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03:47guinea-poker | heh
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09:16@linbot New news from forums: Feature request: double the memory allowances in Feature Request/Bug Report
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12:09qse2004 Hey caker, my Linode wil not reload.
12:10adamg fill in a support ticket then
12:12qse2004 :) THanks
12:12qse2004 What do you think would cause it not to reboot?
12:13thelsdj qse2004: have you tried logging into lish?
12:14qse2004 Yes.
12:14qse2004 Oh wait, no I have not.
12:14thelsdj that might show you something
12:16qse2004 Nothing.. HAHAH.. Ok. :) I will just submit a support ticket.
12:16qse2004 the screen is blank
12:17qse2004 Ahh.. didn't see this.. Caker already has a ticket up for it.
12:18qse2004 But that was friday and said it was back up.. ...
12:18mikegrb did you type reboot on your linode?
12:19mikegrb or from the website
12:19qse2004 Both
12:19qse2004 I have like 3 jobs in the Q for it.
12:19mikegrb reboot from inside your linode just does shutdown
12:19mikegrb how long is the oldest?
12:19qse2004 I aslo subitted a shutdown with in ssh
12:20qse2004 and tried to go to lish, but the screen is blank
12:20adamg wait for the queue to clear, an emerg sync will kick in for the shutdown
12:20qse2004 Ok. :) HOw long could that take?
12:21mikegrb not long
12:21mikegrb how long has it been?
12:21adamg sync kicks in after something like 2/3 minutes
12:21qse2004 K cool. :)
12:21adamg may be 5 mins now
12:21mikegrb ahh
12:22qse2004 Humm, it has been 20 since i requested the shutdown.. Oh well I will wait till caker can get to it, thanks. (Host 33 too)
12:22adamg think it was increased ages ago since gentoo was been a pain
12:24testmaniaa so peeps besides the dns,apache,mysql,mail,etc... what do u use ur vps for
12:25qse2004 Learning Different flavors of Linux. :)
12:25thelsdj bittorrent :)
12:26qse2004 bittorrent?? What is that exactly?
12:26testmaniaa i never used it b4 but ive heard about it. is it legal?
12:26adamg depends what you dl
12:27qse2004 WHat is it?
12:27Redgore like on all P2P the programs are legal, some of the stuff you can get from them isnt
12:27qse2004 Ahhh.. P2P.
12:27thelsdj i upload mp3s of british radio shows mostly
12:28thelsdj bbc radio1 electronic stuff mostly
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12:31mikegrb I use my linode to host a porn site full of thelsdj porn
12:32thelsdj nice
12:34iggy I too host porn
12:35mikegrb lolz
12:35testmaniaa lol
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12:41adamg damm apache
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13:08qse2004 What is wrong with apache adamg?
13:09adamg just been a pain
13:10qse2004 I have never had any problems. ;)
13:10qse2004 What version are you using?
13:10qse2004 I don't use 2.0
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14:17silvertear I have a linode runnign gentoo with a 2.6 kernel. I'd like to ompile svgalib, but it requires the kernel source to be in /usr/src/linux. Is it posible to get the source to the linode kernels or can I just use the appropriate 2.6 stock kernel?
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14:17@caker silvertear: likely it just wants version.h, but the vanilla kernel source will work
14:18silvertear k, I'll give it a shot
14:23adamg gentoo can be fecking annoying that way
14:24adamg finally got apache to do what I want
14:24* adamg goes to modify the api doc
14:28adamg gah to many open notepad docs
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14:33alnr is it possible to 'move' an ip from one linode to another?
14:33adamg if they are in the same DC possibly
14:34alnr host36 --> host39
14:34@caker alnr: yes, send me the info in a ticket (requires a reboot of both Linodes at the same time)
14:36alnr i'm looking for a way to cut an smtp over, doing with dns will be messy. right now i am trying iptables dnat to forward traffic , but havent got that working
14:36alnr s /cut/cut over/
14:36alnr s /smtp/smtp server/
14:37adamg ip change is the easiest, if you are confident that the new server is working
14:37alnr that if is false :|
14:37adamg other option is to forward all the mail, while you are waiting for the dns server to change, either via the mail server or via iptables
14:38alnr i am trying iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 25 -j DNAT --to-destination $othernode:25 but it just doesnt work (incoming connect times out)
14:39alnr (i'm actually testing it from the new node to the old node)
14:40@caker alnr: do you have other iptables rules in FORWARD ?
14:41@caker alnr: or a default deny in FORWARD?
14:41alnr in forward, no
14:42alnr well i'm a weenie using webmin for iptables, i dont think i have rules in FORWARD
14:42@caker if FORWARD's default is drop/deny, you need to poke a hole in it for that port, I believe
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14:43adamg iptables is one thing I keep meaning to get into but never get the time. shorewall is useful for iptables config
14:43alnr if i understand what webmin is showing me, there is no chain defined called FORWARD
14:44adamg FORWARD is a default chain
14:44adamg it should be there
14:44alnr ah, it is under the mange choice
14:44alnr default is accept, no rules
14:44@caker k
14:46alnr i'd rather get this working then doing the ip move, cuz I could cleanly cut over and drop back if i need to
14:47adamg forward via the amil server?
14:47alnr i cant do it in mail server cuz
14:48alnr i'm already doing some tricky internal forwarding of my own
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14:51adamg iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -j DNAT --to <Public_ip_2>
14:51adamg iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -j ACCEPT -d <Public_ip_2>
14:51adamg iptables -A INPUT -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
14:51adamg something like that will probably do
14:51alnr you mean with dports
14:51alnr dport 25
14:52alnr oh this is to reoute everything right?
14:52adamg you should be able to modify it to only change port 25
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14:53alnr i dont have the 2nd rule in input, is that what is missing?
14:53adamg no idea
14:53alnr i guess i thought that it went straight from the dnat rule to the other box
14:54alnr not to the input
14:55alnr maybe the prerouting just changes the dest then it goes to input chain
14:56adamg give it a try and see
14:57alnr yep, thanks
14:59alnr well i already accept 25 without condition in the input
15:00mikegrb svgalib on a linode
15:00* mikegrb boggles
15:00mikegrb caker: american chopper in high def > *
15:01mikegrb caker: 5.1 sound even
15:01mikegrb caker: it's like you are right there with senior yelling at you
15:38mikegrb caker: mmmm they just started up a bike for the first time, damn the sound is awesome in 5.1
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15:56Cheops hi
15:57SupaDongzu oh hi
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16:05mikegrb ho hi
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17:32adamg in out, in out
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18:51Narada Guys my linode keeps getting powered off automatically and repeatedly. Why and what can I do?
18:52Narada Everytime I boot it and then it shuts down.
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19:14@caker Narada: booting the right config profile?
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19:35@caker Narada: booting the right config profile?
19:36@caker Narada: nm, only one profile
19:37@caker Narada: don't use my development kernel, please
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19:50* mikegrb devlops caker
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20:59* caker debugs mikegrb
20:59mikegrb :O
20:59mikegrb but I get american chopper in hd!
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21:56sunny so whos gonna strace who ?
21:56sunny :D
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