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---Logopened Mon Jan 24 00:00:10 2005
00:20@linbot New news from forums: Hunting: Brilliant Firewall builder for debian in Linux Networking
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00:32Strike lo...?
00:32Strike my server apparently just took a massive crap :-/
00:40Strike ne1 about?
00:40Strike perhaps having the same problem?
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02:01rafx fo0bar: that sounds really cool. probably would make a great wiki page or forum post. bet it gets tons of views
02:14fo0bar rafx: <-- this is where I got it from
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03:46syntaxman I'm using a 2.4 kernel in my linode. It's a Debian installation... What do I need to do to prepare it for one of the 2.6 kernels?
03:47syntaxman Can I just select the new kernel? Or do I need to do a load of homework first?
04:01fo0bar syntaxman: woody?
04:03fo0bar sarge is pretty easy, just "apt-get install kernel-image-2.6-686" (for linode the kernel itself isn't needed, but that will also bring the needed dependencies up to date)
04:03fo0bar woody I would imagine is harder (I haven't done it myself)... the linode forums would be the best bet
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04:13kspm710 How lobnng has linode been around
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04:21fo0bar longer than you waited for a reply
04:32syntaxman fo0bar: I'm using sarge... I overlooked the idea of installing the kernel.
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07:36gxt So, I just got my Linode this weekend.
07:37gxt Every time I emerge it to 2004.3, it has serious problems.
07:37gxt Is this normal?
07:37gxt Is there a special trick or technique to updating a Linode?
07:38adamg what command are you running
07:38gxt emerge --update --deep --newuse world
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07:42adamg what problems do you hit?
07:43gxt After the update completed (which took like 12 hours), I could no longer login via ssh.
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07:44gxt It also doesn't boot correctly.
07:44gxt Specifically...
07:44adamg can boot errors do you get?
07:45gxt It says that it can't find /lib/modules/2.6.10-linode11/modules.dep
07:45gxt And then it asks me if I want to enter maintenance mode.
07:46adamg try booting with a 2.4 kernel
07:46gxt That's a good thought...
07:46gxt I'll try that...
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07:51adamg any luch?>
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07:52gxt Well, it's doing the same thing. It doesn't seem to be reading the disk image correctly. The error is... "The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2"
07:53gxt When I log into maintenance mode as root, /dev/udba doesn't exist. Also, the node has no outside network access.
07:53gxt Hmmm...
07:54gxt I gotta' get to work. I'll check back in later. Thanks for your assistance adamg. :-)
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07:56adamg looks like he overrode his fstab file without thinking
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09:47* caker departs
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09:49FesterCouples| sighup seen caker
09:50FesterCouples| !seen caker
09:50@linbot FesterCouples: caker was last seen here 2 minutes and 46 seconds ago saying: * caker departs
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10:32heidi caker: be careful
10:32heidi good luck
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11:19greenlava anyone else having trouble with seems the site is really slow
11:23SupaDongzu woo woo
11:23greenlava hello?
11:24greenlava anyone having slow connections to and the forums?
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11:25SupaDongzu not I
11:29greenlava weird. i have a corporate LAN and a Comcast connectikon here at my desk...slow goings from both
11:29greenlava i take it back. connection screams from Comcast
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12:01rafx i cannot connect to, timing out
12:02rafx damn, i need to make a disk image backup before doing something
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12:28NeonNero| yup, looks like the connection to is struggling
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12:30NeonNero my own linode is working just fine, though
12:36adamg probably just the box is sitting on
12:39NeonNero looks like it
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12:45greenlava my linode is fine too
12:45greenlava is sometimes fast, sometime struggling
12:45greenlava tough to get a connection...possible DOS?
12:46_3DSHROOM my connection seems fine here, but the box I'm on has gotten so much slower than when I first signed up
12:46adamg yeah thats what it looks like
12:48rafx my ping to is around 45ms (pretty fast), but the web server doesn't respond at all
12:49adamg different ports, so possible an attack at apache
12:50rafx wonder if caker is running mod_dosevasive. it doesn't stop dos attacks but supposedly helps a decent amount
12:50greenlava well that sucks
12:51greenlava does share a box with any other linodes?
12:52adamg no
12:57_3DSHROOM anyone else run gentoo on their linode?
12:57* NeonNero does
12:57adamg yes
12:57_3DSHROOM do you have the cheapest account? or a better one?
