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#linode IRC Logs for 2004-11-28

---Logopened Sun Nov 28 00:00:42 2004
00:03NetWolf rsync: mkdir "/backup/netsync/tmp/2004-11-28/www-2004-11-28" failed: No such file or directory (2)
00:03NetWolf rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(381)
00:03NetWolf rsync: mkdir "/backup/netsync/tmp/2004-11-28/irc-2004-11-28" failed: No such file or directory (2)
00:03NetWolf rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(381)
00:03NetWolf tar: ./2004-11-28: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
00:03NetWolf tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
00:03NetWolf iggy:
00:04NetWolf (cd /backup/netsync/tmp && tar -zcf /backup/netsync/netsync-$DATE.tar.gz ./$DATE/)
00:05iggy I can't help you with the rsync part, but the tar part is probably failing because of the rsync bit failing
00:05* NetWolf trys soem more
00:05NetWolf some*
00:05NetWolf i seen what the problem was
00:05NetWolf iw as not haveiing the wscript make the $DATE folder
00:09NetWolf thanks iggy
00:09NetWolf that works
00:14NetWolf root@slackglade:~# mount /backup
00:14NetWolf mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/ubdd,
00:14NetWolf or too many mounted file systems
00:14NetWolf root@slackglade:~#
00:14NetWolf /dev/ubdd /backup ext3 defaults,uid=1000,gid=2000 1 1
00:14NetWolf what is wrong?
00:14iggy check dmesg
00:14iggy there's usually a little more info there
00:15NetWolf this is not boot
00:16NetWolf and there is notiung realted to that there
00:21iggy no clue
00:21iggy does ubdd show up in /proc/partitions
00:22NetWolf yes
00:22NetWolf if i remove the uid and gid it mounts fine
00:22NetWolf 47 * * * * /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.hourly 1> /dev/null
00:23NetWolf grr
00:23NetWolf 47 * * * * /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.hourly 1> /dev/null
00:23NetWolf .....
00:24iggy I thought those options were only for fs's that didn't support unix semantics (ntfs/fat/etc.)
00:24NetWolf oh well
00:24NetWolf does notr really matter
00:28NetWolf iggy: one last thing
00:28NetWolf 30 22 * * * sh /home/joshua/
00:29NetWolf that would be everday at 1030pm
00:29NetWolf and it would run command sh /home/joshua/ ?
00:29iggy uhhh
00:29NetWolf crontab -e
00:30iggy I think so
00:30NetWolf jk thx
00:30NetWolf *k thx
00:30NetWolf have a good nigth
00:30NetWolf thank you very much for your help
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05:17debian-or hi
05:17debian-or anybody?
05:17@linbot I guess anybody is debugging 2.6.x modules with user mode linux and gdb, debian-or
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05:22adamg caker: when you are next about I need to speak to you about value added services
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06:18fo0cgi OMGLOL I AM ON IRC!!!
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06:18fo0bar :)
06:23rwa what's IRC?
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06:42vodka is it normal for a reboot command to take over 5 minutes to start?
06:42vodka ah... "in progress" now... nm...
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09:40chapter3 sighup seen caker
09:40@sighup caker was last seen on #linode 14 hours, 2 minutes and 4 seconds ago, saying: vaxen: edit the config profile and reboot, however, see: [1101602300]
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11:14@caker chapter3: hello -- check your ticket :)
11:14chapter3 checkin now, ty :)
11:19chapter3 hmm
11:19chapter3 System Shutdown is taking it's sweet time
11:19chapter3 2 minutes and counting :\
11:19@caker chapter3: is it "In Progress" ?
11:19chapter3 ya
11:20@caker gentoo?
11:20@linbot hmm... gentoo is da bomb, caker
11:20chapter3 deb
11:20chapter3 (never had an issue with Shutdown before)
11:20chapter3 2 minutes, 17 seconds
11:20chapter3 just finished
11:20chapter3 wow
11:21chapter3 movin now
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11:27chapter3 how long was it per gig for the move? i missed it
11:31@caker chapter3: it should be pretty quick .. maybe just a few min/gig
11:31chapter3 10 minutes and counting
11:31@caker although there is another migration going through the switch, at the moment
11:31chapter3 disk image was only 4GB i believe
11:32chapter3 ahh, maybe that's why the shutdown took so long
11:33@caker chapter3: no, it wouldn't have affected that
11:34chapter3 13 minutes
11:34chapter3 strange
11:34@caker why?
11:35@caker sighup: 4096/11/60
11:35@sighup 6.20606060606061
11:35chapter3 it moved the 256MB swap disk in 35 seconds
11:35@caker yeah .. 6 min at full switch speeed (which you're not going to get), double it since it was sharing b/w with another migration
11:35chapter3 okie dokie
11:35chapter3 (what's the 11 btw?)
11:36@caker 11M == 100Mbit/sec
11:36@caker roughly
11:36chapter3 ahh
11:37chapter3 16 minutes
11:39adamg fecking kernels
11:40chapter3 i'll brb
11:40@caker chapter3: done now?
11:40chapter3 juuust finished :)
11:40chapter3 18 minutes
11:41@caker chapter3: somebody forgot to resize :)
11:41chapter3 eh?
11:42@caker chapter3: df -h
11:42@caker chapter3: compare that to the unallocated space listed in the LPM
11:43chapter3 hmm
11:43chapter3 what do i do?
11:43chapter3 (were these instructions on the migration page and i missed it?)
11:43@caker chapter3: shutdown, click on Disk Images tab, click on the disk image you want to resize, enter new size, hit submit, reboot
11:43@caker chapter3: no, they're not on the migration page
11:44chapter3 ok cool, g/f is making me run to store, brb, and i'll resize :)
11:44@caker roger
11:45* adamg remebers why some people do not like linux now
11:45@caker adamg: what's up?
