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00:55<mohammad-ghasemi>Hi how can I get video projector output?
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01:00<twb>mohammad-ghasemi: is the projector listed in "xrandr -q" output?
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01:01<mohammad-ghasemi>twb yes
01:02<twb>Do you want to mirror or be a separate screen
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01:02<twb>xrandr --output <projector name> --auto --left-of <normal screen name>
01:02<twb>^ I think you want something along those lines (or --mirror). See the manpage
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01:06<twb>mohammad-ghasemi: yes?
01:07<twb>mohammad-ghasemi: problem is fixed?
01:07<twb>17:02 <twb> xrandr --output <projector name> --auto --left-of <normal screen name> 17:02 <twb> ^ I think you want something along those lines (or --mirror). See the xrandr(1) manpage
01:08<mohammad-ghasemi>twb thank you!
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01:09<twb>There are also GUI dialog for this in GNOME/XFCE/KDE, but I do not know them
01:10<mohammad-ghasemi>twb thanks. I'll ask
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02:50<Fsociety>u wot m8 get rekt
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03:01<simp>Hi, i'm running a service on a debian server. I can access the service using "curl http://localhost:9200" but not with "http://domain:9200" or "http://ip:9200" any thoughts on what might be causing it?
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03:02<twb>Do "domain" and "ip" resolve to a loopback address?
03:02<twb>(Try "getent hosts domain").
03:02<twb>Also, is the daemon bound to a specific address, or to *? Check ss -lp
03:04<twb>simp: ^ that lot was for you
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03:04<simp>the daemon should not limit access. atleast that's what their docs said. Hmm... "getent hosts domain" gives me the servers public IP address.
03:05<jm_>and you are using debian on this system?
03:05<simp>jm_, yes, but it's deployed to azure from their image.
03:06<twb>Time to check ss
03:06<simp>twb, ss -lp seems to give the info, thanks "::ffff:"
03:06<jm_>simp: well that's good enough to qualify for help here I guess, do check what twb said
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03:06<simp>so it's only listening to localhost, right?
03:06<twb>looks that way
03:07<simp>need to dig deeper into the elasticsearch docs then :)
03:07<simp>thanks, that gives me an understanding of where the problem actually lies.
03:07<jm_>does it run its own http server then?
03:07<twb>Rather, only about one two-hundred-and-fiftieth of localhost :P
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03:08<twb> is a perfectly valid localhost address
03:08<jm_>looks like it does based on the description
03:08<twb>jm_: you know what the daemon is, then?
03:10<simp>jm_, yes, but that's handeled by elasticsearch itself. the http server is running, as i get a response to the request to http://localhost:9200.
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03:11<jm_>simp: yes I read more about so I got my answer
03:12<jm_>one can tell it which address to bind to so it should be simple to fix this
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03:14*twb runs away in fear
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03:16<simp>twb, well i've only been at it for half a day currently. first to implement it in the dev environment and now setting up the testing :) So not that bad really
03:16<twb>It all seems very enterprise-y
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03:19<simp>twb, yes it kind-of is. i'm overdoing a simple DB search just to future-proof a bit and learn elasticsearch.
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03:28<simp>jm_, turns out i should specify the IP address in the config for binding not the domain name itself... what a silly mistake
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04:08<abc>I can not turn on the wifi card
04:08<abc>Ralink corp. RT3062 Wireless 802.11n 2T/2R
04:08<twb>abc: what have you already tried?
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04:08<abc>ip link set wlan0 up
04:09<abc>rtnetlink answers: cannot allocate memory
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04:23<mnms>Hi guys. I asked on #samba but without answer. I had a problem with samba which works in standalone mode. In logs I get string_to_sid: SID @it is not in valid format. It looks like problem with mapping user to groups. As far as I know SID should be passed not group name. Someone has an idea what can be wrong
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04:29<EmleyMoor>Is there any way to do "deep" diagnostics on a 6in4 tunnel? I've got one on my laptop, for use when the 3G connection is up, but it fails to work more often than not, due to "No route to host".
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04:40<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, when you try to set it up? when you try to use it?
04:41<EmleyMoor>Gabriel_7: When I set it up is when the error occurs.
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04:42<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, What is the commandline you're using?
04:43<EmleyMoor>Er... far more than just a command line... after one more test that someone who uses the same ISP has asked me to do, I will pastebin my interfaces file...
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04:44<rsturm>Hi folks, i have an issue with a freshly installed Jessie System in Vmware
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04:45<rsturm>at first boot it crashes with the message 'SMBus base Address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use forece_addr=0xaddr'
04:46<EmleyMoor> and ifup 6in4 when wwan0 connection is established.
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04:50<AZOUZ># ----------------------------
04:50<AZOUZ># This is the documentation for the Squid configuration file.
04:50<AZOUZ># This documentation can also be found online at:
04:50-!-AZOUZ was kicked from #debian by debhelper [flood. Please use instead.]
04:51<jm_>rsturm: are you sure that's the problem? that's just a warning normally
04:51<rsturm>jm_: no, absolutely not sure
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04:51<jm_>rsturm: try removing quiet kernel parameter and boot again
04:52<twb>rsturm: what OS did you tell vmware you would install?
04:52-!-pyfgcrl [~francis8@2001:8b0:faa9:fd4:d4b8:a9f:b2e:1495] has joined #debian
04:52<twb>There's a knob for that so that vmware won't do Windows kludges for Debian OS and vice-versa
04:52<jm_>maybe it's another case of systemd not enabling getty service :)
04:53<twb>jm_: ugh
04:53<twb>jm_: and they were so proud of it being completely automatic now
04:53-!-tony is now known as CypriWaZza
04:53<twb>"getty@ttyS0 will just happen automagically" they said
04:53<rsturm>jm_: Vmware thinks it is debian 7 (5.5 doesnt know jessie)
04:53-!-Croc is now known as Brieux
04:54<twb>That's probably near enough
04:54-!-salime [] has joined #debian
04:55<EmleyMoor>The host it claims no route to seems to be the "via" - and that is configured as per A&A docs
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04:58<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, what does "ip route get" gives you?
04:58<rsturm>thats the only output i get
04:59<jm_>rsturm: my guess would be it boots OK but you get no console login prompt - did you install just the base?
04:59<rsturm>yes, just base system + ssh
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04:59<EmleyMoor>Gabriel_7: via dev wwan0 src, cache
05:00<jm_>yeah someone here said installing the desktop task gave activated the getty prompt, but my system has no desktop task and getty service is there just fine
05:00<jm_>try to connect to it over ssh and see
05:01<rsturm>nope. not even ping
05:01<rsturm>theres also no reaction to any keypresses in the vmware console
05:02<jm_>then try the "no quiet" boot
05:02<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, weird.
05:03<rsturm>again, everything stops right after /dev/sda4
05:03-!-olinuxx [] has joined #debian
05:03<rsturm>can this be a problem with pvscsi?
05:04<jm_>you should see far more than that without "quiet" - i.e. all kernel messages
05:05<rsturm>stupid me... i set 'no quiet' instead of removing quiet
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05:07<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, your message might be related to " ip route add default via 2001:8b0:ff29:7d96::2 dev 6in4" instead but it seems to be fine.
05:07<rsturm>the rest was too fast to see
05:07-!-tjader [~tjader@] has joined #debian
05:07<twb>This is why serial lines are the best
05:08<twb>Because even if it scrolls "offscreen" you still have it locally buffered
05:09<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, apparently you could use "mtu 1280" and "gateway 2001:8b0:ff29:7d96::2" instead of the up commands. It probably won't fix your problem however.
05:10<EmleyMoor>Looks like I'm not getting the ...::1 address set up
05:16-!-kazki [~kazki@2402:6b00:2637:21c0:8149:7af2:3103:eb6d] has joined #debian
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05:22<EmleyMoor>Looks like adding up ip link set 6in4 up has helped
05:22-!-vuj [] has joined #debian
05:23<Gabriel_7>EmleyMoor, ifup don't do it by itself?
05:23<EmleyMoor>Seemingly not...
05:23<EmleyMoor>(it did pre-Jessie, but not reliably since)
05:24<rsturm>when booting with init=/bin/bash i get access to the system. and the dmesg spam. Anything that i should look for?
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05:42<jm_>rsturm: that suggests to me it's the getty thing
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05:43<rsturm>ok, is there a way to resolve this?
