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#linode IRC Logs for 2003-10-27

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05:53<adamgent>morning all
06:14<sunny>hi :)
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12:10<@caker>hey guys
12:11<@caker>anything going on?
12:11<tjfontaine>slacking off at work
12:12* tjfontaine enjoys updating RPMS for MDK
12:12<sunny>tjfontaine: which ver ?
12:13<sunny>I need more 9.1 users for my OOo1.1 backport :)
12:13<tjfontaine>ooh, is a hard build
12:13<tjfontaine>takes quite some time
12:13<tjfontaine>after I get my OpenMosix+LTSP up I'll do that one :-)
12:14<sunny>yeh, took me 22 hours for 3 builds of it, heh
12:14<@caker>oo = openoffice?
12:14<tjfontaine>ya, /me thinks distcc+ccache+mosix
12:15<sunny>distcc makes moxis sorta useless
12:15<sunny>they aren't mutually exclusive
12:15<tjfontaine>unless distcc is running cygwin
12:15<sunny>ew, thats output I wouldn't trust, heh
12:16<tjfontaine>usually I'm ok as long as I don't try to push to far on gcc versions
12:50<tjfontaine>heh wrong window mayhaps?
12:51<mikegrb>you talking to me?
12:51<mikegrb>I noticed you silly
12:51<tjfontaine>hmm... ugly xchat bug
12:51<tjfontaine>went to the wrong tab...
12:52<tjfontaine>sorry for the noise
12:52<mikegrb>I've had that happen a few times
13:17* tjfontaine ponders wandering into the world of rebuilding mdk9.2 with gtk+-2.3
13:18<mikegrb>just use gentoo
13:19<mikegrb>ie had decided it will not load any images
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14:03<adamgent>has anyone here ever rolled there own debain package
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14:45<@caker>adamgent: no I've never
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14:47<Efudd->... 'lo
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15:16<@guinea-work>adamgent: depending on what sort of package, that could be an easy thing to do
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15:17<@guinea-pig>then again, i've had practice
15:17<@guinea-pig>single binary, autoconfiscated source is the easiest, i think
15:17<adamgent>guinea-pig: just looking at custom install of mysql, apache etc
15:18<@guinea-pig>oh, you just mean recompiling an existing .deb with custom options, then?
15:19<@guinea-pig>i looked at apache's .deb build setup yesterday, and it's kinda ugly
15:19<adamgent>no creating them from scratch
15:19<adamgent>the deb for apache is far to out of data
15:19<adamgent>date even
15:19<adamgent>something like that
15:19<@guinea-pig>what's the current?
15:19<adamgent>im using 2. something
15:20<@guinea-pig>then you want the apache2 packages :P
15:21<@guinea-pig>apt-cache search apache2-mpm
15:21<sunny>why not just install the source and use a tiny tool for keeping track of file system changes ?
15:21<adamgent>for some reason i just done really like using the pre-built packages
15:22<@guinea-pig>but you always want to install from a package, and not from source? i hear ya
15:22<adamgent>when you have 100+ machines to do
15:23<@caker>adamgent: that's a lot of machines :)
15:23<@guinea-pig>well, i'd recommend
15:23<adamgent>there all p133
15:23<@guinea-pig>apt-get source apache2
15:23<@guinea-pig>apt-get build-dep apache2
15:24<@guinea-pig>and then tinkering around in the existing debian build setup instead of rolling your own debian build setup
15:24<@guinea-pig>unless apache2's as messed up as apache1
15:24* guinea-pig looks
15:24<adamgent>i will get around to it as some point, I tend to just be lazy and leave it
15:25<@guinea-pig>it's ugly... just not *as* ugly as apache1's
15:25<adamgent>it is only a problem when people need things that have non standard flags etc
15:25<@guinea-pig>have you ever built a deb before?
15:26<adamgent>ive tended to just use shell scripts instead
15:26<adamgent>test the install on one machine and then hope it works on all the rest
15:26<@guinea-pig>apt-get install build-essential devscripts :)
15:26<adamgent>i wish it was that simple
15:26<sunny>yeah, i can't see why you'd ever install an important server from a package ... the package and your personal preferences are never the same, heh
15:27<@guinea-pig>apt-get source apache2
15:27<@guinea-pig>cd apache2-*
15:27<@guinea-pig>edit debian/rules to your liking
15:27<sunny>but location of files, etc etc
15:27<@guinea-pig>it's a makefile. that's where the configure options are
15:27<sunny>my entire apache is in /usr/local/apache .. and my site is at /home/www
15:28<@guinea-pig>/usr/lib/apache/ and /var/www
15:28<adamgent>yeah but that is the apache conf file
15:28<adamgent>not an install option
15:28<adamgent>besides apache was only an example the main things are compilers
15:28<sunny>guinea-pig: I'd be wasting more time tweaking my apache than just doing a source compile, heh
15:29<sunny>s/apache/apache package
15:29<@guinea-pig>adamgent: now you're talking hardcore
15:30<adamgent>well the entire system is for the compilation and processing of apps so it is mainly what the system is used for
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15:31<@guinea-pig>Fetched 27.0MB in 25s (1066kB/s) <-- why i love linode
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15:31<@guinea-pig>gcc is a pain to build.
15:32<sunny>gcc is funny, it builds itself twice, heh
15:32<@guinea-pig>debian build structure is quite simple. run debian/rules clean, debian/rules build, debian/rules binary
15:32<adamgent>i cant remeber what I was building but it was some compiler and it took about 30 attempts to get it so it would run some stupid app
15:32<@guinea-pig>sunny: 3 times, i think
15:32<@guinea-pig>99.9% of the time, debian/rules is a makefile
15:32<sunny>3 ? once for the actual build, and another for the chrooted self build ?
15:33<sunny>a third ?
