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00:00@caker <-- damn.
00:00* caker wants
00:18gloin so any slots for a 64 open at HE yet?
00:18* gloin is anxious to get off TP
00:19jasonf gloin: why?
00:20gloin long story jasonf
00:20gloin =]
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00:24Newsome caker: That a raid box?
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08:14ppdorapa2 caker ? are you there ?
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08:52alsh I am coming from #debian (on freenode) -- bad experience... I am trying get the idea of how to run apache2 with https. I was suggested to use stunnel and Apache-SSL. But can I do with apache2 and mod_ssl? Can you point to documentation where it is discussed? I have looked at but it only say about too general (cryptography) and at the same time too...
08:52alsh ...specific things (reference to mod_ssl directives). What do I miss here?
08:53* BurtyB wonders how this is a linode thing
08:54alsh Okay, in other words: Does anyone use apache2 and mod_ssl here?
08:55alsh Or is it a bad idea?
08:57alsh BurtyB: Now I understand what you mean :-) Because I am using #linode and got some helpfull suggestions here before. Is that enough?
08:57alsh I mean I am a Linode customer.
08:57satya1 we're offtopic all the time
08:58BurtyB just seemed funny saying you had come from #debian to here
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09:01alsh #debian was really bad. Some people was just rude saying I am lamer that I don't know how to get https and apache2 working. Others refused to give any hints before I ask hundred specific questions. I am not saying that all #debian members are bad. But some seems to spoil all the channel.
09:02Redgore alsh: thats the world of the debian community :P
09:02alsh :-) Why is that?
09:02Redgore who knows
09:03satya1 i don't know how to get apache2 and mod
09:03Redgore its just the minority though, and the minority seem to be in #debian on freenode
09:03satya1 _ssl ... oh bah
09:03* satya1 is debian user
09:03* BurtyB just read the docs and followed the config files on gentoo for it... and it worked
09:03Redgore I have debian on my linode
09:03Redgore im a slacker by nature though
09:04npmr alsh, i am using apache 1.3 and mod_ssl
09:04npmr i imagine not much has changed in how that works with apache 2
09:05alsh BurtyB: What docs?
09:06BurtyB alsh no idea, i would have googled most likely
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09:08alsh npmr: Probably not much... Have you read just docs from apache?
09:08npmr yeah
09:08npmr just the module documentation
09:08npmr i started with a boilerplate VirtualHost configuration, too
09:08npmr basically, in your VirtualHost, you need the following
09:08npmr SSLEngine On
09:09npmr SSLCertificateFile <path to your cert file>
09:09npmr SSLCertificateKeyFile <path to your key file>
09:09alsh (aha)
09:10npmr and then if you want:
09:10npmr SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown
09:10npmr ^-- ha ha internet explorer
09:10npmr in your httpd.conf, you really only need the appropriate LoadModule directive
09:11npmr everything else is in the vhost
09:11alsh npmr: Thank you. I am reading through apache2 docs to find about directives you mention. (is that SetEnvIf stuff to ban IE?)
09:12npmr no, it's to deal with IE's crappy SSL implementation
09:12kvandivo it's one thing to joke about ie.. it would be rather harsh to actually ban them
09:12npmr the rest of those directives provided by mod_ssl may be of interest later
09:12npmr but you only need those three to get started
09:12npmr and a cert, obviously
09:13npmr also, if your key file is passphrase protected apache will prompt you for the passphrase at startup
09:13* satya1 was trying to redirect all IE hits to a page saying please use a better browser
09:13npmr satya1, mod_rewrite
09:13satya1 yes
09:14satya1 for some reason it didn't work for me
09:14npmr RewriteCond %{USER_AGENT} *MSIE*
09:14satya1 i forget why
09:14alsh npmr: I need openssh to generate cert, don't I?
09:14npmr RewriteRule .* /useabetterbrowser.html
09:14satya1 :)
09:14satya1 openssl, shirley?
