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01:13<sleser>a small problem in flash free one from debian . on youtube video when . scroled to middle video dosnt play just stays there . does any one has same problem and solved it ?
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02:00<jwp>aptitude install xchat
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02:02<jwp>What is a python?
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02:05<jwp>Do you guys like Debian?
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02:09<jmcnaught>jwp: Python is a programming language. Of course everyone here likes Debian. This isn't really a social channel though. If you need help with Debian this is the right place, but for chatting you might look for another channel
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03:12<conofir>Hi guys. I'm a bit pressed on time but I have to create a drive image of a computer. The hard drive is 700 gigabytes but only 20 of it is used. I don't want to copy the files because it will be harder to put back in case I need to recover it, but I also don't have time to copy the entire 700 gigabytes.
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03:13<conofir>Is it possible to create something like virtual machine HDD formats that are shrunken but still drive images?
03:14<drylelite>make an iso image of the drive? via "dd" conofir ?
03:15<conofir>drylelite: That will take too long for 700 gigabytes and seems like a waste when only 20 is used.
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03:17<amadey78>how can i recovery tmpfs files after reboot system
03:18<conofir>amadey78: Not possible. tmpfs is stored in RAM.
03:19<amadey78>so, where i can found crash dump ?
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03:19<conofir>If it is put in a tmpfs then you can't.
03:20<drylelite>hehe on hehe
03:21<babilen>drylelite: You can just use cp for that, dd will, by default, be slower than cp and both do the same thing. cp /dev/sda sda.img works just fine. Everything is a file.
03:22<conofir>babilen: Why would dd be slower?
03:22<babilen>conofir: Shrink the filesystem and partition before you copy it, I am not aware of a way to get an image that does not cover anything
03:23<conofir>Is that possible to do without modifying the disk? ie can I do it so the shrunken copy appears on an external drive as a .img instead of risking modifying the original?
03:23<babilen>conofir: Because it does not scale the blocksize dynamically as cp does and uses, by default, a blocksize that is too small which necessitates too many operations
03:23<conofir>I always set the blocksize manually to my hard drive's block size, I thought that was the best thing to do.
03:24<babilen>conofir: You can copy it first and then work on the copy (you can mount the image), but if you want to do that prior to the copying you have to make changes to the original disk
03:24<conofir>I guess I'm trying to find a solution where I can quickly copy /dev/sda while preserving the partition layout and partition table and all that.
03:25<jm_>conofir: partimage can dump just the used part of the drive too
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03:26<conofir>jm_: Will partimage let me back it up in a way that I can restore it pretty much identically?
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03:28<jm_>conofir: yes, that's what it exists for
03:29<conofir>Oh cool, thanks!
03:29<jm_> read about it, there are also bootable cd-s with it, see clonezilla
03:29<jm_>no problem
03:29<conofir>I assume the only thing it does not preserve is unallocated disk space?
03:30<conofir>Oh it does not support ext4 filesystems...
03:30<jm_>hmm after reading your last statement before I mentioned partimage - it's used for individual partitions, I don't think you can use it as is for entire drive, you'll have to do that yourself
03:31<conofir>Well I can save the partition table manually and then the individual partitions, but not if it doesn't support ext4.
03:31<jm_>yeah that's not there yet
03:32<conofir>Hopefully there is a port or patch for it.
03:33<conofir>"FSArchiver is a disk cloning utility for Linux. FSArchiver can save partitions containing different popular file systems to a disk image. It is a continuation of PartImage, which was a project from one of the same authors, and implements new features that PartImage lacks."
03:34<jm_>cool, need to switch to using that myself too, thanks for mentioning it
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03:36<babilen>conofir: I'd just use cp if I want to copy entire files. It has a much nicer syntax, scales the blocksize dynamically to the optimal value and works just as well. dd is really only needed if you need its special features (e.g. copy $foo blocks with an offset of $offset)
03:36<babilen>And partimage looks useful :)
03:37<conofir>I want to copy the filesystem and partition structure too so cp won't cut it (if I cp individual files with cp -a then it won't preserve that, if i do cp /dev/sda then it ill take way too long)
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03:38<conofir>Another question I have is how I would do this with LUKS encryption? I should backup the header and partition table, and then the individual partitions with fsarchiver right? That will allow me to reassemble it later?
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03:45<conofir>So how should I back those up? I also use LVM so would saving the first 10 MB of the drive keep all the information necessary (LVM, LUKS, partition, MBR, etc)?
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03:46<grummund>Hi, can exim be configured to use a smarthost for delivery *and* permit relaying of domains?
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03:47<drylelite>i would advise not to use exim since postfix is more secure :P
03:48<drylelite>atleast from what i have read :p
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03:48<amadey78>did centos make some crash dump after kernel panic or something else?
03:49<conofir>amadey78: I don't think CentOS does that by default.
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03:50<amadey78>so, yesterday i have a kernel panic after that server was reboot, can i recovery some data?
03:52<jm_>amadey78: are you using centos on this server?
03:52<jm_>so why are you asking in #debian?
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04:12<shirish>anybody here who could help with commands for debian bts control ?
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04:22<musca>shirish: just assume "yes" and ask your question.
04:26<shirish>musca: I had reported a bug, it was marked done but the new version didn't fix the bug
04:26<shirish>made the whole thing at
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05:03<deux>hi everybody
05:04<deux>i have a question - i'm on debian testing and now i'm getting (through the updates) a request to remove sysvinit-core. should i?
05:04<jm_>from the topic: testing/unstable: #debian-next
05:05<deux>ok, thank yhou
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05:05<jm_>no problem
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08:00-!-rubs [~ruben@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
08:00<debianer_>I´ve created a bash-script and i want to have the output from wget in check. But this doesn´t work:
08:00<debianer_>check=$(wget --spider ${url})
08:00<planetmaker>maybe: check=`wget --spider $url`
08:01-!-Guest2925 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:01-!-fike [~fike@] has joined #debian
08:01-!-trapier [] has joined #debian
08:02<debianer_>planetmaker: I have already tested that. Sadly that doesn´t work, too. Which is the different between that two methodes?
08:02<jm_>debianer_: wget man page says it reports to stderr so 2>&1
08:03-!-bolt [~r00t@] has joined #debian
08:05-!-jalalsfs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:07<debianer_>jm_: does not work, too
08:09<jm_>debianer_: what exactly did you type?
08:09-!-theanalyst [~abhi@] has joined #debian
08:09-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:09-!-gomex [~gomex@] has joined #debian
08:09<debianer_>check=$(wget --spider ${url} 2>&1)
08:09<debianer_>and check=`wget --spider ${url} 2>&1``
08:09<jm_>works fine for me
08:10<debianer_>which one?
08:10<jm_>check=$(wget --spider ... 2>&1)
08:10-!-daube [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:10-!-surrealillusion [~whome@] has joined #debian
08:10<Riviera>avoid `..`
08:10-!-chimeric [~whome@] has joined #debian
08:10-!-oneveu1 [] has joined #debian
08:10-!-darokthar [] has joined #debian
08:10<Riviera>and quote $url, output=$(wget --spider "$url" 2>&1)
08:11-!-surrealillusion [~whome@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:11<Riviera>debatable whether storing the output of wget in a shell variable makes any sense at all, though; you might consider telling the actual goal, what you want to do with that output, why do you want it in a variable.
08:11-!-oneveu [~Thunderbi@2001:660:3201:1118:ec96:5809:3bfa:e00] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:13<debianer_>Riviera: because of
08:13<planetmaker>Riviera, why avoid using `...`? That's no argument against not quoting it, though as one can use var="`commands`"
08:13<debianer_>if [[ ${check} =~ "404 Not Found" ]]; then
08:14<planetmaker>debhelper, then better use $? to query the exit status
08:14<planetmaker>wget ...
08:14<planetmaker>if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
08:15<mjt>(and also, how about other 404 variants, eg, "404 не найдено" ?)
08:15<Riviera>planetmaker: it doesn't need to be quoted in an assignment
08:16-!-petrus [~petrus@] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
08:16-!-petrus [~petrus@] has joined #debian
08:17<Riviera>planetmaker: but `` is mean for two reasons, nesting it is annoying, compare echo "$(echo "$(echo something)")" with echo "`echo "\`echo someting\`"`", and compare these:
08:18<Riviera>$ printf '$(): %s ``: %s\n' "$(echo '\\')" "`echo '\\'`"
08:18<Riviera>$(): \\ ``: \
08:18<Riviera>debianer_: oh well, good luck then.
