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00:54@caker Results 181 - 190 of about 71,800 for linode <-- last week it was around 45k
01:03EFudd hmm
01:03EFudd that's positive :p
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01:18adamg morning all
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08:15@linbot New news from forums: External bootablem drive thingi in General Discussion
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09:40abdala Hi
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09:52nickfury hey guys
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09:53redstudios hello?
09:53nickfury yo
09:53redstudios is caker idle?
09:53@caker I'm here
09:53redstudios is caker idle?
09:53redstudios grr
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09:57redstudios m
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09:58nickfury caker
09:58nickfury got a sec?
09:58nickfury my mailserver just started giving me this error, like. .two seconds ago..
09:59nickfury Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Unable to process From lines (envelopes), change recongition modes or check for corrupted mail drop
09:59nickfury have any idea?
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10:06@linbot New news from forums: Registering nameservers - nice interface? in Linux Networking
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10:12Nostromo i love old 14" monitors. the way they split the white into RGB is so 60's.
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10:16abdala Hi, I need talk winth op in this cannel
10:17abdala HI
10:17dddshroom_ hey
10:18abdala Hi
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10:30@linbot c'mon feel the noise
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11:24* dddshroom_ shakes linbot like a bottle of champagne
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11:25* caker debootstraps Ubuntu
11:39guinea-pig mmm, debootstrap
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11:49adamg hmm
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11:59adamg right then people how hard is it to set-up uml
12:00SupaDongzu what?
12:01* bendy24 slaps SupaDongzu with a clue stick
12:01* SupaDongzu helps bendy24 swallow said stick
12:02mikegrb lolz
12:02dddshroom_ lol
12:10@linbot girls, rock your boys
12:10@linbot we'll get wild, wild, wild
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12:15guinea-pig great, the bot's lost it
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12:16@linbot guinea-pig: whadda you wanna to with your life?
12:16mikegrb lolz
12:16dddshroom_ lol
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12:47npmr linbot, roulette
12:47@linbot npmr: *click*
12:48nickfury linbot: orgy
12:49@linbot nickfury: access denied
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12:54@caker Wjat
12:54@caker er
12:54@caker What's the debian method to enable/disable startup services?
12:54tierra|h when did you add Ubuntu caker?
12:54@caker tierra|h: almsot done with it
12:54@caker tierra|h: should be another half hour or so
12:55tierra|h heh... I noticed it on the Linodes page, and in the distro wizard
12:56@caker ok .. update-rc.d
12:57SupaDongzu ha ha ubuntu
12:57@caker update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/mdadm exists during rc.d purge (use -f to force)
12:57@caker grr
12:57SupaDongzu heh
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12:58Padraig999 hi
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13:00SupaDongzu ha ha
13:00SupaDongzu hi Padraig
13:00SupaDongzu too many of you, it seems
13:00nickfury SupaDongzu
13:01SupaDongzu nickfury
13:01nickfury i'm having an issue with something was wondering if maybe you knew what happened.
13:01nickfury basically it started this morning when i was fucking around with the /etc/hsots file
13:01nickfury but otherwise, this is the error i get now in my email proggy
13:01nickfury "Sennding of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Unable to process from lines (envelopes) change reconfnition modes or check for corrupted mail drop
13:02nickfury now .. i'm not sure what a corrupted mail drop is. but maybe you could enlighten me
13:02SupaDongzu nickfury:
13:03SupaDongzu why
13:03SupaDongzu why
13:03SupaDongzu WHY do you keep changing /etc/hosts?
13:03nickfury firstly. that didnt' cause this
13:03nickfury i think what happened is i checked my mail twice at once
13:03nickfury and it fucked up some file
13:03* SupaDongzu shrugs
13:03nickfury well.. what is a solution?
13:03SupaDongzu I never do IMAP/POP
13:03nickfury reinstalling?
13:03SupaDongzu I ssh to my mail
13:03SupaDongzu nah
13:03SupaDongzu find the lock or whatever and kill it
13:04nickfury the lock.. wtf
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13:04* SupaDongzu shrugs
13:05nickfury i'll restart postfix
13:05nickfury maybe that wil ldo it
13:05nickfury arrrrrrg.
13:05nickfury wtf
13:05tierra|h rm -rf ~/Maildir (or ~/.maildir, or whatever)
13:05tierra|h =)
13:05tierra|h off to work
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13:05nickfury ya that's hilarious
13:06nickfury it seems to be a problem with qpopper
13:06nickfury pop_dropcopy.c
13:06nickfury being the file showing the error or something
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13:12aris hi does linode have own DNS servers or would i hav to install DNS server onto server ?
13:12--- User: *** aris is now known as Guest286
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13:12EFudd You would need to provide your own DNS services.
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13:13npmr linbot, roulette
13:13@linbot npmr: *click*
13:13SupaDongzu !version
13:13@linbot SupaDongzu: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.80.0pre2. The newest version available online is 0.80.1.
13:13SupaDongzu someone upgrade him
13:13SupaDongzu there are source packages in mentors
13:13@caker ooo
13:13Guest286 i would need 2 DNS servers on separate networks (requirment of the denic for .de domains)
13:13EFudd !load colorize
13:14EFudd !google foo | colorize
13:14@linbot EFudd: Search took 0.706618 seconds: FOO FIGHTERS - ONE BY ONE: <>; Color Connection By Xerox ie on win: <>; Foo .com -: <>; random($ foo ): <>; Under Construction: <>; forgetfoo. - a new world odor.: <>; ecto blog: (1 more message)
13:14EFudd damn.
13:14EFudd please2beloadingcolorize.
13:14* caker is afraid
13:14EFudd heh. it randomly colors each letter.
13:14EFudd it's great for annoyances.
13:14@caker !load colorize
13:14EFudd it might be a submodule of something else tho
13:14EFudd !echo foo | colorize
13:14@linbot foo | colorize
13:14SupaDongzu it's the log one
13:14EFudd darn.
13:15EFudd 13:15 <@dd> eFUDd: (colorize <text>) -- Returns <text> with each character
13:15EFudd randomly colorized.
13:15EFudd hmm. dunno how to tell which module it's from tho
13:15EFudd !colorize foo
13:15@linbot EFudd: foo
13:15* SupaDongzu shrugs
13:15EFudd weird. :)
13:15SupaDongzu probably format
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13:15EFudd actually, it's doing the same thing the other is doing now.
13:15EFudd i'm wondering if someone set a default flag to "not color no matter what" or sompn.
13:16@caker !load filter
13:16@caker <linbot> Error: Filter is already loaded.
13:16@caker #linode(+cnt)
13:17SupaDongzu ah yes, it is in filter
13:17--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
13:17SupaDongzu !list filter
13:17@linbot SupaDongzu: aol, binary, colorize, hexlify, jeffk, leet, lithp, morse, outfilter, rainbow, reverse, rot13, scramble, squish, stripcolor, supa1337, unhexlify, and unmorse
13:17SupaDongzu !colorize Hi asl.
13:17@linbot SupaDongzu: Hi asl.
13:17EFudd it just seems to be not doing much.
13:17EFudd !rainbow test
13:17@linbot EFudd: test
13:17SupaDongzu yeah, he has the colorstrip on
13:17EFudd ah.
13:18nickfury where exactly woudl i be looking for "corrupted mail drops"
13:19--- Channel: mode/#linode [-c] by caker
13:21SupaDongzu nickfury: google, perhaps?
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13:24--- ---> aris [] has joined #linode
13:24aris ??
13:24@caker ??