09:14npmr alsh, openssl
09:14npmr and cert are a total pain in the ass
09:15alsh npmr: You mean to deal with them?
09:16npmr to manage, yeah
09:17npmr the easiest way to do it is to go buy one from one of the cheap vendors
09:17npmr but even then you have to know absolutely for sure what the hostname of your server will be
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09:18npmr if you're still developing a working apache config, you might not have that yet
09:34alsh npmr: Of course I don't have. I decided to defer dealing with certificates. Should it be possible to create keys that will trigger that window saying "oh, this key is not signed. This site is bad etc. etc."? I think it is possible (reading through openssl docs...).
09:39BurtyB you need to generate the CSR to send to the company that signs it so you'll still need openssl
09:45satya1 yeah, self-signed keys make that pop up
09:45satya1 i think
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10:49ppdorapa2 caker ?
11:01tsi pier
11:04SupaZubon mmmmmm, caaaaaaake....
11:04Redgore SupaZubon: no eating the staff :P
11:05SupaZubon :<
11:05SupaZubon but he is moist and delicious!!
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14:12linbot New news from forums: Disabling ipv6 in Linux Networking <>
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14:38@mikegrb asdfg: welcome
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14:46kvandivo asdfg: goodbye
14:46alsh asdf ran away...
14:46alsh +g
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15:07alsh npmr: Unfortunately I was interrupted and wasn't able to do things that you've described (about https, keys, apache etc.). But I as soon as I do I will go back and say thank you. :-)
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15:32itamarjp hi
15:37Surferdude Hello
15:38itamarjp hi
15:38Surferdude Looking for mikegrb or caker i presume? :P
15:38itamarjp no
15:38itamarjp Are you work at linode ?
15:38Surferdude No, but they do
15:39itamarjp do you have a vps at linode ?
15:39Surferdude .
15:40Surferdude Proud owner of a Linode 96. :)
15:40npmr likewise
15:43Surferdude No availability now... heh
15:54@caker <--'s new storage server (I wish)
15:55@caker the virtual tour thing is neat (flash)
16:03Surferdude *drool*
16:03* mikegrb flashes Surferdude
16:03Surferdude Exceptional flexibility and scalability. The current physical storage capacity of the DS8000 series system can range from 1.1TB to 192TB of physical capacity, and it has an architecture designed to scale over a petabyte.
16:03Surferdude that is cray. 192 TB
16:04Surferdude *crazy
16:05EFudd caker, at least a few years ago, various DataCenters were testing 'leasing' storage off of units like that DS8k to residents in the center....
16:06EFudd i can't imagine it was cost-effective for the end-user, but....
16:07@mikegrb caker: "low cost on demand storage"
16:07@mikegrb caker: we need four
16:07@caker I've been looking at building a number of 16 or 24 disk SATA raid boxes w/ 3ware cards
16:07@mikegrb it goes to a petabyte
16:07Surferdude "virtulization software allows you to run more than one ds8000 at at time" <----- Sounds right up caker's alley
16:07@mikegrb with extra cabinets for more disk
16:08@caker IBM has less expensive midlevel boxes starting at like $60k (DS4000, I think?)
16:08EFudd You effectivly have 2 choices for disk at the enterprise level.
16:08EFudd 1, build your own.
16:08EFudd 2, buy something like an HDS 9200 lightning or equiv
16:08EFudd er, entry-level enterprise, I should say.
16:08EFudd 1 has it's own issues....
16:08EFudd 2 has cost.
16:08EFudd but yeah, if I wre you, and oculd, I'd ponder those caker, or say, ntap units that support iscsi.
16:08EFudd SAN isn't cost effective.
16:09EFudd CIFS/NFS has performance issues
16:09@mikegrb cake 16:08:51 EFudd | but yeah, if I wre you, and oculd, I'd ponder those caker, or say, ntap units that support iscsi.