08:19<Riviera>debianer_: if wget ... | grep -q '404 Not Found'; then ..; fi wouldn't suffice?
08:19<Riviera>debianer_: or even just if wget ...; then ..; fi
08:19<debianer_>that is my script
08:19-!-Guest2944 is now known as althaser
08:20-!-theanalyst [~abhi@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:20-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
08:20-!-reddot [~reddot@] has joined #debian
08:20<Riviera>debianer_: That script has a few issues. Don't use a for loop here, use while read -r url; do ...; done < "$1" instead.
08:20<debianer_>what is wrong there? i can´t found any errors.
08:20-!-reddot [~reddot@] has quit []
08:21<planetmaker>debhelper, did you try the approach with checking for $? instead?
08:22<Riviera>$? might not suffice because of --spider, but I haven't checked that.
08:23<planetmaker>without it does
08:23-!-linuxgeek_ [] has joined #debian
08:23-!-mythos [] has joined #debian
08:23-!-prem [~prem@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:23<jm_>debug the script with set -x and see where it goes wrong
08:24<planetmaker>and also works with
08:24-!-jdoe4711 [~yaaic@] has joined #debian
08:25<planetmaker>as a quick test showed :)
08:25-!-gandaliter [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:26-!-tiekookeit [] has joined #debian
08:27-!-jdoe4711 [~yaaic@] has left #debian []
08:27-!-jalalsfs [] has joined #debian
08:28-!-theanalyst [~abhi@] has joined #debian
08:28-!-vrishab [~vrishab@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:29<debianer_>the second url isnt correct for testing purposes
08:29-!-petrus_ [~petrus@] has joined #debian
08:29-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:30<jm_>looks fine to me you don't get 404 back
08:30-!-imavlr [~n@] has joined #debian
08:30<debianer_>have found the error: i get a 301 Moved Permanently
08:30-!-sellan [] has joined #debian
08:31-!-jdoe4711 [~yaaic@] has joined #debian
08:32-!-chimeric [~whome@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:32<debianer_>if [[ ${check} !~ "200 OK" ]]; then
08:33<debianer_>why that doesn´t work?
08:33-!-Guest2955 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:33-!-BioX [~Biox@2a02:908:e221:8c00:a5d7:f52b:97c7:c499] has joined #debian
08:33-!-dandersson [] has joined #debian
08:33<debianer_>what is the opposide from =~ ?
08:33-!-danijoo [] has joined #debian
08:34<debianer_>the script should something do, if it doesn´t get "200 OK"
08:35<jm_>! ${check} =~ ...
08:35-!-mms [] has joined #debian
08:35-!-mms [] has quit []
08:35-!-tommie-lie [] has joined #debian
08:35-!-danderss1n [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:35<jm_>but off now
08:35-!-jm_ [] has quit [Quit: Disconnecting]
08:35-!-rainland [] has joined #debian
08:35-!-sellan [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:36<rainland>hello, i installed debian 7.6 on usb, xfce version
08:36<rainland>now when im trying to install musescore, the installed says that i need to install some disk into /media/cdrom
08:36<rainland>whats the point in that?
08:37-!-petrus [~petrus@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:37-!-mode/#debian [+l 667] by debhelper
08:37<rainland>installer* says
08:37-!-BioX [~Biox@2a02:908:e221:8c00:a5d7:f52b:97c7:c499] has quit []
08:37<debianer_>thank you
08:38<planetmaker>what does the =~ in the conditional expression mean? what comparison operator is it?
08:38-!-gomex [~gomex@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:38<planetmaker>I can't seem to find it in bash manual
08:39-!-centrx [] has joined #debian
08:39<debianer_>planetmaker: if the piece of string you select is in the bis string; example:
08:40<planetmaker>oh, subset
08:40-!-danijoo_ [~danijoo@2a02:908:de11:da80:45ee:8833:759d:2230] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:40<debianer_>string1="Hello World!"; if [[ ${string} =~ "World" ]]; then
08:41<debianer_>would be true
08:41<planetmaker>I see. Thanks :)
08:41<debianer_>yes :)
08:41<rainland>to be more exact synaptic wants me to put debian 7.6.0 official xfce-cd in the dvd-bay
08:41-!-kjo12 [~kjo@] has joined #debian
08:41<rainland>how can i get rid of this and continue installation?
08:42-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
08:42<rainland>shouldnt everything be available throught the internet after the main installation?
08:43<centrx>rainland, It is, but your package sources reference the CDs because that is what you installed with
08:43<centrx>rainland, synaptic may have a GUI tool to change your package sources. Otherwise, edit /etc/apt/sources.list ( /msg dpkg sources.list )
08:43<Riviera>planetmaker: =~ does regex matching; see "help [[" in an interactive bash session or check the section Compound Commands in the manpage.
08:44<Riviera>planetmaker: Note that World here isn't treated as a regex but as a string, because it's quoted.
08:44<Riviera>planetmaker: I'd personally not use regex matching here but just the pattern matching features of the shell itself, with [[ $string = *World* ]]
08:44-!-darokthar [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:44<rainland>thanks centrx, got it
08:44-!-LocutusOfBorg1 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:45<planetmaker>ah... [ vs. [[ makes it regex matching?
08:45-!-linuxgeek_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:46<planetmaker>hm, no. But I see :)
08:46-!-mms [~mms@] has joined #debian
08:46-!-mms [~mms@] has quit []
08:46-!-Nrange [~Nrange@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:46-!-lenka [] has joined #debian
08:46-!-lenka [] has quit []
08:47-!-jschmidt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:47<rainland> /msg dpkg sources.list
08:47<Riviera>planetmaker: [ and [[ .. ]] are rather different, the former doesn't have either, regex or pattern matching.
08:47-!-rainland [] has left #debian []
08:48-!-lipizzan [] has joined #debian
08:48<planetmaker>help [ was very useful, yes :)
08:48<planetmaker>and interestingly it also lists =~
08:48-!-sellan [] has joined #debian
08:49<Riviera>planetmaker: well, yes, but that's only because in your version of bash "help [" also prints help for "[[" :)
08:49<Riviera>planetmaker: similarly as "help read" also prints help for the "readonly" command :)
08:50-!-debianer_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:50<Riviera>planetmaker: The most important difference is that [ is a command, while [[ is not, [[ is only a keyword, the command is the entire [[ .. ]]
08:50-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:50<Riviera>planetmaker: that has a few implications on syntactical differences between [ and ], and [[ and ]].
08:51<Riviera>planetmaker: most notably about quoting.
08:51-!-LocutusOfBorg1 [] has joined #debian
08:51-!-danijoo [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:51-!-lalala [~lalala@] has joined #debian
08:51-!-danijoo [] has joined #debian
08:52<planetmaker>I used to use them like if [ blah ]; then (block) fi vs. short versions of [[ blah ]] && do this || do that
08:52-!-xjuan [] has joined #debian
08:52<Riviera>be careful with the latter, the "do that" branch is not only executed when the [[ blah ]] part is false but also when the "do this" branch fails.
08:52-!-dim34 [] has joined #debian
08:52-!-cnanakos is now known as cnanakos_away
08:54-!-trapier [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.4.3]
08:54<planetmaker>hm... :) I shall try to remember that when I mess with makefiles next time
08:55-!-Nrange [~Nrange@] has joined #debian
08:55-!-trapier [] has joined #debian
08:56-!-jdoe4711 [~yaaic@] has quit [Quit: AtomicIRC: The nuclear option.]
08:56-!-aerostitch [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:56-!-ao2 [~ao2@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
08:57<dim34>hi, does anyone know when/why nvidia-driver was removed from the testing repo?
