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08:00<adamg>afternoon all
08:26<NeXTer>It certainly is
08:47<adamg>round and round and round and round
08:51<mikegrb>and round
08:52<adamg>well my mind is yes
09:06<mikegrb>I agree
09:06<adamg>it will be better when I get this schema sorted
09:07<mikegrb>yes, I agree
09:07<mikegrb>all that running around to come to that conclusion?
09:08<mikegrb>boy, you are troubled ;)
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09:50<pclissold>who #linode
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10:00<pclissold>show #linode
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10:03<pclissold>list #linode
10:07<@inkblot>pclissold, Get out.
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10:51<adamg>alot of people going in and out!
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11:38<adamg>hi caker
11:41<jax>g'morning all
11:46<ElfStone>hi caker
11:46<ElfStone>how are ytou?
11:46<@caker>pretty good, and yourself?
11:46<ElfStone>good just downloading apache2 so i can use ipv6
11:46<ElfStone>with it
11:47<ElfStone>thansk for asking
11:49<@caker>cool .. where are you doing this, on your machine at home?
11:50<ElfStone>i got my tunnel working
11:50<ElfStone>so i want to get apahce working with it adn 1.3 does not haev the support
11:50<@caker>sighup: ups 1Z8V12880345270958
11:50<sighup> In Transit Sched. Delivery: Jan 30, 2004 Shipped to: NASHVILLE, TN, US Service Type: GROUND. Results as of Jan 30, 2004 11:50 A.M. Eastern Time (USA)
11:50*caker drools
11:51<ElfStone>how much longer?
11:51<ElfStone>here there is set time ups always comes
11:52<@caker>hmm, I'd say by 3:00 maybe, but they've come in the evening before
11:52<ElfStone>ups always comes around noon
11:52<ElfStone>but we are only blocks from there hq for the area
11:53<@caker>their :)
11:54*schweeb weeps over all the people that cannot use "their/they're/there" right
11:54<ElfStone>damn you
11:54<ElfStone>i didn;t relize
11:54<SupaDongzu>ha ha
11:54<SupaDongzu>when I was your age, I could *spell* at least
11:55<ElfStone>i probaly know more then you did so it is made up
11:55<schweeb>you just used "then" for "than"
11:55<schweeb>good going.
11:56<NeXTer>Back in my day we were happy if we even got enough letters! I remember one day when we had to write Shakespeare's collected works using nothing but the letter 'Z'
11:56<@mikegrb>ElfStone: you know less then my 8 year old neice
11:56<schweeb>sighup: google learn to spell
11:56<sighup>schweeb: i'm not following you...
11:56<schweeb>can sighup google
11:56<ElfStone>no it is !google
11:56<SupaDongzu>!google learn-to-spell
11:56<xbox-logger> - Spelling It Right - Spelling improvement exercises and advice from experienced teachers.
11:56<ElfStone>no thanks
11:56<@mikegrb>why do you say LOL so much?
11:57<@mikegrb>you have stock in the comedy channel?
11:57<SupaDongzu>I imagine he's sitting at his computer
11:57<SupaDongzu>hopped up on nitrous
11:57<ElfStone>because it is funny
11:57<schweeb>I'm rather an ass about spelling. I pull out the old google "learn to spell" trick quite often.
11:57<SupaDongzu>and every time his nervous giggles erupt
11:57<SupaDongzu>he compulsively types "lol" to let us know that he did it
11:57<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: indeed
11:57<ElfStone>SupaDongzu, no
11:57<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: lol stands for "laughing out loud"
11:58<SupaDongzu>if you aren't laughing out loud in real life, then you're misusing it
11:58<@tjfontaine>or laughing aloud
11:58<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: ElfStone is a misuse of flesh
11:59<ElfStone>i do not care
11:59<ElfStone>mikegrb: and your a misuse of brains
11:59<SupaDongzu>yeah, that much is obvious
11:59<schweeb>you just spelled 'your' wrong again
11:59<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: hehehe
11:59<@mikegrb>er was meant towards schweeb
11:59<@mikegrb>michael@orion michael $ grep -ri elfstone /var/log/irc | grep -i lol | wc -l
11:59<NeXTer>mv #linode #House_of_Pedantics
12:01<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: you'll bust a gut there
12:01<@mikegrb>michael@orion michael $ grep -ri inkblot /var/log/irc | grep -i lol | wc -l
12:01<@mikegrb>inkblot has been around longer
12:01<SupaDongzu>mikegrb: haha. What's the line when he said that?
12:01<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: g/w?
12:01<SupaDongzu>mikegrb: a/s/l
12:01<ElfStone>does it look like i care?
