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01:09<@caker>and around we go
01:12<@caker>I dare to ask .. hurg?
01:12* inkblot shrugs
01:21<@mikegrb>upgrading ircd on two servers
01:21<@mikegrb>there was a race condition found
01:48<inkblot>holy crap
01:48<inkblot>the irc client on my linode just pung out from slashnet
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01:53<@caker>hello Sh8d0w
01:57<Sh8d0w>I tried to add an IP to zoneedit for my domain and it keeps giving me a "IP invalid" error anyone know why?
01:57<@caker>is there a space at the end or something?
01:57<inkblot>more info please
01:59<Sh8d0w>hmm, whaddya know.. it just might be the space...
02:01<Sh8d0w>you would think they can automatically ignore spaces...
02:04<Sh8d0w>curious, why not implement a SAN or NAS rather than just 2 HDDs with RAID?
02:05<@caker>disk i/o is the biggest bottleneck, and gig-e hardware was not cost effective
02:05<inkblot>SAN or NAS would take more rack space
02:05<inkblot>and the disk i/o would be out on the network that way
02:05<@caker>I'd love to have that working, though .. could load balance at boot-time
02:06<@caker>and when swsusp is ported to uml, can freeze a running node, and move it around, reboot the host, then unfreeze :)
02:09<Sh8d0w>there should be an option to use a shared readonly stock distro
02:09<@caker>like a recovery image?
02:09<Sh8d0w>an entire working distro
02:10<Sh8d0w>as if it were booting from a CD
02:10<@caker>so that it doesn't deduct from your hd space?
02:10<Sh8d0w>and makes it safer
02:11<inkblot><-- working on it
02:12<inkblot>are you familiar with the lnx-bbc?
02:12<Sh8d0w>me? nope, never heard of it
02:12<inkblot> <-- ISO image for wallet-sized CDs
02:12<inkblot>i'm one of the developers
02:13<inkblot>and i'm working on a spinoff project called lnx-uml
02:13<Sh8d0w>hmm, actually now that I see the site, i think I did come across it
02:20<Sh8d0w>It might be better to create a tiered system of pricing based on CPU usage
02:20* mikegrb waves hello to Sh8d0w
02:21<Sh8d0w>that way, those who use their linode to host websites would pay less than say someone who compiles software all the time
02:21* Sh8d0w waves back
02:21<@mikegrb>holy shit now that is spiffy
02:21* mikegrb got pissed off earlier this evening
02:22<@mikegrb>this cms stuff I'm using tried to check the current version of plugins and stuff when you create a new folder
02:22<@mikegrb>the website was updated
02:22<@mikegrb>they didn't even mention this on the site but it broke creating new folders
02:22<@mikegrb>I went to their irc server, some crazzy french network I hadn't heard of before
02:22<@mikegrb>joined the channel
02:23<@mikegrb>asked for help explaining the problem
02:23<@mikegrb>idled for a few hrs
02:23<@mikegrb>finaly guessed the new url though
02:23<@mikegrb>just now comming to my irc client and their is a privmsg for the head developer
02:24<@mikegrb>since I joined their channel from my linode, it had that host
02:24<@mikegrb>he went to the webpage and tracked me down from there
02:24<@mikegrb>kind of nice
02:24<Sh8d0w>was it opensource cms?
02:25<@mikegrb>bes-cms, it is open source
02:25<Sh8d0w>icic, then that is nice
02:25<@mikegrb>he was already gone
02:26<@mikegrb>he msg'ed me instructions for fixing it
02:26<@mikegrb>then left his email address in case I had further questions, thanked me for using it and went on his way
02:26<Sh8d0w>did it work?
02:26<@mikegrb>I've hacked it up quite a bit, I really should contribute that stuff back
02:27<@mikegrb>just don't have the time for /another/ open src project
02:27<@mikegrb>I already had it working
02:27<@mikegrb>I eventually guessed the url heh
02:27<@mikegrb>though his is different
02:28<@mikegrb>and would have made more sense to use heh
02:28<@mikegrb>there is an Includes dir
02:28<@mikegrb>that is where the cache is
02:28<@mikegrb>he told me to just wget it from the main sites includes dir
02:28<@mikegrb>it is a txt file with a list of differnt modules/plugins type stuff
02:28<@mikegrb>time for a smoke I think
02:29<Sh8d0w>time for bed...
02:32<Sh8d0w>what stage is the Gentoo distro?
02:38<@mikegrb>I dunno
02:38<@mikegrb>I imagine a stage 2
02:38<@mikegrb>it's basically the base-system plus syslog
02:39<Sh8d0w>that's what it looks like... hopefully it's nicely optimized for their systems
02:39<Sh8d0w>do u use apache?
02:41<Sh8d0w>I was wondering if you can u somehow change the compile options of apache before emerging
02:42<@mikegrb>in the /etc/make.conf
02:42<@mikegrb>you can set that stuff
02:42<@mikegrb>I'm using apache 2
02:43<Sh8d0w>well I was referring to the .configure options for apache
02:44<@mikegrb>are you very familiar with portage?
02:44<@mikegrb>oh heh
02:44<@mikegrb>in /etc/make.conf there is a variable USE
02:44<@mikegrb>lemme find a link to the apache ebuild
02:45<Sh8d0w>does that mean I need to modify the ebuild?
02:45<@mikegrb>it will make things a bit clearer, hopefully
02:46<Sh8d0w>I'm not sure if the USE variable can set things like the --prefix and other directories can it?
02:46<@mikegrb>this shows the ebuild
02:48<@mikegrb>it is more for compile time options
02:48<@mikegrb>with gentoo you can run into problems with using non default locations
02:48<@mikegrb>for example
02:48<Sh8d0w>yeah.. I want a custom layout and everything
02:48<@mikegrb>if you emerge squirrelmail in the future
02:48<@mikegrb>that ebuild will assume apache is in the default location
02:49<@mikegrb>or if you emerge mod_php it will assume apache and associated configs are in default location
02:49<@mikegrb>morning wap
02:49<@mikegrb>if you want a more custom layout it may be best to use something other then gentoo
02:49<@mikegrb>though I've been happy with it
02:49<Sh8d0w>well, I "could" just source build some of these things
02:50<Sh8d0w>if I could run Linux From Scratch... it can't be that hard to run Gentoo =)
02:50<@mikegrb>but the use flag what that does is those IUSE lines in the ebuild
02:50<@mikegrb>those are things it will look at
02:50<@mikegrb>IUSE="berkdb gdbm ldap"
02:51<@mikegrb>those are options for apache
02:51<@mikegrb>not too many
02:51<Sh8d0w>all 3 of em
02:53<Sh8d0w>damnit, their layout puts apache right into the /usr
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02:54<Sh8d0w>I could wget the ebuild file, then modify it and emerge that file instead right?
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02:58<Sh8d0w>well, thanks for the help. I'm off to get some sleep. latas!
02:58<risto> ;-(
02:59<@caker>what's up?
02:59<risto>down rather
02:59<risto>Provider error '80004005'
02:59<risto>Unspecified error
02:59<risto> /gdshop/i_shop.asp, line 283
03:00<@caker>I can't even load the site
03:00<risto>it times out and gives all kind of SQL timeouts etc
03:00<risto>sad thing is that seems like their DNS servers are down too
03:01<risto>they just came back up
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05:19* wap is back home
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06:25<adamgent>sighup g7 adamg
06:25<sighup>Sorry, I don't know anything about a adamg
06:25<adamgent>sighup g7 adamgent
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06:36<@adamgent>sighup linode avail
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06:36<sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 3] [Linode 96: 9] [Linode 128: 0] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
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06:43* Griswald yawns.
06:43<Griswald>forced to call outta work AGAIN... grah -_-;
06:43<Griswald>next paycheck is gonna suck with only 2 days on it -_-
07:08<shakr>does anyone know of or can recommend a reliable west coast webhost? this would be for a local business who just needs light http / pop / ftp hosting
07:09<Griswald>uhh.... ...
07:09<Griswald>I'd say look at them
07:11<shakr>are you a customer of thiers?
07:14<shakr>their prices seem kinda high
07:16<Griswald>I use them for ircD
07:16<Griswald>that's about it
07:16<@adamgent>another ebay scam emails have started
07:16<Griswald>I ain't surprised on that one :P
07:17<@adamgent>just do a search on google for a host, or look at
07:19<shakr>yeah ive been looking at wht.. there is just so much information to go through
07:19<shakr>hostrocket and hostgator seem to be popular
07:20<shakr>and google is reliably useless for searching for colo / webhosts
07:21<Griswald>where exactly are the linode servers hosted from?
