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08:54@mikegrb>sighup: linode forums
08:54sighup>mikegrb: Linux Networking: Firewall settings for ... ; Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum: Where is apxs? ; Announcements: Hurricane Electric corrects ... ; Linux Networking: DNS and rest of the stuff ; General Discussion: performance of linode ...
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09:54ElfStone>sighup linode avail
09:54sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 0] [Linode 96: 1] [Linode 128: 1] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
10:00heidi>wap: ping
10:01heidi>did michael tell you the same day our neighbors got their car repoed they had an eviction notice put on their door
10:01heidi>I think hey were having a bad day
10:02wap>he didn't
10:02wap>yep, seems so
10:02heidi>well, they did
10:02heidi>I found it very humerous
10:02wap>well considered what you said about them, it's not that surprising
10:02heidi>yeah, but all in the same day
10:02heidi>they are carless and homeless
10:03heidi>I feel a little bad because of their baby
10:03heidi>he doesn't deserve it
10:03wap>true :/
10:04heidi>well, I think her mom lives in the area
10:04heidi>so they can probably stay with her for a while
10:04wap>some people take a pretty bad start in life...
10:04wap>I'm sorry heidi, but I was just about to leave when you pinged me... I have to go.
10:04heidi>have fun
10:04wap>Thanks :)
10:04wap>See you later
10:05wap>say hello to mike for me
10:05heidi>I will
10:48@adamg>sighup cnn
10:48sighup>adamg: excuse me?
10:55ElfStone>sighup g7 ElfStone
10:55sighup>#G7 stats for ElfStone, the ElfGod -- 77/106 Current Level: 27 | Time to next level: 0 days, 01:07:14 | Status: offline | Item Total: 226 | Total Time Idled: 2 days, 16:55:25
10:56ElfStone>(..notice..) bot: Penalty of 0 days, 01:30:33 added to your timer for privmsg.
10:56ElfStone>for logining >.<
10:57ElfStone>sighup g7 ElfStone
10:57sighup>#G7 stats for ElfStone, the ElfGod -- 79/106 Current Level: 27 | Time to next level: 0 days, 03:00:26 | Status: online | Item Total: 226 | Total Time Idled: 2 days, 16:56:15
10:57heidi>you get penalized for logging out
10:57heidi>and then back in
10:57heidi>you are not supposed to quit the game
10:57ElfStone>never got penalized for loging ing
10:57heidi>that is the whole point
10:57heidi>to stay idling
10:57ElfStone>try doing that wit 56k
10:57heidi>you don't get penalized the first time
10:57heidi>only after that
10:57ElfStone>i have logined more then once
10:57ElfStone>and never
10:58heidi>well, you have been penalized
10:58heidi>you may not have gotten a notice
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11:03heidi>kinda missing the point
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13:01coleslaw>quick question, php not recognizing values in page.php?var= form; is that operator error or a compile-time thing?
13:01EFudd>It's going to be operator error.
13:01EFudd>Don't use globals.
13:02coleslaw>how is it though? I'm using the same scripts I've used on other webservers...
13:02@mikegrb>rather then $var
13:05coleslaw>in the code for logic?
13:05coleslaw>I'm using it to include pages..
13:05EFudd>Oh my
13:05EFudd>oh my
13:05EFudd>you are begging to be Owned.
13:06coleslaw>what does thou suggest?
13:07EFudd>Not accepting includes from a variable. :-)
13:07EFudd>a passable variable at least. :-)
13:07EFudd>If your code requires the use of global variables, your code needs to be redesigned.
13:08coleslaw>it doesn't require's being written ground up
13:08coleslaw>so nothing is dependant yet
13:08EFudd>Then you should read a book.
13:08coleslaw>any you recommend?
13:08*EFudd shrugs, ORA Programming PHP?
13:11coleslaw>....what would be the safest way to include pages? (I'm writing a cms)
13:12coleslaw>so, what about links?
13:12coleslaw>yes, I've tried asking in php channels across IRC nets, no responses
13:13EFudd>Sighup: links?
13:13sighup>wish i knew, efudd
13:13EFudd>sighup: links is
13:13sighup>OK, EFudd.
13:13*EFudd wanders off
13:14coleslaw>no, I mean including pages per link address..
13:14coleslaw>..bleh, nevermind.