13:25EFudd er
13:25EFudd !rainbow test
13:25@linbot EFudd: test
13:25EFudd oh. what the hell
13:25--- User: *** aris is now known as Guest287
13:25* caker starts to deploy Ubuntu
13:25EFudd +c is a chanmode?!
13:25@caker EFudd: 13:19 -!- mode/#linode [-c] by caker yaaa
13:25EFudd Weird. Yeah.
13:25EFudd fonky stuff. mirc is the cause of that mod :)
13:25nickfury caker
13:26nickfury have you ever seen an error which is something like: "corrupted mail drop"
13:26@caker nickfury
13:26nickfury when checking mail through a client
13:26@caker no
13:26nickfury i'm not sure what happened but i have a feeling i checked my mail twice at the same time, and it seemed to corrupt my maildrop file or something for my email
13:26nickfury postfix/qpopper setup
13:27nickfury i was just wondering if there is a way to refresh that corrupted file
13:27nickfury some how.. but flushing the system or something
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13:27Guest287 anyone there ? (i dont see any coversation in channel)
13:28@caker Guest287: yes
13:32--- ---> tierra|w [] has joined #linode
13:33SupaDongzu caker: I have a color logenator script if you like
13:34SupaDongzu for the supybot ChannelLogger wotzit
13:34* bendy24 gets the stick ready
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13:37--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
13:39tsi ew logging
13:39* SupaDongzu logs tsi
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13:51SupaDongzu !version
13:51linbot SupaDongzu: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
13:51linbot SupaDongzu: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.80.1. The newest version available online is 0.80.1.
13:51SupaDongzu ha ha
13:51@caker it seems screwy
13:51SupaDongzu Yes.
13:51SupaDongzu Yes it does.
13:51@caker ERROR [26-Jan-2005 13:51:10] supybot Exception __revision__: "$Id:,v 1.80 2005/01/16 20:05:41 jamessan Exp $"
13:51SupaDongzu heh
13:51SupaDongzu and the text name is all wrong
13:51linbot SupaDongzu: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
13:52SupaDongzu linbot: shut up
13:52linbot Bugger all, I dunno!
13:52@caker I can't get infobot to stop
13:52SupaDongzu hahaha
13:52SupaDongzu !unload infobot
13:52linbot SupaDongzu: Error: You don't have the 'owner' capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
13:52@caker !unload infobot
13:52linbot caker: The operation succeeded.
13:52@caker !rss announce #linode
13:52linbot caker: wiki and forums
13:53SupaDongzu that's a known problem with the infobot wotzit
13:53SupaDongzu if a threaded command gets run, infobot will complain even if the command succeeds
13:53SupaDongzu !version
13:53linbot SupaDongzu: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.80.1. The newest version available online is 0.80.1.
13:53SupaDongzu better.
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13:56npmr linbot, roulette
13:56linbot npmr: *click*
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13:57NeonNero linbot, roulette
13:57linbot *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
13:57* linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
13:58NeonNero heh, just my typical kind of luck
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13:58--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
14:00TheQ` linbot roulette
14:00@linbot TheQ`: *click*
14:00NeonNero linbot roulette
14:00--- !!!! NeonNero was kicked from #linode by linbot (BANG!)
14:00--- ---> NeonNero [] has joined #linode
14:00* linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
14:01NeonNero *sigh*
14:01pdx6 linbot roulette
14:01--- !!!! pdx6 was kicked from #linode by linbot (BANG!)
14:01* linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
14:01--- ---> pdx6 [] has joined #linode
14:01pdx6 lovely :)
14:01SupaDongzu pdx6: I know.
14:03--- ---> DarkSSJ [] has joined #linode
14:16--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
14:17--- ---> ap0ught [] has joined #linode
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14:30--- ---> Nostromo [] has joined #linode
14:31Nostromo coooll.. my linode's ping to is 1.5ms. that's a maximum of 150km away.
14:31@linbot New news from forums: Distro: Ubuntu 4.10 now available in Announcements
14:32Nostromo well, 225km..
14:33@caker let the fun begin
14:34Nostromo where is my server located geographically? or is that hush-hush?
14:35@caker Nostromo: which host are you on?
14:35Nostromo 42 i think
14:35@caker Dallas, TX
14:35TheQ` god damnit
14:35TheQ` sorry for the french
14:35TheQ` but a hosting company just screwed me over
14:36Nostromo cool
14:37TheQ` an organization i work for scrounged up enough money through grants to get a years account. Well within 5 days the account is gone.
14:42@caker TheQ`: five days after the year ended?
14:43rafx Nostromo: nice! does have any tier-2 public timeservers we can use with ntpdate?
14:45TheQ` no five days into the year
14:45@caker odd
14:46rafx i hate virtuozzo. siege 2.61 (the website stress/benchmarking tool) just segfaults even with 1 thread and 1 connection attempt setting. it used to work, and with absolutely no changes, it refuses to work--even after reboot.
14:46TheQ` im pissed and i have people calling me every five minutes "Wheres the website" "The website is down"
14:48TheQ` And when the website is used for tracking stuff like man-hours, and log important stuff its really pissing me off
14:49@caker dataw0lf: Ubuntu is online
14:49TheQ` caker, can i pm you
14:49@caker TheQ`: sure
14:58* alnr wonders what he might be missing w ubuntu, having just gotten done migrating his server from mandrake to debian
15:00@caker alnr: Ubuntu does a release every six months
15:00alnr so the answer might be headaches and instability
15:02--- <<-- npmr [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:03--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
15:04alnr i suppose that once installed, its more or less debian anyway
15:05alnr like mepis, which i use on desktop
15:08--- <<-- ref_ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:09dataw0lf caker: woot, nice.
15:09tierra|w Gentoo is moving to a bi-annual release schedule
15:09@caker dataw0lf: care to give it a review?
15:10tierra|w <- once your done =)
15:10dataw0lf caker: unfortunately, I don't have a Linode account, I just came here to help tierra and optikal promote it.
15:11@caker dataw0lf: I have Ununtu installed already
15:11@caker dataw0lf: I'll just give you the IP/password
15:11dataw0lf caker: aight.
15:35--- <<-- DarkSSJ [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
16:05--- <<-- nickfury [] has quit (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: ))
16:18--- ---> DarkSSJ [] has joined #linode
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16:35--- ---> tiz [] has joined #linode
16:37--- ---> Jeremy [] has joined #linode
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16:43--- ---> tiz [] has joined #linode
16:43tiz sorry about that connection died
16:43--- <<-- tiz [] has quit (Quit: )
16:44dataw0lf I don't think so tierra|w
16:44tierra|w hehe
16:44dataw0lf hehe
16:44* tierra|w is forced to go back to work
16:44tierra|w =P
16:44dataw0lf roltastic
16:45--- ---> optikal [] has joined #linode
16:46--- ---> tiz [] has joined #linode
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16:46--- ---> tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has joined #linode
16:47tizen Ok, anyone have McAfee and it's not playing well with IRC connections?
16:51tizen !seen caker
16:51@linbot tizen: caker was last seen in #linode 1 hour, 40 minutes, and 10 seconds ago saying: <caker> dataw0lf: I'll just give you the IP/password
16:52@caker tizen: hello
16:53tizen Hey
16:53tizen I just signed up
16:53tizen And I wanted to clarify something
16:53tizen On the back of my company credit card, the only number is for customer service
16:53tizen but it says for out of US you can call them collect
16:54tizen I don't know if you had run into that before.
16:54tizen I was also on my way out in the next hour or so, and wondering when i could expect the call.
16:55@caker tizen: you've already been activated -- thanks :)
16:55tierra|w don't usually need the call... it's just there if something comes up in the fraud check
16:55tizen Ah, sweet
16:56tizen caker: Thank you very much. Let's hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)
16:56* caker blows kisses
16:56tierra|w hehe
16:57tizen caker: You're root password thing in dist manager doesn't take !'s?
