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00:08@caker fo0bar: meaning the reverses don't forward?
00:10fo0bar yeah
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00:13SupaDongzu jasonf: people demand things because they lack the servants necessary to do it for them
00:13mikegrb SupaDongzu: :D
00:25mikegrb caker: <-- your christmas present this year
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02:04tmc hello
02:04tmc anyone awake ?
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03:01@linbot New news from forums: Performance vs Virtuozzo in Sales Questions and Answers
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04:38@linbot New news from forums: Hunting: Brilliant Firewall builder for debian in Linux Networking
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04:58adamg morning all
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10:28adamg hmm
10:30@linbot New news from forums: Screen freezing during woody->sarge upgrades in Feature Request/Bug Report
10:37@caker linbot: weather 19019
10:37@linbot caker: The current temperature in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 14\xB0F (10:34 AM EST on January 22, 2005). Conditions: Light Snow Showers. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 7\xB0F. Wind: ENE at 8 mph (13 km/h). Pressure: 30.14 in (1020 hPa). Visibility: 1.8 miles (2.8 kilometers). UV: 1 out of 12
10:37@caker ugh
10:39adamg aint you home for the weekend?
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10:39@caker leaving in a few hours, but eastern US is under a blizzard
10:39@caker estimated 7-14" of snow by the time I get there
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10:40adamg just hope the airport is still going to be open
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10:42* adamg brain has stopped working
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10:45mikegrb linbot: weather kpns
10:45@linbot mikegrb: The current temperature in Pensacola Regional, Florida is 63\xB0F (8:53 AM CST on January 22, 2005). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 61\xB0F. Pressure: 30.03 in (1017 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 1 out of 12
10:45mikegrb 63!
10:45mikegrb :D
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11:04adamg hmm
11:05adamg hmm it never snows over here
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11:27@caker mmm, they just added two hour delay to my flight
11:27mikegrb mmmmmmmmm flight delays, tasty
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11:28@caker make that five hours delay, now
11:28* caker stabs
11:28@caker Scheduled Time:
11:28@caker 11:25am
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11:29mikegrb that's less tasty
11:29@caker guess I'll work on host41 and 42 now ...
11:30gxt I'm thinking about getting a Linode account, but I'm not sure how I would go about backing up my disk images. Anyone care to elucidate?
11:30mikegrb gxt: there are many many ways you could do it
11:31mikegrb I personally use rsync to another box
11:33gxt Thanks mikegrb. I was also wondering where inbound traffic fits into the transfer limit. If I update a gentoo distribution with 100mb of packages, does that lower my allotment for the month?
11:33adamg yes
11:33adamg all traffic is counted inbound and outbound
11:33gxt Thanks adamg.
11:34adamg caker at least you found out there was a delay before you had checked in
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11:50* adamg wonders if he will sign up
11:50@linbot New news from forums: Kernel: 2.6.10-linode11 (Latest 2.6) in Announcements
11:55@caker <-- grrr
11:55* mikegrb rejects caker
11:55* caker patchbombs mikegrb
11:56mikegrb :O
11:56mikegrb DiscoveryHD concidered good
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12:24mikegrb caker: <- pretty interesting stuff
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12:56Guest43 mikegrb would be nice if that made it into main steam and a bit more secure
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12:56mikegrb ja
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12:57adamg removes thw whole risk of having to run stuff initally as root
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13:04mikegrb I fixed my mod_rewrite regexps for finally
13:04mikegrb just need to update it to recognize the new logfile format
13:04mikegrb it currently understands like 3 different formats
13:12adamg cool
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13:16adamg i guess I should go back to coding
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13:17adamg lo
13:17tmc hello
13:18tmc im having a little trouble disabling exim in debian 3.0r1
13:18tmc has anyone here done this before?
