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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-01-31

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00:42linbot New news from forums: What can be done about the load spikes? in Performance and Tuning
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01:48You_Wish test
01:49You_Wish any apache geeks around
01:51You_Wish signup vhost
01:51You_Wish !signup vhost
01:51You_Wish signup vhost
01:52You_Wish caker you up
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02:13You_Wish_AWY | I'm back!
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02:14You_Wish I'm back!
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02:19You_Wish nyx
02:19nyx yo
02:19You_Wish you know about setting up vhost on apache
02:20nyx i know enough :)
02:20You_Wish can i bug you a little about it
02:20nyx maybe :)
02:20You_Wish i am having problem
02:20You_Wish example
02:21You_Wish and dont give me the same site when i have more than one site
02:21You_Wish you know what can cause that
02:22You_Wish i have like 4 sites on one ip
02:22You_Wish all of sudden they stopped working properly
02:23nyx <=- looked thru there?
02:23You_Wish yup
02:23nyx its just really hard to help without configuration blocks and stuff
02:23nyx did you see the ServerAlias option explained?
02:23You_Wish i look thru that alot
02:24You_Wish never used serveralias before
02:24You_Wish maybe that would be better for me
02:24You_Wish let me check it
02:24nyx well if you use a server alias, it will allow you to serve and from the same document root.
02:24nyx so they would both run out of one virtual server config and one directory root.
02:25nyx ServerName
02:25nyx ServerAlias
02:25nyx or even
02:25You_Wish ah ok
02:25nyx ServerAlias *
02:25nyx which means anything at all before even would be served from that vhost block
02:25You_Wish i never new i could use alias for that
02:25You_Wish thanks
02:25nyx nps :)
02:25nyx if you still have issues, come prod me later :)
02:25You_Wish k
02:29tizen One of you happen to know where the mysql log settings are?
02:29nyx usually in my.cnf
02:29tizen I have a log with all commands that have been sent it seems
02:29tizen yeah, it only defines the logfile in there
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02:31You_Wish in root has also logs
02:31nyx im almost positive that mysql loggin is configured out of, what distro?
02:31tizen anyways
02:32tizen i've been working too long
02:32tizen debian
02:32You_Wish root just has actual commands given to mysql
02:34rafx odd. can't boot anymore. not seeing anything in Lish (never connects console). tried single user mode. tried booting from backup disk image. tried booting via lish command & website. website says booting/running, then it goes down to poweroff again immediately.
02:34rafx !seen caker
02:34linbot rafx: caker was last seen here 7 hours, 30 minutes, and 44 seconds ago saying: * caker reaches through the phone and strangles the USAirways on-hold chick
02:37@caker rafx: one sec
02:37nyx mmmm on-hold chick
02:38rafx caker: fyi, tried booting brand new distro (80mb debian). fails with 'Linode already running' message showing up in the job queue.
02:38@caker rafx: you're back in business
02:38@caker (that was me)
02:38rafx thanks
02:39@caker JobID: 126004 - System Boot - My Debian 3.0r1 (Small) Profile - Success
02:39@caker JobID: 126005 - System Boot - Sarge-Kernel-2.6 = Failed Linode already running == me
02:39rafx previous attempts at booting didn't show any failure messages, just successes but went poweroff immediately.
02:40@caker somehow the 2.6.10-linode11 kernel entry wasn't pointing to any binary, but "Latest 2.6" was
02:40@caker fixed now
02:40tizen hmmm... Anyone know where the program 'dig' is in debian's apt?
02:41nyx bind-utils or dns-utils
02:41mikegrb lolz
02:41rafx lol
02:41nyx cant remember which
02:41nyx bindutils <=- no -
02:42tizen found it
02:42tizen dns-browse
02:43nyx that'll work too :P
02:43You_Wish nyx alias worked great thanks again
02:43nyx nps :) glad to help :)
02:43nyx invoice is in the mail ;)
02:43You_Wish ya lol
02:45You_Wish I want to go in recored that linode rules for us newbies if i can do this so can any newbie 2:44am up 195 days, 3:04, 1 user, load average: 2.22, 2.11, 2.07
02:46nyx load seems high.. what you doing to it?
02:46You_Wish i am in panel
02:46nyx panel?
