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02:14SupaZubon Shaitan: I heard you were bound with the forsaken in Shayol-Gul or wherever
02:14SupaZubon Shaitan: or maybe you're the one that's the wheat protein for veggie burgers
02:18SupaZubon of course, "Shaitan" is just Arabic for "Satan"
02:23linbot New news from forums: Tomcat hosting in Sales Questions and Answers <>
02:39linbot New news from forums: Zoneedit Help in Linux Networking <>
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04:46Ciaran I'm off now. See ya.
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07:37samw hi, anyone here?
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07:38samw I have a problem with my linode, for some reason token_refill has been reduced to 100
07:38samw and I wish to install something with apt, however it is not going to happen until io_tokens gets high again
07:38samw why would io_refill be reduced like this, has my linode been thrashing? I don't think it has.
07:39samw ?
07:39ironie that would be the assumption. if it has, i am sure caker will get back to you about when he come around
07:39samw I'll put in a ticket
07:39ironie good idea
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08:03tsi definition of a bad logo:
08:08@mikegrb roflz
08:08encode rofl!
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10:29ironie funny
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10:30ironie Institute of Eastern Studies .
10:31ironie i wonder if they are trying to say something
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10:45SupaZubon ironie: who?
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10:49ironie <tsi> definition of a bad logo:
10:51* SupaZubon boggles
10:51SupaZubon crazy brazillionz
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10:55GN whos the resident iptables expert here?
10:56GN the question is if you use -j with LOG does it exit the chain or go to the next rule?
11:05tjfontaine lemme look at a raw dump from shorewall
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11:06tjfontaine Chain FORWARD (policy DROP)
11:06tjfontaine target prot opt source destination
11:06tjfontaine eth1_fwd all -- anywhere anywhere
11:06tjfontaine eth0_fwd all -- anywhere anywhere
11:06tjfontaine Reject all -- anywhere anywhere
11:06tjfontaine LOG all -- anywhere anywhere LOG level info prefix `Shorewall:FORWARD:REJECT:'
11:06tjfontaine reject all -- anywhere anywhere
11:06tjfontaine looks like it doesn't exit the chain
11:07daniel_sf hello, i am trying to contact support services; am i in the right place?
11:07tjfontaine daniel_sf: yes.
11:07daniel_sf i signed up for an account sime time ago, and am trying to figure out whether i still have one!
11:07tjfontaine are you still paying?
11:08daniel_sf belive it or not, i am not sure-- is ther a way to check if i still have an account; i do not know which card i had the service billing to.
11:09tjfontaine well, do you remember the login name and password you signed up for
11:09daniel_sf i thought that i did, but nothing seemed to work, leading me to believe that the account has been closed; but i would like to be sure (either way).
11:10tjfontaine you'll need to provide caker or mikegrb with the email account you used to sign up with
11:10daniel_sf how dod i do this?
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11:11tjfontaine ping mikegrb
11:11daniel_sf ping mikegrb
11:12daniel_sf ?
11:12tjfontaine trying to wake him up so he could help
11:13daniel_sf thx
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11:19heidi caker: ping
11:24@mikegrb daniel_sf: hello
11:27GN tjfontaine: i just used -I instead of -A in my script so i don't have to worry about it, thx tho
11:32tjfontaine mmk :)
11:39tsi man i just did a netstat -an and saw a bunch of connections for which I didn't recognize the IP
11:39tsi so i ran it through host
11:39tsi and it was my own linode
11:39* tsi slaps forehead
11:39tsi friday.
11:39tjfontaine ha ha
11:40tsi i gues in retrospect it was stupider to share this than to do it in the first place
11:40tsi p.s. this isn't tsi, this is ... uh... caker. using tsi's account.
11:41tjfontaine sure sure
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11:41tsi tut tut, cheerio and all that!
11:41tsi (caker's british, right?)
11:41tjfontaine hah
11:42* tsi gives up, crawls under desk, cries softly
11:42tjfontaine lots of people from new jersey who end up in nashville are from brittan
11:43* kvandivo wonders where brittan is.
11:43@mikegrb tjfontaine: yeah
11:43tsi right next to dutchland
11:43kvandivo tsi: is that next to poleland?
11:43tjfontaine britttttttania
11:43tsi they're on the same continent
11:44* tsi WOULD, in fact, like to see britannia rule again.
11:44tsi my friend.
11:44kvandivo they had a nice name thing going for themselves
11:44* tsi gets in line behind the worms
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11:54tsi man i wish sketchy recruiters weren't such a necessary evil of the getting-a-new-job process
11:54tsi they're like car dealers, except greasier
11:54@mikegrb <-- tiger roxs ur soxs
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11:56tsi unless you're trying to do cisco vpn
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12:46fo0bar mikegrb: I see no terror alert level on your dashboard
12:46@mikegrb fo0bar: I am not afraid.
