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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-01-29

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00:27tizen how can i read the script a .deb does when installing
01:16@caker sighup: botsnack
01:16@sighup thanks caker :)
01:19tizen hey caker, i hope you don't get offended, I was just curious how old you were :)
01:21tizen sighup rr
01:21--- !!!! tizen was kicked from #linode by sighup (*click* *click* *boom*)
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01:21tizen dammit.
01:21tizen I lost.
01:22@caker tizen: 31, you?
01:22tizen 21
01:22tizen In university, wasting away
01:22mikegrb lolz
01:22tizen lol
01:23fo0bar mikegrb: loly
01:23mikegrb lolz
01:23fo0bar loly
01:23mikegrb lolz
01:23fo0bar lolx
01:23tizen I'm very impressed with your system so far Caker
01:25tizen Now if I could just figure out why my iptables occasionally seems to block random connects to ports that are open
01:30linbot New news from wiki: Main Page || Fedora Core 2 || Fedora Core 2
01:34fo0bar caker: hey, could you do some mod_rewrite-fu and set up, like
01:34@caker fo0bar: sure
01:34fo0bar thanks
01:35fo0bar fo0bar's thought process: "hey, wiki notice. I've rarely gone there, I should visit. firefox, new tab, does not exist? teh intarnut must be broken!!!!!!111! oh wait, maybe it's
01:37@caker should work now, or when DNS updates
01:43fo0bar cool, thanks
02:02adamg morning all
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04:15tizen hey caker, i don't suppose you're still up?
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06:51tribal anyone here ever set up deb small on linode ?
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06:54adamg god they really do stick around these days
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07:00tribal test
07:00tribal can someone spare me a minute, im having a strange apache problem
07:02tribal mod_unique_id: unable to gethostbyname("") <-- hostname is set, so where is the problem ?
07:07linbot New news from forums: problem starting apache server on linode in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum
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10:08* linbot makes some coffee
10:11adamg hmm coffee
10:17mikegrb mmmm
10:17* linbot dispenses coffee for all
10:18* mikegrb places an order for circuit city in store pickup
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10:19mikegrb Thank you, your order is complete and is now ready for Express Pickup.
10:19mikegrb We recommend that you print this page for your records.
10:20mikegrb well I am ordering a printer to replace our broken one, don't think I will be printing it for my records
10:25* caker prints mikegrb
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10:30* adamg ponders bying a tft
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10:38@caker besonen: over here :)
10:39@caker < besonen> caker: have you ever considered setting up either a phpbb nntp gateway or a mail to forum gateway so that forum discussions can be locally archived with ease?
10:39besonen whoops
10:40@caker besonen: I'd have to see if there's a forum-to-email gateway mod for phpBB. The best I have right now is the rss thing
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10:45besonen so the solution is to archive rss feeds?
10:45@caker I don't think the rss feed has the complete text
10:45besonen ever consider running inn?
10:45@caker not sure what that is
10:46besonen a news server
10:46adamg there used to be something called newssync for phpbb
10:46adamg dont know if it still exists
10:50adamg found it
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10:56Sparc I was wondering if the linode server's have access to a usenet server...particuarlly one that has archived alt.binary feeds
10:57adamg no
10:57Sparc hello?
10:57adamg other than the generall public\commercial ones
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11:06besonen caker: Mail 2 Forum (CM2F)
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11:15@caker besonen: hmm, that looks like to goes from mail into the forum, not the other way around
11:16besonen if that's the case i guess newssync is the only real option
11:25adamg at least with news, you can still keep things in threads
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11:30besonen actually, email clients like thunderbird allow you to sort by thread. i'd still prefer nntp <-> fourm but mail <-> forum would be better than nothing.
11:31adamg shouldnt that be the other way round
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11:37linbot New news from forums: Usenet alt.binary feed in Sales Questions and Answers
11:41besonen adamg: well there's pros and cons to both, but i guess i probably would choose the email gateway.
11:42adamg depends how long the news server holds the threads for
11:43besonen forever. that's one of the pros of the nntp approach. easy access to the archives for newcomers.
11:49besonen of course downloadable mbox archives can be offered in the case of the email gateway making archive access easier. a script could be created to do this similarly to the way caker makes the logs to these irc sessions available.
11:50adamg true but not every one would know how to access a mbox
11:53besonen i'd be shocked if most folks using a vps couldn't handle downloading an email archive and locating in their emnail client's email storage directory.
12:02adamg ive never set-up a mail system under linux, well pop etc
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12:08besonen you don't need to run linux to access mbox archives. many windows email clients (e.g. thunderbird) can read the mbox format.