13:15EFudd>you can use variables. Just be intelligent.
13:15EFudd>Here is an example.
13:15EFudd>If your code did this:
13:15EFudd>if (_GET['pageinc']) {
13:15EFudd> include(_GET['pageinc']);
13:16EFudd>know what i'd do? ;-)
13:16EFudd>I'd pass http://myhost/ to that variable
13:16coleslaw>what would you do? I can see what the code did..
13:16EFudd>and your code would happily include it.
13:17EFudd> would use system() and other Evil Options to do Nasty Things
13:17EFudd>Including making your sink leak.
13:17coleslaw>but if it's out of can't do that, can you?
13:17EFudd>Sure I can!
13:17coleslaw>obviously I need to do some reading on security..
13:18EFudd>include() will happily fetch remotely
13:18EFudd>or anything
13:18EFudd>php's open will happly open any URL type ! (Well, if the option is enabled in php_ini... and it is, I'd bet.)
13:19coleslaw>what if I check to see the variable is a valid file?
13:19coleslaw>..that'd no doubt slow the page down a few fractions of a second
13:20EFudd>I bet someone's ability to fool your code into verifiying something is a valid file is better than your ability to prevent it.
13:20EFudd>That's based on one simple fact.
13:20EFudd>That you are asking the question rather than knowing the answer already.
13:21*EFudd relaly wanders off now
13:21coleslaw>thanks for letting me know I have a lot of reading to do
13:24EFudd>i'm not clued up on php4...
13:24EFudd>it's just, those errors i wouldn't make
13:25*EFudd goes to bookstore
13:25EFudd>I shouldn't... /sigh.
13:26coleslaw>'s a general theory that could be applied to any language, really..
13:27coleslaw>you know what I mean, hoepfully
13:27EFudd>backi n a few.. hopefully i can find an oracle_administration_for_dummies
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14:42@adamg>have a web server up for 3 days and people are already trying to find windows exploits on it
14:43coleslaw>find the book, EFudd?
14:43@adamg>the worst thing is the IP or associated domain is not advertised anywhere
14:43EFudd>adam, those aren't "personal attacks"
14:43EFudd>they are network wide scans
14:44@adamg>I know
14:44@adamg>just annoying
14:44EFudd>it's various viruses still uncleaned.
14:44EFudd>you have an option....
14:44EFudd>setup sompn to return data to those queries
14:44EFudd>and never terminate the data
14:44EFudd>but bandwidth isn't cheap.
14:45@adamg>I will deal with it at some point, I will wait till snort, ipchans etc are all set-up and then start to sort out the script kiddies
14:46EFudd>I just waited ~30minutes for 3 cpio archives to extract.
14:46EFudd>Then realized I forgot a redirect into cpio :-)
14:46@adamg>never used cpio
14:46EFudd>oracle cd's come cpio'd
14:46EFudd>was thinking "damn that's slow."
14:47@adamg>although may use it soon to more some dirs around to different drive images
14:47@adamg>I thought cpio was just a means of copying stuff around
14:47EFudd>aye. easy enough and portable.
14:47EFudd> cpio - copy files to and from archives
14:49inkblot>when the code red worm was going around
14:49inkblot>i wrote up a little php script that i installed as default.ida
14:50inkblot>i called my little project "code green"
14:50inkblot>the script would counterhack the machine that connected
14:50inkblot>it opened up internet explorer
14:51EFudd>so YOU were the one that did that.
14:51inkblot>and displayed in it a page that explained the problem, how to fix it, and how to avoid that type of problem in the future
14:51*EFudd calls lawyer
14:51inkblot>EFudd, so YOU were one of the idiots who got infected with code red?
14:51@adamg>how did it open IE on the remote machine
14:52EFudd>ink, No. I don't get viruses.
14:52EFudd>That wasn't my point.
14:52inkblot>adamg, the same sploit code red used to install itself
14:53@adamg>EFudd: so if you where to use cpio to copy from one dir to another you would use the copy-pass mode
14:54EFudd>I'd do this:
14:55@mikegrb>sighup: fcol that
14:55sighup>Your fcol is
14:55EFudd>mkdir /new/dir || mount /device /new/dir; cd /source; find . -print | cpio -pdmuv /new/dir
14:55inkblot>rsync -a /source/ /new/dir/
14:55EFudd>With 'v' being optional if say, you are on a slow serial connection or other constrainted area.
