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01:56linbot New news from forums: Upgrading from Fedora Core 2 to Fedora Core 3 in Linux Tips, Tricks, Tutorials <> || Feature request: Fedora Core 3 in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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06:08NeonNero|wrk | i keep forgetting, which file do i edit to activate login from console?
06:08NeonNero|wrk | (on a brand new installation of a Linode)
06:09bob2 which OS?
06:10NeonNero|wrk | Gentoo
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06:12bob2 woah
06:27NeonNero|wrk | nm, found it
06:27NeonNero|wrk | (it was /etc/inittab)
06:29adamg now add it to the wiki
06:29bob2 gentoo doesn't enable tty's by default?
06:30adamg i think it was left off the linode image
06:30bob2 ah
06:30adamg as try use tty0
06:30adamg which is not standard IIRC
06:31NeonNero|wrk | yep
06:32NeonNero|wrk | just change tty0 to vc/0 for the c0 terminal, and it works
06:32adamg usually securetty needs editing as well for root
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07:54NeonNero|wrk | !seen caker
07:54linbot NeonNero|wrk: caker was last seen here 9 hours, 39 minutes, and 40 seconds ago saying: <caker> ahh
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11:04@mikegrb <-- Linux Journal Reader's Choice Round 1, write-ins are alowed in this round so don't forget to vote for in the web hosting service category!
11:05@mikegrb somebody should post a link in the forums
11:08adamg fuck me the ballet is long
11:08adamg linode aint even on the ballet
11:08bendy24 lunch!
11:08adamg do you ever do anything other than eat
11:08@mikegrb adamg: write-ins are accepted
11:09adamg mikegrb, sound like to much hard work
11:09@mikegrb adamg: !
11:09@mikegrb you don't have to vote in all categories
11:09@mikegrb need enough people to write it in to get it on the ballot for the next round
11:09adamg cant you do it
11:10@mikegrb It would be unethical for me to vote more then once
11:10adamg you can put my name on it
11:11@mikegrb bendy24: bzflag is on the ballot!
11:11@mikegrb adamg: liar, you have to submit via email
11:11adamg mikegrb, put a sample email on forum so people can copy and paste
11:12@mikegrb adamg: hehe
11:12@mikegrb adamg: I'll bcc you a copy of my ballot for you to peruse, m'kay?
11:13adamg or set-up web form enter name here, enter email address here
11:13@mikegrb hah
11:18kvandivo # Please do not redistribute "pre-voted" versions of this #
11:18kvandivo # ballot. #
11:19@mikegrb oh
11:19@mikegrb ok
11:19@mikegrb adamg: <-- can you check my ballot, make sure I didn't vote twicein any category
11:21adamg they should so just do a web form
11:22kvandivo not geeky enough
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11:26@mikegrb adamg: just make sure your ballot is in the body of the email
11:29kvandivo anyone around here have a voice recorder that records digitally and can later be downloaded to the computer?
11:29@mikegrb yes
11:29@mikegrb I have one
11:30kvandivo i'm looking for one to aid me in photography. i'd like to be able to say '1955 ford fairlane' and have it timestamped so that i can download it later and match it up with my pics
11:30kvandivo should help a lot with identifying photography subjects
11:30@mikegrb yes
11:30@mikegrb you don't want what I have
11:30JasonF programming beverage: Hot Chocolate
11:30JasonF hehe
11:33JasonF mikegrb: I'm voting from my hotmail too
11:33@mikegrb I'll hotmale you
11:33@mikegrb oh, hotmail
11:34GN freudian slip?
11:34JasonF I'm trying to remember some of my other free accounts
11:35* mikegrb hotmales gn 30 times
11:35@mikegrb XXX times if you prefer the roman form
11:35GN nice one
11:38adamg boring
11:51cow kvandivo: write down the address on a paper, and take a pic of that
11:51cow or take a pic of the writing on a PDA
11:51cow thats what i did all last summer...
11:52cow err
11:52cow models... not addresses
11:55kvandivo just more inconvienent.. I've run across.. but am still working to discover whether it timestamps the recordings
11:56* mikegrb models for cow
11:56JasonF mikegrb: they pay you to act silly in IRC?
11:57JasonF I need that job. I can certainly do it better than you.
11:57kvandivo JasonF: he does that for free
11:57* mikegrb "checks" on JasonF's node
11:58JasonF mikegrb: did billing run last night?
11:58JasonF mikegrb: or does it run tonight?
11:58@mikegrb it runs today
11:59@mikegrb when the button is pushed
11:59@mikegrb or it may have already started
11:59JasonF mine hasn't gone yet
11:59@mikegrb I'm really not sure
11:59JasonF and I'm trying to remember the fake cc number that caker told me to put in if I didn't have the money :!
11:59@mikegrb yeah I don't think so but I saw a few invoices went out
11:59@mikegrb heh
12:07bendy24 mikegrb: what ballot?
12:07kvandivo bendy24, keep up!
12:08bendy24 wtf is going on?
12:08bendy24 i leave for lunch and im behind?
12:08kvandivo apparently
12:08bendy24 well fill me in then!
12:09kvandivo read further back and fill yourself in
12:09bendy24 url me?
12:10@mikegrb bendy24: the url is in the scrollback
12:10@mikegrb kvandivo: ^5
12:10bendy24 nope
12:10bendy24 cant find it
12:11kvandivo mikegrb's busy adding vital new features to linode, and i'm busy waiting for my lunch to heat up in the microwave. you're on your own, dude
12:12bendy24 hrmph
12:12bendy24 the nerve
12:21tizen hey Greb you here?
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12:23@mikegrb ALWAYS.
12:24tizen hehe
12:24tizen Linode, LLC
12:24* kvandivo looks around.
12:24tizen or
12:24tizen on the ballot?
12:24@mikegrb I did
12:24tizen k
12:24tizen ... sent
12:24@mikegrb :D
12:24@mikegrb I posted a comment on the article
12:24* mikegrb is sneaking
12:24bendy24 url?
