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#linode IRC Logs for 2004-05-10

---Logopened Mon May 10 00:00:33 2004
00:08mikegrb caker: ping ping ping ping
00:09mikegrb caker:
00:27fo0bar 1) is that a temporary tattoo?
00:28inkblot 2) is it a gimped tattoo
00:28fo0bar ahh
00:28fo0bar and the bra strap?
00:28inkblot not a bra
00:28inkblot swimsuit
00:28fo0bar ahh yes, it's going around the neck
00:29fo0bar also gimped?
00:29fo0bar (yes, duh)
00:29inkblot nope
00:29fo0bar ?
00:29inkblot <-- the original
00:30fo0bar yeah, I meant the missing strap on the swimsuit
00:30inkblot what missing strap?
00:31fo0bar on her right side
00:31fo0bar it ends right at the right side of the neck
00:31fo0bar in the modified pic
00:31inkblot oh
00:31inkblot i get it
00:31inkblot that's weird
00:31fo0bar :)
00:32inkblot rootstrap + startuml + ucon = beaujolais!
00:34inkblot sweeeeet
00:34inkblot REPEATABILITY
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07:08mikegrb I was happy with how the swimsuit strap came out concidering I did it rather quickly without planing on saving it
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09:11clapper zzzz
09:12clapper anyone home?
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10:06mqatrombone i'm always here
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12:10@caker 2.6.6 is out !
12:10@caker yippie
12:10Efudd omg upgrade now!!@
12:10@caker gogogo
12:11@caker rebooting all hosts
12:11@caker j/k
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12:14mikegrb caker: see heidi's tatoo?
12:14@caker mikegrb: very nice :) having fun with photoshop?
12:14mikegrb heh
12:14mikegrb yeah
12:15mikegrb the shirt was a good source for it as it was a bit worn and what not
12:15Efudd note: mike is beginning to scare me
12:15heidi hrm
12:16mikegrb Efudd: of course not
12:18Efudd == good.
12:22inkblot mikegrb, you did ask first before photoshopping your wife's chest, right?
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12:32heidi no
12:36mikegrb heh
12:36Sh8d0w where's the pic?
12:37mikegrb I think
12:37mikegrb the original is in ~michael/canon/canon.html
12:38Sh8d0w sigh...
12:53tjfontaine nice tat heidi
12:53heidi thanks tjfontaine
12:53tjfontaine you'll get some free stuff if you get a real one you know :-)
12:53heidi heh
12:53heidi I am not getting a real one
12:53mikegrb tjfontaine: I tried
12:53mikegrb tjfontaine: she said no
12:54tjfontaine heidi: on your buttox? your ankle?
12:54heidi no
12:54heidi too much pain
12:54tjfontaine its not too obtrusive
12:54mikegrb tjfontaine: I'm going to have to tell her I'm working on the weekend and go down to georgia and get my linode tat this weekend
12:54heidi I wouldn't be able to handle it
12:54tjfontaine my friend just got an ape tat'd on his arm (he's a social anthropologist)
12:54heidi no
12:54heidi mikegrb: you lied?
12:54tjfontaine he said it didn't hurt at all
12:54tjfontaine mikegrb: heh
12:55heidi guys won't
12:55mikegrb heidi: no
12:55heidi you just said you did
12:55tjfontaine I'm oging to take a nap like my name was mikegrb
12:55heidi heh
12:55heidi diane is still not up
12:55heidi and it is 1
12:55tjfontaine heh
12:55heidi must be nice
12:55tjfontaine hardcore last night
12:56heidi I can't sleep that late
12:56heidi I have a baby in the way
12:56heidi tjfontaine: I guess
12:56tjfontaine heh
12:56tjfontaine laters
12:56heidi we were up later than them
13:01adamg sighup linode avail
13:01sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 31] [Linode 96: 0] [Linode 128: 10] [Linode 192: 2] [Linode 256: 2]
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13:18vitrum ooh somebody jump on those 256s :)
13:31* mikegrb jumps on vitrum
13:31* fo0bar wants free 256s damnit
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13:38Power_Up help-me...
