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09:19zavier hello
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10:05adamg !seen caker
10:05linbot adamg: caker was last seen here 1 day, 18 hours, 44 minutes, and 17 seconds ago saying: <caker> ahh, no you're fine
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10:18cout_ seems my linode ran out of memory yesterday at around 6:30am (give or take 15 minutes)
10:18cout_ any ideas on how I can track that down for next time it happens?
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12:18npmr caker, what do you make of this: ?
12:19npmr caker, there's been a gradual increase in swap usage since reboot, which is just a few days before the data begins
12:20mikegrb npmr: kernel swapping stuff out that hasn't been used
12:20npmr right, but why the buildup of dirty pages?
12:21mikegrb because your kernel is a dirty old man
12:21npmr hardy har... no really, why should there be a gradual accumulation of this stuff?
12:21mikegrb dunno
12:22npmr i/o bandwidth and loadavg haven't had that growth characteristic, so it's not really much of a concern
12:23npmr but i don't know whether i should expect a sudden explosion in disk activity or something once swap usage crosses some critical point
12:23mikegrb for what it's worth I believe I've seen that when I had mrtg graphing swap
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13:25Toger So, how does the Linode Plan Upgrade procedure work?
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13:28adamg Toger, support meet a support ticket asking for an upgrade
13:28tjfontaine you submit a ticket, and when its ready you'll see a button that will take care of the migration
13:28Toger adamg: did that.
13:28Toger tjfontaine: ah, ok.
13:28Toger Will my IP change?
13:28tjfontaine if you have to change DC's yes
13:29adamg what are you wanting to upgrade to?
13:29Toger 64 -> 96
13:29adamg which dc?
13:29Toger host21, wherever that is.
13:29tjfontaine HE I believe
13:30adamg yeah think 24 was the last one there
13:30adamg caker is probably waiting for a linode to become free ther
13:30tjfontaine there is a possibility you'll have new ips
13:31Toger doh, that'll mean the migration will have more impacts.
13:31adamg hmm fresh coffee
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15:59Artifex !seen caker
15:59linbot Artifex: caker was last seen here 2 days, 0 hours, 37 minutes, and 59 seconds ago saying: <caker> ahh, no you're fine
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16:07linbot New news from forums: Rate-limiting processes? in Performance and Tuning
16:15Artifex ok
16:15Artifex so
16:15Artifex i ordered a second node
16:15Artifex received an invoice and a charge receipt
16:15Artifex and my card has been charged
16:15Artifex but
16:15Artifex account does not seem to be active yet
16:16Artifex hasnt QUITE been the full 48 hours yet... but getting there :-)
16:18Artifex considering my first node took all of 20 minutes.... this seems a little odd
16:18Artifex :-)
16:18heidi not lately
16:18heidi he is getting overwhelmed with customers and such
16:19Artifex also, you'd think that considering i ordered for a full year, and have been a faitfull existing customer, there'd be some priority there....
16:19Artifex eh, but maybe that's just idealistic dreaming :-)
16:21heidi he just got back in town from being gone for two weeks
16:21heidi I think he has a lot of cleanup to do
16:22Artifex well, the signup page said 48 hours... so I'll give him that
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16:24Artifex i'm not trying to be problematic or anything, just have a project that needs to get underway, and everythings on hold in the interim :-)
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16:24origin2k Does anyone know where to get the 2.6.10 uml patch?
16:25origin2k Hello
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16:26tierra|w <- probably somewhere in there
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17:41Padraig hi
17:41Padraig I have an emergency on my quickly do the tickets get answered?
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17:47tizen depends
17:47tizen anyways we can help you?
17:48tizen i don't know how to get them picked up fasted
17:48tizen faster
17:48Padraig hi ok
17:48tizen !seen cajker
17:48linbot tizen: I have not seen cajker.