11:45adamg linode is spoiling me
11:46adamg it has been so long since I have had to compile kernels etc, it is getting to be fecking hard work
11:46adamg I have also been spending to long admining windows systems
11:50@caker adamg: why do you need a custom kernel?
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11:52adamg network cards mainly
11:52adamg and the debian default kernels lack some other stuff
11:53adamg finally got the stuff working just had to remeber to populate /etc/modules
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11:55@caker thelsdj_: hello
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11:57adamg some people just dont stick around
12:40dizzan yawn
12:41sunny lemme guess
12:41sunny adamg: you need the tg3 driver ? heh
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13:02chapter3 oh yeah, how would i prevent people from doing a wget (or something similar) on my site? i would think i would use my robots.txt
13:03adamg it was for a network card I had no idea what chipset it was so I just built the lot as modules
13:04adamg you cant, as long as the data they want to accessible then they can get it
13:04chapter3 i thought i remember somebody mentioned that the agent would report wget, and you could block on that?
13:05adamg the robots file is only looked at by robots and then only the ones who decided to do as the file says
13:05adamg you could do, but that can be fecked
13:05adamg block it in .htaccess
13:09@caker chapter3: wget can easily fake referer and user agent
13:10* adamg knew he had spelt that wrong
13:13chapter3 ahh hmm, so how would i block it in .htaccess?
13:15adamg roll on 7 oclock
13:22adamg sighup seen tjfontaine
13:22@sighup tjfontaine was last seen on #linode 13 hours, 48 minutes and 20 seconds ago, saying: like irssi proxy [1101616441]
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13:35* adamg wonders where every one is
13:36chapter3 still on vacation?
13:36adamg oh yeah that silly thanks giving thing
13:39vaxen can someone help me with bnc
13:39vaxen it loads fine, but I can't connect to it
13:40@caker vaxen: is it listening on any ports?
13:40tjfontaine adamg: pong
13:40vaxen caker: 10002
13:40@caker vaxen: ok .. can you connect to it from localhost?
13:40vaxen netstat -l shows nothing
13:41vaxen i can't
13:41adamg fecking debian mirrors have died
13:42vaxen 13:41 -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server port 10002 [Connection refused
13:42vaxen netstat -l shows no listening port on 10002
13:42@caker vaxen: netstat -pln should show it, and you should be able to telnet 10002 and at least get a banner
13:43vaxen thats shows nothing either
13:45vaxen any idea why its not working?
13:46tjfontaine use irssi proxy
13:49vaxen tjfontaine: i can, but thats not the point
13:49vaxen i dont understand why bnc wont bind a port
13:49vaxen even running as root it wont bind
13:49adamg can you run it in verbose mode to view any errors
13:50vaxen bnc has no verbose
13:52vaxen Active Internet connections (only servers)
13:52vaxen Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name
13:52vaxen tcp 0 0* LISTEN 20400/ezbounce
13:52vaxen tcp 0 0* LISTEN 20400/ezbounce
13:52vaxen tcp 0 0* LISTEN 20400/ezbounce
13:52vaxen tcp 0 0* LISTEN 19214/bnc
13:52vaxen tcp 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 1641/sshd
13:52vaxen udp 0 0* 1532/dhcpcd
13:52vaxen it is listening, but why ip is all 0 ?
13:52@caker vaxen: it means it's listening on all IPs
13:59vaxen got it working
13:59vaxen but for some unknown reason, my configuration is for port 10002 but it binds to 1056
13:59vaxen any idea why this is?
14:01@caker vaxen: config syntax wrong?
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14:31chapter3 anybody on host30?
14:31@caker chapter3: me -- you're not on host30 any more though
14:31chapter3 :) can you paste the output from "who"
14:31chapter3 from 30 that is
14:32@caker chapter3: just me
14:32@caker chapter3: however, you are on Lish on host34
14:32chapter3 i know, but i need the literal output, i have a script that awk's the output from certain commands (this one calculates number of users), and it seems to have changed from 30 to 34
14:32chapter3 root@girls [/opt/lampp/SystemStats2]# who
14:32chapter3 kev tty0 Nov 28 08:59
14:33chapter3 does it match that, 3 columns?
14:33@caker chapter3: no, there are four (last one is host)
14:33chapter3 ah ha
14:33chapter3 that's odd
14:33@caker root pts/4 Oct 7 21:28 (
14:33@caker chapter3: if you're logged in via console, I think the last column is missing (since there is no remote host)
14:34chapter3 well the script is run in a cron
14:35chapter3 ahh i see what you mean about that
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14:35nickfury yey gys .
14:36nickfury err hey guys
14:36nickfury is caker around?
14:36@caker nickfury: hello
14:36nickfury there u are :)
14:36nickfury hi... do you mind a privmsg?
14:36@caker nickfury: not at all
14:41vaxen which iptable script it best to use?
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14:47vaxen which iptables script do you guys use?
14:50nickfury could anyone tell me more about this VNC remote desktop feature on linodes?
14:50nickfury if it's possible to vnc into that box now from my windows box?
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15:02vaxen nickfury: yes
15:02vaxen nickfury: you might want to try freenx
15:02vaxen its alot faster then vnc
15:02nickfury word
15:03vaxen if you want to use vnc, use tightvnc
15:03nickfury vaxen
15:03nickfury have you set up a debian box on linodes?
15:03vaxen the only bad thing about freenx is that you have to pay for the nxserver software
15:03vaxen nickfury: i use gentoo
15:04nickfury oh you do eh
15:04nickfury did you install webmin?