16:09@mikegrb er caker
16:09@caker I think SAN isn't an option for what I need to do
16:09@mikegrb iscsi!
16:09EFudd iSCSI is an interim fit that should fit whatcher looking for.
16:09EFudd caker, I agree.
16:09EFudd Until HBAs are "standard" on mobo's like, uh, USB.
16:09EFudd the corollary is that, well network is standard...........
16:09@mikegrb caker: the domains could talk straight to the storage server rather then going through the host at all!
16:09EFudd That's just begging for trouble.
16:09EFudd I wouldn't do /that/
16:10@mikegrb heh
16:10EFudd keep that abstracted from the lusers.
16:10@caker mikegrb: that's one way to do it -- but, the domains would have to run an initrd to do iscsi root
16:10@mikegrb ja
16:10EFudd Uhm.......
16:10@caker looks like the fix for our Xen memory problem was just posted!
16:11EFudd too bad NFS wouldn't quite do it......
16:11EFudd and too bad the product i'm thinking of doesn't do iscsi yet...
16:11EFudd and also too bad I can't mention the damned company cause of NDA. cause it'd fit your pricerange/cabinet sizing requirements/performance levels
16:11@caker I admit, I'm a little leary of hardware RAID. My only experience with it wasn't so hot
16:11EFudd Er.
16:11EFudd Forget that.
16:11linbot Okay.
16:11EFudd You probably had shitty hardware.
16:12@caker EFudd: I think it was more lack of good Linux support (a Promise SCSI-wide-crazy-ultra-mega card thing a number of years ago)
16:12EFudd Ugh
16:12EFudd You said "promise".
16:12@caker SmartRAID, I think
16:12EFudd It was most definately the hardware. linsux was just icing.
16:12EFudd Right.
16:12* BurtyB *hugs* 3ware
16:12EFudd Anytime marketing attaches "smart" to something, be leary.
16:12@caker it's sitting in a box in my closet
16:13EFudd 3ware is option #1. above...
16:13EFudd which isn't really recommended, I guess. :)
16:13@caker what's not recommended?, build your own?
16:13EFudd Yeah.
16:13@caker hmm .. for obvious reasons, I suppose
16:13EFudd It's just a fucking pain adminstration wise.
16:13EFudd cost is there, sure.
16:14EFudd then again, the difference in $100k for 10TB and 10k for 10TB...
16:14@caker right
16:14@caker pretty close to that
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16:14@caker We're at 8TB now just for existing plan levels + total usage
16:14EFudd Yeah, and all on local-disk.
16:14@caker split between two DCs
16:14EFudd Damn fucking pain.
16:14linbot New news from forums: bad experience with credit card processing co.... in /dev/random <>
16:15EFudd With that said. Small suggsetion caker.
16:15EFudd Do not EVER boot your hosts from off-local-disk.
16:15@caker Plus, I'd really want redundancy down to the actual box, so that's 2x everything
16:15EFudd It's just not worth the troubles you'll run into long-term.
16:15@caker EFudd: no diskless booting?
16:15EFudd yup. correct.
16:15EFudd I've seen wayyyy too strong arguments against it by our conslutting gods at Glasshouse.
16:15@caker ok, noted
16:15EFudd "Neat Trick. Like a hat, and a rabbit."
16:16EFudd with that said...
16:16EFudd an OS on, say, a CF card, well, then it's ok to use over-the-net.
16:16@mikegrb lolz
16:16Surferdude lol
16:16EFudd you just always should be able to troubleshoot the physical hardware with 'local' boot options.
16:20@caker :)
16:20xptek So, you guys expect to allow new orders tomorrow?
16:21@caker xptek: likely not, mabye in a week or so
16:21EFudd caker, that's WAYY too many U's for that much disk.
16:21xptek Bleh, alright.
16:21@caker I'll need to allocate one of the new boxes towards UML, instead of Xen beta testing accounts
16:21EFudd Once you cross the ~24 disk capacity, the disks should reside top-accessible, vs front accessable.
