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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-05-26

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00:32npmr caker, last i knew someone was working on that
00:32npmr caker, what's the status?
00:51Newsome npmr: a couple weeks ago, Blaisorblade mentioned that he had started working on it. I haven't heard any updates since then.
00:52npmr hmmm
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01:43Coccyx hey, anyone around?
01:44Newsome anyone? or anyone important?
01:44Coccyx heh, it's a simple question, jsut about anyone could probably answer it
01:44Newsome okay, I'll give it a try
01:44Coccyx linode offer local mirrors for the various distros or do I just need to use the default mirrors?
01:44Coccyx couldn't find anything about that on the site, I assumed no, but I just wanted to check
01:45Newsome just use the default mirrors
01:45Coccyx alright cool... any idea where the servers physically are? I'm about 100 ms from them on the west coast, so I figured east coast somewhere...
01:46Newsome 2 datacenters. One Hurricane Electric in Fremont, CA. The other is ThePlanet in Dallas, TX
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01:48Newsome Coccyx: you could compare with to see how the two compare
01:53Coccyx yeah, I'm on host9... it's about 100ms from me (same as host27), host9 is significantly closer
02:03Coccyx thanks
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03:16internat that comparing different datacentre?
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14:17Lurkus hey... is caker around?
14:18Lurkus nm... i'm gonna get a real irc client... i'll bbl
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14:35hstmiswatchin| is this where i go to download revenge of the sith?
14:35Newsome hstmiswatching: no
14:36kvandivo hstmiswatching: absolutely. you have to prepare your harddrive first, though. Go to a command prompt and type in del -R *.*
14:36kvandivo then you'll have plenty of space to store it
14:36hstmiswatchin| thanks for the help
14:36hstmiswatchin| i have another question, since you've been so helpful kvandivo
14:36kvandivo shoot
14:37hstmiswatchin| can i run cold fusion on linoid?
14:38hstmiswatchin| i keep hering that its the same as java. is this true?
14:38kvandivo if you can install it in linux, and it doesn't require kernel hacks or special external hardware, you can basically do it on a linode, given appropriate resources
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14:38kvandivo the powers that be frown on rc5 type applications, and you have to be careful about apps that do lots of IO
14:39kvandivo but basically anything else works, given appropriate resources
14:39kvandivo iirc, caker uses cold fusion on itself
14:39Redgore thats info on installing it for linux
14:39Redgore dunno where to get the package from though
14:40hstmiswatchin| is caker a server?
14:40kvandivo caker is the owner of linode
14:41hstmiswatchin| you mean the caker process has root access to linoid server?
14:41kvandivo well, caker isn't as much a process as he is a process owner
14:41Redgore caker might seem like some sort of program the amount of work he does
14:41Redgore but he is an actual person
14:42hstmiswatchin| i hear linux is going bancrupt. is this true?
14:42Redgore linux cant go bankrupt
14:42Newsome hahaha
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14:43hstmiswatchin| is linoid free like linux?
14:43* kvandivo yawns.
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14:44Redgore hstmiswatching: I suggest you read the site a bit
14:45hstmiswatchin| how do linux people get paid if the program is truly free?
14:45adamg or or or or or go TROLL hunting
14:45Newsome Shhh. Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I'm hunting Twolls.
14:45npmr i get paid for making stuff work
14:46* adamg gets out the dogs
14:46hstmiswatchin| do you guys have jobs at carwashes and stuff to suport your linux hobby?
14:46adamg or it is pigs for trolls
14:46npmr i work for a consulting firm
14:46adamg oh no thats truffles
14:47hstmiswatchin| is consulting also free ?
14:47adamg carwash aint they all automatted these days
14:47adamg consulting is expensive
14:47npmr no, my rate is around $200/hr, depending on the client
14:47hstmiswatchin| so how is linux cheaper then?
14:48kvandivo 'consulting' is what they call it these days?
14:48adamg how much of that do you see>
14:48adamg ?
