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00:10<@mikegrb>heh msft forgot to renew one of their domains again,
02:53<@caker>hello wap
02:56<wap>caker: hello :) I'm writing a little step-by-step guide about how to set up a disk image and transfer /usr onto it.
02:56<@caker>Cool... I'd like to read it when you're done
02:57<@caker>You'll soon be able to add instructions for resizing down, too
02:57<wap>caker: Shall I post on the forum and let you read it there? Or do you want me to email it to you first?
02:58<@caker>either way -- you edit your post, I suppose
02:58<@caker>er, .. you [can]
03:26<wap>caker: posted it:
05:27* wap is away having a bath
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06:26<@adamgent>morning all
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07:08* wap is back
07:09<wap>adamgent: hiya
07:37* wap is away going to the doctor
11:12<eurozip>14 packets transmitted, 12 received, 14% packet loss, time 13028ms
11:12<eurozip>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 20.843/1279.292/2819.535/850.728 ms, pipe 3
11:12<eurozip>any idea why network so slow and choppy?
11:12<eurozip>I usually get < 30ms returns
11:12<eurozip>from here to linode
11:17<@mikegrb>do you have ECN turned on in your kernel at home?
11:20<eurozip>note on my router either
11:24<@mikegrb>that sux0rs
11:25<@mikegrb>any tunneling on your end?
11:25<@mikegrb>of PPPoE
11:25<@mikegrb>er s/of/or
11:25<@mikegrb>somtimes there are MTU problems though I think that is generally a total shut out rather then partial
11:26<eurozip>iptables -I FORWARD -p tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS --clamp-mss-to-pmtu
11:26<eurozip>on my firewall
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11:28<eurozip>zip@system1:~$ cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn
11:28<@mikegrb>heh I dunno
11:28<@mikegrb>need someone smarter ;)
11:28<eurozip>--- ping statistics ---
11:28<eurozip>8 packets transmitted, 8 packets received, 0% packet loss
11:28<eurozip>round-trip min/avg/max = 130.0/1282.1/2904.9 ms
11:29<eurozip>can you ping it with good times?
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11:33<@mikegrb>I'm ssh'ed into my linode... lemme ssh home and try from there ;)
11:34<@mikegrb>51 packets transmitted, 40 received, 21% packet loss, time 50080ms
11:34<@mikegrb>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 117.939/2938.751/9563.883/2528.822 ms, pipe 10
11:36<eurozip>yea, that isn't so good
11:36<eurozip>I think it is the linode
11:36<eurozip>rather, the route to
11:36<@mikegrb>which host?
11:36<eurozip><gs> odd
11:36<eurozip><gs> very fluctuating response times
11:36<eurozip><gs> time=223 ms time=3612 ms time=2613 ms time=613 ms time=1614 ms time=766 ms time=60.7 ms
11:37<@mikegrb>I noticed the same thing
11:38<eurozip>I have a migration pending, could that be it?
11:38<@mikegrb>towards the end it was getting some better pings and I thought maybe it was getting better but then it went up again
11:38<@mikegrb>I doubt it
11:39<eurozip>--- ping statistics ---
11:39<eurozip>3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2009ms
11:39<eurozip>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 17.912/20.853/26.329/3.875 ms
11:41<eurozip>must be on the host end
11:41<@mikegrb>--- ping statistics ---
11:41<@mikegrb>40 packets transmitted, 40 received, 0% packet loss, time 119327ms
11:41<@mikegrb>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 47.912/1762.107/10198.652/2136.514 ms, pipe 3
11:41<@mikegrb>seemed like it was getting better, the last 5 or so were all < 48.7ms
11:42<@mikegrb>that is from my linode at HE
11:42<eurozip>--- ping statistics ---
11:42<eurozip>27 packets transmitted, 22 received, 18% packet loss, time 26057ms
11:42<eurozip>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 18.030/1271.571/3702.746/997.108 ms, pipe 4
11:43<@mikegrb>10 packets transmitted, 10 received, 0% packet loss, time 36969ms
11:43<@mikegrb>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 47.989/48.197/48.396/0.306 ms
11:44<eurozip>Job Entered 11/07/2003 11:42:18 AM
11:44<eurozip>that was 3.5 minutes ago, for a shutdown on the website
11:45<eurozip>still in queue
11:46<eurozip> waiting on host
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11:56* EFudd ho hums
12:10<eurozip>well, I finally shutdown the linode, moving it over to the new host now
12:10<eurozip>lets see if that fixes it
12:16<@adamgent>i get packet losses on both networks
12:30<eurozip>all works now, no packet loss and fast times on the new host
12:32<eurozip>host 9
12:32<tjfontaine>don't slow down my host
12:32<sunny>yeh, we'll kill j00 :P
12:33<sunny>welcome to the host9 mafia >:)
12:34<EFudd>just stay the fok off of host6 !