02:46You_Wish and couple of ircd and psy and eggdrops
02:46nyx right :)
02:46You_Wish webmin
02:47You_Wish webmin panel
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02:47You_Wish i had now idea how powerful linodes are to hold up for that long with out a burp
02:48nyx they aint bad :)
02:48* caker burps
02:48nyx just out of curiosity, how much of yours hosts cpu have you used this month ? ;) and what host are you on ? ;)
02:48adamg morning all
02:48@caker host1 uptime
02:48@caker 02:48:32 up 404 days, 8:15, 1 user, load average: 1.14, 1.98, 2.00
02:48You_Wish 192
02:48You_Wish let me check
02:49@caker host CPU gauge thing is buggy
02:49@caker it gets worse on the 1st, too
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02:49You_Wish 404 wow
02:49You_Wish jezzzzzzzz
02:50nyx wish: which host you on ? ;)
02:50You_Wish Your Linode has consumed 682%
02:50You_Wish of one Host CPU for this month
02:50@caker hah
02:50nyx nice :P
02:50nyx *looks at caker*
02:50You_Wish i am 192
02:50* nyx dances
02:51nyx my node is happy at a load average of 0 :)
02:51You_Wish how about u
02:51You_Wish what you using
02:52tizen I don't use much CPU, but RAM is at a premium :)
02:52nyx im on host33 ;) using 1% aparently, but if its buggy :P
02:52nyx 64k of memory is enough for anyone!
02:52* caker resets the values
02:53tizen Host:
02:53tizen Host Load: idle
02:53tizen Your Linode has consumed 0% of one Host CPU for this month
02:53nyx tizen : is it booted :P
02:53You_Wish i needed 192 so i would have plenty room for mistakes
02:53tizen nyx: yup
02:53nyx if you are running ircd's and eggdrops ;)
02:54You_Wish i most of my problems are stupid psybnc
02:54nyx caker : every port scanned ya network just for the hell of it ? ;)
02:54@caker nyx: yes ? find anything interesting?
02:54@caker I get tickets when people see port scans, so might not want to do it
02:54nyx no, was askin if you did :P if never do it :)
02:55nyx id never do it :P
02:55tizen you get tickets from port scans?
02:55@caker Yup .. people are good and paranoid
02:55@caker not from me portscanning, they just report them to me
02:55nyx caker : some of us :)
02:55* nyx goes back to writting his howto
02:55tizen hmmm... Anyone know what i should open on my firewall for dns?
02:56@caker um
02:56@caker port 53 udp would probably be a good start
02:56tizen yeah i got that
02:56tizen but it's still not perfect
02:56nyx 53 tcp
02:56nyx for bigger packet responses
02:56tizen yeah
02:57tizen and there's something for xfer's too
02:57tizen that bind does on a higher port i think
02:57You_Wish port list
02:57nyx cat /etc/services | grep dns
02:58tizen yeah
02:58tizen i think i have to do something like allow all with sprt 53 outgoing
02:58tizen or something like that htough
03:01You_Wish .15336 39.7 % Jan17 ./neostats
03:01You_Wish there is the load
03:02nyx oh dear
03:02nyx im afraid
03:03tizen ?
03:03nyx nothing...
03:03* nyx goes back to his firewall
03:08You_Wish caker what you think about the new blade servers that are coming out
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03:19rafx nite all
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03:22Raizelon I know this place isn't for official support and such... But I figured this isn't worth a trouble ticket... Anyone mind pointing me in the direction of the syslog for my linode? /var/log/syslog doesn't exist...
03:25You_Wish what distro you got
03:26You_Wish File /dev/console No kern.*
03:26You_Wish File /var/log/messages Yes *.info ; mail.none ; authpriv.none ; cron.none View..
03:26You_Wish File /var/log/secure Yes authpriv.* View..
03:26You_Wish File /var/log/maillog Yes mail.* View..
03:26You_Wish File /var/log/cron Yes cron.* View..
03:27You_Wish cya
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03:32Raizelon hrm.. Looks like I'm experiencing the same issue on Host37 that
03:32Raizelon "sarge" on the forums was
03:32Raizelon re: kernel
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04:28tizen hahah
04:28tizen i was trying to tweak mysql
04:28tizen to use less ram
04:28tizen and suddenly it was using a ton
04:28tizen so... i look in the config
04:29tizen like... instead of 9%
04:29tizen 68%
04:29tizen instead of table_cache 64
04:29tizen i had table_cache 64K
04:29mikegrb lolz
04:29tizen lol
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10:25@caker <--- rock (GPS::Tron)
10:28optikal caker: haha thats awesome
10:31linbot Greetings, program!