15:04vaxen nope
15:04nickfury how do you manage everything ?
15:04nickfury from prompt?
15:04vaxen yup
15:05nickfury cool
15:05nickfury do you happen to know how to work webmin?
15:05chapter3 nickfury: i use debian on my node (but i don't use webmin)
15:05nickfury i'm just wondering how to start it up
15:05nickfury webmin that is
15:06nickfury i'm goign to be all n00bed up for the first few weeks of this so :P
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15:06vaxen chapter3: which iptable script you use?
15:07chapter3 i don't (i don't even know what that is hehe)
15:08chapter3 nickfury: using deb?
15:08nickfury ya
15:08nickfury i just installed it
15:08nickfury and i'm just looking for some hand outs here :)
15:08nickfury tog et my started
15:08nickfury i install webmin
15:08chapter3 ok, i believe it auto starts the daemon, and also adds it to /etc/init/d
15:08nickfury but i just kinda need to know how to get to that interface
15:09@caker nickfury:
15:09nickfury danke
15:10vaxen caker: which iptable script you recommend?
15:10@caker vaxen: honestly, I've just used my own
15:11vaxen caker: care to share?
15:11@caker vaxen: but I'm an ebtables guy, not iptables
15:14* adamg just uses shorewall
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15:18vaxen adamg: using to use?
15:19vaxen adamg: can you share your config?
15:21adamg my config is for 2\3\4 seperate networks
15:21adamg so probably not of much use
15:24nickfury how do you edit in vi
15:25nickfury i'm so used to pico
15:25nickfury but doens't seem to be installed
15:25chapter3 you can use nano
15:25chapter3 and if that's not installed, apt-get install nano
15:25chapter3 nano is similar to pico
15:26vaxen is linode using sarge?
15:26nickfury us lsmod a package?
15:26nickfury err is
15:26adamg woody
15:26chapter3 woody, 3.0r1
15:27vaxen adamg: is it easy to write config for shorewall?
15:27adamg seems to be
15:27vaxen is unstable woody same as sarge?
15:27chapter3 yes, unstable/testing
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15:27vaxen maybe i should move to debian
15:27chapter3 you can use sarge on the nodes:
15:27vaxen gentoo compiles so slow on linode
15:28adamg caker ping
15:28@caker adamg: yo
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15:29adamg have any change been made on host30?
15:29@caker adamg: no? Like what?
15:29nickfury question guys
15:29nickfury One last step, edit /usr/src/linux/.config
15:29nickfury this file is a new file for me
15:29nickfury should it be?
15:29@caker nickfury: ignore that -- you can't use custom kernels
15:29nickfury hrrm ok
15:29adamg just seems better at the momment
15:29nickfury i tried running my firehol then
15:29@caker nickfury: ignore that, and anything to do with modules
15:29nickfury but i get an error
15:30nickfury ./ start
15:30nickfury when i type tha
15:30@caker nickfury: what's the error?
15:30nickfury ERROR: Command 'lsmod' not found in the system path.
15:30nickfury FireHOL requires this command for its operation.
15:30nickfury Please install the required package and retry.
15:31adamg since there are no modules that command is rather pointless
15:31@caker nickfury: apt-cache search lsmod, then install it
15:31@caker mod-utils, or somthing like that
15:31@caker but yeah, it is pointless, but might get the script running
15:32nickfury hrrm
15:32nickfury stil lcan't find thos packages
15:32nickfury wierd
15:32chapter3 modutils
15:32chapter3 nickfury: read some more of that thread ;)
15:32chapter3 the second post on there details the exact error you are getting
15:33nickfury word
15:37vaxen why can install freebsd using uml?
15:38@caker vaxen: he runs freebsd jails too
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15:42vaxen any idea why my ssh session dies after idling for a while?
15:42* adamg was going to do something but cant remeber what it was
15:42adamg keep-alive to probably not set
15:42vaxen whats the config syntax for that?
15:44@caker vaxen: try: echo 1500 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_time
15:44@caker vaxen: or add "net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive = 1500" to /etc/sysctl.conf, and then sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf
15:44@caker vaxen: the latter does it each boot
15:45@caker location of sysctl.conf might be different
15:46vaxen thanks
15:46vaxen 1500 is minutes?
15:46@caker vaxen: seconds, I believe
15:47vaxen how do I set it unlimited?
15:47vaxen donno how long emerge --update world is gonna take
15:47@caker vaxen: ? that settings sends a keepalive packet every 1500 seconds
15:47vaxen ahh..thanks
15:48vaxen error: 'net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive' is an unknown key
15:50@caker vaxen: 2.4 kernel, right?
15:50vaxen 2.6
15:51@caker net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time
15:51@caker for 2.6
15:51vaxen cheers
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17:27adamg hmm sleep
17:28* chapter3 types 'man sleep', hmm, interesting
17:30adamg thank god for ssh port forwarding
17:31nickfury have any of you guys use wedmin?
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17:31nickfury shit..
17:32nickfury caker u don't have that link you gave me a a few hours back do you?
17:32nickfury i thought i bookmarked it .. s
17:33chapter3 i bookmarked it, i'm gonna use it in a few days :D
17:33nickfury ahh
17:33nickfury thanks
17:39nickfury i guess i have a pretty... simple question
17:39nickfury does having debian installed as the distro really differ from say having the server with gnetoo
17:39nickfury or fedora?
17:40nickfury are there really alot of pros and cons?
