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#linode IRC Logs for 2004-12-16

---Logopened Thu Dec 16 00:00:01 2004
00:00@caker LittleEndian: sure
00:03@caker chuck: between which builds?
00:03@caker chuck: distros?
00:04chuck How about debian vs CENTOS?
00:05@caker most of it comes down to the package management stuff
00:05sunny pineapples and mangos
00:05@caker debian == apt, centos/rhel == yum
00:05mikegrb but I think apt is tastier
00:05@caker I'd agree
00:05jasonf Debian > * offered on linode
00:05SupaDongzu caker: what do the host systems run?
00:05jasonf Gentoo + IO limiter == painful
00:05@caker SupaDongzu: rh9
00:05sunny Windows XP service pack 294295
00:06mikegrb SupaDongzu prefers RH7
00:06mikegrb but he is weird like that
00:06SupaDongzu last RH I ran was 5
00:06SupaDongzu and that was only because it was a DEC Alpha
00:06mikegrb that is why you liked 7 better ;)
00:09@caker [root@host39 root]# free -m
00:09@caker total used free shared buffers cached
00:09@caker Mem: 6081 99 5981 0 9 66
00:09@caker -/+ buffers/cache: 23 6057
00:09@caker Swap: 2949 0 2949
00:09* caker snickers
00:09chuck Thanks for the input. I'll ponder it awhile. You guys have a good night
00:09@caker See ya
00:09* mikegrb frees the bsd
00:09@caker How to free the bsd??!!!!
00:10mikegrb with scissors
00:10mikegrb you didn't answer my christmas question... headed to nj?
00:10@caker mikegrb: yes I did
00:10mikegrb hmm
00:10* mikegrb scrolls up
00:10@caker <<@caker> mikegrb: yeah, LBI area (Long Beach Island, NJ != Long Island, NY)
00:10mikegrb oh
00:10mikegrb silly me
00:10mikegrb so going to be scouting?
00:10sunny boot legged long island!
00:11@caker not sure
00:11@caker maybe not this trip
00:17sunny doh
00:17sunny caker: bit far from NYC :/
00:17@caker sunny: only 90 miles or so
00:18sunny 2 hours by car, 2 hours too many! :P
00:18mikegrb 'bout 1.75 accourding to teh intarweb
00:18* iggy drives 2hours to work every morning
00:18mikegrb I drive about an hour
00:19sunny mikegrb: your version of the internets is outdated
00:19mikegrb sunny: :<
00:19* sunny takes the subway for about an hour
00:19mikegrb it sucks
00:19mikegrb ipod + podcast == better
00:19* SupaDongzu takes the subway for an hour too
00:19SupaDongzu it's great
00:19sunny podcast ?
00:19SupaDongzu you can read or take a nap
00:19sunny which city ?
00:20SupaDongzu sunny: podcast == mp3s of people going 'um' a lot
00:20SupaDongzu sunny: san francisco
00:20mikegrb SupaDongzu: that wgbh feed isn't thier normal stories, they are recorded just for podcast so it isn't boston centric
00:20SupaDongzu mikegrb: still CBA
00:20sunny ah
00:20mikegrb indeed
00:20* sunny got no ipod
00:20mikegrb I want a cheaper source for TAL
00:21mikegrb $1/show would be good
00:21mikegrb $4/month
00:21mikegrb they had some crazy dude on the radio this evening
00:22mikegrb he said all gays desicrate the eucharist in church and the interviewer was notably blown away by his comment "uh... huh? what do you mean by that?"
00:22SupaDongzu yeah
00:22SupaDongzu I heard that
00:22mikegrb he said they go into church take it throw it on the ground and stomp on it
00:22mikegrb it was emad
00:22SupaDongzu terry gross was pressing him
00:22SupaDongzu and totally baffled
00:22SupaDongzu and then she's all "so who exactly did that?"
00:22SupaDongzu and he had to admit it was a single anecdoe
00:22SupaDongzu anecdote
00:23mikegrb el-hilarity
00:23SupaDongzu seriously
00:23mikegrb almost as good as "when you suck on a cigarette you are sucking the dick of the man"
00:23mikegrb I need to make a clip of that
00:23mikegrb play it when I want to smoke
00:24iggy but mike, you like the pole smoking
00:24mikegrb D:
00:25iggy damnit, I moved channels around, and I keep saying things in the wrong channel
00:26mikegrb lolz
00:26jasonf lol
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09:15mesozoic_ Hi all
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09:28linbot New news from forums: Issue with ipv6 on debian in Linux Networking
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10:19mesozoic_ Anybody here having problems on host7?
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11:33customer1 Hi there
11:33tjfontaine hello
11:33customer1 A question: can I specify that I want my multiple linodes on different physical machines?
11:34tjfontaine you can ask, if you already have one linode you can try by submitting a ticket
11:34npmr caker is very accomodating
11:34customer1 How many machines are there total? Reason I'm asking is that I need absolutely 0 downtime
11:35tjfontaine there are 38 hosts
11:35tjfontaine 39 is just about to be sent out
11:35tjfontaine and two dc's
11:35npmr the linode terms of service guarrantee a 99.9% uptime
11:35Redgore customer1: only downtime ive had is from problems caused by myself and data center staff tripping over a power wire
11:36customer1 redgore: the first one i don't mind, second one is a MAJOR problem for me
11:36customer1 npmr: excellent
11:36npmr customer1, i've been quite satisfied with it
11:36tjfontaine as have I
11:37customer1 Problem is I need to provide a 100% uptime to my customers
11:37customer1 That .01% could be a business killer
11:37npmr customer1, i am also a stickler for availability, although it's not absolutely required in my case
11:37tjfontaine what type of service do you provide?
11:37customer1 I sell uptime
11:37customer1 Literally :)
11:37npmr ha ha
11:37npmr uptime of what?
11:37* tjfontaine imagines #g7 uptime sales
11:38npmr tjfontaine, you'd only have to have better uptime than the irc network
11:38npmr tjfontaine, not too difficult to pull that off
11:38tjfontaine heh
11:38customer1 uptime of other people's sites
11:39customer1 i basically mirror them, and let them redirect if they're down
11:39customer1 thus i need to be up 100% of the time
11:39npmr ok
11:39npmr so redundant mirrors would work then
11:39customer1 hopefully yeah
11:39customer1 a pair of 99.9% linodes on different servers would it
11:40npmr is geographic diversity a concern?
