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00:00@tjfontaine I installed amavisd-new a few times, never had to answer any questions like that, but I just edit the config files by hand anyway
00:02@tjfontaine amavisd-new is a wrapper to send email content and pass it through spamassassin and then also if needed a virus scanner or scanners of your choice
00:02@tjfontaine I use the sophos savi api with sophie for virus checking at work and at the linode
00:18EFudd -rw-r--r-- 1 jason jason 11132 Mar 20 20:47
00:18EFudd hrm
00:18EFudd so sounds like amavisd == but that is more generic
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00:26@tjfontaine ya
00:26@tjfontaine I use it with postfix and its content filter
00:29EFudd you ust postfix-filter yourself? 'tis written by a friend of mine. wondering if there is a duplication in the program namespace
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02:16imserb hello
02:16imserb any linode support staff?
02:17imserb or linode cust?
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05:21SupaDongzu jesux
05:25@mikegrb yes?
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07:36jake bby0205
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08:22Wanna caker
08:22Wanna hello
08:22Wanna you there ?
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08:30chris People need to wait more than 2-3 minutes, jeez
08:31limecat heh
08:40@tjfontaine bah you should respond to my every whim at every second
08:40@tjfontaine peace
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09:53chris hrmmm
09:53chris A uml server technically isn't vulnerability to typical hacks such as modules / rootkits, correct?
09:53chris Since it doesn't have a kernel or module support of its own
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11:04timpelican hi all
11:05timpelican annoying n00b time - how long does a linode account normally take to set up?
11:06ses how long you been waiting so far?
11:07timpelican seven or eight hours. not hassling, just curious as to whether I was likely to be able to do anything with it this evening...
11:08ses well ive been waiting for mine 26 days but dont seem to be able to get hold of the admins :-/
11:09timpelican ouch!
11:09ses does anyone here have any insight into what the delays might be?
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11:23jake ses: are you waiting for one that is listed as unavailable?
11:23jake ses: if so I would assume it is because they are waiting on the hardware to arrive
11:24jake timpelican: usually not long at all, as soon as caker comes alive
11:27timpelican ok, ta. as I said, just curious, I'm about to leave work and was hoping for a fiddle when I got home (fnar)
11:32adamg hmm
11:38mowser anyone using spammassin?
11:38adamg yes
11:39timpelican not on linode yet ;) but yes, from inside mailscanner
11:39mowser do you know if it has out of the box filters setup or do i have to create them all
11:39mowser out of the .deb
11:39jake mowser: yes
11:40jake mowser: out of the box it is basic, althoug follow the instal documenttation to install razor, pyzor etc and it will stop everything
11:40adamg and dcc
11:40jake adamg: definately
11:40adamg and remeber to enable bayes
11:40mowser thanks
11:40adamg and prime of the database
11:40adamg by default it needs 200 spam and 200 ham to start
11:41adamg although for some reason SA failes on the rbl checks
11:41jake adamg: I havn't done that in the past, although that is only 1 hours worth of mail for me
11:42adamg it will add mail to the database it's self if autolearn is turned on
11:42adamg but it will not start to use bayes till it has 200 of each type in it
11:42mowser does SA work with exim?
11:42timpelican you'll still need to manually hook it into the mail system though, if that was the question
11:43timpelican ie make your MTA send mail through SA, and then do something with the fact that it's tagged it as spam
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11:44Tenkawa hey any of you playing Lineage 2?
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11:47jake Tenkawa: Job + Child 1 + Child 2 + Wife = No Lineage 2
11:47Tenkawa haahaa
11:47Tenkawa I hear ya
11:47Tenkawa its hard enough with just Job + Girlfriend
11:47jake Only if the commuter rail would offer wirelesss
11:47Tenkawa hehehe
11:47Tenkawa only if my laptop had powerful enough specs
11:48jake hehe
11:48jake got that covered
11:48ses jake: where would it be listed unavailable? there were some "available" when i signed up.. but not heard anything at all since signup..
11:48jake as long as it's plugged in
11:48jake ses: and how long has it been
11:49ses jake: has been since 3rd march
11:49jake ses: have you talked to caker?
11:50jake ses: or filed a ticket?
11:50jake ses: or used the forums?
11:50ses jake: cant seem to get hold of him - tried email, icq, phone, left messages..
11:50jake sighup ping caker
11:50sighup caker: ping! ping! ping!
11:50sighup caker was last seen on #linode 17 hours, 20 minutes and 56 seconds ago, saying: sighup: bios? [1080516579]
11:50jake he should be around here soon, and he usually reads the logs, try talking to him
11:51ses yeah have tried but no replies yet.. cant file a ticket as my username doesnt work yet :(
11:51jake ses: well, stay online here and I would imagine he would be around here soon
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11:52ses jake: okie.. cheers 4 help
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11:59blahrus anyone around for a simple question?
12:00SupaDongzu I am
12:00SupaDongzu but you have to ask permission first to see if you can get a ticket before you can ask if you can ask a question
12:00SupaDongzu I mean, if everyone just asked their questions in here straightaway, we'd be flooded with answers, and then where would we be?
12:01blahrus alright I am running debian stable on my linode, I want to change it from dhcp to static because, when I add a subdomain, it restarts bind and apache and resets my nameserver
12:01chris ANARCHY!
