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00:03* guinea-pig thought it was skas2 as well, until quite recently... heh
00:03@caker host-skas1.patch 06-Nov-2002 10:55 6.0K
00:03@caker host-skas2.patch 06-Nov-2002 11:00 9.5K
00:04@caker host-skas1.patch 06-Nov-2002 10:55 6.0K
00:04@caker host-skas2.patch 06-Nov-2002 11:00 9.5K
00:04@caker host-skas3.patch 11-Nov-2002 22:15 15K
00:04@caker there we go
00:04@caker only a week between skas1 and skas3
00:04guinea-pig can't go by those dates :P
00:05guinea-pig and yes, i'm confused by the dates, too
00:05guinea-pig oh hmm
00:06@caker Changelog for host-skas1.patch Release Date : Nov 6 2002
00:06@caker Changelog for host-skas3.patch Release Date : Nov 11 2002
00:06@caker i win
00:06EFudd heh
00:06guinea-pig nuh uh!
00:06* guinea-pig throws a grenade at caker
00:07guinea-pig i win
00:07* caker pulls the pin and throws it back
00:07EFudd Owned.
00:07guinea-pig hot potato!
00:07* EFudd quotes
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00:07roast-guinea-| *sigh*
00:07roast-guinea-| i hate when that happens
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00:36@caker I think I decided on a notebook finally .. IBM T42p
00:37@caker 15" 1600x1200 display, 1.8Ghz Pentium M, 1GB RAM, etc.. screen rez is probably most important to me
00:37roast-guinea-| get one with 64M RAM and play around with it for a little while :P
00:39Newsome caker, what video card?
00:40@caker Newsome: 128MB ATI Mobility FIREGL
00:41Newsome do you care about 3D acceleration?
00:41@caker kinda
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00:42@caker ATI Mobility FireGL T2, is what it is actually
00:42Newsome I haven't been very impressed with ATI's Linux drivers.
00:43Newsome My last two laptops have had Nvidia cards, and they've worked great.
00:43Newsome My current one has an ATI, and I've never succeeded in getting acceleration working.
00:44@caker not impressed by their drivers how? 3D performance? 2D quality?
00:44@caker ahh
00:44Newsome stability issues
00:44@caker damn
00:44@caker How do the binary drivers come into play with custom kernels?
00:45Newsome ATI just (a couple days ago) released drivers that will work with Xorg. They've had XFree86 drivers for a while, but...
00:45Newsome ATI's are similar to NVidia's
00:46Newsome ATI stores stuff in /lib/modules/fglrx
00:47Newsome There's a script "" that you run, and it compiles up the module for the currently-running kernel
00:48Newsome then you install it.
00:48@caker interesting
00:49@caker POSIX Shared Memory (/dev/shm) support is required for 3D apps
00:49Newsome I'd have to say that the NVidia proprietary drivers are more stable and usable than the ATI proprietary drivers
00:51Newsome ATI's most recent drivers _do_ actually run in accelerated mode on recent kernels, so they are obviously making some progress.
00:52Newsome As far as 2-D performance and stability goes, I really have no complaints.
00:52@caker cool
00:53@caker If I get this thing, I need to figure out how to get my Microsoft refund
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00:53Newsome yeah, that would be nice
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03:29alnr i've got the a21p with 1600x1200
03:30alnr eyeing the fujitsu p7010d
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10:05Ciaran Hello.
10:05adamg lo
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13:28@caker hello all
13:28cc-work Hi Chris.
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13:29dmuench My migration just failed. :)
13:29dmuench /linodes/davemuench already exists on host37.
13:31@caker ha
13:31@caker ok, one sec
13:36@caker dmuench: It's going now
13:36dmuench Cool, thanks. Good timing, BTW. :)
13:36mikegrb caker: :D
13:37bendy24 mikegrb: asterisk is so obsolete
13:37mikegrb bendy24: you are so obsolete
13:38@caker mikegrb: yeah, saw that -- very cool
13:38mikegrb :D
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13:49@caker dmuench: 7.8G so far
13:49adamg ouch
13:49dmuench Pretty close then..
13:50@caker 8.3G
13:51dmuench Done.
13:54dmuench I'm up and running, looks good. Thanks for all your work on that and you can close the ticket..
13:54@caker dmuench: ok
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15:57adamg hmm
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17:03EFudd caker?
17:10SupaDongzu caaaaake
17:32@caker EFudd: yo
17:35EFudd caker, what is it you are using for logging this irk channel?
17:45fo0bar !uml skas
17:46fo0bar err, what was that command
17:46Newsome skas-2.6?
17:47Newsome linbot skas-2.6?
17:47fo0bar Newsome: thanks
17:47Newsome no problem
17:51tizen hmm
17:51tizen seems i lost my connection to my linode
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18:03@caker EFudd: statslog
18:04EFudd statslog, okee.
18:04EFudd i need to save work irk logs.
18:04@caker can't just use irssi?
18:04EFudd i want sompn auto-majick+webified.
18:04EFudd not my client.
