reply to the most clueless questions
14:27-!-InkBottle [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:27<ranix>Bushmills: with respect, nobody here really wants to help people install wireless network adapters either
14:28<Bushmills>problem is a bit that the middle-clued people seem to be missing.
14:28-!-berto [] has quit [Quit: bye]
14:28<Halitech>Bushmills, I know and can't say I blame them, I still go over once in a while but seems like the few good ones over there are getting tired of answering the same questions (not that I blame them) and no one seems to be able to use the search function or read the results
14:29-!-Mullethunt [] has joined #debian
14:29<ranix>the majority of the questions in #debian seem to be intelligent
14:29-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
14:29<Halitech>ranix, can't blame people there either, either they work or they don't and people occasionally seem to like flogging a dead horse
14:29<ranix>and you tend to see the same people coming back again and again with a more difficult problem each time. It feels satisfying
14:30<Mullethunt>Hello, I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 and I cannot select twin view for my monitors. Can anyone try and point me in the right direction?
14:30<dpkg>Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is not Debian, and it is unlikely to live up to Debian's standards (see <Debian policy>). Only Debian is supported on #debian. Use #ubuntu ( instead. Even if the channel happens to be less helpful, support for distributions other than Debian is offtopic on #debian. See also <based on debian>.
14:30-!-ant_ [] has joined #debian
14:30<Bushmills>Mullethunt: yes, #ubuntu on
14:30<ranix>Mullethunt: good god, pay attention to the topic of conversation
14:30<Mullethunt>Bush, I'm sorry I didn't realize I join #debian. Thank you very much =D
14:31<Mullethunt>Ranix how about you calm down thank you very much.
14:31<ranix>it's so ironic I can't stand it
14:31-!-Holborn [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:31<weasel>if irony could kill..
14:31<Halitech>ranix, so have a seat then ;)
14:31-!-sylock [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:31<Mullethunt>ranix... I asked a simple question. I made a mistake take the stick outta your ass.
14:31-!-mode/#debian [+o weasel] by ChanServ
14:31-!-mode/#debian [+q Mullethunt!*@*] by weasel
14:32-!-awatkins__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:32<@weasel>there is no reason to get impolite.
14:32<ranix>in his defense I was kind of being a dick
14:32<@weasel>so shut up now
14:32<@weasel>it's not hard, believe me
14:33-!-rik_ [] has joined #debian
14:33-!-Mullethunt [] has quit []
14:33-!-mode/#debian [-q Mullethunt!*@*] by weasel
14:33-!-mode/#debian [-o weasel] by weasel
14:35-!-mezod [] has joined #debian
14:36-!-nifan [] has joined #debian
14:38-!-Bushmills [] has left #debian [Leaving.]
14:38-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:38<ansgar>shaya: I had problems with phpbb3 and PostgreSQL as well (see #497721). You will probably have to fix the database setup scripts if it's a similar problem.
14:39-!-greeq [~jake@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:39<shaya>ended up using mysql
14:40-!-nifan [] has quit []
14:40<petern>unfortunately that kind of stuff is usually only properly tested with mysql :(
14:40-!-binarymutant [] has joined #debian
14:42-!-libereco [~libereco@] has joined #debian
14:42-!-cloud [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:43-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
14:43-!-kurty [] has joined #debian
14:44-!-jt_ [~jake@] has joined #debian
14:44-!-Bushmills [] has joined #debian
14:46<Panterh3art>i have a new error :O
14:47<Panterh3art>somebody knows what to do ?
14:47-!-haxi_ [] has joined #debian
14:47<stew>Panterh3art: i'd check for hardware errors starting with memtest86+
14:48-!-Alan_New [] has quit [Quit: That's all folks.]
14:48<Panterh3art>can i do that by putty ?
14:48-!-Alan_New [] has joined #debian
14:48-!-kurty [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
14:49-!-mps [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:49-!-haxi [~haxi@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:49-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
14:49<Halitech>anyone have any ideas on why I can rename a folder but cannot remove it? I get an error message 'failed to remove foldername file exists.'
14:50<Panterh3art>stew ?
14:50-!-shze [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:50<kop>Panterh3art : Memtest86+ runs without an OS, so requires a reboot. You can do it removely if you have a serial console setup or an ethernet kvm, etc.
14:50<Bushmills>Halitech: the folder contains files
14:51<Bushmills>the directory
14:51<Panterh3art>i have a kvm switch behind my server and game pc
14:51<Halitech>Bushmills, well one would assume you are correct but there are no files (visible at least) to root or my normal user even with hitting CTRL-h
14:52<kop>Panterh3art : The kvn would have to kvm over the network.
14:52<Panterh3art>then no
14:52<Bushmills>Halitech: do ls -la /path/to/directory
14:52<Panterh3art>sorry my english is kinda bad
14:52<Panterh3art>i am dutch
14:52<kop>Panterh3art : No worries.
14:53<Panterh3art>so i don't kinda understand sorry
14:53<Bushmills>Halitech: try to rm -r /path/to/directory
14:54<kop>Panterh3art : The basic answer is 'no'.
14:54-!-hw [] has joined #debian
14:54-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:54<Halitech>ok, here is the output
14:55<Halitech>Bushmills, I get a message file exists
14:55<Bushmills>quote the directory name, because of the spaces
14:55-!-Lethalman [] has joined #debian
14:56-!-themill [~stuart@] has joined #debian
14:56<Halitech>Bushmills, still get the file exist message
14:56<Bushmills>what file system?
14:56<Panterh3art>kop how do u mean ?
14:56<Halitech>Bushmills, ntfs
14:57<Bushmills>how did you mount the device?
14:57<kop>Bushmills : Isn't the space already escaped? Halitech : You have the \ before the space when typing the rm command?
14:57<Halitech>Bushmills, and no I don't have a windows box around to work on
14:57<Halitech>Bushmills, I think I have it set to auto mount, let me check my fstab
14:57<Halitech>kop yes I did
14:58<kop>Panterh3art : You can't run memtest86+ over the network without special hardware support/setup. (You could probably reboot into memtest86+, but would not be able to see the results of the run and would not be able to stop the program remotely.)
14:58-!-shaya [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:58-!-I337 [] has joined #debian
14:59-!-I337 [] has quit []
14:59<Halitech>Bushmills, ntfs-3g is installed ... what makes it strange is the fact I can delete files from any other directory on the drive
14:59-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
14:59<kop>Halitech : I suspect your filesystem has a problem and needs to be repaired. (Unfortunatly I don't know enough about ntfs to be able to tell you how to do it.)
15:00-!-mikko [] has joined #debian
15:00<Halitech>kop I was thinking along the same lines but the 'easy' option of hooking up to a windows box isn't an option, I don't have one
15:01-!-abi_ [] has joined #debian
15:01<kop>Panterh3art : You will probably also want to blow the dust out of the box.
15:01-!-nihil [] has joined #debian
15:01<ranix>sounds like the ntfs journal has a problem
15:01<ranix>a chkdsk would probably repair that
15:02<kop>Halitech : Well, I hear Linux has ntfs support, which probably means there's a way to repair it.
15:02-!-abi_ [] has quit []
15:02<Halitech>ranix without having windows, any ideas?
15:02<ranix>does ntfs-3g have a chkdsk utility? The last time I used ntfs in Linux it was very rudimentary still
15:02<ranix>I think fsck does not check ntfs
15:02<Halitech>kop well seeing as how it can read and write I think you are right ;)
15:02<ranix>that was years ago though
15:02<kingsley>Is it possible to find regular expressions that span two lines in the pager named "less"?
15:03-!-fike [] has joined #debian
15:03-!-Swissgent [] has joined #debian
15:03<Bushmills>kingsley: are the lines only displayed as two lines in less, is there a line feed at the end of one?
15:04<kingsley>Bushmills: Thanks for asking. Yes
15:04<kop>Halitech : I see there is a ko
15:04<kingsley>Bushmills: The lines are displayed as two lines.
15:04<Panterh3art>stew u know a common problem while ure doing apt-get upgrade and then u get a problem ?
15:04<kop>Halitech : (oops) I see there is a /Documentation/filesystems/ntfs.txt.gz in the kernel docs. Mayb the answer is there?
15:05<Bushmills>kingsley: are they still if you show them with less -S ?
