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#linode IRC Logs for 2004-03-30

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00:00@caker nice photography on his site
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00:13EFudd interesting
00:14EFudd filetype:cfm, pl, etc. :)
00:16EFudd 23:29 <@Menno> I'm a hater
00:16EFudd 23:29 <@Menno> Every morning I start my day off with a glass of hatorade
00:35EFudd !!! hahah
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02:37* caker tiobench's host20
02:49BB morn
05:13adamg morning all
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13:09sun_music caker ?
13:09sun_music you here ?
13:20sjansen sighup: ping caker
13:20sighup caker: ping! ping! ping!
13:20sighup caker was last seen on #linode 10 hours, 43 minutes and 49 seconds ago, saying: tiobench's host20 [1080632230]
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13:23Redgore heya guys
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13:29adamg hmm
13:30sun_music caker?
13:30adamg sighup seen caker
13:30sighup caker was last seen on #linode 10 hours, 53 minutes and 25 seconds ago, saying: tiobench's host20 [1080632230]
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13:33@mikegrb adamg: we need a reverse seen
13:33@mikegrb adamg: ie "sighup asked for caker?"
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13:38* EFudd hmmms
13:39Redgore the site says you accept Visa does that include Visa Electron ?
13:45probonic Redgore: I doubt it
13:45probonic Redgore: Although having said that I may be wrong - seem to remember people being able to use VE's as normal Visa's
13:46Redgore will be worth a try then
13:46* adamg waits for his mail queue to flush through
13:47adamg Redgore: the easiest thing to do is try
13:47adamg and email caker as well
13:47Redgore its one of those odd cards
13:47adamg I can remeber if it is a uk only card or not
13:48adamg if it is uk only it wont accept it
13:48probonic I know there's Electron in other EU countries
13:48adamg same as switch and solo arnt accepted
13:48probonic i think they have it in Spain
13:48probonic yeah but I do remember Electron was a bit of a special case
13:49probonic but like adamg said, Redgore, give it a try
13:49adamg I know that under my UK merchant accounts it is listed seperatly
13:50probonic I wish non-UK companies could accept UK debit cards :-(
13:50probonic It's a pain in the arse having to use credit cards sometimes
13:50adamg they should be able to soon
13:50adamg since switch and solo are disappearing
13:50adamg changing into delta I think
13:51adamg it is strange as switch and solo are owned by mastercard and use the same clearing network
13:52Redgore t electron cards are also odd in that the issuing bank can deny its use online even for sites that accept it as a whole
13:52Redgore I dont believe they can do that for solo and switch
13:53adamg they can do it for any card, as long as the issuing banks system can set it up, the clearing networks support it
13:56sun_music adamg, what's caker e-mail ?
13:56adamg it is on the website
14:04@caker hey guys
14:05BB yo caker
14:05sun_music hello caker
14:05sun_music I have ordered a 64 MB Linode
14:06@caker sun_music: username?
14:07sun_music my name is : Tunay Ko\xE7
14:07sun_music himm, my username was tunay
14:07probonic adamg: So can companies who can take normal Visa credit cards also take Visa Delta debit cards then?
14:10eurozip anyone know how to clear all of exim's frozen messages?
14:10eurozip ver 3.x
14:10@caker sun_music: all set - thanks
14:11sun_music caker, Thank you very mcuh
14:11sun_music *much
14:11CaptSwaggerPa| eurozip: mailq |
14:11CaptSwaggerPa| awk 'BEGIN { RS="" } $6 == "frozen" { print $3 }' |
14:11CaptSwaggerPa| xargs -r sudo exim -Mrm
14:11CaptSwaggerPa| erm
14:12CaptSwaggerPa| adjust according to your set up
14:12eurozip thx
14:12sun_music My friend suggested you.
14:12sun_music He said that You were the best !
14:13eurozip capt, how would I delete all msgs from the mailq?
14:14CaptSwaggerPa| in the awk line take out '$6 == "frozen"'
14:14EFudd tunay, linode isn't bad!
14:14sun_music i did not say "bad".
14:14EFudd i know !
14:15EFudd linode is very good! i was agreeing. English is very poor.
14:16sun_music caker, i ordered some extra services for my server, will it show in my statement next month, or this month ?
14:17EFudd ROTFL. "Windows is unable to open .PST. Would you like to use the Web to find out what program can open this?"
14:18@caker sun_music: in this one, most likely
14:18EFudd mind you, it's *clearly* marked in the UI as "Office Data File" with the "outlook" icon :)
14:18sun_music ok thank you very much
14:19eurozip Message 1B8Dip-0005F6-00 is locked
14:19sun_music it is very cool that we can install a dist anytime we want ;9
14:19eurozip how can I remove that one?
14:19sun_music ;)
14:20eurozip log says spool file is locked, another process in handling this message
14:20sun_music caker, last question do you allow IRCD hosting ?
14:20@caker sun_music: yes, that's fine :)
14:20* EFudd gets scared
14:21@caker sun_music: aren't you glad you asked now that you've already bought it? :)
14:21EFudd ow. i bit my tongue.