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12:09* mikegrb gpses caker
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12:14@caker well, crap. One of the fans is dead on one of the new servers
12:14heidi :(
12:14optikal_ doh
12:14mikegrb caker: if you spin it with your finger it will work ;)
12:14@caker it's got a freaking circuit board inside, so I can't hardwire it "ON", either
12:14optikal_ faulty new fans are really the big sucko
12:14mikegrb caker: hire a midget to sit inside the case
12:15--- User: *** optikal_ is now known as optikal
12:16optikal midgets rule
12:19mikegrb yes
12:21heidi hrm
12:30@caker bummer .. it's hosed
12:30optikal yuk
12:30@caker I doubt I can get one of these anywhere around here
12:31optikal what kinda fan is it?
12:31@caker <--- looks like this
12:32optikal aaah
12:32optikal Yeah, I know I couldn't get anything like that local here..
12:32optikal Overnighting it looks like.
12:34mikegrb there is a place in okc you could get one
12:34mikegrb not that it helps ;)
12:34@caker heh
12:35@caker 650mA . geez
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12:36wps I don't see anything on the linode website about backups
12:37--- ---> wade [~wade@] has joined #linode
12:37wade I have a question about backups
12:38wade I don't see anything on the website about it
12:38wade what options are available for backing up linondes?
12:38--- ---> DarkSSJ [] has joined #linode
12:40npmr linode backups are do-it-yourself
12:40wade so, you would have to have a remote location to backup to?
12:41tsi or another linode
12:41tsi ;P
12:42wade wow, that seems strange that tape backups, or a second hard drive or something isn't available
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12:43npmr the linode host machines use raid-1 storage
12:44npmr so your disk images are already on a mirrored device
12:44wade so they raid to themselve?
12:44wade themself
12:44npmr the host machines do
12:44wade so if a HD fails, you're okay?
12:44npmr yes
12:45npmr unless the other also fails before the first is replaced
12:51tsi are there hot spares?
12:51tsi or even warm spares or chilly ones?
12:57npmr i don't know
12:57npmr i'm pretty sure the host machines do not have hot spares
12:58npmr and i do know that the dcs have stocks of spare parts
12:58npmr parts, generally, that is
12:58npmr not just replacement drives
12:59@caker mmmm
12:59* caker orders 10
13:00adamg you going to get them before you fly out?
13:00@caker Yeah
13:00@caker Looks like I'm leaving Thursday
13:01adamg k, thought you wre going tomorrow
13:04npmr caker, what's the typical wait for a replacement drive when one of the host machine's drives fails?
13:04@caker npmr: thus far, I've just moved everyone off that machine onto a new host, and kept the machine with the faulty device as a dev box
13:04@caker One in each datacenter
13:05@caker but, I have replacement drives here which I'll ship up to the DC and just have their techs install it
13:09rafx hi caker, thanks for the help lastnight.
13:10npmr weren't there several hosts running on one drive a month or two ago?
13:10@caker yeah, but due to a kernel bug
13:10@caker rafx: no problem
13:10--- ---> tierra|w [] has joined #linode
13:10npmr oh, so the drives were actually fine?
13:11@caker npmr: which I've been waiting for a stable host kernel to upgrade, which will happen in the next week or two (I swear this time)
13:11@caker 2.6.9 as a host was fubar-ed, and I'm happy with 2.6.10 and the cfq-ts stuff, so it'll happen now
13:12npmr excellent
13:12rafx which host kernel is host41 running?
