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---Logopened Tue May 03 00:00:43 2005
00:01warewolf flamewar
00:01encode hahahaha
00:02JasonF jesus christ
00:02JasonF my dvr just un-paused itself
00:02JasonF and started my tv making loud noises
00:02JasonF I just about pissed myself
00:02warewolf one hour later
00:02warewolf haha
00:02encode l ol
00:02JasonF yeah, like 2 hours for this dish dvr
00:02warewolf \o/
00:05@caker damn Xen is fast ...
00:06warewolf let me beta! :)
00:06alnr caker: very
00:08@caker warewolf: I can probably do that -- ask me again tomorrow afternoon
00:08warewolf cool
00:09warewolf will I be able to use my current image in Xen?
00:10npmr caker, what's the status of xen testing?
00:10@mikegrb <-- caker for your new house on lbi
00:11warewolf hmm.
00:11warewolf oh blah
00:12warewolf apt-get source sendmail didn't work :/
00:12@mikegrb omg
00:12@mikegrb caker
00:13@mikegrb we have to have multi story office building
00:13warewolf why
00:13@mikegrb <------ I so want this in the Linode HQ building
00:15encode wow! thats so cool
00:15encode i wanna get one for my home
00:15@mikegrb it so is
00:15@mikegrb they intend for home/condo/boat use
00:15@mikegrb so I imagine it is cheaper then a normal elevator
00:15@mikegrb I so want one
00:15warewolf haha
00:15warewolf I bet it is more expensive than a normal elevator
00:16warewolf just don't put anyone who is over 300lbs in your elevator
00:16@mikegrb nah
00:16@mikegrb say it is much cheaper
00:16@mikegrb and less electricity
00:16@mikegrb check out the videos
00:16encode sif less electricity
00:17encode elevators have counter-weights for areason
00:17@mikegrb they still use quite a bit of power
00:17encode they only have to lift the weight of the ppl inside because of the counterweight
00:17@mikegrb this one uses no exlectricity going done
00:18@mikegrb lolz
00:18encode lol
00:18warewolf frell
00:18encode dammit
00:19warewolf I think rpm --rebuild -bc didn't work as I expected
00:21npmr May 3 00:38:19 dorothy postfix/smtpd[31655]: warning: Illegal address syntax from[] in MAIL command: <Super low mortage rate>
00:22npmr ^-- this is great
00:22@mikegrb heh
00:22npmr makes me wonder what the hell kind of mail server would actually accept that
00:30guinea-pig <Super friendly mail server>
00:30* fo0bar wonders how much caker makes per year to be able to feed and clothe mikegrb
00:31* guinea-pig wonders how much pain he'll be in when the anesthetic wears off
00:32fo0bar let's see... they get an average of 280 signups per day, everybody stays at least 12 months, everybody gets the $59.95 plan...
00:33@mikegrb fo0bar: 295
00:33fo0bar holy crap, caker gets $73,522,680 per year to spend on hookers and blow!
00:35fo0bar <-- in case you don't get the reference :)
00:35guinea-pig 295 signups/day? how many servers/day are being installed? :P
00:35guinea-pig also
00:35* guinea-pig huggles the codiene
00:35fo0bar guinea-pig: they cram them all on one P3 1.2ghz
00:37guinea-pig fo0bar: perhaps my math is wrong.
00:37fo0bar guinea-pig: also, you should switch deoderant
00:38guinea-pig but 1.2GHz / 64MHz != 295
00:38guinea-pig fo0bar: I'm not wearing any
00:39fo0bar guinea-pig: the numbers add up if you believe in angels
00:39@mikegrb guinea-pig: 1.3ghz
00:39@mikegrb we don't skimp on hardware
00:40encode hehe
00:41guinea-pig the pain
00:41* guinea-pig tries to sleep
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00:43fo0bar btw, my linode shirt arrived yesterday
00:43@caker w00t!
00:43@caker fo0bar: how is it?
00:44fo0bar looks alright, it would look nice embroidered (it would be cool if cafepress could do that)... we'll see after a couple washings
00:48warewolf hmm
00:49warewolf caker- does threading not work at all in UML?
