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---Logopened Fri May 27 00:00:36 2005
00:08@mikegrb Dreamer3_: yes, you can do 64 now and then upgrade to something larger when it becomes availible
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00:50thread Can I downgrade my plan?
00:54thread not suchagood hour I guess....
00:54* thread goes to bed, too
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05:36Dread so... i presume linode is having trouble then...
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05:38migas hallooo
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05:38migas is anyone from linode here?
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05:40Dread ya'll here about yer linode going down?
05:41thelsdj seems to be back up now?
05:41Dread yeh
05:41Dread strange
05:42thelsdj looks like all of
05:42thelsdj was down for 15 minutes
05:46Dread no doubt we'll get an email about it at some point
05:48thelsdj looks down again?
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05:48migas looks down again
05:48ironie are we experenceing network problems?
05:48migas i have a linode too
05:48thelsdj ironie: looks like all of is
05:49migas and that's why i'm here right now :P
05:49ironie thanks
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05:49ironie we under attack?
05:49ironie or just normal old problems?
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05:49thelsdj i wouldn't think so
05:49brian what is up with the network
05:50brian looks like he router problem near chicago
05:50thelsdj brian: was down for 15 minutes, then up again, then down again
05:50ironie and now it is pingable again
05:50thelsdj its down to me now
05:50ironie 41 packets received, 82% packet loss
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05:50ironie and down again
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05:51ironie winsome lose some i guess
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05:51thelsdj looks back up again now
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05:51ironie strange
05:52brian Probably just router maitenance
05:52ironie maybe the router is short on i/o tickets ;-)
05:53brian i dont think that would effect establish connection
05:53thelsdj 15 minutes is a bit long for router maintanence that didn't go wrong though :)
05:53brian wasn't 15 minute outage for me
05:54ironie and down again
05:54brian Oh...
05:54brian Crap...
05:54brian 15 minutes goes by fast.
05:54ironie maybe it is just router sex
05:54brian its not down
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05:55ironie ok, well i am back up mistake maybe
05:55ironie or it was just a burp
05:55ironie 3 packets received, 25% packet loss
05:56ironie now solid
05:56thelsdj theres definatly a network wide problem at and doesn't seem to be 100% resolved yet
05:56brian whats new
05:56brian :P
05:56ironie ah. don't be unkind.
05:56ironie it is seldom, at least for me
05:56brian i'm not unkind, i'm honest.
05:56brian HE is notorious for network problems
05:57ironie well in the year and a half i have had my node i can count the routing problems i have noticed on one hand
05:57ironie maybe i am kucky
05:57brian No
05:58brian you don't run a irc server so you don't notice
05:58ironie I run several server, and i notice all outagaes
05:58thelsdj or run mission critical business applications :)
05:58thelsdj (not on linode, but at
05:58brian Sure thelsdj!
05:58brian Wow.
05:58thelsdj boss wakes me up in the middle of the night when this sort of thing happens
05:58@mikegrb roflz
05:58brian CGI:IRC has nick completion rofl
05:59brian It's just not very good
05:59thelsdj we depend on timing of making internet connections for our business
05:59brian answer my pm mikegrb ;P
05:59brian I guess you picked the wrong network carrier thelsdj!
06:00thelsdj actually its not _THAT_ bad but we do have backups :)
06:00thelsdj we can within 30 seconds manually switch everything to a whole other datacenter
06:01thelsdj and actually both are running at same time so if one goes 100% out, we only mess up 50% stuff
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06:01internat anyone arround that is good on the memory side off things.. i basicly want to work out if it is worth me purchasing more ram
06:01* ironie passes brian some Preperation H to maybe soothe his obviously inflamed hemiriod
06:02brian Thanks ironie
06:02ironie anytime
06:02brian I appreciate it
06:02brian My hemiroid is gigantic.
06:02brian And you really came through.
06:02brian You're a true friend.