12:58NeonNero cheapest one
12:58_3DSHROOM does your server ever really lag when you emerge sync?
12:58_3DSHROOM I run a good bit of programs on mine but things get REALLY slow even just doing a sync, not even compiling
12:58SupaDongzu heh
12:58SupaDongzu that'd be the I/O limiter
12:59SupaDongzu gentoo is *really* not suited to linodes
12:59_3DSHROOM yeah
12:59_3DSHROOM it was fine at first
12:59SupaDongzu anyway, you'll find the old style sync to be better than rsync for a linode
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12:59SupaDongzu since you won't be thrashing all over disk running checksums
12:59array Sup all..
13:00_3DSHROOM what do you mean by old style sync
13:00SupaDongzu I forget what the command was, as I don't have my gentoo box handy
13:00SupaDongzu but there's a way to just do a flat download or rdist or something
13:00SupaDongzu it's in the man page
13:00SupaDongzu or the --help
13:00array Why is bandwidth so expensive?
13:01array 200$ p/mnth for 300GB
13:01EFudd hey, you come from .au where bandwidth is metered worse than that.
13:01array no shit
13:01array thats why I buy US servers
13:01SupaDongzu haha
13:01EFudd so stop complaing? :)
13:02array but my previous provider gave me 1000GB for $69 :P
13:02EFudd switch back?
13:02_3DSHROOM I bet their uptime sucked tho
13:02EFudd I bet it was Cogent. :)
13:02array no, their uptime rocked
13:02array but I like theplanet
13:02EFudd then switch back.
13:02EFudd :)
13:02array and I like the linode's owner
13:02EFudd then stay.
13:02array down to earth mofo
13:02array I want to
13:03array but why is bandwidth so expensive
13:03EFudd then leave.
13:03* EFudd bounces around
13:03EFudd bandwidth isn't cheap
13:03EFudd your last provder was cogent, no? :)
13:03_3DSHROOM you must mean 1000GB total, $70 for 1000GB uploaded is different
13:03array I want 1000GB total
13:03EFudd buy from managed
13:03array I don't want to buy another server
13:03array I've had 4 and bills were killing me
13:04array thats why I went UML
13:04adamg I know several providers that gived 1000gig plus at low prices, but they can afford to that, if caker hit there level, then the bw prices will probably drop
13:04EFudd regardless, bandwidth isn't cheap. most "omg 1TB of xfer" plans are cogent bandwidth meaning within their network, but charged for egress outside.
13:04EFudd bandwidth is not cheap, I say again. (with some exception.)
13:05array is down.
13:05EFudd cakers planning is a deal, effectively. you are charged the same for overages as you would for pre-purchase.
13:05array that kinda sucks though :/
13:05* EFudd begins to care less
13:05array it's like you're getting penalty rates when buying in bulk
13:05adamg pre-purchases past a certain level do key cheaper than the overcharge
13:06EFudd oic.
13:06adamg thus the 300 gig for $200
13:06array there's no incentive to buy additional bandwidth if you're being charged penalty rates :(
13:07array and if you pay yearly, it's exactly the same as paying monthly
13:07adamg you arnt overage rates are $1 per gig
13:07EFudd i use UML cause gentoo is offered with virtual serial console access.
13:07EFudd no other reason.
13:08EFudd not price, not tech, not bandwidth, not even stability (which is decent)
13:08EFudd so array, just make up your mind, complaining doesn't fix anything, and stick with a choice. ktnx. HAND. HTH.
13:08array don't get me wrong, I've been overwhelmed with the service since setup
13:08array setup mind you was completed in a few hours
13:09array and complaining helps, because customer feedback is always good to the company
13:09adamg and it can take longer, all signups are manually checked
13:09EFudd complaining has limits. :)
13:09EFudd That is all.
13:10SupaDongzu complaining is always good, because everybody loves listening to complaints!
13:10_3DSHROOM The single reason I chose a linode was because they offered gentoo
13:10array there's no degree of complaining with you in here efudd, because you don't let anyone explain themselves..
13:10EFudd I seet he uselessness of the specific complaint. :)
13:10EFudd "omg gimme other pricing options for bandwidth damnit. <foo> gave me 1TB, why can't linode?! omgzomgzomgz."
13:10EFudd did I miss something?
13:10array Indeed.
13:10EFudd Fair enough.
13:10SupaDongzu If you give me your attention, I will tell you what I am:
13:10SupaDongzu I'm a genuine philanthropist -- all other kinds are sham.