08:57-!-diegoacosta [~diegoacos@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:57-!-frangor [] has joined #debian
08:58-!-juliana [~juliana@] has joined #debian
08:59-!-iflema [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
08:59-!-symptom [] has joined #debian
09:00<centrx>dim34, Normally you would find a link to that information at
09:00<centrx>dim34, For some reason it is not there, maybe it was done today and the page has not updated yet
09:01-!-Nrange [~Nrange@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:03-!-jschmidt [] has joined #debian
09:03<dim34>centrx thanks, i did an upgrade about an hour ago, the nvidia-driver package was on the upgrade list but it was not installed, it just removed the old package and i cannot log into graphics environment...
09:05<dim34>i am wondering if this is a mistake and i should wait or install the nvidia-driver from sid...
09:06-!-gjerich [~quassel@] has joined #debian
09:06-!-imavlr [~n@] has quit [Quit: Kuit!]
09:07-!-fisted_ [] has joined #debian
09:07-!-debjeb [] has joined #debian
09:08-!-broucarie [~bastien@] has joined #debian
09:08-!-fisted [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:08-!-fisted_ is now known as fisted
09:09<planetmaker>dim34, installing the driver from sid might not be the best or at least easiest choice. You should then know very exactly what you do. How to pin versions etc
09:09-!-imavlr [~n@] has joined #debian
09:09-!-debjeb [] has quit []
09:09-!-debjeb [] has joined #debian
09:11-!-oneveu1 [] has quit [Quit: oneveu1]
09:11-!-mephisto [~quassel@] has joined #debian
09:14-!-nkukard_ [~nkukard@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:14-!-nkukard_ [~nkukard@] has joined #debian
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09:16-!-Schnabel- [] has joined #debian
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09:18-!-Schnabeltier [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:18-!-Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltier
09:18<dim34>planetmaker . yes i am thinking of trying apt-get install nvidia-driver/unstable, if it dependencies are met from testing then everything is ok...on the other hand, apt-get install -t nvidia-driver will try to upgrade *all* dependencies (pull it from unstable)...this will a bit of a problem..
09:23-!-lzzluca [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
09:24-!-oneveu [] has joined #debian
09:25-!-sellan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:25-!-lzzluca [] has joined #debian
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09:39-!-juliana [~juliana@] has joined #debian
09:41-!-erm [] has joined #debian
09:42-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
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09:49-!-jrivero [] has joined #debian
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09:51-!-cybersphinx [] has joined #debian
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09:59-!-dar [~tambora@] has joined #debian
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10:11-!-gandaliter [] has joined #debian
10:11-!-KxMP [~KxMP@] has joined #debian
10:12<KxMP>Hi when i use mingw32 in debian 64bit i have a strange problem
10:12<KxMP>configure: error: OpenSSL header files not found
10:12<KxMP>When i don't use mingw32, it's ok....
10:13-!-lzzluca [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:14<planetmaker>KxMP, you'll also need the openssl header files for the mingw compiler. Different compiles may need different header files
10:14<planetmaker>especially for cross-compilers like mingw
10:14-!-REalm [] has joined #debian
10:16-!-isaacd [] has joined #debian
10:16-!-diegoacosta [~diegoacos@] has joined #debian
10:18-!-cyber-duracel [~peter@] has joined #debian
10:18-!-marian-znc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:18<planetmaker>maybe it just has different paths configured and can use your system headers for openssl. In which case you might need to explicitly state it
10:18<cyber-duracel>Hi there
10:19-!-rkdemon [] has joined #debian
10:22-!-mtn [] has joined #debian
10:23<cyber-duracel>I'd like to ask you about ppp if-up / if-down scripts on Debian. as it seems it does not work as I supposed, vpn provided is called via pppd call name, I put shell scripts in /etc/ppp/if-up.d/ but it does not seem to be executed, could anyone advise?
10:23-!-REalm [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
10:24-!-lduros [] has joined #debian
10:24-!-REalm [] has joined #debian
10:25-!-eju [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
10:25-!-sjkelly [] has joined #debian
10:26-!-rkdemon2 [] has joined #debian
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10:29-!-lzzluca [] has joined #debian
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10:31-!-towo` [] has joined #debian
10:32-!-cyber-duracel [~peter@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:34-!-vares [] has joined #debian
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10:37-!-Big-Blue [] has joined #debian
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10:39-!-gandaliter [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:40-!-warhead [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:41-!-gandaliter [] has joined #debian
10:42<KxMP>Hi where should i put libraries to mingw32?!?!
10:42<KxMP>I put libssl to /usr/i586-mingw32msvc/lib but it not work...
10:42-!-jrivero_ [] has joined #debian
10:43-!-flo1546796 [~flo154679@2001:660:5001:156:5588:16f0:5301:db2b] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
10:44<planetmaker>KxMP, you need the development files for the library
10:44-!-paulio [] has quit [Quit: paulio]
10:45<KxMP>I put header to mingw,and that error disappered,but now it says error: OpenSSL libraries not found
10:45-!-badiane1 [] has joined #debian
10:45<KxMP>So i think i should put libssl to mingw....
10:46-!-centrx [] has quit [Quit: Mead error: Connection reset by beer]
10:46-!-darokthar [~darokthar@VPNPOOL01-0145.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has joined #debian
10:47-!-chitchat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:47<KxMP>Oh...i found openssl libs... let me try....
10:47-!-melmothX [] has quit [Quit: @#]
10:48-!-Ericounet [] has joined #debian
10:49-!-darokthar [~darokthar@VPNPOOL01-0145.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:49-!-jrivero__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:50-!-phinaliumz [] has quit [Quit: What does this button do?]
10:50-!-edhelas_ [~edhelas@2001:981:e7ba:1:863a:4bff:fe85:8a3c] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:52<KxMP>I put openssl-1.0.0 to /usr/i586-mingw32msvc/lib and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/openssl-1.0.0 but it doesn't work,still says OpenSSL libraries not found
10:54-!-quentusrex [] has joined #debian
10:54-!-jrivero_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:54-!-jrivero_ [] has joined #debian
10:54<KxMP>I put header to /usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32msvc/4.2.1-sjlj/include it worked,but why i put libs to /usr/lib/gcc/i586-mingw32msvc/4.2.1-sjlj/lib it not work?!??!?
10:57-!-mode/#debian [+l 664] by debhelper
10:57-!-calisto [] has joined #debian
10:58-!-juliana [~juliana@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
10:58-!-Guest2707 is now known as msantana
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10:59-!-artista_frustrado [] has joined #debian
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11:04-!-oneveu [] has joined #debian
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11:04-!-magellanino [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:06-!-mmarsh [~mmarsh@] has joined #debian
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11:08-!-mmarsh [~mmarsh@] has left #debian []
11:09-!-hashem [~hashem@2601:6:3000:3c6:e60:76ff:fe5a:d207] has joined #debian
11:09-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
11:09-!-swirl [] has joined #debian
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11:11-!-kenoby [] has joined #debian
11:12-!-ratcheer [] has joined #debian
11:12-!-namix [] has quit [Quit: ...]
11:12-!-andl [] has joined #debian
11:12<andl>hello. my wireless keyboard k400 logtech doesn't work in debian wheezy
11:12<andl>but it works in grub.
11:12<andl>what can i do?
11:12-!-namix [] has joined #debian
11:13<mtn>andl: have you tried all of the usb ports?
11:14<andl>no but i'll try it... one moment
11:14-!-jrivero_ [] has joined #debian
11:14-!-marian-znc [] has joined #debian
11:15-!-ao2 [~ao2@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
11:16-!-marian-znc [] has quit []
11:16-!-lepalom [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:17<andl>trying other usb ports doesn't work. i always get the same kind of error
11:18-!-nanamy [] has joined #debian
11:18-!-thatguychuck [] has joined #debian
11:18-!-maellak [] has joined #debian
11:18<mtn>andl: is it a bluetooth keyboard?
11:18-!-maellak [] has quit []
11:18-!-petrus_ [~petrus@] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
11:19<andl>i don't know
11:20-!-gnugr [] has joined #debian
11:20-!-wnkz_ [~wnkz@] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
11:20-!-us`0gb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:21<andl>here is it in english
11:22<mtn>andl: sorry, I don't need to read it. if you figure out if it is bluetooth or not may help you fix your problem. ;)
11:22<andl>mtn: ok
11:23-!-jrivero_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:23-!-linuxgeek_ [] has joined #debian
11:23<andl>mtn: i read in one article that it is NOT an bluetooh keyboard
11:23<andl>why it works in grub and not in debian?
