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---Logopened Wed Feb 04 00:00:49 2004
00:01<@inkblot>it works on a lot of things
00:02<@inkblot>basically anything that has a command line option to specify a config file
00:02<@inkblot>#!/usr/bin/make -sSf
00:02<@inkblot>#!/usr/sbin/apache -f
00:02<@inkblot>#!/usr/bin/webalizer -c
00:03<@inkblot>i have my webalizer configs for all of my virtual hosts set up in /etc/webalizer as executable config files
00:03<@inkblot>and a cron job that runs "run-parts /etc/webalizer"
00:03<@mikegrb>ahh webalizer
00:04<@inkblot>the configs are all search-n-replace copies of each other
00:04<@inkblot>#! makes it easy
00:04<@mikegrb>that one is a great idea
00:27<@caker>mikegrb: smp for tt mode :(
00:27<@mikegrb>oh :/
00:27<@caker>skas is harder, something about memory segments
00:27<@mikegrb>so how about those ip's ;)
00:27<@caker>one sec
00:28<@mikegrb>no don't go to trouble for me
00:28<@caker>looking at how hard it is...
00:28<@mikegrb>was just curious about ebtables rules and stuff
00:28<@mikegrb>that is what I was interested in
00:28<@mikegrb>could go two ways for sales
00:29<@mikegrb>get people to by ips a bit sooner then they would waiting for a reboot
00:29<@mikegrb>on the other hand people who might grab a couple more then they need at reboot time might not since they can wait until they need them
00:29<@inkblot>doot doot doooo
00:29<@inkblot>caker, pm?
00:29<@mikegrb>inkblot: no, it is am now
00:30<@caker>inkblot: sure
00:30<@inkblot>quiet, south carolina
00:30<@caker>mikegrb: doesn't look too hard to split out from the boot function the few remaining network related calls
00:30<@caker>but I doubt you want me to test it on you :)
00:31<@mikegrb>caker: well
00:31<@mikegrb>caker: I'm game if risk is < 50% ;)
00:32*caker looks harder for another minute
00:34<@caker>this should be easier than I thought
00:34<@mikegrb>always good when it works out that way
00:35<@mikegrb>inkblot: just implemented ./webalizer-stats for a friend :)
00:35<ElfStone>mikegrb do you use mtrb on your server
00:35<@mikegrb>great idea, why didn't I think of that sooner
00:35<@mikegrb>ElfStone: no
00:35<@mikegrb>inkblot: or run across it somewhere else
00:35<@mikegrb>I was needing to set him up a config file
00:36<@mikegrb>would do run-parts too but this way he can more easily edit the file
00:36<@mikegrb>will certainly convert mine though
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00:37<@mikegrb>what good is on tv right now
00:38<ElfStone>late shows
00:42<@caker>mikegrb: on second thought, this code will remove the network interface
00:43<@caker>and UML will bug
00:43<@caker>so it will take more hacking
00:46<@mikegrb>caker: what was that program that does navigation trails from web logs?
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00:58<@mikegrb>that does it too, eh?
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01:12<EFudd>ntoe to self:
01:12<EFudd>note to self: even
01:12<EFudd>when perl gets upgraded
01:12<EFudd>restart spampd
01:13<EFudd>else you get lots of spam
01:14<EFudd>scratch that.
01:14<EFudd>spampd won't start at all now :/
01:15<@inkblot>ha ha spampd
01:15<ElfStone>is it compiled for that sepfic perl
01:15<ElfStone>or the one from before
01:16*caker stabs comcast
01:16<ElfStone>caker whats wrong now
01:16*mikegrb helps caker
01:16<@caker>ElfStone: They like to do maintenance this time of night
01:16<EFudd># /etc/init.d/spampd restart
01:16<EFudd> * Stopping spampd...
01:16<EFudd> * Failed to stop spampd [ !! ]
01:16<EFudd>forever log # ps -ef|grep spampd
01:16<EFudd>root 24997 23752 0 Jan24 pts/4 00:00:00 grep spampd
01:16<EFudd>sometimes gentoo's init system pisses me off.
01:16<ElfStone>are they blocking yonage
01:17<ElfStone>that is common
01:17<@mikegrb>doesn't make it less anoying
01:17<EFudd>caker, my bank does maintenance to it's online services every morning from 3am-6am EST
01:17<EFudd>the issue is they don't let you know that.
01:17<EFudd>it just generically returns "login failed."
01:17<ElfStone>EFudd my bank has it listed
01:18<EFudd>even more annoying is that I used to live on the west coast.
01:18<EFudd>Guess what time i'd try to do my online banking?
01:18<EFudd>3am-6am EST.
01:18<ElfStone>which is 12-3
01:19<EFudd># /etc/init.d/spampd start * Starting spampd...Pid_file "/var/run/" already exists. Overwriting! [ ok ]
01:19<EFudd>What boggles me more is i didn't change a damn thing.
01:19*mikegrb gives EFudd a cupcake
01:19<EFudd>elf exactly. right when i got home
01:19<EFudd>mmmm carbs
01:19<ElfStone>oh LOL
01:20<@inkblot>sighup, atkins diet is <reply>better living through diabetes!
01:20<sighup>OK, inkblot.
01:20<ElfStone>both of my parnets are on it
01:20<ElfStone>and are diabetic
01:20<@inkblot>ha ha @ them
01:20<ElfStone>sighup atkins diet
01:20<EFudd>sighup, atkins diet?
01:20<sighup>better living through diabetes!
01:20<sighup>better living through diabetes!
01:20*mikegrb watches them die
01:20<@inkblot>ElfStone, then they're screwed
01:20<ElfStone>mikegrb my mom has had it since i was born
01:20<EFudd>sighup, adkins diet is <reply> learn to spell atkins ass munch.
01:20<sighup>OK, EFudd.
01:21<EFudd>sighup: adkins is <reply> see adkins diet
01:21<sighup>OK, EFudd.
01:21*EFudd tricky bastard
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01:21*EFudd ponders how one can kill UML_ChanLog
01:21<EFudd>perhaps you should give that bot an extra Pong thread caker :P
01:22<ElfStone>mikegrb you read the navy times?
01:22<@mikegrb>EFudd: with a kill command ;)
01:22<@mikegrb>ElfStone: no it is silly
01:22<EFudd>BTW, I have a small rant about spammers.
01:22<EFudd>Ready? Here goes anywya.
01:22<EFudd>I realize you are going to spam me
01:22<EFudd>that's just the way it is
01:22<ElfStone>mikegrb yes and no but they are keep on asking for money from me
01:22<EFudd>I have learned to accept and adore you and just filter your spam away
01:22<EFudd>That is all.
01:22<@inkblot>LA LA LA NO LOG LA LA LA LA
01:22<EFudd>Getting spam backdated is worse than all.