13:40inkblot more info please
13:41Power_Up caker in linode, if I rent glide linode 128, rent day 10 and the expiration of my credit card is day 25, how much that it will come in the invoice of my credit card?
13:41inkblot oh that reminds me
13:42inkblot i have a new expiration date on my cc
13:43Power_Up It wanted to know how much that it will come in my credit card for me to organize...
13:44inkblot which package?
13:45Power_Up linode 64
13:45inkblot linode 64 is about 65 of your brazillion dollars
13:45Power_Up for example
13:45inkblot (last i knew)
13:46Power_Up inkblot you deferred payment where country?
13:46inkblot i pay in us dollars
13:47inkblot but i happen to know approximately what the usd/reais rate is
13:47Power_Up inkblot you he is Brazilian?
13:47inkblot no, american
13:48inkblot is this a new account?
13:48Power_Up I am Brazilian
13:48inkblot i know
13:48Power_Up :D
13:48Power_Up is new account
13:48inkblot ok
13:49inkblot new accounts also have a setup fee of $10
13:49@caker Power_Up: the signup system will invoice you pro-rated from May 10th (today) to the end of the month (31st)
13:49Power_Up i know
13:49inkblot which is about 33 reais
13:49inkblot (approximately)
13:50inkblot caker, but not the setup fee
13:50@caker the setup fee is $10 bucks
13:50@caker not pro-rated
13:50inkblot not prorated
13:50inkblot right
13:51Power_Up then it would come in day 25, only the amount of days that I used?
13:51fo0bar damn dmv $280 fee grumble grumble....
13:52@caker Power_Up: You'll be paid through the end of the month
13:52fo0bar caker: hey, I transitioned my FC1 linode to centos last night
13:52Power_Up half of one month, then the half of the value of the plan, certain?
13:52fo0bar seemed to work pretty well
13:53@caker Power_Up: If you signup today, you'll pay for 21 days (the number of days left in this month)
13:53inkblot Power_Up, your first month's charge will be proportional, yes
13:54@caker fo0bar: sweet!
13:54@caker fo0bar: is the fedora legacy project similar to party updates?
13:54fo0bar I didn't use yum to update though, it probably would have worked as well as your attempt did :)
13:55Power_Up caker ok, then I go to rent. accepted american express?
13:55fo0bar I resized the existing partition, created a new environment, mounted a chroot, and started transitioning stuff over
13:55@caker Power_Up: Yes :)
13:55@caker I find it interesting how many foreign signups use american express CC...
13:55fo0bar caker: yeah, but they do everything themselves... which is noble, but it means that security updates seem to get out at least 2 weeks AFTER progeny, and hence party updates
13:56Power_Up caker in how much time the machine is set free after the payment?
13:56@caker Power_Up: I can active it right now :)
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13:56@caker fo0bar: ok, thanks :)
13:56adamg caker: the iostatus thing in lish does that pull data from the local host or from a db
13:57@caker adamg: directly from your running UML process
13:57adamg k
13:58Power_Up caker I only go to the work to deliver a report and comes back daqui one two hours to rent the machine, ok?
13:58@caker Power_Up: I'll be here :)
13:58adamg chained to his machine
13:59Power_Up caker thanks! I go to rent more due to the excellent given attendance! :)
14:02@caker Power_Up: you're welcome .. sounds good
14:04adamg is it just me or is the forum slow today
14:04@caker seems pretty snappy to me
14:05adamg just me then
14:06@caker thanks for responding to that post, adamg
14:06adamg np
14:07adamg sighup date
14:07sighup Mon May 10 14:07:30 2004
14:08* adamg updates his clock
14:11adamg caker: it may be worth adding some more stuff to the faq
14:12@caker yeah, the FAQ needs a rework
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14:12adamg and maybe linking to it from the linode product page as well
14:16adamg sighup traceroute
14:16sighup adamg: huh?
14:16adamg sighup tracert
14:16sighup adamg: huh?
14:16adamg sighup traceroot
14:16sighup adamg: sorry...
14:16@caker ??
14:17@caker sighup: nettrace
14:17sighup caker: huh?
14:17adamg sighup used to be able to do a traceroute
14:17sighup adamg: huh?