06:02ironie that's what they say about me...well to my face
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06:07ironie ram is always a good purchase. but consider the upgrade prices on ram i decided to up the plan instead
06:12internat yeah but to go up 32mb is a lot more a month then to go up the plan.. i think.. *ponders*
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06:13Dread and its down AGAIN
06:15ironie so it is...
06:16Dread hey any of you guys use slackware on your linode?
06:17ironie i wonder how the moron was to come up with the term 'mission critical' as if the internet was some well planned and implement reliable tool, run by millions of compedent and reliable people. just like everything else in the world
06:18ironie the term should be "supried it works at all considering the millions of morons using it"
06:19Dread just like the real world then
06:19ironie 21 packets received, 90% packet losss. and back again
06:19ironie yes
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06:20Dread heh 100% packet loss here...
06:20ironie had brain not left so quickly i might have admitted to him my riods pretty big too
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06:20Dread thanks for sharing
06:20ironie anytime
06:21ironie it was the metaphorical roid so many people share BTW
06:22Dread righty
06:22adamg that god for MTR
06:22adamg s/that/thank
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10:06GN anyone experiencing problems?
10:09@mikegrb GN: what kind of problems?
10:09@mikegrb there were some routing issues with he earlier this morning
10:09@mikegrb nothing with TP that I'm aware of
10:09GN connectivity
10:10@mikegrb can you try a traceroute
10:10GN remoting home now
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10:11efudd ok. what's broke?
10:11GN :D
10:12GN 8 22 ms 21 ms * []
10:12GN 9 28 ms 19 ms *
10:12GN 10 25 ms 24 ms * []
10:12GN 11 25 ms 22 ms * []
10:12GN 12 24 ms 24 ms 27 ms []
10:12GN 13 36 ms 21 ms 21 ms []
10:12GN 14 * * * Request timed out.
10:12GN 15 * *
10:12efudd host37.linode is unreach.
10:12efudd Damnit.
10:13@mikegrb hmmm
10:13GN i'm on host 37 also
10:13efudd 14 37 ms 38 ms 37 ms []
10:14efudd 15 * * * Request timed out.
10:14GN death
10:14efudd car1-2-v2 is alive, however.
10:15@mikegrb I'm on it like white on rice
10:15GN word
10:15@mikegrb sentance
10:16GN is caker still on vacation?
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10:17--- User: *** danield is now known as syndex
10:18@mikegrb he was just a bit under the weather
10:19GN is he still bad?
10:20efudd I hope caker gets well. I hope caker gets well almost as fast as host37.
10:20efudd :)
10:20* efudd notes we're down to ~99.999% availability now. lost 2 9's working on the 3rd!
10:21GN it doesn't matter, the internet is just a fad anyway
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10:32@mikegrb ok, posting
10:32@mikegrb should be a few minutes
10:32GN TP?
10:32@mikegrb host37 is posting
10:32@mikegrb lots of ram to check
10:33efudd Er, great. it was rebootd.
10:33efudd What was wrong?
10:34linbot New news from forums: Clamav problem in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
10:47efudd well, i'm pretty sure host37 doesn't have 40 TB of memory to count through........
10:47@mikegrb yes but it is doing a fsck now
10:47efudd So.. what /happened/?
10:47@mikegrb don't know until it's booted
10:47@mikegrb likely a kernel panic
10:48efudd erg. buffer on console please. ktnx. :P
10:48@mikegrb no buffer
10:48efudd that's obvious :p
10:56tsi quid ergo buffer
10:57efudd's password:Server refused to allocate pty
10:57efudd [efudd@host37 lish]# /bin/stty: standard input: Invalid argument
10:58tsi clearly there's a problem with an inversly polarized bogon metalink
10:59tsi you need to modulate your interositer harmonics
10:59@mikegrb efudd: that would be because the host isn't up yet
10:59efudd nah. probably need to switch providers :p
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10:59GN or swap the ram fluid
11:00GN how many sites do you have efudd?
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11:10@mikegrb linodes comming back up
11:10GN w00t
11:17npmr <insurance agent> do you have a security device on your vehicle
11:17npmr <me> yes
11:17npmr <insurance agent> what kind of device?