11:24-!-dwi [~smuxi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:24-!-oneveu [] has joined #debian
11:24-!-dwi [~smuxi@] has joined #debian
11:25-!-otherflow [] has joined #debian
11:25<mtn>andl: I really don't know
11:26-!-mephisto [~quassel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:26-!-aranax [] has joined #debian
11:26-!-marian [] has joined #debian
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11:29-!-tiago` [] has joined #debian
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11:31-!-shirish_ [~quassel@] has joined #debian
11:32-!-vincent [] has joined #debian
11:32-!-vincent [] has quit []
11:33-!-jrivero_ [] has joined #debian
11:33-!-somtalgu [~adam@] has joined #debian
11:34-!-petra [] has joined #debian
11:34-!-petra is now known as nyamo
11:35<mjt>what's the deal -- if I put `iface eth0 inet6 dhcp' into etc/network/interfaces, and, for some reason, IPv6 doesn't work, my system will never boot?
11:35<nyamo>Do I have to configure a source before building it to a package?
11:37-!-krofek [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:38-!-nanamy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:39-!-shirish [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:39-!-ki7mt [~ki7mt@] has joined #debian
11:39-!-Gromit [~jpalic@] has quit [Quit: byebye]
11:39-!-valvalion [] has joined #debian
11:40-!-grobda24 [] has joined #debian
11:42<mjt>heck. So I had to boot a rescue CD and remove the one line from /etc/network/interfaces JUST to let the system to boot. Where's sanity in that??
11:42-!-JBek [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:42<drylelite>dafuq :D
11:43<nyamo>Do I have to configure a source before building it to a package?
11:43<drylelite>nyamo: depends if u want to change anything i guess, if ur talking about make & stuff
11:43-!-oneveu [] has quit [Quit: oneveu]
11:43<drylelite>&& also depends on the package i guess :)
11:43<nyamo>I don't want to change anything
11:44<drylelite>play around u can always recompile it :P
11:44<nyamo>I want to compile a KDE-friendly Qt5
11:44<nyamo>I want to build a Debian package from that source
11:46-!-hashem [~hashem@2601:6:3000:3c6:e60:76ff:fe5a:d207] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:46<drylelite>i dont have plenty experiance with desktops :P
11:46<drylelite>i only use debian on my srvrs :P
11:47-!-krofek [] has joined #debian
11:50-!-aho [~aho@] has joined #debian
11:50-!-mephisto [~quassel@] has joined #debian
11:51-!-fooctrl [~havoc@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
11:52-!-aho [~aho@] has left #debian []
11:56-!-canaima [~canaima@] has joined #debian
11:56-!-isaacd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:56-!-sitinavra [] has joined #debian
11:56-!-dwi [~smuxi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:58<jmcnaught>dpkg: tell nyamo -about nmg
11:59<jmcnaught>nyamo: the dpkg bot should have messaged you some links that might help you get started with packaging. The New Maintainer's Guide also has linked to other documentation about various build processes
12:00-!-REalm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:01-!-fonfon [~quassel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:02-!-jalalsfs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:02-!-valvalion [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:02-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
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12:07-!-lzzluca [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
12:07-!-Cyd [] has quit [Quit: Cyd]
12:12<andl>hello! i have a logitech wireless keyboard k400. it doesn't work with debian wheezy. what can i do?
12:12-!-israel [~israel@2602:306:c557:faf9:a82e:f7d1:1ba5:88b9] has joined #debian
12:13-!-gnugr [] has quit [Quit: Αποχώρησε]
12:13-!-gnugr [] has joined #debian
12:15-!-Out`Of`Control [] has joined #debian
12:15-!-israel [~israel@2602:306:c557:faf9:a82e:f7d1:1ba5:88b9] has quit []
12:18<SynrGy>andl: should 'just work'. is it paired with a mouse?
12:18-!-Lunario [] has joined #debian
12:18<Lunario>Is it possible to install two Debian distros (or forks of Debian) on two partitions of ONE external HDD in persistence mode? If so, how do I configure which of the two distros to boot? Do I have to install GRUB or sth. like that on my external HDD for that?
12:18<SynrGy>some pairings seem to fail. i've seen on logitech forums that in that case if you unpair, it can resolve the issue.
12:19<SynrGy>i've had some success with that.
12:19<andl>SynrGy: yes but nothing works. i get the error
12:19-!-alexander [] has joined #debian
12:20<SynrGy>andl: uname -a
12:21<andl>SynrGy: Linux andiserver 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.60-1+deb7u1 x86_64 GNU/Linux
12:21-!-lstanisic [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:21<SynrGy>$ grep -i hidraw /boot/config-3.2.0-4-amd64
12:21<SynrGy>you should see: CONFIG_HIDRAW=y
12:21<oldlaptop>Lunario: you will need GRUB on the external HDD, same as you would for a single system
12:22<andl>SynrGy: yes i see it
12:22<andl>SynrGy: the keyboard works in grub but not in debian
12:23<Lunario>Ah ok, and when I install the second debian OS on my external HDD, would it automatically see the need to install GRUB and also include the first OS on my external HDD? Also, would it influence the bootloader/boot menu of the computer itself? How do I make sure GRUB is installed on the external HDD and not on the computer itself, and how do I make sure that upon booting, GRUB is loaded? (sorry
12:23<Lunario>for so many questions at once but I couldn't find an answer anywhere on these)
12:24<SynrGy>i guess there's some bug here in the kernel driver for it. dunno :/
12:24-!-valvalion [] has joined #debian
12:24-!-mtn [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:24<Zaba>could try the kernel from backports, maybe the driver was fixed at some point
12:25<andl>how can i do that?
12:25-!-mtn [] has joined #debian
12:25<SynrGy>!bpo kernel
12:25<dpkg>Newer kernels for Debian stable releases are available from the "wheezy-backports" repository. Ask me about <wheezy-backports> to modify your sources.list, then run «aptitude update». To install the current backported kernel: «aptitude -t wheezy-backports install linux-image-`uname -r|sed 's,[^-]*-[^-]*-,,'`». To list available backported kernel image packages: «aptitude search '?narrow(~nlinux-image,?origin(Debian Backports))'».
12:25<dpkg>Selected packages intended for the "Jessie" (8.0) release of Debian but recompiled for use with "Wheezy" (7.x) can be found in the "wheezy-backports" repository. Note that wheezy-backports are on the regular mirror network, not on A suitable line for your sources.list is «deb wheezy-backports main». Also ask me about <bdo>.
12:26<SynrGy>^^ both things
12:26<SynrGy>the wheezy-backports first, then install the backported kernel.
12:26<oldlaptop>Lunario: Debian should. I don't know what a derivative would do, please ask dpkg about basedondebian
12:27-!-mephisto [~quassel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:27<oldlaptop>/msg dpkg basedondebian
12:27<Lunario>Isn't that a package installer?
12:27<oldlaptop>yes - in here it's also our factoid bot
12:27<oldlaptop>dpkg: tell Lunario about basedondebian
12:27<oldlaptop>dpkg: tell Lunario about based on debian
12:28<SynrGy>andl: can you unpair the keyboard from the mouse?
12:28<Lunario>ahahaha, an irc bot, very funny
12:28<SynrGy>andl: see
12:28<SynrGy>andl: multiple OSes, including Debian, but also Windows, users complaining about same issue, and seems to be resolved by unpairing.
12:29<SynrGy>andl: it may be that upgrading to the backports kernel fixes it. or maybe not. if it doesn't, i suspect unpairing is the only solution.
12:30-!-project2501a [~kot@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:30-!-project2501a [~kot@] has joined #debian
12:30-!-project2501a [~kot@] has quit []
12:32-!-sitinavra [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:32-!-oneveu [] has joined #debian
12:32<andl>SynrGy: do i only have to install a backported kernel? no packages required?
12:33-!-sjkelly [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:33-!-sjkelly [] has joined #debian
12:33-!-ee2455 [] has left #debian []
12:33<SynrGy>andl: i don't understand that question ... you install the backported kernel *package*. and it will install any dependencies needed.