17:40vaxen try them and see
17:41vaxen debian == stable
17:41vaxen gentoo == lots of compile
17:41nickfury yea
17:41vaxen fedora == dont like it
17:41--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
17:41nickfury i remember my last compile of gentoo was above 22 hours
17:41nickfury but that was a whle ago
17:41nickfury i've forgotten alot now
17:41vaxen i am doing an glibc upgrade on linode
17:41vaxen its taking forever
17:42nickfury no doubt
17:42nickfury i'm just trying to get my feet based on nmy new server here
17:42nickfury and getting web services up
17:42nickfury so i can put my domains over.
17:42nickfury that's my main objective :)
17:42nickfury so .. i kinda hvae to take it slow at first like always
17:42vaxen use debian then
17:42chapter3 i used to use fedora on my desktop, then switched to ubuntu (debian), and i fell in love, then i got my linode, and i used deb on it as well, and it's been great
17:43nickfury i guess my only other question is .. does debian and it's install preconfigure with all the nesecceary connetions?
17:43nickfury so i can just start compiling web services and stuff without changing any conf's?
17:43nickfury ubuntu?
17:43@linbot hmm... ubuntu is quite nice for a new user or designed for the desktop not server tj, nickfury
17:43vaxen chapter3: is ubuntu exactly the same as debian?
17:43chapter3 not exactly
17:43SupaDongzu not quite
17:43chapter3 it's a debian base
17:43nickfury !google ubuntu
17:43@linbot nickfury: Search took 0.562238 seconds: Ubuntu Linux - Welcome to Ubuntu Linux: <>; Ubuntu Linux - Download: <>; UBUNTU - World Forum of Networks: <>; Ubuntu Edunet interactive distance learning and training: <>; LWN: Ubuntu Traffic #10: (2 more messages)
17:43vaxen configuration the same?
17:43SupaDongzu it's a polished GNOME showcase based on debian
17:43SupaDongzu it's very debian
17:44SupaDongzu it's just friendlier
17:44SupaDongzu much friendlier
17:44nickfury so it's an x windows thing
17:44nickfury ?
17:44SupaDongzu it's a distro
17:44SupaDongzu based on debian
17:44SupaDongzu that showcases the latest GNOME
17:44nickfury what's the pros and cons?
17:44nickfury do any of you guys have this installed on linodes?
17:44chapter3 it's updated ;)
17:44SupaDongzu I have only found pros so far
17:44SupaDongzu it's useless on linodes
17:44SupaDongzu just run debian for your servers
17:44nickfury well that is what i was asking :)
17:45nickfury does it just use gnome?
17:45vaxen "!?!$$!"?!?"!?
17:45vaxen liverpool beat Arsenal!!!!
17:45SupaDongzu I don't understand your question, nickfury
17:45nickfury neither do i
17:45nickfury forget i even speak :P
17:45@linbot I've never heard of i even speak :P, nickfury!
17:45nickfury i'm just n00bed up at the moment
17:45SupaDongzu it's a full distro,based on debian, and showcasing the latest GNOME
17:45chapter3 nickfury: i used to use fedora/kde, and i switched to ubuntu/gnome, and i love it
17:45SupaDongzu it's damn fine user-friendly desktop stuff
17:46nickfury nice
17:46vaxen i still prefer kde
17:46nickfury thanks for letting me know that
17:46SupaDongzu I heartily endorse it
17:46nickfury if i wanted to do a fresh reinstall
17:46chapter3 ubuntu/gnome is nothing like fedora/gnome :)
17:46vaxen ubuntu developers are gnome developers
17:46nickfury i could just ... do it from teh linodes control eh ?
17:47vaxen nickfury: yes
17:47nickfury k
17:48nickfury i would just delete the disk images correct?
17:48chapter3 that's what i do
17:48nickfury shutdown of course right?
17:48chapter3 yea
17:49chapter3 are you gonna do a fresh deb install following that guide?
17:49nickfury yep
17:49nickfury goign to try to
17:49nickfury wanna walk with me :)
17:49chapter3 cool, let me know how that goes, i'm gonna use parts of that hopefully tonight or tomorrow
17:49nickfury cool
17:50vaxen which dns server do you guys run?
17:50chapter3 only parts tho, because i'm gonna start over, but start with sarge, and go with apache2/php5/mysql4
17:50nickfury no where near that
17:50chapter3 i use zoneedit
17:51chapter3 that is ;)
17:52vaxen chapter3: why pay for that service when you can run your self?
17:52chapter3 i don't pay
17:55vaxen chapter3: so you just web redirect to your linode?
17:55chapter3 no, you set the A record to your IP
17:56vaxen ahh
17:56vaxen will i be able to reverse resolv?
17:57nickfury wierd.
17:57nickfury i deleted the images
17:57nickfury and re-added the distro
17:57nickfury booted, now i can't connect.. hrrm
17:57chapter3 gotta first connect via root@ip
17:57nickfury i'm tryin to connect via ssh in putty
17:57nickfury right now
17:58nickfury and it won't let me connect :|
17:58nickfury timed out
17:58chapter3 how are you connecting?
17:58nickfury putty
17:58chapter3 i mean to where, your ip?
17:58nickfury to my ip
17:58nickfury yes
17:58chapter3 as root?
17:58nickfury the server ip i get
17:58nickfury yea
17:58nickfury i put root@ip
17:59chapter3 and your node is running?
17:59chapter3 (check the overview page)
17:59nickfury wtf.. it keeps turning off :)
17:59nickfury aight
18:01nickfury i think i see why
18:01nickfury the profile
18:01nickfury i have the os under
18:01nickfury under disk images
18:01nickfury there are none selected
18:01nickfury like /dev/udba
18:01nickfury like /dev/udbb
18:01nickfury is a the swap?
