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00:01<kevke_buntu>I just figured out, that most of it (educated guess) is found in l&f
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00:11<kingsley>If I reconfigure the ubiquitous "eth0" to work as a bridge, would it be reasonable to expect that one of Debian's gajillion networking applications would go (Warning! Highly technical word follows!) "Kaboom"?
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00:19<prem>whenever i try to open synaptic it shows "Failed to communicate with gksu-run-helper." error
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00:21<sney>kingsley: n-m almost definitely would. wicd might also. I don't know what else makes up your gajillion, but interfaces would likely be fine
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00:24<Silicium01>My flashplayer (nonfree) started crashing when I try to make it full screen
00:24<kingsley>sney: What is "n-m"?
00:24<Silicium01>Have you guys experienced this? is there a fix?
00:24<sney>Silicium01: haven't seen that one, no
00:25<Silicium01>I was messing around with switching my display adapter the other day, I wonder if that has something to do with it
00:25<Wyzard>network-manager woudn't go "kaboom", it would just ignore the bridge
00:26<Wyzard>It ignores interfaces that are configured statically in /etc/network/interfaces
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00:30<soloflyer>Silicium01: what browser are you using and how is it crashing? is it taking out the browsxer or just crashing the plugin?
00:30<Silicium01>soloflyer, in any browser, only the plugin crashes and shows crashed plugin sign and text
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00:32<soloflyer>Silicium01: 32bit or 64 bit or 64bit using the 32bit wrapper?
00:32<Silicium01>32 bit afaik
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00:34<Silicium01>soloflyer, sney apt-get removed the plugin and reinstalled it. Now it works
00:35<soloflyer>Silicium01: *shrug*
00:35<sney>minor file corruption
00:35<sney>file under shit happens
00:36<soloflyer>Silicium01. sney or reinstall updated nonfree flashplugin which fixed a bug?
00:37<Silicium01>I was talking to you and sney. I reinstalled the plugin and it works now
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00:52<r3m>Hi, is there a way to hide my host on oftc
00:52<akerl>Wrong channel :p You want #oftc
00:52<akerl>But I think you know that :)
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00:52<sney>I believe they do have a vhost service anyway
00:53<sney>didn't want us all knowing he's in Montreal
00:54<soloflyer> :)
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00:59<mansi>friends one doubt in bash....what does the line starting with colon ( : ) specify? I mean in example 'dialog' script in debian I see lines like these:
00:59<mansi>: ${DIALOG_OK=0}
00:59<mansi>: ${DIALOG_CANCEL=1}
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01:03<soloflyer>mansi: where was that?
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01:05<rjsalts>mansi: you mean ${parameter:-word}
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01:07<rjsalts>mansi: and ${parameter:=word}?
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01:07<mansi><soloflyer> i installed the "dialog" utility, which i need to use to developm some control panel for our firewall. in /usr/share/doc/dialog/examples i saw such lines
01:07<soloflyer>man bash SHELL BUILTIN COMMANDS
01:08<soloflyer>: [arguments]
01:08<soloflyer>No effect; the command does nothing beyond expanding arguments and performing any specified redirections. A zero exit code is returned.
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01:10<mansi><soloflyer> and <rjsalts> ohh gr8... thanks for the help :)
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01:11<mansi>the example scripts in /usr/share/doc/dialog/examples seems highly useful for learning advanced bash concepts
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01:12<mansi>and BASH is much more that i expected. hehe...... just now only i looked at the man page ;)
01:12<mansi>its complicated, in a sense
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01:14<mansi>null command [colon]. This is the shell equivalent of a "NOP" (no op, a do-nothing operation). It may be considered a synonym for the shell builtin true. The ":" command is itself a Bash builtin, and its exit status is true (0).
01:14<mansi>I got this from TLDP
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01:15<soloflyer>mansi: ahh that makes a lot more sense than the man page :)
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01:17<rjsalts>well [ .. ] is the bash builtin for test
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01:17<mansi>soloflyer: yeh true :)
01:18<mansi>this seems useful ""
01:19<soloflyer>mansi: fun you should say that... i have that same page up in front of me at the moment :P
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01:19<rjsalts>if you think bash is crazy you should check out
01:20<mansi>soloflyer: cool
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01:22<soloflyer>rjsalts: im going to have nightmares...
01:23<rjsalts>soloflyer: it's a joke taken too far ;) but they seem to have lost the FAQ which said "if you can't trust random strangers on the internet then who can you trust?"
01:23<rjsalts>ah, that's at
01:24<rjsalts>So far I haven't run into any performance problems. Whenever I've opened up a DoD website to several users, my hard drive tends to get wiped long before I discover performance issues.
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01:27<soloflyer>rjsalts: LOL
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02:06<opalepatrick>Is down?
02:06<opalepatrick>ignore wrong channel
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02:09<ZverCo>there is russina-debian's
02:09<ZverCo>there /join?
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02:14<dpkg>Russian speakers, please use (Pogalujsta, zajdite na) (Pazhaluista, zahodite na) #debian-russian or use English here.
02:15<dpkg>Russian speakers, please use (Pogalujsta, zajdite na) (Pazhaluista, zahodite na) #debian-russian or use English here.
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02:21<vital>oe debian
02:22<vital>puedes ayudarme con un problema que tengo
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02:28<dkim>is anybody here?
02:28<ompaul>dkim: hang on, I'll check
02:28<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
02:28<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
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02:47<nibs>My ip address is not automatically being renewed. I get <info> (eth1): DHCPv4 state changed bound -> expire. and then it stops working until I fix it.
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03:08<linux-fox>hi ,all
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03:50<misch>Hi. I have a problem using apt. Error: Encountered a section with no Package: header. Is this the right channel to ask?
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03:52<devil>misch: something wrong in /var/lib/apt/lists probably
03:53<misch>deleted it and did a apt-get update again. Same result.
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03:55<mjt>or in /var/lib/dpkg/status
03:55<misch>sources.list is only deb squeeze main
03:55<mjt>is dpkg -l ok?
03:55<misch>everything else deleted already.
03:55-!-phur [] has joined #debian
03:55<misch>dpkg -l runs ok.
03:55<dpkg>No packages found matching runs ok.
03:56-!-berto [] has joined #debian
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03:57<misch>deleted /var/lib/dpkg/status. Same result.
03:57<misch>Reading package lists... Error!
03:57<misch>E: Encountered a section with no Package: header
03:57<jm_>only a fool would delete /var/lib/dpkg/status
03:58<mjt>i thought about mentioning to NOT delete it, but hoped it's obvious... :(
03:58-!-OkropNick [kuba@] has joined #debian
03:58<misch>ok. reinstall.
03:58<devil>right, deleting /status is a very bad idea
03:58<misch>anyway. same problem on the second machine.
03:59<mjt>misch: you've /var/lib/dpkg/status-old
03:59<mjt>you may rename it to /status
03:59<devil>misch: did you install a software on both machines lately?
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03:59<mjt>misch: and you also may have /var/backup/dpkg.status.0
03:59<misch>problem with mergelist /var/lib/apt/lists/ftp.debian.org_debian_dists_squeeze_main_i18n_Translation-en
04:00<misch>devil: Yes. about one hour ago.
04:00<devil>misch: that might be your culprit
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04:00<mjt>um, what?
04:00<misch>CD: debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst.iso
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04:01<misch>devil: hot to get out?
04:01-!-toabctl [~tom@] has joined #debian
04:01<misch>devil: Any idea how to get my debian system running?
04:02<mjt>restore /status, run `apt-get update -o Acquire::Languages=none', and it should work.
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04:04<misch>mjt: seems to work.
04:04<mjt>you'll have to reinstall the last software you installed
04:04<mjt>because status-old does not have refs to it
04:05-!-woo441 [] has joined #debian
04:05<mjt>apparenty there's error in the "en" file mentioned, which is at
04:05<misch>I am reinstalling the machine. That's faster.
04:05<misch>not only at I tried several mirrors. All have the same problem.
04:06-!-bluewater [] has joined #debian
04:06<mjt>faster, hehe
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04:07<woo441>Started a fresh Debian 6 on server yesterday. Changed hostname by echo newhostname > /etc/hostname. hostname -F /etc/hostname. #SET_HOSTNAME='yes' in /etc/default/dhcpcd. For some reason the hostname that I started with has come back today even though the new hostname stuck yesterday
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04:22<misch>devil: Any bug report the the package needed?
04:22-!-robi [] has joined #debian
04:22-!-metin [~metin@] has joined #debian
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04:41<sosaited>I am trying to install Iceweasel 4 in Squeeze by following , but during the key retrieval step, when I enter "wget -O- -q | gpg --import", in the end I am getting "gpg: no ultimately trusted keys found"
04:41-!-ant_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:41-!-ant [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:41-!-pedro [] has joined #debian
04:42-!-mkad [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:43<ml|>woo441: /msg dpkg hostname
04:44-!-gnugr [] has joined #debian
04:45<woo441>ml|: what does that mean?
04:47-!-f8l [] has joined #debian
04:48<ml|>woo441: type that in your irc client and then look for a window or tab with the name dpkg and read
04:48-!-awoodland [~woodalan@2001:8b0:ffc7:0:e60:76ff:fe0a:c161] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:49-!-Volley [] has joined #debian
04:50<mjt>ml|: what woo441 is supposed to do with that dpkg factoid? Setting hostname involves changing /etc/hostname (any way to edit that file will do, as long as the result is a file with the desired host name in it)
04:50-!-mxp_ [~mxp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:50-!-mxp [~mxp@] has joined #debian
04:51<ml|>mjt: I understand that what woo441 did should work, following the factiod and/or wiki might provide a clue as to why it did not work
04:52-!-whirli [] has joined #debian
04:52-!-rami_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:52-!-Guest3194 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:52-!-Kon14 [] has joined #debian
04:52<sosaited>Can someone please tell how to use to check the keys while install iceweasel 4
04:55-!-Kon14 [] has quit []
04:56-!-f8l [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5]
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05:01-!-Guest3263 is now known as mum38
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05:56-!-JanVB [] has joined #debian
05:56<JanVB>hi, I have a broken system I'm trying to recover from
05:56-!-yedida [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:57<JanVB>it fails to boot with the following error-message: mount: mounting /dev/mapper/dev1-root on /root/ failed: No such file or directory
05:57-!-yedida [] has joined #debian
05:57<JanVB>if I try "mount /dev/mapper/dev1-root /root" it fails with that message
05:57-!-mxp [~mxp@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:57<JanVB>but if I try "mount -t ext2 /dev/mapper/dev1-root /root" it works
05:58<JanVB>the initramfs is probably missing some files since the system crashed and files were damaged in the process, but I can't figure out which files it's missing
05:59-!-SQlvpapir [~teis@] has joined #debian
06:02-!-dutchfish [] has joined #debian
06:03<jm_>why not recreate it if you think that's the problem
06:03<JanVB>because I can't get into my system properly
06:03-!-mxp [~mxp@] has joined #debian
06:03<JanVB>I can mount the root fs, but I can't mount /var
06:03<jm_>why not?
06:03<JanVB>I had an older working kernel/initramfs
06:03<JanVB>which got fucked up when I did boot it, and ran update-initramfs
06:04<JanVB>so updating it only got me into more trouble
06:05-!-hychen [~hychen@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:06<JanVB>because the /dev/mapper/*-var device doesn't exist
06:07-!-yedida [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:07-!-yedida [] has joined #debian
06:07-!-artista_frustrado [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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06:08-!-david is now known as Guest3269
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06:09-!-mxp [~mxp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:09-!-mxp [~mxp@] has joined #debian
06:10*JanVB hits busybox
06:10-!-sn0wl1nux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:10<JanVB>mount is a busybox built-in or what? can't even strace the bloody thing :S
06:10-!-Pitxyoki [] has joined #debian
06:11-!-dutchfish [] has quit [Quit: Splash, leaving the bowl]
06:11<jm_>and it needs -t
06:12-!-dutchfish [] has joined #debian
06:12-!-dutchfish [] has quit []
06:12-!-dutchfish [] has joined #debian
06:14-!-clock [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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06:27-!-Andrea [~andrea@] has joined #debian
06:27-!-Anaa [~Ana@] has joined #debian
06:27-!-Andrea is now known as Guest3270
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06:29<Guest3270>killa jajaja veraas tu er miki este ( er profeso digo xd) killa que nos va a pilla
06:29-!-Anaa [~Ana@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:29-!-Anaa [~Ana@] has joined #debian
06:30<Guest3270>hello :)
06:30<Guest3270>tiaaaaa xd
06:31-!-yedida [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:31<babilen>Anaa, Guest3270: Stop it please.
06:31-!-yedida [] has joined #debian
06:32<Guest3270>tuquien eres??
06:32-!-vagvaf [~vagvaf@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:32<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
06:32-!-mode/#debian [+o babilen] by Ganneff
06:32-!-Guest3270 [~andrea@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
06:32-!-Anaa [~Ana@] has quit []
06:33<XayOn>... oh, my god, they're from the south of spain for sure. "er miki" "killa"
06:34<@babilen>XayOn: Happens frequently, don't pay too much attention. (It also was the same person)
06:34<XayOn>babilen: I've seen it lots of time, probably cause public institutes there having debian-based distros installed with xchat as "Chat" on the menu.
06:35-!-mode/#debian [-o babilen] by babilen
06:35-!-tenkainen [] has joined #debian
06:35-!-tenkainen [] has left #debian []
06:35<babilen>XayOn: Exactly -- If you are interested in further details → #debian-offtopic, but there is actually not much to say about it.
06:37-!-janos_ [~janos@] has joined #debian
06:39-!-ml| [] has joined #debian
06:41-!-paulg_ [~paulg@] has joined #debian
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06:47-!-zachary [] has joined #debian
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06:47-!-zachary is now known as zmanfx
06:47<saa>hi all)
06:47-!-XayOn [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:48<babilen>saa: welcome!
06:48<saa>Do you speak Russian?
06:49-!-diroots [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:49<dpkg>Russian speakers, please use (Pogalujsta, zajdite na) (Pazhaluista, zahodite na) #debian-russian or use English here.
06:49-!-xDDD [~mierda@] has joined #debian
06:49-!-gouki [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:49<babilen>saa: I speak a little but but #debian-ru is the russian channel. You can, however, speak English in here.
06:49<saa>Супер! <babilen> с Wine разбираешься?
06:50<babilen>saa: Type "/join #debian-ru" to join the russian channel.