16:57@caker tizen: no. Just change it later
16:58tizen k
17:00--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
17:00* TheQ` so needs a linode about now
17:01tierra|w get one then
17:01tierra|w =)
17:02tizen takes about 20 minutes apparently.
17:02mikegrb lolz
17:02tizen lol
17:02tierra|w less if you can fill out the form faster
17:02optikal heh
17:02tizen tierra|w: you making fun of me?
17:02mikegrb lolz
17:02tizen lol
17:02TheQ` the organization that im volunteering for that needs it cant afford it
17:02tizen Kidding :)
17:02TheQ` its on a low budget
17:02tierra|w tierra|w, =P
17:02tierra|w doh
17:03tierra|w tizen, =P
17:03--- <<-- DarkSSJ [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:03optikal hehe
17:03* caker takes a look at the uml-ppc tree
17:04tierra|w lower than my personal budget for my own linode?
17:06TheQ` yes, it would be most illegal for us to accept money for our services
17:07tierra|w ah
17:07tierra|w i see
17:08@caker non profits can accept money ..
17:08TheQ` we cant
17:08TheQ` its against Federal Communications commission regulations
17:08tierra|w I believe it's covered under operating costs
17:08--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
17:09tierra|w I'm curious to know how the FCC has say in that... you don't have to say anything though if you don't want... I'm just curious
17:09--- User: *** david is now known as Guest291
17:11TheQ` im trying to find the exact regulation
17:13TheQ` Its somewhere in Part 97
17:27--- User: *** Guest291 is now known as david
17:29--- ---> dcoulson_ [] has joined #linode
17:30--- <<-- sunny [] has quit (Quit: sunny)
17:35--- <<-- Redgore [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:36--- <<-- david [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
17:36--- User: *** dcoulson_ is now known as david
17:39--- <<-- tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
17:42--- ---> samrolken [] has joined #linode
17:43samrolken I've been wondering if there's a way to "sample" a RAM upgrade to my linode to see if it will fit my needs to upgrade my RAM, or if I should move to dedicated.
17:44@caker samrolken: I can upgrade you right now, if you'd like... You'd only pay the difference for the remainder of this month
17:45samrolken Hm. That will work fine.
17:45samrolken I will submit a request through the web, or could I just do it here?
17:45@caker samrolken: file a ticket, and I'll do that right now
17:45samrolken okay! Thanks.
17:46SupaDongzu yes and?
17:46SupaDongzu mcm
17:51mikegrb caker: <-- office space + data center in one
17:52@caker mikegrb: underground?
17:52TheQ` anyone know where i can get a tutorial on how to make an access like database with openoffice
17:53mikegrb caker: indeed
17:54mikegrb caker: there are about 15 different businesses there, you drive underground to work
17:54@caker mikegrb: freak
17:54mikegrb it's on travel channel right now
17:54mikegrb post office even leases space there
17:54mikegrb 70 degrees year round, no heat/ac needed
17:55mikegrb er
17:55samrolken Dude, it like, billed me for 64MB of RAM for February too. Which is spiffy if 64MB more of ram will speed up my web application.
17:56@caker samrolken: you did it wrong, then
17:56samrolken Well, darn.
17:56mikegrb ^-- pictures
17:56@caker samrolken: I was going to upgrade your entire Linode by setting up a migration
17:57samrolken So, what I did isn't what you meant when you said, "ticket"?
17:57@caker samrolken: fill out the ticket, and we'll complete the upgrade (more disk space, and lower contention ratio on the host you'll be moved to)
17:57@caker ticket == support ticket
17:59@caker samrolken: Ok. Do this for me to finish the upgrade: Log out of the website, then log back in, shutdown, and press Migrate.
18:00samrolken Will my IP address change?
18:00@caker samrolken: that will place your account onto a Linode 128 host server (lower contention)
18:00@caker samrolken: nothing changes
18:00samrolken nifty
18:01jasonf ad from ny registrar:
18:02jasonf We use the only TRUE VPS solution powered by Virtuoso.
18:02jasonf since when is Virtuoso a TRUE VPS?
18:02mikegrb lolz
18:02jasonf lol
18:02@caker since their marketing department started smoking crack
18:02jasonf I was looking at the specs, and I was like "wow, this is too good to be true"
18:03jasonf so I started looking for "virtuoso"
18:03mikegrb lolz
18:03jasonf lol
18:03samrolken Migrating I go.
18:03@caker samrolken: also note that your disk space has increased, as well
18:04samrolken I noticed that...
18:04--- <<-- emcnabb [~emcnabb@] has quit (Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents)
18:05jasonf I found a linode 128 is good
18:05jasonf but if you're running LAMP
18:05jasonf you're better off recompiling MySQL+PHP
18:05jasonf --without-foo for whatever you don't need
18:06samrolken What if you have some huge Perl web application?
18:06samrolken I'm using speedy-cgi or whatever.
18:06samrolken But it seems to be a RAM issue.
18:06samrolken (to me)
18:06jasonf I haven't used perl since the days of wwwboard from matt's script archive
18:06mikegrb lolz
18:06jasonf lol
18:06jasonf but you can look at my pretty forum :)
18:06@caker samrolken: seems, or is? Did your note use much swap?
18:06@caker *node
18:07samrolken Yes, all swap seemed used, I think.
18:09jasonf yeah, that'd kill it -- expecially with the io limiter
18:13samrolken Well hell.
18:13samrolken My linode is "Brand New"
18:13samrolken :-/
18:13@caker samrolken: just hit boot
18:13samrolken oh.
18:13--- ---> ref_ [] has joined #linode
18:14@caker fresh Linode and freshly migrated are the same status in the DB ...
18:14* mikegrb migrates caker
18:14mikegrb Microsoft Entourage is quite spiffy
18:14mikegrb I would certainly concider using it for normal mail reading if it did threads
18:15samrolken So, soon we will be using caker's migration technology to offload our brains into computers, or other brains.
18:15* caker cooks up some steak sandwiches
18:16mikegrb mmm
18:16samrolken Well, my linode isn't coming back up.
18:17SupaDongzu I blame the steaks
18:17jasonf caker, no steak for you!
18:17jasonf samrolken: what does lish say / what does the log say?
18:18jasonf like does the job queue show it's booted?
18:18samrolken It appears to.
18:18jasonf ssh to lish and see if it'll give you a console
18:20samrolken hold on, let me look up how to do that.
18:20jasonf just ssh
18:20jasonf use your linode username+password
18:20jasonf if you have a new linode 128, you're probably on host40 with me, but I can't be sure, only you can find that out ;)
18:22samrolken Weird.
18:22samrolken I can log in just fine.
18:23SupaDongzu what, to lish?
18:23SupaDongzu or to the linode?
18:23jasonf check to make sure all your services started
18:23samrolken To lish.
18:23samrolken Oh look, my network adapter isn't up.
18:23samrolken That could be the problem.
18:23SupaDongzu "adapter"
18:23SupaDongzu ITYM "interface"
18:23samrolken Sorry. Interface.
18:23jasonf what distro/kernel?
18:23--- <<-- ap0ught [] has quit (Quit: User disconnected)
18:24jasonf and are you using dhcp or static
18:24samrolken Debian 3.0
18:24samrolken I will check.
18:24samrolken DHCP
18:25jasonf what kernel? 2.4 or 2.6?
18:25jasonf hrm
18:25samrolken 2.4
18:25jasonf is 3.0 sarge or woody?