12:01blahrus it resetse my named.conf
12:01blahrus and I do wnat it to change
12:01Tenkawa chris: bah
12:01chris Tenkawa: MY LINE!
12:01SupaDongzu blahrus: you can just edit the file in /etc/network/interfaces
12:01Tenkawa chris: TOUGH!!
12:02Tenkawa muhaahaahaahaha
12:02chris Tenkawa: Grrrr!
12:02Tenkawa chris: I saw my first Korean anime this weekend
12:02Tenkawa damn they know how to integrate cg with hand drawn stuff
12:03chris You obviously haven't seen Macross Zero
12:03chris It kicks the shit out of any other anime/cg blend
12:03Tenkawa the story wasnt all that great but the cg just was wicked
12:03blahrus auto eth0
12:03blahrus iface eth0 inet dhcp
12:03blahrus #iface eth0 inet static
12:03blahrus #hostname stealth
12:03blahrus #address
12:03blahrus #gateway
12:03blahrus #netmask
12:03blahrus how do I set my reslove.conf not to change
12:03blahrus I just uncommented those lines
12:04SupaDongzu the trick is to do cel-shaded CG
12:04jotun cell-shading is :<
12:04* SupaDongzu shrugs
12:05SupaDongzu you know
12:05SupaDongzu It's funny
12:05SupaDongzu The Triplets of Belleville was hailed in all the local SF newspapers as being a triumph for "traditional hand-drawn animation"
12:05SupaDongzu punchline: it was almost entirely cel-shaded CG
12:05jotun heh
12:16@mikegrb Downloaded 22.2MB in 7s (3079kB/s)
12:16* mikegrb heart linode and the debian mirror
12:18EFudd !
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12:44Whowo caker ?
12:45Whowo hey
12:50SupaDongzu mmmm, caaaaaake...
12:50heidi sighup seen caker
12:50sighup caker was last seen on #linode 18 hours, 20 minutes and 52 seconds ago, saying: sighup: bios? [1080516579]
12:52* heidi wears a linode shirt today
13:16EFudd yanno. Outlook sucks. I used pine to forward an email to two people last thursday with instruction on how to deal with a conference call they were managing for me since I was out of town. I listened in on the call and they appeared to completely ignore what I had provided them. What *REALLY* happened was that outlook, on their desktops, decided to NOT show the EDITED TEXT version and instead showed them the HTML version that was "attached" which had not be
13:17BB but if u edit the plain text and send back plain and html .. what do you expect it to do?
13:17EFudd i didn't expect the html to still be tehre :)
13:17EFudd and i expect a client to not lack.
13:17EFudd :)
13:17BB heh then i blame pine :)
13:18EFudd i blame me. when i responded the 2nd time i deleted the attachment
13:18BB heh
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13:50Whowo caker ?
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15:15Sh8d0w Wow: Host initiated restart: Job Entered 01/01/1974 12:00:00 AM
15:19lurq Does anyone know if things have been sorted out for the poor guys that didn't received their linodes?
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15:21jake hey anyone out there use ez publish?
15:21jake I need a good CMS/CMF that is not "news" based
15:22ses lurk: still nothing yet, but chris doesnt seem to have been around since i made the forum post
15:22lurq sighup ping caker
15:22sighup caker: ping! ping! ping!
15:22sighup caker was last seen on the network 1 hours, 22 minutes and 58 seconds ago, saying: <private message> [1080586771]
15:22lurq ses: ok. good luck. I've only good experiences with linode so far.
15:23ses lurk: yeah seems to be the general opinion; just slipped thru the net somehow i think
15:28@caker hey guys
15:28@caker ses: when you get back, I /msg'ed you
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15:41adamg well that was annoying
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15:54@mikegrb sorry
15:55* adamg watches poker
15:59* caker is hungry
15:59@mikegrb mmmm cake
16:00* caker doesn't like Googles site changes
16:00adamg neither do I
16:00adamg there are alot of complaints about it esp the changes in site ranking
16:00adamg alot of people have disappeared from the search results
16:00@caker more than just display changed?
16:00adamg they have changed the ranking algo apparently
16:01@caker I hate the new look. The colored adwords ads are no longer colorized
16:01@caker that sucks
16:01@guinea-pig but hey, "linode" still returns 14,400 results
16:01@caker I turned off my google advertising
16:01@caker ... last week
16:02@guinea-pig is that good or bad?
16:02@caker well, good and bad ..
16:02@guinea-pig interesting
16:02@guinea-pig and what does zis tell us about your mother?
16:02@caker It's very expensive. And the terms I use have increased in popularity over the past 5 months or so
16:03@caker And I'm thinking that money might be better spent on some magazine ads, but I'm not ready to do that yet
16:03@guinea-pig oh yeah
16:03@guinea-pig put one in penthouse
16:03* caker finds "sour patch kids" to eat
16:03@caker guinea-pig: heh
16:03@guinea-pig just so we all have another excuse to buy it
16:03@caker "I just read it for the ads" ?
16:04@guinea-pig :D
16:04@guinea-pig mmm. i've gotta hop over to freenode for a bit
16:05@guinea-pig found a message for xiphmont (aka the vorbis guy) at MIT saturday night
16:05* caker reads
16:06@caker here we go .. Google will become another do-everything like Yahoo!