12:25@mikegrb er sneakie
12:25@mikegrb bendy24: scrollback
12:25* mikegrb runs
12:28kvandivo mikegrb: wasn't that sneaky
12:28@mikegrb I know
12:28kvandivo but i'll give you a quarter attaboy for trying
12:28@mikegrb [michael@orion:tmp] ls -lh /tmp/rewrite.log
12:29@mikegrb -rw-r----- 1 root root 908M Jun 1 12:25 /tmp/rewrite.log
12:29@mikegrb ^ ha ha forgot to turn that off when done rebugging
12:30adamg a new it, developers do put bugs in there code
12:31* mikegrb hides
12:31@mikegrb don't blame me, I have an excuse for my typos
12:31@mikegrb greater then half my keys have no keycaps
12:31@mikegrb well blank keycaps
12:31adamg well dont eat them then
12:31@mikegrb I just type too much
12:32adamg if that was true you should know where all the keys are
12:33@mikegrb yeah
12:33@mikegrb sometimes my fingers hit the one next to it
12:33kvandivo i'll have to ponder whether or not it will actually benefit _me_ to put down at that URL
12:33@mikegrb kvandivo: it so will
12:33kvandivo it basically means more contention for resources if linode gets more popular
12:33kvandivo which doesn't benefit me
12:33adamg mikegrb offered a free account for a year, for all that do
12:34@mikegrb kvandivo: not really
12:34@mikegrb kvandivo: the number of users per host stays the same
12:34@mikegrb kvandivo: your host is and has been full for a while
12:34kvandivo what about the number of users per customer support representative?
12:34@mikegrb athat will always be 1:1
12:34* mikegrb runs
12:34adamg and number of users per pipe
12:35@mikegrb that will stay 1:1 too
12:35@mikegrb we have one 100mbit connection per uesr
12:35adamg i wish
12:36* adamg is going to miss the uni connection
12:36kvandivo do what i did... stay in academia
12:37bendy24 mikegrb: you need to add linode to wikipedia
12:37adamg kvandivo, i might go back one day but need a dose of the real world
12:38kvandivo been there, done that
12:38kvandivo i like the academia lifestyle better
12:38adamg well your an old git, im still young and innocent
12:38adamg you just like having an office overlooking the quad
12:38kvandivo which is why i'm offering you my wisdom, so that you don't have to make the same mistakes
12:39adamg academia aint the same over here as it is in the states
12:39kvandivo once upon a time i had started a collaboration with a few uni's there..
12:39kvandivo Leeds, among others..
12:39kvandivo never did develop, though
12:39adamg my sisters at leeds
12:40kvandivo they actually paid (indirectly) for me to go to canada a few years back
12:40adamg nice of them
12:40kvandivo yep. i thought so
12:41adamg which other unis?
12:41kvandivo hmm.. have to look it up.. give me a sec
12:42kvandivo it was part of the WUN initiative
12:43kvandivo i know a guy from leeds was there.. other possibilities include manchester, sheffield, southampton, york..
12:43kvandivo ya.. that's the one
12:43kvandivo bristol, maybe.. let me find the names and associate them with places. :)
12:44adamg dosnt matter that much
12:47kvandivo yes, bristol was where the main guy was from
12:49adamg horrible place
12:55bendy24 evil place
12:56kvandivo looks like leeds and bristol are the two main places the guys were from that i met with
12:57kvandivo oh, there was a York guy
12:59adamg york is a nice place
12:59adamg was born there
13:00adamg well doncaster acutally, all family from york, moved back there when my sister was born, till i was 9 or summat like that
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13:38* caker fixes up the mail spool
13:39@mikegrb yeah was going to ask about that
13:40kvandivo sure you were
13:41@mikegrb :<
13:42tsi so uh any of y'all in phoenix area?
13:44kvandivo universally speaking, i'm pretty close to there
13:44tsi ok then has anyone done c2c contracting?
13:52@caker c2c == customer to customer?
13:54tsi sorry, corp to corp
13:54@caker If I understand you correctly, yes ...
13:55tsi long story short: (sketchy?) recruiter doesn't want to offer me a w2 or 1099 position, he wants it to be corp-to-corp. I'm reading all about it and it seems like more headache and expense than it's worth
13:56@caker Guess I don't understand the tax implications why they'd want to do that -- they'd still be giving your "corporation" a similar form
13:56@caker I did it back before I had the LLC, but I was doing business as SNT
13:56@caker we just did a w2
13:57@mikegrb well then they don't have to pay unemployment taxes and what not
13:57kvandivo might be different restrictions on whether they have to offer benefits, etc
13:57@mikegrb but I believe they don't have to do that with 1099 either
13:57@caker AFAIK, it would be the same thing now, except I'd use my federal tax ID number instead of my SSN
13:57@mikegrb 1099 == contracting, right?
13:57@caker s/w2/1099/
13:57tsi it's my understanding that it also frees them of some liability if i do a bad job
13:57@mikegrb yeah
13:58tsi yeah there's no shortage of those umbrella corps out there, they all want a cut of your bill rate
13:59@caker tsi: getting set up as an LLC was a few hundred bucks, some to the state, some to my lawyer. Tennessee has reports I need to send in twice a year, as well
14:00tsi yay government
14:02tsi man i think i'm gonna have to pass on this job
14:02tsi anyone want an ongoing ibm storage gig in phoenix?
14:03* bendy24 runs
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14:18Surferdude Hmmm. thats odd
14:18kvandivo we thought so
14:18Surferdude the command "boot" dosnt work on lish
14:18Surferdude on host4
14:19Surferdude i see the job entered into the queue, but nothing happens
14:19Surferdude Works fine via the LPM though
14:26@caker Surferdude: it boots the last used config profile, so if that's gone, or you've changed something, it might not work
14:27Surferdude That probably explains it... I redeployed yesterday
14:28JasonF caker: did you get my pm?
14:29* caker looks
14:29@caker JasonF: no problem
14:29JasonF caker: linode is creating a bit of a buzz in trilug
14:29JasonF it's spreading little by little
14:29Surferdude trilug?
14:30JasonF Triangle Linux User Group (RTP/Raleigh area, NC)
14:30@caker JasonF: great!
