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---Logopened Thu May 12 00:00:15 2005
00:02tuppa has anyone here having issues with bind9 on Debian sarge?
00:03tuppa bind9 keeps on segfaulting on me
00:03taupehat hah. If I only had the ram to run bind...
00:03@mikegrb mv /lib/tks /lib/tls-disabled
00:03@mikegrb er
00:03@mikegrb mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
00:03@mikegrb tuppa: ^
00:03tuppa ahhhh
00:03tuppa that's it ;)
00:04fo0bar weee
00:05fo0bar go to any ip between and
00:05* fo0bar has put 2049 globally-routable IPs on a single linux box
00:06taupehat hah
00:06taupehat why?
00:06fo0bar "because I can"
00:10* taupehat remembers learning bind. published the ip address of his website as
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00:32abock tjfontaine, ping
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06:06tuppa sigh
06:06tuppa already getting ssh scans :\
06:07BurtyB welcome to the real world :)
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09:16tjfontaine abock: png
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09:34rlb The web page lists "none available" for any plans over 64 -- "estimated availability 5/1/2005". Is there updated availability info?
09:38GN mikegrb: rlb has a question for you
09:38* mikegrb checks
09:38GN :)
09:40@mikegrb rlb: most likely in a week r two
09:41GN caker still on sabatical?
09:41@mikegrb yes
09:41@mikegrb his tooth beat him
09:41GN geeze
09:41GN oh didn't hear about a tooth
09:41rlb mikegrb: ok, thanks.
09:42@mikegrb GN: wisdom tooth comming in
09:42@mikegrb maybe he will be wise now
09:42* mikegrb hides
09:43GN teehee
09:43GN all 4 of mine are half in half out
09:43GN they move every few months or so
09:44GN is he going to have it removed?
09:44@mikegrb all four of mine were stollen
09:44@mikegrb so I'm not very wise
09:44GN bastards!
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12:03tjfontaine !seen caker
12:03linbot tjfontaine: caker was last seen here 1 week, 3 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes, and 55 seconds ago saying: <caker> ahh .. I usually just do a class diagram on paper
12:03tjfontaine neat
12:04@mikegrb dirty
12:04adamg well either linbot is screwed or caker has been away for ages
12:05tjfontaine !status
12:05linbot tjfontaine: I am connected to OFTC as linbot.
12:05tjfontaine !uptime
12:05linbot tjfontaine: I have been running for 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 57 seconds.
12:05tjfontaine ya mikey restarted him so he lost some stuffs
12:06BB^252d I recon it was more like yesterday .. May 11 00:20:30 <caker> scanline: will do
12:10@mikegrb it is tj's fault
12:10tjfontaine it always is
12:10@mikegrb I know
12:14adamg i wrekon we need to start blaming caker for everything since he is awol
12:31tsi no
12:31tsi sue's to blame
12:31tsi doesn't anyone read the credits?
12:31@mikegrb well, if caker isn't around how could he break stuff?
12:31@mikegrb oh wait, I see where this could leaad
12:31@mikegrb nm
12:32tsi your naievete is refreshing
12:36kvandivo intense pictures ahead
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16:06thelsdj hrm anyone know a good place to shop for cheap but reliable 1u servers? want to put together a personal server since i think my boss would let me put it in our rack at colo heh
16:08thelsdj would like to put something together excluding storage for hopefully under 1k
16:09tjfontaine has some nice stuff
16:10thelsdj hehe my first computer that was all mine my grandpa bought for me from tiger
16:11tjfontaine they usually have some worthwhile deals
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16:19thelsdj almost what i want:
16:19thelsdj though would be nice to let me supply my own hard drives and the modem/audio seems a bit silly to have
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16:43Surferdude Anyone know how to block traffic on a specific port using iptables?
16:44BurtyB its in the iptables howto
16:45Surferdude Looking at the manual... not too helpful :/
16:47Surferdude Thanks
16:48* Surferdude brings eth0 up
16:49Surferdude Hmmm... this is weird
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17:02GN iptables -I INPUT -p TCP --dport 99 -j DROP
17:02Surferdude Thanks :)
17:02GN np :)
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17:59internat oh how i hate waking up
17:59tjfontaine depends on the tasks of the day
18:01internat well ill rephrase waking up to a fone call saying the delervy guy will be here in 10 mins, and i forgot to leave u the money so ull have to go up to the shops to get the money, come back, find the gusy here, and then realise that they need 370 not 380 and them not having 10$ change and spending the next 5 mins running round the house looking for 10$%\
18:06npmr sounds like somebody else's problem gone wrong
18:06@mikegrb lolz
18:06internat lol
18:06internat yeah something like that
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19:25linbot New news from forums: Rc startup script in General Discussion <>
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19:37tjfontaine jesus
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19:45npmr wow
19:58@mikegrb lolz
19:58linbot New news from forums: TekTonic HTML source - LOL in /dev/random <>
20:00tjfontaine hah
20:03GN suppose that affects windows servers?