15:33<@guinea-pig>there are three stages, at least
15:33<@guinea-pig>the third one is to make sure it can compile itself
15:33<@guinea-pig>or something like that
15:33<adamgent>it is just to check that the first set of builds work
15:33<sunny>yeah, the second build, to weed out bugs in the parent compiler
15:34<@guinea-pig>for debian, gcc, apache, X, etc, all have massively complex build scripts/makefiles
15:35<adamgent>never install x, never got plans to do so
15:35<sunny>apache should be pretty straight forward
15:35<@guinea-pig>obfuscation to make things simpler. go figure
15:35<sunny>just getting debconf to 0wn the conf files would seem tricky
15:36<@guinea-pig>i *still* get confused between conffiles and configuration files
15:36<@guinea-pig>debconf isn't supposed to touch one of them
15:36<sunny>I really wish linode's debian small didn't have the password issue
15:36<adamgent>it only takes 30 seconds to fix
15:37<adamgent>enable it, then change the root passwd
15:37<sunny>yeah, but I wonder what policies does caker use in answering those debconf questions
15:38<@guinea-pig>probably used the default answers
15:38<sunny>and Mandrake small can be down to 100 megs .. not 200-something
15:38<adamgent>well he said he will sort it out, but it is default for them to be off
15:39<adamgent>not everyone likes shadow passwords
15:39<sunny>yeah, people running NIS
15:39<sunny>who need to be shot, heh
15:39<adamgent>that they do, but some people need to run it
15:40<sunny>all the tools are right there to migrate right off of NIS at
15:40<@guinea-pig>Template: passwd/md5
15:40<@guinea-pig>Type: boolean
15:40<@guinea-pig>Default: false
15:40<sunny>NIS R.I.P in any modern network
15:40<@guinea-pig>i use NIS and shadow and md5 and have no issues on my home network
15:40<sunny>how on earth does NIS work with shadow
15:41<@guinea-pig>not *all* nis doesn't work with shadow. just some implementations
15:42<sunny>the parts that make it any bit useful
15:42<sunny>LDAP auth is a far better idea
15:42<sunny>linux and solaris support nsswitch ... it works really nicely
15:44<adamgent>oh well it looks like it is back to the shell scripts
15:45<sunny>I have a tiny shell script
15:45<sunny>fs_diff foobar ; make install ; fs_diff foobar
15:45<sunny>ultra cheap hack
15:47<adamgent>not that simple anymore :-(
15:47<adamgent>i now how to entertain the thought of bsd
15:48<sunny>you could always run fam .. and write a client that would keep track of file changes, heh
15:48<@guinea-pig>ooh i hate seeing that
15:48<@guinea-pig>one thing that drives me insane is people using `command` instead of $(command) in a bash script :P
15:48<@guinea-pig>` isn't nestable, $() is
15:49<adamgent>people like what they like
15:49<@guinea-pig>yes, i've needed to nest them. i've gone 5 deep once i think
15:49<sunny>$() syntax looks confusing for a newbie .. and so they use `` and learn to stick with it
15:50<adamgent>and when they come from perl coding it tends to stick
15:51<@guinea-pig>damn newbies
15:51<adamgent>6mnths ago I couldnt write a shell script to save my life
15:51<sunny>#bash on Freenode is a lovely channel, you guys should check it out
15:52<adamgent>only usually use freenode for the jxta meetings
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15:53<mikegrb>I hang out in mythtv, courier, and dspam channels there
15:53<Phonepiks>Hey guys, anyone able to advise on exmin setups?
15:53<sunny>later guys
15:53<adamgent>c ay
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15:55<Phonepiks>It dosen't seem to want to start although the logs show checks every 15 mins
15:55<Phonepiks>Nothing seems to be listening on the port
15:55<adamgent>what are the errors when it tries to start
15:55<Phonepiks>Dosen't give any
15:56<adamgent>try to start it in debug mode and see what it says
15:56<Phonepiks>How's that done?
15:57<adamgent>probably take a look in the man page
16:00<Phonepiks>Just get "exim: neither action flags nor mail addresses given" from /usr/sbin
16:00<Phonepiks>Nothing at all from init
16:01<Phonepiks>I'm presuming thats because I'm not giving any commands?
16:01<adamgent>is the debug level at the highest level
16:01<adamgent>it could be
16:02<Phonepiks>li3-85:~# /usr/sbin/exim -d9
16:02<Phonepiks>Exim version 3.35 debug level 9 uid=0 gid=0
16:02<Phonepiks>Berkeley DB: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 2.7.7: (08/20/99)
16:02<Phonepiks>Caller is an admin user
16:02<Phonepiks>Caller is a trusted user
16:02<Phonepiks>originator: uid=0 gid=0 login=root name=root
16:02<Phonepiks>sender address =
16:02<Phonepiks>exim: neither action flags nor mail addresses given
16:03<mikegrb>you want to give it options for it to start in daemon mode
16:03<Phonepiks>OK, shouldn't it run ok on boot though?
16:04<Phonepiks>Seems to be daemoning ok
16:06<mikegrb>well U dunno
16:06<mikegrb>I use courier for mail
16:07<Phonepiks>I need cpanel <grin>
16:07<mikegrb>well then :/
16:07<mikegrb>I'm very happy with the full courier sweet
16:08<Phonepiks>Not tried that.. what is it? Another mta etc?
16:09<mikegrb>it handles local delivery, imap, pop3, normal mta stuff etc
16:09<Phonepiks>Ooh, webmail too
16:09<mikegrb>also has maildrop which is procmail's biggest competitor
16:09<Phonepiks>Hmm I may have a go at that
16:09<Phonepiks>Thx mike
16:10<mikegrb>and the webmail filter editor actually edits the maildrop ~/.mailfiler so even though you make filters from the webmail thing it still gets filtered server side
16:10<mikegrb>heh no prob
16:10<mikegrb>I'm planning on writing a courier + dspam howto soon
16:11<Phonepiks>I'm starting to get the hang of this.. very slowly!
16:11<mikegrb>dspam works great too, uses bayesian filtering but instead of just words it look for workd pairs
16:11<mikegrb>looks for word pairs
16:11<mikegrb>works great
16:12<Phonepiks>Like the crap I keep getting "By Via.Gra from OnL1n3 Phar Macy"
16:12<Phonepiks>Followed usually with AKSJD*"$*AALSALDS
16:12<mikegrb>when I moved to linode for mail, I started getting some spam again but just b/c headers changes
16:12<mikegrb>headers changed rather
16:13<mikegrb>but it has caught up again already
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17:05<Phonepiks>Anyone seen this error before.. "mount: Bad address" ?
17:06<@caker>is this inside your Linode?
17:06<@caker>did you add an image to your config and not reboot?
17:07<Phonepiks>Created a disk image, had it working in RH small. Changed to Debian & it gives me that
17:07<Phonepiks>Have rebooted a few times
17:08<Phonepiks>Google comes up with LVM stuff
17:12<@caker>Are you sure you added it to your config profile (the one that you're actually booting) ?
17:14<Phonepiks>Arse! Yeah that'll help! Thanks caker
17:14<Phonepiks>Muppet <grin>
17:14<@caker>nice -- it'll work after rebooting :)
17:14<Phonepiks>Cheers :o)
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17:47<mikegrb>caker we have a nice pretty web irc client for xbox-linux :-)
17:47<@caker>web irc client?