11:40customer1 Not really ... great majority of customers are US-based
11:40customer1 That said I might run a european server just in case
11:40npmr well, texas vs. california vs. both
11:41customer1 Oh nah not really .. although having a mirror in each of the different places would be nice I guess
11:41customer1 I wonder if there's any way to set it up so that I don't have to do the redundancy stuff? I mean if caker backs up anyway ...
11:42tjfontaine your node is your responsibility
11:42customer1 Right ... thing is I basically want one node ... just copied somewhere else :)
11:42customer1 That said it wouldn't be too hard to make it replicate by itself
11:42npmr the host machines use raid-1 for a single volume over two drives
11:43npmr that is all the data redundancy that linode provides
11:45customer1 Thanks for all your help
11:45customer1 bye
11:45mikegrb <- el-helarity
11:45npmr are you just doing web site failover or are there other services?
11:45customer1 for now WS failover, eventually a bunch of interconnected services
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11:49mikegrb bye
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12:14mikegrb hi
12:15tjfontaine ih
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12:20Ciaran Hi. :D
12:21@caker hello
12:23mikegrb hello
12:23@sighup hello
12:24tjfontaine olleh
12:25mikegrb tjfontaine: you forgot to take you dyslexia medication
12:26tjfontaine spahrep
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12:29@caker with "customer1" guy -- if he really needs 100% uptime, he better design it into his application/services, across multiple nodes, even multiple providers
12:29@caker downtime/life/shit happens, and he needs to expect that
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12:30SupaDongzu Oh.
12:30@caker s/expect/anticipate/
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12:32* mikegrb anticipates SupaDongzu's next move
12:33tjfontaine I am your next move mikegrb
12:33mikegrb tjfontaine: :D
12:33Ciaran Hi ElectricElf.
12:33mikegrb Hi Ciaran
12:34Ciaran Hiya mikegrb.
12:34Ciaran (You said that already. :D)
12:34mikegrb oh
12:34mikegrb oops
12:34* mikegrb takes back his hello
12:36Ciaran Hehe.
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12:55nickfury yo guys .
12:55nickfury i seem to be getting this error when i am trying to apt-get install anything dealing with postfix and courier
12:55nickfury dpkg: error processing webmin-postfix (--configure):
12:55nickfury subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2
12:55nickfury Errors were encountered while processing:
12:55nickfury webmin-postfix
12:55nickfury E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
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12:56Redgore testing ? cause I find alot of the webmin packages are borked
12:56nickfury not testing
12:56nickfury stable
12:56Redgore ouch, I cant remember how I fixed it
12:57nickfury hhrrm
12:57nickfury woud uninstall webmin
12:57nickfury adn reinstalling it do it ?
12:57Redgore might work
12:58nickfury fuck
12:58nickfury now i am getting loads of errors
12:58nickfury trhis sucks
12:58nickfury groan.
12:58nickfury setting up postfix + courier and al lthat stuff
12:58nickfury seems VERY difficult
12:59Redgore I stuck to exim but upgraded it to exim4
12:59nickfury exim1?
12:59nickfury ?
12:59Redgore exim3
12:59nickfury what are u running thuogh
12:59Redgore debian testing
12:59nickfury does it work for debian ?
12:59nickfury ahh.
12:59nickfury i see
12:59nickfury hrrm
12:59nickfury is it easier to set up ?
12:59nickfury than postfix?
13:00Redgore I just used debians config menu for it
13:00Redgore when I first set-up exim3 at the start and just converted the exim3 config
13:01SupaDongzu exim3 is a dead-end unfortunately
13:01SupaDongzu exim4 is the future
13:01SupaDongzu debian will maintain exim3, but the exim folks will probably ignore it in favor of 4
13:01Redgore exim3 is already being ignored by the exim folks
13:02Redgore unless a major security flaw is found which they will try and fix
13:02SupaDongzu debian's pretty good about shepherding abandonware. They maintained 2.2.18 for a long while after everyone else had ignored it
13:02SupaDongzu right
13:02SupaDongzu but it'll probably be the debian folks who find it
13:02SupaDongzu and forward upstream
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13:25nickfury it's just
13:25nickfury i am having such a difficult time linking courier to postfix bleh bleh bleh
13:25nickfury so i can use outlook , thunderbird and actually gET my messages.
13:26tierra|w what mailbox format are you using?
13:26nickfury i just wish i could find a decent WORKING debian noob tutorial
13:26nickfury that actually explains it too
13:26nickfury mailbox format
13:26nickfury i guess that means the structure?
13:27tierra|w yeah
13:27nickfury well
13:27nickfury it was a mixture at first
13:27tierra|w maildir, or mbox?
13:27nickfury but i believe it was the Maildir
13:27nickfury the thing is ..
13:27nickfury i have maildir AND mbox now
13:27nickfury for some reason
13:27tierra|w well, you can only use one at a time...
13:27nickfury and i can't figure out how that's happening
13:27nickfury if that's teh case
13:27nickfury then mbox is the one being used
13:27nickfury because that one seems to be the one that mutt wants to transfer all the files too
13:28tierra|w you can make both formats in user's home directories, but courier is only going to use stuff found in a user's maildir, and postfix last I knew used mbox
13:28nickfury of course... i'm still not sure why when i check my email through windows apps, it doesn't find my messages
13:29nickfury so what's the solution to get them to .... work together
13:29tierra|w not use courier =/
13:29nickfury what setup do yo uuse?
13:29tierra|w I'm not any mail admin expert or anything... but I'm pretty sure about the above...
13:30tierra|w I use qmail/courier
13:30nickfury hrrm
13:30nickfury and qmail/courier gives the same results
13:30nickfury able to connect through like outlook and shti
13:30nickfury and get mail
13:30tierra|w yeah, both use maildir
13:30nickfury maybe i should switch over
13:30nickfury and try qmail
13:31SupaDongzu oyyy
13:31tierra|w get some other people's opinions first... I think the last person that tried that on debian ran into a whole bunch or problems since no-one that uses debian uses qmail
13:31nickfury well
13:31nickfury what do debian users use most?
13:31Redgore exim
13:31tierra|w postfix
13:32tierra|w or exim I guess
13:32tierra|w I dunno, I don't use debian
13:33nickfury what would it take for one of you guys to help me setup my mail esrver?