14:21sun_music no no
14:21sun_music if you allow , i will run
14:22sun_music or you dont , i wont :)
14:22sun_music I always obey the rules
14:22sun_music ;0
14:22* EFudd mourns
14:23BB EFudd your tongue is now R.I.P. ?
14:23EFudd RIPP.
14:24CaptSwaggerPa| eurozip: no clue
14:26sun_music how can i mount new driver ?
14:31Redgore well Ive signed up
14:32Redgore and its been paid
14:32Redgore what next ?
14:32BB jump for joy
14:32@caker now I activate
14:32@caker now you login :)
14:32@caker Redgore: thanks :)
14:32Tenkawa heya caker whats new?
14:32Redgore username is martlev
14:33@caker Tenkawa: same old :)
14:33Tenkawa heheheh
14:33Tenkawa my cpu's will be here today *yay*
14:33sun_music caker, when will we able to install FreeBSD ?
14:33@caker sun_music: never -- this is Linux based
14:34sun_music sorry sorry
14:34@caker no probn
14:34sun_music my mistake :)
14:34Redgore they need to make umbsd
14:36jax you can be the project leader
14:37* Redgore laughs
14:37Redgore can hardly manage my own projects let alone something that would need a team of about 20
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15:12* EFudd kicks mikegrb
15:12@mikegrb :<
15:12@mikegrb what was that fore
15:12EFudd Take that!
15:12@mikegrb oh
15:12@mikegrb heh
15:12EFudd edit it.
15:12@mikegrb thanks
15:12EFudd obvious places.
15:12@mikegrb aye
15:12EFudd does caching
15:12EFudd saves to $HOME/.bw_state
15:12--- <<-- eurozip [~zip@] has quit (Read error: No route to host)
15:13@mikegrb I will have a system cache file ;)
15:13EFudd 1hr default refresh max
15:13@mikegrb I'll edit that
15:13@mikegrb that way oftc user can check
15:13EFudd *AND* it has a l33t $Id$ tag now
15:13@mikegrb and another friend who uses bittorrent some
15:13@mikegrb heheh
15:14EFudd in fact, if you point it to /dev/null, it'll always query new. built in functionality i didn't try for!
15:14* EFudd stops kicking mikegrb
15:15Redgore what config tool does the debian install have ?
15:15@mikegrb ;)
15:15EFudd Any idea what $|++; actually sets?
15:15chris Makes $l = $l + 1
15:15@inkblot it sets you up the bomb
15:15@inkblot chris, pipe not l
15:16EFudd No. It's setting some parsing option in perl.. probably in perlvars
15:16CaptSwaggerPa| the IO bomb
15:16EFudd doing a code review. i'll look it up :P
15:16CaptSwaggerPa| it's IO flushing
15:16EFudd gracias
15:16chris oh, it's a pipe
15:16EFudd no buffering on io
15:16@mikegrb flsuhing yes
15:16@inkblot $| If set to nonzero, forces a flush right away and after every write or print on the currently selected out-
15:16@mikegrb sorry other window I was in
15:16@inkblot put channel.
15:16@inkblot man perlvar
15:17EFudd -nods-
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15:17EFudd I kinda like how perl is becoming more OO
15:17@inkblot t/hee
15:18EFudd my($header)=$$data=~m/^(.+?)(\n|\cM\cJ){2}.+/ms;
15:18EFudd That still makes my head hurt tho. :P
15:19@inkblot while ! ping -c 1 > /dev/null; do clear; figlet no; sleep 5; done; clear; figlet yes; sudo ifdown ppp0; sudo ifdown eth1; sudo ifup eth1
15:19@inkblot ^-- how does that make your head feel?
15:19EFudd that's painless.
15:19@inkblot excellent
15:19EFudd kinda crazy. but painless.
15:20BB hmmm i have 1 day to use 10G
15:20* EFudd has 1 day to use 62GB
15:20EFudd -sigh- !
15:20BB lets go ! lol
15:20EFudd scratch that. 90GB.
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15:21EFudd : idle : 131 hours 6 mins 59 secs (signon: Thu Mar 25 04:14:12 2004)
15:22@inkblot nuthin
15:22@inkblot i'm on dialup, though
15:25Tenkawa darnit I want to go home so I cvan hook up the new cpu's
15:25* EFudd takes a couple of moments to /mourn
15:25EFudd, you will be missed!
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15:27EFudd linode avail
15:27EFudd sighup: linode avail
15:27sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 5] [Linode 96: 6] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
15:27* EFudd frees up a li-96
15:28Tenkawa why going away?
15:28EFudd Mem: 188144k total, 183400k used, 4744k free, 19160k buffers
15:28EFudd Swap: 263160k total, 76340k used, 186820k free, 30716k cached
15:28EFudd -ponders-
15:29EFudd tenk, I have a -192 and a -96. i'm getting rid of the -96 and moving my secondary functions to friends machines for $$ savings. :P
15:29Tenkawa ahhhhh
15:29Tenkawa so the domain will still exist right?
