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#linode IRC Logs for 2003-12-28

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00:00@caker>mikegrb: not
00:00@mikegrb> is in eurpoe
00:00@mikegrb>er europe
00:00jrm> is one of the free domains you can get from
00:01*Griswald nods.
00:01jrm> s/get/use
00:01@mikegrb>which explains it pointing at a dhcp block
00:02@mikegrb>I just thought maybe if it was on the public server lists that might account for some of the problems
00:02@mikegrb>but if it can use 50 mb in normal situations then that would certainly cause sqwapping issues on a linode 64
01:04You_Wish>holly crap their selling zope for big bucks now
01:08@mikegrb>or you can get it for free
01:10You_Wish>nothing is come easy today for me
01:10You_Wish>xchat zope samba all of are being a pain in the
01:11You_Wish>everyone of them need a million librarys
01:12@mikegrb>howdy EFudd
01:13*EFudd attempts to pay bills online with really crappy websites
01:13EFudd>and try to figure out why "WTS" billed me 59.95. "Web Transaction Services"
01:13EFudd>sounds like an online porn billing service
01:13@mikegrb>yes it does
01:13You_Wish>type search dialup
01:14You_Wish>if you got the folder you been hit
01:14You_Wish>and cute icons
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01:15ElfStone>\xABsighup\xBB linode avail
01:15=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
01:16tjfontaine>no ascii dude
01:16EFudd>You broke sighup!
01:16tjfontaine>no non-ascii
01:17ElfStone>i turned thaty damn nick complter off
01:17You_Wish>run while you can
01:17@mikegrb>EFudd: heh
01:17ElfStone>i didn;t break it
01:17@mikegrb>EFudd: that is what the cron email I get says
01:17ElfStone>\xABmikegrb\xBB O.o
01:18@mikegrb>EFudd: "someone killed sighup, that bastard! I restarted him like a good crontab at `date`
01:18ElfStone>mikegrb gentoo is that smart
01:19ElfStone>that it reads sighup's raw instream and finds whow as the last command then says it
01:19@mikegrb>hmm yeah
01:19@mikegrb>I should do that
01:19@mikegrb>it isn't last command though
01:19ElfStone>what was?
01:19@mikegrb>any non-ascii in a channel will do it
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01:20Griswald>why read the instream? just mod the source and add a signal handler that logs the last input :)
01:20ElfStone>Griswald true
01:20ElfStone>sighup linode avail
01:20sighup>Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 23] [Linode 96: 0] [Linode 128: 15] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
01:20Griswald>it's what I do with all my progs that run continously :)
01:20You_Wish>Linode 256: 0 come to me
01:20Griswald>makes debugging MUCH easier ;P
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01:23You_Wish>anybody know why 256 has to be requested
01:24@mikegrb>not enough demand
01:24You_Wish>i would think that would be the most in demand
01:25tjfontaine>ElfStone: paste some non-ascii chars please
01:25Griswald>You_Wish: it's $80 a month
01:25Griswald>that's why it's not in high demand
01:25tjfontaine>ElfStone: silly, like what you did first
01:25@mikegrb>umm + and | are ascii
01:26You_Wish>80 is will worth it
01:26EFudd>01:21 < LoverMan>
01:26EFudd>well that doesn't look good.
01:26Griswald>yeah, but why use a 256 if it isn't needed?
01:26ElfStone`>sighup g7 ElfStone
01:26sighup>#G7 stats for ElfStone, the ElfGod -- 87/113 Current Level: 27 | Time to next level: 0 days, 03:12:52 | Status: offline | Item Total: 226 | Total Time Idled: 2 days, 17:18:10
01:26You_Wish>i thought i would be at 256 already
01:27ElfStone`>Griswald i found a 512 ded for less then a 256
01:27You_Wish>but it is holding strong
01:28ElfStone`>tjfontaine it diod crash sighup
01:28You_Wish>anybody here use webmin
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01:30Griswald>yes, I use webmin
01:31Griswald>but I try to use sh as much as possible.
01:31You_Wish>Griswald i did a scan and was able to detect everybodys webmin on the network
01:32You_Wish>look scary to me
01:32You_Wish>clicked on some of the links and got me to their login site
01:32@mikegrb>that isn't a big hole
01:32@mikegrb>just looks for webmin on port 10000
01:33@mikegrb>the default port
01:33ElfStone>mikegrb hgow wa syour christmas
01:33ElfStone>*how was your
01:33ElfStone>thats good
01:33You_Wish>i found something about capturing logins
01:36Griswald>You_Wish, that's why I run Webmin on a port other then 10000
01:37You_Wish>what module is that in
01:37Griswald>it isn't a module
01:37Griswald>it's in a file you edit
01:38Griswald>just change the two references of 10000 to whatever port you want
01:38Griswald>then stop and start webmin, and voila.
01:39You_Wish>nice thanks
01:39ElfStone>Griswald i ussaly end up running it on like 8096
01:40*Griswald nods.
01:40Griswald>Anything except the default
01:40Griswald>and it's a good habit to change the admin account from root to somethin else within webmin :)
01:40ElfStone>if yiou install it from hand
01:40ElfStone>it is admin
01:41Griswald>you could just login to webmin, go to webmin users and change it there :P
01:41ElfStone>Griswald you exipernced in iptables?
01:41Griswald>I think mike is though
01:41ElfStone>mikegrb hello?
01:41Griswald>or atleast a few people in #mandrake are
01:42You_Wish>you mean change the root name to something like newrootname
01:43You_Wish>crap i didnt know you could do that either
01:43Griswald>it keeps you on the secure side of things
01:43You_Wish>so i could have more than one root access then from different names
01:43You_Wish>o shit
01:44ElfStone>i make the owner of su
01:44ElfStone>a account only i haev access to
01:44ElfStone>and disable ssh to root
01:44*Griswald nods.
01:44Griswald>I'd do that too, but I dunno how
01:44Griswald>I know about su
01:44ElfStone>is in /usr/sbin
01:44Griswald>but I mean, limiting it to one user?
01:45Griswald>and then stopping root from being SSH'ed into?