13:34Redgore imap or pop3 ?
13:34nickfury pop3
13:34Redgore apt-get install exim qpopper
13:34Redgore and follow the onscreen instructions
13:34nickfury is it that easy wth that setup ?
13:34nickfury because postfix has little to no instructions
13:35nickfury at least.. on isntall
13:35npmr nickfury, you need virtual mail domains, right?
13:35rafx nickfury, most don't but i use qmail + vpopmail and am very happy with it (very secure and won't crap out under extreme load)
13:35nickfury npmr.. that woudl be nice ya
13:35npmr Redgore, does qpopper support virtual mail domains?
13:35Redgore I believe so but dont quote me on that
13:35npmr i'm pretty skeptical that it does
13:35nickfury i'm looking for a little hand-holding help... and i'm willing to pay for that knowledge
13:36nickfury i'm tired of sitting here being an idiot and fucking more shit up
13:36rafx nickfury, fucking shit up is the best way to learn--as long as its done on a test system
13:36nickfury hha.
13:36nickfury i wish my system was in test mode :)
13:36npmr i broke a lot of stuff along the way to where i am
13:36rafx well, reading the docs is better i guess but not as fun :)
13:36nickfury i am thinking of redoing my whole system tonight
13:37npmr sometimes it cost money
13:37nickfury one by one
13:37rafx npmr, for some of us, no matter where we go, there we are
13:37Redgore nickfury:
13:38Redgore thats a postfix and qpopper based how-to
13:38nickfury great
13:38Redgore including virtual domains so npmr qpopper does :P
13:38nickfury thanks for thar Redgore
13:38nickfury i'll give it the once over
13:39brctl hello all
13:39nickfury i think i'l ldo my system over again tonigt, and then just apply this tutorial when in eed to do my mail esrver
13:39rafx nickfury, if you're redoing your whole system, you may want to replace inetd with xinetd, syslog with syslog-ng.
13:39nickfury i'm going ot start from scratch i think
13:39nickfury the question is .. if i want to install this pop3 setup (postfix and qpopper)
13:40nickfury do i need to unisntall the stuff i installed before?
13:40nickfury example, the courier stuff
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13:41nickfury it's just.. my system is becoming a mess
13:41nickfury and i want a clean setup
13:41--- User: *** Electric1lf is now known as ElectricElf
13:41nickfury now i am getting all these stupid webmin errors
13:41Redgore backup the important stuff
13:41nickfury with postfix and shit
13:41nickfury i guess the most important things would be files. otehrwise configurations arent' that difficult.. up until mail server stuff for me at least.
13:41Redgore and perhaps start afresh
13:42Redgore I need to rebuild my config's backu[
13:42Redgore backup ^
13:42nickfury any recommendations on general setup with a server?
13:42nickfury like what first to install etc.
13:42nickfury or perhaps there's a good tutorial on that as well
13:44nickfury u know hwat.
13:44nickfury i kknow where that sht is
13:44nickfury sec
13:45nickfury Redgore
13:45nickfury this tutorial
13:45nickfury is based on RPM's
13:45nickfury rpm's that are probably not the same as the debian packages
13:45nickfury or can you say othewise?
13:45nickfury oh wait
13:45nickfury sec
13:46Redgore it has apt instructions
13:46@caker a dollar to anyone who figures out the average words per line for each person in #linode
13:46Redgore roughly
13:46Redgore about
13:46Redgore 10
13:47nickfury it's "the"
13:47nickfury Redgore
13:47nickfury before installing qpopper
13:47nickfury should i take out all courier packages?
13:48Redgore you might find apt removes them itself
13:48nickfury hrrm cool
13:50jasonf caker: 7
13:50rafx has anyone bothered setting up traffic-shaping or rate-limiting on their linode?
13:51nickfury The following packages will be REMOVED:
13:51nickfury courier-pop courier-pop-ssl
13:51nickfury good call
13:51nickfury anyone have an idea
13:51nickfury why i get this error
13:51nickfury after EVERY apt-get install
13:51nickfury Setting up webmin-postfix (0.94-7woody3) ...
13:51nickfury /etc/webmin/webmin.acl: No such file or directory
13:51nickfury dpkg: error processing webmin-postfix (--configure):
13:51nickfury subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2
13:52nickfury Setting up qpopper (4.0.4-2.woody.3) ...
13:52nickfury Errors were encountered while processing:
13:52nickfury webmin-postfix
13:52nickfury E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
13:53@caker nickfury: try apt-get update first
13:54nickfury i did that
13:54nickfury and i still get those errors
13:54nickfury or do u mean upgrade?
13:54jasonf nickfury: touch /etc/webmin/webmin.acl
13:54jasonf emin: welcome
13:55* caker orders another machine
13:56jasonf caker: I can't wait to get my linode up on teh new box
13:56emin can anyone access
13:56@caker emin: yes
13:57jasonf 13:57 PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
13:57jasonf 13:57 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=0 ttl=63 time=1.01 ms
13:57jasonf 13:57 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=1.24 ms
13:57emin I cannot access my linode on host29
13:57jasonf must be in the same dc as me
13:57jasonf hehe
13:57emin I can ping other linode hosts but not host29
13:57@caker emin: from where? home?
13:58emin now I can ping
13:58emin but I am sure the is some problems
13:58emin I am located in Turkey
13:58@caker emin: your IPs reply with Destination Port Unreachable, which looks like a routing table problem on your end.
13:58nickfury omfg
13:58nickfury my email WORKS!
13:58@caker emin: did you see my ticket update?
13:59* nickfury HUGS Redgore
13:59Redgore nickfury: congrats
13:59nickfury omfg
13:59nickfury i can't tahnk you enough
13:59nickfury the qpopper is WAYYYYY easier
13:59nickfury i appreciate that so much
13:59nickfury maybe i won't do my system over
13:59nickfury i'll just fix what's broken i guess :P
13:59Redgore yes you can, buy me a ticket to Philly from here and I will be thanked enough :P
13:59@caker emin: what does "route -n" say (post output)
13:59emin they are blocked by firewall
14:00@caker ok
14:01adamg god caker on irc, he must be bored
14:01emin how can I post here?
14:02emin this is the second time I am using IRC :(
14:02@caker emin: I'd turn off your firewall first, then we can deal with any of your network config problems
14:02bendy24 i think its caker's second time too!