12:02<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: 17/f/michigan and man are my nips hard
12:02<SupaDongzu>mikegrb: lollypop
12:04<SupaDongzu>I ought to write a program to do chatweenie steganography
12:04<SupaDongzu>like the jerkcity one Mr. Bad wrote
12:05<SupaDongzu>lemme see if I can find that
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12:05<SupaDongzu>it was written in FORTH for maximal craziness
12:05<@mikegrb>michael@orion #linode $ grep -i lol * | grep -i inkblot
12:05<@mikegrb>2004.01.28:11:56 <ElfStone> inkblot no lol there is isn;t a lab
12:05<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: it wasn't even inkblot!!!!
12:06<@mikegrb>that is hilarious
12:06<SupaDongzu>solid comedy gold
12:06<@mikegrb>I just wish he had still been here ;)
12:07<schweeb>what is up with him... he doesn't have a linode, he can't spell, obsesses over ipv6, and says dumb stuff
12:07<@mikegrb>you forgot provides entertainment
12:07<SupaDongzu>He's precisely the kind of person I hang out on IRC to meet
12:07<SupaDongzu>I love those guys
12:08<SupaDongzu>they're a laugh riot
12:08<@mikegrb>inkblot: we were merely using you as an example
12:08<SupaDongzu>someone who doesn't say "LOL"
12:08<@mikegrb>inkblot: you have served your purpose
12:08<SupaDongzu>it's complicated.
12:09<@mikegrb>12:07 <mc|#oftc> obviously he finally figured that the slash notation has only an indirect relation to the number
12:09<@mikegrb> of IPs. :)
12:09<@mikegrb>12:07 <mc|#oftc> (at some time he asked wether /48 means that he can use ::0 -- ::48)
12:09<@inkblot>[inkblot@goose:~]$ grep roffle irclogs/oftc/#linode.log
12:09<@inkblot>03:09 <inkblot> roffle
12:09<@inkblot>18:07 <inkblot> roffle
12:09<@inkblot>10:40 <inkblot> roffle
12:09<@inkblot>15:29 <@inkblot> roffle
12:09<@inkblot>11:08 <@inkblot> roffle
12:09<@mikegrb>(re elfstone)
12:15<@inkblot>ha ha
12:15<@inkblot>just read the backscroll
12:15<@inkblot>lol @ ElfStone
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12:23<adamg>yay all my db problems sorted with a single field
12:25<SupaDongzu>the elfstone field
12:25<adamg>god no
12:25<adamg>that would probably distroy everything
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12:29<SupaDongzu>welcome back
12:29<SupaDongzu>Let's review:
12:29<SupaDongzu>09:05 <@mikegrb> michael@orion #linode $ grep -i lol * | grep -i inkblot
12:29<SupaDongzu>09:05 <@mikegrb> 2004.01.28:11:56 <ElfStone> inkblot no lol there is isn;t a lab
12:29<SupaDongzu>09:05 <SupaDongzu> !!!!!!!
12:29<SupaDongzu>09:05 <SupaDongzu> hahahaha
12:29<SupaDongzu>09:05 <@mikegrb> SupaDongzu: it wasn't even inkblot!!!!
12:29<SupaDongzu>09:06 <SupaDongzu> VICTOLY
12:31<SupaDongzu>you left before it got good
12:31<adamg>try using something like heh instead
12:31<ElfStone>okay if i asked for a lecture i would ask my teacher not some people on irc
12:32<adamg>who said this was a lecture
12:32<adamg>can points only be made in lectures
12:32<ElfStone>adamg: i didn't mean you
12:32<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: so why are you here, exactly?
12:33<adamg>people are here to participate and sometime get lectured at
12:33<adamg>or yelled at
12:33<adamg>or told to shut up
12:33<adamg>in your case probably all 3
12:33<ElfStone>adamg: true but i do not need a english lecture when ever i talk
12:34<SupaDongzu>in your case, you do
12:34<adamg>try taking your time to type things then instead of rushing and checking what you type
12:34<adamg>then maybe you will not make so many mistakes and not get lectured at
12:34<SupaDongzu>You project the image of a 12 year old k0d3z k1d
12:35<ElfStone>adamg: i know but noone has to be rude about it
12:35<ElfStone>but whatever
12:36<ElfStone>if it was a problem
12:36<ElfStone>i am hit the ignore button
12:36<ElfStone>*i can
12:36<@tjfontaine>sighup: karma laughs
12:36<sighup>laughs has karma of 10150
12:37<@inkblot>does it count lols or something?
12:37<SupaDongzu>literal karma laughs
12:38<SupaDongzu>sighup: literal karma laughs
12:38<sighup>SupaDongzu: huh?
12:38<@inkblot>sighup, karma laughs
12:38<sighup>laughs has karma of 10151
12:38<@inkblot>sighup, karma laughs
12:38<sighup>laughs has karma of 10151
12:38<@inkblot>sighup, karma laughs
12:38<sighup>laughs has karma of 10152
12:38<@inkblot>sighup, karma laughs
12:38<sighup>laughs has karma of 10152
12:38<SupaDongzu>sigup, karma laughs
12:38<@inkblot>sighup, karma laughs
12:38<sighup>laughs has karma of 10153
12:38<SupaDongzu>it counts "haha" and "heh"
12:39<@inkblot>sighup, karma <
12:39<sighup>< has karma of -167
12:39<SupaDongzu>sighup: karma c
12:39<sighup>c has karma of 86
12:39<@inkblot>sighup, <-- dongs
12:39<ElfStone>sighup: karma ElfStone
12:39<sighup>elfstone has karma of -1
12:39<@inkblot>ha ha
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12:41<@inkblot>sighup, entertainment value ElfStone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of -242
12:41<sighup>OK, inkblot.