01:45ElfStone>you would as root
01:45You_Wish>what user would be considered owner the root or the newrootname
01:45Griswald>root is defaulted as owner
01:45ElfStone>Griswald the disableing root and system logons from accessing ssh is in ssh as well
01:45Griswald>I'd say just change the username root to somethin thats not root :)
01:46ElfStone>Griswald true
01:46Griswald>ElfStone: I know all your sayin, I'm just asking HOW to do it :)
01:46You_Wish>so leave root and su from newrootname correct?
01:46You_Wish>got it
01:46Griswald>You say it's in ssh, but I mean... what do I \do\ in ssh ;p
01:46ElfStone>remote access
01:47ElfStone>in ssh
01:47ElfStone>the cd to /usr/sbin
01:47*Griswald nods.
01:47ElfStone>and chown su (put name of the account that you want to beable to access su)
01:48Griswald>actually, with mandrake (probably others)
01:48Griswald>it's "chown <account> su"
01:48ElfStone>that too
01:48Griswald>eh.. su = /bin/su ;)
01:48ElfStone>oh well
01:48Griswald>it's gotta be in bin
01:49Griswald>sbin is root only commands
01:49You_Wish>you can do that in webmin also
01:49ElfStone>i wa sthinking or chown ing shutdown and shit
01:49Griswald>now, explain how to disable ssh'ing into root....
01:49You_Wish>just disable the root from wemin config from ssh
01:50ElfStone>there is a section on disableing users
01:50Griswald>You_Wish: Word of advice on webmin... shut it down when it's not in use by you
01:50ElfStone>Griswald i can get you teh config file
01:50You_Wish>i can tell you where it is at
01:51You_Wish>from the webmin if you want
01:51Griswald>I forgot to fix my shell's code
01:51Griswald>so now it disconnects me whenever I connect into it. lol
01:51Griswald>thank god I have 2 other accounts I know the passwords too.... lol
01:52Griswald>atleast the shell does what it's supposed too....
01:52EFudd>I found the source.
01:52EFudd>Member since: 1999-12-20
01:52EFudd>that kinda sux0rs
01:52Griswald>|- Last Login |
01:52Griswald>|- Current Processes | 4
01:52Griswald>|- System Date | Sun Dec 28 01:52:37 EST 2003
01:52Griswald>|- System Uptime | 4 days, 3 hours, 05 minutes
01:52Griswald>|- Quota | 0 Blocks ( 16652 Blocks Used )
01:52Griswald>--> disconnected
01:52ElfStone>in mdk it is /etc/ssh/sshd_config
01:52ElfStone>line 36
01:53ElfStone>PermitRootLogin no
01:53Griswald>I see it now
01:54ElfStone>it shoudl say yes
01:54ElfStone>but cahneg it to no
01:55Griswald>waaaay ahead of yeh
02:03Griswald>now to just fix my custom shell, and voila.
02:09=ElfStone [] quit (Ping timeout: 482 seconds)
02:11Griswald>[griswald@xeraweb griswald]$ printf $TERM
02:19Griswald>rewrote teh shell code to the custom shell to execute bash, and finally, it works without seg faulting :D
03:09=jrm [] quit (Quit: Client exiting)
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03:48Griswald>heya wap
03:58Griswald>[griswald@xeraweb log]$ lastlog
03:58Griswald>/var/log/lastlog: Permission denied
03:58Griswald>anyone know the proper permissions to set on /var/log/lastlog?
04:02Griswald>ok, Last Login now shows properly :D
04:04Griswald>hey wap, check out
04:16wap>Griswald: did you do some modification to it? or is it the regular INAShell?
04:19Griswald>fixed a few things (made it boot into bash, rather then sh, etc), and also added quota
04:21Griswald>then I renamed it to amotd instead of INAShell
04:24wap>Griswald: 'amotd' has a meaning? ;)
04:28Griswald>"A Message of the Day" :D
04:28Griswald>cuz, essentially, that's all it is :P
04:29Griswald>displays a motd, replaces variables in it, then tosses you into /bin/bash
04:30Griswald>I only modded it to do some of that stuff due to the fact my customers wanted to know their limits, etc. ;)
04:31wap>Griswald: yeah, I read you yesterday
08:18@adamg>afternoon caker
08:20@caker>Hello Adam
08:21@adamg>this gentoo install of mine is starting to get rather big
08:21@caker>because Gentoo is big?
08:21@adamg>it is aboout 400 meg bigger than my debian one is with the same major apps installed
08:23@caker>right .. 270 of which is the portage dir, etc...
08:26@adamg>you also need about 500 meg free for portage to build things
08:26@caker>I didn't know that it required that much...
08:27@adamg>well you do when you are building gcc
08:31@adamg>for some reason the default gentoo apache takes ages to respond to the first request
09:08@guinea-sleep>sighup: g7 gp
09:08sighup>#G7 stats for gp, the Emperor of New England -- 8/113 Current Level: 46 | Time to next level: 6 days, 12:55:56 | Status: online | Item Total: 458 | Total Time Idled: 38 days, 02:26:40
09:10sneakums>oh god, there's g7 here too?
09:10*sneakums flees
09:10@guinea-sleep>oh god, there's a sneakums here too?
09:54@adamg>phpsysinfo isnt much use on uml!
10:01@caker>you mean the missing cpu info?
10:10@adamg>thats better managed to remove 129meg of distfiles
10:21@adamg>sighup change 100 eur to gbp
10:21sighup>adamg: 100 Euro makes 70.10 British Pound
10:23*sneakums burn the Euro
10:23*sneakums sets the Euro on fire.
10:24@adamg>dont use it and hopefully never will
10:24sneakums>you sure will if Tony Blur gets another term
10:26@adamg>hopefully that wont happen either
10:26sneakums>hope is a wonderful thing
10:27@adamg>that it is
11:31@adamg>caker ping
11:40Griswald>mornin fellas.