06:50<saa><babilen> Thanks)
06:50<babilen>no, "/join #debian-russian"
06:51-!-zmanfx [] has left #debian []
06:51<babilen>xDDD: Please try to stay on-topic. Do you have a Debian related question?
06:51<saa>I`am understand) Thank/
06:51<babilen>saa: Poka!
06:51-!-yedida [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:51-!-saa [] has left #debian [Ухожу я от вас (xchat 2.4.5 или старше)]
06:52-!-yedida [] has joined #debian
06:54<xDDD>k dise tonta hijadepeera
06:55-!-vmangano [~vmangano@] has joined #debian
06:55-!-vmangano [~vmangano@] has quit []
06:56-!-Nik05 [~Nik05@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:56<cthuluh> could someone ban xDDD please?
06:56<cthuluh>(or at least kick him)
06:56-!-mxp [~mxp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:57-!-mxp [~mxp@] has joined #debian
06:57-!-brian_ [] has joined #debian
06:57<xDDD>ijos de putaa xDD
06:57-!-brian_ is now known as ompaul2
06:57-!-Anaa [~Ana@] has joined #debian
06:57<xDDD>olaaa cabrones
06:57<cthuluh>!ops Anaa xDDD
06:57<dpkg>Hydroxide, bob2, caphuso, dondelelcaro, doogie, eeyore-, ElectricElf, ):, helix, ljlane, LoRez, RichiH, mentor, Netsnipe, TML, walters, xk, abrotman, gravity, azeem, Maulkin, stew, peterS, Alife, Myon, Ganneff, Maulkin, weasel, zobel, themill: cthuluh complains about: Anaa xDDD
06:57<xDDD>eeeiii qee pasaaa ??
06:58<Anaa>laa gentee estaa to locaa jajajja
06:58<xDDD>jajaja Siii :D
06:58<xDDD>poor eso estamoos aqii jajajaa
06:58<babilen>!es-social xDDD
06:58<dpkg>xDDD: Este canal es de ayuda con ordenadores en Ingles. Si no necesitas ayuda con tu ordenador por favor ingresa al canal social de #debian-es con /join #debian-es-cachondeo. Tus amigos probablemente ya esten ahi.
06:58<xDDD>un pin?
06:58-!-mode/#debian [+b *!*Ana@95.63.80.*] by Ganneff
06:58-!-Anaa was kicked from #debian by Ganneff [Anaa]
06:58-!-mode/#debian [+b *!*mierda@95.63.80.*] by Ganneff
06:58-!-xDDD was kicked from #debian by Ganneff [xDDD]
06:58-!-GeorgeSebastian [~georgeSeb@] has joined #debian
06:59-!-andreita [~andreita@] has joined #debian
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06:59-!-mode/#debian [+b *!*@95.63.80.*] by Ganneff
07:00-!-jhutchins_lt [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
07:03-!-angasule [~angasule@] has joined #debian
07:03-!-mode/#debian [-b *!*Ana@95.63.80.*] by Ganneff
07:03-!-mode/#debian [-b *!*mierda@95.63.80.*] by Ganneff
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07:05-!-dpkg [] has quit [Quit: buh bye!]
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07:07-!-ivaylo [] has joined #debian
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07:08<Zaba>hm.. I wonder, is the thinkpad_acpi module supposed to be autoloaded for systems where it's appropriate?
07:10<babilen>Zaba: It is loaded automaticallyo my T60 fwiw
07:10<babilen>Zaba: If it is not on your box, you can add it to /etc/modules
07:10<Zaba>that's what I did
07:10<Zaba>but I still wonder what's meant to autoload it and why it doesn't
07:11-!-Rocio [~gonzalez@] has joined #debian
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07:12-!-ottoshmidt [] has joined #debian
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07:15-!-brian_ is now known as ompaul3
07:17-!-davyg [] has joined #debian
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07:26-!-Keessince1988 [~Keessince@] has joined #debian
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07:33<Benjamin>is this server empty or is everyone silent.
07:33<Benjamin>i guess it`s everyone.
07:34<jm_>empty? didn't you see number of users when you connected?
07:34<mjt>this server? is that your server?
07:34-!-yedida [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:35-!-yedida [] has joined #debian
07:35<Keessince1988>debian is just running fine, no one is complaining ;-)
07:36-!-OkropNick [] has joined #debian
07:36-!-cdlu [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
07:36-!-Benjamin [] has quit []
07:37-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
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08:05<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
08:05<cris>es que llo lovalgoo
08:06<cris>mario pero disimula tio
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09:06<slush>I want to index a tree of directories and show the contents as webpages, without the ability to click the files for downloading (as what apache mod_index would do). Anybody here that knows something for that?
09:06-!-kurapix [] has joined #debian
09:07-!-Pitxyoki [] has quit [Quit: Pitxyoki]
09:07-!-Hunger- is now known as Hunger
09:08-!-AntonioBlob [~antonio@] has joined #debian
09:08<jordanm>slush: you could probablyt use mod_index and add deny rules to the files
09:08-!-grochap [~grochap@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
09:09-!-NickyP [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:10<slush>hmhm, probably .. but that's kinda hackish, I'd like a neat thingy
09:10-!-mammique [] has joined #debian
09:11<slush>wouldnt take much to put something together myself, but if something already exists I don't have to reinvent it ;)
09:11-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
09:11<jordanm>doesn't sound like a common goal to me, but perhaps
09:11-!-Syd [] has joined #debian
09:12<Zaba>does it make sense to have both anacron and cron on the same system?
09:12<mjt>they co-exists nicely
09:13<jordanm>by default anacron handles the /etc/cron.* stuff
09:14-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
09:14-!-shadenzo [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:14<Zaba>well, my system is certainly not going to run 24/7, so I guess I want anacron to do that
09:14-!-antonio__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:14-!-toabctl_ [~tom@] has joined #debian
09:15-!-cahoot [] has joined #debian
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09:15<Zaba>oh wait, I've just realized that the default crontab checks for anacron's existence.
09:15<Zaba>that answers my question..
09:16<mjt>that's how they co-exists ;)
09:16-!-lewq [] has joined #debian
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09:34-!-ubuntu__ [] has joined #debian
09:34<ubuntu__>hi all!
09:35-!-jespada [~jespada@] has joined #debian
09:35<ubuntu__>I have an off topic question here
09:35-!-arand [~Arand@] has joined #debian
09:35<ompaul>offtopic is in #debian-offtopic
09:35<grummund>Hi, Sanity check required please... to connect to a FTP server in passive mode the server must have all ports >1023 *not* firewalled, right?
09:36-!-chahibi [] has joined #debian
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09:36-!-chahibi [] has joined #debian
09:36<ompaul>grummund: ftp is much lower than 1023 check your /etc/services
09:37-!-toto_42 [] has joined #debian
09:37<ompaul>grummund: and you will have a path out on a high port to their low port
09:37<grummund>ompaul: but for *passive* mode...
09:37<ompaul>for all modes
09:38<grummund>ompaul: yes, i just read that.
09:38<ompaul>grummund: and it could be any port over 1024 that you go out on
09:38<ubuntu__>see I have pretty old computers, but for my PC I got a new monitor. I also had to buy a new cable for that and someone bought for me a cable which is svga and it says on it, that, it's HDD. As far as I know, the monitor itself isn't HD. I can also see, that the pins in the plug are placed differently then those in the old plug from old monitor. So, will the new cable work no problem? I totally suck when it comes to hardware....
09:39<ompaul>ubuntu__: ##hardware on freenode have a nice day for your question is offtopic
09:39<grummund>ompaul: so that's a "yes" to my question?
09:39-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
09:39<ubuntu__>yeah, I know it's off topic, I was just hoping for simple yes/no answer....
09:40<dpkg>#debian is primarily a support channel for Debian users. Please keep the discussions in #debian on-topic and take longer discussions and non-support questions to #debian-offtopic. Imagine the chaos if each of the hundreds of people in the channel felt the need to wander off topic for a few minutes every day.
09:40<devil>ubuntu__: how should we know?
09:40<ompaul>grummund: no, it is not, nor is it a no, what it is is this, you must allow outbound above 1024 but you don't have to allow unless you are getting a knock back from some connection you already established (seems to me you need to work out more about firewalls)
09:40<devil>ubuntu__: according to the info you give, the answer is: maybe
09:40-!-hever [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:40<ompaul>ubuntu__: this is not the answer you are looking for "yes/no and it depends"
09:41<ubuntu__>heh, ok, thanks guys, sorry for bothering.
09:41<ubuntu__>take care.
09:41<grummund>ompaul: seems to me you're looking at the client end... i was asking about the server
09:41-!-|Frederi1 [] has joined #debian
09:41<ompaul>grummund: incoming or outbound?
09:41-!-ubuntu__ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:42-!-martini [] has joined #debian
09:43-!-martini [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:43<ompaul>grummund: you can't just slam all doors shut if that is what you mean, you need your firewall to allow connections establish after the initial connection that is the best I can say
09:44-!-toto42 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:44<grummund>Hmm, So... to connect to a FTP server in passive mode the server must have all ports >1023 *not* firewalled, right?
09:44<ompaul>grummund: you could say that yes is the answer but you could be even smarter and say only sessions established can open other ports
09:44-!-daemonkeeper [] has joined #debian
09:44*ompaul checks time and runs to a conference for three days argh
09:44-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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10:29<byakko>hi, somebody can give a hint of how to do this? right now im using scrotwm but i load it using startx after login, there is any way to make it load automatically after login without using gdm or kdm?
10:29-!-Fudgey [] has joined #debian
10:30-!-donfede [~fgrau@] has joined #debian
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10:33-!-acu [] has joined #debian
10:34-!-mtn [] has joined #debian
10:35<sney>byakko: what, you want it to startx automatically when you log in? or just something not as heavy as gdm?
10:35<rpetre>byakko: and you want to skip logging in altogether? not a very good idea if the terminal is not secured physically
10:35-!-cahoot [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:36-!-edbian [] has joined #debian
10:36<byakko>no, i still want the normal login without any X, and after login normally to load the X without nothing heavy as sney said
10:36<edbian>How can I contact the developers of growisofs ? I cannot burn DVDs and I wanna know why not.
10:37-!-abcd82 [~abcde@] has joined #debian
10:38<rpetre>byakko: so you want the console login and then start an X server with your session automagically?
10:39-!-arand_ [~Arand@] has joined #debian
10:39<rpetre>you can put it in .bash_profile, i guess, but you might want to check for an existing session, selection of available X display and so on
10:39-!-arand [~Arand@] has quit [Quit: Reconnecting]
10:39<edbian>I found an email in the man page
10:40<rpetre>byakko: you might end up reinventing the wheel, so maybe look at other login managers, like xdm or slim
10:41<byakko>rpetre: the thins is that i'm not very sure when it comes to automatically load something, i know for example how to load a service before login but after that i dunno
10:41-!-mode/#debian [+l 508] by debhelper
10:41<byakko>rpetre: i want something light as login as i have scrotwm for the X
10:41<rpetre>byakko: keep in mind that you can have several logins at the same moment, so whatever happens after loggin is per session
10:42<byakko>rpetre: i know, thats why is was wondering if like for example i changed the colors of the prompt with each user .bashrc if there will be another file like that one that can execute the X automatically
10:43<rpetre>byakko: so having something like gdm only lighter would work? in that case, look at the 'slim' package
10:43<@Ganneff>slim is yuck, xdm would be better than that.
10:43<mjt>. o O { lightdm }
10:43-!-skilz [] has joined #debian
10:44<rpetre>byakko: listen to these guys, i just looked at the package list, i haven't used one of these for ages :)
10:44<rpetre>anyway, reinventing a login manager in bashrc is a very wrong idea imho
10:44<mjt>um.. lightdm isn't in debian
10:45-!-Hycarus [~Hycarus@] has joined #debian
10:45<byakko>so xdm then
10:45<byakko>as far as i dont need to use a mouse i will like it
10:46<rpetre>it's from an age where people used the keyboard more than today, so probably yea :)
10:46<@Ganneff>whats a mouse?