12:41<@inkblot>sighup, entertainment value ElfStone
12:41<sighup>ElfStone has an entertainment value of -242
12:41<SupaDongzu>ha ha
12:42<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: welcome to mackertosh
12:43<ElfStone>sighup, entertainment value ElfStone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of ???
12:43<sighup>bugger all, i dunno, elfstone
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12:43<ElfStone>sighup, entertainment value ElfStone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of 1
12:43<sighup>...but entertainment value elfstone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of -242...
12:43<SupaDongzu>dongs all 'round, courtesy of ElfStone
12:43<ElfStone>sighup, entertainment value ElfStone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of 1
12:43<sighup>...but entertainment value elfstone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of -242...
12:43<ElfStone>sighup, set entertainment value ElfStone is <reply> ElfStone has an entertainment value of 1
12:43<sighup>OK, ElfStone.
12:44<ElfStone>sighup, entertainment value ElfStone
12:44<sighup>ElfStone has an entertainment value of -242
12:44<ElfStone>sighup, set entertainment value ElfStone
12:44<sighup>ElfStone has an entertainment value of 1
12:44<SupaDongzu>give up, ElfStone
12:44<@inkblot>sighup, set entertainment value ElfStone?
12:44<sighup>ElfStone has an entertainment value of 1
12:44<@inkblot>ha ha
12:44*ElfStone rips face off
12:44<@inkblot>more ritalin, man
12:45<@adamg>the joys of playing with a bot
12:46<@adamg>and with a troll for that matter
12:46<@inkblot>sighup, love me is <reply> ewwww... boyz
12:46<sighup>OK, inkblot.
12:46<@inkblot>sighup, love me
12:46<sighup>inkblot: i'm not following you...
12:46<SupaDongzu>ha ha
12:46<ElfStone>i am not a troll >.<
12:46<SupaDongzu>I know
12:46<@inkblot>sighup, love \me is <reply> ewwww... boyz
12:46<sighup>i already had it that way, inkblot.
12:46<SupaDongzu>you aren't clever enough to make this sort of crap up
12:47<SupaDongzu>you really are this dumb
12:47<SupaDongzu>you're not playing
12:47<ElfStone>know what go to hell kthxbai
12:47<SupaDongzu>someone actually said it!
12:47<@inkblot>he even misspells kthxbi
12:47<SupaDongzu>I thought atob made that up
12:48<@inkblot>even the great and powerful Atob has a limit
12:50<NeXTer>Sheesh... This whole evening in here has been nothing but a big, desperate and misplaced effort of staving of boredom, hasn't it?
12:50<SupaDongzu>and it's still morning for me
12:50<ElfStone>afternoon for me
12:50<@inkblot>morning here
12:51*ElfStone wishes it wasn't regents week
12:51<NeXTer>What's that?
12:52<ElfStone>week when state exams are given
12:52<ElfStone>happeneds in Jan. and June
12:52<NeXTer>Ah, I see
12:57<jax>ElfStone: is that new, i don't remember having jan exams
12:59<ElfStone>jax: no
12:59<ElfStone>it is chanelles
12:59<ElfStone>and the matha and mathb
13:00<ElfStone>they let people challenge exams they have failed
13:01<ElfStone>mostly regent exams
13:11<ElfStone>caker: did it come yet
13:20<@caker>ElfStone: not yet ...
13:22<ElfStone>i hope your not peeking out the window every couple of minutes
13:22<@caker>hehe, no
13:22<@caker>I stopped chasing delivery trucks a few years ago
13:23<@adamg>unlike some by the looks of it
13:23<ElfStone>i have never seen anyone chase a delivery truck down
13:23<@caker>it works
13:23<@adamg>what works
13:24<ElfStone>you get free stuff?
13:24<@caker>once, I missed a delivery but saw the truck leaving the lot, chased him to a nearby strip mall
13:28<@adamg>did you get your package and leave or stay and enjoy
13:28<ElfStone>adamg: a strip mall is a row of stores
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13:36<heidi>ElfStone: you came back
13:38<@adamg>he could of stayed and enjoyed the shops
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13:49<heidi>he left again
13:49<@adamg>he'll be bacl
13:49<@mikegrb>alias u sb goto -20
13:49<@adamg>back even
13:49<heidi>mikegrb you are supposed to be sleeping
13:49<heidi>get off the computer and go to sleep
13:49<@adamg>I thought he was as well
13:49<heidi>I am waking you up in an hour
13:50<@mikegrb>heidi: I told you I was going to catch up in a feww channels first
13:50<@adamg>maybe your cooking made him wake up
13:50<@mikegrb>this terminal doesn't have pageup and pagedown
13:50<heidi>I didn't cook anything
13:50<@mikegrb>got to improvise
13:50<@adamg>microwave then
13:50<heidi>I haven't fixed my lunch yet
13:51*caker heads to Waffle House for lunch
13:52<@caker>and to pick up my Brand NEW fax machine!
