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02:36linbot New news from forums: Postfix errors in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
02:57NeonNero anybody alive yet?
02:58internat vaugly
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08:37@mikegrb NeonNero|wrk: just updated your ticket
08:37NeonNero|wrk | mikegrb: thanks
08:37@mikegrb no problem
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10:01Lonely linbot: nice bot ;)
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12:36abock tjfontaine, what about name checking Linode?
12:36tjfontaine in your blog :)
12:37@mikegrb lolz
12:37abock lol
12:37abock if you click the UML link there's a big Linode banner!
12:37tjfontaine ya, but not everyone will click :)
12:37adamg hmm
12:38abock (updated!)
12:39abock did you watch the incredible Shay-Shay?
12:39tjfontaine nope not yet
12:40@mikegrb abock: !!!
12:40abock ay?
12:40@mikegrb aawhy not you tell me blog you have?
12:40@mikegrb wanna have your blog there?
12:41abock the only RSS feed I publish is for Monologue, but I guess I could change taht
12:42@mikegrb :D
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12:56@mikegrb abock: <-- You.
12:57abock haha
12:57abock excellent
12:57abock thanks
12:59@mikegrb :D
12:59@mikegrb No thank you.
13:01abock sure, sure!
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13:18esa Hello , I will upgrade my linode from Linode 64 to Linode 192, is it possible ?
13:19@mikegrb just need to open a ticket, then when a slot is availible, we will set it up
13:19esa ok
13:19esa anydata will lost or ips will be changed ?
13:19@mikegrb no and no
13:20@mikegrb there are no slots right now though so it wouldn't be immidiate
13:20esa 11638
13:20@mikegrb but as soon as slot is ready, you would be setup
13:20esa k
13:21esa thank you very much
13:21@mikegrb no problem
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13:24GN mikegrb: you want my blog feed?
13:25@mikegrb GN: of course, bish
13:25@mikegrb don't you people read the linode forums!
13:26GN or do i need to follow the instructions :P
13:26@mikegrb this is fine ;)
13:26GN good, i don't like to follow the instructions
13:26@mikegrb I know :<
13:28tjfontaine hah mike garb pwnage
13:29@mikegrb :<
13:30@mikegrb omg two tj's on planet linode :<
13:30@mikegrb two tjf's even!
13:30GN indeed
13:31GN i'm first tho
13:31tjfontaine mike is always behind
13:32GN i always say if i knew everything i wouldn't be here
13:32tjfontaine heh
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13:59rlb Has linode's reliability been pretty good? i.e. is it suitable for primary DNS and mail?
13:59@mikegrb Yes, though I'm slightly biased
13:59@mikegrb you may be more interested in the responses from customers in the channels
14:00@mikegrb s/channels/channel/
14:00rlb understood.
14:01tierra well, my uptime is only sitting at 43 days right now... but there's hosts that haven't gone down in over a year
14:02rlb tierra: ok, that's good, thx.
14:02tierra there's been a couple more recent problems on my node, but overall, I'd still have to say Linode has been very reliable
14:04tierra if this counts for much, there's been less problems with the network then there has power... I've never had any complaints about hiccups in the network
14:05tjfontaine most issues Linode has experienced have been caused by the DC's
14:05tjfontaine TP went years w/o major issue before last months ridiculous power outage
14:05tierra yeah, whenever there's a problem, it's almost always been the DC's fault and not Linode's
14:06tjfontaine HE has had multiple power outages, and occasionaly lossy routes
14:08rlb How long was the power out?
14:09@mikegrb about 8hrs at TP
14:09@mikegrb HE is generally more like 20 seconds
14:10@mikegrb which should be an issue since they have redundant UPS setup, but they've caused the power outages by futzing with the UPSes
14:10tierra that last outage at TP was pretty nasty
14:11tjfontaine and many many many many people were affected by it
14:11rlb mikegrb: OK, as long as it's not > typical mail retry times, or DNS TTL, though backup MX takes care of the former.
14:11@mikegrb just about their entire data center
14:11heidi not just linode
14:11@mikegrb rlb: right
14:11rlb Also, is a linode server's effective CPU likely to be fast enough to handle something like running spamassassin for one user subscribed to say debian-bugs (for example)?
14:11rlb (presume linode 96 or so)
14:12@mikegrb sure
14:12@mikegrb though ram is the big issue with spam assasin
14:12tjfontaine more constrained by memory
14:12tjfontaine and IO
14:12@mikegrb I'd recommend limiting it to processing one message at a time
14:12rlb mikegrb: right.
14:13rlb thx.
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14:28rlb mikegrb: so are the higher linode plans likely to be available next week or the week after?
14:29@mikegrb rlb: unfortunatly I don't really have an estimate
14:29@mikegrb rlb: I'd watch daily though
14:29rlb mikegrb: ok, thanks.