11:49*adamg didnt realise how may top clones there where for different thigns
11:49sneakums>slabtop is fantastic
11:50@adamg>I use mytop, but am just looking at the network top ones
11:51@adamg>just looking at the home page for it
11:51@adamg>is it any good on uml though
11:52sneakums>i don't see why it's not be useful
11:52@adamg>and it is not in gentoo portage
11:52sneakums>UML kernels have a slab cache just like a regular kernel
11:52sneakums>it's part of procps 2
11:52@adamg>emergeing ntop at the momment to see what it is like
11:52sneakums>Debian uses procps 3, so I just built it from source
11:53@adamg>well procps is installed, cant find a command called slabtop though
11:54@guinea-sleep>which version?
11:54sneakums>there are two forks of procps, versions 2 and 3
11:54@adamg>3.1.12-r1 installed
11:54sneakums>slabtop was added to procps 2 recently
11:54sneakums>i hope they add it to 3
11:54sneakums>yeah, Debian has procps 3, which is why I built it myself
11:55@guinea-sleep>adamg: pay attention :p
11:55@adamg>pay attention to what
11:55@guinea-sleep>[11:52] <sneakums> it's part of procps 2
11:56@adamg>I assumed if it is in 2 it would be in 3
11:56@guinea-sleep>[11:52] <sneakums> Debian uses procps 3, so I just built it from source
11:56sneakums><sneakums> there are two forks of procps, versions 2 and 3
11:56sneakums>they're completely separate
11:56@guinea-sleep>oh i didn't even see that.
11:56sneakums>hence "fork"
11:56@guinea-sleep>but like i wasn't even paying attention, and i picked up on that :p
11:57sneakums>guinea-sleep: will you be my smooth buddy?
11:57@guinea-sleep>unable to parse that statement
11:57sneakums>that's what you get for using yacc
11:58@guinea-sleep>that's what you get for using -q 2
11:58sneakums>ha ha
11:59sneakums>yes, that's what I get
11:59sneakums>hella mega free diskapce
11:59sneakums>4900 tracks in under 15 GiB
11:59@guinea-sleep>3900 isn't enough
12:00sneakums>no where near
12:00@guinea-sleep>i love it when a .tar.bz2 is bigger than a .tar.gz
12:00sneakums>nowhere n ear
12:01@guinea-sleep>uploading the whole album at -q 5
12:02@guinea-sleep>with a proper tag :p
12:02@guinea-sleep>and a creative commons comment
12:02@guinea-sleep>now to get my friends to stop using musicmatch jukebox!
12:02sneakums>i'm such a sap that i'll probably buy it if I like it
12:02@guinea-sleep>only $10!
12:03@guinea-sleep>you can download the album, too. in mp3 :<
12:03@guinea-sleep>from them, for $1/track
12:06@adamg>ntop is intresting it is web based
12:06sneakums>i tend to avoid web-based stuff
12:07@adamg>didnt realise it was when I emerged it, does seem a tad ott
12:07sneakums>Web authors are incredibly adept at finding ways to aggravate me.
12:09@adamg>trying jnettop this time
12:09@guinea-sleep>sigh. i hate uploading at 13K/s
12:10@guinea-sleep>and -q2 vs -q5 is only 2:3.5 in filesize.
12:11sneakums>which is for e.g. 20 GiB versus 35GiB, for a large collection.
12:11sneakums>i know you folks buy 200GiB IDE disks like candy
12:11sneakums>but I don't
12:12@guinea-sleep>i'm not to worried about my audio archive size
12:12@guinea-sleep>it's the videos that get me
12:12sneakums>i don't really have that much datur in the first place
12:12@guinea-sleep> 151G 87G 65G 58% /usr/local/share
12:12sneakums>ha ha devfs
12:13sneakums>could it *be* any more ugly?
12:13@guinea-sleep>but let's not get into that
12:13sneakums>aww, but i wanna!
12:13@guinea-sleep>only 18G of that is audio
12:13sneakums>although this isn't #tron, is it.
12:13@guinea-sleep>there's plennia room
12:13*sneakums checks
12:13sneakums>no, it is not.
12:13@guinea-sleep>we could make it
12:13@guinea-sleep>i am the channel founder :p
12:13guinea-sleepis now known as guinea-pig
12:14@guinea-pig>only linode authorised clients allowed from linode IPs!
12:14sneakums>How do you check?
12:14@guinea-pig>whois the IP?
12:14sneakums>I mean, the client.
12:14@guinea-pig>he's only got a couple blocks
12:14@guinea-pig>is it a linux client? :P
12:14@guinea-pig>how do *you* check?
12:15@guinea-pig>yes, wtf man
12:15sneakums>what are you blithering about?
12:16sneakums>is it just a bugzapper reference?
12:16sneakums>because if so, i have to say that i find it in very poor taste
12:16sneakums>VERY poor taste, sir.
12:16@guinea-pig>you know me
12:16sneakums>and boy, i wish i didn't.
12:16@guinea-pig>ooh. i hit 14K on my upload. i'm so excited
12:16sneakums>:) :) :) :)
12:17sneakums>by the way, how long does it typically take for RDNS updates to go live?
12:18@guinea-pig>I'm a xenophobic tapiocaphobe and a claustrophobic agoraphobe
12:18@caker>usually 24 hrs or less... Is your IP in the 66.220.1 range?
12:18@caker>HE still hasn't pulled the zone from me yet (thats a new range)
12:18sneakums>ah, i did wonder
12:18@guinea-pig>stupid HE
12:18sneakums>when i got no PTR at all
12:19*caker pokes HE
12:20*guinea-pig peeks HE
12:20sneakums>NO ROM BASIC
12:22@caker>10 GOTO 10
12:23@caker>sighup: whois
12:23sighup>caker: bugger all, i dunno
12:26@guinea-pig>throw out your brains. they're a disease. cut off your head. think with your knees
12:33@adamg>jnettop is nice
12:40@adamg>nettop is good is shows usage per app
12:40sneakums>there's a console thing called iptraf that i played with a few years ago
12:41sneakums>breaks down to individual connections, if I recall
12:41@guinea-pig>heh yeah
12:41@guinea-pig>i use iptraf all the time,to tell if i should bitch at my brother for eating up the connection
12:43@adamg>just emerging that one now to see what it is like
12:44@adamg>then again maybe not the emake failed
12:44*sneakums shabooms
12:47@adamg>a combination of jnettop and nettop seem the best and will look at iptstate better when I set-up iptables
12:48@adamg>any ideas> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable
12:50sneakums>means a continued transfer and you have all of the file, usually
12:50@guinea-pig>speaking of brother killing the connection...