13:18adamg how do you mean disable it
13:19tmc well
13:19tmc im actually trying to do this howto
13:20tmc basicly stop the service, rename a couple things
13:20tmc i did everything on there except the postfix or w/e, and i rebooted, and exim is still running on port 25
13:20tmc so now
13:21tmc im trying to do that howto page over, and the /etc/init.d/exim is acting funny
13:21tmc it doesnt give me the syntax when i run it with nothing
13:21tmc 3nter:/etc/init.d# ./bind
13:21tmc Usage: /etc/init.d/bind {start|stop|reload|restart|force-reload}
13:21tmc 3nter:/etc/init.d# ./exim
13:21tmc 3nter:/etc/init.d#
13:21tmc see what i amena
13:21tmc err mean
13:22tmc any ideas?
13:22tmc please?
13:23adamg update-rc.d exim remove
13:23adamg will stop it running at boot
13:30tmc update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/exim exists during rc.d purge (use -f to force)
13:30tmc d0 i for cei
13:30tmc err force
13:31tmc n/m thanks d00d
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13:38tmc erm
13:38tmc i just rebooted
13:38tmc and exim is still running =[
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14:03tmc inetd.conf:smtp stream tcp nowait mail /usr/sbin/exim exim -bs
14:03tmc does that load exim on boot?
14:03@caker ok then .. flight cancelled :/
14:07tmc caker are u getting my msgs?
14:07@caker tmc: yes
14:07tmc ok
14:07@caker tmc: sorry, I can't help you
14:08@caker tmc: what are you trying to do?
14:08tmc disable exim
14:08tmc so i can use qmail
14:08@caker tmc:
14:08@caker first libnk
14:08@caker *link
14:08@caker cd /etc/rc2.d
14:08@caker mv S20exim K20exim
14:09tmc i already removed exim from rc
14:09tmc im not very firmilure with all this.... does inetd.conf load on boot?
14:09tmc im assuming it does, but i dont know
14:10adamg caker are you going to be able to get another flight?
14:10adamg you could just do apt-get remove exim
14:10adamg but it will probably moan at you
14:10@caker adamg: checking now. If I can get in tomorrow, night, my parents have a hotel (Dad goes into surgery Monday morning)
14:11adamg where are you flying to?
14:11@caker Philly
14:11--- <<-- tmc [] has quit (Quit: brb)
14:11adamg i thought your parents were in nj
14:12--- <<-- cow [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
14:12@caker Yeah, but I fly into Philly when I travel there -- Where they live is only about an hour and 10 minutes away, and it's closer than flying into Newark, NJ
14:12@caker Plus, the surgery is in Philly, so I could just get there tomorrow night, without needing a ride to the airport to home
14:13@caker *ride from the airport to home, rather
14:14@caker PHL is Philadelphia
14:14@caker ACY is near the parents
14:16adamg cant see either on there
14:16adamg found them
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14:22adamg god I hate writing billing systens
14:25* caker goes back to porting cfq-ts to 2.6.10
14:34--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
14:43* caker rescheduled his flight for Monday morning
14:44adamg ouch
14:52adamg will you be able to get in, in time?
14:52--- ---> NeonNero [] has joined #linode
14:53@caker yeah. I'll arrive around noon, and he'll still be in surgery for quite a while, so.. That's better than bugging them tomorrow night. Sounds like he doesn't want to be around anyone before the surgery anyway...
14:54adamg at least you will be there when he gets out
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15:05dataw0lf Hello.
15:05dataw0lf caker around?
15:05--- ---> jared555 [] has joined #linode
15:06@caker yup
15:08dataw0lf Hey, couple my friends told me you were pondering putting Ubuntu on Linode, and I'm pretty active in the Ubuntu community, thought I'd come in here and throw my $.02 in.
15:08--- ---> Shaun [] has joined #linode
15:08@caker dataw0lf: yeah, I'm going to provide one fairly soon. I might be getting to it this weekend, actually
15:09dataw0lf caker: awesome, did you have any particular questions about the distro ?