14:02bendy24 :)
14:03nickfury hrrm
14:03nickfury ok .. well i managed to get thunderbird and outlook getting my mail from my mailbox
14:03nickfury the questin is now.. what i have to change from the last configuration to get mail to come to me now .
14:03nickfury i just sent some test emails and i havent' recived them
14:03emin I will turn it off in a minute
14:04bendy24 nickfury: what smtp server did you send them to?
14:04nickfury bendy24
14:04nickfury the test emails i sent to my email address are acutally being sent here from work
14:05bendy24 and you cant get them when via pop3 from your accound?
14:05nickfury yea
14:05nickfury like
14:05nickfury i did all the virtual email domains and stuff
14:05nickfury with postfix and qpopper
14:05nickfury but .. now .. it doesn't even seem to be delivering the mail to my user
14:05emin I have managed to login to my linode now
14:05bendy24 nickfury: does pop give you errors?
14:05nickfury when i check ?
14:05nickfury no
14:05nickfury i am getting into my mailbox fine
14:06nickfury from thunderbird
14:06bendy24 k
14:06nickfury the question is now ..
14:06nickfury why my test mails arent' going to that email
14:06nickfury anthing i need to check for that/
14:06bendy24 check you mail log?
14:06nickfury because i just went from postfix / courier to postfix / qpopper
14:06nickfury in /var/log ?
14:06bendy24 yeah
14:06nickfury sec
14:07nickfury why my test mails arent' going to that email
14:07nickfury [14:06:16] [nickfury]
14:07nickfury oops
14:07nickfury ?
14:07nickfury [14:06:35] [bendy24] yeah
14:07nickfury Dec 16 14:07:01 adrianstiegler postfix/master[393]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd pid 4282 exit status 1
14:07nickfury Dec 16 14:07:01 adrianstiegler postfix/master[393]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd: bad command startup -- throttling
14:07nickfury last two lines of my mail.log
14:09bendy24 there you go
14:09bendy24 no smtp
14:10nickfury ahh ok .
14:10nickfury so my work isn't done then
14:10nickfury i'll take care of that after i suppose
14:10nickfury but thanks .. iu understand what needs to be done
14:10bendy24 no porb
14:10nickfury mail servers are difficult for me to grasp. but i'll get it
14:10nickfury hehe
14:10bendy24 mail servers are a pain in the ass, yes.
14:11nickfury qpoppper and postfix have proven to be the easiest yet for me though
14:11nickfury so i'm pleased.
14:11bendy24 yep
14:11nickfury probably becaues alot of it is automated.
14:12bendy24 you could try sendmail for fun some day
14:12* caker starts a fire
14:12bendy24 :)
14:13nickfury ahha
14:13nickfury i should
14:13bendy24 WAIT
14:13bendy24 i was just kidding
14:13nickfury no no
14:13nickfury i know :)
14:13nickfury but it would be a good exercise
14:13bendy24 :)
14:14nickfury proably ship me into shape
14:14nickfury that's for sure
14:14nickfury i'm alwys up for challenges dont' worry.
14:14bendy24 or drive you insane
14:14nickfury after all i learned actionscript without having any programming abilities what so ever in my brain
14:14nickfury shit if i can do that, i can do anything :P
14:14nickfury (i'm an artist, so code and don't mix)
14:42--- ---> claviola [] has joined #linode
15:08--- <<-- Redgore [Redgore@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:08--- ---> Redgore [Redgore@] has joined #linode
15:09--- <<-- claviola [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:16tjfontaine caker you got a moment?
15:23@caker tjfontaine: sure
15:25tjfontaine could you /join #scanner?
15:26* cout yawns
15:27tjfontaine jasonf: heh
15:27jasonf tjfontaine: I thought that was some channel like for scanning in linux or something
15:27mikegrb lolz
15:27jasonf lol
15:27tjfontaine yes and no, the channel name has nothing particular to do with what I want to talk at caker about
15:27--- ---> claviola [] has joined #linode
15:28adamg the chan is one of mine
15:29jasonf ah
15:29jasonf I run #no-sources on freenode
15:30jasonf caker: we're startnig a new kernel patchset with cfq-timeslice built in :)
15:30jasonf caker: although I'm guessing you like to patch your own mess
15:31@caker jasonf: who is starting it?
15:31jasonf caker: well, me and a friend of mine ... it's kinda going to be a more-stable, more released fork of love-sources
15:32cout love-sources?
15:33cout they can do that in the kernel these days?
15:33jasonf cout:
15:33jasonf the guy who started it was "lovechild"
15:33jasonf that's where the name comes from
15:33* iggy throws up violently
15:33mikegrb lolz
15:33bendy24 lol
15:34bendy24 iggy is now known as iggylove
15:34iggy I hate that guy, he's a total asshat
15:34linbot Hi Bob!
15:34--- <<-- rafx [] has quit (Write error: connection closed)
15:34--- ---> rafx [] has joined #linode
15:34linbot Today is a good day to join #linode
15:35adamg linbot the new andycow
15:36bendy24 i say we kill the andybot
15:36tjfontaine heh
15:38adamg hi GN
15:39GN hello!
15:39GN is caker on?
15:39tjfontaine caker has a powerswitch!
15:40adamg I believe his is about, email or ticket is usually the best way to catch him though
15:40@caker GN, as in GraphicNature?
15:40GN the one and only beotch :)
15:40@caker GN: nice -- how's it going?
15:40GN good
15:41GN things are good
15:47rafx my former hosting provider (still using them until i migrate fully to linode) is down again. friggen control panel upgrade and they have no eta on when it'll be fixed
15:47jasonf hah
15:58--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
16:02--- <<-- Shaun [] has quit (Quit: )
16:16* linbot licks GN
16:41--- <<-- claviola [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:53--- ---> claviola [] has joined #linode
17:10--- ---> Redgore_ [Redgore@] has joined #linode
17:10--- <<-- Redgore [Redgore@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:10--- User: *** Redgore_ is now known as Redgore
17:13--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
17:20--- <<-- DarkSSJ [~darkssj@] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:23--- <<-- nickfury [~nick@] has quit (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: ))
17:31* mikegrb milks linbot
17:31* linbot mooooo
17:36--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
17:40jasonf caker: ping
17:40@caker jasonf: pong
17:41jasonf caker: if I get that order in right now, can I get it setup+upgraded tonight?
17:41@caker jasonf: yes
17:41jasonf caker: cool!