14:48adamg say light robbery
14:48npmr the total cost of any operating system is a complicated thing
14:48adamg as you dont pay a massive license fee and then $200 an hour
14:48npmr the purchase price of the software is only a small part of it
14:49npmr for many purposes, linux comes out ahead
14:49adamg more powerful hw needed
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14:50npmr adamg, most of my time is not billable
14:50hstmiswatchin| does 'complicated' equal "ripoff"?
14:50slashdot_fan | hello everyone!
14:50slashdot_fan | :-)
14:50npmr hstmiswatching, no, complicated means that there are a lot of factors
14:51npmr and as i mentioned before, licensing costs are just one of the factors that go into total cost of ownership
14:51tizen guys, lets stop feeding the trolls
14:51slashdot_fan | Trolls?
14:51tizen slashdot_fan: not you
14:52npmr trolls are people who deliberately try to disrupt a community on the internet
14:52npmr usually by pretending to ask misinformed questions
14:52hstmiswatchin| does 'disrupt' equal 'question your linux religion'?
14:52npmr when in fact they probably know better
14:52slashdot_fan | >:-[
14:52adamg aint they the people who live under a bridge
14:53kvandivo adamg: often, that's just a coincidence
14:53npmr hstmiswatching, that's one technique
14:53hstmiswatchin| i am so offended. i come here for the advertised FREE linux...
14:53slashdot_fan | what isa 'hstmiswatching'?
14:53npmr but really any kind of annoyance would suffice
14:53kvandivo /.: we haven't figured that out yet
14:54hstmiswatchin| is linoid annoid?
14:54Redgore slashdot_fan: by the looks of it someone who lives under a rock
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14:54npmr hstmiswatching, i'm not sure what you mean
14:54hstmiswatchin| it was a joke npmr. kinda like "free" software
14:54npmr ok, well i guess i don't get it
14:54* npmr shrugs
14:54adamg nothing in life is free
14:54slashdot_fan | Can I run a website from 'linode'?
14:55npmr can you explain the joke?
14:55adamg slashdot_fan, yes
14:55adamg you can do anything you can on a normal linux box accept have kernel access
14:55hstmiswatchin| slashdot_fan... only if you can log in as the caker process and del -r your drive
14:55slashdot_fan | >;-\
14:55slashdot_fan | i'm confused
14:55hstmiswatchin| is linoid annoid (annoyed)?
14:56npmr no
14:56adamg slashdot_fan, confused with what
14:56Newsome hmm... what is Healthstream?
14:56adamg company caker worked for before he started linode IIRC
14:56hstmiswatchin| keep sleuthing and figure it out
14:56Newsome are you Mike Galehouse?
14:56kvandivo Newsome: check out netbux.. it will provide the answer..
14:57hstmiswatchin| if i answer that question, will you show me some USABLE from linux that is free?
14:57adamg no
14:58hstmiswatchin| not sure newsome. says here that my name is hstmiswatching
14:58adamg google is your friend
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14:58slashdot_fan | can I buy a linode & set it up at home?
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14:59npmr slashdot_fan, i run uml systems on a host at home, actually
14:59npmr you don't have to lease them from linode, you can just set them up yourself
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14:59slashdot_fan | lease what?
14:59npmr it's a lot trickier, though, since you don't have the web interface
14:59npmr a virtual system from
15:00slashdot_fan | you can buy instead of lease?
15:00Newsome slashdot_fan: and do you work with hstmiswatching?
15:00Redgore slashdot_fan: linode is a service that uses free software
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15:00npmr no, linode virtual system are only available for a monthly rate
15:00adamg well this is getting boring
15:00npmr their is no mechanism to "buy" one from in perpetuity
15:01hstmiswatchin| how much free software can you write while answering my questions?
15:01kvandivo what's your metric?
15:01npmr if i were trying?
15:01aaron kvandivo!
15:02* kvandivo looks around.
15:02npmr i don't know... maybe fix up a few gar packages
15:02hstmiswatchin| i heard that linus was a nazi. is that true?
15:02kvandivo you'd have to ask him
15:02npmr i doubt it
15:02Newsome caker, mikegrb: around?