01:23<EFudd>that stuff goes tot he top of my mailbox
01:23<ElfStone>inkblot mike's website is logging
01:23<@inkblot>actually, my client is, too
01:23<@mikegrb>as is most everyones most likely
01:23<ElfStone>yea mine is
01:23<ElfStone>i should know
01:24<@mikegrb>hasn't had an affect before
01:24<EFudd>I wonder how badly piping an SSL certificate email through sa-learn as -ham would mess up the bayes :)
01:24<@mikegrb>EFudd: heh
01:24<ElfStone>mikegrb it has for me on hackers on this iorcnet i was on
01:24<@mikegrb>depends how many times you do it
01:25<@mikegrb>what ever you said there I'm sure the reply is sure
01:25<@mikegrb>though I was commenting on "I should know" not the stuff above
01:26<ElfStone>the i should know was direct to you about you know what
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01:26*mikegrb waves goodbye to caker and saves his cupcake for when he gets back
01:27<ElfStone>when you say that it sounds like you are being saratic
01:27*ElfStone steals the cupcake
01:27*ElfStone runs and hides
01:27*mikegrb kicks ElfStone in the nuts
01:27<@mikegrb>been waiting for that
01:27<ElfStone>you can't see me i am hiding ={
01:27<@mikegrb>felt good
01:27!ElfStone was kicked from #linode by mikegrb (/me kicks ElfStone in the nuts)
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01:27<EFudd>c is too close to C in functionality w/ mutt
01:27<@mikegrb>found you
01:27<EFudd>c = change mailbox
01:27<EFudd>C = copy to mailbox
01:28<@mikegrb>EFudd: yup
01:28*ElfStone sticks a electic baton into mikegrb
01:28<EFudd>at least now i know why I keep getting random mail duplicates
01:28<@mikegrb>don't imiediatley know if you hit the wrong one
01:29<ElfStone>mikegrb worst then being kicked there is being electicated there
01:29<EFudd>So apparently SA requires 200 ham/spam's before activating bayes filtering
01:29<EFudd>Which means I now, unfortunately, have to send mailing list mail through as ham.
01:29<@mikegrb>EFudd: aue
01:29<@mikegrb>ElfStone: not when you have steel balls
01:29<ElfStone>steel conducts
01:30<EFudd>even with that, I'm not quite sure how to even tell how many ham/spam's i've taught it. altho i'm geessing sa-learn --dump <somearg> tells me
01:30<ElfStone>wrong responses
01:30<ElfStone>mikegrb i thougth you knew all about that stuff
01:30<@mikegrb>ElfStone: yes it does conducts, my point being that it does, your point?
01:30+caker_ [] joined #linode
01:31<ElfStone>i said i stuck you with a electic baton
01:31<caker_>Something seriously wrong with the net?
01:31<ElfStone>so it would of hurt more =P
01:31<ElfStone>caker_ not for me but i am also proxying
01:31<SupaDongzu>eclectic gateaux
01:31<@mikegrb>ElfStone: no, the current would be conducted between the two probes of the "electric baton" thus not affecting me in the least
01:32<@mikegrb>you know about the conductor skin effect? faraday's cage?
01:32<ElfStone>oh shit
01:32*ElfStone increases the voltage
01:32<@mikegrb>and it has no affect
01:32*ElfStone increases the voltage
01:32+michael_-_ [] joined #linode
01:32<caker_>someone's routing tables are seriously messed up .. can anyone reach ?
01:32<ElfStone>at a certain point
01:33<ElfStone>the skin gives way
01:33<@mikegrb>you are not understanding
01:33<@mikegrb>google for faradays cage
01:33<ElfStone>caker_ no
01:34<ElfStone>later all
01:34<EFudd>no caker
01:34<EFudd>i can't hit
01:34<caker_>doing traceroutes, it's going all over
01:34*mikegrb neither
01:35*mikegrb gives caker_ his cupcake
01:35<caker_>can't reach either machines, so going to go with network problem :)
01:35<caker_>thanks mikegrb
01:35<EFudd>i'm waiting for dns to timeout w/ my traceroute :P
01:36<EFudd>at leas tthat's what appears to be happening
01:36<caker_>guess you never made that resolve.conf change perm?
01:36<EFudd>yeah i did
01:36<EFudd>it finally went through
01:36<EFudd>xo lost your route
01:36<EFudd>it appears
01:36<EFudd>i'm guessing someone futzed up an announce
01:36<EFudd>check route server for bgp tables?
01:37<EFudd>what is's ip ?
01:37<caker_>er .. use (
01:38<EFudd>sh ip bgp
01:38<EFudd>17233 7018 2828
01:38<EFudd>route-server>sh ip bgp
01:38<EFudd>BGP routing table entry for, version 9182191
01:38<EFudd>Nothing smalle rthan that /16 being announced
01:39<EFudd>i seem to have lost my network cl00
01:40<EFudd>routes are there it looks like
01:40<EFudd>btw the slowness on traceroute was the initial attempt at ont eh ip's
01:41<EFudd>perhaps you should host on a linode? :)
01:41<caker_>no kidding
01:42*caker_ gets on the horn to XO
01:42<@mikegrb>caker_: try the phone, might work better being a long distance to xo from nashville
01:43<EFudd>looks like they have a peer down
01:43<EFudd>i'm guessing
01:43<Sh8d0w>no backup?
01:45<EFudd>bgpwise it's reachable
01:45<SupaDongzu>ha ha
01:45<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: you need to drop the voltage, so that the amperage is enough to flow through the body
01:46<SupaDongzu>and meditate upon Ohm's law
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01:48<@mikegrb>SupaDongzu: no help for that one
01:53<SupaDongzu>ha ha
01:55<SupaDongzu>22:20 <ElfStone> both of my parnets are on it
01:55<SupaDongzu>22:20 <@inkblot> ha ha @ them
01:55<SupaDongzu>22:20 <ElfStone> and are diabetic
01:55<SupaDongzu>Wow, I didn't know that ElfStore could troll that well
01:56<SupaDongzu>ElfStone: you're making that up about diabetic parents on the atkins diet, surely
02:00<caker_>ok.. XO was already aware of the routing problem (the support rep beat me to it), they're working on it, no ETA
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02:01*caker_ sighs
02:01caker_is now known as caker
02:02<EFudd>take this time to look at pr0n then
02:02<jeffml>Ugh. Today is my first day as a linode owner. Has it been down long? :-(
02:02*EFudd notes his 2 linodes are up and running
02:03<caker>Linode are running, just the website is down
02:03<caker>which, isn't useful if you want to reboot, etc
02:04<jeffml>Ahhh. True. In other words, that should be my queue to bet to bed. :-)
02:05<jeffml>caker: thanks for the quick setup this morning. very happy goofing with my linode today
02:07<@mikegrb>jeffml: of interesting note is that the website is located half-way across the country from the closest linode :)
02:07<@mikegrb>and the problem was upstream :)
02:08<@mikegrb>and I'm not an employee just a really happy customer that doesn't want you to have a bad first impression
02:08<EFudd>and i officially recommend porn
02:16<jeffml>Hmmm. I thought I'd be able to ssh to and issue a boot command but the boot/reboot doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?