14:30Surferdude ah
14:30JasonF caker: Mainly because someone *cough* began raving about it
14:30JasonF a couple other guys tried it
14:30JasonF and now they're raving
14:30@caker We're 1.5 steps closer to releasing Xen -- rate-limiting support went in for IO devices, and the first initial PAE patches were merged!
14:31JasonF cool
14:31Surferdude very... cant wait for that
14:31JasonF caker: is it possible to get a xen image migrated to my uml server?
14:31@caker JasonF: hmm .. yeah
14:31@caker JasonF: although you can do it via rsync :)
14:32JasonF caker: yeah, but rsync would mean more downtime than if you did it
14:32tsi linode gets mentioned on the DC SAGE mailing list about once a month
14:32@caker JasonF: how so?
14:32@caker JasonF: create an empty device, boot your UML node, rsync it over, then reboot the UML node when it's done
14:32tsi i think it's listed on their "officially blessed colo places" list on their website
14:33JasonF caker: but you miss step one... I'd have to delete the current image first, and install some kind of small distro on it to get rsync capability
14:33JasonF caker: because I don't have enough extra space to "just rsync" it
14:33@caker JasonF: I'll bump up your disk space temporarily
14:33@caker JasonF: send in a ticket
14:33JasonF caker: will-do. Thanks.
14:34JasonF caker: that'll actually make my migration 10x easier. I'll parition out, and move my content to a separate partition
14:36Surferdude caker: you planning to put another xen beta server up?
14:36@caker Surferdude: yes, a few actually... once we're ready for the public beta
14:37Surferdude Cool
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15:00deeperbydesig| hi there, i just setup my linode but i have a question about reboots. when i issue "reboot" from a root shell it doesn't come back and shows as "shutdown" in LPM, then I have to boot it from LPM manually.
15:00deeperbydesig| is that to be expected? and if so, how does that interact with reboots that I don't issue (from the host or linode staff, etc)
15:01deeperbydesig| my apologies if it's been covered in the forums but i didn't see anything
15:01Newsome deeperbydesign: it's expected
15:01Newsome deeperbydesign: you can issue reboots through lish or LPM
15:02deeperbydesig| Newsome: thanks, so only reboot through Lish/LPM. but what about a host reboot or power trip?
15:03@mikegrb it will be rebooted automatically then
15:03deeperbydesig| mikegrb: sweet, thanks
15:22JasonF holy crap, been a while since I ran a sync on my xen node
15:55@caker deeperbydesign: the other trick is to alias reboot to "ssh reboot"
15:56tsi alias killall='echo You might want to check uname first'
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16:05deeperbydesig| caker: thanks, hopefully i won't be rebooting at all once setup
16:05kvandivo what exactly is deeper by design, anyway?
16:06Redgore at a guess a web design business
16:06kvandivo so a deep website is a good thing, in this context?
16:06deeperbydesig| ha, app design, database design, web design...
16:06deeperbydesig| better than shallow, right?
16:07kvandivo ahh.. ok.. i think i follow your intent
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16:08@caker deeperbydesig1: you down with OPP?
16:09kvandivo you know me
16:09deeperbydesig| yeah, you know me
16:09--- User: *** gloin is now known as tulare
16:11fo0bar caker: did payments for both fo0bar and procsecure go through?
16:11@caker fo0bar: fo0bar yes, prosecure no
16:13fo0bar damnit, sorry about that... payment to the card didn't clear fast enough
16:13fo0bar would you like to try tomorrow, or an alternate card today?
16:14@caker fo0bar: It'll try again tomorrow -- that's fine with me
16:15fo0bar ok, sorry again :P
16:15@caker fo0bar: no biggie -- thanks for keeping on top of it
16:15tulare what
16:15tulare err
16:15--- User: *** tulare is now known as taupeaht
16:15--- User: *** taupeaht is now known as taupehat
16:15--- User: *** deeperbydesig1 is now known as deeperbydesign
16:15taupehat you guys actually want to get paid for the services you offer?
16:15taupehat shocking!
16:15taupehat =P
16:16@caker I think I'll test how far along PAE support for Xen is tonight ...
16:16taupehat PAE?
16:16@caker !acronym PAE
16:16linbot caker: PAE could be Everett, WA, USA - Paine Field/Snohomish County International Airport (Airport Code), or Payload Attached Equipment, or Peer Access Enforcement, or Peripheral Arterial Exam, or Physical Address Extension, or Physical Aptitude Exam (for admission to US military service academies), or Plans, Analysis, and Evaluation (US government), or Post Antibiotic Effect, or Power-Added (1 more message)
16:16@caker !more
16:16linbot caker: Efficiency, or Pre-Arranged Extension, or Preliminary Airworthiness Evaluation, or Program Analysis and Evaluation, or Programa Alimentario Escolar (Spanish), or Programa de Alimentación Escolar (Guatemala), or Programa de Aperfeiçoamento de Ensino (Brazil), or Programa de Ayudas Especiales (Guatemala), or Project Assurance Engineer, or Public Affairs Event
16:17@mikegrb lolz
16:17taupehat lol
16:17@mikegrb I like Payload Attached Equipment
16:17@caker Physical Address Extension
16:17@caker allows > 4GB RAM on 32bit intel boxen
16:17@mikegrb oh oh Power-Added
16:17deeperbydesig| mucho memory
16:17taupehat ahh
16:17kvandivo get linbot to give you the definition of pae
16:17taupehat peer access enforcement
16:17taupehat =]
16:17@caker !acronym LASER
16:17linbot caker: LASER could be Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or Learning About Safety by Experiencing Risk (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents; UK), or Learning About Science, Engineering, and Research, or Linking Academic Scholars to Educational Resources, or Literacy Association South East Region (Houston, TX, USA), or Local Access Service & Equipment (1 more message)
16:18taupehat heh
16:18taupehat I'm taking an optics and lasers course next term
16:18kvandivo na.. there's the one where it makes up words..