15:02* adamg heard that you are a troll is that right
15:03hstmiswatchin| i dont talk to nazis. unless they are cute. linus looks like the old darth vader without the mask
15:04npmr i don't talk to nazis either
15:04kvandivo i don't know if i do or not
15:04npmr seeing as most nazis have died by now
15:04npmr and the ones that are still alive (the prominent ones, anyhow) are all in south america
15:05npmr if by "nazi" you meant "neo-nazi", then i've known a few
15:05slashdot_fan | nazis?
15:05slashdot_fan | rolls?
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15:05hstmiswatchin| yeah, no new nazis since the 40s. thanks for setting me straight npr
15:05npmr i try to avoid associating with them
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15:06hstmiswatchin| is hitlers preexisting work on linux the reason that linux doesnt patent it?
15:06hstmiswatchin| i mean, linus doesnt patent it
15:06Newsome hstmiswatching, slashdot_fan: Is this conversation in compliance with the Healthstream Code of Conduct?
15:06npmr hstmiswatching, i'm not sure what work you're referring to
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15:10slashdot_fan | What is a gar package?
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15:10adamg GOOGLE
15:11hstmiswatchin| why would it need to be newsome? you cute techie genius you.
15:11slashdot_fan | why would what need to be?
15:11Newsome and only 12 miles away from caker, even.
15:11hstmiswatchin| is it true that all linux programmers work in only underware and socks, from home
15:12npmr slashdot_fan, it's basically just a Makefile and a list of checksums
15:12hstmiswatchin| yeah slashdot, just "basically" a makefile and list of checksums. DUH!
15:12npmr gar packages use the GAR system to automate building and installing software
15:12slashdot_fan | How many servers does Linode have?
15:12npmr 40-some
15:12npmr i forget
15:12adamg 40+
15:12hstmiswatchin| i think its linoid, not linode
15:13npmr hstmiswatching, slashdot_fan had it right
15:13slashdot_fan | can you reserve one?
15:13npmr slashdot_fan, if there are some available, yes
15:14hstmiswatchin| can i use linux to write my name on the screen and make it scroll really really fast?
15:14adamg what name, TROLL?
15:14tizen chances are you'd have difficulty putting your name on a chalkboard
15:14npmr hstmiswatching, you could
15:14tizen higher mental processes seem foreign to you
15:15tizen ok
15:15tizen i'm annoyed enough now
15:15tizen time to go to class and listen to stuff that's just as boring
15:15@mikegrb lolz
15:15tizen lol
15:15hstmiswatchin| thx. and sorry to make you guys upset. good luck in linux class
15:15adamg zwasexrdcftvgybhunijmko,lp.;[/'
15:15npmr hstmiswatching, try running "while :; do banner hstmiswatching; done" at the command line
15:16tizen actually it's Advanced Methods in Experimental Psychology
15:16tizen but... close
15:16npmr and i'm at work
15:16hstmiswatchin| that is a great class. very applicable to whatever career your choose. do i really need sarcasm quotes around that?
15:16* adamg is about to return to his home planet, mars
15:17tizen hstmiswatching: my career is going to be criminal psycholy
15:17tizen psychology
15:17tizen so, yeah probably applicable
15:17slashdot_fan | i don't see any trolls, but there's an electricelf here!
15:17npmr yes, ElectricElf lurks here a lot
15:17adamg elfs we like trolls are just like shit on your shoe
15:18hstmiswatchin| yeah, best to go that way. u can still have this linux hobby
15:18tsi linux? what's that?
15:18hstmiswatchin| its a caker process that deletes hard drives after you package up a gar system and balance it on your head
15:19* adamg balances on summat else but we wont go there
15:19npmr hstmiswatching, wow! that sure is a tangled mess of concepts!
15:20npmr let me see if i can straighten that out for you
15:20npmr caker is a person, the guy who founded and runs
15:20npmr so there's really no "caker process"
15:21adamg aint caker an AI
15:21npmr every once in a while, a hard drive in one of the hosts goes bad
15:21npmr but i wouldn't say it's caker's fault
15:21npmr it's just a function of time, really
15:21Redgore and it gets replaced quickly
15:21npmr yeah, he's good about that
15:22npmr gar is a spinoff of the lnx-bbc project.... totally unrelated to linode or caker, but interesting in and of itself
15:22slashdot_fan | where are the servers located?
