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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-06-02

---Logopened Thu Jun 02 00:00:40 2005
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00:01Jason-home mikegrb: ah-ha!
00:01Jason-home that's it!
00:02Jason-home mikegrb: udev was broken under xen, remember?
00:02Jason-home my gentoo image isn't using udev
00:03@mikegrb well gentoo doesn't really listen to the config option to disable udev
00:03@mikegrb as gentoo rarely does what it is told
00:03@mikegrb so it was being forced from outside to not use udev
00:05Jason-home mikegrb: * Setting user font...Couldnt open /dev/vc/1
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/2
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/3
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/4
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/5
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/6
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/7
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/8
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/9
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/10
00:05Jason-home Couldnt open /dev/vc/11
00:05Jason-home oops, meant only to get the first two lnies of that
00:05Jason-home heh, and now it's not spawning a prompt on lish
00:05Jason-home so it needs to be put back to vc/0
00:05@mikegrb ok
00:05@mikegrb shutdown and I'll do that
00:06@mikegrb so it was setting the font that was spitting those errors out
00:06Jason-home or right after that
00:06Jason-home and I can make that edit, I'm mounting the gentoo fs under my old debian install
00:06Jason-home that's how I've been modifying it
00:06Jason-home multiple profiles++
00:06iggy mikegrb: does uml support all the cpu features of the host processor?
00:06Jason-home mikegrb: I have some somewhat borked networking confs I have to fix too
00:07@mikegrb iggy: believe not but honestly not sure
00:07@mikegrb iggy: as uml is it's own arch, I think everything is emulated
00:07iggy I'm talking like mmx sse type stuff
00:07@mikegrb yeah I'm really not sure
00:07@mikegrb I know xen does, as it just passes everything to the cpu directly
00:08@mikegrb no emulation
00:08JonR aha.
00:08iggy I'll try it
00:08Jason-home We've been told a no on that before with UML
00:08Jason-home to use march=i686 for all compiling
00:08JonR mysql is being allowed to use up to 32mb of ram
00:08* JonR stabs it.
00:08JonR that's half my ram.
00:08encode hehe
00:08iggy told by whom?
00:09encode phew, just caught my l o l in time
00:09Jason-home iggy: duno who
00:09Jason-home but thinking about it, I hope it's not true
00:09Jason-home because my xen node was compiled for xeons, iird
00:09Jason-home *iirc
00:09Jason-home mikegrb: also
00:09Jason-home * Loading key mappings...Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console
00:09Jason-home * Error loading key mappings
00:09Jason-home [ !! ]
00:12@mikegrb that is after setting it back to vc/0 or from the previous?
00:12Jason-home that's with inittab set to vc/0
00:12Jason-home but despite the errors
00:12Jason-home everything *seems* to be working now
00:12Jason-home exceping some weird stuff going on with my services, but I'm working on that
00:15Jason-home ah, chmod 777 /tmp fixed it :)
00:15Jason-home mikegrb: gracias, senor grebs
00:17@mikegrb de nada
00:18Jason-home ah hell
00:19Jason-home forgot my mysql password on the gentoo isntall
00:19@mikegrb lolz
00:19Jason-home lol
00:19@mikegrb roflz
00:19Battousai rofl
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00:19@mikegrb mmm cake
00:22Battousai russel crowe on daily show tomorrow
00:23Battousai finally a name i recognize
00:24@mikegrb oh
00:25@mikegrb after accidentally formating the harddrive in my pvr, I forgot to add the daily show back to the list of stuffs to recorderate
00:26Battousai :(
00:29encode bumer
00:29encode +m
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00:40Battousai mikegrb: you're right...ubuntu not bad
00:41JasonF I run ubuntu hoary
00:41JasonF I tried warty, thought it was satan
00:41JasonF but now I run hoary on my desktop
00:41JasonF only linux distro to properly use+detect my wlan card
00:42* Battousai = ubuntu nub, gentoo fanboy
00:42bob2 you admit to that?