15:05<Bushmills>(if so, grep doesn't care about less line breaks)
15:05<Halitech>kop, okay will look there in a second, going to try unmounting it and mounting it on my laptop and see what happens there
15:06<ranix>Halitech: are we talking about an external drive here
15:06<nycz>i've got a problem with screen refresh rates in Debian testing: with the default settings my screen outputs "Out of range" when i get to the login screen after booting...
15:06<Halitech>ranix, yes it is an external drive
15:06<ranix>Halitech: might want to consider changing the fs to a less flaky one
15:06<nycz>anyone who can help me with that?
15:06-!-ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #debian
15:07<kingsley>Bushmills: Yes. The two lines are still displayed as two lines with less -S.
15:07<kop>Panterh3art : Have you done an "apt-get update" lately? You might need to do that first.
15:07<Halitech>ranix, thats my plan, just have a lot of stuff on there and no place to put it at the moment but not stuff I want to back up to dvd
15:07<ubuntu>hello this is an xubuntu test
15:07<kop>!tell Panterh3art -about aptitude
15:07<Panterh3art>kop i tried everything
15:07<ranix>ubuntu: could you please perform that test on #ubuntu instead?
15:07<Maulkin>ubuntu: go do that in #ubuntu, thanks
15:07<Panterh3art>even apt-get -f install
15:07<Halitech>ranix, I actually want to change it to ext3
15:07<Panterh3art>same error
15:07<ubuntu>excuse me
15:08-!-ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has left #debian []
15:08<kingsley>Bushmills: For example, do you happen to know how to find a regular expression like a.*\n.*b in less, where \n indicates the end of a line?
15:08<Bushmills>kingsley: you'll be out of luck with grep, i'm afraid
15:08<kop>Panterh3art : If you have hardware problems then anything can happen. I would resolve that issue first.
15:08<Panterh3art>i don't have any hardware isseu :/
15:09<Panterh3art>it is al software >.>
15:09-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:09<Panterh3art>like that
15:09<stew>Panterh3art: how did you determine that you don't have hardware issues?
15:09<Halitech>hmmmmm when I try to unmount it I get a message that device is busy
15:09<Panterh3art>stew cuz there isn't some coming out of my server ?
15:09<kop>Halitech : lsof is your friend.
15:09<stew>Panterh3art: what?
15:10<Panterh3art>cuz there isn't coming smoke out of my pc -.-
15:10<hjb>kingsley according to less(1) it implements "ed" regex. as "ed" is a line-oriented editor, according to ed(1) it doesn't care about multi-line regex matching
15:10<hjb>try vim instead
15:10<Panterh3art>stew did u even read
15:10<nycz>anyone who can help me with my monitor problem? :/
15:10<stew>Panterh3art: no
15:10-!-kurumin [~kurumin@] has joined #debian
15:10<kingsley>hjb: Thanks.
15:11-!-kurumin [~kurumin@] has left #debian []
15:11<kop>!tell nycz -about ask
15:11<ranix>maybe sed is more of what you're looking for
15:11<stew>Panterh3art: is this the same machine that was segfaulting?
15:11<stew>Panterh3art: you should check for hardware errors on that machine
15:11<Panterh3art>mate after the segfault i did apt-get upgrade
15:11<nycz>kop: i just did, about 30 lines above
15:11<stew>Panterh3art: becuase stable's apt-get shouldn't segfault under normal circumstances
15:12<Panterh3art>and then everything worked fine but until i got to openoffice it got error's
15:12<nycz>kop: "i've got a problem with screen refresh rates in Debian testing: with the default settings my screen outputs "Out of range" when i get to the login screen after booting..."
15:12<stew>Panterh3art: show us the output of "apt-cache policy" ; use a pastebin: /msg dpkg pastebin
15:12<stew>Panterh3art: and this is the same machine that got /var/lib/dpkg/status randomly corrupted?
15:12<Halitech>kop it might be my friend but its talking a different language then me :(
15:13<Panterh3art>but that file was corupted cuz of mysql
15:13<hjb>kingsley or, if you only want to read, view which is read-only vim ;)
15:13<stew>Panterh3art: then yes, it likely has some kind of hardware errors, and I suspect bad memory first
15:13<Panterh3art>bad memory >.>
15:13<stew>Panterh3art: how would mysql have corrupted /var/lib/dpkg/status?
15:13<Panterh3art>cuz i did something wrong
15:13<kop>nycz : You tried 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'? Beyond that there's a whole lot of poking the X config file with a stick that I'm not really suited to talk about.
15:13<Panterh3art>ow and stew
15:13-!-screenn [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:14-!-ryan_ [~ryan@] has joined #debian
15:14-!-ryan_ [~ryan@] has quit []
15:14<stew>Panterh3art: what did you do wrong that would have corrupted /var/lib/dpkg/status?
15:14<nycz>kop: nope, will do
15:14-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
15:14<Panterh3art>i wil check for
15:14<stew>Panterh3art: what?
15:14<Panterh3art>wat is de bash file ?
15:15<Panterh3art>to check the commands u used ?
15:15<kop>Panterh3art : type 'history'
15:16<nubbun>Is there a graphical sources.list editor? (I'm helping a user with aversion to CLI)
15:16<kop>nubbun : Synaptic
15:17<Panterh3art>somewhere in that part ?
15:17<Halitech>d'oh, seems to help to remember to close thunar that was open in the directory
15:17<kop>nubbun : (I've never actualy done it, but I can't believe the facility is not there.)
15:17<stew>Panterh3art: no
15:17-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
15:17-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:18<Panterh3art>i know i am fucking up my server :+
15:18<stew>Panterh3art: no, none of those commands should have corrupted /var/lib/dpkg/status
15:18<Panterh3art>wel it prolly did
15:18<Panterh3art>my server is standalone server
15:18<Panterh3art>with like 250gb memory
15:18<Panterh3art>and no dvd-drive
15:18<stew>uh huh
15:18<Panterh3art>memory = hdd
15:19<stew>Panterh3art: it probably did becuase you have bad memory
15:19<Panterh3art>and 1.5gb ram
15:19<stew>Panterh3art: what would a dvd-drive or the amount of ram have to do with /var/lib/dpkg/status?
15:19<kop>Panterh3art : If your ram is bad then turning the machine on can corrupt anything and everything.
15:19-!-striker_ [] has joined #debian
15:19-!-striker_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:20<Panterh3art>wel i can do the memtest with ubuntu cd :+
15:20<Panterh3art>if that one is good to :+
15:20-!-ah [] has joined #debian
15:22<Halitech>ok, this is odd ... I hooked the drive up to my laptop and in the directory I wasn't able to remove is a .lnk file that for some reason wasn't showing when it was connected to my desktop
15:22-!-msantana [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
15:23-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
15:24<kingsley>hjb: I'm happy to report that vim's regular expression searches are working well across multiple lines.
15:24-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1339
15:24-!-mikko [] has left #debian []
15:25<Halitech>but still unable to remove the file
15:26-!-frank_ [] has joined #debian
15:29-!-Yabada [~yabada@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:29<hjb>kingsley ok nice :-) i thought so, as vim implements regex which are as capable as pcre(3)
15:29<hjb>kingsley maybe, for similiar results, you may try egrep
15:29<nycz>kop: back, it didn't help. the output said that it would possibly overwrite costumized xorg.conf, and stopped after all options with
15:29<hjb>especially for scripts etc.
15:30<kingsley>hjb: Very good.
15:30-!-ah [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:32<Halitech>guess its time to backup what I want to keep and change it over to ext3 ... unless someone wants to suggest a better file system for an external drive
15:32-!-Yabada [] has joined #debian
15:32<Gathond>it has the benefit of working with just about anything
15:32<jt_>but it can't hold files larger than 3g
15:33<Gathond>on all other accounts it bad, but that one is kinda important with a movable drive
15:33-!-willly [] has joined #debian
15:33<Halitech>Gathond, I don't need to have it work with windows as I don't use it and I do toss some 4gig iso files on there so fat32 wouldn't be a good idea
15:33-!-saujiro [~saujiro@] has joined #debian
15:33<jt_>they ext2 then. That's what I'm going to convert my ext. hd to soon
15:34-!-saujiro [~saujiro@] has quit []
15:34<Halitech>jt, what benefit would I see with ext2 instead of ext3?
15:34-!-Gekz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:34<hjb>kingsley btw. if you really want to understand the different flavours of regexp, i can really recommend jeffrey friedls book (
15:35<jt_>Halitech: no journaling.. There's no point on a removable drive is what I've always been told.