02:17<@mikegrb>it depends on the boss running on
02:18<@mikegrb>wich is at XO Communications
02:18<jeffml>ahh. can't call home
02:19<jeffml>the pros and cons of centralized database
02:19<@mikegrb>heh indeed
02:19<@mikegrb>caker: I do have good news though
02:20<@mikegrb>02:19 Server Up 24 days, 2:36:16
02:20<@mikegrb>02:19 02:19:51 up 24 days, 2:43, 3 users, load average: 0.07, 0.21, 0.48
02:20<@mikegrb>I'd call that fixed
02:20<caker>Perfect man!
02:20~mikegrb set +o caker on #linode
02:20~mikegrb set -o mikegrb on #linode
02:20<mikegrb>that feels better ;)
02:21<sinned>my linode has a 54 day uptime now
02:21<mikegrb>sinned: :)
02:21<mikegrb>sinned: except if the kernel is that old then uptime is probably reporting a time that is lower then actual ;)
02:22<jeffml>I was working my way towards 20 min uptime ;)
02:22<@caker>sighup: netping
02:22<sighup>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
02:22<sighup>5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4155ms
02:22<sighup>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 96.118/131.317/178.235/30.904 ms
02:22<@caker>How long was that? 45 minutes?
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02:23*mikegrb scrolls up
02:24+caker [~caker@] joined #linode
02:24<mikegrb>over an hour
02:24+caker_ [~caker@] joined #linode
02:25<mikegrb>01:26 = caker [~caker@] quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
02:25<mikegrb>5 minute delay
02:25<mikegrb>so 1:20 - 2:25
02:27~ChanServ set +o caker on #linode
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05:37<rko>Breaking News: linux 2.6.2 just released :-)
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06:49<Darkone>to uninstall php when u installed it from source, dont you only have to type make uninstall in the directory where you origionally installed it from ?
07:00*Darkone is away. Automatically set away [SZon]
07:03<Darkone>bleedy scrollz auto away, always forget to turn it off
07:14<adamg>this place is always quite when I am here but when I sleep it is busy, stupid time zones
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07:47+Merhan [~ColaTurka@] joined #linode
07:49<Merhan>I want to add my ips at Boot Time
07:49<Merhan>but how ?
07:49<adamg>which distro
07:49<Merhan>when i reboot it , it has only one ip.
07:49<Merhan>Linux 9.0
07:50<adamg>there is no such things as Linux 9.0
07:50<adamg>i assume you mean red hat 9.0
07:50<Merhan>sorry :)
07:50<Merhan>Red Hat 9.0
07:52<Merhan>adamg ?
07:53<adamg>I think this should work, but I have never used red hat before
07:53<adamg>cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
07:53<adamg>edit ifcfg-eth0:1 and put in the following syntax:
07:53<adamg>cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
07:53<adamg>edit ifcfg-eth0:1 and put in the following syntax:
07:54<adamg>sighup linode forums
07:54<sighup>adamg: Sendmail and Email Related Forum: Cyrus-imap and account passwords; General Discussion: help keeping gentoo small; General Discussion: /dev/random not being seeded; General Discussion: Deploying a 2nd OS; Sales Questions and Answers: what is a call-back?
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08:31+Darkone [] joined #linode
08:31<Darkone>are or is anyone awake ?
08:31<Darkone>schweeb ? :\
08:31<Darkone>or caker ?
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08:45<mikegrb>michael@orion httpd $ host -t aaaa
08:45<mikegrb> has AAAA address 2001:470:1f01:ffff::f7
08:49+Merhan [~ColaTurka@] joined #linode
08:49<Merhan>anyone can help me ?
08:50<Merhan>I am having trouble with adding ip
08:51<Merhan>anyone herE ?
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09:23<darkone>please tell me somebody is awake :\
09:24<dmp>I am
09:24<dmp>but am I useful to you?
09:24<dmp>that is the question
09:24<darkone>tell me how to add in gd /gzip and bzip2 support into php and I will be so happy
09:24<darkone>because when I compiled I forgot completly about them.
09:24<dmp>the answer is 'no' then ;)
09:24<dmp>I haven't got a clue
09:25<schweeb>if it's modular, can't you build the modules later?
09:26<darkone>I was HOPING to install it all from source in one big ./configure command
09:26<darkone>but I cant
09:26<darkone>and now for the fcuking life of me i cant remove any of the source packages or get them to work
09:26<mikegrb>I think it has to be added at compile time to php
09:26<mikegrb>beyond that I don't know to much
09:26<mikegrb>I use gentoo so it builds it for me
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09:27<darkone>how can I remove php then and compile everything again ?
09:27<darkone>like remove all ? :\
09:27<dmp>I use debian - it's already built :p
09:27<darkone>IO use debian as well :\
09:27<mikegrb>darkone: well you could just do the recompile and then make install
09:27<darkone>but I stupidly built from source
09:27<mikegrb>the new files will over write the old ones
09:27<darkone>it wont work
09:27<darkone>I tried
09:27<darkone>gd for example wont or does not appear in the phpinfo file.
09:27<dmp>or you could reinstall the debian package and try that
09:28<darkone>i just did as well
09:28<darkone>CHanged to testing
09:28<mikegrb>er well
09:28<darkone>did a apt-get install php4 with all the stuff, but it still wont show gd
09:28<dmp>php4-gd - GD module for php4
09:28<dmp>php4-gd2 - GD module (with GD2) for php4
09:28<darkone>let me try remove all the source packages
09:28<dmp>how about installing them?
09:29<darkone>dmp I did
09:29<darkone>you are missing the point :P
09:29<dmp>in which case, it's a configuration issue :p
09:29+a [~ColaTurka@] joined #linode
09:29<mikegrb>the other option is type "script logfile" which starts a new shell that is logged, then do make install then exit, check the list of files it installed in your logfile and remove them
09:29<mikegrb>did you restart apache after trying the new stuff?
09:29<mikegrb>apache would have to restart to reload the new mod_php
09:29<a>I have a trouble with adding ip
09:29<mikegrb>oh okay
09:30<mikegrb>a: what kind of trouble?
09:30<a>mikegrb : i added my extra ips but I cant reach
09:30<darkone>I am going to try and remove everything
09:30<darkone>and try again
09:31<a> inet brd scope global secondary eth0:4
09:31<a> inet brd scope global secondary eth0:5
09:31<a> inet brd scope global secondary eth0:6
09:31<mikegrb>darkone: sounds like a plan
09:31<a>these ips
09:31<mikegrb>a: okay
09:31<a>mikegrb : what must i do now ?
09:32<mikegrb>a: there was a bug with the rules, you might try going to the linode control panel and then the configuration manager, viewing you config profile like you are going to make a change but don't change anything, just hit save
09:33<a>after ?
09:33<mikegrb>after that reboot and see if that helps
09:33<mikegrb>from that stuff above it looks like stuff in the linode is setup right
09:34<a>Network Information eth0:
09:35<mikegrb>this is on the control panel?