14:29@mikegrb if somebody cancels or downgrades, could open a slot
14:29heidi but watch closely
14:29heidi they go very fast
14:29@mikegrb and I know we have some hosts that are ready to be shipped off to the data center
14:29heidi a lot of demand
14:30heidi for every 1 cancellation there is 5 who want the slot
14:30@mikegrb heidi: probably more like 10-20
14:31heidi ok
14:31rlb (there seemed to be quite a few last week -- though I wasn't ready to do anything then)
14:31heidi well I was just guessing by what you told me
14:38abock yay, my status server is nearly complete
14:38abock if anyone is interested in it, let me know, I'll release it soon
14:39@caker abock: doesn't load
14:39GN caker!
14:39@caker get your motor runnin
14:39GN feeling better?
14:40abock caker, loads for me?
14:40@caker yes. My mouth healed quite a bit, thankfully -- no longer chewing on the inside of my cheeks every time I bite down
14:40@caker abock: works now
14:40GN 8080?
14:41GN ok
14:41@mikegrb 808080808080808080808808080
14:41abock it's a standalone status server to monitor services and the health of the server
14:41@caker abock: cool .. what did you write it in?
14:41@mikegrb caker: c#!
14:41@mikegrb caker: don't you read planet linode?!?!
14:42abock haha
14:42GN here we go again
14:43abock it's extremely easy to extend and write your own status modules
14:43GN i just use sitescope
14:44abock I'm going to write a front end client for it in Gtk# and have it email/text message me if/when something goes down
14:44abock ooh... a disk space monitor
14:45abock GN, what's sitescope?
14:45GN oh its the bomb
14:45abock is it an external service, or does it run on your box?
14:45GN runs on your box
14:46abock is it F/OSS?
14:46GN hmm
14:47GN it just says redhat but i'm running it on debian
14:48abock link?
14:49GN it does alot
14:49GN i guess the downside is you're have to pay for it
14:49abock right
14:49abock so it's not F/OSS (Free/Open Source Software)
14:50GN ah, no
14:50GN thought you meant fedora
14:51tjfontaine mmm c#
14:52tjfontaine I so love c#
14:53abock haha
14:53abock me too
14:53@mikegrb I so love tjfontaine
14:53@mikegrb I mean c#
14:54tjfontaine mikegrb: I love you and c#
14:54tjfontaine but .net is my master
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15:01anderiv anything funky going on w/ host32?
15:02anderiv anyone home?
15:02anderiv :-)
15:02tjfontaine yes, but not on host33
15:02* mikegrb checks
15:02tjfontaine er 32
15:04anderiv I'm getting ~20% packet loss to that host...
15:05@mikegrb oh network then
15:05* mikegrb checks that
15:05anderiv mikegrb: sorry
15:05@mikegrb no problem ;)
15:05anderiv just checked from another network, and the pings are fine. interesting.
15:05* anderiv guesses it's some transient routing problem.
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15:06@mikegrb I am seeing a little bit of loss
15:06@mikegrb about 10-13%
15:07@mikegrb but inside the planet's network
15:07anderiv mikegrb: so the loss you're seeing is within the planet?
15:07sarnold has anyone ever seen 'gart' say anything?
15:08anderiv sarnold: ummmm no, but I don't watch this channel very often.
15:08anderiv !seen gart
15:08linbot anderiv: I have not seen gart.
15:08tjfontaine have mikey grep his logs
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15:08tjfontaine sarnold: in search of transient bots?
15:09efudd what thehell is going on with linode right now?
15:09@mikegrb sarnold: no, feel free to castrate him
15:09sarnold tjfontaine: a user has suggested he's an email-address snarfing bot :)
15:09efudd at least i'm not loosing packets..
15:09@mikegrb efudd: seeing packet loss?
15:09efudd but there's tfonky as hell lag
15:09@mikegrb ahh
15:09tjfontaine sarnold: oh, tragic
15:09@mikegrb looking into it
15:09anderiv 05-11.log:[Wed May 11 22:02:51 2005]-!- gart [] has joined #linode
15:09@mikegrb just telnet'ed into the switch
15:09anderiv grepped through my logs for april and may...that's all I got.
15:10efudd /still/ hasn't loaded
15:10sarnold anderiv: thanks
15:10anderiv sarnold: np
15:10efudd ah, there we go. packet loss.
15:10sarnold tjfontaine: yeah, killing one certainly won't make much dent, but .. hey, it's worth a shot :)
15:10@mikegrb sarnold: get him good
15:10* tjfontaine likes to watch
15:10* tjfontaine is saddist
15:10@mikegrb sarnold: there was anotehr that I've beeck kicking in the knee
15:10@mikegrb he comes back every now and then
15:11efudd 14 39 ms 39 ms 39 ms []
15:11efudd 15 41 ms 43 ms 41 ms []
15:11efudd makes no sense since i'm < 40ms away on average
15:11tjfontaine efudd: it's f13 tricks
15:11@mikegrb lolz
15:11linbot New news from forums: TekTonic HTML source - LOL in /dev/random <>
15:13GN its been like that all day for me
15:13GN comes in spurts
15:13efudd took me ~30+ seconds to switch back to this window....
15:13anderiv is hosted @ the planet?
15:13* anderiv is getting 30% loss now :-(
15:13sarnold mikegrb: there's the UNIX/LINUX/WINXP family of bots...