17:47<mikegrb>not even java applet
17:48<mikegrb>it is cgi based
17:48<mikegrb>tjfontaine set it up
17:48<mikegrb>I'm very impressed
17:48<@caker>holy smokes
17:49<@caker>even tab completion
17:49<mikegrb>even client side javascript for tab completion
17:49<mikegrb>that blew me awat
17:49<@caker>is this tjfontaine's script?
17:49<mikegrb>I think it is cgi::irc or the otherway around
17:50<mikegrb>even has spiffy hostmask for the users
17:51<mikegrb>it is hosted on tj's linode and connects to, on my linode
17:51<@caker>excellent :)
17:51<mikegrb>it has an options page that lets you turn on/off timestamps, smiliey replacement, and the like
17:52<@caker>and probably multiple channels (looks like a tab up top)
17:52<mikegrb>er yes
17:52<@caker>i want one :)
17:52<mikegrb>it will even change the tab color for activity
17:52<mikegrb>yes very cool
17:52<mikegrb>we discussed something like this at the developers meeting this afternoon
17:53<mikegrb>we were going to offer a java applet and cgi only one, decided this was good enough, no java applet necessary
17:53<mikegrb>supports privmsg to dif tab
17:53<@caker>no doubt
17:59<mikegrb>new feature for linode support? <g>
17:59<@caker>How did you know I was on the download page?
17:59<mikegrb>I'm telepathic
18:05<mikegrb>wow bji gave Drowned a great reply to his post on the forum
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18:52<@caker>Yes, he did
19:08<adamgent>c ya all tomorrow, time to sleep
19:09<@caker>see ya Adam
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20:19<tjfontaine>how bout unlimited transfer from node to node :-)
20:27<mikegrb>caker: you around?
20:53<mikegrb>I remember a forum post somewhere abt eventually local trafic wouldn't be counted against bandwidth
20:53<mikegrb>is that currently the case?
20:53<@caker>I have my ebtable rules excluding local traffic
20:53<mikegrb>oh okay
20:53<@caker>but that won't count from dc to dc
20:53<@caker>until I get my ptp gigabit lines to/fro everywhere :)
20:54<mikegrb>I want one of those too
20:55<mikegrb>just got my log searching stuff online :)
20:55<@caker>Suprisingly, I've already seen it :)
20:55<mikegrb>moved the logs yesterday or the daybefore but just got the cgi's this evening
20:55<@caker>just earlier
20:55<@caker>I noticed the logs on the other side ended
20:55<mikegrb>they come from my client
20:55<mikegrb>so when I moved my client to the linode they ended
20:56<@caker>ok, so school me on a good irc setup
20:56<mikegrb>I played with running a bot but this was more stable
20:56<mikegrb>from which point of view? as a user?
20:56<@caker>client, yeah
20:56<@caker>run something in screen on your Linode?
20:56<mikegrb>irssi as a client on the linode
20:57<mikegrb>irssi supports proxy
20:57<@caker>meaning what, exactly?
20:57<mikegrb>so you tell what ever client at home to connect to irssi as a normal server, but with password
20:57<@caker>you just use it as a proxy?
20:57<mikegrb>any channels you were in just open up
20:57<@caker>in your local client?
20:58<mikegrb>you can pullup the screen process and attatch and use irssi as normal from there too
20:58<mikegrb>well anywhere <g>.... multiple clients can connect to the irssi proxy at same time
20:58<mikegrb>though they are all you (your nick)
20:58<@caker>so screen lets you use irssi as a true client, otherwise you just use it as a proxy (connecting and joining, each time)
20:58<mikegrb>join a channel in one client and all the others join the same channel
20:59<mikegrb>tjfontaine uses irssi this way
20:59<@caker>that I don't get
20:59<mikegrb>he normally has two or three clients connected to his proxy at once
20:59<mikegrb>his work pc, home, and sometimes a laptop
20:59<mikegrb>I use it from screen during the day and at night fire up xchat locally and connect to the irssi proxy
20:59<@caker>I didn't know you could (remotely controlled) join a channel
21:00<mikegrb>well you can
21:00<@caker>sorry to be redundant, but when you connect to xchat, are you resuming the existing connections?
21:00<@caker>(not via screen)
21:00<mikegrb>it basically fakes your client into thinking it requested it
21:00<@caker>now I get it :)
21:00<mikegrb>yes, existing connection
21:00<@caker>mikegrb: ty
21:01<mikegrb>there is even a plugin for irssi that will flood your client with the text that happened when you were gone
21:01<mikegrb>as if you had the client there the whole time
21:01<mikegrb>no prob
21:01<mikegrb>I've been playing with it but can't get it to work well for me since you use it via proxy and shell split abt 50/50
21:02<mikegrb>the script is inteded for people who always use it via proxy
21:02<mikegrb>also you should connect to orion
21:02<mikegrb>and I can set your rdns to what ever you want ;)
21:02<@caker>heh, sure will
21:02<@caker>anyone actually see if I own ?
21:03<mikegrb>I know you can set rDNS but the server checks to make sure it fwd and reverse resolves
21:03<@caker>I thought someone would have picked that out
21:03<mikegrb>I have a small caching dns server bound to localhost that the irc server has to go through
21:03<@caker>ahh sneaky
21:03<@caker>I do the same on my webserver
21:05<mikegrb>heh you do own it <g>
21:05<mikegrb>I just figured you were grabbing something out of your ass
21:06<@caker>No, that was for a previous crazy idea about a distributed network monitoring system
21:07<mikegrb>at first thought setting up UML hosting seems easy but definetly comes across as a polished product
21:07<mikegrb>it's an ingenius idea
21:07<@caker>I'm hoping I have a pretty good head start
21:07<mikegrb>much better then some distributed network monitoring crap ;)
21:07<mikegrb>heh indeed
21:07<mikegrb>just don't sell your stuff <g>
21:07<mikegrb>that's where it gets crazy
21:08<@caker>I worked in secrecy for many months
21:08<@caker>You mean like control panel makers sell theirs?
21:08<mikegrb>on the one hand it would be great to have the revenue but on the other you know they would be using it to go in direct competition with you
21:08<@caker>Yeah, one or the other
21:09<@caker>I've already had to make that decision (a few times)
21:09<@caker>Have had a bunch of companies approach me
21:09<@caker>one of them has mock-ups still on a beta site (via google..)
21:10<@caker>sunny will be glad to know I'm almost done with the next debian fs
21:13<mikegrb>who are they?
21:13<mikegrb>they use linode on one of the pages?
