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01:39fo0bar yeesh
01:39fo0bar 3.9GB used on my linode, 3.3 of which is my home dir :)
01:50fo0bar the mace windu baseball one is great
01:52gloin heh
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03:03internat howdy
03:04internat so ive just migrated to my new server, but either my linode itself, or the dns server is still pointing everything to the old ip.. like my computer knows its at the new one as shown when i do nslookup but if i do nslookup on the system itself it points to the old ones.. any way to flush the dns cache on my node?
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03:42internat god dammm dns propogation sucks
03:44thelsdj internat: yes it does, tho i've found half the time i forget to update the serial in my zone so half the servers never update heh
03:51internat welll i dont run my own dns server.. i pay for one to be run, but the reverse dns of the linodes ips obviiously takes a while to propogate
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04:00internat but yeah... stupid propogation
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09:31Godsey how's the Xen testing going?
09:32Godsey I'm toying w/ it at home
09:32adamg i think caker has one or two more things to sort out until it goes into public better
09:32Godsey driving me nuts
09:32Godsey when the host is running Xen0, too much console io locks up ssh session
09:32Godsey I can simply re-connect and screen -rd and it works
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09:41Godsey oh geesh I must be using reall old Xen
09:41Godsey it looks like sk_buff pro blem
10:44linbot New news from forums: Binding in Linux Networking <>
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13:34gloin too quiet in here
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13:40Wellard hey all
13:40Wellard do some of the linode admins hang around on here?
13:40* taupehat grins
13:41Wellard my linode has thrown a wobbler :D
13:41Newsome when we let them.
13:41* taupehat throws a wicked wobbler
13:42* Wellard rolls his eyes
13:48tsi crikey
13:49tsi gov'noh, oughtn't we call in the colonists at this point?
13:49Redgore tsi: did you sort your wml problem ?
13:49tsi huh? no, I stopped after stabbing it in the face
13:49@mikegrb lolz
13:49Redgore lol
13:49tsi I have terminal ADHD when it comes to projects with new technology
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13:50tsi http://mydomain/wml mydomain/phpBB mydomain/wiki etc. all exist and are busted
13:53igordon Hello, never been here before, was sent here by Michael to coordinate my effort to duplicate a disk image and use the dupe in a new account...
13:55igordon ... to coordinate with Linode Support Staff, that is... anyone home?
13:57tsi *cricket* *cricket*
13:57Redgore lets wake up mikegrb
13:57taupehat there are usually people here
13:57Redgore or perhaps not, must be wasting time playing games or something
13:58igordon mikegrb, that's the guy! Games!
13:59igordon So, I'm gonna shut down my VS and dupe it, 'cept I have no storage space available. Guess I haveta add 'nuf storage space first?
14:04tsi something along those lines
14:04igordon Like: Add space. Unmount (shut down). Dupe. Re-mount ?
14:09igordon Gotta get some french fries. Cya.
14:25igordon I'm back with fries. Shutdown my 'node already. Now waiting for duplication to complete. Hope it's quick.
14:25igordon Production server, oh well
14:26NeonNero what's up with the main website?
14:26* NeonNero pokes caker and mikegrb
14:27NeonNero nm, looks like it was a minor glitch
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14:40igordon Done duping. Sigh of relief. Ciao.
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15:15absolutefunk | on slackware, besides HOSTNAME and hosts, where else do you need to set your domainname? In mutt, I'm getting appended to my host, so it must be in my config somewhere. Can't figure out where though
15:25linbot New news from forums: building postfix on Slackware 10 in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
15:34absolutefunk | nevermind, fixed it
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16:42abock is something wrong with host35?
16:42abock I can't connect to it, nor directly to my linode
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16:43abock nor, and
16:52bdash abock: works fine for me
17:05abock it's back now
17:05abock was down for about 10 minutes
17:05abock everything at linode
17:05abock probably my ISP
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17:41@caker hello
17:47Beirdo Aloha
17:47Beirdo long time no see :)
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19:58xJohnDoex any network issues right now?
19:58xJohnDoex nm there we go
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20:01@mikegrb lolz
20:01Porphyria Did Servermatrix just have some hiccup? lol.