16:18fo0bar SHARKS
16:18taupehat promises to be fun if I don't burn my eye out
16:18fo0bar with frickin LASER BEAMS on their heads
16:20@mikegrb I taught a course on lasers
16:20@mikegrb made holograms and such
16:20@mikegrb not like those home holograms
16:20@mikegrb like we had to get a giant granite block to put all the equipment on
16:20@mikegrb get rid of the vibration
16:20@mikegrb and had a giant room with no light
16:21@mikegrb and double doors with an airlock for light to get in
16:21@mikegrb and it took a week
16:21@mikegrb but it was fun!
16:21taupehat sounds like it
16:21@mikegrb I should have them make a hologram of the Linode logo
16:21@mikegrb 5 ft by 2 ft
16:21taupehat heh
16:21@mikegrb for corporate headquarters
16:21taupehat if we get to do those
16:21* mikegrb runs away
16:21taupehat I'll let you know
16:21taupehat hehe
16:21taupehat you know
16:21taupehat come to think of it
16:22taupehat that sideways L looks a LOT like a sideways E logo I've seen in the news somewhere...
16:22@mikegrb I still need to get my Linode sand castle off my memory card
16:23@mikegrb lolz
16:23Surferdude lol
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16:23--- ---> pakpolisi [] has joined #linode
16:23taupehat lolz
16:23taupehat sand castle?
16:23taupehat anyhow
16:23taupehat if we get to make holograms
16:23taupehat I'll get in touch
16:23fo0bar yeehah
16:23--- <<-- pakpolisi [] has quit (Quit: )
16:23fo0bar only took 8 hours to run updatedb
16:24taupehat what say, I trade the hologram for a bump up to a 256? =]
16:24@mikegrb heh
16:24@mikegrb I made a sand castle shaped like the linode l
16:24@mikegrb only the wrong perspective
16:24taupehat then I could run open-xchange without swapthrashing so hard it takes down the whole box
16:24@mikegrb rather then below and to the left the picture is from slightly above and to the right
16:24taupehat you should post that in the random-forum
16:25@mikegrb yeah
16:25@mikegrb probably will
16:25@mikegrb it needs some very slight photoshopping
16:25@mikegrb the tall part is one square too short
16:25taupehat ah, damn physics
16:25@mikegrb just couldn't get the sand to hold position in such a narrow tower
16:25@mikegrb indeed
16:26taupehat blast gravity and it's dogma
16:26@mikegrb indeed!
16:26taupehat s/it's/its
16:26kvandivo cs2 has that new perspective correction thingy..
16:26@mikegrb I placed a phone call to have it turned off
16:26@mikegrb kvandivo: I plan on using it ;)
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17:05linbot getchyour motor runnin
17:06linbot head out on the highway!
17:06--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
17:06Husam hey
17:06npmr been there, done that
17:06Husam Surferdude - you here?
17:06Husam anyone know about the paypal virtual mastercard thing?
17:06@caker Husam: what's there to know?
17:07Husam well
17:07Husam how could i pay for my linode with that?
17:07Husam its a virtual debit card, not a credit card
17:07@caker You go to PayPal, get a virtual credit card number, and use that number to signup
17:07npmr it's mastercard, so yes
17:08Husam but on
17:08npmr it's mastercard
17:08Husam it asks for stuff like card verification number
17:08Husam and bank and stuff
17:08Husam and paypal doesnt give me that info
17:09@caker just ignore that stuff
17:09--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Quit: )
17:09taupehat !
17:09@caker ...
17:09taupehat ?
17:09taupehat !
17:10taupehat no ...?
17:12@mikegrb ...
17:12@mikegrb !
17:12@mikegrb &
17:12@mikegrb %
17:12taupehat &&
17:14@caker To use this feature, you must meet the following requirements:
17:14@caker * Have a positive U.S. Dollar balance
17:14@caker * Add a credit card
17:14@caker * Complete your Expanded Use enrollment
17:14@caker * Add and confirm control of a checking account
17:14@caker "add a credit card" ... hmm
17:26npmr ha ha
17:27npmr hmmm
17:27npmr i think i probably forgot to change address somewhere
17:27npmr but i forget where
17:29--- <--- deeperbydesign [~Brian@] has left #linode ()
17:33--- ---> tuppa [] has joined #linode
17:47--- ---> thoth39 [~hm@] has joined #linode
17:57--- ---> jekil [] has joined #linode
18:00--- ---> eco|w [] has joined #linode
18:02--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
18:02Husam ehh sorry
18:02Husam caker
18:02Husam you said i didnt need to fill in the credit card stuff?
18:02@caker yeah, just put paypal for the bank, and give a bogus phone number
18:03Husam kk
18:03Husam what about the credit card verification thing?
18:03@caker It should give you one
18:03Husam it doesnt
18:03@caker don't worry about it, then
18:03Husam leave it blank?
18:04@caker just put 123 in or something
18:04Surferdude 555-555-1212
18:04Surferdude there you go
18:04Surferdude :P
18:05Husam We're sorry, but the transaction failed. Please make sure your credit card information is correct and resubmit the form, or contact your credit card company for the reason your transaction failed. If you continue to have problems, please email
18:05Husam :\
18:06Surferdude Husam: are you sure its the right card #
18:06Surferdude and exp
18:06Surferdude ?
18:06@caker ErrorMessage: failure-bad-money ; ccsp ; Financial Institution Response: Declined
18:06Husam yes
18:07Husam oops
18:07Husam one small mistake
18:07* Husam tries again
18:07Husam k thats wierd..
18:07Husam i put in expiration date june 07
18:07Husam it gives me the error and when i scroll down its at june 08
18:07Husam i try again, same thing
18:09Surferdude thats weird...
18:11Husam caker?
18:11Husam is there no possible way i could just directly transfer from my paypal?
18:11--- ---> vaxen [] has joined #linode
18:12@caker Husam: no -- not unless you want to do a yearly deal -- I don't have the facilities to handle a manual paypal payment each month
18:14--- ---> `Husam [] has joined #linode
18:15`Husam :\
18:15vaxen caker: can I have a student discount if i upgrade?
18:15vaxen hehe
18:15@mikegrb `Husam: 18:12:49 @ caker | Husam: no -- not unless you want to do a yearly deal -- I don't have the facilities to handle a manual paypal payment each month
18:16`Husam :\
18:16`Husam nah
18:17vaxen anyone know how I can be an irc whore and have domains that reverse to something like " " ?