21:13<@caker>yeah heh, they have their "skin" mock-ups over the platform manager
21:14<mikegrb>heh that is the page I am on now
21:14<mikegrb>who are they?
21:14<@caker>some canadian company .. actually DotMedia is just an incubator for a larger VC company
21:15<@caker>"Specify which virtual disk images attatch to which device inside your Linode" on that page :)
21:15<tjfontaine>caker: I'm going to setup an irssi proxy for you to test on my node
21:15<mikegrb>that's the page
21:15<mikegrb>er thats the phrase I say
21:16<mikegrb>that is the phrase I saw
21:16<@caker>tjfontaine: awesome, hook me up
21:16<tjfontaine>caker: my pleasure
21:16<mikegrb>having memories of last night trying to type after a glass of whiskey
21:17<@caker>more whiskey this evening?
21:17<mikegrb>just can't type
21:17<@caker>how's your spelling?
21:17<mikegrb>I was thirsty, can't drink the tap water... so heh
21:17<@caker>I need an irc client with spellchecker
21:17<mikegrb>generally not too bad well I take that back, it's bad
21:18<mikegrb>heh irssi has a plugin that does tab completion with an ispell database
21:18<tjfontaine>so does xchat
21:18<mikegrb>it's great just get close hit tab twice and bam a list of words
21:18<@caker>irssi all ncurses based?
21:18<mikegrb>really tj?
21:18<mikegrb>'emerge irssi'
21:18<tjfontaine>mikegrb: almost positive, plus it fixes my many te h mistakes
21:18<mikegrb>I should look into that
21:18<mikegrb>haven't really been using xchat for long
21:19<mikegrb>used to just use irssi exclusively
21:19<mikegrb>now that irssi isn't upstairs over the lan it's nice typing into a local client that echos as soon as I type
21:20<@caker>mikegrb: where are you guys located?
21:20<mikegrb>charleston, sc
21:20<mikegrb>tj is in ohio
21:20<@caker>how are the pings to host10 vs host1?
21:20<mikegrb>near/in cleveland
21:20<mikegrb>ummm lemme check
21:20<@caker>ahh cool
21:21<tjfontaine>I'm pulling about 60 it looks
21:21<mikegrb>--- ping statistics ---
21:21<mikegrb>20 packets transmitted, 20 received, 0% packet loss, time 19098ms
21:21<mikegrb>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 81.130/89.091/103.729/6.274 ms
21:22<mikegrb>--- ping statistics ---
21:22<mikegrb>20 packets transmitted, 19 received, 5% packet loss, time 19089ms
21:22<mikegrb>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 39.638/42.446/55.911/3.351 ms
21:22<@caker>I've noticed (in general) that cross-country backbone hops cost about 30-40ms
21:22<mikegrb>heh indeed
21:22<tjfontaine>--- ping statistics ---
21:22<tjfontaine>23 packets transmitted, 23 received, 0% packet loss, time 22202ms
21:22<tjfontaine>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 58.638/60.087/61.718/0.940 ms
21:23<@caker>I'm going to place some machines at my rack at XO in NJ -- so I'll have the states covered
21:23<tjfontaine>heh groovy
21:23<@caker>The beauty of my system is host machines can be located anywhere
21:23* caker struts
21:24<mikegrb>tjfontaine: caker owns
21:24<@caker>ping ?
21:25<tjfontaine>mch better
21:25<mikegrb>tjfontaine: whisper: you think he is compensating for something else?
21:25<@caker>heh, well it was either or a porn site
21:25<tjfontaine>--- ping statistics ---
21:25<tjfontaine>20 packets transmitted, 20 received, 0% packet loss, time 19198ms
21:25<tjfontaine>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 33.742/35.291/36.969/0.931 ms
21:25<mikegrb>--- ping statistics ---
21:25<mikegrb>20 packets transmitted, 20 received, 0% packet loss, time 19093ms
21:25<mikegrb>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 99.020/103.462/121.289/6.366 ms
21:25<mikegrb>not so good for me
21:25<mikegrb>but heidi is on the phone
21:25<tjfontaine>I get better pings to theshore than I do to my t1 at work
21:26<mikegrb>though she was on the phone for the other pings too
21:26* mikegrb uses VOiP
21:26<mikegrb>got a washington, texas, and charleston phone number and free long distance for 50/mnth
21:27<mikegrb>and a free cisco ata-180 so normal phones work
21:27<tjfontaine>cable or dsl?
21:27<tjfontaine>what kinda upload speed do you have?
21:27<tjfontaine>I can't get squat for a reasonable price from rr
21:27<mikegrb>there normal stuff is 90kbs but I have it turned down so phone is using 30-40kbps
21:27<tjfontaine>dsl is much more reliable for me as well
21:27<mikegrb>sounds better then cell phone
21:28<mikegrb>just about as good as normal phone
21:28<@caker>And they just gave you random numbers in 3 states?
21:28<mikegrb>the ata-180 generates callerid and all for normal phones
21:28<mikegrb>well we asked for numbers in those area codes
21:28<tjfontaine>irssi to icq plugin
21:28<mikegrb>normally its 40/mnth with one number
21:28* caker has to start worrying about fake phone numbers now
21:28<mikegrb>an extra 5/mnth per "virtual" number
21:29<mikegrb>which just fwds
21:29<mikegrb>an 800 number is like 9.95/mnth for 80 minutes or something and then X/min after that
21:29<tjfontaine>ya when I move out I'll prolly go VoIP and no cell phone
21:29<mikegrb>a fax only line is an extra 10/mnth has its own line
21:30<mikegrb>been pretty happy with the service
21:30<mikegrb>spiffiest of all, you can transfer a call to another number :)
21:30<mikegrb>not like fwding but once you're already on the phone you can say just one sec and heidi can transfer the call to me at work
21:31<@caker>toll free deal is pretty sweat
21:31<mikegrb>you should look into it caker
21:31<mikegrb>it works great behind a nat firewall too
21:31<mikegrb>grabs a dhcp ip and then just works
21:31<@caker>The cisco unit does?
21:31<mikegrb>no port fwd'ing necessary
21:31<tjfontaine>cisco is nice like that
21:32<@caker>does it have a tcp connection always connected to vonage or something?