18:25samrolken it's whatever is the most stable of the two.
18:25jasonf ah, okay. that's woody
18:25samrolken I think it's woody.
18:25@caker ifup eth0
18:25samrolken ifup: interface eth0 already configured
18:26* ref_ hugs his gentoo
18:26--- User: *** ref_ is now known as ref
18:26samrolken (yet, it doesn't show up under ifconfig)
18:26mikegrb //etc/init.d networks restart
18:26samrolken already tried that.
18:27@caker samrolken: reboot, please
18:27samrolken okay.
18:28samrolken apparently "shutdown -r now" makes my linode be "powered off"
18:29jasonf using shutdown commands from the bash prompt in a vps is not 100% supported
18:30jasonf the safe way to do it is from the lish (ctrl a+d to detach, then type "reboot")
18:30jasonf or using the web interface
18:30samrolken Well, now when I do boot, it says I booted, but then it says that I'm powered off.
18:31samrolken by it, I mean the Job Queue and the Members Page, respectively.
18:31jasonf caker: ping
18:31@caker samrolken: you're booting the empty Gentoo config
18:32@caker samrolken: it's marked as default. The boot buttons on the right hand side of the Overview page boot the default profile. The boot buttons next to the drop-down boot the one you select
18:32@caker samrolken: ok, hold on -- something's fishy
18:33jasonf samrolken: don't worry, caker's a guru, he'll have you fixed up in a hurry
18:34@caker samrolken: should work now
18:34SupaDongzu something's lishy!
18:34SupaDongzu mmmm, caaaaake...
18:34@caker That was odd. I had to click "Save" on his config profile and reboot
18:34SupaDongzu huk
18:34samrolken I appear to be back up.
18:34SupaDongzu we all are.
18:34SupaDongzu thanks to the healing powers of cake.
18:35samrolken Also, I will find out how to remind Linode that my debian profile is the one I want all the time.
18:35samrolken I win.
18:35@caker :)
18:39samrolken This is quite nice, caker. Performance increase is noticable.
18:39@linbot New news from forums: Linode Voluntary distcc Community in General Discussion
18:40samrolken I will now benchmark your fancy linode-128 against my dedicated server! Bwah ha ha ha.
18:42samrolken Hm, not bad.
18:42--- <<-- ref [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:43samrolken My linode performs 76% the capacity of my Other Server.
18:43--- ---> ref [] has joined #linode
18:45@caker samrolken: could probably get that number up a bit if you'd be willing to change datacenters
18:45@caker samrolken: since the newer hosts have better specs that host20
18:46@caker *than
18:46@caker argh .. different keyboard to get used to here at the parents'
18:46TheQ` caker, pm
18:46@caker TheQ`: sure
18:46samrolken Hm. What I might do is ditch my dedicated server for all but one function linode cannot be suitable for, and have you host one linode in one datacenter and one in another, for special reliability and security.
18:47@caker cool
18:47--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:47samrolken If you can offer me 1000GB for $60 on a server for my customers that stream shoutcast, then I can get on board with you entirely ;)
18:48samrolken 1000GB of bandwidth, that is.
18:48@caker samrolken: what's your average mbit/sec?
18:51samrolken Hmm. Normally about 1.5, but capacity up to 5 or 6 is needed.
18:52jasonf samrolken: if I may ask, what is your server streaming?
18:52jasonf just for curiousity sake
18:53samrolken It is streaming contemporary Christian music for a client of mine (properly licensed for online broadcast) in two streams, one that is 96kbps and one that is 32kbps.
18:53@caker 1000GB/month is about 3kB/sec
18:53@caker if my calculations are correct :)
18:54@caker no wait, 3kbits/sec
18:55samrolken I think you're a bit off.
18:55samrolken my a factor of 1000.
18:56jasonf samrolken: are you allowed to release the client's name? I'm *extremely* familiar with online Christian music stations
18:56jasonf it'd just be cool if the servers one of the ones I regularly listen to were on linode
18:56samrolken is the site.
18:56samrolken He's relatively new.
18:57samrolken is what his site will soon look like.
18:57samrolken It's half-redesigned.
18:57jasonf ah
18:57jasonf I listen regularly to and
18:57samrolken ag
18:57samrolken ah
18:57jasonf although their broadcasts aren't shoutcast, so it was a stupid question
18:58samrolken Phillip Towery has been on the radio here locally for decades with a 30-minute ministry.
18:58samrolken He's always wanted to have his own music-based station, and is just getting started online.
18:58jasonf not to mention I don't listen to them much anymore, because the quality is so bad I can hear the difference on my good speakers :-/
18:58jasonf samrolken: never heard of the guy
18:58jasonf Additional IPs: 97
18:58mikegrb lolz
18:58jasonf lol
18:58jasonf I want 97 more IPs please.
18:58jasonf :-p
18:59samrolken The quality of the faith in prayers radio broadcast may be better or worse than these other stations.
18:59jasonf if anyone ever got 97 ips on a single linode 128, they'd need some help.
18:59jasonf samrolken: radiou easily streams on a 56k line, if that tells you anything
18:59samrolken I'm thinking of upping the bandwidth on his broadband stream to 128 or 160kbps
18:59jasonf I think it's like a 32kbps wm stream
18:59samrolken eww
18:59jasonf and a 36kbps rm stream
19:00jasonf they really sound bad.
19:00jasonf expecially on my 5.1 surrond speakers
19:00samrolken I don't see why online stations don't just use shoutcast. Shoutcast streams will play in virtually any player, from realplayer to quicktime to windowsmediaplayer.
19:00samrolken And of course winamp.
19:00samrolken and wget <url> | mpg123
19:00samrolken and whatever flag makes wget output to sdtout
19:01jasonf yeah, but RM9 streams *do* sound better when you have less bandwidth
19:01samrolken True.
19:02jasonf wm streams sound *horribly* brassy though
19:02jasonf it shouldn't even exist as a codec, imnsho
19:02samrolken I've found that the only thing wm streams are really good for is extremely low bitrate speech.
19:02jasonf yeah
19:03jasonf samrolken: and once you get to high b/w stuff, they're all basically the same
19:03samrolken True.
19:03samrolken Well, check out the Faith In Prayers Radio broadcast. You may enjoy it.
19:04jasonf is it christian hard rock or "contemporary"
19:04jasonf I listen to the stuff that most people go "what???? that'
19:04samrolken haha.
19:04jasonf *that's christian!??!?"
19:04samrolken I think it's mostly "contemporary".
19:04jasonf ah
19:04jasonf then I shall refrain
19:05jasonf you know what'd be a nice feature for linode? to be able to run two config profiles at once if you have purchased multiple IPs
19:05samrolken Or even if you haven't.
19:06jasonf but I guess that could screw up the contention ratio
19:06samrolken I'm still going to try nesting UML instances in my linode, just for fun.
19:06samrolken one day.
19:06jasonf samrolken: yeah, if you want your box to take 3 years to boot, lol
19:06jasonf I've often thought about if kexec would work in a UML
19:06@caker jasonf: that would defeat the purpose of having multiple accounts
19:06jasonf but caker doesn't compile it in, and my linode is the only webserver for my site,
19:06jasonf caker: I know ;)
19:06@caker it's compiled in
19:06@caker oh, not kexec
19:07@caker /proc/mm support is, however -- for doing nested UML
19:07--- ---> JungleRob [] has joined #linode
19:07jasonf caker: but the person would still be limited by the specs, i.e. b/w, space, memory
19:07samrolken caker: the software that manages linode, which is obviously quite capable, who is it written by? Is it an installation of an existing open source UML management software, or something else entirely?