15:22npmr it's an automated system for building a whole operating system boot image from scratch
15:22npmr slashdot_fan, some are at ThePlanet Internet Services in Dallas, Texas
15:23npmr and the rest are at Hurricane Electric in Fremont, California
15:23hstmiswatchin| does ThePlanet also work for free?
15:23Redgore slashdot_fan: fremont, CA and Dallas, TX for the newer servers
15:23npmr hstmiswatching, no, colocation service is quite expensive, regardless of who you're leasing from
15:23slashdot_fan | colocation?
15:24kvandivo !google colocation
15:24linbot kvandivo: Search took 0.179117 seconds: Colocation Explained - Web Hosting Choice: <>; CCCP:: Free Colocation For Individuals & Non-Profits!: <>; Managed Web Hosting Services - Dedicated Servers, Server ...: <>; San Diego Colocation: <>; Managed Hosting, Web (2 more messages)
15:24npmr but if you lease a vds from linode, the colo fees aren't on your bill, just the monthly charge for your package
15:24npmr slashdot_fan, outsourced datacenters, basically
15:26hstmiswatchin| how much ram does linux come with?
15:26Newsome How many teeth does IIS come with?
15:27npmr hstmiswatching, linux doesn't come with ram
15:27slashdot_fan | ? It doesn't use RAM?
15:28npmr it uses ram, yes
15:29npmr except on certain embedded systems, but that's kind of a niche case
15:30thoth39 What, on embedded hardware Linux comes with RAM?
15:31npmr generally it's the other way around
15:31npmr but the question wasn't about linux coming with ram, but about linux using ram
15:31npmr which is a pretty big semantic difference
15:32npmr there are some embedded systems though, where the runtime memory isn't technically "ram"
15:32npmr (and this is kind of pushing the limits of what i know of memory types)
15:33Newsome Hmm, Google maps looks like it needs better imagery for some areas of Nashville -,+nashville,+tn+37203&t=k&hl=en
15:33npmr also, it's non volatile, and usually used in conjunction with rom, so there's no conventional block device, either
15:35npmr anyway, my point was that in that one niche case, linux doesn't use ram
15:36slashdot_fan | how does it turn without ram in that niche case?
15:36npmr those types of embedded systems use a different kind of memory than ram
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15:44--- !!!! hstmiswatching was kicked from #linode by mikegrb (hstmiswatching)
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15:46Newsome mikegrb: how about *!*3fa2b1* ?
15:47@mikegrb he can't change it
15:47@mikegrb oh slashdot_fan too
15:47Newsome no, but slashdot_fan is on the same netblock
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15:48--- !!!! slashdot_fan was kicked from #linode by mikegrb (slashdot_fan)
15:49npmr :<
15:49npmr they were about to leave anyway
15:49npmr or "it" was about to leave, maybe
15:50thelsdj_ anyone know if the linode kernels are usable for pptp?
15:50--- User: *** thelsdj_ is now known as thelsdj
15:50adamg should be
15:53tsi pptp is like 90% user space
15:58fo0bar yeah, but the kernel is the other 10% :)
15:59fo0bar there's definitely ppp kernel support in the linode kernels (needed for pptp), and I'm pretty sure the recent linode kernels have mppe encryption support
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17:22thelsdj hrm well looks like pptp works though now i have to figure out what exactly i need to get forwarding working properly
17:22internat yes they do
17:22internat i have it set up
17:22thelsdj mind sharing your iptables rules?
17:22internat yeah forwarding would be great, so that the clients can all talk to each other and the clients can talk to the internet
17:23internat i never managed to work out what to do to make the clients talk etc
17:23thelsdj yea all i want is to get client talking to the internet hehe
17:23internat im assuyming it would jsut be a NAT thing..