15:35<hjb>kingsley sadly it's not only but print-only
15:35*yrfoxtaur wonders... what is the most comonly used linux FS?
15:35<hjb>kingsley *online*
15:35<Gathond>jt_: well I would say there is a larger point
15:35-!-Guest1339 [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:35<stew>yrfoxtaur: ext3
15:35<Gathond>jt_: as external drives might be subject to random disconnects where the journal could come in handy
15:35<yrfoxtaur>thought so
15:36<yrfoxtaur>what about reiserfs? i heard good things about it
15:36-!-frank_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
15:36-!-geenna [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:36<jt_>Gathond: gm. I guess so.
15:36<yrfoxtaur>i also heard it's creator went to jail
15:36*Gathond does not even trust reiserfs to hold /dev/zero
15:36<Gathond>but that is just me having been hurt in the past:)
15:36<Halitech>Gathond, ok, good point
15:36<jt_>what's wrong with reiserfs? I've been using it for a while and it's great
15:36<stew>yrfoxtaur: we get more people in here with corruption on reiserfs than on all other filesystems combined
15:37<Gathond>jt_: except silently corrupting stuff ... nothing
15:37<Gathond>jt_: YMMV though, its just me experience
15:37<Halitech>too bad my laptop only has a 1.1 usb port, this is going to take hours to back up 120 gig worth of stuff and its the only system I have with enough room on it
15:37-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:37<jt_>I've had 2 power outages and my data was perfectly finee.
15:38<Gathond>Halitech: hours? try 1.5 days
15:38<Gathond>jt_: I had none, yet mine was not perfectly fine
15:38-!-Alan_New [] has quit [Quit: That's all folks.]
15:38<yrfoxtaur>what about zfs?
15:38<willly>Hi there! I have recently had a remarkably difficult problem with my AMD64 machine. The problem is that, after booting perhaps 1/3 of the way, it comes up with a fatal error message: "Warning: Unable to open an initial console." The problem is that it never finishes booting normally. I have had this problem for about the last five days or so. I certainly hope that someone there can help me out of this problem.
15:39-!-max_ [] has joined #debian
15:39<jt_>Gathond: then it's just preference then. I haven't had any problems with it, you have.
15:39-!-dsr [] has joined #debian
15:40<stew>jt_: no its not just preferences, reiserfs is much more likely to get corrupted than other filesystems
15:40<Gathond>jt_: i started out with saying that, well what stew said is also true, and only strenghtens my belief its unreliable at that core
15:40<Gathond>that and the whole, everything is a Btree is a recipe for disaster if you have filesystem images and run reiserfsck
15:40-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
15:40-!-max_ [] has quit []
15:41<Halitech>Gathond, probably right, oh well crap happens
15:41-!-ArminP [] has joined #debian
15:41<Gathond>Halitech: USb 1.1. is 12 Mbit (and that is the base band with no overhead) I doubt you are looking at > 1 MB/s transfers
15:41<ArminP>also in der fstab mit auto und rw bringt es nix
15:42-!-franck_ [] has joined #debian
15:42-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
15:42<Halitech>Gathond, not really doing anything else on the laptop right now so shouldn't be much for overhead
15:43<Gathond>Halitech: sure there is, the USB traffic to the drive does not all consist of data
15:43-!-c0ldfusion [] has joined #debian
15:43<Gathond>but of various other commands/packets/assorted stuff
15:44<Gathond>you are never going to actually move 12 Mb/s of actual data over that link
15:44-!-franck_ [] has quit []
15:45<Gathond>that and as I remember USB its always the host that starts a transfer, so the host has to tell the drive when to transfer any package which also takes away bandwitdh from the actual data
15:45-!-c0ldfusion [] has quit []
15:46-!-thomasp [] has joined #debian
15:46<Halitech>Gathond, cool, didn't know that
15:46-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
15:46-!-thomasp [] has left #debian []
15:46-!-Ca|eb [] has joined #debian
15:46-!-Ca|eb [] has quit []
15:47<Gathond>it is probably faster to go get a USB 2.0 host tomorrow and use that
15:47-!-ArminP [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:48<Halitech>Gathond, if it was being backed up to my desktop I'd agree but I have to backup to my laptop and I don't have the money to buy a pcmcia usb adapter
15:49<willly>Hi there! I have recently had a remarkably difficult problem with my AMD64 machine. The problem is that, after booting perhaps 1/3 of the way, it comes up with a fatal error message: "Warning: Unable to open an initial console." The problem is that it never finishes booting normally. I have had this problem for about the last five days or so. I certainly hope that someone there can help me out of this problem.
15:50<Gathond>willy you really have to provide more than that for anyone to be able to come up with anything but a guess
15:51-!-nihil [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:51-!-rik_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:51-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:52<Gathond>googling that phrase brings up a few suggestions though
15:52-!-muammar [muammar@] has joined #debian
15:53<kop>willly : If it used to work, you changed nothing, and now it does not then suspect hardware problems. Run memtest86+. Blow the dust out of the case. Stuff like that.
15:53-!-ArminP [] has joined #debian
15:54-!-randy [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:54-!-NCommander [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:54-!-ArminP [] has quit []
15:55-!-smaug9 [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-sphenxes [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-prower [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:55-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:55-!-blal [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:55-!-blal [~blal@] has joined #debian
15:55<willly>gathond: Unfortunately, about all the more I know about it consists of the remedial efforts I have tried. Those include: Trying to feed the kernel an absolute address for a console (tty0, ttyS0, etc.); verifying the presence of the required devices in /dev; verifying the presence of the required code in the kernel; etc. I also know that the problem dates from the time I tried to copy all files on one hard disk over to another identical one.
15:55-!-ant_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:57-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
15:57<willly>kop: Unfortunately, about all the more I know about it consists of the remedial efforts I have tried. Those include: Trying to feed the kernel an absolute address for a console (tty0, ttyS0, etc.); verifying the presence of the required devices in /dev; verifying the presence of the required code in the kernel; etc. I also know that the problem dates from the time I tried to copy all files on one hard disk over to another identical one.
15:58<Halitech>willly, did you swap the drives out after copying the data?
15:58<willly>halitech yes, I did so electronically and physically.
15:59<willly>halitech: yes, I did so electronically and physically.
16:00<Halitech>willly, maybe try swapping back to the original drive and see what happens
16:00<blarson>willly: is /dev full of files ? Does what you used to copy know how to copy device nodes?
16:00-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:01-!-Jacques [] has joined #debian
16:01-!-dinus [~dinus@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:01<smaug9>if I run ifup eth1, my machine connects to the nework, but it fails to on boot. how do I figure out where to look? I assume that if /etc/network/interfaces was wrong, ifup would fail, yes?
16:01-!-dsr [] has left #debian []
16:01-!-yrfoxtaur is now known as yrfox[away]
16:02<Gathond>willly: well there might (depending on setup) be more than one /dev, one after and one before udev/devfs mounts, iirc the initial console device has to be on the actual root fs as well
16:02-!-adb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:02-!-gutocarvalho [~gutocarva@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:03<blarson>smaug9: Look in your boot logs. Possibly a race condidion in initializing stuff.
16:03<willly>halitech: That is unfortunately easier said than done. The problem is that I use an 80-conductor hdd data cable, which means that I must not only trade the cable ends, but also must rejumper the drives. :(
16:03-!-shze__ [] has joined #debian
16:03<smaug9>which boot log?
16:03-!-shze__ [] has left #debian [Kopete 0.11.3 :]
16:03-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
16:03<blarson>smaug9: /var/log/boot
16:04-!-shze__ [] has joined #debian
16:04<smaug9>blarson: tried that, get "(NOthing has been logged yet.)"
16:04<Halitech>willly, thats not that hard
16:05<willly>blarson: Yes, /dev is full of files, including one console and at least 10~15 different tty devices.
16:05<blarson>smaug9: oops. /var/log/syslog or /var/log/dmesg
16:05-!-gutocarvalho [~gutocarva@] has joined #debian
16:05<blarson>willly: It should have devices, not files
16:05<smaug9>checking now thanks
16:06-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
16:06<blarson>willly: first char on ls -l will be c
16:07<willly>blarson: I believe that it does indeed contain devices and not files.
