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03:01jasonf okay, I'm compiling mysql, time to see the pain
03:01jasonf /bin/sh: line 1: /proc/io_tokens: No such file or directory
03:01jasonf /bin/sh: line 1: /proc/io_status: Permission denied
03:01jasonf hrm
03:02jasonf oh
03:02jasonf stupid jay
03:02jasonf [root@levitra]~: cat /proc/io_status
03:02jasonf io_count=649442 io_rate=3 io_tokens=399998 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
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03:33adamg_work morning all
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07:26nyx evening all :)
07:34nyx anyone around? :)
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07:49adamg_work lo
07:50nyx hows it going?
07:51nyx im just wastin time till my account is created/activated :)
07:51adamg_work still a bit early in the US
07:51nyx gettin late over here in australia now :)
07:52adamg_work i bet
07:52nyx very near morning :)
07:53rafx 6:50am here
07:54rafx !seen caker
07:54@linbot rafx: caker was last seen here 16 hours, 34 minutes, and 53 seconds ago saying: <caker> Lish/console isn't active for you?
07:54nyx up early :) 11:30pm ere :)
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12:29tehdan hi all, anyone having trouble with host19?
12:33jasonf hrm
12:33jasonf lets see
12:34jasonf I'll try pinging it
12:34jasonf it's got ping
12:35tehdan I can't boot my linode, nor a fresh distro I just deployed
12:35tehdan I can get into lish, but it won't connect to my console. when I boot it tried and ends up shutdown after about 2 mins....
12:36jasonf hrm
12:37jasonf interesting
12:37jasonf what distro + what kernel
12:37tehdan both debian, my usual one is upgraded to testing.... but the fresh one is stock woody with 2.4 kernel (2.6 doesn't work either)
12:37jasonf hm
12:38jasonf I'd file a ticket
12:38jasonf !ping caker
12:38@linbot pong
12:38jasonf !seen caker
12:38@linbot jasonf: caker was last seen here 21 hours, 19 minutes, and 2 seconds ago saying: <caker> Lish/console isn't active for you?
12:38tehdan Have done....
12:38jasonf ususally issues like that end up being something small, and caker can fix them up in a hurry
12:39tehdan Hope so... thanks for suggestions....
12:39jasonf np
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13:07wferrel hrm... no caker? bummer.
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13:21@linbot New news from forums: Performance vs Virtuozzo in Sales Questions and Answers || Best VPS for JSP and Tomcat+ in Sales Questions and Answers
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16:32wferrel anyone about, with node at HE, willing to do a traceroute for me?
16:32wferrel is the target
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16:45@caker wferrel: sure
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16:55adamg hmm
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17:12nyx morning :)
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17:54tigi question to the community: why might one receive the error "no space left on device" if df reports the device is but 75% full?
17:54tigi ah, but "df -i" reports 100% full...
17:57adamg using all your inodes
17:57tigi yeah
17:57tigi argh
17:58nyx how are we all today?
17:58tigi i feel millions of little tiny files crawling all over me
17:59tigi but otherwise, fine
17:59nyx thats sounding fun, does it tickle at all ? ;)
18:01tigi i wish
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18:02nyx evening over there now is it ?
18:04tigi just now, yes
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18:16nyx just starting the day over here now :) should be intresting, hope my node gets activated, but as its almost night over there, doubt it now :)
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18:30tigi so if you were thousands of very small files, each owning an inode, where would you hide?
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18:31tierra|w tigi, what kind of services you use? Maildir? qmail?
18:32tigi postfix
18:32tierra|w you use maildir with postfix or mbox?
18:32npmr what do you use your linode for?
18:32tigi Maildir, yes
18:32tigi i mostly just use it for hosting
18:32tigi web
18:32npmr maildir produces lots of small files
18:32npmr one per email message
18:33tigi ah
18:33tierra|w maildir uses one file per email, and can get up there
18:33npmr mbox is one file per mail folder
18:33tigi i got fed up and cleared out the postfix spool folder
18:33tigi and that made things a bit better
18:33tigi i'll check the other Maildirs to see if that explains it all
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18:34tierra|w if you get that much email, I'd look into partitioning /var reiserfs or switching to mbox
18:35tigi of the two, i'm more likely to move to mbox
18:35tigi but in truth, i'd rather just stop hosting mail on this box
18:35tierra|w hehe
18:36tigi hell must be like sendmail, somewhat
18:36tierra|w i would imagine so
18:36npmr that is correct
18:36tierra|w npmr must already be in hell
18:36tigi or each circle of hell is a progressively worse MTA
18:39tigi ok, without the Maildirs, this is the result...
18:39tigi Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on
18:39tigi Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on
18:39tigi dev/ubda 908776 805117 103659 89% /
18:40tigi and here's the normal df
18:40tigi Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
18:40tigi dev/ubda 3556336 1767626 1788710 50% /
18:40tigi does that seem wrong somehow?
18:40tigi i wish i had been keeping track of inodes as i went along...