09:35<mikegrb>just click save now
09:35<mikegrb>and try rebooting your linode
09:36<a>why is there a problem with adding ips ?
09:37<mikegrb>well there was a slight bug that the routing rules didn't get rebuilt
09:38<mikegrb>I thought it was already fixed but you might try this see if it fixes the problem
09:39<a>it was caused by linode or me ?
09:40<mikegrb>no not you
09:40<dmp>darkone, it's you :p I've installed php4-gd2, and gd is in my phpinfo after an apache restart
09:40<mikegrb>just a bug in the way stuff is done by linode
09:40<darkone>dmp I am going to try now
09:40<darkone>just getting ALL the packages I need
09:41<darkone>and the lag is going to K I L L M E
09:41<dmp>Setting up php4-gd2 (4.1.2-2) ...
09:41<dmp>You are installing GD with GD2 support for php4, but it's not
09:41<dmp>enabled in your /etc/php4/apache/php.ini.To enable it you need to add this line:extension=gd.soDo you want me to add it now [Y/n] ?y
09:41<dmp>don't miss that part of the installation
09:41=torrie1 [] quit (Quit: Download Gaim:
09:42<a>mikegrb : it is same as old again.
09:43<a>All right now
09:43<mikegrb>sighup: netping
09:43<sighup>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
09:43<sighup>5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4130ms
09:44<sighup>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.882/1.310/1.837/0.422 ms
09:44<mikegrb>good to hear
09:44<a>ok )
09:44<a>thank you , mikegrb
09:44<mikegrb>no problem
09:44<mikegrb>I'll try to remember to mention this to chris
09:45<a>sighup: netping
09:45<sighup>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
09:45<sighup>5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4102ms
09:45<sighup>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.955/1.462/1.776/0.308 ms
09:45<mikegrb>what host are you on?
09:45<a>ok . Everything is all right now.
09:45<dmp>mikegrb, can you add a 'netdos' to sighup?
09:46<dmp>sighup: netdos
09:46<sighup>dmp: i'm not following you...
09:46<mikegrb>dmp: sure hting
09:46<darkone>it it possible to run make uninstall in the php source install dir ?
09:46<mikegrb>darkone: doubtfull
09:46<mikegrb>darkone: did you see dmp's message above
09:46<darkone>do you know how I could then remove the currently source basd istall ?
09:46<darkone>noooo ?
09:46<darkone>BitchX went by to fast
09:47<mikegrb>make sure you have "extension=gd.soDo" in your php.ini
09:47<darkone>well I am doing a big apt-get quickly.
09:47<darkone>apt-get install php4 libxslt1 libxslt1-dev libxslt1.1 libxml2 libxml2-dev libxml2-utils gzip bzip2 php4-gd2 php4-xslt sablotron php4-curl php4-gd2 php4-imap php4-mysql
09:47<darkone>just making sure I have everything there
09:48=a [~ColaTurka@] quit (Quit: sssssssss)
09:51<darkone>this has to be the longest apt-get line I have ever used
09:53<dmp>mikegrb, ignore the Do :)
09:54<darkone>its long
09:54<dmp>:extension=gd.soDo you want me to add it now [Y/n] ?y
09:54<dmp>I removed the carriage return!
09:54<mikegrb>do heh
09:59=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
10:00+sighup [] joined #linode
10:00<darkone>one thing
10:00<darkone>to you install everyting on its own or in one big statement?
10:00<dmp>it doesn't matter
10:00<darkone>Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
10:00<darkone> php4: Depends: apache-common (>= 1.3.29) but it is not going to be installed
10:00<darkone>E: Sorry, broken packages
10:00<darkone>genetech:~/install/php# apt-get install apache-common
10:00<darkone>Reading Package Lists... Done
10:00<darkone>Building Dependency Tree... Done
10:00<darkone>Sorry, apache-common is already the newest version.
10:00<darkone>0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 123 not upgraded.
10:00<dmp>that's testing for you
10:01<dmp>you should stick to stable
10:01<darkone>and I just installed php4 before that ?
10:01<schweeb>or unstable
10:01<darkone>stable has shitty versions
10:01<schweeb>darkone: use unstable
10:01<schweeb>I run numerous desktops and servers on unstable, no problems
10:01<dmp>darkone, stable works :p
10:01<schweeb>just be wary on upgrades
10:01<darkone>stablke is shit
10:01<darkone>it has old versions
10:01<darkone>which I cant use
10:01<dmp>use for what?
10:01<schweeb>dmp: but most of the apache and php versions are so old that they are unusable
10:01<dmp>I use unstable here
10:02<dmp>but stable rocks nicely for my server
10:02<dmp>apache serves pages - what more need it do?
10:02<darkone>deb unstable/non-US main contrib non-free
10:02<schweeb>postresql is fucking ancient
10:02<darkone>should I go on ?
10:03+jax [~stbe@166-210-pool1.P-POOL.MARIST.EDU] joined #linode
10:03<schweeb>er postgresql
10:03<darkone>schweeb ? what deb mirrors should I use ?
10:03<schweeb>darkone: same ones you're on now, just change "testing" to "unstable" in your sources.list
10:03<schweeb>the apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
10:05<darkone>and then un the apt-get install command again ? :p
10:07<schweeb>yes, try apt-get installing your stuff again
10:08<schweeb>2.6.2 is out
10:18+sjansen [~sjansen@] joined #linode
10:43+Newsome [] joined #linode
10:44+michael [~michael@] joined #linode
10:44+jeffml [] joined #linode
10:45michaelis now known as Guest70
11:07+inkblot [] joined #linode
11:25<darkone>is back up yet ?
11:25<schweeb>you don't need security. for unstable anwyays
11:26<schweeb>they only provide patches for stable
11:26<darkone>ye I suppose so
11:26<darkone>thing is I always have problems with my ssh timing out here @ work
11:26<darkone>so i always have to start over or pickup from where apt died
11:26<schweeb>screen is your friend
11:26<darkone>yes I know
11:26<schweeb>apt-get install screen
11:26<schweeb>screen bash
11:26=Guest70 [~michael@] quit (Ping timeout: 492 seconds)
11:27<schweeb>screen -D -r on reconnect
11:27*darkone is lank moeg
11:29<schweeb>god I hate sourceforge
11:29<darkone>you and me both
11:30<schweeb>have to go through all that crap just to ge ta wgettable link
11:30<schweeb>and now the link isn't responding in an appropriate period of time
11:31<schweeb>but when I ctrl+c and retry it works immediately
11:31<darkone>choose a different mirror ?
11:31<schweeb>just beautiful
11:33=inkblot [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
11:34<darkone>just choose another mirror then
11:34<schweeb>they all do the same slow bullshit
11:37<darkone>one thing
11:37<darkone>apache 1.3.39 ? do \xA0not need LoadModule etc etc php and AddModulephp ?
11:37=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
11:38<darkone>or ?
11:38<darkone>with a space of course
11:40+sighup [] joined #linode
11:41<darkone>I AM HAPPY !!1
11:41<darkone>its finally working !!!