21:32<mikegrb>just plug it in pick up the phone press the button on top of it then hit 80# and it tells you its ip... it's good to go then
21:32<mikegrb>it uses sip
21:32<mikegrb>session initiation protocol
21:32<mikegrb>don't know a lot about it though
21:32<mikegrb>I want to get into the web interface to the ata-180
21:33<mikegrb>it dls a config file from which disables it though
21:33<@caker>I wonder what cable companies think when ppl call and tell them their internet connections are down, and they're expecting a very important call
21:33<mikegrb>see what kinds of spiffy stuff I can change
21:33<mikegrb>I dunno
21:33<mikegrb>it kind of sucks sometimes, it's the only phone at home
21:33<@caker>probably the same thing they thought when they saw my linux boxen
21:33<mikegrb>normally not a prob
21:34<tjfontaine>silly security for my protection
21:34<mikegrb>yha way back when, when my parents got dsl the tech came upstairs where I told him it was going to be connected, saw the 486 with two nics sitting on the rack with patch pannels and a hub and said "I'm gonna like this install"
21:34<@caker>I'm pretty wired to my cell phone -- tickets, monitoring alerts, machine stats pages :)
21:35<mikegrb>heh yes
21:35<mikegrb>you need it
21:35<mikegrb>or a text pager :-)
21:35<@caker>that's funny
21:35<mikegrb>the tech hooked his test equip to the jack, said I got a signal, hooked the adsl modem up waited for it to sync said here is the PPPoE info
21:35<mikegrb>any questions?
21:36<mikegrb>then we chatted networs and what not for a bit and he left
21:36<@caker>I had a tibook, 100bt ethernet ran throughout the pad, a windows box, and an old server now-my-gateway machine
21:36<@caker>cisco 5005
21:36<@caker>a wireless gateway, etc ,etc
21:36<mikegrb>my wife has a laptop with win on it
21:36<mikegrb>95 even
21:36<@caker>They couldn't get it to work on any, until they realized you have to restart the modem each time you connect it to a different comp
21:37<mikegrb>stupid wireless card wont work, the win95 drivers are not compatable with win95
21:37<@caker>haha nice
21:37<@caker>Well, that figures
21:37<mikegrb>she had a wired card that broke as they do
21:37<@caker>snapped off?
21:37<mikegrb>so I gave her the wifi card from my laptop sense it has onboard
21:37<mikegrb>well just loose but yes
21:37<mikegrb>my laptop just sits in the living room anyway
21:38<@caker>What sound quality setting do you have your vonage set to?
21:38<mikegrb>the low quality, I think its 30ish
21:39<mikegrb>had it on 90 and it worked fine but my router had issues
21:39<mikegrb>if we pulled up a webpage or something at the same time the connection would be dropped
21:39<@caker>So from the cisco unit, you plug a normal phone? What about wiring the rest of the house?
21:40<mikegrb>though if the house is disconnected at the NIC at the back you can just plug a short patch cable from the back of it to the nearest jack in the wall
21:40<mikegrb>bingo whole house hooked up
21:40<@caker>ok, i actually know what you're talking about
21:40<@caker>that's very impressive
21:41<mikegrb>though we don't have that
21:41<mikegrb>I finally convinced my wife to get some spiffy 5.8 ghz cordless phones
21:41<@caker>ahh bright idea
21:41<mikegrb>one of those multiple phones to one base jobbies
21:41<mikegrb>told her it couldn't coexist with the 2.4 wifi
21:41<mikegrb>which of course isn't totally a lie
21:42<mikegrb>it's pretty convienent though
21:42<mikegrb>one is normally on the coffee table the other on the living room bookshelf on a remote charger
21:43<mikegrb>when the phone beeps b/c low bettery (normally when on it) hit the transfer button pick up the other phone and place the dead one on that charger
21:43<@caker>$0.05 to the UK, $0.18 if they're on a mobile
21:43<mikegrb>there prices are pretty good
21:46-!-caker_ [] has joined #linode
21:46-!-caker_ is now known as caker-screen
21:46<tjfontaine>gotta fix that login name :-)
21:47<mikegrb>heh since he's comming from your box, his ip matches
21:47-!-caker-screen [] has quit [Client Quit]
21:47-!-caker-screen [] has joined #linode
21:47<tjfontaine>much better
21:48<tjfontaine>mike how do you make it load proxy on startup?
21:48<mikegrb>good question
21:48<tjfontaine>I always have to restart
21:48<mikegrb>oh I know
21:48<mikegrb>don't reboot
21:48<mikegrb>I know there is a way...
21:48<mikegrb>not sure
21:48<mikegrb>you can put a file of commands to execute on startup
21:48<tjfontaine>ok caker, /msg coming your way
21:49<mikegrb>what I really need to do is setup my screenrc to run irssi in the first tty
21:49<tjfontaine>no just connect to my node like it was a regular irc server with that password and you're set
21:49<@caker>er, ip?
21:49<mikegrb>then add a startup script to just startup screen detatched as my user on bootup
21:49<tjfontaine>you can also login to the node via conventional terms and screen -R to get into irssi
21:50<tjfontaine>mikegrb: ya
21:50<tjfontaine>so for instance /server 6667 <password>
21:50<mikegrb>tjfontaine: you're gonna have to get a second ip ;)
21:50<tjfontaine>mikegrb: I know :-)
21:51<mikegrb>have the irc cgi client bind to one address and you use another
21:51<tjfontaine>mikegrb: yup yup
21:51<mikegrb>hmmm I wonder if the host mask would mess up dcc
21:51<mikegrb>I don't think so
21:51<tjfontaine>caker: have I lost you?
21:51<mikegrb>the client tells the other client what it's ip address is
21:51<tjfontaine>mikegrb: if you set, "find ip from server"...
21:51<tjfontaine>i've not try dcc'ing through proxy yet
21:51<@caker>tjfontaine: connection refused ..
21:52<@caker>let me doublecheck
21:52<tjfontaine>uh I might not have re loaded proxy
21:52<tjfontaine>try now :-)
21:52<caker-screen>ok spooky
21:52<tjfontaine>that simple
21:53<tjfontaine>you were automatically "joined" to pre-existing channels
21:53<@caker>Do you guys get disconnects as ppl report on the forums?
21:53<mikegrb>I haven't
21:53<mikegrb>like I mentioned in that thread
21:53<tjfontaine>now watch something else cool
21:53<mikegrb>what are you watching now?
21:53<mikegrb>the matrix thing?
21:53<tjfontaine>you were just joined into #xbox-linux-devel by me doing it on irssi
21:54<@caker>in my "screen" session, right?
21:54<tjfontaine>yes, and also your proxy client
21:54<@caker>but other people who connect to that proxy have their own set of joined channels?
21:54<mikegrb>it's meant to be used by one person
21:54<tjfontaine>right, it sets up psuedo irc servers... so for each person it requires a different port
21:55<@caker>aka eggdrop?