15:10@caker dataw0lf: not really. Obviously this will be a non-X install. I imagine that won't be that much of a problem, but I haven't tried Ubuntu yet (the disc I burnt to test it out was hosed)
15:10--- <<-- david [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:11dataw0lf caker: Nah, it shouldn't be a problem, although Ubuntu does have a focus toward Gnome development and desktop usage.
15:11@caker dataw0lf: is it possible to rootstrap an Ubuntu install?
15:11dataw0lf caker: Hm, let me see if the deb package is in the repos.
15:11@caker dataw0lf: if I could run the install process under UML, it would be easier, too. But my usual method of installing onto a physical box and coping it off isn't that much of a problem
15:12dataw0lf caker: Yeah, it supports rootstrapping.
15:12@caker dataw0lf: joy :)
15:12dataw0lf caker: it's kind of in the 'Ubuntu' methodology, as well. Ubuntu doesn't have a root user by default.
15:13@caker dataw0lf: so I've heard. That will conflict with how my distro wizard works (basically, makes a copy of a template install, and then changes the root user's password for the user to log into for first access) ...
15:14adamg could you not create a root user?
15:14dataw0lf caker: Well, it's all based around a sudo methodology, Ubuntu uses the Debian installer, so when you set the 'root' password during the install, it is actually just a user with sudo privileges.
15:14@caker adamg: yeah, but Ubuntu is a sudo only distro (first of its kind, I believe)
15:15adamg well a user called root then that is just a regular user with sudo privs
15:15@caker dataw0lf: the distro wizard modifies the root entry in /etc/[passwd|shadow] directly
15:16@caker adamg: I thought of that, but that would be very confusing
15:16dataw0lf caker: ah, that could be a problem, unless your 'first' user was a named root.
15:16* caker yells out HACK
15:16dataw0lf It's easy enough to create a root account, obviously. (passwd root should do it)
15:16@caker yeah
15:16dataw0lf Honestly, I've done so myself.
15:16adamg or you would have to modify your deploy routine to set the password for a user other than root
15:16@caker ok. I'll just have to break users out of the "do everything as root" habit with Ubuntu
15:17adamg a habit I need to get out of
15:17dataw0lf heh, I'll admit prefixing everything with sudo is pretty tedious.
15:17tierra|h_ well, if the user chooses Ubuntu, they do so with that knowledge
15:17--- User: *** tierra|h_ is now known as tierra|h
15:18tierra|h if that's what Ubuntu is aiming for anyway
15:21dataw0lf Yeah, but all the hardcore Ubuntu guys I know just add a root account anyway.
15:23dataw0lf my main attraction to Ubuntu was the Python focus, honestly.
15:24dataw0lf Plus they (Canonical) offers 'bounties' for Python scripts.
15:25adamg I think will stick to debian/gentoo
15:26dataw0lf For server usage I still use Debian (and FreeBSD).
15:29adamg I think I will be putting debian on everything I set-up from now on
15:30@caker Ubuntu's advantage is a much more frequent release schedule, and I imagine much more recent packages
15:30adamg true, debian stable is getting rather outdated
15:31dataw0lf Yeah, Ubuntu has some very good packages as far as desktop use is concerned.
15:31dataw0lf As well as great support for Apache 2.
15:31dataw0lf But, like, I don't think they have the php5 as a package, with some other things some people think is key.
15:32adamg the only thing that puts me off debian, 2.6 and uml is the tls issue
15:34tierra|h that's an issue with every distro isn't it? it's just debian is trying to move into just using tls?
15:34@caker Woody is so old, it doesnt' have an NPTL enabled libc
15:35tierra|h err, yeah, meant nptl
15:35dataw0lf heh, yeah, I noticed that, caker.
15:35adamg is the same problem in testing?
15:35dataw0lf Nah.
15:35@caker adamg: testing and unstable DO have NPTL enabled libcs
15:36@caker Out of all the distros, .deb based ones have the divert advantage, and handle it the best way, IMO
15:37adamg at least I can use testing and 2.6 then
15:37@caker right
15:37dataw0lf caker: I agree.