15:29EFudd oh yes. :)
15:30EFudd i have,com,edu,etc. it's staying. :P
15:30Tenkawa good
15:30BB wow - did you get drunk ? (i normaly find thats when i have bright ideas and buy domain names)
15:30chris Tenkawa: Check your aim once in a while
15:30EFudd is older tho.
15:30Tenkawa chris: I do
15:30EFudd BB, no. I've had since 97. and since 96.. my older hosts got stolen a few years ago.
15:31EFudd back in 'teh day' you didn't have to pay in advance for domain registrations. :)
15:31BB EFudd awe, i was hoping to find anothe rlike me with loads of domains and no uses for them
15:31EFudd well, I have my fair share. :)
15:31EFudd i currently only hold 15 domains
15:31BB heh my first was in 99 i think, we got DoS'd bigtime was great fun
15:32EFudd i will be letting a few of them expire tho
15:32BB i let about 10 expire per year, but i still keep getting drunk and registering them
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15:34BB I have 55 info/com/net/org's
15:34BB and um 6 .uk's
15:34chris and I have better things to do with my money
15:34BB heh yeah well i dont think of that at the time
15:34Redgore_ I have a .org and a .com
15:35Redgore_ the .org is for a client, the .com for me
15:35--- User: *** Redgore_ is now known as Redgore
15:36* BB is a domain addict
15:36@inkblot i have 4 domains
15:36@inkblot 1 .com, 1 .net, 1 .org, and 1 .cx
15:36@inkblot That is all.
15:36EFudd .cx was $$ tho rite?
15:37@inkblot 45
15:37BB oh i have a .cx too :)
15:37BB roxors
15:37BB heh
15:38BB um and i have
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15:42@caker < EFudd> back in 'teh day' you didn't have to pay in advance for domain registrations. :)
15:42@caker I had *hundreds* of domains
15:42@caker tried to ebay them, nothing ever panned out :)
15:43@caker I remember making a little web form that sent the email template for me
15:43@caker BB: you need to become your own registrar!
15:44BB caker i deal direct with nominet and use bulkregister for the rest heh
15:51EFudd caker, ha. I had an irc alias /register :)
15:51EFudd my father used to bulk forward me NetSol bills
15:51EFudd they'd arrive 20+ at a time :)
15:53@caker exactly
15:53@inkblot Registrant:
15:53@inkblot Bronson K. Edwards University
15:53@inkblot cute
15:53EFudd the fokker who owns can suckadiq too. (my original 1994 domain. hijacked)
15:53EFudd inkblot, /nods :) and now grandfatherd.
15:55@inkblot what do you have to do to get a .edu domain?
15:55EFudd You can't anymore.
15:55@inkblot oh
15:56EFudd it used to be managed by netsol.....
15:56EFudd so it was just social engineering.
15:56@inkblot i see
15:56@inkblot so it's highly unlikely that anyone will ever register, then
15:56EFudd when educause took over, they setup new rules (well, enforced the old ones) and made a decision to grandfather the old ones "for now"
15:56EFudd it's possible i'll lose it eventually
15:57@inkblot i suppose i could found a school
15:57@inkblot that seems like an aweful lot of work just to get a .edu domain, though
15:57BB but its a geek thing ... well not the work part
15:59chris caker: I can't remember, is all billing on the 1st?
15:59@caker chris: yes
15:59chris So does that mean it'll process 1st at midnight or midnight of the 2nd?
16:00@caker It's 6:00 AM on the 1st
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16:00* chris checks his bank
16:00adamg probonic: sorry was away, yes
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16:04EFudd inkblot, getting a .edu used to be "something really cool" to do., etc. all of those but 3sheep are gone tho
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16:36eurozip I changed root shell to bash, but forget to change /sbin to /bin so now when I try to login I get no shell, this is on a solaris box, serial console and root is the only user
16:36eurozip any ideas?
16:36EFudd cdboot
16:37eurozip which cd?
16:37EFudd the solaris OS cd to boot into install
16:37EFudd and mount filesystem
16:37eurozip ok, I can get to a "rescue" shell from there
16:37eurozip then just mount and change
16:37EFudd ayup
16:37EFudd dont' change root shell
16:38EFudd :)
16:38eurozip solaris 8 installation, 2/02
16:38EFudd you realize that bash in /bin isn't static?
16:38eurozip any idea how to boot from cd with alom?
16:38EFudd alom?
16:38EFudd " a lom " ?
16:39EFudd as in the LOM?
16:39eurozip yea
16:39EFudd console
16:39EFudd :)
16:39EFudd LOM is underneath OBP
16:39EFudd #.
