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08:08brlinuxonmac | I need to change my linode from 64 to 96
08:09brlinuxonmac | linode
08:10Baka-ken I need to get my Linode set up in the first place. @_@
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08:20Baka-ken !seen caker
08:20linbot Baka-ken: caker was last seen here 2 days, 11 hours, 32 minutes, and 1 second ago saying: <caker> heidi: agreed
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09:54LinuxSynergy | !lstseen caker
09:54ref_ !seen caker
09:54linbot ref_: caker was last seen here 2 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes, and 16 seconds ago saying: <caker> heidi: agreed
09:54LinuxSynergy | !lastoutch
09:54LinuxSynergy | oops
09:54LinuxSynergy | my fingers not woring this morning :)
09:55LinuxSynergy | I'm gonna have to get a Linus VM setup on the bix Z @ work soon LOL
09:55LinuxSynergy | Linux oops
09:56LinuxSynergy | I should just stop typing for now LOL
09:58Baka-ken How long should it take for a linode to be set up?
09:59LinuxSynergy | I dont know. I have been waiting since late thursday night....
09:59LinuxSynergy | I htnk he may have gone away for the weekend. (Just a hunch)
09:59Baka-ken I've only been waiting since yesterday
10:00Baka-ken Bah. Ah well, can't do anything about it.
10:02LinuxSynergy | We are starting to setup Linux VMs on an IBM mainframe. I cant wait to play with that. I wonder how it's going to preform....
10:03Baka-ken Don't look at me. This Linode's going to be a major learning experience for me ^^
10:03LinuxSynergy | Cool! I don't know much about VM stuff in general. I just need a "linode" for a backup mail server and a backup DNS server.
10:04LinuxSynergy | So your new to linx are you?
10:04LinuxSynergy | or just UML?
10:04Baka-ken Kinda, I guess.
10:04Baka-ken I've got a linux box here to use for work (course this term "Java under Unixes")
10:04Baka-ken But I don't exactly know a vast amount about linux, servers, or anything.
10:05LinuxSynergy | Cool. I find it fun because I can get in as deep as I want to with it
10:05* Baka-ken nods
10:06Baka-ken It's going to be good for learning a bunch of things for me. Apache, SQL, PHP...
10:06Baka-ken And how to make do with 64mb of ram :)
10:07LinuxSynergy | The big thing about getting away with 64 MB of ram is not using X windows....
10:08LinuxSynergy | I am using X/Kde right now and I am up to 500MB or so...
10:08LinuxSynergy | But it will live with less than that
10:08Baka-ken 500mb of RAM, you mean, using Kde?
10:08LinuxSynergy | Ya but if I had 256 it would still work ok
10:09Baka-ken I've got 256 in my linux box here
10:09Baka-ken And gnome worked fine when it was on 192 or something because the onboard video stole it.
10:10LinuxSynergy | I am no KDE expert though. I have done mostly console stuff untill about 6 months ago..
10:10* Baka-ken shudders at console =)
10:11Baka-ken I use X if I can, so sshing into the linode to use the console is going to be interesting.
10:11LinuxSynergy | Your a programmer right?
10:11Baka-ken In training.
10:11Baka-ken I'm a student :)
10:12LinuxSynergy | You should have no prolblem. Just need to pick up a few comands and away you go...
10:13LinuxSynergy | There are many webpages on the net that have lots of good info...
10:14Baka-ken The forums on seem useful, too
10:14Baka-ken Lots of guides and things.
10:14Baka-ken Still haven't decided what distro to use on it yet, though I have someone urging me to use Debian "or I'm a fool".
10:15LinuxSynergy | Ya I saw some of that stuff. Seems there is lots of help here... Debian is the one I am goign to use.
10:15Baka-ken It's certainly small =)
10:15LinuxSynergy | Debian is one of the old old distros. It's well made. apt-get is your friend :)
10:15Baka-ken Heh.
10:15Baka-ken I'm using Ubuntu on my box here.
10:16LinuxSynergy | Yes it is but you can make it bigger. apt-get is what you use to install stuff
10:16* Baka-ken nods.
10:16Baka-ken Yeah, I meant that it clearly didn't install a lot by default.
10:17LinuxSynergy | See if you know what you want you can find the package name and then use apt-get to install it. Then you dont have all the other junk that is in the other distros.... I like it that way. :)
10:18* Baka-ken nods
10:18LinuxSynergy | apt-get is easy to use too and the other one is apt-cache ... you can use that to search for package names
10:19LinuxSynergy | Any way I must go....
10:19LinuxSynergy | time to get up and do stuff before it's lunch time eheh
10:19Baka-ken Heh.
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12:41adamg god I am never going to get used to putting sudo in front of commands
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12:45mikegrb !convert 8 eur to usd
12:45linbot mikegrb: 8.0 EUR = 10.288 USD
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14:24adamg ...