15:19@mikegrb sarnold: that one
15:20@mikegrb okay looks like someone on host29 is being dos'ed
15:20GN kick ass
15:20@mikegrb so narrowed to the host
15:20@mikegrb just to find the ip ;)
15:21anderiv mikegrb: you can _do_ it!!!
15:21GN kick hees ass
15:21@mikegrb it's my frist time
15:21@mikegrb I'm a virgin
15:23@caker mikegrb: this is an upstream problem, as far as I can see there's no DoS on any of the hosts
15:23tjfontaine o0
15:23GN 0o
15:24@caker 5 minute input rate 1172000 bits/sec, 1123 packets/sec
15:24@caker 5 minute output rate 9369000 bits/sec, 2244 packets/sec
15:24@caker ^-- uplink #1
15:24@caker 5 minute input rate 1451000 bits/sec, 939 packets/sec
15:24@caker 5 minute output rate 4000 bits/sec, 7 packets/sec
15:24@caker ^-- uplink #2
15:25@caker I've already filed a ticket with ThePlanet
15:25anderiv caker: sweet thanks.
15:25@caker 10. 0% 22 22 30 29 32 44
15:25@caker 11. dist-vlan32.dsr3-1.dllstx3.theplanet. 15% 18 21 32 29 45 226
15:25@caker 12. dist-vlan21.dsr1-1.dllstx2.theplanet. 5% 20 21 34 30 51 201
15:25@caker 13. 5% 20 21 32 29 39 146
15:25@caker 14. 5% 20 21 32 30 34 50
15:25anderiv thanks to mikegrb too :-)
15:25@mikegrb ok
15:25@mikegrb see, I dunno normal numbers so I just found the host with the most traffic
15:26@caker mikegrb: if you see packets/sec > 50k or so, then I'd start looking for bad traffic
15:27@mikegrb ahh
15:27@mikegrb well host29 was around 380 when I looked
15:27@mikegrb so not bad
15:40kvandivo 380 thousand?
15:40* kvandivo grins evily.
15:40GN 3^80
15:41kvandivo !3^80
15:41@caker !calc 3^80
15:41kvandivo where's siggy when you need him
15:41linbot caker: 3^80 = 1.47808829 × 10^(38)
15:41kvandivo linbot, we don't speak html here
15:41kvandivo 215 is the 'multiply sign'
15:42GN when is x not x
15:42GN when its ×
15:43* GN is lame
15:43tjfontaine you so are ;)
15:43tjfontaine gimmie back my name!
15:43GN !insult tjfontaine
15:43linbot tjfontaine - You are nothing but an impertinent stack of loggerheaded cold.
15:43GN Ooooo
15:43GN loggerheaded even
15:43tjfontaine indeed
15:44kvandivo foamy
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15:47efudd well, seems better.
15:47anderiv hrm - seems fixed now....I had about 30 seconds of 100% loss, and now seems good.
15:47efudd thanks.
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15:47anderiv router reboot or something, perhaps?
15:47anderiv that would account for the 100% loss.
15:48@mikegrb quite possibly
15:49anderiv the timing of this was sort of harrowing for me, as I had literally just started up login_sentry (scans for brute force ssh login attempts) when this started....
15:49anderiv I thought something might have fooked my box :-)
15:50@mikegrb ha
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16:02tjfontaine Chang_: where in NEO?
16:03GN !reminder?
16:03linbot Rumor has it reminder is tjfontaine needs to ask next time, GN
16:03tjfontaine indeed
16:04tjfontaine thanks for all the reminders everyone
16:04tjfontaine (also) Chang: where in NEO?
16:04Chang_ Akron
16:04tjfontaine ah, I'm in Alliance
16:05kvandivo but you can't ever get along with anyone!
16:05tjfontaine so
16:05Chang_ cool
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16:06Chang_ Damn, left IRC running on the iBook
16:09--- User: *** Chang_ is now known as Chang
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17:52@caker anyone here on host40?
17:53tjfontaine not I
17:54--- ---> Blaisorblade_away [] has joined #linode
17:54tjfontaine caker UML doesn't support an emulation of NPTL only Xen correct?
17:55@caker tsi: around?
17:55@caker tjfontaine: correct
17:55tjfontaine k
17:55@caker hello Blaisorblade
17:55Blaisorblade_| Hi caker!
17:55--- User: *** Blaisorblade_away is now known as Blaisorblade
17:55@caker Blaisorblade: what's up?
17:56Blaisorblade | Going around...
17:56@caker Blaisorblade: check out Xen at all?
17:56Blaisorblade | No, I've not the time... I've looked at their pages though...
17:56Blaisorblade | What's the feeling about Xen on your side, performance-wise?
17:57@caker !xen-bench?
17:57linbot Kernel Build Times -- Host(noXen): 5m5.993s, dom0: 5m19.758s, domU(Xenode): 5m49.133s, UML(Linode): 15m24.464s
17:57Blaisorblade | And anything-wise, too.
17:57@caker it's very impressive
17:57@caker some of the other features will be useful, as well (live-migration, suspend to disk)
17:58Blaisorblade | What are the current strenghts of UML over Xen?
17:58@caker I'm currently doing a private beta-test of Xen. Most of my support is finished :)
17:58@caker Geesh, well .. Performance wise, it completely kills UML
17:58Blaisorblade | ? What's finished?