13:12npmr i still have 2.6.4 running on oz
13:12@caker yeah, sometimes a drive gets kicked out of the raid, and 2.6.4, 2.6.7 bombs when you try to add it back -- which is what happened to host24 two days ago
13:12@caker rafx: cat /proc/cpuinfo
13:12npmr [inkblot@oz:~]$ uptime
13:12npmr 13:12:02 up 264 days, 20:22, 1 user, load average: 0.07, 0.06, 0.06
13:13rafx very nice
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13:45tizen hehe
13:45tizen regulus:~# uptime
13:45tizen 14:44:05 up 229 days, 22:56, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
13:45tizen regulus:~#
13:45tizen thats the server i'm replacing with this linode
13:45tizen it's treated me well :)
13:46optikal its pretty lazy =P
13:46tizen it's overkill for what i use
13:46mikegrb lolz
13:46tizen lol
13:47tizen thats a pentium 4 2.66, 1gb of ram
13:47tizen i can basically do all i need with this linode 64
13:47tizen except for SpamAssassin and clamav
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14:03tierra|w it would be nice to be running SpamAssassin and ClamAV, but they are resource hogs
14:03tizen yup
14:04tizen well, only RAM really
14:04tizen if one of my clients decides he wants it back
14:04tizen he'll pay for me to upgrade the RAM
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14:11* npmr runs clamav on his linode
14:13tizen i just figure we all have antivirus locally
14:13tizen why use up ram on the mailserver
14:14npmr because it's a bad assumption
14:14tizen i'd rather not be swapping all day
14:14tierra|w yeah, but when you don't have the resources to run clamav, your a little out of luck
14:14npmr i'm not swapping all day
14:14tierra|w but you have a linode 192 is it?
14:15npmr 96
14:15tierra|w ah
14:15npmr i'm only one step up
14:15tierra|w are you running spamassassin as well or just clamav?
14:15npmr no, just clamav
14:15tierra|w ah, k
14:16npmr bogofilter on a per-account basis for spam
14:16npmr <-- oh damn
14:17tizen yeah, if i was running a personal linode
14:17tizen i'd run it
14:17tizen but with a couple virtual domains and such
14:18npmr i'm a mail relay for several high traffic domains
14:18@caker npmr:
14:18--- <<-- optikal_ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
14:18npmr caker, that doesn't help me check the balance on my nufone account
14:19@caker free calls for everyone
14:19tizen haha
14:19tierra|w heh
14:19@caker npmr: did you look at the cached version?
14:19npmr ah
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15:05adamg ...
15:09--- ---> optikal_ [] has joined #linode
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15:10tizen Anyone know the command to see what's using swap?
15:11--- <<-- david [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:13tizen How much control do we have over our drives, can we modify fstab and hdparm settings or do you do it by default caker?
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15:25Newsome tizen: you can do whatever you want with your filesystems. You won't have much luck with hdparm, though, since you won't have direct access to the hard drive
15:30tizen ok
15:30tizen thats what i thought
15:32linbot New news from forums: [ Poll ] Cell Phones, which ones do you have, and why ? in /dev/random
15:44* EFudd ponders host37's IO performance
15:44EFudd only ~45+seconds now to send something through SA
15:51tizen sorry to anyone on host42
15:51tizen i just cp -pax'd a new dir
15:51tizen to move /var to a partition
15:51--- ---> gery [] has joined #linode
15:52gery My photo is there: I'm in the English room, my name is Klarika
15:55fo0bar gery: I'm so proud of you, now get out
15:56rafx heh
15:58rafx tizen: also, you can create a disk image in raw format (instead of ext3) if you want to setup/control your own partitions. otherwise creating it as ext3 will allow you to resize it from the browser
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16:46--- ---> rafx [] has joined #linode
17:04adamg hmm
17:08--- <<-- sunny [] has quit (Quit: sunny)
17:10cout caker: got the page allocation failure problem again
17:10adamg out of memory
17:12cout yeah, but we thought upgrading the kernel would help last time this happened
17:12cout I'm pretty sure I'm not running out of swap
17:16adamg pretty sure, or sure
17:22tierra|w my experience is limited in this area as it's maybe happened to me once a long time ago, but I believe it's possible for OOM to kick in without running out of swap (if you have too many active processes trying to use memory)... someone correct me
17:25--- ---> david [] has joined #linode
17:25--- ---> dcech83 [~40f692ab@] has joined #linode
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17:26--- User: *** david is now known as Guest561
17:27--- User: *** Guest561 is now known as david
17:31--- ---> tm [] has joined #linode
17:31adamg lo
17:31tm hi
17:31tizen greetings
17:31tm is there some issue with the network host5 is on?
17:32adamg sighup ping
17:32@sighup host5: ping! ping! ping!
17:32@sighup I haven't seen 'host5', adamg
17:32adamg sighup netping
17:33@sighup PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
17:33@sighup 5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4135ms
17:33adamg it would appear, so I would put in a support ticket, get cakers attention
17:34adamg sighup ping caker
17:34@sighup caker: ping! ping! ping!