07:21<shakr> in california and theplanet in texas
07:21<@adamgent>some at TP, which is dallas I think and some at HE
07:21<shakr>but i dont want to have to support this client in the future
07:22<Griswald>why's that, shakr? :P
07:23<shakr>well, i am not going to pay for a cpanel license and i'd like them to be able to do simple things on their own without my intervention - like set up new email accounts
07:23<shakr>i really dig hostrocket's website:
07:24<Griswald>I'd say you COULD check usenet, as I've seen a ton of cpanel stuff float around there.... but that'd be warez ;p
07:25<shakr>heh, i dont even like cpanel
07:25<Griswald>neither do I
07:25<shakr>is ensim any better? are there other alternatives?
07:27<Griswald>I've heard of ensim, never actually... TRIED it :)
07:27<Griswald>I'd say check
07:28<@adamgent>you could try directadmin
07:28<@adamgent>chris can get them cheap but will not support it
07:28<@adamgent>details on the forum
07:30<shakr>im not looking to set up anything, mostly just asking to see whats out there. ensim and cpanel seem to be the standard offerings
07:36<Griswald>Griswald [3/54] has challenged drake [105/116], <-- I rolled INCREDIBLY low :P
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07:44<Griswald>any ideas why I can send mail out via and not receive, even though I have an MX record along with an A line in the DNS?
07:45<@adamgent>is this on you linode?
07:46<@adamgent>have you got the write software installed
07:46<Griswald>I've got default stuff setup
07:46<Griswald>sendmail, etc.
07:47<Griswald>only installed mysql, pine, and jservlet
07:47<@adamgent>well sendmail is an mta which is fine for sending mail, but you need to install mail server software to recieve mail
07:48* Griswald nods.
07:48<Griswald>Any suggestions on that one?
07:49<@adamgent>opps no that is another mta
07:50<shakr>of course sendmail and qmail can receive mail
07:50<shakr>are you now trying to get it off the server?
07:50<shakr>or is it not even reaching it?
07:51<Griswald>well, I can send mail perfectly, just not recieve.
07:51<shakr>check the mail logs
07:51<shakr>/var/log/mail or similar
07:52<shakr>i think im going with - they are highly recommended and the link on their front page to webmail is handy
07:53<shakr>webmail over ssl nonetheless
08:00<Griswald>to forward mail to a diff ip, I just dns and then set the MX record to that, right?
08:00<shakr>that really isn't a forward since mail will no longer pass through the original mail server
08:01<Griswald>yeah, well... a friend of mine has a pop3 system setup
08:01<Griswald>I figure I could just forward to his system and check it all via pop3 :P
08:02<shakr>he would need to configure his system to accept mail addressed to your domain
08:02<Griswald>he already has :)
08:02<shakr>that is probably the problem you are currently having with your linode, if sendmail is just running in its stock configuration
08:03<Griswald>then how would I configure that?
08:03<shakr>i couldnt even tell you where to look, i personally use exim and qmail
08:04<shakr>the option should be named something like local_domains
08:05<shakr>also, if you are currently able to send mail through it and you haven't changed any of its configuration that means you are probably running an open relay - a very bad thing as it could affect other linode users
08:05<@adamgent>you can use this to check
08:06<shakr>this one may be a bit easier
08:07<Griswald>Open socket failed
08:08<shakr>what does 'netstat -a | grep smtp' return
08:08<Griswald>unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 1241 private/smtp
08:08<Griswald>unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 1289 private/bsmtp
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08:11<shakr>sendmail separates out its mta and mtu (?) into different network sockets
08:13<shakr>right now your system isnt configured to receive email
08:13<shakr>but you are able to relay through it
08:14<Griswald>how can I configure it?
08:14* Griswald can already see the "RTFM" popping up ;D
08:14<Griswald>never had a linux comp DNS a domain name, etc.
08:14<@adamgent>sendmail is one of the hardest things to configure
08:14<@adamgent>use qmail or exim
08:14<Griswald>I know how to run them, maintain them, etc, but not configure to public stuff as I've never done it before :)
08:14<shakr>again, you'd have to ask someone who knows more about sendmail.. in freebsd sendmail_enable="YES" does it :P
08:15<EFudd>fok sendmail
08:15<shakr>i'd suggest using exim, its dead easy to configure
08:15<Griswald>I personally would rather have pop3 :)
08:15* EFudd notes you are confusing a MTU for MTA
08:15<shakr>that is a different suite of program altogether
08:16<Griswald>I know nothing about MTU / MTA
08:16<shakr>mail transfer agent / user
08:16<Griswald>that's the first I've seen the acronyms
08:16<@adamgent>i use sendmail for sending emails and qmail on the mail servers, along with all the other shite that it needs
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08:18<shakr>Griswald: I would suggest looking into exim receiving email addressed to your domain and as a relay for sending mail. for actually checking your email, look into courier-imap
08:19<@adamgent>sighup g7 adamgent
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08:21<shakr>Griswald: I would suggest looking into exim receiving email addressed to your domain and as a relay for sending mail. for actually checking your email, look into courier-imap
08:21* Griswald nods
08:21<Griswald>will do
08:21<Griswald>thanks :)
08:22<EFudd>courier is a transport that allows a MUA to check the mail via imap or pop3.
08:22<EFudd>MIA? Mail Interface Agent?
08:22* EFudd loves the TLAs associated with Email
08:22<EFudd>MUA -> MDA -> MTA -> MSA (Mail Scanning Agent) -> MDA -> MUA
08:23<shakr>whatever. courier-imap provides programs that will allow outlook express to download the mail stored on your server
08:23<EFudd>right. it provides pop3 and imap :)
08:36<@mikegrb>it can also be an MTA
08:36<@mikegrb>I use just courier
08:36<@mikegrb>morning Julia
08:37<@adamgent>what no imap chris
08:37<@adamgent>mike even
08:37<@mikegrb>the courier suite
08:37<@mikegrb>there is courier
08:37<@mikegrb>a seperate package called courier-imap that is just the imap server
08:38<@mikegrb>and a seperate package called maildrop which is it's badd ass procmail like doobie
08:38<@mikegrb>I use courier all around
08:38<@adamgent>sighup linode avail
08:38<sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 3] [Linode 96: 9] [Linode 128: 0] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
08:38<@mikegrb>those things sell fast
08:38<@mikegrb>why didn't I think of that?
08:38<EFudd>courier isn't for the faint of heart though.
08:38<EFudd>er, sorry
08:38<EFudd>i meant cyrus
08:38<@mikegrb>I haven't had problems
08:38<@mikegrb>courier is great
08:38<EFudd>so is cyrus
08:38<@mikegrb>nice easy, yet configurable
08:39<@adamgent>i just tend to work though qmailrocks whenever I need a mail server
08:39* Artifex needs to find some investors for his "Winode" design.....
08:39* EFudd caught up on linux-kernel and postfix-users with only a few laughs this AM
08:40<Artifex>just for kicks last night, i wrote some simple scripts to start/stop/swap virtualized windows boxes. :-)
08:40<EFudd>Er, virtualized windows systems?
08:40<EFudd>Please define.
08:40<Artifex>EFudd: well, you know what a virtualized linux system is right?
08:40<Artifex>i.e. UML
08:40<EFudd>%PREDICTIVE-NOTICE: Expecting Failure to Compute in 30 seconds
08:40<EFudd>Yes Artifex.
08:41<@adamgent>mikegrb anything on the staff channel about all these net splits
08:41<Artifex>there you go.
08:41<@adamgent>there are a few companies doing vps for windows but it is very expensive
08:41<@mikegrb>adamgent: some
08:42<Artifex>why expensive?
08:42<EFudd>I'm just pondering how Artifex is planning on virtualizing 'd0ze without source.
08:42<@mikegrb>adamgent: last night they upgraded some ircds
08:42<@adamgent>the windows license for one
08:42<@mikegrb>adamgent: though more recently they aren't sure why
08:42* EFudd points at VMware GSX Server
08:42<@mikegrb>adamgent: the rehubbed one server and took another out of the round robin rotation
08:42<Artifex>adamgent: the user can provide his own license... and the host absolves himself of the responsability. :-)
08:42<@adamgent>well it is messing up my g7
08:42<EFudd>Uh, what is this smelly black and brown gooey stuff all over the ground?
08:43<EFudd>It's kinda thick and mushy.
08:43<EFudd>Oh.. it's BULLSHIT.
08:43* EFudd goes for a shower.
08:43<@mikegrb>adamgent: so as users on this server go down they will be less noticeable
08:43<Artifex>EFudd: idiot.
08:43<EFudd>Artifex, Even Buddha was with flaw.
