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00:32kmiller hello i have a question on how to get sftp working on my server
00:32kmiller can anyone help?
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00:33kmiller hello
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00:34mikegrb kmiller: hello
00:34mikegrb kmiller: having problems with sftp?
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00:40trillback hello?
00:40mikegrb trillback: hello
00:40trillback hai
00:40trillback i have a question on a linux setup
00:40mikegrb problems with sftp?
00:40trillback i want to get my user accounts so that they can connect to the server via sftp
00:41trillback yeah
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00:41mikegrb which linux distribution are you using?
00:41trillback fc2
00:41mikegrb sshd should be enabled by default
00:42trillback when i log in as root and try to connect via sftp no dice
00:42mikegrb and sftp and scp come with it (normally) though they can be disabled
00:42mikegrb ahh
00:42mikegrb normally it is disabled for root
00:42trillback ahh
00:42trillback ok
00:42trillback so another question then
00:43mikegrb shoot
00:43trillback i want to create users on the system that can only access directories for their webpages, how would i do that
00:43trillback ?
00:43mikegrb that can be a bit trickier
00:43nyx change thier user home director to that of where thier webpages are
00:44mikegrb nyx: the could still change dir out of it
00:44trillback well i dont care if they look around as long as they cant change anything outside of their dir
00:44nyx yup, sftp is limited, because they will have a unix shell too
00:45trillback what would be the steps to set up the user?
00:45mikegrb yes, they will not be able to change any files they don't have permission to change
00:45mikegrb generally "adduser username"
00:45mikegrb you may need to turn on user home pages in the apache config file
00:46trillback what does that do?
00:46mikegrb well that does the default user home pages at ""
00:46mikegrb if you are hosting thier sites at thier own domain name then that won't matter to you
00:47trillback yeah i dont neeed that
00:47trillback so whats the best practice here for groups
00:48trillback i mean i need to set up a group for all of these accounts, which one is the normal one to use?
00:48mikegrb "users"
00:48mikegrb you could always give each user thier own group
00:48trillback nah
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00:50trillback so i added kmiller as a user and then tried to get in to sftp and still wont connect
00:50mikegrb ok
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00:51mikegrb make sure /etc/ssh/sshd_config has a line similiar to "Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/sftp-server
00:51mikegrb "
00:51trillback im such a dumbass
00:52mikegrb what was the problem? ;)
00:52trillback i was using the to connect oo
00:52mikegrb ahh
00:52mikegrb ;)
00:52trillback and not the ip of the acct
00:52trillback oye
00:52trillback i couldn't figga out what was wrong, i have set up tons of these boxes
00:52trillback ah well
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00:53mikegrb your wellcome
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00:58trillback hai guys
00:58trillback i have a wierd question
00:58mikegrb shoot
00:58trillback i have a nano on my box but whenever i am using it through the shell it jumps around and messes up the text, anyone know how to fix this?
00:59trillback so for example i hit the cursor over it moves over 5 spaces and messes up the text in teh process
00:59mikegrb are you ssh'd into the host or straight to your box?
01:00mikegrb if you are ssh'd to the host try "export TERM=screen" before running nano
01:02trillback actually i was throught he host and problems, but now throught the box it works
01:02trillback first time using a vds, got it all mixed
01:02trillback thanks :)
01:02mikegrb no it's okay
01:02mikegrb there are some issues with goingh through the host
01:02mikegrb you are connected to the console so your vps thinks it is a normal monitor and keyboard
01:02mikegrb but it is really inside screen from the host
01:03mikegrb so if you set your TERM variable it will fix it when from the host
01:04trillback ahhh
01:04trillback well its good to know the diff now ugh
01:05trillback i thought i messed up my box
01:05trillback so how do i change the home dir of a user?
01:06mikegrb the usermod command can do it
01:06mikegrb "man usermod" will give you details
01:09trillback nice
01:09trillback thanks
01:09trillback :)
01:09mikegrb no problem
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01:28sysmon- Hi, how can i bind my IP to my subdomain manually?
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02:20sysmon- Hi, how can i bind my IP to my subdomain manually?
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05:12Diadoxx A Brand new Space RPG game, click here for info:
05:12Diadoxx A Brand new Space RPG game, click here for info: .
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07:23linbot New news from forums: Dns - Customdns in Linux Networking
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07:39linbot New news from forums: Registering nameservers - nice interface? in Linux Networking
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08:41cikkolata anyone got any idea why host17 isn't working? I haven't been able to connect to my linode for 6 hours and ssh to host17 just gives me "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"
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10:59@caker cikkolata: can you try to ssh into the host now?
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11:30cikkolata ack, yes
11:31cikkolata I'm getting tons of "__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x20/0)" scrolling past
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11:33guinea-pig out of memory?
11:33cikkolata I dunno, it's nothing I've seen before.
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11:35schweeb cikkolata!
11:35cikkolata hi schweeb
11:35schweeb how are things
11:35cikkolata really crap.
11:35schweeb o_O
11:36cikkolata and I don't know what to do about this damned... thing.