13:10SupaDongzu Each little fault of temper and each social defect
13:10SupaDongzu In my erring fellow-creatures, I endeavour to correct.
13:10SupaDongzu To all their little weaknesses I open people's eyes;
13:10array I wanted an explaination.
13:10SupaDongzu And little plans to snub the self-sufficient I devise;
13:11SupaDongzu I love my fellow creatures -- I do all the good I can--
13:11array Not a discount.
13:11SupaDongzu Yet ev'rybody says I'm such a disagreeable man!
13:11SupaDongzu And I can't think why!
13:11* EFudd pets supa
13:11adamg array: caker has said before for significant bandwidth requirments he can supply different pricing, best thing to do is contact him
13:11SupaDongzu To compliments inflated I've a withering reply;
13:11SupaDongzu And vanity I always do my best to mortify;
13:11SupaDongzu A charitable action I can skillfully dissect;
13:11SupaDongzu And interested motives I'm delighted to detect;
13:11SupaDongzu I know ev'rybody's income and what ev'rybody earns;
13:11SupaDongzu And I carefully compare it with the income-tax returns;
13:11array I wanted to know why bandwidth here was so expensive in comparism to other providers, not to be attacked.
13:11SupaDongzu But to benefit humanity however much I plan,
13:11SupaDongzu Yet ev'rybody says I'm such a disagreeable man!
13:11SupaDongzu And I can't think why!
13:11EFudd array, i toldja. Because bandwidth outside of a network is not cheap. :)
13:12EFudd the "1TB" options are often underlined with sekrets like "but not egress through <foo>. only inside the peers (which is manageds' colo
13:12EFudd )
13:12SupaDongzu I'm sure I'm no ascetic; I'm as pleasant as can be;
13:12SupaDongzu You'll always find me ready with a crushing repartee,
13:12SupaDongzu I've an irritating chuckle, I've a celebrated sneer,
13:12SupaDongzu I've an entertaining snigger, I've a fascinating leer.
13:12SupaDongzu To ev'rybody's prejudice I know a thing or two;
13:12adamg the main reason they are the price they are is because caker does not use the level of bandwidth that gets him lower pricing. When he starts using more bandwidth his pricing will come down
13:12SupaDongzu I can tell a woman's age in half a minute -- and I do.
13:12SupaDongzu But although I try to make myself as pleasant as I can,
13:12_3DSHROOM with as many accounts as linode hosts, you would think he would be able to get better rates than they do
13:12SupaDongzu Yet ev'rybody says I'm such a disagreeable man!
13:12SupaDongzu And I can't think why!
13:13SupaDongzu I wish I had an ogg of that
13:13SupaDongzu King Gama would have been a tech support nightmare
13:13adamg _3DSHROOM: the accounts are spread over to different DCs thus usage is spread so prices dont lower that quickly
13:14_3DSHROOM DC's?
13:14adamg datacenters
13:14_3DSHROOM o
13:14_3DSHROOM how many
13:14adamg cakers bw pricing has lowered since he started linode
13:14EFudd if i wanted more bandwidth, i'd probably conceed on my gentoo requirement and use another provider. That's my simple point. :)
13:14adamg 2
13:15_3DSHROOM surely each DC uses at least 10 mbit sustained
13:16adamg no idea
13:16_3DSHROOM I used to host a single site than used 1 mbit
13:16_3DSHROOM er
13:16_3DSHROOM 2
13:16_3DSHROOM $125 per mbit
13:16_3DSHROOM you get up to 10 -20 tho
13:16adamg IIRC he gets charged by the gig, at both DC, one by the actual usage, the other by the 95 percentile rule
13:16_3DSHROOM and you get much better rates
13:16EFudd $125/mbit is waaaaaaaaay pricey :)
13:16EFudd adam, yeah, sounds right.
13:16EFudd HE is 95th, iirc.
13:17adamg thought that was TP
13:17_3DSHROOM this was 95th too, but also in a VERY nice colo facility
13:17EFudd hrm.
13:17* EFudd shrug
13:17_3DSHROOM 1/2 a rack
13:17_3DSHROOM private
13:17_3DSHROOM always up
13:18EFudd oh
13:18EFudd also
13:18EFudd some of those "1000GB" plans have sekret line-items that limit the line-speed to say, oh, 3MBit :)
13:19EFudd or whatever number equals out to ~= 1000GB/month.