18:17`Husam vhosts...?
18:18vaxen Husam: do I just create a A record on my dns?
18:18`Husam mhmm
18:19--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:30--- <<-- `Husam [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:35--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
18:35Husam caker
18:35Husam I don't think i can do a yearly deal
18:36Husam but im t9rying to sign up with the mastercard thing and its not working
18:37Husam :\
18:41Husam ?
18:41--- <<-- jekil [] has quit (Quit: notte)
18:44--- <<-- thoth39 [~hm@] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:48taupehat lmaotfl&s
18:48taupehat there's a story at el reg
18:48taupehat I'm not going to link it lest someone become offended
18:48taupehat but
18:49taupehat I highly recommend that you go look for yourself
18:49taupehat Hint: It's not the BOFH
18:49* taupehat wipes the tears from his eyes and then heads off in search of a Natalie Portman tribute site.
18:49--- ---> thoth39 [] has joined #linode
18:51vaxen is /usr/share/zoneinfo/GB same as /usr/share/zoneinfo/{GMT,Greenwich}?
18:51tierra in reguards to the SF post taupehat?
18:51taupehat tierra: aye
18:51* tierra reads on
18:52taupehat funniest thing I've read in a long while
18:55tierra now, if you'll excuse me...
18:55taupehat hehe
18:55tierra hehe, yeah, pretty good
18:57--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:58--- ---> Jeremy [] has joined #linode
18:59tierra anyone want to put bets down that husam was a fraud attempt?
19:00@mikegrb "Second-best sex? Tell that to a Linux programmer who's got a slice of pizza in one hand, his hideously empurpled member in the other and a Natalie Portman tribute website firmly plastered across Firefox..."
19:00@caker tierra: if he was attempting, he would have already had an arsenal of cc numbers
19:00@mikegrb indeed
19:00tierra good point
19:01taupehat hot grits!
19:02--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
19:06Husam caker
19:07Husam Who owns
19:07taupehat nosy, aren't we?
19:07thelsdj caker: did your payment software accidentally send out two payment receipts? just wanna make sure i didn't get charged twice heh
19:07@caker thelsdj: it might have -- if they have the same payment ID, you're good to go
19:08thelsdj ah yea payment id is the same
19:08--- ---> `Husam [] has joined #linode
19:08--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:08`Husam caker
19:08`Husam Who owns
19:09adamg caker
19:09`Husam thought so
19:09`Husam can i talk to you in pm about some issues im having with signing up then?
19:14`Husam aye
19:14`Husam i just figured out the problem
19:14`Husam looks like i gotta wait to buy for a few days
19:15Surferdude mikegrb may be able to help you
19:18`Husam Surferdude
19:18`Husam Doubt it
19:18`Husam I logged into PayPal
19:18`Husam Noticed that a lot of attempts at using the virtual debit card had been denied
19:19`Husam Contrary to my understanding, the debit card takes the money out of your paypal balance
19:19`Husam so im gonna have to wait 3-4 business days for paypal to take some money out of my bank account
19:19`Husam But for now, i gotta go
19:19`Husam Thanks for the help guys
19:20--- <<-- `Husam [] has quit (Quit: )
19:21vaxen host35 - I'm going for a emerge -e system
19:36--- ---> ptomblin [] has joined #linode
19:36ptomblin adamg, you active?
19:37adamg yeah
19:37adamg was just going to look for food though, if i can be bothered to move
19:37ptomblin That database server of yours really helped a lot.
19:37ptomblin Just wanted to say thanks.
19:37adamg cool, didnt really notice any additional load on the server
19:38ptomblin Now that I've run my own tests, I think I'm going to open up to my users
19:38ptomblin to test.
19:38adamg with the db on my server?
19:38adamg all i saw from you where a lot of inserts into a sess table
19:38ptomblin When I used a local mysql server, my io_tokens went into the negative almost immediately.
19:38ptomblin but when I used yours, I was at the maximum
19:39ptomblin I did the inserts this morning (or rather left it running when I went to work
19:39ptomblin and I just tried a sample query three times with the same results
19:39ptomblin twice as fast as running a local server.
19:39adamg k, i just have mytop running so i look at it now and again
19:40ptomblin You must have a lot more ram on your server.
19:40ptomblin What is "mytop"?
19:40adamg top type output for mysql
19:40ptomblin Is there a .deb for it?
19:41adamg shows active threads etc
19:41adamg yeah apt-get install mytop
19:41adamg comes in useful
19:41adamg i am to lazy to type the mysql commands
19:41ptomblin Who isn't?
19:41taupehat nice
19:42adamg feel free to continue using it, see if it can hanndle you users using it
19:42adamg hmm nearly 2am
19:42taupehat speak for yourself
19:42taupehat heh
19:43ptomblin You in UK?
19:43adamg yeah
19:44adamg ive been up for 19 hours, maybe i should do some work
19:44taupehat or get some sleep
19:45ptomblin Work? What's that?
19:45adamg sleep, whats the point in that
19:46taupehat all of the above
19:46ptomblin You're one of those "I'll sleep when I'm dead" guys, right?
19:46adamg i like sleeping, just cant really be bothered
19:47taupehat I can't ever seem to find the time
19:48ptomblin Maybe if you weren't hanging about on IRC all the time....
19:48taupehat oof
19:49vaxen is there a php script for displaying my system info eg: load,process,memory
19:49* taupehat doesn't hang out on IRC all the time
19:49taupehat screen does
19:49taupehat anyone here wanna guess the one simple step they could have taken to avert this disaster?
19:49adamg vaxen, phpsysinfo
19:49vaxen adamg: thanks
19:49adamg ptomblin, that is probably a big factor
19:49adamg will have to start to sleep at normal hours soon ;(
19:50ptomblin taupehat, not used wmv?
19:50taupehat ptomblin: heh
19:50taupehat mplayer is your friend
19:50taupehat but they made a number of mistakes well before they encoded that video
19:50ptomblin What started the fire?
19:51taupehat ptomblin: well, what you think?