20:01Porphyria My IRCd dropped like.. 12 connections all at once.
20:02Porphyria O_o
20:07alnr hows host39?
20:07@mikegrb lolz
20:07Porphyria host38 is having some interesting issues.. lol
20:07sec39 host 45 here too
20:07Porphyria :\
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20:08tj|work TP routing issues?
20:08Porphyria Think so
20:09npmr i also lost a connection to a different irc network
20:10tj|work I've dropped multiple times but not lost connection yet
20:10Porphyria My network and another network I'm on have servers hosted in TP and are dropping users like flies
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20:12warewolf2 dooby?
20:12warewolf2 something bwoked somewheres
20:13tj|work TP routing it seems please inform -staff
20:13alnr comes in very slow for me
20:13warewolf2 something in is screwy
20:13warewolf2 traceroute finally went through
20:13warewolf2 there, fixed
20:14warewolf much better
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20:14tj|work it's happened multiple times
20:15warewolf ah
20:15warewolf lets hope it's finished happening :)
20:17tj|work and again
20:17alnr tigs go bad at
20:17alnr things
20:18npmr gar
20:18npmr my ssh connection is over a bad route
20:18tj|work it so is
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20:19warewolf wow
20:19warewolf I'm so not using my alloted bandwidth.
20:19warewolf I think I'll start vpn tunneling through my linode :)
20:23jams alright what's up with node-45?
20:23tj|work TP is currently having routing issues, please stay tuned while more information is learned
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20:26tj|work so they've just taken level3 out of the picture
20:26Porphyria UGH
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20:26tj|work now going through savvis
20:27@mikegrb There've been issues since yesterday caused by sbc
20:27@mikegrb but this could be new
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20:27tj|work it was going through level3 now my traceroutes are going through savvis
20:27tj|work dunno what else I can tell you
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20:28@mikegrb I will open a ticket ;)
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20:28tj|work I bet they know
20:28tjfontaine I am having fun lag now to GimpNET
20:29tjfontaine 181+secs
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20:30npmr what did sbc do yesterday?
20:30tj|work take my money?
20:30npmr you still pay sbc for anything?
20:30tjfontaine they are they local provider
20:31npmr dude, my employer doesn't even have any business with sbc anymore
20:31@mikegrb npmr: they had something go out
20:31@mikegrb and caused bad routing issues
20:31tj|work dude, we don't have much a choice, they own the infrastructure
20:31@mikegrb lots of netsplits on oftc
20:31npmr facility or line?
20:32npmr tj|work, that's my dsl provider's problem, i don't pay sbc for anything
20:32@mikegrb believe it was the interface in the router used for a link
20:32@mikegrb and they were "waiting for a replacement"
20:32alnr traceroute just shows over and over
20:32tj|work npmr: there is only one dsl provider cause sbc won't reseller
20:33npmr tj|work, bs
20:33tj|work npmr: I have fought and fought and fought
20:33npmr covad is my dsl provider, and covad != sbc
20:33@mikegrb sounds like it is an issue with TP <-> level3 then?
20:33tj|work npmr: I can only get dsl from sbc
20:33npmr sounds like a location issue
20:33@mikegrb some providers actually have dslams located at the telco
20:33npmr my parents, for example, can't get dsl from anyone, even sbc
20:34@mikegrb so you aren't using telco equipment
20:34@mikegrb other then the line there
20:34npmr it's a feature of their location
20:35tj|work only internet provider that resells infrastructure is timewarner
20:35--- ---> MSameer [~strcat@] has joined #linode
20:35tj|work and roadrunner is piss
20:36npmr tj|work, you must be referring to the business climate in your area specifically
20:36MSameer hi
20:36MSameer guys are we having problems with ?