17:59@caker The features that I wrapped around UML -- my web based control panel's support for Xen is finished
17:59kvandivo VAS
17:59@caker It also does SMP guests
18:00@caker I did a kernel build under an SMP guest in about 4 minutes -- basically the same as the native host time within a few seconds
18:00Blaisorblade | SMP guests, ouch. We should be working on that. Hmm, and what about intrusiveness? For what I understood, you run a Xen host inside something different (Xinulator)?
18:00tjfontaine when did you take away procs :)
18:00@caker tjfontaine: when the -unstable tree was too unstable
18:00tjfontaine oh, right
18:01@caker Yeah, GRUB boots the hypervisor, which then launches your initial domain (guest) which has access to the hardware
18:01@caker that initial domain is essentially the host, under which you launch/manage other guests
18:03@caker Blaisorblade: any thoughts on the ksoftirqd problem?
18:03Blaisorblade | So Xen is less easily deployable on existing systems. On the ksoftirqd problem, no idea yet, this week I've been really busy.
18:03@caker ahh
18:03@caker yeah, it's not that difficult to get it working -- a slight learning curve + a few reboots to get things right
18:04Blaisorblade | Yes, but for instance it's not suitable for what Rob Landley is currently working on.
18:04@caker hmm, which is?
18:05Blaisorblade | I've not yet understood fully what he's working on, but he's basically wrapping a program into an UML executable + a squashfs image to provide it with an insulated environment.
18:06@caker oh, right
18:06@caker the all-in-one UML binary thing
18:07@caker oh, one more thing -- Xen can safely use kernel modules
18:07guinea-pig ooOOoo
18:07tjfontaine not that all work, damn you asterisk
18:08* mikegrb damns tj
18:08Blaisorblade | caker: You mean it can use binary i386 host modules?
18:08@mikegrb Blaisorblade: I'll give you $3 to fix the ksoftirq bug
18:08tjfontaine mikegrb: <3
18:08@mikegrb tjfontaine: <3
18:09@mikegrb tjfontaine: just for you, I know how much it bugs you
18:09tjfontaine indeef
18:09@caker Blaisorblade: well, no, they need to be recompiled with ARCH=xen, but otherwise, they don't present a host security issue like under UML (insmod gimmie_host_shell.ko)
18:10tjfontaine how did you know about my kernel module!
18:10@caker tjfontaine: :)
18:10Blaisorblade | Hmm, I will be working on it when I've time, maybe that will increase the priority.
18:10Blaisorblade | caker: Ok, yes, I already guessed this. However, that is theoretically doable with UML too.
18:11Blaisorblade | Only, it's not built-in, you must use host security facilities to achieve this.
18:11Blaisorblade | Having a simple "chroot UML" thing would be very useful.
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18:29linbot New news from forums: Host40 Disk Failure / Migration Information in System and Network Status <>
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19:32linbot New news from wiki: Testing <>
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19:33mra is my linode backed up, and if so, can i restore a specific directory?
19:34@caker mra: no, backups are your responsibility
19:44--- ---> bdash [] has joined #linode
19:51adamg hmm
19:52JasonF [#no-sources] bugs.. use at own risk || jay was in linux mag
19:52JasonF er
19:53JasonF I got published in linux mag
19:53JasonF pwnage
19:53jtickle JasonF, you're in TriLUG, right?
19:54JasonF of course I am :)
19:54JasonF ran for the SC
19:55jtickle haha yes, i was there last night... sorry you didn't get it, but I really like your platform
19:55jtickle it's time to get Linux on the desktop
19:57JasonF yes :)
19:57JasonF Or time for LUGs to stop being elite sysadmin powwows
19:57JasonF I think I pissed some of the older ppl in the room off
19:57@mikegrb lolz
19:57JasonF lol
19:57JasonF Like old school unix guys
19:58jtickle I was sitting at the table right behind you with abock... im sure you couldn't help but notice the table of particularly old guys right next to you
19:58jtickle but I agree with you
19:59jtickle my mom runs Linux, I tried to get her to come but she thought she'd feel out of place
19:59jtickle as it is right now, she would
20:02@caker JasonF: congrats!
20:15@mikegrb JasonF: I would die for a lug full of elite sysadmins
20:15@mikegrb instead I'm stuck with a lug full of dongs
20:16@mikegrb "webmin makes it so you allmost don't need a keyboard, mouse, and monitor on a server"
20:16@mikegrb s/allmost/almost/
20:16@mikegrb and emphasis added
20:21--- ---> GN [] has joined #linode
20:21* linbot licks GN
20:22* GN needs a towel
20:23* Blaisorblade needs a towel too
20:27jtickle what in the world are you people doing hitchhiking around IRC without your towels?
20:28GN busted
20:28--- ---> spaceghost [] has joined #linode
20:32linbot I *am* Elvis.
20:33GN !no, elvis is dead
20:33linbot Gotcha, GN.
20:33GN !elvis?
20:33linbot Thankyouverymuch
20:33GN :P
20:34--- <<-- GN [] has quit (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
20:35spaceghost can anyone give me a ballpark idea of how long it'll take to get a call back about the virtual server i just signed up for?