12:09adamg hmm
12:11* adamg waits for gentoo to update again
12:17besonen caker: CM2F looks bi-directional to me
12:22besonen caker: i suspect running inn would be the simplest long-term solution. unless there is a way to get phpbb to simply email a copy of every post. i don't run any phpbb forums but i'd be shocked to learn that this function wasn't built into phpbb.
12:24besonen sending an email of every post would get me offline archives. of course if i wanted to post i'd have to do it via the forum. that ain't so bad.
12:26besonen caker: you get a chance, what do you think? do you have the bandwidth to setup a solution to offline access to forum posts?
12:27besonen "you get a chance" = "when you get a chance"
12:28@caker besonen: if I can find a decent solution, yes -- but I do have a lot of stuff that's higher prio. Maybe if I get inspired to do it, I'll bump it up on my todo list
12:29* caker reads up on CM2F
12:33@caker it still looks like it's import only to me...
12:36tizen caker: why would iptables occasionally block a perfectly valid packet? Could it be a lack of memory?
12:36besonen can phpbb email posts?
12:36@caker just notifications, afaik
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13:01besonen caker: Extended Private Message Notification
13:15tizen Anyone know how I can read the script a .deb does when installing?
13:22@caker tizen: man dpkg, look for unpack
13:23tizen thanks
13:23tizen Mem: 59356k total, 57460k used, 1896k free, 8156k buffers
13:23tizen Swap: 263160k total, 0k used, 263160k free, 28856k cached
13:23tizen that doesn't seem right
13:23mikegrb lolz
13:23tizen lol
13:24tizen i removed a bucnha stuff, to stop the swap from going crazy
13:24tizen now, there is still no ram, but swap's fine
13:27besonen caker: do you have a mailing list setup to email folks the "System and Network Status" posts? if not this would be another benefit of having posts emailed.
13:27@caker besonen: all you need to do is click the "Watch this forum" link and you'll get notifications
13:27* adamg hits delete
13:28besonen but i won't get the whole post, right?
13:28@caker no, you need to click on the link
13:28@caker that mod was only for private messages
13:30besonen right, my mistake
13:33besonen i guess that leaves us either newssync or setting up a mailing list (mailman) and having the phpbb "System and Network Status" forum receive posts from the mailing list manager (mlm) if that's possible (hopefully without using CM2F which appears to be too complicated).
13:34* adamg would just go with newssync
13:34adamg seems alot easier all round
13:34* caker breaks host24
13:34adamg good im not on that one
13:34adamg think I used to be though
13:35besonen i'm starting to agree adamg. inn is pretty stable. caker maybe you could put it up on it's own linode and check it out.
13:36adamg caker the new hosts with sata drives, did you run any with the pre-cfq kernels?
13:36mikegrb tizen: linux uses all your ram by design
13:39@caker adamg: yes
13:41linbot New news from forums: host24 Reboot in System and Network Status
13:42adamg k, was just wondering how much the sata drives helped to relieve the io issues
13:44tizen if a host reboots, do all the nodes on it reboot?
13:45@caker tizen: yup
13:45tizen nice, and it's a default if you have two images?
13:45@caker last used
13:46tizen k
13:56adamg damm it
13:58@caker indeed
13:59* adamg spent 5 minutes trying to work out why he couldnt access a site, only to reliase I had https instead of http
13:59adamg not good
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14:01adamg lo
14:01rillianbis howdy
14:01rillianbis our linode just froze and spontaneously rebooted
14:01tizen host24?
14:01adamg you on host24?
14:01rillianbis yes
14:02tizen [14:41] <linbot> New news from forums: host24 Reboot in System and Network Status
14:02rillianbis ah, thanks
14:02rillianbis at least we ruined our uptime ourselves a few days ago :)
14:03adamg at least you get the new cfq kernel
14:03@caker better that everyone's data is synced on the raid than a big uptime, imo
14:03rillianbis yeah
14:03rillianbis pity you can't do process migration in the meantime :)
14:03rillianbis UML on MOSIX?
14:04adamg that is where xen comes in
14:04@caker Wouldn't work (well) -- too much shared memory
14:04rillianbis mmm
14:04rillianbis even some kind of checkpoint over the host reboot would be better though
14:05@caker yeah -- someone released software suspend for UML way back. There wasn't much interest in it... not sure what its status is
14:06rillianbis hmm. seems like a nice feature.
14:06@caker anyway, this type of reboot I wouldn't have had the chance, anyway
14:06@caker -anyway :)
14:06rillianbis oh. more of a crash than a reboot? :)
14:06@caker bug in that old kernel (2.6.4), doing raidhotadd suddenly blocks everything in D state
14:07@caker same with my old 2.6.7 kernel. It finally works in 2.6.10 :)
14:08rillianbis :)
14:08@caker rillianbis: your Linode come back up ok?
14:09rillianbis seems fine
14:09@caker ok .. the rest of the nodes are still booting up and fscking, too ...