20:36tj|work npmr: ISPs in my area are the suck
20:36npmr in most places, other providers colocate equipment at the telco's CO and plug your line directly into their box
20:36tj|work MSameer: seems level3 was having issues, routing should be clearing up
20:37npmr so like mikegrb says, people like me are using the copper pair, and no other sbc equipment
20:37npmr and i'm certainly not paying sbc for that
20:37tj|work npmr: there was another provider 4 years ago but they went belly up and tied up *ALL* of dsl in alliance until it came out of court
20:37MSameer tj|work: ok, thanks for the clarifications :)
20:37tj|work MSameer: np, do what I can
20:38MSameer can i be of any help ?
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20:39tj|work MSameer: do you work at tp or level3?
20:39MSameer nop
20:39@mikegrb (johnnyle-05/19/2005 20:37:34):
20:39@mikegrb We are current experiencing network latency on our network. Our network engineers are working on the issue and hope to have it resolved shortly. Apologies for the inconvience this has caused.
20:39tj|work then not much I suspect ;)
20:39npmr latency my ass
20:39MSameer ok!
20:39npmr this is straight up route dropping
20:39tj|work indeed
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20:40sunny oh man, for once its not us folks being screwed over
20:40sunny insane
20:40npmr i am only connected to my linode now via bouncing off of a shell server at HE
20:40npmr (a linode, actually)
20:41sunny crazy day
20:41sunny first level3 had *MASSIVE* outages ... and now TP is down
20:41sunny fun day for datacenters, heh
20:41npmr tp isn't down
20:41@mikegrb See a huge drop in their network throughput just before 8pm central on their uplink graphs
20:41npmr tp's routes through level3 are broken
20:42npmr mikegrb, is there a url for that?
20:42sunny no, I can't even reach TP via time warner, forget level3
20:42@mikegrb npmr: not publicly accessible :/
20:42@mikegrb npmr: hang one one min
20:42tj|work sunny: sbc has routed around level3
20:42npmr sunny, my route is hitting tw now, but utlimately ends up back at a level3 router right before it should get to TP
20:42tj|work ha ha rr
20:43@mikegrb try
20:43npmr odds i have a route to that are slim to none
20:43alnr my route goes from ny to philly back to new to washington to atlanta back to ny a bunch of times
20:43npmr oh, spoke too soon
20:43npmr no wait, i don't
20:44npmr alnr, same sequence of routers?
20:45alnr it ends at over and over
20:45alnr just cleared
20:45@mikegrb npmr: get teh dcc
20:46--- <<-- rlb [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:48tj|work yay for 20 hops
20:48--- <<-- tj|work [] has quit (Quit: damn you Level3)
20:49npmr <-- yoink
20:50sunny npmr: thanks
20:50@mikegrb it is insteresting to look at the percent usage of the various services
20:51npmr particularly the "in" column
20:51--- User: *** Beirdo_ is now known as Beirdo
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20:53npmr my route's back
20:53alnr linode home comes up
21:02sec39 ./clap
21:02@mikegrb you have the clap?
21:02* mikegrb runs
21:04encode yay! im back
21:04@mikegrb I know.
21:04@mikegrb :D
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21:08@caker linbot: botsnack
21:08linbot thanks caker :)
21:08encode hehe
21:08encode so it was network problems with TP?
21:09npmr no, level3
21:12encode forgive my ignorance, but what is level3? network backbone or something?
21:12npmr yes
21:20kvandivo 'yes' meaning that it is either 'network backbone' or 'something'
21:21@mikegrb yes
21:28sunny heh
21:34encode haha @ down from hundreds of Mbits to around 70 Kbits
21:38* mikegrb blogs caker
21:40@mikegrb caker: you are now blogged, thank you for comming, please pull to the second window (in your pretty new vehicle)
21:40encode hooray
21:40* encode begs to be blogged
21:40@caker :)
21:46@mikegrb encode: you can be next
21:48encode woohoo
21:56@mikegrb 21:53:35 linbot | New news from planetorion: Michael Greb: Caker <>
21:57kvandivo < linbot> New news from planetorion: Kirby "Moutainier" Vandivort: Coroner's Jury Duty <>
21:58kvandivo mine is a more interesting read, for all you CSI: fans
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22:05Sipherx would anyone like to help me out with an apache2 question?
22:05Sipherx its about a forbidden error..
22:05internat there we ggo.. netsplit over...