16:06@caker what a pity
16:06@guinea-pig :<
16:06@guinea-pig time to start *another* good-intentioned search engine
16:06@caker no kidding
16:06@guinea-pig no, i'm not kidding
16:07@guinea-pig :P
16:07@guinea-pig ok yes i am
16:07@caker ... AdWords was expensive enough -- the value of it is less now that the ads aren't in pretty colored boxes (seriously)
16:07@guinea-pig but hey
16:07@guinea-pig yeah i can see that
16:07@caker oh, but the top 1 is still in a colored box across the top
16:07@caker most people missed that first one anyway
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16:08@caker Web Alerts is nice
16:11@guinea-pig erm
16:11@guinea-pig coloured box across the top?
16:11@guinea-pig only coloured box i see is the one that says results 1-20 out of..
16:12@caker if you search for something that has ads
16:12@guinea-pig right
16:12@guinea-pig like linode.
16:12@guinea-pig i search for linode, and i get one ad on the box to the right
16:12@caker <@caker> I turned off my google advertising
16:13@guinea-pig someone else has an ad with linode in it, then :P
16:13@caker not for long :-p
16:13@guinea-pig suing them?
16:13* caker awaits trademark search to complete
16:13@guinea-pig haha
16:14@guinea-pig so i search for "isp"
16:14@caker try:
16:14@caker (nothing with News section)
16:14@guinea-pig oh
16:14@guinea-pig hardly ever see those boxes
16:15@guinea-pig either that or my eyes just skip 'em :P
16:15@caker yeah - those are the most expensive, too
16:15@guinea-pig stupid
16:15Sh8d0w I think ppl filter it out in their head
16:15@guinea-pig advertising is for ... well, whatever
16:15@guinea-pig word of mouth is the way to go
16:16@caker Sh8d0w: about the 1974 time in the job queue -- I use that so that job runs before any of yours (Like if someone pressed Reboot 10x while during a planned host restart)
16:17Sh8d0w caker: ah, icic
16:18@caker What kind of M&Ms does Tattoo like?
16:18@caker zee plain, zee plain
16:18* caker rimshots
16:27@caker guess no one thought that was funny
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16:30@mikegrb pwahaha
16:30@caker mikegrb: thanks mike :)
16:31@mikegrb wow that site advertising under linode looks good
16:31EFudd Blee!
16:31@mikegrb I should switch
16:31@mikegrb :p
16:32EFudd google changed? how?
16:32* EFudd reads
16:34@mikegrb EFudd: heh I had the same reaction
16:34@mikegrb didn't read anything on the web today
16:34EFudd I remember when yahoo was useful.
16:34@mikegrb I actually worked :/
16:34@mikegrb heh me too
16:34@mikegrb I was first on the web in ummm
16:34EFudd <- 1991ish
16:35@mikegrb 92 93 ish
16:35EFudd "teh web"
16:35@mikegrb I remember gopher!
16:35* EFudd remembers hax0ring via archie+gopher =]
16:35@mikegrb when it was useful
16:35@mikegrb heh
16:35@mikegrb EFudd++
16:35@mikegrb I'm not even as old as caker yet
16:35EFudd yah
16:35EFudd caker is very old
16:35@mikegrb and bbs's
16:35cdlu I remember Debian before apt. Those were the days...
16:35EFudd BBS? What's that? /sniff
16:36EFudd my first linsux was yggdrasil
16:36EFudd :)
16:36@mikegrb cdlu: debian without apt :O
16:36* EFudd remembers tsx-11 being useful
16:36cdlu mikegrb: dselect was it
16:36* EFudd remembers when tsx11 was also a BBS
16:36EFudd (as in software)
16:37@mikegrb I first got online from a wyse-60 :D
16:37EFudd ha
16:37EFudd i used to work from home from one of those + external modem :-)
16:37@mikegrb heh
16:37EFudd *that* was in 1996 even :)
16:37@mikegrb I used one of those on a IBM PS/2
16:37* cdlu first got on the internet in 1995 in an NCSA telnet window to a linux box from an old mac lc, probably a 520
16:37@mikegrb win3.11 and teh winsock
16:37cdlu at the school computer labs
16:38cdlu on a T1 :)
16:38EFudd T1? What's that?!
16:38EFudd Is'nt that the innernet backbone?
16:38@mikegrb heh
16:38@mikegrb yes
16:38@mikegrb the wyse-60 had a t1 on the other end
16:38@mikegrb not that it was noticable in irc
16:38* EFudd had a personal t1 in 1995 for a while
16:38@mikegrb I don't count that as my starting on irc date though
16:39EFudd that was a fokton of bandwidth for an individual then :)
16:39--- <<-- ses [] has quit (Quit: [BX] Its not TV. Its BitchX.)
16:39@mikegrb indeed
16:39EFudd MINE MINE MINE !@#!#
16:39cdlu first time I used the web was with lynx, first site was yahoo, first term was 'terrorist handbook' :)
16:39@mikegrb like an oc-12 todaw ;)
16:39@mikegrb heh
16:39EFudd "the web"
16:39* EFudd sighs
16:39@mikegrb first thing I did online was irc
16:39EFudd mike, same :)
16:39cdlu I didn't start IRCing for two more years
16:39EFudd warez np !
16:39@mikegrb to talk to someone sitting at the terminal next to me!
16:39cdlu mikegrb: 'flirt'? :)
16:39EFudd Hey, I used *talk* the other day. like ~1 month ago
16:39@mikegrb heh no
16:40EFudd it made me feel strange.