18:01nickfury and b the main parition
18:02chapter3 i use ubda as the distro image, and ubdb as my swap image
18:02nickfury i don't understand
18:02nickfury but every single time i go back to my overview plage
18:02nickfury err page
18:02chapter3 but if you wanna switch them that's fine, but you would need to change the "root device" section
18:02nickfury the computer is turned off
18:02chapter3 ok, go into your profile
18:03chapter3 (i'll walk u thru it)
18:03nickfury k
18:03@caker nickfury: You probably have more than one config profile now
18:03nickfury no
18:03nickfury i deleted them
18:03@caker nickfury: deleting the disk images doesn't delete the config
18:03nickfury now i just have one
18:03@caker k
18:03nickfury and it seems to be ok now
18:03@caker then you likely deleted the wrong one, if there were no images on the remaining one
18:03nickfury i just have root device as standard
18:03nickfury which makes sense
18:04nickfury i'll just delete configurations and images, and start over
18:04nickfury i'm such an idiot
18:12nickfury guys
18:12nickfury are there any other general good to have things install in debian?
18:12nickfury i'm just running through all the apt-get's now
18:13--- ---> emcnabb [~emcnabb@] has joined #linode
18:13@caker nickfury: the base fs is _very_ minimal, so just install stuff as you need it
18:13nickfury k
18:13nickfury if i get module errrors
18:13nickfury that;s ok right
18:13nickfury because we can't run them
18:14@caker nickfury: on boot? yeah, ignore them -- everything is compiled into the kernel
18:14nickfury what about like loading firewalls
18:14nickfury and shit
18:14nickfury firehol
18:15@caker nickfury: if it expects stuff to be a module, that's bad coding, IMO
18:15@caker nickfury: nothing says things NEED to be a module -- they should have a different check to see if the kernel has support for certain functionality
18:15nickfury i guessi was just wondering because that guide was showing up some errors
18:16@caker nickfury: you can probably just edit whatever script that's having trouble, and commenting out that check
18:16@caker nickfury: that guide expects a modular kernel (the one from debian) .. so yeah, just skip that stuff
18:16nickfury ok i'll move on then
18:16nickfury i guess my goal is apache :)
18:16nickfury and some how getting htis webmin in
18:17nickfury which i'm guessing requires apache
18:17@caker nickfury: here's a tip -- Debian's version of webmin is pretty old
18:18@caker nickfury: I would apt-get remove it, and install the newest from
18:18@caker [root@yourhost /tmp]# gunzip webmin-1.170.tar.gz
18:18@caker [root@yourhost /tmp]# tar xf webmin-1.170.tar
18:18@caker [root@yourhost /tmp]# cd webmin-1.170
18:18@caker [root@yourhost /tmp/webmin-1.170]# ./ /usr/local/webmin
18:18nickfury ok
18:26--- <<-- rwa [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:26--- ---> rwa [] has joined #linode
18:27--- ---> Zymurgy [] has joined #linode
18:31--- <<-- sunny [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:31--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
18:32vaxen i reckon this emerge --update world is gonna take a week
18:32@caker vaxen: I think it takes about 20 hrs or so, last I did it (a week or two ago)
18:33@caker vaxen: what does "cat /proc/io_status" say?
18:33vaxen io_count=4642921 io_rate=204 io_tokens=399994 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
18:33@caker vaxen: ok -- looks fine
18:34vaxen what is that?
18:34@linbot Somebody said that is just sweet, vaxen
18:34@caker !forget that
18:34--- ---> Electric1lf [] has joined #linode
18:34@caker vaxen: it's an I/O limiter to prevent a single Linode from taking over the entire host with IO
18:34vaxen ahh
18:34vaxen djbdns or bind?
18:35@caker vaxen: for more info
18:36--- <<-- sunny [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:37--- <<-- ElectricElf [] has quit (Killed (NickServ command used by Electric1lf))
18:37--- User: *** Electric1lf is now known as ElectricElf
18:38--- User: *** ElectricElf is now known as Guest37
18:38--- User: *** Guest37 is now known as ElectricElf
19:19irgeek sighup: weather den
19:19@sighup Try a 4-letter station code (see for locations and codes)
19:19irgeek linbot: weather den
19:19@linbot irgeek: The current temperature in Denver International, Colorado is 18\xB0F (4:55 PM MST on November 28, 2004). Conditions: Light Snow Showers. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 18\xB0F. Pressure: 30.07 in (1018 hPa). Visibility: 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
19:20irgeek Light snow showers? You're crazy linbot.
19:22irgeek linbot: weather dru
19:22@linbot irgeek: The current temperature in Drummond, Montana is 30\xB0F (4:45 PM MST on November 28, 2004). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: 27\xB0F. Visibility: 20.0 miles (32.2 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
19:22irgeek linbot: weather rdu
19:22@linbot irgeek: The current temperature in Raleigh-Durham International, North Carolina is 52\xB0F (6:51 PM EST on November 28, 2004). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 32\xB0F. Pressure: 30.10 in (1019 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
19:44irgeek I think this is my favorite Onion story ever:
19:46jasonf irgeek: are you in raleigh?
19:46irgeek No, Denver. I was comparing to the weather where one of my friends is.
19:46jasonf ah
19:46* jasonf lives 45 minutes from RDU
19:48* npmr lives about that far from DTW
19:49SupaDongzu linbot: weather OAK
19:51irgeek God damn it's cold here.
19:51* irgeek shivers
19:52SupaDongzu heh
19:52SupaDongzu it's not that cold here, but it comes right through the walls
19:53jasonf linbot: Oakland is ghetto
19:53@linbot 10-4.
19:53SupaDongzu :<
19:53SupaDongzu is not
19:53SupaDongzu only the south side
19:54SupaDongzu richmond is ghetto
19:58--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
20:03npmr hmmmm
20:04npmr some of my former speakeasy ip addresses have been reassigned to new subscribers but still have my reverse dns
20:05SupaDongzu !!!