19:07@caker samrolken: it's entirely written by myself
19:08samrolken sweet.
19:08jasonf samrolken: I told you caker was a guru
19:08samrolken have you ever thought of licensing the technology to people?
19:08samrolken That could rake in a bundle, I'm sure.
19:08@caker I have, but have decided against it for now
19:08samrolken interesting.
19:09--- <<-- JungleRob [] has quit (Quit: )
19:09jasonf samrolken: the million dollar question is if he makes more money being the only guy with it and having that kind of heads up on everyone else
19:09--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
19:09--- ---> JungleRob [] has joined #linode
19:09TheQ` jvds has something like linode i believe
19:09TheQ` but they have piss poor service
19:09@caker TheQ`: not even close
19:10optikal hmmm
19:10optikal samrolken: your site sure looks familiar
19:10TheQ` whats different
19:10@caker TheQ`: jvds doesn't even have console access, and they charge for distro re-deployments
19:10@caker also, you can't have multiple disk images, or config profiles you can boot between
19:10jasonf caker: can I do a feature request?
19:10@caker and I don't think you can resize, either
19:10samrolken optikal: oh?
19:10@caker jasonf: sure
19:10optikal err
19:11optikal jasonf: your site sure looks familiar
19:11optikal said it to the wrong person =P
19:11samrolken Ah :)
19:11jasonf caker: make it require some type of special verification, beyond the password, to delete the file
19:11jasonf caker: er, the profile
19:11optikal jasonf: looks like my buddies site,
19:11@caker jasonf: a profile, or disk image?
19:11jasonf disk image
19:11optikal down to the blinking cursor on your title image and all
19:12jasonf how long has his site had that design?
19:12optikal forever
19:12jasonf optikal: oh, then it's just coincidence
19:12optikal aah
19:12jasonf optikal: I was about to go off on someone for stealing my design
19:12mikegrb lolz
19:12jasonf lol
19:12jasonf optikal: is the beta version of the site
19:12JungleRob How's it going Chris?
19:12jasonf optikal: all the "other" links in the menu work
19:12optikal he runs as well
19:13@caker optikal: neat -- I'm on there somewhere (textfiles BBS section)
19:13optikal caker: me too =)
19:13* caker waits for the documentary
19:13optikal caker: I was 11yrs old with a 4 Line bbs. =)
19:13jasonf caker: ooh, even better idea
19:13optikal Its almost done
19:13@caker optikal: similar story
19:13jasonf caker: allow us to change our login for lish
19:13* caker ran GBBS
19:13optikal caker: very nice. =)
19:13optikal I was on PCBoard, funded by my co-sysop who was a newbie in the police academy
19:13* SupaDongzu was a citadel weenie
19:13jasonf caker: so we can give a secondary admin access to reboot the box if needed, without giving full account access
19:14@caker jasonf: yeah .. only way I can figure to do that is like "username-1" formatting -- using the base username as a new namespace
19:14optikal Had my doors linked through with FidoNet and synced everynight.. heh
19:15tierra|w I wonder if sketch added the video he shot at pilgrimage as bonus footage in the doc
19:15SupaDongzu bah, fidonet was a zoo
19:15jasonf caker: that would work -- I just want my co-admin to be able to reboot the box WITHOUT having the ability to make account changes (i.e. distro wizards/ disk images / billing)
19:15@caker I still have to post my "g-mail" source code (global mail) I wrote in 84 or something .. I wrote better code then than now
19:15tierra|w in which case, you'll find me fairly inebreviated
19:15optikal haha nice
19:15samrolken woah. G-mail. You could do something with that.
19:15jasonf optikal: what do you think of the new design for my site?
19:15optikal caker: haha. back in 84 eh? how old are you, if you dont mind my asking..
19:16@caker optikal: 31 a few weeks ago
19:16* SupaDongzu was still doing LOGO in 1984
19:16jasonf I wrote my first code in 84.
19:16jasonf It was written in a shitty language.
19:16tierra|w how old are you jasonf?
19:16optikal jasonf: its pretty good, looks like it serves its purpose..
19:16jasonf (I'm 20 years old, 21 in september :-p)
19:16JungleRob jasonf: BASIC??
19:16optikal jasonf: i prefer to write in the newest stuffs.
19:16* SupaDongzu was one of the kids who found the teacher's manual and got really mad that they never went past chapter 2, and found the built-in lisp interpreter
19:16SupaDongzu good times
19:16jasonf JungleRob: I was born in 84. that was the joke ;)
19:16TheQ` i was coding basic when i was 7
19:16optikal caker: aah nice. 20 here. so my "11 yr old bbs days" werent all too far ago.
19:16jasonf TheQ`: so was I
19:16TheQ` but i completley forgot it
19:17TheQ` now i dont know one programming language
19:17tierra|w yeah, the earliest I hit is BASIC at the age of 10
19:17mikegrb I was walking in 84
19:17jasonf optikal: yeah, but if you view that new design in any 3.x and up browser
19:17jasonf it works
19:17jasonf not beautifully, mind you, but it works
19:17optikal I "hello world" basic, and a bit more than that around 10.. but didnt get much further.
19:17@caker 10 PRINT "your mom"; 20 GOTO 10 /`/`/`/`/`/`
19:17jasonf caker: you beat me to the punch
19:17jasonf even better
19:17@caker linbot: rimshot
19:17@linbot caker: Error: "rimshot" is not a valid command.
19:17optikal jasonf: yeah.. i code for the latest stuff, and for compatability.
19:17@caker linbot: botsnack
19:17@linbot thanks caker :)
19:17SupaDongzu I remember when someone finally explained BASIC's FOR-loops to me
19:18jasonf 10 INPUT "What is your name?" ; name$
19:18JungleRob jasonf: I guess you stuff dumped core alot.
19:18optikal jasonf: personal site forwards IE users to
19:18TheQ` i want to learn php so bad
19:18jasonf 20 PRINT $name,"sucks"
19:18jasonf 30 GOTO 20
19:18TheQ` but i just dont have the resources
19:18SupaDongzu and the reason I was so confused
19:18optikal TheQ`: the only resource you need
19:18SupaDongzu was that I was just trying to use GOSUB for all that
19:18jasonf optikal: I have a friend who does the same, but to goatse
19:18* caker PEEK 89123 <very loug annoying tone>
19:18@caker *loud
19:18SupaDongzu because hey, LOGO did it all recursively
19:18SupaDongzu why not BASIC?
19:18optikal jasonf: thats just wrong =P
19:18SupaDongzu but I had no idea what that meant
19:18TheQ` its a little complex for beginners
19:19optikal jasonf: not saying they dont deserve it, however
19:19optikal caker: oh btw, thanks for putting up a ubuntu image. i been wanting to play with it on my linode. =)
19:19--- <<-- Newsome [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
19:19SupaDongzu also, the person who taught me FOR loops was a math and computer teacher at Lakeside, where Bill Gates went to school
19:19jasonf optikal: I just run sarge on my linode
19:20SupaDongzu but he went in the late 1960s or so
19:20@caker optikal: cool. I had dataw0lf take a look at it -- don't think I screwed it up too bad, considering I used debootstrap ")
19:20SupaDongzu and she started in the late 70s
19:20optikal jasonf: gentoo here. ive heard a lot of the nitty gritty details on ubuntu vs debian, and im pleased
19:20SupaDongzu I think
19:20SupaDongzu heh
19:20TheQ` gates can kiss my butt, he makes users stupid when it comes to computers
19:20optikal caker: nice. he def. knows his ubuntu =)
19:20jasonf optikal: takes too long to compile on a linode to run gentoo
19:21optikal jasonf: eh. i'll take more control and knowledge of my setup over patience anyday
19:21dataw0lf then why are you using Gentoo?