18:44npmr find / -type d -printf "%s\t%p\n" | sort -n
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18:44npmr ^-- sort directories by on-disk size
18:44tigi cool, that's what i'm looking for
18:44npmr i.e. roughly according to how many files are in them
18:45npmr you might actually prefer something more like this:
18:45npmr find / -type d -printf "%s\t%p\n" | sort -n | tail -20
18:49tigi aha - rogue Maildir found
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18:56tigi (adamg, tierralw, npmr)++
18:56tigi thanks
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18:59nyx *dances*
18:59SupaDongzu ?
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19:01nyx this works better :)
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19:02nyx so what distro's does everyone run on thier linode ?
19:02tierra|w I think about 50% of linode is Debian... I run Gentoo
19:02nyx im lookin at the gentoo, i love the os :)
19:02nyx just waiting on my activation :)
19:03tierra|w linode was originally Debian only I think
19:03nyx most places ive found are debian only, some have a few redhat variants.
19:03tierra|w seems all the older customers here are Debian
19:03nyx kinda why im here...
19:04tierra|w I've heard of a few CentOS here
19:04tierra|w but yes, I like Gentoo for just about everything
19:04SupaDongzu heh
19:04SupaDongzu gentoo is not really well-suited to a linode
19:05tierra|w yeah, not really... I will admit that
19:05SupaDongzu It's available, but I would recommend against it
19:05nyx same, centos sounds good, im running taolinux at home, which is kinda the same deal, but im a gentoo fan, but ill see how they go, im not going to settle on an os till i play with UML.
19:05nyx i wanna get something stable, debian is tried and tested as a uml os.... so eventually i think ill cave and run it.
19:05tierra|w Linode isn't good for a compile from source distro
19:06tierra|w it's still definately possible, and I get away with it without many issues, but works better on binaries
19:06SupaDongzu the I/O limiter can make it take days
19:07tierra|w well, if you don't know what your doing, yeah
19:07nyx how long did your accounts take to activate? as im not in the US, im out of time sync with you guys too :/
19:07SupaDongzu heh
19:08SupaDongzu it all depends
19:08SupaDongzu I don't know if not being in the US complicates things
19:08tierra|w mine was within a few hours... but it's all based on when caker can get around to them
19:09SupaDongzu does he still telephone you directly?
19:09tierra|w I never got a call
19:09* tierra|w signed up about 5 months ago
19:09nyx im just sitting patiently :)
19:09tierra|w well, maybe more like 4 months
19:11nyx should be very intresting to play with :)
19:13tierra|w I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the network connection =)
19:13nyx doesnt really matter to me, add 100-200ms just to get to the US anyways
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19:13tierra|w well, you personally, how about your target traffic?
19:14nyx 13: ( asymm 26 238.162ms
19:14nyx the machine will be my play box :)
19:14tierra|w oh, ok
19:14tierra|w you know there's two datacenters right?
19:14nyx yup.
19:14tierra|w ok, so you've already looked that up then
19:15nyx spent about 4hours in the forums last night
19:15nyx ran out of stuff to read
19:15nyx ;)
19:15tierra|w haha
19:15nyx so figured id come in here and hassle people in here :)
19:15tierra|w really did your homework first then
19:15tierra|w I have to commend you on that
19:15nyx i work :P well.... i sometimes work ;)
19:16tierra|w =)
19:16nyx i was looking at a place in germany that was cool, just couldnt read thier acceptable usage policy :P
19:16mikegrb 1to1 likely
19:17tierra|w I have to admit, I didn't even go to that length... I just kept hearing good reviews about linode on various mailing lists, looked at the plans and signed up
19:17nyx a friend of mine has an account, id heard about uml before a year or so back, didnt realise it was such a big thing now...
19:17SupaDongzu the past year has been very good
19:17nyx i was about 2mins from getting a telehoused box at layeredtech when i head about linode, so started reading.
19:18tierra|w telehoused? that the same as colo?
19:18nyx yeah basically
19:18tierra|w never heard of it that way
19:18nyx *shrug* us australians are wierd ;)
19:19tierra|w hehe
19:20nyx layertech was kinda rich tho, basically $180AU a month for a cele2g with 1000gb of data.
19:20nyx but considering AU data prices, thats cheap as.
19:21tierra|w linbot, convert 180 au to usd
19:21nyx about 130ish
19:22nyx dependin on exchange rates
19:22nyx i can have like 10 linodes for that cash :P
19:22nyx only small ones, but still ;)
19:22nyx maybe 10 is exagerating, but hey. *goes back to corner*
19:23tierra|w $130 ... and that includes hardware?
19:23nyx yeah, its your own machine
19:23tierra|w you rent?
19:24nyx yeah...
19:24nyx once i spec'd the machine up how i wanted, price gets up there really quickly
19:25tierra|w heh... $25/mo extra to raid
19:25nyx yeah, once you add it all up it gets expensive
19:26nyx they have some one off hard drive upgrades and what not...