14:09rillianbis hmm. mysql db got corrupted
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14:15besonen caker: i asked the lead developer of CM2F if CM2F enables phpbb posts to be received via email. he said yes, "CM2F allows posts to be initiated by email. The incoming email will be moved into the forum and resend to all the subscribers belonging to the distribution list.
14:15besonen Any reply in the forum, or by email will also find its way back to the forum and to the subscribers."
14:16@caker I don't really want that
14:17@caker I want users to post on the forum, rather than dealing with spam, etc
14:17rillianbis btw, what kind of resources does phpbb take?
14:17rillianbis what kind of hit rate fits on a linode? :)
14:18besonen maybe you could disable posting via email but still allow receiving of posts via email.
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14:19tizen besonen: why not use the forum?
14:20tizen I found how to extract the control info in a .deb. It's dpkg -e and in DEBIAN/, not dpkg -x that's just the files
14:21besonen tizen: scroll up or read the log, too much dialog to repeat
14:22tizen k
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16:15Guest62514 caker
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16:16Guest62514 caker has been idle 2mins 52secs, signed on Tue Jan 25 06:37:16
16:17Force caker: Hello
16:17Force caker: i have order here but your company didn't send account information to me
16:18Force caker: i send email to billing and to you but no one respone
16:21Force caker: if you didn't want answer i will call FBI for your company
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16:22@caker ??
16:22guinea-pig man
16:23guinea-pig with the internet, people expect everyithing to be instant!
16:23Guest62514 caker wait is back force lag
16:23rafx well, that and spam blocking tools make a wonderful combo for business owners in an overly-litigious society
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16:24Force back
16:25Guest62514 caker ???
16:25Force caker: I order VSP
16:26Force caker: r u there ?
16:26guinea-pig Force: how long ago did you order?
16:27Force <guinea-pig> now one week
16:28Force <guinea-pig> Invoice Date: January 22, 2005
16:29@caker Force: your signup was denied; the credit card was refunded the full amount
16:30Force <@caker> you order from my credit i will copy your company name
16:31@caker Force: go ehad
16:31@caker *ahead
16:31Force <@caker> your company take mony from my credit how you say denied?
16:32@caker Force: the credit card was refunded the full amount
16:32Force <@caker> i will copy your order didn't say with me go ahead
16:32Force <@caker> 23/jan/2005 posted shore network technolo nashville 40.86 US $
16:33@caker Force: and you should see a refund/credit soon, ok?
16:35Force <@caker> why i send email to Billing and to your email and no one answer to me ?
16:35--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
16:35@caker Force: I have no email from you regarding this. Was it sent from the same email address as the signup?
16:35Force <@caker> now your company already take mony from my credit card
16:36@caker Force: and it has been refunded <----
16:36Force <@caker> i send to 3 emails no one answer
16:36Force <@caker> i need my mony back to my credit
16:37rusko <caker> Force: and it has been refunded <----
16:37schweeb it takes longer for a chargeback to hit your credit card than a credit
16:37guinea-pig refunds might take a while longer for the credit card company to process
16:37schweeb ^^^^
16:37guinea-pig heh
16:37* schweeb works in the industry
16:37rusko schweeb: he cant charge back if the charge has already been refunded
16:38Force i will check now wait
16:39* rusko remembers why he's glad not to be selling consumer/enduser services
16:39schweeb heh, I work for an ISO/MSP
16:40Force 23/jan/2005 posted shore network technolo nashville 40.86 US $
16:40Force <@caker> my mony not back untill now
16:41schweeb wow, the gt/lt symbols around the nick are kind of obnoxious
16:42* caker shrugs
16:42@caker Force: check again tomorrow, if not, come back and we'll deal with it. Ok?
16:43* caker departs
16:44Force <@caker> OK i will wait until tomorrow that's fine
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16:46* adamg is glad he kept out of that one
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17:23* guinea-pig throws a snowball at adamg
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18:23linbot New news from forums: How to use less memory by replacing getty with fgetty in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials
18:30fo0bar caker?
18:38mikegrb fo0bar?
18:40fo0bar mikegrb?
18:40schweeb fo0bar?
18:41mikegrb schweeb?
18:41schweeb caker?
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18:41mikegrb claviola?
18:41fo0bar god?
18:42mikegrb fo0barf?
18:42schweeb adamg?
18:42mikegrb heidi?
18:42fo0bar angelina jolie?
18:42mikegrb silly fo0bar, she isn't here
18:43fo0bar mikegrb: so, god is in this channel, but not angelina jolie?
18:43mikegrb fo0bar: who do you think I am?
18:43mikegrb sheesh
18:43fo0bar mikegrb: oh...