00:44JasonF I just moved over my linode to gentoo
00:44@mikegrb lolz
00:44JasonF as all of you could probably tell, LOL
00:44JasonF Linux cialis 2.6.10-linode12 #1 Wed Mar 30 21:18:25 EST 2005 i686 UML User Mode Linux GNU/Linux
00:44JasonF 01:44:20 up 17 min, 3 users, load average: 1.09, 1.06, 0.86
00:44JasonF ah, 17 minutes of glory
00:44JasonF haha
00:44JasonF wait... load average.... 0.86?
00:44JasonF <1?!?
00:44JasonF how...
00:45@mikegrb 2.6.10 doesn't have that issue
00:45JasonF why am I running 2.6.10?
00:45JasonF is it set as the latest?
00:46@mikegrb I don't believe so
00:46* JasonF looks at his profiles
00:47JasonF mikegrb: only available kernels are 2.6.10
00:47JasonF mikegrb: only available kernels are 2.6.10-linode11 and -linode12
00:47JasonF unless you use a xenode
00:48@mikegrb hmm
00:48@mikegrb maybe it was 2.6.8
00:48@mikegrb at any rate
00:48@mikegrb your uptime was only 17minutes so tht is probably why it is under 1
00:48JasonF 01:48:36 up 22 min, 3 users, load average: 2.12, 1.72, 1.17
00:48JasonF yep, it's fixed now
00:48JasonF hehe
00:49Battousai heh
00:50Battousai when i had a linode with gentoo i built everything on my pc and transferred the binary packages over
00:50Battousai much easier
00:50JasonF this server has so many small packages on it
00:50JasonF only thing that'll kill me is a glibc update
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03:08taupehat SELECT P.LastName, P.FirstName, D.ID, S.CRN FROM Person P, Dickwad D, Section S WHERE D.Person_ID = P.ID AND S.StudentID = D.ID OH ALSO S.CRN = 123456
03:21fo0bar SELECT column1, column2, POSSIBLY column3, AND that other one FROM that table I created yesterday WHERE was I going with this?
04:29linbot New news from forums: iptables in Linux Networking <>
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09:53Sh8d0w why is it that when I loh into my linode via lish all I get is a nano editor looking at /var/log/messages? I can't quit it either, it just freezes
10:12tsi what distribution?
10:12Sh8d0w gentoo
10:12tsi (it's an OS issue at that point, not a linode one)
10:12tsi do you get the same behavior when you ssh to your linode itself?
10:13vaxen you guys know whether putting a harddisk vertically will break it in the long run?
10:13tsi yes and you have to low-level format it when you change orientation
10:13iggy there's no reason gentoo's init scripts should be starting nano of var-log-messages
10:13Sh8d0w tsi: actually I'm locked out at the moment, forgot to restart sshd after updating it
10:13tsi p.s. no
10:13tizen vaxen: i've seen dell's with it vertically
10:13tsi orientation mattered in 1980, but not today
10:14tsi you can orient it any way you want, just don't move it while it's running
10:14vaxen thanks
10:14iggy unless you have one of those spiffy IBM laptops with the hard drive that has an airbag
10:14tsi it's not an airbag, it's an orientation sensor that ... forget it
10:15iggy I believe everthing I see on TV
10:15Sh8d0w I'm not sure if it's gentoo, there was mention of problems in lish if there were large amounts of data being sent
10:15tsi maybe it ordered itself
10:15iggy TV raised me, why would I distrust it
10:16tsi sounds to me, without knowing anything about gentoo, that there's logs being dumped to console which are coming at a higher rate than your bandwidth between you and linode
10:16tsi effectively DOSing you
10:17tsi so you have to get in there and disable syslogd and unfuck its config
10:17Sh8d0w but I can still detach/reattach to the console
10:18vaxen Sh8d0w: can't you reboot?
10:18vaxen did you rc-update del sshd?
10:19Sh8d0w hmm... I'd rather not reboot... but I guess if all else fails...
10:19Sh8d0w this isn't windows after all =)
10:19vaxen upto you
10:20vaxen i'll rather spend 5mins to reboot then wasting time trying to find a way in
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10:20Sh8d0w odd, when I use logview it would keep scrolling a LOT of stuff
10:20tsi i'd rather use a distribution that's not broken on install, but hey to each his own
10:20Sh8d0w so it's defintiely not a problem with DOSing myself
10:21tsi is there a *getty running on the console?
