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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-05-22

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07:28Godsey I wonder how feasable it would be to use EthernetATA with Xen
07:29Godsey dedicate 1 drive per xen host
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07:48internat ??
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12:44tjfontaine ping mikegrb/caker
12:45tjfontaine never mind
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12:55@mikegrb tjfontaine: pong
12:55tjfontaine false alarm sorry
12:55@mikegrb uh huh
12:55@mikegrb tjfontaine: you are no longer the keeper of the alarm
12:56tjfontaine sorry I cried wolf one too many times
12:56@mikegrb uh huh
12:56* mikegrb hugs tjfontaine
12:56* tjfontaine hugs mikegrb
12:58NeonNero (get a room, you two)
12:59tjfontaine I'll start on you next
12:59adamg NeonNero, they have a room this one, they just like people to watch
12:59tjfontaine :>
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14:26HarleyPig Anyone got their ears on?
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14:30adamg depends
14:34HarleyPig heh
14:35HarleyPig I'm havingthe 'respawning too fast' error tlked about in the forums near the beginning of april. I can't figure out or find where it is explained how to mount the filesystem so I can edit the inittab. Can you give me some pointers?
14:41iggy HarleyPig: you'll probably have to delete your swap, install a minimal debian there, then mount your main fs after you boot up debian
14:42iggy HarleyPig: or mikegrb might be able to help
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14:55purple_cow could i get some support as a proxy? micah/scanline is out of town, but the I/O refill rate on his linode was dropped again
14:56Jeremy purple_cow: if your lucky someone will be active :)
14:58@caker HarleyPig: why not just ssh in and make the fix that way?
15:00HarleyPig If I try to ssh I get the respawning message. S(orry for the delay, boss talking).
15:00@caker HarleyPig: ssh into your IP address, not the host
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15:02* adamg goes to hunt for chocolate
15:02HarleyPig Hmmm ... it's not recognizing my password ...
15:04HarleyPig nm ... I'm an idiot.
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15:08HarleyPig Ok ... that's done, butn ow when I go back to lish I get a localhost login and it's not recognizing my username/password
15:09@caker HarleyPig: did you make a change to /etc/securetty?
15:10@caker HarleyPig: (for Gentoo)
15:10HarleyPig Yeah ... I can ssh into my ip just fine ...
15:10HarleyPig ... reading ...
15:10@caker securetty only affects console access
15:18HarleyPig Ok ... yeah that's what I found originally. I'm able to access my linode via my ip just fine now. But when I type ssh I get the following:
15:18HarleyPig This is localhost.(none) (Linux i686 2.6.10-linode12) 16:10:09
15:18HarleyPig localhost login:
15:19HarleyPig And I can't login.
15:19HarleyPig err ... I get that after I enter my password. Sorry.
15:20HarleyPig Wait ... it's loggin in now ... maybe I was fat fingering the password, but I don't think so.
15:20HarleyPig At least not that many times.
15:21HarleyPig Oh well ... it's working anyway. Thanks for the help. :)
15:24purple_cow caker: any way I can get the I/O refill rate fixed?
15:28@caker purple_cow: have you look at it in the past 30 minutes? :)
15:29purple_cow caker: heh, cool, thanks. now i just get to hope that CIA can recover on its own
15:29@caker purple_cow: that account really needs to get its swap usage under control
15:30purple_cow caker: all the previous times this has happened, it wasn't swap but db maintenance (real I/O)
15:31purple_cow i think scanline has an idea for how to rewrite things to avoid that, but nothing will happen until he's back from italy
15:31* adamg fixed his db io issues, switched dbs, maintenance now takes 5 minutes instead of 10 hours
15:34fo0bar libusb not functional
15:34fo0bar It appears that your kernel is not compiled with USB support. As a result, libusb will not be functional on your system.
15:35fo0bar caker: why didn't you compile in USB support?!?
15:35fo0bar :)
15:35adamg why would you need usb support?
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15:37fo0bar adamg: what if I were to break into HE and insert a USB thumb drive into host16? I'd want it to show up on my client!
15:37adamg you would have to break into the host as well, as that is where it would show up
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16:28linbot New news from forums: wget Firehol: connection refused in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <>
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20:09JonR I'm getting some weird issues with host17
20:09* guinea-home cries
20:09guinea-home oh nevermind
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20:10JonR specifically, lots of people losing connections to my irc server in the past few minutes.
20:10* guinea-pig beats up HE a few times
20:11guinea-pig JonR: I think HE just had a routing burp or something
20:11JonR hm.
20:18@caker all better now?
20:19JonR yeah
20:19JonR happened from 8:05 to 8:09 by my clock, so it got better ten minutes ago.
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21:41LannyGodsey having all sorts of fun w/ Xen now :)
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21:42iggy mmm, 16 way
21:43LannyGodsey it's simply a p4 but looks like fun right?
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21:47iggy yeah
21:49LannyGodsey the fc4 kernel I'm using won't boot w/ 64 virtual cpus or it would be even better
22:06taupehat =]
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22:09iggy taupehat: that's sweet
22:10taupehat heh, yeah it is
22:11* iggy wishes he had the inclination to help fight the good fight
22:13iggy the wallpapers are funny
22:14SupaZubon iggy: why must you always fight the bad fight?
22:15iggy I'm not fighting anything, I'm way too lazy
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22:22JonR I'm getting lots of packets being dropped going into HE, i think
22:23iggy JonR: they were having trouble earlier, maybe it's not totally resolved
22:26taupehat was wondering about the lag...
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