16:39EFudd break
16:39EFudd console
16:39EFudd boot cdrom
16:40eurozip thx
16:41--- <<-- jake [~jake@] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:41eurozip enter filename [kernel/sparcv9/unix]:
16:42EFudd dude. pretend you are starting an install
16:42EFudd open a shell
16:42eurozip never installed solaris
16:44--- <<-- emcnabb [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:44--- <<-- Redgore [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:44eurozip boot cdrom -s
16:53eurozip I enter /platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix
16:53eurozip it loads the kernel, then I get a cpu/$CPU error
16:53eurozip default modules location
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16:56--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
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16:59adamg anyone used thttpd before
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17:08@mikegrb omg question
17:08BB demon have, but i aint ;)
17:08@mikegrb how to be making it so a user can su to another user with sudo
17:09jax su <username>
17:09jax and enter password
17:10--- <<-- jax [~stbe@136-218-pool1.P-POOL.MARIST.EDU] has quit (Quit: cd ~)
17:11eurozip seems this solaris cd is for older hardware
17:11eurozip and won't boot, any ideas EFudd
17:13@caker host20 has left the building
17:25EFudd next time don't do that?
17:25EFudd changing root shell == bad
17:25EFudd seems to be a linux habit or something
17:26EFudd rephrase. changing root shell when you aren't quite sure how it all works == bad. which means, files necessary to allow login *PLUS* repercussions from system failure with a non static root shell
17:26EFudd /sbin doesn't mean "super use bin"
17:26EFudd it means "static binaries"
17:27@tjfontaine oh the network that qwest runs, is the suck, is the suck
17:27@tjfontaine everyone sing along
17:27EFudd la la la
17:30eurozip I need solaris 8 12/02
17:30eurozip this wont boot
17:31eurozip EFudd, that is only if /usr/lib is another partition
17:31eurozip disk failure...
17:31eurozip but solaris 10 that changes, no static libs
17:31EFudd or failure of /usr/lib
17:31EFudd :)
17:31EFudd or failure of libs in /usr/lib on the same partition
17:31EFudd or
17:31EFudd or
17:31eurozip I have solaris 02/02
17:31EFudd or
17:31--- !!!! EFudd was kicked from #linode by scatterbrain (3 repeats in 320 miliseconds of 500 ms.)
17:31eurozip heh
17:31--- ---> EFudd [] has joined #linode
17:31eurozip any idea?
17:31EFudd ok. fuck that bot
17:32eurozip well, any idea how to do it other then the cd
17:32EFudd no. you should be able to boot that other stuff. or from your installation media
17:32EFudd nope.
17:32eurozip I got no cd's with it, I only have an older version of solaris
17:32EFudd well yeah, netboot, etc. but alas.
17:32eurozip don't have another box like this one to slide the drive into, so...
17:33EFudd can you sudo? :)
17:33eurozip no other user on the system
17:33eurozip heh
17:33EFudd in the future, don't change root shell on nonlinsux systems
17:33EFudd :-)
17:33EFudd if you MUST, test+exec
17:33eurozip vipw :)
17:34eurozip I wouldn't have this problem if...
17:34EFudd ... you hadn't changed the root shell
17:34eurozip I am just gonna order solaris 9
17:34EFudd sorry, i'm a stickler for that point.
17:34EFudd :)
17:35eurozip just put linux on it :)
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17:37eurozip to bad our application only supports rh as2 and suse :(
17:37@caker eurozip: why?
17:37@caker eurozip: like where the init scripts are, and whatnot?
17:37eurozip well, it will but no support
17:38eurozip I have a test version running on debian woody
17:38eurozip heh
17:38eurozip trying to get them to support it
17:39eurozip it is just java
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17:44--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o inkblot] by ChanServ
17:54--- ---> dreadbeat [] has joined #linode
17:54dreadbeat ok, i need some help :\
17:54dreadbeat i cant ssh/telnet/webmin into my box ;P
17:54@inkblot is it running?
17:54limecat is it booted up?
17:54dreadbeat yup
17:55@inkblot can you ping it?
17:55dreadbeat ok, i think it was just taking a while to open sshd or something..
17:55dreadbeat my bad
17:55@inkblot ok then
17:55dreadbeat panic reaction :)
17:56dreadbeat i couldnt ssh in before because i reintalled opensshd, so i rebooted, then thought it still wasnt working :\
17:56@inkblot oh
17:59--- <<-- dreadbeat [] has quit (Quit: )
18:05adamg caker: so what are you going to do after host21
18:06--- <<-- emcnabb [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:08@caker adamg: I've been working with ThePlanet on a deal for another cabinet, but nothing definitive
18:08--- Netsplit <-> quits: screen, eurozip, Sh8d0w, tinyMan
18:08@caker adamg: and, I think host20 might do it for the power in cab2 at HE
18:08--- Netsplit over, joins: tinyMan, eurozip, Sh8d0w, screen
18:09--- Netsplit <-> quits: chris, mesozoic, pdx6, unixvps, fo0bar, NeXTer, CaptSwaggerPants, david, julia
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: unixvps
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: chris
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: julia, NeXTer
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: pdx6
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: fo0bar
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: CaptSwaggerPants
18:09--- Netsplit over, joins: mesozoic
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18:10adamg ouch, thought you had enough to have host21 in there
18:10adamg so not planning on another dc yet then
18:10@caker host21 would be the 7th server in that cab. It should be ok with 7. Eight worries me
18:11@caker no, I don't want to start with another DC yet, for a few reasons
18:12--- <<-- limecat [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:14* caker completes host21 orders
18:16@caker EFudd: is your ./ script ready for consumption?