17:34@sighup caker was last seen on #linode 3 hours, 14 minutes and 18 seconds ago, saying: npmr: did you look at the cached version? [1107199184]
17:36mikegrb lolz
17:36optikal lol
17:36optikal nice
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17:40rafx what is she doing in that picture?
17:40EFudd bonghit
17:40optikal Gravity Bong
17:43mikegrb hahaha
17:43optikal i needa make one of those suckas
17:44@caker hmm
17:45EFudd whoot. only 4 seconds to "sa-learn --spam --" that time.
17:45EFudd much better than the 45 seconds earlier!
17:46tizen you got no ram left?
17:46EFudd right. :p
17:46EFudd Mem: 187604k total, 173836k used, 13768k free, 19336k buffers
17:46EFudd had the same profile memory-wise for the last year.
17:47--- ---> tm [] has joined #linode
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17:54--- <<-- tm [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
17:54linbot New news from forums: Host5 reboot in System and Network Status
17:56cout hmm, I can't reboot my linode
17:56adamg which host/
17:56EFudd I get almost endless enjoyment out of my wife's cat insisting i play fetch with it on hardwood floors.
17:56cout host5
17:56* adamg is guessing that is due to the host rebooting
17:57cout why is the host rebooting?
17:57adamg view forum, it crashed
17:58cout so will my linode come up on its own or will I have to take some action?
17:59adamg it will come back up
17:59cout cool, thanks
17:59adamg well at lesat it should
18:10--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
18:31--- ---> You_Wish [] has joined #linode
18:32You_Wish caker thanks for your services I had great time in linode, Linode Rules!
18:32You_Wish to this channel thanks for all your guys help I am greatful
18:33You_Wish take care
18:33--- <<-- You_Wish [] has quit (Quit: )
18:33heidi hmm
18:33heidi guess he quit us forever
18:33* adamg guesses he is either cancelling his account or going to drive off a cliff
18:33heidi heh
18:33* heidi thinks he might getting arrested
18:34@caker awww -- Linode Cancel: youwish
18:34heidi hmm
18:35heidi and the day before he would get billed too
18:35@caker "Thanks Thanks for your patents"
18:35@caker you_wish++
18:35heidi heh
18:36adamg sighup linode avail
18:36@caker !kernel
18:36@sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 35] [Linode 96: 28] [Linode 128: 4] [Linode 192: 0] [Linode 256: 0]
18:36linbot caker: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.10; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.11-rc2-bk9; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.11-rc2-mm2.
18:36heidi hmm
18:36@caker sighup: linode avail
18:37@sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 37] [Linode 96: 28] [Linode 128: 4] [Linode 192: 1] [Linode 256: 1]
18:37heidi wonder how long this will last
18:37heidi he has quit before
18:38adamg cakers getting ready for pay day
18:40* tierra|w is reminded he needs to pay rent
18:40tizen so how many linodes are you running in total?
18:40adamg well now that cancellation code is finished, I gues I can get some sleep
18:40guinea-pig hmmm rent
18:40guinea-pig that reminds me, my boss owes me $2k
18:41tierra|w oh man, that reminds me, I was supposed to get paid last friday
18:41heidi oops
18:41tierra|w haha
18:41--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
18:41heidi I need to get a check in the mail for rent
18:41adamg isnt your landlord like next door
18:42* tierra|w wishes his was
18:42heidi adamg: naw he sold the place
18:42guinea-pig i just give it to my roommate... whenever i feel like it. the kid is rich
18:42heidi the landlord is in a diff town
18:42adamg oh
18:42heidi guinea-pig: must be nice
18:42guinea-pig well, rich in that he's working in the computer industry :P
18:43guinea-pig rich in that he makes twice what i do :(
18:43heidi heh
18:43guinea-pig and yet pays the same rent... the jerk
18:43tierra|w does he have the bigger room?
18:43--- <<-- cow [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:44tierra|w there's always a master bedroom... unless you have it, you should make your roommate pay extra for it =)
18:45tierra|w I kind of actually like the smaller room, and have less stuff anyway, and I still charge my roommate more for the master bedroom
18:45adamg caker: are you going to be about tomorrow, to talk?
