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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-06-03

---Logopened Fri Jun 03 00:00:10 2005
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00:12madprofile caker linode have some system like cpanel to help administration?
00:15Newsome hrm, problems in HE again.
00:15taupehat ?
00:15taupehat might explain why someone's waiting for an email from me
00:15taupehat Newsome: what are you seeing?
00:16Newsome taupehat: getting some packet loss right around HE
00:16Newsome 9 ( 42.007 ms 43.553 ms 41.931 ms
00:16Newsome 10 * * ( 138.316 ms
00:16Newsome 11 * * *
00:16Newsome 12 * ( 141.934 ms *
00:16Newsome 13 * ( 149.225 ms 143.451 ms
00:17Newsome was really slow for a while
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00:17taupehat how long ago was that for you Newsome?
00:17Newsome looks much better currently
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00:18Newsome I'm thinking bad for maybe 10-15 minutes, but pretty good for the last 1-2
00:18taupehat hmm
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00:20Dreamer3 anyone here using a 64mb box for http, ftp, mail w/spam protection, etc?
00:21internat umm
00:21internat im using it for mail, ftp, database, and http
00:21Dreamer3 internat: apache?
00:21taupehat Dreamer3: I had to turn off spam protection but have mysql on it
00:21internat yup
00:21Dreamer3 taupehat: not enough ram?
00:22taupehat Dreamer3: yeah I'm pushing my luck with LAMP
00:22taupehat plus email
00:22* taupehat noticed a hefty bit of lag there, Newsome
00:22internat ive had no problems todate, but i dont really serv that much, im looking at upgrading to a 96 soonish, cause i have some friends interesting it hosting with me, so ill probably bump up
00:23Dreamer3 i'm hosting about 25 websites now on a dedicated box w/80g and 512mb... and it's way under utilized
00:23Dreamer3 but i have some rubyonrails stuff too, so i'm thinking 64 might be too tiny
00:23internat woah.. a linode would be a major step back for u i think
00:24taupehat hah
00:24Dreamer3 internat: well, resource utilizion average is like 0.01 :-)
00:24taupehat you want a dedicated box
00:24Newsome Dreamer3: how much disk space are youa actually using?
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00:24Dreamer3 Newsome: let me see
00:25tierra Dreamer3, if you still want spam protection, I'd go with a 128
00:27tierra getting late, I'm off from work...
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00:27Dreamer3 Newsome: hard to say, it's all spread out... no more than a few gigs
00:27Dreamer3 Newsome: /home is 1.5 gig of data
00:27internat well the 64 only has 4gig...
00:28Dreamer3 internat: i'm more worried about RAM than space ;-)
00:28Newsome Dreamer3: I've got a 96, and disk space is probably my biggest limiting factor. CPU and memory have never been a problem
00:28Dreamer3 Newsome: i think rubyonrails instances will add up fast...
00:28Dreamer3 Newsome: i have 2/3 ror apps
00:29Dreamer3 Newsome: the full cpanel/apache/spama/exim/ror setup is using 240mb on the ded box
00:30Dreamer3 Newsome: spamd and mysqld are a lot of that though
00:32Dreamer3 Newsome: i'm wondering my much i could really squeeze out of a 64mb box...
00:33Dreamer3 we pay $179/mo now for our dedicated setup, and that's a pretty large expense
00:33taupehat Dreamer3: that's a lot
00:34* taupehat was pretty happy with 1and1 back when he needed it and could afford it
00:34Dreamer3 taupehat: you think? for a p4 2.4ghz/512mb/80g/40g, 1,000gb bandwidth?
00:34taupehat heh
00:34taupehat yeah
00:34Dreamer3 we push like 7g a month
00:34taupehat I think I had a celeron 2.4/256 with 40g and a 500gb for 60 per month
00:35taupehat ran fine
00:35taupehat had a 16-player quake server on it, plus the usual LAMP business
00:35Dreamer3 taupehat: well, offsite backup and cpanel add a little to that
00:35Dreamer3 i think the base was like $129 a month...
00:35taupehat it had plesk
00:36Dreamer3 taupehat: it's just setting up e-mail and getting it working i would worry about if i built a box from scratch
00:37Dreamer3 i can setup DNS, http (prolly lighttpd), and anything else... but never setup a mail server form scratch for multiiple domains, spam, pop, imap access, etc
00:37taupehat ahh
00:37taupehat there's a pretty nice tutorial for doing that on Debian
00:37taupehat walked me right through it
00:37taupehat works a charm =]
00:38Dreamer3 taupehat: what mail software?
00:38Dreamer3 taupehat: are you running debian 3.0?
00:38taupehat on sarge
00:38taupehat and it's postfix
00:38Dreamer3 taupehat: ah...