19:51* taupehat knows one step they should have taken but didn't
19:51ptomblin Tried to hide a joint?
19:51taupehat haha
19:51taupehat nah
19:51taupehat it started where a wiring harness goes through the firewall
19:51taupehat that should be a clue...
19:51taupehat as to how they could have saved it
19:51ptomblin Oh, crappy third party stereo wiring job?
19:51taupehat not that a vw golf is worth saving, but...
19:51taupehat haha
19:52taupehat probably
19:52taupehat but they left the battery connected the whole time
19:52ptomblin Did they not turn off the ignition?
19:52taupehat you can see tons of smoke and the blinkers are still on
19:52taupehat hell with ignition switch
19:52taupehat you pull the whole battery terminal off
19:52ptomblin Ever seen a VW beetle (old style) go?
19:52taupehat no more 12 volts at a ton of amps
19:52taupehat mine almost did
19:53taupehat taillight lead shorted and started smoking along the wire run
19:53ptomblin My brother burned his because of the battery under the back seat shorting on the seat springs
19:53taupehat and I had a ton of crap in the back seat
19:53taupehat heh, yep
19:53taupehat I pulled over and yanked everything out of the back of the car onto the street and pulled the lead
19:53taupehat problem solved
19:53ptomblin I nearly burned mine - I took the rear deck cover off for better cooling going up a mountain pass
19:53ptomblin (rogers pass in Canada).
19:54ptomblin when I put it back, I got the license plate light lead reversed.
19:54taupehat haha
19:54taupehat I torched the engine on mine
19:54taupehat bent the metal plates all up in the engine compartment
19:54ptomblin Of course it's a symettrical plug
19:54taupehat which screwed up the cooling
19:54taupehat a few days later it was sounding like the world's first 73 Diesel Beetle
19:54ptomblin the wire had the insulation burned out from the rear engine compartment all the way back up to the front wiring harness
19:55taupehat then it sounded like a silence
19:55ptomblin My beetle died after I took it to a crappy third party muffler shop. After that it would always overheat and die
19:55taupehat yep
19:55taupehat those metal plates are essential
19:55ptomblin on trips. I figured out after I totally cooked the engine that "speedy muffler" probably fucked up the shrouds
20:00ptomblin Well, I've got to go set up the web interface so people can test my program.
20:00ptomblin talk to you later.
20:00--- <<-- ptomblin [] has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.6 (2005/02/09))
20:17--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
20:22--- <<-- Dissy [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
20:28--- ---> holden [] has joined #linode
20:29holden mike around?
20:31--- ---> holden_ [~holden@] has joined #linode
20:32--- <<-- holden [] has quit (Quit: )
20:33@mikegrb holden_: hi
20:38holden_ h mike.
20:38holden_ i have billing problems
20:38@mikegrb aok
20:39holden_ i am actually using a debit card but i failed to make a deposit for the end of the month
20:39holden_ i received an invoice but i am sure that that transaction failed.
20:40@mikegrb yeah
20:40@mikegrb didn't go through
20:40holden_ now i just entered a new credita card into the system but it returned that it will be applicable to the next billing cycle
20:40@mikegrb yeah it will try again tommorow
20:40holden_ okey so do you do this manually?
20:41holden_ so which card will be used this time?
20:41@mikegrb okay you are up to date
20:41@mikegrb the new card just went through
20:42@mikegrb Customer Balance: +$0.00
20:42holden_ you mean the old card pulled thru?
20:42holden_ of the new one?
20:42holden_ or the new one?
20:43@mikegrb new one
20:43holden_ ah okey. so im good?
20:44@mikegrb good to go
20:44holden_ okey thanks.
20:44holden_ bye.
20:45--- <<-- holden_ [~holden@] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
20:50JasonF doh!
20:50JasonF mikegrb: your billing system is satanic
20:51@mikegrb JasonF: I know :>
20:52JasonF mikegrb: it still charged my credit card
20:52* JasonF has -$.20 in his bank account now, and an empty gas tank :(
20:52Husam O_O
20:53* Surferdude is running low on cash too >_>
20:54Surferdude Stupid EV1, they billed me early for no reason
20:54Surferdude now i have to wait for the charge to be reversed
20:55JasonF I'm just upset, I might not have money for gas to get to greensboro tomorrow :(
20:56guinea-pig oh wait. this isn't b0st0n
20:57Surferdude guinea-pig: Great minds think alike ;) I was just going to sugest Public Transportation
20:58guinea-pig heh
20:58guinea-pig Surferdude: it's becoming a form of troll on a certain community
20:59guinea-pig where any dumb question autmatically gets "" as a response... now it's taken on a life of its own
20:59Surferdude ah
21:00guinea-pig i've never been any good at trolling myself
21:00guinea-pig being trolled, however...
21:11Surferdude time for bed... night
21:11--- <<-- Surferdude [] has quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC)
21:12--- ---> `Husam [] has joined #linode
21:13--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
21:15--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
21:15--- <<-- `Husam [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:21--- <<-- thoth39 [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:35--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
21:36--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
21:37Husam mikegrb
21:37Husam or caker
21:37Husam someone setup my vps please?
21:37@mikegrb yes
21:38Husam i just ordered a 96
21:38Battousai my, so impatient
21:39@mikegrb Husam: activated
21:40Husam heh Battousai
21:40Husam just excited ;d
21:40* Battousai slaps mikegrb on the bum
21:40Husam mikegrb - no email :\
21:40Battousai good work, baby
21:40@mikegrb Husam: it's activated
21:40@mikegrb just log in
21:40Husam umm
21:40Husam o_O
21:40* Husam forgot that he entered login details in the signup form
21:42Battousai tee-hee
21:59--- ---> mj420nsd [] has joined #linode
22:00--- <--- mj420nsd [] has left #linode ()
22:03--- <<-- JasonF [] has quit (Quit: Server maintainence...)
22:08--- ---> Martyn [] has joined #linode
22:09Martyn Hey all.