10:47<byakko>Ganneff: dunno
10:47<byakko>rpetre: then is exactly what i was looking for :D
10:48<byakko>well now im not sure what exactly i need to configure in the xdm
10:48-!-debsan [~debsan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:49-!-towo` [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
10:49-!-bsd4ever [] has joined #debian
10:49-!-arand_ is now known as arand
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11:00-!-byakko [] has joined #debian
11:00<byakko>just tested xdm and is perfect :) thanks a lot guys
11:00-!-cybersphinx_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:01-!-alkmim_ [~alkmim@] has joined #debian
11:01-!-alkmim [~alkmim@] has joined #debian
11:02-!-chealer [] has joined #debian
11:02<mjt>xdm was the only display manager a while back - the classical X thing... :)
11:03<sney>ah yes, using xdm to log in and use windowmaker
11:03-!-artista_frustrado [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:03<byakko>its the first time i used it, i always used kdm before
11:03<sney>the days when *nix was scary
11:03*edbian just ruined another DVD
11:03<mjt>i used twm for about a decade... ;)
11:05-!-abcd82 [~abcde@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:06-!-scyrma [] has joined #debian
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11:11-!-munga [] has joined #debian
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11:12-!-carey [~carey@] has left #debian []
11:12-!-dajhorn [] has quit []
11:12<Black_Prince>*sigh* I am currently using twm+xterm :P
11:12-!-pedro [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:13-!-gusnan [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
11:13-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
11:14<byakko>Black_Prince: well im using scrotwm but basically just for xterm so is more like i use xdm+xterm
11:15<Black_Prince>You get used to it when you really want to
11:15-!-|Frederi1 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:15-!-dmz [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:16<byakko>yep, but i hate when i want to copy something from xterm to the firefox for example because i need to push the two buttons of the mouse at the same time, this is a laptop and the touchpad is broken but luckly the buttons still work so more or less i manage :P
11:17<Black_Prince>Huh that's like hell
11:17-!-mtn [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
11:18<Black_Prince>I had gtk+ problem (something with icon loader) and I couldn't get it to copy
11:18<Black_Prince>But everything else looks fine
11:18-!-TaitenP [~TaitenP@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:18<Black_Prince>Only one feature of twm bugs me, and that one is "No close (X) button"
11:20<byakko>Black_Prince: thats not a problem in scrotwm basically because i dont use the mouse for anything, all the features are controled like meta+tab for example to go from one window to another one
11:20-!-aidan [] has joined #debian
11:21<byakko>actually was quite funny because in the begining i didnt know how to close windows and i found a convination that made the windows dissapear so i thought it was the correct one and before yesterday reading more commands i discovered that i was sending the windows to another of the desktops i didnt even know that the scrotwn had several desktoops :P
11:21-!-artista_frustrado [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:22-!-dmz [] has joined #debian
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11:27-!-Black_Prince [~Krejzi@] has joined #debian
11:27-!-abcd82 [~abcde@] has joined #debian
11:28<Black_Prince>huh I somehow shut down whole x server
11:30-!-kure [~kure@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:30-!-scyrma [] has left #debian []
11:31-!-cjuner [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:31-!-SubZero_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:31-!-XeonBloomfield [~XeonBloom@] has joined #debian
11:32-!-luis_ [] has joined #debian
11:32-!-luis_ [] has quit []
11:32-!-luis_ [] has joined #debian
11:32<tharkun>babilen: thankss I'll take sometime off next week and will take a look at python on a more structured basis
11:32-!-luis_ [] has quit []
11:32-!-pedro [~prokter@] has joined #debian
11:33-!-ryanc_ [] has joined #debian
11:34-!-salvatore [~salvatore@] has joined #debian
11:34-!-XeonBloomfield [~XeonBloom@] has quit []
11:35-!-quant [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:36-!-berto [] has quit [Quit: bye]
11:37-!-ryanc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:38-!-XeonBloomfield [] has joined #debian
11:38-!-XeonBloomfield [] has quit []
11:38-!-MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
11:38<byakko>Black_Prince: better shutting it down than uninstalling it trying to uninstall pulseaudio :P i did that once with kde
11:39*Black_Prince is building whole system from scratch
11:39-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:40<terion23>%why pulseaudio
11:40<Black_Prince>And I finished compiling pulseaudio 15 minutes ago
11:40-!-mxp [~mxp@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:41-!-mode/#debian [+l 499] by debhelper
11:41<byakko>i preffer alsa, the pulseaudio got installed when i was trying to install mumble
11:41<daemonkeeper>terion23: You can use /msg dpkg, ask in particular about litkeys, listvals and "search dpkg"
11:41-!-pedro [~prokter@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:42-!-Hycarus [~Hycarus@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:42-!-toabctl [] has joined #debian
11:43-!-|Frederik [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:44-!-ao2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:44-!-arand_ [~Arand@] has joined #debian
11:44-!-arand [~Arand@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:45-!-gnusosa_ [~gnusosa_@] has joined #debian
11:45-!-munga [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:45<kusanagi>is anybody able to do an ltrace to iceweasel?
11:45<kusanagi>it crashes iceweasel for me
11:47-!-web-user [] has joined #debian
11:47<terion23>Dont have it installed if i had i looked for u sorry
11:49-!-salvatore [~salvatore@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:49<web-user>Hi all, I am currently trying to install drivers for my wireless device on squeeze. It uses the rt2870sta module.
11:49<web-user>I have tried the directions here:
11:49-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
11:49<terion23>And what seems to be the problem
11:50<web-user>sorry, and here:
11:50-!-edbian [] has quit [Quit: Bye]
11:50<web-user>the directions on the second link are half way donw
11:51-!-ballison [~ballison@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:51<web-user>if you search for 'My system is Debian lenny x86_64 with Linuxkernel 2.6.26-2-amd64' it should take you to the directions
11:51<web-user>The problem with the second link is that I can not download the linux headers
11:52<web-user>And with the first link I can not run the command 'deb squeeze main contrib non-free' in terminal
11:52<terion23>is it in the non-free depository?
11:52<Black_Prince>web-user What debian version are you using
11:52<Black_Prince>those are instructions for lenny
11:52<terion23>just open up /etc/apt/sources.list
11:52<Black_Prince>what was wrong with debian wiki method?
11:52-!-SubZero_ [] has joined #debian
11:52<terion23>and put behind squeeze/stable contrib non-free
11:52-!-hever [~hever@] has joined #debian
11:53<terion23>then u can install them via apt
11:53<terion23>It doesnt work beqause debian wont allow non-free packages install as standard.
11:53<terion23>So instead u have to put contrib non-free in your sources.list
11:53<terion23>Same thing here with my ati drivers.
11:54-!-tnnn [] has joined #debian
11:54<web-user>The only uncommented line is 'deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.1a _Squeeze_ - Official i386 DVD Binary-1 20110$ '. Should I append ' contrib non-free' to the end?
11:55<terion23>just add the official debian mirror
11:55<terion23>I can paste it for u if u like
11:55-!-mxp [~mxp@] has joined #debian
11:55<Black_Prince>What the hell .. We have gstreamer plugins ugly, gstreamer plugins bad, gstreamer plugins really bad ... We just need gstreamer plugins terrible and we're good
11:55<web-user>So I add another line saying deb squeeze main contrib non-free
11:56<terion23>Then run apt-get update first
11:56<web-user>Ok, thanks.
11:56<web-user>wont be a moment
11:56<terion23>And maybe apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade wont hurt either
11:57<daemonkeeper>What exactly is the rational to call "apt-get dist-upgrade" for your?
11:57<web-user>:o its updating :)
11:57<terion23>Sometimes the system needs a kernel update or something.
11:58<terion23>Some packages arent installed with aptitude upgrade
11:58-!-fperetti [~fperetti@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:58-!-nadir [] has joined #debian
11:58<Black_Prince>No need for dist upgrade for that. Dist upgrade is only for moving between distribution changes, eg squeeze->wheezy or squeeze->sid ... or so
11:58-!-nadir [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:58<terion23>Black_prince i disagree i noticed some packages that coudlnt be installed by apt.
11:58<web-user>ok this was a fresh install so I do not require apt-get dist-upgrade?
11:58<terion23>And then i use dist-upgrade and it did install them.
11:58-!-fperetti [~fperetti@] has joined #debian
11:58<terion23>U can try
11:59<Black_Prince>Those are 3rd party packages. I noticed that too with dmm repository.
11:59<terion23>If it has nothing to offer u it wont do a thing ;)
11:59<Black_Prince>But with squeeze only it never happened
11:59-!-ottoshmidt [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:59<terion23>I happened to my quite a while ago.
11:59<web-user>Well I might as well run it if there is no actual problem with running it?
12:00<web-user>Does anyone know of any problems that may arise if I run it?
12:00-!-detefon[x] [~sssss@] has joined #debian
12:00<daemonkeeper>terion23: You are not on stable then.
12:00<terion23>Thats correct i like to run wheezy.
12:00-!-detefon[x] [~sssss@] has quit []
12:00<terion23>But my second server is running squeeze and i noticed it on that too.
12:01-!-leonardo_ [~leonardo@] has left #debian [离开]
12:01-!-cahoot [] has joined #debian
12:01<daemonkeeper>Unless you really dist-upgrade (or full-upgrade) there is no reason to call it.
12:01<web-user>Sorry, but what I am getting from this is that apt-get dist-upgrade is for when you are upgrading to a new version, however this is a fresh install, so should I still run it?
12:01<daemonkeeper>web-user: No need for you.
12:01<terion23>It doenst matter web-user.
12:01<web-user>I am running squeeze
12:01<terion23>If u run it probably nothing will show up.
12:02<terion23>Daemonkeeper it wont hurt right?
12:02-!-alkmim [~alkmim@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:02-!-alkmim_ [~alkmim@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:02-!-Blacker47 [] has joined #debian
12:03-!-metalfreak [] has joined #debian
12:03<daemonkeeper>If it wouldn't, why do you think there is a distinction between upgrade and (full|dist)-upgrade at all?
12:03-!-arand_ [~Arand@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:03-!-ao2 [] has joined #debian
12:03<terion23>And web-user u wont upgrade to unstable or anything unless it says wheezy/unstable/sid in your sources.list
12:03<daemonkeeper>The fact it won't actually do something on web-user's system does not mean you should call it, just because you can.
12:04<web-user>deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.1a _Squeeze_ - Official i386 DVD Binary-1 20110322-15:11]/ squeeze contrib main
12:04<web-user>deb squeeze main contrib non-free
12:04<Black_Prince>comment out cdrom: line
12:04<terion23>It wouldnt hurt but if i have to believe an experienced debian user like daemonkeeper then u wont have to dist-upgrade
12:05<dpkg>Damnit Jim! It's YOU. Y-O-U. Not *U*. U is a letter. YOU is a word. See ne1, or wud. Dutch for 'you' (formal singular). See
12:05<terion23>So its your call ;))
12:05<web-user>Black_Prince: Can I just ask why? Simply for educational purposes :)
12:06<terion23>dist-upgrade is ment for someone who wants to upgrade to another version
12:06<terion23>like wheezy is unstable and squeeze is the current stable.
12:06<daemonkeeper>terion23: I didn't say it hurts, my point is you should not suggest things which don't actually help or are useful at all for their use case. People aren't going to learn anything if you do that.
12:06<Black_Prince>Well, this line adds a debian cd as installation media (which is limited unless you have whole set), and It will ask you everytime for your cd when you run apt(itude)-get update
12:06<web-user>Im not upgrading to another version, I am already running squeeze
12:06-!-gusnan [] has joined #debian
12:06<Black_Prince>Wait wait, wheezy unstable?
12:06<terion23>Good point daemon.
12:06<terion23>It is right?
12:07<Black_Prince>sid is always unstable, wheezy is testing
12:07<web-user>Black_Prince: I did notice it was asking for the disk. Thankyou :)
12:07<terion23>So there is three versions of debian instead of 2?
12:07<daemonkeeper>There are 3 1/2
12:07<Black_Prince>Currently 4(sometimes 5)
12:07<daemonkeeper>Currently 4 1/2, yes.
12:07<terion23>lol how are they all called?
12:07<terion23>So i can educate myself.
12:07<Black_Prince>Oldstable (lenny), stable (squeeze), testing (wheezy), unstable(always sid), experimental(don't even think of using packages from there)
12:08<daemonkeeper>oldstable, stable, testing, unstable and experimental (which is not a full distribution)
12:08<wintellect>web-user: according to man "dist-upgrade" does magic to resolve dependencies, including adding or removing additional pkgs. just "upgrade" will only upgrade current apps, but will not change them if they require new/removal of dependencies
12:08<daemonkeeper>And in future perhaps: rolling.
12:08<terion23>Wintellect so it proves my point
12:08<babilen>terion23: The distinction between dist-upgrade and upgrade is different than what you think it is. I would recommend to read the "apt-get" and "aptitude
12:08<babilen>terion23: manpage
12:09<terion23>I will thanks.
12:09<web-user>wintellect: Cant I achieve the same using Synaptic?
12:09<daemonkeeper>terion23: FWIW dist-upgrade does more than upgrading distributions. Hence the name is deprecated and changed to full-upgrade in aptitude by the way.
12:09<babilen>terion23: In short: full-upgrade/dist-upgrade will remove packages in order to complete the desired action
12:10<wintellect>web-user: no idea, don't use it
12:10-!-vagvaf [~vagvaf@] has joined #debian
12:10<web-user>Ok, thanks.
12:10<terion23>I think the answer is yes.
12:10<terion23>But i wont know for sure.
12:11<web-user>Ok, thanks for the help guys :)
12:11-!-rwcook35 [~home@] has joined #debian
12:11-!-AWei [~if@] has joined #debian
12:11<terion23>Hope that we helped with your problem.
12:11-!-diederik [] has joined #debian
12:12<web-user>One more question:
12:12<web-user>Should my wireless device now work? :P
12:12-!-mxp [~mxp@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:12-!-xDDD [] has joined #debian
12:12<Black_Prince>It it does not set your pc on fire, it should work ...
12:12<wintellect>I'm assuming you installed any needed firmware pkgs
12:12<web-user>I am using NetworkManager Applet 0.8.1 however it still can not see the device
12:13<web-user>Black_Prince: I prefer using a hammer
12:13-!-metalfreak [] has left #debian [Leaving.]
12:13<web-user>wintellect: Yes, I ran apt-get install firmware-ralink wireless-tools
12:13<wintellect>Black_Prince: wont that convert it into a firewall instead? :P
12:13<web-user>why would it do that?
12:13<web-user>oh right lol
12:13<terion23>lol thats sarcasm
12:13<Black_Prince>Well, depending on what instructions you were given ....
12:14<web-user>haha i had already moved on. Quick thinking wintellect
12:14<wintellect>apparently, not quick enough
12:14<web-user>Black_Prince: Following instruction at
12:14<Black_Prince>(btw I was talking about dist-upgrade)
12:14<web-user>ok sorry
12:14<xDDD>You can speak spanish?
12:14<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
12:15<web-user>hola. Thats all
12:15<dpkg>Voor Nederlandstalige hulp met debian kunt U terecht in #debian-nl. For help with debian in Dutch, you can join #debian-nl.
12:15<dpkg>The language of #debian is English. We will do our best to help you regardless of your level of English but you might be more comfortable asking for help in your own language. Ask me about your language code for more information, for example /msg dpkg br ; /msg dpkg pt ; /msg dpkg es ; /msg dpkg fr ; /msg dpkg de
12:15<web-user>so thats what it says
12:15-!-xDDD [] has quit []
12:16<web-user>Anyway, now that I have installed the ralink firmware and wireless tools, network manager applet should now see the wireless device?
12:16<Black_Prince>Well, it *should*
12:16<terion23>wait a sec
12:16<daemonkeeper>dpkg: tell terion23 about msg the bot
12:16<Black_Prince>But, network manager has been known to have problems with wireless ...
12:16-!-jkf [] has joined #debian
12:16-!-jkf [] has left #debian []
12:16-!-salvatore [~salvatore@] has joined #debian
12:16<Black_Prince>Many people used wicd for that.
12:16<byakko>web-user: you will need to install firmware-ralink too
12:16-!-Master_User [~masteruse@] has joined #debian
12:16<wintellect>does iwconfig list anything?
12:16<Black_Prince>Or just use /etc/network/interfaces ...
12:16<terion23>If u the kernel dependencies arent loaded it doesnt work.
12:16<web-user>byakko: I have already
12:17<terion23>Maybe a reboot might work for you
12:17<byakko>web-user: oh, ok
12:17<web-user>Black_Price: I have a bad history with /etc/network/interfaces
12:17<Black_Prince>terion23, linux isn't windows where some things are fixable by reboot ... There are instructions which say you need to run modprobe -r and them modprobe module ...
12:18<terion23>Im not that advanced yet to know about modprobe.