20:05tjfontaine linbot says thats not a valid command I'm sure
20:05SupaDongzu yeah
20:05SupaDongzu it sure does
20:06npmr SupaDongzu, do you have a list of your old IPs?
20:07npmr three out of the six IP addresses i've ever had from speakeasy are still mine
20:07npmr hmmm
20:07npmr three out of the seven
20:07npmr two of the remaining four have been reassigned
20:07npmr they all still bear my reverse dns
20:08npmr caker, you've set up linode so that this doesn't happen to your customers, right?
20:08@caker npmr: yeah, I reset rdns once the IPs are released
20:08npmr good on you
20:08@caker probably takes 24 hrs, but still..
20:09npmr well, some of these ips have been blowing in the wind for a couple of years
20:09npmr [inkblot@goose:~]$ host -t any
20:09npmr A
20:09npmr TXT "Address of and from 6-Nov-2001 to 31-May-2002"
20:09npmr [inkblot@goose:~]$ host
20:09npmr Name:
20:09npmr Address:
20:10npmr that's 2.5 years of delinquent rdns updating
20:10npmr hmmm, i had another ip in that subnet for a while
20:18@caker !flush
20:18@linbot caker: The operation succeeded.
20:20@caker linbot: test?
20:20@linbot Somebody said test is linode-temp test, caker
20:20tjfontaine omg!
20:20tjfontaine no factoids?
20:20tjfontaine linbot: tjfontaine?
20:20@linbot Somebody said tjfontaine is a canadian wannabe or not g0d or not funny or my bish, tjfontaine
20:20tjfontaine phew
20:20@caker tjfontaine: flush saves everything
20:20eFUDd linbot: efudd?
20:20@linbot Rumor has it efudd is someone who screws with the wrong people, eFUDd
20:20eFUDd Doh!
20:20eFUDd I got threatened.
20:20@caker linbot: forget test
20:21@caker linbot: doforget test
20:21tjfontaine caker: ah I see
20:21@caker weird
20:21@caker forget only works if you PM it
20:21@linbot I've never heard of only works if you PM it, caker!
20:21@caker ??
20:21eFUDd I <3 botz
20:22@caker !list factoids
20:23@caker test is foo
20:23@caker test?
20:23@linbot Rumor has it test is foo, caker
20:23@caker forget test
20:23@linbot I hear ya, caker.
20:23@caker weird .. doesn't take a prefix
20:23@caker !info efudd
20:23@caker info efudd
20:24@caker !infobot stats
20:24@linbot caker: Since Sat Oct 2 15:40:52 2004, there have been 6673 modifications and 438 questions. I have been awake for 8 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 43 minutes, and 51 seconds this session, and currently reference 7697 factoids. Addressing is in optional mode.
20:24@caker geez
20:31@caker linbot: kernel
20:31@linbot caker: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.9; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.10-rc2-bk12; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.10-rc2-mm3.
20:31@caker neat
20:32jasonf caker: hello
20:32@caker jasonf: hola
20:32jasonf how's life in the land of linode?
20:34@caker going good ... just got everyone off host27 onto host38; tested the new kernel, so expect reboots fairly soon
20:35jasonf caker: cool
20:35jasonf caker: anything you need my help for?
20:35@caker jasonf: I don't think so, but I'll keep that in mind
20:35jasonf I'm currently working on the RegiCon NA website
20:35jasonf :-/
20:41@caker !translate spanish to english Hola como estas?
20:41@linbot caker: Hello like these?
20:41@caker hah
20:41chapter3 haha
20:41chapter3 !translate spanish to english Donde esta el bano?
20:42@linbot chapter3: Where this the bano?
20:42@caker !translate spanish to english \xBFHola, c\xF3mo es usted?
20:42@linbot caker: Hello, how are you?
20:43chapter3 nickfury: you around?
20:43@caker !translate english to spanish my mom is cool and nice
20:43@linbot caker: mi mama es fresca y agradable
20:43@caker !translate spanish to english mi mama es fresca y agradable
20:43@linbot caker: my breast is fresh and pleasant
20:43chapter3 HAHAHA
20:45--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:46chapter3 i suppose if i add another partition to a configuration, it's not gonna show up until i reboot huh
20:46@caker chapter3: I can add it now, if you'd like
20:47chapter3 i added the new part to the config profile already (the Backup partition)
20:47@caker chapter3: ok -- add it to ubdc?
20:47chapter3 ya
20:47@caker chapter3: still logged into the LPM?
20:47chapter3 not anymore
20:48@caker no worries
20:48chapter3 well i just logged out, thought you needed me to logout :)
20:48chapter3 i'm back in
20:48@caker chapter3: should be able to mount it now
20:49chapter3 sweet, all set, thanks :)
20:49@caker np
20:50chapter3 gotta back everything up, gonna wipe out my deb part and re-install my webserver, getting away from using xampp/lampp
20:53chapter3 btw, is there a disadvantage to logging into a node with ssh user@ip rather than using lish? i prefer to login to my IP, because my terminal proggie won't do scrolling with lish
20:59irgeek chapter3: I can't think of a disadvantage to logging in directly. Logging in with lish is just using the console. I use it to watch the boot sequence sometimes, but that's about it.
20:59chapter3 ahh ok cool
20:59chapter3 i guess i'm ready, the last thing i need to do is backup my db
21:00chapter3 i'm used to using phpmyadmin, should i use a cli command instead?