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05:44<newbie|4>Hello guys. Is wireless-essid <awesome ssid goes here> supposed to reconnect if the connection is droped ? If it reconnects, will it automatically obtain a new ip ? Thanks in advance :)
05:44-!-newbie|4 is now known as TheGuy
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05:46<SynrGy>TheGuy: maybe you should just ask your support question inside. sounds like there's a story behind this. also, don't just quote fragments of your config, but show the whole thing (using
05:46<SynrGy>of course edited for privacy
05:46-!-pyfgcrl [~francis8@2001:8b0:faa9:fd4:d4b8:a9f:b2e:1495] has quit [Quit: he fell off the internet, and landed in a river]
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05:48-!-ThomasKeller [] has joined #debian
05:49<TheGuy> <- there's my /etc/network/interfaces. I've experienced my PI disconnects from my network. It seems like it's not reconnecting :) SynrGy
05:49-!-joker_75 [] has joined #debian
05:49<TheGuy>My PI just went offline last night and it didn't go back online :>
05:51<SynrGy>why are you using 'manual'?
05:51<SynrGy>i think this is at the root of your problem
05:51-!-jegc [] has joined #debian
05:51<SynrGy>that could be used in conjunction with a wpa_supplicant setup ...
05:52<SynrGy>but in that case, wpa_supplicant is where you configure your essid, not in this file.
05:52<SynrGy>also, you have two stanzas to setup wlan0
05:52<SynrGy>i don't know whether ifupdown uses a 'first wins' or 'last wins' strategy for resolving this
05:52-!-GAM002 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #debian
05:53<SynrGy>at line 9 you have the manual one, and at line 12 you have the auto
05:53<TheGuy>ah damn, I didn't even notice that, that's embarrassing
05:53<GAM002>i need help install debain
05:53<SynrGy>!install debian
05:53<dpkg>There are a myriad of different ways to install Debian. See for a list of images and ask me about <netinst>, <various cd1> and <firmware images>. See also <install guide> and <d-i> for detailed instructions. (If you've never installed Debian before, you should read the install guide.)
05:53-!-Venra [~Venra@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:53<GAM002>i installed the first cd of debian but there is no GUI even though i chose to install debian desktop environment
05:54<SynrGy>i see. perhaps it does not have support for your graphics card. what do you have?
05:54-!-kvm234 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:54<SynrGy>sometimes this is just a case of needing firmware files from non-free
05:54<TheGuy>SynrGy: Thanks :> I've seen other people use wpa_supplicant, but I just want to keep it as simple as possible (not that wpa_supplicant seems difficult, though)
05:54<GAM002>and cant install any software via apt-get it gives error not found or put cd..etc
05:55<SynrGy>GAM002: that sounds like the network install step of the installer failed. did it?
05:55<GAM002>network installation was sucessfull
05:55<GAM002>i had the same problem when i installed netinstall version too
05:55<TheGuy>SynrGy: But do you know if my current setup is supposed to reconnect (I've removed line 9) if the connection is droped ?
05:55<SynrGy>GAM002: check your /etc/apt/sources.list, then. any lines with 'cdrom' in them should be commented out or deleted, and there should be some 'deb' lines pointing at the apt repository you configured at install time
05:56-!-chip2 [] has joined #debian
05:56<SynrGy>GAM002: unless the repository setup step failed (or you skipped it and rebooted the system before the install finished ...)
05:56-!-friedln_ [~friedln@] has joined #debian
05:56-!-DarkUranium [] has joined #debian
05:57<GAM002>installation was sucess
05:57<SynrGy>TheGuy: tbh i don't know. i have limited experience using wifi without a wireless manager.
05:57-!-ubermensch [] has joined #debian
05:57<SynrGy>GAM002: so check that file, please
05:57<TheGuy>SynrGy: Oki, thanks anyways :)
05:57<GAM002>i downloaded the first cd entirely but still no GUI or not even sudo
05:57<SynrGy>TheGuy: why do you want to set it up this way? the most trouble-free way to setup wireless is using a wireless manager.
05:58-!-mode/#debian [+l 749] by debhelper
05:58<SynrGy>TheGuy: does the system never leave your house / move to other wireless networks?
05:58<GAM002>wired is always the best
05:58<GAM002>i hate wireless
05:59<SynrGy>GAM002: let's tackle one problem at a time. i think getting apt working should be your priority. we can deal with the desktop issue after.
05:59<GAM002>been using 3G for like 2 years now what a relief when i got a wired connection
05:59<TheGuy>I'm using it as a "kiosk-application" - I don't know if I translated it probably ? I just supposed to show a pdf on a screen and update it if there is any changes
05:59<SynrGy>TheGuy: gotcha.
05:59<TheGuy>and it's not running any WM :>
05:59<SynrGy>you don't need a WM to use a wireless manager.
05:59<TheGuy>ah ofc. wpa_supplicant
05:59<TheGuy>I see :b
06:00<SynrGy>see the README docs in /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/
06:00<SynrGy>they're pretty complete
06:00<TheGuy>will wpa_supplicant reconnect automatically ?
06:00<TheGuy>ouh nice
06:00-!-zyclonicz [~zyclonicz@2a00:1768:1001:21::32a3:201a] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:00<SynrGy>mind you, i've only used the 'roaming' instructions from that
06:00<TheGuy>ye okay
06:01<SynrGy>as for automatically reconnecting, yes, wpa_supplicant seemed to work fine for reconnecting me after the AP connection drops
06:01-!-Juzzika [~Juzzika@] has joined #debian
06:01<GAM002>TheGuy ok i will install and irc app on my phone and restart my pc to linux
06:01<TheGuy>SynrGy: awesome :D
06:01<TheGuy>GAM002: ok then :b ?
06:01<SynrGy>GAM002: so far as I know, TheGuy wasn't talking to you ...
06:02<TheGuy>He highlighted my nick :b
06:02-!-Venra [~Venra@] has joined #debian
06:02<TheGuy>Buy I guess you're right :p
06:02<TheGuy>thanks for your help SynrGy
06:02<TheGuy>np np GAM002
06:02<SynrGy>GAM002: but yes, boot to debian so we can troubleshoot your apt problem.
06:02-!-ferseiti [~ferseiti@] has joined #debian
06:02<GAM002>i ment you syngy
06:02<GAM002>lemme intall it on my phone firs
06:02<GAM002>irc client
06:03<GAM002>got any recommentations?
06:03<GAM002>i use android
06:03-!-tjbp [] has joined #debian
06:03-!-rwb [] has joined #debian
06:04-!-rwb [] has quit []
06:04-!-warhead [] has joined #debian
06:04<TheGuy>Have a nice day guys :>
06:05<SynrGy>GAM002: umm. hmm. i use two solutions, neither of which would work for you :)
06:05-!-TheGuy [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
06:05<SynrGy>GAM002: irssi-connectbot (requires you have irssi on a server, and you connect to that server with ssh) or quasseldroid, which uses quasselcore at the backend ... although ...
06:05-!-cragdor [] has joined #debian
06:05<SynrGy>quasseldroid *may* have a standalone mode. i forget
06:06<SynrGy>checking this
06:06<SynrGy>er, no. it explicitly says it does not :)
06:06<SynrGy>so, google is your friend :)
06:08<GAM002>ok i installed holo irc :)
06:08<GAM002>now how to connect to this channel?
06:09-!-chip2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:10-!-dselect [] has quit [Quit: ouch... that hurt]
06:11-!-dselect [] has joined #debian
06:11-!-stooj [~stooj@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:12-!-stooj [~stooj@] has joined #debian
06:12-!-EmleyMoor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:12-!-EmleyMoor [] has joined #debian
06:12-!-Venra [~Venra@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:14-!-tmhind2 [] has joined #debian
06:14-!-superusr [~tf@2001:628:2010:21:4569:a9b7:dcb8:3f4b] has joined #debian
06:14-!-caliostro [~califerno@] has quit [Quit: Exit-Chat]
06:14<GAM002>what is the link of this channel?
06:15-!-bitlan_ [~bitlan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:15-!-vuj [] has joined #debian
06:15-!-infinity0 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:16-!-infinity0 [] has joined #debian
06:17<SynrGy>GAM002: link?
06:17<SynrGy>GAM002: oh, you need to be on network
06:17<SynrGy>GAM002: then join #debian
06:17<SynrGy>or: irc://
06:17<SynrGy>if your client understands irc URIs
06:18-!-infinity0 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:18<SynrGy>sorry if i'm not 100% with you. juggling work, getting myself breakfast, and this :)
06:19<SynrGy>if you come back and i don't answer right away, be patient and wait
06:19<SynrGy>i, or someone else here, should get back to you shortly
06:19<EmleyMoor>Is there such a thing as a "one liner" for setting up a 6in4 tunnel?
06:19<ubermensch>ATTENZIONE: Non e' stata intercettata la versione originale di lynx.
06:19<ubermensch>Questo script e' in grado di funzionare sono con lynx e non links2.
06:20<dpkg>Ciao, vai su #debian-it per ricevere aiuto in italiano. Italian Speakers: Please use #debian-it, there you will get much more help.