12:18<Black_Prince>reboot is just waste of time
12:18<web-user>Black_Prince: I ran modprobe rt2870sta
12:19<daemonkeeper>terion23: We all appreciate you helpfulness and interest to help people. But please don't give advises you don't actually know whether they are helpful or not.
12:19-!-_Danilo_ [] has quit [Quit: _Danilo_]
12:19<Black_Prince>web-user, pastebin output of dmesg | tail ?
12:19-!-eknahm [~eknahm@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:20-!-agentc [~vljlhka@] has joined #debian
12:20-!-ao2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:20-!-swo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:21-!-ottoshmidt [] has joined #debian
12:21<Black_Prince>Hm, there is something about reciever. Have you plugged it before or after you ran modprobe?
12:22<web-user>yes I did
12:22<wintellect>l8r all
12:22<web-user>wintellect: Before you asked about iwconfig.
12:22<wintellect>hope I helped rather than hindered
12:22<web-user>wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:off/any
12:22<web-user> Mode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx-Power=0 dBm
12:22<web-user> Retry long limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
12:22<web-user> Encryption key:off
12:22<web-user> Power Management:on
12:22<web-user>thanks wintellect :)
12:22<dpkg>Do not paste more than 2 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or for pics. Use for large files (think tar.gz) up to 100MB. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste! Cannot cut and paste? Ask me about <pastebinit>, <>, <wgetpaste>.
12:23-!-quadro [] has joined #debian
12:23<wintellect>web-user: from my limited experience that seems to imply it found a wireless device
12:23<web-user>wintellect: I think you are right :)
12:23<Black_Prince>web-user, what happens if you run iwconfig wlan0 essid "name of your essid"
12:23<wintellect>but it's not configured
12:23<wintellect>l8r - and hope it goes well web-user
12:24-!-wintellect [] has quit [Quit: home sweet]
12:24-!-bluewater [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:24<web-user>wintellect: Thanks for your help
12:24-!-lidb [~lidb@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:24<web-user>Black_Prince: It runs correctly but no output?
12:24<Black_Prince>What is now the output of your iwconfig ?
12:25<Black_Prince>Or iwconfig wlan0
12:25<web-user>look up :)
12:25<terion23>Ok i have a question, lets say i just upgraded my squeeze installation to wheezy, and i need to new kernel to load could i do that without going to reboot?
12:26<web-user>output for iwconfig is the same however 'lo', 'eth0' and 'pan0' all say no wireless extensions. wlan0 is same
12:26<diederik>terion23: no for new kernel you do need a reboot
12:26-!-matteoonair [~matteo@] has joined #debian
12:26<Black_Prince>terion23, that's like asking (from an old car) I've just bought a new car. Can I drive it if I don't go into it.
12:26-!-arnt_trh [] has joined #debian
12:26<terion23>I can if i did install a rc controller ;P
12:27<web-user>like on mythbusters?
12:27<terion23>lol yeah
12:27-!-matsui [] has joined #debian
12:27<Black_Prince>I've heard they were implementing a new feature to change kernels without rebooting
12:27<web-user>sounds interesting
12:27-!-Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
12:27<terion23>that should be nice for your uptime sake :)
12:28<web-user>terion23 looks like you might get that rc car kernel :P
12:28-!-matteoonair [~matteo@] has quit []
12:28<terion23>ftw lol
12:28<web-user>So seeing as iwconfig sees my device, that now means it is installed correctly?
12:28<Black_Prince>But I guess that would be the same as kexec system call, it will shut down your system, but it won't display POST screen, nor bootloader, just switch kernels
12:28-!-agentc [~vljlhka@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:29<Black_Prince>web-user, that command I gave you didn't work?
12:29<web-user>sorry what command?
12:29<terion23>iwconfig wlan0
12:29-!-AntonioBlob [] has joined #debian
12:29-!-salvatore [~salvatore@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:30<web-user>yes I did it in response to wintellect, the output can be found above
12:30-!-lelamal [~quassel@] has quit [Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.]
12:30-!-AntonioBlob [] has quit []
12:30-!-lelamal [~quassel@] has joined #debian
12:30<Black_Prince>web-user, this command iwconfig wlan0 essid "name of your essid"
12:30<web-user>Black_Prince: It did not error however it gave no output
12:31<Black_Prince>And has something been changed in dmesg | tail output?
12:31-!-terion23 is now known as terion23-afk
12:32-!-engywucz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:32-!-quadro [] has left #debian []
12:32-!-quadro [] has joined #debian
12:33-!-arnt_trh [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:34-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
12:35-!-antonio__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:35<web-user>No, output is all the same
12:35<Black_Prince>So that says: Houston, we have a problem
12:35<Black_Prince>(in other words, you did not solve it)
12:35-!-Dimillian [] has joined #debian
12:36-!-AWei [~if@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:36<web-user>does it?
12:37<web-user>Black_Prince: You mentioned wicd earlier, should I uninstall network manager applet and install wicd?
12:38<Black_Prince>You can try.
12:38<Black_Prince>But don't blame me if something goes wrong
12:38<web-user>Ok, will it collide if I install wicd before I remove nmapplet?
12:39-!-AWei [~if@] has joined #debian
12:39<Black_Prince>First, cover your ears, then type command to remove network manager
12:39<Black_Prince>And take cover after hitting return
12:39<web-user>theres no command to cover ears :P
12:39<daemonkeeper>duck and cover
12:39<web-user>and if all else failed I have an axe
12:39-!-ao2 [] has joined #debian
12:39<babilen>web-user: If all else fails, we'll remove your enter key.
12:39<Black_Prince>No, seriously. Many people who complained about wireless not working had a problem with network manager.
12:40<web-user>babilen: That would be highly unproductive
12:40<web-user>Black_Prince: I know. I am one of them :/
12:40<web-user>Oh no it has a do not remove feature!!! Im gonna die now at the hands of network manager :(
12:41<babilen>I like wicd, but it does not work that well with all cards or provide the same level of functionality as NM (VPN, 3G modems, ...)
12:41-!-matsui [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:41<web-user>hmm something came up: Debconf on home. Users added to the netdev group: web-user
12:42<web-user>babilen: What kind of functionality do I lose?
12:42<babilen>Yes, you need to be a member of the netdev group to use network-manager or wicd
12:42<Black_Prince>Yeah, your (non privileged) user needs to be in netdev group to be able to use network manager ..
12:42<web-user>thanks :)
12:42<babilen>web-user: Essentially the two things I've been mentioning above. (If you use that at all)
12:43-!-uzu_cat [] has joined #debian
12:43<daemonkeeper>We will surely switch to network manager as default for Wheezy.
12:43*babilen stabs daemonkeeper
12:43<web-user>VPN and 3G modems? No I dont
12:43-!-engywucz [] has joined #debian
12:43<web-user>Babilen, are you using raw HTML to achieve italics? Just out of interest :P
12:44<web-user><i>Italic text...</i>
12:44<web-user>nope :P
12:44<web-user>nope :P
12:45-!-pj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:45<Black_Prince>web-user, I don't think babilen knows html
12:45-!-xtow [] has joined #debian
12:45<web-user>probably not :P
12:45<gnugr>babilen: do you think with iwlwifi tools could work?
12:46<web-user>silly italics
12:46<babilen>web-user: I don't quite see what HTML has to do with this, but I would personally recommend to use CSS for that.
12:46<web-user>haha I do.
12:46<web-user>ok here goes... If I go offline you can find me hidden under the desk
12:46<web-user>i hope
12:46-!-yotta- [] has joined #debian
12:47-!-candrea [] has quit [Quit: killall candrea]
12:47<web-user>Am I still here?
12:47<babilen>gnugr: It was WEP, wasn't it? Should work with some configuration in /etc/network/interfaces or by specifying the key/essid with iwconfig
12:47-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has joined #debian
12:47<web-user>i guess so
12:47<web-user>damn thing didnt uninstall :(
12:47<babilen>web-user: yes, you are. And *please* consider using punctuation characters instead of the enter key.
12:48<web-user>Sorry, too much facebook does that to you.
12:49<web-user>Ok. I have killed network manager process. Now hopefully I can remove it...
12:50-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has left #debian []
12:50-!-GauravButola [~gaurav@] has joined #debian
12:50-!-overdarkm [~OverHack@] has joined #debian
12:51-!-arnt_trh [] has joined #debian
12:51-!-GauravButola [~gaurav@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:51<web-user>Does anyone know what I have to type into terminal to uninstall network manager?
12:51<Black_Prince>web-user, apt-get purge network-manager
12:51<cahoot>just install wicd
12:52-!-jibel [] has joined #debian
12:52<web-user>cahoot: Done that already, I just want to freek 33MB because I am a stingy b@stard
12:52-!-overdarkm [~OverHack@] has quit []
12:52<web-user>and I want to kill network manager
12:53<web-user>I have wicd open however it can not see any wireless networks
12:54-!-ryanc_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:54<babilen>web-user: Teach it about your wireless interface and make sure n-m is not running/uninstalled
12:54-!-jack [~jack@] has joined #debian
12:55-!-tonsofpcs [~tonsofpcs@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:55<cahoot>actually I thought n-m was removed automagically if wicd is installed
12:55<jhutchins_lt>cahoot: I have found that network-manager works better with more cards than wicd, which often doesn't even see the card.
12:55<web-user>babilen: What do you mean by teach it? In settings I have input wlan0 as my wireless interface, is that what you were suggesting? Also, I killed the n-m process and uninstalled it
12:55-!-jack is now known as South_Summer
12:55<web-user>cahoot: No it doesnt
12:55-!-South_Summer [~jack@] has quit []
12:55<jhutchins_lt>cahoot: It should be, but I don't think it is.
12:56<cahoot>ok my mistake then
12:56<babilen>web-user: yes, that was exactly what I meant
12:56<web-user>ok I have done that already and it is saying 'No wireless networks found'
12:56<cahoot>maybe that's why n-m didn't do it's job either
12:57<cahoot>missing some vital part of support for your wifi perhaps
12:57<babilen>web-user: What about "iwlist wlan0 scan" ?
12:57<web-user>but its impossible. The device has a better internet connection than my phone which is further away from the access point which is less than a meter from the access point
12:58<web-user>wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down
12:58<web-user>Looks like we may be getting somewhere :)
12:58<web-user>shoud I ifup wlan0?
12:58<babilen>web-user: ifconfig wlan0 up
12:59<web-user>ok, now iwlist wlan0 scan returns this:
12:59<web-user>wlan0 Failed to read scan data : No such device
12:59<cahoot>web-user, unload/reload the wifi module and read the last 10 lines of dmesg
12:59-!-Yoshi210 [] has joined #debian
12:59-!-tonsofpcs [~tonsofpcs@] has joined #debian
12:59<web-user>How do I unload and reload the wifi module?
13:00-!-overdarkm [~OverHack@] has joined #debian
13:00<cahoot>see what name it has by lspci -k| grep -i net
13:00<babilen>web-user: "modprobe -r rt2870sta ; modprobe rt2870sta ; dmesg | tail -12"
13:00<babilen>(assuming it is indeed rt2870sta)
13:00-!-rwcook35 [~home@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:01-!-jibel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:01<web-user>yes it is
13:01<web-user>I have to use pastebin for over 2 lines dont I?
13:02<babilen>web-user: Ok, run that and "ifconfig -a", "iwconfig" + "ifconfig wlan0 up" and paste all that. You might want to run "service wicd stop" before that though.
13:02-!-overdarkm [~OverHack@] has left #debian []
13:02<tharkun>babilen: manual wifi setup ?
13:02<babilen>web-user: argh, "iwlist wlan0 scan" after "ifconfig wlan0 up" :)
13:02<babilen>tharkun: No, just troubleshooting.
13:03<web-user>the above is for modprobe -r rt2870sta ; modprobe rt2870sta ; dmesg | tail -12
13:03-!-GCS [] has joined #debian
13:03-!-GCS [] has left #debian []
13:03<web-user>for ifconfig -a:
13:04<cahoot>that's all?
13:05<cahoot>no message/sign of firmware looked for and loaded?
13:05<web-user>cahoot: That was all
13:05-!-uzu_cat [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:05<sret>is there sparkleshare for debian?
13:05<web-user>ifconfig wlan0 up returned nothing
13:06-!-uzu_cat [] has joined #debian
13:06<cahoot>debian *is* sparkleshare
13:06<babilen>web-user: No, that can't be. It should be 12 lines of dmesg output.
13:06-!-nike [] has joined #debian
13:06-!-favonia [] has joined #debian
13:06<web-user>sorry I thought you wanted the last 5?
13:06-!-favonia [] has left #debian []
13:06-!-awoodland [~woodalan@2001:8b0:ffc7:0:e60:76ff:fe0a:c161] has joined #debian
13:07-!-arnt_ [] has joined #debian
13:07<sret>heh okk
13:07-!-emijrp [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:07-!-aidan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:07-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
13:07-!-arnt_trh [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:08<babilen>web-user: So, does "ifconfig wlan0 up ; iwlist wlan0 scan" give you results now?
13:09*tharkun would like to know if the tyny wifi led is on
13:09-!-Master_User [~masteruse@] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
13:09-!-Mestre [] has joined #debian
13:09-!-jibel [] has joined #debian
13:09<babilen>yes -- do you have blinkenlights?
13:10<web-user>tharkun: It is blinking intermitently
13:10<web-user>wlan0 No scan results
13:11-!-ThinSabre [] has joined #debian
13:11-!-ThinSabre is now known as company
13:11<Mestre>Alguém fala Português?
13:11<dpkg>Por favor use #debian-pt para ajuda em portugues ou #debian-br para ajuda em portugues do brasil. ( /join #debian-pt )
13:12-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has joined #debian
13:12<Mestre>join #Brasília
13:12-!-company [] has quit []
13:12-!-munga [] has joined #debian
13:12<Mestre>join #brasilia
13:12<tharkun>Mestre: te falta /
13:12-!-uzu_cat [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:13<Mestre>join / #brasilia
13:13-!-ThinSabre [] has joined #debian
13:13<tharkun>web-user: I've never used those cards. Broadcom and intel usually shine constantly a led when they have the correct firmware and the correct module is loaded
13:14<daemonkeeper>Mestre: please stop advertising your channels
13:14<Mestre>Alguém mais aqui fala português?