16:40cdlu talk!
16:40@mikegrb no! ;)
16:40* EFudd remembers talk being mad useful and ytalk being uber
16:40cdlu I used talk for a long time
16:40@guinea-pig caker: *i* liked the tatoo joke. i just didn't see it until now
16:40@mikegrb aye
16:40cdlu and ytalk some, too
16:40@guinea-pig my parents would love it
16:40cdlu ytalk was a bit more frustrating
16:40cdlu as other people could butt in :)
16:40@mikegrb when I first found screen I came
16:40EFudd ircds used to have /page to page someone *on* the ircd host for talk/irc sessions :)
16:41cdlu *** Unknown command: PAGE
16:41cdlu :(
16:41@mikegrb heh
16:41* EFudd nods
16:41EFudd ok. enough i remember when. :P
16:41@mikegrb I ran on ircd under win 3.11 to play
16:41EFudd WTF
16:41EFudd /k mikegrb
16:41@mikegrb :<
16:41cdlu mikegrb: you should know that I used Linux before I used Windows :)
16:41@mikegrb I was like 10 bish
16:41@mikegrb I hadn't heard of linux then
16:41cdlu by _years_
16:42EFudd I was mad lucky.
16:42@mikegrb though my first isp introduced me to a shell
16:42EFudd The *FIRST* linsux BBS mirror in the US was "Johnny's Place BBS"
16:42EFudd and it was local to me
16:42EFudd :-)
16:42EFudd note: there were only like 3 BBSes in my AREA CODE EVER.
16:42@mikegrb and I actually ended up with root on their dial in /web server in 7th grade
16:42* EFudd snickers
16:42@mikegrb hmm I wonder if sudo existed then
16:42@mikegrb I guess not
16:42@mikegrb EFudd: spiffy
16:43@mikegrb we had like 50
16:43EFudd i remember talking to a friend who had admin on a local computer stores WWIV BBS...
16:43@mikegrb local pc user's group had a monthly paper
16:43@mikegrb listed bbs's
16:43EFudd friend was going "Apparently you can't format C: under WWIV. It stops it."
16:43EFudd I talked him into giving me admin password.
16:43EFudd ....
16:43@mikegrb heh
16:43@mikegrb didn't talk him into it again
16:43@guinea-pig mikegrb: when was 7th grade? :P
16:43EFudd the next week friend was at computer store where Jorge says "Greg, know what happened to the BBS? I came in yesterday and it was just Gone !"
16:43@mikegrb umm
16:43* mikegrb counts
16:44EFudd lesson learned: You can indeed format C: through WWIV command console.
16:44@guinea-pig stop counting
16:44@guinea-pig Sudo was first conceived and implemented by Bob Coggeshall and Cliff
16:44@guinea-pig Spencer around 1980 at the Department of Computer Science at
16:44@guinea-pig SUNY/Buffalo. It ran on a VAX-11/750 running 4.1BSD.
16:44@mikegrb oh thanks
16:44@guinea-pig np
16:45@mikegrb so it was already around
16:45@mikegrb I went there on days I didn't have school
16:45* EFudd bets if he was less of an overall asshole in #linode and didn't have to tell people to /ignore him, that he'd get opped :P
16:45@mikegrb worked all day
16:45* EFudd isntalls PCBoard 15.21
16:46@mikegrb one day when stuff was down and I called to see what was up they said "why aren't you in school" "home sick :p" "you have your own line, right?" "yes" "can we fwd the support number there?" "sure" :D
16:46@mikegrb small isp 4 or 5 people
16:46@mikegrb mainly geeks
16:46@mikegrb they were busy fixing stuff so I took the load off of them by dealing with people calling in every 5 sec to see what is up
16:48--- User: *** guinea-pig is now known as guinea-dead
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17:02--- User: *** adamg is now known as Guest5
17:03--- User: *** Guest43 is now known as adamg
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17:09* adamg waits for time to pass
17:10adamg caker: do you email people if they are flagged as a fraud risk for further info?
17:15--- <<-- You_Wish [] has quit (Quit: \xA9\xAE\xEEM\xEE\xF1\xE5\xA3 ( - Using Theme: Plain Theme)
17:24@caker ytalk rocket
17:24@caker rocked even
17:25adamg ssh really does seem to use alot of bw
17:26@caker adamg: Usually it's more obvious (that it's fraudulent) when I don't activate the account and never hear from them again.
17:26adamg k
17:26@caker in ses's case, there were two signups within an hour from each other, same IP, different names, countries, and CC
17:27adamg right, that would look dodgy
17:27@caker also in ses's case, he provided me the wrong phone number (off by one digit), which I did call
17:27@caker so I wrote him off
17:28@caker but he's set now :)
17:28adamg god it is going to be hard for me to get back into my 2ndserver development one look at the db and I am confused
17:28adamg still dont have the time to touch it for a few months
17:30@caker my new limiter patch is great, if I do say so myself.. Already cranked down some baddies on host7 and host8 :)
17:31adamg I am hitting the swap hard
17:32@caker not as far as the host can tell (which is good)
17:32adamg yeah
17:33adamg using about 120 meg swap
17:33adamg been running vmstat solid for about 3 days, intresting to see what is going on
17:33@caker a lot in swap can be just fine --- it's only when thrashing it in and out does the host take a hit
17:34@caker vmstat++
17:34adamg just shows I need more ram
17:35--- <<-- jake [~jake@] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:37* BB looks at caker and wonders who was a baddie on host8
17:37adamg well the month ends in 2 days
17:37adamg so caker when are we getting 2.6 on the host
17:37@caker BB: not you :)
17:38BB caker heh
17:39@caker adamg: Right. 2.6 on the host isn't as much of a priority now that I have a this method to place limits on i/o per UML
17:39* EFudd notes host6 people are all pretty polite !