13:52<@adamg>you might miss your delivery if you do that!
13:52<@caker>they'll leave it at the complex office
13:53<@caker>so I think I'm safe
13:53<@tjfontaine>eat some for me
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14:31<ElfStone>heidi: i never left O.o
14:32<heidi>sure you did
14:32<heidi>you just connected
14:32<heidi>after pining out
14:32<ElfStone><heidi> ElfStone: you came back
14:32<ElfStone>at 13:36
14:32<heidi>the you left again
14:32<ElfStone>i didn't ping out
14:33<ElfStone>i turned my modem off
14:33<heidi>well it said you pinged out
14:33<heidi>technically you did leave the channel
14:33<ElfStone>yea cuz a server in ireland could not contact me
14:34<ElfStone>so i "pinged" out
14:34<heidi>well then
14:34<heidi>your statement that you never left is invalid
14:34<ElfStone>you said it above
14:34<ElfStone>and at that time i was responding to that
14:34<heidi>you left before noon and then came back at 12:30
14:34<NeXTer>If you turn off your modem without gracefully closing all connections, you do indeed timeout
14:35<heidi>but I didn't notice you came back until when I said
14:35<heidi>thank you NeXTer
14:36<ElfStone>yea okay
14:36<heidi>anyway, I need to get back to my intelligent conversation in another channel
14:36<ElfStone>you didn;t see the whole thing before i pinged out?
14:37<NeXTer>You fell for that crap hook, line and sinker...
14:38<ElfStone>if i had a problem with it i can eigther 1. ingore them 2. quit
14:38<heidi>and it seems that you chose to quit
14:38<@adamg>I would go for option 2
14:38<heidi>but you keep coming back for more
14:38<ElfStone>i never quit
14:38<heidi>so it can't be too big of a problem for you
14:39<ElfStone>i have to signoff for reasons
14:39<ElfStone>like parnets need to use phone
14:39<heidi>that is still quiting
14:39<ElfStone>but i mean
14:39<heidi>even if for a moment
14:39<ElfStone>not coming bac
14:39<ElfStone>not coming back
14:39<ElfStone>whatever stop you mind games it is not going to change anything
14:39<heidi>what mind games?
14:39<heidi>I never play mind games
14:39<@adamg>it is simple your nick leaves the chan thus you leave
14:40<@adamg>be it you quit, ping out whatever
14:40<heidi>thank you adamg
14:40<heidi>that is all I am saying
14:40<heidi>again with the f word
14:40!ElfStone was kicked from #linode by adamg (manners)
14:40<heidi>shame on you
14:40+ElfStone [] joined #linode
14:40<heidi>wrong channel
14:42<SupaDongzu>haw haw
14:43<heidi>hello SupaDongzu
14:43<heidi>how are you doing today
14:44<SupaDongzu>my morning hasn't been as great as I'd like
14:44<heidi>that is great
14:44<heidi>I am sorry
14:44<heidi>I slept all morning
14:44<@adamg>do US schools not tell students how to respect each other etc
14:44<heidi>not really
14:44<heidi>they try
14:44<heidi>when they are like 5
14:44<ElfStone>adamg: they do but not when the people around them act the way yall are
14:44<SupaDongzu>US schools mostly leave the kids' social structure alone
14:44<heidi>but they don't continue it when they get older
14:44<SupaDongzu>which is why they form their own crazy hierarchies
14:45<SupaDongzu>hence the 1950s high-school drama with jocks and cheerleaders vs nerds
14:45<@adamg>is that some strange american word
14:45<SupaDongzu>southern, yes
14:45<SupaDongzu>it has different meanings in different parts of the US
14:45<heidi>mostly you all
14:45<@adamg>thats what I thought
14:45<SupaDongzu>for some, it's the second person plural
14:46<@adamg>is it to much effor so say or type that then
14:46<ElfStone>but i am not southern
14:46<SupaDongzu>in some places, "y'all" is second person singular, and "all y'all" is second person plural
14:46<heidi>well then why are you using it
14:46<ElfStone>because it is a word i learn when young most likely
14:46<SupaDongzu>I grew up in Seattle, as far from the south as you can really get in the continental US
14:46<heidi>for those of us who live in the south it feels like we are being made fun of one those who aren't from the south to use it
14:46<SupaDongzu>nobody used it up there, but I like it
14:46<SupaDongzu>it fills a gap in the english language
14:47<heidi>I am not from the south, but have lived in the south for almost ten years
14:47<@adamg>besids no matter what any one says or does there is no need to use foul language, espically when it is directed as someone and espically to women
14:47<ElfStone>heidi: may because i have family there and i learned it from them
14:48<heidi>well, a lot of northerners use it to make fun of those in the south
14:48<ElfStone>not me
14:48<heidi>so I just wanted to make sure you weren't doing the same
14:49<ElfStone>omg i just uninstall php >.<
14:49<SupaDongzu>fyi: "could have", not "could of"
14:49<heidi>sucks to be you
14:49<SupaDongzu>what you normally hear is "could've", which is a contraction of "could have" that sounds a lot like "could of"
14:50<SupaDongzu>just a personal peeve
14:50<@adamg>i will just stick to my way of pronoucing words
14:51<heidi>who said could of
14:51<heidi>I missed something
14:51<SupaDongzu>it's way back there
14:51<heidi>I think I will go back to sleep now
14:52<ElfStone>have a good sleep
14:53<heidi>must be really far back because I don't see it
14:53<heidi>not really important
14:53+sadjester [] joined #linode
14:53<SupaDongzu>no, not really
14:53<heidi>welcome sadjester
14:53<SupaDongzu>sadjester: any relation to Daniel J?