17:24thelsdj my friend is behind like 3 firewalls and i want to give him a way to use one of my ips so he can connect into his home ocmputer
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17:39spaceghost my syslog is filling up with.... May 26 07:15:02 rorschach kernel: end_request: I/O error, dev 62:10 (User-mode block device), sector 325064
17:39spaceghost things like that
17:42spaceghost and load on my host box is "high"... had to reboot my linode before i could even ssh into it
17:43guinea-pig if the load on the host is high, what makes you think rebooting your linode (which gives the host more to do) would lower it?
17:43guinea-pig but anyway
17:43spaceghost i didn't know one way or the other; i could ping my 'node but i couldn't ssh in
17:43spaceghost so i rebooted it, and now i can ssh in
17:44guinea-pig lish or sshd running on the node?
17:44spaceghost sshd
17:44guinea-pig did you try lish? :P
17:44guinea-pig *shrug*
17:44guinea-pig it was great
17:44spaceghost does that fix my issue? :-D
17:44guinea-pig today i was sitting behind a car with a vanity plate that read "RTFM"
17:45guinea-pig i think mikegrb and caker are both away at the moment. did you file a ticket?
17:45spaceghost nope. guess i'll do that. thanks :-)
17:48spaceghost so what's lish get me that old theo's ssh doesn't?
17:49adamg you probably hit the io limiter
17:52npmr spaceghost, the console
17:52--- <<-- internat [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:59spaceghost possible, but i'd be very surprised. box doesn't do much; checking my munin graphs presently
18:06spaceghost nope. nothing sinister in the graphs. weird
18:14@mikegrb hello
18:14@mikegrb spaceghost: looks like someone on your host was spinning at 100% cpu
18:24jekil if a node reach the maximum month bandwidth is it blocked or I pay extra bandwidth?
18:29@mikegrb pay extra
18:29jekil thanks
18:29jekil so, if I get a dos I pay a lot :D
18:30@mikegrb well if you catch it quickly and lets us know we can work to mitigate it
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19:55TheJaded ...
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21:08tsi any AMD gurus here?
21:09tuppa define guru
21:10tsi as in knows the difference between athlon, duron, sempron
21:10tsi all this shit is greek to me, i just want a faster cpu and ram that matches it
21:10tsi last time i knew CPUs, 440bx was the top chipset
21:11tuppa duron is the old budget amd cpu
21:11tuppa new budget one is sempron
21:11tsi what do they cripple to make it budget?
21:11tuppa bx still is a top chipset
21:11tuppa as long as you can find a fast enough CPU for it these days ;)
21:11tsi looks like it saves 10 bucks
21:11tsi heh
21:12tsi ok so i have an athlon xp 2800, i guess i want to stick with atlon xp
21:12tsi and go to 3200/400
21:12tuppa socket A is discontinued
21:12tsi is this a logical step, or is that like 1% increase for a hundred bucks?
21:12tuppa go for Athlon 64 ;)
21:13tuppa although that means you'll have to get yourself a new mobo
21:13tsi i don't want to go through the motherboard upgrade all that much
21:13tuppa hrm
21:13tsi i just want to get a little more life out of this system
21:13tuppa you don't find a lot of improvements then
21:13@mikegrb ATTENTION!!!
21:13tuppa for the amount of heat generated
21:13tsi unless i can get athlon64 mobo/ram/cpu for under 200
21:13@mikegrb ATTENTION!!!
21:13tsi ?
21:13@mikegrb I am now eating cake.
21:13@mikegrb THAT IS ALL.
21:13tuppa HERR GENERAL
21:14tsi PICS
21:14linbot mikegrb has spoken
21:14tsi i hope he doesn't mind
21:14tuppa eating your boss eh mikegrb
21:14@mikegrb no, different kind of cake
21:14@mikegrb he's more of a rum cake
21:14* mikegrb runs
21:14tuppa tsi: most likely you can reuse your RAM
21:15tuppa it's DDR right?