21:55<@caker>is eggdrop similar?
21:55<mikegrb>I haven't used it <g>
21:55<tjfontaine>to what extent?
21:55<tjfontaine>setting listening telnet ports for interaction?
21:55<@caker>not sure, just a lot of people ask about it/run it
21:55<tjfontaine>eggdrop is an irc bot
21:55<mikegrb>I think it is mainly a bot
21:56-!-mode/#linode [+o caker-screen] by caker
21:56-!-mode/#linode [-o caker-screen] by caker
21:56<tjfontaine>you *could* tell it to play back everything from one channel back into your telnet or dcc connection
21:56<tjfontaine>the eggdrop that is
21:57<@caker>is there a "backdoor" into irssi via irc commands?
21:57<mikegrb>like controlling a bot?
21:57<tjfontaine>dunno what you mean...
21:58<mikegrb>there is a bot module for irssi but it isn't enabled by default
21:58<@caker>dunno, just asking out of curiosity .. like to tell it to do stuff (play back last 30 lines, see connections, etc)
21:58<tjfontaine>oh ya
21:58<mikegrb>i told him about that plug
21:59* tjfontaine backspaces
21:59<mikegrb>I didn't look into doing it much but /I/ want a way to controll it from the client connected to the prxoy
22:00<mikegrb>ie, aliases and what not being able to type them in in xchat and irssi tries to interpret and handle the commands, if not it hands it to the real irc server
22:00<mikegrb>I didn't see anything that indicated this is possible :/
22:00<@caker>right like an /irssi command
22:01<mikegrb>that would be ideal for doing things like lastlog
22:01<mikegrb>in irssi you can do /lastlog <someword> and effectively grep the scroll back buffer
22:01<mikegrb>or /lastlog <sometime> and get what was said at that time
22:01<mikegrb>I'd like to be able to use these from the proxy
22:01<tjfontaine>but I really love irssi proxy because both work and home are connected at once and are logging :-)
22:02<tjfontaine>with no detriment to performace
22:02<@caker>plus bad ass reverse dns
22:02<mikegrb>so you don't have the scroll back problem
22:02<tjfontaine>well that thanks mostly to mikegrb :-)
22:02<tjfontaine>and for great TOS and one bad ass owner/operator
22:02<mikegrb>did you see my stab at caker?
22:03<mikegrb>that was a huge factor too
22:03<@caker>which stab?
22:03<mikegrb>abt the domain
22:03<@caker>tjfontaine: heh
22:03<@caker>the whisper?
22:03<tjfontaine>caker are you connected via orion?
22:04<tjfontaine>the whisper was the whole shrek thing
22:04<@caker>tjfontaine: (whereever that points)
22:04<@caker>i replied: it was either linode or a porn site
22:05<mikegrb>london, uk
22:05<tjfontaine>I see that too
22:05<tjfontaine>get on the band wagon
22:05<mikegrb>li3-58 I think
22:05<tjfontaine>its not like you need mike to give you rdns heh
22:06<mikegrb>unless he wants a domain he cant have fwd resolve to that ip
22:06<mikegrb>or doesn't want to
22:06<tjfontaine>I see that the recent oftc server versions have proper channel +s support now
22:08<@caker>man jdike is giving the smack down to someone in #uml .. i love developers
22:08* tjfontaine likes being a luser
22:09<tjfontaine>whats that quote, "The more knowledge a man gains, the less freedom he has"
22:09<tjfontaine>but think about it
22:10<@caker>freedom == ignorance?
22:10<tjfontaine>some would say
22:10<mikegrb>not necessarily
22:10<@caker>ignorance= == bliss
22:10<tjfontaine>and in some cases I agree
22:10<mikegrb>more knowledge definatley == less freedom
22:11<tjfontaine>I was much happier and felt more "free" when I didn't know about the gov't
22:11<mikegrb>for example caker knows more then me and can't leave the cellphone behind
22:11<mikegrb>I could care less ;)
22:11<@caker>That is true, but the truth shall set you free
22:11<mikegrb>tjfontaine: what knowing that I run nuclear reactor for gov't?
22:11<tjfontaine>exactly, I can't sleep at night ;-)
22:11<@caker>something i'll need to add to the TOS...
22:11<mikegrb>though not any more
22:11<tjfontaine>think about socrates...
22:12<mikegrb>yes caker?
22:12<@caker>"not responsible for nuclear meltdowns"
22:12<mikegrb>I was worried for a moment there
22:12<tjfontaine>"no illegal reverse dns"
22:12-!-shakr [] has joined #linode
22:12<mikegrb>I'm not in nuclear power anymore, since that last 8 months or so
22:13<mikegrb>medically disqualified now
22:13<tjfontaine>you got too much radiation?
22:13<@caker>anything involving radioactive material?
22:13<mikegrb>still got the 1/4million education
22:13<tjfontaine>mikegrb: you could teach it! :-)
22:13<mikegrb>nah only around 2-3 mrem over 2 years
22:13<mikegrb>I had surger on my lef
22:13<mikegrb>er leg
22:14<mikegrb>the dr's were never sure what caused it
22:14<@caker>mikegrb: you said you're mid 20s, and have worked for the nuclear industry?
22:14<tjfontaine>what you think you can out-run a melt down?
22:14<mikegrb>they think it was cat scratch
22:14<mikegrb>caker, yes 21
22:14<@caker>damn, kid
22:14<tjfontaine>damn gov't
22:14<@caker>mikegrb: what's your degree(s) in ?
22:14<mikegrb>I joined the navy at 17, left at 18 was learning nuclear power by 18.5 and playing with reactor by 19.5
22:15<@caker>(talk about bad grammar)
22:15<tjfontaine>mike is drunk again
22:15<tjfontaine>I gotta replay that one
22:16<mikegrb>no degree, was all navy schools, though I've got right at abt 100 college credits in stuff from EE related to quantum physics
22:16<mikegrb>my quantum physics instructor was hot ;)
22:16<tjfontaine>mikegrb: rofl
22:16<@caker>oh man
22:16<tjfontaine>where's heidi now?
22:16<mikegrb>paid lots of attention in that class <G>
22:16<@caker>i can hear it now:
22:16<mikegrb>she's still on the phone
22:16<@caker>"I'd like to test some theories on her..."
22:16<tjfontaine>relatively speaking...
22:17<@caker>of course
22:17<@caker>bodies in motion...
22:17<mikegrb>some of the stuff was interesting
22:17<mikegrb>well just abt all of it
22:17<mikegrb>we had lots of great toys
22:18<mikegrb>you've never soldered until you've soldered at a $600 solder station
22:18<mikegrb>learned about cigarettes
22:18<@caker>"Learn Nuclear Reactors in 21 days" ?