16:21@caker xptek: what account are you looking for?
16:21xptek I'm looking for the $19 one.
16:21xptek Just for IRCd hosting.
16:21@caker EFudd: yeah, that's over the top -- I think most I'd do in one box is 12/16/24
16:22@caker xptek: one sec, let me see if I can open a slot
16:22xptek Alright
16:23@caker xptek: ok, look again - better grab it quick
16:24xptek Alright
16:24* xptek goes
16:24xptek Stupid verification email.
16:24* xptek taps foot
16:28@mikegrb lolz
16:28Surferdude lol
16:29Surferdude What ircd are you using Xptec?
16:34xptek Not sure yet.
16:34@mikegrb lolz
16:34xptek Alright, grabbed it.. lol
16:36xptek At this point I really don't have a favourite IRCd..
16:36@mikegrb lolz
16:36xptek I've messed with them
16:37Surferdude Unreal works best IMO
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16:37xptek I use Unreal right now, but I've been watching InspIRCd closely.
16:37xptek It has all the features that Unreal has, but it's modular.
16:39Surferdude Hm... never heard of that one
16:39xptek The first beta was released last week, but it's pretty new.
16:41@mikegrb hybrid rules all ;)
16:41@mikegrb lolz
16:41xptek lol
16:41xptek This Linode CP is pretty spiffy. :D
16:46tierra caker calls it the LPM .. Linode Platform Manager
16:46tierra and yeah, it's pretty nice
16:46@caker SmartLPM :)
16:46@caker j/k
16:46xptek I call it ownage. ;)
16:46tierra definately
16:46@caker xptek: word
16:46@mikegrb lolz
16:46Surferdude lol
16:47@mikegrb SmartCake
16:47* mikegrb just had strawberry shortcake
16:47@mikegrb mmm cake
16:47@mikegrb lolz
16:47Surferdude lol
16:47@mikegrb now to step outside for some 'fresh' air
16:47Surferdude Speaking of fresh air.... hmmm
16:48Surferdude !weather 19002
16:48linbot Surferdude: The current temperature in Ambler, Pennsylvania (19002) is 65\xB0F (4:55 PM EDT on April 14, 2005). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 28%. Dew Point: 31\xB0F. Wind: ENE at 13 mph (20 km/h). Pressure: 30.05 in (1018 hPa). Visibility: 7.0 miles (11.3 kilometers). UV: 3 out of 16
16:49xptek !weather 83709
16:49linbot xptek: The current temperature in Boise, Idaho (83709) is 48\xB0F (2:53 PM MDT on April 14, 2005). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 25\xB0F. Pressure: 30.28 in (1025 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 8 out of 16
16:49xptek Lovely.
16:49Surferdude mmm.... probably should get on my bike. Gotta run the mile this coming monday >_>
16:49xptek I want 65Updated: ImageMagick.i386 0: curl.i386 0:7.12.1-5.rhel4 gdk-pixbuf.i386 1:0.22.0-16.el4 gtk2.i386 0:2.4.13-14 krb5-libs.i386 0:1.3.4-12 mysql.i386 0:4.1.10a-1.RHEL4.1 mysql-server.i386 0:4.1.10a-1.RHEL4.1 telnet.i386 1:0.17-31.EL4.2 up2date.i386 0:
16:49xptek Complete!
16:49xptek [root@li11-195 ~]#
16:49xptek errrr
16:49xptek Wrong paste. :D
16:49Surferdude lolo
16:49Surferdude what distro are you using?
16:49--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
16:50xptek CentOS right now, since I'm familiar with it.
16:50xptek I'll probably look at something else if I have time
16:50Surferdude heh, ditto
16:59Surferdude stupid question: whats the diffrence between apt-get and yum?