18:16EFudd You tell me. :)
18:16@caker I haven't seen it
18:16@caker :)
18:17EFudd i need to change a couple of things like reading $HOME from ENV and modify a default if so.
18:17EFudd can do that tonight.
18:17@caker $kilobyte = 1024; <-- thank you!
18:17EFudd :)
18:18@caker I'm going to post about it on the forums - you can follow up with your script, coo?
18:18EFudd yah. will tonight. will be a few hours.
18:18@caker ok
18:18EFudd post the appropriate "please don't abuse" stuff
18:19@caker right
18:19EFudd i'll follow up with reasonings for why it's written the way it is
18:19@caker we'll see how BOFH.angry it makes me
18:19EFudd okee.
18:19adamg what is this script supposed to do?
18:19EFudd 3/2004 You are currently UNDER your set limit (80%).
18:19EFudd Input Bytes Xfer: 2.75 GiBs
18:19EFudd Otput Bytes Xfer: 10.41 GiBs
18:19EFudd ------------------------
18:19EFudd Total Bytes Xfer: 13.16 GiBs of 75.00 available.
18:20EFudd obviously tabs don't convert to irk well.
18:20--- <<-- Sh8d0w [] has quit (Quit: ...)
18:20adamg that down by lwp to the lpm or via lish
18:21EFudd speshul xml output
18:21EFudd user->ip locked
18:21@caker adamg: wget[linodeUserName] (from one of your Linode's IPs)
18:21adamg yeah I remeber now
18:22EFudd http(s)?
18:22@caker yes
18:22EFudd er...
18:22@caker either
18:22* EFudd using http atm
18:22EFudd oh ok. :)
18:22@caker http is probably preferred, in this case
18:22* EFudd ponders how LWP works with https
18:24@caker LWP::Protocol::https
18:24@caker should work out of box :)
18:25adamg intresting that the output on that is different to that listed in the lpm
18:25EFudd -nods-
18:25EFudd lpm?
18:25@caker adamg: the lpm caches it for a while
18:25@caker adamg: that query in the /bw/ script isn't cached
18:25@caker adamg: thanks for pointing that out
18:25EFudd altho my does cache
18:26adamg how long is it cached for in the lpm
18:26@caker EFudd: lpm =
18:26@mikegrb adamg: three years
18:26EFudd gotcha.
18:27@caker adamg: 2 hours
18:27adamg got that makes sense then
18:27* EFudd caches 1hr
18:27--- ---> shakr` [] has joined #linode
18:28adamg although I dont know how I have used 150 meg in 2 hours
18:28EFudd what would you prefer it default to caker?
18:28@mikegrb EFudd: 6 years
18:28* EFudd pulls out the lawn darts
18:28* EFudd pulls out sharpener
18:28@caker EFudd: that's cool.. I probably won't allow any more than that (after a certain point)
18:28* EFudd will default skript to 7200
18:29EFudd ok. back to poker. :)
18:30SupaDongzu script poker
18:31--- <<-- shakr [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:31adamg an hour should be enough
18:32SupaDongzu by the way, beaujolais to mikegrb for turning me on to rdiff-backup
18:32SupaDongzu it is the justice
18:32@mikegrb aye
18:32@mikegrb rdiff-backup++
18:32adamg there is no reason why anyone would need to check more often than that
18:33--- ---> shakrr [] has joined #linode
18:33--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
18:35--- ---> Tenkawa [] has joined #linode
18:36--- <<-- shakr` [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:37@caker EFudd: the script should output "As of 14:23 Mar 30 you're UNDER your set limit (80%).", with the date from the cache file
18:38Tenkawa wheew
18:38Tenkawa my fans were not healthy
18:38EFudd You gonna make me parse stat time?! :)
18:39EFudd i'm gonna ask folk not to modify $useragent or $maxTime.. on reason of "it allows caker to monitor usage of this"
18:39EFudd that ok?
18:39adamg mean I can set-up some nice scripts, to email at 90% usage etc and parse the data in to a db and get bw usage per day or even per hour
18:39EFudd adam, i think the fear is someone graphing the shit into mrtg or something
18:39adamg I was thinking of doing that
18:40EFudd this should be a "convenience" to not require you to login to the web
18:40EFudd nothing more.
18:40adamg well into rrd, but only once an hour
18:40EFudd doesn't need to be abused.
18:41adamg I wasnt going to do it every 5 mins as that is pointless and stupid
18:42adamg I would also pull it straight from the linode servers using lwp
18:42adamg just use a regex to match the required fields, no need for an xml parser
18:43EFudd $useragent = "BandWidth Snarf v1.5/" . $username;
18:43* EFudd ponder
18:43EFudd parsing XML is > * tho. :)
18:43EFudd XML::LibXML rocks majorly.