11:17npmr <me> locks
11:17npmr <insurance agent> that's not a security device
11:17npmr <me> what is it then?
11:18npmr [long pause]
11:18npmr <insurance agent> ok, you've got a security device on your vehicle
11:18npmr score: 1-0
11:22linbot New news from forums: Host37 Reboot in System and Network Status <>
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11:30@mikegrb npmr: awesome
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11:30GN should my node have booted automatically?
11:32heidi GN: if it hasn't now, go ahead and put in a job
11:33heidi but normally yes
11:33* GN nods
11:33heidi some of them did boot though, so you should try to manually do it
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11:43GN somethings fuked
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12:19@caker bah .. need to reboot host37 again -- kernel BUG at include/linux/dcache.h:293!
12:19@caker anything that touches /proc blocks
12:19* efudd sighs
12:19@caker (like ifconfig)
12:20* efudd attempts to reduce frustration
12:24efudd what happened right after that printk() ?
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12:35efudd hrm. sysfs bug perhaps
12:35efudd or a kernel locking race
12:37efudd all previously googlized references are for Xen.
12:38@caker yeah, which just likely hit the same bug
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12:52Newsome caker: has there been a fix for the load average reporting problem (always > 1) ?
12:52@caker Newsome: not afaik
12:52Newsome darn :)
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12:58JasonF how hard can that be to write?
12:58JasonF if Load_avg_orig=n THEN load_avg=n-1
12:58@mikegrb lolz
12:58JasonF lol
13:06thread So... how would I go about downgrading my linode plan?
13:07tierra put in a ticket
13:07@mikegrb thread: just put in a support ticket
13:07* tierra beats mikegrb
13:08thread do I need to shrink down my disk image?
13:08@mikegrb tierra: you so do
13:08@mikegrb thread: yes
13:08@mikegrb tierra: have a cookie
13:08tierra yes!
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13:24thelsdj anyone get a reason for the outages this morning?
13:26thread dang
13:26thread I shut down my linode... and told it to resize
13:26thread it said the job was in progress... but nothing seems to have happened
13:27tsi have you watched your event queue?
13:27tsi it might take a nontrivial amount of time to complete
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13:29thread oh actually... it does appear to still be going
13:29thread I thought it had finished
13:42kvandivo it's running in a thread, of course
13:45* thread submits ticket 11913
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13:59thread can I fire my linode back up now that I've resized?
13:59thread or will we have to reboot it again anyway when my plan gets downgraded?
13:59tierra if your host hasn't changed yet, you'll have to power down
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14:31@mikegrb thread: just got back from running to the pharmacy
14:32@mikegrb if we've got a slot I'll setup your migration right now for you
14:32adamg more blue pills mikegrb
14:32bendy24 a slot!
14:33adamg bendy24 not that type
14:33* bendy24 goes back to what he was doing
14:33@mikegrb thread: yeah no 128s at all at the moment, youre in the queue, will get your migration set up as soon as we've got a spot
14:34@mikegrb thread: if it gets closer to the first and we haven't had a slot open yet, bug me on irc ;)
14:50tsi do most subscribers cancel after only a month or two?
15:02thread mikegrb: oic
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15:07Dreamer3 is cpu utilization (as measued by top) and load averages proper gauges of performace in a UML?
15:07Dreamer3 ie, accurate overall
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15:29tsi it's not accurate on a standalone system why would it be accurate on UML?
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15:40tsi dammit GN got that song in my head
16:00JasonF gloin: what was the point in that?
16:02gloin JasonF: humor
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16:09JasonF oh
16:09JasonF it wasn't funny
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16:30efudd you've got to be kidding me....
16:30GN lolz!
16:30GN down again?
16:31efudd who the hell was added to, or what the hell was changed on, host37 in the recent past? This is rediculous.
16:31* GN shrugs
16:32efudd Obviously, that was directed at Chris or Mike.