17:39@caker adamg: so I might delay the reboots
17:41adamg is the limiter on all the machines then
17:41@caker It's inside the UML kernel (linode24). So, next time you reboot you'll get it
17:41@caker the defaults are set very high - just there as a break, but I can change it live
17:42* EFudd notes the code doesn't lack
17:42@caker EFudd: thanks :)
17:42@caker <-- c/kernel newb
17:43EFudd it's a pretty good method.
17:43@caker But, I've stared at the UML code for over a year now
17:43EFudd aye. that helps a ton.
17:44BB caker is port 3128 blocked?
17:45@caker BB: at ThePlanet? hrm - it's not on my list .. lemme check from the host
17:45BB i think it is as it drops 2 hops before but 3129 works
17:46@caker BB: if this is your Linode, I can't find either ports open
17:46@caker (from the host)
17:46BB i just moved it to 3129
17:46BB i'l put it back on 3128
17:47BB its back listening on 3128 now
17:47@caker ok, from host8 it sees it (now trying from here)
17:47@caker 3128/tcp filtered squid-http
17:47@caker looks that way
17:47@caker are you ok running it on a different port?
17:47BB yeah
17:47@caker cool
17:48BB its just i looked on the list and ran it ;), then wondered why i couldnt connect heh
18:02* adamg looks thought cakers pics
18:03--- <<-- emcnabb [] has quit (Quit: Goodbye cruel Stuart)
18:08EFudd debian makes me cry.
18:09CaptSwaggerPa| directly after it violates your body I presume?
18:09* EFudd nods
18:09EFudd you've apparently had the same problem :/
18:09CaptSwaggerPa| No. But I imagine that Debian is such a manly distro that that would be how it does things.
18:09EFudd Ah ha.
18:10CaptSwaggerPa| in most cases debian seems to do the right thing imo
18:11EFudd no, it does.
18:11EFudd The best way i can describe it is this: "every time i type apt-cache install and apt-get search i am sad."
18:11EFudd sure, i could alias my way around those issues....
18:12CaptSwaggerPa| haha
18:12--- <<-- Newsome [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:12adamg your bikes caker
18:12CaptSwaggerPa| ym that you don't know how to type
18:12@caker the one on the left is
18:12CaptSwaggerPa| it's like when I type "grep 'foo'" and then nothing happens for a long time
18:13@caker that's about 300 miles from Nashville
18:13* EFudd nods
18:13@caker near NC/TN border
18:13EFudd mmmm deals gap
18:13@caker oh yeah!
18:13EFudd i didn't drive the gap, but i drove some other equally fun roads with my first z06 :)
18:13@caker nice
18:13EFudd enough to make my sister physically sick :)
18:14@caker DG is insane
18:14EFudd (and refused to ride back home with me)
18:14EFudd Yeah.. it was kinda outta my way when i was last there
18:14@caker The rumor goes, when they made the road, they got paid by the amount of pavement they laid, rather than time/distance/etc .. 319 turns in 11 miles
18:15EFudd I generally get the insanity part correct, but am often off a little on the exacts. i think i last claimed 311 turns 13 miles
18:15@caker What is Deal's Gap? It's the Dragon's lair of 318 turns in 11 miles. --
18:15@caker I win
18:16@caker EFudd: :-p
18:16EFudd heh :)
18:16@caker and probably 319 wrecks each year
18:16@caker and a death every weekend or so
18:16--- <<-- Sh8d0w [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:16EFudd but if yer crazy enough to try
18:17EFudd best video is minibike one tho :)
18:17@caker hell yeah
18:17@caker The guy who owned that old BMW in that picture, took me on my first motorcycle trip to Deal's Gap, probably only after I owned the bike for like a month :)
18:18@caker (I rode dirt-bikes as a kid/teen)
18:18* eurozip rides every day
18:18@caker BMW riders are more elitist than Harley riders
18:18@caker which I was suprised to discover
18:18eurozip harley riders kick ass
18:18eurozip heh
18:20@caker <-- stud
18:39--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
19:02--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:05--- ---> You_Wish [] has joined #linode
19:06--- <<-- You_Wish [] has quit (Quit: )
19:07@mikegrb caker: that's a pretty spiffy picture
19:07@mikegrb where is that at?
19:07@mikegrb (other then that guy on the left)
19:10chris Which is caker?
19:12@mikegrb on left
19:12@mikegrb the guy with long hair
19:13--- ---> inkblot [] has joined #linode
19:16* EFudd begins stage1 bootstrap
19:17* mikegrb bootstraps emcnabb
19:17--- ---> wazdog [] has joined #linode
19:17@mikegrb er EFudd
19:17inkblot doot doot dooooooooooo
19:17--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o inkblot] by ChanServ
19:17* EFudd looks at mike again
19:17@mikegrb ;)
19:18EFudd friends don't let friends use nick completion.