18:43--- ---> michael [] has joined #linode
18:43adamg for big files yes, for a 5 line thing
18:43adamg a regex will do
18:47--- User: *** michael is now known as Guest20
18:53--- <<-- emcnabb [] has quit (Quit: Goodbye cruel Stuart)
18:56--- User: *** shakrr is now known as shakr
18:56--- <<-- Guest20 [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:58EFudd As of Tue Mar 30 23:32:33 2004 you are currently UNDER your set limit (80%).
18:58EFudd ok.
19:14--- ---> drh [~458493b9@] has joined #linode
19:15--- <<-- drh [~458493b9@] has quit (Quit: )
19:15--- ---> drh [~458493b9@] has joined #linode
19:29--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
19:35--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
20:00--- ---> drh2 [~458493b9@] has joined #linode
20:00--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
20:00drh2 caker in the room?
20:02@tjfontaine I believe his ghost is here
20:02@tjfontaine tab complete works
20:02@tjfontaine so I assume so
20:03drh2 I'll try back later (like tomorrow).
20:04--- <<-- drh [~458493b9@] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
20:19--- <<-- drh2 [~458493b9@] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
20:26--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
20:42@mikegrb I wish I was half as popular as caker
20:42@caker mikegrb: Hi!
20:42* EFudd sets up an auto (mikegrb?) bot
20:43EFudd see
20:43@caker hrm
20:43EFudd it works well
20:43@caker what should the subject of this post be..
20:43@caker "Poll-able bandwidth usage hook thing"
20:43EFudd "automatathingamaton"
20:44EFudd add -widget too
20:44@caker "HTTP-Retrievable Bandwidth Stats (in XML)" ?
20:44@mikegrb and add automagic
20:44EFudd should i really expect my pizza to take 1hr10minutes+ to get here?
20:44EFudd is it too much to ask for hot-fast-free-delivery pizza?
20:44EFudd "sompnhereblahblah check your bandwidth usage from your host blahblah"
20:45chris Damn.
20:45chris Oh hell. We got slashdotted. And the main site wasn't even running the current code revision. Back in a bit. 19:14CST
20:45chris ^ heh
20:45EFudd what url?
20:45chris Top of slashdot
20:45@caker PeopleAggregator ?
20:45* EFudd sees nothing else
20:46chris yes, peopleaggregator
20:46EFudd ah
20:46@caker sighup: nslookup
20:46sighup caker: is
20:46* caker phew!
20:46EFudd lol :)
20:46@caker EFudd:
20:46EFudd fok. 1hr 11 minutes no pizza
20:46* EFudd begins to wig
20:46@caker heh
20:46EFudd "out for delivery" 36 minutes ago
20:47EFudd it's 8 fucking minutes away !
20:47* Tenkawa grumbles at top for not showing him both cpu's
20:47Tenkawa ahhh
20:47Tenkawa much better
20:47EFudd ok caker, i'll post thingy as son as pizza is in sotmach
20:47EFudd and not a minute before !
20:47@caker heh
20:47@caker coolio
20:47EFudd bbiaf, shooting papajohns.
20:48Tenkawa can processes be force bound to a specific cpu
20:48Tenkawa ?
20:49Tenkawa sweet
20:49Tenkawa bind
20:50Tenkawa ops
20:50Tenkawa oops
20:50Tenkawa guess not
20:50@caker Tenkawa: in 2.6 you can
20:50@caker Tenkawa: there are new syscalls to set the affinity mask
20:51@caker Tenkawa:
20:51Tenkawa th
20:51Tenkawa x
20:51Tenkawa rofk
20:51Tenkawa that was the article I was reading
20:51Tenkawa haaaahaa
20:54@inkblot roll on floor klapping
20:54@mikegrb cows fly
20:56EFudd can we edit posts on ?
20:56@caker EFudd: yes
20:56EFudd ok. posting placeholder
20:56EFudd pizza entering stomach
20:56EFudd all is good
20:56EFudd it was almost warm too
20:56@mikegrb EFudd: please to be sending me piece of pizza
20:57EFudd sure. 4 hours for delivery minimum. $250/hr charge. 2x 4hour credits required.
20:57EFudd how shall i bill you?
20:57@mikegrb I gave the money to caker
20:57EFudd Oh.
20:57@caker speaking of pizza
20:57@caker sounds good
20:57@mikegrb no
20:57* caker orders
20:57@mikegrb no more speaking of pizza
20:58@mikegrb you no!
20:58@caker mmm pizza!
20:58@mikegrb don't rub me in
20:58@mikegrb er
20:58@mikegrb s/me/it/
20:58@caker eww
20:58EFudd damnit. i have to turn off blues brothers for 24
20:58EFudd this is very wrong.
21:04EFudd ok.
21:04EFudd added post.
21:05@caker no pretty example output?
21:05@caker you gotta sell it!
21:05EFudd i just did
21:05EFudd :P
21:06@caker funny
21:06@caker EFudd: thanks for doing that
21:06* EFudd had to fok with [code]..[/foo] shitz !
21:06EFudd caker, np :) thanks for allowing it.