12:34-!-cornerma1 [] has joined #debian
12:34-!-mekki [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
12:34<andl>SynrGy: I installed the backported kernel. it says Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8168d-1.fw for module r8169
12:34<SynrGy>andl: but those, if they exist, would also be pulled in from wheezy-backports.
12:35-!-nyamo [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
12:35<SynrGy>yeah, i get that too, whether or not i actually use rtl8168 ...
12:36<andl>SynrGy: firmware is in the hardware so i don't need to install it again right?
12:36<SynrGy>do you have firmware-nonfree installed?
12:36-!-hashem [] has joined #debian
12:36<andl>SynrGy: yes i needed it for wlan
12:36-!-canaima [~canaima@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
12:36<SynrGy>i don't think it would hurt to install firmware-nonfree from wheezy-backports too
12:36<SynrGy>and may silence that error
12:36<andl>SynrGy: ok
12:37-!-mode/#debian [+l 666] by debhelper
12:37-!-us`0gb [] has joined #debian
12:38-!-oneveu [] has quit [Quit: oneveu]
12:38-!-Lunario [] has left #debian []
12:39<andl>SynrGy: aptitude -t wheezy-backports install firmware-nonfree doesn't know the package but dahdi-firmware-nonfree should i install the other thing?
12:39-!-oxenfrosch [] has joined #debian
12:40<SynrGy>andl: did you add a contrib and non-free for your wheezy-backports line?
12:40<SynrGy>if not, add them and apt-get update
12:40-!-user2 [] has joined #debian
12:40<andl>SynrGy: yes i did and updated
12:40-!-ribe [] has joined #debian
12:41-!-cornerma2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:41-!-ceny [] has joined #debian
12:41<user2>hey. i'm failing to upgrade to testing via aptitude, it's attempting to "resolve dependencies" beyond memory limits
12:41<andl>SynrGy: i installed aptitude -t wheezy-backports install firmware-linux-nonfree
12:41<andl>SynrGy: it says again Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8168g-3.fw for module r8169
12:42<user2>naturally, i get a an allocation (after a lot of waiting). suggestions?
12:42-!-oxenfrosch [] has quit []
12:42<SynrGy>as i said, i don't think those possible missing firmware errors are showstoppers ...
12:42<grove>user2: Use apt-get - that's what I did
12:42<SynrGy>not unless you have the affected hardware.
12:42<user2>grove: i'm afraid it's going to mess up dependencies
12:43-!-jrivero__ [] has joined #debian
12:43-!-sjkelly [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:43<user2>aptitude, before it crashes, repots about 40 conflicts
12:44-!-jalalsfs [] has joined #debian
12:44<SynrGy>SynrG: "i get a an allocation (after a lot of waiting)" <- could not parse :/
12:44<user2>SynrGy: *error
12:44<SynrGy>er, and1*
12:44<SynrGy>oh, user2
12:44<SynrGy>sigh. mixed you two up
12:44<user2>that's ok
12:45<andl>i did aptitude -t wheezy-backports install firmware-iwlwifi no i didn't get the error
12:45<SynrGy>andl: reboot yet?
12:45<user2>andl: your previous install was probably successful then
12:45-!-vasil [~quassel@] has joined #debian
12:47<andl>SynrGy: it works!
12:47<andl>SynrGy: thank you soooo much
12:47<SynrGy>andl: super! glad i could help
12:47<user2>i guess i'll try apt :/
12:48<user2>this is going to hurt...
12:48<andl>SynrGy: do you know if the onboard graphic card works will with my computer?
12:48<andl>SynrGy: i would like to install mythtv
12:49-!-Andymeows [] has joined #debian
12:49-!-trapier [] has joined #debian
12:50<user2>andl: graphics drivers for linux seem to be sub-par
12:50<user2>andl: but you should have acceleration
12:50<user2>*3D acceleration
12:50-!-jrivero_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:50<andl>user2: what does sub-par mean?
12:50-!-jrivero_ [] has joined #debian
12:51<user2>user2: inferior to its competition (in this case, windows drivers)
12:55<SynrGy>i can't say for mythtv ...
12:55<SynrGy>personally, i use xbmc on debian unstable
12:55<SynrGy>using nvidia non-free driver on GT9800
12:55<SynrGy>works very nicely :)
12:56-!-Brigo [] has joined #debian
12:56<user2>andl: in my experience, videos are sluggish with linux drivers. I do buy low-end, but I don't think it's so with windows drivers, so It's not (entirely?) the HW's fault.
12:56<Kjetil>the nvidia non-free was actually more feature complete than the windows version until nvidia decided to cripple it
12:57-!-mode/#debian [+l 672] by debhelper
12:57<user2>Kjetil: is this a conspiracy theory or did I miss an article?
12:57-!-mtn [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
12:58-!-jrivero__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:58<Kjetil>no they actively removed a feature because it was not supported by the windows version of the driver
12:58<user2>(not that i'm current wrt the gfx world)
12:58<user2>Kjetil: geez
12:58<user2>Bet M$'s got to do with it
12:58<SynrGy>my old mythtv box was nvidia non-free too, now that i think of it.
12:58<SynrGy>but that was ... i dunno, at least 5 years ago
12:59<SynrGy>when was the switchover in canada to digital TV over the air? before that :)
12:59<Kjetil>(,24519.html )
12:59<SynrGy>because that rendered my Hauppauge PVR-250 pretty much obsolete
13:00<user2>Kjetil: thanks, but irssi here and no X yet = don't know how to go to and can't view
13:00<SynrGy> mandated Aug. 31, 2011 and decommissioned analogue July 31, 2012.
13:01<SynrGy>more recent than i recalled :) but in any case, i think i stopped using mythtv no later than 2010
13:02<SynrGy>xbmc is entirely pure debian.
13:02-!-us`0gb [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:02<user2>what do you mean?
13:02<SynrGy>plus, it is a hell of a lot more stable/usable today (in sid, anyway) than it was when i first evaluated it.
13:03<SynrGy>mythtv is not in debian.
13:03<user2>so it's a distro?
13:03-!-Big-Blue [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:03<SynrGy>no. it's software. it's just not in debian.
13:03-!-petrus [] has joined #debian
13:04<SynrGy>and i cannot, in good conscience, recommend you run deb-multimedia
13:04<SynrGy>,v xbmc
13:04<judd>Package: xbmc on i386 -- squeeze-multimedia: 10.0-0.5+1; wheezy: 2:11.0~git20120510.82388d5-1; wheezy-backports: 2:13.1~rc1+dfsg1-1~bpo70+1; jessie: 2:13.1~rc1+dfsg1-1; sid: 2:13.1~rc1+dfsg1-1; wheezy-multimedia: 4:12.3.1-dmo1; jessie-multimedia: 4:13.1-dmo4; sid-multimedia: 4:13.2~beta1-dmo1
13:04-!-viccuad [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:05<SynrGy>yay, there's even a recent backport of xbmc in wheezy-backports!
13:05<SynrGy>so that's what i would build my htpc around
13:06-!-erm [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:06<SynrGy>i use this with Android and iOS apps as remote controls
13:06-!-diegoacosta [~diegoacos@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:07-!-mode/#debian [+l 666] by debhelper
13:07-!-mythos [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:07-!-jrivero__ [] has joined #debian
13:07-!-oneveu [] has joined #debian
13:08<user2>SynrGy: hardware guy?
13:08<SynrGy>not particularly
13:08<user2>but you need an IR receiver
13:08<SynrGy>not at all.
13:09<user2>o.O web interface via wlan?
13:09<SynrGy>all android/iOS devices are wireless, and are authenticated to connect to the xbmc
13:10-!-cae_ [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8]
13:10-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
13:10<SynrGy>2 iPods (my two youngest daughters own these), 3 android tablets, 4 android phones ...
13:10<SynrGy>all can be used as xbmc remotes.
13:10<SynrGy>so there is never an "i lost the remote" issue ;)
13:11-!-aerostitch [] has joined #debian
13:11<SynrGy>not a hardware guy. just have a family who all have their own (multiple) gadgets. this is probably a fairly typical canadian family.
13:11-!-jmux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:12<user2>what's the UI though? is there an xbmc app for android, or does xbmc have a web UI?
13:12<SynrGy>i have whacked down the complement of debian systems in the house to one 24/7 server, two desktops & three netbooks.
