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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-04-30

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00:00warewolf I Saw
00:02Surferdude mikegrb: my opinion on EV1 is quickly changing...heh
00:02warewolf haha
00:03warewolf I have a ev1 server
00:03warewolf actually, I have a horror story about that box
00:03warewolf it got hacked
00:03warewolf then it got trashed by the person who hacked it
00:03warewolf then I secured it
00:03Surferdude Running RHEL?
00:03warewolf no, running something like redhat 8 or something
00:03warewolf this was ages ago
00:03warewolf anyway
00:03Surferdude Oh
00:03warewolf after I secured it, they couldn't hack into it anymore
00:04Surferdude Now they have RHEL with this stupid autorestore option
00:04warewolf so they owned another machine on the same segment, and started arp poisoning the box's primary IP
00:04Surferdude they should call it the "Screw your Hard Drive" option
00:04Surferdude and charge a $100 fee for it
00:04warewolf you would *not* believe how much hell I had to go through to get the guys at EV1 to find the box sending the arp poisoning
00:04warewolf I had to call a friend of a friend of a friend of the CEO of EV1
00:04Surferdude wow
00:05warewolf beacuse it was all like "We can't find the box, it's your box that is the problem" "No, my box isn't the problem. Locate the box on your network with this mac address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, and kill it." "We can't find it. Are you sure your box isn't broken" "YES I AM SURE !@#$!@#$!@#$!@#"
00:06@mikegrb lolz
00:06Surferdude lol
00:06warewolf clueless monkeys
00:06Surferdude Sounds like what happened with valueweb
00:06Surferdude "please reboot my server"
00:06Surferdude 20 miniutes later... default apache page
00:07Surferdude they restored the server AND charged the guy for it
00:07warewolf error: %postun(gstreamer-plugins-0.6.0-6) scriptlet failed, exit status 127
00:07warewolf interesting
00:07Surferdude O_o
00:07warewolf the %postun scriptlet broke, apparently.
00:07warewolf hmm.
00:07warewolf I wonder how well dosemu runs under a uml.
00:09warewolf [root@li8-146 root]# rpm -e kernel-smp
00:09warewolf *poof*
00:09@mikegrb warewolf: apt for rpm is installed and I think yum as well
00:09warewolf yeah I use yum
00:09warewolf grb- oh hey, would a once-a-month updatedb be ok?
00:10@mikegrb sure
00:10warewolf I'll pick a random time of day and random day of the week
00:10@mikegrb especially if you change it right
00:10@mikegrb was just going to say
00:10@mikegrb it's the everyone and midnight on the dot who haven't even changed the timezone that really kills
00:10warewolf heh
00:10@mikegrb heck weekly would be fine
00:10@mikegrb especially if you use locate
00:11@mikegrb some people rarely use locate
00:11warewolf OMFG
00:11@mikegrb and yet run updatedb at midnight on the dot
00:11warewolf er uh
00:11warewolf what's the host clock timezone?
00:11warewolf UTC?
00:12@mikegrb eastern
00:12@mikegrb I believe
00:12@mikegrb but not sure what it gets handed to the uml as
00:12@mikegrb but default inside is eastern
00:13@mikegrb so you should be set unless you want utc inside your linode
00:13* warewolf blinks
00:13warewolf oh, my laptop's date is off, not the UML.
00:13@mikegrb ;)
00:13* warewolf petpets himself
00:14@mikegrb and ntpd runs on the host so you don't need it inside your uml
00:14warewolf wasn't planning on it
00:14@mikegrb doesn't hurt anything to run it but you seem awefully conscience ofmemory
00:20warewolf OMFG REDHAT SUCKS
00:20@mikegrb puwhahaha
00:20* mikegrb watches warewolf blow away his disk image and deploy debian small
00:21warewolf nope
00:21warewolf already gotten from 1.1gb free to 1.7gb free.
00:21warewolf watch me work
00:22warewolf [root@li8-146 init.d]# rpm -e kernel --nodeps
00:22warewolf *poof*
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00:25@mikegrb <3
00:25warewolf 1.8gb free :)
00:35warewolf too bad you can't remove all of kerberos
00:36warewolf too much links against it
00:43warewolf cool
00:44warewolf mikegrb- congradulations on creating a redhat 9 image that was not totally FUBAR'd in regards to rpm -Va working correctly. Not many colo facilities/dedicated server facilities like you folks can.
