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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-05-24

---Logopened Tue May 24 00:00:52 2005
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00:07igordon Anyone there?'
00:07@caker yup
00:08igordon Great. Dunno if you can be of help - here's the rub: I made a duplicate image of my Debian disk. I opened a new account. I want to get the duplicate disk moved to the new account.
00:09@caker mikegrb?
00:09@mikegrb igordon: hi, just updated your ticket
00:10@mikegrb igordon: going to tackle that first thing in the morning... does this work for you?
00:10igordon mikegrb: Heck yeah. That's great! Thanks!
00:10@mikegrb igordon: no problem ;) I'll update your ticket after I'm done
00:11igordon Sorry to make extra work. By the way, I'm impressed with the level of service. Adios.
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00:12@mikegrb he left to fast :<
00:12@caker thanks mikegrb :)
00:12@mikegrb s/to/too/
00:13@mikegrb no problem boss man
00:13@mikegrb sleepy time
00:13@mikegrb gotta make igordon happy in the morning
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00:36solarce_ hi!
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05:33adamg ...
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07:30Stuttergart Does anyone here know how to order a second node though the web interface?
07:30Stuttergart When I try, it rejects my attempt because my username already exists.
07:31internat i think u have to have seperate accounts
07:32Stuttergart hmm
07:32Stuttergart odd
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07:34adamg just the way it has always been
07:40internat less serverside management of which node ur administoring
07:48Stuttergart internat: Do you work for Linode?
07:48internat no i dont.. that was pure speculation
08:02npmr there are two linode employees here, they are both ops
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10:05solarce_ mikegrb: is the linode management software closed source?
10:05adamg yes
10:06solarce_ ok.
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10:09tjfontaine ha ha open source w/ a no compete clause
10:11Redgore BSD would be the best licence for it :P
10:11tjfontaine the redgore license > *
10:11Redgore I release all my stuff under GPL V2
10:11tjfontaine LGPL
10:13tjfontaine so this guy was talking about a new license, called EgoWare
10:13tjfontaine which is like FreeWare only you have to plaster his name on it
10:14Redgore the PostcardWare licence is cool
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10:15tjfontaine mikegrb is cool
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10:15* Redgore thinks mikegrb has been toying around inside tjfontaine's brain again
10:16tjfontaine I have a brain?
10:16Redgore yea, its like a spec of dust
10:16tjfontaine it so is
10:17Sipherx i wanna install qmail
10:17Redgore Sipherx: then install it
10:17tjfontaine ACK
10:17Redgore :P
10:17tjfontaine <troll>
10:17Sipherx heh, well I am stuck.... it wont install
10:17Sipherx I type make install and it wont do it..
10:17Redgore just to get on tjfontaine's nerves if anything
10:17tjfontaine gloria dios
10:17Sipherx I have gcc installed and all that
10:17Sipherx no work though
10:17Redgore you did ./configure and make and so on ?
10:18Sipherx yepp
10:18Redgore read through the install docs ?#
10:18tjfontaine sudo make install
10:18Sipherx yea I went over to and was usin their install guide
10:18tjfontaine must be thou the super user
10:18Sipherx whats that
10:19tjfontaine r00t
10:19tjfontaine es el super teh user
10:19Sipherx i know that I mean what did u say heh
10:19tjfontaine engrish
10:19Sipherx okei dokie
10:20tjfontaine Oh Bee Kay Bee
10:21Sipherx fusk I think I am just gonna start over..
10:21Sipherx redo the whole server
10:21tjfontaine apt-get install postfix
10:22Sipherx ermm postfix to much of a memory hogg
10:22Sipherx and I am on a 64 linode
10:23tjfontaine I think you are mistaken, but believe what you want
10:23Sipherx I might be mistaken...
10:23Sipherx I am up for crits..
10:24Sipherx I dont know maybe its just postfix mysql
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10:24Sipherx but u dont have to manage postfix with mysql do you
10:25tjfontaine I wouldn't put MySQL on an L64
10:26Redgore mysql has never given me any trouble on my 64
10:26tjfontaine see the forums for a (currently free) MySQL value added service
10:27Sipherx mysql works fine on my 64 but running an email server based on mysql would be bad
10:27Sipherx since mail servers tend to use a lot of resouces anyway
10:27Sipherx resources*
10:28Sipherx had a friend who ran postfix and it killed his server everyday and it wouldnt even work.. finally he used qmail
10:28Sipherx works great
10:29tjfontaine that seems off, it's a matter of configuration
10:29ZubonDo sounds like the exact opposite of my experience with the two MTAs
10:29ZubonDo qmail uses a gazillion little tiny files, and unless you have some wild experimental filesystem like reiserfs, it can bog down disk access horribly
10:29Sipherx hmm I will ask him about it, maybe im retarded
10:31ZubonDo Sipherx: there are folks on here who have become very good at configuring postfix on their linodes
10:32Sipherx alright well I mean it canthurt to try it..