17:41mikegrb if you pay the $666 fee to expidite it
17:42* caker heads to shippers
17:44jasonf caker: editing now
17:44jasonf er
17:44jasonf submitting now
17:44jasonf caker: do you want me to make a new account or order a linode 64 under my current one?
17:45jasonf caker: you aren't going to charge me with the setup fee, are you O:-)
17:51jasonf linode signups have to be validated before I can login, right?
17:55jasonf sighup: talk
17:55@sighup jasonf: what?
17:55jasonf sighup: talk is <action> slaps $1 for being so needy.
17:55@sighup OK, jasonf.
17:55jasonf sighup: talk
17:55* sighup slaps $1 for being so needy.
17:55jasonf sighup: no, talk is <action> slaps %1 for being so needy.
17:55@sighup ...but talk is <action> slaps $1 for being so needy....
17:55jasonf sighup: no, talk is <action> slaps %1 for being so needy.
17:55@sighup ...but talk is <action> slaps $1 for being so needy....
17:56jasonf sighup: forget talk
17:56@sighup you have no access to remove factoids
17:56* jasonf curses
17:58GN <help>
17:58GN he
17:58mikegrb sighup: talk =~ s/$1/$who/
17:58@sighup OK, mikegrb
17:58linbot 10-4!
17:58mikegrb sighup: talk
17:58* sighup slaps mikegrb for being so needy.
17:59GN i need an irc client
17:59mikegrb irssi
17:59mikegrb (__)
17:59mikegrb (oo)
17:59mikegrb /------\/
17:59mikegrb / | ||
17:59mikegrb * /\---/\
17:59mikegrb ~~ ~~
17:59mikegrb ...."Have you mooed today?"...
18:02--- <<-- Redgore [Redgore@] has quit (Quit: Need hosting ? Want it free but powerful ? The answer is Martlev Userspace [])
18:08@caker jasonf: you're all set
18:09jasonf caker: shwweeeet
18:10GN test
18:14emcnabb caker, the guy in class won't stop talking about his linode to other students :-)
18:14@caker emcnabb: hahaha
18:14emcnabb he's trying to convince them all to get one
18:14@caker jasonf: 512M swap?!
18:14@caker that's awesome
18:15jasonf how is that awesome?
18:15@caker jasonf: FYI, by the time you're 150M into swap, the limiter will getcha
18:15jasonf heh
18:15@caker (that was to emcnabb)
18:15jasonf caker: I've always been the type to haev more swap than needed
18:16@caker jasonf: you can be my guinie pig once the new servers are installed
18:17jasonf caker: what do you mean "once" they are installed
18:17jasonf I thought I was on the new server
18:17@caker I just shipped it 10 minutes ago, and two more are coming
18:17jasonf ah, okay
18:18jasonf well it'll take me a week or two to get it setup, so you can transfer me over to it whenever you see fit. just drop me an email if you're changing my ip
18:18GN wormholes
18:18@caker will do -- the IP won't change
18:18@caker hah
18:18@caker GN: have time to get your node set up?
18:20GN sure
18:21jasonf caker: upgrading to sarge :)
18:22GN whats the command for tell?
18:23@caker GN: emote == /me looks around, private message: /msg nick the message
18:26GN but what about un-private msgs?
18:27GN GN: have time to get your node set up?
18:27@caker oh
18:27@caker tab completion
18:27GN its been years since i've been on irc :)
18:27@caker c<tab> message
18:28@caker that's part of the client you use (and the CGI::IRC things does tab completion)
18:28GN <caker> like this?
18:28GN no
18:28@caker heh, not quite
18:28tjfontaine moo mikegrb yes
18:28mikegrb moo tjfontaine no
18:29tjfontaine moo mikegrb yes
18:29tjfontaine 17:59 < mikegrb> ...."Have you mooed today?"...
18:29mikegrb moo
18:30GN ok i updated my info
18:35--- <<-- claviola [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:35GN caker: am i good to go on this thing?
18:36@caker GN: yeah, just login and get started
18:37GN caker: lets see if this badboy can handle blackstone :)
18:39GN this should be interesting since i've been working on 2003 servers for a while now
18:42--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:01jasonf what's the best way to get all the stuff from my old linode onto the new one?
19:01jasonf basically, I need all of /web transferred over to my new linode
19:03@caker scp -pr /web root@newhost:/
19:03@caker or tar, or rsync, etc
19:03jasonf scp?
19:04jasonf bingo!
19:04jasonf got it
19:05jasonf good god, it's rolling
19:08* jasonf curses
19:09jasonf hit the IO limiter, I think
19:09* jasonf screams and curses at the IO limited
19:09jasonf *limiter
19:09jricher Rsync to the rescue?
19:10--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
19:11jasonf jricher: how would rsync fix things?
19:11jasonf hrm. maybe I didn't hit the io limiter.
19:11jasonf it just kinda faltered for a second
19:11@caker jasonf: i fixed you up
19:11jasonf caker: ah, thank you VERY much
19:11jricher You can use rsync to copy the files that didn't get copied the first time, without copying the stuff that's copied already.
19:11jasonf having 2+ gigs to transfer with an IO limiter in effect is painful
19:11mikegrb lolz
19:11jasonf lol
19:12jasonf holy cow, I'm almost getting 10M/s
19:12tsi mmm rsync
19:13jricher Ran into a weird bug in the debian image - it didn't like dhcp.
19:13jasonf I just did some wget hacking :)
19:13jricher Runs goo static, though.
19:13jricher goo/good
19:13jasonf why run dhcp whenever you have a static ip anyway?
19:14jricher It was already set up for dhcp... didn't get into tweaking it until I had trouble.
19:14@caker jricher: under 2.6, or 2.4 kernel?
19:14jricher 2.4 latest.
19:14@caker odd
19:15jricher Yeah - been running debian here for years without any trouble.
19:15jricher also using DHCP
19:15jricher BTW - thanks for the help with that IP problem yesterday
19:18@caker jricher: no prob
19:18--- <<-- rafx [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:18--- ---> rafx [] has joined #linode
19:21jricher see you later. Bye
19:22SupaDongzu oh
19:24--- User: *** guinea-oot is now known as guinea-pig
19:24linbot New news from forums: DHCP problem with debian image? in Linux Networking
19:36--- ---> nickfury [] has joined #linode
19:36nickfury anyone have a second to lend a hand
19:36nickfury ?