22:18<tjfontaine>sams teach yourself Nukes in 24hrs
22:18<mikegrb>told heidi I know enough to make an informed decesion abt cigarettes
22:18<mikegrb>on safari
22:19<mikegrb>I get more radiation from one cigarette then a year of working 12hr days around the plant
22:19<mikegrb>and the cigarette doesn't have much radiation
22:19<mikegrb>they do crazy stuff though
22:19<mikegrb>the reactor where I worked is in a sub, though permanently moored
22:20<mikegrb>they aren't allowed to dump anything in the river
22:20<@caker>do they moth-ball nuclear subs, or just keep them running like that?
22:20<mikegrb>they would be in violation by dumping tap water in the river (too many contaminates)
22:21<mikegrb>they trap crabs on the river bed and since they feed on the bottom, put the crab in a blender and then count the crab with a radiac to measure for radioactivity
22:21<mikegrb>they normally get dismantled
22:21<tjfontaine>I just lost my appetite
22:21<@caker>sold on ebat
22:22<mikegrb>they keep a couble (2-4) around for training or power on a base
22:22<mikegrb>there is so much un=necessary regulatory crap involved
22:22<tjfontaine>I don't want to be the one who decides whats unnecessary...
22:23<tjfontaine>like the fbi kid that said "heh whos gonna fly a plane into a building"
22:23<mikegrb>water that is clean enough to be drunk be shipped in tripple walled yellow container trucks with police escorts
22:23<mikegrb>guess it makes people feel safer though
22:23<tjfontaine>damn straight :-)
22:23<mikegrb>one of my instructors always said "The biggest problem with Nuclear Power...."
22:24<mikegrb>"... is it's name"
22:24<tjfontaine>there is certainly truth in that
22:24<@caker>steam power
22:24<mikegrb>Adm Rickover who started the naval nuke power program drank a big pitcher of primary coolant in front of congress
22:24<mikegrb>nuke power is steam power
22:27<mikegrb>time for some radiation^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Ha cigarette
22:27* tjfontaine had his allotment for the day
22:27<@caker>what brand do you smoke?
22:27<tjfontaine>I do Camel Turkish Golds mostly
22:28<tjfontaine>when ever their domestic special blends are on sale I switch it up some
22:30<@caker>grr .. the i/o schedular in 2.4.21/22 is frustrating
22:31<tjfontaine>yup and in one statemnet you've prepared yourself to fly over my head
22:31<tjfontaine>but I'm gonna ask anyway... Why?
22:31<@caker>it just has problems
22:31<@caker>sits there with work to do, but doesn't do it (bugs not releasing pages, it gets stuck)
22:32<tjfontaine>2.6 any better?
22:32<tjfontaine>in that regard
22:32<@caker>since 2.4.23-pre5, it has the same schedular as 2.6 (anticipatory I/O schedular)
22:33<tjfontaine>I see
22:33<@caker>I have 2.4.23-pre5 running on host9 and host10
22:33<@caker>seems to be working better...
22:34<tjfontaine>oh oh thats me
22:34<@caker>The only host where it's become a problem is host7...
22:34<@caker>unfortunately, there the people I moved off host4 (a bogus machine, or some yet-to-be-determined bug)
22:35<tjfontaine>fun stuff
22:37<mikegrb>monster garage is a good one
22:37<tjfontaine>I've gotta get rest tonight
22:37<tjfontaine>later cats
22:37<mikegrb>it's the team and same project that was the first to fail back in the first season
22:37<mikegrb>gn tjfontaine
22:37<@caker>see ya
22:37<@caker>I'm off for a bit, too ..
22:38<mikegrb>see ya
23:25<@caker>just released 2.4.23-pre8 Linode kernel
23:27<mikegrb>saw that
23:28<mikegrb>if a could schedule changes I'd set it for next reboot ;)
23:28<mikegrb>or can I change a profile even though it is already booted
23:28<@caker>i think resize is still the only thing to take advantage of schedualed jobs (so far)
23:29<mikegrb>oh it does it now?
23:29<@caker>no, i mean in that scenario :)
23:29<mikegrb>oh heh
23:30* mikegrb had rushed off to the control panel
23:31* mikegrb just got mail from home to fwd to linode
23:31<mikegrb>(mail to be delivered locally at home)
23:31<mikegrb>now I shall get the cron emails for things such as the nightly backup
23:32<mikegrb>now I just need to switch the daily from midnight
23:32<mikegrb>I had switched it but I also switched the mailto email addy in the crontab to a non local address (to the linode) but never got any email from it
23:33<@caker>how come?
23:33<@caker>erk, afk for a few
23:33<mikegrb>I wasn't sure if I had just fuxored the when settings
23:33<mikegrb>or if vcron didn't support MAILTO being non local
23:34<mikegrb>it hasn't run properly at night sense then, should run fine tonight (/me crosses fingers) if so I will change time tommorow and then if that is fine then I'll try chaning the MAILTO to point right at the linode
23:34* mikegrb must change one thing at a time
23:35-!-Artifex [] has joined #linode
23:36<Artifex>mikegrb: hi there. :-)
23:36<mikegrb>order yet?
23:36<Artifex>mikegrb: i just finally convinced myself
23:36<mikegrb>heh good job!
23:36<Artifex>128 package + 2IPs
23:36<mikegrb>that makes two for me :)
23:36<mikegrb>heh me too
23:37<mikegrb>can't beat the price
23:37<Artifex>pretty nice deal, esp on the hd space
23:37<mikegrb>well and the TOS/AUP
23:37<mikegrb>that is absolutely unbeatable
23:37<mikegrb>don't spam/don't hack
23:37<Artifex>yeah, read em over, looked PRETTY decent
23:37<mikegrb>heh indeed
23:37<Artifex>couple of minor things i'd take issue with, but...
23:37<Artifex>not quite as grey-area-friendly as my tastes prefer, as im sure you've picked up on
23:37<mikegrb>caker should be back in a few minutes
23:38<mikegrb>heh yes
23:38<mikegrb>for your "project"
23:38<mikegrb>well I guess it is project w/o the quotes
23:38<Artifex>that reminds me
23:38<mikegrb>it's a legitiment project
23:38<Artifex>have to go check on this build
23:38<mikegrb>heh np
23:38<Artifex>nope, still not done
23:38<Artifex>this ones taking a damned long time, hehe
23:39<Artifex>yes, compleatly legitimate
23:39<Artifex>well... assuming people dont go switching their licensing on me before i can release
23:39<mikegrb>legitimate != legitiment, legitimate is indeed what I meant
23:39<mikegrb>caker: you have a new customer
23:40<Artifex>caker: hi. :-)
23:40<mikegrb>whole xbox-linux team will be on linode before I'm done
23:40<mikegrb>we'll have to add sponsered by to the bottom of the page
23:40<Artifex>eep, i heard a beep, build might be done
23:40<Artifex>woot, it was done... but..
