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00:01* taupehat is currently listening to: 704. Einsturzende Neubauten { Schmerzen Hoeren } 2:31
00:01* warewolf is currently listening to: 666. Somebody I don't know { Some Song I don't care about } 3:64
00:02@mikegrb lolz
00:02taupehat lol
00:02taupehat at least I didn't get it to work playing "Unknown Artist 1.mp3"
00:03warewolf "Untitled-Untitled.mp3 1:34" would be bettAR
00:03taupehat har
00:08tsi woo finally can migrate off this failing machine of doom
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00:17tuppa or in some unknown character set and all you get are gibberish
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00:23tsi can ^D be enabled on lish shell?
00:24tsi i was all ^A A D ^A D ^D and it didn't do waht I expected
00:26internat im think that discussion has come up b4.. its todo with the perl stuff that lish runs on or something like that
00:27tsi i figured lish was busybox with all the options turned off
00:27tsi :)
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01:10fo0bar tsi: you mean, to exit out of lish and disconnect from the ssh session?
01:10fo0bar it's been suggested, but not implemented yet
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01:44encode quick .bashrc question (im running ubuntu) - why is it that with the same .bashrc file (i copied root's to my normal user account), root can get colours for things like the prompt and ls, but a normal user cant
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03:20encode anyone?
03:38adamg copy .profile as well
03:48encode woohoo! it works
03:48encode thanks heaps
03:49encode how silly of me, for some reason i expected bash to execute .bashrc automatically
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05:53marc_in_lux hello
05:53marc_in_lux what are the feelings on using a linode to run a mailing list?
05:53marc_in_lux no spam, invitation only
05:53marc_in_lux but on 'good' days in excess of 2000 mails...
06:05linbot New news from forums: phpmyadmin can't connect to local MySQL server through socke in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
06:12adamg as long as you do not invite spam, or have previously ended up on black lists you should be ok
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09:07brock So.... can anyone tell me details about the host40 migration thing? Especially Caker.
09:07brock mainly wondering what's faster about host48, out of curiosity
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09:16linbot New news from forums: [ Poll ] Cell Phones, which ones do you have, and why ? in /dev/random <>
09:22cout what does that have to do with anything, I wonder?
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09:31npmr cell phones are life, man
09:31Redgore my mobile is the only way apart from email people can reach me
09:34brock I have ssh on my cell phone :)
09:35heidi brock: host 40 has some problems
09:35heidi so everything about host 48 is faster
09:35brock heidi: ahh, cool
09:35brock just curious, like I said. It does seem snappier.
09:35brock probably the fact that fewer people are on it right now helps, too
09:36heidi I think there is a post in the forums about it
09:36npmr what happened to host 40?
09:36brock okay, I'll go take a look
09:36heidi one of the disk drives on host 40 died
09:36brock thanks
09:36brock they're mirrored, right?
09:37npmr yes
09:37npmr raid 1 on every host
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09:39cout redgore: people are lame. why would I want them to be able to reach me?
09:40Redgore cout: I have no clue why you would want people to be able to reach me, I personally want them to be able to reach me so I can know when dinner is ready :P
09:40Redgore to reach you ^
09:42cout ain't no woman gonna come within 10 feet of MY kitchen.
09:43brock heidi: ah yes, found the forum thread
09:44Redgore cout: well I have slaves, which I call parents :P
09:44heidi cout: you really don't want a woman then do you
09:45heidi brock: good
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10:17cout heidi: sure I do, I just don't want her to get all the fun jobs.
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10:24heidi heh
10:24heidi cout: that is gonna narrow your choices down a bitg
10:24heidi a lot of women like to cook
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10:24cout I know a few who don't
10:29npmr i know a few who don't like me cooking
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10:54zoot caker: you around?
10:54zoot experiencing syn flood on port 80
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12:39rscnet hello
12:39rscnet what's up with the migration task?
12:40rscnet is it required?
12:44tierra are you on host40?
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12:47zoot mikegrb: any more detail on the syn flood?
12:47@mikegrb zoot: lemme look
12:47zoot thx
12:48@mikegrb last email update is that they were forwarding the ticket to security, lemme login for up to date goodness
12:49@mikegrb doesn't look like it has been acted on yet
12:49@mikegrb are you still seeing your iptables rule counters go up?
12:51zoot have only just returned - will monitor for a while and let you know - thx
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12:52Sipherx could anyone give me some advice about setting up mod-ssl on apache2 on a debian distro
12:53Sipherx I know I need to get another ip address and all that, and I also have the certificate already...
12:53Sipherx I just need to know some basic stuff about setting it up and gettin it running to provide secure access on a specific directory
12:53Sipherx or on the entire vhost whichever is easier
13:04zoot mikegrb: 5 min data from iptables-save: 17:57:12 GMT :INPUT DROP [2271:100900] and 18:03:12 GMT :INPUT DROP [2273:101680]
13:04zoot so, not much at present
13:10zoot mikegrb: hmmm, still flooding through
13:10zoot will check back in a while
13:24zoot wasn't paying attention.. shoulda been looking at dropped packets: average of 70 bytes/sec being dropped
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15:01QuietStormEag| Hey mike, just curious is there a way to change the Username on the main linode account?
