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00:15linbot New news from forums: trying to make PPP conn. from windows with MPPE encryption in Linux Networking
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06:38linbot New news from forums: Host26.... in Feature Request/Bug Report
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09:56tsi hey, if one wanted to acquire a second linode, should one just apply with a new account, or is there some fancy schmancy way to get a second one under the same account?
09:57npmr i think there are some people with one account and multiple linodes
09:57adamg you need to apply for a new account
09:59tsi roger that, will do
09:59tsi this is so much better than colo
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10:08tsi whoever processes my app: can I request that the new linode be in a different data center than host40?
10:08NetWolf i think he is all full
10:08tsi i mean, if feasible
10:09NetWolf caker has said he has no plans for putting more hosts in he
10:09npmr HE has been a bad colo
10:09npmr i think the issue that killed it was power
10:09npmr they wanted way too much money for a 20 amp circuit
10:10npmr an additional one, i mean
10:10NetWolf yes
10:10NetWolf and they like to drop alot
10:10NetWolf when i had a node there
10:10NetWolf it was terriable
10:11NetWolf i was dropped because of other colos in he
10:11NetWolf i had no probs at all when i was at tp
10:11NetWolf i plan to get a node in the enar future once again
10:11npmr HE has also had flakey routes and a few pretty bad cases of port misdirection
10:12* tsi cancels earlier request based on extenuating circumstances
10:12NetWolf yes sure
10:12tsi ;)
10:12NetWolf the host i am on atm mlg
10:12NetWolf is on he
10:12npmr TP's been solid
10:12NetWolf i get pinged out alot
10:12NetWolf yes they also have ALOT more uplinks then he
10:12NetWolf and he run there own backbone
10:12* npmr has been a TP tenant for a year and a half
10:12NetWolf so there are not many choices in routes
10:13NetWolf in the beginning tp hap issues
10:13NetWolf not any more
10:13* npmr was there when host6 was installed
10:14NetWolf hehe
10:14NetWolf mlg was on tp then moved to he
10:14NetWolf :P
10:16NetWolf g2g
10:16NetWolf study hall is ending
10:16NetWolf cya later
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10:41tsi (gendanken) Anyone ever run sshd chroot?
10:41tsi so your users don't see your 'real' filesystem?
10:41mikegrb well you couldn't chroot sshd but you could chroot the login shell
10:41tsi see i was thinking of chrooting the whole shebang
10:42tsi so even if it got h4x0red (not that I don't trust theo or anything), the amount of damage could be limited
10:42tsi you know, like chroot bind
10:43mikegrb right but if you chroot sshd it wouldn't have access to anything outside of it's new root
10:43mikegrb ie libraries logfiles config files
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10:43tjfontaine pam
10:43tsi right, so you make a pretty robust chroot system for your sshd jail
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10:43tsi with, say, busybox and all the config files you need
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11:53adamg !seen caker
11:53linbot adamg: caker was last seen here 3 days, 15 hours, 4 minutes, and 54 seconds ago saying: <caker> heidi: agreed
12:06* adamg waits for caker to appear
12:08npmr doesn't that sort of undermine the goal of running ssh in the first place?
12:08tjfontaine I suppose if you ran it on another ip with the purpose of hosting a shell, perhaps not
12:09npmr i mean, the whole point of chrooting something is to protect "the whole shebang" from vulnerabilities in that thing
12:09npmr if you put "the whole shebang" in a chroot, what have you really accomplished?
12:10tjfontaine agreed
12:10* adamg goes back to sleep
12:11npmr chrooting bind makes some sense because it has a very limited dataset and its services are confined entirely to that dataset
12:11tjfontaine same for things like postfix/amavis
12:11mikegrb npmr: that is what I was thinlomg my love
12:11tjfontaine thinlomg hrm
12:11mikegrb yup
12:12npmr to have is nothing, like, OH MY GOD!
12:12mikegrb that is grb thinking
12:12npmr how poetic
12:12npmr gold star for mikegrb
12:12mikegrb :D
12:24linbot New news from forums: Back up mx servers in Email/SMTP Related Forum
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13:19@caker hello
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13:22tjfontaine hi
13:32adamg hi caker
13:34adamg caker could you view #scanner pls, when you are abt
13:43mikegrb hi
13:44heidi hi
13:54heidi caker: where ya been
13:56mikegrb dead
13:56mikegrb but he is now resurected
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14:44alnr 0 irc 1 thinkn8r 2 e4 mcdougal 02/07 2:42pm
14:44alnr 0 irc 1 thinkn8r 2 e4 mcdougal 02/07 2:42pm
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14:53adamg ...
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15:15* caker has a list of 10 hosts thus far for the upcoming reboot schedule
15:18tjfontaine which?
15:18alnr when?
15:18adamg who, where, why
15:18alnr exactly
15:19@caker alnr: all that will be in the announcement I'll post later today, but I can list which hosts here -- one sec
15:19@caker host2,host6,host13,host15,host20,host26,host28,host29,host31
15:20alnr any change host39?
15:20alnr *chance*
15:21@caker no, why?
15:21alnr i'm on 39
15:21@caker ahh, no you're fine
15:21alnr ok
15:28* adamg waits
15:32adamg hmm he seems slow
15:33tjfontaine ?
15:33adamg ssh seem slow compared to tp
15:34tjfontaine oh HE
15:35alnr which dc is 39
15:36tjfontaine TP
15:36tjfontaine one of the newest hosts
15:38alnr i think my latency got better when i moved to tp (me on east coast)
15:38* alnr wonders what supagongzu would do with a line like that
15:39tjfontaine latency is better for me at TP but HE appeared to have more through put, not that I really care eitherway
15:40alnr i used to use vnc with a graphic oriented IDE
15:40SupaDongzu alnr: ??
15:41alnr the line had joke potential
15:41SupaDongzu or not.
15:41alnr ah cmon
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18:38funkycow dangit! my host's getting rebooted!
18:39guinea-pig coooooooool
18:39funkycow caker: do you know anything about those DoS attacks hitting mikegrb's server and mine?
18:39funkycow im wondering if other people in the subnet range got the same attacks
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19:18mikegrb funkycow: well they aren't dos attacks, they are relay attempts
19:19funkycow well... it wasn't intentionally a dos attack
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19:46Strikeh hey... caker/any staff about?
19:47tjfontaine (not staff) what seems to be the issue
19:49Strikeh just trying to figure out how easy it is to remove an extra ip once you buy it
19:49Strikeh as there's nothing on the web to remove em, only to buy em :-(
19:50mikegrb just submit a ticket
19:50Strikeh kk
19:50Strikeh don't want to atm, just wondering for the future
19:50Strikeh ;-p
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21:21mikegrb <-- Valentine's Day RAM
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