16:07-!-path [~path@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:07<stew>it contails device files
16:09-!-Jacques [] has left #debian []
16:11-!-neocalderon [] has joined #debian
16:11-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:12-!-geenna [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
16:13-!-NCommander [] has joined #debian
16:15-!-nycz [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]]
16:16-!-lobao [~Humberto@] has joined #debian
16:16-!-d0rt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:17-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
16:17-!-chalkie [] has joined #debian
16:18<chalkie>hi guys, im trying to install and compile some software, but im getting a bash command error using make
16:18<jt_>what error?
16:18<chalkie>im trying to install rtorrent if that helps
16:18<chalkie>-bash: make: command not found
16:18-!-binarymutant [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:18<jt_>install build-essential
16:18<jt_>or just install rtorrent from the repos
16:19-!-mode/#debian [+l 382] by debhelper
16:19<chalkie>the rtorrent in the apt-get isnt the latest edition
16:19<Halitech>chalkie, but its pretty much guarenteed to work
16:19<chalkie>i need the latest version with the tracker im using
16:19<ranix>so go get it
16:19<ranix>isn't there a binary?
16:20-!-boggy [] has left #debian []
16:20-!-cahoot [~radix@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:20<stew>chalkie: /msg dpkg ssb
16:20-!-michael_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:20-!-michael_ [] has joined #debian
16:20<chalkie>/msg dpkg ssb
16:20<jt_>me too!
16:20<jt_>wrong channel
16:20<stew>dpkg: tell chalkie about ssb
16:21-!-rgr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:21-!-maxb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:21-!-roryclw [] has joined #debian
16:24-!-roryclw [] has quit []
16:24-!-Puntachi [~puntachi@] has joined #debian
16:24-!-Puntachi [~puntachi@] has quit []
16:24-!-Wulfe [] has joined #debian
16:25-!-roryclw [] has joined #debian
16:25<chalkie>what it mean when it says this: *** The ncurses library is required!
16:25-!-cokinn [] has joined #debian
16:25-!-cokinn [] has quit []
16:25<roryclw>Are you compiling a kernel?
16:25-!-ks3 [~ks3@] has joined #debian
16:25<roryclw>@chalkie : you need the ncurses-dev package
16:25<stew>chalkie: did you run "apt-get build-dep rtorrent"?
16:25<chalkie>im trying to compile the latest rtorrent
16:26<willly>blarson: As best I can tell, it does indeed contain devices and not files. The first character in the permissions area is either c or b (for hdds and fds), l for symbolic links, and d for directories.
16:26-!-ks3 [~ks3@] has quit []
16:26-!-ks3 [~ks3@] has joined #debian
16:26<chalkie>stew yes and thats the error i got
16:27<tghy>Hello all. Who may help me? Very strange problem i got with halt cammnd which wont turn off my PC automatically
16:28<tghy>This is log
16:28<stew>chalkie: you ran the command "apt-get build-dep rtorrent" and the output of that command was " *** The ncurses library is required!" ?
16:28<chalkie>first time i did, second time it didnt and its finnished so i dont know :-\
16:29-!-Pain [] has joined #debian
16:29<stew>chalkie: show us the actual command you typed and the actual output, use a pastebin: /msg dpkg pastebin
16:29-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:29-!-Pain [] has quit []
16:29<chalkie>i cant the terminal windows is too full up from the apt-get build-dep rtorrent command i rn
16:30-!-Ninja [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:30<stew>chalkie: what command gave you that error?
16:31<ranix>lol roryclw, why would the kernel need ncurses-dev
16:31<chalkie>oh wait hangon it was ./configure
16:31-!-marfx000 [] has joined #debian
16:31<stew>ranix: in order to run "make menuconfig"
16:31<stew>chalkie: did you run "apt-get build-dep rtorrent"?
16:31<ranix>stew: nevermind, you missed something minor
16:31<chalkie>i just ran it
16:31<chalkie>and its finnished
16:31<stew>chalkie: did it succeed?
16:31<ranix>oh, nevermind
16:32<ranix>I missed something minor
16:32<ranix>stew: burn
16:32<stew>chalkie: did you run 'apt-get install build-essential"?
16:32<stew>chalkie: did you run "apt-get -b source rtorrent" to build rtorrent?
16:33<chalkie>its been running for a minute or 2 now
16:33-!-storstamai [] has joined #debian
16:33-!-storstamai_ [] has joined #debian
16:34-!-storstamai_ [] has quit []
16:34-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
16:34<smaug9>blarson: I saw both eth0 and eth1 in dmesg (which surprised me), checked out the udev rules and pulled out eth0, now it seems to work. thanks!
16:34-!-m42 [] has joined #debian
16:35-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1347
16:35*chalkie whistles
16:35<willly>blarson: I hope you got the following: As best I can tell, it does indeed contain devices and not files. The first character in the permissions area is either c or b (for hdds and fds), l for symbolic links, and d for directories.
16:37-!-nubbun [] has quit [Quit: When two people dream the same dream, it ceases to be an illusion. KVIrc 3.4.2 Shiny]
16:38<stew>willly: they are files. device files
16:39-!-zevarito_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:39-!-Pain [] has joined #debian
16:39-!-Pain [] has quit []
16:39-!-fike_ [] has joined #debian
16:41-!-rutski [] has joined #debian
16:42-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
16:43<chalkie>ok stew its now finnished
16:43<chalkie>but the tracker is still telling me its banned cos ots not the correct release of rtorrent
16:44<stew>chalkie: did you install the .deb you compiled?
16:44-!-githogori [] has joined #debian
16:44-!-fike [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:45<chalkie>well it was a tar file i downloaded
16:45<chalkie>i untar'ed it :\
16:45<chalkie>and did ./compile
16:45-!-Yabada [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:46<stew>16:32 < stew> chalkie: did you run "apt-get -b source rtorrent" to build rtorrent?
16:46-!-Guest1347 [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:46<stew>chalkie: did you actually run that command?
16:46<chalkie>yes i did
16:46<stew>chalkie: then it wasn't a tar file you downloaded
16:46<stew>chalkie: what is ./compile?
16:47<stew>chalkie: when you ran "apt-get -b source rtorrent" did that command succeed? or exit with an error?
16:47-!-Yabada [] has joined #debian
16:47<chalkie>it sucseeded, it installed the 0.6.4 version not the 0.8.2 version i downloaded
16:48<stew>chalkie: /msg dpkg ssb
16:48-!-E0x_ [] has joined #debian
16:48-!-Lethalman [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:48<stew>chalkie: you omitted steps 1 and 2
16:48-!-oijoijoj [~fi@] has joined #debian
16:48-!-oijoijoj [~fi@] has quit []
16:49-!-E0x [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:50-!-Joint [] has joined #debian
16:51-!-Joint is now known as TiMiDo
16:51<stew>chalkie: or if you want to compile your tarball instead of following our advice, then read the instructions in the INSTALL file that came with the tarball
16:51-!-hjb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:51-!-storstamai [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:51-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
16:52<chalkie>i would rather follow your advice i just got confused sorry
16:52<willly>stew: I realize that, of course.
16:53<chalkie>where abouts do you find sources.list?
16:53<stew>chalkie: man sources.list
16:54-!-streuner_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:54-!-teodoro [~teodoro@] has joined #debian
16:55<chalkie>in the sources list i put deb-src ... is that the url to the tar download?
16:55-!-madrescher [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:55-!-devid [] has joined #debian
16:56-!-devid [] has left #debian []
16:56-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:56-!-teodoro [~teodoro@] has quit []
16:57-!-sphenxes [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:57<stew>chalkie: what country are you in?
16:57<chalkie>the UK
16:57-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:57<stew>chalkie: "deb-src sid main" note that it is deb-src NOT deb
16:59-!-mode/#debian [+l 375] by debhelper
16:59-!-Stele [~nihilism@] has joined #debian
16:59<roryclw>Anyone know when Debian 5 is likely to be released?