00:38taupehat and err
00:38taupehat some imap
00:38taupehat cyrus
00:38Dreamer3 taupehat: so did you upgrade the default 3.0 image to sarge?
00:38taupehat with mysql auth
00:38taupehat yeah
00:38taupehat needed mysql 4.1 for various stuff
00:38Dreamer3 *nods*
00:38Dreamer3 i'm just thinking we have way too much computer now
00:39Dreamer3 i just wonder if lighttpd can be made to work with awstats
00:39taupehat test it =]
00:39taupehat this is one of the many reasons I run linux on the desktop
00:40taupehat rather than thrash my linode into oblivion, I thrash this machine and if need be, I bounce it
00:40taupehat which saves me downtime on the website
00:42Dreamer3 hmmm
00:42Dreamer3 i really need a sarge test box
00:42internat yeah im using postfix, courier imap/pop/smtp and mysql :) for my mail stuff
00:44taupehat works great, doesn't it
00:48Dreamer3 anyone use lighttpd?
00:58Dreamer3 vlogger to the rescue :)
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01:01fo0bar mikegrb: how do I set up my netscape?
01:01fo0bar I think it's broken?
01:04@mikegrb with the ncsaa blinkenlight daemon
01:04@mikegrb need to start it up from ypinetd
01:05Dreamer3 huh?
01:05* Dreamer3 yawns.
01:06taupehat aye
01:06taupehat be sure you set init:idtentee(1)
01:07@mikegrb taupehat: good call, that one always get sme
01:07taupehat =]
01:09taupehat if (date=4\/1) sed 's/initdefault:5/initdefault:6' /etc/inittab
01:12Newsome another fun one
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01:41Dreamer3_ hello?
01:42taupehat olleh
01:42taupehat you just be a pinging out fool, Dreamer3_ =]
01:42Dreamer3_ hmmm anyone use daemontools?
01:43@mikegrb isn't that one of that crazy guy's creations?
01:43Dreamer3_ mikegrb: yes :)
01:44Dreamer3_ i'm looking for the best way to automatically restart services that die
01:44@mikegrb haha it is
01:44@mikegrb not with that
01:44Dreamer3_ why ?:)
01:44Dreamer3_ i use and love tinydns :)
01:44@mikegrb ...
01:44@mikegrb well anyway look at the mysql script
01:45@mikegrb mysqld_safe
01:45Dreamer3_ hmmm... i'll prolly be using debian with /etc/init.d to stop and start services
01:46Dreamer3_ my cpanel/rh box has a program called chksrvd that it uses for this purpose to monitor running processes
01:47Dreamer3_ ii'm thinking it might be their proprietary thing thogh
01:48dc0e Dreamer3_: there's a debian package "monit" (iirc) that's gotten good reviews for service monitoring/restarting/reporting
01:49Dreamer3_ dc0e: googling it :) i'm going to try and see how much i can fit in 64mb... small size is essential :)
01:49dc0e well, avoid anything written in perl, then :)
01:49Dreamer3_ *laughs*
01:49Dreamer3_ hmmm
01:50Dreamer3_ vlogger is perl
01:51Dreamer3_ dc0e: wow, this is something else
01:52Dreamer3_ wonder if it uses a lot of memory
01:54Dreamer3_ Monit compiles and run on most flavors of UNIX. It is a small program and weights in at just over 200Kb. There is support for compiling with glibc replacements such as uClibc if you need it to be even smaller i.e. under 100Kb.
01:54Dreamer3_ sweet
01:54Dreamer3_ dc0e: thanks
01:54dc0e just what you ordered
01:54Dreamer3_ dc0e: seems that way
01:55Dreamer3_ i'm trying to get all the pieces for a self-maintaining web-server
01:55dc0e i've had good experiences with it, some time ago when things were less stable.
01:55Dreamer3_ dc0e: are things stable now?
01:55dc0e compared to a year ago in sarge, yes
01:55Dreamer3_ dc0e: the linode service itself... stable?
01:56dc0e oh, yeah, i was talking about software. linode has been excellent for the few months I've been here -- I came from another much less reliable VDS
01:56Dreamer3_ dc0e: i'm thinking about going from an expensive dedicated server we don't really utilize to a small linode
01:57dc0e well, anything can go down for unexpected reasons, so have a remote backup plan.
01:57Dreamer3_ hmmm....remote backup
01:58dc0e rdiff-backup is pretty good for that, and not too large
01:58Dreamer3_ dc0e: i'd need a good remote backup service first
01:58dc0e or another linode
01:59Dreamer3_ yeah
01:59dc0e (you can get one in a physically different datacenter)
01:59dc0e (dallas and california, iirc)
01:59Dreamer3_ dc0e: it's still just HE and Planet, right?
01:59* Dreamer3_ nods
02:00dc0e Dreamer3_: good luck; i'm off to bed...