00:49@caker warewolf: yeah, linuxthreads, but not TLS
00:49@mikegrb no threading would suck
00:49warewolf oh, so libthread works
00:49warewolf nevemrind then
00:49Newsome yet. Blaisorblade mentioned that he was working on TLS
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02:24@caker hmm
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12:01dsp i'm seeing some strange behaviour when i do traceroutes from my linode on host8
12:01dsp it is like the TTL is getting screwed up
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13:02Newsome caker & mikegrb: You need these so we can identify you -
13:03@caker aweseome
13:03Newsome "Hello. I am Linode. I am here to help!"
13:03tsi that is hidehously cool
13:03@caker wonder if you can mount them vertically
13:04tsi $ unzip -
13:05tsi i just realized i'm staring at video of a dude's crotch while at work
13:06tsi i'm sure this looks good to the other people in the office
13:06Newsome haha
13:09tsi quote from other channel "That's really a belt buckle for the want-to-be-punched crowd"
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14:49@caker Newsome: yucon == you?!
14:52kvandivo con!
14:52linbot rikki don't lose that numba
14:53kvandivo linny, you're ok in my book
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14:54* linbot blushes
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15:07Newsome caker: Yes. It's what I've been working on to manage our UMLs here at school. It's really just an exceedingly gross hack, though.
15:09@caker Newsome: according to uml-user, you have a user base :)
15:09Newsome hmm, not much of one. I'll have to go read
15:11Newsome heh. I'll have to see if I can figure out what's wrong. Like I said, it's a gross hack, and I'd be a little surprised if anyone else managed to get it working :/
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20:59luiz i've just added a new IP for my linode account, and all eth* just disapeared!
20:59luiz anyone knows why?
20:59luiz er, someone?
20:59@caker luiz: one sec
21:00luiz k
21:00luiz i'm running the last 2.6 kernel series
21:00@caker luiz: looks fine on the host .. which distro?
21:01luiz slackware 10
21:01@caker hmm
21:01@caker what happens if you restart networking?
21:02luiz the machine were just running fine, i added a extra ip on the web page, reboot and no connection at all... at the lish i can; t get any NIC interface
21:02luiz there's no eth interface
21:02luiz will not work
21:02@caker luiz: ifconfig -a
21:02luiz i did that
21:03luiz with 2.4 kernel, worked
21:03luiz i will reboot with 2.6 again to verify
21:03@caker ok
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21:07luiz mmm
21:07luiz worked
21:07@caker :)
21:07luiz :)
21:07luiz but
21:07luiz Host Message helper: mount failed: File exists
21:07luiz this error still showing on the queue page
21:08luiz do you know what it is?
21:08@caker nothing to worry about
21:08@caker a bug on our end -- I'll look into it
21:08luiz my machine is really fine: slack 10.1 and / mounted with xfs
21:08@caker cool
21:11luiz was a little difficult to do that, i installed the linux on the swap partition, created the other as raw, formated as xfs, dd all files from one to another and switch on the configuration panel :)
21:11@caker awesome
21:13luiz xfs is really faster
21:16luiz well.. thanks!
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22:53intersted damn
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22:54@caker heh
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22:58@caker mikegrb: welcome back
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22:59@mikegrb :D
22:59@mikegrb civilization at last
22:59@mikegrb imagine, if you can, being in a town of < 300
22:59@mikegrb with no internet access
22:59@mikegrb no cell phone
22:59@mikegrb etc
22:59@mikegrb boredom insued
23:00@mikegrb I should like, find some games for my ibook for such cases in the future
23:02encode hehe
23:02encode its spelt ensued, btw :P
23:03@caker it is is it's, not its, btw :P
23:03@mikegrb puhwahaha
23:03@mikegrb caker++
23:03@caker mikegrb: got Xen SMP working today
23:04@caker mikegrb: got a Xen SMP machine to compile a kernel in 2 min, 12 seconds
23:04@mikegrb :D
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23:32encode bah, sif use apostrophe on irc
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