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02:46ironie sighup excuse
02:46sighup Your excuse is: suboptimal routing experience
02:46ironie that sounds about right sighup
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03:27ironie sighup excuse
03:27sighup Your excuse is: improperly oriented keyboard
03:27ironie i wish
03:28SupaDongzu I once had an entire physics department doing that with their sparc5s
03:28SupaDongzu the little optical mouse pad would only fit on the tables sideways
03:28SupaDongzu like, they'd hang off otherwise
03:28SupaDongzu so the cleaning crews kept turning them
03:28SupaDongzu and people would file bug tickets about their mice
03:28SupaDongzu hilarity ensued
03:29SupaDongzu so finally I edited our FAQ so that instead of "Rotate the mouse pad ninety degrees" it said "rotate the mouse ninety degrees"
03:29SupaDongzu contortionists, all of them
03:30SupaDongzu is this thing on?
03:30SupaDongzu good night everybody!
03:36ironie users...
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09:47wferrel 'morning all
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11:02Devboy1 moringing
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12:18Tenkawa morning
12:46mikegrb afternoon!
12:53jotun morning
12:54jotun vormittag
12:54mikegrb nach
12:54mikegrb it is evening there already
12:54mikegrb er nah
12:54mikegrb that is funny that it came out as nach though
12:54jotun nooooooot here
12:54mikegrb hehe
12:55mikegrb in mother germany it is
12:55mikegrb well late afternoon I guess
12:55mikegrb early evening
12:59inkblot crappo!
12:59inkblot it's 13h00!
12:59inkblot where the hell did my morning go!
13:00jotun hell
13:00mikegrb down the drain :(
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13:07mikegrb [michael@orion:michael] pwd; ls | wc -l
13:07mikegrb /home/michael
13:07mikegrb 12
13:07mikegrb I feel so organized
13:07mikegrb this will not last
13:07mikegrb of this much, I am sure
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13:40adamg hmm
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13:42adamg sighup linode avail
13:42sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 15] [Linode 96: 1] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
13:42* adamg wonders when the new hosts are due at the DC
13:42mikegrb never!!!!
13:42mikegrb muhahahah
13:42mikegrb stollen in transit
13:44* adamg wondered why mikegrb suddenly had two new boxes
13:45mikegrb now you know
13:46adamg sighup linode forums
13:46sighup adamg: Feature Request/Bug Report: Suggestion: Linode backups server ?; Sales Questions and Answers: awaiting activation of account; Linux Networking: ssh connection being closed; General Discussion: host20 problems?; Email/SMTP Related Forum: E-Mail Server: Please Recommend..
13:47adamg sleepy
13:48adamg pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttpppppppppppppppppppp
13:48adamg opps
13:55mikegrb puhwahahahah
13:58adamg i said I was sleepy, that is my excuss
13:58adamg anyone seen caker today
13:58inkblot sighup
13:58sighup inkblot?
13:58adamg sighup bash random
13:59sighup 996: <Pioneer`> _raven: you couldnt configure a toilet
13:59adamg sighup bash random
13:59inkblot ha ha
13:59sighup 319: <Garr|ncha> metallica is a terrible mix of heavy metal and country
13:59adamg sighup bash random
13:59adamg sighup bash random
13:59sighup 74: <JCamel> heh, no, because i jacked off into his mom's black bra, and she blamed it on him
13:59adamg sighup bash random
13:59sighup 1270: *** mark ( has quit IRC: -eXtreme- WOMAN.ZIP: Great Shareware, but be careful of viruses...
13:59sighup 58: <disconect> Tekken and sex both give my hand a cramp if I do it for too long, though...
14:00heidi hrm
14:00heidi sex giving a hand cramp
14:01heidi that is pathetic
14:01adamg I do like the 1270 one
14:01heidi heh
14:01inkblot rugburns on your knees, now there's the sign of a good night
14:02inkblot haw haw haw
14:04yosemite THE END.
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14:05Tenkawa afternoon all
14:14mikegrb I want more context for 74
14:14mikegrb I want to here what the mom did to her son
14:14mikegrb that is pretty damn funny
14:15BB lol
14:15mikegrb BB: innit though
14:15BB yeah
14:20BB should have a "click to hear more" buttons :P
14:27heidi hrm
14:43chris mrh
14:43BB mhr
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15:20Humanoid I'm curious, which distribution is the linux host on the linodes?