02:00Dreamer3_ ok... for a simple webserver what am i missing... monit, logwatch, daemontools, tinydns, lighttpd, mysql, php, vlogger, awstats? :)
02:00Dreamer3_ (e-mail to come later)
02:01dc0e can't run your dns at your domain name registrar? free up some cycles.
02:01Dreamer3_ i like DNS on box
02:02Dreamer3_ though that's a future thought
02:02Dreamer3_ and we aren't wasting many cycles DNS
02:02dc0e php is a hog, but if you need it, you need it
02:02Dreamer3_ dc0e: i'm going to compile it myself... yes, lots of php sites...
02:02Dreamer3_ dc0e: many could be converted to html, but we use php for templating and includes and stuff
02:03Dreamer3_ dc0e: and some sites will always need it, so can't get away from it
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02:04Dreamer3_ lighttpd will be a great savings over apache
02:04dc0e i can't think of anything your'e missing there -- btw, does lighthttpd do ssl?
02:04Dreamer3_ dc0e: yes... but we don't really have any SSL sites
02:04dc0e thanks, i was just curious.
02:04Dreamer3_ dc0e: mod_rewrite will be the hardest issue :-)
02:05dc0e like it isn't already
02:06dc0e you culd front-end lighthttpd with an apache2 proxy for the rewirtes, I guess, but that might be overkill.
02:06dc0e or apache1.3 to save memory
02:06Dreamer3_ dc0e: but them apache would have to know about all the subdomans and stuff too, right?
02:06dc0e yeah, not sure it would save you anything
02:07dc0e except rewriteing your rewrite rules
02:07Dreamer3_ yeah... wanting to be as simple as possible :)
02:07dc0e ok, i'm outta here...
02:07Dreamer3_ night
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02:38Dreamer3_ anyone?
02:38Dreamer3_ i can upgrade a linode easily later, right?
02:44NeonNero yes, just submit a support ticket about it
02:45Dreamer3_ but my ip might change?
02:45NeonNero it might, yes
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03:09Dreamer3 ok
03:09Dreamer3 what hours does caker keep these days?
03:09Dreamer3 waiting for my new linode app to be approved
03:10* Dreamer3 yawns.
03:18taupehat lag!
03:21Dreamer3 taupehat: i just signed up
03:21taupehat w00t
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03:34Dreamer3_ wondering how long i have to wait before it's working now...
03:38taupehat well
03:39taupehat probably when caker or mikegrb get up in the morning
03:39taupehat but they're really fast
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03:45* Dreamer3 wonders how long i have to wait before it's working now...
03:48taupehat you might have to wait all the way until the sun comes up =P
03:48Dreamer3 sheesh
03:48Dreamer3 i'm ready to start installing and configuring
03:48taupehat I'm ready to start snoring and drooling
03:48Dreamer3 *laughs*
03:48Dreamer3 i did that until like late late afternoon today
03:49Dreamer3 or yesterday rather
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06:03Dreamer3 *yawns*
06:03Dreamer3 everyone still sleeping?
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07:22tsi no
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09:10* Dreamer3 yawns.
09:10* Dreamer3 waits for his linode to be setup
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12:44Sipherx Has anyone in here ever gotten a successful qmail install on the debian distro on a node
12:44Sipherx when I say successful I mean pop and imap smtp all fully working
13:00tsi *cricket*
13:00adamg dont use qmail
13:00@mikegrb well since qmail is not free software, only a source package is availible in debian
13:01@mikegrb better off using postfix, a free alternative to qmail, or exim, debians preferred mail server
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13:11tsi on a related note, you'll probably find way more support for such a config here since way more people use postfix, exim or sendmail than qmail
13:12tsi and i dunno about you, but i consider availability of support as one of the most influential measurements when selecting software packages
13:14tierra I'd ask what kind of config, but I'd rather not get stuck being the only one helping with a qmail setup
13:15tsi debian/qmail running (presumably) vanilla pop/imap/smtp
13:15tierra that, and I can't claim to know everything about it either...
13:16tsi thankfully no one talks about uw-imapd anymore
13:16tsi i hope
13:16tierra heh
13:21tsi is gnu cvs the benchmark cvs server?
13:21tsi or is there some other software one should look at?
13:21adamg prefer subversion personally
13:21* tsi googles
13:21tsi you prefer it as a user or as an admin?
13:21tsi or both
13:22adamg both
13:23Sipherx hey thanks guy about that qmail stuff earlier, Im at work and I got distracted im gonna go for postfix
13:23Sipherx can u use squirell mail qith postfix
13:23Sipherx with*
13:23tsi what's squirrel mail?
