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02:33linbot New news from forums: PoPToP - Debian - PPP VPN in Linux Networking
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02:54fo0bar eFUDd: help me obi-wan kenobe, you're my only hope
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06:19hetz hi people
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06:36hetz hi people
06:37hetz is there anyone from the support staff which can force reboot on my machine?
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14:00adamg .
14:00WolfNix hey adamg
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15:28zibeli Hey, does anyone know if there's something I need to do to get the bandwidth stats at{LINODE_USER_ID} to restart for November? The values it's currently returning seem to be stuck at those for the end of October.
15:29@caker zibeli: which host?
15:29zibeli 9
15:32@caker zibeli: how about now?
15:32zibeli So far I don't generally even approach the limit, but I have a cron job that checks it and alerts me if it takes a sudden big jump so I can check it out before it gets to billable territory
15:33zibeli now it's dropped back down, likely to less than is accurate since nov 1
15:35zibeli it's increasing again, though, so i'm guessing was just restarted?
15:35@caker zibeli: yes -- the monitoring process died a few days ago
15:36@caker zibeli: so it was reset just now
15:37zibeli ok, no problem, it should alert me at 10% of the maximum and based on my logs over the past couple days that still should be plenty of time, thanx
15:39zibeli while i'm pestering you, though, should somebody attack my linode or something someday and start eating up huge amounts of bandwidth, what would i need to do to stop it being billiable? would bring the linode down do it?
15:40@caker zibeli: that's the best way.
15:41@caker zibeli: otherwise, if you blocked it with iptables, their incoming bandwidth is still routed to your Linode and counted as b/w
15:42zibeli yeah, i figured blocking it with iptables wouldn't help, but wanted to be sure that traffic aimed at my ip wasn't billed if the linode was down.
15:43Redgore when your linode is off the IP in affect doesnt exist
15:44zibeli though i'm not expecting any problems, i may take a look at automating bringing it down if the monitor sees it getting near the max as I will be going on a trip soon that will leave me unable to monitor it for a few days and i'd hate to come back and find my cc maxed out lol
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17:21Toger Would I be correct in thinking that the only in cvs to go back and history and fix a bug in a script w/o impacting the current 'HEAD' is to create a branch?
17:22Toger as in head is v3, and there's a bug in v2 that needs to be fixed but is incompatible with v3.
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17:41Toger oh well
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20:03mikegrb omg
20:03mikegrb caker is 14
20:03mikegrb also
20:03mikegrb GPS turned out to be a total buzzkill for a 14-year old kid in Tennessee who discovered the hard way that his cellphone was GPS-enabled and that the police were easily tracking him as he made multiple prank emergency calls to 911 while riding the school bus home after school the other day.
20:03tjfontaine zlol
20:04eFUDd ha. ha.
20:04eFUDd url?
20:05mikegrb er not that one
20:05mikegrb but engadget
20:06mikegrb that one is ipod advert costumes
20:06mikegrb that is the whole text, but there are coments
20:06mikegrb nm they have a link
20:06chris I don't get that article on engadget about how you can't copy from the ipod without their hex trick and such
20:07chris You can mount the friggin thing as a firewire volume and use cp
20:07tjfontaine heh
20:07mikegrb chris: perhaps people are dolts?
20:07mikegrb well, people are certainly dolts but you know what I mean
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21:12dizzan hi
21:12tjfontaine hi
21:12dizzan what's up
21:12linbot Rumor has it up is like 384Kbit or something, dizzan
21:13dizzan heh
21:14dizzan anyone know how long til a new account gets set up?
21:15dizzan i just signed up
21:15tjfontaine when caker decides its kosher
21:16@caker dizzan: check your email :)
21:16dizzan oh.. i just got the email. word
21:16dizzan thanks man
21:16@caker dizzan: thank you
21:16dizzan now the fun begins
21:16dizzan hehe
21:17tjfontaine caker++
21:17tjfontaine linode++
21:17tjfontaine (instant polls)++
21:17dizzan my first lvs.. whee
21:18dizzan not having my own systems to play on anymore got depressing
21:18@caker Where are you guys following the polls? I've been watching
21:18tjfontaine I've been watching mediamatters and cnn
21:19dizzan cnn here
21:19tjfontaine I'll be turning on prelude to a recount at 10pm est
21:20tierra|w cnn
21:20tjfontaine aye
21:21tjfontaine not that you can see mine ;-)
21:21tierra|w excellent eFUDd
21:21tjfontaine eFUDd: hahah
21:34tierra|w I keep coming back to this page:
21:38npmr blort
21:42tjfontaine heh
21:43tjfontaine leave my state alone
21:47tjfontaine hah
21:47tjfontaine are these all friends of yours?
21:48eFUDd if I answer "yes", i wonder if the women gods will hate me
21:48tierra|w eFUDd, mirroring Errection Election?
21:48eFUDd no?
21:48eFUDd i mirror random stuff i see pasted on irk.
21:48eFUDd my webserver doesn't get enough hits
21:49tierra|w heh
21:49chris Kerry used the wrong campaign obviously
21:50tjfontaine aye
21:50tierra|w well, he has cali still
21:58mikegrb caker: nj = kerry
21:59mikegrb caker: I'm gonna move to nj with you, mm'kay?
21:59mikegrb I live in your basement
21:59tjfontaine prelude to a recount mikegrb
21:59tierra|w if orange county would decide already....
21:59mikegrb tj stfu bish kerry 0wnz
22:00tjfontaine st00pid daily show!
22:01tierra|w Breaking News!!!
22:01tierra|w NBC projects President Bush to win Utah... I thought that was pretty funny
22:02tjfontaine heh
22:02eFUDd miami-dade is going bush
22:05tierra|w did anyone else catch CNN reporting 1 less EV, then fixing it later (back when Bush had 170)?
22:05tierra|w well, 171, but CNN was reporting 170
22:15mikegrb tjfontaine: yes
22:16mikegrb tjfontaine: does the carpet match the upstairs and what did you buy at the porn store
22:16mikegrb tjfontaine: and can I see your penis
22:16tjfontaine hehehe
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23:19tjfontaine eFUDd: did you take the cnn fuck this shit screen cap?
23:19eFUDd nah, friend did
23:20tjfontaine k
23:20tjfontaine just wanted someone to footnote it on gimpnet if it was you ;-)
23:20tjfontaine 23:17 < Tak>
23:21eFUDd I'm pretty sure it was kr0n
23:21eFUDd from
23:21eFUDd baha
23:21eFUDd now *THAT* one was from another friend
23:21eFUDd who took my image and scaled it
23:21eFUDd that's how i ended up with fuckedhtisshit_small.jpg
23:21eFUDd 21:27 <@WayneE>
23:22eFUDd actulaly, guess not. his is 5xx by something
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