15:21mikegrb rh
15:21Humanoid I see, thanks!
15:22adamg sighup ping me
15:22sighup me: ping! ping! ping!
15:22sighup me was last seen on #xbox-linux 60 days, 3 hours, 33 minutes and 32 seconds ago, saying: Hi! I'm having trouble mounting my F: in linux. It's bigger than 137 gigs. Is that a problem for linux? ( it isn't a problem with evox ) [1077205762]
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15:23me me me me me me
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15:23adamg sighup ping me
15:23sighup me: ping! ping! ping!
15:23sighup me was last seen on #linode 21 seconds ago, saying: me me me me me [1082402614]
15:24mikegrb adamg: you could get that nick if you wanted it ;)
15:24Efudd die.
15:24mikegrb ok.
15:24Efudd tnx.
15:25adamg heh
15:26Efudd ok. /em goes to find documentation on tehgrubs for rdiff-backup thingamadoogie
15:26Efudd btw, what is a "greb"
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15:41Devboy1 Hi can someone give me a quick hand, after compiling mysql what command do you use to make it
15:41Efudd well
15:41Efudd it appears as tho i have an rdiff backup thingy going mike
15:41Efudd altho i question how well that'd backup running mysql... =]
15:43adamg Devboy1: make
15:43Devboy1 nope doesnt work
15:43adamg command not found?
15:43adamg which distro
15:43Devboy1 debian
15:43inkblot ha ha
15:43adamg apt-get install make
15:43inkblot apt-get install make
15:43Devboy1 o fucker
15:44Devboy1 i carnt belive this
15:44adamg debian comes with nothing
15:44Devboy1 hits self on head
15:44inkblot i'm guessing you haven't actually compiled it, either
15:44Devboy1 i know! its just im really stressed and have alot of my mind, i wasnt reading the error right !!!!
15:45adamg you may also want to install automake and autoconf
15:45Devboy1 i know
15:45adamg and probably cc and gcc
15:45inkblot and gcc
15:45inkblot and flex
15:45Devboy1 i rember now
15:45adamg and g++
15:45inkblot and gawk
15:45inkblot and bison
15:45Devboy1 i have gcc and flex and more
15:47adamg also if you are installing stuff from source it is a good idea to use stow
15:47Efudd mikegrb++
15:47adamg or use backports and just make life easy
15:48Devboy1 nah backports is outdated files, alot of the software i use needs to have the lastest stuff
15:49adamg old is good
15:52Devboy1 not if it is incompatible with what i run!
16:00mikegrb Efudd: ;)
16:00Efudd 167821
16:00Efudd this will be a while. ><
16:01mikegrb Efudd: you can use mysqldump from cron
16:01Efudd Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
16:01Efudd /dev/ubd/0 9049528 2646504 6403024 30% /
16:01Efudd none 94072 0 94072 0% /dev/shm
16:01mikegrb dump the databases an hour before backup runs
16:01Efudd 16:01 < sighup> mikegrb was last seen on #linode 19 seconds ago, saying: Efudd: ;) [1082404847]
16:01Efudd you were found out!
16:01Efudd yah. valid point mike.
16:01Efudd requires more thinking though.
16:01mikegrb aye
16:02Efudd i mean, rdiff-backup was prety brainless there. The only time I had to think was converting "source" to ${source} in your docs :)
16:02adamg how is the backup run, rdiff?
16:02adamg cron even
16:02Efudd atm, manually. but will be run via cron on the DESTINATION
16:03adamg shame you cant run it on the source
16:03adamg but what you could do is set-up cron to run a script before the backup is run to dump sql on the remote machine
16:03adamg Efudd: 99457 /usr/portage
16:03Efudd Heh.