12:52@adamg>for some reason emerge downloads the file, then tries to resume the download and cant so emerge dies
12:54@adamg>very and a pain
12:57@adamg>sighup ping caker
12:57sighup>caker: ping! ping! ping!
12:57sighup>caker was last seen on #linode 34 minutes and 0 seconds ago, saying: sighup: whois [1072632200]
12:57@adamg>sighup port 1130
12:57sighup>adamg: huh?
12:58@adamg>sighup what is port 1130
12:58sighup>i haven't a clue, adamg
12:59@guinea-pig>nmap doesn't know the port, at least
13:00@adamg>someone connecting from is connecting to it
13:01Griswald>sighup what is port 1000
13:01sighup>port 1000 is probably cadlock - cadlock
13:02@adamg>sighup port 873
13:02sighup>well, port 873 is rsync - rsync
13:02sneakums>mmm, rsync
13:02sneakums>now THAT cooks my emergency bacon
13:02@adamg>they originate on port 873
13:02sneakums>very odd
13:02@adamg>anyone here using gentoo?
13:02sneakums>do you have something listening at 1130?
13:03@adamg>dont think so
13:03@guinea-pig>erm. your box has an open connection to an rsync port an another box, and that other box is a gentoo rsync server
13:04sneakums>ha ha
13:04sneakums>yes, that'd make sense
13:04@adamg>sounds about right
13:05@adamg>host12 seems to connect to port 80 as well every now and again
13:10@adamg>fecking apachetop ebuild
13:10Artifex>that's neat
13:11Artifex>sighup port 1
13:11sighup>port 1 is, like, tcpmux - TCP Port Service Multiplexer
13:11@adamg>sighup port 0
13:11Artifex>sighup port 99999999999999999999999
13:11sighup>i heard port 0 was - Reserved
13:11sighup>Artifex: i'm not following you...
13:11Artifex>sighup port -1
13:11sighup>Artifex: what?
13:11Artifex>sighup port 5389
13:11sighup>Artifex: what?
13:11Artifex>haha, not so extensive!
13:12Artifex>sighup port 1024
13:12sighup>port 1024 is, like, - Reserved
13:13Artifex>sighup port 28
13:13sighup>Artifex: huh?
13:13Artifex>sighup port 5191
13:13sighup>rumour has it port 5191 is aol-1 - AmericaOnline1
13:14Artifex>sighup port 65535
13:14sighup>Artifex: excuse me?
13:14*Artifex bores with sighup and wanders off
13:15=guinea-pig [] quit (Quit: bye...)
13:15+guinea-pig [] joined #linode
13:15~ChanServ set +o guinea-pig on #linode
13:21@guinea-pig>oh dear. they skipped a version number in winamp
13:21@guinea-pig>that's evil
13:22sneakums>it's not that they skipped one
13:22sneakums>as such
13:22sneakums>they're all "2+3 - 5 :) :) :) :P)"
13:22sneakums>minus the P
13:22sneakums>also s/-/=/
13:22sneakums>i'll get me coat
13:23=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
13:23sneakums>hmm, my ssh hung again
13:24sneakums>this is annoying
13:24sneakums>maybe i need keepalives
13:24sneakums>oh, there it's back
13:24@guinea-pig>you're right
13:24@guinea-pig>"Winamp 5 combines the best aspects of Winamp 2 and Winamp 3 into one player. Hence Winamp 2 + Winamp 3 = Winamp 5!"
13:24@guinea-pig>i thought you wre joaking
13:25@guinea-pig>also haha
13:25@guinea-pig>Minimum system requirements
13:25@guinea-pig> * 500MHz Pentium III or comparable
13:25@guinea-pig>Recommended system requirements
13:25@guinea-pig> * 1.5 GHz Pentium IV or comparable
13:25+sighup [] joined #linode
13:25@guinea-pig>TO PLAY A FUCKING MP3
13:25sneakums>man, i love the future
13:26@guinea-pig>the future sucks.
13:26@guinea-pig>but you knew that already
13:27sneakums>i'll keep you posted
13:27sneakums>on any new suckiness
13:29@guinea-pig>thanks, but i'll find out eventually anyway
13:30@guinea-pig> <-- look what you did
13:30*sneakums stabs apache and/or mailman
13:30@adamg>managed to get an older version of apachetop to build
13:31sneakums> i sure spiked that puppy
13:35sneakums>speaking of spikes
13:35*sneakums stabs apache
13:38@mikegrb>frickn mouse
13:38*mikegrb waves
13:38@adamg>that would be my ntop stat thing
13:39@mikegrb>heh yeah
13:39Artifex>someone do me a favor and msg me?
13:39@mikegrb>it was gone
13:39@adamg>what was ntop
13:44@adamg>mikegrb ntop should be running now
13:47@mikegrb>that is kind of spiffy
13:47@mikegrb>by Luca Deri hehe I know a luca
13:47sneakums>on the second floor?
13:48@adamg>it seems a but ott
13:49@mikegrb>some of the stats seem nice
13:50@adamg>it is nice that you can see detailed stats on someone who connected
13:51@adamg>like keeps connecting to port80
13:53sneakums>do your web server logs reveal what it is attempting to access?
13:55sneakums>so it's just connecting and sitting there, not sending any requests?
13:55sneakums>that's pretty odd
13:55@caker>man nmap, the -sP section
13:55@guinea-pig>is that just the uptime ping?
13:55@guinea-pig>err, the is-it-alive thing
13:56@guinea-pig>one might think some people are too paranoid
13:56@caker>it doesn't make a full tcp conn
13:56@adamg>was only wondering
13:58@caker>wtf .. someone is stress-testing
13:58*caker edits .htaccess
13:58@adamg>what are they doing?