19:36tsi perhaps
19:36nickfury ok well
19:36tsi minimum bill rate is 1 hr though
19:36tsi ;P
19:36nickfury bsically...
19:36* linbot lends a hand
19:36nickfury i set up postfix and qpopper
19:36nickfury works great
19:36nickfury i can get the mail in my mailboxes for my users
19:36nickfury nmo problems
19:36--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
19:36nickfury except now .. i cant sem to get incoming mail to forward into users' mailboxes
19:37nickfury i did this tutorial on postfix + qpopper
19:37nickfury and everything is fine and good
19:37nickfury except. for some reason.. my virtuals do not seem to be doing their job
19:37nickfury was wondering what i am missing from this equation
19:37tsi virtuals... /me not the man for the job
19:38tierra|w virtuals in postfix are fun!
19:38tierra|w what I meant to say was "Have fun with that!"
19:38nickfury tierra|w
19:38nickfury help me out man :)
19:39nickfury my virtuals seem fine
19:39tierra|w I can't help much there either... I use vpopmail, which coincidentally works amazingly great with qmail
19:39tierra|w I tried a postfix virtual install some time ago, wasn't successful
19:39linbot New news from forums: IPTables / Avoiding UDP Vuln in Linux Networking
19:41nickfury WAIUT
19:41nickfury i think i found it
19:41nickfury home_mailbox = Maildir/
19:41tierra|w seriously, with qmail/vpopmail/courier being one of the easiest setups I've ever seen, I don't know why more distros don't move over, other than being afraid of loosing their user base that's grown to love their current MTA
19:41nickfury is my value in my
19:41nickfury but that was from courier
19:41nickfury i think qpopper uses just mail/
19:42tierra|w well, nevermind, qmail not being free does make a big difference
19:48--- <<-- tierra|w [] has quit (Quit: <eco|w> With great promotion causing pseudo-illnesses comes great responsibility.)
19:48--- ---> tierra|w [] has joined #linode
19:52tierra|w 17:52:06 up 43 days, 5:22, 1 user, load average: 11.06, 16.06, 9.66
19:53tierra|w hmm... that's not normal
19:53funkycow bigger is better!
19:55nickfury true or false
19:55nickfury qpopper is a mail transfer agent
19:55tierra|w false
19:55nickfury well
19:55nickfury then that's my problem
19:55nickfury because i don't have a mail transfer agent installed them.. that's why i am not getting my email
19:56tierra|w postfix is your MTA
19:56nickfury then wtf is qpopper?
19:56tierra|w it's a POP3 server
19:56--- ---> thoth39 [] has joined #linode
19:56tierra|w for accessing mail remotely
19:56nickfury so postfix should be taking my email and storing it in my user mailbxoes then
19:56nickfury that's what it's responsbile for ?
19:56tierra|w yes
19:57nickfury right
19:57nickfury ok
19:57nickfury so wtf is wrong with my configuration :)
19:57nickfury why isn
19:57nickfury this is confusing
19:57nickfury arg
19:58tierra|w take your time
19:58nickfury found the problem i think
19:59nickfury owell
19:59nickfury my virtual_maps = /etc/postfix/virutal
19:59nickfury spelling mistake
19:59nickfury but .. that didn't seem to do anything anyway
19:59tierra|w well, that's one problem... might not be the only one
20:00jasonf $mtdavocate, come talk to me now, and get me to use your mtd (Note: I run debian, and you have to help me set it up)
20:00npmr nickfury, that sort of thing would have generated error messages in your logs
20:00nickfury npmr
20:00nickfury that's what i figured
20:00npmr nickfury, you have been checking your logs while you mess with this stuff i hope
20:00nickfury i have.
20:00nickfury but they don't make any sense
20:00npmr which ones?
20:00tierra|w well, it did, he posted them earlier
20:00nickfury i'm guessing the amil log is /var/log/mail/mail.log
20:01npmr tierra|w, i just got here
20:01npmr nickfury, in debian it's /var/log/mail.log
20:01nickfury ok wel
20:01nickfury problem
20:01tierra|w npmr, yeah, his logs showed postfix wasn't starting because of a config problem
20:01nickfury that mail.log was flushed or something
20:01nickfury and it's empty now
20:01nickfury how do i get it to write again ?
20:01npmr nickfury, how did you get it to *not* write to it?
20:01npmr nickfury, answer that, and you'll know what to undo
20:01nickfury i deleted it bt accenident
20:02tierra|w try to start postfix back up then, and see what it logs
20:02npmr restart syslogd
20:02npmr it's still writing mail.log to the old inode
20:02npmr which is no longer linked in /var/log
20:02nickfury i'm guessing
20:02nickfury its' /etc/init.d/syslogd restart
20:02npmr correct
20:03npmr er, no, not quite
20:03npmr sorry
20:03npmr sysklogd
20:03nickfury ahh
20:03nickfury word
20:03nickfury adrianstiegler:/etc/init.d# sysklogd restart
20:03nickfury su: sysklogd: command not found
20:03nickfury must not have that util installed
20:03npmr ...
20:03tierra|w then /etc/init.d/postfix restart
20:03tierra|w after your logger
20:03nickfury Stopping mail transport agent: Postfix.
20:03nickfury Starting mail transport agent: Postfix.
20:03nickfury looks fine to me
20:03npmr nickfury, . is not in your path, nor should it be
20:04npmr nickfury, if you're in /etc/init.d, and want to run a script called sysklogd which is in that directory
20:04nickfury fi
20:04nickfury ok
20:04npmr nickfury, then it's "./sysklogd"
20:04nickfury got it
20:04nickfury adrianstiegler:/etc/init.d# /etc/init.d/sysklogd restart
20:04nickfury Stopping system log daemon: syslogd.
20:04nickfury Starting system log daemon: syslogd.
20:04npmr or just use an absolute path
20:04tierra|w now check logs
20:04nickfury but mail.log is still reading 0 lines
20:04tierra|w /etc/init.d/postfix status
20:05nickfury adrianstiegler:/var/log# /etc/init.d/postfix check
20:05nickfury no status
20:05tierra|w well, I'm going out on limbs here... like I said, I don't use postfix =/
20:06nickfury wierd that i can't get my logs to refresh
20:06tierra|w substitute where you need to
20:06nickfury let me .. restart
20:06nickfury sometihng is just ... not right..