14:53<ElfStone>look on the web at the logs
14:54<heidi>too much effort and I really don't care enough
14:54<SupaDongzu>as we say in #tron
14:55<NeXTer>Hey! That tickles!
14:55<SupaDongzu>force of habit
14:55<@adamg>time to get some work done
14:56<@adamg>if anyone needs me, get sighup to ping me
14:57<heidi>sighup ping adamg
14:57<sighup>adamg: ping! ping! ping!
14:57<sighup>adamg was last seen on #linode 1 minutes and 7 seconds ago, saying: if anyone needs me, get sighup to ping me [1075492564]
14:57<@adamg>and no abusing it
14:57<heidi>just testing to see if it works
14:57<@adamg>or I will start pinging mike when you are sleeping
14:57<@adamg>his makes a loud noise as well
14:59<SupaDongzu>sighup: ping ElfStone
14:59<sighup>ElfStone: ping! ping! ping!
14:59<sighup>ElfStone was last seen on #linode 6 minutes and 15 seconds ago, saying: look on the web at the logs [1075492413]
15:00<SupaDongzu>sighup: ping SupaDongzu
15:00<sighup>SupaDongzu: ping! ping! ping!
15:00<sighup>SupaDongzu was last seen on #linode 1 seconds ago, saying: sighup: ping SupaDongzu [1075492805]
15:00<SupaDongzu>so effective
15:00<SupaDongzu>why can't we just say the word ping over and over ourselves?
15:00<heidi>you could
15:00<heidi>but this way you see when they were last on and where
15:00<heidi>and what they said
15:00<SupaDongzu>heidi: ping! ping! ping!
15:00<heidi>kind of useful at times
15:01<SupaDongzu>heidi was last seen on #linode 1 minute ago, saying: heh [18373727272]
15:01<SupaDongzu>I know.
15:03<ElfStone>SupaDongzu: what?
15:03+dmp [] joined #linode
15:03<heidi>he was just playing with sighuyp
15:03<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: would you like a worm do?
15:04<heidi>he didn't really need to talk to you
15:04*ElfStone goes back to his game
15:04=ElfStone [] quit (Quit: have a good day)
15:05<heidi>bye Elfstone
15:05<heidi>welcome dmp
15:09<@adamg>i have a trigger set-up that plays a sound
15:10~adamg set -o adamg on #linode
15:11<dmp>hi heidi
15:11<dmp>I came to see some trolling ;)
15:15<heidi>well he left
15:16<heidi>the trolling has stopped for now
15:16<heidi>I need a nap
15:19=sadjester [] quit (Ping timeout: 492 seconds)
15:20<SupaDongzu>the trolling got vicious
15:20<SupaDongzu>everyone turned on poor elfstone
15:23<NeXTer>I'm somewhat prejudiced against people who type with a southern accent, but there are limits
15:33+peter [] joined #linode
15:34=peter [] quit (Client Quit)
15:45<@caker>mikegrb: around?
15:48<adamg>napping I think
15:49<adamg>your stuff arrived
15:51<adamg>cool, got your printer combo thing working
15:52<@caker>em, not yet -- still trying to get Vonage to work with my network setup
15:54<adamg>got a strange set-up?
15:56=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:00+sighup [] joined #linode
16:00<@caker>not really strange .. they want you to put the phone adapter inbetween my NAT box and the cable modem
16:00<@caker>which is in the closet in the other room
16:01<NeXTer>I assume the problem is that you don't want to sit in the closet while you're on the phone, eh?
16:01<@caker>hehe exactly
16:02<adamg>you could always run more cables
16:02<@caker>You can plug the phone adapter into the wall phone jack and power the rest of the phone jacks in the apt/house, but -- only if you disconnect the house (outside) from the poles
16:02<@caker>which I can't do in an apt...