16:59-!-egns [] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by beer]
16:59-!-marfx000 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:00-!-Stele [~nihilism@] has quit []
17:00-!-habtool [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:00<stew>roryclw: /msg dpkg lenny status
17:01<chalkie>stew ive done setps 1,2 and 3, and now i get this error: E: Build-Depends dependency for rtorrent cannot be satisfied because no available versions of package libtorrent-dev can satisfy version requirements
17:01-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has joined #debian
17:01<roryclw>stew: that doesn't work for me! Sorry, I'm an irssi newbie
17:01-!-E0x_ [] has quit [Quit: off]
17:01-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
17:02<stew>!lenny status
17:02<dpkg>Toolchain: frozen. Libs: frozen. Everything else: frozen. Now, it's serious bug squashing time. When will lenny release? Sooner if you help. See for ideas how you can help. See also <rc-alert>., or
17:02<stew>chalkie: backport libtorrent-dev first then
17:03<chalkie>? i dont understand
17:03<roryclw>!lenny status
17:03<dpkg>Toolchain: frozen. Libs: frozen. Everything else: frozen. Now, it's serious bug squashing time. When will lenny release? Sooner if you help. See for ideas how you can help. See also <rc-alert>., or
17:03<chealer>roryclw: not precisely
17:03-!-smaug9 [] has left #debian []
17:03<chealer>!tell roryclw about wwlr
17:05<stew>chalkie: instead of backporting rtorrent, you first backport libtorrent-dev, install that, then backport rtorrent
17:05<roryclw>stew: thanks.
17:05-!-Slurb [~Abe@VDSL-130-13-98-139.PHNX.QWEST.NET] has joined #debian
17:05<stew>roryclw: the gist of the answer is that nobody can really know when it releases, its going to be whenever all the bugs are fixed (or explicitly ignored)
17:06<chalkie>stew, how would i go about doing that?
17:06-!-streuner_ [] has joined #debian
17:06-!-jackyf [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo]
17:06<stew>chalkie: apt-get build-dep libtorrent-dev ; apt-get -b source libtorrent-dev
17:06<chalkie>kk thanks
17:07-!-user1 [] has joined #debian
17:07<roryclw>stew: cool; I understand that is the normal process. Looks like only 157 bugs remain in relation the next release.
17:08<Slurb>stew: im so glad you said apt-get...i hate aptitude
17:08-!-user1 [] has quit []
17:08<Slurb>makin you type that extra letter every time
17:08<stew>Slurb: i always recommend aptitude, but in this case aptitude doesn't have the functionality
17:08<stew>Slurb: /msg dpkg why aptitude
17:08<Slurb>its the same
17:09<stew>Slurb: no, aptitude is much smarter
17:10-!-twelve [~twelve@] has joined #debian
17:11<Slurb>i dont like smarter when it comes to "made by a human" i like mechanical less error involved
17:11-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
17:11<Slurb>there are a few things id use aptitude for
17:11<Slurb>but i like apt-get
17:12<Slurb>its apt that does all the work anyhow
17:12<Slurb>but thats another channel
17:13-!-sono [~sono@] has joined #debian
17:13-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:13-!-OdyX [] has joined #debian
17:14-!-ks3 [~ks3@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:14<Cheatah>well, i just rely on aptitude when it comes to dependency hell
17:15-!-boggy [] has joined #debian
17:15-!-boggy [] has left #debian []
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17:18-!-Slurb is now known as Guest1353
17:18-!-Slurb_ is now known as Slurb
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18:31-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
18:31-!-dpalacio [~itsuki@] has joined #debian
18:32-!-nomeata [~jojo@] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
18:33<dpkg>[qotd96] <linuxrules> i dont have problems with languaje
18:33-!-padski_ [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-overflow [~overflow@] has joined #debian
18:34-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
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18:36<variable>where can i check what drivers are aveilable for webcams
18:36-!-sime [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:37-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has joined #debian
18:37-!-sw [] has joined #debian
18:38-!-sw [] has quit []
18:39-!-ocioso [~gigarood@] has joined #debian
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18:40-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
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18:44-!-sara- [] has joined #debian
18:45-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:45<sara->has anyone got a pub key so i can update?
18:46<themill>sara-: what key ID?
18:46<themill>(or for what repository?)
18:46<sara->it wont update atall
18:47-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
18:47<sara->no matter what i do
18:47<themill>sara-: can you pastebin the output of "apt-get update" for me?
18:47<dpkg>Do not paste more than 2 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or or for pics. Use for large files (think tar.gz) up to 100MB. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste!
18:47<sara->im using xandros
18:47<themill>sara-: ahh.... then you're in the wrong place
18:47<taziden>shame on you
18:47<dpkg>well, xandros is a crappy Operating System that _they_ should support... I even think it runs as root. at, or #xandros @
18:47<ubuntu>how do i get to ubuntu channel?
18:47<themill>dpkg: tell ubuntu about ubuntu
18:47<ubuntu>#ubuntu dont work
18:47<ubuntu>i know what it is
18:48<taziden>ubuntu: go to freenode
18:48<themill>ubuntu: then also learn to read
18:48<sara->irc ubuntu .org
18:48<ubuntu>says #debian for me
18:48<themill>sara-: you need to join #xandros on
18:48<ubuntu>themil: just dont answer my questions :)
18:48-!-jester- [] has joined #debian
18:48<sara->kk xandros was a debian build
18:48<ubuntu>how do i rezise my windows partition in ubuntu live cd?
18:48<taziden>a crappy debian build
18:49<themill>ubuntu: go to #ubuntu on
18:49<ubuntu>only 1 there
18:49<themill>(which is exactly what dpkg told you earlier too)
18:50<sara->you use xchat?
18:50<themill>ubuntu: no, there are over 1400 people there.
18:50-!-jester- [] has left #debian []
18:50<ubuntu>so how do i get to freenod, im useing konversation it should be freenod when i start it up
18:50<themill>ubuntu: different network ...
18:50-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
18:51<themill>ubuntu: did konversation automatically join you to #debian too? (which version of ubuntu?)
18:51<sara->erm dunno how to load the server list
18:51-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
18:51<themill>ffs... that bug was supposed to have been fixed ages ago
18:51<ubuntu>this was the channel it started up with
18:51<themill>ubuntu: /server
18:51-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1364
18:51<ubuntu>thx a lot :
18:53-!-rxs [] has joined #debian
18:53<rxs>hi ! I am kind of a sed n00b... I am trying to replace all instances of \em in a file with \it , but I cannot write the sed command perfectly to do that .. I am messing up somehwere.. I am trying $ sed 's/\em/\it/' oldfile > newfile , I think the issue is with escape chars.. but can someone help ?
18:54<ubuntu>they are spamming the channel :P
18:55<themill>rxs: you probably want \\ not just \
18:55<sara->ubuntu its geek talk
18:55<ubuntu>i know
18:55<ubuntu>they should be kicked
18:55*sara- dip me in gadgets and trow me to the geeks
18:55<rxs>thanks themil.. just figured out ...
18:56<rxs>thanks again ....
18:56<themill>no worries
18:57-!-jt_ [~jake@] has joined #debian
18:57*sara- is scared as the geeks are mugging her - who knew geeks could be so mean?
18:57-!-ZerialKiller [~zerial@] has joined #debian
18:57-!-ZerialKiller [~zerial@] has left #debian []
18:58-!-artista_frustrado [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:59<rxs>ah ... no worries .. are you british ? football ?
18:59-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:59-!-Wezz6400 [] has quit [Quit: Caught sigterm, terminating...]
18:59-!-rxs [] has left #debian []
19:00-!-vortex [~vortex@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:00-!-rxs [] has joined #debian
19:00<themill>ubuntu: can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy kubuntu-default-settings" for me?
19:01-!-overflow [~overflow@] has left #debian []
19:01<sara->i use an eeepc that is xandros riight?
19:01<noflash>sara-, I run debian on mine
19:01<themill>sara-: by default, yes. It's some sort of frankenxandros at that.
19:01-!-sime [] has joined #debian
19:02<sara->i got it as i am cheap and skint
19:02*Panterh3art is listening to "Tuning Beats 2008 - Volume 4" .:160kbps / 44kHz / Stereo - 31:47/75:54:.
19:02-!-rxs [] has left #debian []
19:02<themill>Panterh3art: please turn that off in here.
19:03<Panterh3art>k :p
19:03<Panterh3art>sorry was a automatic response
19:04<sara->tuneing beats rofl
19:04-!-Guest1364 [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:05-!-yrfox[away] is now known as yrfoxtaur
19:05<Panterh3art>great music :P
19:06<Panterh3art>hardcore is also great musc :p
19:07-!-ubuntu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:07-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
19:07-!-freealan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:08-!-williamc [] has joined #debian
19:08<sara->themill may i join #flood?