20:35@caker spaceghost: lemme check
20:35jtickle that's the one
20:36spaceghost caker: great. thanks
20:36jtickle er, sorry, wrong channel there
20:36@caker spaceghost: all set -- thank you :)
20:37--- <<-- mra [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:38--- ---> GN [] has joined #linode
20:39spaceghost caker: terrific! thanks tons; i'm eager to get my site off of jvds because they've been awful lately
20:39--- ---> griffinn [] has joined #linode
20:39@caker spaceghost: oh? since they sold, or just problems, or what?
20:41spaceghost they did this totally half-assed datacenter migration, turned off my server without notice
20:41@caker hmm, a change of IPs involved, too?
20:41spaceghost yep. they really hosed that up too
20:41@caker bummer.
20:42spaceghost after i got them to turn the old server back on i set tinydns up to start handing out the new ip's
20:42spaceghost i've always had a 24 hour ttl on my domains, but jvds' backup dns servers are still serving up the old ip's- a week after the change!
20:43spaceghost i'm now losing email, and i'm pretty cheesed about it
20:43@mikegrb :<
20:43@mikegrb that is major suckage
20:44spaceghost sure is. i was happy with them for over a year, but i just won't tolerate this kind of nonsense
20:45@mikegrb so comming from them, what do you think of the spiffy member's site?
20:45GN the irc support here is teh bomb
20:45spaceghost i like it a lot; their site is just... confused
20:45spaceghost and so far i'm super happy with the support :-)
20:45--- ---> mra [] has joined #linode
20:47* warewolf blinks
20:47warewolf I Swear to god
20:47warewolf everyone in my office is getting Mac Minis
20:47spaceghost neat. can i work there?
20:47warewolf no no
20:47warewolf I mean at home
20:47warewolf they're all buying them
20:47warewolf I feel like I'm not following peer pressure or something
20:48warewolf I couldn't deal with one mouse button though
20:48warewolf eventhough OSX is based on unix
20:48spaceghost you can use any usb mouse you have on hand
20:48@mikegrb warewolf: buy one for me, your favorite linode support rep
20:48@mikegrb indeed
20:48warewolf are you kidding?
20:48@mikegrb the mac mini doesn't come with a mouse
20:48warewolf I've already got a BBB complaint in on you.
20:48@mikegrb so just use whatever mouse
20:48* mikegrb hides
20:48griffinn Mac Minis don't come with a mouse so you can use whatever mouse you want.
20:48griffinn !!
20:48@mikegrb griffinn: !!
20:48* griffinn hides under a rock
20:48warewolf !!
20:48* mikegrb hides under a rock too
20:48warewolf 21:48 [linbot(] Error: '!' is not a valid command.
20:49@mikegrb I know
20:49GN i used to use a 5 button intellimouse on my g4
20:49@mikegrb he so told you
20:49JasonF whatever happened to sighup
20:49griffinn SIGKILL killed SIGHUP.
20:49GN linbot: seen poop?
20:49linbot GN: I have not seen poop?.
20:50GN linbot: seen poop
20:50linbot GN: I have not seen poop.
20:50@mikegrb JasonF: he is not in this channel anymore
20:50@mikegrb JasonF: he is a bit too naughty for it
20:50warewolf oh that os so open to abuse
20:50warewolf linbot: seen pussy?
20:50linbot warewolf: I have not seen pussy?.
20:50warewolf heh
20:50JasonF mikegrb: do you have him on any other networks?
20:51warewolf linbot: seen my toes in the past 3 years
20:51linbot warewolf: I have not seen my toes in the past 3 years.
20:51@mikegrb JasonF: no, he's on this network though
20:51warewolf linbot: seen someone take after a bowl of cereal like mikegrb
20:51linbot warewolf: I have not seen someone take after a bowl of cereal like mikegrb.
20:52GN linbot: rr warewolf
20:52linbot GN: (roulette [spin]) -- Fires the revolver. If the bullet was in the chamber, you're dead. Tell me to spin the chambers and I will.
20:52JasonF mikegrb: If I WANTED you to put him on another network to join some chans I run, would you?
20:52@mikegrb JasonF: he isn't multinetwork :<
20:52--- ---> fosfaglo [] has joined #linode
20:53JasonF can you tell him to leave oftc and join freenode o:p
20:53@mikegrb no
20:53@mikegrb freenode is firewalled
20:53@mikegrb it's against the tos for the server he runs on
20:53warewolf really?
20:53JasonF what's against the TOS?
20:54@mikegrb connecting to freenode
20:54JasonF why don't you put him on a linode?
20:54@mikegrb lolz
20:54JasonF LOL
20:54@mikegrb he is on a linode
20:54JasonF ...
20:54warewolf .... but he can connect to.... I give up.
20:54@mikegrb but the tos of that particular linode forbid connections to freenode
20:54@mikegrb and that particular linode has freenode firewalled off
20:55JasonF I didn't agree to any particular provision in *my* TOS
20:55JasonF hell, I would *never* get a server with someone who told me what I couldn't do with it (within legality)
20:55@mikegrb JasonF: but you are free to make any rules you want about your linode
20:55@mikegrb as are all our customers
20:56JasonF why did you make that a rule for your linode?