18:43fo0bar oh wait
18:44fo0bar that's santa
18:44mikegrb silly fo0bar
18:44mikegrb you're not a fireman
18:44schweeb god, send me hundreds of hot, horny women
18:45mikegrb I will concider it.
18:45schweeb you're not god!
18:45schweeb you spelled consider wront
18:45schweeb wrong
18:45mikegrb no promises though, they still have free will
18:46mikegrb no, you did, I'm god
18:46adamg !currency change 368 eur to gbp
18:46linbot adamg: (currency <command> [<args> ...]) -- Command dispatcher for the Currency plugin. Use 'list Currency' to see the commands provided by this plugin. Use 'config list plugins.Currency' to see the configuration values for this plugin. In most cases this dispatcher command is unnecessary; in cases where more than one plugin defines a given command, use this command to tell the bot which plugin's command to use.
18:46adamg !currency convert 368 eur to gbp
18:46linbot adamg: 368.0 EUR = 254.3984 GBP
18:47fo0bar !currency `echo foo` 2 eur to usd
18:47linbot fo0bar: (currency <command> [<args> ...]) -- Command dispatcher for the Currency plugin. Use 'list Currency' to see the commands provided by this plugin. Use 'config list plugins.Currency' to see the configuration values for this plugin. In most cases this dispatcher command is unnecessary; in cases where more than one plugin defines a given command, use this command to tell the bot which plugin's command to use.
18:47schweeb adamg: silly european
18:55--- <<-- rillianbis [] has quit (Quit: Client exiting)
18:56adamg !currency convert 300 usd to gbp
18:56linbot adamg: 300.0 USD = 158.91 GBP
19:04fo0bar goddamn weak dollar
19:05mikegrb yes
19:06adamg tell me about it
19:06adamg it is good for buying but shite for selling
19:06mikegrb indeed
19:07fo0bar I blame it on the UKanians
19:07mikegrb I blame fo0bar
19:11fo0bar yes, I am single-handedly responsible for the international currency market
19:12sunny don't worry folks, Bush will take care of this :D
19:13fo0bar of course! throwing a couple hundred billion at the iraq war will stabilize our economy!
19:13fo0bar s/a/another/
19:13sunny (made in china)
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19:24mikegrb ssimon: :D
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19:25ssimon mikegrb: <3
19:25mikegrb ssimon: there is a linode calling your name
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19:30mikegrb !currency convert 60 usd to eur
19:30linbot mikegrb: 60.0 USD = 45.972 EUR
19:30mikegrb !currency convert 39 eur to usd
19:30linbot mikegrb: 39.0 EUR = 50.895 USD
19:32adamg nite all
19:32mikegrb g'night mr adamg
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22:39@caker fo0bar?
22:39mikegrb caker?
22:41@caker mikegrb?
22:41--- <<-- emcnabb [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:42mikegrb I dunno.
22:42alnr caker is host39 ok?
22:42@caker ]/me looks
22:43@caker alnr: yup -- looks great
22:45--- <<-- david [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:45@caker alnr: although your Linode has been using lots of CPU
22:45--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
22:45alnr hmm
22:45alnr when?
22:46--- <<-- netbrw22 [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
22:46--- User: *** david is now known as Guest336
22:46@caker just on average, right now you're doing a constant 25% or so
22:48--- ---> cdrrrrr [] has joined #linode
22:49alnr gonna restart something..
22:52alnr how bout now?
22:52linbot New news from forums: In a Bind in /dev/random
22:53fo0bar caker: now goes to but unfortunately so does
22:54@caker fo0bar: errmm
22:54fo0bar heh
22:55--- <<-- cdrrrrr [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
22:56alnr caker has my linode dropped?
22:56alnr i mean cpu usage
22:57@caker alnr: it looks about the same -- on my end, it's showing /usr/bin/exim4 .. no biggie
22:57@caker fo0bar: nslookup for me?
22:58fo0bar has address
22:58@caker nm, found the typo
22:58@caker fo0bar: working now?
23:01fo0bar caker: my local firefox is caching that redirect somehow, but other machines seem to be fine
23:02@caker fo0bar: ok -- thanks. Looks ok from here, too
23:03fo0bar np
23:03mikegrb caker: sighup is back
23:04@caker sighup: botsnack
23:04@sighup :)
23:04mikegrb sighup: dns
23:04@sighup mikegrb: is located in Dallas, TX, United States ( Internet Services, Inc.)
23:04--- <<-- sighup [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:04--- ---> sighup [] has joined #linode
23:04@caker mikegrb: what was his problem>~
23:04mikegrb :O
23:04mikegrb issues with foreign characters
23:04mikegrb like accented german characters
23:04mikegrb I don't know why it bacame a problem all of a sudden
23:05mikegrb he was quite stable for a long time
23:05mikegrb had like a 90 day up time
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