10:21vaxen tsi: why you say gentoo is broken on install?
10:21tsi if you can't log into the console, it's broken
10:21Sh8d0w it's not a new install
10:22tsi oh, so you did this to yourself
10:22tsi you save backup copies of any configuration changes you make, right?
10:22tsi so you can just roll back one level at a time until it works?
10:22Sh8d0w that depends if it actually is a problem with gentoo and not lish
10:22npmr sounds like gentoo
10:23vaxen ahh
10:23vaxen i kno what is the problem
10:23vaxen let me find that thread on linode forum
10:23vaxen its getty problem
10:23npmr gentoo uses udev
10:24npmr your inittab probably says /dev/tty0 or something like that
10:24npmr but in gentoo the actuall device is something like /dev/tty/0
10:24npmr or /dev/con/0
10:24npmr i'm not really that familiar with the naming policy in gentoo's udev, but it's not /dev/tty0
10:24@mikegrb vc/0
10:24npmr yeah, that
10:26vaxen i can't find it on the linode forum
10:26vaxen but i know its there somewhere, caker send the link to me once
10:27Sh8d0w hmm.... my other linode seems to work fine
10:28vaxen Edit /etc/inittab, change "tty0" to "vc/0". Add "vc/0" to /etc/securetty. Then run "init q" as root
10:28vaxen sorted
10:29Sh8d0w but tty0 works
10:29Sh8d0w that's what I have in my other linode
10:30npmr define "works"
10:30Sh8d0w I can log into lish, no rpblems
10:30Sh8d0w problems
10:30npmr ok, so you can log into lish
10:30vaxen did you update both to the 2005.0 profile?
10:30npmr using lish to access your console, can you then log into your console
10:30npmr ?
10:31Sh8d0w yes
10:31npmr what's the problem then?
10:31Sh8d0w it's the OTHER linode
10:31npmr i give up
10:31Sh8d0w the one I'm having problems with just freezes once I log into lish
10:32vaxen does it say this "INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes"
10:32Sh8d0w no
10:33Sh8d0w actually, when I run logview in lish it seems to be working fine
10:33vaxen so which part freezes?
10:33Sh8d0w the last line is the login prompt
10:33Sh8d0w when I attach to console it freezes
10:34vaxen btw, have you searched linode forum yet?
10:34Sh8d0w yeah
10:36Sh8d0w closest match so far is:
10:36vaxen go and bug mikegrb
10:36vaxen hehe
10:36tsi what is logview?
10:37Sh8d0w it's a command u can run if you detach from the console in lish
10:37Sh8d0w it just dumps the whole console log
10:37Sh8d0w which is HUGE
10:37tsi oh.
10:37@mikegrb not for the current boot
10:37@mikegrb for the /previous/ boot
10:38tsi i was gonna say, if it's just the current boot, ^A-ESC would probably let you see enough
10:39@mikegrb Sh8d0w: if you shutdown your linode I can fix your inittab
10:39Sh8d0w mikegrb: nah
10:39Sh8d0w the whole point was trying to fix it without rebooting
10:40@mikegrb if the problem is just syslog spitting stuff to the console just ignore it
10:40@mikegrb and login like normal
10:40Sh8d0w it's freezing in console
10:40Sh8d0w can't type
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10:41@mikegrb if you can't ue the console, and sshd isn't running I'm not sure how you expect to fix it without a reboot
10:41@mikegrb s/ue/use/
10:41Sh8d0w I have a connected ssh session on a computer at home
10:41@mikegrb oh
10:41Sh8d0w and since there are no other problems with the server right now
10:42@mikegrb well that would work
10:42Sh8d0w I'd like to have it work until the end of the day
10:43Sh8d0w I believe the problem lies with me updating gentoo and not with inittab (yes I didn't mention that part =) )
10:47Sh8d0w anywayz, thanks for all the ideas ppl
10:47@mikegrb well I'm sure updating gentoo updated your inittab
10:47Sh8d0w nope, didn't run etc-update yet
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14:29tizn anything going on?