10:32Sipherx im not hosting anything very important at the moment anyway
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12:39vaxen_ lo
12:45adamg lo
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12:54vaxen_ my god, azureus is eating my ram away
13:00tjfontaine yes, common
13:00tjfontaine especially on large active torrents
13:00tjfontaine last night it was eating 140megs
13:01tjfontaine though technically it was java
13:01tjfontaine DEATH
13:01tizen my azureus is at... 490 mb right now
13:01tizen nah
13:01tjfontaine DEATH TO JAVA
13:01tizen actually 435
13:01tizen 13211 alain 15 0 435m 112m 13m S 1.0 11.2 51:23.89 java
13:01@mikegrb lolz
13:01tizen lol
13:02tjfontaine mikegrb: new trigger, java => evile death
13:10taupehat hehe
13:10tjfontaine java
13:10tjfontaine no love
13:10taupehat anything java is guaranteed to push my io_ticket count into negativeland
13:10taupehat ga-ron-teed!
13:10* mikegrb <3 justin wilson
13:10@mikegrb !weather kpns
13:11linbot mikegrb: The current temperature in Pensacola Regional, Florida (32524) is 94\xB0F (12:53 PM CDT on May 24, 2005). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 67\xB0F. Wind: WNW at 13 mph (20 km/h). Pressure: 29.75 in (1007 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 12 out of 16
13:11@mikegrb beach weather
13:12taupehat !weather 97520
13:12taupehat it doesn't like me =[
13:12tjfontaine ha ha
13:12taupehat connection timed out
13:12tjfontaine /ignore
13:12tjfontaine !weather 44601
13:13tjfontaine 18:12:23 < tjfontain> !weather 44601
13:13tjfontaine 18:12:24 < linbot> tjfontaine: The current temperature in Alliance, Ohio (44601) is 3318½F (2:00 PM EDT on May 24, 2005). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity:
13:13tjfontaine 42%. Dew Point: 33�F. UV: 4 out of 16
13:13tjfontaine even
13:15taupehat !weather 97520
13:15linbot taupehat: The current temperature in Ashland, Oregon (97520) is 40\xB0F (11:10 AM PDT on May 24, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 40\xB0F. UV: 9 out of 16
13:15taupehat there we go =]
13:15@mikegrb roflz
13:15taupehat rofl
13:15taupehat that's hogwash
13:15taupehat I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt
13:17tjfontaine peanewmonia
13:17taupehat not really
13:17taupehat it's more like 68 degrees
13:17tjfontaine peanewmonia
13:17taupehat pneumonia
13:17tjfontaine peanewmonia
13:17* taupehat has kicked tjfontaine in the shins!
13:17tjfontaine fenetic
13:17tjfontaine fenetik
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14:24MaDsKiLLz hmm
14:24MaDsKiLLz that systm episode was short
14:24MaDsKiLLz and dumb
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15:23tsi test
15:23tjfontaine tset
15:24tsi i just had cpu spike to like 10 or more for a minute or two
15:24tsi wasn't sure if i was still alive or not
15:24tjfontaine ha ha swap
15:24@caker tsi: that was me -- finding a swap thrasher on your host
15:24tsi 0 swap in use
15:25tsi lemme know if it was me, i just started doing some php session stuff and i could very well have driven apache nuts
15:25@caker tsi: it wasn't you :)
15:26tsi i've got the leanest apache/squid/postfix/bind linode 128 on the planet!
15:26tsi oh and mysql too
15:26--- User: *** ZubonDo is now known as SupaZubon
15:27tjfontaine ha ha
15:28tsi at least i offload all the images to another linode along with all the mailman
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19:19tizen damn
19:19tizen stupid xchat
19:23encode sifnt irssi
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19:33jams hello all any thoughts on what would be causing this error message "__alloc_pages: 0-order allocation failed (gfp=0x1d2/0)
19:33jams " ?
19:33jams all sort's of programs are segfaulting and leaving that message behind
19:33warewolf you ran out of memory
19:34warewolf run fewer applications, or configure them to use less memory
19:34jams hmm makes sense I suppose
19:35jams however i'm running the same number of app's I always have
19:35warewolf what've you got running?