13:24Sipherx webmail
13:24tsi presume so, according to the number of hits on google
13:24tsi assuming SM uses standard ways of accessing mail, it should be no problem
13:25tsi postfix emulates sendmail 100% externally, and can use mbox format
13:25Sipherx alright yea It just uses the imap connection off your server.. Didnt think about that
13:25Sipherx alright kool thanks
13:26tsi based on my limited experience of installing and supporting cvs servers, this subversion webpage is giving me wood
13:27kvandivo tmi
13:29tsi man if i install this, i'm gonna need more ram
13:29tsi time for a third linode :)
13:35npmr does anyone here know if it's possible to buy a tmobile gprs plan without buying any equipment?
13:35npmr their website seems to insist that i also buy some pcmcia card, and not the one i want
13:35tsi i have their gprs plan and a regular phone
13:35tsi if that's what you mean
13:36tsi (and it's not a phone they sell/support)
13:36npmr how did you get the service and equipment separately?
13:36tsi i signed up for a regular phone plan with the freebie phone, then switched plans
13:36tsi then put my sim in the REAL phone
13:36npmr hmmm
13:36tsi and bluetooth/gprs my way to freedom
13:37tsi i'm pulling WAY morethan $20/mo worth of bits
13:37npmr see, i'm interested in using a pcmcia card, just not the one and only pcmcia card that they're selling
13:37tsi i don't blame you, their device selection always blows
13:37npmr i guess it would work just the same
13:37npmr <-- i want to build one of these
13:38tsi i've considered projects along those lines
13:38tsi especially now that i've got a gas guzzling SUV tank
13:39tsi i want to freakin live in it
13:39npmr i travel a lot
13:39npmr around 700 mi/wk
13:40npmr besides being cheap, tmobile is the only gprs carrier that would have me in range the whole way
13:41tsi wow his case is cute
13:41tsi i guess you're not going to NC
13:41npmr hmmm, i guess cingular would, too
13:42npmr and they have the card i want
13:45tsi man now i'm really tempted
13:46npmr dammit
13:46npmr can't find info on using the 775 in linux
13:48npmr should just use serial_cs, right?
13:50* adamg read thought and thought file permissions
13:50adamg god i lead a sad life
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13:56npmr ok, looks like it's supported
13:56tsi i thought permissions, too
13:56npmr i'll have to sit on this one for a few days
13:57adamg tsi, so decided what version control system you are going to use?
14:03kvandivo version control is for wimps. i just remember everything
14:05adamg well not all of use are as clever as you
14:05kvandivo true
14:05* adamg got press ganged into using version control
14:06tsi i'm not a programmer, i just facilitate those who are. :)
14:06tsi i'm looking for subversion packages now
14:07tsi yay! it's in yum!
14:07tsi problem solved
14:08adamg it does not have much of a resource hit, i also run it via apache
14:08tsi does it also generate a web-able source tree if you do the apache gizmo?
14:08tsi all the programmer-speak in the docs is confusing
14:09adamg only of the most reacent version
14:10tsi good enough
14:10adamg well revision
14:10adamg you get prompted for your username and password etc if you need perms to access it
14:11tsi god this is way better than cvs already
14:11adamg it is a lot faster to me than CVS can also take binaries in the repos
14:11tsi next it will tell me it can authenticate against mysql and i will be mutherfucking zen
14:12adamg well..
14:13tsi ew, python
14:13adamg control to the repos if done via apache is via .htaccess files
14:13tsi oh so it's all apache's job, nice
14:14adamg well .htaccess like files
14:14adamg one sec
14:14adamg adhaero:/data/svn/conf# cat accesslist
14:14adamg [/]
14:14adamg user = rw
14:14adamg * =
14:14adamg [repos:/2ndServer/Interfaces/Atx.SS]
14:14adamg user1 = rw
14:14adamg adhaero:/data/svn/conf# cat svnusers
14:14adamg user:pass
14:14adamg user1:pass
14:14adamg adhaero:/data/svn/conf#
14:16adamg pass is md5, and in the accesslist or whatever file you give apache you can configure which areas of the repos people can access
14:17adamg and if they can only read or read and write, so you could script it easily enough to grab from mysql and parse to a file
14:21tsi is (apache 2.0) directoryindex cumulative like serveralias or does it go with the last used statement?
14:22adamg ?
14:22tsi if you have two lines: DirectoryIndex index.html \n DirectoryIndex index.htm
14:22tsi will both .htm and html be searched, or just htm?
14:22adamg no idea, i just put everyting on one statment
14:23tsi so do i, but i just noticed something in a conf.d file that has me worried
14:24adamg oh
14:24tsi (i don't want to restart until i verify, y'know?)