20:56@mikegrb why not?
20:56JasonF because freenode is the largest OSS irc network
20:56@mikegrb it is the largest (only?) pay for use irc network
20:57JasonF it's not pay for use
20:57--- <<-- GN [] has quit (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
20:57@mikegrb riiiight
20:58JasonF I use it
20:58JasonF even have a group contact for no-sources registered (hostmask)
20:58JasonF and never paid a dime
21:02--- <<-- fosfaglo [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:03spaceghost caker: throughput on your network beats the snot out of jvds'
21:04@caker spaceghost: :)
21:04--- ---> phosfaglo [] has joined #linode
21:04warewolf I'm basically waiting till the end of the month (a full month) to see if I should start VPNing into my linode and surfing the web out from it
21:05@caker anyone here have experience with ProCurve switches?
21:05warewolf it'll be a heck of a lot faster than using my cablemodem as a vpn gateway
21:05@mikegrb caker: I almost bought one once
21:05@caker specifically, if they can do per-MAC QoS stuff
21:05@mikegrb oh caker
21:06@mikegrb warewolf had a question for you
21:06warewolf yes
21:06@caker ok
21:06warewolf what machine has the mac address MACDADMACDAD
21:06@mikegrb warewolf: ;)
21:06warewolf er
21:06warewolf M isn't hex
21:07@caker If that's a joke, I fail to see the humor :)
21:07warewolf wait a sec
21:07--- ---> fosfaglo [] has joined #linode
21:08@mikegrb warewolf: ha ha
21:08tjfontaine ha ha warewolf
21:08warewolf ok, then why is MACDADMACDAD showing up in my binary logs in snort
21:08@mikegrb tjfontaine: <3
21:08tjfontaine mikegrb: M3 M3
21:08warewolf you all shoosh
21:08@caker warewolf: show me
21:09warewolf well actually hold on
21:09warewolf lemme get snort and acid actually installed
21:09tjfontaine you're a terrible liar
21:09warewolf no, just not that observant.
21:09--- <<-- bdash [] has quit (Quit: bdash)
21:09--- <<-- phosfaglo [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:09@mikegrb tjfontaine: ^5
21:10--- ---> bdash [] has joined #linode
21:10tjfontaine mikegrb: ^5
21:11@mikegrb :D
21:18warewolf yikes.
21:18warewolf I Think I'm going to have to tune mysql a lot.
21:19warewolf eventhough I've tuned it already
21:19tjfontaine ha ha mysql
21:19warewolf oh, it was just creating the innodb tablespace.
21:19warewolf nevermind.
21:19--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
21:25@mikegrb innodb!!!!?!?!?!
21:25* mikegrb runs away
21:29griffinn It's the first thing I turn off every time I setup MySQL.
21:30griffinn Or rather, the first thing in MySQL that turns people off.
21:31warewolf er, what?
21:31warewolf innodb rocks
21:31warewolf innodb gets you transactions
21:31warewolf foreign key constraints
21:31warewolf it makes it ACID compliant
21:31warewolf innodb rocks my socks
21:31tjfontaine inherited tables?
21:31warewolf it makes mysql fast as hell
21:31tjfontaine well, fast(er)
21:32warewolf innodb caches stuff in memory
21:32griffinn Well I'd be using Postgres if I want transactions and cascading constraints etc.
21:32warewolf to each his own
21:32griffinn With MySQL I just use it for applications that append data but seldom update existing stuff
21:32tjfontaine just some of us are right
21:33griffinn Then recovery isn't much of a concern.
21:33warewolf MyISAM tables do suck
21:33warewolf innodb tables don't
21:33warewolf you -can- recover from crashes with innodb
21:33tjfontaine well thats relative, since MySQL sucks
21:33* warewolf sighs
21:33warewolf nevermind tj
21:34griffinn Anyway, it's too much i/o overhead to be run in a linode 64 which I have :P
21:34warewolf haha
21:34warewolf I already have my 64 maxed out
21:34warewolf :)
21:37--- ---> quietstormeagle [] has joined #linode
21:37@mikegrb 21:32:05 warewolf | innodb caches stuff in memory
21:38@mikegrb warewolf: What's the biggest contraingt on a linode?
21:38* mikegrb runs away
21:38tjfontaine IO?
21:38@mikegrb s/constraigt/constraint
21:38@mikegrb tjfontaine: not really
21:38JasonF mikegrb: the admin
21:38@mikegrb 95% of the time io becames an issue is swap thrashing
21:38tjfontaine meh, depends on the application of the server
21:38@mikegrb and then, it isn't really the issue
21:38@mikegrb tjfontaine: right
21:38@mikegrb and 95% of the people throttled are thrashing swap
21:39@mikegrb occasionally get bt
21:39@mikegrb and even rarer is people running mysql and chewing io
21:39tjfontaine not rare for adamg
21:40@mikegrb right
21:40@mikegrb I'm talking across the linode users
21:43warewolf holy shit
21:43warewolf this is actually running fast as fuck
21:43warewolf <-- apparently tuned mysql well
21:43@caker what is?