19:35jams these segfaults started after a host kernel update
19:35jams apache mysql postfix
19:36jams I will try lowering the mysql memory and see what happens
19:37jams thanks warewolf
19:43warewolf oh I was going to say
19:43warewolf apache and mysql can be memory hogs, easially
19:43warewolf what mysql are you running?
19:56jams heh think it was apache
19:57jams it had an extra 00 on start servers
20:06warewolf omfgwtf
20:06warewolf yeah that'd do it
20:07jams yeah that's what I thought :)
20:16@caker jams: did you update from 2.4 to 2.6?
20:17@caker ahh, "host kernel update" .. that shouldn't affect anything
20:19jams no I didn't update although i am thinking bout it
20:19tierra it would of probably of meant host reboot, meaning reading the new apache config with altered start servers
20:19warewolf omg is that funny
20:22jams tierra, it's very possible. At any rate the config file is fixed and a little more ram was ordered.
20:22tierra more ram is always nice =)
20:23jams yep
20:32@caker freaking wiki spam ...
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20:41blinko hi
20:41blinko any admin?
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21:38* taupehat wonders if there are any helpful C coders in here with a minute to spend helping a hopeless newb
21:39@caker I'm not much of one .. what's the Q?
21:39taupehat well
21:39taupehat am trying to reverse an array
21:39taupehat without using malloc() or [] notation
21:40collin recursion
21:40taupehat hehe
21:40taupehat try running this:
21:44@caker func1(a, n) {
21:44@caker for (i = 0; i < n/2 ; i++) {
21:44@caker swap ( a[i], a[n-1-i]);
21:44@caker }
21:44@caker }
21:44taupehat caker: the output is interesting and utterly wrong at the same time
21:44@caker ^-- adapted from a google result
21:44taupehat can't use square brackets =]
21:44taupehat otherwise I'd have been done yesterday
21:45iggy is this homework?
21:46@caker taupehat:
21:46bdash taupehat: a[i] is the same as *(a + i)
21:49taupehat iggy: this is indeed homework. Why on earth else would I be trying to get at this in such a convoluted fashion?
21:49iggy that's what I figured
21:50iggy but I've heard of some pretty strange requests from bosses before
21:50@mikegrb lolz
21:50taupehat lol-z
21:50taupehat haha
21:50taupehat darn mikegrb and his automated assumption that I didn't just bust up laughing
21:51iggy wow, that's tricky
21:51taupehat yeah
21:51taupehat check out the output of the program as I wrote it
21:51taupehat is funny
21:51iggy harder than I thought would be when you first asked
21:53iggy the output from the rafb link?
21:54taupehat yah
21:54Newsome Segmentation fault
21:54iggy yeah, I get a seg fault too
21:54taupehat ?
21:54taupehat lemme look at what I pasted
21:57taupehat ahh
21:57taupehat didn't paste the include...
21:59iggy still
22:03taupehat really
22:03taupehat iggy: what distro?
22:04iggy Gentoo
22:04taupehat weird
22:04iggy we do have a funny gcc
22:04taupehat yeah
22:04iggy gcc (GCC) 3.4.3-20050110 (Gentoo Linux, ssp-, pie-8.7.7)
22:04iggy propolice or somesuch
22:04taupehat gcc (GCC) 3.3.3 (SuSE Linux)
22:05taupehat although it works fine on OS X with gcc 4.0
22:12collin as long as performance isn't an issue:
22:12collin void reverse(int *array, int first, int last) {
22:12collin if (first >= last) return;
22:12collin swap(array[first],array[last]);
22:12collin first++; last--;
22:12collin reverse(array, first, last);
22:12collin }
22:13taupehat collin: due to the constraints of the assignment, I can't use any square brackets
22:13taupehat believe me, I'd love to
22:14taupehat and
22:14taupehat the function is only allowed to take two parameters
22:14taupehat and
22:14taupehat I can't use swap()
22:14taupehat {sigh}
22:14kvandivo why are you ignoring what bdash sayd?
22:14kvandivo said, even
22:15* taupehat scrolls up
22:15bdash taupehat: write it using square-brackets, and then convert a[i] to *(a + i)
22:15collin then don't use them...just a matter of preference
22:17collin sounds like you're wanted to use a very specific method
22:17taupehat collin: yeah, it's a class assignment
22:17taupehat It's actually really close
22:17taupehat I need to figure out where my iterators are borking
22:18collin segfaults usually means that you went out of bounds somewhere
22:18taupehat odd, that
22:18taupehat it doesn't segfault on my computer
22:18collin heh
22:20collin i didn't realize this was homework....