16:59SupaZubon yum is the yellowdog port of apt-get to RPMs
16:59SupaZubon most apt-get distros have more packages available though
17:00Surferdude oh
17:00SupaZubon since the RPM-derived distros work by selling you CDs
17:00SupaZubon neale is also | on his way to being the new jordanb
17:00SupaZubon mcm
17:00SupaZubon sorry
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17:35--- ---> randallman [~rshutt@] has joined #linode
17:35randallman Hallo
17:35randallman Anyone here having serious speed issues with thier linode right about now?
17:35randallman Caker around?
17:36@caker randallman: you're 180M into swap and have hit the IO limiter
17:36randallman Oh nifty :)
17:36randallman Thanks :)
17:37--- ---> jekil [] has joined #linode
17:37randallman swap swap swap
17:37randallman Ya know the best part is, Im not doing *anything* on the machine most of the time :)
17:37randallman ahh spamd and apache are eating memory
17:38randallman mysql isnt being exactly kind either
17:39Surferdude Linode 64?
17:39randallman 128
17:40randallman *shrug*
17:40Surferdude Weird
17:40randallman Thing is, all I do on the host is run horde, qmail, spam assassin, and mysql
17:40randallman for 1 user :0
17:40randallman since optimumonline wont let me host smtp locally
17:40@caker randallman: <-- mysql config for small memory footprint
17:41ironie what distro?
17:41randallman deb
17:41randallman woody
17:41randallman I have a similar but not identical mysql conf
17:41--- ---> thoth39 [] has joined #linode
17:41@caker cool
17:41randallman Ill merge that with mine, thanks caker
17:41ironie go figure i run all that plus on a 64 and sometimes it does thrash. but no more hten i would expect
17:41Godsey cogent just called me @ work :)
17:42randallman spamd looks to be eating an inordinate amount of ram as well
17:42Godsey asked if we were interested in $2200/mo for 100Meg and a cabner
17:42randallman I didnt realize that there were limits to how hard I could trash my linode :)
17:42Godsey er cabnet
17:42Godsey I wonder how they make any money
17:42BurtyB i thought it was clognet?
17:42@caker randallman: yeah, there's a token-bucket limiter on IO requests to keep thrashers from storming the entire host
17:43randallman :) :) sorry
17:43@caker hehe
17:43randallman I didnt mean to be a thrasher! ;p
17:43@caker swap happens.
17:43randallman esp. in 128M
17:43randallman :)
17:43BurtyB nout wrong with abit of thrash :P
17:44Godsey long as you're not in the same room as the drives it's ok right?
17:44randallman Oh nice
17:44randallman I have a spamd zombified
17:44randallman root 11883 239 0 Apr12 ? 00:00:05 [spamd] <defunct>
17:44Godsey kill it's parent, it's a bad family!
17:44randallman Yeah
17:44randallman fambly
17:47EFudd randall, spampd/spamd is a nasty nasty memory hog.
17:47EFudd it uses up ~100mb of memory on my -192... switch to dspam :)
17:48randallman dspam?
17:48randallman fudd heh
17:48randallman Long time no see
17:48EFudd google, y0.
17:48EFudd laugh.
17:48EFudd ~30 minutes!
17:48randallman haw
17:48* EFudd types /lastlog
17:48EFudd o. 1.5hrs.
17:48randallman Yeah go figure
17:48randallman time keeps on slippin, into the future
17:48EFudd i've yet to switch to dspam, but intend to.
17:49randallman ahh dspam replaces all of spam assassin?
17:49EFudd each of my spampd's, 6 currently spawned, use ~13-20Mb of memory each.
17:49EFudd yeah, and is supposedly much better.
17:49randallman Yeah
17:49EFudd but /shrug.
17:49EFudd afk.
17:49randallman I didnt bother to see if it were all shared mem or whatevre
17:49randallman but it hogs :)
18:03randallman Anyway, thanks cake
18:03randallman r
18:04randallman It was so I/O bound I couldnt even get in to debug what was going on :)
18:04randallman Catch ya around
18:04--- <<-- randallman [~rshutt@] has quit (Quit: later)
18:12--- ---> HarleyPig [] has joined #linode
18:15HarleyPig Any chance of Linode accepting paypal payments?