13:58sneakums>i suggest you ready your boot and stress-test their face
13:59@mikegrb>adamg: that port 80 stuff is mentioned in the forums ;)
13:59@caker>flooding requests with agent "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Webserver Stress Tool; Windows); (simulated_by_Webserver_Stress_Tool)
13:59@mikegrb>sneakums: good idear
13:59navs>hey will it be possible to get a grsec enabled kernel
13:59@mikegrb>caker: at least they aren't hiding it :)
13:59@caker>navs: not sure how difficult that would be with UML
13:59@mikegrb>makes it easy to eliminate them
13:59*caker looks up htaccess regex on user agent
14:00@mikegrb>caker: perhaps they are a prospective client too stupid to realize the web stuff isn't even in the same DC
14:00@mikegrb>oh well have to head out
14:01@caker>navs: I can give it a try -- some kernel patches don't work, or aren't easy to apply onto a UML patched tree
14:01@adamg>caker while your looking at the kernel, would the salinux kernel stuff work?
14:02@adamg>that would be the one
14:02sneakums>iirc, that requires a full selinux-aware distro to be useful
14:02navs>caker: i will try as well
14:02sneakums>you have to build a bunch of security contexts and apply them to every file
14:02@caker>navs: awesome :)
14:02navs>ill send you the diff if i get it to apply
14:03sneakums>Here's the paper on Debian selinux:
14:04sneakums>selinux makes a lot of cool stuff possible, though
14:04@adamg>yeah I was looking at the hardened gentoo project
14:09navs>openwall patch applies cleanly
14:18=navs [] quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:27+navs [] joined #linode
14:28navs>any chance of getting openwall instead?
15:31@mikegrb>I want net bsd caker
15:31@mikegrb>I'll send you a diff between a uml kernel and netbsd kernel
15:32@mikegrb>yoou can work out the finer detauls
15:32@mikegrb>er details
15:33@mikegrb>hey if everybody is getting kernel patches and stuff I want one too
15:34@adamg>well mike if you can write umb
15:43@mikegrb>My vote goes out LNX-BBC or Damn Small Linux for such a "live recovery distro".
15:44@adamg>as long as it has fsck, dd, rsync ill be happy what ever is used
15:44sneakums>i do like the bbc
15:47@guinea-pig>it's like we're invading
15:47@guinea-pig>bbc rocks
15:48sneakums>Disclamer: I packaged some programs a year ago and promptly vanished.
15:48sneakums>I need to add mdadm, one of these days.
15:48@guinea-pig>so i heard
15:48EFudd>15:32 <@mikegrb> I'll send you a diff between a uml kernel and netbsd kernel
15:48EFudd>15:32 <@mikegrb> yoou can work out the finer detauls
15:49EFudd>^^ Quoteable
15:49@guinea-pig>you got the stuff working you needed and left it at that
15:49@guinea-pig>you just quoted a quoteable quote.
15:51@guinea-pig>sigh. i may as well spam here, too
15:52@guinea-pig>( with my ...erm reviews)
15:52EFudd>peopl try to hack my lj account too often :/
15:52@guinea-pig>hey, when they say "YOU CAN SHARE OUR MUSIC" i ain't gonna hesitate
15:53sneakums>watch them get signed to a major label and release an album laden with copy-corruption measures
15:53@guinea-pig>i only wish they'd re-license their older songs
15:53sneakums>but i'm just an old man
15:53sneakums>what do i know?
15:54sneakums>oldy old sneakums, they call me
15:54@guinea-pig>and they felt they sold out when they had a show available through ticketmaster.
15:54@guinea-pig>but the venue shut down, so they didn't really sell out
15:55@guinea-pig>they were still going to be on, until the venue's management realised they weren't a blues group
15:55@guinea-pig>and they didn't feel a non-blues group should close the venue
15:55@guinea-pig>wish i could remember what it was called
15:55@guinea-pig>that blues club chain
15:56sneakums>ha ha chains
15:56sneakums>do you have chains of chains yet?
15:56@guinea-pig>house of blues
15:56sneakums>international house of blues
15:56Griswald>don't insult teh pancakes
15:56@mikegrb>atob heh
15:56@guinea-pig>you know atob too
15:57sneakums>did i say anything about pankcakes?
15:57@mikegrb>guinea-pig: I know of him
15:57Griswald>did I say you did?
15:57@guinea-pig>mikegrb: that's knowledge enough
15:57Griswald>random blurt of nonsense. ignore me. :)
15:57sneakums>good old Atob
15:57@guinea-pig>and, mmm pancakes
15:57sneakums>a legend in his own lunchtime
15:57Artifex>sighup ping caker
15:57sighup>caker: ping! ping! ping!
15:57sighup>caker was last seen on #linode 1 hours, 55 minutes and 6 seconds ago, saying: cool [1072638158]
15:58@guinea-pig>sighup: g7 gp
15:58sighup>#G7 stats for gp, the Emperor of New England -- 7/113 Current Level: 46 | Time to next level: 5 days, 15:08:37 | Status: online | Item Total: 458 | Total Time Idled: 38 days, 08:34:40
15:58@guinea-pig>i already did that today
15:58@mikegrb>gees caker, it is k00l!!!11!!!1one!!
15:58@guinea-pig>[00:38] -bot- The light of the gods shines down upon you! You have found the level 79 Res0's Protectorate Plate Mail!
15:59Artifex>anyone here ever used fullpliant?
15:59*Artifex would LOVE to have a fullpliant linode :-D
16:02@mikegrb>Artifex: FullPliant goals: * Does not care about fun.
16:02@mikegrb>ummm no
16:03Artifex>yes, but... read on
16:03Artifex>it's rad.
16:03@mikegrb>interesting though
16:03@mikegrb>heh yes I am
16:03sneakums>oh, that's one of those horrible language/OS conflations
16:03sneakums>Smalltalk all over again
16:04Artifex>sneakums: erm, no, not exactly...