21:06@caker EFudd: (writing the script, I mean)
21:06@caker EFudd: sure
21:06EFudd you really could hook more into this.. :)
21:07EFudd [like notices of host outages]
21:07@caker kind of a motd thing?
21:07EFudd ayup
21:07* Tenkawa tries to dig up temp sensors for his motherboard
21:07EFudd we just add more flags to the xml
21:07EFudd and catch them
21:07EFudd i know i don't read the boards much....
21:07@caker I can add them without messing up old versions of this script, too
21:08EFudd i think, yes.
21:08EFudd the xml parser should take care of it.
21:08EFudd we just determine what types of nodes should be watched for and their expected values... then start catching them.
21:08EFudd ... but see what the response is like. :)
21:09@caker I probably should have used a parent XML tag around <bwdata>
21:09EFudd hmm. -nods-
21:09@caker let's change it real quick?
21:09EFudd sure.
21:10* EFudd waits
21:10@caker linData/bwdata/.....
21:10EFudd ok
21:11@caker it's live
21:11--- <<-- Tenkawa [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:12EFudd bleh.
21:12* EFudd wonders
21:16EFudd ok. think everything is updated now
21:17@caker I also made the error XML
21:17EFudd ok.
21:18EFudd good. will fix0r that later then.
21:20@caker fo0bar: heh
21:22fo0bar huh?
21:23@mikegrb huh!
21:23fo0bar huh;
21:23@mikegrb huh,
21:23fo0bar huhx0r!!!!!!11
21:30EFudd is it me, or is that topic antiquated?
21:31chris no, he's still doing it
21:31* EFudd looks at his disk space
21:32* EFudd ponders
21:32EFudd compare it to that then :P
21:34EFudd he does it. the numbers are just wrong in the first.
21:38@caker s/wrong/old/
21:38@caker same diff
21:39EFudd -nods-
21:39EFudd hence 'antiquated' as first statement :P
21:40@caker time is in UTC?
21:40EFudd the parsing of it yah
21:40EFudd i'm using 'gmtime'
21:41@caker ok .. was looking :)
21:42@mikegrb caker: you should outsource the executives overseas
21:43@mikegrb they just started an executive matchup service
21:43@mikegrb it is pretty neat
21:43EFudd mike, you are required to pass out cookies.
21:44* mikegrb passes out cookies
21:44* EFudd doesn't modify his variables !
21:44EFudd Not modifying them makes you a very good community member and mikegrb will give you
21:44EFudd cookies.
21:44EFudd :)
21:44EFudd :)
21:44@mikegrb oh yes
21:45@mikegrb bold even
21:45* EFudd nods
21:45@mikegrb guess I better go to sams
21:45EFudd 24 is lame :/
21:45@caker hehe
21:45@inkblot tv is lame
21:45EFudd what is more lame is that my visa won't authorize charges from "online gambling" sites
21:45@mikegrb stock up on laxitives for the sneaky people who think they can modify them and then hop in the cookie queue
21:46EFudd inkblot, that i agree with.
21:46EFudd fiance, unfortunately, wants tv.
21:46@inkblot Oh.
21:46@mikegrb ditch her
21:46EFudd die
21:46* EFudd types /clear
21:46@inkblot [Extended baseball analogy to illustrate previous point.]
21:47EFudd ! HA
21:47@inkblot oh boy!
21:47@mikegrb sighup: bash 261931
21:47sighup Ack! That one's too long! :(
21:47@mikegrb sighup: bash 261931 -force bish!
21:47sighup Phoenix> Dude, wanna hear a fucked up story?
21:47sighup Phoenix> So, Im at the usual weekend frat parties and i've been talking to this girl for the majority of the night.
21:47sighup Phoenix> Anyway I ended up going back with her to her dorm. About another 8shots later, we end up fooling around on her bed.
21:47sighup Phoenix> So about 10min's into her giving me head, I had to drop the fattest shit in my life.
21:47sighup Phoenix> All my meals were followed by 3tsp of metamucil so I could get lots of fiber in me to combat the carbs a litte. Anyway im holdin my #2 in and finally it goes away. We both end up passing out on her bed, she's butt naked and im in my boxers.
21:47sighup Phoenix> I wake up to piss and I find myself covered in shit. It was all over the bed,sheets,etc.... Im freakin out so I did the most horrible thing in the world.
21:47sighup Phoenix> She's sleeping with her back towards me, so I take my boxers off, scoop up some shit and gently smear it on the inside of her butt, her lower back, and a little on the back of her hammies.
21:47sighup Phoenix> I get dressed and leave... This poor girl is gonna think she did it. I didnt know what else to do though. I have no clue what im gonna do when I end up running into her.
21:48* EFudd dies
21:48@inkblot hurg
21:49@mikegrb heh
21:50--- ---> Tenkawa [] has joined #linode
22:03--- <<-- shakr [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:03--- <<-- Tenkawa [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:06--- ---> shakr [] has joined #linode
22:24EFudd mmm sex
22:25* EFudd &
22:31--- ---> fake__ [] has joined #linode
22:33@caker fake__: hello
22:33@mikegrb caker: hello
22:33fake__ hi
22:33@caker mikegrb: Hi!