17:48tizen !seen caker
17:48linbot tizen: caker was last seen here 2 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes, and 13 seconds ago saying: <caker> ahh, no you're fine
17:48Padraig wow
17:48Padraig I should have known that command lol
17:48Padraig anyway a client of mine
17:49Padraig logged in and stole my software that I run for him
17:49Padraig and installed it on another linode
17:49Padraig and didn't pay me for it
17:49tizen ... ok.
17:49Padraig I submitted a ticket to linode
17:50tizen Well, I don't know what you expect to get, but you'll deffinately need Caker.
17:50Padraig yeah ok
17:50Padraig I know what I want but I'll talk to caker about it
17:50Padraig I just thought he might be on
17:50tizen he might be, he's just quiet
17:50mikegrb lolz
17:50tizen lol
17:52Padraig ok
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18:28tjfontaine I don't know what he expects caker to do about it
18:29heidi shrug
18:30heidi well if he could prove that it is his and the guy was in a contract to pay if he used it, then caker could take the other linode away
18:30heidi thats about it
18:31heidi if there is a contract, the guy could file a lawsuit, but that wouldn't have anything to do with caker
18:31tjfontaine I don't think caker has any jurisdiction/right to suspend or carry out any penalty on the other account
18:32heidi i dont think so either
18:32tjfontaine as far as caker is concerned as long as each account is following his own terms of service theres not much recourse that can happen from cakers end
18:32heidi but i dont really know much
18:32heidi right
18:32tierra|w I don't think he can do anything until Padraig takes it to court, and an order is brought down
18:32tjfontaine it would certainly have to be taken care of in a more civil/legal binding arbitration
18:34heidi michael said the guy would need an injunction to shut down th node
18:35heidi that would be until a permanent ruling was made
18:36adamg and you would have to ask why this other guy had access to his linode anyway and why the sw was so easy to nick
18:37heidi yeah
18:38heidi well, the guy was his customer
18:38heidi so that explains the first part
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19:08tsi oh man debian is so... bsd
19:09tjfontaine is so kick ass
19:10pdx6 debian is actually pretty linux
19:10pdx6 now slackware...
19:10tsi i can't deal with these init scripts!
19:10pdx6 then start everything by hand
19:11tjfontaine ugh, sysv is da bomb
19:11tsi I was thinking, "oh man! after all these years i can try debian for my backup ns/mx!"
19:11tsi 2 minutes into booting and i've already given up
19:11tsi ;P
19:11tjfontaine hp-ux has init scripts
19:11tjfontaine in favor of?
19:11tsi redhat
19:12tjfontaine hah
19:12* tsi 50% serious, 50% troll
19:12tjfontaine redhat has init scripts as well
19:12tjfontaine /etc/init.d/ -> /etc/rc.d/init.d/
19:12* mikegrb distills tjfontaine with adobe distiller
19:12tjfontaine o0
19:13tsi right but rh's scripts make SENSE
19:13tsi ;P
19:13tsi and you never have to edit them!
19:13tjfontaine um
19:13tsi i guess that's more a stab at slack
19:13tjfontaine you don't have to edit deb
19:13tjfontaine ln -s /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d /usr/sbin/service
19:13tjfontaine and its RH
19:14tjfontaine and /etc/sysconfig is for the most part /etc/default/
19:15tjfontaine not to mention apt-get in its original enviroment, as compared to trying to fix dep hell
19:15tsi yeah I know all about apt-get
19:15tjfontaine apt4rpm < real apt-get in debian
19:15tsi and i'd love to have that, but i frankly don't want to learn a new distro unless i'm on the clock
19:15tjfontaine dependency management is better held by urpmi in Mandrake
19:15tjfontaine linux is linux is linux
19:16tsi except for the parts that aren't
19:16tjfontaine if you say so
19:30Artifex yah, really the only differences between distributions are package management and preinstalled packages
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19:31Artifex and occasionally some philosophical quirks, like w/ gentoo
19:31* Artifex shrugs
19:31]p]Griswald hrm...