18:17tjfontaine not in the near future, but you can use a virtual paypal cc
18:17HarleyPig What is a virtual pp cc?
18:17itamarjp how to use virtual paypal cc ?
18:18tjfontaine it's a virtual credit card, I redirect you to the site for information
18:32BurtyB are the dns resolvers down atm
18:32BurtyB and .65 .. neither seem to be replying
18:32BurtyB err 66
18:39@caker BurtyB:
18:39* BurtyB searched for resolver and found nout
18:39* BurtyB will ammend
18:50--- <<-- tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:51--- ---> tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has joined #linode
18:52--- <<-- tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has quit (Quit: )
18:53--- <<-- StephenV [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:53--- <<-- HarleyPig [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:54--- ---> tizen [tiz@ADent8215.ResNet.Dal.Ca] has joined #linode
19:12--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:13--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:21--- Netsplit <-> quits: sunny, weasel
19:32Surferdude anyone farmiliar with
19:36linbot New news from forums: Backup in Sales Questions and Answers <>
19:37@caker :/
19:38@mikegrb lolz
19:38BurtyB lol "cake"
19:38BurtyB damn you mikegrb
19:38Newsome author "cake" ?
19:39@caker thief!
19:39Surferdude caker should ban him for stealing his nick
19:39@mikegrb lolz
19:39Surferdude lol
19:39SupaZubon er.
19:39--- User: *** SupaZubon is now known as caken
19:39caken Hi
19:40caken I'm the president and CEO of Lirode!
19:40Surferdude ;p;
19:40@mikegrb lolz
19:40Surferdude lol
19:41@caker caken: clay aken (my ears are aken)?
19:41--- Netsplit over, joins: sunny
19:41--- ---> weasel [] has joined #linode
19:41caken caker: clay oven?
19:41Newsome cloven?
19:41--- User: *** weasel is now known as Guest412
19:41* BurtyB wonders if anyone here has comments on rfc3865... to me it just seems a way for spammers to get a list of domain names accepted by the mail server reconnect with HELO and spam them
19:41* Surferdude dosnt think thats an action :P
19:42caken Free Lirodes for everybody!
19:42Surferdude woot!
19:42caken caker: Lirode is switching to Zan!
19:42caken caker: It used to run Unified Modeling Language
19:42--- User: *** Guest412 is now known as weasel
19:42* Newsome requests a Lirode 4095
19:43@caker caken: yes, with unlimited drive geometry
19:43caken I know!!!
19:43caken Non-euclidian!
19:43--- User: *** Surferdude is now known as grebz0rz
19:43grebz0rz :P
19:43caken grebz0rz: <3
19:43caken It's Bizarro Day in #linode
19:43caken Everybody Wang Chung!
19:43@caker !leet [weather 37211]
19:43linbot caker: 7h3 curr3n+ +3mp3r@ur3 !n N45hv!113, 73nn35533 (37211) !z 66\xB0F (6:53 PM CD7 0n 4pr!1 14, 2005). C0nd!+!0nz: C134r. Hum!d!+y: 35%. D3w P0!n+: 37\xB0F. W!nd: NN3 @ 10 mph (17 km/h). Pr355ur3: 30.07 !n (1018 hP4). V!5!b!1!+y: 10.0 m!13z (16.1 k!10m3+3rz). UV: 0 0u+ 0f 16
19:44@caker warm
19:44--- User: *** Newsome is now known as InfiniteImprobability
19:44thoth39 I'd be more happy if this upgrade thing would work.