18:04EFudd looks like upgraded to 4mbit not 5mbit :/
18:04@caker yeah .. it doesn't add any of the good stuff like irssi (--day break, etc)
18:05EFudd actually
18:05EFudd getting 600KB/sec from my linode
18:06adamg mikegrb irc log thing is good
18:06EFudd oh. caker.
18:06EFudd i need to update my expiration date for my card for linode.
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18:07@caker ok -- hook it up in the LPM
18:07EFudd oh. option there? okee.
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18:11EFudd spiffy :p
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18:13TheQ` anyone know an open source software that allows you to run a second operating system at the same time
18:13EFudd ... :)
18:13adamg hmm uml
18:14adamg xen
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18:15@caker TheQ`: xen, bochs, QEMU, Plex86
18:16TheQ` question do they support dialup modems and windows
18:17@caker TheQ`: nope
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18:38mikegrb EFudd: I use teh irssi
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19:14TheQ` caker, you in
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19:29@caker yup
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20:04mikegrb yup
20:06dataw0lf yup
20:09adamg whats the best desktop distro these days, gotta run an a fairly slow machine
20:09dataw0lf what are the stats on the box?
20:10adamg 800mhz 512ram
20:10dataw0lf You shouldn't have any problems with Ubuntu on that.
20:10dataw0lf which is the best desktop distro, imho.
20:11adamg havnt run x in years, so gotta be easy to set-up, cant be arsed with fecking around
20:11dataw0lf incredibly easy to setup.
20:12adamg wwhat is it based around?
20:13dataw0lf Debian.
20:13dataw0lf it's #7 on distrowatch and it's been out for just a handful of months.
20:14schweeb yes, officially released for like 4 months
20:15adamg how well does bluetooth work with the 2.6 kernel, for keyboard andmouse
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20:19dataw0lf schweeb: I know.
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20:33* adamg downloads
20:34* mikegrb downloads adamg
20:34mikegrb 312b
20:34schweeb "file corrupt"
20:35tierra|w_ you forgot to run a spam filter on it
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20:45mikegrb EFudd:
20:45mikegrb caker: ^
20:57mikegrb 20:51:57 topping | 1280x1024 is minimum to get any work done these days
20:57mikegrb ^-- defending his 1280x1024 minimum screen res for his website
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21:03--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o sighup] by ChanServ
21:05schweeb mikegrb: sure, most people are using 1280x1024+, but that doesn't mean their browser window will be open that large
21:05mikegrb schweeb: indeed
21:06tierra|w actually, most are using 1024x768 I thought
21:07tierra|w it gets more confusing with everyone getting these widescreen laptops
21:07schweeb it'd be hard to find a regular size laptop with less than a 1400x1050 display
21:08schweeb and desktops, most people are buying 17" or 19" monitors... or flat panels... all of which are probably set at 1280x1024+ by default
21:08tierra|w my laptop can only do 1024x768 (14") ... I wanted that XSVGA screen, but it was just barely out of my budget
21:09tierra|w default windows install jumps to 1024x768 I though...
21:09mikegrb schweeb: I have 1024x769
21:09mikegrb er 768
21:09tierra|w every website statistics page I've seen that included screen res showed most people at 1024x768
21:10schweeb I've been using 1280x1024 since like 1994, heh
21:10tierra|w given I'm at 1600x1200 right now, and have a hard time dealing with 1024x768, but that is what most people are at
21:10mikegrb heh my desktop is much larger
21:10mikegrb two 17" and going to add a 15" soon, need to find a cheap non-3d pci video card
21:11schweeb my laptop does 1400x1050 (didn't have the money to get the 1600x1200)
21:11schweeb and I have 2 17's at 1600x1200 on my work desktop
21:11schweeb desktop_size++
21:12tierra|w it's pretty rare to see 17" monitors that can hit 1600x1200 actually... or maybe I'm just behind the times
21:12tierra|w err... no, I'm thinking of a higher resolution
21:12schweeb if I had a desk big enough at home, my home desktop would have 2 19"s and a 17", the 19"s at 1900x1200 and the 17" at 1600x1200
21:13tierra|w since I had a 17" that could pull off 1900x1400 or something close to that
21:13schweeb well, before shadow mask/aperture grille were popular, not many 17" monitors did above 1280x1024
21:14FesterCouples| sighup seen caker
21:14@sighup caker was last seen on #linode 24 days, 9 hours, 40 seconds ago, saying: no, ssh seems to do that if the host was under load and there were new ssh connections that never completed [1104858854]
21:15FesterCouples| ?
21:15tierra|w that's busted... he was on today
21:15FesterCouples| ah
21:15tierra|w 17:29
21:15tierra|w <caker> yup
21:21mikegrb sighup was away for a week or two ;)
21:21@sighup mikegrb: excuse me?
21:22FesterCouples| sighup rr
21:22@sighup FesterCouples spins the chamber, pulls the trigger, and lives to hand you the gun.
21:22FesterCouples| sighup stfu
21:22@sighup FesterCouples: i'm not following you...
21:23tizen sorry i'm late on the convo, i was scanning the scroll... But I'm at 1024 on my systems... Laptop and 15' lcd... i think it's the perfect size.
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