21:00@caker chapter3: mysqldump works for me
21:00chapter3 well, apt-cache search mysqldump didn't return anything
21:01chapter3 lampp did install a version of mysqldump, but there's no man entry for it :\
21:01@caker (as root) mysqldump -p --all-databases > db.sql
21:01@caker ^-- should work
21:01@caker chapter3:
21:02chapter3 sweet, looks like that worked
21:02@caker chapter3: copy your data files, just in case
21:03chapter3 well there are 16K lines in the .sql file, i think it got all the data, but where would those be?
21:04@caker erm .. on debian?
21:04chapter3 you mean all the, 002 files?
21:04chapter3 yeah deb
21:06@caker chapter3: dunno what those are .. look in /var/lib/mysql/ for debian
21:06chapter3 unfortunately it's lampp, so they aren't in that standard spot, but what would the filenames look like?
21:07chapter3 would each table have 3 files, table.MYD, .MYI, and .frm ?
21:07@caker chapter3: each database will be a directory, with three files for each table
21:07@caker chapter3: yeah
21:07chapter3 ahh ok
21:08chapter3 ok, let the fun begin :)
21:08chapter3 it's a race, the site is now down, gotta get it backup asap :D
21:09@caker chapter3: Go1
21:09@caker !
21:09chapter3 (i have to delete the partition to remove the os, correct?)
21:10@caker chapter3: delete the partition, and the config profile
21:11chapter3 ahh, forgot it creates a profile too :)
21:12chapter3 that's just the best, 31 seconds for an distro "install" :D
21:13--- ---> bob [] has joined #linode
21:17chapter3 goin with sarge too :)
21:20chapter3 hmm, i hope this isn't trying to install an X daemon :\
21:20nickfury guys if i wanna wget a file
21:20nickfury do i just type wget <link>
21:21chapter3 ya
21:21--- <<-- bob [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
21:21nickfury hrrm
21:21nickfury wierd.
21:21chapter3 make sure the link is valid, for example downloading from sf, you need to pick a mirror, otherwise it will download a html file
21:22nickfury that' sexactly my problem
21:22nickfury SF
21:22nickfury and i keep getting host not found
21:22chapter3 gotta pick a mirror first
21:22nickfury i did
21:22nickfury that's the file
21:22nickfury direct link
21:22chapter3 i'm in the middle of upgrading to sarge, so can't quite test yet :)
21:23chapter3 well, it works for me on my home machine
21:23npmr likewise
21:23npmr nickfury, what's in your /etc/resolv.conf?
21:23chapter3 root@girls [~]# cat /etc/debian_version
21:23chapter3 3.1
21:24chapter3 yay :))))
21:24npmr 3.1?
21:24chapter3 sarge
21:24npmr hasn't been released yet, has it?
21:24chapter3 it's still in testing
21:24nickfury npmr
21:24chapter3 but ubuntu uses it
21:25nickfury what do you mean ?
21:25npmr cat /etc/resolv.conf
21:25npmr paste to channel
21:25nickfury search
21:25nickfury nameserver
21:25nickfury nameserver
21:25nickfury nameserver
21:25nickfury nameserver
21:26npmr hmmm, that's not the problem then
21:27nickfury i need someone to sit down with
21:27nickfury and work out my system
21:27nickfury get it based, get my apache and shit up
21:27nickfury i just gotta find that person :)
21:28npmr are you able to lookup any dns names?
21:28nickfury give me a command
21:28npmr ping
21:28nickfury getting unknown
21:28chapter3 nickfury, that is a step by step tutorial, although that's using sarge, not woody
21:29npmr nickfury, is your network interface up?
21:29npmr ifconfig eth0
21:29nickfury hrrm
21:29nickfury maybe it wasn't
21:29nickfury i thought that would hvae been setup automatically
21:29nickfury it shows an adapter
21:30npmr "UP" or not?
21:30npmr line three of the output
21:30nickfury eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr FE:FD:41:13:B2:C8
21:30nickfury inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
21:30nickfury inet6 addr: fe80::fcfd:41ff:fe13:b2c8/64 Scope:Link
21:30npmr er, line four i guess
21:31nickfury yes
21:31nickfury UP BROADCAST
21:31npmr ok, it's up
21:31nickfury yea
21:31nickfury can't ping anything though
21:31npmr have you installed a firewall?
21:31nickfury i installed my firewall
21:31nickfury maybe htat's it
21:31npmr perhaps
21:31chapter3 bingo
21:31nickfury firehol
21:31npmr have you configured it?
21:31nickfury no sir
21:31nickfury :(
21:31npmr do that
21:31nickfury i'm pretty new and n00b to it
21:31nickfury so i don't see how i could
21:31nickfury i'm guessing it's insire fireho
21:31nickfury l
21:31npmr surely it has configuration files which you can edit
21:31nickfury how do i stop the service
21:32npmr i don't know, i'm not familiar with firehol
21:32npmr try /etc/init.d/firehol stop
21:32nickfury got it
21:32nickfury ok
21:32nickfury getting ping requests now
21:32npmr replies, you mean?
21:33--- ---> Electric1lf [~david@] has joined #linode
21:34--- <<-- ElectricElf [] has quit (Killed (NickServ command used by Electric1lf))
21:34--- User: *** Electric1lf is now known as ElectricElf
21:34nickfury yep :)
21:34nickfury just going to try and get webmin installed now
21:34npmr and i'm going to eat, shower, and sleep
21:34npmr good night
21:35nickfury hehe night bro
21:37@caker !translate english to spanish there goes the neighborhood
21:37@linbot caker: va la vecindad
21:38@caker !translate french to english beaujolais nouveau
21:38@linbot caker: new beaujolais wine
21:38@caker heh
21:40nickfury !translate czech to english ahoj!
21:40nickfury bummer
21:40nickfury ;P
21:40nickfury caker
21:40nickfury what would my hostname be
21:40nickfury and how can i connect to it?