11:42=darkone [] quit (Quit: BitchX: nine out of ten doctors recommend it)
11:47=sjansen [~sjansen@] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
12:01<jeffml>Anyone already done the math to figure out how many linodes are around?
12:03<schweeb>just ask caker
12:04<schweeb>there's a few hundred I imagine
12:04<adamg>there are 16 hosts in total so far
12:04<schweeb>he gets like 32 128's on a machine
12:04<adamg>I do not know how that is split between the available machines
12:04<adamg>sighup 128 * 32
12:04<jeffml>my second day with a linode and I was just curious - hmmm
12:05<schweeb>somewhere less than 4096
12:05<adamg>there are only about 16, 128's per server
12:05<schweeb>he dedicates entire machines to each type, right?
12:05<jeffml>wow. one superman operation so far?
12:05<schweeb>i.e. there aren't 128's and 256's mixed
12:06<adamg>as a rule it is one plan type per server
12:06<adamg>but I think there are a few mixes where somone has wanted a plan say a 64 and there was a 128 available. he may have split the 128 into 2 64
12:08<jeffml>i'm still going through the forums - are the host machine specs somewhere? (raid?, smp, ...)
12:08<adamg>but the servers are never over sold
12:08<schweeb>jeffml: go to the "our network" page
12:09<adamg>not a per server spec but it is the closet you will get at the momment
12:10<jeffml>yep. I was getting a 404 on that yesterday. exactly what i was looing for. thanks
12:19%Netsplit <-> quits: cOW, EFudd, SupaDongzu, schweeb, david, AndyHat, mesozoic_
12:21%Netsplit over, joins: schweeb, david, AndyHat, EFudd, mesozoic_, cOW, SupaDongzu
12:27=Newsome [] quit (Quit: Leaving)
12:36+QuikShot [] joined #linode
12:36QuikShotis now known as Quik^
12:37<Quik^>multi-network madness
12:41<Quik^>hey caker :)
12:41<Quik^>you're stuck with me permanently now!
12:42<Quik^>we'll soon change that ;)
12:52<@caker>schweeb: just so you know, there's only a few Linodes (under 10) that are on hosts that don't match the plan
12:52<schweeb>that's what I gathered from what I read on your pages
12:52<adamg>caker: any news about what happened at he
12:53<adamg>at xo even
12:53<@caker>what happened?
12:53<@caker>nope, just a routing problem -- probably what EFudd said -- a bad announce
12:53<@guinea-work>people who up/downgraded without migrating?
12:53<adamg>do you have an SLA with them
12:53<@caker>guinea-work: people who I promised upgrades to, and didn't have machines available
12:54<@caker>But, those accounts are always on a better machine than their current plan
12:54<schweeb>debian's ifupdown stuff is surprisingly slickly set up
12:54<@guinea-work>ifupdown is beautiful
12:54<@guinea-work>i'm always shocked to find other distros don't have it
12:54<schweeb>I'm looking at the source right now
12:55<@guinea-work>aha i found you caker
12:55<schweeb>trying to figure out if it's feasible to manage my user mode linux tap and bridge interfaces with it
12:55+michael_ [] joined #linode
12:55<schweeb>as there's all of 2 pgs total of docs on ifupdown
12:56*guinea-work finds schweeb, too, apparantly
12:56*guinea-work finds his own head and does a flip-flop
12:56guinea-workis now known as guinea-pig
12:56<adamg>caker: when a reboot or boot it issued from lish what does it need to write to the db
12:56<@guinea-pig>schweeb: orkut
12:56<@caker>adamg: yup
12:56<schweeb>guinea-pig: ahhh
12:56*schweeb accepts
12:57<schweeb>You are connected to -32450 people through 28 friends. <--- orkut's nice and broken
12:57<adamg>is there no way to remove the need to have write access to the db, as for the info it needs to read that could be on a slave server at each dc
12:57<@guinea-pig>mayby your orkut's broked
12:57<@caker>sighup: 7^2
12:57<@guinea-pig> You are connected to 31425 people through 23 friends.
12:57<schweeb>I think I rolled it over
12:57<@caker>sighup: 2^7
12:57<@guinea-pig>sighup: 2**7
12:58<schweeb>sighup: 2**32
12:58<@caker>adamg: I know what you're getting at. I dunno, was thinking about it last night
12:58<schweeb>sighup: 2**16
12:58<schweeb>sighup: 2**8
12:58<@guinea-pig>sighup: 2**15
12:58<@guinea-pig>that's the right one
12:58<schweeb>yea, that's what I was lookin for
12:59<@guinea-pig>how many do you really have?
12:59<@guinea-pig>32768+(32768-32450) ?
12:59<@guinea-pig>or is there gonna be a fencepost? :P
12:59<@guinea-pig>i can never remember who counts where what why
13:01<schweeb>look how easy scripting for ifupdown is:
13:01<schweeb> up
13:01<schweeb> ifconfig %iface% %address% netmask %netmask% [[broadcast %broadcast%]] \
13:01<schweeb> [[pointopoint %pointopoint%]] [[media %media%]] [[mtu %mtu%]] \
13:01<schweeb> [[hw %hwaddress%]] up
13:01<schweeb> route add -net %network% \
13:01<schweeb> if ( mylinuxver() < mylinux(2,1,100) )
13:01<schweeb> [[ route add default gw %gateway% %iface% ]]
13:01<schweeb>that's an up script
13:01<schweeb>very slick and easy to do on your own
13:03<schweeb>if I'm determined enough, I think I can hack something together to simplify my UML host iface setup :D
13:05+Darkone [] joined #linode
13:05<Darkone>what I wanted to ask, how do I bind my three ips ?
13:05<Darkone>do I have to bind them to eth0 /
13:06<@tjfontaine>eth0:0 eth0:1 eth0:2
13:06<Darkone>do I have to bind specific address's to each network interface?
13:07<schweeb>bind one IP to eth0, one to eth0:1, and one to eth0:2, etc....
13:07<Darkone>eth0: Name eth0: Name eth0: Name Gateway: Netmask: DNS Servers:
13:08<Darkone>it looks like its already setup yes ?
13:08<Darkone>or should I bind eash seperate ip to a dif interface
13:08<schweeb>where are you seeing that
13:08<Darkone>in my wbe based login
13:08<Darkone> login
13:08<schweeb>I know there's a way to bind addresses to eth0 w/o using virtual interfaces
13:08<schweeb>but I forget
13:09<Darkone>but the thing is
13:09<Darkone>I can ONLY think that our NameVirtual stuff is not working because the ip's are not bound correctly
13:23<adamg>right im back
13:24=michael_ [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
13:25<adamg>caker: could you not do something like this, run a read-only slave at each dc, which will allow for the lish login details to be vailated and then if the master db is not available write all the nessecary stuff to a log file and then when the master server is back write the details into the db
13:25<adamg>I guess the only problem with that is how the job queue works
13:38<adamg>sighup linode forums
13:38<sighup>adamg: Sendmail and Email Related Forum: Cyrus-imap and account passwords; General Discussion: help keeping gentoo small; General Discussion: /dev/random not being seeded; General Discussion: Deploying a 2nd OS; Sales Questions and Answers: what is a call-back?