14:25adamg get apache to test the conf file, see if it throws errors
14:25linbot New news from forums: Auto-server-signing my emails? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
14:25tsi i'm sure it's syntactically correct
14:26tsi the behavior is what i'm worried about
14:26@mikegrb tsi: no cvs server daemon is really is needed in most cases
14:26@mikegrb just cvs installed on the server and ssh :D
14:27adamg mikegrb, we have moved on to svn
14:27tsi and i got users who i don't want to give accounts to, even /nologin ones
14:27@mikegrb good job
14:28tsi the world would be a lot easier without users
14:28tsi wc -l /etc/passwd
14:28tsi /etc/passwd 1
14:29tsi btw, getting some i/o hangs on whatever host40 moved to... 48
14:30tsi i'm 200 megs into swap, it's probably my own fault
14:30kvandivo ya think?
14:30adamg just a bit
14:31tsi host load is 48% according to web, so that's not my fault
14:31tsi almost all of the swap is legit, there's 50M of real ram free
14:31adamg you never know
14:31@mikegrb that could very likely be caused by you if the limiter hasn't kicked in
14:31@mikegrb or just kicked in
14:32adamg yeah!!
14:33@mikegrb wow
14:33@mikegrb somebody has a 1 gb swap image
14:33* kvandivo hides.
14:33adamg 1 gig size or 1 gig of acutal use
14:33@mikegrb they are about 150 mb into it
14:34@mikegrb and are being throttled
14:34@mikegrb they were the likely cause
14:34tsi they = not me?
14:34adamg why the fuck would you have a 1 gig swap image
14:34tsi if you got a big database that doesn't get used much?
14:34taupehat I have a 640meg swap
14:35kvandivo i have 256, and should have set it to 64.. i can't more than that into swap before being slapped down anyway
14:35taupehat heh
14:35taupehat I should down it to about 80
14:36taupehat but at 64 I did actually run clean out of memory a couple times
14:36taupehat then added a zero to the size of the swap and resized...
14:40tsi IFuckingHateWikis
14:40tsi NotASubstituteForDocumentation
14:41tizen you obviously have a problem with space bars too
14:41tsi that's how people make "links" in wikis
14:41tsi by squishing all their crap together
14:42@mikegrb lolz
14:42taupehat lol
14:43taupehat ding ding
14:44adamg dong dong
14:44taupehat ring ring ring ring ding, ding
14:45JasonF la la lalalala la lalalala la la lalala la la la la la SMURFS!
14:46taupehat bam bam
14:49@mikegrb ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
14:50@mikegrb _ _
14:50@mikegrb | |__ __ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ | |__ ___ _ __ ___
14:50@mikegrb | '_ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` | '_ \| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \ / _ \
14:50@mikegrb | |_) | (_| | | | | (_| | | | | (_| | |_) | | | | (_) | | | | __/
14:50@mikegrb |_.__/ \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_| .__/|_| |_|\___/|_| |_|\___|
14:50@mikegrb |_|
14:50tizen cellular modular interactive odular
14:51adamg always gotta go one further step mikegrb
14:51@mikegrb I so do
14:51tsi i really hope that was copy pasted from somewhere
14:52adamg doubt it
14:52@mikegrb nope
14:52@mikegrb I store it IN MY HEAD
14:52@mikegrb tsi: you look good on io, I tightened the leash on the guy who was being throttled automagically
14:53tsi thanks
14:53tsi i just took out a bunhc of extraneous apache crap, too
14:53@mikegrb and there was one user who was almost out of tokens and had 180mb of swap so I helped them reach 0
14:53* kvandivo pats mikegrb on the head.
14:53@mikegrb though when I connected loadavg was excellent
14:54@mikegrb so the first guy must had just been throttled about 5 or 10 minutes before
14:54@mikegrb even the 15 min avg was good
14:54tsi yeah it was sorta weird, i could move files like crazy but as soon as i did an ls and it had to walk the tree, things would freeze up for 30 seconds
14:54JasonF 15:54:56 up 1 day, 14:28, 6 users, load average: 1.16, 1.06, 1.04
14:54JasonF :)
14:55* JasonF hugs his gentoo
14:55tizen my linode just works
14:55tizen i don't log in ever
14:55JasonF what's the fun in having a node if you can't bre... er, log in
14:55tizen if something is fucking up ever mike, just let me know please
14:55--- ---> Surferdude [] has joined #linode
14:56tizen tiz@orion:~$ w
14:56tizen 16:55:56 up 64 days, 1:56, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
14:56tizen love it
14:56Surferdude nice
14:57tizen not even 28 million io tokens
14:57Surferdude What do you use your linode for?
14:58@mikegrb tsi: made a big difference, you are 16 mb into sway now
14:59@mikegrb and as you sway slowing, you swap has reduced
14:59tizen Surferdude: basic LAMP
15:00tsi pretty much all of my apache ends up in swap after 24 hours, since it gets hit so rarely
15:00Surferdude ah
15:00tsi since i restarted, it's all in ram now
15:00JasonF Mem: 124424k total, 96312k used, 28112k free, 2880k buffers
15:00JasonF Swap: 132088k total, 8516k used, 123572k free, 21920k cached
15:00JasonF heh, I'd say that's very, very impressive memory management :)
15:01JasonF if anything, I need to tell mysql to cache more
15:02tsi it's my understanding that the cached value you're looking at isn't affected one iota by mysql caching but by os caching
15:02tsi sysctl can tune that
15:02JasonF What I mean
15:02JasonF is I'm using 3/4 of my ram
15:02--- ---> Sh8d0w [] has joined #linode
15:02Surferdude mikegrb: would you have any objection to me running on my linode?