16:04Artifex>its basically just a very strange sort of linux distribution
16:06sneakums>I stand by my inflammatory snap judgement.
16:07@guinea-pig>i wonder how much of a tread is required to pass inspection
16:07@guinea-pig>they always talk about pennies and lincoln's head
16:07@guinea-pig>but i don't know which direction to put the penny in
16:07sneakums><guinea-pig> i don't need tread, i just slide down snowy hills with the brakes locked!
16:08@mikegrb>er hmm
16:08sneakums>I assume with this head pointing in.
16:08sneakums>er, his
16:08@guinea-pig>oh, that's fine
16:08@guinea-pig>yay google
16:09@guinea-pig>i was thinking it was supposed to be a half-penny. like
16:09@guinea-pig>you weren't supposed to see his head at all
16:09@guinea-pig>or something
16:09sneakums>h aha
16:09sneakums>that'd be right for a farm tractor, maybe
16:10@guinea-pig>well, you know. country hick and all
16:11sneakums>like myself, originally
16:15@guinea-pig>my confusion
16:16@adamg>so is it really linus posting on the forums?
16:17+CrackMonkey [] joined #linode
16:17CrackMonkey>Hi, asl.
16:19@guinea-pig>errr... i forgot that one. damn
16:22CrackMonkey> * Make it easy to keep a set of computers up and properly running (no local administration, very few remote administration).
16:22CrackMonkey> * Make it easy to automat repetitive tasks.
16:22CrackMonkey> * Does not care about fun.
16:22CrackMonkey>NO FUN
16:22CrackMonkey>FUN IS NOT ALLOWED
16:24CrackMonkey>rock on brother guinea-pig
16:24@guinea-pig>rock on brother CrackMonkey
16:24CrackMonkey>catch ya later, hobes
16:24CrackMonkey>Be Excellent to each other.
16:24CrackMonkey>and: PARTY ON DUDES!
16:27+psykoyiko [] joined #linode
16:37=guinea-pig [] quit (Quit: bye...)
16:38+guinea-pig [] joined #linode
16:38~ChanServ set +o guinea-pig on #linode
16:38@caker>lol @ linus post
16:40EFudd>real or fake? ;P
16:41@caker>unless he has a thegrebs email acct...
16:42@guinea-pig>heh thegrebs. what a silly domain
16:42@guinea-pig>in other news, i mentioned c. aker lastnight :p
16:43@caker>guinea-pig: erm .. where?
16:43@guinea-pig>trying to come up with a new name for myself, with some friends
16:43@guinea-pig>i don't remember how we got on the train that brought your name up, though
16:44@caker>ahh ..
16:44@guinea-pig>suffice it to say
16:44@guinea-pig>i've never liked "aaron" too much
16:44@caker>I got a million of em
16:44@caker>da dum tink!
16:44navs>caker: nevermind on that grsec/openwall thing really
16:44@guinea-pig>so i was Monty lastnight
16:44@guinea-pig>but it didn't fit
16:44@caker>navs: heh ok, we'll see what comes around
16:45@guinea-pig>what comes around, goes around!
16:45navs>i found out non-exec stack doesnt work under uml
16:45@caker>i'll tell you why
16:45navs>although the other features work fine, openwall anyway
16:46navs>you just have to add source security/ to arch/um/
16:46navs>after applying openwall's patch
16:46@caker>good to know
16:47Artifex>caker: !
16:48@caker>Artifex: !
16:48*caker does the wave
16:48*Artifex waves back
16:48Artifex>brb phone
16:48*guinea-pig does the slouch
16:50*Artifex back
16:50Artifex>caker: any chance you could do a fullpliant distro for linode? :-)
16:50Artifex>tee hee
16:50@caker>wtf is that?
16:50@guinea-pig>Artifex: make it yourself and submit it for approval :p
16:50Artifex>sighup google pliant fullpliant
16:50sighup>Artifex: what?
16:50CrackMonkey>fullpliant is an anti-fun distribution
16:51CrackMonkey> <-- Does not care about fun.
16:51*Artifex abuses sighup
16:51*caker violates sighup
16:51*CrackMonkey traps SIGHUP
16:52@caker>because I'm lazy, whats the deal w/ fullpliant?
16:52@caker>or were you just kidding?
16:53@caker>That doesn't tell me anything
16:53CrackMonkey>see the URL I put up
16:53CrackMonkey>it's one of the goals of the project
16:53Artifex>caker: because it's a very fun environment to work in :-)
16:54@caker>this sounds bizarre
16:54Artifex>(ignore the screaming primates)
16:55Artifex>caker: it's a linux kernel, only everything above the kernel layer has been stripped out and replaced with pliant apps, which are all interconnected and intertwined and co-configurable in fun ways...
16:55*CrackMonkey punches Artifex in the face
16:55CrackMonkey>NO FUN
16:55@caker>but a standard kernel
16:55CrackMonkey>You denegrate the spirit in which fullpliant was written!
16:57Artifex>CrackMonkey: yes, it says "Does not care about fun." on the webpage. get over it already.
16:58@guinea-pig>what's the fun in not having fun?
16:58@caker>because its fun to say its not fun
16:58@guinea-pig>do you know what happens when you don't have any fun?
16:58@caker>i guess they mean consistency != fun?
16:58CrackMonkey>I think we need more venn diagrams
16:59@guinea-pig>you get seriously depressed. i've been there
16:59@guinea-pig>i want a distro with talking bash, and an animated perl!
16:59@caker>damn you guinea-pig , now I have "round and round" stuck in my head
16:59CrackMonkey>and grooooovy colors!
16:59CrackMonkey>like a record, baby
16:59@guinea-pig>umm... ok
17:00@caker>i was thinking the poision/metal song...