13:53+merhan [~aaa@] joined #linode
13:55<merhan>my linode was closed ,why ?
13:56<heidi>did you pay your bill
13:56<heidi>did you break any rules
13:57=merhan [~aaa@] quit (Client Quit)
13:57<@caker>13:58 <merhan> there ?
13:57<@caker>14:00 <caker> yup
13:57<@caker>14:00 <merhan> username : merhan
13:57<@caker>14:00 <merhan> but my linode was closed
13:57<@caker>14:01 <caker> Your account has been terminated for using a stolen credit card
13:57<@caker>14:01 -!- merhan [~aaa@] has quit [Client Quit]
13:58<heidi>well that explains that
13:58*dmp pats his linode
13:58<@caker>I love it
13:58<Quik^>caker - is host4 still a 'testing ground'?
13:58<@caker>no, I opened up the remaining slots for purchase
13:59<Quik^>ok :)
13:59<Quik^>i guess it was rather successful then
13:59<@caker>yeah, it's solid
13:59<Quik^>would have been up since Dec 24th if it weren't for needing to reboot to add IPs
14:00<Quik^>that reminds me, quick PM if you have a minute
14:00*mikegrb high fives dmp
14:00<dmp>and it was bought with a real credit card too
14:01<dmp>I never said it was mine ;)
14:01*mikegrb high fives dmp for double team in #xbox-linux
14:01<dmp>indeed :D
14:01<mikegrb>caker: heh add that to
14:01<@caker>I should
14:01*dmp thanks mikegrb for invoking Godwinn
14:02<dmp>random question of the week: Are linodes backed up>
14:02<Quik^>non-random answer: no
14:02<mikegrb>caker: get the bit in the channel too
14:03<dmp>fair enough
14:03<Quik^>but they are fully raided, or something
14:03<dmp>I'm not thinking of in event of MY failure, but the failure of their host system
14:03<dmp>ah, raided is cool
14:03<Quik^>so one fried hard disk won't kill everything
14:09<eurozip>any way I can download my disk image?
14:09<eurozip>say from
14:09<Quik^>there's no direct way via the website
14:09<@tjfontaine>you want to boot from home eh?
14:09<Quik^>i believe there may be a guide lurking on the forums though
14:10<@caker>if it involves "dd", ignore the forum post
14:10<@tjfontaine>netcat /dev/udba :-)
14:10<mikegrb>eurozip: has a method for backups nightly with with full incremental history
14:10*tjfontaine uses it right now
14:11<@tjfontaine>mikegrb: gotta question about that
14:11<@tjfontaine>Enter passphrase for key '/root/.ssh/id_rsa_backup':
14:11<@tjfontaine>I still get that
14:11<@tjfontaine>perms are right and all, I followed to the letter
14:11<eurozip>caker, that may be an idea
14:12<@caker>eurozip: yeah, but there are ways to do it yourself already
14:12<mikegrb>when you generate the key, hit enter for passphrase
14:12<mikegrb>you want a passwordless key
14:12<@tjfontaine>bah :-)
14:12<mikegrb>but the remote side we restricted this key so all it can do is run rdiff-backup, not that it makes stuff terribly secure, they could still retrieve your /etc/shadow file ;)
14:14<mikegrb>just adds an extra step
14:15<mikegrb>they have to install rdiff-backup and brute force your password
14:15<mikegrb>this is assuming someone accesses the other end and gets that private key
14:17+test [] joined #linode
14:18<mikegrb>oh silly me
14:18<mikegrb>I installed an ident server
14:18<mikegrb>hello test
14:19<mikegrb>I was looking at the ones which had ebuilds
14:19<mikegrb>that one had the pretiest web page
14:19<Quik^>did it work first time?
14:19<mikegrb>yes ;)
14:19<SupaDongzu>identd is so dongs
14:19<Quik^>lucky :(
14:19<mikegrb>you have problems
14:19<mikegrb>SupaDongzu: yeah, I had a request so finally gave in :/
14:19<SupaDongzu>"It's on a root-only port, so it must be trustworthy! Only really important sysadmins get root!"
14:20<mikegrb>heh indeed
14:20<mikegrb>extremely pointless today
14:29=Darkone [] quit (Quit: Client Exiting)
14:29=test [] quit (Quit: (EOF))
14:32+Newsome [] joined #linode
14:42+Strikeh [] joined #linode
14:43<Strikeh>ne1 tell me how to get g++ for my linode
14:43<dmp>apt-get install g++ ?
14:43<dmp>depends on what dist
14:46*dmp is not quite sure
14:46<Strikeh>[root@elitistfaction root]# apt-get install g++
14:46<Strikeh>Reading Package Lists... Done
14:46<Strikeh>Building Dependency Tree... Done
14:46<Strikeh>E: Couldn't find package g
14:46<schweeb>apt-cache search g++
14:46<schweeb>or mabye apt-cache search g==
14:46<schweeb>er gpp
14:47<schweeb>are you sure it's not on there already?
14:48<Strikeh>pretty sure
14:48<Strikeh>so I'm told
14:50<schweeb>maybe in gcc-c++
14:51<@tjfontaine>I believe its cplus soemthin
14:51<@tjfontaine>its a psuedo package
14:52<Strikeh>[root@elitistfaction root]# apt-cache search cplus
14:52<Strikeh>[root@elitistfaction root]#
14:52<schweeb>all I see is gcc-c++
14:52<@tjfontaine>do apt-cache search c++
14:52<@tjfontaine>gcc-g++ is g++
14:52<@tjfontaine>er c++
14:52<@tjfontaine>damn you know what I eman
14:53<Strikeh>tjfontaine it prints a bizillion things
14:53<@tjfontaine>install gcc-c++ if you want g++
14:55<Strikeh>kk ta
14:55<Strikeh>nething else I need to do now?\
14:56<@tjfontaine>I don't know what you were trying to do before
14:57<Strikeh>well ne options newhere for it I need to configure or am I set to go?
15:00<@tjfontaine>set to go
15:17+sjansen [~sjansen@] joined #linode
15:19=sighup [] quit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:20+sighup [] joined #linode
15:21*adamg ponders and wonders
15:21+blahrus [~0441f11b@] joined #linode
15:21<blahrus>what happens if your swap space fills up?
15:22<blahrus>or this that no possible
15:22<mikegrb>it sohuldn't but if it was to then the kernel would kill the biggest memory user
15:22<schweeb>the OOM killer will kick in
15:23<schweeb>I had that happen on one of my RH7.2 machines recently :-/
15:23<blahrus>really what it shut off?
15:24<schweeb>it'd kill any new process
15:25<blahrus>other than something like rsync . . . what is the best way . . . to make a repical of your linode system so if I messed something up and could not get it back to where it was . . . I could just dump that image or whatever it maybe back on the server?