15:02JasonF I need to tell mysql to cache more to take advantage of my free ram
15:02tsi surfer: i think linode has been pretty clear on their don't ask don't tell policy. :)
15:03tierra hehe
15:03JasonF Surferdude: what host are you on?
15:03Surferdude Host4
15:03JasonF then do whatever the hell you want
15:03@mikegrb lolz
15:03JasonF lol
15:03JasonF just as long as you aren't on 48
15:03Surferdude heh :P
15:03tsi oh you're on 48?
15:03* tsi starts running bonnie++ 24/7
15:03tizen hah
15:03@mikegrb Surferdude: why would we care? it's not like seti@home/folding@home and it isn't illegal
15:04tizen Mem: 59356k total, 58004k used, 1352k free, 1860k buffers
15:04tizen Swap: 263160k total, 11652k used, 251508k free, 26548k cached
15:04tizen thats memory management jason
15:04@mikegrb lolz
15:04tizen lol
15:04Surferdude Its known to be a bw hog, thats why
15:04JasonF Surferdude: you'll pay for all extra you use
15:04@mikegrb lolz
15:04JasonF lol
15:04JasonF tizen: meh, I guess.
15:04tizen JasonF: a lot less to work with
15:04@mikegrb lolz
15:04tizen lol
15:05tsi "running fewer programs" isn't memory management
15:05JasonF tizen: but things are fast enough... and I guess the extra ram will be good for when I have to compile things
15:05JasonF hah!
15:05* tizen wants to massjoin a botnet and make matt's client go insane
15:05JasonF I do a full LAMP, got 2 people who run irssi on my server 24/7
15:05tierra tsi makes a good point
15:05tizen I have 2 eggdrops on there
15:05tizen full LAMP
15:05JasonF gentoo lowered my mem usage by like 16mb :)
15:05JasonF smaller binaries++
15:05JasonF lighttpd++
15:05tizen on a 64 :)
15:05tsi in fact, i'd argue that having 50M free is *bad* memory management
15:06tierra hehe
15:06--- ---> nybble [] has joined #linode
15:06nybble hey, does linode accept paypal?
15:06tsi throwing too many resources at a problem is wasteful
15:06* Surferdude starts to get apache up
15:06JasonF nybble: no, but paypal will give you a virtual cc number
15:06nybble oh, ok.
15:06Surferdude You need to be verified for that though
15:07kvandivo the V word!
15:07nybble i am verified.
15:07Surferdude So am I
15:07kvandivo i'm not
15:07Surferdude Well, its the family account
15:07Surferdude but my debit card is on it
15:07kvandivo i've never wanted to give them checking account info
15:07nybble well i was, but i'm not now apperantly...
15:07tsi "family account" now that's a scary concept
15:07nybble yes, it is....
15:08Surferdude Not really, since my mom does alot of ebay stuff she checks it almost every day
15:08nybble ah...
15:09tsi man when i was a kid i was lucky to get permission to charge the 10-20 bucks a year for a single BBS, I don't know how I'd convince my parents for a $20/mo linode
15:10nybble heh. I'm switching from a HostForWeb VPS...
15:10Surferdude I dont use paypal to pay for my linode ;)
15:11Surferdude Most of my bills are paid through my visa debit card
15:11nybble ah...
15:11nybble i pay like US$39 a month. But i'm not very happy with it
15:12nybble anyone used them before?
15:12Surferdude nybble: never heard of em
15:12nybble ah...
15:13tsi #include <std_webhosting.h>
15:13nybble i've heard some good things about linode..
15:13Surferdude But you will be happy here, caker and mikegrb run a top notch operation
15:13nybble i hate being stuck with Redhat 7.2
15:13tsi ALL LIES
15:13tsi linode isn't good
15:13tsi it's fucking great
15:13@mikegrb lolz
15:13nybble lol...
15:13tsi redhat 7.2 is rock solid
15:13Surferdude but old...
15:13tsi i used it up until fedora 2 came out
15:13tsi so?
15:13nybble hmm.... it'll be easier if i just use a CC to pay for it...
15:14tsi i guess i used 7.3, not 7.2 but still
15:14nybble yea, but i'm like stuck in the way back... and i also hate cpanel
15:14nybble its a pain in the A**
15:14Surferdude definately
15:14tsi how well do you know linux?