21:43@caker ahh
21:43warewolf acid/php/mysql
21:44warewolf haha
21:45warewolf ofcourse, my #1 top hit in snort is "POLICY SMTP relaying denied"
21:45@mikegrb warewolf: you're 182 mb into swap!
21:45@mikegrb but your io rate seems slow so that isn't a problem
21:46@mikegrb users with more then about 20-30 mb of swap generally thrash it
21:46warewolf how the
21:46griffinn MySQL query cache?
21:46warewolf how the hell do you know I'm into swap that much
21:46warewolf that's not fair
21:46* mikegrb throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
21:47tjfontaine warewolf sure knows how to tune his mysql
21:47spaceghost sure, just cache everything :-)
21:47griffinn Heh, it's how user mode linux works.
21:47warewolf hmm
21:47warewolf actulaly
21:47warewolf snort has a larger memory footprint than mysql :P
21:47warewolf so yes, I do know how to tune mysql :P
21:48warewolf and my spf-milter is sucking up 12 megs
21:49tjfontaine soon there will be a Spam/AV VAS for consumption
21:49griffinn sendmail and snort and mysql?!
21:49griffinn Poor linode.
21:49tjfontaine there is already a MySQL VAS
21:49warewolf sendmail, snort, mysql, craploads of filters, apache, ...
21:50warewolf hmm
21:50warewolf need to get mysql to only bind to and not
21:50warewolf where's my pdf
21:50@caker quietstormeagle: what's the story with your other two nodes? want to cancel them?
21:50tjfontaine that should be done by default from your distribution
21:50griffinn Or skip-networking
21:51tjfontaine bind-address =
21:51warewolf actually I need networking for barnyard and acid, I think
21:51warewolf tj- thanks
21:51tjfontaine np, debian does that by default nowadays
21:52warewolf damn starting mysql does it ever thrash the box for 3 seconds
21:52* warewolf shrunk mysql down a little more too
21:56warewolf damn
21:56warewolf if this is right, my daily io_rate is 70.
21:56warewolf how's that? :)
21:57tjfontaine pretty good consider how hard you're pushing the damn thing
21:57warewolf if io_count is an incrementing counter from boot
21:57warewolf then my daily average for 8 days is 70 :)
21:57@caker it is
21:57warewolf SO YEAH
21:57* warewolf unfs
21:57warewolf EAT THAT
21:57warewolf :)
21:57tjfontaine !calc 11203051 / 43
21:57linbot tjfontaine: 11,203,051 / 43 = 260,536.07
21:58warewolf caker- now tell me, how much have you had to limit me? :)
21:58warewolf tj- actually, best way to do it most accurately is to .. hmm. I should perl it up. 1 sec.
21:58@caker warewolf: none -- typically not as many contention problems with users on the faster boxes
21:58@caker s/faster/SATA/
21:59@caker hmm
21:59@mikegrb warewolf: warewolf 70 49150439 8 400000 512 400000 256 181 70%
21:59@caker two runaway Lish processes on your host, too
21:59@mikegrb warewolf: 70 <-- :D
21:59* caker kills
22:00griffinn !calc 24243636 / 43
22:00linbot griffinn: 24,243,636 / 43 = 563,805.488
22:00tjfontaine I'm nicer than you are
22:00griffinn But my linode rarely does anything.
22:00@mikegrb warewolf: I did it in perl
22:01@mikegrb 21:57:33 warewolf | EAT THAT
22:01@mikegrb haha
22:01griffinn Must be the daily apt-gets
22:01warewolf oh damn
22:01@mikegrb warewolf: for comparison, an average person is around 10-20
22:01warewolf spamd just ate a lot of memory
22:01warewolf anyway
22:01@mikegrb quite a few people have an average of 0
22:04warewolf there we go
22:04warewolf undef $/; open P,"/proc/stat"; $c=<P>; ($t)=($c =~ /btime\s(\d+)/); open I,"/proc/io_status"; $i=<I>; ($r)=($i =~ m/io_count=(\d+)/); printf"%d\n",$r/(time-$t);
22:04warewolf throw that into a file, and run it
22:04warewolf perl, ofcourse.
22:05warewolf brb, bathroom
22:05--- <<-- quietstormeagle [] has quit (Quit: Trillian (
22:07@mikegrb warewolf: that's how I did it, minus the ugly
22:07* mikegrb runs
22:07@mikegrb oh I used /proc/uptime
22:08tjfontaine tjfontaine@cassiopeia:~$ ./
22:08tjfontaine 2
22:09griffinn Is that in io counts per second?
22:09warewolf oh no wait
22:09warewolf that's per second
22:10griffinn No wonder :P
22:10warewolf so mine's uh .. 6048000 daily.