06:20-!-Lewis__ [~smuxi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:22<GAM002>its saying cant see my hostname
06:22-!-jstein [] has joined #debian
06:24<GAM002>sorry but i got to go
06:24-!-GAM002 [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
06:26<SynrGy>EmleyMoor: no idea. sorry ...
06:26<SynrGy>and i'm out. gotta get ready to work
06:26-!-jegc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:29-!-dos [~dos@] has joined #debian
06:29<EmleyMoor>OK - onto something else. One of my disks is giving a SMART "CurrentPendingSector" count of 8, steadily. What should I do?
06:30-!-dos [~dos@] has quit []
06:32-!-PovAddict [~nicolas@] has joined #debian
06:32-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
06:32-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest9081
06:33<peter1138>Replace it.
06:34-!-Guest9081 [] has quit []
06:35<EmleyMoor>peter1138: Is that all I can realistically do?
06:40<peter1138>Yes, the drive is failing.
06:40<PovAddict>disk errors?
06:41<peter1138>Be thankful SMART actually told you something useful for a change.
06:41<PovAddict>you could gamble and keep using it until it fails suddenly and catastrophically and you lose all your data :P
06:41<PovAddict>have fun
06:41-!-bitlan_ [~bitlan@] has joined #debian
06:41-!-vuj [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:42-!-Scymex [~Grimmer@] has joined #debian
06:42-!-franciskittu [~franciski@] has joined #debian
06:44-!-cofffeebean [] has joined #debian
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06:45-!-krofek [] has joined #debian
06:47<PovAddict>franciskittu: don't do that
06:48-!-test9090 [] has joined #debian
06:48-!-franciskittu [~franciski@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Iceweasel 38.4.0/20151103235259]]
06:49-!-wEs84 [] has joined #debian
06:50-!-franciskittu [~franciski@] has joined #debian
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07:04-!-sharathNeo [~sharath.g@] has joined #debian
07:05-!-dpkg [] has quit [Quit: buh bye!]
07:05<sharathNeo>my first time on any irc . ever!
07:05-!-dpkg [] has joined #debian
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07:07-!-mythos [~mythos@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:07-!-magmax [] has joined #debian
07:08-!-n1kt0 [~n1kt0@] has joined #debian
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07:08<sharathNeo>on my machine, when I do uname -a it gives
07:09<sharathNeo>Linux prod-d42sa-a-cache-0001 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.68-1+deb7u4 x86_64 GNU/Linux
07:09-!-tjader [~tjader@] has joined #debian
07:09<sharathNeo>but when install the kernel sources, the version is 3.2.68
07:09<sharathNeo>in Makefile
07:09-!-Haudegen [~quassel@] has joined #debian
07:10<sharathNeo>so whenever I build a kernel module
07:10<sharathNeo>vermagic doesnt matchup
07:10<sharathNeo>how do i make the vermagic match up without modifying Makefile?
07:11-!-chiromante [] has joined #debian
07:11-!-Se-bash [~seba@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:12-!-Scymex [] has quit []
07:13-!-darklight_ [] has joined #debian
07:13<sharathNeo>anybody there ?
07:16-!-Se-bash [] has joined #debian
07:16-!-Volley [] has joined #debian
07:17-!-ioerror [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:20-!-Kritzefitz [] has joined #debian
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07:24-!-pyfgcrl [~francis8@2001:8b0:faa9:fd4:751c:4e61:ecda:a821] has joined #debian
07:25-!-ioerror [] has joined #debian
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07:26-!-cyberfreak1992 [] has joined #debian
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07:43-!-neiljp [] has joined #debian
07:47-!-shirish [~quassel@] has joined #debian
07:50-!-Brigo [~Brigo@] has joined #debian
07:55<pron>is there a way to reconfigure network from script, eg using dpkg-reconfigure or similar mechanism
07:57-!-heroux [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:57-!-zanzarakiss [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:59-!-zanzarakiss [] has joined #debian
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08:09-!-stephen0001 [~stephen@] has joined #debian
08:09-!-denis [~denis@] has left #debian []
08:12-!-Ramit [~yaaic@] has joined #debian
08:15-!-shome [~shome@] has joined #debian
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08:18-!-jandrusk_ [] has joined #debian
08:20-!-antgel [] has joined #debian
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08:21<shome>Anyone ever use backintime-common ?
08:22-!-shome [~shome@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:22<PovAddict>ooh shiny
08:24-!-heroux [] has joined #debian
08:24-!-tmhind2 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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08:37-!-travnewmatic [] has joined #debian
08:37-!-tjader [~tjader@] has joined #debian
08:37<Ramit>is there something wrong with my IRC client or is everyone really this quiet all the time? i m new here.
08:38<rsturm>they are probably all sleeping ;)
08:38<peter1138>I guess nobody has Debian problems at the moment.
08:38<Ramit>I do actually...
08:38<PovAddict>ask then :)
08:39<Ramit>gnome terminal broke after theme change from tweak tool
08:42<blast007>Ramit: You'll need to provide more information than that.
08:44-!-mtn [~mtn@] has joined #debian
08:44<rsturm>about my getty-problem earlier today: how do can i get this to work?
08:44-!-blue_sky [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:44-!-blue_sky_ [] has joined #debian
08:44-!-blu [~blu@2a02:8109:a33f:eb64:78dd:4d3b:38bb:16f5] has joined #debian
08:45<Ramit>I try opening gnome-terminal from uxterm and I get 'error constructing proxy for org.gnome.terminal:/org/gnome/terminal/factory0
08:45-!-muka [~muka@] has joined #debian
08:45-!-tetrapovicc [] has joined #debian
08:45<Ramit>terminal exited with status 8
08:46-!-olinuxx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:52-!-phdeswer [~phdeswer@2001:998:2a:dead:6267:20ff:fe47:e16c] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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09:11<EmleyMoor>OK - onto something else. One of my disks is giving a SMART "CurrentPendingSector" count of 8, steadily. Is there anything, other than replacing it, I can realistically do?
09:11-!-narcan [] has joined #debian
09:12*EmleyMoor is currently on the phone to his supplier in Lancashire
09:13-!-mkoskar [] has joined #debian
09:13<rsturm>bad news: i reinstalled the machine, this time with system utils + ssh. Still no tty's. Any hints on how to get this working?
09:14-!-adrian [] has joined #debian
09:14-!-st_ [~st_@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:16<rsturm>and even worse: my coffee is cold.
09:17-!-trapier [] has joined #debian
09:19-!-tschitsch [~tschitsch@] has joined #debian
09:19-!-superusr [] has joined #debian
09:20-!-bitlan_ [~bitlan@] has joined #debian
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09:23-!-mattcen [] has joined #debian
09:24-!-xayto [~x@] has joined #debian
09:25-!-gumoksha2 [] has joined #debian
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09:25-!-pyfgcrl [~francis8@2001:8b0:faa9:fd4:751c:4e61:ecda:a821] has quit [Quit: he fell off the internet, and landed in a river]
09:26-!-Volley [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
09:27<EmleyMoor>Hmmm... 28 day limit on claiming a refund on an item? (must accept like-for-like replacement beyond that) Not sure that really meets the law
09:27<PovAddict>depends on the country
09:28-!-ubermensch [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
09:29-!-acald3ron [~acald3ron@] has joined #debian
09:29-!-superusr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:30<EmleyMoor>Hmmm... turns out that's right... this means I'll end up with a spare.
09:30-!-nickrw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:31-!-Creto [] has joined #debian
09:35-!-nickrw [] has joined #debian
09:35-!-foka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:36-!-mlncn_ [~quassel@] has joined #debian
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09:51-!-travnewmatic_ [] has joined #debian
09:55-!-zathras [] has joined #debian
09:56<darklight_>does waits for all interfaces to be up ?
09:57-!-jhw [] has left #debian []
09:57<zathras>Hi. I would like apt/aptitude to ignore a dependency: one package is installed by hand (dpkg -i) to prevent it installying mysql and removing mariadb. However now I cannot install or upgrade any package as apt will want to honour the request of this idiotic package.
09:57-!-chip2 [] has joined #debian
09:57<zathras>I can set mariadb on hold but that would also prevent updates
09:58<zathras>can I pin it somehow which allows for updates but not removal?
09:58<somiaj>zathras: what package is the actual culprit?
09:58-!-travnewmatic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:58<somiaj>zathras: you don't want to ignore dependencies.
09:58<zathras>yes, I want to: I have no need for mysql and am fine with mariadb
09:58<zathras>the package should have an OR dependency in it. But it does not
09:59<PovAddict>zathras: will *any* app that needs mysql work with mariadb? (I have no idea about the compatibility there)
09:59<somiaj>well look at the actual package. glpi doesn't depend on mysql, (though it is a recomended package). You can just ignore recomended packages (not sure how to do this for a specific package)
09:59<somiaj>zathras: is this on stable?