12:34<EFudd>er, I mean, Hello.
12:34* wap is back
12:34<wap>Hi EFudd
12:35<EFudd>I'm drinking at work. Watch yourself.
12:35<EFudd>(just a friendly warning!)
13:58<@mikegrb>host 9 wasn't good enough for me
13:58* mikegrb moved up to 10
14:06<Quik>anyone have a server in nac?
14:08<Quik>the datacentre
14:08<Quik>'network access center'
14:08<tjfontaine>just an acronym I'd not seen before
14:09<Quik>ah right :)
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14:22<@mikegrb>nac is network access center
14:22<sighup>i heard nac was network access center
14:22<tjfontaine>what is nac?
14:22<sighup>somebody said nac was network access center
14:28<Quik>no way
14:37<wap>another acronym :p
14:40<Quik>:p ?
14:41<wap>:p is my tongue
14:53* mikegrb wouldn't want it in his mouth either
14:53<@mikegrb>what is :p?
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15:34<@guinea-pig> <-- w00t
15:40<EFudd>so it was totaled?
15:41<@guinea-pig>err, no
15:41<@guinea-pig>i finished paying it off!
15:41<EFudd>grats. what car ?
15:41<@guinea-pig>'97 taurus
15:41<@guinea-pig>jellybean blue :P
15:42<@guinea-pig>in dec 97, when i first saw it... 58k
15:42<EFudd>i bought a 5yr 100k mile warranty on the vette
15:42* EFudd sighs that he has to do that
15:42<@guinea-pig>6 months ago... 95k
15:42<@guinea-pig>today... 110k
15:42<EFudd>i do 15-20k/year :/
15:42<@guinea-pig>(road trips)++
15:43* caker beats his head against the wall
15:43<@guinea-pig>i was doing < 5k/year until i moved to boston
15:43<@guinea-pig>good thing i padded the walls in here
15:43* caker bounces off
15:43<@guinea-pig>the floor, too
15:43<@caker>Not much
15:44<@guinea-pig>that's always good
15:51<wap>g'night everyone
15:51<tjfontaine>you think if when I go to the theatre tonight during prime time if I ask for a private screening of Matrix Revolutions they will give it to me?
15:52<@caker>a big shot like you? absolutely
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16:07<artifexx>hey, can you size a disk image down now?
16:11<@caker>artifexx: not yet -- I have the code written and working, but I want to test it before truncating everyon's disk images :)
16:11<@caker>Maybe be this weekend
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16:16<tjfontaine>caker++ for being so quick to add features
16:19<sunny>caker-- not curing cancer :P
16:19<sunny>caker-- world hunger too
16:19<tjfontaine>sunny-- for picking on caker :-)
16:20<tjfontaine>karma caker
16:20<sighup>caker has karma of -1
16:20<tjfontaine>caker++ must be at least nuetral
16:29<sunny>caker-- failing to keep the middle east peace process on track
16:29<sunny>haha :P
16:52<artifexx>cake: what would be nice is if shutdown -r actually brought the node BACK UP
16:52* artifexx grumbles
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18:36<@caker>52 minutes ago
18:36<@adamgent>any one know of any good hosts in germany/Australia/asia?