14:55inkblot>-av if you like
14:55EFudd>constrainted?! :-)
14:56*EFudd isn't goign to get into another * vs cpio argument
14:56inkblot>rsync cooks my emergency bacon
14:56inkblot>argument over
14:56inkblot>i win
14:57*EFudd recently watched walmart's senior Systems Administrator *delete* 4GB of pricing data using rsync instead of my suggested cpio
14:57*EFudd snickerd violently whilst it was occuring
14:58@adamg>why would rsync delete the data
14:58EFudd>Incorrect options passed.
14:58inkblot>it'll do what you tell it to
14:58EFudd>there might be a better method than my cpio.. I just know I can use that cpio command on any unix ever.
14:59EFudd>and trust the data copy enough to boot from it.
14:59inkblot>well if you're not using debian, you're already two steps behind
14:59inkblot>and if you're not even using linux,
14:59inkblot>then i don't care
14:59@adamg>in the end all I need is something that will copy everything and retain permissions etc
14:59inkblot>rsync -a
15:00inkblot>trailing slashes are significant to rsync
15:00inkblot>rsync -a /source /destination
15:00@adamg>I will get into this again when I acutally have to copy data around
15:00inkblot>^-- tells it to make a copy of source
15:00inkblot>rsync -a /source/ /destination
15:00inkblot>^-- tells is to make a copy of the stuff *in* source
15:00inkblot>that's really the only thing people ever do wrong
15:01*EFudd is just an old fart
15:01inkblot>that's probably what EFudd saw happen
15:02EFudd>no. it was a cross-machine sync with a script someone had wrote but not documented that had TooManyOptions
15:02inkblot>sounds like dongs
15:02@adamg>wouldnt rsync -a /source /destination copy the directory and everything in it
15:03inkblot>it will copy the directory and everything in it
15:04inkblot>i.e. you'd end up with /destination/source
15:04inkblot>if you just want the stuff *in* /source copied to /destination
15:04inkblot>then it's rsync -a /source/ ...
15:05@adamg>what if you did /source/*
15:05inkblot>then you'd be relying on shell expansion
15:05inkblot>which skips some riles
15:05inkblot>like, for example, .bashrc
15:06inkblot>just remember:
15:06inkblot>src == copy src
15:06inkblot>src/ == copy stuff *in* src
15:06EFudd>open (SENDMAIL, qq("/usr/bin/mail \-s "This is a test" pam < license_report.tmp")) ||
15:06EFudd> die "It hurts\n";
15:06*EFudd snickers
15:06inkblot>i always put a trailing slash on my destination directory, too
15:07inkblot>but it doesn't make any difference there
15:07inkblot>it's just a reminder to me that i'm copying stuff *into* that directory
15:07inkblot>other than that
15:07inkblot>the options are straightforward
15:07inkblot>and boy are there a lot of them
15:08inkblot>-a subsumes all of the things like keeping permissions and ownership
15:08inkblot>it'll handle any file type
15:08@adamg>does it copy links as well
15:08inkblot>it'll handle any file type
15:08inkblot>a symlink is a type of file
15:08inkblot>it'll handle any file type
15:08EFudd>Apparently we've lost the source to our clarify forms from eyars past. :/
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15:13@adamg>sighup linode avail
15:13sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 0] [Linode 96: 1] [Linode 128: 1] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
15:13@adamg>sighup linode forums
15:13sighup>adamg: Linux Networking: Firewall settings for ... ; Linux Networking: ident ; Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum: Where is apxs? ; Announcements: Hurricane Electric corrects ... ; Linux Networking: DNS and rest of the stuff
15:16@adamg>sighup ups 1Z3E74561365490848
15:16sighup> In Transit [ On-Time ] Sched. Delivery: Dec 15, 2003 Shipped to: FREMONT, CA, US Service Type: NEXT DAY AIR SAVER. Results as of Dec 14, 2003 3:16 P.M. Eastern Time (USA)
15:17inkblot>they must call it that just to make people think it's a good deal
15:18EFudd>sighup fedex 345591810000002
15:18sighup>EFudd: what?