22:10griffinn !calc 24243636 / 43 / 86400
22:10linbot griffinn: (24,243,636 / 43) / 86,400 = 6.52552649
22:10warewolf that can't be right
22:10@mikegrb avg per second
22:10tjfontaine you're comprehension of your own perl fu is lacking
22:10warewolf no I suck at math
22:10tjfontaine s/you're/your/
22:10warewolf there's a big difference
22:13@mikegrb tjf 4
22:13@mikegrb tjfontaine: ^
22:14@mikegrb tjfontaine: good job, have a cookie
22:14@mikegrb myownshell 0
22:14@mikegrb tjfontaine2: ^
22:14@mikegrb tjfontaine: good job, have a dozen cookies
22:19linbot New news from forums: mod_php taking forever to install in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:48--- <<-- spaceghost [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:52--- <<-- schweeb [] has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:53--- ---> GN [] has joined #linode
22:56--- ---> schweeb [] has joined #linode
22:57tjfontaine :)
22:58--- <<-- fosfaglo [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
22:58@mikegrb :)
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59--- <<-- griffinn [] has quit (Quit: )
22:59linbot *licks* tjfontaine
23:00tjfontaine :>
23:00* tjfontaine tries to remember how to rehash a file in mldonkey to see if it's complete
23:00GN 0o
23:00GN donkey punch
23:00GN oh wait thats something completely different
23:01tjfontaine hah
23:01Blaisorblade | mikegrb, tjfontaine: still valid the offer for the softirqd bug?
23:01@mikegrb Blaisorblade: you fix it? ;)
23:02Blaisorblade | I've just found something related, and going to experiment if the fix to it fixes also the problem.
23:02@mikegrb but sure, still valid
23:02tjfontaine as long as it can wait until next friday (next payday)
23:02@mikegrb puhwahaha
23:02@mikegrb tjfontaine: how much did you offer?
23:03tjfontaine I didn't, but I support
23:03@mikegrb oh
23:03tjfontaine crazy ass storm going on
23:03tjfontaine I'm in the basement and I can hear rain hitting the chimney cover
23:04GN where do you live tjf2?
23:04tjfontaine NEO
23:04tjfontaine you tjf1?
23:04GN ICT
23:04tjfontaine hmm you got me there, Tenn?
23:04GN where is neo i'm too lazy to look it up
23:04GN haha
23:04tjfontaine North East Ohio :)
23:05GN wichita, ks
23:05tjfontaine heh, whats ICT?
23:05GN tis teh season eh?
23:05tjfontaine yup
23:05tjfontaine quite so
23:05GN thats the airport code
23:05tjfontaine ah, CAK :)
23:05GN akron?
23:05tjfontaine indeed
23:05GN fun
23:05tjfontaine bout 30 mins away
23:06tjfontaine !weather 2d1
23:06linbot tjfontaine: The current temperature in Barber, Ohio (44640) is 60\xB0F (12:10 AM EDT on May 14, 2005). Conditions: Light Thunderstorm Rain Mist. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: 60\xB0F. UV: 0 out of 16
23:06tjfontaine tis actually in Alliance
23:06GN !weather 67226
23:06linbot GN: The current temperature in Wichita, Kansas (67226) is 61\xB0F (10:54 PM CDT on May 13, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 59\xB0F. Wind: NNW at 8 mph (13 km/h). Pressure: 29.98 in (1015 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 0 out of 16
23:06GN it stormed all day
23:07GN 93% humidity
23:07GN barf
23:07tjfontaine ya, at least the grass seed I put out is getting some decent water
23:07@mikegrb tjfontaine: !
23:07@mikegrb I planted a garden recently
23:07tjfontaine mikegrb: !
23:07@mikegrb it is comming up
23:07@mikegrb it was seed
23:08tjfontaine for edibleness?
23:08@mikegrb nah
23:08@mikegrb wild flowers
23:08GN haha, i was admiring my seedlings just this evening
23:08@mikegrb we have blackberries growing outside
23:08GN grass not flowers
23:08@mikegrb oh heidi planted a bunch of basil seed for eating
23:08@mikegrb that's comming up to
23:08tjfontaine I should be able to see some grass soon
23:09GN mikes growing the bong filler in his garden
23:09--- ---> fosfaglo [] has joined #linode
23:09tjfontaine mmm
23:09@mikegrb :<
23:09tjfontaine I wish I were
23:09GN 7-14 days
23:09tjfontaine "Shall we play a game" is on tv
23:09GN for yard grass
23:09* tjfontaine ndos
23:10tjfontaine er nods
23:10GN hey mikegrb how do i use ssh to irc
23:10@mikegrb 7-14 days for most stuff
23:10@mikegrb GN: see that other channel
23:10@mikegrb jay is getting a tutorial right now
23:10GN kdoke
23:11tjfontaine ssh as in port redirection?
23:11@mikegrb tjfontaine: no
23:11@mikegrb tjfontaine: screen!
23:11tjfontaine oh irssi+screen?
23:11* tjfontaine nods
23:19--- ---> shalstvedt [] has joined #linode
23:20--- <<-- shalstvedt [] has quit (Quit: )
23:20--- ---> shalstvedt [] has joined #linode
23:35--- <<-- shalstvedt [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:42--- <<-- tizen [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:43--- ---> spaceghost [] has joined #linode
23:45--- <<-- GN [] has quit (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
23:51--- <<-- anderiv [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:53--- <<-- fosfaglo [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
23:56Blaisorblade | tjfontaine: it seems this one I found does not yet fix the problem, however it's still interesting technically.
23:59--- ---> anderiv [] has joined #linode
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