08:43<@mikegrb>adamgent: use same server as bot, therefore no netsplit problems
08:43<Artifex>EFudd: i'll let you vnc into an xp install i've got going right now, if you dont believe me. :-|
08:44<Artifex>EFudd: it's NOT a complex technology.
08:44<@adamgent>you never know chris might be up for it
08:44<EFudd>It's not about believing. i'm just asking for more information on the concept you are proposing. :-)
08:44<Artifex>concept: remote accessable and manageable virtualized windows systems.
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08:45<EFudd>hey, how did that network driver port you were working on go?
08:45-!-mode/#linode [+o adamgent] by ChanServ
08:45-!-adamgent is now known as adamg
08:45<Artifex>fine. :-)
08:45<Artifex>working on filesystem now.
08:45<EFudd>So you plan on virtualizing NT's Kernel or applications? :-)
08:46<Artifex>we need to support an... erm... rather nonstandard dervitave of FAT, for that project, heh
08:46<EFudd>UML is a kernel virtualization. Application virtualiation is realatively easy.
08:46<Artifex>EFudd: kernel...
08:46<EFudd>Well good luck there. Be sure to update the folk at reactos
08:46<EFudd>they've been working on sompn similiar for years.....
08:46* Artifex shakes his head
08:47<Artifex>*some people*
08:48<Artifex>i dont plan on writing any kernel. just porting one to another. (yes, without source... CRAZY, i know)
08:48<Artifex>(but not nearly as difficult as you'd imagine)
08:58<EFudd>artifex, you are ~18-20 and self taught, eh?
08:58<Artifex>21, and not entirely self taught
09:00<tjfontaine>go to work
09:01<EFudd>-nods- .... your ego is still large. :-)
09:01<@mikegrb>work shmerk
09:01<Artifex>tjfontaine: i've got a good while before i'm "too" late, yet. ;-)
09:01<tjfontaine>nasty weather
09:01<tjfontaine>sighup: weather g7 kcak
09:01<sighup>Try a 4-letter station code (see for locations and codes)
09:01* EFudd wonders off towards office
09:01<tjfontaine>sighup: weather kcak
09:01<Artifex>EFudd: no it's not... my ambition might be....
09:01<sighup>Akron, Akron-Canton Regional Airport, OH, United States ; (KCAK) 40-55-05N 081-26-33W 377M; last updated: Dec 05, 2003 08:24 AM EST; Dew Point: 32 F (0 C); Pressure (altimeter): 29.95 in. Hg (1014 hPa); Pressure tendency: 0.08 inches (2.6 hPa) lower than three hours ago; Relative Humidity: 100%; Sky conditions: overcast; Temperature: 32 F (0 C); Visibility: 3/4 mile(s); Weather: A trace; Wind: from the E (090 degrees) at 13 MPH (11 KT) (direction variable)
09:01<@mikegrb>tjfontaine: you like mine better?
09:02<tjfontaine>mikegrb: ya cause its not stuck in #xbox-linux mode :-)
09:02<@mikegrb>oh heh
09:02<tjfontaine>Artifex: they're callin for 9" by days end
09:02<Artifex>EFudd: the nt derivitave kernels, at their core, consist of about 13-19 simple functions. these are the only functions that ever access hardware directly, and the only parts of the whole kernel that are specific to platform
09:02<EFudd>artifex, ponder this.... someone asks a question and you respond "idiot" .... you take a road for explanation that assumes no logical comprehension abilities behind the subject you are interfacing with... these and more tend to give one the view that an inflated ego exists. Ambition doesn't belittle, large ego does.
09:03<EFudd>So you have to add items such as Netbios, IP stack, UI, etc on top of that?
09:03<EFudd>If say you were going ot "truely virtualize" the "XP" Experience?
09:04<Artifex>yes, but those dont need any virtualization....
09:04<Artifex>they'll hapilly run on a virtualized kernel
09:05<EFudd>Are you telling me that NT's Netbios stack will happily break itself down into seperate unique sessions, one claiming to be FOO and the other BAR that will happily communicate to each other?
09:05<Artifex>no, but 2 seperate netbios stacks running on 2 seperate kernels will happily communicate, yes.
09:06<EFudd>and NTs normal operating mode won't prove troublesome with raw hardware access?
09:06<Artifex>(both of those kernels, of course, running as managed processes on a third kernel, which actually puts the frames on the ether)
09:06* Artifex has to get to work in a second, too
09:07* EFudd has code to do all netbios ops using raw sockets for win32
09:07<EFudd>i just finished porting it over to linsux in fact.
09:07<Artifex>there's very little in the kernel that DOES do raw hardware access
09:07<EFudd>.. anyway. good luck, ambitious project. :-)
09:07<Artifex>and "well behaved" drivers dont.
09:07<EFudd>well behaved drivers shouldn't.
09:07<EFudd>Meaning that's part of 'd0ze certification.
09:07<Artifex>non-"well behaved" drivers couldnt possibly be supported. :-)
09:08<EFudd>i'd just ponder "why?!"
09:08<EFudd>the only time i hack on windows is when it's absolutely required. ... :P
09:08<Artifex>and, really, most of the hardware access is done by 1 specific function, the "IoCtl"
09:09<EFudd>er actually
09:09<EFudd>what you are talking about is described in MSDN.. heh.
09:09<EFudd>with examples for say, the CE.NET platform....
09:10<EFudd>OAL provides for that virtualization
09:10* EFudd heh's
09:10<Artifex>yes... i know. :-) CE.NET is an nt derivitave kernel (with source) that MICROSOFT already gladly virtualized for you.
09:10<tjfontaine>what an interseting concept
09:10<Artifex>thats where i got the idea
09:10<Artifex>have to get to work... :-)
09:10<EFudd>see, this coulda been avoided with "check OAL" :-)
09:10* EFudd too
09:10* Artifex smiles.
09:11<EFudd>one of my feets is beeger than the other
09:12<EFudd>fucking shoes.
09:12<EFudd>stupid cold weather made me buy shoes instead of my sandals
09:12<EFudd>uncomfortable creations!
09:24-!-Netsplit <-> quits: Efudd-he, nick
09:24-!-Netsplit over, joins: nick, Efudd-he
09:46-!-Artifexx [~Artifex@] has joined #linode
09:47<Artifexx>EFudd: still around?
09:48<EFudd>just doing the work migration
09:49<EFudd>sde : block size assumed to be 512 bytes, disk size 1GB.
09:49* EFudd ponders
09:49<Artifexx>it occurs to me that calling an idea that someone has put forth "BULLSHIT" simply because they are perhaps younger and have less formal education then you, and failing to take into account the fact that they may, despite the age and educational difference, have more experience and done more research on the subject then you is more then slightly egotistical...
09:49<EFudd>it's 256MB damnit!
09:49<Artifexx>perhaps "Idiot" was just an egotistical reaction to an egotistical reaction...
09:49<Artifexx>and your calling me egotistical was really the pot calling the kettle black. :-)
09:49<EFudd>I'm 100pct self taught, no school and fairly mild unless challenged. :-)
09:49<EFudd>i've forgotten more than I can remember. :)
09:50<Artifexx>Taking such into an account, I just want you to know that i have nothing against you personally, and find you generally to be a quite interesting and capable fellow. :-)
09:50<EFudd>that was funny you had that queue'd up
09:50<Artifexx>but, as i recently told nick here... "You'd find it wise, in the future, NOT to tell me what I am and am not capable of." :-)
09:50<EFudd>in fact, I think it was worth it just cause of the humor in that being queue'd up :-)
09:50<EFudd>that's ego tho :)
09:51<EFudd>oic, the USB stfuf in linsux is finding a bunch of drives
09:51<EFudd>cause this thingamabob supports a buncha diff types of media
09:51* EFudd ponders how to locate the one for the CF slot
09:51<Artifexx>what thingaamabob?
09:52<EFudd>lexmark usb card reader
09:52<EFudd>i need to write a raw image to a CF card to boot my libretto from
09:52<EFudd>'d0ze refuses to lemme do it without writing code
09:52<EFudd>so i have this USB reader thingy
09:52<Artifexx>a few good hex editors will do it. :-)
09:52<EFudd>linsux should allow me to do so once i find the approrpriate device
09:52<Artifexx>(in windows, that is)
09:52<Artifexx>yes, it should...
09:53<EFudd>SCSI device sdb: 503808 512-byte hdwr sectors (258 MB)
09:53* Artifexx runs off to find coffee
10:06<EFudd>okee. ISO won't work like that.