09:59<PovAddict>zathras: then maybe mariadb should have Provides: mysql?
10:00-!-towo^work [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:00<PovAddict>oh, it's a recommends
10:00-!-lpalgarvio [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:00<PovAddict>zathras: aptitude install --without-recommends glpi
10:00<PovAddict>I'm pretty sure there is a way to do it with apt-get too, but I don't remember the switch
10:00-!-KristopherBel [] has joined #debian
10:00<somiaj>zathras: I would submit a bug report. The package in question should be fixed to not force mysql.
10:01-!-Arroyo1010 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:01-!-Arroyo1010 [] has joined #debian
10:01<zathras>the package is buggy by default to the upstream developers. And also lagging behing (also in Sid)
10:01<somiaj>PovAddict: mariadb-client Provides: virtual-mysql-client, so there is arealdy a vertial package for this. But it seems not all packages have been updated to reflect this.
10:01-!-kvm234 [] has joined #debian
10:02<darklight_>How can I wait at boot for the network interfaces to be online before proceeding ?
10:02<zathras>*according to
10:02-!-CEINAR [~CEINAR@] has joined #debian
10:03-!-CEINAR [~CEINAR@] has quit []
10:03<somiaj>zathras: that is a different issue. You can file a wishlist bug to get a more recent upstream version in sid or maybe jessie-backports. But that isn't a major bug (By debian standards). I would say that the package recommending mysql-server over virtual-mysql-server is a bug that should be reported.
10:03-!-thunderrd_ [~thunderrd@] has quit [Quit: If it wasn't written down, it didn't happen...]
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10:07<zathras>hmm. My bad. I noticed mysql-server to be part in a rather long line of copy/pasted apt-get install instructions
10:07<zathras>sorry about this
10:07<somiaj>zathras: but i suggest filing a wishlist bug against glpi to change the recomended from mysql-{client,server} to virtual-mysql-{client,server}
10:08-!-DOGO [] has joined #debian
10:08<somiaj>zathras: also on stable you should only have to use apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade) and this should keep apt from installing/removeing packages.
10:08-!-DOGO [] has quit []
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11:19<guardian>could someone please help me debug this kernel log? it's happening with Debian 8.2 i386 inside Virtualbox 5.0.10:
11:19<guardian>I don't really understand which module fails, and I don't really know whether it's a bug in the kernel or a bug in a module built along with vbox additions
11:20-!-DereC [] has joined #debian
11:22<Brigo>guardian, is is a kernel running inside a virtualbox? (as a guest)
11:22<DereC>hi all, anybody could help, trying to figure out whats the problem with my network card after standby/freeze, network is not comming up after WOL, mb asus c-60, network realtek RTL8111/8168/8411
11:23<DereC>i have no problems to wake after shutdown or suspend to disk
11:23<DereC>server is headless
11:23<Brigo>guardian, i think it was a bug in the sata driver.
11:24<DereC>dmesg ends up with resume IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
11:25<Brigo>Brigo, or the generic device access.
11:25-!-a-l-e [] has joined #debian
11:25<Brigo>BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s! <-- that is what trigged the warning.
11:25-!-D_kom [~kom@] has joined #debian
11:26<guardian>Brigo: I just built the virtualbox by preseeding the netinst iso. "was a bug" seems to mean "is still a bug" unless the debian package hasn't been updated yet
11:26<Brigo>[systemd-udevd:53] <-- this is the proccess and pid which was talking with the kernel then.
11:26<Brigo>guardian, it is a bug, then :)
11:26<Brigo>guardian, be warned, i am not an expert :)
11:27-!-Aldo1 [] has left #debian []
11:29<guardian>Brigo: however, e1000_lower_ee_clk.isra.11+0x15/0x30 [e1000] <-- seems to tell the network driver is the problem
11:29-!-AbyssOne_ [~jelle3@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:32<Brigo>guardian, those were thing in the system at that time, sure it can be the problem, but the modules linked it and hardware name is more suspicious.
11:34-!-a-l-e [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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11:54-!-shome [~shome@] has joined #debian
11:54<guardian>I'm still lost trying to fix or workaround it
11:55<lord_rahl>work around what?
11:56-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has joined #debian
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12:43<guardian>that kernel error: -- it's 3.16.0-4-586 kernel running inside Virtualbox 5.0.10
12:43-!-chris_goe is now known as Guest9108
12:43-!-chris_goe [] has joined #debian
12:44-!-CydeWeys [] has joined #debian
12:45<guardian>Brigo: I don't know if it's really a sata bug, I rebuilt the vm with an scsi hard drive interface and I'm experiencing the same pb
12:45-!-Guest9108 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:46<Brigo>guardian, as i told: <Brigo> Brigo, or the generic device access.
12:46-!-forget [] has joined #debian
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12:53<PovAddict>how about no
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13:01<Dr_Coke>What's up
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13:38<HybioZ>who is online?
13:38-!-arie [] has joined #debian
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13:40<mtn>HybioZ, hi, do you have a debian support question?
13:40-!-berny [~bernabe54@] has joined #debian
13:40<berny>nope uqe
13:40<mtn>HybioZ, ok, this is not a general chat channel
13:40<HybioZ>oh yes
13:41<berny>what you name
13:41-!-harald [] has joined #debian
13:41<HybioZ>who knows how to hack website database without SQLi?
13:41<berny>okey my name is bernabe,papurri
13:42<dpkg>#debian is primarily a support channel for Debian users. Please keep the discussions in #debian on-topic and take longer discussions and non-support questions to #debian-offtopic. Imagine the chaos if each of the hundreds of people in the channel felt the need to wander off topic for a few minutes every day.
13:42<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte técnico en Inglés para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en Español, puede ingresar en #debian-es tecleando /join #debian-es en la línea de chat.
13:42<berny>me llamo cleverbot y tu
13:44<HybioZ>Are there some hackers?
13:44<berny>hola tobi
13:44-!-fedep [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:45-!-HybioZ [~HYBIOZ@2a00:1028:838c:270a:d042:f032:472:38f9] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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13:52-!-r4fkramer_debian [~r4fkramer@2804:431:d711:1c24:a87b:ba05:3c22:de08] has joined #debian
13:52-!-faw [] has joined #debian
13:52<r4fkramer_debian>Hi all !
13:52-!-vrishab [~vrishab@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:53<r4fkramer_debian>Is thas possible you can find a non-free .iso for downloading proprietary drivers, by HP? The notebook in question, has a Debian Jessie recently installed, but it does not recognize the wi-fi
13:54<r4fkramer_debian>It was installed with Linux Mint before, and it was all fine, about wi-fi
13:54<r4fkramer_debian>how to fix this issue in Debian GNU/Linux Jessie 8.0 ?
13:54-!-Krig [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:54-!-mikarch [~Mikkel@] has joined #debian
13:56-!-Noskcaj [~Noskcaj@] has joined #debian
13:57<blast007>!firmware images
13:57<dpkg>Unofficial <netinst> images - containing non-free Debian <firmware> packages - for installing Debian 8 "Jessie" are available from . See also <install guide>.
13:57-!-Zimmer_Nova [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:58-!-mode/#debian [+l 760] by debhelper
13:58<blast007>r4fkramer_debian: you don't have to reinstall just to get firmware, though
13:58<r4fkramer_debian>it that possible to get this firmware in any repository, blast007 ?
13:58-!-Benjaminhusky [~Fenn_Floo@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:58<blast007>which firmware are you actually needing?
13:59-!-arie [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:59<r4fkramer_debian>I don't have this information, person who needs this help just told me his HP notebook with Debian wasn't able to use wi-fi, for it wasn't being recognized
14:00-!-lopez1 [] has joined #debian
14:00<blast007>if it's PCI/PCIe wifi, provide the output of 'lspci -nn'
14:00-!-davi [~davi@2001:4b98:dc0:51:216:3eff:feae:792] has joined #debian
14:00<blast007>if it's USB, provide the output of 'lsusb'
14:00<dpkg>Do not paste more than 2 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or for pics. Use for large files (think tar.gz) up to 100MB. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste! Cannot cut and paste? Ask me about <pastebinit>, <nopaste>, <wgetpaste>.
14:00-!-TomasCZ [] has joined #debian
14:00<r4fkramer_debian>ok, blast007, and there is the link dpkg has passed, I think it will fix the issue
14:01<r4fkramer_debian>thanks a lot, dpkg !
14:01<r4fkramer_debian>also, thanks a lot, blast007, Glad to see you two here !
14:01<blast007>like I said, you DO NOT have to reinstall just to get firmware
14:01<blast007>and you do realize that dpkg isn't a person, right? It's a bot.