16:02<@caker>maybe I should go outside and take a look :)
16:03<adamg>you should be able to get the tel co to disconnect you
16:03<adamg>but since you have 2 lines, you would still have a problem
16:04<@caker>that's the other problem, is the FAX line is a line-out of the phone adapter
16:04<@caker>so that wouldn't go through the jacks either
16:04<adamg>right ...
16:05<@caker>I just did this (
16:05<@caker>with no luck
16:05<@caker>my PC freaked with "network error" msgs
16:07<adamg>seems straight forward
16:07<@caker>I think it wants a DHCP server
16:08<@caker>the weird thing about that method, is they make it sound like a PC has to be connected through the phone adapter
16:08<adamg>did you enable pppoe
16:08<@caker>can't figure out why that would be
16:08<@caker>pppoe not needed with cable
16:08<adamg>it appears you can give it a static IP
16:09<@caker>where do you see that?
16:10<@caker>time for tcpdump
16:14*EFudd wonders when vonage will offer RTP phone lines
16:15<EFudd>schweet, they do
16:16<EFudd>wtf didn't $35/unlimited calling exist during the BBS era damnit. :)
16:20<EFudd>use :)
16:20<EFudd>plugs into asterisks
16:21<EFudd>hrm. voicepulse doesn't have enough NPAs available
16:36<schweeb>we're gonna set up an Asterisk system here, hopefully
16:36<schweeb>start phasing out our P.O.S. 3com nbx
16:42+sadjester [] joined #linode
17:03*caker makes his first Vonage phone call
17:04<heidi>you got it all hooked up\
17:04<heidi>isn't it cool
17:05<@caker>no QoS with this setup, so I guess if I was uploading, quality would suck
17:05<@caker>yeah, its amazing, actually
17:05<@caker>my phone beeped a few times, not sure if it was the old phone, or vonage
17:05<heidi>we have problems sometimes, but they are usually caused by our cable speed
17:05<@caker>like keys were pressed
17:05<@caker>really old Sony phone
17:05<@caker>had to find it :)
17:06*caker wants to call people now :)
17:06<@caker>time for toy #2
17:06<heidi>if you go on to the website, you can change the speed that it uses from 90kbps to 20kbps
17:06<NeXTer>Are there any software solutions that work with the hardware variants?
17:06<heidi>the sound diff is hard to tell
17:06<heidi>but it is a lot more stable when other traffic is on the network
17:07<@caker>heidi: yeah, I can't do that with where I put the phone adapter on my network
17:07<heidi>no on the vonage website
17:07*caker looks
17:07<heidi>the little cisco box
17:08<@caker>sick .. my phone calls are on the site
17:08<@caker>NeXTer: like what?
17:08<heidi>downloads its config from every so often
17:08<heidi>NeXTer: vonage has their own software
17:09<@caker>and heidi says she isn't a geek :/
17:09<@caker>heidi: you're already there
17:09<heidi>mikegrb was telling me what to type
17:09<NeXTer>heidi: So it's proprietary?
17:09<heidi>let me ask
17:09<@caker>aw :)
17:10<@caker>it's SIP, whatever that means
17:10<@caker>and the config on the phone adapter is locked
17:10<@caker>er, we're "locked out" rather
17:10<NeXTer>Would be nice if one could use something similar to Skype to talk to people with VoIP phones...
17:10<dmp>cool - a DNS hijack, and I 0wnz lots of vonage systems
17:10<heidi>mikegrb says he thinks so
17:10<@caker>dmp: hehe
17:10<heidi>if you are traveling you can take your phone with you
17:11<@caker>dmp: I've also read it's only a six digit password
17:11<heidi>and hook it up to any high speed internet
17:11<heidi>and make phone calls like if you were at home
17:11<dmp>caker, Scary
17:17<@mikegrb>I'm planning on looking into astericks more later
17:17<@mikegrb>efudd said people have done vonage <-> *
17:18+ElfStone [] joined #linode
17:18<@mikegrb>would be nifty to do that and point at a home system
17:19<@mikegrb>then vonage <-> * <-> cisco ata
17:19<ElfStone>caker: did it come?
17:19<@caker>ElfStone: yup
17:19<ElfStone>caker: does it work?
17:20<@caker>172.65 MB for printer drivers?????!
17:20<@caker>what the
17:21<NeXTer>100 KB for the driver, 172.64 KB for the tutorial video on how to install them :P
17:21*caker follows very large diagrams on setting up the printer
17:21<NeXTer>Err MB
17:21<ElfStone>caker: does it work?
17:21<@caker>the install sheet doubles as a poster for your wall
17:21<@caker>ElfStone: yaa
17:21<NeXTer>caker: HP?
17:22<@caker>NeXTer: yup
17:22<ElfStone>caker: you bougth that all in one didn;t you
17:22<@caker>oh yeah
17:22<NeXTer>Thought as much... I don't get the idea with those poster size install instructions...