15:37dataw0lf apt-get/dpkg combo is pretty win.
15:37@caker Woody needs other things to work well under 2.6 (back-ports psutils, for example)
15:38@caker Woody's top gets pretty freaked out under 2.6
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15:38adamg cool means I can look at using 2.6 with debian for the new project, since it works better with some of the apps I will be running
15:38@caker ugh .. only 22% through the first reject file for cfq-ts and 2.6.10
15:39adamg ouch
15:39@caker it's the biggest of the bunch, though
15:39adamg still not good
15:41adamg how is cfq looking on the hosts which have been restarted recently
15:42@caker Good, although I expect this version to perform waaaay better. cfq-ts on those hosts was based on cfq-ts v7 or so. This one is v21
15:43adamg nie
15:43adamg nice even
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16:41@caker 41% through now ..
16:44* adamg remebers why he hates maths
16:47adamg dang still no sighup
16:47--- ---> jared555 [] has joined #linode
16:47adamg !4-1
16:47adamg !math 4-1
16:47adamg linode help
16:48adamg linbot help
16:48@linbot adamg: (help [<plugin>] <command>) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
16:48adamg linbot help maths
16:48adamg !google 4-1
16:48@caker !calc 4-1
16:48@linbot caker: 4 - 1 = 3
16:48adamg caker: Invalid Google license key.
16:48@caker adamg: that's bs
16:48@caker I have one added already ..
16:48@caker !config search google
16:48@linbot caker: supybot.plugins.Google, supybot.plugins.Google.public, supybot.plugins.Google.groupsSnarfer, supybot.plugins.Google.searchSnarfer, supybot.plugins.Google.colorfulFilter, supybot.plugins.Google.bold, supybot.plugins.Google.maximumResults, supybot.plugins.Google.defaultLanguage, supybot.plugins.Google.safeSearch, supybot.plugins.Google.licenseKey, supybot.plugins.Google.state, (1 more message)
16:49@caker !config supybot.plugins.Google.licenseKey
16:49adamg thats what linbot says
16:49@caker adamg: use !calc
16:49@caker !calc 1 gallon in liters
16:49@linbot caker: 1 US gallon = 3.7854118 liters
16:49adamg yeah I will do, to many bots with different commands
16:50adamg !calc 31 - (22-1)
16:50@linbot adamg: 31 - (22 - 1) = 10
16:50adamg looks good enough for the prorata
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16:57adamg !calc (5/31) * 10
16:57@linbot adamg: (5 / 31) * 10 = 1.61290323
16:58fo0bar !calc c in rods per sidereal day
16:58@linbot fo0bar: the speed of light = 5.13627306 * 10^(12) rods per sidereal day
16:58fo0bar :)
17:00jared555 sorry if this is metioned somewhere, but is one of your boxes down (at the planet) at the moment?
17:03@caker jared555: no .. username?
17:04jared555 the owner of the account isn't on atm, only thing I know is the IP, that it is here, and it isn't responding on ping/traceroute
17:05@caker jared555: ok, what's the IP?
17:05jared555 tried traceroute/ping from both my home connection, and a SM server
17:06@caker jared555: He sent me a ticket a while ago, which I responded to with what to do
17:06jared555 ok, sorry
17:07jared555 hadn't seen him on today so I didn't know he had contacted you
17:09jared555 I will not bother you anymore then
17:14rafx need help...all the config dialogs (curses) have funky looking characters for borders rather than the straight lines. i think these chars are whats causing screen to lockup. this only happens on the linode upgraded to sarge, and i'm using same locale on all my boxes (en_US)
17:15@caker rafx: which kernel?
17:15rafx latest-2.4, about to reboot to 2.6 to try it out too
17:16@caker rafx: yeah, since 2.6.9-bb4, UML has a re-written console codebase
17:16rafx it basically causes woody->sarge upgrades to freeze now
17:16mikegrb what does echo $TERM say?