14:17adamg 12 97 ms 99 ms 1071 ms [
14:17adamg ]
14:17adamg explains the slowness to the linode site
14:18@caker adamg: what's the hop before that one
14:18@caker adamg: I'm going through p3-0 with almost no latency
14:18adamg 11 304 ms 97 ms 96 ms [
14:18adamg 3]
14:19@caker weird .. going through that one too, with no problems
14:19adamg Tracing route to []
14:19adamg over a maximum of 30 hops:
14:19adamg 1 4 ms 3 ms 3 ms xray32 []
14:19adamg 2 14 ms 15 ms 12 ms
14:19adamg 3 11 ms 26 ms 10 ms [62.
14:19adamg 4 31 ms 15 ms 55 ms
14:19adamg 161]
14:19adamg 5 17 ms 46 ms 13 ms [213.
14:19adamg 6 206 ms 16 ms 14 ms
14:19adamg 7 14 ms 29 ms 15 ms
14:19adamg 8 971 ms 97 ms 93 ms [
14:19adamg ]
14:19adamg 9 96 ms 109 ms 93 ms
14:20adamg 1.14]
14:20adamg 10 95 ms 95 ms 101 ms [206.
14:20adamg 11 94 ms 97 ms 96 ms
14:20adamg 3]
14:20adamg 12 392 ms 137 ms 101 ms [
14:20adamg ]
14:20adamg 13 97 ms 103 ms 118 ms
14:20adamg 14 99 ms 111 ms 100 ms []
14:21adamg that one is back to normal
14:24chris christ, why is apache taking so much memory
14:24chris If I stop apache then ~60 MB frees up
14:25chris Even though it's limited to 2 children max
14:25adamg what modules have you got loaded
14:25chris Lets see
14:25* caker prepares to suspend some accounts today
14:25chris caker: I paid I swear!
14:26adamg I load most of them but do not have that much memory usage
14:26@caker Bueller? ... Bueller? ...
14:26adamg all those nice people who do not pay
14:27chris log_config, mime_magic, mime, mod_negotiation, status, autoindex, dir, cgi, userdir, alias, rewrite, access, auth
14:27adamg which apache
14:27chris expires, unique, setenif, perl, php
14:27chris 1.3 latest
14:27adamg I am running 2.something
14:27adamg mod_perl?
14:28adamg mod_php?
14:28chris yes
14:28chris I doubt I need mod_perl though
14:28* chris thinks
14:28adamg it is possible that the memory usage is due to the caching of compiled scripts
14:28adamg perl and ph
14:28adamg p
14:41adamg caker: with the limiter been within the kernel, is it possible to get the info via /proc
14:41@caker probabl
14:42@caker y
14:43adamg ...
14:43@caker feel free to implement it
14:43adamg slightly beyond my knowledge base
14:48adamg what is its name in the kernel?
14:48@caker the name for which?
14:49adamg the limiter
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15:03@caker uh oh
15:04chris caker: having issues with many rowdy clients?
15:04@caker rko2: phew .. still running, I see :)
15:05@caker chris: not yet, I just suspended a bunch of accts, we'll see how long it takes for them to come running :)
15:05chris What are their crimes?
15:05@caker late payments
15:05chris err, aren't payments automated?
15:05@caker yes .. failed payments, rather
15:05chris ah
15:06@caker one just paid :)
15:06@caker that didn't take long
15:12fo0bar caker: who do you use for your CC processor?
15:12@caker fo0bar: cypercrap/verisign for the gateway, cardservice international for the proceeor
15:12@caker processor
15:13fo0bar cybercrap? isn't verisign payflow?
15:13@caker they bought cybercash
15:13fo0bar ahh
15:14* fo0bar has fond memories of payflow pro
15:16* mikegrb has fond memories of sighup
15:16mikegrb er
15:16* mikegrb has fond memories of SupaDongzu
15:16mikegrb he is just so cute
15:28* chris remembers having to write a backend using payflow pro
15:41inkblot ha ha
15:51adamg hmm
15:53adamg sighup linode avail
15:53sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 31] [Linode 96: 0] [Linode 128: 10] [Linode 192: 2] [Linode 256: 2]
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16:18inkblot May 10 16:18:16 goose named-xfer[9903]: [[[].51808].51808] transfer refused from [[].53], zone
16:18inkblot doot doot doooooooooooo
16:21inkblot mikegrb, should i just drop your zone from goose?