13:12-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
13:13<SynrGy>yes, there's a quite reasonably functional xbmc app for android.
13:13<user2>does it work out of the box?
13:13-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest2977
13:14-!-jrivero_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:14<SynrGy>"XBMC Remote". yep. just plug in the auth details, and fire it up. just works.
13:14-!-alvarezp [~alvarezp@2001:470:d:872:e2ca:94ff:fe6c:f55e] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:14<SynrGy>of course, your xbmc needs to be configured to allow connections, too
13:15-!-sjkelly [] has joined #debian
13:15<user2>SynrGy: besides auth details, i reckon you must also enter the name of the xbmc pc, right?
13:15<SynrGy>my only complaint is xbmc is somewhat fussy about folder structure for detection and indexing of TV shows
13:15-!-thiago [~thiago@] has joined #debian
13:15<SynrGy>other than that, xbmc has been very good for me.
13:16<SynrGy>user2: yes, i assumed you understood 'auth details' to include the host :)
13:16<user2>SynrGy: just checking for possible interesting details
13:16<SynrGy>where the TV show indexing fails, i can fall back to browsing the files thru directory tree instead of Library index
13:18<SynrGy>but i do have some custom rules also to handle non-standard naming schemes (e.g. some shows, like Avatar: the last airbender, and korra ... which are divided into 'books')
13:18<SynrGy>there are examples on the wiki/forums you can adapt for your needs.
13:19-!-us`0gb [] has joined #debian
13:19<user2>that's ok, i'm not going to set up an xbmc system any time soon i don't think. i was more interested in its technical details
13:19-!-ml| [~ml|] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.4.3]
13:20-!-art [~art@] has joined #debian
13:21<user2>i wonder if these idioms like "i don't think" that i use are correct English...
13:23-!-art [~art@] has quit []
13:23-!-diegoacosta [~diegoacos@] has joined #debian
13:24-!-tuxampol [] has joined #debian
13:24-!-silverdethx__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:26<SynrGy>that's correct.
13:26-!-alexander [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:26-!-Blacker47 [] has joined #debian
13:27-!-lipizzan [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:28-!-aiaco [~aiaco@] has joined #debian
13:28-!-Cyd [] has joined #debian
13:30-!-sistemas [] has joined #debian
13:32-!-jrivero__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:33<sistemas>i am having an issue that i cant recognize, i create a new user and add it to a group, create samba user, and cannot write in his home. I check the permission and looks right. Any ideas, is the only user that is having this problem
13:33-!-tuxampol [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
13:33<andl>hello. i would like to setup mysql. i run aptitude install mysql-server. then it starts the server but it fails. what can i do?
13:33-!-centrx [] has joined #debian
13:33-!-oneveu [] has quit [Quit: oneveu]
13:33<andl>correction: it tries to setup the server
13:33-!-Cyd [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:33-!-user2 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:34-!-Cyd [] has joined #debian
13:35<sistemas>andl did you check that you have all the updates?
13:36-!-danny [] has joined #debian
13:37-!-danny [] has quit []
13:37-!-darkbasic_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:38<andl>sistemas: i tried aptitude purge mysql-server ; aptitude update; aptitude install mysql-server but no change
13:38-!-danny [] has joined #debian
13:38-!-darkbasic [] has joined #debian
13:38-!-Guest2977 [] has left #debian [Leaving]
13:38<sistemas>try sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client
13:38<andl>sistemas: i have a backported kernel can the kernel make problems? i'm a newbie
13:40-!-Cyd [] has quit [Quit: Cyd]
13:40<andl>sistemas: still no success
13:40<sistemas>andl that depends of which parts do you have from the old version
13:41<andl>sistemas: what should i do?
13:41-!-jmux [] has joined #debian
13:42-!-xjuan [] has joined #debian
13:42-!-youser [] has joined #debian
13:42<sistemas>i am thinking that you are keeping that version for some reason, a few days back i have somre troubles installing a package for the version of the libs, so if you can backup everything and install a the new version
13:43<sistemas>i cant say which part isnt working
13:44<youser>does anyone know why nvidia-driver was removed from testing?what should testing users do now?
13:44-!-daniele [] has joined #debian
13:44<andl>sistemas: apache2 works out of the box
13:45-!-ml| [~ml|] has joined #debian
13:46<centrx>youser, Visit, you will see a link to the reason: to facilitate the transition to xorg-server 1.16
13:46-!-tommie-lie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:47<daniele>I have just installed natix 14.2 on my eeepc 1015bx: all works fine except the sound, the sound card it's recognized but doesn't work anyone know a solution for this issue?
13:49-!-houms [~houms@] has joined #debian
13:50-!-Oebele [~debian@2001:610:1908:8000:7103:94b0:e8c6:d6f6] has joined #debian
13:51<SynrGy>daniele: i don't know what a "natix 14.2" is, nor why i would want to install one on a debian system ...
13:51<SynrGy>daniele: maybe some obscure based-on-debian distribution? if so:
13:51<SynrGy>!based on debian
13:51<dpkg>Your distribution may be based on and have software in common with Debian, but it is not Debian. We don't and cannot know what changes were made by your distribution (compare #debian only supports Debian; please respect our choice to volunteer here to help Debian users. Support for other distributions is off-topic on #debian, even if your own distro's channel is clueless or non-existent.
13:51<daniele>sorry, I have mistyped, I intend an Antix, based on debian
13:52<SynrGy>right, so:
13:52<dpkg>antiX is a live CD distribution based on <MEPIS>. It is not supported in #debian. #mepis on See also <based on debian>.
13:53-!-mamar [~mamar@2a01:e35:3992:fc30:218:f3ff:fed3:e09d] has joined #debian
13:53<sistemas>andl can you tell which errors do you have?
13:53-!-thatguychuck [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:54<SynrGy>youser: also, just a reminder: #debian-next for testing/unstable support.
13:54-!-caitlin [~caitlin@] has joined #debian
13:56<caitlin>I have a Debian 7 system that has a Ethernet NIC and a PPP wireless connection. Both work independently and allow me to access the internet. My issue it that I would like to set up a live fail over system where the system will use the Ethernet NIC by default, but will switch to the wireless connection if there is no internet via the Ethernet NIC. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
13:56-!-youser [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:56-!-youser [] has joined #debian
13:57-!-mode/#debian [+l 674] by debhelper
13:58-!-sjkelly [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:58<youser>centrx SynrGy thanks guys!
14:00-!-rkdemon2 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:02<mjt>caitlin: I think it is the default behavour
14:03<andl>sistemas: here is the output of apt-get install mysql-server
14:04-!-drali_ [~drali_@] has joined #debian
14:04<caitlin>mjt. My issue is that when I have eth0 connected along with ppp0 I can ping and it goes over eth0. When I unplug eth0 I can no longer ping.
14:04<caitlin>Is it a gateway issue?
14:04<mjt>do you have networkManager ?
14:05<mjt>or do you set up connection(s) manually?
14:05-!-sjkelly [] has joined #debian
14:05<mjt>what you described is the default behavour of NetworkManager
14:06<mjt>it sets up wired connection only if there's a network detected. Ditto for wireless. And it prefers wired over wireless.
14:06<caitlin>it is a headless box. eth0 is just under /etc/network interfaces ans is set to dhcp. The ppp conection is managed by wvdial.
14:07<mjt>so you can repeat what's already done by NM. But NM works headlessly too, without an issue.
14:07<mjt>you can also manage it using ifplugd
14:07<caitlin>How would I go about with either?
14:11-!-janusz [] has joined #debian
14:11-!-janusz [] has quit []
14:13<sistemas>finally, i found the lame error
14:13-!-reazem [~reazem@2607:fad8:4:6:79ba:d439:1b23:d4d3] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:14-!-reazem [~reazem@2607:fad8:4:6:21d9:6885:8a5c:2801] has joined #debian
14:15-!-danny [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:15<andl>sistemas: tell me more! :)
14:15-!-dark-jedi [~dark-jedi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:16-!-sistemas [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:18-!-NomadJim [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:18-!-NomadJim [] has joined #debian
14:18-!-thiago [~thiago@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:22-!-rkdemon [] has joined #debian
14:22-!-mythos [~mythos@] has joined #debian
14:28-!-gomex [~gomex@] has joined #debian
14:28<andl>hello. i can't install mysql-server on debian wheezy. starting the server fails. please help me. thanks
14:29-!-laleluu [~la_leluu@] has joined #debian
14:30<centrx>andl, The apt-get install mysql-server otherwise finishes successfully?