16:04Efudd perhaps i'll clean mine up sometime
16:04mikegrb adamg: it can run from src
16:04Efudd that 2.5gig is on a 120gig drive
16:04Efudd the 1gig is on my linode
16:04adamg I do have 1k block size through
16:04mikegrb I prefer to run it from desitnation
16:04mikegrb my linode is likely to always be there and ready to tender data for a backup
16:04adamg well you can do the dump from either using ssh
16:04mikegrb my home machine might not
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16:05Efudd i'd have to do from destination
16:05adamg well I was meaning via a remote ssh command
16:05* Efudd still has to from destination
16:06mikegrb adamg: well yeah but it supports it natively, heck you could run a backup from a -> b from a shell on c
16:10Efudd UpdateError home/jason/.bash_history Updated mirror temp file /backups/ does not match source
16:10Efudd omg
16:12mikegrb heh yup
16:12Efudd i see that it creates list then backs up.
16:12Efudd uber
16:13jotun too bad it's mac
16:14Efudd Apple has, as rumors predicted, speed bumped its line of portables. The PowerBooks now come in 1.33 and 1.5Ghz G4 versions, including either NVidia 5200's or Radeon 9700 video hardware. The iBooks can now be had at 1 or 1.2Ghz with Radeon 9200 video included. All can be purchased at the Apple Store. This complements nicely the recent speed and feature increases on the eMac range."
16:14jotun too bad it's mac :<
16:14Efudd ....
16:15jotun macs cost too damned much
16:15jotun and run mac stuff.
16:17BB lol that last reason is the killer for me
16:19adamg if anyone sees caker, can you let him know I am looking for him
16:19adamg but for now I am afk
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17:25@caker adamg: pong
17:25@caker hello
17:26wferrel hiya caker
17:27@caker anything going on?
17:35wferrel not much for me, just working on ending the day on a good note. :)
17:35Efudd OMG
17:35wferrel ROFL
17:36* caker resists replying to smart-ass customer email
17:37Efudd uh
17:37wferrel nope, sorry, not quite that famous.
17:37Efudd let me? :)
17:37wferrel no, no, let me... :)
17:37Efudd smartass is my goal.
17:37Efudd ElapsedTime 6870.13 (1 hour 54 minutes 30.13 seconds)
17:37@caker I can handle my own, Efudd -- that's the problem
17:37Efudd TotalDestinationSizeChange 1387877343 (1.29 GB)
17:37Efudd caker, heh.
17:37mikegrb Efudd: heh I was just going to say the same
17:37Efudd my group used to respond to internal notes wtih colorfull descriptions including "fuck" "asshat" etc.
17:37Efudd the problem was...
17:38Efudd the lvl 1 folk who'd respond to the customer didn't always READ what we wrote....
17:38Efudd more than one customer got bitched at inadvertantly
17:38mikegrb hehe
17:39Efudd .. which resulted in more than one TSE getting yelled at
17:39Efudd which was funny. my group never got yelled at for it
17:39@caker previous job: lots of employees would "reply-all" after an email went the rounds (internally) ..
17:39Efudd die.
17:39Efudd idiots.
17:39@caker somewhere along the line, the customer would get on the reply list
17:39@caker you can guess the rest...
17:39* Efudd snicker lots
17:40Efudd /dev/ubd/0 9049528 2647368 6402160 30% /
17:40Efudd how ${that} equates to TotalDestinationSizeChange 1387877343 (1.29 GB)
17:40Efudd I dunno.
17:40mikegrb magic math, yo
17:40mikegrb omg
17:40Efudd ah ha!
17:41mikegrb I installed windows last night
17:41Efudd 1+1=5
17:41Efudd got it.
17:41mikegrb made my laptop dual boo
17:41mikegrb + t
17:41mikegrb temporarily anyway
17:42wferrel mikegrb: you have my condolences
17:42mikegrb heh
17:44@caker I won my IRC battle with ThePlanet ...
17:44wferrel caker: ?
17:44Efudd wow
17:44Efudd my linode finished du -sk /var before my local filesystem did
17:44* Efudd boggle
17:44Efudd caker, word.
17:44mikegrb heh
17:45Efudd well, backup looks mostly complete....