10:06<EFudd>need to copy the files via fat and somehow make the CF card bootable
10:09<eurozip>sighup, g7 eurozip
10:09<sighup>#G7 stats for eurozip, the heh -- Current Level: 33 | Time to next level: 0 days, 04:49:43 | Status: offline | Item Total: 276 | Total Time Idled: 6 days, 12:30:00
10:09<eurozip>sighup, g7 eurozip
10:09<sighup>#G7 stats for eurozip, the heh -- Current Level: 33 | Time to next level: 0 days, 04:49:28 | Status: online | Item Total: 276 | Total Time Idled: 6 days, 12:30:15
10:10<Griswald>neat :)
10:10<EFudd>jasonl@foobar jasonl $ wget
10:10<EFudd>i'm in business.
10:11<EFudd>bootable 256MB CF blank
10:11<Griswald>sighup, g7 Griswald
10:11<sighup>#G7 stats for Griswald, the MUD God -- Current Level: 13 | Time to next level: 0 days, 01:08:41 | Status: online | Item Total: 76 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 06:21:05
10:13<Artifexx>EFudd: what do you do?
10:13<EFudd>nothing these days.
10:13<EFudd>waiting on a new job. :)
10:14<EFudd>i've been called "Senior" in Unix, NT, IP Networking and Storage networking (ie, FC and such)
10:14<EFudd>meaning I can Do Shit.
10:20<Artifexx>but, you do embedded development? any SoC work?
10:20<EFudd>nah, I don't.
10:21<EFudd>im' just a geek SA who gets tossed into quite a few things.
10:21<Artifexx>ahh, k.
10:21<EFudd>lots of trace analysis and debugging/reproduction for cores, code, networking frames and FC frames.
10:21<EFudd>I've actually been trained on fibre channel... otherwise Ijust read the RFC, parse, and go from there.
10:22<Artifexx>cuz i was gonna say, if you were into embedded devices, i might have a project i could get you on, but...
10:22<EFudd>I'm lazy too.
10:22<EFudd>I don't do shit unless I have to.
10:22<Artifexx>that'll be the death of you. ;-)
10:22<EFudd>it happens with burnout. :-)
10:22<EFudd>i currently get paid lots of money to sit on my ass daily and wait for the company to grow again.
10:23<Artifexx>sounds similar to where i'm at with the dayjob, lol
10:23<Artifexx>lately i've been stuck on this horrid data-visualization project
10:23<Artifexx>but i get to play with graphviz alot, so, im happy with that
10:23* Artifexx <3 graphviz
10:26<EFudd>like right now, I'm writing out a design for virtualizing our business processes....
10:26<EFudd>modifying phone systems, CRM and all tools so we can pretend to be CustomerA, CustomerB, etc
10:26<EFudd>not what I wanna be doing. but hey....
10:27<Artifexx>if it pays the bills, and keeps the company's doors open.... right?
10:27<EFudd>reality is, I get paid 6figures to do 1hr of work each week.
10:27<EFudd>it's fairly boring.
10:28<EFudd>I used to be busy.
10:31<Artifexx>yah... i prefer the busy. :-)
10:32* EFudd uses "crap-tastic" in email going to management
10:33<EFudd>I enjoy my humor at lest.
10:33<Artifexx>anyways, speaking of busy.... hafta go solve a UI bug (blech) :-)
10:34<@mikegrb>I used spiffy in an email to boss's boss's boss yesterday
10:34<@mikegrb>she commented on it this morning heh
10:34<EFudd>great. I have to use visio
10:51<nick>AWWW NOT VISIO AWWW POOR BABY :( :( :(
10:51<nick>at least its not visual source safe
10:52* Artifexx chuckles
10:52<Artifexx>that's very true
10:53<nick>im not too impressed with audigy2 zs platinum
10:55<Artifexx>i have one i havnt even opened yet
10:55<Artifexx>been sitting in the shrinkwrap for a GOOD while now
10:55<Artifexx>wait... think you were with me when i bought it!
10:55<Artifexx>wernt you?
10:56<nick>it sounds pretty muchexactly like my onboard audio
10:56<nick>but with 6 shitty creative processes eating ram
10:57<nick>except i was able to play ac2 with EAX set to 'bathroom' and everything sounded echoy
10:58<nick>terribly useful
10:59<Artifexx>what sort of speakers/hookups you using?
10:59<nick>no idea
10:59<Artifexx>the audigy ex sounded INCREDIBLE in my room, w/ spdif to my receiver
11:00<Artifexx>the positional audio was spot on
11:01<nick>who the fuck says spot on
11:01<Artifexx>you have dolby in your room?
11:02<nick>no dont think so
11:02<nick>i donno
11:02<nick>i suck at that shit
11:02<Artifexx>heh, well, do you have a receiver... that says "dolby" on it? ;-)
11:03<Artifexx>should get one.
11:03<nick>i dont have a reciever period
11:05<Artifexx>all well
11:05<Artifexx>bleh, the Genealogy code is getting ridiculously unwieldy again.... i should do some tidying today
11:28<Griswald>I'm thinkin about getting the 6 speaker surround sound for my computer system: )
11:29<Griswald>I only have to replace my monitor and speakers and I have a brand new system :D (rest is hand built)
12:05* Artifexx has dolby 6.1
12:05<Artifexx>600w (small bedroom)
12:06<Artifexx>it's very enjoyable. :-)
12:06<Artifexx>especially w/ the xbox games. :-D
12:26* EFudd ponders
12:26<EFudd>59% [++++++++++++=========> ] 153,345,964 21.11K/s ETA 1:22:34
12:26* EFudd continues to try to download CF image
12:27<EFudd>11:56 <@Dys> Among the RIAA's recent targets is retiree Ernest Brenot, 79, of
12:27<EFudd> Ridgefield, Washington, who wrote in a handwritten note to a
12:27<EFudd> federal judge that he does not own a computer nor can he operate
12:27<EFudd> one.
12:29<inkblot>no doubt he's the hand-off man for a massive CDR trading ring
12:29<EFudd>12:25 <@marcus> NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) In less time than it took a North
12:29<EFudd> Brunswick patrolman to write a ticket for an unregistered
12:29<EFudd> vehicle, the driver got his car registered online Thursday.
12:29<EFudd>12:25 <@marcus> When officer Jason Zier pulled over a 1992 Mazda 626 on
12:29<EFudd> Thursday afternoon, the vehicle's registration had expired. By
12:29<EFudd> the time he'd finished writing up Sean Leach for the
12:30<EFudd> infraction, the car was legal again.
12:31-!-caker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 512 seconds]
12:31-!-caker [] has joined #linode
12:31-!-mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
12:36<@adamg>sighup linode avail
12:36<sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 3] [Linode 96: 9] [Linode 128: 0] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
12:36<inkblot>snowballs in july, man
12:40<risto>did they drop LVM in 2.6 kernels?
12:42<inkblot>it's been moved around a bit
12:42<inkblot>the actual LVM stuff is now done in userspace
12:42<inkblot>via a kernel interface called the device mapper
12:42<inkblot>so you'll need to enable device mapper support
12:42<inkblot>and i forget what version of the userspace tools you need
12:42<inkblot>but you'll probably need to upgrade them
12:43<risto>gotcha... thanks. Gotta go do some googling for that, then.
12:52-!-Netsplit <-> quits: Artifexx, EFudd, Griswald, @caker
12:52-!-Netsplit over, joins: @caker, Artifexx, EFudd, Griswald
12:53<Griswald>OFTC has had a ton of netsplits in the past 24 hours....
12:53<inkblot>server upgrades
12:54<@adamg>some of them are server upgrades but some they are not sure over
12:54* Griswald nods.
13:12<@adamg>sighup linode forums
13:12<sighup>adamg: i'm not following you...
13:12<@adamg>still bust :-(
13:12<@adamg>sighup slashdot
13:12<sighup>Slashdot - Updated 2003-12-05 17:00:00 | WSIS to Consider Internet Governance Under U.N. ( | SCOrched Earth ( | Interviewing with the NSA ( | Buzz Advocates Lagrange Point Spaceport (
13:22<eurozip>wtf is: operation not permittable in solaris
13:23<eurozip>trying to create a dir in /home
13:24<eurozip>home is a mount point
13:26<inkblot>sounds like "Permission denied" to me
13:27<inkblot>who are you logged in as?
13:27<inkblot>who owns /home?
13:27<inkblot>what are the permissions on /home?
13:29<eurozip>I am root
13:29<eurozip>I just mkdir /users, put the users there
13:29<eurozip>rmdir /home says /home is a mount point
13:29<eurozip>nothing mounted there
13:30<inkblot>nutty solaris
13:30<eurozip>df |grep home
13:30<eurozip>yea, solaris is nutty
13:30<EFudd>you have automounter running
13:30<EFudd>with /home as a default mount from /export/home
13:30<eurozip>solaris loves nfs
13:30<eurozip>didn't think of that
13:30<EFudd> /etc/init.d/autofs stop
13:30<inkblot>try "mount"
13:30<inkblot>it's not an nfs mount, is it?