22:10Martyn What, exactly, is linode
22:10iggy a business
22:10--- ---> Jason-home [] has joined #linode
22:10Jason-home gah
22:10Jason-home resizing stuff
22:10Jason-home takes too long
22:11Jason-home it's already been 7 minutes
22:11Jason-home (I'm resizing 6gb part to 5gb)
22:11Martyn iggy : A business that hosts multiple usermode linux systems on dual CPU machines?
22:11Martyn (as opposed to running multiple usermode linux sessions on a PVM/MPI style machine?)
22:11iggy Martyn: that's a pretty good description
22:11Jason-home Using the EXCELLENT Linode Platform Manager(tm), one of the great benefits I have as a linode member.
22:11Jason-home </salespitch>
22:11iggy yes, I was getting there
22:12Martyn Jason : Sales pitch aside... I'm more interested in the technical aspects of the hosting :}
22:12iggy it's what goes on behind the scenes that attracts us all
22:12Jason-home hehe
22:12iggy uml doesn't lend itself to running on a load balancing cluster
22:12* Martyn has a 96 node scyld driven cluster..
22:12Jason-home what attracts me is I can get something that's easier to manage than a dedicated server, for cheaper than one.
22:13Martyn iggy : Yeah, but a scyld/beowulf cluster appears as having a single process space .. much like any SMP machine...
22:13iggy actually, if you know anything about clusters, you know, as the number of systems rises, availability declines
22:13iggy Martyn: yes and no
22:13iggy or, yes to that
22:13Martyn iggy : -nod- Sure, can't split threads across machines, for example.
22:13iggy there are other factors that affect things
22:14iggy there's always overhead involved in migrating processes, etc.
22:14Martyn Sure, twas why I was wondering how linnode worked :}
22:14iggy they are also running a test case of Xen instead of uml
22:14Martyn iggy : Sure, but the amount of time to migrate a process can be counted off in ticks...
22:15iggy same basic setup though
22:15Martyn -nod-
22:15Martyn Interesting business model :}
22:15iggy Martyn: I don't know about ticks... but the unfortunate fact is that the load patterns would change so frequently that there would be quite a bit of bouncing around
22:16Martyn iggy : Sure .. although I would think that like on any cluster, the uml session could be locked to a fixed subset of the cluster.
22:16Martyn scyld is good at that :}
22:16iggy what's interesting? it serves a rather large niche user base
22:17Martyn iggy : That -is- what is interesting. :}
22:17Martyn It's a very clean, good business model. Obvious with 20/20 hindsight :}
22:17@mikegrb mmm cake
22:17iggy and no other company has the mysterious man of cake to hold your hand every step of the way
22:18@mikegrb lolz
22:18Martyn LOL
22:18Jason-home mikegrb: can I get some extra IO tokens? coping like 3 gigs of stuff from one partition to another
22:19@mikegrb sure
22:20Martyn Okay, this is definately something I haven't tried before.. I'm getting uml to run as a process on the cluster.
22:20Martyn This should be .. interesting.
22:21Jason-home mikegrb: username is jay
22:21iggy Martyn: personally, I'd like to hear how it goes
22:22iggy I don't particularly think it makes sense for linode since it would complicate things beyond mikegrb's level of understanding
22:22iggy then we'd all be screwed
22:22@mikegrb a:<
22:22Martyn iggy : Well, we'll see. I'm going to use one of the prepackaged filesystems.
22:22Jason-home mikegrb: thanks, I'll be workign on copying stuff around for a while, so if you'd leave it that way for a couple of hours, I'd appreciate :)
22:22@mikegrb iggy: we will have live migrations between hosts in the future ;)
22:22@mikegrb Jason-home: it won't be a problem I'll check keep an eye on the host
22:23iggy mikegrb: with uml?
22:23Martyn iggy : 'linux' loads from gfs, but it refuses to load the initrd from it... I'll switch to a local ext3 filesystem instead.
22:23Martyn That's what I want to try ...
22:23@mikegrb iggy: no, xen
22:24iggy Martyn: I remember having all sorts of trouble with having uml fs'es on opengfs
22:24iggy it has to do with the way uml (ab)uses the page cache, and how (open)gfs works around it
22:24Martyn iggy : -nod- I use gfs only for one app on this cluster. it's nice though, because multiple nodes can all access the same filesystem
22:24@mikegrb lolz
22:24Jason-home mikegrb: surprisingly, coping over 3gb can take a while, lol
22:25@mikegrb roflz
22:25Battousai rofl
22:25Battousai :D
22:25@mikegrb lolz
22:25Jason-home lol rofl cake
22:25Jason-home gah! it no longer works :(
22:26Martyn iggy : Well, I'll be coredumped. It works.
22:26Battousai eww
22:26Martyn iggy : Migrating the uml process doesn't work ;}
22:26Martyn but it -does- attatch and run on a node...
22:31Jason-home okay
22:31Jason-home I'm setting up rsync to sync over an *entire distribution*
22:31Jason-home is this the correct thing for the .conf file
22:31Jason-home [backup]
22:31Jason-home path = /
22:31Jason-home comment = server backup
22:31Jason-home exclude = /proc
22:33@mikegrb you don't need a conf file
22:33@mikegrb just use rsync over ssh
22:33Jason-home for the rsyncd I do, don't I?
22:33@mikegrb no rsyncd needed
22:33Jason-home or do I not have to run rsyncd?
22:33Jason-home hrm
22:33Jason-home so how would I do it
22:33Jason-home I'm taking my ENTIRE xen gentoo image and plopping it to my uml node
22:33@mikegrb that's if you have a public repository or what not
22:33Jason-home what command would I use?
22:34iggy damnit, my slash key is broken
22:34@mikegrb well the important bit is you want -e ssh
22:34Jason-home mikegrb: I'd prefer an idiot proof command, if you know of one
22:34@mikegrb lolz
22:34Jason-home lol
22:34@mikegrb but you also want the options for presesrving file access/mod times/permissions/ownership etc
22:34* mikegrb looks at the manpage
22:35Jason-home so what will I do? rsync -e ssh -otheroptions / /mnt/gentoo
22:35Battousai mikegrb: how's ubuntu on a linode?