18:36<@adamgent>well at least the downtime was only about 5 mins
18:37<@adamgent>how come you had to boot into a different kernel?
18:37<@caker>I'm guessing I rebooted it via the console when they installed it and choose the correct kernel
18:37<@caker>but then never edited the default
18:37<@caker>in grub.conf
18:38<@adamgent>arah, prefer lilo personnally
18:38<@caker>I really like grub over lilo ..
18:40* adamgent can't find any good hosts in asia
18:43* mikegrb likes grub too
18:43<mikegrb>everything better now
18:43<@caker>Good .. any major damage done?
18:43* mikegrb adds ntpdate just before starting ntpd
18:43<@guinea-sleep>i don't like grub, specifically because i know lilo. i don't know grub.
18:43<mikegrb>just was gone longer then the linode was because of clock problems
18:44<mikegrb>clock was off about 30 minutes or so didn't pay a lot of attention
18:44<@caker>let me check the host's clock
18:44<mikegrb>ntpd as you probably no just goes away if the clock is too far off
18:44<@guinea-sleep>which is why you run ntpdate first :P
19:13<mikegrb>bah heh
19:13<@caker>clock is synced, hwclock is synced now too .. was off about 30 minutes
19:14<mikegrb>ahh that was it then
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19:14<@adamgent>strange for the hwclock to get 30 mins out of sync
19:15<@guinea-sleep>well, if the hwclock drifted, and it obviously wasn't updated when the host was unplugged...
19:15<@guinea-sleep>but host10 wasn't around for that long, was it?
19:15<mikegrb>naaa, my workstation drifts 10 min a day
19:15<mikegrb>I just fixed a clock on another system that was off by 10 hrs
19:15<mikegrb>in less then a week!
19:15<@guinea-sleep>does your workstation run windows? :P
19:15* mikegrb doesn't have a choice
19:16* mikegrb hangs head in shame
19:16<@guinea-sleep>i had win98 drift X seconds per hit, when it was running apache
19:16<@caker>that is bizarre
19:16* guinea-sleep can't remember how many
19:16<@adamgent>i dont have any problems with drift on windows
19:16<@guinea-sleep>caker: yes, yes it was
19:17<@guinea-sleep>which was why i finally decided to try linux :D
19:17<@adamgent>never liked apache on windows
19:17<@guinea-sleep>... almost 4 years ago now i think
19:17* caker adds clock sync init script to to-do list
19:17<mikegrb>caker: were they adding another machine for you?
19:17<@caker>ping host11 ..
19:17<mikegrb>that would be at least a bit more understandable
19:18<mikegrb>ahh heh :)
19:18<mikegrb>for 64?
19:18<mikegrb>I presume
19:18<mikegrb>actually that's good
19:18<mikegrb>people will get something a little bigger then they would have ;)
19:18<@caker>Well, TP power-cycled my rig once right at the beggining, so maybe now at least that's out of the way w/ HE
19:19<mikegrb>gives an oportunity for some people to upgrade too
19:19<mikegrb>haha that's one way to look at it
19:19<@adamgent>but to transfer from tp to he would be a pain
19:22<mikegrb>oh, caker I resized the filesystem image
19:23<mikegrb>so you can take the queing off your todo list as I don't need it ;)
19:23<@caker>Your Linode came back online, right?
19:23-!-heidi [] has joined #linode
19:23<@caker>I'll leave it on there, for now
19:23<mikegrb>then I shut it down and resized
19:23<mikegrb>heh I was kidding about taking it off
19:23<@adamgent>chris when are more l64 due?
19:24<@caker>adamgent: I'm going to order at least another machine on Monday
19:24<@caker>Get it here, build, install, test, etc.. so probably
19:24<@caker>next-next Monday would be the 17th ..