17:00@guinea-pig>i've no idea
17:00@caker>You're lucky :)
17:01@caker>ahh it was Ratt
17:01*caker reaches for some radiohead
17:02@guinea-pig>good choice
17:03*guinea-pig points caker at JBE
17:03+jrm [] joined #linode
17:03@guinea-pig>geeks rule
17:09@caker>guinea-pig: kind sounds like semisonic or pres of usa
17:10@guinea-pig>everyone says something different
17:10@guinea-pig>i've heard weezer and barenaked ladies, too :p
17:10@caker>no way
17:10@caker>I'm totally right :)
17:12@guinea-pig>and not to worry about sharing (the whole album up there) it from my linode. it's legal :D
17:13*caker hangs up the phone after dialing RIAA
17:13@guinea-pig>we should totally spam the RIAA with "Mix Tape"
17:14+Newsome [] joined #linode
17:15@caker>mmm server parts coming tomorrow
17:15@caker>and a two hr drive to XO on Tuesday
17:16@guinea-pig>oh. server parts?
17:17@caker>it also serves up my hosting clients
17:17@adamg>so no reboots etc on tuesday then
17:17@caker>I'll be bringing the server down for a few minutes to install new drives, bring it back up, do all the copies, bring it down to take out old drives, and then bring it back online again...
17:18@guinea-pig>not worried about the old drives not coming back up?
17:18@caker>just a few minutes in between reboots
17:18@guinea-pig>your server, not mine :p
17:18@adamg>are you going to make things read only during the copying
17:18@caker>I'm going to do a live copy with everything going, then take it read only and do the final sync
17:19@caker>for the dbs, logs, and mail spool folders ..
17:19@guinea-pig>rsync is much faster if it's got stuff to work with :p
17:19@caker>then I'll sync it to the secondary/failover machine
17:20@caker>er, you know what I mean
17:20@adamg>how many machines have you got at xo
17:20@caker>I also have another stick of ram
17:20@guinea-pig>stick it in there!
17:21@caker>ohh yeah
17:21@guinea-pig>harder! harder!
17:21@adamg>so do xo have a games room to play in which it is copying stuff
17:21@caker>probably not, nor showers, etc :)
17:22@guinea-pig>with all those computers, who needs a game room? :p
17:23@caker>geesh .. TP has 20 name servers that slave off my rdns zones
17:24@adamg>just a few then
17:24@caker>[root@nova logs]# df -h
17:24@caker>Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
17:24@caker>/dev/hdc6 25G 23G 112M 100% /
17:25@caker>after extended it starts at partition 5 ...
17:25@caker>which is the swap part
17:26@caker>so... yeah need these drives :)
17:26@adamg>how old are the machines
17:26@caker>I think late 99
17:26@guinea-pig>wouldn't be too bad to rsync 25G
17:27@caker>they were top of the line supermicro systems back then ..
17:27@caker>100Mhz system bus (woohoo)
17:27@guinea-pig>like ... 20 minutes at them ost, eh?
17:27@adamg>it will be syncing to the secondary machine that will take some time
17:28@guinea-pig>unless you've got gigabit ethernet :D
17:29@adamg>it the switch is the same age as the machines then probably not
17:29@guinea-pig>actually. nfs or scp or rsync ... it all seems to lag for me in CPU when going over 100
17:29@caker>905 cards (10mbit)
17:30@guinea-pig>ide is such a cpu hog
17:30@caker>guinea-pig: check into polling mode (napi) or jumbo packets
17:30@adamg>it is going to take a long time then
17:30@caker>Well, there's already semi-current backups on that box, so ...
17:31@caker>I could dup the old drive to the new beforehand
17:31@caker>or stick the old hd from the primary into it
17:31@adamg>yeah, would probably make a big difference
17:31@adamg>since all the os files etc will be done
17:31@caker>must find/bring a bootable rescue floppy/cd
17:32@caker>lilo .. ugh
17:32@adamg>if it is a filesafe machine shouldnt the machine be up to date
17:32@guinea-pig>if it's from '99, might it not be able to boot cds, though? :<
17:33@caker>it was taken offline a few weeks ago and only the backups to the secondary hard drive on nova were taking place (which is a full replica too)
17:33@caker>guinea-pig: it does
17:35@caker>Auto-switching voltage regulator for CPU core, up to 20A of current
17:36@caker>That's a lot for a P3
17:37@adamg>caker while your doing some coding can you get lish to provide the stats from lpm
17:37@adamg>i seem to always be logging into the lpm to look at the stats
17:37@caker>my dev environment here is crappy
17:38@adamg>bw usage\host load\%of host used p\m
17:38@caker>for cfml work .. but that stuff is easy
17:38@adamg>well all you need is vi
17:39@caker>and a mysql front-end
17:39@caker>haven't found a good one for macosx yet
17:39@caker>But, I can fire up a PC my parents have hee
17:39guinea-pigis now known as guinea-sleep
17:39@adamg>i tend to use phpmyadmin
17:39=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:40@caker>In the latest UML patch (i haven't released a kernel based on it yet), there's one half of two features which promise better disk I/O
17:40+sighup [] joined #linode
17:40@guinea-sleep>yay for better dick I/O!
17:40@guinea-sleep>damn. i can't typ
17:40@guinea-sleep>mmm... disk I/O
17:41@guinea-sleep>and i used to be such a nice kid
17:42@caker>Have you guys seen the LOTR #3?
17:42@guinea-sleep>i was gonna
17:42@guinea-sleep>but no
17:42@adamg>never saw #2 either
17:42@guinea-sleep>everyone saw it already
17:42@guinea-sleep>same with matrix 3
17:42@guinea-sleep>and i just don't do movies alone
17:43@guinea-sleep>I HATE MY JOB
17:43@guinea-sleep>HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE
17:43@caker>hrm .. Was going to go last night w/ my buddy, but we missed the last showing ..
17:43@adamg>but it pays good
17:43@caker>freaking thing is like 3:20 long
17:43@guinea-sleep>yes it is
17:43@guinea-sleep>bring a pillow
17:43@caker>they need an intermission
17:44@adamg>they cut so much out of lotr as well, should really have been 6 films
17:58@caker>i love how slashdot/osdn is pushing now
18:09@adamg>i wonder how many of these apache modules I actually need
19:26@adamg>the spawning when the first apache request come in takes ages
19:26@adamg>I am going to have to add apache2ctl status into a start up script somewhere
19:31@mikegrb>adamg: aue
19:31@mikegrb>pretty anoying
19:31@mikegrb>caker: you around?