19:31]p]Griswald any reason why my node would complain about disk space?
19:31]p]Griswald Avail: 1.5 GB
19:32]p]Griswald Host 13
19:37tierra|w is that 1.5GB partitioned and formatted
19:37]p]Griswald it's part of the partition
19:38guinea-pig which partition?
19:38]p]Griswald from df:
19:38]p]Griswald /dev/ubda 4.8G 3.4G 1.5G 71% /
19:38]p]Griswald it's the only partition ;P
19:38tierra|w how about inodes? df -i
19:38]p]Griswald besides swap
19:38]p]Griswald IFree: 0
19:38]p]Griswald ???
19:38tierra|w yep
19:38]p]Griswald I never heard of inodes...
19:38tierra|w you use Maildir format mail?
19:39]p]Griswald mail dosen't work on the node
19:39]p]Griswald failed many times trying to install various ones :P
19:39tierra|w well, something on your linode is creating massive amounts of files
19:39]p]Griswald hmm...
19:40]p]Griswald any suggestions on how to find out what?
19:40tierra|w inodes is where the filesystem saves file information...
19:40tierra|w hmm... finding out where you have thousands of files in one directory and figuring out whats creating them
19:41tierra|w for most people, that's usually Maildir (which creates one file per email sent/received)
19:41]p]Griswald yeah, but the machine dosen't handle mail at all
19:41tierra|w checking up on /var/spool could be a good idea
19:42]p]Griswald any incoming mail/whatever is handled by my POP3 server elsewhere
19:42tierra|w yeah, but that could mean spam is getting stuck in the queue
19:42tierra|w through whatever SMTP server your running
19:43tierra|w if it's not mail, I don't know what to tell you... do you run squid actually
19:43tierra|w ?
19:43]p]Griswald drwxrwx--- 2 mail mail 8564736 Feb 9 19:42 clientmqueue/
19:43]p]Griswald no, no squid
19:43]p]Griswald I can't even ls in that dir :P
19:43]p]Griswald /var/spool/clientmqueue/
19:43tierra|w ls | wc -l?
19:44]p]Griswald still taking forever :X
19:44]p]Griswald though, I did an rm -fr clientmqueue on it
19:44]p]Griswald waited a few seconds
19:44]p]Griswald cancelled it with CTRL+C
19:44tierra|w heh... alright, well, that would be the problem then I guess
19:45]p]Griswald 188K IFree
19:45]p]Griswald yeah
19:45guinea-pig be careful blindly rm'ing things
19:45]p]Griswald it just finished listing
19:45tierra|w yeah
19:45]p]Griswald yeah
19:45]p]Griswald I know :)
19:45]p]Griswald 163027
19:45]p]Griswald :X
19:45tierra|w 163,000 files?
19:45]p]Griswald yeah
19:45mikegrb lolz
19:45]p]Griswald lol
19:45tierra|w that would definately fill up your inodes
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19:46]p]Griswald XD
19:47]p]Griswald does postmaster or sendmail write to that dir? o.o
19:47tierra|w I can't believe I just fielded that problem so quick, fast, and nailed the problem right on... I don't typically know that much about linux to do that that good
19:47mikegrb lolz
19:47]p]Griswald lol
19:48]p]Griswald I've never known about Inodes though XD
19:48]p]Griswald so that makes me more of a n00b
19:48]p]Griswald ;D
19:48tierra|w any MTA uses /var/spool I believe... I don't know which your using...