15:03adamg no
15:08heidi QuietStormEagle: no there isn't
15:08@mikegrb nope
15:08heidi I realize I am not mikegrb but I am the next best thing
15:09@mikegrb s/best/better/
15:09heidi heh
15:09heidi thanks
15:10heidi anyway
15:11heidi you should have picked the one you wanted the first time
15:11heidi :)
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15:42ABooker Excuse the n00b, anyone here?
15:42@mikegrb yes
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15:43Abooker Let me try again, anyone here right now?
15:43adamg yes
15:44@mikegrb yup
15:44Abooker Hi, I just tripped across Linode and it looks froody but I wonder how the network b/w is controlled.
15:45Abooker Do I have to explictly request more, or is it just added to my bill?
15:45adamg just added to your bill
15:45Abooker I scanned the FAQ but it doesn't seem to say anything.
15:46adamg but you can bulk by bw at a cheaper price, after a certain point
15:46* Newsome has yet to go over
15:46Abooker Ah, so is there a way I can register a cap?
15:46adamg dont think so
15:47Abooker Hmm, so how much is 10GiB as a yardstick?
15:47BurtyB I have a limiter script that downloads the xml stats and sets the limit off that (not that I really need it tho since i use bugger all)
15:48Abooker Do you generally have additional charges?
15:48* BurtyB hasnt ever gone over bandwidth tho i only use it as a mail relay
15:48Abooker Cool, thx Burty, I was thinking of the same thing myself.
15:49Abooker I'm only thinking of personal use myself, maybe some family address book consolidation.
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15:49Abooker Just wondered what happens to the poor sod that post something that appeals to teh magpies on /. :)
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15:53Abooker Any advice for teh first few days of use? Things that are easy to do to start but a pain to retrofit?
15:54BurtyB pick the right distro ;)
15:58adamg keep notes of what you are doing, if you screw up it takes 5 mins to restore the distro
16:03Abooker :-D Cheers Burty, and what would the right one be?
16:03BurtyB Abooker that is your choice :)
16:04Abooker Adam, sounds like standard lab practice. So it's really not tricky or nuanced? Just a regular box? I keep looking for the catch.
16:04adamg normal box
16:05Abooker Must admit I've not played with UML much so I've nothing to base decisions on.
16:05adamg if you have used linux before and have a rough idea of how to do things you will be fine
16:06Abooker Is teh debian small really worth the disk space saving over ubuntu?
16:06adamg depends what you are looking for
16:07Abooker Last was directed Burty's way. Adam, yeah I can hold my own with a box to sysadmin.
16:08Abooker My first thought was to go play with UML and see what it's like. But for 20/month I could just play on your's instead. :)
16:08BurtyB Abooker i have no idea, i dont use debian or ubuntu
16:09Abooker I have a long time firewall on a DSL line at home and I have a cable box up here. I just want some thing to do what my main firewall does, but on a more symmetrical link.
16:10Abooker Burty, so in a poll of one, which way would you vote?
16:10BurtyB Abooker your fav, whichever you are used to. its not me thats going to be using yours
16:10Abooker Nothing commercial or high visibility
16:12Abooker :) Fence sitter. I'm pretty agnostic, I use SuSE, FC and debian on different current machines. If there's no outside opinion I'll be damned to re-install 'til I get bored. ;)
16:13@mikegrb I say go for debian
16:15Abooker Yeah, I must admit once over the install hurdle it's quite sweet. And since there's a nice to to install for me ...
16:25Abooker okay I'll go and sign up now.
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16:42@mikegrb <-- Microsoft's current ad campaign
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16:43Abooker Hey Adam, you still around? I have a data format question?
16:43@mikegrb Abooker: shoot
16:44Abooker Cheers. So on the signup page there's a free form box for card #.
16:44@mikegrb yes
16:44Abooker What's the number format? I get please enter a valid ...
16:44Abooker And I know the card's good.
16:45@mikegrb try with no dashes?
16:45* mikegrb looks
16:45Abooker I tried no spaces, then I added spaces, then I tried dashes(- not _) and no joy.
16:46adamg what sort of card you using?
16:46Abooker Visa from 1st Tech
16:48Abooker *blush* Colour me red. typo.
16:49Abooker Hmm maybe not, it now says the transaction failed.
16:50adamg another typo?
16:51Abooker Don't think so, checking now. But the message is different. It's now the red banner.
16:54Abooker I shoulda stayed in bed. The wife says I have a new card.
16:54@mikegrb heh
16:54@mikegrb wife always knows best
16:55Abooker :-D
16:56heidi of course
16:56Abooker Ok so we're away.