19:31@adamg>yeah it takes about 20 seconds which it to long
19:31@mikegrb>/etc/init.d/apache2 reload avoids it
19:31@mikegrb>(rather then restart)
19:32@adamg>but I have managed to get apache configued and get my head around the split log files
19:32@adamg>reload just reloads the conf files I think
19:32@mikegrb>depending on what you are doing it may or may not work for you
19:32@mikegrb>I use it when possible
19:33@adamg>hopefully I wont have to change things to often
19:33@adamg>main problem is when adding a vhost etc
19:34@adamg>but just got phpmyadmin to configure and then learn how to use courier and I will have a useable box
19:41@adamg>but will have rrdtool to set-up, snort and associated web interfaces and a few other things
19:50jrm>I found an apache module that you can use to load vhosts on the fly from mysql
19:50jrm>seems to work OK so far
19:51@adamg>intresting, but another over head I have to work out which of the current apaches I dont need and remove them
19:51@mikegrb>the gentoo config has a vhosts on fly thingie
19:51@mikegrb>haven't looked at it yet
19:52@adamg>all it does if you enter domain
19:52@mikegrb># include the server name in the filenames used to satisfy requests
19:52@mikegrb>#VirtualDocumentRoot /www/hosts/%0/docs
19:52@mikegrb>#VirtualScriptAlias /www/hosts/%0/cgi-bin
19:52@adamg>it will look in /www/hosts/
19:52@mikegrb>pretty si,p[e;e
19:52@mikegrb>er simple
19:53@adamg>at the momment I load 48 apache modules
19:54@mikegrb>I went down the list
19:54@mikegrb>took out a couple but I know there are more
19:54@adamg>i dont know what they do most of them, so to scared to remove them
19:55@mikegrb>I just need to take the time to go down the list and look them up
19:55sneakums>that's exactly twice as many as I load
19:55@adamg>11 of those are new modules for apache2
19:55sneakums>so apache2 has 11 extra core modules on top of what apache had?
19:56@adamg>it actual has 16 but 5 are commented out
19:56@adamg>some are experimental according to the comment
19:56sneakums>well, i know there's like 4 MPMs, of which one won't blow up in your face
19:57@adamg>i didnt include them
19:57sneakums>I think I'll give apache2 at least another 6 months
19:57sneakums>threading isn't as much as of a win on Linux as on other OSes, because Linux's processes aren't that much heavier than its threads
19:58sneakums>and if you have little sharing, it's no win at all
19:58@adamg>i am only using apache2 as it is a new box, when I start to move sites over to use mod_perl then I will have to watch things more carfully
19:58@adamg>time to emerge courier
19:58sneakums>frankly, on a new box, i would avoid any new software
19:58sneakums>change onl yone thing at a time is my motto
19:58@adamg>apache2 isnt that new
20:01=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:05+sighup [] joined #linode
20:20@adamg>is there anyway to get emerge to remove distfiles when it is done with them
20:24@adamg>why would df say that 29 meg of disk space has been used but du says 21 meg has been used
20:25sneakums>i forget exactly, but i think du counts the file length, whereas df counts the used blocks
20:26sneakums>plus there may be files that were unlionked but that are still opened by a process
20:26sneakums>sparse files are also a factor
20:28@adamg>I also need to change the apache log files to use cronolog
20:34@adamg>can /var/log/portage be deleted
20:41Griswald>I see no reason why not, adam...
20:41Griswald>if it's in /var/log it's just a logfile
20:41Griswald>so long as an empty text file is created in it's place with proper permissions
20:41Griswald>(so future write attempts can be done)
20:43@adamg>it was a log file for each emerge totalling 31 meg
20:43@mikegrb>aye can grow
20:43@mikegrb>I generally truncate log files like that
20:43@adamg>I have modified the make.conf file so it wont make them again
20:43@mikegrb>'cat /dev/null > /var/log/portage'
20:44@mikegrb>or echo > /var/log/portage
20:44@adamg>just comment out the line
20:44@mikegrb>that way perms are still the same and stuff
20:45@adamg>gotta set-up logrotate to rotate all the syslogd logs
21:06@adamg>anyone know which ebuild cron is in?
21:07navs>depends which crond you use
21:07@mikegrb>you pick the one you want
21:07navs>vcron for example
21:07@mikegrb>I use vixie cron, vcron
21:07navs>has vixie cron
21:07@mikegrb>has nice stuff like @reboot
21:07navs>what a coincidence
21:07@mikegrb>mmmmm /me smells chocolate chip cookies in oven
21:08@adamg>so vcron then
21:09@adamg>as long as it runs the stuff in the cron.* dir it will be fine
21:11@mikegrb>will do
21:13@adamg>well at least the syslogs will rotate themselves once I get vcron installed
21:20=Griswald [] quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
21:24@adamg>nite all
21:32+ant [] joined #linode
21:34ant>sighup seen caker
21:34sighup>caker was last seen on #linode 3 hours, 36 minutes and 13 seconds ago, saying: i love how slashdot/osdn is pushing now [1072652285]
21:38ant>caker are you there?
21:42=ant [] quit (Quit: (EOF))
22:08CrackMonkey>Hi, asl.
22:10CrackMonkey>im hard n i tuch ur boob.
22:10CrackMonkey>im hurd n i tuch ur gnub
22:11CrackMonkey>sighup: stats
22:11sighup>Since Sun Dec 28 20:05:11 2003, there have been 0 modifications and 1 questions. I have been awake for 2 hours, 6 minutes, 1 second this session, and currently reference 12689 factoids. Addressing is in require mode.
22:20CrackMonkey>sighup: welcome to mackertosh
22:20sighup>CrackMonkey: excuse me?
22:20CrackMonkey>sighup: welcome to mackertosh is <reply> (DONGS)
22:20sighup>OK, CrackMonkey.
22:20CrackMonkey>sighup: welcome to mackertosh
22:48psykoyiko>ha ha
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