13:30<EFudd> vi /etc/auto_master
13:31<eurozip>thx Efudd
13:31<EFudd> mkdir /home/foo
13:31<inkblot>doot doot doooooooooo
13:31<eurozip>where are init files?
13:31<EFudd>"the init files" ?
13:31<EFudd> /etc/init.d/*
13:31<EFudd> /etc/rc?.d/*
13:32<EFudd>it's a sysV init system.
13:32* eurozip used to gentoo these days
13:32<EFudd>gentoo's init is completely new.. and .. eh, I like it. ;-)
13:32<eurozip>me too
13:32<EFudd>well, MANAGEMENT of the init system is new, at least.
13:32<EFudd>it's BSDesque and SysVish
13:32<eurozip># Master map for automounter
13:33<EFudd>Yeah, that pulls auto.master from NIS
13:33<EFudd>#/home auto_home -nobrowse
13:33<EFudd>is in /etc/auto_master by default.
13:33<EFudd>without th #
13:33<eurozip>this is a new system, from sun
13:33<eurozip>first boot
13:34<EFudd>just comment out the /home line in /etc/auto_master and restart autofs
13:34<eurozip>I don't need /net or /xfn either
13:34* EFudd shrugs
13:34<EFudd>those won't bother you ;-)
13:34<EFudd> /net is useful
13:34<eurozip>no NIS
13:34<EFudd> /net is useful without nis
13:34<EFudd> /etc/auto_master references auto_home on /home
13:35<EFudd> /etc/auto_home references +auto_home which is the NIS reference
13:35<EFudd>you can modify /etc/auto_home to support local references.. or add them to auto_master .. but seperation == gewd.
13:35* EFudd goes back to visio
13:35<EFudd>i fokkin' hate thinking.
13:36-!-jax_work [~stbe@193-222-pool1.P-POOL.MARIST.EDU] has joined #linode
13:39<eurozip>ahh, bash so much nicer then sh
13:39<EFudd>good reading
14:28<@guinea-pig>mikegrb: the quest is broken
14:28<@guinea-pig>[14:28] << [bot(] Lunatic, mikegrb, gp, Chiphead
14:28<@guinea-pig> are on a quest to . Quest to complete in 0 days, 05:41:13.
14:28<@guinea-pig>[14:28] << [bot(*)] There is no active quest.
14:29<@guinea-pig>but i ain't sayin' nothin' for another 5 hours :p
14:29<@guinea-pig>sighup: g7 gp
14:29<sighup>#G7 stats for gp, the Emperor of New England -- Current Level: 41 | Time to next level: 2 days, 20:34:50 | Status: online | Item Total: 336 | Total Time Idled: 18 days, 08:15:00
14:29<@guinea-pig>i can't wait 3 days!
14:30<@guinea-pig>updates to debian/testing and /unstable again
14:30<@guinea-pig>it's only been since the 20th
14:33<Artifex>EFudd: i just lost about an hour reading ThePlan
14:33<Artifex>good stuff
14:33<@mikegrb>guinea-pig: I know :/
14:33<@guinea-pig>man i'm such an ass goblin
14:33<@guinea-pig>mikegrb: ok
14:33<@mikegrb>guinea-pig: jotun doesn't have a newer release out
14:33<Artifex>EFudd: especially the "[censored]"
14:33<@guinea-pig>i thought you only knew it wasn't announcing it in the channel
14:33<Artifex>EFudd: was cracking up, and the sysadmin here was looking at me funny
14:33<@mikegrb>I've checked that too heh
14:34<EFudd>censored was a /ton/ of fun
14:34<@guinea-pig>it actually has no quest
14:34<@mikegrb>after I got burned the first time
14:34<EFudd>we used that all the time :)
14:34<@mikegrb>it is a quest but the quest name string thingie is set to null
14:34<@guinea-pig>anyway, mike. we're on a quest
14:34<@mikegrb>indeed we are
14:34<@mikegrb>need water? I have some
14:34<@mikegrb>or food even
14:35* mikegrb sits to rest
14:35* guinea-pig quenches his thirst with a lusty wench
14:35<@guinea-pig>ahh, rennie faires
14:35<@guinea-pig>cleavage all around you
14:36<@guinea-pig>sadly, it's not always *good* cleavage. as in, i think it's too much
14:36<tjfontaine>butt cleavage?
14:38<@guinea-pig>snow starting tonight around 9
14:38<@guinea-pig>and continuing through to at least noon on sunday
14:39<@guinea-pig>and i'll be workin' tomorrow. yup
14:46<eurozip>in solaris, /etc/mnttab is fstab?
14:55<inkblot>[inkblot@zork:~]$ ls /etc/*tab
14:55<inkblot>/etc/bootptab /etc/crontab /etc/fstab /etc/inittab /etc/jessehelmstab /etc/mtab /etc/pr0ntab
14:57<Griswald>pr0ntab? :P
14:58<inkblot>[inkblot@zork:~]$ cat /etc/jessehelmstab
14:58<inkblot>It's the ever-popular jessehelmstab!
14:59<inkblot>i have rootstrap 0wned now
15:03<@guinea-pig>oh now. don't hax0r me
15:07-!-Artifexx [~Artifex@] has left #linode []
15:21-!-ElfStone [] has joined #linode
15:21<ElfStone>join #oftc
15:22-!-ElfStone [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:29<@adamg>hi chris
16:30* tjfontaine looks at the snow and figures he's gonna get some quality GTAIII time in tonight
16:32* tjfontaine blows on build to make it go faster
16:34-!-dsp [] has joined #linode
16:35<dsp>caker: here's a strange question... who do you guys use for your credit card processing? do you have a merchant acct setup or something?
16:35<dsp>(we're looking at various options for cc processing here...)
16:35<@adamg>verisign as psp
16:35<@caker>I started using cybercash for the gateway, which is now Verisign
16:35<@adamg>and csi for merchant
16:35<@adamg>if I remeber correctly
16:36<@adamg>people really should read the log archives
16:36<dsp>thanks guys
16:36<dsp>adamg: if i knew where they were
16:36<dsp>right now they're looking at, and i'm less than impressed with what they do
16:37<@adamg>which country are you in?
16:37<@adamg>have you had a merchant account before?
16:37<dsp>we have, it was all cancelled a few months back, and they're very reluctant to set it up before
16:38<dsp>they'd like to outsource the entire payment thing
16:38<@adamg>why was it cancelled
16:38<tjfontaine>adamg: put it in the topic (irc logs)
16:38<dsp>i'm not sure i agree it is the brightest idea
16:38<dsp>but it isn't my bag
16:38<dsp>adamg: b/c we didn't need it anymore
16:38<dsp>now we do
16:38<@adamg>not large amounts of chargebacks then
16:38<dsp>we had been doing all consulting, customers just wrote big checks
16:38-!-caker changed the topic of #linode to: -- The Linode Virtual Server hang out | | |
16:39* adamg talks to vp's of over 20 psp every month :-(
16:39<dsp>we weren't taking credit cards and such after we stopped support and stuff
16:39<dsp>but now we're going to have to deal with credit cards again
16:39<@adamg>do you want a company that will provide both merchant and gateway or seperate companies
16:40<dsp>adamg: at this point i don't know enough to even answer that, this is really other ppls responsibility, i'm just disappointed with what i see of
16:40<@adamg>well there are loads more out there
16:40<Artifex>tjfontaine: how bout this snow!?
16:40<@adamg>I would avoid 2checkout as well
16:41<tjfontaine>Artifex: its ridiculous thats what!
16:41<tjfontaine>Artifex: did you see my picture?
16:41<@adamg>you could look at echo or
16:41* Artifex is watching people in the parking lot dig their cars out
16:41<Artifex>tjfontaine: no, url?
16:41<tjfontaine>I'm sure its worse in fairlawn
16:41<tjfontaine>but still i'm not technically in the snow belt
16:41<Artifex>lot worse up here
16:42<tjfontaine>that was an hr ago
16:42<tjfontaine>just doesn't stop...
16:42<Artifex>bout 6.5 inches on the ground, at last measure
16:42<tjfontaine>5 here right now
16:42<@mikegrb>year before last
16:42<@mikegrb>I saw snow on palm trees!!!!!!
16:43<@mikegrb>heh tj is sissy
16:43<@mikegrb>tj took picture from inside
16:43<tjfontaine>damn straight!
16:43<Artifex>wish i had my digicam here, i'd take some
16:44* Artifex looks at the big white mound of cold that is his car, and decides not to leave just yet
16:44<Artifex>theres these 3 old ladies that work in the bank...