21:15tsi it's.. uh... ddr... 300? 333? something along those lines
21:15tsi whatever the number is, it's not what clock speed it runs at
21:15tuppa tsi: besides, I've noticed that the heat generated from a 3000+ is much higher than a 1700+
21:15tuppa does't matter if you ain't overclocking
21:15tuppa besides with such a small jump in clock speed
21:15tsi this is in a fairly well ventliated minitower
21:15tuppa but don't quote me on it ;)
21:16tsi i'm not overclocking, i'm just sick of chugging to a halt when i walk into Orgimmar
21:16tuppa personally, I would think, don't bother ;)
21:16tuppa you're better off going to A64
21:16iggy yeah, that jump isn't big enough
21:16tsi does athlon64 abandon traditional pc architecture like itanium does?
21:16tsi do i get efi?
21:17tuppa as Socket A is getting obsolete
21:17iggy no, athlon64 is backward compatible
21:17tuppa tsi: no
21:17tsi meh
21:17tuppa you can still run your 32bit stuff
21:17tuppa on a64
21:17iggy in fact, I just got an athlon64 yesterday and stuck my hard drive in it without any changes
21:17tsi is 32 bit compatibility as bad as that old FX32 on NT/Alpha?
21:17iggy didn't even have to rebuild the kernel
21:17tuppa nope
21:17tuppa it
21:18tuppa it's faster, well beause of the raw speed increase
21:18tsi i'm running xp on this desktop, i presume there'd be some reconfiguration, or at least reactivation
21:18iggy and memory controller
21:18tuppa iggy: yes ;)
21:18tsi is a64 hot?
21:18tuppa nope
21:18tuppa in fact I find it much cooler
21:18tuppa because of PowerNOW! being incorporated into the CPU officially
21:18tsi what's the benchmark a64 board?
21:19* tuppa is on the ASUS A8N-SLi
21:19tsi you fuckers are gonna have me charge $600 before the night's over
21:19tsi :P
21:19tuppa pffft
21:19tsi crap now i'll also go to sata
21:19iggy tuppa: and the fact that all the athlon64's you can get these days are 9micron process
21:19tuppa tsi: or blow your money in negligible speed increase?
21:19tsi what's the deluxe model get?
21:19tuppa more SATA ports
21:19tsi besides $15 worth of receipts
21:20tuppa more accessories
21:20tsi bah, i do raid at work, i'm not doing it at home
21:20tuppa it was the only decent 939 board I can find when I was shopping for me new box
21:21tuppa Linux works happily on it ;)
21:21tsi linbot 2*(14*16*3+14*8)
21:21iggy I just got an epox 9nda3, I like it
21:21iggy newegg has sales every other day
21:22tuppa hmmm
21:22iggy just watch out for soemthing that looks hot
21:22tsi brand names i don't know scare me
21:22tsi i'll stick with asus
21:22tuppa I'm not so keen on epox after I've got an 8KHA
21:22tuppa and every 8KHA+ board I saw has the bad capacitor plague
21:22tsi man i went througha bout 30 tyan boards because of bad VRMs in a cluster once
21:22tsi wait, no, they were noname boards. tyans were the ones that didn't break
21:22tuppa and I thought tyan boards are meant to be good...
21:23tuppa bah
21:23tuppa :P
21:23iggy it was a bunch of boards around that time that had bad caps
21:23iggy not just the epox I don't think
21:23tuppa no
21:23tsi they were actually dying cause of noname power supplies that were supplying about 1/2 the current on the +12 line
21:23tuppa every brand I knew had bad caps
21:23tuppa except tyan
21:23iggy but in any case, I generally don't keep stuff long enough to worry about it
21:24tuppa nbow it's PSUs
21:24tuppa because nobody cared if they have bad caps inside them
21:24tuppa but it has more of a disastrous effect
21:25iggy one of our client's has a bunch of those old IBM's with the bad caps
21:25iggy it's funny
21:25iggy when they call us and say one of them is having problems, we go open the case up, and there is stuff splattered all over the inside of the case across from the caps
21:25tsi we didn't even have to open, the smoke was a dead giveaway
21:26tsi and the once-youve-smelled-it-you-never-forget smell of burnt electrolytic capacitor
21:26TheJaded oh yeah, my power supply caught fire a few weeks ago. that putrid smell was everywhere
21:26iggy these don't smoke for whatever reason, just pop, and become unstable as hell
21:26tsi one time i opened up a broken radio transmitter
21:26tsi and there was a 1/4 or 1/2 F capacitor that was just missing
21:26@mikegrb and it ate you!