19:21dataw0lf go install debian you hoser.
19:21dataw0lf :)
19:21optikal erm.
19:21optikal hoser.
19:21SupaDongzu here we go again
19:21jasonf optikal: I know debian pretty well, I compile the main parts myself (Mysql+php, soon to be apache as well)
19:21@caker hehe @ hoser
19:21jasonf optikal: and use debian to update the background stuff of my server
19:22optikal jasonf: nice. i compile in my sleep
19:22samrolken I will compile my own mysql and php and apache once is done.
19:22optikal hehe
19:22jasonf optikal: I have the phpbb page generation mod installed
19:22* optikal hates phpbb
19:22jasonf optikal: after compiling php+mysql on my own, gen times went from ~1.3 -- ~0.6
19:22SupaDongzu hahaha
19:22SupaDongzu I love phpbb
19:23SupaDongzu mostly because I never have to manage or use it any mroe
19:23SupaDongzu it's hilarious
19:23jasonf I <3
19:23--- <<-- ref [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:23jasonf my custom template ownz all
19:23SupaDongzu the plugins are all "Time to install: 3 days. Difficulty: Medium"
19:23SupaDongzu it's a riot
19:23optikal I use SMF
19:23jasonf SupaDongzu: I don't use many mods.
19:23optikal I love it
19:23SupaDongzu it's like a bunch of old IBM mainframe guys sat down to write a system for plugins
19:24SupaDongzu and decided it was too hard and they should just document everything instead
19:24optikal I admin/manage 2 pretty large forums, and they manage themselves really.. except for annoying kids. =)
19:24jasonf optikal: my site allows guest posting in one section, but I don't have many problems
19:24SupaDongzu I just find it hilarious that they've never heard of oh, say, PATCH
19:25--- ---> Zymurgy [] has joined #linode
19:25jasonf SupaDongzu: patch wouldn't work once you got into multiple mods
19:25samrolken Forums are all stupid.
19:25jasonf SupaDongzu: although amazingly using the patch to update phpbb versions still works on my heavily modded forum
19:25SupaDongzu jasonf: what, and english descriptions of what to do works?
19:25SupaDongzu besides
19:25jasonf SupaDongzu: the *GOOD* mods have the majority of the code in a callable function
19:25SupaDongzu qmail seems to get by with a zillion interlocking untested patches without too much trouble
19:25SupaDongzu I would never use qmail
19:26SupaDongzu but hey
19:26SupaDongzu at least it doesn't take as long as phpbb
19:26dataw0lf you would never use qmail?
19:27dataw0lf as opposed to what? Sendmail?
19:27jasonf I use gmail as my mail daemon, LOL
19:27jasonf I use exim to redirect mail addresses :)
19:27jasonf that's the equivalent of mail on my server
19:27jasonf -->
19:27jasonf and the like :)
19:27--- <<-- Zymurgy [] has quit (Quit: )
19:27* jasonf watches all the purists cringe
19:27SupaDongzu dataw0lf: are you joking?
19:27dataw0lf SupaDongzu: let me check.
19:28dataw0lf SupaDongzu: Nope.
19:28SupaDongzu dataw0lf: I heard that qmail advocates all pretended that sendmail was the only other MTA in the world, but I didn't believe it
19:28dataw0lf Well, it seems to be the most popular, doesn't it?
19:28dataw0lf Have you ever seen qmail source?
19:28SupaDongzu that's like saying "Don't like C#, eh? What're you gunna use, then? COBOL? C# HAS MANY ADVANTAGES OVER COBOL SIR!"
19:28JungleRob jasonf: Dude, gmail doesn't mean you're not hardcore, it means you have a life.
19:28dataw0lf SupaDongzu: well, what do you use?
19:28SupaDongzu dataw0lf: um, maybe it was most popular five years ago...
19:28SupaDongzu dataw0lf: exim and postfix
19:28* JungleRob sendmail+LDAP=NOLIFE
19:29SupaDongzu dataw0lf: most of the world has given up on sendmail years ago
19:29dataw0lf SupaDongzu: I suggest taking a look at qmail's source, and the reason behind why it was coded that way.
19:29SupaDongzu dataw0lf: Do tell.
19:29dataw0lf SupaDongzu: I believe Sendmail is still the majority.
19:29@linbot bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
19:29SupaDongzu yes, and I advocate all sendmail users upgrade to postfix post-haste
19:30SupaDongzu dataw0lf: tell me what you think I'll find in the proprietary qmail sources
19:30@linbot whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
19:30JungleRob SupaDongzu: Why?
19:30SupaDongzu dataw0lf: have YOU read the source?
19:30dataw0lf SupaDongzu: there's a reason why nobody won the security challenge.
19:30dataw0lf SupaDongzu: Indeed, I have.
19:30SupaDongzu dataw0lf: that security challenge assumes you aren't using any of the third-party patches that actually add *features* to qmail that people *need*
19:31SupaDongzu like oh, say, handling MXes in a proper manner
19:31optikal im out
19:31optikal laters
19:31SupaDongzu postfix has an architecture quite similar to qmail's
19:31--- <<-- optikal [] has quit (Quit: im out..)
19:31SupaDongzu and venema actually folds third-party changes into his codebase, because it's Open Source and all
19:32dataw0lf SupaDongzu: qmail source is freely available, I have no idea what you are talking about.
19:32JungleRob dataw0lf / SupaDongzu: A: Qmail is secure because the use of wrappers and simple applications have less room for exploits. B: Sendmail is monolithic, and no fun to configure, but it has a lot of die hard supporters.
19:32* JungleRob doesn't speak english good in IRC.
19:32SupaDongzu JungleRob: and for just about all arguments in favor of qmail, you can substitute the word "postfix" and get the same benefits
19:32dataw0lf Wrong.
19:32JungleRob I'm a Sendmail guy. See above.
19:32SupaDongzu plus the issue of the fact that qmail is under a proprietary "source visible" non-license
19:33dataw0lf there's a reason why djb rewrote so much C libs.
19:33SupaDongzu and that in order to get anything done with qmail, you need to apply a swarm of patches that have likely not been tested against each other (thus violating all your boasting about security challenges and such)
19:33dataw0lf Because they are inherently insecure.
19:34SupaDongzu lots of people rewrite the C library
19:34SupaDongzu everyone does that
19:34SupaDongzu it's something you get used to
19:34SupaDongzu tom lord does it
19:34SupaDongzu wietse venema does it
19:34dataw0lf hrm, but not Postfix.
19:34SupaDongzu it's a sad fact that POSIX set a number of architectural mistakes in stone
19:34SupaDongzu but eh, what are you going to do
19:34SupaDongzu dataw0lf: whaaaa?
19:35SupaDongzu dataw0lf: wietse venema wrote postfix. try again
19:35SupaDongzu the trick is that there are a great many libc functions that nobody should ever ever use
19:35JungleRob *Especially* the thread library.
19:35SupaDongzu and you end up rewriting them yourself anyway
19:35dataw0lf SupaDongzu: guarantee Postfix is inherently more insecure than qmail.
19:36SupaDongzu dataw0lf: Why should I? That's lunacy
19:36SupaDongzu dataw0lf: do you run qmail with NO PATCHES WHATSOEVER?
19:36dataw0lf SupaDongzu: I don't run qmail.
19:36dataw0lf Nor Postfix.
19:36dataw0lf Nor Sendmail.
19:36dataw0lf Nor any other MTA.
19:37SupaDongzu ...