13:19EFudd ie, keeps their pricing down on a 95th based colo service.
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13:23_3DSHROOM 400KB a second isn't bad for $70 a month
13:28rafx on debian sarge, is it recommended to do an 'apt-get install kernel-image-2.6-686' before using 2.6 kernel? the image would be discarded but does this improve things related to dependencies & other files?
13:29adamg souldnt make any difference
13:30rafx thanks
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14:43tizen hey, i can't seem to access the site through http. I can through https, but I was wondering if it was a local problem or if others had experienced it?
14:44greenlava yup...looks like a DOS attack
14:44tizen k cool.
14:47tizen I'm just looking at the service. If the system gets stuck in a loop, how do I get a reboot? And how much does it cost?
14:47Redgore reboots of your linode are free, you do them yourself
14:48tizen How?
14:48Redgore you sign into the control panel and press the reboot button
14:48tizen cool.
14:50tizen so, if i sign up with my credit card tonight, what timeframe am I looking at for access to my system
14:51Redgore 24hr's at most, mine got activated within minutes, it all depends on when caker is able to check the sign up's
14:52tizen cool
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14:53greenlava i was activaqted in about 4 hours
14:53greenlava signed up at work after lunch
14:53greenlava was ready when I got home
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15:03AndyHat trn
15:03AndyHat Er, wrong window.
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15:06adamg !change 1000 cad to gbp
15:06adamg !currency change 1000 cad to gbp
15:06@linbot adamg: (currency <command> [<args> ...]) -- Command dispatcher for the Currency plugin. Use 'list Currency' to see the commands provided by this plugin. Use 'config list plugins.Currency' to see the configuration values for this plugin. In most cases this dispatcher command is unnecessary; in cases where more than one plugin defines a given command, use this command to tell the bot which plugin's command to use.
15:06adamg !currency convert 1000 cad to gbp
15:06@linbot adamg: 1000.0 CAD = 434.2 GBP
15:06adamg thats the one
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15:47emcnabb can anyone else get to
15:48npmr negative
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16:03NeonNero still no dice on reaching
16:03rafx has been acting up this afternoon. responds to pings very quickly but the web server is sloooooow or timing out this afternoon.
16:04NeonNero exactly
16:04npmr another hosting company that i do busines with is also having problems
16:04rafx if you just need to shutdown/reboot, then Lish still works great. if you need to resize drive images, your SOL until the website is responsive
16:04npmr theirs isn't completely unresponsive, but it's so slow right now that it might as well be
16:05rafx so it isn't linode-specific? is there a massive http-attacking worm loose right now?
16:05npmr i don't know if it's just a coincidence or what
16:06npmr traceroute says that they're on opposite coasts
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17:05@caker hello
17:05SupaDongzu mmmm, caaaaake
17:06@caker Dad's out of surgery, doing fine :)
17:06SupaDongzu that's wonderful news, although it hits me with the realization that your father was at one point *in* surgery. I must have missed that.
17:08adamg caker good to hear, but you may want to breath some lift into as well
17:08@caker what's the deal?
17:08adamg on and off all day very slow
17:08adamg sometimes cant get on to it
17:09adamg possible dos, apache issue something
17:12--- <<-- syntaxman [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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17:13@caker how about now?
17:13adamg same
17:14@caker odd. loading for me now
17:14--- ---> claviola [] has joined #linode
17:15adamg can not find server, or dns isssue
17:15adamg I can ping fine
17:18adamg lynx from linode fails as well
17:19EFudd :1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
17:19EFudd 500 read timeout
17:19EFudd ^
17:19EFudd at /home/jason/bin/ line 60
17:24rafx right now, i get 35ms ping but webserver times out in browser. been like this for at least 4 hours, with brief periods where we can use the site. don't need website right now, just an fyi
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17:39* adamg wonders what is up with the site
17:40@caker I thiknk it's a port 80 DDoS
17:40EFudd netstat -an ktnx.
17:41--- <<-- nwrk [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
17:41adamg apparently there is another web host whos site is also seeing similar issues
17:42@caker 90+ SYN_RECV connections for'sIP
17:43EFudd that'd be it then.
17:43EFudd you have syncookies enabled, no?
17:43@caker I should .. lemme check
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17:51adamg caker how long you home for?