12:47@mikegrb avoir M. fo0bar de bonne journée?
12:49fo0bar uhh, no diggity
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13:54GN mikegrb: ping
13:54GN nm
13:54@mikegrb pong
13:54@mikegrb k
13:54GN heh
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14:24marc_gerges good evening
14:24marc_gerges would there be a way to get lufs into the kernel?
14:24@mikegrb lufs?
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14:25@mikegrb ahh userland fs
14:25@mikegrb marc_gerges: that would be a good canidate for inclusion, can you open a ticket with that request and I'll see that it gets researched
14:26marc_gerges ok... I'm all excited :-)
14:26@mikegrb :D
14:26@mikegrb I think I installed lufs locally on a box for mouting remove system via ssh
14:27kvandivo ditToe
14:27@mikegrb kvandivo: !
14:27@mikegrb kvandivo is a dit
14:27kvandivo and you have a big toe
14:28@mikegrb I do
14:28marc_gerges mikegrb: ticket's in... will I have to wait for more than half an hour? ;-)
14:28@mikegrb marc_gerges: yeah :/
14:28@mikegrb marc_gerges: would be included in next round of kernel offerings
14:28marc_gerges any timeline..?
14:28@mikegrb I will see about expediting that ;)
14:29marc_gerges hey... don't drop anything important for it.
14:29marc_gerges only medium and slightly important stuff ;.)
14:29@mikegrb yeah
14:30@mikegrb my solution was other way around (connecting back to the linode rather then linode to home)
14:30@mikegrb I can see where it would be useful to have it on the linode
14:30@mikegrb and lufs is a good project in that it allows fs code to be abstracted to userland
14:30@mikegrb so makes it a good canidate for inclusion
14:30marc_gerges mikegrb: what way would you connect to the linode?
14:30marc_gerges I have set up a vpn to home
14:30marc_gerges and need one specific file
14:31marc_gerges but always fresh
14:32@mikegrb well I installed lufs on my home machine
14:32@mikegrb and with sshfs mounted my linode
14:33marc_gerges don't really want to do that here, the file is touched@home every few minutes
14:33marc_gerges but read by the linode only a couple times a day
14:34@mikegrb right
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14:34@mikegrb mine was the reverse basically
14:35marc_gerges I was thinking about nfs... but getting that through a firewall's too hard for me
14:37@mikegrb nfs isn't firewall friendly
14:38marc_gerges found out about that :-)
14:39@mikegrb I know chris was working on porting token limiter to 2.6.11 before releasing that so will see if we can't get lufs included in the 2.6.11 kernel
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14:41marc_gerges :-)
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14:42eliot crazy party in here
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15:05TheQ !seen caker
15:05linbot TheQ: caker was last seen here 20 hours, 13 minutes, and 54 seconds ago saying: <caker> taupehat: I'm going to limit your node again -- already 130M in swap
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15:14tjfontaine hey
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15:14tjfontaine hey
15:14abock that was strange
15:14abock xchat just crashed
15:14tjfontaine :/
15:15abock so the only thing I can really think of would be glibc, glib-2.0, or maybe gcc
15:15abock the actual runtime compiles fine... but when it runs any assembly (i.e. mcs) I get a NullReferenceException no matter what
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15:16tjfontaine I would start by apt-get --purge remove the mono stuff you have
15:16abock I have
15:16tjfontaine and then find / -name *.dll
15:17abock *running*
15:18tjfontaine then of course remove anything that looks like it belongs to mono stuff, run the same with .exe
15:18abock right
15:18tjfontaine just to make sure you're clean, then apt-get the debian experimental stuff
15:18abock find returned nothing
15:18abock even before i tried mono through apt, it wouldn't compile from source
15:19abock of course, I wiped it out, so I'm about to rebuild to get the error
15:19tjfontaine don't rebuild from source
15:19abock okay
15:19tjfontaine I reccomend starting with the experimental packages
15:19abock also, I'm going to need more disk space :-P but the linode manager thing says there is 0GB available on my host
15:20tjfontaine :/
15:20abock what are the sources for those?
15:20tjfontaine you're not going to apt-get source your going to apt-get install
15:21abock with what source in /etc/apt/sources.list?
15:21tjfontaine oh right
15:21tjfontaine deb ../project/experimental main
15:21tjfontaine then apt-get install -t experimental mono mono-mcs
15:22abock heh
15:22abock that pulls down libc6
15:22abock I bet that'll help
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15:23tjfontaine heh
15:23tjfontaine are you running unstable?