19:37--- <<-- samrolken [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:37SupaDongzu dataw0lf: great, a posting about a bug postfix had in 1998, from before it was Open Source
19:37SupaDongzu well done
19:38JungleRob dataw0lf: What do you use?
19:38SupaDongzu it's just a DJB flamewar rant
19:38SupaDongzu haha
19:38dataw0lf JungleRob: I don't use an MTA.
19:38* alnr is happy to have switched from qmail to exim
19:39JungleRob dataw0lf: IRC only, huh?
19:40JungleRob Email is for work now, anyway.
19:40dataw0lf JungleRob: I have no need to run an MTA on any of my personal machines.
19:40dataw0lf JungleRob: I've setup MTAs for clients, as well as taken rather extensive looks at code of various MTAs.
19:41JungleRob dataw0lf: Well, why do you prefer qmail? I'm playing with it at the house because of it's PAM integration.
19:42dataw0lf JungleRob: djb approached qmail's design with security in the forefront of his mind, his code reflects that.
19:42JungleRob I like the Bernstein Chaining concept, and the ease of virtual mail hosting in qmail.
19:42JungleRob It's just hard to transition from old school sendmail.
19:43tierra|w someone said it all earlier, qmail is for people with lives... why spend all your time working on a protocol that needs to be phased out in the first place
19:44tierra|w I don't hear anything about people being hacked through qmail, so what's your problem with it SupaDongzu, what's so insecure about it?
19:44dataw0lf caker: btw, I think ubuntu-geek is going to add that plug to the forums in a minute, he might be willing to put a banner up to.
19:44dataw0lf tierra|w: he's just a Postfix nazi. And he seems to think that he's a badass in some way.
19:44dataw0lf I thought I was the only badass on the internets!1!
19:45SupaDongzu tierra|w: nothing's wrong with qmail, so long as you swear never to patch it
19:45SupaDongzu but then you don't get a useful or functional MTA
19:45* SupaDongzu shrugs
19:45@caker dataw0lf: sounds good -- I appreciate it
19:45tierra|w given I can't know what patches have been applied since I'm using Gentoo, and they like to slip patches in left and right
19:45SupaDongzu but most qmail arguments run in circles
19:46SupaDongzu dataw0lf: You are Godwin, and I claim my end-of-thread
19:46tierra|w qmail was the first MTA to successfully do everything I wanted my MTA to do... what's sad about that: it was the _last_ MTA I tried setting up!
19:47* caker writes everything in m4
19:47JungleRob tierra|w: Check you ebuild files... Then you'll catch 'em. ;)
19:47tierra|w well, most people don't watch them is what I meant... I could go look, but I probably never will
19:47SupaDongzu anyway, when djb dies you'll all be legally obligated to stop running it anyway
19:47* caker eats another doughnut, mmmm
19:48* JungleRob bows in awe...
19:48JungleRob at the doughnut...
19:49JungleRob tierra|w: I don't either... They're too snaeky and too smart...
19:49JungleRob Gentoo has made me a *lazy* admin.
19:49* caker adds Ubuntu to the homepage
19:49tierra|w it hasn't made me lazy, it's made me more efficient
19:50jasonf debian is for lazy admins
19:50SupaDongzu three-day world builds sure sounds efficient to me
19:50jasonf the dpkg configure scripts can configure 90% of crap for 90% of people
19:50JungleRob ...that's it... Perfect! More Efficient!!!
19:50--- ---> dddshroom [] has joined #linode
19:50JungleRob Thanks, tierra|w.
19:50tierra|w heh
19:50dataw0lf jasonf: so true.
19:50SupaDongzu yeah
19:51SupaDongzu debian's even more efficient, because you don't *need* to wait for the build
19:51dataw0lf at least you like a good distro.
19:52dataw0lf tierra|w: So Roxie's sister's boyfriend is in jail, it's time for you to make your move.
19:52tierra|w ooooo
19:52dataw0lf yeah, his second time in jail in two days.
19:52dataw0lf what a winner.
19:52@caker All times are GMT -5. The time now is 08:01 PM <---'s clock needs an adjustment
19:52dataw0lf do I have the power?
19:52dataw0lf yes I do.
19:52dataw0lf yet, I have no motivation.
19:53dataw0lf tierra|w: the guy passed out on the side of the road in his car with half a bottle of whiskey and a needle sticking out of his arm.
19:54tierra|w wow... guess there's not much competition there
19:54tierra|w heh
19:54dataw0lf yeah, he's a smart one!
19:57--- <<-- _3DSHROOM [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:59dataw0lf damn, php5 is being quite the difficult backport.
19:59tierra|w dataw0lf, you've got another referral
20:00dataw0lf joined the forums?
20:00JungleRob dataw0lf: I'm reading that IRC log on your site. Awesome, dude.
20:00dataw0lf JungleRob: heh, thanks.
20:01* dataw0lf throws away his control file and waits for his girlfriend in disgust.
20:02tierra|w yeah, jumped on the forums finally
20:03tierra|w as well as the channel
20:03@caker I registered and used dataw0lf, as well
20:03SupaDongzu irc log?
20:04tierra|w he's been trying to get me to move over for probably the past 3-4 months
20:04dataw0lf Ubuntu Forums are the place to be. Good community.
20:04tierra|w <- that one?
20:05JungleRob Yeah.
20:05JungleRob Pure entertainment.
20:05tierra|w wait, here's the first I guess...
20:05dataw0lf I should post ALL my logs.
20:06dataw0lf But I gotta save em for random hilarity.
20:06dataw0lf tierra|w: heh, check out the comment zero left on my latest news entry
20:06JungleRob What, there's more?
20:06tierra|w haha
20:06tierra|w there's a ton....
20:07tierra|w join #cfcelite and #cantfindcontrol on EFnet...
20:07dataw0lf they don't exist anymore, I ran them away.
20:09tierra|w yeah, but I thought I would ensure they don't touch the channel in the next month or more... or however long I feel like idling there since it's not in the way
20:09dataw0lf ah, sweet.
20:09dataw0lf opz plz!
20:09dataw0lf ;)
20:10--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
20:11tierra|w oh, one sec
20:12dataw0lf Newsome.. where do I know that nick from..
20:12--- <<-- ossido [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:17--- <<-- JungleRob [] has quit (Quit: ?)
20:18Newsome what nick?
20:18Newsome Newsome?
20:18dataw0lf correct.
20:18Newsome I am on several other IRC networks
20:19Newsome #utah on freenode
20:19dataw0lf ah, got it.
20:20tierra|w your on #utah?
20:20--- ---> array [] has joined #linode
20:20* tierra|w joins
20:20tierra|w er wait, have I seen you on #uphpu
20:20tierra|w or in #utah before (I'm not a regular)
20:20--- ---> ossido [] has joined #linode
20:21Newsome I don't think I've ever joined #uphpu, but I'm in #utah a lot
20:22tierra|w I must of just seen you the one or two times I've dropped in there
20:23dataw0lf probably know each other from alt.binaries.littleboys
20:23--- <<-- array [] has quit (Quit: )
20:23tierra|w I would be a regular there, but my home is on EFnet, and I try to keep the channels I frequent on other networks down
20:24dataw0lf hey.
20:24dataw0lf 30 and counting.
20:24dataw0lf I try to hold conversations to 5 or 6 at a time though.
20:25tierra|w I really shouldn't be on as many as I am at work... it takes me away from work a little more than it should
20:25dataw0lf I'm at work right now.
20:25tierra|w as am i
20:25dataw0lf yeah, but I didn't have to drive to get here.
20:26tierra|w good point
20:27dataw0lf I should just get off all these linux help channels, I think I'm slowly going insane.