14:31<andl>here is the output of apt-get install mysql-server i have a backported kernel is that a problem?
14:31-!-__iron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:32-!-user2 [] has joined #debian
14:32<centrx>andl, Unlikely
14:32<centrx>andl, It looks like you have a previous version of mysql-server installed?
14:32<andl>centrx: no i installed debian wheezy some days ago
14:33<user2>andl: still mysql probs? try #mysql at freenode perhaps?
14:33<centrx>andl, It sure looks from that log that you already had some version of mysql running
14:34<centrx>but there have been no recent updates of mysql
14:34<user2>i've updated to testing, how come uname says it's squeeze/sid? why /sid?
14:34<linuxgeek_>i want to modify a parameter in /sys/module/xxx file
14:34<centrx>you mean jessie/sid ?
14:35<centrx>user2, sid is the name of the unstable distribution. All the packages in testing come from unstable through an automated process currently
14:35<user2>and not uname either, the shell login thingy
14:35<andl>centrx: i wanted to install mythv from
14:35<linuxgeek_>echo 2 > /sys/module/xxx errors as -bash: /sys/module/xxx Permission denied
14:35<linuxgeek_>what should be the correct way to do this
14:36<user2>centrx: automated? didn't know that. still, why not just "jessie"?
14:36<centrx>user2, The package starts off in sid/unstable, where the package or version may not be in jessie yet
14:36<centrx>user2, Later, it might be removed from jessie before the release, and never be in the release
14:37<centrx>Obviously the basic packages would not be in the same scenario for the second one
14:37<user2>centrx: let me see if i got you: if a "jessie version" of the package doesn't exist, then it pulls it from sid, and hence "/sid"?
14:37<centrx>user2, no, they are kept separate if you reference only one release in your sources.list
14:38<user2>centrx: but that's the thing. i do.... i think... sec
14:38-!-melmothX [] has joined #debian
14:38<centrx>user2, but there is no "jessie" release yet, it exists alongside "sid", part and parcel with it, until some time before the release
14:38<user2>yep, no mention of either unstable or sid in sources
14:39<user2>user2: :/
14:39<andl>centrx: how can i delete everything about mysql?
14:39-!-Oebele [~debian@2001:610:1908:8000:7103:94b0:e8c6:d6f6] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:40<centrx>andl, To get the list of packages related to mysql: dpkg -l |grep mysql
14:40<centrx>andl, To remove them completely: dpkg --purge <list of package names separated by spaces>
14:40<centrx>user2, You're using a pre-release version, so the version name reflects that in this manner.
14:41<SynrGy>user2: you're missing the important point. the /etc/debian_version comes from a file that is first provided in sid, then jessie. every other package starts out in sid, then migrates to jessie too ... the best we can say is you have a "jessie/sid" system because any other contents of that file would be meaningless ...
14:41<user2>andl: you can also apt-get remove ".*mysql.*" (regex, and mind the quotes). or just remove the packages you've installed (you can grep for mysql in .bash_history) and then "autoremove" unused dependencies.
14:41-!-frangor [] has joined #debian
14:41<user2>centrx: ooh, thanks
14:41<SynrGy>a package is uploaded to be included "in the next release of debian" which at any given time in the cycle is either jessie or sid
14:41<SynrGy>depending on how far it got
14:43<andl>centrx: thanks
14:44-!-Isa [] has joined #debian
14:44<andl>centrx: i purged everything and installed again but still no success
14:45-!-Isa [] has quit []
14:45-!-diegoacosta [~diegoacos@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
14:46<centrx>andl, Since the initial Debian installation hat else have you installed on the machine, or done with it?
14:46<andl>i installed a backported kernel so that i can use my wireless keyboard and then i tried to install mythtv
14:47<centrx>andl, From Debian's wheezy-backports?
14:47<andl>centrx: yes
14:47<SynrGy>mythtv isn't in debian
14:47<SynrGy>i explained this before
14:47<SynrGy>if you're installing mythtv, it's not from debian and not supported here.
14:47<andl>the kernel is from wheezy-backports mythv is from deb-mulimedia
14:47<SynrGy>which we don't support.
14:48<SynrGy>i mentioned xbmc is a good alternative. that, we do support.
14:48<SynrGy>and it has a backport, too
14:48<SynrGy>!why not dmm
14:48<dpkg>The repository was once the only way of getting good multimedia support. By the release of Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" this was mostly not true and for Debian 7 "Wheezy" this situation is even better. Libraries from dmm are known to cause incompatibilities with packages from Debian; packages may not meet the <DFSG> so are not allowed in Debian. Use dmm as a last resort; ask me about <dmm pinning> and <dmm remove>.
14:48-!-rkdemon [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:48<centrx>andl, It is possible Mythtv messed up the packaging, although deb-multimedia is generally pretty okay
14:49<SynrGy>centrx: the factoid above begs to differ.
14:49<centrx>andl, You can test these things by a) booting into the old kernel from the Grub menu; b) uninstalling mythtv and anything from non-Debian repositories
14:49<SynrGy>and i've seen my fill of dependency hell and seg faults due to deb-multimedia mixing
14:49<SynrGy>in short: avoid.
14:49-!-vasil [~quassel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:49<andl>i'll try xbmc
14:50<centrx>SynrGy, They are still made by the same person, they're just much less useful/necessary because of better multimedia support in Debian
14:50-!-vasil [~quassel@] has joined #debian
14:50<SynrGy>well, if you've already tainted your system with dmm, see the dmm remove factoid first.
14:50<uso>centrx: it has been a while ago, but at least starting with wheezy, but iirc already with squeeze, mixing it up with debian may cause severe problems
14:50-!-vrishab [~vrishab@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:50<SynrGy>centrx: total bs. not simply "less useful/necessary". see what uso said.
14:51<centrx>ok I guess he has gotten sloppy and is spending more time with his family or something
14:51<SynrGy>"gotten sloppy"?
14:51<SynrGy>has always been
14:51<centrx>I'm just saying it's the same person, so if they were okay before
14:51-!-gudjon [] has joined #debian
14:51<SynrGy>from day one, dmm has been a problem. this has not changed in multiple years.
14:52-!-badiane1 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:52-!-alexande1 [] has joined #debian
14:52<SynrGy>andl: if you don't remove the dmm stuff first, you may have a hell of a time with anything multimedia-ish from the main archive, xbmc included.
14:52<laleluu>hay al gien
14:53-!-laleluu [~la_leluu@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
14:53<andl>how can i remove all dmm stuff?
14:53<SynrGy>15:50 < SynrGy> well, if you've already tainted your system with dmm, see the dmm remove factoid first.
14:54<SynrGy>i.e. /msg dpkg dmm remove
14:54-!-darokthar [~darokthar@VPNPOOL01-0199.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:54<SynrGy>later. got errands
14:57-!-cae [] has joined #debian
14:57-!-gomex [~gomex@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:58<andl>SynrGy: thx
14:58<shirish_>Hi all, One of the DD's has kept a hugeish list of apps. which are not packaged in debian. I first thought it was pabs (Paul Wise) but didn't find it, any idea s anybody and please don't say
15:03<andl>damn i did not boot the old kernel when i removed dmm. is that a big problem?
15:03-!-daniele [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
15:03<centrx>andl, It's probably not the kernel, so just try again. Trying the kernel is just an exhaustive test even if unlikely to work.
15:03<andl>centrx: kk
15:04-!-valvalion [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:04<andl>centrx: i tried to isntall xbmc i got the same problem with mysql. i'll try the old kernel
15:04-!-vrishab [~vrishab@] has joined #debian
15:04-!-rkdemon [] has joined #debian
15:06-!-_jame_ [~jame@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:07-!-danielo [~danielo@] has joined #debian
15:08<andl>centrx: still the same problem :( if i try apt-get purge mysql-server it tries to setup the server. is that strange?
15:09-!-danielo [~danielo@] has quit []
15:09-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
15:10<centrx>andl, Probably not
15:10<centrx>andl, The package was probably in an intermediate state, half-installed
15:10<andl>centrx: should i reinstall debian?