15:23abock I'm running a mix of crap :P
15:23tjfontaine eww :)
15:23abock hehe
15:23tjfontaine well you should definitley try and go for unstable now
15:23abock I was getting very desparate in setting up the mail system because I was running out of time quickly
15:23* tjfontaine nods
15:24abock mcs
15:24abock Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
15:24abock same damn thing
15:24adamg every time i look away it gets busy in here
15:24tjfontaine abock: mcs --version
15:24tjfontaine poor adamg
15:24abock same thing... thows an unhandled exception
15:24abock it's a problem in the runtime
15:25abock Mono JIT compiler version 1.1.6
15:25adamg tjfontaine, i blame you anyway
15:25abock (mono --version)
15:25tjfontaine adamg: I know
15:25tjfontaine abock:
15:25tjfontaine tjfontaine@cassiopeia:~$ mcs --version
15:25tjfontaine Mono C# compiler version
15:25adamg tjfontaine, you going to be around this weekend?
15:25tjfontaine adamg: should be
15:26adamg cool
15:26tjfontaine abock: I am not sure what that's all about
15:26tjfontaine abock: I think it's beacuse of your hogpogged system
15:27tjfontaine :/
15:27abock me too
15:27abock but everything else works fine
15:27abock and I can't afford the downtime to redo anything
15:27abock and this majorly sucks because I need to do some ASP.NET hosting
15:27tjfontaine do you have unstable in your sources? so that you can dist-upgrade to check you're ok
15:28abock deb unstable main
15:28abock do I dare do a dist-upgrade?
15:28JasonF you can do whatever you want
15:28tjfontaine did you ever do one to get up to unstable?
15:29tjfontaine or just add unstable and grab packages you wanted?
15:29abock yep
15:29abock just grabbed what I needed -- fast
15:29tjfontaine do a dist-upgrade
15:29tjfontaine that may or may not help
15:29abock I'm going for it
15:29tjfontaine I don't anticipate it hurting anything
15:29abock doesn't pull down much though
15:29tjfontaine but NO WARRANTY
15:29abock so I guess I was pretty much there
15:29abock :-P
15:30abock if this doesn't work... I'm thinking about getting a second linode to use for DNS and automated backups
15:30abock I'll use that for redoing the active system and then swap them
15:30* tjfontaine nods
15:30tjfontaine good solution
15:31abock I really would like the backup, and if I'm going to have a second Linode, I might as well use it for DNS too :P
15:33abock tjfontaine, are you a mono developer as well?
15:34tjfontaine nossir
15:34tjfontaine just a C#/.net fanatic
15:34abock outstanding... that's how I started out with Mono
15:34abock so, is there any way to get more space on this linode? :D
15:34tjfontaine pay for it :)
15:34tjfontaine also apt-get clean
15:34* adamg wonders if there is a stronger word than fanatic
15:35tjfontaine :>
15:35tjfontaine Zealot
15:35abock right -- should I just ignore the fact that the add ons page says 0GB available on the host?
15:35adamg they can always move you to another host
15:35abock downtime involved?
15:35tjfontaine some
15:35tjfontaine you can also decrease your swap usage
15:36abock not enough space
15:36abock err, it wouldn't provide nough
15:36tjfontaine have to clean up your sys then until you can get moved
15:36adamg apt-get clean
15:36abock right
15:37abock I'm okay as far as maintainence stuff for now, but if/when I get mono working, I'll need an extra gig or two for some more projects
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15:37tjfontaine what type of linode do you have?
15:37kvandivo and by 'type' he means size
15:38tjfontaine yes, what L<int> do you have?
15:38abock puny
15:38abock hehe
15:38tjfontaine in terms of generics
15:38abock hah
15:38abock 64
15:38tjfontaine I would reccomend just upgrading to something beefer, mono/java development takes memory
15:38tjfontaine L64 is *not* enough
15:38abock yep
15:38tjfontaine 128min
15:39JasonF my linode 128 is stretched with just LAMP
15:39JasonF and irssi :/
15:39abock I will soon, but it also costs more ;-)
15:39* tjfontaine nods
15:39tjfontaine well worth it, and crucial if you want mono
15:39* tjfontaine has a 192
15:39abock what's the cost of a 192?
15:39abock is like $5/16 right?