19:18@mikegrb :<
19:18* mikegrb can't be arsed to type nicks out
19:20EFudd that's why you should just calle veryone fucktard :)
19:20chris He'd still have to type that out
19:21EFudd it's implied.
19:21@mikegrb ;)
19:21--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:23--- ---> adamg [] has joined #linode
19:32--- ---> screen [] has joined #linode
19:39* EFudd begins to injure gcc+gentoo
19:40--- ---> You_Wish [] has joined #linode
20:02--- ---> umluser [~d0c9fe10@] has joined #linode
20:03adamg hi umluser
20:05umluser hey there
20:05umluser This service looks pretty cool
20:05@inkblot it keeps my plants alive
20:06umluser cant ask for much more
20:06@mikegrb you too? spif
20:06umluser has it been around for a while?
20:06@inkblot almost a year
20:06umluser :}
20:08umluser do the servers get "loady", like some shared services?
20:08@inkblot if by "loady" you mean "oversold", then no
20:09@inkblot there are some i/o contention issues which are being worked on
20:09umluser :}
20:09@inkblot the host resources are never oversold, though
20:10umluser that is good
20:12umluser l8te
20:12@mikegrb inkblot: apache broke my linode
20:12@mikegrb inkblot: host was on 2.6 so everything was good :D
20:12@guinea-dead haha
20:13@guinea-dead oh right. reload vs. restart.
20:13@inkblot mikegrb, ?
20:13@inkblot how did apache break your linode?
20:13@mikegrb I helped it ;)
20:13@mikegrb added a BindAddress directive and did reload
20:14@mikegrb it needed restart I guess
20:14@mikegrb took up all ram and swap
20:14@guinea-dead hehe
20:14@inkblot ha ha
20:25--- User: *** guinea-dead is now known as guinea-pig
20:27--- <<-- umluser [~d0c9fe10@] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
20:27--- <<-- inkblot [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:29--- ---> inkblot [] has joined #linode
20:30--- ---> qaz [] has joined #linode
20:30qaz anything up with host17?
20:46--- ---> schweeb [] has joined #linode
20:51--- <<-- inkblot [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
21:04@caker qaz: let me check
21:05@caker qaz: seems ok
21:09@mikegrb obviously you are not checking the right things then caker
21:09@mikegrb caker: I tried to malloc 10GB of ram and got an error, what's wrong?
21:10* EFudd snicker
21:12@caker ./eatmem 20000 loop &
21:12@caker run about 5 of those :)
21:12@caker that's one of the things I used to test the limiter
21:13EFudd omg
21:14EFudd space that code out
21:14EFudd :P
21:14@caker I nabbed it from some place, and don't really care :)
21:14EFudd it hurts my left liver to read.
21:14@caker aren't there code beautifiers?
21:14EFudd yeah :P
21:42--- ---> sjansen [~sjansen@] has joined #linode
21:42--- <<-- sjansen [~sjansen@] has quit (Quit: )
21:47@caker uh oh - Rus from JVDS purchased a Linode for a backup server :)
21:48@guinea-pig haha
21:49@mikegrb :O
21:49@mikegrb "Linode, so wonderful even JVDS uses it."
21:49@caker "Linode - even the competition uses us"
21:49@caker hehe
21:50SupaDongzu "Linode: We're Cute!"
21:50vitrum caker: kinda amusing i read a post by him on their own forum admitting that their control panel isn't as good as yours :) caker++
21:50@guinea-pig SupaDongzu++
21:50@caker When I first launched, he bugged me forever to resell my CP
21:50@mikegrb SupaDongzu: omg you are sooo cute
21:50@guinea-pig haha
21:51@mikegrb vitrum: heh
21:51@guinea-pig caker: your CP rocks.
21:51@caker it's ok
21:51@guinea-pig now if only i didn't hate the term "CP"
21:51@caker yeah .. not many people know what LPM is
21:51@guinea-pig associate it with that other operating system
21:51--- ---> mattcowger [] has joined #linode
21:51@caker Hello matt
21:52mattcowger Hi
21:52@guinea-pig i'm afraid i can't quiet figure LPM out
21:52@guinea-pig quite
21:52@caker mattcowger: if arp -n shows a MAC address starting with FF: or FE:, lemme know
21:52@caker mattcowger: (for any of the x.x.x.1 addresses)
21:53@caker Linode Platform Manager
21:53mattcowger So,, at home, from my cable connection, I can get to my linode.just fine, but not from a shell account at my university.
21:53mattcowger onlything in my arp tables is:
21:53mattcowger ( at 00:30:71:F0:1C:55 [ether] on eth0
21:53@caker that looks correct.
21:54mattcowger strange....all of a sudden it appears to have corrected itself...i can get in now
21:55mattcowger very weird that from one site I can do a sull traceroute, but from another, I cant
21:55@guinea-pig the second site may be blocking certain things?