13:14-!-freex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:15<tharkun>!tell Mestre es
13:15-!-mtn [] has joined #debian
13:15<daemonkeeper>tharkun: pt was correct
13:15-!-TheFox [] has quit [Quit: Ping timeout: 21 seconds]
13:16<tharkun>I know but es is a bit more correct on the purpose of the channel and what people should
13:16<Mestre>É que eu há muito tempo não acesso e estou meio perdido aqui.
13:16<tharkun>!tell Mestre about es
13:17<daemonkeeper>You mean language does not matter, foreigh satisfies anything? ;)
13:18-!-arnt_trh [] has joined #debian
13:18-!-lililililil [] has joined #debian
13:18-!-arnt_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:18<web-user>Guys, I just tried iwlist wlan0 scan again and it returned this:
13:18<web-user>wlan0 No scan results
13:19<daemonkeeper>!ops lililililil
13:19<dpkg>Hydroxide, bob2, caphuso, dondelelcaro, doogie, eeyore-, ElectricElf, ):, helix, ljlane, LoRez, RichiH, mentor, Netsnipe, TML, walters, xk, abrotman, gravity, azeem, Maulkin, stew, peterS, Alife, Myon, Ganneff, Maulkin, weasel, zobel, themill: daemonkeeper complains about: lililililil
13:19-!-Mestre [] has left #debian [Saindo]
13:19-!-mode/#debian [+o peterS] by ChanServ
13:19-!-lililililil was kicked from #debian by peterS [you should know better]
13:19-!-mode/#debian [+b *!*] by peterS
13:19-!-mode/#debian [-o peterS] by peterS
13:20<web-user>thank you :)
13:20<web-user>So now that wlan0 is simply returning no scan results, we have gotten somewhere. Anyone know where??? :P
13:21<byakko>web-user: did you try wlist wlan0 scan?
13:21<tharkun>web-user: Is your wifi up and running?
13:21<web-user>yes that is what returned the 'No scan results'.
13:21-!-|Frederik [] has joined #debian
13:22<web-user>tharkun:It was but just to be sure...
13:22<byakko>tharkun: if the wifi is down the iwlist will return an error
13:22-!-ernesto [~ernesto@] has joined #debian
13:23<web-user>Haha ok then.
13:23-!-pedro [] has joined #debian
13:23-!-mtn [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:23<web-user>What happened when I took it down:
13:23<web-user>wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down
13:23<byakko>told you
13:23<web-user>When it goes back up:
13:23<web-user>wlan0 No scan results
13:23<babilen>web-user: lspci -nn|grep -i network?
13:24-!-freex [] has joined #debian
13:24<web-user>byakko: Might as well push keys :)
13:24<web-user>No output
13:24-!-hever [~hever@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:24<babilen>web-user: Which kernel are you using? Ah, right it is an USB device, stupid me. lsusb in that case
13:24-!-ellisgeek [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:25-!-melbogia [~ksalman@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:25<byakko>lsmod | grep rts2080 or whatever driver ur card use better
13:25-!-ellisgeek [] has joined #debian
13:25<web-user>No output
13:25-!-mariavalverde [~mariavalv@] has joined #debian
13:25<web-user>hold that thought
13:25<byakko>with lspci you will just see if linux recognice the card and it already appear in the ifconfig
13:25<byakko>web-user: do you have airodump instaled?
13:25<byakko>mariavalverde: buenas
13:26<babilen>web-user: It is an USB device or a PCI one?
13:26<web-user>Not as far as I am aware
13:26<mariavalverde>i dont no
13:26-!-remi [] has joined #debian
13:26<tharkun>I meant the actual accespoint, not the wifi card of the machine
13:26<byakko>web-user: lsusb then instead of lspci
13:26<babilen>web-user: And "lsusb" does not give you results?
13:27<mariavalverde>en que idioma hablais?
13:27<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
13:27<byakko>mariavalverde: ingles
13:27<web-user>look at pastebin link above for lsusb
13:27<mariavalverde>a ok,
13:27<web-user>and lsmod | grep rts2870 does nothing. I appended sta to the end of rts2870 to no avain
13:27<web-user>*avail :P
13:28<babilen>web-user: No, just "lsusb"
13:28-!-munga [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:28-!-overdarkm [~OverHack@] has joined #debian
13:29-!-ahti_ [] has left #debian []
13:29-!-mariavalverde [~mariavalv@] has quit []
13:30<babilen>web-user: And firmware-ralink is installed?
13:30<babilen>web-user: Are you in the EU?
13:31-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:31<web-user>yes, I did install it. If it wasn't installed, it shouldn't return 'No scan results'? AU
13:31<babilen>Hmm, /me curses at ralink
13:31<web-user>and yes I just checked with apt-get and firmware-ralink is installed.
13:31<byakko>actually i have one that uses rt73 but is not very powerfull
13:32<web-user>Any more ideas?
13:32<byakko>web-user: are you close enough to the access point? just in case
13:32<babilen>I wonder why it does not request the firmware. Could you run 'modprobe -r rt2870sta ; modprobe rt2870sta ; dmesg | tail -25" again?
13:32<diederik>web-user: do you have encryption enabled on your AP?
13:32<web-user>less than a meter... I hope that is close enough? :D
13:32<byakko>web-user: haha hope so
13:32<diederik>how about disabling security and broadcasting your ssid?
13:33<web-user>SSID is broadcast
13:33<diederik>then get things working (hopefully) and then enable encryption again
13:33<byakko>web-user: if you have airodump just run it even if the ssid is hide it will appear, just an idea
13:33<babilen>web-user: Would you mind to show me the output again? (with more dmesg lines)
13:33<web-user>the command you just provided?
13:33<babilen>web-user: yes
13:34<web-user>How do I know if I have airodump?
13:34<babilen>web-user: Ok, and "ifconfig wlan0 up ; iwlist wlan0 scan" does not give you anything? i.e. No results
13:36<babilen>Ok, lets try a different module that was introduced in .35 -- Please install a newer kernel from backports (/msg dpkg bdo kernel) reboot and come back.
13:36<web-user>how do I do that?
13:36<web-user>I am using squeeze
13:36<babilen>web-user: /msg dpkg bdo kernel
13:37<web-user>So I type that straight into terminal?
13:37<babilen>!bdo kernel
13:37<dpkg>Newer kernels for Debian stable releases are distributed via Ask me about <bdo> to add to your sources.list correctly, then run "aptitude update". To list available backported kernel image packages: aptitude search '?narrow(~nlinux-image,?origin(Debian Backports))'. To install a package (e.g.): aptitude -t squeeze-backports install linux-image-2.6.38-bpo.2-686 See also <bdo kernel lenny>.
13:37-!-ThinSabre [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:37-!-overdarkm [~OverHack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:37<retrospectacus>web-user, straight into irc
13:37<babilen>web-user: That command would have sent a message (/msg) to dpkg (our bot)
13:38-!-melbogia [~ksalman@] has joined #debian
13:38<web-user>OK. I have a new tab called dpkg
13:38<web-user>Do I follow instructions there?
13:38<retrospectacus>yes he is a robot, ask him anything
13:39-!-ruben [] has joined #debian
13:39-!-arand [~Arand@] has joined #debian
13:40-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:40<web-user>Sorry I just dont understand what they are saying :(
13:41-!-Lanta [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:41<babilen>web-user: Follow
13:42<babilen>Why are ralink cards always such a PITA!?! Everybody should just buy atheros ones and be happy.
13:42-!-ao2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:43<tharkun>babilen: because they are cheap?
13:43-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has joined #debian
13:43<web-user>Haha these were the only ones the computer store had in stock that 'work' with linux
13:43-!-ruben [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:43<babilen>but honestly, the amount of work mankind has to put into these cards, they are definitely not cheap. </offtopic>
13:44<web-user>yes thats true :P
13:44-!-eknahm [~eknahm@] has joined #debian
13:44<web-user>How do I know what version of the kernel I am running?
13:44<sney>uname -r
13:44-!-aroundthfur [] has joined #debian
13:44<web-user>sney: Thanks. I definately need an upgrade then
13:45<babilen>how so?
13:45<sney>because omg 2.6.38 is newer.
13:46<babilen>ok, i'll be back in a few minutes. /me feels like sitting in the park.
13:46-!-babilen [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:46<web-user>same. Will be back :)
13:46-!-web-user [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 4.0.1/20110413222027]]
13:46-!-alvinPH [~alvin@] has joined #debian
13:47-!-trifolio6 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:48-!-pj [] has joined #debian
13:48-!-arnau1 [] has joined #debian
13:48-!-arnau1 is "Adium User" on #debian #
13:49<arnau1>Hi all, I'm having problems with apache in a server with multiple ips
13:49<arnau1>I want that apache only listens in one ip
13:49-!-web-user [] has joined #debian
13:49<arnau1>but when I configure the ports.conf file it doesn't start when I reboot
13:50<web-user>Ok, I did it but according to uname -r it has not upgraded the kernel?
13:50-!-dandelion [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:50<arnau1>anybody can help me?
13:51-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:53-!-is-001_fred [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:53<daemonkeeper>You could at least provide the corresponding error.log
13:53-!-alienux1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:53-!-munga [] has joined #debian
13:53<daemonkeeper>Note this is not #httpd
13:54<arnau1>ok I'll try to change to httpd
13:54-!-DrMrHorse [] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
13:54<arnau1>the strange thing is there is nothing on error.lgo
13:55-!-candrea [] has joined #debian
13:55-!-olof [] has joined #debian
13:56<daemonkeeper>I bet there is
13:56-!-olof [] has quit []
13:57-!-OlofSx [] has joined #debian
13:57-!-quadro [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:57<arnau1>when booting the message that appears is: apache2(99)Cannont assign requested address: make_sock: could not bind to address
13:58<arnau1>the strange thing is if I do /etc/init.d/apache2 start it works
13:58<arnau1>I'm using all the default configuration
13:59-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
14:00<arnau1>this is my ports.conf file:
14:00<gnugr>arnaul: edit conf/apache2.conf and replade "Listen ............." the ip you want
14:00-!-munga [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:00<daemonkeeper>This is what he did, as you can see.
14:00-!-ao2 [] has joined #debian
14:00<daemonkeeper>And1: How do you configure this IP?
14:00<arnau1>I have done this hundreds of time
14:00<arnau1>in lenny
14:01<jthomas>Running Icedove with a clients' Inbox file, which seems to be unable to load up. I copied it to my local machine and I too am unable to open the app with this Inbox file, which is about 1.2 GB in size. Is there something I can do to make this file usable? Icedove just freezes when I open it.
14:01<arnau1>in interfaces file
14:01<arnau1>allow-hotplug eth0
14:01<arnau1>iface eth0 inet static
14:01<arnau1> address
14:01<arnau1> netmask
14:01<arnau1> gateway
14:01-!-arnau1 was kicked from #debian by debhelper [use or /msg dpkg paste]
14:02<jthomas>how would the person know to use if they get kicked before that message shows up? :(
14:02-!-babilen [] has joined #debian
14:03<daemonkeeper>jthomas: common sense
14:03<jthomas>lol not if they're new to IRC
14:03<daemonkeeper>jthomas: Moreover its noted in the topic ...
14:04-!-Kn|t3 [~knite@] has joined #debian
14:04<web-user>daemonkeeper: I have tried to update to the latest kernel. I followed the instructions from dpkg and restarted however according to uname -r, I am still running the old kernel
14:04-!-remi [] has quit []
14:04<daemonkeeper>web-user: You might have to change the selection grub offers you upon boot
14:05-!-nike [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:05<web-user>I only saw two options. One for normal boot and one for safe boot
14:06<gnugr>web-user: run as root " update-grub"
14:06<babilen>web-user: Paste your sources.list along with "apt-cache policy" and "dpkg -l linux-image*" to please
14:06<web-user>ok, so update-grub or not update-grub?
14:06<babilen>web-user: "dpkg -l 'linux-image*'" that is -- update-grub won't hurt
14:06<babilen>paste output of that too
14:07<Nemoder>jthomas: I believe the Inbox file is a plain text file, you might be able to open it in text editor but at 1.2gb i'm not sure how realistic it would be to analyze it
14:08<tharkun>jthomas: use mutt to pick into the file. If that fails. You have little else but a binary editor
14:08-!-Zaba [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:08-!-abdeb [] has joined #debian
14:09-!-rSw [] has joined #debian
14:09<babilen>web-user: Run "aptitude update" and "aptitude -t squeeze-backports install linux-image-2.6.38-bpo.2-amd64"
14:10-!-magnetic [] has joined #debian
14:10-!-foolano [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:10<web-user>babilen: Thanks, that looks better
14:11<jthomas>yes this is a text file Nemoder, tharkun; I'll look into breaking it into smaller chunks. Thanks so much!
14:11-!-melbogia [~ksalman@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:11<babilen>jthomas: Is it a mbox file?
14:11-!-melbogia [~ksalman@] has joined #debian
14:11<rSw>i just installed debian 6 via minimal cd but because of net settings in data center i cant download the standard files (no desktop) is there an apt-get install command to install that last checkbox if net settings would work in install
14:12-!-zem [] has joined #debian
14:12<web-user>brb, wont be long.
14:12-!-web-user [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 4.0.1/20110413222027]]
14:12<jthomas>babilen its a "ASCII mail text, with very long lines, with CRLF line terminators"
14:12-!-freex [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:12<babilen>rSw: You can install X (/msg dpkg install x) and gnome (/msg dpkg install gnome) -- You can also use tasksel to install exactly was would have been installed during the initial installation, but I recommend the first approach.
14:13<rSw>no i dont want the desktop but i tested debian 6 net install on virtual server and there the last checkbox was checked
14:13<babilen>jthomas: Sounds like mbox -- You could break it down by converting it into a maildir (much preferred by me) -- mb2md does that, for example.
14:13-!-betinho [~alberto@] has joined #debian
14:13<babilen>rSw: Which last checkbox?
14:13<rSw>but i dunno wwhat packagas are included in that
14:14<rSw>wel if you install where you can pick what servers need to be run on server if there needs to be desktop envoirement and stuff
14:14<jthomas>babilen thanks but can i then convert it back so that my client's Thunderbird can use it?
14:14<babilen>rSw: Use tasksel to figure that out, e.g. "tasksel --task-packages desktop"
14:15-!-Zaba [] has joined #debian
14:15<jthomas>babilen i don't see mb2md in aptituse, is it a part of something else?