20:04tjfontaine any operating system it says
20:04GN thats fantastic
20:04tjfontaine (assume you mean HT flaw)
20:04GN yes
20:04tjfontaine ya, it says any operating system, some people compared it to f00f but this is more security related
20:05tjfontaine f00f was news to me as it predates my attention to such events
20:06GN mine as well
20:07tjfontaine for those who also don't know/remember
20:07Newsome I had one of the buggy Pentiums with the fdiv bug. I got mine replaced.
20:07Chang Was an HT flaw just announced?
20:07GN not announced yet as far as i know
20:08Chang Tnx
20:08GN someone send it to slashdot
20:08GN >:)
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20:09tjfontaine uh... that dude must live somewhere near me
20:10tjfontaine remind me to ask next time
20:13GN ask next time
20:13tjfontaine wow thanks
20:17GN :)
20:22@mikegrb tjfontaine: ask next time
20:22tjfontaine I don't think I'll ever forget now
20:22internat oh yeah tjfontaine, ask nextime
20:23tjfontaine phew I was >< close to forgetting
20:23internat oh.. ok.. well just remember to ask nextime
20:23tjfontaine thanks, I will
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20:31@mikegrb tuppa:jomg it's time
20:31@mikegrb er
20:31@mikegrb tjfontaine: omg it's time
20:31@mikegrb tjfontaine: hold me
20:31* tuppa holds mikegrb
20:32@mikegrb tuppa: thanks
20:32GN time for what?
20:32tuppa to hold mikegrb, it seems
20:32GN hmm
20:33@mikegrb time for the new xbox
20:33@mikegrb on mtv
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20:34GN tell me when its on
20:34@mikegrb right now
20:34GN !reminder?
20:34linbot hmm... reminder is tjfontaine needs to ask next time, GN
20:34@mikegrb started 4 minutes ago
20:35@mikegrb they just showed the outside so far
20:35@mikegrb now some band is on
20:35GN poo
20:39GN !insult tjfontaine
20:39linbot tjfontaine - You are nothing but a plume-plucked gob of pignutted waffle-house.
20:40tjfontaine stay up 2 date
20:40tjfontaine water cooled cpus
20:41npmr passive cooling > *
20:43tjfontaine jesus
20:46GN playstation 3 will be faster
20:46tjfontaine faster than 3 g5 cores?
20:46warewolf uh yes?
20:46warewolf because of the cell technology?
20:46tjfontaine hmm
20:46tjfontaine I don't pay attention to psapp
20:52@mikegrb tjfontaine: and their dual cores!
20:52@mikegrb omg that's like 6 g5s!
20:52tjfontaine I think it's a single processor with three cores
20:53tjfontaine but I'm interested in finding out how many cells will be in the PS3
20:54npmr hmmm
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20:54internat | NSFW
20:54GN hopefully they arent hyperthreaded
20:55tjfontaine heh
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20:55GN cell processor has 9 cores
20:55warewolf ElectricElf- that's the way it is for all game consoles
20:56warewolf er, misfire
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20:57tjfontaine well the power of the console won't matter, what I think the most ground breaking part of all of this is that all next generation consoles will be based on G5 PPC's
21:00GN power won't matter?
21:01JasonF I lost the Steering Committee election at my lug in a runoff
21:01JasonF :(
21:01tjfontaine GN: mine is bigger than yours
21:01GN your ego
21:01GN :)
21:01tjfontaine :>
21:02GN linbot: insult tjfontaine
21:02linbot tjfontaine - You are nothing but a tickle-brained heap of weedy bait.
21:02tjfontaine :<
21:02GN teehee
21:03tjfontaine anyway laters
21:03GN peace out homie
21:03GN JasonF: sorry to hear that
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23:03fosfaglo anyone home?
23:12encode no; im at work
23:12tierra as am I
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23:39linbot New news from forums: Distro: Updated Gentoo Linux 2005.0 Filesystem in Announcements <>
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