22:05internat so yeah my linode is great now that its over in the HE, my pings are great, i have no problems.. its soo kewl ! :D
22:05internat thanks mikegrb :)
22:06Sipherx anyone wanna help?..sry its just buggin me I cant seem to figure out the problem
22:06internat i dont know much bout apache
22:06Sipherx o
22:06Sipherx anyone else?
22:07npmr Sipherx, url please
22:07Sipherx if you go to works fine
22:07npmr what is rawi?
22:07npmr is it a directory in the DocumentRoot?
22:08Sipherx its just a dir in httpdocs
22:08Sipherx the is a vhost
22:08npmr what are its permissions?
22:08Sipherx uhh just to make sure..
22:08Sipherx hang on one sec
22:08npmr also, what does the error log say?
22:09Sipherx well I set the chmod to 777 just to be sure
22:09Sipherx still wont work
22:09npmr is there an index.html or other DirectoryIndex file in that directory?
22:09Sipherx nope just a index.php
22:09npmr 755 should be sufficient for the directory
22:09npmr what are the permissions of index.php?
22:10Sipherx 600
22:10npmr change that to 644
22:10npmr the web server needs read permission
22:10Sipherx hmm should I restart apache2?
22:10Sipherx still doesnt work
22:10npmr no
22:10npmr ok, what else
22:11npmr in your apache config...
22:11npmr what's DirectoryIndex set to?
22:11Sipherx one sec
22:11Sipherx DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi index.php index.xhtml
22:11Sipherx you mean in my apache2.conf?
22:12Sipherx under /etc/apach2/ ??
22:12npmr normally it's /etc/apache/httpd.conf
22:12npmr but your distribution might tell it to use that file instead
22:12npmr does it?
22:12Sipherx well this is apache2 so it might be different
22:12npmr i doubt it
22:13Sipherx the httpd.conf has really nothin in it
22:13npmr what is in it?
22:13Sipherx # This is here for backwards compatability reasons and to support
22:13Sipherx # installing 3rd party modules directly via apxs2, rather than
22:13Sipherx # through the /etc/apache2/mods-{available,enabled} mechanism.
22:13Sipherx #
22:13Sipherx #LoadModule mod_placeholder /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
22:13npmr that's the entire file?
22:13bdash try apache2.conf
22:13Sipherx yea..
22:13npmr ok
22:13npmr is your distribution starting apache using apache2.conf as its configuration file?
22:14Sipherx yes
22:14npmr ok, then yes, that's the file i'm referring to
22:14bdash Sipherx: have you looked in the error log file for more information? Apache tends to be quite good at letting you know why it can't display a file
22:14npmr indeed
22:14Sipherx umm one second
22:16Sipherx can I just sent it to you some how?
22:18npmr chmod 644 .htaccess
22:18bdash Sipherx: next hint: try *reading* the error messages in the error log file
22:18Sipherx hey guys okay the forbidden error is gone
22:18Sipherx npmr
22:18Sipherx look at that rawi link again
22:19Sipherx now I have some pear error...
22:19npmr see right there in the log where it says "unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable"
22:19Sipherx any idea what that is
22:19npmr some php thing
22:19Sipherx you know anything about it?
22:19npmr do you have pear installed?
22:19* caker gives you a yoo-hoo
22:19Sipherx yea i did a apt-get install php4-pear////
22:19bdash Sipherx: you probably need to do chmod -R o+r rawi/
22:19npmr also, did you read the error message?
22:19bdash npmr: ;-)
22:22npmr Sipherx, do this:
22:22Sipherx k..
22:23npmr find /home/vhosts/ -type d | xargs chmod 755
22:23npmr find /home/vhosts/ -type f | xargs chmod 644
22:24npmr what do you know, it works
22:24@mikegrb lolz
22:24Sipherx heh yea.. now let me work on this lay out god that sucks lol
22:24Sipherx damn dude so...