14:15<babilen>jthomas: ugh, thunderbird -- it still can't handle maildirs -- What are you trying to achieve eventually? (I just thought "breaking up a mbox is best done by converting it to maildir")
14:15<babilen>,versions mb2md
14:15<judd>Package mb2md on i386 -- lenny: 3.20-4; sid: 3.20-4; squeeze: 3.20-4; wheezy: 3.20-4
14:16-!-miggs [~miggs@] has joined #debian
14:16<babilen>jthomas: What does "apt-cache policy mb2md" give you?
14:16<jthomas>hmm, thanks. i guess aptitude search doesn't search the description? :(
14:16-!-SQlvpapir [~teis@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:17<babilen>jthomas: You can search the description with "aptitude search ~d"
14:17<jthomas>wow that should be default, but thanks for the tip!!
14:17<rSw>gonna do another virtual machine install to know right step xD
14:17<babilen>jthomas: There might be better tools though, that was just the first that came to mind.
14:17-!-web-user [] has joined #debian
14:17<babilen>jthomas: "apt-cache search" searched package names and description by default.
14:17<web-user>ok Now it is installed correctly and I have two kernel options on GRUB
14:17<babilen>!tell jthomas about aptitude search
14:18<miggs>hello. how can I set write permission for usb drives in debian ( + kde ) ? I can only read the content of them...
14:18-!-janos_ [~janos@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:18<babilen>web-user: Ok can you reboot into the new kernel?
14:18<diederik>miggs: is it an ntfs drive and do you have the ntfs-3g package installed?
14:18<web-user>I am running the new kernel right now
14:18-!-hever [] has joined #debian
14:19<babilen>web-user: Great, try "ifconfig wlan0 up ; iwlist wlan0 scan" ;)
14:19-!-tnnn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:19<miggs>diederick: no, I have ntfs-3g package and added the ntfs partition to fstab. that's working fine. but how do I do it for usb sticks or other storrages?
14:19<web-user>bash: ifconfig: command not found
14:19<web-user>bash: iwlist: command not found
14:20<miggs>web-user: try as root
14:20<web-user>way to kill the bash :O
14:21<diederik>miggs: ntfs partition ... on your (fixed) hdd? which kde version?
14:21<diederik>I had that issue because I didn't have the ntfs-3g package installed. After installing my usb sticks were mounted read-write
14:21<miggs>diederick: 4.4.5
14:22<web-user>:o it pickedup my neighbours wlan!!! Time to hax xD
14:22<miggs>i have it installed as i said
14:22<web-user>Ill paste that for you in one secong
14:22-!-jgarvey [] has joined #debian
14:22<diederik>if you plug in your drive, what does dmesg tell you (pastebin it)
14:22-!-babilen_ [] has joined #debian
14:23-!-jhutchins_lt [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:23-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
14:24-!-babilen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:24-!-babilen_ is now known as babilen
14:24<babilen>web-user: \o/
14:25<babilen>web-user: It is working :)
14:25<web-user>yes :)
14:25<miggs>diederick: i'm talking about an usb flash, not a hdd. after plugging it in, kde offers me the option to open it in dolphin ( through a popout ). if i do that, i can read / copy the content of that flash, but cannot erase, add stuff
14:25-!-winsen [] has joined #debian
14:25<diederik>for an usb flash drive, you shouldn't modify fstab
14:25-!-fresh_oyster [] has joined #debian
14:26<miggs>ok, but what?
14:26-!-xDDD [] has joined #debian
14:26<xDDD>çijos de perra
14:26<diederik>if that's what you did, remove the line from fstab, unplug the device and plug it back in
14:26<rSw>found the name its standard system utilities
14:26<betinho>i'm looking for a integrated toll GUI for RAD with support Gtk, programming languages, (if possible compatible with Win32, linux), anyone know any (well tested)? tks ...
14:26<xDDD>me la xupas
14:26<web-user>Wicd sees it
14:26-!-AWei [~if@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:26<babilen>!es-social xDDD
14:26<dpkg>xDDD: Este canal es de ayuda con ordenadores en Ingles. Si no necesitas ayuda con tu ordenador por favor ingresa al canal social de #debian-es con /join #debian-es-cachondeo. Tus amigos probablemente ya esten ahi.
14:26<xDDD>que me la comas'??
14:27<web-user>I wont be long, I am just going to switch connections
14:27<web-user>fingers crossed
14:27<xDDD>mi polla mide 400000000000000 de metros y me la comes y mice 3 metros menos hijode puta xk me la cepillas y me sacas punta
14:27<babilen>!ops xDDD trolling in Spanish again
14:27<dpkg>Hydroxide, bob2, caphuso, dondelelcaro, doogie, eeyore-, ElectricElf, ):, helix, ljlane, LoRez, RichiH, mentor, Netsnipe, TML, walters, xk, abrotman, gravity, azeem, Maulkin, stew, peterS, Alife, Myon, Ganneff, Maulkin, weasel, zobel, themill: babilen complains about: xDDD trolling in Spanish again
14:27-!-soad [] has joined #debian
14:28-!-xDDD [] has quit []
14:28<babilen>web-user: Sure, do that. Enjoy your working wireless now!
14:28<rSw>or if i download the iso files can i still scan those instaid of network mirror in netinstall ?
14:29<miggs>diederik: i removed it, but have the same problem
14:29<miggs>still cannot write
14:29-!-Se-bash [] has joined #debian
14:30<diederik>and no line in fstab now? what does the id command return?
14:30<babilen>soad: welcome
14:30<miggs>uid=1000(mihai) gid=1000(mihai) groups=1000(mihai),24(cdrom),25(floppy),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),109(powerdev),110(netdev)
14:30-!-soad [] has quit []
14:30<diederik>seems to be ok
14:30<kop>rSw: You can use the cd images to install from, yes. But they are intended for when you don't have net access. Otherwise the netinstall is preferred.
14:30<daemonkeeper>You expelled him, babilen
14:31-!-mode/#debian [+l 505] by debhelper
14:31-!-anant [~chatzilla@] has joined #debian
14:31<kop>rSw: What problem are you trying to solve?
14:32<miggs>dmseg shows some messages about the usb
14:32<diederik>miggs: I'm also in the fuse group, maybe that's relevant, but I'm not sure, better try at #debian-kde
14:32<rSw>wel i dont have net acces atm untill i can set up my interfaces properly aperently :( just want those standard system utilities to be installed but i dunno what packages are in it
14:32<diederik>can you pastebin those messages?
14:32<miggs>ok, thanks
14:33<kop>rSw: The netinstall cd has a basic install and does not require net access to get going. But the install should configure your interfaces file for you.
14:33-!-babilen [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:34-!-Aleric [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:34<rSw>wel maybe one of the name server i picked is down or something
14:34<rSw>so its ok to just continu without scanning the mirror
14:34<kop>rSw: Use alt-f2 or f3 or f4 to get a console or to see the logs.
14:35-!-web-user [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:35<rSw>busybox Oo
14:35-!-abdeb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:35<kop>rSw: Yes, but it'll be eaiser if you straigten out the problem. At least if you're new to Debian.
14:35<kop>!tell rSw about overview
14:35-!-bourne [~bourne@] has joined #debian
14:35<kop>rSw: ^^ since your new.
14:36-!-babilen [] has joined #debian
14:36<rSw>not rly just to this net install my server had debian 5 before but i installed from dvd last time
14:36<kop>rSw: Why not just upgrade? If you follow the release notes things will just work.
14:37<rSw>so busybox gives me acces to filesystem ?
14:37-!-web-user [] has joined #debian
14:37-!-whirli [~whirl@] has joined #debian
14:37-!-bourne [~bourne@] has quit []
14:37<kop>rSw: Yes. Depending on where you are in the install process you may need to mount (or even create) the filesystem.
14:38<kop>rSw: (There's also a rescue mode that will attempt to detect and mount any existing filesystems.
14:38<rSw>found the interfaces file
14:38-!-web-user [] has quit []
14:38-!-web-user [] has joined #debian
14:38<rSw>thx will probably work afer i set this right
14:38<kop>rSw: You shouldn't have to change that. You want to find out why you aren't getting to the mirror. (check dns/ping -n/etc.)
14:38-!-web-user [] has quit []
14:39-!-_web-user [] has joined #debian
14:39<kop>rSw: You can always go backwards (read the bottom of the screen) in the installer and redo a previous step (like setting up the network). (I always tend to use expert mode, which can give you too many choices....)
14:40-!-anant [~chatzilla@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:40<rSw>yea but i backed up my previous interfaces file so will just type that in there
14:41<kop>rSw: You may then have to restart networking, or have the installer do it. I'm not sure how that works but if you poke it with a stick you'll probably be fine.
14:42<rSw>can i do /etc/init.d/network restart or what was it again in busybox
14:42-!-Aleric [] has joined #debian
14:42-!-_web-user [] has quit []
14:43-!-web-user [] has joined #debian
14:43-!-mauro [] has joined #debian
14:43<web-user>babilen: Do you know how to remove the old kernel?
14:43-!-jhutchins_lt [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
14:44-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
14:44<kop>rSw: Probably. Dunno. You might have to do an ifconfig.
14:44-!-mauro [] has quit []
14:44<kop>web-user: You have to "aptitude purge ..." old kernels. They don't go when just removed.
14:44<babilen>web-user: sure, run "aptitude remove PKG_NAME" -- to find the package name run "aptitude search '~n^linux-image'"
14:44<babilen>web-user: err, actually purge
14:45-!-Abddu [] has joined #debian
14:45<web-user>so the kernel is actually treated the same as a package?
14:45<babilen>sure, it is just another package
14:45<kop>web-user: Except for the purge-ness that's required to remove the binarys a kernel is just like the others.
14:45-!-vook [] has joined #debian
14:45<web-user>ok thanks
14:45<babilen>Debian developed the Unix philosophy from "everyhting is a file" to "everything is a package"
14:46<web-user>kop: however it is removed the same
14:46<web-user>babilen: Interesting :)
14:46<babilen>web-user: That was more a joke than a factual statement
14:46<kop>babilen: As in "I got a package for you, baby."?
14:46<web-user>haha go tthat :)
14:46-!-Kn|t3 [~knite@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:46<kop>web-user: You can remove kernel packages too, but the binaries hang around until purged.
14:47-!-socratesxd [] has joined #debian
14:47<babilen>web-user: If unsure which package to purge paste the result of that search
14:47-!-pj [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:47-!-socratesxd [] has left #debian []
14:48<web-user>babilen: Im sure I can figure it out looking at the packages under /boot
14:49<web-user>done :)
14:49<web-user>Thanks, I shall just update grub and we are finally done (PARTY OVER HERE!)
14:49<devil>nice, md fixed #628844: module-init-tools 3.16-1 uploaded with urgency high
14:49<web-user>3 hours so far and all that was required in the end was the kernel update haha
14:49-!-lorusso [] has joined #debian
14:50<rSw>cant do init.d restart and ifconfig is also unknown command in busybox
14:50<babilen>web-user: No need to update grub, that should have been done automagically on package removal
14:50<web-user>ok brilliant
14:50-!-jthomas [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:51-!-lorusso [] has left #debian []
14:51<web-user>I shall restart just to see it all working and then I will restart again and again and again just to see its all finally working :)
14:51<web-user>babilen: I can not thank you enough
14:51<web-user>your help has been brilliant
14:51<web-user>thank you so much
14:51<babilen>web-user: You are most welcome. Have a great day/night and enjoy Debian.
14:52<web-user>I will. You two. :o Its 2:50 am over here!!! Haha time flies when your having fun!
14:52-!-jmho [] has quit [Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.]
14:52-!-jmho [] has joined #debian
14:52<web-user>babilen: One last question if you dont mind me asking. This is a simple one. How long have you used linux? Have you used any other distros?
14:52<babilen>web-user: Well, greetings to AU
14:53<babilen>web-user: Join #debian-offtopic
14:53<web-user>yep :)
14:53<web-user>ok. Thanks
14:54-!-web-user [] has left #debian [Leaving]
14:55-!-mercutio22 [~mercutio2@] has joined #debian
14:56-!-fperetti [~fperetti@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:56-!-Dimillian [] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
14:58-!-Piet_ [] has joined #debian
15:01-!-byonk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:01-!-jthomas [] has joined #debian
15:01-!-miggs [~miggs@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:01-!-toabctl [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
15:02<rSw>hm does anybody know how to reload the interfaces in busybox or can i go back steps in install process
15:02-!-babilen [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:02-!-betinho [~alberto@] has quit []
15:02-!-pepelux [] has joined #debian
15:02-!-pepelux [] has left #debian []
15:02<rSw>ifup not a know command
15:03-!-arand [~Arand@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:04-!-Piet [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:06<rSw>ow lol sorry xD
15:06<rSw>forgot my server is hooked up to eth1 instaid of eth0
15:08<rSw>its reciving files :D
15:08-!-abdeb [] has joined #debian
15:08<retrospectacus>!beer rSw
15:08*dpkg deftly decants a fine Delirium Tremens for rSw
15:08-!-eknahm [~eknahm@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:08<retrospectacus>while you wait
15:08-!-eknahm [~eknahm@] has joined #debian
15:09<rSw>!spliff retrospectacus
15:09-!-pastubbs [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:09-!-pastubbs [] has joined #debian
15:09<retrospectacus>aw snap! best day ever
15:10-!-ant [] has joined #debian
15:10-!-abdeb [] has quit []
15:10-!-abdeb [] has joined #debian
15:11-!-mode/#debian [+l 499] by debhelper
15:11-!-Master_User [~masteruse@] has joined #debian
15:12-!-lanthan [] has joined #debian
15:12-!-kevke_buntu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:12-!-janos_ [~janos@] has joined #debian
15:15-!-lanthan [] has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
15:16-!-lanthan [] has joined #debian
15:17-!-byakko [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
15:18-!-zyga [] has joined #debian
15:18-!-madadam1 [] has joined #debian
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15:19-!-chals [] has left #debian [Leaving]
15:20-!-candrea [] has quit [Quit: killall candrea]
15:20-!-hever [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:20-!-Xerrao[Detached] is now known as Xerrao
15:21-!-ejb [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:22-!-abdeb [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:22-!-abdeb [] has joined #debian
15:22-!-ant [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:24-!-bluenemo_ [] has joined #debian
15:24-!-catsup [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:24-!-catsup [] has joined #debian
15:25<bzed>man dd
15:25-!-babilen [] has joined #debian
15:25-!-pipeep [] has joined #debian
15:28-!-sandeep [] has joined #debian
15:29-!-stoffepojken [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
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15:30-!-Quintasan_ [] has joined #debian
15:32-!-hggdh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:33-!-Piet_ is now known as Piet
15:36-!-jkf [] has joined #debian
15:36-!-rSw_timeout [] has joined #debian
15:36-!-jkf [] has left #debian []
15:37-!-darwin [~darwin@] has joined #debian
15:37<darwin>hello all
15:38-!-Quintasan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:39-!-napa [~napa@] has joined #debian
15:40-!-greywalk [~greywalk@] has joined #debian
15:40-!-abdeb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:41-!-rami_ [] has joined #debian
15:41-!-rSw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:43-!-ao2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:48-!-bja [] has joined #debian
15:48-!-acu [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:49-!-nephew [] has joined #debian
15:49<darwin>whats up?