15:39tjfontaine 60
15:41@mikegrb I have a 2048
15:41* mikegrb runs
15:41abock what I might do then is get a 192, redo everything on that, keeping just most of my configs, move everything over, and then thurn the existing one into backup/dns
15:41@mikegrb abock: your host looks like it has plenty a free space
15:41@mikegrb lemme look around a bit
15:41--- ---> GN [] has joined #linode
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15:42abock all I know is on the extras page it says 0GB available
15:43--- ---> Gigapikseli [] has joined #linode
15:44@mikegrb yeah
15:44@mikegrb I see that in the database
15:44TheQ mikey
15:44TheQ wheres caker
15:44@mikegrb TheQ: he's got the week off ;)
15:44GN no rest for the wicked!
15:44Gigapikseli hey, I have a question. If I cancel my account from the members panel will I loose my Linode immediately?
15:45@mikegrb abock: how much space were you wanting to add?
15:45TheQ he told me to contact him yesterday
15:45@mikegrb Gigapikseli: yes
15:45abock 1 or 2 GB
15:45@mikegrb abock: which one? ;)
15:45abock go with 1 for now
15:45Gigapikseli mikegrb: um, why's that? I would like to use my Linode as long as I've paid for it.
15:45@mikegrb abock: ok
15:45abock I'll probably just be getting a new fat linode in a month or so
15:45@mikegrb Gigapikseli: because cancellation cancells it imidiatly
15:46@mikegrb Gigapikseli: you could wait until the end of your billing period and cancell it then
15:46--- ---> sec39 [~moon@] has joined #linode
15:46@mikegrb abock: done ;)
15:46abock sweet
15:47TheQ mike can i pm
15:47Gigapikseli mikegrb: could it be possible for you to set my Linode so that it will be discounted automatically when my billing period ends?
15:49@mikegrb Gigapikseli: yes
15:49@mikegrb TheQ: yes
15:49@mikegrb Gigapikseli: what is your username?
15:49Gigapikseli giganet
15:49abock so do you think I'd notice any performance difference between 64 and 96 MB RAM?
15:49tjfontaine not as much as 128 IMO
15:50Gigapikseli mikegrb: as you can see from the logs I haven't had much use with my Linode lately.
15:50abock well, yeah, but I'm not really wanting to spend more than $30/mo on *this* linode :P but it's going to be a month or so before I can get another one
15:50abock *still dist-upgrading*
15:53@mikegrb Gigapikseli: all set, thanks
15:53Gigapikseli great
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16:45marc_gerges what does it mean when my linode has consumed 11% of one host CPU this month?
16:45marc_gerges do I need to throttle back?
16:46adamg no
16:46marc_gerges or is that an average?
16:46adamg just info
16:47marc_gerges so I can happily go to 100% and nobody else complains? It's exclusively my share?
16:47adamg it is 11% of a single 2.4 gig cpu
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18:10linbot New news from forums: Linode mysteriously stops running? in Performance and Tuning <>
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20:18Jey hmm
20:19Jey i'm unable to boot my gentoo linode, ends with status of "success" but Host Message of "helper: mount failed: File exists"
20:21Jey oh, wrong profile apparently
20:36@mikegrb Jey: that profile was empty? (no disk images)
20:37Jey yeah, I had deleted the disks but not the profile, and the old profile was still selected. However I'm still having boot problems and just submitted a trouble ticket
20:38Jey hangs with the error from init "INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes" after starting sshd and local
20:38@mikegrb ok
20:38@mikegrb but you can ssh in to your linode directly, right?
20:39Jey no, times out. only able to shell into lish
20:39* Jey double checks the IP
20:40Jey heh, i had mistyped the IP. i am a flaming retard. trying SSH now
20:41Jey OK, ssh'd in fine. but what does that message from init mean? shouldn't I see a normal login prompt when connecting through lish? (isn't it like being at the actual terminal for the machine?)
20:41@mikegrb yes
20:42@mikegrb open up /etc/inittab
20:42@mikegrb change tty0 to vc/0
20:43Jey oh, hm, alright
20:43@mikegrb and add vc/0 to /etc/securetty
20:43@mikegrb then run "init q"
20:43Jey cool, thanks Mike
20:43@mikegrb no prob
20:43tjfontaine ha ha mike
20:43@mikegrb I believe that has been fixed but the fixed src image might not have been pushed out to all the hosts
20:44@mikegrb ha ha tjfontaine
20:44Jey ah alright
20:44@mikegrb in business now?
20:44Jey it worked, awesome
20:45@mikegrb excellent
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23:24TheQ !seen caker
23:24linbot TheQ: caker was last seen here 1 day, 4 hours, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds ago saying: <caker> taupehat: I'm going to limit your node again -- already 130M in swap
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23:30@caker TheQ: here -- pm
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