15:11<andl>centrx: or is there something like a factory reset in debian?
15:12<jmcnaught>andl: now that you've removed the dmm repo, have you tried "apt-get install -f" ?
15:13<andl>jmcnaught: now i tried it . still the same problem
15:15<centrx>andl, I guess you could re-install, it's never truly necessary, but it does avoid the hassle of diagnosing what's wrong
15:15<uso>andl: If you don't have any valuable data on that system I would reinstall debian from scratch. It's probably faster than fixing the mess with dmo packages and you are sure you have a clean system after reinstallation (without enabling dmo of course).
15:15<andl>uso: ok i'll do it thank you
15:16-!-hasan1994 [] has joined #debian
15:17-!-darokthar [~darokthar@VPNPOOL01-0199.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has joined #debian
15:17<hasan1994>I need help installing this in debian
15:17-!-andl [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:18<jmcnaught>hasan1994: "apt-get install qtractor"
15:18<hasan1994>jmcnaught thats not the latest version
15:18<jmcnaught>hasan1994: so what? how much pain are you willing to endure to get the shiny new stuff?
15:18<centrx>hasan1994, What version do you need?
15:19-!-mephisto [~quassel@] has joined #debian
15:19<centrx>hasan1994, Then you will have to download the source tarball from that website and follow the instructions
15:19<centrx>hasan1994, except do NOT run "make install"
15:19<hasan1994>what will happen if u run that?
15:19<centrx>hasan1994, Copy it to your /home/ directory
15:20-!-linuxgeek_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:20-!-user2_ [] has joined #debian
15:20<centrx>hasan1994, That is the installer, which might do a number of different things.
15:20<centrx>hasan1994, If it behaves nicely, it only puts files in /usr/local, but who knows
15:20<centrx>hasan1994, You want to avoid installing files all over your system that are not managed by the package management system
15:20<jmcnaught>hasan1994: if it uses a configure script you could probably also do something like "./configure --prefix=~" but check the INSTALL or README file in the source download for the instructions. You might also looking into using GNU Stow
15:21-!-Brando753 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:21<hasan1994>is there a targz file?
15:21<hasan1994>like blender?
15:21-!-rkdemon [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
15:21-!-user2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:21-!-kg [] has joined #debian
15:22<hasan1994>standalone version?
15:22-!-badiane1 [] has joined #debian
15:23<hasan1994>jmcnaught but what i need to fill in in prefix?
15:24<jmcnaught>hasan1994: read the INSTALL or README in the tarball, or just use the packaged version from the Debian repository
15:24-!-rkdemon [] has joined #debian
15:25-!-dobalina [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:26<hasan1994>read me and install file are unclear here is why
15:26<hasan1994>Install file tells me to compile while it needs to be install process
15:26<hasan1994>compiling and installing is different
15:27<hasan1994>and readme file shows the installation process which has to be compiling
15:29-!-Lucas_Rebottaro [~Lucas@] has joined #debian
15:31-!-KxMP [~KxMP@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:31-!-wvdakker [] has joined #debian
15:32-!-youser [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:32<jmcnaught>hasan1994: I just took a look at the INSTALL file in the qtractor source tarball. It is quite detailed and does explain the use of --prefix. Read the whole thing and you should figure it out. My advice of sticking to Debian packages remains of course. I don't know why you're so intent on having the latest versions of stuff, as opposed to the versions that "just work".
15:34<Lucas_Rebottaro>I like penis.
15:34-!-centrx [] has quit [Quit: Mead error: Connection reset by beer]
15:34<jmcnaught>Lucas_Rebottaro: that's irrelevant here. You're probably in the wrong place.
15:34<Lucas_Rebottaro>Ok xD
15:35-!-jrivero__ [] has joined #debian
15:35-!-user2 [] has joined #debian
15:35<hasan1994>jmcnaught okay i readed it really
15:35-!-cae_ [] has joined #debian
15:35<hasan1994>its starts with cd directory
15:36<hasan1994>and i get an error why is that ?
15:36<hasan1994>I moved Qtractor to opt folder
15:36<hasan1994>so /opt/Qtractor
15:36<jmcnaught>hasan1994: you'd have to ask them. this isn't the qtractor channel. Also please stop pressing <enter> so much.
15:37<Lucas_Rebottaro>Em... I can't speak English.
15:37<user2>#debian-es ?
15:37-!-user2_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:37<Lucas_Rebottaro>I Argentinian.
15:37<hasan1994>But jmcnaught this is debian related , because if it were windows i was going to windows forums
15:37-!-thatguychuck [] has joined #debian
15:37<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
15:37<user2>Lucas_Rebottaro: Argentinos dicen Español :-P
15:38<Lucas_Rebottaro>¡Aguante Argentina! xD
15:39<hasan1994>jmcnaught if i was going to qtractor channel they ask you what operating system ?
15:39<Lucas_Rebottaro>Me voy a decir cosas obcenas a Debian-es.
15:39<hasan1994>and eventually they will say go to linux because its linux related
15:39-!-abbe [] has quit [Server closed connection]
15:40-!-jmux [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:40-!-abbe [] has joined #debian
15:40<jmcnaught>hasan1994: i don't know. maybe you should ask in ##linux on Compiling tarballs isn't really a Debian issue, especially when the software in question is available in the repositories
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15:47<hasan1994>jmcnaught okay i know what was the problem
15:47<hasan1994>configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
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15:49<jmcnaught>hasan1994: sorry i'm not going to help you with this. Maybe someone else will. I would just stick to packages in the repos for now, and focus on learning the basics. Ask dpkg bot about SNS (/msg dpkg sns)
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15:50<hasan1994>I fixed no worry :)
15:50<dpkg>carmine: Debian è un sistema operativo composto da software libero (un concetto distinto da quello di gratis): vedi per saperne di più.
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23:25<KxMP>Hi when i use mingw32 it says configure: error: OpenSSL libraries not found.
23:27-!-jrivero [] has joined #debian
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23:33<R3AV3R>KxMP did you install OpenSSL libraries?
23:33<sney>KxMP: the compiler? you are probably missing some -dev packages.
23:33<KxMP>I have put dev package into mingw32
23:34<R3AV3R>sudo apt-get install openssl
23:34<KxMP>openssl header error turn into lib error........
23:35<sney>KxMP: if you are trying to build something for windows that is available on debian, try 'apt-get build-dep packagename'
23:35<sney>that will download all the -dev you need
23:37<KxMP>I think i don't need -dev, when i don't use mingw32 it's ok,but when i use mingw it have problem.....
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23:37<KxMP>Is mingw32 need some file i should put in ?
23:39<dpkg>README.Debian (or README.Debian.gz) is a document found in the /usr/share/doc/$packagename/ which explains any Debian specific details in the package's operation or configuration.
23:39<sney>check that and any other files in the same directory
23:39<somiaj>and you might get better support from mingw32 support as they may be more familar with what sort of packages you need.
23:40<sney>that too.
23:40<onitaL>Hi. I'm having "You do not have a working installation of the service_identity module: 'No module named service_identity'. Please install it from <​> and make sure all of its dependencies are satisfied. Without the service_identity module and a recent enough pyOpenSSL to support it, Twisted can perform only rudimentary TLS client hostname verification. Many valid certificate/hostname
23:40<onitaL>mappings may be rejected." should I wait for pythin-openssl or should I install python-pip and install it myself?
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23:40<onitaL>python-openssl 0.14 *
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23:53<newbie>hello everyone
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23:55<newbie>is there anyone possibly to help to set up my Debian on my new computer?
23:55<sney>newbie: this is a support channel, so if you get stuck, ask specific questions and we'll help. we won't walk you through the whole thing, though. that's what this is for:
23:55<dpkg>The Installation Guide for Debian 7 "Wheezy" can be found at . See also <errata>, <release notes>.
23:56<sney>onitaL: well, if it's something you're trying to do quickly, I'd say to use pip, since 0.14 isn't in debian anywhere yet
23:56<newbie>it is a new intel i7 vpro and Debian installation could not identify this hardware
23:56<sney>could not identify what hardware? nic?
23:57<newbie>video and processors management
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