22:20collin better to figure it out for yourself then
22:21taupehat just to be sure, I copy-pasted the code from the pastebin and made a new file out of it
22:21taupehat no segfault
22:22bdash taupehat:
22:23bdash or for a little more useful code
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22:50* caker orders the BBS Documentary
22:53Newsome caker: what's it on?
22:54Newsome ...or is it a Documentary on the BBS? :)
22:54@caker Newsome:
22:55Newsome hmm, all about BBSs...
22:55@caker <-- look towards the very bottom
22:56Newsome The GrapeVine
22:58tierra that was nice to see Sketch hit up the Linode forums a while back, just not very nice to see what he had to say
22:58@caker tierra: hmm?
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59tierra Jason Scott I mean
22:59JasonF jason?
22:59JasonF Did someone say Jason.
22:59JasonF Jason 0wnz you.
23:00@caker tierra: what did he post?
23:00tierra lemme find it
23:01@caker tierra: oh .. the "my first modem" poll thread .. you posted an IRC snippet between you and him, no?
23:01tierra yeah
23:01tierra err, well, he never posted on the board
23:02tierra just mentioned my post in a channel we both hung out in (which he doesn't hang out in anymore)
23:02tierra came in asking me why the hell I posted what I did on the Linode forums... he got the impression I was talking s**t on him
23:06taupehat bdash: that's really funny - I have an identical reverse function for non-array pointers, but without the iterators...
23:06* taupehat is guessing that he must be intimidated by arrays...
23:13bdash heh
23:14tierra what really bothered me about that is at that point, I had already pre-ordered a copy of the BBS Documentary way back in October, and he knew I had ordered a copy because he came and chatted with me a bit in the channel the day after I ordered and asked if I wanted my copy autographed or something (I was one of the first 50 or so people to pre-order)... then he had the nerve to come tell me where to shove it knowing I had pre-ordered
23:14tierra a copy of his documentary
23:18* taupehat wonders wtf all this is about
23:19tierra sorry, read up on my posts here:
23:19taupehat hahaha!!!
23:19* taupehat used to init his modem by hand...
23:20tierra I'm not going to talk crap about his BBS Documentary, and still won't... I know his work is quality, I've seen plently of it before
23:22tierra I spent 3 days with Jason Scott a month before I pre-ordered at Pilgrimage 2004 (this is actually some camera and film editing work he did for Pilgrimage where I'm in a lot of the video (I'm the tall guy saying 'you know he's going to be posting this on the internet..'): )
23:23* caker looks
23:23tierra == Jason's server
23:23taupehat jesus fucking christ
23:23taupehat 'scuse the language
23:24taupehat but it's an honest set of expletives
23:24linbot my virgin ears!
23:24taupehat haha!
23:24taupehat linbot: you are doomed to eternal virginity, unless you get a lot smarter, and somoene figres out how to shoehorn you into some biological matter...
23:24linbot But you are Bob, taupehat.
23:24taupehat this is true...
23:25linbot I am your father.
23:25* taupehat has kicked linbot in the shins!
23:25taupehat clang!
23:25taupehat ow, bloody!
23:27--- ---> Jay-web [] has joined #linode
23:27Jay-web caker: mikegrb: Host48 is misbehaving
23:27Jay-web not exactly down at the moment
23:28@caker Jay-web: it's fine -- I've been hunting a swap thrasher
23:28Jay-web bah, well it completely took my site down -- couldn't access it, and it killed my ssh session :(
23:28* taupehat tries to recall if he's on host48...
23:29JasonF heh, I'm not in swap at all
23:29Jay-web caker: there was also some kind of routing issue -- all my IRC setups had to reconnect
23:30Jay-web well, 2 out of 4 servers did
23:30Jay-web oftc and efnet stayed up
23:31JasonF ping
23:31Jay-web hrm. the lagginess left too.
23:31Jay-web oh well, killing cgi-irc
23:31--- <--- Jay-web [] has left #linode ()
23:36--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
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23:42taupehat ok
23:42taupehat replied to the flamewar thread
23:42@caker hah
23:42taupehat with no flames attached
23:42@caker nice post
23:42taupehat =]
23:43* taupehat [] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
23:44taupehat wow
23:44taupehat trex is still online!
23:44* taupehat got all curious and had to google it
23:46--- <<-- cow [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:49collin x
23:49--- <<-- collin [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
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