17:16rafx it says linux
17:16@caker rafx: does this happen over ssh, Lish, or just in screen?
17:16rafx Lish
17:16rafx lemme check ssh...
17:17mikegrb you might try "export TERM=screen" and see if that hels in lish
17:18mikegrb especially if it works okay via ssh
17:18rafx aha! it only happens in Lish, ssh is fine
17:18rafx i was going insane over this problem today
17:19mikegrb try the export TERM=screen
17:19rafx ok
17:20@caker I think the console-rewrite fixes that
17:20rafx mikegrb: yep, that fixes it. export TERM=screen works
17:22mikegrb :D
17:22rafx should've asked for help here instead of #debian at 6am this morning
17:23--- <<-- shakr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:31--- ---> DJohn [] has joined #linode
17:31DJohn caker, yt?
17:32@caker DJohn: yup
17:32DJohn how do i unsignup for ips i'm no longer using?
17:33@caker DJohn: send me a ticket, and before the end of the month I'll remove them (requires a reboot)
17:33DJohn k
17:36--- <--- DJohn [] has left #linode ()
17:41* linbot breakdances
17:43rafx which locale do you guys use? assuming english, which of en_US, en_US.utf8, en_US.iso8519... is most recommended?
17:48--- ---> shakr [] has joined #linode
17:49fo0bar rafx: I usually set it to straight en_US, after getting burned by the problems caused with en_US.utf8 being default in RHL8
17:59fo0bar io_count=515124 io_rate=572 io_tokens=44 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
17:59fo0bar ^^^ wow
18:00fo0bar I forgot that's even possible, since my main linode is a higher plan (lower contention I would imagine)
18:08adamg your io_tokens was low
18:08adamg you must have been hitting the io
18:08fo0bar yeah, I was doing a yum update on a new deployment
18:09thoth39 I used to get these weird character menus until I found out how to configure the character map to use in PuTTY.
18:09fo0bar the point is, I've never seen it empty on my 192
18:09rafx fo0bar: thanks, i have it set to en_US now but was wondering if en_US.utf8 would be better. glad i asked
18:10fo0bar rafx: my fears may be irrational these day, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything
18:14@caker fo0bar: need an ioboost, or are you all set now?
18:15@caker I've had a few requests for a Lish feature to inject some io tokens, with perhaps a restriction per hour, or something... Sounds like a good idea
18:16adamg or you could just write the watch program you where going on about ages ago
18:16adamg change token setting depending on the host load etc
18:16@caker yeah, I still have some of that around somewhere...
18:16fo0bar caker: well, normally it wouldn't be a problem, but this initial update looks like it will take forever
18:17@caker fo0bar: which Linode?
18:17fo0bar procsecure, host18
18:17@caker adamg: yeah. Remember a long while ago when all the nodes on a few hosts went down, like one or two hosts in a row until I reverted a change?
18:17adamg not really
18:18--- <<-- Redgore [Redgore@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:18@caker adamg: that still scares me, although a few months ago when I resurrected that code I ran some tests, and I couldn't get it to crash any Linodes... (the change read a file in Linode:/proc every minute)
18:18fo0bar caker: wait, hmm
18:18--- ---> Redgore [Redgore@] has joined #linode
18:18fo0bar io_count=751698 io_rate=0 io_tokens=337422 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
18:18fo0bar seems it's just cpu-bound now
18:18@caker <-- last few entries on that page refer to it
18:18adamg oh I remeber now
18:19adamg hopefully cfq will allow you to losen up the io limiter
18:20@caker either way, the deficiencies in the token-limiter will be there until the io-watchdog stuff comes along
18:20@caker oh .. that reminds me. I need to port the limiter to 2.6.11. Lots of stuff moved around in UML since 2.6.10 :/
18:21@caker 57% done on the cfq-ts port for the first file:
18:21adamg yeah should remove alot of issues when the watchdog comes in and cfq is on all the machines
18:22@caker CFQ will perform better under contention, but I'm assuming thrashers/etc will still have a visible impact on the host
18:22@caker *cfq-ts, that is
18:23adamg yeah thats the thing nothing bar the limiter will stop the thrashers
18:25adamg yay once again got feck all done today
18:25@caker adamg: have you looked into existing F/OSS billing apps?