20:31tierra|w I'd rather be spending more time reading up on something new than helping newbies
20:31--- <<-- david [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:31tierra|w I'm not really happy with the lack of free time I have right now
20:31dataw0lf I count every dumb question, and answer exactly 1 out of 5.
20:31tierra|w I guess that's a lot of people though
20:31dataw0lf the 4 others I flame on.
20:31--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
20:33--- User: *** david is now known as Guest293
20:35SupaDongzu :players
20:35SupaDongzu whoops
20:43--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:55--- <<-- Guest293 [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
21:12--- ---> chris_ [] has joined #linode
21:19fo0bar oy
21:21chris_ blast, I got lazy and I think someone stole my nick
21:21chris_ Wonder if they re-regged it
21:22mikegrb chris_: they are even from my home town
21:22chris_ mikegrb: KILL KILL KILL
21:23mikegrb chris_:
21:23mikegrb 21:22:28 -NickServ- *** chris is null
21:23mikegrb 21:22:28 -NickServ- Last seen address:
21:23mikegrb 21:22:28 -NickServ- Last seen time: Feb 18 03:08:30 2004 UTC (11 months, 1 week, 6 days, 23:13:58 ago)
21:23mikegrb this is the person who had the nick before you, right?
21:23chris_ That's me actually
21:23mikegrb oh
21:23chris_ I never login though
21:23mikegrb then just use the ghost command to have nickserv kill you
21:23mikegrb er s/you/them/
21:24chris_ Either I forgot the pass or they re-regged it
21:24chris_ sendpass didn't go to me it seems....
21:24mikegrb chris_: /msg nickserv sendpass
21:24mikegrb chris_: it still shows your info
21:25mikegrb chris_: nickserv doesn have your right email address right?
21:25chris_ I have no idea, can't look it up
21:25chris_ I know I haven't received it
21:25mikegrb chris_: /msg nickserv sendpass chris <-- forgot the nick
21:25mikegrb so you tried sendpass?
21:25chris_ indeed
21:27--- <<-- tierra|w [] has quit (Quit: <eco|w> With great promotion causing pseudo-illnesses comes great responsibility.)
21:28* chris_ shrugs
21:29mikegrb he's been on a while too
21:29mikegrb you could come to #oftc and have someone reset your email address for nickserv, only services admins can do that
21:30SupaDongzu or you could pick a nick like ReapyrOvSoulz
21:30@linbot New news from forums: When to upgrade my kernel in General Discussion
21:30SupaDongzu and use mIRC color attributes!
21:30SupaDongzu and paste in long weepy poems that DON'T RHYME!
21:31chris_ SupaDongzu: Can I add "!!!111!ONE!!" to my sentences?
21:31SupaDongzu chris_: please do!
21:31fo0bar SupaDongzu: Can I add "!!!111!ONE!!" to chris_'s sentences?
21:31SupaDongzu fo0bar: I encourage you to try!
21:32mikegrb heidi rocks
21:32SupaDongzu mikegrb: it helps the baby sleep
21:32mikegrb I changed from a 17" and 15" monitor on our main desktop to two 17" and she asked today if it would be possible to hook up the 15" also so there would be 3
21:33mikegrb SupaDongzu: that too, but ^
21:33mikegrb :D
21:33mikegrb so I'll use the 15" for irc and the other two for coding and other stuff
21:33fo0bar switching over a woody installation to raid1 is annoying
21:34mikegrb means I can have a webpage with reference stuff and another monitor with IDE
21:34fo0bar that is fo0bar's Random Bitch of the Day!
21:35* SupaDongzu switched a sarge install over to raid5, and it was teh justice
21:35mikegrb FOR GREAT JUSTICE.
21:35SupaDongzu the mdadm init scripts are great once you figure out where to poke
21:35SupaDongzu in /etc/default/mdadm
21:35SupaDongzu or dpkg-reconfigure it
21:35fo0bar SupaDongzu: yeah, there's something about doing reiserfs over lvm over raid5 during install that just plain rocks
21:35SupaDongzu ............
21:36SupaDongzu did you
21:36SupaDongzu say
21:36SupaDongzu reiserfs
21:36SupaDongzu and
21:36fo0bar yes, yes I did
21:36SupaDongzu "rocks"
21:36SupaDongzu in the same line?
21:36SupaDongzu mikegrb: how do you kill people in this chat?
21:36mikegrb with sticks and stones
21:38SupaDongzu you can skip past post #1 and get to the good bits if you like
21:38SupaDongzu Crap, now I have 400 gb of data that you just forced me to migrate to
21:38SupaDongzu ext3. Curse you Ted..
21:38SupaDongzu ^-- ha ha #1
21:38SupaDongzu be sure to read the quoted text in message #3
21:39SupaDongzu genius
21:39fo0bar SupaDongzu: duly noted.
21:42fo0bar though with the aformentioned raid5+lvm+reiserfs statement, the described condition in those emails would only occur if the raid module went berserk or didn't rebuild correctly after a loss
21:42fo0bar in which case you're pretty much screwed anyway
21:43--- ---> tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has joined #linode
21:44fo0bar but I will bookmark this so I may remind you to laugh at me if my laptop (which also has reiserfs, sans raid) goes south
21:46SupaDongzu fo0bar: nono, the first message stands on its own
21:47SupaDongzu the rest is all about how fsck.reiser is basically:
21:47SupaDongzu step 1: manually search the disk for blocks that look like they might be any sort of B-tree
21:47SupaDongzu step 2: stitch whatever you find together kind of haphazardly
21:47SupaDongzu step 3: give up and mkfs.reiser the thing
21:48tizen Guys, if you 'reboot' on the box, does the server not power back up automatically?
21:49fo0bar tizen: yes, unfortunately. UML cannot recognize the difference between a request to "reboot" and a request to "power down" on a child node
21:50SupaDongzu heh, they ought to implement apm for uml
21:50fo0bar heh
21:50tizen np
21:51fo0bar tizen: when you're rebooting, I would recommend just being logged into the host lish and issue a "boot" command right after it comes down
21:51tizen Yeah, I just went on the site and boot'd it back up
21:51tizen I was just curious if it was something i broke in a cfg
21:51SupaDongzu heh
22:01--- ---> tierra|h [] has joined #linode
22:41--- <<-- tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:42@caker btw, it isn't UML that can't reboot -- I modify it to shutdown regardless
22:50mikegrb lolz
22:50TheQ` LOL
22:52--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
23:09--- <--- FesterCouples [] has left #linode ()
23:34--- ---> tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has joined #linode
23:34tizen Hey, since i signed up today, do I get another 25 gb on the first of febuary?
23:35@caker tizen: that is freaking great
23:35@caker oops
23:36@caker s/tizen/TheQ`/
23:36@caker tizen: yup
23:41tierra|h caker said something about the clip, so I re-assessed downloading it, and went to download it, but alas, 404
23:42@caker tierra|h: search for the filename, and you'll find it
23:42@caker tierra|h: I LOLed the entire clip :-p
23:42--- <<-- tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:58SupaDongzu poof, 404
23:58tierra|h hopefully same vid
23:59--- <--- UML_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
23:59SupaDongzu !!
23:59@linbot SupaDongzu: Error: "!" is not a valid command.
23:59--- ---> UML_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59SupaDongzu linbot: thank you so much for not msging me that useless information
23:59@linbot SupaDongzu: Error: "thank" is not a valid command.
23:59@caker tierra|h: yeah, same one I watched
23:59@caker !config supybot.reply.error.inPrivate True
23:59@linbot caker: The operation succeeded.
23:59tierra|h ah, yeah, I've seen that
23:59SupaDongzu caker: :<
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