16:33GN hey mikegrb its fuked again
16:33kvandivo i'm new on host37, but my assembler/device IO research project shouldn't be affecting anything
16:34kvandivo j/k
16:34GN oh well i'm going home then
16:34GN g/l
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16:35@mikegrb a wedding cake is on the case
16:35@mikegrb mmm cake
16:35kvandivo cake!
16:36@mikegrb mmm cake
16:36kvandivo wedding cake is the bestest
16:36@caker hmm.. no panic this time (was on remote console at the time)
16:36@mikegrb mmm cake
16:36kvandivo as long as it doesn't have the really sugary sweet icing. I like my cake with the whipped cream type icing
16:36@mikegrb kvandivo: indeed
16:46* efudd queues himself up for another break in 1hr
16:46efudd until then.
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18:21@mikegrb <-- mmm
18:25--- ---> quietstormeagle [] has joined #linode
18:25quietstormeag| Anyone here use Qmail at all? :)
18:26@mikegrb ewww qmail
18:26* mikegrb hides
18:31quietstormeag| haha..
18:32quietstormeag| qmailadmin is havaing a problem with this file
18:32quietstormeag| vmysql: can't read settings from /home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql
18:32quietstormeag| the file exist and is fine or the mail server woudn't be runing at all
18:45--- <--- quietstormeagle [] has left #linode ()
18:50@mikegrb what about permissions
18:50@mikegrb does the user qmailadmin is running as have permission to read it?
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21:43warewolf hot damn, linode has a FAST pipe!
21:45thelsdj its not bad, i've got 1.4MB/s upload with bittorrent
21:54warewolf haha
21:54warewolf you've either got A) a lot of disk space, or B) very, very small torrents.
21:55thelsdj i have 12GB with my plan, mostly seed like 150mb torrents sometimes download something real quick so i can download off my server later
21:56warewolf I'm afeared that if I use bittorrent on my linode that I'll max out my xfer limit
21:56thelsdj i've got 100GB a month, but i'm very careful to watch it
21:56thelsdj and cancel after a few GB upload
21:56* warewolf has 25
21:56warewolf yes, I go the cheap route.
21:56thelsdj i even modified the bittorrent source
21:57thelsdj so it would autoquit after seeding like 2TGB
21:57warewolf TGB?
21:57warewolf torrent GB?
21:57thelsdj GB
21:57warewolf oh, typo.
21:57* warewolf should have guessed
21:57thelsdj t is above g, finger slipped hehe
21:57@mikegrb I usualy just do --max_upload_rate 50
21:57warewolf hmm
21:58warewolf maybe I should go yearly and get mm... hmm.
21:58warewolf naw.
21:58warewolf I like my linode cheap.
21:58@mikegrb pretty sure that is in stock bt, I use bittornado
21:58warewolf [root@xabean root]# perl io_rate
21:58warewolf 105
21:58thelsdj i think its in stock, but i tend to get faster donwloads if i just give unlimited upload
21:58warewolf it keeps going up :/
21:59thelsdj and i got upload to spare
21:59@mikegrb warewolf: vmstat baybee
21:59@mikegrb check out si and so
21:59@mikegrb should be 0
21:59warewolf eh, I swap a bit.
22:00@mikegrb that's why it is so high then
22:00warewolf I havn't hit the ceiling in a while though
22:00warewolf grb- oh, did you see the one user here who said their linode was having "disk errors"?
22:00@mikegrb well, tbh 105 is quite a bit above normal
22:00warewolf grb- I also get a *lot* of spam.
22:01@mikegrb there was one with a support ticket for that
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23:01bdash is there a possibility of getting my token_refill bumped temporarily while I do a largish backup?
23:01@mikegrb sure
23:01@mikegrb but only because you asked so nicely
23:02bdash mikegrb: thanks very much
23:10iggy oh, and you have to hump mikegrb's leg
23:11@mikegrb shh
23:11bdash iggy: i think i'll leave that to you
23:11@mikegrb don't scare him away
23:11@mikegrb we just let him see that on his bill
23:15--- <<-- Surferdude [] has quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC)
23:17bdash mikegrb: all done now. thanks for that
---Logclosed Sat May 28 00:00:11 2005