22:35fo0bar rsync -avzP -e ssh --exclude=/proc/ --exclude=/tmp/ --numeric-ids root@remote-host:/ /mnt/newdisk/
22:35iggy -a -e ssh probably
22:36Jason-home fo0bar: sexcellent, I'll just have to reenable root ssh access
22:38@mikegrb yes that
22:38@mikegrb Battousai: good
22:38Battousai boobilicious
22:38@mikegrb yes that
22:38@mikegrb <3
22:42Martyn iggy : Well, here's the result : scyld + uml works .. I can't migrate the process to another node, but it does start and run on the correct node. Not bad, really.
22:43iggy doesn't seem all that helpful
22:44Martyn That it works out of the box, as a non MPI/PVM program, is impressive
22:44iggy okay, I'll give you that ;)
22:44Martyn Of course, UML is not just any "ordinary" process .. but I'm -absolutely- certain I can figure out how to get the UML process to migrate to another node.
22:44--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
22:46iggy I'd try Xen too, it seems to be what a lot of people want to move to
22:47Martyn The tracing thread is what causes the problem...
22:47Martyn Xen may be the way
22:47Martyn I can't migrate a thread...
22:48Martyn Course, I can save the threads -state-, then restart it on the target node :}
22:51--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Quit: )
22:53Martyn Thanks for the new project to play with! :}
22:53Martyn *wavE*
22:53--- <--- Martyn [] has left #linode (Leaving)
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:01Jason-home mikegrb: what's the standard amount of disk space for my plan?
23:01@mikegrb lolz
23:01Jason-home mikegrb: I have to know what space this all has to fit in, in the end, lol
23:02Jason-home 6144 MiB?
23:02Jason-home 6gb.
23:02Jason-home Okay.
23:02Jason-home what is a .cfm?
23:03@mikegrb cold fusion
23:03Battousai :)
23:18Jason-home mikegrb: moving from xen --> UML... edit the /etc/fstab... anything else?
23:19@mikegrb I think inittab as well
23:19Jason-home what do you have to edit in the inittab?
23:19@mikegrb you want tty0 (or vc/0 for gentoo)
23:33--- ---> JonR [] has joined #linode
23:33Jason-home mikegrb: so change tty0 to vc/0?
23:34@mikegrb no
23:34@mikegrb what distribution?
23:34Jason-home Gentoo.
23:34@mikegrb oh then yes
23:35JonR if my linode is seeming very slow all of a sudden, but top shows 95% cpu free, am I right in thinking that maybe I'm suddenly using a lot of bandwidth? And is there something like 'top' for network traffic?
23:35Battousai ntop
23:36@mikegrb JonR: the alternative is you can run "ifconfig" about 10 seconds or so apart and compare the diference
23:36@mikegrb also try "cat /proc/io_status"
23:37* JonR nods.
23:37JonR jon@li5-50:~$ cat /proc/io_status
23:37JonR io_count=181773185 io_rate=101 io_tokens=-23 token_refill=100 token_max=400000
23:37Battousai whoo
23:37JonR I'm guessing -23 is bad.
23:38@mikegrb yeah
23:38@mikegrb try "free -m"
23:39JonR aha, i seem to be using swap like a madman.
23:39* JonR grumbles.
23:39* Jason-home smacks JonR with his "don't use swap" paddle
23:39JonR Jason-home: er?
23:39Jason-home hehe :)
23:39Battousai hah
23:39@mikegrb JonR: top has an option to sort by memory usage
23:39Jason-home mikegrb: any way to "kill" a node that won't shutdown?
23:39Battousai on the bum i hope
23:40JonR Battousai: why?
23:40npmr killall linux
23:40npmr muahaha
23:40Battousai JonR: bum slaps rock
23:40Jason-home npmr: bad command or file name
23:40Jason-home :(
23:40@mikegrb Jason-home: your uml node or xen?
23:40Jason-home mikegrb: it did itself
23:40Jason-home uml
23:40Jason-home it did some sysrq stuff and killed out
23:41@mikegrb yeah, the host will kill it
23:41--- ---> internat [] has joined #linode
23:43Jason-home mikegrb: * Checking root filesystem...fsck.ext3: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/ubda
23:43Jason-home /dev/ubda:
23:44Jason-home do I need to create the ubd devices on my gentoo /dev?
23:44@mikegrb it should be /dev/ubd/0 or 1 or a or something
23:44@mikegrb gentoo uses udev
23:44Jason-home oooh
23:44Jason-home okay
23:47Jason-home hehe, slooowly getting there
23:47Battousai scuba, scuba
23:47Battousai that sounds funny. you say it. scuba
23:50Jason-home mikegrb: gah, I'm going to die
23:50Jason-home mikegrb: tons of "cannot open /dev/vc/1"... all the way through to /9
23:50Jason-home and it won't mount my other fs
23:50Jason-home :(
23:51@mikegrb Jason-home: coment that out
23:51@mikegrb just /dev/vc/0 should be uncommente
23:51Jason-home comment what out?
23:51@mikegrb d
23:51Jason-home yeah, it's the only one uncommented
23:51@mikegrb or just wait for it to stop respawning
23:51@mikegrb then why is it trying to spawn a console on that vc?
23:52Jason-home no idea
23:53Jason-home # TERMINALS
23:53Jason-home c1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 vc/0 linux
23:53Jason-home #c1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux
23:53Jason-home #c2:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty2 linux
23:53Jason-home #c3:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty3 linux
23:54Jason-home mikegrb
23:57Battousai gentoo is evil
23:57Battousai you need mandrake, baby
23:57@mikegrb mandrake!
23:57@mikegrb pah
23:57@mikegrb Jason-home: and is it creating the vc/0 device?
23:58Jason-home mikegrb: how would I know?
23:58Jason-home When it does get to a prompt
23:58Jason-home it doesn't accept anything I type
23:58Jason-home er, login box
23:58Jason-home you know what I mean
23:59Jason-home it spits out errors for /dev/vc/0 --> /dev/vc/9 about being unable to open them
23:59@mikegrb well, try tty0 ;)
23:59@mikegrb if gentoo isn't starting udev then it would be tty0
---Logclosed Thu Jun 02 00:00:40 2005