19:48tierra|w heh
19:48]p]Griswald well, the last thing I tried for mail was sendmail
19:48]p]Griswald :P
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19:49]p]Griswald because everything else failed
19:49]p]Griswald so I just kept fucking it up worse and worse
19:49tierra|w yeah, probably the result of a misconfigured sendmail filling up /var/spool
19:49guinea-pig /var/spool/ is for m[4~ore than just mail, though
19:49]p]Griswald :P
19:49tierra|w true
19:49]p]Griswald it's only the clientmqueue thats full
19:49guinea-pig cron, cups, lpd, etc
19:50]p]Griswald and mqueue
19:50]p]Griswald so I assume it's all mail related
19:50guinea-pig one would assume mqueue is short for mail queue
19:50tierra|w how long ago were you playing with sendmail?
19:50]p]Griswald quite a while ago
19:50* tierra|w is curious as to how long it took to fill up your inodes
19:50]p]Griswald :)
19:50]p]Griswald about a month ago
19:50mikegrb lolz
19:50]p]Griswald lol
19:50tierra|w sounds about right
19:52tierra|w yeah, you'll want to check up on sendmail then and get it cleanly installed or uninstalled
19:52tierra|w so that doesn't happen again
19:52]p]Griswald :)
19:52tierra|w or take the lazy route, and setup a cron job to clean out that folder every night =)
19:52mikegrb lolz
19:52]p]Griswald lol
19:52tierra|w at least do the second suggestion until you get sendmail off of there
19:53]p]Griswald it's called rpm --erase sendmail
19:53]p]Griswald XD
19:54tierra|w rpm hell... in my experience, it never installs or uninstalls any package completely or cleanly (hence why I'm sure sendmail did that to you)
19:54tierra|w heh
19:54tierra|w anyway, at least you know what's up now
19:58]p]Griswald :)
19:58NetWolf !seen caker
19:58linbot NetWolf: caker was last seen here 2 days, 4 hours, 37 minutes, and 12 seconds ago saying: <caker> ahh, no you're fine
20:04]p]Griswald well
20:05]p]Griswald sendmail is now fully uninstalled
20:05]p]Griswald rpm of course, didn't uninstall it
20:05]p]Griswald :P
20:06tierra|w heh
20:29]p]Griswald oh yeah, and uh... thanks for the help, tierra|w :)
20:29]p]Griswald tierra|w++
20:29tierra|w np
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21:35tjfontaine Artifex: agreed
21:43Artifex tjfontaine: slowpoke
21:44mikegrb tjfontaine: agreed
21:44tjfontaine Artifex: had company over, sorry
21:44tjfontaine mikegrb: that I am a slowpoke?
21:44--- ---> sunny [] has joined #linode
21:44mikegrb yoo better be
21:44mikegrb no
21:44tjfontaine Artifex: I need my W2 :)
21:44mikegrb teh linux
21:44* mikegrb W2's tjfontaine
21:44tjfontaine mikegrb: oh
21:47Artifex tjfontaine: i cant really help you with that... call perry :-)
21:48tjfontaine heh
21:48--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
21:48tjfontaine can do
21:51mikegrb Elapsed Time: 0h13m19s
21:52mikegrb heidi's been on the phone a while
21:52tjfontaine o0
21:52mikegrb have to wait for her so I can restart my torrent ;)
21:52tjfontaine heh
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22:29tizen hehe, Feb 9th... And I've used 195mb of transfer... I think my concerns about lack of bandwidth were a little overboard
22:30tjfontaine As of Thu Feb 10 03:30:16 2005 you are currently UNDER your set limit (80%).
22:30tjfontaine Input Bytes Xfer: 2.66 GiBs
22:30tjfontaine Otput Bytes Xfer: 14.09 GiBs
22:30tjfontaine ------------------------
22:30tjfontaine Total Bytes Xfer: 16.74 GiBs of 75.00 available.
22:30tjfontaine EFudd++
22:44]p]Griswald Total: 6.99 GB
22:49--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:02mikegrb Total Bytes Xfer: 14.89 GiBs of 75.00 available.
23:02mikegrb tj wins
23:02npmr i've used less than 1
23:13EFudd Total Bytes Xfer: 20.18 GiBs of 75.00 available.
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