21:41nickfury i just set up webmin
21:42chapter3 caker: how do i now import that data back with mysqldump?
21:48--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
21:48--- ---> unfug [] has joined #linode
21:50nickfury caker
21:50nickfury Starting web server: apache[Sun Nov 28 21:50:45 2004] [alert] apache: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
21:50nickfury failed
21:50nickfury when i start apache..
21:50nickfury any idea?
21:51chapter3 try this:
21:51nickfury i'm inside webmin
21:51nickfury doing it from there
21:51chapter3 go to the command prompt
21:51nickfury k
21:51chapter3 type: echo > /etc/hostname
21:51chapter3 then type: /bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname
21:51rwa sighup weather chi
21:51@sighup Try a 4-letter station code (see for locations and codes)
21:52nickfury ok this is my thing
21:52nickfury the hostname
21:52nickfury what exactly does that suggest
21:52nickfury nothing more than a name right?
21:52chapter3 well, i set my hostname to my primary domain name
21:52nickfury because i don't have any specific domainname attached to this
21:52npmr nickfury,
21:53nickfury i; reead that page if i could
21:53nickfury holy shit
21:53nickfury how many lines
21:53nickfury chapter3i did that
21:53nickfury using my primary domain anme that i will use
21:53nickfury what does that suggest now
21:54nickfury ok well what ever i did to that hostname
21:54nickfury it worked
21:54nickfury apache is up
21:54npmr <-- or try this one
21:54nickfury yep
21:54nickfury worked
21:54nickfury w00t
21:58rwa sighup weather kord
21:58@sighup Chicago, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport, IL, United States ; (KORD) 41-58-47N 087-54-16W 200M; last updated: Nov 28, 2004 08:56 PM EST; Dew Point: 21.9 F (-5.6 C); Precipitation last hour: A trace; Pressure (altimeter): 30.2 in. Hg (1022 hPa); Pressure tendency: 0.01 inches (0.3 hPa) lower than three hours ago; Relative Humidity: 53%; Sky conditions: mostly cloudy; Temperature: 37.0 F (2.8 C); Visibility: 10 mile(s); Weather: Mist; Wind: Calm
21:59vaxen I just used zoneedit as my dns server
21:59vaxen do i need to change anything on my box?
22:02vaxen do I need to change my resolv.conf?
22:05chapter3 i just did a fresh install, only thing related to my domain was i changed my hostname, not even sure that's necessary with a proper apache setup
22:06vaxen chapter3: do you use zoneedit?
22:06vaxen do I need to change my resolv.conf to point to zoneedit nameserver?
22:06chapter3 yes i use zone edit
22:06chapter3 no you shouldn't need to edit resolv.conf
22:07vaxen if i come one irc, will my domain be the new domain, instead of linode?
22:07vaxen s/one/on
22:08chapter3 it would most likely be what your hostname is set to
22:08@caker vaxen: only if you change reverse dns
22:08@caker vaxen: use the Reverse DNS Manager link off the LPM overview page
22:09vaxen caker: you lost me
22:09@caker vaxen: log into the LPM (
22:09@caker vaxen: then click on "Reverse DNS Manager"
22:09chapter3 grr
22:10chapter3 include("/opt/lampp/htdocs/
22:10chapter3 i need to replace that
22:10chapter3 that darn forward slashes are screwing me up with grep
22:10chapter3 oh wait a second haha
22:11vaxen caker: I dont need to change anything on my box?
22:11@caker vaxen: for reverse DNS? No.
22:11@caker vaxen: but, the RDNS manager only lets you set the reverse to a name that forwards to your IP already .. :)
22:12chapter3 why does egrep lampp * work but egrep m/lampp/ * not work?
22:16vaxen i guess i got to wait
22:29chapter3 arggg
22:52--- <<-- adapter [] has quit (Quit: The lamest quit message in the universe.)
22:53chapter3 how can i double check to see if php is running as a module or cgi?
22:57irgeek chapter3: If it's running as CGI I think you have to include the #!/path/to/php at the beginning of each script.
22:57chapter3 ahh ok ty
22:58chapter3 crap, mysqld didn't start on reboot, or i should say it crashed :\
22:59chapter3 hmm
22:59chapter3 actually, it worked in 2.4, now it won't start in 2.6.9
23:01irgeek Did you start it from the CL?
23:02irgeek linbot: weather DEN
23:02@linbot irgeek: The current temperature in Denver International, Colorado is 18\xB0F (7:55 PM MST on November 28, 2004). Conditions: Light Snow Showers. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 18\xB0F. Wind: NNE at 9 mph (15 km/h). Pressure: 30.17 in (1022 hPa). Visibility: 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
23:02chapter3 tried CL, same thing
23:02chapter3 mysqld got signal 11;
23:02irgeek chapter3: Is it the tls library thing?
23:02--- ---> KidSock [] has joined #linode
23:03chapter3 do i have to reboot after movin?
23:03chapter3 ah ha, nm
23:03chapter3 that was it, odd
23:05vaxen linbot: weather LONDON
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23:12tjfontaine linbot: weather kcak
23:12@linbot tjfontaine: The current temperature in Akron-Canton Regional, Ohio is 33\xB0F (10:51 PM EST on November 28, 2004). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: 29\xB0F. Pressure: 30.25 in (1024 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
23:17jasonf .
23:17jasonf .
23:17jasonf hrm
23:17jasonf IRSSI just glitched
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23:33chapter3 anybody runnin apache2 ?
23:33jasonf I do
23:33chapter3 do you use /var/www/
23:35funkycow only for default page...
23:35jasonf I use /web/whatever/
23:35jasonf I customized it ;)
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