17:51@caker Not sure
17:52@caker I can change my flight w/o any fee (family emergency airfair deal)
17:52adamg nice of them
17:53adamg found out today that flights to the states have hit a nice prie
17:54adamg s/prie/price
17:54adamg well prices to canada are nicer
18:09* adamg watches a human disection
18:11Newsome adamg: Are they taking volunteers? I know a few "humans" I'd volunteer
18:11adamg no some bloke in his will stipulates that his body was to teach normal people about anatomy thus the program
18:16adamg its kinda creepy
18:27ref erm
18:27ref something wrong with ?
18:27ref i can't seem to resolve it...
18:27ref that is
18:27_3DSHROOM it's been down for a few hours now
18:28ref oh, sorry... just scrolled up
18:28ref any word on what's up? i see caker knows about it
18:31adamg nice using a meat slicer to slice the brain up
18:35jasonf is d0wn
18:35jasonf :-/
18:38adamg nite all
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18:49mikegrb g'night mr g
18:50--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
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19:00mikegrb lolz
19:00jasonf lol, I think is back up
19:02--- ---> shakr [] has joined #linode
19:07rafx heh
19:07rafx er? no hehz?
19:07mikegrb it is not improperly overused like lol
19:08mikegrb like I'd bet $5 that jasonf wasn't actually laughing out loud just now
19:08mikegrb lolz
19:08rafx lol
19:08rafx :)
19:10jasonf mikegrb: maybe I'm just a giddy fellow
19:19--- ---> dddshroom [] has joined #linode
19:20--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
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19:27FesterCouples| is down? I couldnt hit it from work or home today
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20:22Feynman boo
20:22--- ---> dcoulson_ [] has joined #linode
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21:17jasonf caker: ping
21:18@caker jasonf: yup
21:19mikegrb caker: ping
21:19* mikegrb didn't want to feel left out
21:20jasonf caker: I need to make a billing change, but with the website out/slow, it's not possible
21:20jasonf caker: I just need to make sure that another billing cycle doesn't hit on the current setup
21:24jasonf caker: and my network is hurting too, but I can't access the panel to investigate :-/
21:28jasonf dam, you can't change kernels from lish either
21:29@caker I might have this beat in a few minutes
21:29jasonf caker: should it be effecting my linode at all?
21:29@caker jasonf: no
21:32jasonf caker: are you *sure* nothing is up with host40?
21:32jasonf my linode is doing strange, strange things
21:40@caker any beter?
21:40EFudd not realy :)
21:40* mikegrb waits
21:40mikegrb here neither
21:40EFudd :1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
21:40EFudd 500 read timeout
21:40EFudd ^
21:40jasonf caker: still sucks
21:40EFudd at /home/jason/bin/ line 60
21:40* mikegrb throttles EFudd's io and gives mikegrb more
21:41EFudd doh!
21:41* EFudd ordered a motion computing M1400
21:55--- <<-- sunny [] has quit (Quit: sunny)
22:04--- ---> dddshroom_ [] has joined #linode
22:10--- Netsplit <-> quits: Jeremy
22:10--- Netsplit over, joins: Jeremy
22:11--- <<-- dddshroom [] has quit (Ping timeout: 481 seconds)
22:12ref still no :/
22:12@caker working on it
22:13ref thanks :)
22:15mikegrb /me works on caker
22:15ref are you his boyfriend? :)
22:16mikegrb No.
22:16mikegrb but he is sculpted from pure cakre
22:16mikegrb s/kre/ke/
22:16ref pure cake... mmm
22:17mikegrb indeed!
22:17--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
22:34--- <<-- UML_ChanLog [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:35--- <<-- caker [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:35--- <<-- linbot [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:36mikegrb :O
22:38--- ---> caker [] has joined #linode
22:38--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
22:41mikegrb caker: welcome back mr cake
22:42@caker got bit by the iptables bug from last week
22:45mikegrb :<
22:45mikegrb you should bite it back
22:46ref you shouldn't eat bugs
22:46mikegrb they are good for protien
22:46mikegrb but yes, bugs in cake != good
22:55--- <<-- FesterCouples [] has quit (Quit: FesterCouples)
23:39tsi anyone know default user/pass for mcdata 4500 web interface?
23:39@caker b
23:39@caker whoops
23:45tsi Administrator/password in case anyone asks again. capital A is critical.
23:47* caker pipes apache logs into iptables
23:59@caker DDoS is related to the phpBB vuln
---Logclosed Tue Jan 25 00:00:27 2005