15:50-!-n17r1x [] has joined #debian
15:50-!-arnt_trh [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:51-!-hggdh [] has joined #debian
15:51<nephew>Hello guys, i just made a complete openbox theme, if you want to take a look, its here:
15:51-!-Mestre [] has joined #debian
15:51-!-darwin [~darwin@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:51<nephew>If you like my work, please vote :)
15:52-!-www2 [] has joined #debian
15:52<babilen>nephew: Please, no spam. (take it to #moocows or #debian-offtopic / #openbox/freenode)
15:52-!-sandeep [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:52<nephew>ok sorry
15:52-!-www2 [] has left #debian []
15:52-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
15:53-!-Mestre [] has quit []
15:53-!-magnetic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:53-!-Mestre [] has joined #debian
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15:54-!-ivetka [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-n3lab [~mielofon@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:55-!-ivetka [] has quit []
15:56-!-Lantizia [] has joined #debian
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15:57-!-Xerrao is now known as Xerrao[Detached]
15:57-!-magnetic [] has joined #debian
15:59-!-xtow [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:00-!-ant [] has joined #debian
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16:03-!-edbian [] has joined #debian
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16:05-!-LORd [] has joined #debian
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16:06-!-napa [~napa@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
16:08-!-arnt_trh [] has joined #debian
16:09-!-cirzgamanti`` [] has joined #debian
16:09-!-cirzgamanti` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:10<jhutchins_lt>nephew: You did it in Debian, though, right?
16:10-!-isaac1024 [~isaac1024@] has joined #debian
16:11-!-isaac1024 [~isaac1024@] has quit []
16:11-!-ottoshmidt [] has joined #debian
16:13-!-omni [] has joined #debian
16:13-!-isaac1024 [~isaac1024@] has joined #debian
16:13<nephew>jhutchins_lt: no, archlinux.
16:14<jhutchins_lt>(You were supposed to agree wholeheartedly and thereby save your OT.)
16:15-!-jimbodoors [~jimbo@] has joined #debian
16:15-!-pepelux [] has joined #debian
16:17-!-ottoshmidt [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:17-!-pepelux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:17-!-janos_ [~janos@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:17-!-jhutchins_lt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:18<omni>I'm trying to access a network printer. In Ubuntu it finds the network printer. with Debian, i cannot locate it. Is there something i need to install before i can search the network? (I installed SMB4K)
16:19-!-Pegasso [~peru@] has joined #debian
16:20<jthomas>babilen I got that Thunderbird/Icedove issue resolved with 'head' and 'tail' to cut the file into manageable sizes and find the culprit — ONE EMAIL has over 10,000 lines of addresses, about 3-4 addys per line, so it was over 30,000 addresses! Once I removed that, life was much better!!
16:20-!-ThinSabre [] has joined #debian
16:20<jthomas>thanks for the tips
16:22<babilen>jthomas: No problem. Glad you've figured it out. One more reasons why mbox is not a very good format. Sadly that thunderbird/icedove can't handle anything else. (might have changed recently though)
16:22<engywucz> omni: with which program do you want to access it?
16:22-!-craigevil [] has joined #debian
16:22<jthomas>i agree babilen
16:22-!-qoop [] has joined #debian
16:22<babilen>jthomas: One way to deal with this would be to install a local IMAP server and have it serve your email to whatever client you want to use. Dovecot for example can handle maildirs just fine.
16:23-!-pedro [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:23*ml| whispers Maildir ;)
16:23<omni>I was going to have it setup so i can print off websites & documents. I'm bouncing between 2 different computers (windows & Linux), and need to be able to print on which ever computer i'm on.
16:24<omni>engywucz, ^ (sorry forgot to note name)
16:24<qoop>HI, everybody, I am new user. Somebody tell me which is the command to enter into a channel...please
16:24<babilen>omni: Well, a central IMAP server doesn't sound that bad then.
16:24<qoop>I'm using Ubuntu
16:24<jthomas>qoop: /join #channel
16:24<qoop>OK, thanks
16:24<babilen>!ubuntuirc qoop
16:25<omni>babilen, IMAP? Printer is hooked up to my Windows computer at the moment..
16:25<engywucz>no, imap for the mail problem above
16:25<babilen>omni: Forget it (ENICK)
16:26<engywucz>do you have cups installed?
16:26<ml|>omni: are you sharing this printer from windows or is it a network printer?
16:26<engywucz>that's the way I connect to network printers on my computer
16:26-!-andalepaco [~andalepac@] has joined #debian
16:26<qoop>I'm using XChat
16:26<qoop>in Ubuntu 11.04.
16:26<omni>ml|, sharing on the windows server. Under Ubuntu, i can see the printer.. just cant get the print drivers to work. on Debian, i cannot even see the printer at the moment.
16:27<dpkg>babilen: This is not the ubuntu help channel. Please do /server and then /join #ubuntu. If you are using XChat, you can right click the following link and choose connect. irc://
16:27<babilen>qoop: ^^
16:27<dpkg>qoop: This is not the ubuntu help channel. Please do /server and then /join #ubuntu. If you are using XChat, you can right click the following link and choose connect. irc://
16:28<babilen>qoop: See ya! Have a good time over there and if you ever decide to try Debian you are more then welcome here. :)
16:28-!-qoop [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
16:28-!-ant [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:28<daemonkeeper>!ubuntuirc babilen
16:29<daemonkeeper>This factoid is buggy. :p
16:30<omni>ml|, er, it is not a windows server, it is windows pro (my 2nd computer)
16:31-!-socratesxd [] has joined #debian
16:33-!-milind [] has joined #debian
16:34-!-socratesxd [] has left #debian []
16:34-!-Lantizia [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:36-!-Quintasan_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:37-!-dedeibel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:37-!-jordanm [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:38<bluenemo_>can i somehow start a program from a command line on a specific X server? (like when i startx -- :1 i have a X server running on X terminal 1 (default is 0)), and then i go to a cli (crtl alt F1) and say like start gnome-terminal on screen 1?
16:39-!-eknahm [~eknahm@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:40<terion23-afk>u need to open a terminal inside the x server
16:40<terion23-afk>and execute ure program.
16:41-!-mode/#debian [+l 493] by debhelper
16:41-!-OlofSx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:42-!-terion23-afk is now known as terion23
16:42-!-greywalk [~greywalk@] has joined #debian
16:43-!-jordanm [] has joined #debian
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16:50<ml|>!ubuntu-irc ml|
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17:00-!-Quintasan [] has joined #debian
17:00<tharkun>!es Toni
17:00<dpkg>Toni: Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat
17:00-!-mint [] has quit []
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17:16-!-rafael_ [] has joined #debian
17:16-!-jibel [] has joined #debian
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17:16<rafael_>hola alguien que pueda ayudarme
17:17-!-Pitxyoki [] has joined #debian
17:17-!-swiss [] has joined #debian
17:18<rafael_>hello help me please
17:19-!-psillysimon [] has joined #debian
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17:19-!-auk [] has joined #debian
17:20<engywucz>!dpkg ask
17:20<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
17:20-!-jimbodoors [~jimbo@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:21<rafael_>alguien le esta parte... necesito de ayuda...
17:22<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
17:22<bja>!es rafael_
17:22<dpkg>rafael_: Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat
17:22<terion23>!es rafeal_
17:22<babilen>yes, enough!
17:22<bja>He got the idea. I'm sure
17:22-!-hbomb [] has joined #debian
17:23<babilen>rafael_: Or speak English in here
17:23<terion23>lol dpkg just pmed me and said u just asked me something 2 seconds ago.
17:23<terion23>I didnt ask anything for the last two hours.
17:23<rafael_>sorry no speack ingles
17:23<rafael_>speack spanish
17:24<babilen>rafael_: "/join #debian-es"
17:24<bja>rafael_: Tranquilo haz lo que dpkg te dijo
17:24-!-Silvino [] has joined #debian
17:24<ml|>!ubuntu-irc ml|
17:24*dpkg ml| This is not the ubuntu help channel. Please do /server and then /join #ubuntu. If you are using XChat, you can right click the following link and choose connect. irc://
17:24<bja>!ubuntu-irc bja
17:24-!-Silvino [] has left #debian []
17:25-!-tnnn [] has joined #debian
17:25<rafael_>babilen i'am in #debian-es"
17:25<bja>rafael_: what network?
17:26-!-SourceX [] has joined #debian
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17:34-!-wissem [~localhost@] has joined #debian
17:34<terion23>Hey guys how do i start a java applat from the console withing the xserver? btw i use sun-java packages i installed.
17:36-!-gusnan [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
17:36-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has joined #debian
17:37-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has joined #debian
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17:47-!-MuzerAway is now known as Muzer
17:48-!-hbomb [] has joined #debian
17:48-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
17:49-!-Lantizia [] has joined #debian
17:49<diederik>terion23: are you talking about a java applet? that should be in some html page
17:50-!-ml| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:50-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has left #debian []
17:50-!-Mestre [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
17:54-!-canaima [] has joined #debian
17:54-!-freezer [] has joined #debian
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17:55<MrFrood>diederik: not all java is web based
17:55-!-cysioland [] has joined #debian
17:55<diederik>I know, but afaik applets are
17:55-!-trololo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:56<diederik>running a java application on the CLI is no issue
17:56-!-pirlo89 [~pirlo89@] has joined #debian
17:56-!-duxklr [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
17:56<cysioland>Hey, I have a problem. On tray icon I see, that WiFi is not supported, but in ifconfig & iwconfig WiFi works. How to fix it?
17:57<bja>ditch your tray icon xD
17:57<MrFrood>cysioland: more info - differnt DE's have differnt tray icons...
17:57-!-melmothX [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:58<cysioland>MrFrood: I have Debian Squeeze 6.0.1a x64 with Gnome 2
17:58*MrFrood does not use gnome
17:59<babilen>cysioland: So, you have a little applet there (network-manager) that does not work, but you can connect if you configure it in /etc/network/interfaces?
17:59<bja>cysioland: ok you will have to tell networkmanager to manage the interface. gnome AFAIK does have an interaction with it
17:59-!-canaima [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:59<dpkg>NetworkManager is a network management framework daemon. See /usr/share/doc/network-manager/README.Debian for setup instructions and ask me about <nm squeeze>. #nm on See also <wireless connection managers>.
17:59<babilen>cysioland: You might want to read those ^^^
18:00<babilen>cysioland: But tell us more about your connection. Do you need to switch networks or is it a static setup?
18:00-!-yanli [] has joined #debian
18:00<cysioland>I'm already using the net, but that little icon don't shows connection, and tells me, that it's not supported.
18:00-!-Black_Prince [~Krejzi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:00<cysioland>babilen: I need to switch networks
18:00<cysioland>I configured my connection on installation
18:01-!-terion23 is now known as terion23-afk
18:01<babilen>Ok, you have to configure network manager so it manages your interface. It is detailed in the documentation referenced in th dpkg factoid about. I would personally recommend to use wicd, but that is by no means necessary if you don't want to.
18:01<babilen>cysioland: Can you paste your /etc/network/interfaces to
18:01-!-Black_Prince [~Krejzi@] has joined #debian
18:02-!-tobias [] has joined #debian
18:02-!-tobias is now known as Guest3333
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18:03-!-ubuntu is now known as Guest3334
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18:03-!-STMREG [] has joined #debian
18:04-!-grrrrrr [~libertad@2001:1291:234:0:7ae4:ff:fe00:7a83] has quit [Quit: Las utopías cómo ideologías son parte de la enfermedad del hombre según Nietzsche: ALIENAN.!!!Soy moralista viva el fin del mundo!!! (Tchernichevsky).]
18:04<babilen>cysioland: Yeah, nm won't manage wlan0 in that case. Read the documentation and adapt your /e/n/i accordingly, restart nm and it should be fine
18:04<babilen>cysioland: In particular the README.Debian and the wiki
18:05<cysioland>I got this to work! I set managed=true in nm conf. Nm don't want to manage managed networks without my choice. Thx for wiki.
18:06-!-nike [] has joined #debian
18:07-!-cysioland [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:07-!-SQlvpapir [~teis@] has joined #debian
18:08-!-angasule [~angasule@] has joined #debian
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18:09-!-ml| [] has joined #debian
18:09-!-Fudgey [] has joined #debian
18:10-!-k3nt_ is now known as k3nt
18:11-!-n17r1x_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:12<STMREG>does apt-cacher-ng replace apt-proxy... google still thinks apt-proxy is an appropriate solution... but i cant seem to apt-get it
18:12<Black_Prince>judd: file bin/apt-proxy
18:13<judd>No packages were found with that file.
18:13<Black_Prince>judd: file bin/apt-cacher-ng
18:13<judd>bin/apt-cacher-ng in squeeze/i386: apt-cacher-ng: usr/sbin/apt-cacher-ng
18:13<Black_Prince>Well, it seems that apt-proxy is unavailable
18:14<diederik>STMREG: it's not the same, but have similar behaviour
18:14<diederik>apt-cacher-ng works rather nice here
18:15-!-reklipz [] has joined #debian
18:15-!-hercynium [~hercynium@] has quit [Quit: quit application]
18:15-!-stoffepojken [] has joined #debian
18:17<daemonkeeper>apt-proxy is deprecated
18:17<dpkg>apt-proxy is a caching proxy for <apt>. See for more information. Removed from Debian post-Lenny to resolve bug #576821. For alternatives, ask me about <apt-cacher>, <apt-cacher-ng>, <squid deb caching>, <approx>.
18:17-!-garrik [~garrik@] has joined #debian
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18:27-!-ml|_ is now known as ml|
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18:41-!-mode/#debian [+l 485] by debhelper
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18:54-!-yannick_29 is now known as hypnos
18:54-!-Professional [~aXs@] has joined #debian
18:55<hypnos>is there somebody ?