15:26<schweeb>I think the internet is breaking
15:27<schweeb>my IM and IRCs are acting all goofy as hell
15:27<blahrus>that tends to happen with something Al Gore started
15:27<@tjfontaine>lets take what the man said out of context
15:27<blahrus>i know i know
15:27<@tjfontaine>he said he *funded* what became the internet as a senator
15:28<blahrus>it was just spose to be a joke, and someone easy to pick on
15:28<@tjfontaine>pick on dubbya
15:29<blahrus>anyone have any ideas for the system backup type thing?
15:29<blahrus>you can tell me to google if you like
15:29<@tjfontaine>sure do
15:31<blahrus>I guess I should have said that the destination is a windows box
15:34<blahrus>or just have it back up to ftp every day
15:35<@tjfontaine>you could tar.bz2 it up at night and transfer it back down
15:35<@tjfontaine>that requires extra space on the linode thoguh
15:36<Newsome>use unison
15:37<Newsome>yeah, unison will figure out what needs to be updated, and will only transfer those things that have changed.
15:37<Newsome>You can run unison in both Windows and Linux
15:37<@tjfontaine>theres no rdiff-backup for cygwin?
15:38<blahrus>thanks guys
15:38<blahrus>I have to jet
15:38<blahrus>be back later
15:53=blahrus [~0441f11b@] quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
15:58=sjansen [~sjansen@] quit (Ping timeout: 492 seconds)
16:05<mikegrb>rdiff-backup works in windows
16:05<mikegrb>will in cygwin
16:05<mikegrb>rsync works in windows without windows
16:05<mikegrb>the rdiff-backup site has info about using it in cygwin
16:11=jeffml [] quit (Quit: Leaving)
16:15+blahrus [] joined #linode
16:22<blahrus>anyone in here ever you unison file synchronizer?
16:37+shakr [] joined #linode
16:44=blahrus [] quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:59=jax [~stbe@166-210-pool1.P-POOL.MARIST.EDU] quit (Quit: cd ~)
17:08*guinea-pig explodes
17:10<@guinea-pig>i'm a guinea-pig. it's what i do.
17:10<ElfStone>what did they give you this time
17:11<@guinea-pig>ahah. i must've hit the rollover
17:11<@guinea-pig> You are connected to 0 people through 25 friends.
17:11*ElfStone can;t join orkut
17:11<ElfStone>i know
17:12<ElfStone>i could liue
17:12<@guinea-pig>so go friendster
17:13<@guinea-pig>oh great
17:13<@guinea-pig><h1>Service Unavailable</h1>
17:13<ElfStone>i get that too
17:13<@guinea-pig>i borkut orkut
17:13<ElfStone>when i try to load there tos
17:14<@guinea-pig>whippersnappers don't know anything about english these days
17:15<schweeb>you're not even 18 ElfStone ?
17:15<ElfStone>schweeb depends on who is asking
17:16<dmp>someone cleared the banlist by mistake?
17:16<@guinea-pig>so that's a no, then
17:16<ElfStone>dmp no
17:17<ElfStone>dmp i was unbanned because the ban was not suppose to be places
17:17<dmp>hehe, yeah
17:17<ElfStone>schweeb how old did you think i was
17:18<schweeb>I seem to have remembered you say you were like 23
17:19<ElfStone>no i didn't
17:19<schweeb>that explains a lot then
17:19<ElfStone>first person to ask my age was caker
17:20<ElfStone>why is that
17:22<ElfStone>he asked because i asked a question that only a minor would ask
17:23<@guinea-pig>like "do i have to be 21 to get a linode?"
17:24<ElfStone>it would be 18 because as a minor they can not hold me to a TOS or AUP
17:26<ElfStone>the marines are allready trying to get me to join
17:29<ElfStone>it starts
17:29<ElfStone>"Dear High School Junior"
17:35<schweeb>yea... welcome to being almost 18
17:35<schweeb>you'll get a message in the mail every damn day nearly
17:35<ElfStone>i opted out
17:36<ElfStone>of the left no child out act
17:36<ElfStone>which is what gives teh military my info
17:36<ElfStone>i told them no
17:36<schweeb>there is no opting out from voluntary joining
17:36<schweeb>they're still gonna try to recruit you
17:36<ElfStone>schweeb the school district is what gives them the info
17:36<ElfStone>yea it is =P
17:36<ElfStone>i know that for a fact
17:37*ElfStone pulls out info on it
17:37<schweeb><--- been through this before
17:37<ElfStone>never took any of them
17:37<schweeb>data from all of those tests goes to the us govt
17:37<dmp>I reckon the question he asked was "Hey, caker, can you buy me some beer?"
17:37<ElfStone>missed the asvad
17:37<ElfStone>dmp no it wasn't
17:37<ElfStone>i do not drin
17:37<schweeb>plus, they also have your information in all kinds of databases anyways
17:37<ElfStone>and never will
17:37<ElfStone>schweeb THE CIA
17:37*ElfStone hides
17:38<ElfStone>nsa mi6 BPD
17:38<schweeb>I have allergies and asthma, and I had to make that clear to them every time they called, etc...
17:38<ElfStone>FBI of course
17:38<ElfStone>schweeb i can;t join
17:38<ElfStone>so lol
17:38<schweeb>the second they heard either word, they'd immediately terminate the call
17:38<ElfStone>unless there life changes within teh next 2 years
17:39<ElfStone>or i get the laser surgeory
17:39<schweeb>so why can't you join?
17:39<ElfStone>by life i meant law
17:39<schweeb>they can still recruit
17:39<ElfStone>1) My eyesight is way over the limit 2) i am not gonna say
17:40<ElfStone>well the limit for out to sea duties
17:40<ElfStone>i would not join anything but the navy
17:40<schweeb>like I said, they still take your information by any means, and try to recruit *shrug*
17:40<ElfStone>and i have written to them many times
17:40<schweeb>they don't have an "omg cripple" field in their database or anything
17:41<ElfStone>navy congress
17:41<ElfStone>and what i said 1) eyesight and 2) will not explain
17:49+jeffml [] joined #linode
17:52<jeffml>I've now been a linode owner for about 24 hours and have spent a quite a few hours in #linode. Someone please feel they know me enough to invite me to join orkut :P
17:52<ElfStone>would if i could
17:54<jeffml>it wasn't big deal until people starting putting good information on the orkut forums. now it is a must have
17:55<ElfStone>i want to join but i can;t
17:57<jeffml>why, no elfs allowed?
17:57<dmp>no friends to invite? :p
17:58<ElfStone>dmp i was invited
17:58<dmp>oh, site broken?
17:58<ElfStone>jeffml they allow elfs
17:59<ElfStone>dmp you commented on it above
17:59<dmp>why don't you just lie?
17:59<dmp>who cares?