15:14tsi you do realize you'll have to maintain *everything*, right?
15:14nybble quite well...
15:14tsi oh then go for it
15:15nybble yea, i do... i used to run my own server at home..but i switched net connects and had most ports blocked :(
15:15nybble so i needed to move..
15:15* tsi resists urge to ask technical questions
15:15nybble i was actually running umls, etc...
15:16nybble heh...
15:16nybble why resist...
15:16* nybble says ask away
15:16tsi no i mean, i've been interviewing people all week and when someone asserts that they know a topic quite well i like to break them
15:17nybble heh, you'll break me fast... because i suck when confronted about stuff like this... but i *know* it..
15:17tsi are you planning on doing it for a job?
15:18nybble eventually.. i'm getting better...
15:18nybble i was offered a job at a local cable company doing admin work on their debian server...
15:18tsi learn to be conversant *and* knowledgeable. both are key
15:18nybble yea.. i've been getting better at both of those...
15:20nybble how good is linode for uptime?
15:20tsi depends on which server you end up on
15:20tsi if it's not the same as me, really good. :)
15:20nybble ah
15:21* tsi karmically destined to break things
15:21nybble hehe...
15:21nybble as am i at times...
15:21nybble i'll bbl.. gotta cook some food..
15:21--- <<-- nybble [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:22--- ---> nybble [] has joined #linode
15:22nybble brb tho...
15:29--- <<-- Sieg [] has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
15:29nybble hey, i'm lazy here.. they take visa, amex, mastercard?
15:32nybble i have to wait till the 128 accounts are "availible" right?
15:32nybble but i can select them on the order form
15:32adamg it will come back and say not available
15:33nybble oh, oki. its easy to upgrade later right/
15:33nybble *?
15:33adamg yeah
15:33adamg ask for the upgrade
15:33adamg shutdown, click a button and boot
15:33nybble oki....
15:35adamg simple enough really
15:35Sipherx BWAHAHAHA
15:40--- <--- Sipherx [] has left #linode ()
15:40Surferdude Ok... this is freaking me out
15:41Surferdude I redeployed a RH image, and there are still some atributes left from the last image
15:41Surferdude that was deleted
15:46--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
15:48--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
15:57--- ---> eco|w [] has joined #linode
16:00--- <--- Zymurgy [] has left #linode ()
16:00--- ---> Zymurgy [] has joined #linode
16:09--- ---> jekil [~alessandr@] has joined #linode
16:11--- <<-- internat [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:28@caker Surferdude: did you reboot after re-deploying/deleteing the old?
16:29--- <<-- sec39` [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:33Surferdude caker: yes
16:34Surferdude Going to try again now
16:34@caker Surferdude: this isn't a xenode, is it?
16:35@caker Surferdude: never mind -- it's impossible to delete an in-use disk image under our xen implementation
16:38Surferdude Its UML
16:38Surferdude Booting now
16:38Surferdude logging in immediately after its done booting
16:40Surferdude Still coming up weird
16:40Surferdude maybe its cache?
16:40@caker no .. define weird, please.
16:41Surferdude whenever I ssh into my node the toolbar at the top has
16:42Surferdude shouldent it say somthing like li-216?
16:42@mikegrb toolbar?
16:43@mikegrb if that is from your ssh client it could be a saved name
16:43@caker or rdns
16:43@mikegrb like profile name
16:43@mikegrb yeah or that
16:43Surferdude Thats what I'm thinking
16:43Surferdude Yup... theres a RDNS in my LPM
16:44Surferdude how do I remove it? there isnt a button in the LPM to do it
16:45@caker Surferdude: enter the IP as rdns
16:45@caker Surferdude: or reset it back to
16:52Surferdude Ok... thanks
16:57--- <<-- Sh8d0w [] has quit (Quit: Trillian (
17:02--- ---> Guest43 [] has joined #linode
17:03--- User: *** adamg is now known as Guest3
17:03--- User: *** Guest43 is now known as adamg
17:03--- <<-- Guest3 [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:07adamg god i hate packing
17:08kvandivo not that tough... adamg.pack();
17:09adamg how can cables get some tangled
17:09--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
17:14* Surferdude just broke apache
17:14--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
17:15--- <<-- GN [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:17Husam Hey could anyone help me with Apache + PHP on debian?
17:17tizen how so
17:17Husam Well
17:17Husam http://
17:17Husam err
17:18@mikegrb lolz
17:18Husam or
17:18Husam i installed php
17:18Husam but it doesnt seem to be enabled or something
17:18JasonF Husam: You can google for generic debian apache+php help
17:18Husam i edited httpd.conf and all that
17:18JasonF lemme find alink
17:18Husam JasonF
17:18Husam tried it
17:18Husam i followed all instructions
17:18JasonF did you install libapache_modphp
17:18Husam for
17:18JasonF or whatever it's call
17:18Husam i think i did
17:18Surferdude Husam: just use the redhat 9 image
17:18Husam is it apt-get install libapache ?