19:08<williamc>anyone here
19:08<themill>sara-: you can if you want... but you're unlikely to see anything useful there. Normally we use pastebin websites these days.
19:08<TiMiDo>williamc, yes we are here
19:08<blarson>!tell williamc about ask
19:08<sara->im not here lol
19:09-!-mode/#debian [+l 354] by debhelper
19:09-!-ssssssssssss [~sssssssss@] has joined #debian
19:09<williamc>hey i have a qucik question
19:09<sara->themill wont let me
19:09-!-ssssssssssss [~sssssssss@] has quit []
19:09<sara->* Cannot join #flood (Channel is invite only).
19:09-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
19:09-!-williamc [] has quit []
19:09<themill>oh? odd.
19:09<Panterh3art>and stew u stil didn't fix my problem :P
19:10-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
19:10-!-meoblast001 [] has joined #debian
19:11<ubuntu>what is special about debian_
19:12-!-NCommander [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:12<blarson>!tell ubuntu about ubuntu
19:12-!-abrotman [] has joined #debian
19:13<dpkg>well, xandros is a crappy Operating System that _they_ should support... I even think it runs as root. at, or #xandros @
19:13-!-Panterh3art [] has quit []
19:13<dpkg>Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is not Debian, and it is unlikely to live up to Debian's standards (see <Debian policy>). Only Debian is supported on #debian. Use #ubuntu ( instead. Even if the channel happens to be less helpful, support for distributions other than Debian is offtopic on #debian. See also <based on debian>.
19:13-!-haxi_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:15<dpkg>i heard debhelper is a collection of programs that can be used in debian/rules files to automate common tasks related to building debian binary packages. For further documentation, see the man pages for dh_* commands. For an overview of debhelper, see the debhelper man page. #debian's eggdrop bot
19:15-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:16<blarson>!tell sara- about selftell
19:16-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
19:17<sara->blarson sorry i wasnt sure that could be done as its out of channel and #debian is +n
19:17-!-complexity_ [] has joined #debian
19:17-!-ubuntu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:17-!-complexity_ [] has quit []
19:18-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:19-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
19:19-!-mtn [] has joined #debian
19:19-!-Quisling [] has joined #debian
19:21-!-mtn [] has quit []
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19:27-!-lycannyc-work [] has joined #debian
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19:29-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
19:30-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
19:30-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:30<themill>chealer: ping
19:30-!-ptr [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:30<chealer>themill: pong
19:30-!-jt_ [~jake@] has joined #debian
19:31*yrfoxtaur steals the ping-pong ball and puts it in his collection
19:31<themill>chealer: still says to pull the nvidia-kernel-source and -glx packages directly from the mirror with wget and install them with dpkg for lenny - is that still necessary?
19:32-!-schlurchz [~nikolaus@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:32<chealer>themill: no...I think about updating that page every day since the drivers are back in testing but it didn't happen yet. I'll try doing it...this week
19:33-!-Quisling [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:33<enouf>How about somebody in Charge of add an X to the RandR part of the url
19:34<themill>chealer: OK. thanks ;) We've got a guy on freenode who has followed those instructions and picked up the packages from experimental and things like then ensue.
19:34<enouf>omg .. sorry
19:34<jt_>should I use uuid's in my menu.lst and fstab? is there any advantage?
19:35-!-mezod [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.2 :: )]
19:35-!-simonrvn [] has quit [Quit: bbialw]
19:35<yrfoxtaur>menu.lst? what is that?
19:35<enouf>i meant the Debian wiki page
19:35-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
19:36<chealer>themill: Your kick in the ass has been successfully administered and should be processed shortly.
19:36<enouf>jt_: you could - keeps down on confusion
19:36-!-shirley [shirley@] has joined #debian
19:36<jt_>yrfoxtaur: grub's menu
19:36-!-shirley [shirley@] has quit []
19:36<enouf>jt_: from moving HDDs around, playing with BIOS order, etc
19:36<themill>chealer: heh... not intended that way. I know little about nvidia so I needed to check if it was still required or not.
19:37<enouf>jt_: you could also use LABELs .. even more friendly to read ;-)
19:37<chealer>enouf: the extension is called RandR (cf Wikipedia)
19:37<enouf>chealer: but does it exist outside the context of X ?
19:37<jt_>enouf: I think I'll do it later tonight. thanks
19:37<chealer>themill: and that's not how I red it, I was just kidding. I'll try updating it soon.
19:38<chealer>enouf: no... :?
19:38<enouf>chealer: i wanted it altered because anyone whom searches either the wiki or even google will surely be using 'xrandr' as a search term .. that's all ...
19:39<themill>chealer: :)
19:39<enouf>and if you search the wiki using it, and use Title search, it doesn't find that page
19:41-!-tatotat [~tato@] has quit [Quit: Salu pues!!]
19:41<chealer>enouf: the page contents contain "xrandr". if the wiki search doesn't find it, that's an issue with moin. I disagree with renaming the page as a workaround. if people know RandR as xrandr, renaming the page will worsen the problem. even Wikipedia used to have it wrong.
19:43<chealer>enouf: of course, creating a XRandR dummy page redirecting to the current page could be a workaround
19:43<willly>blarson: AS haliotech suggested, I did physically rewire the machine to use the original hard drive. It works. This raises two other questions, at least: (1) My menu has disappeared. Question: Where are its entries supposed to be stored? and (2) What didn't I copy to make the system boot properly on the other HDD? Thanks VERY much! :)
19:43<enouf>chealer: ok, so then i can count on you and perhaps many others just tossing common sense to the curb, dragging it out back and shooting it - great
19:44<chealer>enouf: I did rename the Wikipedia article already
19:44-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:45<enouf>thanks Mrs. Palin, your work is to be admired ...
19:45<themill>enouf: istr there's an incantation that one can put at the bottom of a moin page to make it automatically respond to other names. I think. Perhaps....
19:46<enouf>i have no idea - if that solves the issue i mentioned - fine by me
19:46-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:47-!-muh2000 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:48-!-dpalacio^2 [~itsuki@] has joined #debian
19:49-!-mode/#debian [+l 346] by debhelper
19:50-!-dpalacio [~itsuki@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:53<willly>gloom: As Halitech suggested, I did physically rewire the machine to use the original hard drive. It works. This raises two other questions, at least: (1) My menu has disappeared. Question: Where are its entries supposed to be stored? and (2) What didn't I copy to make the system boot properly on the other HDD? Thanks VERY much! :)
19:54-!-superjet_busy [] has joined #debian
19:55<enouf>willly: i've seen you make some interesting posts over the last few days - i cannot comprehend them - but maybe sites like and would be beneficial to you
19:55<willly>enouf: Many thano
19:56-!-lobao [~Humberto@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:56<enouf>willly: one more
19:56<willly>enouf: Many thanks for your efforts.
19:57-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
19:57-!-alkmaar [] has joined #debian
19:58-!-alkmaar [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:59<enouf>willly: specifically ... and (scroll down a bit)
20:00-!-christer [] has joined #debian
20:01<superjet_busy>I've install docmgr, but first login failed with
20:01<superjet_busy>what's the reason?
20:02-!-simonrvn [] has joined #debian
20:03-!-eigentone [] has joined #debian
20:04-!-christer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:05-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
20:08-!-streuner_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:12-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:12-!-eigentone [] has left #debian []
20:14-!-Inv_ [~alinh@] has joined #debian
20:15-!-Inv_ [~alinh@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:15-!-variable [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:17-!-variable [] has joined #debian
20:17<superjet_busy>I've installed docmgr, but first login failed with , anybody help?
20:19-!-jcwu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:21-!-variable [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:21-!-variable [] has joined #debian
20:22-!-geenna [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:23-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
20:24-!-geenna [] has quit []
20:24-!-dpalacio^2 [~itsuki@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:26-!-OdyX [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:26-!-streuner [] has joined #debian
20:26-!-loony [] has joined #debian
20:26-!-julian_ [julian@] has joined #debian
20:26-!-vortex [~vortex@] has joined #debian
20:28-!-OdyX [] has joined #debian
20:28-!-sebastian [] has joined #debian
20:28<sebastian>how do i connect to freenode?
20:28-!-Nemoder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:29-!-sebastian is now known as Guest1375
20:29<themill>Guest1375: /server
20:29<superjet_busy>Guest1375: which client?
20:30*abrotman wonders which IRC client doesn't support /server
20:30<themill>Guest1375: are you running kubuntu by any chance?