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14:32linbot New news from forums: Good Reference/Book in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
14:42tsi bah by the time documentation comes out in dead tree form, it's obsolete
14:44tsi and what's so complicated about rpm -i httpd php mysql mysql-server
15:03@mikegrb tsi: indeed
15:04Sh8d0w if u use the java stuff from apache, the documentation is obsolete once it is written =)
15:04thelsdj if you need a reference book for all of them together you probably need a lot more than just one book
15:05thelsdj apache, you just need the online documentation, a good php/mysql book might be useful if you're just starting with that, and uh linux book? if you really need a linux book then you need to step back and focus on linux first heh
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15:45tsi i don't think anyone should have a book on any specific sql-based server, just a general sql reference
15:45tsi that being said, it takes a fucking bookshelf of reference materials to handle oracle
15:46tsi "we'll make this file that has all your db info, and call it tnsnames on some machines, and tnsnames.ora... and we'll put it in a different place on every architecture, and compile-in the setting. it will be fun!"
15:46tsi "AND we'll package it all in a java-based installer that requires a gui to do anything"
15:47tsi "(note: it will not work with out of the box java runtime environments, so we'll have to package in our own java runtime, people will appreciate this! especially when copying/downloading the three gigabytes of install files)
15:48tsi meanwhile half of the people who use oracle do it just because they think they have to and something as braindead as mysql or access will do the job
15:48tsi i could fix the world if only they'd let me
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15:53phobosd so where can i download some of your root_fs's? :)
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17:28sh8d0w waddaya know, a reboot fixed everything =)
17:29kvandivo you running windows or something?
17:29kvandivo oh wait.. nevermind.. for windows it's a reinstall that fixes everything
17:29sh8d0w heh, nope
17:29sh8d0w I upgraded my system, including gcc, binutils etc
17:37adamg kvandivo, not even a reinstall will help things, really just need to put the hard drive into a vat of molten copper
17:46sh8d0w adamg: why waste a hard drive like that? Just install linux on it
17:47adamg hard drives are cheap
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17:47sh8d0w still not a good reason to destroy it
17:47adamg oh it is, has been infected by MS
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17:49Husam yo
17:49Husam anyone know how to tar a directory?
17:50--- ---> eco|w [] has joined #linode
17:50adamg tar -xf file.tar /die
17:50adamg tar -cf file.tar /die
17:50adamg even
17:51* mikegrb watches adamg die
17:51adamg i hit e instead of r so shot me
17:53Husam and adamg - how do i untar? ;o
17:53adamg tar -xvf file.tar
17:53adamg or tar -zcf file.tar
17:53adamg cant remeber which
17:53adamg or tar -zvf file.tar
17:53adamg even
17:54Husam fl00d
17:54adamg tar -zxvf if it is gziped as well
17:56sh8d0w -x is extract, -z is gzip
17:56tierra -j is bzip
17:56@mikegrb -v is verbose
17:56@mikegrb -f specifies file name
17:56* mikegrb didn't want to feel left out
17:57* sh8d0w thinks adamg has been infected by MS
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17:57tierra -c is create
17:57@mikegrb :D
17:57tierra had to finish off the mentioned ones
17:57sh8d0w see, he crashed
17:57sh8d0w =)
17:58tierra hehe
17:58sh8d0w Husam: "man tar" or even "tar --help"
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18:29`Husam Anyone know how to recompile unreal modules?
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19:17Battousai bewbs
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20:26Husam how do i tar a file again? :P
20:26Husam adamg - i think it was you who told me
20:30adamg man tar
20:30thelsdj tar czvpf somefile.tar somepath/
20:30thelsdj er
20:30thelsdj should be somefile.tar.gz
20:30thelsdj cause it will gzip too
20:32--- ---> `Husam [] has joined #linode
20:32`Husam :\
20:32`Husam i needed to know how to tar up a folder
20:33`Husam and also
20:33`Husam i just bought an extra ip
20:33`Husam but like
20:33`Husam what is it?