20:07nickfury there has got t obe something i am missing
20:07nickfury i appreciate it guys ... for baring with me
20:08tierra|w sysklogd log to /var/log/everything/current ? tail that
20:08npmr tierra|w, not with the default config
20:08tierra|w hmm
20:08nickfury ok
20:08nickfury fresh restart
20:08nickfury let's try some things again
20:08nickfury give me something to check
20:09tierra|w there's a few mail log files btw... did you check all of them?
20:09nickfury my mail.log file
20:09nickfury is really not working though
20:09nickfury tierra|w
20:09nickfury there are a TON inside /var/log/mail
20:09npmr tierra|w, mail.log is the superset of them all
20:09nickfury do i have to apply any special chmod'ing to it ?
20:09nickfury perhaps permissions are stopping it
20:09nickfury from writing
20:10nickfury Dec 16 19:57:42 adrianstiegler postfix/smtpd[5909]: fatal: open database /etc/mail/dracd.db: No such file or directory
20:10nickfury Dec 16 20:00:03 adrianstiegler postfix/smtpd[6059]: fatal: open database /etc/mail/dracd.db: No such file or directory
20:10nickfury Dec 16 20:01:04 adrianstiegler postfix/smtpd[6063]: fatal: open database /etc/mail/dracd.db: No such file or directory
20:10nickfury there are a few from my mail.err
20:10nickfury Dec 16 20:10:31 adrianstiegler postfix/smtpd[475]: fatal: open database /etc/mail/dracd.db: No such file or directory
20:10nickfury Dec 16 20:10:32 adrianstiegler postfix/master[409]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd pid 475 exit status 1
20:10nickfury Dec 16 20:10:32 adrianstiegler postfix/master[409]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd: bad command startup -- throttlin
20:11nickfury excuse the flooding
20:11npmr hmmm
20:11nickfury now.
20:11nickfury before u say anything
20:11nickfury i was installing the qpopper-drac package
20:11nickfury for smtp
20:11npmr ok
20:11nickfury but that shouldnt effect anything
20:11nickfury at least. getting my mail
20:11nickfury or ... the virtual forwarding to user mailboxes
20:11npmr incorrect
20:11nickfury at leasti would think
20:11nickfury ...hmm
20:11npmr clearly the lack of dracd.db is preventing postfix from working
20:12nickfury hrrm i see.
20:12npmr the log messages are telling you that explicitly
20:12nickfury let me use that last line i had in that cf
20:12nickfury this tutorial; i was doing
20:12nickfury told me to do this
20:12nickfury so
20:12nickfury what i did was...
20:12nickfury #mynetworks =
20:12nickfury mynetworks = btree:/etc/mail/dracd
20:12npmr url please
20:12nickfury it told np sec
20:13npmr i have used drac and qpopper before
20:13npmr long long ago
20:13nickfury wow
20:13nickfury look at this
20:13nickfury i commeted out the line i put in
20:13nickfury and uncommented the old line
20:13nickfury Dec 16 20:13:20 adrianstiegler postfix/postfix-script: stopping the Postfix mail system
20:13nickfury Dec 16 20:13:20 adrianstiegler postfix/master[409]: terminating on signal 15
20:13nickfury Dec 16 20:13:23 adrianstiegler postfix/postfix-script: starting the Postfix mail system
20:13nickfury Dec 16 20:13:23 adrianstiegler postfix/master[596]: daemon started
20:13nickfury alot different log
20:14npmr indeed
20:14npmr that looks normal
20:14nickfury should i send a testmail?
20:14npmr no errors after those four lines?
20:14nickfury no sir
20:14nickfury those are the last thre lines
20:14npmr yes, it's time to test
20:14nickfury ok
20:14nickfury sent a mail
20:14nickfury no mail
20:14nickfury now.. i have one more thing i need to ask
20:14nickfury with my older setup (circa today :P )
20:14nickfury i had courier + postfix
20:15nickfury i changed to qpopper
20:15nickfury but .. the old maildir, was Maildir/
20:15npmr so you sent a mail and expect it to be there two seconds later?
20:15nickfury which was set in my
20:15nickfury npmr well.. it did it before that fast
20:15npmr i see
20:15nickfury but .. let me explain something
20:15nickfury program_directory = /usr/lib/postfix
20:15nickfury home_mailbox = Maildir/
20:15nickfury Maildir/
20:15nickfury being the old maildir set in courier
20:15nickfury now . does this make a difference
20:15nickfury ?
20:15npmr yes
20:16nickfury so what should the default be for this kind of setup?
20:16nickfury Mail/
20:16nickfury ?
20:16npmr if qpopper does not support maildir style mailboxes, then it won't be able to read Maildir/
20:16nickfury see
20:16nickfury i read.... qpopper looks for mail in /var/mail
20:16npmr there are two kinds of mailboxes,
20:16nickfury or whatever.
20:16npmr maildir and mbox
20:16nickfury right right
20:16npmr /var/mail is the system spool
20:16nickfury i have a mbox in my home dir
20:16npmr mbox style
20:16nickfury but it's a file
20:16nickfury not a dir
20:17nickfury so sholdn't i be setting my maildir
20:17nickfury to the /var/mail ?
20:17nickfury err /var/spool/mail ?
20:17npmr whoa
20:17nickfury excuse me
20:17npmr stop throwing words around interchangeably
20:17nickfury home_mailbox = mbox
20:17nickfury i meant.
20:18npmr home_mailbox =
20:18npmr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
20:18tierra|w give npmr a second to explain some things, your all confused about how mail spooling, and mailboxes are setup
20:18nickfury tierra|w to true.
20:18nickfury npmr let me give it a try
20:18nickfury ok postfix restated
20:18nickfury let me send a test
20:19npmr i'll be back later, when you're frustrated and ready to listen again
20:19nickfury arg.