16:21--- ---> _debil [~dvl666stn@] has joined #linode
16:21inkblot it's been six weeks
16:21_debil hmm linode down ?
16:21inkblot i've heard rumors that the website is slow today for some people
16:21inkblot but i haven't tried it myself
16:22_debil my linode is dead
16:22inkblot everything is running, though
16:22inkblot except your linode, i guess
16:22_debil has been for a few hrs
16:22inkblot what does lcp say about it?
16:22_debil lcp?
16:22inkblot linode control panel
16:23_debil good thinking lol
16:23inkblot also, can you ping your host?
16:23_debil nope cant ping any of the ips
16:23inkblot the host only has one, have you tried it?
16:23_debil yes nope i have loads of ips :)
16:24inkblot host == the machine your system is running on
16:24_debil its cool got it thanks :)
16:24inkblot ok
16:27_debil thats for that never thought about checking there lo
16:27_debil later :)
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16:37adamg probably forgot to pay his bill
16:37@caker :)
16:38adamg caker: do you send out a warning email before they get suspended
16:38@caker adamg: yeah, it's called an invoice
16:39adamg well
16:40@caker an email notice is part of the plan -- once I automate the whole "deadbeats" script
16:41adamg an invoice can be over looked, esp when you are expecting it to be automated
16:42@caker there's also a giant "You have an outstanding balance" message at the top of the member's overview page, that people completely ignore
16:42adamg i didnt ignore it and ended up paying twice
16:42@caker yeah, that's a race
16:43@caker I know how to fix that ..
16:43adamg suspend logins
16:45adamg or suspress the notice until the billing process has been run
16:46@caker update the billing script to check customer balance right before it runs the CC, instead of doing it in a batch
16:46adamg that is the other option
16:47@caker looks like boxop merged Gentoo's /etc/fstab updates :(
16:47@caker er, debil
16:47Efudd yay for power loss on the entire road
16:47adamg devil you mean
16:48Efudd just had to shut down my machine after 123 days :/
16:48adamg yeah a plain merge on fstab would screw things up
16:49SupaDongzu I always read "fstab" as "f-stab" instead of "fs-tab"
16:53inkblot Jesse Helm Stab
16:53SupaDongzu precisely
16:53SupaDongzu -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 37 Dec 9 1999 /etc/jessehelmstab
16:54inkblot i love the fact that it's been there for four and a half years
16:54SupaDongzu haha
16:54SupaDongzu yeah
16:54SupaDongzu and it was there for two before that
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18:04adamg caker: when is the next l96 host due to go live
18:05@caker it might not, until the next DC .. have two servers left to place at HE
18:05--- <<-- Redgore [Redgore@] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:05@caker but, those will be either both 64 servers, or one 64 and one 96
18:05adamg when is the next dc due to go live then
18:05@caker mb by end of this month
18:07adamg k
18:07--- <<-- k4k0 [~k4k0@] has quit (Quit: )
18:09inkblot which dc?
18:20@caker inkblot: possibly Equinix's Ashburn, VA DC
18:20adamg possibly, does that mean you are looking at others as well
18:21@caker I just haven't inked any deal, so to speak .. so there's still other possibilities
18:21--- <<-- harshy [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:21adamg other dcs?
18:21@caker correct
18:22inkblot any in particular?
18:23@caker none that I've considered as seriously as Equinix
18:23adamg still going with you own asn
18:23@caker that's still up in the air
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20:19--- ---> Please_Help [~c8cf2fe2@] has joined #linode
20:21SupaDongzu ha ha
20:21SupaDongzu hello there, Please_Help
20:21SupaDongzu welcome to mackertosh.
20:32--- ---> Sh8d0w [] has joined #linode
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21:29mikegrb dongs
21:30SupaDongzu I know.
21:30tjfontaine bzflag?