20:33`Husam :\
20:34thelsdj `Husam: tar cvpf tarfile.tar /path/to/some/folder
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20:34thelsdj that is without gzip
20:34thelsdj if you want it to zip also do:
20:34thelsdj tar czvpf tarfile.tar.gz /path/to/folder
20:38`Husam and to untar without gzip or zip?
20:39thelsdj if you've got a tar.gz you do tar xvpf tarfile.tar
20:39thelsdj and if it is a .tar.gz
20:39thelsdj you do tar zxvpf tarfile.tar.gz
20:39thelsdj the main change is x vs c
20:39thelsdj c is create
20:39thelsdj x is extract
20:39thelsdj z is zip (either unzip or zip up depending on wether c or x)
20:39thelsdj v is verbose, print all the filenames
20:39thelsdj p is preserve permissions
20:39thelsdj f is followed by the file to act on
20:39`Husam so tar -x bla.tar should work?
20:40thelsdj no
20:40thelsdj you have to have atleast tar -xf blah.tar
20:40thelsdj the f parameter has to come right before the filename
20:44dizzan has anyone made any rdns changes lately? i've been waiting a couple hours for this one to go through... wondering if it's just me
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20:46@mikegrb dizzan: they can take up to 30 hrs
20:46thelsdj dizzan: ya mine took like 20 hours last time
20:46`Husam mikegrb
20:46`Husam how can i change the (none) thingy :P
20:46@mikegrb `Husam:
20:46`Husam aka, the server name
20:46@mikegrb depends on the distribution
20:46`Husam Debian
20:47@mikegrb <--
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20:50dizzan last few i made only took a few minutes... damn
20:54dizzan out of curiosity, who else has a linode 256?
20:59thelsdj i do
20:59thelsdj i don't use much ram but i have it mostly for the drive space n bandwidth
21:05dizzan i use the ram
21:05dizzan and cpu
21:05dizzan heh
21:05dizzan dont use the disk or bandwidth really
21:06thelsdj hah
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21:23Husam hey, mikegrb - you around?
21:24Husam or caker?
21:25Husam or anyone who knows about firehol?
21:42@mikegrb I haven't used it
21:43Husam ok
21:43Husam well
21:43Husam could you help me with apache?
21:43Husam so many problems :D
21:43Husam hax:/etc/init.d# ./apache start
21:43Husam Starting web server: apachefailed
21:43Husam hax:/etc/init.d#
21:44Husam mikegrb ^^
21:44@mikegrb what do the log files say?
21:44Husam where is the log file? :P
21:45@mikegrb /var/log
21:45Husam aha
21:45Husam [Thu Jun 2 22:42:41 2005] [alert] mod_unique_id: unable to gethostbyname("hax")
21:46Husam :|
21:47Husam i dont have any host set to resolve to that ip
21:47Husam how can i set it up for now so that i can just access the site by ?
21:48* Husam pokes mikegrb
21:54@mikegrb you need to add hax to /etc/hosts
21:54taupehat bah
21:54taupehat speaking of hax
21:54taupehat just found out one of the principals of a gaming clan I'm in hax
21:54taupehat s/I'm/was
21:55Battousai mikegrb: i swear to drunk i'm not god
21:58taupehat {grin}
21:59@mikegrb Battousai: I think so too
22:00Battousai mikegrb: i'm happy
22:00Battousai the phantoms took game one :)
22:31--- ---> sec39 [] has joined #linode
22:43Husam mikegrb - i got the apache issue resolved
22:43Husam now im trying with php :P
22:43Husam do i need to edit php.ini?
22:43--- <<-- FesterCouples [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:45@mikegrb I don't know what you are trying to do so I couldn't tell you
22:45Husam well
22:46Husam can i pm you?
22:47@mikegrb I guess
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:05taupehat test
23:05taupehat I'm showing 22 seconds of lag?
23:05taupehat eek
23:06taupehat hrm
23:06--- <<-- NeonNero [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:06taupehat it went away
23:06@mikegrb I still love you.
23:06taupehat heart!
23:06taupehat err, nvm
23:08encode haha
23:10--- <<-- dc0e [] has quit (Quit: going down)
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---Logclosed Fri Jun 03 00:00:10 2005