20:19nickfury duuuude
20:19nickfury :)
20:19nickfury i am listening
20:19nickfury i understand the differences between them... what i don't understand is why it isn't transfering from my spool to my mbox
20:19nickfury when i have it set for that defaulty
20:19npmr nickfury, don't kid me
20:19nickfury ..groan
20:19nickfury it's likle i have to win peoples attention .. .sigh
20:20nickfury word, thanks anywa
20:20npmr nickfury, "let me give it a try" sounds an aweful lot like not listening
20:20SupaDongzu you seem to treat people's attention as being absolutely yours to have
20:20nickfury stop bring so cruel guys
20:20SupaDongzu nickfury: we're not being cruel, it's just that you appear to be wasting peoples' time
20:20SupaDongzu we are investing a great deal of time to teach you something about your system
20:21nickfury .... if that's what you think then i guess thats what you think
20:21nickfury but .. i'm not wasiting anyones time
20:21nickfury i am understanding it more and more as peopel explain it to me
20:21npmr not anymore
20:21nickfury npmr thanks alot for switching yoru identity just like that
20:21SupaDongzu ?
20:21nickfury helpful dude --------> making fun of nickfury
20:21nickfury .... it amazes me to this day
20:22nickfury well thanks anyways guys.
20:22SupaDongzu look, npmr could definitely be more courteous at times
20:22nickfury SupaDongzu drop it
20:22nickfury i'm alreayd tired of this
20:22SupaDongzu but you aren't respecting his time
20:22nickfury ridiculing always.
20:22SupaDongzu this isn't ridicule, nickfury
20:22nickfury whatever.
20:22SupaDongzu we're just trying to tell you how you can best be helped in here
20:22SupaDongzu which is to listen carefully and move cautiously on your system
20:23npmr you said something about an mbox in your home directory and a maildir in your system spool
20:23SupaDongzu and your "tired of this! whatever!" attitude is precisely what makes these sessions so frustrating
20:23nickfury npmr
20:23nickfury i said.
20:23npmr this means that you *do not* understand the concepts and the terms
20:23nickfury i have Maildir, MAail AND mbox
20:23nickfury in my HOME dir
20:23nickfury ...christ
20:23* jasonf needs an apache guru
20:23nickfury like honestly.
20:24* jasonf will listen meekly and follow instructions of a debian apache guru
20:24jasonf :)
20:24nickfury npmr i do understand like you were explaining.. two types of mailboxes, Maildir and mbox
20:24nickfury courier == Maildir
20:24nickfury and .... qpopper as it seems, is probably mbox
20:25npmr i know qpopper supports mbox because i used to use it and i've never used maildir
20:25npmr i have no idea whether it supports maildir or not
20:25nickfury ok well
20:25nickfury on the basis that it supports mbox
20:25npmr it would be useful if you could find that out
20:25nickfury couldn't this still be setup rather straight forwardly?
20:25dan any admins avail?
20:26npmr nickfury, where is postfix delivering your mail?
20:26SupaDongzu npmr: in #tron we're all switching to maildir for speed. It's a nice format
20:26jasonf sighup: ping caker
20:26@sighup caker: ping! ping! ping!
20:26@sighup caker was last seen on #linode 1 hours, 7 minutes and 32 seconds ago, saying: jricher: no prob [1103242716]
20:26SupaDongzu npmr:
20:26SupaDongzu good booze
20:26nickfury well
20:26SupaDongzu and sneakums is wot started it
20:26tierra|w dan, not at this second, anything we can help you with
20:27nickfury mail delivery would be in my home dir
20:27dan looking for dns ips to use on my server that belong to linode, for easier resolving
20:27dan been searching site for awhile now. lol. cant see them listed
20:27tierra|w SupaDongzu, nice link
20:27SupaDongzu tierra|w: I thought so.
20:27nickfury and .... npmr
20:28nickfury Dec 16 20:27:36 adrianstiegler postfix/local[1021]: 7D5D462686: to=<>, relay=local, delay=3445, stat$
20:28nickfury Dec 16 20:27:36 adrianstiegler postfix/local[1022]: C3C8162687: to=<>, relay=local, delay=3132, stat$
20:28nickfury it seems to be getting requests fine.
20:28tierra|w dan, one second, I've seen them somewhere
20:28nickfury ok wait a second
20:28nickfury why does it say
20:28nickfury when i sent it to
20:28jasonf dan: hrm
20:29dan thats what i said :)
20:29jasonf dan: are you an apache guru?
20:30dan not really.
20:30nickfury npmr .... and mutt my email is looking in /var/spool/mail/nickfury
20:30nickfury as it shoudl
20:30nickfury sorry not spool
20:31tierra|w dan, <- there's a few mentioned that may work
20:31dan sweet. thanks
20:36--- ---> pajama [~pajama@] has joined #linode
20:37jasonf what is the workaround to make 2.6 work on debian sarge?
20:38@caker jasonf: dpkg-divert --divert /lib/tls.backup /lib/tls
20:38@caker jasonf: or mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
20:38jasonf [root@levitra]/web/newoldos/www: dpkg-divert --divert /lib/tls.backup /lib/tls
20:38jasonf dpkg-divert: Cannot divert directories
20:39jasonf caker: ^^
20:39@caker jasonf: or mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
20:39@caker jasonf: ^^
20:40@caker it must be busted in sarge
20:40jasonf caker: okay, and I'll have to do that everytime I upgrade libc, right?
20:40guinea-pig moving it will only work until you upgrade libc6
20:40guinea-pig heh
20:41guinea-pig if you divert /lib/tls/, would the rest of /lib/tls be invalidated somehow?
20:42--- <<-- thoth39 [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
20:43nickfury caker any ideas why my postfix + qpopper setup isn't directing mail into my mailbox?
20:43--- ---> Shaun2 [] has joined #linode
20:43nickfury ive done all general conif.
20:43nickfury top three problems i would be looking for?
20:43--- User: *** Shaun2 is now known as Shaun
20:44@caker looks like 2.6.10 as a host kernel is a no-go until a certain bug is resolved ...
20:45jasonf which bug?
20:45@caker my old thread:
20:45@caker my new thread:
20:46nickfury ...
20:50--- <<-- tierra|w [] has quit (Quit: <eco|w> With great promotion causing pseudo-illnesses comes great responsibility.)
22:00* caker does some more testing and finds he can't reproduce the problem in 2.6.10-rc3-bk10
22:02mikegrb /me reproduces caker
22:04* caker corrupts mikegrb's heap
22:05--- ---> jay_ [] has joined #linode
22:06jay_ ..
22:06jay_ hrm
22:06--- User: *** jay_ is now known as jasonf_
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22:08--- User: *** jasonf_ is now known as jasonf
22:18funkycow grrrr... heaps....
22:18jasonf mooo
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23:20npmr SupaDongzu, <-- cpu usage profile of an lnx-bbc build
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