11:36schweeb you have the worst computing luck ever.
11:36cikkolata I know :(
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11:37cikkolata is there any way of getting a terminal thing that doesn't have stuff scrolling past at top speed?
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11:38cikkolata or am I doomed to have to reboot?
11:39tizen ssh in
11:39schweeb you're just pure doomed ;_;
11:39cikkolata I can't
11:39tizen directly to your server
11:39cikkolata to the host?
11:39tizen no
11:39tizen on the host you'll get the syslog stuff scrolling
11:39tizen but an ssh to the box and you won't see it
11:40cikkolata there's a bit of a problem in that I can't actually /get/ to my server
11:41cikkolata traceroute dies at
11:44@caker cikkolata:
11:44@caker __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x20/0)
11:44@caker __alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x20/0)
11:44@caker ^--- your Linode ran out of VM
11:44cikkolata ok, can I do anything other than reboot it?
11:45@caker Not unless you can get in and start killing stuff
11:45cikkolata >_<
11:45@caker what's the problem with rebooting?
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11:46cikkolata I usually manage to break something.
11:50cikkolata ah
11:50cikkolata now it works.
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13:51TheQ caker, you in
14:10@caker TheQ: yup
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15:05linbot New news from forums: Feature request: double the memory allowances in Feature Request/Bug Report
15:10Newsome caker: Did jdike ever really find and fix the iptables crash problem?
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15:13@caker Newsome: yup.. search for SA_NODEFER on uml-devel
15:13@caker Newsome: actually,
15:14Newsome Okay, great
15:14Newsome I couldn't remember if he'd tracked that one down.
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15:52linbot New news from forums: "yum update" breaks MySQLd 3.23.58-1 on CentOS in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum
15:52SupaDongzu oh dear.
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16:03Newsome grr...I wish jdike would just fix the stupid build error. I've sent in patches, and I've seen them from Rob Landley and Blaisorblade, but it's still broken
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16:16Force caker Hello
16:18Force caker 24 hours from yesterday until now , you didn't send back mony
16:18Force caker i hope when you see my msg you do i will come tomorrow to see what happend
16:19TheQ caker, you know a good php website for php newbs (like me)
16:20rusko i'm not caker, but is a decent place to start
16:20TheQ is that php
16:21rusko oh, sorry
16:21rusko python is better though ;]
16:21rusko too many channels
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16:36TheQ what should the permissions be for a web document (html format)
16:36tizen i do chmod 755
16:36tizen but +r should be enough
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17:28TheQ whats the htlm to aligh something on the left side of the table
17:29mikegrb halign=left I believe
17:29mikegrb but look into css ;)
17:30TheQ part of the contract i have to design this page is i cant use CSS
17:30TheQ there afraid it looks shitty in some browsers
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17:33mikegrb oh
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17:42linbot It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.
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17:44Force caker has been idle 2mins 18secs, signed on Tue Jan 25 06:37:16
17:44Force caker i wait for my mony
17:45@caker Force: Check again tomorrow. The refund went through on my end yesterday
17:46Force caker ok
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17:47fo0bar goodbye, dear fo0barf!
17:50TheQ how do i insert another php file into a php file
17:50@caker ?
17:53adamg caker you back home yet or still in nj
17:53@caker Still in NJ. I might try to get home on Tuesday
17:53adamg hows your dad?
17:53@caker I'm shipping two servers from here tomorrow, after that I think I'll be able to get going
17:54@caker He's doing well, thanks for asking. The drugs they have him on are having weird effects, but other than that I think he's ok.
17:54adamg cool, did you see the posts on
17:54adamg #scanner
17:54@caker hmm
17:54@caker lemme look
17:54adamg yesterday
17:54adamg afk
18:00fo0bar anyone have a sid installation handy?
18:00adamg change the apt source file, run apt-get update, run apt-get dist-upgrade
18:00adamg about it
18:01fo0bar yes, I know how to upgrade to sid
18:01adamg sorry miss read it
18:01adamg is sid testing? or unstable
18:01fo0bar but I'm not about to do that just to find out what's in one file :)
18:01fo0bar unstable
18:01fo0bar testing is sarge
18:01adamg i got one at testing
18:02fo0bar heh, I have several at testing, but I'd like to know what /etc/issue says on a sid installation
18:02mikegrb [michael@orion:~] cat /etc/issue
18:02mikegrb Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 \n \l
18:02adamg unstable is a tad to unstable for me
18:03fo0bar sid shows up as 3.1 too? hmm
18:04fo0bar thanks mikegrb
18:22mikegrb no problem herr fo0bar
18:28@caker nice .. #linode is now 5th largest channel on OFTC
18:28@caker #uml is still bigger by one person :/
18:29adamg heh
18:32* schweeb parts #uml
18:33* schweeb lies
18:33* caker fires up the schweeb bots
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18:34schweeb that help any
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18:39mikegrb well largest public channel ;)
18:46@caker there are larger privates?