18:26adamg no, I prefer to write my own even if it does take a while, at least that why I have 100% control over it
18:27@caker Freeside comes up often on my ISP mailing lists
18:28@caker I recall using a few of them for research, when designing mine
18:29adamg i have used a few before while working on other peoples systems, but they all seem to lack in certain areas
18:32@caker adamg: Do you use objects in perl at all, or just straight procedural?
18:32adamg both, all of my web stuff is based around cgi::application
18:33@caker cgi::application looks very useful
18:33adamg yeah, the scanner interface is all based behind it
18:35adamg a very, very small part of the api is based on it as well, well the opening and closing of the db
18:37fo0bar caker: hey, do you know of any customers who actually takes advantage of an initrd though lpm?
18:37@caker fo0bar: One user asked for it to do root-LVM stuff, but I think he figured out another way without using it. I could see pivotroot or some other uses for it
18:38adamg as caker fires up mysqlcc
18:38fo0bar ahh
18:39@caker yeah, lemme do a query and see if anyone is using it :)
18:40@caker heh, there's 6 images with initrd type
18:40adamg anyone actually set it in a config profile?
18:40@caker make that three, out of active accounts
18:40fo0bar that question came up as I noticed yum updating lvm... I'm not sure why someone would really desire lvm on a uml instance
18:40fo0bar but it would require initrd functionality
18:41@caker fo0bar: well, esp since someone can resize
18:41fo0bar exactly
18:41@caker fo0bar: the same question came re: raid support in the Linode kernels
18:41fo0bar hehehehe
18:41@caker fo0bar: my answer was that stuff might be useful for staging/testing environments
18:41fo0bar "I want to do RAID1 over 2 images that reside in the same directory on the host"
18:42@caker Yup
18:42adamg i remember someone asking that, did seem rather pointless
18:42@caker But, for example, the bridging support in the Linode kernels I use -- I have a Linode Image that I do host development in
18:44fo0bar ooo, just had a legitimate though
18:44fo0bar thought
18:45adamg all your other thoughts illeagal then
18:45@caker bastard thoughts
18:45fo0bar I don't trust caker, so I want to have my root partition be encrypted, and use 2.6's dmcrypt, but that would require an initrd which would ask for my password on console before it accessed the encrypted root partition
18:47adamg heh
18:47@caker I sometimes have a hard time realizing why an initrd would be needed for that. Couldn't that be accomplished with a normal image with the needed binaries?
18:47@caker It's been a long while since I've done initrd stuff
18:48* caker puts on his "I read your email" t-shirt
18:50@caker how's the rash?