00:50warewolf oh
00:50warewolf oh
00:50warewolf I just got local shell access to host46
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00:50warewolf oh, that was lish
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01:18warewolf sigFilesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
01:18warewolf /dev/ubda 2.8G 787M 2.0G 29% /
01:18warewolf yeah
01:18warewolf 2 gigs free :)
01:18* warewolf happy
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02:55warewolf yeesh yum is sucking up a lot of CPU
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03:19taupehat__ argh
03:19taupehat__ host 15 just lagged!
03:19* warewolf is on 46
03:19taupehat oof
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03:20taupehat that was gnarly
03:20taupehat still kind of is
03:21warewolf I'm new to linode
03:22warewolf whadda mean the host lagged?
03:22warewolf your UML instance locked up for a bit?
03:22warewolf or was it just really slow?
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03:23taupehat not sure
03:24taupehat I can't establish a new ssh connection
03:24taupehat and things are running REALLY slow for me
03:24taupehat I'm not anywhere close to being out of IO tickets
03:24taupehat and am not deeply into swap
03:24taupehat not running anything unusual
03:25taupehat can't use lish either
03:25taupehat which is worrying...
03:25taupehat when I went to reattach to this screen session, it took about half a minute
03:31taupehat I think I'm encountering a load spike
03:31taupehat lots of jfs and xfs procs in top
03:34taupehat cron?
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05:54warewolf feh
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10:34Surferdude caker here?
10:35Surferdude Wondering how much the serial console for each host server costs
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15:27adamg ...
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17:19taupehat does anyone happen to know the link to caker's mysql tuning?
17:34NeonNero is this the one? ->
17:35NeonNero !my.cnf?
17:35linbot or
17:35NeonNero ah, there too
17:40taupehat thanks NeonNero
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18:21--- Netsplit <-> quits: Jeremy
18:23--- Netsplit over, joins: Jeremy
18:23@mikegrb lolz
18:23taupehat lol
18:23taupehat one person leaving is not a netsplit
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18:54SupaZubon it is if the net splits
18:54SupaZubon and split
19:13taupehat I suppose
19:14taupehat irssi tends to be a bit pedantic about such things
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20:25Griswald mikegrb, you around?
20:25tjfontaine what's up?
20:26Griswald its a billing question for the staff ;)
20:26tjfontaine oh well fine :)
20:26Griswald :D
20:26tjfontaine possible any of us can answer?
20:26Griswald nah
20:26Griswald more of a request then a question :X
20:27Griswald just had a child born about two weeks ago, was merely gonna ask for a one week delay in billing
20:27Griswald :X
20:27tjfontaine ah, well ya I cn't really help :)
20:27Griswald exactly
20:28Griswald but, the good thing is...
20:28Griswald PICTURES! :D
20:28tjfontaine awesome, congratulations as well
20:29warewolf oh well, no visio for my roommate.
20:29warewolf er, misfire
20:29tjfontaine o0
20:29tjfontaine warewolf: work on your warezness
20:30tjfontaine too many w's
20:30tjfontaine warewolf: are you linode customer?
20:30warewolf uh, ... no!
20:30warewolf no I'm not!
20:30warewolf why, what if I am?
20:30* warewolf eyes tjfontaine
20:31tjfontaine warewolf: I just didn't remember you being one and was ursurprised to see you hear, but it is pleasant nonetheless :)
20:31warewolf actually yeah I've got all my mail going to a linode now
20:31tjfontaine fantabulous!
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20:45Griswald anywed ere fe
20:45Griswald sorry about that
20:45@mikegrb lolz
20:45Griswald lol
20:49warewolf no
20:49warewolf er
20:49warewolf misfire again!
20:49tjfontaine you're so off tongiht
20:53Griswald try typing on a laptop
20:53Griswald it constantly wants to switch channels :D
20:53Griswald stupid pressure button touchmouses
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22:12@mikegrb Griswald: pring
22:12@mikegrb ping
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23:54taupehat mikegrb: pong-ping-pong!
23:54@mikegrb liar
23:55taupehat heh
23:55taupehat eh, how do I generally diagnose a major (huge) slowdown on my 'node?
23:55taupehat I can check io_status, fine, swap, always deep into, but neither of those tell me why suddenly things slow to a crawl
23:56taupehat and top doesn't show anything hogging either
23:58@mikegrb "vmstat 1"
23:58@mikegrb look at si and so collumns
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