21:56mattcowger no, its happening after it gets to he:
21:56mattcowger > traceroute -n
21:56mattcowger traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
21:56mattcowger 1 0.427 ms 0.387 ms 0.374 ms
21:56mattcowger 2 2.831 ms 3.076 ms 1.814 ms
21:56mattcowger 3 3.877 ms 3.034 ms 3.283 ms
21:56mattcowger 4 3.079 ms 5.289 ms 2.614 ms
21:56mattcowger 5 10.479 ms 7.861 ms 7.508 ms
21:56mattcowger 6 24.233 ms 21.373 ms 24.033 ms
21:56mattcowger 7 21.733 ms 21.958 ms 25.596 ms
21:56mattcowger 8 26.679 ms 31.348 ms 24.596 ms
21:56mattcowger 9 28.157 ms 24.977 ms 25.256 ms
21:56mattcowger 10 28.505 ms 25.705 ms 26.337 ms
21:56mattcowger 11 26.964 ms 28.664 ms 26.526 ms
21:56mattcowger 12 * * *
21:56mattcowger 13 * * *
21:56mattcowger 14 * * *
21:56mattcowger 15 * * *
21:56mattcowger 16 * * *
21:56mattcowger 17 * *^C
21:56mattcowger sorry for the flood
21:56mattcowger didnt realize it would do it like that
21:56mattcowger and from the site that works:
21:56mattcowger Tracing route to []
21:56mattcowger over a maximum of 30 hops:
21:56mattcowger 1 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
21:56mattcowger 2 1 ms 3 ms 1 ms
21:56mattcowger 3 * * * Request timed out.
21:56mattcowger 4 61 ms 12 ms 8 ms
21:56mattcowger 5 22 ms 9 ms 9 ms
21:56mattcowger 6 24 ms 11 ms 11 ms
21:57mattcowger 7 13 ms 13 ms 12 ms []
21:57mattcowger 8 30 ms 28 ms 28 ms []
21:57mattcowger 9 28 ms 25 ms 26 ms []
21:57mattcowger 10 38 ms 35 ms 39 ms
21:57mattcowger 11 28 ms 28 ms 42 ms [64.200.150.
21:57mattcowger 06]
21:57mattcowger 12 39 ms 38 ms 37 ms []
21:57mattcowger 13 44 ms 41 ms 40 ms []
21:57mattcowger 14 42 ms 43 ms 41 ms []
21:57mattcowger Trace complete.
21:57@guinea-pig it would seem it's your own linode that's doing it, then
21:57mattcowger i have no filters on it at all.
21:58@guinea-pig ecn?
21:58@caker it's not compiled in anymore
21:58@guinea-pig no, that's not the one, is it?
21:59@guinea-pig caker: since when?
21:59@caker guinea-pig: ages ago
21:59@guinea-pig i've got a /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn on 2.4.25-linode23-1um
21:59@caker October :)
21:59@caker guinea-pig: !
21:59@caker what's inside?
21:59@guinea-pig 0
22:00@caker good
22:00@guinea-pig it defaults to 0
22:00@guinea-pig it's *supposed* to, anyway
22:00@caker I guess that's the .config option then
22:00@caker and it defaults to ON
22:00@guinea-pig ?!
22:00@caker yup
22:00@caker pretty sure
22:01@guinea-pig i'm thinking of something else, then
22:01@guinea-pig perhaps
22:01@caker ECN would have done weird things like this
22:01@guinea-pig oh i've got that entry on another box with that option disabled
22:02@guinea-pig i was thinking of syncookies, perhaps
22:02@guinea-pig that defaults to 0
22:02* EFudd heh
22:02EFudd mods in #gentoo on just yeled at me for defining BOFH since it included "bastard"
22:03@guinea-pig did you LART them?
22:03EFudd I tried.
22:03EFudd It failed.
22:03EFudd I cried.
22:03SupaDongzu lolz
22:03EFudd luser says "my ssh is still logged in."
22:03EFudd luser1 goes "kill sshd"
22:04EFudd luser2 goes "remove sshd from startup
22:04EFudd "
22:04EFudd luser3 goes ...
22:04EFudd I go "Uh, you have a borked utmp entry."
22:04SupaDongzu luser4 goes "kill init"
22:04EFudd i then tried in vain to explain utmp
22:04SupaDongzu luser4 goes "rm -rf .*
22:04EFudd I also tried "er, you want the BOFH fix?"
22:04EFudd .. received yes
22:05SupaDongzu ha ha gentoo
22:05EFudd I go: :>/var/run/utmp
22:05EFudd luser goes "it's not writable."
22:05SupaDongzu hahaha
22:05EFudd I cry. really.
22:05--- User: *** guinea-pig is now known as guinea-sleep
22:05EFudd Is it wrong of me to want to throw things at people when they ask a question? :)
22:06--- <--- mattcowger [] has left #linode ()
22:13* caker notes EFudd just opened a shell
22:15EFudd lol
22:15EFudd :)
22:16@caker doesn't that just make you angry?
22:16@guinea-sleep | yes
22:16@caker gp: thought so
22:16@guinea-sleep | EFudd: close that shell and go to your room
22:16EFudd !
22:17@guinea-sleep | caker: i have no doubt you can spy on us and see what we're doing
22:17@guinea-sleep | i do however trust you, and please don't do that again
22:17@guinea-sleep | :)
22:17@caker guinea-sleep: I know because of another reason - he hits a web page in his .bashrc or whatever
22:17@guinea-sleep | or i'll have to stop reading porn on my linode
22:17EFudd caker is always net.following me
22:18EFudd i need to make that thing caching... :)
22:18@caker otherwise, I don't care what you do with your Linodes
22:18@caker I have more interesting things to worry about :-)
22:18* EFudd perldoc -f stat
22:18@caker like my porn collection
22:19@caker tough crowd
22:19* EFudd recomments :)
22:19@tjfontaine next time /me wont follow efudd links
22:19EFudd lol :)
22:20EFudd the subject had changed to pr0n tho
22:20@tjfontaine heh so?!