19:44* caker is now known as AuthenticReproduction
19:45@mikegrb InfiniteImprobability: :D
19:46--- User: *** InfiniteImprobability is now known as CakesRUs
19:46--- User: *** caken is now known as SupaZubon
19:46@caker shake your zubons
19:46SupaZubon :D
19:46* SupaZubon Wang Chungs
19:46--- User: *** CakesRUs is now known as Newsome
19:47--- User: *** grebz0rz is now known as Surferdude
19:51linbot New news from forums: For Sale - Unused Linode64 with 4.5 GB storage to 30 Sep 05 in Sales Questions and Answers <>
19:51--- <<-- jekil [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:54@mikegrb omg
19:54@mikegrb EFudd posted to the forums!
19:55* mikegrb writes it down on the calendar
19:55encode l o l
19:55encode (to avoid the annoying script)
19:55@mikegrb lolz
19:55SupaZubon encode: alas, you didn't avoid being annoying by using "LOL"
19:55encode whats annoying about using that particular term?
19:56encode how else can i express my mirth at what was said?
19:56@mikegrb lolz
19:56linbot you gotta fight for your right to lol
19:56@mikegrb you could say "that was mirthy"
19:56* mikegrb runs away
19:56encode yeah
19:56encode but that takes too long to write
19:57* encode ehareby proposes a new acronynm
19:57encode twm
19:57encode which is equivalent to laughing out loud
19:57itamarjp anyone running cpanel + whm on a linode ?
19:57@caker itamarjp: maybe one or two people, none in here that I'm aware of
19:58@mikegrb lolz
19:58SupaZubon encode: but "lol" specifically states that it was SO FUNNY that you laughed OUT LOUD so that it actually INTERRUPTED other people
19:58encode ok then
19:58itamarjp caker, how to patch a kernel with io limiter ?
19:59encode but if i say twm, then ppl arent gonna know wtf im talking about
19:59@caker itamarjp: cd linux-2.6.10; patch -p1 < path/to/token.patch
19:59@caker itamarjp: it doesn't work for 2.6.11 and higher yet
19:59itamarjp there are patches for 2.4.27-1um ?
20:00@caker yes
20:00@caker same patch, I belive works fine
20:00@caker itamarjp:
20:00encode what advantage is there for me to install a kernal with the io limiter?
20:00encode on my linode
20:01@caker encode: kidding?
20:01encode err, no, just tired
20:01@caker encode: all the Linode kernels have the limiter
20:01--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
20:02encode oh ok
20:02* encode is confused, and keeps quiet
20:02itamarjp what\xB4s your mail caker ?
20:02@caker itamarjp: why?
20:03itamarjp I will try this patch on my vps.
20:03SupaZubon whoa, did itamarjp just use a Latin-15 microsoft-apostrophe?
20:04itamarjp +int token_refill = 2000;// add this many tokens to the bucket every second
20:04* mikegrb apostrophe's SupaZubon
20:04itamarjp +int token_delay = 1000000000 / 2000;
20:04itamarjp +int token_max = 60000; // max tokens in bucket
20:04itamarjp +int io_tokens = 60000; // token bucket
20:04itamarjp +int io_count_last = 0; // snapshot of io_count last time in io_alarm()
20:04itamarjp +int io_rate = 0; // calculated io ops per second
20:04itamarjp this is configs for io limiter ?
20:04@caker itamarjp: take this to #uml, please -- I'll respond there
20:06--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.)
20:07itamarjp thanks for your help.
20:07@caker itamarjp: np
20:07itamarjp caker
21:19--- <--- Surferdude [] has left #linode ()
21:24--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
21:26--- <--- tjfontaine [] has left #linode ()
21:26--- ---> tjfontaine [] has joined #linode
21:31--- ---> jaxn [] has joined #linode
21:32jaxn is anyone else having problems with the nameservers resolving domain names on your linode?
21:32--- ---> dtrumb [] has joined #linode
21:34@mikegrb jaxn: <-- ?