16:44<Artifex>walking around the parking
16:44<Artifex>all 3 working on each of their cars
16:44<Artifex>been at it for about 10 minutes now
16:44<tjfontaine>go help them!
16:44<tjfontaine>be chivalrous
16:45<Artifex>fuck that noise, i was just out there, can barely even see right now
16:46-!-jax_work [~stbe@193-222-pool1.P-POOL.MARIST.EDU] has quit [Quit: home]
16:47<@adamg>so much work and so little time
16:47<@caker>awww jennicam going off line
16:48<@caker>she probably made enough to retire
16:49<Artifex>hey tjfontaine.. wanna go out to kent?
16:49<tjfontaine>Artifex: tonight? in this?
16:49<tjfontaine>heh actually I've got some fun business law reading to do before my exam on monday
16:50<tjfontaine>I get to reward myself with GTAIII though
16:50<Artifex>im debating between going out to kent... or hiding in my room with the xbox and a soldering iron. :-)
16:50<tjfontaine>that is a hard decision
16:50<@mikegrb>tough choice
16:51<Artifex>kent: electronical rave party
16:51<Artifex>home: xbox
16:51<tjfontaine>I say both :-)
16:51<@mikegrb>take the xbox
16:51<Artifex>kent: evan evolution, friends, drugs, alcohol, and dancing
16:52<tjfontaine>ya kent is fun...
16:52<tjfontaine>xbox is more funer
16:52<Artifex>home: CPLDs, gcc, confusing bugs, difficult code
16:52<Artifex>kent: snowy drive
16:52<Artifex>home: snowy drive
16:52<tjfontaine>which is further for you from fairlawn
16:53<Artifex>18 + with valid ID
16:53<Artifex>**Free Drinks for Ladies from 9pm-11pm**
16:53<Artifex>Renovated! : 20,000 Watt Walls of sound, 10 lasers, Technobeams
16:53<Artifex>home: all ages, pepsi, 600w of sound, no lasers, and...
16:53<Artifex>what the fuck are "Technobeams"?
16:53<tjfontaine>you'll only know after your first hit
16:54<Artifex>"and wont remember the day after anyways!"
16:55<@adamg>sighup linode avail
16:55<sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 2] [Linode 96: 9] [Linode 128: 0] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
16:55<@adamg>only 2 l64 left
16:55<Artifex>kent: exhausting myself by dancing from 10pm to 4am
16:55<@adamg>will they last the weekend
16:55<Artifex>home: exhausting myself by coding from 7pm to 7am
16:55<Artifex>quite a tossup. :-\
16:55<tjfontaine>adamg: no
16:56<tjfontaine>Artifex: which do you need more rest/relaxation or accomplishments?
16:56<Artifex>well, i wont get rest/relaxation either way
16:56<tjfontaine>which will you feel better about the day after? ;-)
17:08-!-coleslaw [] has joined #linode
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17:14<@adamg>sighup g7 caker
17:14<sighup>#G7 stats for caker, the badass -- Current Level: 39 | Time to next level: 0 days, 09:59:05 | Status: offline | Item Total: 311 | Total Time Idled: 16 days, 17:18:35
17:14<@adamg>sighup g7 gp
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17:14<@adamg>sighup g7 adamg
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17:18<coleslaw>I'm having some DNS problems..
17:19<@adamg>thats nice, any particular type of problem
17:19<coleslaw>none of my domains point to my server
17:19<coleslaw>they've been changed for roughly four days
17:20<coleslaw>[16:15] <coleslaw> none of my domains point to my server
17:20<shakr>that is usually longer than it takes to set up the glue records and have them propogate
17:20<shakr>takes about 1-2 days IME
17:20<@adamg>these domains are and what should they point to
17:21<@adamg>depending on the registrar 12-48 hours
17:23* coleslaw waits some more
17:23<inkblot>what are the domains?
17:24<inkblot>ok, let's start with
17:24<coleslaw> is the old server
17:25<inkblot>so far so good,
17:25<coleslaw>shouldn't be at though
17:25<inkblot>they're both claiming to be authoritative
17:25<@adamg>well you will have to talk to your registrar
17:25<inkblot>actually, no,
17:25* coleslaw gives godaddy the finger
17:26<inkblot>ns15 is not claiming to be authoritative
17:29<coleslaw>...this helps me how?
17:30<inkblot>well, if those two servers aren't even the right servers, you've got other problems
17:31<inkblot>first of all,
17:31<inkblot>what *are* your nameservers supposed to be?
17:32<coleslaw>I put in the three dns servers that appear in, which in my case are
17:32<shakr>he already said those are the old servers. the solution is obviously to kick his registrar's ass
17:32<coleslaw>DNS Servers:
17:32* inkblot sighs
17:33<inkblot>coleslaw, those are linode's servers?
17:33<coleslaw>the ones that appear
17:33<coleslaw>I dunno; i'm confused
17:33<coleslaw>did I do it wrong?
17:33<inkblot>ok, hang on one moment
17:34<shakr>those are recursive dns servers that your client uses, not the ones which server authoritative data for your domains
17:34<inkblot>coleslaw, nameservers serve basically two different purposes
17:34<shakr>for that you need to set up your own dns server
17:34<inkblot>coleslaw, they can anwser questions for a specific group of clients
17:34<inkblot>coleslaw, or they can answer questions about a specific domain
17:34<inkblot>or both
17:34<@guinea-pig>it's dylan girl.
17:34<inkblot>linode's servers will answer questions from linode clients
17:34* coleslaw = newbie++
17:34<inkblot>they will not answer questions about *your* *domain*
17:35<coleslaw>mmmmmm, I see..
17:35<inkblot>do you understand the problem?
17:35<coleslaw>ya'll probably think I'm an idiot now :P
17:35<coleslaw>yeah, I do
17:35<inkblot>no, this is a common misconception
17:35<coleslaw>So, as shakr said, I have to set up my own DNS server?
17:35<inkblot>the servers that you specify as authoritative for your domain have to be configured specifically to serve your domain
17:36<inkblot>not necessarily
17:36<shakr>coleslaw: either that or check out (or similar)
17:36<inkblot>i run my own
17:36<shakr>coleslaw: look into djbdns if you want to run your own. fuck bind!
17:36<inkblot>but i have heard that godaddy can do dns hosting as well as registration
17:36<coleslaw>right, which is true..
17:36<coleslaw>Custom Nameservers
17:36<coleslaw>Nameserver 1:
17:36<coleslaw>Nameserver 2:
17:36<coleslaw>Nameserver 3:
17:37<inkblot>coleslaw, look into neither bind nor djbdns if you're a dns newbie
17:37<coleslaw>in ns1 and ns2 I have the first two IPs I listed
17:37<inkblot>coleslaw, is there some checkbox or something that says....
17:37<inkblot>"Have Godaddy host this domain"
17:37<inkblot>or something like that?
17:37<coleslaw>Default Hosting Nameservers
17:37<coleslaw> Default Parked Nameservers
17:37<coleslaw> Custom Nameservers
17:38<inkblot>default hosting nameservers sounds right
17:38<inkblot>try that
17:38<coleslaw>No updates were made
17:38<coleslaw>Reason: Hosting nameservers may be applied only to hosted domains.
17:38<coleslaw>I don't use godaddy's hosting..
17:38<inkblot>what do you use?
17:39<coleslaw>I did use Endore, and now linode
17:39<shakr>some registrars (godaddy and are the big ones) will host your dns for free. others will leave you on your own
17:39<inkblot>i will repeat this exactly one more time
17:39<inkblot>linode does not host dns
17:39<coleslaw>I know..what I meant is..
17:40<coleslaw>endore gave me ns14 and ns15 to put in the custom nameserver bit...which means they host the DNS, correct?
17:40<coleslaw>s'all falling together now
17:40<inkblot>ok, so
17:40<inkblot>endore is correct, then?
17:40<coleslaw>no, it was correct when I had endore webhosting
17:41<inkblot>ah, i see
17:41<coleslaw>my account becomes terminated with them on the 11th
17:41<inkblot>so it's not a "DNS Hosting" package
17:41<inkblot>but a comprehensive package?
17:41<inkblot>here's what we're going to do
17:41<inkblot>select Custom Nameservers
17:42<shakr>man, registering a domain through your webhost is almost always a bad idea :D
17:42<coleslaw>I didn't register it through endore.
17:42<inkblot>Namserver 1:
17:42<inkblot>Nameserver 2:
17:42<inkblot>give me a few minutes to set those up
17:42<shakr>thats pretty generous of your inkblot
17:43<coleslaw>if I wanted to host it on my linode, what's the easiest way for someone with (obviously) no idea?