18:50fo0bar I can't remember the specifics, but say you have an encrypted filesystem on /dev/ubda... you do something like "be_paranoid /dev/ubda /dev/i_am_paranoid" -- that util asks for a decryption key, then remains in memory to access /dev/ubda on a block level, and decrypt on the fly to /dev/i_am_paranoid
18:50fo0bar then you mount /dev/i_am_paranoid like a normal device
18:51fo0bar the problem comes when you have a root filesystem, you must do all this in an initrd, then pivot_root so that new filesystem becomes /
18:51@caker ok, so it saves you a ubd device slot
18:52fo0bar no, you ubd partition is encrypted at a block level, and that utility just decrypts/encrypts on the fly, and maps to a virtual device
18:53@caker Just like apache and certs if you don't save your keys
18:53@caker Which would be a PITA for reboots
18:53adamg or if you just dont use a key
18:55fo0bar caker: yeah, well, you have to input something... because you can't save your key/passphrase (if all of your paritions are encrypted, where are you going to put it? cmdline? that would defeat the purpose because caker is evil and can read your cmdline)
18:56fo0bar but yeah, you would have to enter the passphrase at each boot
18:56fo0bar which would be impractical here
18:56@caker but I/evil-BOFH could capture your phrase, too
18:56fo0bar true
18:57--- <<-- anderiv [~anderiv@] has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
18:57fo0bar dmcrypt is more suited for protecting laptops, where you are right in front of the computer when it is powering on
18:57@caker I'd say placing them into a config profile would be a good method, but if the host/Linode was compromised you might as well have unencrypted images
18:57fo0bar and if the laptop is stolen, all they have is a set of encrypted partitions
19:00fo0bar sorry, I've been saying dmcrypt, when I mean dm-crypt
19:00fo0bar no wonder google wasn't giving much
19:00--- ---> anderiv [] has joined #linode
19:00fo0bar <-- here's how to do it with gentoo
19:00fo0bar which I mean to do on my laptop one day
19:03@caker linbot: weather 19019
19:03@linbot caker: The current temperature in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 21\xB0F (6:54 PM EST on January 22, 2005). Conditions: Light Snow Showers Mist. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 18\xB0F. Pressure: 29.61 in (1003 hPa). Visibility: 2.5 miles (4.0 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
19:04@caker Snow accumulating 8 to 12 inches. ugh
19:04@caker First time they've closed Philly airport in 9 years, or something
19:05alnr its really sticking here in manhattan
19:05adamg hopefully they will be able to clear it by monday
19:06adamg oh well thats the purchase frame work done, just got the service specific code to do
19:06fo0bar caker: how's 2.6 client support? I noticed it says [experimental] and was thinking of switching my main one over to 2.6
19:07@caker fo0bar: The experimental label was there to curb /lib/tls tickets, then it was there for a good reason -- 2.6 crashed often due to the bug that was fixed last week
19:07@caker fo0bar: so, I'd recommend it more now than ever.
19:08fo0bar "caker's seal of approval!"
19:08fo0bar thanks :)
19:08adamg first time I used 2.6 when caker first put it out, it scrwed my gentoo images
19:08@caker adamg: I still don't see how that's possible, but ...
19:08adamg neither do i
19:08@caker that was like the first 2.6-um kernel, iirc
19:09adamg yep
19:09adamg i think it was the first 2.6 host as well as it required a host move iirc
19:10@caker I need to suck everything into cvs or the like
19:10adamg yeah I started using svn
19:11adamg has it's uses
19:11@caker a lot of these rejects I'm fixing seem like patch(1) should have been able to find it
19:12@caker I made it as fuzzy as it would go .. I'm doing more manually than I should have to
19:24@caker ooo
19:24@caker -l -- ignore whitespace
19:25@caker nice, that did it -- only a few small rejects to fix now
19:26adamg cool
19:26adamg all those people trying to tidy code by using spaces and tabs
19:38@caker more like the mailing list ate the tabs
19:56dataw0lf any of you guys built Gentoo on Sparc architecture ?
19:58dataw0lf I just ordered a pallet of 1/E+ Ultra workstations, heh, I was thinking of putting Gentoo on em and clustering them.
20:00@caker "a pallet" :)
20:00fo0bar yeah, I've installed gentoo on a U1 before... it's slow, but works fine
20:01dataw0lf caker: yeah, 15 of the buggers :))
20:01dataw0lf fo0bar: danke.
20:01@caker Previous value when new: $200k, current value: $500 bucks
20:01@caker (including shipping)
20:01dataw0lf hehe, yeah, bout right.
20:02dataw0lf I'm going to wait til the xbox drops a little more in price, then I want to cluster like 5 of those for a media center. hehe.
20:05@caker linbot: 2.6-skas?
20:06@caker linbot: no, 2.6-skas is <reply>
20:06@linbot 10-4, caker.