17:45@caker wferrel: they said it was against their AUP, which it clearly is not mentioned at all
17:45wferrel ish
17:45@caker The support guy confused TP's AUP with ServerMatrix (TP's low-end business)
17:48mikegrb did you ask for his testicles to make everything better
17:48wferrel very nice of him to do that
17:50@caker that has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time
17:50mikegrb no
17:50mikegrb no
17:50@caker that poor, poor geek
17:50mikegrb omg popups
17:50@caker and /.'ed, too
17:50mikegrb (not from there)
17:50Tenkawa yay!!! we are finally getting the anime network here
17:52mikegrb caker: omg
17:52mikegrb he had a custom unitard made
17:53mikegrb what a freak
17:55wferrel *shudder*
17:55wferrel that was scarry
18:01Efudd TotalDestinationSizeChange 12559556 (12.0 MB)
18:01Efudd this boggles me
18:02Efudd 12MB change in 2 minutes?
18:04mikegrb heh
18:04mikegrb logs
18:04mikegrb lots of logs
18:04Efudd that would be a lot.
18:04mikegrb bash history
18:04Efudd i guess perhaps it's not doing diff?
18:04Efudd but whole file?
18:04mikegrb perhaps
18:04Efudd that'd explain it at least
18:09wferrel well folks, it's time for me to run away from the asylum.
18:09Efudd l8s
18:09Efudd _________ <- Sign Here
18:10* wferrel signs Efudd's line "Will Ferrel"
18:10wferrel don't try to seel it tho, I've never seen Will's signature.
18:10Efudd whoop!
18:10wferrel *sell
18:10Efudd ty for your soul
18:10Efudd :-)
18:10Efudd you should have read rest of contract! muaha
18:11guinea-pig yay
18:11guinea-pig high of 65 tomorrow
18:11wferrel no... I sold you Will's Soul.
18:11Efudd oh.
18:11Efudd waste :/
18:11* guinea-pig throws a "oh good, I won't die two days in a row" party
18:11* Efudd returns it
18:11Efudd hah
18:11guinea-pig except i can't attend, as i have to work tomorrow
18:11wferrel 65? what was the temp today?
18:11guinea-pig it was 82 when i got home at 5
18:11guinea-pig F, btw
18:12guinea-pig heard it got up to 87, though
18:12guinea-pig boston area
18:13guinea-pig oh yeah, i'm doing landscaping work.
18:28wferrel ish... fun fun fun, ok I'm really leaving now... :)
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18:36--- User: *** caker_ is now known as caker
18:37--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
18:40mikegrb omg caker
18:40--- ---> harshy|lap [] has joined #linode
18:48mikegrb weird
18:49mikegrb heidi saw you say yes? but I don't see it here
18:49mikegrb at any rate, just reacting to your ping timeout
18:49* mikegrb ensures caker didn't end up on ignore or some crazy shiznit
18:49--- ---> Vitamin-C [] has joined #linode
18:50mikegrb weird
18:50* adamg wonders if his day can get any worse
18:50mikegrb can you say something again caker?
18:50mikegrb frikk'n weird
18:50mikegrb I'm haunted
18:51mikegrb Efudd: gets no love too
18:51mikegrb if it weren't for heidi I'd be flying blind
18:51mikegrb saw adamg's statement though
18:52* adamg wonders what he has missed
18:52mikegrb adamg: apearantly you are the only one I'm alowed to takl to now
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---Logclosed Mon Apr 19 18:53:34 2004
---Logopened Mon Apr 19 18:53:40 2004
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18:53-!- Irssi: #linode: Total of 40 nicks 1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 39 normal
18:53Efudd testest
18:53mikegrb :)
18:54heidi k
18:54Efudd [CENSORED]?
18:54heidi guess it is fixed now
18:54heidi heh
18:54Efudd mikegrb: [CENSORED]??