21:41jaxn yeah, I remember that
21:42jaxn this just started (and I am using DNS, and those are my nameservers)
21:42jaxn (double checking)
21:44jaxn well, I only had one nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf
21:45jaxn I added all three and it seems to work (but the host is up)
21:45jaxn thanks though
21:54--- <<-- MrX [freebsd@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:55--- ---> ppdorapa2 [] has joined #linode
21:56ppdorapa2 hi pple
21:56ppdorapa2 caker are you there ?
21:59--- <<-- thoth39 [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
22:03--- <<-- ppdorapa2 [] has quit (Quit: ppdorapa2)
22:17itamarjp anyone running cpanel on linode /
22:17itamarjp ?
22:22bob2 (ew)
22:23encode twm
22:23dtrumb Too expensive
22:24encode yeah
22:24encode sif pay for something that u can do yourself for free
22:24encode there are oss alternatives
22:24dtrumb webmin virtualmin
22:31itamarjp yeah
22:38--- <--- FesterCouples [] has left #linode ()
22:52--- <<-- jaxn [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59--- <--- dtrumb [] has left #linode ()
22:59--- ---> tompuppy [] has joined #linode
23:02tompuppy !time
23:02linbot tompuppy: 12:02 AM, April 15, 2005
23:03xptek !weather 83708
23:03linbot xptek: The current temperature in Boise, Idaho (83708) is 42\xB0F (9:53 PM MDT on April 14, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 23\xB0F. Wind: ENE at 7 mph (11 km/h). Pressure: 30.30 in (1026 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 16
23:03xptek whee.
23:05encode !weather australia
23:05encode <linbot> Error: Could not find weather information.
23:05encode how unsuprising
23:06tompuppy encode: i think you need to use us zip code
23:06encode yeah
23:06tompuppy !weather 60007
23:06linbot tompuppy: The current temperature in Elk Grove Village, Illinois (60007) is 46\xB0F (10:56 PM CDT on April 14, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 40%. Dew Point: 23\xB0F. Wind: NNE at 5 mph (7 km/h). Pressure: 30.29 in (1026 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 12
23:06encode last i checked sydney doesnt have a us zip code :P
23:06tompuppy !weather taipei
23:06linbot tompuppy: The current temperature in Taipei, Taiwan is 71\xB0F. Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 58\xB0F. Pressure: 30.09 in (1019 hPa). Visibility: 5.0 miles (8.0 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 16
23:07tompuppy linbot: you are wrong
23:07linbot But you are Bob, tompuppy.
23:07encode !weather sydney says it doesnt have weather information
23:08tompuppy encode: which time zone are you in?
23:08tompuppy !weather sydney
23:09--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
23:09tompuppy encode: i think maybe because there is also an sydney in the us
23:10tompuppy !weather Sydney, Australia
23:10linbot tompuppy: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 70\xB0F (1:00 PM EST on April 15, 2005). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 63\xB0F. Pressure: 30.06 in (1018 hPa). Visibility: 7.0 miles (10.0 kilometers). UV: 3 out of 16
23:10tompuppy encode: is the weather info correct?
23:11tompuppy encode: i found the weather info from linbot wrong some time
23:13tompuppy !weather 33587
23:13linbot tompuppy: The current temperature in Sydney, Florida (33587) is 52\xB0F (12:10 AM EDT on April 15, 2005). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 52\xB0F. UV: 0 out of 16
23:13--- ---> alex234 [] has joined #linode
23:13tompuppy encode: this is the Sydney in the US
23:24encode oh
23:24encode my time zone is GMT +10
23:25encode ahh - sydney, australia
23:25encode cool
23:25encode but sif give the temperatures in Fahrenheit
23:25encode that means nothing to me
23:33tompuppy encode: we don't use Fahrenheit here in taiwan too
23:34--- <<-- gloin [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
23:35--- <<-- alex234 [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
23:35--- ---> gloin [] has joined #linode
23:47xptek Night.
23:48--- <<-- itamarjp [] has quit (Quit: )
---Logclosed Fri Apr 15 00:00:58 2005