19:25<@caker>around or before then...
19:25* mikegrb has a ct scan on the 17th
19:26<@adamgent>chris if linodes where at the same dc how hard would it be to transfer IPs from one linode to another
19:27<@caker>From two different Linode accounts?
19:27-!-sighup [] has joined #linode
19:28<@caker>not that hard .. shutdown both linodes, tweak in my db, save the config profiles in each and reboot
19:29<@adamgent>why would a shutdown be needed?
19:29<@caker>Wouldn't want both to have the same IP at the same time
19:29<@caker>and the network rules only get set on boot
19:30<@adamgent>so it is due to the way UML handles IP address then
19:30<@caker>No, just my scripts .. without any network rules, you could ifconfig any IP
19:30<@caker>as far as UML is concerned
19:31<@caker>just like a real box
19:32<@adamgent>so it is not possible to add an ip then that you do not have assigned
19:32<@caker>Right --- you could ifconfig **any** IP address, but nothing will get through my rules
19:33<@caker>That was a nice bug to fix the first week we were in business. .. someone reverse GATEWAY and IPADDRESS in their init scripts .. so they started arping as the gateway IP .. boom, entire thing goes down
19:34<@caker>my ebtable rules rock
19:34<EFudd> /bonk luser
19:34<@caker>ethernet bridge tables
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19:36<@adamgent>have you hardened the kernels against dos attacks etc chris
19:36<@caker>as much as I know about
19:37<@caker>syn cookies, etc.. But, interestingly enough, bridging makes packets pretty much to straight to the Linode kernels
19:37<@adamgent>so it is down to the users to secure there linodes kernels then
19:38<@caker>pretty much ...
19:39<@adamgent>not to mention a good set of iptables
19:42<@caker>they should make power cables that lock into place
19:43<@caker>All these servers of mine are on rails, so I'd guess sliding one back into the rack might push other stuff out ...
19:43<@adamgent>it shouldnt but
19:44<@adamgent>depends how many u clearnce you have on each sode
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19:54* mikegrb wonders how a localhost client can have ping timeout hehe
19:54<mikegrb>though this isn't same as /bin/ping the client has to implement it
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19:40<mikegrb>caker left while I was split :/
19:40<mikegrb>had a suggestion
19:40<mikegrb>still spliut partially
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19:44<@mikegrb>when caker fixed the host clock it pushed mine off 30 min again
19:45<@mikegrb>the irc servers will only link if the times are < 5 min apart
19:45-!-tjfontaine is now known as Guest18
19:47<@mikegrb>caker: suggestion... a cron job every 6 hrs or some such to sync the hwclock to swclock
19:47<@caker>mikegrb: everything ok?
19:47<@mikegrb>I didn't realize the problem right off though
19:47<@mikegrb>checked the ntpd log and then it clicked
19:48<@mikegrb>can you hear me now?
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19:52<@caker>What was that?
19:52<heidi>you showed up that time
19:52<@adamgent>anyone used openna linux before?
19:52<@mikegrb>for some reason after the last time when I typed it didn't show up
19:52<@mikegrb>I saw everything else
19:52<@caker>adamgent: no ..
19:53<@caker>adamgent: downloading "Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution v2.0" now .. any good?
19:53<@mikegrb>cake: suggestion, cron job every 6 or 12 hrs to sync hardware clock
19:53<@adamgent>yeah it looks good
19:54<@caker>mikegrb: it was the clock again, eh?
19:54<@adamgent>it is based around red hat, but the principles stand for all distros
19:54<@adamgent>they have v3 out but you have to pay for that one
19:54<@mikegrb>caker yes
19:54<@caker>mikegrb: adding hwsync to the previous clock related to-do item :)
19:54<@mikegrb>as we found out last time uml uses host + offset for it's time
19:55<@mikegrb>so I fixed mine then you fixed the host so mine was 30 min off again
19:55<@caker>It was off +30 this time, right?