17:22<ElfStone>when did you get it?
17:23<ElfStone>when did you get it??
17:23<@caker>this afternoon
17:24<@caker>screw this download .. 4%
17:35=sadjester [] quit (Ping timeout: 501 seconds)
17:47=ElfStone [] quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:52<adamg>and all written off against the business
17:53<adamg>i assume
17:55<adamg>eck 24 tables
17:57=caker [~caker@] quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
17:59+caker [~caker@] joined #linode
17:59~ChanServ set +o caker on #linode
18:00<@mikegrb>wb caker
18:16<adamg>so enjoying the printer caker
18:17<adamg>does this mean you will now be asking for faxes of CC etc
18:18<@caker>I will do something like that for signups that don't look right
18:18<adamg>alot of people do but make sure you get them to black out the cvv2 number
18:18<@caker>but in general, it's easy to pick out the fraudulent signups from the good ones
18:19<adamg>yeah usually the ip is in a different country
18:19<adamg>or it is the most expensive thing you sell
18:19<@caker>or its a woman's name
18:19<@guinea-sleep>what about people who don't have fax machines? :P
18:19<@guinea-sleep>women can't use linux?
18:20<@caker>not smart enough
18:20<adamg>there are usually places with public access fax machines
18:20<@caker>someone send me a fax
18:20<@guinea-sleep>adamg: for a fee, surely
18:20<adamg>i am sure heidi would have something to say about that
18:20<@caker>or julia
18:20<adamg>guinea-sleep: yes for a fee
18:21<@guinea-sleep>j4rg0n and BorgQueen are two ubergeeky chicks, but they're not in here, are they
18:21<adamg>but you can get free faxing!
18:21<@guinea-sleep>j4rg0n's quite hot, too, but that's another story
18:21<adamg>using the publix fax network
18:22<schweeb>guinea-sleep: and who would these ladies be?
18:22<adamg>they just tend to add a footer to your email
18:23<@guinea-sleep>i wouldn't know how to fit a credit card in a fax machine, anyway. you'd have to pay a quarter and use the copy machine first!
18:23<schweeb>hehe, I have my own fax gateway :D
18:24<adamg>a scanner and tpc would work fine
18:48+ElfStone [] joined #linode
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18:51+ElfStone [] joined #linode
18:57+ElfStone` [] joined #linode
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18:58ElfStone`is now known as ElfStone
19:17=probonic [] quit ()
19:53<ElfStone>sighup: 14400s to h
19:53<sighup>ElfStone: huh?
19:54<ElfStone>sighup: 14400 sec to hour
19:54<sighup>ElfStone: what?
19:54<adamg>sighup convert 14400 seconds to hours
19:54<sighup>14400 seconds is 4 hours.
19:57<ElfStone>sighup: convert 14400 mintues to hours
19:57<sighup>I don't know how to convert 14400 mintues to hours.
19:58*ElfStone does it the old fashin way
19:58<adamg>sighup: convert 14400 minutes to hours
19:58<sighup>14400 minutes is 240 hours.
19:58<ElfStone>i am trying to figure out ttl
19:59<ElfStone>but since the base unit for time in si is seconds
19:59<ElfStone>i would be 4 hours
20:06<adamg>i would?
20:06<adamg>you really do not help yourself
20:06<ElfStone>it would be
20:14*schweeb shakes his head
20:19<ElfStone>schweeb: you shake your head alot has it fallen off yet :P
20:21=ckape [] quit (Ping timeout: 501 seconds)
20:26<@caker>sighup: convert 2 years into seconds
20:26<sighup>2 years is 6.31139e+07 seconds.
20:26*caker snickers
20:27<adamg>sighup convert 1 decade to seconds
20:27<sighup>1 decade is 3.15569e+08 seconds.
20:27<adamg>sighup convert 1 century to seconds
20:27<sighup>1 century is 3.15569e+09 seconds.
20:28<adamg>sighup convert 1 millennia to seconds
20:28<sighup>1 millennia is 3.15569e+10 seconds.
20:28<adamg>anyone know what comes after millennia
20:30=ElfStone [] quit (Quit: Leaving)
20:30+ElfStone [~joshua@] joined #linode
20:43<adamg>er what are you going on about
20:44<ElfStone>it was a notice
20:44<ElfStone>and noting
20:45<ElfStone>i am not going to explain my self
20:45<adamg>I am aware it was a notice
20:45<adamg>and that it had a spelling mistake
20:45<adamg>and you could just put that in a normal message for what reason
20:47<adamg>sighup 1636 / 364.25
20:50<adamg>and just to add, that is life, people will _always_ talk behind others peoples back, esp. when you start to get into industry
20:51NeXTeris now known as NeXTer[zZzZ]
20:51<ElfStone>did i say it didn't happen? i said it is not funny
20:51<ElfStone>and rude
20:51<adamg>night NeXTer[zZzZ]
20:52<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: if I were ever going to talk about someone behind her or his back, I wouldn't pick you
20:53<SupaDongzu>it's more fun to laugh in your face
20:53<ElfStone>wasn't talking about you
20:54<SupaDongzu>I know
20:55<SupaDongzu>I wish you had
20:55<SupaDongzu>because then we could have cleared this up out in the open
20:55<SupaDongzu>instead of sneaking around behind each other's backs
20:55<SupaDongzu>I'm very disappointed in you, Joshua
20:56<SupaDongzu>I had hoped that you were more capable than this
20:56<SupaDongzu>and now it has cost the lives of three good poeple
20:56<ElfStone>i was talking to adamg about something he did
20:56<SupaDongzu>It's always the same with you, isn't it?