14:01-!-lpalgarvio [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:01<r4fkramer_debian>dpkg is a bot ? are you being sincere ?
14:02<dpkg>parse error: dunno what the heck you're talking about, r4fkramer_debian
14:02-!-lopez1 [] has quit []
14:02<blast007>so again, just provide the output of the commands I mentioned
14:02<r4fkramer_debian>not at all, dpkg
14:02<r4fkramer_debian>ok, blast007
14:02<r4fkramer_debian>so, dpkg doesn't exist ? Only a bot ?
14:03-!-amacater [] has joined #debian
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14:12<blast007>r4fkramer_debian: still waiting for the output of 'lspci -nn' :)
14:13-!-Oebele [~quassel@2001:67c:2564:331:c10f:d5b8:e097:9133] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:13-!-gnumoksha [] has quit [Quit: Peace and long life]
14:13-!-troile [] has joined #debian
14:14-!-marian [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.0.1]
14:14-!-chip2 [] has joined #debian
14:14-!-marian [] has joined #debian
14:14-!-mathieu [] has joined #debian
14:14-!-troile is now known as guildenstern
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14:20-!-dotix [] has joined #debian
14:20-!-rsalveti [] has joined #debian
14:20-!-mariok [] has joined #debian
14:20<r4fkramer_debian>sorry blast007, I was absent, in work here
14:21<r4fkramer_debian>let me type it now, just one moment, please, and thanks for help, blast007 !
14:21-!-xk3r [~xk3r@] has joined #debian
14:21-!-xk3r [~xk3r@] has quit []
14:22<r4fkramer_debian>in the case, I use 'lspci -nn' to know about what specific firmware I need ?
14:22-!-mrblue [~mrblue@] has joined #debian
14:22-!-nonsch [] has joined #debian
14:22-!-mrblue [~mrblue@] has quit []
14:24-!-gnumoksha [] has joined #debian
14:26-!-Angi200312 [~canaima@] has joined #debian
14:26-!-Jane-PC [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:27<Angi200312>hola desgra
14:28-!-Dr_Coke [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:29<blast007>r4fkramer_debian: yeah, you can figure out what actual chip you have in that wifi, and then look for it on this page:
14:31<r4fkramer_debian>oh, Great, blast007, you are a Very Powerful Thrash Metal Debian Guy !!
14:31<r4fkramer_debian>Thanks a lot !
14:31<r4fkramer_debian>I realize it will fix the issue easily
14:32-!-magmax [] has quit [Quit: Muerte a Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!]
14:34-!-Angi200312 [~canaima@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:35-!-tjader [~tjader@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:36<r4fkramer_debian>blast007, it means: in this case, I don't need to find any on
14:36-!-nupanick [] has quit []
14:37<r4fkramer_debian>this step won't be necessary; in fact, according your previous instruction, it sounds irrelevant...
14:37<blast007>that's a Live DVD, not somewhere you'd pull a firmware package from
14:37<r4fkramer_debian>just for curiosity, are you Debian user for a Long Time ?
14:38<r4fkramer_debian>all time you answer any question, I have a fixed issue here
14:38-!-tjader [~tjader@] has joined #debian
14:39-!-marian [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.0.1]
14:41-!-acald3ron [~acald3ron@] has joined #debian
14:41-!-lpalgarvio [] has joined #debian
14:41-!-nowhere_man [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:43-!-perfectioninasymmetry [~perfectio@] has joined #debian
14:43-!-perfectioninasymmetry [~perfectio@] has quit []
14:45<r4fkramer_debian>but, in the case, why should I run also the command 'lsusb' ? 'lspci -nn' does not solve the problem ?
14:47<blast007>those command just list hardware in the system
14:47<blast007>they don't make any changes or install anything
14:47<blast007>you'll need to read the output of them, find the line for your wireless network card, and then look up what firmware that needs
14:48-!-gnumoksha [] has quit [Quit: Peace and long life]
14:48-!-jemadux [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:49-!-ArabianPrince [~hi@] has joined #debian
14:49<r4fkramer_debian>ok blast007, it's completely explained, thanks a lot
14:49-!-ArabianPrince [~hi@] has left #debian []
14:51<blast007>(and if you find a package that has the firmware, you can just copy it to a flash drive and manually install it on the target system)
14:51-!-neiljp [~Neil@] has joined #debian
14:51-!-guildenstern [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:52-!-jedix [] has joined #debian
14:54-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:54-!-dale [~dale@2601:545:4301:2a19:59fc:7d12:4aed:7684] has joined #debian
14:55-!-dale [~dale@2601:545:4301:2a19:59fc:7d12:4aed:7684] has quit []
14:55-!-troile [] has joined #debian
14:55-!-dale [~dale@2601:545:4301:2a19:59fc:7d12:4aed:7684] has joined #debian
14:55-!-troile is now known as guildenstern
14:55-!-Jiffer [~Jiffer@] has joined #debian
14:56-!-Jiffer [~Jiffer@] has quit []
14:56-!-thomous_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:57<jedix>hey, is there a way to get aroudn the cycle deps on the kenrel dpkg build?
14:57-!-mkoskar [] has quit [Quit: mkoskar]
14:58-!-ferseiti [~ferseiti@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:59-!-mee [~smuxi@] has joined #debian
15:00-!-toogley [~toogley@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:00-!-CEP-2015-Jessie [~cep2015@] has joined #debian
15:03-!-Fin [] has joined #debian
15:04-!-mee [~smuxi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07-!-JanC [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:08-!-lomba [~lomba@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:08-!-Q-Master^Work [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:08-!-kermit [~kermit@] has joined #debian
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15:11-!-guildenstern [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:11-!-kermit [~kermit@] has left #debian []
15:13-!-ecc [] has joined #debian
15:15-!-davi [~davi@2001:4b98:dc0:51:216:3eff:feae:792] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:15-!-Somelauw [] has joined #debian
15:16-!-ldnunes [~ldnunes@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:16-!-troile [] has joined #debian
15:16-!-troile is now known as guildenstern
15:17-!-JanC [] has joined #debian
15:17-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has joined #debian
15:18-!-mode/#debian [+l 754] by debhelper
15:18-!-ompaul [] has joined #debian
15:18<Somelauw>Debian seems to have installed VBoxClient by default, even though I did a harddisk install. Is it used for anything?
15:19-!-lpalgarvio [] has joined #debian
15:20-!-mikarch [~Mikkel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:22-!-moe [] has joined #debian
15:22<r4fkramer_debian>blast007, now other question: according to your Experience, is that It is advisable to use other repositories in Debian, such as the linux mint, or any other non-free?
15:23<r4fkramer_debian>for example, this one: deb unstable main contrib non-free
15:23<dpkg>rumour has it, dont break debian is
15:23<ompaul>r4fkramer_debian: ^^ that is the debian line on not doing that
15:24<ompaul>r4fkramer_debian: testing is testing, and likely to break, sid is before that and likely to break, don't use them unless you can fix it - and that is YOU CAN not can arrive in irc because you might not be able to :)
15:26<r4fkramer_debian>ompaul, even if I used this linux mint repository: deb debian import, so, I could damage my system afterwards; I used it to install Opera and Thunderbird
15:26<r4fkramer_debian>but, if you consider it dangerous, I will delete this line from my sources.list here
15:27<blast007>that will break your system
15:27<blast007>You should not add random lines to your sources.list. If you're using non-free stuff, you should be adding 'contrib non-free' to the end of your existing lines.
15:27<r4fkramer_debian>blast007, in the case, the best choice is to download directly from its official site, a .deb extension package, and install it manually using dpkg ?
15:27<blast007>what are you trying to install?
15:28<r4fkramer_debian>I have already installed firefox, just for testing, Opera (because I like it), rar and thunderbird
15:28-!-mathieu [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
15:30-!-a-l-e_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:30-!-moe [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
15:31<r4fkramer_debian>I used this one: # deb jessie contrib
15:32<r4fkramer_debian>also this : deb unstable main contrib non-free
15:32<r4fkramer_debian>and, finally, this one: deb debian import
15:32-!-mathieu [] has joined #debian
15:32<Somelauw>Could it be that the text "vboxclient the virtualbox kernel service is not running exiting" is on the standard wallpaper of Debian?
15:35-!-ItSANgo [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
15:35<blast007>r4fkramer_debian: Iceweasel is the same as Firefox
15:36<blast007>you should not have unstable or linux mint sources on your jessie system...
15:36<blast007>even the virtualbox is probably unnecessary, as virtualbox 5.0.4 is available in the official jessie-backports
15:37-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:37<r4fkramer_debian>blast007, I'm following your analysis, so I deleted the referred line from my sources.list and after that, ran apt-get update
15:37-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has joined #debian
15:37<ompaul>r4fkramer_debian: the link the bot pointed to ... that is important reading
15:38<r4fkramer_debian>is that necessary to do any other task to recover the previous situation, only with official debian list in the sources.list ?