22:25Sipherx am I gonna have to do that evertytime I add a new dir with a index in it
22:25npmr if you're umask is way too tight, yes
22:25npmr your
22:25@mikegrb lolz
22:25Sipherx can i unloosen my umask lol... sorry I dont know much about this stuff this is 2nd time setting up a server
22:26npmr you set you umask using the "umask" command
22:26npmr mine's 0002
22:26npmr so...
22:26npmr umask 0002
22:26npmr and that sets it for the duration of your shell session
22:26Sipherx and what exactly does the umask do..
22:26Sipherx like its sets permissions like this?
22:26npmr if you want that every time, then you'd have to put it in your shell configs
22:27npmr it's a permissions mask
22:27Sipherx ohh okay.. hey would you mind walking me through doing that
22:27Sipherx if u cant i understand..
22:27npmr whenever programs create files, the default permissions (0666) are bitwise OR'd with the umask
22:27Sipherx i would reall appreciate it
22:28npmr and the default directory permissions (0777) are bitwise OR'd with the umask
22:28npmr er, no, not OR
22:28npmr XOR
22:28npmr no, that's not right either
22:28Sipherx okay I understand the just of what your saying
22:28npmr ok
22:28Sipherx heh I really appreciate you helping me out man
22:28bdash npmr: permissions & ~umask i believe
22:28Sipherx its been a bitch last couple days trying to get this working
22:28npmr mode && !umask
22:28npmr yeah
22:28npmr what bdash said
22:29bdash has a semi-intelligable description of the umask
22:29Sipherx does that put it in my shell config>
22:29npmr so anyway, 0002 will make your files mode 0664 by default and directories 0775 by default
22:29Sipherx ahh ok
22:29npmr what was your umask set to before?
22:30bdash a umask of 0022 seems to be most common IME
22:30Sipherx 0022
22:30npmr hmmm
22:30npmr that should have been ok
22:30Sipherx i guess not...
22:30bdash Sipherx: did you extract the rawi directory from a tarball or something?
22:30npmr no, really, it should have been ok
22:30* npmr touches his nose and points a bdash
22:30Sipherx no.. I just uploaded the dir
22:30bdash ah, that'll be it :)
22:31npmr uploaded... probably copied file permissions along with it
22:31Sipherx ahh
22:31Sipherx well it looks like everything is doing fine....
22:32bdash hrm, is there any way to get a complete backup of a linode's disk, other than something like rdiff-backup ?
22:33--- ---> adamg [] has joined #linode
22:33npmr bdash, raid-1 with an nbd block device?
22:34Sipherx so npmr am i going to have to type umask 0002 everytime i restart my server..
22:34npmr no, put it in your shell's profile
22:34npmr but having said that...
22:34npmr 0022 is fine
22:34npmr the issue was not your umask
22:34Sipherx hmm well it seemed to fix the problem though
22:35bdash Sipherx: the find /.../ -type f | xargs chmod ... line fixed the problem
22:35Sipherx oh... so am i going to have to type that whenever I make a new dir?
22:35npmr setting your umask does not change the permissions of any existing files
22:35npmr no, your current umask is *fine*
22:36Sipherx no I meant that line you had me type earlier...
22:36Sipherx will I have to type that on future dir's?
22:36npmr if their permissions are incorrect, yes
22:36npmr generally, when something is incorrect you have to fix it
22:36Sipherx alright well I appreciate your help
22:36npmr that's just the way the world works
22:37Sipherx heh, for some reason like right now I made a new dir and it put in the wrong permissions.. could that be a problem with my ftp server?
22:37Sipherx vsftpd
22:37npmr ftp is so 1982
22:38npmr also, either your ftp server or ftp client is setting those permissions
22:39npmr pardon me, 1985
22:41Sipherx found the problem in my vsftpd conf file there was an option for umask_something = 022 by default when this commented out its 077 i think
22:41Sipherx so thats probably what it was
22:41npmr 077 is very restrictive, and would have caused the permissions that you saw
22:41Sipherx awesome so thats what it was
22:42Sipherx I just made another test dir.. and didnt have to reset the permissions
22:42Sipherx thanks guys i learned alot
22:42* npmr nods
22:42Sipherx you have no idea how much I appreciate it... i might sound overly happy.. but maybe i am..
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