20:56<SupaDongzu>it's never about you
20:57<SupaDongzu>no, it's always adamg's fault
20:58<ElfStone>adamg should know what i am talking abot
20:58-ElfStone [~joshua@] left #linode (g'bye)
20:59<adamg>I have said loads of things about you and whatever I have said in private has already been mentioned
20:59<SupaDongzu>I love that guy
20:59<schweeb>jesus christ
20:59<SupaDongzu>he's more entertaining than TV
21:00<adamg>depends what is on TC
21:00<schweeb>i guess that's what unemployed people are like
21:00<adamg>TV even
21:01<@caker>hrm, anyone able to send me a test fax?
21:02<adamg>I can
21:02<@caker>if it costs you anything, don't worry about it
21:02<adamg>wont cost me anything
21:02<@caker>ok .. 1-(615)-301-0265
21:03<adamg>is that the internation version?
21:03<@caker>I have no idea what you dial for US ..
21:03<schweeb>I'd send one if I was at work caker :-/
21:03<schweeb>shoulda asked earlier
21:03<@caker>schweeb: thanks :)
21:04<schweeb>I might be able to swing it right now, but I think I killed external access to our fax gateway
21:04<adamg>caker: should be there soon
21:05<schweeb>soon that gateway will be migrating to hylafax. linux++
21:06<adamg>then again
21:08<adamg>the us fax server is offline
21:10<@caker>no biggie, thanks for trying
21:27<adamg>nite all
21:27<@caker>nite Adam
21:36+ElfStone [~joshua@] joined #linode
21:40-ElfStone [~joshua@] left #linode (Leaving)
22:42+sadjester [] joined #linode
22:53+Octal [] joined #linode
23:05+rekcah [] joined #linode
23:06<rekcah>hi everybody
23:06<rekcah>Who is linode officer?
23:06<rekcah>linode's staff
23:06<sadjester>he's the man
23:06<rekcah>Can I ask him some question?
23:07<@inkblot>caker, are you here?
23:07<@inkblot>sighup, ping caker
23:07<sighup>caker: ping! ping! ping!
23:07<sighup>caker was last seen on #linode 1 hours, 39 minutes and 48 seconds ago, saying: nite Adam [1075516042]
23:07<@inkblot>i guess he's asleep
23:07<rekcah>anyone is linode's staff?
23:08<@inkblot>just caker
23:08<rekcah>so bad
23:09<@inkblot>what's your question?
23:10<rekcah>Linode 128
23:10<rekcah>i am considering buying linode 128
23:10<rekcah>I want to have more info about it
23:10<@inkblot>such as?
23:10<rekcah>I have full root access right?
23:11<rekcah>Am i the only website hosted in 1 machine?
23:11<@inkblot>it's a virtual machine
23:11<@inkblot>you will have root access on it
23:11<@inkblot>and be the only user of the virtual machine
23:12<dmp>the fact that the physical machine is the size of a small condo is irrelevant ;)
23:12<@inkblot>but in actuality, your virtual machine is one of many on a single piece of hardware
23:12<rekcah>got it
23:12<rekcah>I have many hosting service
23:12<rekcah>in fact I bought many
23:12<rekcah>And I was local hacked
23:12<rekcah>So I want to know is there any way other users can access my folder
23:13<@inkblot>yeah, for all intents and purposes it's a dedicated server
23:13<@inkblot>no, there is not
23:13<@inkblot>your site will be as secure as your virtual server
23:13<@inkblot>which is basically as secure as you like
23:13<@inkblot>since you are root
23:14<rekcah>I can config my apache server as I like, rite?
23:14<@inkblot>yes, since it's your machine
23:14<dmp>it's YOURS
23:14<dmp>on your own dedicated virtual machine
23:14<dmp>what it physically is is irrelevant :)
23:15<rekcah>If i have some questions about how to config my server as secured as possible, whom can I ask?
23:15<@inkblot>anyone here
23:16<rekcah>ok, got it
23:16<rekcah>thanks so much for these answers
23:16<@inkblot>no problem
23:16<rekcah>Gute nite to everybody
23:16<rekcah>see you guy
23:16=rekcah [] quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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23:38dmpis now known as dmp|away
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