18:54mikegrb heh
18:54@caker caker
18:54@caker mikegrb: there ya go
18:54mikegrb howdy caker
18:54mikegrb crazy weird
18:55-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #linode was synced in 95 secs
18:55Efudd (__)
18:55Efudd (oo)
18:55Efudd \/
18:55Efudd >--( )--<
18:55Efudd / \
18:55Efudd >--- {} ---<
18:55Efudd v /\ v
18:55Efudd | (oo) |
18:55Efudd \(~~)/
18:55Efudd | |
18:55Efudd | |
18:55Efudd / \/ \
18:55Efudd | \ |
18:55Efudd ~ / ~
18:55Efudd *
18:55mikegrb :-O
18:55Efudd Cownilingus
18:55mikegrb BE NICE TO THE COW
18:55Efudd doh
18:55Efudd wrong one
18:55Efudd __.----. __.----. __.----. __.----.___
18:55Efudd (\(__)/)-' (\(__)/)-' (\(__)/)-' (\(__)/)-' ;--`
18:56Efudd `(uu)' _ `(dd)' _ `(gg)' _ `(vv)' _ |
18:56Efudd ) ( (|) ) ( (|) ) ( (|) ) ( (|) |
18:56Efudd (o o) 8~8 (o o) 8~8 (o o) 8~8 (o o) 8~8 ,/
18:56Efudd `--'\_ (__).`--'\_ (__).'`--'\_ (__).'`--'\_ _(__)|
18:56Efudd `|||~~/\|| `|||~~/\|| `|||~~/\|| `||~|| /\||
18:56Efudd ^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^`^
18:56Efudd M00
18:56--- <<-- Newsome [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:58heidi heh
18:59Efudd 18:58 <@dd> #unix: EFudd wants me to tell you: (\(__)/)-' (\(__)/)-' (\(__)/)-' (\(__)/)-' ;--`
18:59Efudd imagine that in lots of colors tho
18:59Efudd :)
18:59mikegrb :<
19:01chris I can't tell what that is
19:05--- User: *** Efudd is now known as }|
19:06}| _________
19:06}| _.--""'-----, `"--.._
19:06}| .-'' _/_ ; .'"----,`-,
19:06}| .' :___: ; : ;;`.`.
19:06}| . _.- _.- .' : :: `..
19:06}| __;..----------------' :: ___ :: ;;
19:06}| .--"". ' ___.....`:=(___)-' :--'`.
19:06}| .' .' .--''__ : ==: ;
19:06}| .--/ / .'.'' ``-, : : '`-.
19:06}| ."', : / .'-`\\ .--.\ : : , _\
19:06}| ; ; | ; /:' ;; /__ \\; : : /_\\
19:06}| |\_/ | | / \__// /"--\\ \: : : ;|`\|
19:06}| : " /\__/\____// """ / \\ : : : :|'||
19:06}| ["""""""""--------........._ / || ; __.:--' :|//|
19:06}| "------....______ ].'| // |--"""'__...-'`\ \//
19:06}| `| WVE230L |__;_...--'": : \ // |---""" \__\_/
19:06}| """""""""' \ \ \_.// /
19:06}| `---' \ \_ _'
19:06}| `--`---'
19:06--- User: *** }| is now known as Efudd
19:06chris Don't make me start cating xpms
19:07Efudd Ha.
19:15adamg arrahh
19:15mikegrb heh
19:16adamg has been a bad day
19:17adamg heh
19:18adamg sighup linode avail
19:18adamg sighup linode forums
19:18sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 15] [Linode 96: 0] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
19:18sighup adamg: Linux Networking: ssh connection being closed; Sales Questions and Answers: awaiting activation of account; Feature Request/Bug Report: Suggestion: Linode backups server ?; General Discussion: host20 problems?; Email/SMTP Related Forum: E-Mail Server: Please Recommend..
19:25adamg caker: you still about?
19:25@caker adamg: yaa
19:26harshy|lap caker:awesome, new linodes up
19:26adamg have you thought about running a secondary dns service for linodes users
19:26@caker adamg: yes, and decided against it
19:27@caker feel free to convince me, though :)
19:27adamg why did you decided against it
19:27@caker well .. even the registrars provide managed dns now-a-days .. then there's the for-free services
19:27@caker seemed like re-inventing the wheel
19:28@caker not to mention overhead of maintaining it
19:28adamg maintaining it is not that much
19:28adamg but people do like to control their own dns
19:29@caker won't zoneedit act as a slave?
19:30adamg no idea
19:33adamg looks like they do, but they get expensive after 5 domains
19:33@caker better off just getting another Linode :)
19:34* Efudd couchs
19:34Efudd coughs even =]
19:34@caker "What am I going to have to do to get you to buy this car today?"