17:43<shakr>what linux distro are you running?
17:45<shakr>my suggestion is djbdns, but the level of difficulty in installing it varies by distro - most have binary packages but others you would have to compile from source
17:45<coleslaw>slack 9
17:46<inkblot>coleslaw, what should the IP address be for ""?
17:47<inkblot>and ""?
17:47<inkblot>do you have email set up?
17:47<coleslaw>not yet
17:47<inkblot>for your records:
17:47<inkblot>i am Nate Riffe
17:48<inkblot>my email address is
17:48<inkblot>i'll be the hostmaster for your domain
17:48<coleslaw>Cheers. Thanks a lot for explaining it all to me.
17:49<inkblot>for my records, i'll need the same
17:50<coleslaw>Ben Hodge |
17:52<inkblot> is set up
17:54<inkblot> is set up
17:57<inkblot>right now i only have set up
17:58<inkblot>i can do the others later
17:58<inkblot>but right now i need to get back to work
17:58<coleslaw>thanks a lot
17:58<inkblot>no problem
17:59<inkblot>you submitted the changes to godaddy?
17:59<shakr>coleslaw: i'd consider inkblot's gesture as only a temporary solution 1) you are paying for a linode, may as well use it 2) if you need to add records in the future it will be quicker to not go through someone else
18:00<inkblot>if you decide to run your own nameserver, i can run secondaries
18:00<inkblot>but right now any changes to the domain would have to be forwarded to me
18:00<inkblot>changes to the zone for the domain, that is
18:01<inkblot>shakr, i run nameservers for a lot of people's domains
18:01<inkblot>shakr, it's really not a big deal
18:02<coleslaw>I'm doing some reading now.
18:04<inkblot>sighup, inkblot?
18:04<sighup>i don't know, inkblot
18:04<inkblot>stupid bot
18:04<inkblot>mikegrb, isn't that thing supposed to pick up factoids from conversation?
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18:27-!-Netsplit over, joins: @caker, coleslaw, EFudd, Griswald
18:28<@adamg>the frequency of these net splits are getting worse
18:28<@guinea-pig>what we need is a network of one server
18:29<@guinea-pig>unfortunately, if that one server went down...
18:42<inkblot>caker, no you wb
18:52<EFudd>caker, ok basically.. some slownesse today but it might have been my network, i'm unsure the sourc.
18:52<@caker>slowness, but not like waiting on a disk read, right?
18:55<@adamg>sighup linode avail
18:55<sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 1] [Linode 96: 9] [Linode 128: 0] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
18:55<dsp>rut roh
18:56<@adamg>so who will be the lucky person to get the last 1
18:56<@guinea-pig>my cat
18:56<dsp>a guinea pig with a cat?
18:58-!-adamgent [] has joined #linode
18:58-!-adamg [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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18:58-!-adamgent is now known as adamg
18:59<dsp>adamg: do you work for linode?
18:59<@adamg>everyone always asks that, no
19:00-!-giunea-pig [] has joined #linode
19:00<giunea-pig>wuh woh
19:00<giunea-pig>my linode seems ... busy
19:00<EFudd>GF's apartment complex offers free wireless internet access
19:01-!-giunea-pig [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:01-!-giunea-pig [] has joined #linode
19:02<giunea-pig>heh... killed ssh
19:06-!-guinea-pig [] has quit [Ping timeout: 482 seconds]
19:07<tjfontaine><-- gp has quit (Ping timeout: 482 seconds)
19:07<tjfontaine><bot> gp's prudence and self-regard has brought the wrath of the gods upon the realm. All your great wickedness makes you as it were heavy with lead, and to tend downwards with great weight and pressure towards hell. Therefore have you drawn yourselves 15 steps closer to that gaping maw
19:07<tjfontaine>doh! what a shame
19:09-!-giunea-pig [] has quit [Quit: bye...]
19:10-!-guinea-pig [] has joined #linode
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19:11<@guinea-pig>argh. quest ruined
19:11<tjfontaine>tis true
19:16<Artifex>i logged in right after
19:16<Artifex>dunno why i was even logged out
19:16<Artifex>damned netsplits
19:22<EFudd>free /net acccess
19:32<@adamg>host 12 has hit medium use
19:33<@caker>not disk bound, though -- just cpu :)
19:33<@adamg>never said it was
19:33<@caker>was giving you the inside info :)
19:33<@caker>er, insider
19:34<@adamg>one thing I do find strange it that the bar thingy was further along before and it load was only low
19:34<@adamg>my compile seems to be running fine
19:34<@adamg>and ssh seems to be a bit better
19:35<@adamg>although still going through willtel
19:35<@adamg>but the only thing using the net connection is ssh and irc
19:36<@adamg>chris how do you work out io usage, to see if it is IO bound
19:37<@adamg>so no easy way to calculate io usage progmattically
19:37<@caker>firstly .. then I start looking at each Linode's /proc/swaps and /proc/stats files
19:37<@caker>I've been dreaming up something like that, yeah
19:37<@caker>involving the same files :)
19:37<@adamg>each linodes or each hosts?
19:38<@adamg>I thought you did not have access to the linodes
19:38<@caker>I can only cat files in /proc
19:38<@adamg>it would be nice to see io usage via the cp
19:38<@caker>of your Linode?
19:38<@adamg>of the host
19:39<@adamg>same as the cpu usage
19:39<dsp>caker just pretends he can't access the linodes...
19:39<@mikegrb>caker: re insider info, if linode ever goes public I want to know in advance so I can invest a few k ;)
19:39<@caker>mikegrb: um, we'll talk :)
19:39* mikegrb should start saving now
19:39<@adamg>worst thing a .net company can do is going public
19:39<@caker>I like the "I read your email" thinkgeek t-shirt
19:39<@adamg>.com even
19:39<@mikegrb>me too caker
19:40<@caker>I was going to get one, but then I realized I hosted about 50 fellow employee's websites at previous job :)
19:40* caker doesn't do that on
19:40<@adamg>could be intresting to explain away
19:41<@mikegrb>caker: my wife looked at me funny and said why? when I yelled it at her out of the blue while watching tv
19:42<@caker>adam -- the problem with gathering a 'host i/o load' is that most of the time only blocked processes go up, and bi and bo remain very small
19:42-!-xolek [hehe@] has joined #linode
19:42<@adamg>which is the problem
19:42<@caker>its either juts pounding away at the page cache, or something's screwey inside 2.4's block sched
19:42<@adamg>can mrtg produce IO usage graphs
19:42<EFudd>sure, if you can produce the data to feed it
19:42<@adamg>the problem is producing the data feed!
19:42<dsp>rrdtool would give you more flexibility
19:42<EFudd>it's a simple dataset it needs
19:43<EFudd>dude, it's 3 line output :)
19:43<EFudd>and yes, rrdtool folk.
19:43<EFudd>forget alla bout mrtg ;-)
19:43<@mikegrb>adamg: I have io load from mrtg
19:43<EFudd>dsp, i tried explaining this to them earlier. 'twas futile cause mrtg was "easy"
19:43<@adamg>I have got to look at rrdtool when I get chance..
19:43<dsp>EFudd: rrdtool is "easy" too
19:43<EFudd>i agree
19:43<dsp>just different "easy"
19:43<@caker>adamg: although /proc/stat shows number of reads/writes, regardless
19:45<@adamg>I have seen plenty of premade feeds for rrdtool which I will probably use when I get time
19:45* EFudd reboots for lame VPN client
19:45<@adamg>i also have snort and acid to set-up
19:45<EFudd>mmmm setting up snort on acid
19:45<EFudd>er, i mean snort with acid.
19:45<@adamg>chris it would just be nice to see what the io usage is like
19:45<@adamg>acid looks good
19:52<EFudd>this stupid "free" wireless crap won't allow IPSEC out
19:53<@adamg>I wonder why
19:53<EFudd>heh. friend of mine /quit instead of /query after being online over a eyar.
19:53<EFudd>apparently hadn't /save'd in a while either.
19:53<EFudd>adam, they are dumb? i doubt it was on purpose.
19:54<@adamg>things that are free tend to have restrictions
19:54<EFudd>nah. I think this is an oversight.
19:54* EFudd scans for a linksys router ;)
19:57<EFudd>these guys have lease timeouts every hour !
19:57<@adamg>probably dont expect people to be there for long
19:58<@adamg>mine is set-up for 7 day leases
19:58<EFudd>Note: This Page allows you to login "SUPERSTREAM remote configuration". Enter your login name and password, and then click button to login.