23:40<Artifex>TESTGUI2 - 18 error(s), 0 warning(s)
23:41<Artifex>anyways... getting back on topic...
23:41<Artifex>how long before i can expect 'the call'?
23:41<@caker>let me run you through my validation script and see if you're legit
23:41<@caker>hmm, you weren't a good boy in grade school
23:42<Artifex>who was?
23:42<mikegrb>you arti
23:42<Artifex>no, i'm saying...
23:42<Artifex>'who was'
23:42<mikegrb>oh heh
23:42<Artifex>as in...
23:42<Artifex>oh nevermind
23:42<mikegrb>sarcastic filter was off
23:42<mikegrb>getting anoyed by this version database entries
23:43<mikegrb>stupid people submit just date of manufacture, purchase and country
23:43<@caker>Artifex: all set, thanks!
23:43<mikegrb>not terribly useful
23:44<mikegrb>caker does it take manual intervention to setup a new user or is it done in batches? I noticed it seemed speedier then I expected it to take
23:44<@caker>origionally the entire thing was automated
23:44<@caker>but I had problems with people signing up with stolen info
23:44<mikegrb>tis the net
23:44<@caker>enough stolen info to make me think nothing was secure anymore (if it ever was)
23:44<@caker>so now
23:44<mikegrb>128's soldout again
23:45<@caker>it does what it used to, but doesn't set the active flag
23:45<@caker>so I have time to review/void
23:45<@caker>it's an incredible problem
23:46<mikegrb>how often do you add new servers? host 10 was just added a week ago and is now full
23:46<mikegrb>well and there were 128's available a few days before host 10 was up
23:46<@caker>host10 has a few open slots.. the Linode 64 servers sell a lot faster
23:46<@caker>and close to the end of the month, you start to get some churn
23:46<@caker>which opens slots
23:47<@caker>I can't keep up, honestly
23:47<mikegrb>well the site says no 128's
23:47<@caker>There was about a week longer than I wanted delay while getting HE setup
23:47<mikegrb>on the linodes page
23:47<@caker>but I'm averaging about a new server ever two weeks
23:48<@caker>12 Linde 128's available, no?
23:48<mikegrb>silly me
23:48<mikegrb>I though there was anoter one in between
23:48<@caker>sold those today, but I don't have that machine set to be full
23:48<@caker>I'm thinking about getting rid of Linode 256, and creating a Linode 96 plan
23:49<@caker>for $30
23:49<@caker>not sure..
23:49<mikegrb>that would sell better then 256 :)
23:49<@caker>I probably won't
23:49<mikegrb>would give people who aren't sure they want to upgrade a little more reason
23:50<@caker>right now everything is double ..
23:50<@caker>double specs, double price
23:50<@caker>I guess it wouldn't be that confusing to add a 1/2 in between the 64 and 128
23:50-!-Artifex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 492 seconds]
23:51<mikegrb>give people smaller steps
23:51<mikegrb>might increase revenue well you don't oversell
23:51<@caker>revenue per host is linear
23:51<@caker>which is nice
23:51<mikegrb>hmm I dunno
23:52<mikegrb>would be a good plan
23:52<mikegrb>from user pt
23:52<@caker>You're right, it would attract the "i want more than the basic one, but not as much as double" thought ;)
23:52-!-UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
23:52-!-Artifex [] has joined #linode
23:52-!-UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has joined #linode
23:52<mikegrb>get people who aren't sure if they should upgrade or not who do then aren't using all their cpu and what not
23:52<mikegrb>you should use irssi inside screen for logging
23:53<mikegrb>it rotates logs w/o leaving channel
23:53<@caker>for some reason, ever since I setup the second channel for logging, it leaves and comes back
23:53<@caker>doesn't do that for the #uml channel
23:53<@caker>maybe I'm blocking those in my client
23:53<@caker>in #uml
23:54<mikegrb><-- UML_ChanLog (~stats@ has left #uml (Rotating Logs)
23:54<mikegrb>--> UML_ChanLog (~stats@ has joined #um
23:54<mikegrb>I need to set gruftistats or something to run again
23:55<mikegrb>I've got #mythtv on freenode logs back to sept/october of 2002
23:55<mikegrb>and mythtv has only been around since shortly before then
23:56<@caker>what is that?
23:56<@caker>yeah :-p
23:56<mikegrb>mythtv == like tivo
23:56<mikegrb>open source pvr software
23:57<mikegrb>it's what I use linux for on the xbox
23:57<Artifex>mythtv != tivo AT ALL
23:57<@caker>i had to hack the parser to work with the output of my logger (statslog)
23:57<Artifex>mythtv > tivo
23:57<Artifex>by a long shot
23:57<mikegrb>heh okay
23:57<Artifex>LOOOONG shot
23:57<mikegrb>mythtv supports networking
23:57<@caker>so you just need a video capture card and the software and a hard drive?
23:57<mikegrb>so I have a box upstairs that records shows and what not and I watch them on the xbox
23:57<@caker>video capture card or tuner card thing?
23:57<Artifex>either or
23:58<mikegrb>you tell it a show name, it'll record whenever it's on
23:58<Artifex>depends on how you set up
23:58<mikegrb>it can control a cable box for tuning
23:58<@caker>if no tuner, then you need something external (like a vcr)
23:58<Artifex>i'm on a rather twisted mythtv+videolan+xp-media-center setup now, hehehe
23:58<@caker>Are there cable boxes with serial ports or something?
23:58<mikegrb>some do
23:58<Artifex>i have serial going to one box
23:58<mikegrb>but myth can use lirc and an ir transmitter
23:58<Artifex>IR to another
23:59<@caker>yeah IR
23:59<@caker>freaking cool :)
23:59<mikegrb>ckrt cost about $10 to make
23:59<mikegrb>check out the screen shots
23:59<Artifex>and my folk's replaytv boxes...
23:59<Artifex>well, talks to those over the network. :-D
23:59<mikegrb>auto commercial flagging and skip too
23:59<mikegrb>Artifex: I didn't realize you use mythtv
---Logclosed Tue Oct 28 00:00:13 2003