19:55<@mikegrb>I think so didn'treally pay too much attention
19:55<@mikegrb>linode is stable
19:55<@mikegrb>don't get me wrong
19:56<@mikegrb>it's nice to have a little hiccup every once and a while
19:56<@caker>ok, added that to to-do .. I'll sneak that in this weekend
19:56* caker hopes no-one realizes I invented all these problems
19:57<@mikegrb>the hiccups let you discover these little things
19:57<@caker>like arp'ing for the gateway
19:57<@mikegrb>that way if something were to happen when a terminal wasn't so readily available for you it won't be a problem
19:57<@caker>It's getting there
19:58* mikegrb still needs to put up a positive thingie on the forum
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20:04<@adamgent>time to get some sleep
20:05<@caker>nice Adam!
20:05<@caker>er Nite, even
20:09-!-adamgent [] has quit []
20:09<@mikegrb>er heh
20:10<@mikegrb>I think I found another linode customer
20:10<@mikegrb>and all thanks to he unplugging host 10
20:10<@mikegrb>he was on freenode and when I rejoined he said "damn he has rdns too"
20:10<@mikegrb>turns out he is a rackshack customer right now
20:11<@mikegrb>sent him to and he lovves one of the things that hooked me
20:11<@mikegrb>your attitude caker :)
20:11<@mikegrb>his only prob is bandwidth
20:12<@mikegrb>caker: you there got a question
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20:14<mikegrb>I think I found another linode customer
20:14<mikegrb>and all thanks to he unplugging host 10
20:14-!-Irssi: Join to #linode was synced in 52 secs
20:14<mikegrb>sent him to and he lovves one of the things that hooked me
20:15<mikegrb>your attitude caker :)
20:15<mikegrb>his only prob is bandwidth
20:16<mikegrb>caker: you there got a question
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20:19-!-Netsplit over, joins: @guinea-sleep, @caker, EFudd, jax, UML_ChanLog, Artifex, eurozip, sunny, Quik
20:19<mikegrb>caker: you around
20:19<@caker>mikegrb: yup
20:20<mikegrb>did you see my above about new customer?
20:20<@caker>yes, and then "one prob bandwidth" and then "caker you there got a q" and that's all
20:20<@caker>then orion split
20:21<mikegrb>that time not specifically the linode's fault
20:21<mikegrb>[2003/11/8 01.18] No response from[], closing link
20:21<mikegrb>AT ANY RATE
20:23<mikegrb>at any rate he needs in the neighborhood of 250gb a month... he is interested in a linode 256, if he contacts you directly is there the possibility of working out a a little less of a charge then 2/gb
20:23<mikegrb>I know you want more bandwidth for better negotiating
20:23<mikegrb>not sure if this is a cost effective enough amount
20:24<@caker>I inked deals w/ TP and HE over the past two days
20:24<@caker>HE b/w I can do a lot better deals on
20:25<@caker>er .. I mean TP bandwidth NOT HE
20:25<mikegrb>you have a lot more there
20:25<@caker>so sure, tell him to email/call me whatever
20:25<mikegrb>will do
20:25<@caker>They're just cheaper, and not 95th percentile
20:25<mikegrb>he is the server admin not the owner so it isn't ultimatley his decision but he is really liking the linode concept
20:26<@caker>He'd probably be better off getting a dedi w/ 1000gb from some place, but you can tell him to give me a ring..
20:26<mikegrb>heh okay
20:26<mikegrb>he is withck rackshack now at 750gb
20:26<@caker>no way I can compete with the likes of them for high bandwidth
20:27<mikegrb>he knows that
20:27<mikegrb>he doesn't need 750 though
20:28<@caker>My price for 1mbit (around 320gigs or so) would be more than they charge for their cheapest dedi w/ 7-1000gb
20:28<mikegrb>what is linode?
20:28<mikegrb>sighup: what is linode?
20:28<sighup>i haven't a clue, mikegrb
20:30<mikegrb>what is linode?