18:46heidi adamg: caker has stepped away for a couple of hours
18:46adamg ill baddger him tomorrow, guess I should get some sleep, nearly midnight here
18:52--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
18:56--- ---> cow [] has joined #linode
19:21--- <<-- NeonNero [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:25--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
19:57linbot New news from forums: Gentoo, etc-update, fstab, oops. in General Discussion
19:58iggy haha
20:08--- <<-- ossido [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:08--- ---> NeonNero [] has joined #linode
20:13linbot New news from forums: Updating Gentoo from image questions. in General Discussion
20:20--- ---> ossido [] has joined #linode
20:40--- Netsplit <-> quits: rafx, cow, wferrel, cikkolata, linbot, ossido, FesterCouples, walkah, bendy24
20:40--- Netsplit over, joins: ossido, FesterCouples, cow, rafx, walkah, cikkolata, wferrel, bendy24, linbot
21:16--- ---> claviola [] has joined #linode
21:18linbot New news from wiki: Gentoo
21:18--- User: *** claviola is now known as clavizzle
21:23EFudd arg
21:23EFudd whats up with host37?
21:25--- <--- walkah [] has left #linode ()
21:29tizen nothing has been mentioned in here
21:29tizen well
21:29tizen [04:31] <Raizelon> hrm.. Looks like I'm experiencing the same issue on Host37 that
21:29tizen [04:31] <Raizelon> "sarge" on the forums was
21:29tizen [04:32] <Raizelon> re: kernel
21:29tizen that was a while ago
21:30tizen like yesterday morning
21:30EFudd 1question was directed towards random-caker-showings
21:51EFudd arggg
21:53@caker I answered that -- he was looking at the *host* kernel version, not his
21:55* caker looks at host37
21:56@caker hrm
21:57EFudd io seems fonky here again :/
21:57EFudd (and i do relatively little of it.)
22:00--- ---> jax [] has joined #linode
22:03--- <<-- MornHyland [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:10--- <<-- tierra|w [] has quit (Quit: <eco|w> With great promotion causing pseudo-illnesses comes great responsibility.)
22:19@caker EFudd: better now?
22:22jasonf caker: good evening
22:23jax when I cancel my linode, is there anything I need to do other than click cancel?
22:28jasonf caker: did you remove the io limiter on the new cfq-ts hosts?>
22:30--- <<-- FesterCouples [] has quit (Quit: FesterCouples)
22:32--- ---> danielh [] has joined #linode
22:32--- User: *** danielh is now known as nyx
22:32nyx how are we all today?
22:34jax farewell guys, you've been an awesome community, it's you that made linode great
22:34--- <<-- jax [] has quit (Quit: bye linode)
22:35heidi ?
22:35heidi two farewells
22:39--- ---> tierra|h [] has joined #linode
22:39mikegrb heidi: farewell
22:46nyx why are people leaving ?
22:46nyx *sooks*
22:46nyx must be me....
22:46mikegrb nyx: most likely ;)
22:47chris_ grrr
22:47nyx i always do it, i ruin things that are beautiful
22:50--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
22:52tizen sighup linode avail
22:52@sighup Linode availability -- [Linode 64: 35] [Linode 96: 28] [Linode 128: 1] [Linode 192: 1] [Linode 256: 1]
22:54nyx what other things can the bots in here do?
22:54linbot New news from wiki: What Do You Use Linode For?
22:54@caker jasonf: no, the limiter exists everywhere
22:55jasonf caker: then someone posted something wrong in the forums
22:55jasonf they implied the limiter only mattered on old servers w/o cfq-ts
22:55@caker dunno why tierra said that
22:57--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
22:57jasonf caker: do you get more io tokens or anything with the newer kernels
22:58@caker jasonf: not yet
22:59jasonf hrm
23:00cout hmm
23:01cout caker: so what was wrong with host5?
23:01@caker cout: I think it was triggered by someone doing a disk resize .. older kernels seem do do that. The other times hosts have crashed (that wasn't my fault) seem to also be disk related -- like someone doing a migration
23:02@caker very narrow chance of that happening, of course -- but that was one of the last things the host was doing at the time
23:02* caker needs to get netconsole working correctly
23:03nyx :)
23:04nyx howto's are a pain to write :)
23:05mikegrb yes indeed
23:23nyx so whats everyone upto at the moemnt ?
23:24nyx damn lag :/
23:26linbot New news from forums: "yum update" breaks MySQLd 3.23.58-1 on CentOS in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum
23:36--- ---> tjfontaine [] has joined #linode
23:37@caker tjfontaine: woot!
23:37tjfontaine :)
23:53--- <<-- rafx [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:53--- ---> rafx [] has joined #linode
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