22:33@mikegrb caker: Hi!
22:34@caker Time to hunt for another cisco switch ..
22:34@caker one to replace the 48 port that's at TP right now
22:34@caker (so I may use that one in the new cabinet (potentially))
22:34@mikegrb you should send that one to me
22:34@mikegrb oh
22:34@mikegrb or that
22:34chris I want to wipe my ass with SCO
22:35@mikegrb chris: me too!
22:35--- ---> Tenkawa [] has joined #linode
22:37@inkblot hi!
22:37@mikegrb inkblot: Hi!
22:38@inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ for i in dorothy egg goose humble maverick meatball monet sausage; do if ping -c 1 $ > /dev/null; then echo $i is alive; else echo $i is dead; fi; done
22:38@inkblot dorothy is alive
22:38@inkblot egg is alive
22:38@inkblot goose is alive
22:38@inkblot humble is alive
22:38@inkblot maverick is alive
22:38@inkblot meatball is alive
22:38@inkblot monet is alive
22:38@inkblot sausage is alive
22:38@inkblot unfortunately, the dsl isn't up yet
22:38@inkblot but all the machines are!
22:39@mikegrb pwahahah
22:41--- <<-- Tenkawa [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:03EFudd hrm.
23:04* EFudd recommends 3550-xl's in -24 or -48 for swtiches
23:06fake__ Heya, I'm thinking of switching to Linode from Bytemark Hosting. Are there any plans to implement stuff like this:
23:08* EFudd recommends linode
23:08EFudd ipv6 is doable through an ipv6 tunnelbroker
23:09EFudd caker can speak more on those other things. i've been linode customer for quite a few months now.. linode is quite highly ranked among it's users... the support is *GREAT* from both linode as well as the community.
23:10@inkblot fake__, linode does not currently have value-add services like those
23:10@inkblot fake__, i don't know whether there are plans to provide any, but i would guess not
23:10EFudd linode's got the best setup of any of the UML providers from and end-user standpoint with the web based control panel and such
23:10@inkblot fake__, linode has been a very good vds host, though, and i'm quite happy to provide those things for myself
23:11fake__ cool
23:11EFudd also, none of the machines are overcommitted
23:11EFudd and caker is actively helping to develop UML technology....
23:17--- ---> Tenkawa [] has joined #linode
23:17@mikegrb localmirrors will happen
23:17@mikegrb just hasn't yet
23:33@mikegrb caker: I like the donation or discount bit to their referral system
23:35@caker mikegrb: that raises so many complications ..
23:36@caker fake__: regarding the value-added stuff .. most of the things on the list are things you can already do, and for free, using various services/people
23:36@caker fake__: a backup system is something I'd really like to provide
23:37@mikegrb caker: oh I'm sure it does
23:37@mikegrb is an interesting idea though
23:37@caker yeah, very..
23:37@mikegrb gdi
23:38@mikegrb I had severl specific computer related tasks I wanted to perform tonight
23:38@mikegrb can't remember them :/
23:38@caker I thought about a donation package you could purchase
23:39fake__ i think local mirrors are a pretty good idea
23:40@inkblot five minutes to lasagna
23:43@caker the mirrors and backups will probably come about the same time
23:43@inkblot er, crap
23:43@mikegrb inkblot: no, lasagna
23:43@inkblot i had turned the over off when the smoke alarm went off
23:44@mikegrb L/
23:44@mikegrb :/
23:44@inkblot the oven got a little smoky while it was preheating
23:44@inkblot :<
23:44@mikegrb I hate when that happens
23:44@inkblot ok, so lasagna's been sitting in a cooling oven for 50 minutes
23:44@inkblot the oven is preheating again
23:44@mikegrb well unless I'm trying to light a cigarette
23:45@mikegrb then smoky is good ;)
23:45@inkblot any estimates how long i should let this cook?
23:45@mikegrb heh
23:45@mikegrb how warm was the oven when you put it in, and now?
23:45@inkblot it's cool now
23:45@inkblot was 350
23:46@mikegrb I dunno :/
23:46@inkblot hmmm
23:47@inkblot expires may 20th
23:47@inkblot renew or not
23:47jotun heh
23:48@mikegrb hehe
23:51* EFudd playing on pokerstars :P
23:52@mikegrb heh
23:52@mikegrb EFudd:
23:52@inkblot well, the weakening australian dollar means it's cheaper this year
23:52EFudd wtf
23:52EFudd :)
23:52@mikegrb heh
23:54jotun Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model WD740GD, OEM Drive Only
23:54jotun ^-- want it :(
23:55EFudd good drives
23:55--- <--- UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
23:55--- ---> UML_ChanLog [~stats@] has joined #linode
23:58--- ---> Rusty [~908934f0@] has joined #linode
23:58@caker Rusty: hello
23:58Rusty Hi Chris, Russell R from Root Software here.
23:59@caker Hello Russell
23:59@caker by chance, did you get any bounce-backs from your emails to me?
---Logclosed Wed Mar 31 00:00:11 2004