15:38<blast007>r4fkramer_debian: if you've already installed stuff from those repos, it's a bit too late though
15:38-!-gfedel__ [~gfedel@] has joined #debian
15:39<r4fkramer_debian>uninstalling the referred packages, wouln't solve the problem ?
15:39<r4fkramer_debian>Opera, rar, thunderbird and firefox
15:39<blast007>only maybe - it's possible they've done "bad things" to your system already that can't be undone by simply uninstalling them
15:39-!-davi [~davi@2001:4b98:dc0:51:216:3eff:feae:792] has joined #debian
15:39<dpkg>When you get random packages from random repositories, mix multiple releases of Debian, or mix Debian and derived distributions, you have a mess. There's no way anyone can support this "distribution of Frankenstein" and #debian certainly doesn't want to even try. See if you can convince ##linux to help.
15:40<jhutchins>!partial downgrade
15:40<dpkg>This may or may not work for you, but if you've got nothing to lose then try it: (a) change sources.list (b) aptitude update (c) aptitude and then search for the upgraded packages, hit enter on them, select the correct version (d) do the same for libc6 (e) search for broken packages by pressing "b" and then fix them in the same way (f) once you have no more broken packages, hit 'g'. See <not available>.
15:41-!-rah [] has joined #debian
15:41<r4fkramer_debian>Weel blast007, I can re-install the whole system, it's installed on an old IDE 20 GB hard drive, just for testing purposes
15:41-!-Zimmer_Nova [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:41-!-blu [~blu@2a02:8109:a33f:eb64:78dd:4d3b:38bb:16f5] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:41-!-sarnold [] has left #debian []
15:42<r4fkramer_debian>for, I will use a 1 TB SATA 3 hard drive to install Debian Jessie 8.2
15:42<r4fkramer_debian>that's I'm using it for testing
15:42-!-K-202 [] has joined #debian
15:42<r4fkramer_debian>now, I know it is not recommended to use lots of repositories and make my Debian in a FrankDebian
15:43<r4fkramer_debian>let me see what has happened through 'dmesg'
15:43<Somelauw>r4fkramer_debian: If I install something by 'sudo make install', can I then undo the damage by installing that very package again with 'sudo checkinstall'?
15:43-!-misterhat [] has joined #debian
15:44<r4fkramer_debian>I'm quite newbie on Debian Administration, Somelauw, but, I suppose the answer is 'no'
15:44<r4fkramer_debian>am I right ?
15:45<r4fkramer_debian>in this case, I suspect that it won't be possible undo the damage by 'sudo checkinstall'....
15:45<Somelauw>I would think yes, because the second time the packages are registered to the package manager system, but not completely sure, because it might only track changes.
15:45<rah>I have a problem with libreoffice:
15:46<rah>$ localc --help
15:46<rah>terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException'
15:46<r4fkramer_debian>oh, I see, did not think through this direction....
15:46<valdyn>Somelauw: you likely can
15:46<rah>I'm not sure how I can determine the problem
15:46<jhutchins>Somelauw: The problem is that the package might put things in different places than the makefile.
15:46<valdyn>Somelauw: or you could read what "make install" does and track that manually - thats not very hard either normally
15:46<rah>I've looked at the man page for localc, I've searched the web for the error message, I've looked on the Debian wiki
15:46<rah>alas, I can find no help
15:46<r4fkramer_debian>blast007 and Somelauw, is that possible to tune the system in order to discover any damage I haven't realized yet ?
15:46<jhutchins>Somelauw: Some source packages have an uninstall target in the makefile, make uninstall will clean them up (if they work correctly).
15:47<rah>can anyone here help?
15:47<jhutchins>rah: What platform are you on?
15:47-!-szczech [] has joined #debian
15:48-!-szczech [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:48-!-sunoano [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:49-!-PadawanLearner [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:49-!-PadawanLearner [] has joined #debian
15:49<rah>jhutchins: amd64
15:50<r4fkramer_debian>for example, I would like to have amule running on my system. but it is absent in Debian official repositories; in this case, how do I do ?
15:50<r4fkramer_debian>Just forget amule ?
15:50-!-viccuad [] has joined #debian
15:51<PadawanLearner>r4fkramer_debian: grab the source, pack it up and install it
15:51<PadawanLearner>you can also compile and install it as is
15:51<r4fkramer_debian>sorry, PadawanLearner, how do I grab it, pack it ?
15:51-!-mariok [] has left #debian []
15:52-!-Creto [] has joined #debian
15:53-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:54<PadawanLearner>r4fkramer_debian: what's your level of expertise? basic? just try to compile it
15:54-!-a-l-e [~quassel@2a02:1205:c6a2:4100:226:82ff:fe9d:8e25] has joined #debian
15:54<PadawanLearner>download it from the project site
15:54-!-Taco [~kitty@2407:500::2:981d:d5e9] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:54<PadawanLearner>check for dependencies
15:54<PadawanLearner>apt-get the ones that you can
15:54<r4fkramer_debian>in terms of Debian GNU/Linux Administration, quite newbie, PadawanLearner
15:55-!-DereC [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-Zimmer_Nova [] has joined #debian
15:55<PadawanLearner>i'll walk you through it
15:56<r4fkramer_debian>what is your suggestion, Padawanlearner ?
15:56<PadawanLearner>git clone
15:56<r4fkramer_debian>I usually follows blast007 tips, He helps me a Lot
15:57<r4fkramer_debian>Ok, I will do it
15:57<r4fkramer_debian>I must go now, but according your suggestion, I will try to install amule here
15:57<r4fkramer_debian>Strange, Debian not having thunderbird in the official repositories....
15:58<r4fkramer_debian>thanks a lot, PadawanLearner
15:58-!-danic [] has joined #debian
15:59<blast007>r4fkramer_debian: use Icedove, which is the same as Thunderbird
15:59<amacater>Thunderbird == icedove
15:59<dpkg>Icedove is a DFSG-free fork of Mozilla Thunderbird, a cross-platform email client, replacing Thunderbird in Debian as of 5.0 "Lenny". Debian is unable to distribute Mozilla Thunderbird as-is due to trademark restrictions, see <why icedove>. Since July 2013, Icedove in Debian <stable> is based on the Extended Support Release (ESR) branch. For help with upstream issues, ask #thunderbird on
15:59-!-danic [] has quit []
15:59<r4fkramer_debian>ok, blast007
15:59<r4fkramer_debian>My Great Teacher from USA ! Thanks a lot, blast007 !
15:59<PadawanLearner>r4fkramer_debian: i made a quick search and it seems that amule is on the repositories
16:00<r4fkramer_debian>Really PadawanLearner, why can't I install it through apt-get ?
16:00<r4fkramer_debian>E: Unable to locate package amule
16:01-!-mlncn [~quassel@] has joined #debian
16:02-!-mlundblad [] has joined #debian
16:02-!-ao2 [~ao2@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:02<PadawanLearner>it seems that it is not on the jessie repository
16:02-!-Tortuga [] has joined #debian
16:02-!-kmshanah [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:02<r4fkramer_debian>yes, it is absent over there
16:02<PadawanLearner>do you know anything about apt pinning?
16:03<Tortuga>Hello all :)
16:03<blast007>if you're going to suggest installing the binary from sid via apt pinning, don't ;)
16:03<blast007>if anything, backport it from sid
16:03<rah>jhutchins: is that what you meant?
16:03<Tortuga>I have an issue with my debian jessie i just upgraded to testing, pls help xD
16:03<blast007>(which means building the package from the source in sid, so it would be built against the jessie packages)
16:04<blast007>Tortuga: testing/unstable support is in #debian-next
16:04<Tortuga>Ok thx !
16:04<PadawanLearner>blast007: i was actually sugesting to use the one from wheezie
16:04<blast007>just as bad
16:05-!-fike [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:05<dpkg>First, check for a backport on <debian-backports>. If unavailable: 1) Add a deb-src line for sid (not a deb line!); ask me about <deb-src sid> 2) enable debian-backports (see <bdo>) 3) aptitude update; aptitude install build-essential; aptitude build-dep packagename; apt-get -b source packagename; 4) install the resultant debs. To change compilation options, see <package recompile>; for versions newer than sid see <uupdate>.