21:27tsi i was glad I wasn't around when that fucker blew
21:27tsi (we're pretty sure it took a lightning hit)
21:27@mikegrb it was hiding in the shadows waiting for when you would least expect it
21:27tsi mikegrb i want whatever you've been smoking tonight
21:27tsi it sounds fucking fabulous :)
21:27--- <<-- Shaun [ndci@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:28@mikegrb I had cake
21:28@mikegrb keep up
21:28iggy he's always like that
21:28iggy just not in here
21:28@mikegrb yes that too
21:29tsi winchester vs venice?
21:29@mikegrb mmm winchester hard drives
21:29iggy venice has sse3 and can scale to higher speeds
21:29iggy that's about the only diff
21:29tsi clawhammer? san diego? wtf is all these variants?
21:29iggy with that, I'd tend to base it on price
21:30iggy tsi: they are older cores
21:30tsi too many variables!!! *head explodes*
21:30iggy keep the choices to winchester and venice
21:30tuppa tsi: get an abacus!
21:30tuppa mmm venice :)
21:30@mikegrb mmm viel
21:30tsi ok now i need pc3200 ram
21:30@mikegrb I'm making baby back ribs for dinner tommorow
21:30tsi i miss the days when ram was simple
21:31@mikegrb and drinking lots of beer
21:31@mikegrb oh!
21:31tsi 80ns or 70ns was all that mattered
21:31@mikegrb I should add beer to the smoking solution
21:31tsi that and 1x8 or 1x9
21:31tuppa tsi: get a mac!
21:31@mikegrb mmm macs
21:31bendy24 mmm power mac
21:31tsi i want to but WoW won't run well on the mini
21:31@mikegrb but don't have apple ship it via fedex
21:32bendy24 mikegrb: i got two gigs of ram fro my powa book!
21:32@mikegrb I know!
21:32bendy24 so gut
21:32@mikegrb sehr gut
21:32@mikegrb очень хорошо
21:33bendy24 my eyes!
21:33bendy24 nein utf
21:35--- ---> zdd [] has joined #linode
21:35@mikegrb utf8 ist sehr gut
21:35@mikegrb bendy24: I got oak smoking chips for my baby back ribs!
21:35bendy24 utf ist kaput!
21:35bendy24 mikegrb: can i come?
21:35@mikegrb bendy24: and they are made from jack daniels barrels!
21:35@mikegrb sure
21:35bendy24 i'll bring the beer
21:35@mikegrb canadian beer!
21:35bendy24 yeah, eh!
21:35@mikegrb I'll start them on the grill about 2pm
21:36bendy24 mmm
21:36@mikegrb so dinner will be about 6:30
21:36bendy24 k
21:36@mikegrb start driving
21:36bendy24 we'll fly in around 5
21:36@mikegrb you can bring zach
21:36bendy24 swell!
21:36--- ---> coded [coded@] has joined #linode
21:36@mikegrb he and hunter can keep each other occupied
21:37bendy24 they can have crawling races
21:37--- <<-- coded [coded@] has quit (Quit: )
21:37@mikegrb yes!
21:45tsi what city is this?
21:45tsi not that i'd crash your party or anything
21:48heidi pensacola
21:48@mikegrb pensacola, fl
21:48@mikegrb tsi: bring beer and it's all good
22:24tsi man that's way too far outside of my on call radius
22:24tsi at least my 78 firebird would disguse me among the locals
22:26tierra ^ first thing that I thought of after reading that... heh
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22:45--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
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23:19Dreamer3 anyway to get a larger than 64mb account... ie, buy now and upgrade in a few days, or nothing larger period until 6/15?
23:27--- ---> Dreamer3_ [] has joined #linode
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