18:46mikegrb yes
18:46mikegrb like some debian channels and one not
18:46mikegrb they are marked private so they don't get the spam bots
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18:53fo0bar caker: was it the 2.6.9 kernels in /~caker/uml/kernels that had fatal flaws?
18:54Nostromo question please... can anyone help my setup my exim so that it'll allow me to relay through it from the internet, after some sort of authentication, of course?
18:55Nostromo or at least point me in the right direction? im not that much of a postmaster.
18:55rusko Nostromo: pop-before-smtp
18:56Nostromo rusko, ok, but what's the drill for setting it up? does exim support it? (hmm, wait.. im using imap anyways.. does that work as well?)
18:56Nostromo pop-before-smtp - watch log for pop/imap auth, notify Postfix to allow relay
18:56Nostromo hmm
18:56Nostromo postfix, though..
18:57Nostromo does exim support it? because it's debian's default mailer and i'd rather use that.
18:58rusko exim is evil
18:58rusko but yes, you just need to find a script that works with your pop3d/imapd and exim
18:59Nostromo just out of curiousity: why is it evil?
19:00@caker fo0bar: yeah, it'll crash with iptables and a ping flood
19:00mikegrb Nostromo: check out they have some great docs there
19:01mikegrb Nostromo: if you don't figure it out this evening, ask me later ;) I need to set the same up tonight so I can pass along what I find out
19:02mikegrb working on some other stuff at the moment though
19:02@caker fo0bar: reload that page for newer kernels
19:02fo0bar caker: heh, I was just about to ask ;)
19:03Nostromo mikegrb , cool. but it's 2am here and i probably won't start delving into it now. though i wasn't aware it was called "pop-before-smtp", and now that i was the google search was much more productive.
19:03Nostromo (thanks rusko, btw)
19:03mikegrb there are a few other methods, pop before smtp is just one method
19:04* caker reaches through the phone and strangles the USAirways on-hold chick
19:04mikegrb sounds good
19:04Nostromo mikegrb, yup, but it seems the smtp based ones are usually clear-text. it seems very logical, if im setting up a secured imap server, to just use that.
19:04mikegrb depending on the imap server you may look into sending email via imap
19:04Nostromo one can send mail via imap??
19:04mikegrb I know courier-imap supports a folder for outgoing messages
19:05mikegrb it then hands the message off to the mail server locally for handling
19:05Nostromo hmm, i doubt thunderbird supports it. it sounds like a very uncommon method.
19:05mikegrb yes, I don't know how common it is
19:05Nostromo im a big fan of KISS.
19:06Nostromo imap-before-smtp sounds like the ideal solution.
19:06mikegrb I think it can function by setting the client to store copy of sent message in Outgoing folder, it then sends the message and moves it to Sent folder
19:06Nostromo i'll investigate that avenue before i try any others :)
19:06mikegrb well good luck
19:06schweeb any client supports sending mail through a folder via courier-imap
19:07Nostromo mikegrb , yeah i figured as much, but again, it's very non-standard and requires too much customization on the client-side. i want to be as little-dependent-as-possible upon the client.
19:07mikegrb schweeb: do you know more about it? I've never implemented it
19:07schweeb sending through the folder is pretty much a hack though
19:07mikegrb Nostromo: a very noble goal indeed
19:08schweeb you'd essentially set your draft function to save to that folder
19:08schweeb for an automated way to do it
19:08mikegrb ahh
19:08Nostromo schweeb , that's pretty much what mikegrb just said
19:08schweeb ghetto++
19:08Nostromo and it is indeed a hack. i don't like hacks.
19:08schweeb Nostromo: too lazy to scroll up that far
19:08schweeb :P
19:09Nostromo heheh
19:09mikegrb Nostromo: yeah but I was guessing how it worked ;)
19:09mikegrb Nostromo: schweeb was anwering my request for details
19:09schweeb I'm quite familiar with Courier
19:09mikegrb I may try setting that up tonight just for the heck of it
19:09schweeb use it on all the mailservers I have
19:10schweeb I'm considering switching to Cyrus
19:10mikegrb If outlook was half as useful as entourage it's mac counter part I would use it ocasionaly
19:10schweeb sounds to be scalable and adminable++
19:10mikegrb I hear good things about cyrus
19:11schweeb only disadvantage about cyrus I've heard of so far, is it uses its own DB format
19:11mikegrb ahh
19:11schweeb no Maildir
19:11schweeb it's insanely scalable though
19:11mikegrb A download I've been working on since friday will be done within the hour :D
19:11Nostromo cyrus is for SMTP auth?
19:11schweeb cyrus is a whole SMTP/IMAP/POP server system
19:11Nostromo oh ok
19:12schweeb there's also Cyrus SASL, with is a security/auth system
19:12schweeb pluggable
19:12Nostromo oh ok, so that's what i saw.
19:13schweeb pluggable is good for me, since I do a lot of LDAP
19:13Nostromo i saw LAM a few days ago. pretty sleek.
19:17Nostromo well, time to hit the hay. Thanks people.
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