20:06fo0bar we have one server running RHL6.1 left that has not yet been migrated... I assumed it was like a 300mhz machine, 32-64MB ram... something you would typically have at the time of RHL6.1...
20:07fo0bar but no, it's a dual-proc P2 700mhz, 1GB ram
20:07dataw0lf heh.
20:07@caker fo0bar: that's begging to be moved into an UML
20:07@caker oh
20:07dataw0lf you want to hear a horror story?
20:07fo0bar and I tought "wow, this cost a mint when it was first commissioned"
20:07fo0bar must have I mean
20:07dataw0lf the company I just got done consulting for, the lead sys admin was running X + Gnome on his primary server.
20:08dataw0lf So that the server configuration was 'easier'.
20:08@caker what, no SETI screen saver like all the DB and webservers at my previous job?
20:08@caker ^-- common story
20:08fo0bar caker: nah, I proposed using UML to the company... they're trying to get away from shared and smaller-dedicated hosting
20:08dataw0lf no shit, he had the random xscreesaver running on it.
20:09@caker I just know the majority of the 100%-cpu consuming Linodes (which promptly get niced-up) are likely running or something
20:09dataw0lf heh, nice is every sys admin's friend.
20:10@caker that will also be a component of the Linode-watchdog thing
20:10@caker (nicing stuff)
20:10fo0bar heh
20:10@caker cfq-ts has awesome io priorities, and works VERY well
20:11fo0bar they have every right to run distributed/seti... of course you also have to provide no more processing power than you advertise
20:11dataw0lf heh, no shit.
20:11@caker I'm hoping to crank up sshd's priority, to prevent me from being locked out of hosts during thrashers. Currently, I keep screen sessions open all over the place to each box
20:11@caker fo0bar: yup
20:12@caker I often log into hosts and discover a few cpu-spinners have been going for quite a while, and no one else has complained, so I'm happy with CPU distribution
20:12fo0bar damnit!
20:13fo0bar now I have the urge to switch over my laptop to dm-crypt
20:14dataw0lf what type of lappy do you have?
20:15fo0bar dell inspiron 5150, 2.66ghz, 512MB, 60GB drive
20:15dataw0lf Nice.
20:15fo0bar yeah, I like it
20:16dataw0lf I just got a 1.7ghz, 512 ram, 40 gig for free, it was pretty swete.
20:16fo0bar it has a nice video card (geforcefx 5200 go), it's relatively light, and if I tweak the power management settings a lot, I can get about 9 hours battery out of it
20:17dataw0lf Nice, I haven't really screwed with this one, just installed Ubuntu on it and got everything working.
20:18fo0bar I have ubuntu on a few desktops... this laptop has gentoo though
20:18dataw0lf yeah, I love Ubuntu for desktop / laptop use.
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20:33@caker Anyone know where I can find a fix for ?
20:39@caker found it
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22:17@linbot multipass
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22:29fo0bar 19:17 <@linbot> multipass
22:29fo0bar leeloo dallas multipass!
22:29@linbot bada boom
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22:34* linbot reports that host41 (L96) is now online
22:37fo0bar linbot is a jerk
22:37@linbot Wish I knew, fo0bar.
22:38* linbot does his business on fo0bar's leg
22:38fo0bar :)
22:45mikegrb fo0bar: I think linbot likes you, watch your legs
22:46* linbot reports that host42 (L64) is now online
22:47* linbot is the wind beneath your wings
22:47* linbot smells like teen spirit
22:47* linbot has got a gun
22:48mikegrb tbe whole worlds come undone
22:48* linbot can't drive 55
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23:31SupaDongzu whoa
23:32SupaDongzu has linbot gone all markov?
23:33mikegrb SupaDongzu: I lub you
23:33SupaDongzu oh hi
23:34mikegrb SupaDongzu: linbot has someone's hand up his butt.
23:34SupaDongzu Oh.
23:34SupaDongzu That.
23:42* linbot moshes with SupaDongzu
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