20:31*themill swears at again
20:32*superjet_busy not all the clients need to key into /server
20:35<Guest1375>now i got the same bug as last time, made me stop using ubuntu, the xorg process is taking all off my cpu, is there anyway to fix it?
20:35<enouf>Guest1375: just click
20:35<abrotman>or go ask #ubuntu ?
20:35<enouf>(in konversation, i was referring to)
20:36<superjet_busy>Guest1375: report bug for it
20:36<[gloom]>willy, so are you still with the Cannot start console problem?
20:37-!-variable_ [] has joined #debian
20:37-!-variable [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:37<[gloom]>willly: sorry, i'm a little lost now. I don't understand your last comment. Was it for me? I a missing something?
20:40<willly>gloom: Yes. I attacked the problem again today; my last transmission was a very condensed summation of results.
20:41-!-k6orj [] has joined #debian
20:46-!-blast_hardcheese [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:46<Guest1375>people have reported bugs for it sence 2005 but still it hasent been fixed
20:46<Guest1375>do all linux use xorg?
20:48<[gloom]>so, let me remember...
20:48<themill>Guest1375: You're in the wrong place: #ubuntu on
20:49<[gloom]>you are trying to copy your OS from one disk to another.. when you did it it didn't boot with the "console error". And now, when you try to boot from the original disk everything works ok?
20:49-!-snogglethorpe [] has quit [Quit: 漏電]
20:49<[gloom]>is that accurate?
20:50-!-nulix [~renaud@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:50<[gloom]>willly: so, you are missing something in the copy process, right?
20:52-!-zevarito [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:53-!-jaco [~jaco@] has joined #debian
20:55-!-jaco [~jaco@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:55<superjet_busy>Guest1375: most parts of ubuntu similiar to debian, it's no reason just exits in ubuntu since 2005
20:55-!-lukehasnoname [] has joined #debian
20:56<abrotman>or he could just go to #ubuntu already
20:56<lukehasnoname>I haven't gotten a satisfactory answer from Ubuntu mailing lists or message boards or IRC channels, so I'll ask here:
20:56-!-loony [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:56<lukehasnoname>Why is Eclipse still at 3.2?
20:56-!-loony [] has joined #debian
20:56<lukehasnoname>(I checked deb mailing lists a little as well, and no one had a good answer)
20:57<[gloom]>Guest1375: are you using superkaramba?
20:58<abrotman>lukehasnoname: why would we know? this channel is for Debian support, not Ubuntu support
20:58<[gloom]>Guest1375: this nope is for me?
20:58<abrotman>Guest1375: you're offtopic, please go to #ubuntu on
20:59-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:59<themill>chealer: the nvidia guy on freenode seems to have sorted himself out now, but is claiming that some extra packages are required I have no way of checking this... but perhaps useful for you.
21:00*abrotman thinks themill cares way too much about the nvidia users :)
21:00<lukehasnoname>abrotman: The decision is in Debian's hands as Ubuntu's packages default to what Debian has
21:00<themill>abrotman: just that they make life hard for us...
21:00-!-juanK [~jcarlos@] has joined #debian
21:00<abrotman>lukehasnoname: that's not true at all, go ask the ubuntu people
21:00-!-juanK [~jcarlos@] has quit []
21:00<abrotman>themill: just ignore them, say "I don't support nvidia" .. done!
21:00<lukehasnoname>abrotman: I know the way things work
21:00<themill>abrotman: I feel sorry for them...
21:01<abrotman>lukehasnoname: you're asking in the wrong place, you're offtopic, please ask in the correct place
21:01<chealer>themill: thanks. module-assistant gcc nvidia-kernel-common should be already covered. nvidia-xconfig mesa-utils nvidia-settings shouldn't be required
21:01<enouf>themill: afaik, neither mesa-utils nor nvidia-settings is needed
21:02-!-lukehasnoname_ [] has joined #debian
21:02<lukehasnoname_>got d/ced
21:02<[gloom]>abrotman: can you explain me why is he offtopic? I can see in the sid repo that eclipse is on the 3.2 version yet...
21:02<lukehasnoname_>anyway abrotman, where would I ask Debian about the Eclipse packaging?
21:02<abrotman>[gloom]: because ubuntu has different packagers
21:02<abrotman>lukehasnoname_: you're using Ubuntu .. you would ask them
21:02<lukehasnoname_>what IRC channel would I ask about Debian packaging
21:02<lukehasnoname_>I use Debian too
21:02<[gloom]>yeah, but it is happening in debian too
21:03<abrotman>then contact the maintainer and whine louder
21:03<abrotman>or help
21:03<lukehasnoname_>it doesn't matter what I use, I'm asking you a question about Debian. Don't be such a smartass.
21:03<themill>chealer: that was my understanding too. But he maintains that the "nvidia m-a" instructions were insufficient :(
21:03<abrotman>jaunty (devel): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE [universe]
21:03<abrotman>3.2.2-5ubuntu2: amd64 i386
21:03-!-lukehasnoname [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
21:03<abrotman>see .. not a debian package
21:03<[gloom]>so, the question is not "Why ubuntu has 3.2?" but "Why is not eclipse packaged in its last version for any debian system?"!!
21:03-!-path [] has joined #debian
21:03<[gloom]>and I think this is not offtopic
21:03<abrotman>[gloom]: it is
21:04<enouf>who cares what ubuntu has or doesn't have
21:04<chealer>themill: maybe... it's little use to discuss it right now, the guide is quite outdated for lenny
21:04-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
21:04-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1380
21:04<themill>chealer: he was talking about dpkg's factoid "nvidia m-a".
21:05<chealer>!nvidia m-a
21:05<dpkg>The short version: aptitude install module-assistant nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-kernel-source && m-a prepare && m-a a-i nvidia && apt-get install nvidia-glx && dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. For the long version, see
21:05<[gloom]>abrotman: well, if you think so... I had the same problem a month ago. I ended up uninstalling the repo version, and installing the standalone version from the eclipse website. First I checked every source I had to see the reason why is was not in the repos yet... and I had found nothing about it...
21:05<themill>chealer: claims it doesn't work. Don't know whether to believe him and don't have the energy to pursue it at 2am.
21:05<abrotman>[gloom]: and did you ask the package maintainer?
21:05<[gloom]>abrotman: so seems natural to me to ask here the reason
21:05<enouf>themill: i think that factoid is ok, however it may need to have some caveats mentioned
21:06<themill>enouf: you know how to add them :P
21:06<[gloom]>abrotman: nope. Before bothering any package maintainer, i ask on the irc to see if I was dreaming when "something" happened, and everybody knows the answer to my questio... And if noone answers, the I ask the apckage maintainer
21:07<enouf>heh - i would, however i don't know enough about all the various driver versions (namely the non-legacy vs legacy) to do so correctly
21:07<abrotman>so .. apparently you never made it to B)
21:07<[gloom]>in this case, i hadn't time
21:07<willly>gloom: Essentially, yes, that's accurate. I appear to have moved my menu entries instead of copying them -- and of course whatever the system needs to boot the initial console still needs to be copied.
21:07*enouf smites abrotman with a pair of |
21:08-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:08<chealer>themill: the factoid does not cover everything, but I can't see anything in his commands that would be worth adding in the factoid.
21:09<[gloom]>willly: how are you copying it? I will use a utility like partimage, that ensures you makes a exact replica of your partition in the new disk. Then i will install the grub in the new disk, and that should work fine
21:09-!-Guest1375 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:09<themill>chealer: yeah. I'm guessing he forgot the drxx step.
21:09<willly>gloom: I have been using
21:09-!-drone77 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:09-!-null [] has joined #debian
21:09<chealer>themill: yeah, well the factoid's greatest problem may be that nothing is said about what to do there.
21:09-!-k6orj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:10<willly>gloom: I have been using CP -R.
21:10-!-null is now known as drone77
21:10<[gloom]>willly: heheh, you need some other parameters man, to copy all the special files
21:10-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
21:11-!-knoppix_ [] has quit []
21:11<willly>gloom: I do?
21:11<[gloom]>widrone: man cp , but as I said, the most easy solution is to use partimage. You can download even a bootable cd image, to make it sooo easy
21:11-!-_sagitarius_ [sagitarius@] has joined #debian
21:11<lukehasnoname_> I see no rationale for Eclipse being so old.