19:26tierra|w that's quite the OS list
19:26nyx im not willing to commit like $150+ a month to it :)
19:26nyx yeah, everyone ive spoken too loves em :P
19:26tierra|w yeah, I'm nowhere near needing to spend more than $40/mo on services... hence why I'm here
19:26nyx im not trying to sell yo on em
19:26nyx ;)
19:27tierra|w yeah, I'm just checking it out =)
19:27nyx im paying $150 a year to host my stuff on a shared windows machine (webhost4life) and i want a little linux machine in the us to play around with, the uml thing is a bit of a novelty, so ill give it a go.
19:28nyx so im on the povo linode account, but who cares ;)
19:29tierra|w I'm actually on a 64 right now... you can actually manage quite a bit of stuff if you know how to configure everything
19:30mikegrb yup
19:30tierra|w definately not for high traffic though
19:31tierra|w unless your running pretty much strictly apache and mail maybe
19:32nyx i sued to run a mailserver and squid server on a sparc ipc at home, all of 50mz and 40mb ram ;) just needed lots of love from time to time.
19:33nyx im looking at fetchmail, procmail and mutt atm :)
19:33nyx thats it
19:33tierra|w yeah, that keeps it pretty simple
19:33nyx ssh and some irc maybe
19:33nyx nothing stupid
19:33nyx like apache and tomcat ;)
19:33tierra|w haha
19:34tierra|w tomcat just wouldn't make it on a 64, but I run full LAMP on my 64
19:34nyx nice :) aslong as you disable stuff you dont need, i see no reason why it cant be suitable or even fast ;)
19:35tierra|w exactly
19:35tierra|w apache is pretty stripped down on mods, php has a minimal features compiled in, mysql buffers have all been changed
19:37nyx apache 1.3 with mod_bw helps, iptables with connection limiting can help slow big humps in requests too..
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19:37nyx im looking forward to making a mess now...
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19:42nyx anyone played with instead of apache?
19:44* caker shipped two servers today
19:44@caker They should be racked/installed tomorrow, online by Saturday/Sunday at the latest
19:44nyx awesome!
19:46nyx how many servers is that now?
19:46@caker just shipped 41 and 42
19:46nyx wow
19:46@caker If I can get a new host kernel rolled (latest cfq-ts, etc), I might be able to have them online tomorrow evening
19:47nyx wow, maybe i should have held my signup till next week and got onto one of them :P
19:47@caker nyx: new user?
19:47nyx signed up last night my time, so about 5-6am your time
19:48@caker nyx: ahh, yes -- welcome. I think I activated your account a few minutes ago -- thanks
19:48nyx awesome :) im the wierdo in australia ;)
19:50nyx i cant start my fun :)
19:51nyx im already very impressed with linode ;) keep it up
19:52@caker Thanks
19:52* linbot inaugurates himself
19:53nyx *runs off to start playing*
20:03iggy caker: soon, you'll be able to take over the whole internet like on 24
20:04@caker iggy: I'm just hoping to impress chicks with my Xeon sticker collection
20:04@caker 'cause chicks dig stickers
20:04mikegrb caker: they like 286 stickers better
20:04nyx caker : i think you are on a winner there
20:04mikegrb caker: retro is in
20:05iggy I have to agree with mike on this one, chicks dig the retro (at least the slutty ones that you're after)
20:05@caker Xeon's will be retro soon enough :)
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20:06tierra|w so you have what, 84 stickers?
20:07tierra|w somewhere over $30,000 in Xeon processors... insane
20:08@caker tierra|w: something like that. I have an equally impressive collection of heatsinks
20:08* tierra|w realizes caker's plan
20:08nyx tierra|w, you were not wrong about the net speeds
20:09tierra|w build up a huge hosting farm with powerful processors, once there's enough to pull off the plan in a short amount of time, then cut everyone off, and start the program to decrypt RSA codes or something =)
20:09tierra|w nyx, yeah, I was nicely surprised
20:10tierra|w that would be a pretty powerful cluster thinking about it now
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21:51nyx *bangs head on desk* debian makes me cry :P
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21:57tierra|h hey caker, about when did you start offering the Gentoo image would you say?
21:57EFudd 1month or less after linode started.
21:57mikegrb EFudd: <3
21:58EFudd mmmm pr0n time
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22:29rko just found my linode powered off again
22:30EFudd "darn"
22:30EFudd mine isn't.
22:30rko this is probably that kernel bug again
22:30tierra|h how is it just your linode, I'm curious...
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22:31--- User: *** rko] is now known as rko
22:31rko there has been others, too
22:32rko well, now I should have the fixed kernel
22:35tierra|h I'm still running 2.4.27-linode36-3um
22:37rko that discussed the supposed problem
22:38tierra|h rko = sarge?
22:38rko no
22:38tierra|h ah, I was going to ask if your _still_ having problems... that would be bad
22:38rko but caker was suspecting my crashes were caused by the same bug
22:39rko yes, I just had a problem but I was still running old kernel
22:39rko with this crash I'm now upgraded to the fixed version
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23:41Strike hey, ne staff around that can answer a quick question for me?
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