16:05<blast007>and that's only if you *realllly* need it
16:06-!-grobda24 [~grobda24-@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:06<r4fkramer_debian>oh, PadawanLearner, sorry, I had to leave out here
16:06-!-Noskcaj [~Noskcaj@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:06<r4fkramer_debian>no, I don't know any about pinning
16:06<r4fkramer_debian>not yet
16:07<Somelauw>I think this information ( is a bit outdated, but it's still linked to from (
16:08-!-_cipher [~cipher@] has joined #debian
16:08-!-tjader [~tjader@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:08-!-acald3ron [~acald3ron@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:09-!-octal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:09<r4fkramer_debian>Have to go now, see you latter, PadawanLearner
16:09<r4fkramer_debian>Bye blast007 !
16:09<r4fkramer_debian>Thanks a lot !
16:09-!-Kritzefitz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:09-!-r4fkramer_debian [~r4fkramer@2804:431:d711:1c24:a87b:ba05:3c22:de08] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:09-!-tjader [~tjader@] has joined #debian
16:09<jhutchins>rah: Yeah (sorry, RL). Is this the official Debian package (which release) or the package from libreoffice?
16:10<rah>jhutchins: official Debian Jessie packages
16:11-!-xjuan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:11<rah> *** 1:4.3.3-2+deb8u2 0
16:11<rah> 990 jessie/updates/main amd64 Packages
16:11-!-DereC [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:13-!-blue_sky [] has joined #debian
16:13<jhutchins>rah: Well, that eliminates all of the excuses I've thought of so far...
16:13<jhutchins>rah: Check for bug reports I guess.
16:15<rah>I guess the answer to my question was "no" then :-/
16:16-!-chip2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:16<lindi->rah: what kind of environment are you using? typical gnome3 or something more custom?
16:16-!-narcan [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.0.1]
16:17<rah>lindi-: X with awesome
16:17-!-Blacker47 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:18-!-mode/#debian [+l 747] by debhelper
16:18<_cipher>guys did you get the same error during the installation
16:18<_cipher>please insert the disc labeled
16:18<lindi->rah: just startx or with some display manager at least?
16:18<rah>lindi-: xdm
16:18<_cipher>Debian GNU/Linux multi-architecture NETINST
16:20-!-Gabriel_7 [~Gabriel@2a01:e35:1386:3290:21f:d0ff:fedb:a940] has joined #debian
16:20-!-Somelauw [] has left #debian [WeeChat 1.0.1]
16:20<rah>there's a backtrace
16:20-!-lpalgarvio [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:21<lindi->rah: what's your locale?
16:21-!-blue_sky [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:21<lindi->rah: and does it happen if you create a completely new user?
16:22-!-viccuad [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.3]
16:22-!-centrx [] has joined #debian
16:23-!-Darby_Crash [~Darby_Cra@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:26<rah>lindi-: these sound like shots in the dark
16:27<rah>my concern is how to debug the program
16:27<rah>I'm looking for libreoffice-specific knowledge really
16:27<lindi->rah: I'm just trying to reproduce this in a vm
16:29<rah>I would be surprised if this were not a problem specific to my setup
16:30-!-lpalgarvio [] has joined #debian
16:30-!-vuj [~vuj@] has joined #debian
16:33-!-dtrishkin [~dtrishkin@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:34<K-202>What do I need to display teletext in VLC? There are some packages in Debian 8 but neither seems related to VLC.
16:35-!-dtrishkin [~dtrishkin@] has joined #debian
16:36-!-Tortuga [] has left #debian []
16:37-!-toogley [~toogley@] has joined #debian
16:37-!-viccuad [] has joined #debian
16:38<centrx>K-202, The "television information retrieval service created in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s"?
16:38<centrx>K-202, apt-cache search teletext ?
16:41-!-Se-bash [] has joined #debian
16:41-!-xjuan [] has joined #debian
16:41<K-202>centrx, I've already found, it's vlc-plugin-zvbi
16:41-!-Creto_ [] has joined #debian
16:42-!-Creto_ [] has quit []
16:43<K-202>and it works
16:44-!-franciskittu [~franciski@] has joined #debian
16:45-!-ribe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:46-!-martinf99 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:47-!-NicolasG [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:47-!-Fin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:47-!-shome [~shome@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:47-!-Fin [] has joined #debian
16:48-!-Overspark [~vinz@2001:888:1341:0:2e0:81ff:fe5d:b863] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:48-!-aleksag [] has joined #debian
16:48-!-Creto [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:49-!-Se-bash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:50-!-harald [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
16:51-!-_cipher [~cipher@] has quit []
16:52<lindi->rah: yeah minimal debian 8 with xdm and awesome starts localc
16:54<lindi->rah: with locale en_US.UTF-8
16:54-!-gfedel__ [~gfedel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:57-!-chmod007 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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18:18<sergeig>hi, does anybody have a good starting point for cross platform compilation in GCC (on debian)?
18:19-!-amacater [] has joined #debian
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18:36-!-fexxa [~fexxa@] has joined #debian
18:36<Luqman>Hi, i can't seem to find a linux-libc-i[356]86-cross package for sid
18:37<Luqman>i need the include asm/param.h which should be in that pacakge
18:37-!-rev [~rev@2607:f2c0:f00f:1401::beef] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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19:40-!-NomadJim [~NomadJim@] has joined #debian
19:43-!-oscarr [] has joined #debian
19:46<oscarr>hi ... does anybody know why after enabling pipelight plugins, each time when starting konqueror plugins are downloaded and installed again ? this appears only with konqueror, not with iceweasel/firefox whitch are using pipeliht plugins as well.
19:47-!-AzaToth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:47<jhutchins>Luqman: Might get some info on #debian-next on
19:47-!-xayto [~x@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:48-!-oldlaptop [~quassel@] has joined #debian
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19:49<Luqman>jhutchins: thanks, i'll try that
19:50-!-foka [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:50-!-piper [] has joined #debian
19:50-!-nonsch [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:51<somiaj>oscarr: Anyreason you won't just use iceweaseel (you realize konqueror and other libwebkit browers don't have security support in jessie?)
19:51-!-KvN [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:52<somiaj>oscarr: I can't think of what the issue in konqueror could be. But my suggestion is not to use it.
19:53<oscarr>somiaj: Im not using konqueror but akregator is using embeded konqueror engine to display rss content.
19:55<somiaj>oscarr: ahh. Maybe #debian-kde might know better. Unsure what the issue could be with the plugins.
19:55<somiaj>oscarr: if you remove the pipelight plugin temporarly does it fix the issue.
19:56-!-lpalgarvio [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:56-!-L16ht6h05t [~l16ht6h05@] has joined #debian
19:56<oscarr>anyway I found solution - konkueror cant install plugins automaticly to be installed forever ... you need to scan for plugins manualy from settings menu
19:56<oscarr>than plugins are added once for futute use.
19:57-!-K-202 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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19:59-!-fstd [] has joined #debian
19:59-!-PovAddict [~nicolas@] has joined #debian
19:59<PovAddict>how do I know if something is mounted in a mountpoint directory?
20:00<PovAddict>I want "if external disk is not mounted, mount it" logic in a shell script
20:00<oscarr>anyway linux graphical enviroments are going in wrong direction ... gnowe 3 is screwd up, kde5 is screwd up ... why they are trying to change something that was realy good ... enstead of just bugfixing and adding new features.
20:00<PovAddict>there is no kde5
20:01<oscarr>I mean Plasma5
20:02-!-hybridwipe [] has joined #debian
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20:03-!-_cipher [~cipher@] has quit []
20:04<oscarr>everything looks that each time when the list of features and programs that works good grows up ... developers are changing point of view and changing everything that makes half of software not usable or looking bad with new OS.
20:05-!-Ir0nsh007er [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:05-!-oscarr [] has quit [Quit: Wychodzi]
20:05-!-Ir0nsh007er [] has joined #debian
20:05<PovAddict></rant>? :P
20:07-!-fsteinel is now known as Guest9149
20:07-!-Guest9149 is now known as Guest9150
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20:28-!-lucascastro [] has joined #debian
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20:30-!-lucascastro [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (Too many failed password attempts.))]
20:30-!-r4fkramer_debian [~r4fkramer@2804:431:d711:1c24:a87b:ba05:3c22:de08] has joined #debian
20:30-!-lucascastro [] has joined #debian
20:30<r4fkramer_debian>Hi all
20:31-!-lucascastro [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (Too many failed password attempts.))]
20:32-!-lucascastro [] has joined #debian
20:32<r4fkramer_debian>I tried to install nvidia driver, before installed similar that did not run efficiently, tried to install .deb nvidia package, but it shows the messages :
20:33-!-jstein_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:33<r4fkramer_debian>The following packages have unmet dependencies:
20:33<r4fkramer_debian> libegl1-nvidia : Depends: nvidia-alternative but it is not installable
20:33<r4fkramer_debian>Depends: libnvidia-eglcore (= 340.65-2) but it is not installable
20:33<r4fkramer_debian>E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution)
20:34<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: what versioon of debian are you running and why aren't you install this packge from apt?