18:56-!-hypnos [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Iceweasel 3.5.16/20110302091326]]
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19:01-!-manvsbush [] has joined #debian
19:01-!-clara [] has joined #debian
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19:04-!-Lordy [] has joined #debian
19:04<Lordy>Hello folks
19:05-!-knoppix-confi [~knoppix@] has joined #debian
19:05<Lordy>I have a kernel panic
19:05-!-knoppix-confi [~knoppix@] has quit []
19:05-!-duxklr [] has joined #debian
19:05-!-ThinSabre [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:06-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
19:06<retrospectacus>Colonel Panic? I hate that guy
19:07-!-angel [~angel@] has joined #debian
19:07-!-uksal [] has joined #debian
19:07*dvs prefers Major Havoc
19:07-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:08<retrospectacus>it's usually General Protection's fault tho
19:08-!-cthuluh [foobar@2001:470:1f13:2c9::1] has joined #debian
19:08<Lordy>Kernel panic
19:09-!-Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
19:09<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
19:09<dvs>!tell MuzerAway about away
19:09-!-vagvaf [~vagvaf@] has quit [Quit: vagvaf]
19:11-!-clara [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:11-!-cthuluh [foobar@2001:470:1f13:2c9::1] has quit []
19:11<Lordy>Hello Folks , i have a kernel panic ; i'm running Debian Squeeze. When i try to connect with my wlan card sometims i have a kernel panic and when i try to connect with ethernet it works alright. I have Dell Inspiron 1764 17.3" - Intel Core i3 2.26 GHz - 4 Go ddr3 - Debian Squeeze - Gnome
19:12-!-cthuluh [foobar@2001:470:1f13:2c9::1] has joined #debian
19:12-!-dvs [] has quit [Quit: The light at the end of the tunnel is the 5:15 train]
19:12-!-winsen [] has joined #debian
19:12-!-Kaimei is now known as zz_Kaimei
19:13<retrospectacus>Lordy: what's your wireless adapter? Can you pastebin dmesg or syslog showing messages up to the panic?
19:13<Lordy> (pastebin of my kern.log )
19:15<rSw_timeout>hello i having trouble with a kernel i installed i get this at bootscreen
19:15-!-rSw_timeout is now known as rSw
19:17-!-chitchat [] has joined #debian
19:17<retrospectacus>Lordy: looks like this is a known issue with b43, fixed in 2.6.33
19:17<retrospectacus>Lordy: you should enable backports and install the new kernel from squeeze-backports
19:17<Lordy>How can i fix it ?? :O
19:17<retrospectacus>!tell Lordy about bpo
19:17<MrFrood>rSw: what version of debian..?
19:17<diederik>rSw: sounds like an udev issue. Booting always fails?
19:18<rSw>wel the original kernal boots
19:18<Lordy>Do you have a tutoriel to enable a backports and install the new kernel ???
19:18<diederik>rSw: you have not enabled testing or sid, have you?
19:18<retrospectacus>Lordy: no but the dpkg bot knows all
19:18<rSw>say not that i know of
19:19<MrFrood>!tell Lordy about ssb
19:19<diederik>ok, then it's probably not an udev issue
19:19<judd>Available kernel versions are: sid: 2.6.39-1-686-pae (2.6.39-1); wheezy: 2.6.38-2-686 (2.6.38-5); squeeze-backports: 2.6.38-bpo.2-686 (2.6.38-3~bpo60+1); squeeze: 2.6.32-5-686 (2.6.32-34squeeze1); lenny-backports: 2.6.32-bpo.5-686 (2.6.32-31~bpo50+1); lenny: 2.6.26-2-686 (2.6.26-26lenny2)
19:20<rSw>i installed a patched 2.6.33-5 in my vm it worked like a charm but not on server maybe conflict with software raid
19:20<Lordy>!tell Lordy
19:20<retrospectacus>Lordy: /msg dpkg backports
19:20<MrFrood>!tell Lordy about self tell
19:21-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
19:21-!-duxklr [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
19:24-!-Wyzard [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:24<Lordy>Can you give me the link for the new kernel ?? And how to compile it ??
19:25-!-crixfer [~crixfer@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:25<rSw>me ?
19:25<diederik>Lordy: you don't have to compile it, you can get it from backports
19:25<Lordy>the command to install it ?
19:25<diederik>add the backports line to your sources.list, aptitude update
19:26<Lordy>already add it
19:26<daemonkeeper>... or just read the ssb factoid
19:26-!-aroundthfur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:27<daemonkeeper>Or even
19:27<daemonkeeper>!bdo kernel
19:27<dpkg>Newer kernels for Debian stable releases are distributed via Ask me about <bdo> to add to your sources.list correctly, then run "aptitude update". To list available backported kernel image packages: aptitude search '?narrow(~nlinux-image,?origin(Debian Backports))'. To install a package (e.g.): aptitude -t squeeze-backports install linux-image-2.6.38-bpo.2-686 See also <bdo kernel lenny>.
19:27-!-shadenzo [] has quit [Quit: "we are all one consciusness experiencing itself subjectively" Bill Hicks]
19:29-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
19:31<Lordy>i should install this ?
19:31<Lordy>aptitude -t squeeze-backports install linux-image-2.6.38-bpo.2-686
19:31-!-Amorphous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:31<diederik>if you have the 686 kernel
19:32<diederik>what does "uname -r" say?
19:32<rSw>are there other ways to install precompiled kernal headers and image .deb files .
19:34-!-a [] has joined #debian
19:34-!-a is now known as Guest3342
19:35-!-DebraBarone [] has joined #debian
19:35-!-Guest3342 [] has left #debian []
19:35<Lordy>!tell diederik 2.6.32-5-amd64
19:35<MrFrood>rSw: apt or aptitude (both are front ends to dpkg)
19:35-!-Blacker47 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
19:36<diederik>then you need linux-image-2.6.38-bpo.2-amd64
19:36<DebraBarone>Hello. I'm running wheezy on a laptop using ACPI. Commands like "acpi -b" work and such, and I have set up a battery meter for dwm. Can somebody recommend me some software to shut down the laptop when it is low on battery, or should I just make a BASH script? Right now, it will not do anything when there is little battery, and will continue to run until it dies due to lack of power. Thanks
19:36-!-a_ [] has joined #debian
19:37-!-a_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:37<diederik>Lordy: replace 686 with amd64 in your aptitude command
19:37<Lordy>Thank you
19:37<Lordy>Should i do it in graphical mode ?
19:37<Lordy>There is nothing wrong with it ?
19:38<diederik>not that I know of. I prefer CLI
19:40-!-piesenelagua [~parasit@] has joined #debian
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19:57<DebraBarone>I'll make a BASH script.
19:57<DebraBarone>Thanks anyway
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20:34<Toad>Bien t'as vu
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21:13<bluenemo_>ah ok thx terion23-afk (terminal / xserver)
21:13-!-gusnan [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
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21:20-!-Duck_Aprendiz [~jardel@] has joined #debian
21:20<unix>hola q tal
21:21<nickzxcv>i've started getting a bunch of "Couldn't download package" errors in installing the base system, is there a way to quit that step in the installer and fix the network or choose another mirror without totally restarting?
21:21<nickzxcv>this is over serial on a sparc64
21:24-!-bluenemo_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:24<nickzxcv>"go back" and "continue" both seem to try to install more packages
21:24-!-angasule [~angasule@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:27-!-Klyortat [] has joined #debian
21:27-!-riley [] has joined #debian
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21:32-!-zz_Yoshi210 is now known as Yoshi210
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21:35-!-lukeylad118 [] has joined #debian
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21:35<riley>how do i mount a usb drive in debian?
21:37-!-SineWave [] has joined #debian
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21:38-!-abrotman [] has joined #debian
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22:05-!-alephnull [~alok@] has joined #debian
22:06<unix>que tal?
22:06<unix>me podrian ayudar con un problema q tengo por favor?
22:08-!-d4rkh4v0k [~h4v0kcs@] has joined #debian
22:08-!-rami_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:10<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
22:10-!-juke3344 [] has joined #debian
22:11-!-Yoshi210 is now known as zz_Yoshi210
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22:23-!-unix is now known as santi
22:25-!-skilz [] has joined #debian
22:26<skilz>hi, how can I make my system display 'linuxlogo' when someone ssh's int it
22:28-!-skilz [] has quit []
22:31-!-jhutchins_lt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:33<uksal>3TB external 130 USD on newegg.
22:33<abrotman>uksal: please don't spam us
22:33-!-Mestre [] has joined #debian
22:34<tharkun>3 modems on an old machine, and out of the three none that i can use. /me is utterly frustrated
22:34<uksal>abrotman: I'm not, just saying that capacities are growing ever larger.
22:35<abrotman>tharkun: why not?
22:35<uksal>Kind of a murmur of something interesting. Didn't know they had 3TB.
22:35<uksal>At that cheap.
22:36<tharkun>abrotman: SM56 (soft modem) 2 of those SoftV92 from Conexant also a bloody soft modem Alias winmodems
22:36-!-duxklr_ [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
22:37-!-hereforfun [~hereforfu@] has joined #debian
22:37<sney>I still have an external serial-port modem somewhere
22:37<tharkun>If you have a known workaround for any of them feel free to open your wisdom to us simple mortals
22:37<sney>that thing was the bomb
22:37-!-Timmah [] has joined #debian
22:37-!-jon_ [] has joined #debian
22:37-!-jon_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:37<tharkun>sney: I offered all 3 modems for one of those and i was told to go take a hike ;P
22:38-!-Timmah [] has quit []
22:38<tharkun>BTW how is pebbles?
22:38<sney>she was talking a lot today
22:38<uksal>You can get external rs232 modems for like 30 USD now.
22:38<tharkun>uksal: where?
22:38<uksal>Err uhh, trendnet makes them.
22:38<uksal>Work well.
22:38<sney>uksal: might be harder in argentina
22:39<uksal>Hmm. In EU/US/UK/AU/NZ/CA
22:39<tharkun>sney: Mexico, i'm from México
22:39<uksal>where white people live
22:39-!-samyak [~samyak@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:40-!-uksal is now known as uksel
22:41-!-debsan [~debsan@] has joined #debian
22:41<tharkun>uksel: TrendNet USB 56k v.92 External Mode Modem Type: Soft-Modem
22:42-!-artista_frustrado [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:42<uksel>tharkun: TrendNet TFM-560X
22:43<uksel>on the topic of dialup - if I wanted to dial in every 4 hours and grab mail, what kind of free dial-up ISP would offer that ability in north america
22:43<sney>the one I have is USR5686G by US Robotics
22:43-!-djiefo [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:43-!-lidb [~lidb@] has joined #debian
22:44<sney>uksel: the kind you get bundled with a broadband connection. also, this should be in #debian-offtopic
22:44<tharkun>sney: i have also one of those. It is a nice looking corpse. Too many years of service
22:45-!-juke3344 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:48<tharkun>uksel: Ok, now the logistics to get it down here is going to be a breeze. Thanks for the solution. IOU one. a BIG one
22:48-!-whirli [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
22:50-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
22:52-!-negro-jei [~negro-jei@] has left #debian []
22:53<uksel>tharkun: No problem.
22:54-!-abrotman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:58-!-nodus [] has joined #debian
22:58<uksel>How well does an "AMD Radeon HD 6310" GPU work with Debian Squeeze?
22:58-!-nodus [] has quit []
22:58<uksel>I don't care about suspend/resume.
22:59<uksel>Not sure what core it is. May be an R600.
22:59<sney>well, you need to use fglrx for that one I think, and it can be a pain to set up
22:59-!-yanli [] has joined #debian
22:59<sney>no it's way past r600
22:59-!-santi [~santos@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
22:59<uksel>Oh, I haven't been keeping track.
22:59<sney>the hd 6000 series is still new enough that support is patchy
22:59<sney>they dropped the whole r* thing a couple series back
22:59<uksel>I guess I should go for the 4500HMD?
23:00-!-lanthan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:00<uksel>Whatever. Was thinking something Poulsbo. I hate bad graphics support after that.
23:00<sney>it'd be a safer bet right now anyway. the radeon driver team moves very fast though so your 6310 might be supported fully in wheezy and up
23:02<uksel>Intel GMA 4500MHD*
23:02<uksel>There we go.
23:03<uksel>Hmmmm. Yeah they have made strides.
23:03-!-inix1 [] has joined #debian
23:03-!-hdon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:03-!-jcwu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:03-!-d4rkh4v0k [~h4v0kcs@] has left #debian []
23:05-!-inix [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:05-!-wissem [~localhost@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:07-!-test [] has joined #debian
23:07-!-test [] has quit []
23:09<uksel>sney: Yeah, I was looking at a new Thinkpad that has a different processor chipset. AMD Fusion.
23:10<uksel>For 55 USD more I can get a better support Core2Duo and an Intel GPU.
23:10-!-tahirih [] has joined #debian
23:11-!-mode/#debian [+l 448] by debhelper
23:11<sney> well, radeon still doesn't support it
23:12-!-byonk [] has joined #debian
23:12-!-tahirih [] has left #debian []
23:18-!-f8l [] has joined #debian
23:20-!-akrome [] has joined #debian
23:24<sney>you should probably talk to #ati on freenode, figure out which fglrx supports it, and work from there
23:26-!-alephnull [~alok@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:26<uksel>I dunno, sney, it looks like with Intel I'd have VAAPI for accelerating MPEG2. It is also polished and free software, and it is here-and-now.
23:27-!-akrome [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:27<uksel>The last time I've had 3D was on a ATI Radeon 7000. :(
23:27-!-akrome [] has joined #debian
23:27<uksel>Getting 2D, even, on my Lemote Yeeloong hasn't happened yet.
23:27*uksel throws down cash for something stable and works.
23:28<uksel>*10% to charity organization too
23:31-!-debsan [~debsan@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:33-!-flightplan [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:36-!-ray [] has joined #debian
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23:39-!-ray_ [] has joined #debian
23:39-!-liyan [] has joined #debian
23:42<ray_>hey you all! i just installed the first time Xubuntu v11.4 on my machine. so this is all very very new and complicate to me. also i just wanted to say "hi" to the community :-)
23:43-!-aussa [~andres@] has joined #debian
23:43<aussa>hi, I have an asus laptop, an the integrated mic does not work, any idea how to solve that?
23:45-!-yanli [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:45-!-dotCOMmie [] has joined #debian
23:47-!-ray_ [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
23:47-!-ray [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
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23:52-!-riley [] has joined #debian
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