19:34adamg well I know that and probably will for me
19:35adamg buying cars are a really bad example to use
19:35@caker was joking
19:36* caker is not a car salesman
19:38adamg you can make alot of money selling cars
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20:16--- ---> ajr [] has joined #linode
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21:03@caker cool ... check this out ..
21:03@caker if you telnet to and wait a few seconds, it will relay-test against your IP and report the results
21:09ajr cool
21:13chris caker: EElf has been telling us that for months :)
21:13@caker do'h
21:13chris Look in your own channel once in a while
21:13--- ---> bigbiff [] has joined #linode
21:14ajr i'm looking for a way to monitor a few pop boxes and write a one liner for each incoming mail to a file that i can then tail - a quick and dirty pop monitor
21:16--- ---> Sh8d0w [] has joined #linode
21:16jotun do you know perl, ajr?
21:16jotun there is a Net::POP3 module
21:16ajr unfortunately no.
21:16ajr but python is on my todo list
21:17SupaDongzu mmmm, pythonnnn
21:17jotun i regret to inform you that python sucks. you can probably find a perl script to do just what you want by searching google
21:17ajr sucks, really? my main axe is smalltalk so i'd probalby like python
21:18jotun what can I say, I'm a Perl coder
21:18jotun i consider Perl to be infinitely more useful and popular than python
21:18ajr i really should learn perl i feel very 'illiterate' without it
21:19jotun every sysadmin needs a strong scripting language under their belt
21:22Efudd liez
21:22Efudd every SA needs a monkey to do the coding for them
21:22Efudd wait, no. that's an architect needing SAs
21:23jotun if an SA has enough time to wait for a resident code monkey to put something together, then he's on the verge of replacement :>
21:23ajr jotun, i think you have altered my course
21:24jotun pleased to hear it, ajr. now I'll tell you to change your course back to python
21:24ajr lol
21:24jotun if you don't know a programming language already, Perl is probably not a good place to start
21:25ajr perl would be my 2 dozenth language :)
21:25jotun oh, excellent
21:25jotun nevermind then
21:32mikegrb damnit jotun
21:32mikegrb stay quiet
21:32jotun :<
21:33--- <<-- harshy [] has quit (Quit: I quit for now)
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21:51bigbiff welp
21:51bigbiff at least i can get to my linode again :D
21:55@caker bigbiff: hmm?
21:58bigbiff caker: no net access for the last few days
21:58bigbiff caker: moved to virginia from ohio ;)
21:58--- <<-- k4k0 [~k4k0@] has quit (Quit: Killed by BillGates (Windows Linux 98 -- jizz your pants!) \xA0\xA0[])
21:59chris Good, ohio sucks
21:59bigbiff :o
22:23shakr what does NIC mean, when used in the context of domain contacts listed at a registrar?
22:23yosemite Network Infomation Contact
22:23yosemite that's a guess
22:25jotun network information center
22:26shakr thanks
22:29mikegrb that's the animal
22:42jotun mikegrb is an animal
22:43mikegrb :>
22:50heidi yep
22:51heidi very much an animal
22:51inkblot ha ha
22:52mikegrb but I'm not as cute as SupaDongzu :(
22:52inkblot oh, mikegrb, i forgot to tell you
22:52inkblot moved
22:52mikegrb different ip?
22:52inkblot it's now
22:52mikegrb okay thanks
22:52mikegrb I'll get that changed
22:53inkblot 43200 IN A
22:53inkblot 43200 IN TXT "Address of from 17-May-2003 to 26-Mar-2004"
22:53heidi mikegrb: you are cuter than SupaDongzu
22:53inkblot 43200 IN A
22:53inkblot 43200 IN TXT "Address of from 28-Mar-2004 to present"
22:53inkblot ^-- relevant records
22:54inkblot flood coming...
22:54inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:54inkblot A
22:54inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:54inkblot Name:
22:54inkblot Address:
22:54inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:54inkblot A
22:55inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:55inkblot Name:
22:55inkblot Address:
22:55inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:55inkblot A
22:55inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:55inkblot Name:
22:55inkblot Address:
22:55inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:55inkblot A
22:55inkblot [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
22:55inkblot Name:
22:55inkblot Address:
22:55inkblot ^-- and you will know me by the trail of records
23:19--- ---> emcnabb_ [] has joined #linode
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