22:20@mikegrb diff is original new or other way around?
22:20@tjfontaine I believe new original
22:20* mikegrb <3 cvs diff -u foo
22:20@mikegrb okie
22:21EFudd -/bin/bash: ci: command not found
22:21EFudd bonk
22:21@caker diff old new
22:21@tjfontaine hmm
22:21@mikegrb danke
22:21@tjfontaine I thought it was counter intuitive... oh well
22:21@tjfontaine I trust caker
22:21@caker wait
22:21@mikegrb tjfontaine--
22:21@mikegrb oh?
22:21@mikegrb tjfontaine++
22:21@mikegrb the man page is amazingly helpful
22:21@tjfontaine heh
22:21@caker diff -aur -X diff-exclude linode23/arch/um/ linode23-limiter/arch/um/ | grep -v ^Only > tb_limiter-v1.patch
22:22@tjfontaine old new?
22:22@caker yup
22:22@tjfontaine k
22:22@tjfontaine I stand corrected
22:22@mikegrb heh thanks
22:22EFudd bah. rm -rf old && cp -r new old !
22:22@mikegrb I just tried it too
22:22@tjfontaine tjfontaine--
22:22EFudd cvs is for lamers!
22:22* mikegrb checks EFudd into cvs
22:22* EFudd compiles cvs :)
22:22* tjfontaine svn's efudd
22:23EFudd 22:22 [msg(tjfontaine)] RST
22:23@tjfontaine heh
22:23EFudd i hax your fibrechannel and eyePee in One Command !
22:23@tjfontaine lol
22:28EFudd my perlfoo is worse than *
22:28--- <<-- You_Wish [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:36@tjfontaine my reallifefoo < *
22:50SupaDongzu ha ha perlfoo
22:50SupaDongzu perl-fu
22:50@caker heh
22:51SupaDongzu you are perl-ho, but you are not perl-fu
22:51@caker Kung Foo
22:51SupaDongzu Gung Foo
22:51SupaDongzu I love how we spell it "kung-fu" but "gung-ho"
22:51SupaDongzu when it's the same root word
22:52* caker didn't know that
22:52SupaDongzu have some cake
22:52@caker gung-ho -- good movie
22:52SupaDongzu also, "kung-fu" can be used to mean like "the bee's knees"
22:52SupaDongzu like, you're good, but you're not kung-fu
22:52@guinea-sleep | silly dongzu, bees don't have knees!
22:55* SupaDongzu delivers a karate chop to guinea-sleep's thorax
22:55EFudd h8
22:55EFudd perl
22:56SupaDongzu EFudd: apt-get install python
22:56EFudd :)
22:56SupaDongzu :D
22:56EFudd h8 debian !
22:56SupaDongzu sudo emerge plt-scheme
22:56EFudd lol :)
22:57EFudd this is scary...... that you know these things.
22:57SupaDongzu Keep yer pants on, big boy. I been around the block y'know.
22:57EFudd :)
23:16--- ---> dreadbeat [] has joined #linode
23:25@caker ^ the next Linode host servers
23:25EFudd High Bidderbuyingitall
23:25EFudd heh
23:25EFudd so caker, i should only beat on your server once/hour max now
23:26EFudd despite the 8000 hits i just did testing this :P
23:26@caker use an env var?
23:26EFudd $myLastState = "/home/jason/.bw_state";
23:26@caker ahh, and a timestamp?
23:26EFudd if ( time() - (stat($myLastState))[9] > $maxTime ) {
23:27EFudd .bw_state is just the xml dump which if i'm not updating due to that if, i read and parse.
23:27EFudd I also feel very dirty for using perl more.
23:28@caker Why?
23:28@guinea-sleep | haha. $111 for 31 pallets of hardware? it'd cost 5x that much to throw it away
23:28@caker guinea-sleep: exactly
23:28EFudd well, the fact that you can do something in perl 80 different ways makes me cringe :)
23:28@guinea-sleep | they should DONATE it to
23:28@guinea-sleep | (friends of mine in orgeon :P)
23:30@caker sick
23:30EFudd that looks like our storage area out back
23:30EFudd :=)
23:30EFudd but more organized :)
23:32ElectricElf (drool*
23:32ElectricElf I see spare parts!
23:33ElectricElf I bet they've got some decent monitors and keyboards in there.
23:33ElectricElf Maybe some good line printers as well.
23:35@caker why would metro have that?
23:35@caker a freaking banshee
23:36ElectricElf Rescue operations?
23:36ElectricElf Ah, "Vice Unit"
23:36ElectricElf Law enforcement then. Makes sense.
23:36@caker I see
23:55@caker heh - there's also one about the earth being round, or something
23:55--- <--- UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
23:55--- ---> UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has joined #linode
23:55EFudd yah. spinning left vs right in one of their programs
23:55@caker that's it
23:57@caker wow
23:57@caker right from
23:57* EFudd nods :)
23:57@caker That's too funny
---Logclosed Tue Mar 30 00:00:02 2004