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15:23adamg !dns
15:23linbot adamg: (dns <host|ip>) -- Returns the ip of <host> or the reverse DNS hostname of <ip>.
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15:54eric hey all...
15:54eric my webserver is getting DoS'ed by two subnet ranges -- can anyone help me block these ip addresses?
16:02adamg mikegrb had the same issue earlier!
16:02eric were they all ip addresses?
16:03adamg no idea
16:03adamg he used
16:03adamg iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
16:03eric uh yeah
16:03eric thats whats ddosing me
16:03adamg change the range or ip to what you need it to be
16:03adamg that is if you have iptables installed
16:03eric i have the default centos dist
16:03eric i think i have iptab in stalled
16:03adamg try and see
16:04eric yeah im getting dos/ed by and
16:04adamg yeah same as mikegrb, he had 4 ranges hitting him
16:04eric wtf...
16:04mikegrb lolz
16:04eric lol
16:04mikegrb lolz
16:04eric lol
16:04eric hrmm...
16:04eric :P
16:05adamg i just tend to use shorewall
16:06alnr any opinion on inetd vs standalone for running a low traffic proftpd server on debian?
16:06adamg dont run for to insecure
16:06alnr adamg: parse
16:07alnr you mean inetd?
16:07adamg proftpd
16:07eric adamg: do you know what 4 ranges are hitting him?
16:08adamg these Ithink
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 442M packets, 167G bytes)
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> 3750 180K DROP all -- any any anywhere
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> 740 35456 DROP all -- any any anywhere
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> 1484 81631 DROP all -- any any anywhere
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> 3 144 DROP all -- any any anywhere
16:08adamg [17:14] <mikegrb> 2 128 DROP all -- any any anywhere
16:08alnr adamg: not sure i understood, did you say dont run proftpd, cuz proftpd is too insecure?
16:08adamg yep
16:09adamg I dont like anyting that uses plain text for passwords
16:09eric thanks adam
16:09alnr hmm i could limit my ftp to tunneled ftp and just let other users use http
16:10alnr but i do need to ftp upload
16:10eric adamg: how do you get it to display those stats? (like how many bytes were dropped, etc)
16:10adamg sftp?
16:10adamg iptables -L INPUT -v
16:10alnr thats a client right?
16:10alnr that ssh's
16:13alnr anyway i must do server ftp for uploading, if only locked down and available over tunnel for myself. so, any opinion on using inetd which saves proftpd having to be running full time, or standalone which avoids inetd which i heard is exploitable
16:15eric thanks a lot -- i didnt even notice the 3rd ip range hitting me
16:16eric :D
16:19adamg np
16:20adamg tis why I like shorewall no need to remember iptables syntax
16:20eric yeah, i hate the iptables syntax
16:20eric but im using webmin to help me out a bit... :P
16:20eric hehe
16:20eric anyways im goin home -- ttyl boys
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16:29heidi adamg: not four ranges, like 12 or more
16:29heidi they just keep coming
16:29adamg ok four last time I heard
16:29heidi heh
16:29adamg at least they are leaving me alone, or not found me yet
16:29heidi heh
16:30heidi yeah
16:30heidi it sucks
16:30adamg one down, one to go
16:35adamg all done
16:37adamg would be good if caker could block those ranges at the inbound switch
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16:53JonR what's happened to caker...?
16:53SupaDongzu he dropped
16:53SupaDongzu someone slammed the door
16:53JonR ...?
16:54SupaDongzu never baked a cake, have you?
16:54JonR no.
16:55SupaDongzu heh
16:55SupaDongzu it's got some similarities to managing a souffle
16:55SupaDongzu there's a period where it rises, and it's very delicate
16:55JonR I see.
16:55JonR freak.
16:55SupaDongzu any sudden changes in temperature or sudden movements cause it to collapse
16:55SupaDongzu I know.
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16:55EFudd I heard Supa was correct.
16:56EFudd SupaDoongzu++ # Kill of lamer.
16:56SupaDongzu doong?
16:56SupaDongzu what, what's wrong with JonR?
16:56EFudd I type odd.
17:01cow heidi: what ranges was he getting hit by?
17:01cow id like to add them to my firewall just in case the other 8 start hitting me
17:04cow it looks like they're bots just trying to find open proxies
17:04cow and phpbb exploits
17:17adamg so is everyone watching the superbowl then
17:18mikegrb cow: I think you have them all
17:19mikegrb lots of ips, but just those networks
17:19* adamg goes back to setting up his beta testing nodes
17:20* mikegrb beta's adamg's test
17:20adamg you can if you want abt 2 days
17:20adamg or when caker re-appears
17:21mikegrb heh
17:21adamg tis a waiting game
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17:25* adamg waits for the drive images to re-size
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17:32* mikegrb re-sizes adamg
17:32adamg to late!
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18:06adamg FFS
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23:46gambler is linode down? I can't get to my server or login to the admin interface...
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23:47gambler just came up
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