19:58* EFudd snickers
19:58<EFudd>too easy :/
20:02<@adamg>nite all
20:03-!-adamgent [] has joined #linode
20:03-!-adamg [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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20:04-!-adamgent is now known as adamg
20:11<@adamg>caker: ping
20:24-!-coleslaw [] has quit [Quit: m33p]
20:53-!-Griswald [] has quit []
21:03-!-xolek [hehe@] has quit [Ping timeout: 499 seconds]
21:11<inkblot>ITYM "sentence"
21:27<@caker>t-minus 1 hr, 34 minutes for host1 & 2
21:28<@caker>network upgrade these bad boys too .. from iptables to ebtables
21:29<shakr>i know a little about iptables, does ebtables have a less horrible rule syntax than iptables
21:29<shakr>something say, more ipf or pf'ish
21:30<@caker>the syntax is similar, but it's more straight forward
21:31<@caker>I have a feeling the nic is going to give me a hard time ..
21:42<shakr>Brouting: decide which traffic to bridge between two interfaces and which traffic to route between the same two interfaces. The two interfaces belong to a logical bridge device but have their own IP address and can belong to a different subnet.
21:42<shakr>that is a nice feature for doing something silly like running a dhcp server on a bridge
21:42<shakr>(where each segment needs a different configuration)
22:09-!-Sh8d0w [] has joined #linode
22:10<Sh8d0w>hi all
22:14<Sh8d0w>is there any way to see stats for the host machine?
22:15<tjfontaine>member page
22:17<Sh8d0w>so just the summary?
22:18-!-Netsplit <-> quits: EFudd, @caker
22:18-!-Netsplit over, joins: @caker, EFudd
22:21<inkblot>rootstrap makes all the ubd devices like ubd0, ubd1, ubd2... ubd255
22:27<Sh8d0w>is it worth running "emerge -u system" or should I just wait until you peeps upgrade the Gentoo distro?
22:28<@caker>afaik, you want to update it yourself ..
22:29<@caker>inkblot: ubd0.. is deprec..
22:29<inkblot>caker, this is in the uml system i'm running at home
22:29<Sh8d0w>yeah... but glibc took all night to compile...
22:29<inkblot>caker, using a filesystem i built using the rootstrap in debian
22:30<@caker>just so you know -- udb1 on the cmd line becomes /dev/ubd16 inside the uml by that method
22:30<@caker>er ubd1
22:30<inkblot>i figured that out
22:30<inkblot>took a while though
22:38-!-vitrum [] has joined #linode
22:39<vitrum>evenin' folks
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22:45* mikegrb kicks floodserve in the frick'n nads
22:45<Sh8d0w>dun kick the bots...
22:48<Sh8d0w>would it be better if the host system created a large shared SWAP rather than each linode having it's own?
22:49<@mikegrb>he is now kicked from #oftc-staff
22:49* EFudd snickers at floodserv
22:49<@mikegrb>someone came in #oftc asking about it the other
22:49<@mikegrb>er + day
22:49<EFudd>know what happens when a user floods?
22:49<@caker>Sh8d0w: yes
22:50<@mikegrb>so out of curiosity it was brought into the staff channel to see if it even worked
22:50<EFudd>there isn't the NEED for a KILL BOT
22:50<@caker>t-minus 10 minutes to host1 reboot :)
22:50<EFudd>thought on this?
22:50<Sh8d0w>caker: is there a large shared swap?
22:51<EFudd>if i'm writing something that will act on behalf of another user.... would it be 'ok' to pass their user-agent on in my request?
22:51<@caker>shakr: not yet
22:51<@caker>supposed to be Sh8d0w
22:51<EFudd>or should i uniquely identify myself? or perhaps just append sompn small to their request?
22:51<@mikegrb>EFudd: I think that would be more appropriate
22:51<@mikegrb>afterall the site is most interested in what the end user is using
22:52<EFudd>ok. you used "more" after evaluating one option? ;-)
22:52<@mikegrb>using the user's user agent
22:52<EFudd>oh ok.
22:52* EFudd confused
22:52<@mikegrb>more appropriate then doing something else, eg using your own ua
22:52<EFudd>my own UA might get banned for some stupid reason
22:53<EFudd>it's doubtful, however, that IE would get banned.
22:53<EFudd>what if the request comes from a non-standard 'browser'
22:53<EFudd>say, IRC. ;-)
22:53* EFudd ponders
22:53<EFudd>I guess politeness would require me to use something obvious for identification.
22:53<EFudd>Sneakiness would make me default to the most popular browser formatting
22:54<@mikegrb>whatcha working on?
22:54<Sh8d0w>huntin wabbits
22:54<EFudd>frankly, i'm tired of being broke due to a futzed up php implementation (he had open sockets or sompn that caused mysql to die)
22:54<EFudd>i think xev.whatever sucks due to being slow
22:55<EFudd>so eh, i'm gonna do my own with JBL.US
22:55* EFudd snickers
22:55<EFudd>it's actually my initials
22:55<@mikegrb>you mean the 5 sec delay?
22:55<EFudd>but hey... =)
22:55<EFudd>besides, i'm bored
22:55<EFudd>i'm avoiding my gf so she'll stop asking questions about computer crap
22:55<EFudd>and blah. ;-)
22:56* caker waddles off into reboot land
22:56<shakr>does anyone know the difference between ssi eeb v3.0 and eatx? they both appear to be 12" x 13" but i cant figure out what is different
23:05-!-jax [] has joined #linode
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23:08<inkblot>clickolinko whoop all y'all
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23:32<Sh8d0w>is the Linode 96 option just unpopular or do are there a lot of those machines?
23:33<inkblot>it's a new option
23:33<Sh8d0w>oh yeah, is it possible to upgrade from one option to another?
23:33<@mikegrb>yes :)
23:34<Sh8d0w>with all data intact I presume
23:35<@mikegrb>what happens is you put a trouble ticket in with your request for upgrade
23:35<Sh8d0w>any downtime?
23:35<@mikegrb>caker will put it in the system
23:35<@mikegrb>then when you log in you see a pending migration at the top
23:35<@mikegrb>you shutdown and click the migrate button
23:35<@mikegrb>it moves to other host
23:36<@mikegrb>and you boot back up
23:36<@mikegrb>about 5-10 minutes if in same data venter
23:36<@mikegrb>depennding on image size
23:36<Sh8d0w>ic... not too bad...
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23:46* Sh8d0w ponders about the future...
23:46<Sh8d0w>a year from now, it'd be possible to get 2x the performance for the same price...
23:48-!-ElfStone [] has joined #linode
23:50<Sh8d0w>things would be quite interesting when you can get 256Mhz for $19.95/month
23:51<inkblot>i don't think it's that simple
23:51-!-jax [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:52<inkblot>each host earns $640/mo when fully loaded with linodes
23:52<inkblot>subtract the price of having that host colocated
23:52<inkblot>and part of caker's earnings
23:52<inkblot>and what's left goes toward paying off the hardware
23:53<Sh8d0w>yeah, but further down the road...
23:53<inkblot>in order the price of a particular service level to halve,
23:53<inkblot>the hardware would have to be replaced
23:53<inkblot>because none of those other costs,
23:53<inkblot>colocation, chris
23:53<inkblot>are going to drop
23:54<inkblot>so while faster hardware may become available in that time frame
23:54<inkblot>i don't think the hosts will be replaced so quickly
23:54<Sh8d0w>well, it's not even about replacing the hosts...
23:54<inkblot>no, really, it is
23:54<Sh8d0w>when u grow...
23:54<inkblot>yes, i know titration curve
23:55<Sh8d0w>as u get new servers, u'll end up having to buy faster hardware...
23:55<inkblot>we went over that in high school chemistry
23:55<inkblot>it's not going to result in a halving of resource costs
23:55<Sh8d0w>so I guess u could either keep the price/performance and put more linodes per server =)
23:56<inkblot>here's a number game for you...
23:56<inkblot>say you've got ten hosts
23:56<inkblot>and 32 linode 64s will "fit" in each one
23:56<inkblot>and then you add ten new hosts
23:56<inkblot>and 64 linode 64s will "fit" in each of the new ones
23:56<inkblot>what's the average?
23:57* caker is back from reboot land
23:57<inkblot>so, even though all of the *new* hardware is *double* the capacity
23:57-!-Quik [] has joined #linode
23:58<inkblot>the resource costs have only dropped by 25%
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23:58-!-UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has joined #linode
23:58<inkblot>Sh8d0w, does this make sense?
23:58<Sh8d0w>I understand wut ur saying...
23:58<Sh8d0w>but I'm just thinking further down the line...
23:58<inkblot>well it'll take longer than you think
23:59<inkblot>no halving-in-a-year
23:59<Sh8d0w>I know
23:59<Sh8d0w>that was just a number I threw out...
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