16:56heidi when are you gonna realize it mikegrb
16:56Abooker brb got a card to cut up. ;)
16:56adamg heidi, when you make him cook, clean, shop etc etc
16:56heidi adamg: tried, he refuses
16:57@mikegrb Abooker: you are activated
16:57adamg let him stave
16:58heidi adamg: actually i like to cook sometimes
17:00heidi but not cleaning
17:00adamg well hunter can do that when he is old enough
17:00heidi we have a baby though, so for legal and health reasons i have to keep the place sanitary
17:01heidi believe me, I only have time for the absolute minimum
17:01heidi so if something else is to get done, mikegrb needs to kick himself in gear once in a while and do something
17:06linbot New news from forums: Installing without being connected in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
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17:33Abooker SWEET!
17:34Abooker I would never have guessed that the CC processing was going to be an order of magnitude more of a problem than the setup and config.
17:34@mikegrb heh
17:34Abooker I'm logged on and poking round. Gents you're stars. Heidi, keep 'em in line. :)
17:35heidi k
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17:37Abooker Hmm, dist upgrade says to increase disk usage by 136Kb I need 8GB of archives. Time to learn new debian-fu.
17:37chris So I installed tiger
17:37chris and immediately though "Wow, same exact thing"
17:37chris At least gcc/libs aren't such a mess now
17:39Abooker So tiger, worth the update? Wifey has new Mac, first time in ... maybe a decade. Had to get it early, it was a pressie.
17:39Abooker Then the buggers release an update.
17:39chris It's really not much different than panther
17:39chris I don't even use the dashboard
17:39Abooker noted. I'll quote you if she start to get uppity. ;)
17:40Abooker Where'd you say you lived again?
17:40chris I don't believe we've ever spoken
17:40chris I'm not caker
17:40JasonF heh,
17:40JasonF linbot: chris is <reply> NOT CAKER!
17:40linbot But chris is last seen on #linode 1 hours, 31 minutes and 15 seconds ago, saying: If you find a way to load a kernel module in a UML system I'd love to know how you pulled it off [1101254502], JasonF.
17:40Abooker :) Sorry my humour. We haven't spoken, j/k about sending her round to complain to you.
17:41JasonF linbot forget chris
17:41chris linbot is confused today
17:41linbot Dunno!
17:41JasonF linbot: no, chris is <reply> NOT CAKER!
17:41linbot Okay, JasonF.
17:41JasonF linbot: chris?
17:41linbot NOT CAKER
17:41JasonF sexcellent
17:43Abooker Did I see that NFS was port blocked? Have I got a cat in hell's of mounting some storage from home, temporarily, to do the debian update?
17:44JasonF just change the port you're using for nfs
17:45Abooker So it is blocked? I now I can I just want to know if I have to. :) Do VPN's cause heartache to the provider?
17:45Abooker Acck, read that as know.
17:45JasonF I doubt vpns hurt anything
17:45JasonF I use SSH tunnelling for everything on my node
17:46Abooker Yeah but I don't want to tunnel IP over tcp if I can help it.
17:47@mikegrb openvpn is userspace and doesn't seem to be too bad in terms of setup
17:48@mikegrb also
17:48@mikegrb tiger, yumm
17:48* mikegrb loves it
17:48@mikegrb v2 is great
17:48Abooker Yeah I just started using it a few weeks ago, seems OK so far. Much lower maintenance that IPSEC AFAICT
17:48@mikegrb and have used spotlight a few times
17:48@mikegrb and I use dashboard quite frequently, have a wikipedia applet
17:49Abooker 'course it'll bite me soon enough and then I'll get it in the neck. :)
17:51Abooker Well time to go, work interrupts. Thanks very much for your time and help. I'll probably be back real soon.
17:52Abooker Cheers
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20:04@mikegrb caker: <-- youngest linode fan
20:05@caker haha
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20:12encode hehe
20:31adamg caker, hows the teeth
20:33@mikegrb fine for eating you with
20:33* mikegrb runs
20:36adamg not enough meet on me, i am sure he will find you nicer
20:37@mikegrb :<
20:37@mikegrb <-- I will do this to your car
20:43--- User: *** shakr_ is now known as shakr
20:54warewolf <-- MIKEGRB'S SON HAS THE MARK!
20:54warewolf heh
20:54warewolf (bad, bad, bad warewolf)
20:54@mikegrb very bad
20:54warewolf (also: bad mikegrb for leaving hunter.jpg around for me to 'shop)
20:55@mikegrb nah hunter.jpg is there for the wife
21:07Newsome So, Hunter got the Windows symbol, and Heidi got the Linode tattoo? :)
21:08@mikegrb Newsome:
21:08@mikegrb hunter got linode and tux
21:09Newsome Haha. That's great!
21:11warewolf I think hunter3.jpg is bettAR >:)
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21:47--- User: *** alnr is now known as alnr-afk
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22:23warewolf guh
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