21:11-!-jaco [~jaco@] has joined #debian
21:12<themill>lukehasnoname_: if it's that easy, you'll obviously be jumping in to help, won't you?
21:12<abrotman>lukehasnoname_: you're still asking the wrong people .. try #ubuntu-motu on freenode
21:12<lukehasnoname_>Ya, calculus 3 and stock car driving are pretty easy for me, why can't you do it?
21:13-!-mode/#debian [+o abrotman] by ChanServ
21:13-!-mode/#debian [+b *!*4541e1e5@*] by abrotman
21:13-!-mode/#debian [-o abrotman] by abrotman
21:13<abrotman>lukehasnoname_: you've been silenced for 10 minutes for being offtopic
21:13<[gloom]>willly: you can use dd too, but i suggest this:
21:13-!-RIVE [~cesar@] has joined #debian
21:14-!-Holborn [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
21:15-!-tghy1 [~dima@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:16-!-yrfoxtaur is now known as yrfox[away]
21:17-!-Guest1380 is now known as duraperidol
21:18-!-AzaTht [] has joined #debian
21:19<[gloom]>do you know any tool like Kig, but with 3d capabilities?
21:20-!-daedalus [~daedalus@] has joined #debian
21:20<RIVE>Hi, good evening.
21:21<daedalus>does someone know if the wifi RTL8187SE supports packet injection ?
21:21<daedalus>googled without success
21:21<superjet_busy>again, I've installed docmgr, but first login failed with , anybody help?
21:22-!-themill [~stuart@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:24-!-mode/#debian [+o abrotman] by ChanServ
21:24-!-mode/#debian [-b *!*4541e1e5@*] by abrotman
21:24-!-mode/#debian [-o abrotman] by abrotman
21:24<daedalus>Have to go, good day/night
21:24-!-daedalus [~daedalus@] has quit []
21:25-!-jaco [~jaco@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:25-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
21:28-!-ErikaMendes [~x@] has joined #debian
21:28-!-ErikaMendes [~x@] has left #debian []
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21:32-!-juanpa [] has joined #debian
21:33-!-S_WO [] has joined #debian
21:34-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
21:34-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
21:34-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
21:35-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1381
21:36-!-githogori [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:37-!-azzco [~azzco@] has joined #debian
21:37-!-nosmofui [] has joined #debian
21:37-!-azzco [~azzco@] has left #debian []
21:38-!-ajonat [~ajonat@] has joined #debian
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21:40-!-Guest1381 [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:40-!-neon_surge [~neon_surg@] has joined #debian
21:41<neon_surge>join #debian-br
21:43-!-ptr [] has joined #debian
21:43-!-Zylvain [] has joined #debian
21:44-!-maresia [~bcsn@] has joined #debian
21:44-!-jimmy [] has joined #debian
21:44-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
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21:48-!-evilGUI [] has joined #debian
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21:51-!-ks3 [] has joined #debian
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21:58-!-maresia [~bcsn@] has quit []
21:59<willly>[gloom]: Thanks VERY much for all of your help today! I'm wondering if you happen to know where in the directory system the entries for the menu are kept?
22:00-!-esaym [] has joined #debian
22:01<blarson>willly: It's impossible to answer your question without knowing what menu you are refering to.
22:04<willly>blarson: I'm talking about the main KDE menu system.
22:04-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:06-!-noisypoppy [] has joined #debian
22:07<noisypoppy>wondering if anybody can help me getting X started on my PPC machine?
22:07<enouf>willly: ugh . i thought you meant grub
22:07<enouf>willly: your kde personal user prefs are in ~/.kde
22:08<RIVE>noisypoppy, iBook?
22:08<noisypoppy>imac G4
22:08-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
22:08<enouf>willly: but /etc/kde3 contains many more things (system-wide) and /usr/share/* as well
22:08<RIVE>noisypoppy, what is the probles with X?
22:09-!-mode/#debian [+l 352] by debhelper
22:09-!-hw [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:09<enouf>willly: for very specific kde things, ask in #debian-kde, and read docs you find on google,, etc
22:10<willly>enouf: Thank you very much yet again!
22:11<willly>Good-bye, everyone! Thanks a heap!! :)
22:11-!-willly [] has quit [Quit: willly]
22:12-!-mastroquet [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.2.1]
22:18-!-juan [~juan@] has joined #debian
22:19-!-juan is now known as Guest1387
22:19<Guest1387>a girl?
22:19-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:20<meoblast001>enouf: ok... you're gonna have to tell me if this questions is being asked in the apropriate place
22:20<meoblast001>but does Debian CD 1 contain GNOME
22:20-!-pos [~mark@] has joined #debian
22:20<abrotman>!cd contents
22:20<dpkg>To find out what is on what cd, use the searchable index at or download the .jigdo template from the same location and zless fooimage.jigdo. In the [Parts] section you will see the list of packages that are contained in the cd. Also ask me about <cd contents sarge>.
22:20<abrotman>meoblast001: some parts of gnome IIRC
22:20-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:20-!-Guest1387 [~juan@] has quit []
22:20<meoblast001>hmm.. so how would i get all parts of gnome?
22:20<meoblast001>what CD's would i need?
22:21<abrotman>all of them ?>
22:21<meoblast001>how many gigs is that
22:22<enouf>meoblast001: this is not windows - FOSS is generally distrubuted over the internet ;-)
22:22<abrotman>meoblast001: use http sources
22:22<meoblast001>http sources?
22:22<meoblast001>the gears arent clicking
22:23<blarson>meoblast001: cds are sorted by package popularity. I'd think all of the standard parts of gnome would be on the first 3 cds or so.
22:24-!-sime [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
22:24<meoblast001>i cant remember where i found the Lenny ISO
22:24<meoblast001>dang it
22:25<stew>gnome would be on cd1
22:25-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
22:25<abrotman>most of it, not all
22:25<meoblast001>stew: i dont see the package "gnome" on cd 1
22:26<abrotman>meoblast001: how about gnome-core? or gnome-desktop-environment ?
22:26-!-ks3 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:27<stew>hmm, perhaps they were on sarge?
22:27<stew>man, my jigdo search page was better
22:27<meoblast001>better idea
22:28<meoblast001>im currently running ubuntu so i need to use trickery
22:28<meoblast001>but i want to download the Debian version of GNOME and its depends in deb form
22:28<meoblast001>using an apt-get like interface
22:28<abrotman>meoblast001: gnome-session ?
22:28<abrotman>parts of gnome are on CD1
22:29<meoblast001>does anyone know how to download packages and their dependencies?
22:29-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:29-!-pos [~mark@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:30<abrotman>meoblast001: you have the main packages for gnome, but not hte meta packages
22:30-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:30<meoblast001>the metapackages are the ones that install other packages right?
22:30<blarson>meoblast001: You can download packages with wget.
22:30-!-libereco [~libereco@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
22:30<meoblast001>i think im just going to download ISO's and merge the pool into my repo
22:31<abrotman>meoblast001: you have enough for a basic gnome on cd21
22:32<meoblast001>imagine how many packages i would have to specify though since im using simple-cdd
22:32<meoblast001>i want the Gnome package so i can specify 1 package that installs them all
22:32<abrotman>use the tasksel
22:33*abrotman stops answering meoblast001's non-debian questions
22:33<meoblast001>ok how are these non-debian
22:33<meoblast001>ok.. i'll clarify i guess
22:33<meoblast001>does the Debian version of gdm depend on the rest of GNOME on the disk?
22:34-!-muammar [~muammar@] has joined #debian
22:34-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
22:35-!-chrziz [~chrziz@] has joined #debian
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22:39-!-Nemoder [] has joined #debian
22:42-!-[gloom] [~gloom]] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo]
22:42-!-nethuman_ [~nethuman@] has joined #debian
22:42-!-chrziz [~chrziz@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:43-!-nethuman_ [~nethuman@] has quit []
22:45<enouf>meoblast001: ever hear of tasksel?
22:46-!-HellDragon [] has joined #debian
22:47-!-jt_ [~jake@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:49-!-streuner [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:54-!-duraperidol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
22:55-!-duraperidol is now known as Guest1400
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23:20-!-sunny [~sunny@] has joined #debian
23:21<RIVE>Hi sunny.
23:22-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
23:22<sunny>hi RIVE
23:22-!-duraperi1ol [~duraperid@] has joined #debian
23:28-!-dmoerner [] has joined #debian
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