20:34<r4fkramer_debian>Oh, Hi somiaj ! How are you ?
20:35<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: doing okay, so first I would run apt-get -f install and that should remove that package or find the correct dependencies and install them
20:35<r4fkramer_debian>Well, somiaj, I couldn't find libegl1-nvidia_340.65-2_amd64.deb through apt-get install
20:35-!-lucascastro [] has quit []
20:35<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: after you fix your install you should tell me what version of debian and what nvidia card you have.
20:35<r4fkramer_debian>Mine's Debian Jessie 8.2.0
20:36<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: run apt-get -f install and let it remove that package you tried to install
20:36<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: and then let me know what nvidia card you have (not sure why you are trying to install that paticular lib, but I'm assuming your goal is to get the non-free nvidia drivers working?)
20:36-!-viccuad [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:37<r4fkramer_debian>somiaj, in the case, I use apt-get -f install libegl1-nvidia_340.65-2_amd64.deb ?
20:37<r4fkramer_debian>yes, somiaj, trying to get nvidia, non-free version
20:37<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: no just apt-get -f install
20:38<r4fkramer_debian>only this ?
20:38<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: nothing else, this will try to fix your install which will remove that pcakage and make sure things are ready to work
20:38<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: correct
20:38-!-tjader [~tjader@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:38-!-UFCking1 [~UFCking1@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:39<r4fkramer_debian>somiaj, please, check this message: Removing libegl1-nvidia:amd64 (340.65-2) ...
20:39<r4fkramer_debian>Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.19-18+deb8u1) ...
20:40<r4fkramer_debian>installation was succesfully here
20:40<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: correct remove that package and lets do it the proper way
20:40-!-tjader [~tjader@] has joined #debian
20:40<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: okay before we go any further.l What nvidia card do you have?
20:41<r4fkramer_debian>somiaj, that's the problem: I'm still quite newbie on Debian Administration. Don't know how to check nvidia card here
20:41<r4fkramer_debian>can you help me, please ?
20:41<PovAddict>is it a laptop?
20:42<r4fkramer_debian>no, an old amd64 desktop
20:42<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: lspci and look at the output should tell you
20:42-!-Shentino [~Shentino@] has joined #debian
20:42<PovAddict>you should know what hardware you have inside ;) anyway, try lspci
20:42<r4fkramer_debian>ok, just one moment, please
20:42<r4fkramer_debian>Thanks also, PovAddict !
20:42<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: look for the line that says VGA or Video controler and what nvidia card
20:42-!-Arcade [] has joined #debian
20:42<r4fkramer_debian>ok somiaj, let me see here...
20:43-!-Arcade [] has quit []
20:43<r4fkramer_debian>00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)
20:43-!-Arcade [] has joined #debian
20:44<PovAddict>that's not nvidia
20:44<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: that isn't even a nvidia card. That is intel.
20:44<r4fkramer_debian>oh, so, in the case, it won't run properly here nvidia card, or it's even necessary ?
20:45<r4fkramer_debian>it's even not necessary ?
20:45<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: well if you don't have a nvidia card in that machine the nvidia driver won't do you any good.
20:45<r4fkramer_debian>oh, I see
20:45<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: and all you have shown us is you have an intel card, in which case you should'nt have to do anything special to get it working.
20:45<r4fkramer_debian>I see, somiaj
20:46<r4fkramer_debian>somiaj, I'm afraid about some mistakes I've gotten here...
20:46<r4fkramer_debian>I installed some apps through linux mint repository
20:46<PovAddict>did you install mint or debian?
20:46<r4fkramer_debian>I deleted the linux mint line from sources.list
20:46<somiaj>That could cause problems, you do not want to install packages made for mint on debian.
20:46<r4fkramer_debian>no, mine's Debian Jessie 8.2.0 here
20:46<PovAddict>if you installed mint, this is not the channel to get help; if you installed debian and then added mint packages to it, you made a mess out of your system
20:47<r4fkramer_debian>aren't linux mint repositories compatible with Debian, so ?
20:47<PovAddict>define "compatible"
20:47<PovAddict>Debian Developers certainly don't test the combination, so it's unsupported :P
20:47<r4fkramer_debian>I don't have linux mint here, PovAddict, Mine's Debian Jessie 8.2.0 (amd64)
20:47<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: I would say no. Mint changes things and has different policies that could conflict with debian.
20:47<dpkg>Linux Mint is not Debian and is not supported in #debian. Please use their forums at or join #linuxmint-help on for support. Linux Mint is variously based on <Ubuntu> with a "Linux Mint Debian Edition" (LMDE) also available. See also <based on debian>, <mintppc>.
20:48<r4fkramer_debian>root@r4f:~# uname -a
20:48-!-dale [~dale@2601:545:4301:2a19:59fc:7d12:4aed:7684] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
20:48<r4fkramer_debian>Linux r4f 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u6 (2015-11-09) x86_64 GNU/Linux
20:48<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: anyways, if you arelly know what you are doing you could safely install packages from other places but it is strongly not suggested because it is a good way to break your install.
20:48<r4fkramer_debian>I see, somiaj !
20:48*Arcade has done that ^
20:49<r4fkramer_debian>I don't know if it has happen already, somiaj, but I'm afraid about it...
20:49<r4fkramer_debian>I see
20:49<r4fkramer_debian>well, I have this Debian installed here for testing
20:49<r4fkramer_debian>in a 20 GB hard drive
20:50<r4fkramer_debian>I intend to practice a little bit here, in order to install other Debian Jessie in a 1 TB hard drive
20:50<r4fkramer_debian>I reserved a SATA3 hd 1 TB for Debian, exclusively
20:51-!-aranax [~aranax@] has joined #debian
20:51<r4fkramer_debian>somiaj, in the case, my system is damaged ?
20:51<r4fkramer_debian>I mixed different repositories when I updated the system, through apt-get update, I suppose...
20:51<somiaj>r4fkramer_debian: I can't say for sure, as I don't know what package you installed.
20:51<r4fkramer_debian>and perhaps, it has crashed the system integrity....
20:52<r4fkramer_debian>firefox (yes, the same as iceweasel), thunderbird, opera,
20:56-!-baumas [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:59<r4fkramer_debian>apparently everything is running ok and fine, but I'm not sure about that
21:02-!-Adix [~Adix12@] has joined #debian
21:02-!-jegc [~jegc@] has joined #debian
21:03-!-Adix [~Adix12@] has quit []
21:06-!-Jacks_GT [] has joined #debian
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21:07-!-sidmo_ [] has joined #debian
21:11-!-D4v3 [] has joined #debian
21:11<D4v3>hi all
21:11<D4v3>anyone can help me with startup script on rc.local?
21:11-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
21:12-!-foka [] has joined #debian
21:12-!-statto [] has joined #debian
21:12<foka> HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.2.0-1-amd64 x86_64 ** Distro: Debian stretch/sid ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3317U CPU @ 1.70GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.40GHz ** RAM: Physical: 5.7GiB, 23.0% free ** Disk: Total: 308.5GiB, 2.0% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH ** Ethernet: 645 NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe ** Uptime: 2d 5h 36m 52s **
21:12<foka>Oops, sorry about that, didn't mean to actually send that. *sheepish grin*
21:13-!-foka [] has quit []
21:13-!-D4v3 [] has left #debian []
21:13-!-klatin_ [] has joined #debian
21:14-!-sidmo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:15-!-root_SPKSTYLE [] has joined #debian
21:17<r4fkramer_debian>D4V3 and foka, my Debian has crashed here
21:21-!-klatin__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:21-!-SPKSTYLE [~SPKSTYLE@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:25-!-vrishab [~vrishab@] has joined #debian
21:27-!-cyphase [] has joined #debian
21:27-!-dale [~dale@2601:545:4301:2a19:fdd8:8f0c:27d1:c9a6] has joined #debian
21:28-!-Brigo [~Brigo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:28-!-cyphase is now known as Guest9153
21:29-!-xjuan [] has joined #debian
21:34<r4fkramer_debian>Bye somiaj, hope continue our talking
21:34<r4fkramer_debian>other day
21:34<r4fkramer_debian>bye PovAddcit ! Nice to know you !
21:34<r4fkramer_debian>it was a Pleasure !
21:35<r4fkramer_debian>Bye Arcade !
21:35<r4fkramer_debian>Bye all !
21:35-!-r4fkramer_debian [~r4fkramer@2804:431:d711:1c24:a87b:ba05:3c22:de08] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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21:51<johnfg>hi folks
21:52<johnfg>Running jessie, all updated, how can I get the login screen for gnome 3 to be on monitor 2? I've got monitor 1 off, but have to login almost invisibly (just ghost appearance because of bad monitor), then monitor 2 is fine.
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