20:30<sighup>linode is the greatest hosting solution around... allowing you to get to my roots, see or join #linode
20:30<mikegrb>er heh
20:30<mikegrb>I told it 'get to your roots
20:31<mikegrb>heh he tries to be too smart sometimes
20:31<@caker>sounds kinky
20:32<mikegrb>like if you were to type 'something is my such and such' then ask it what something was it would say something is caker's such and such
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20:34<mikegrb>what is linode?
20:34<sighup>linode is the greatest hosting solution around... allowing you to get to mikegrb's roots, see or join #linode
20:34<mikegrb>it subs their name in
20:34<mikegrb>I had to define linode as someone defined it in xbox-linux... linode is mikegrb's spambaby was their def
20:35<mikegrb>it will define stuff set by anybody but only special people may redefine things
20:35<mikegrb>or undefine them for that matter
20:36<mikegrb>things seem to be settled down now
20:36<mikegrb>time to go for a cigarette
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21:35<@mikegrb>caker: in asnwer to your redhat freshrpms/redhat, there is a difference freshrpms I believe adds a short string to rpm names
21:36<@mikegrb>so you can have dependcy problems as something is installed via rpm but the name is dif then it was looking for
21:36<@mikegrb>though that particular forum thread I don't think that it would make a difference I dunno seems odd never seen anything like that problem before
21:38<@mikegrb>I guess that rpm-python package just wants that particular version of rpm, I find it hard to believe that rpm wouldn't be upgraded between when 8.0 and before 9.0 were released
21:38<@mikegrb>so it seems like this is just a limitation of the python rpm wrapper he wants to use not wokring with a newer version of rpm
21:51<@mikegrb>hmm guinea-sleep's script isn't returning good values for eth0 after the reboot
21:52<@caker>weird ...
21:52<@mikegrb>I'm looking at it now
21:53<@mikegrb>it is returning a blank line for the first line
21:53<@mikegrb>inet lo works
21:54<@mikegrb>output of grep $iface /proc/net/dev is the same for both of them (dif #'s of course)
21:54<@mikegrb>eth0: 4827378
21:55<@mikegrb>I'll bet that is the problem
21:55<@caker>the space?
21:55<@caker>Did you change kernel versions or something?
21:55<@caker>oh, doesn't work until the number get's another digit
21:55-!-Quik is now known as quik
21:56<@mikegrb>that must be rx
21:56* mikegrb dl's a file to push it up over the 10mb threshhold
21:56<@caker>just ping flood your ip
21:56<@caker>from the linode itself
21:57<@mikegrb>using external ip
21:59* mikegrb sets to max packet size
21:59<@mikegrb>this might take a while <g>
22:07<@mikegrb>I like the -f option, kind of spiffy
22:19<@mikegrb>er 19*60*3.8
22:19<@mikegrb>convert 4332 sec to min
22:19<sighup>4332 sec is 72.2 min.
22:20<@mikegrb>would have taken 72 min as a normal user with minimum 0.2 pause between packets
22:26<@caker>ping -f
22:26<@caker>yeah would have taken a while :)
23:31* mikegrb compiles mythtv on three systems
23:32<@mikegrb>mythtv takes longer then a kernel to compile... sucks on 750mhz/64mb ram xbox :/
23:33<@mikegrb>sighup: convert 67 c to f
23:33<sighup>67 Celsius is 152.6 Fahrenheit.
23:33* mikegrb strategically places cold glass on laptop heat sink to help out
23:34<@mikegrb>sighup: convert 86 c to f
23:34<sighup>86 Celsius is 186.8 Fahrenheit.
23:35* mikegrb watches laptop spontaniously combust
23:38<@mikegrb>caker: mythtv recently got a notification daemon that pops stuff up on screen while watching tv
23:38<@mikegrb>listens on a specific port for a udp packet containing xml, comes with a generic sender and a caller id sender
23:39<@mikegrb>can't wait to play with it
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