15:18@mikegrb>EFudd: it can do it
15:18@adamg>try track
15:18*EFudd just used the webpage :P
15:19@mikegrb>it uses some interface to a site that has everything
15:19@mikegrb>I haven't looked into it
15:19@adamg>sighup track 345591810000002
15:22@adamg>track should be able to handle ups, fedex, airborne and posten ab
15:42EFudd>dude that's pimpin
15:47@adamg>anyone used portsentry before?
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15:54Newsome>is something up with host11?
15:55@adamg>no idea
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16:05Efudd-he>host11 seems fine here.
16:09EFudd>is there a ebuild for gcc2?
16:10EFudd>er, gentoo-ism.
16:11EFudd> /tmp/OraInstall2003-12-14_11-03-29AM/jre/bin/i386/native_threads/java: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16:12@adamg>i have only tried to install oracle on a linux box 3 times and failed each time, ended up using solaris instead
16:12EFudd>-rwxr-xr-x 1 2840 562 40345 May 13 2002 runInstaller
16:12EFudd>great. binary.
16:15@adamg>sighup linode forums
16:15sighup>adamg: Linux Networking: Firewall settings for ... ; Linux Networking: ident ; Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum: Where is apxs? ; Announcements: Hurricane Electric corrects ... ; Linux Networking: DNS and rest of the stuff
16:19EFudd>% cd $HOME && ls
16:19EFudd>This makes me feel better tho.
16:22@mikegrb>I'll be it does
16:23EFudd>16:21 <@madog> why dont you use ~ as $HOME
16:23EFudd>16:22 <@EFudd> Wise man once say, Everyone Has own opinion and Everyone has own
16:23EFudd> asshole. Own asshole should not be shared, perhaps opinion are
16:23EFudd> same?
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16:29EFudd>looks like lib-compat might be what i'm looking for.
16:31sjansen>Oracle is rather picky about the libraries and bin-utils it'll work with. Especially the installer.
16:32EFudd>The installer is a java piece of shit.
16:33EFudd>Its forcing me to install X even tho I'm remoting the fokkin' display!@#!@
17:21EFudd> <-0 really good data graphage
18:18*mikegrb watches inkblot exercise his authoritarian fist
18:19*EFudd pee's on oracle
18:20EFudd>Exception thrown from action: make
18:20EFudd>Exception Name: MakefileException
18:20EFudd>Exception String: Error in invoking target ioracle of makefile /dbapp01/oracle/product/9.2.0/rdbms/lib/
18:20EFudd>Exception Severity: 1
18:21EFudd>fok you you fucking fuck!@#!@#
18:21EFudd> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.2.3/../../../../i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld: /dbapp01/oracle/product/9.2.0/rdbms/lib/oracle: hidden symbol `__fixunssfdi' in /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.2.3/libgcc.a(_fixunssfdi.oS) is referenced by DSO
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20:25Griswald>'sup guys? :)
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20:25@mikegrb>20:25 testuser is iguana (
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20:29Griswald>pie is god, i bow before it
20:30*mikegrb too :)
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20:55EFudd> parent : [pa' rent] - technical term for someone using the
20:55EFudd> rhythm method of birth control.
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20:56inkblot>ha ha
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21:28EFudd>oracle finally installed
21:49inkblot>i'd hesitate to call that success
21:53EFudd>well, i've successfully ported the 7.x database structures to 9
21:53EFudd>and will attempt to import our clarify 7 db into 9 shortly.
21:53EFudd>I'm thinking this is pretty good success.
22:13EFudd>er. Great. Now I gotta learn sompn about oracle vs. fuckin' around. :P
22:14EFudd>apparently my newly created instance won't start :P
22:39*EFudd mumbles
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22:39EFudd>oracles documentation is "to be desired" in some portions.
22:40EFudd>Such as items deprecated. They seem to have forgotten to document the new formats between 7 and 8. .. between 8 and 9, it's decent.
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22:51ElfStone>sighup linode avail
22:51sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 0] [Linode 96: 1] [Linode 128: 1] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
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23:01@mikegrb>that was funny
23:01@mikegrb>he can't open a web browser?
23:02EFudd>perhaps he doesn't know? ;-)
23:02*EFudd gets frustrated w/ oracle
23:02EFudd>dont' feel like i'm making progress now.
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23:05Sh8d0w>hi all
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