18:00<ElfStone>they can sue me
18:01<ElfStone>dmp you what
18:02<dmp>as in meh, don't worry about that
18:02<dmp>You said yourself, you're too young to agree to AUP etc
18:05<ElfStone>they can sue me for it
18:24Quik^is now known as QuikShot
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19:04=Newsome [] quit (Quit: Leaving)
19:19<adamg>sighup ping mikegrb
19:19<sighup>mikegrb: ping! ping! ping!
19:19<sighup>mikegrb was last seen on #xbox-linux 9 minutes and 5 seconds ago, saying: JEM1: that is a bit anoying [1075939847]
19:20<mikegrb>er pong
19:20+sjansen [~sjansen@] joined #linode
19:20<adamg>sighups broken
19:20<adamg>sighup linode forums
19:20<sighup>couldn't get the headlines: wasn't successful
19:20<adamg>sighup bbc
19:20<sighup>couldn't get the headlines: wasn't successful
19:20<adamg>sighup slashdot
19:20<sighup>I can't find the headlines.
19:20=sighup [] quit (Quit: regrouping; bbiab)
19:21*mikegrb restarts
19:21<mikegrb>just upgraded perl
19:21<adamg>theres a new version of perl out
19:21<ElfStone>mikegrb can you change titles on g7
19:21<mikegrb>start a new character
19:21*adamg checks emerge
19:22<ElfStone>that is my only option?
19:22<ElfStone>not worth it
19:22<adamg>hmm no new perl only curl and ncfto
19:24*mikegrb gives adamg a cupcake
19:25+sighup [] joined #linode
19:25<@caker>sighup: I love you
19:25<sighup>caker: what?
19:25*adamg is haveing a really really bad day now
19:26<@caker>what happened?
19:26<@caker>rm -rf / ?
19:26<mikegrb>caker: yup
19:26<mikegrb>sighup: linode forums
19:26<sighup>mikegrb: General Discussion: /dev/random not being seeded; Sendmail and Email Related Forum: Cyrus-imap and account passwords; General Discussion: help keeping gentoo small; General Discussion: Deploying a 2nd OS; Sales Questions and Answers: what is a call-back?
19:26<mikegrb>there we go
19:27<adamg>well it appears apache will not start due to an upgrade of php yesterday that has screwed something up
19:27<@guinea-pig>you know you have too many tabs open when mozilla decides to open new tabs on a second computer instead
19:27<mikegrb>thanks for the heads up adamg
19:27<adamg>and I seem to have sent myself a shit load of mail again
19:27<@caker>someone mentioned something about gentoo blowing away previous apache conf
19:28*caker shrugs
19:28<adamg>Syntax error on line 5 of /etc/apache2/conf/modules.d/70_mod_php.conf:
19:28<adamg>Cannot load /etc/apache2/extramodules/ into server: libxsltbreakpoint.
19:28<adamg>so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
19:28<mikegrb>they probably hit the wrong key when they did etc-update
19:28<@guinea-pig>heh etc-update
19:29<@guinea-pig>i do it by hand! :P
19:29*mikegrb <3 etc-update
19:29<@caker>adamg: ldd /etc/apache2/extramodules/
19:29<mikegrb>I like the interactive merge using vim-diff
19:30<@caker>i got your vim-diff right here
19:30<adamg>only 3583 emails this time
19:30*mikegrb diffs caker
19:30*caker merges mikegrb
19:31<mikegrb>now mikegrb-2.0 shall destroy you
19:32*mikegrb core dumps
19:32*ElfStone hides
19:32<adamg> => not found
19:32<adamg>re-emerging libxslt now
19:32<adamg>and then I have to fix this email problem, which I thought I had finished yesterday
19:33<@caker>[root@host4 /]#
19:33*ElfStone hacks
19:33<ElfStone>caker jk
19:33<@caker>there's your root prompt
19:33<@caker>joke :)
19:34<@guinea-pig>host4's duh :P
19:34<@caker>King for a day -- what commands you guys want me to run?
19:34*caker realizes he has a coffee buzz
19:34<eurozip>uptime, df -h, free -m...
19:34<@guinea-pig>eurozip: you're no fun
19:35<eurozip>cat /proc/cpuinfo
19:35<@caker>processor: 486
19:35<@caker>cpu MHz: 100.0000
19:35<mikegrb>caker: wget && perl
19:35<@guinea-pig>caker: echo "ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAIggXRbLmP8U...etc" >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
19:36<@caker>guinea-pig: good one :)
19:36<@caker>mikegrb: ahh ok, done.
19:36<mikegrb>then we can save you time and just handle it ourselves
19:36+Newsome [] joined #linode
19:37<@caker>how about: cp /bin/bash /vbin/lish
19:38<@caker>throw in a little suid
19:38<@guinea-pig>vbin, eh? :P
19:38<@caker>oh yeah :)
19:38<@caker>emerge rootkit
19:43<eurozip>nohup cat /dev/urandom /dev/hda1 &
19:43<@caker>forgot the >
19:43<eurozip>Ive been at work too long
19:43<@caker>gave me an error
19:45<eurozip>seems gentoo wants to run rndc-confgen after emerge, locked my ssh session
19:46<eurozip>there it is, maybe just took a while
19:50<mikegrb>caker: error was probably related to the psuedo-rng since there was no real entropy
19:51<@caker>banner hello!!! > /etc/issue
19:52*caker installs fortune on every Linode
19:52<@caker>force install
19:52<mikegrb>sure go ahead
19:52<@caker>with the only fortune: That wasn't beef.
19:53<mikegrb>it was cat
19:53<mikegrb>heidi just fed me some "beef" but I haven't seen one of the cats since I first got home
19:53<mikegrb>and I was asleep for a while
19:54<@caker>any urges to chase shoestrings?
19:54<mikegrb>no but I keep attacking the fringe on this blanket on the couch
19:54<adamg>the fortune bofh quotes are god as are the simpsons ones
19:54<mikegrb>they are
19:58<schweeb>it's cold
19:58<adamg>well at least apache is working now
19:58<adamg>at least now I know I need a test linode
19:59+jax [] joined #linode
19:59guinea-pigis now known as guinea-sleep
20:11<ElfStone>mikegrb didn;t she say she was walking them?
20:12<ElfStone>[07:11pm] \xB7heidi\xB7 hmm
20:12<ElfStone>[07:12pm] \xB7heidi\xB7 ok
20:12<ElfStone>[07:12pm] \xB7heidi\xB7 time for me to take the cats for a walk
20:12<ElfStone>[07:12pm] \xB7rik\xB7 ?!
20:12<ElfStone>[07:15pm] \x95ElfStone\x95 lol
20:12<ElfStone>[07:15pm] \x95ElfStone\x95 my cats go outside when they want
20:21+Sh8d0w [] joined #linode
20:30+jeffml [] joined #linode
20:30<jeffml>reality check needed: should i be able to reboot my linode from lish?
20:38=jeffml [] quit (Quit: Leaving)
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23:11<Sh8d0w>wuts up wit the guests?
23:11<Guest73>fsck me
23:12Guest73is now known as tjfontaine
23:13<tjfontaine>boy did that suck arse
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