21:31tjfontaine @
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23:15@caker sighup: linode avail
23:15sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 25] [Linode 96: 0] [Linode 128: 10] [Linode 192: 1] [Linode 256: 1]
23:17--- <<-- emcnabb [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:19mikegrb lies
23:25--- ---> fmeppo_ [] has joined #linode
23:25fmeppo_ sighup: linode avail
23:25sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 25] [Linode 96: 0] [Linode 128: 10] [Linode 192: 1] [Linode 256: 1]
23:26fmeppo_ caker: Is this linode business yours?
23:26@caker fmeppo_: yes
23:26fmeppo_ I'm impressed.
23:26@caker glad you like it
23:27fmeppo_ I just bought one of your doodads - quite spiffy.
23:27fmeppo_ Nothing gives buyer satisfaction for spending $25 on something intangible. :-)
23:29@caker at least you get a root prompt .. :)
23:30@caker almost tangible
23:30fmeppo_ Do you have the same ssh keypair for all freshly created machines?
23:31@caker Each install should generate their own ssh keys
23:31@caker s/should/does/
23:31fmeppo_ Is the public half published anywhere?
23:31@caker are we talking the hosts, or the Linodes?
23:31* fmeppo_ is a paranoid freak.
23:32fmeppo_ The linodes. I'm wondering if the public key I'm looking at is, in fact, my node.
23:32@caker which distro?
23:32fmeppo_ Debian.
23:32@caker sec...
23:34@caker back
23:34@caker your sshd process generates your keys on the first boot
23:34fmeppo_ Gotcha.
23:38fmeppo_ Dang, this is slick.
23:47mikegrb caker!
23:47@caker mikegrb!
23:47@caker what's shakin?
23:47mikegrb caker: LINUX SHIRT SPOTTING!
23:47mikegrb on monster house
23:47@caker heh .. funny
23:47mikegrb tjfontaine:
23:47@caker does he fit the stereotype?
23:47mikegrb heh nah
23:47mikegrb he is a builder man guy
23:48mikegrb but he has a ponie tail
23:48@caker is that off mythtv?
23:48mikegrb yup
23:48tjfontaine cool screen shot
23:48mikegrb I have the pvr-250 so it has the hardware encoder that makes mpegs
23:48tjfontaine better charge the battry
23:48mikegrb so I just play them over the lan when not at the tv
23:48mikegrb heh I'm waiting for it to get a bit lower ;)
23:48@caker sick
23:49mikegrb I've been using it for around five hours
23:49tjfontaine wifi?
23:49mikegrb caker: indeed
23:49mikegrb tjfontaine: no, wifi doesn't have access to the internal network
23:49mikegrb different subnet
23:49tjfontaine hehehe
23:49tjfontaine gateway f00
23:49mikegrb and nothing routed from wifi to local
23:49mikegrb caker: it is great when heidi comes up to work with me
23:49mikegrb caker: transfer a few shows/movies from mythtv to the hard drive
23:49mikegrb used it when we drove up to myrtle beach too
23:50mikegrb heidi finished a tv movie from the family channel in the car
23:50@caker laptops++
23:50mikegrb yes
23:50@caker now if someone had a Linode t-shirt, or tattoo .. :)
23:51mikegrb got interesting questions from the people in the seats across from us on the train thursday
23:51mikegrb caker: that is what I was thinking ;)
23:51mikegrb pulled my ibook out on the train to review my pictures on a big screen
23:51mikegrb tjfontaine: this was a neat house
23:51mikegrb tjfontaine: you still watching?
23:51tjfontaine yup
23:51mikegrb great house for kids
23:52tjfontaine they are pretty young though
23:52mikegrb like me and heidi
23:52tjfontaine I like this commercial
23:52mikegrb caker: if I'm ever on monster house I'll wear my linode shirt
23:52mikegrb heidi too
23:52tjfontaine kia spectra commercial?
23:52mikegrb hmm they might get skeptical then
23:52mikegrb and the linode hat on one of the cats
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23:57tjfontaine I think the parents like it more
23:58mikegrb heh
23:58mikegrb I would love that house
23:59heidi maybe so
23:59mikegrb told heidi the baby is going to have to fight me for the toys
23:59mikegrb I think that house was too much for the little kids to take in at once
23:59mikegrb their eyes were so big
23:59mikegrb theu just kept looking at all the stuff
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