17:18JasonF no!
17:19JasonF apt-cache search php | grep apache
17:19Husam Surferdude - id rather not switch to redhat for something so simple
17:19JasonF find the apache mod php
17:19Husam JasonF - im pretty sure i did install it
17:19JasonF Husam: not to be mean, but if 'something simple' has you tangled, something complicated is bound to come up
17:19Husam heh
17:19Husam Well, you can be mean all you want
17:19Husam This is my first time managing a vps
17:20adamg installed mod_php?
17:20Husam I'm trying to gain something from it, maybe learn a bit more about Linux
17:20Husam adamg - i think so, but how can i double check?
17:21adamg try and install it again
17:22Husam remind me again how to do that? :\
17:22adamg apt-get install mod_php or summat like that
17:25JasonF apt-get install libapache-mod-php
17:25JasonF or possilby
17:25JasonF apt-get install libapache-mod-php4
17:25adamg you could just search the packages database
17:25JasonF that's what I just told him to do
17:25JasonF 18:18 < JasonF> apt-cache search php | grep apache
17:26adamg prefer the web interface personnaly
17:27Husam i dont see any libapache packages
17:27Husam libapache-mod-dtcl - Server side Tcl scripting for Apache
17:27Husam libapache-mod-filter - Filter documents through a script
17:27Husam libapache-mod-gzip - HTTP compression module for Apache
17:27Husam besides those, theres nothing
17:28JasonF Husam: run my command
17:28Husam i did
17:28tizen you sure libapache-mod-php4 isn't there?
17:29Husam got a bunch of results
17:29tizen it is on my system
17:29Husam lemme double check
17:29Surferdude Husam: I would check httpd.conf
17:29Husam Surferdude - i suspect thats the problem
17:29Husam but i cant find anything wrong :(
17:29tizen libapache-mod-php4 - server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (apache 1.3 module)
17:30Surferdude Intresting that we are both trying to get a scripting lanugage working on apache :P
17:30Husam E: Couldn't find package libapache-mod-php4
17:30Husam Surferdude
17:30Husam what parts of httpd.conf should i double-check?
17:31JasonF Husam: woody or sarge?
17:31tizen obviously woody
17:31tizen i'm in sarge
17:31tizen wait... i might know what this is
17:31Husam Execuse me?
17:32tizen Husam: what's in your /etc/apt/sources.list
17:32Surferdude look for somthing like
17:32tizen should be a line similar to this one
17:32tizen deb unstable main contrib non-free
17:32jekil Husam: rtmf on google, your question is a faq
17:32Surferdude LoadModule mod_php modules/
17:32jekil s/rtmf/rtfm
17:34Husam ?
17:35Husam Oh
17:35--- <<-- jekil [~alessandr@] has quit (Quit: and this is a admin? rotlf)
17:35Husam err
17:35* Husam = still confused
17:38Husam deb stable main
17:38@mikegrb Husam: /usr/share/doc
17:38@mikegrb look for the README.Debian in the folder for mod_php
17:40Surferdude maybe someone could help me too... I cant get CGI scripts to work properly on apache
17:40Surferdude does nothing
17:41Husam mikegrb - found it
17:42JasonF Husam: the best thing you can 'learn' about linux
17:42JasonF is to check docs and google
17:42Husam JasonF
17:42JasonF and use your IRC time for severely difficult questions ;)
17:42Husam I've done all this
17:42Husam With no luck
17:42Husam Found some excellent guides:
17:43Husam But both didn't help much
17:43adamg Surferdude, the error message implies a dns error, is the cgi script redirecting to anohter location or something? also check the error logs
17:43JasonF Husam: I'm not trying ot be hostile, just, #linode is the exception, most other places would've told you to read more docs ;)
17:44Husam Right i understand
17:44Husam mikegrb
17:44JasonF now time to go watch baseball
17:44Husam I read README.Debian in apache/
17:44Husam Found nothing that would have helped...
17:46Husam Surferdude
17:46Husam LoadModule php4_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
17:46Husam Uncommented, should it be commented?
17:50Surferdude This is weird... whenever I uncomment the addhandler directive in httpd.conf, the server wont reply to http requests
17:50Surferdude Husam: should be uncommented
17:50Husam k good
17:50Husam what about this line
17:50Husam AddHandler x-httpd-php .php
17:50Husam uncommented right?
17:51Surferdude yup
17:51Husam where exactly should it be?
17:52Surferdude Where is it now?
17:52--- ---> rafa [] has joined #linode
17:52Husam under
17:52Husam AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .sh .pl
17:53rafa anybody here?
17:53Surferdude should be fine
17:53rafa oops..i guess
17:53rafa yes
17:53rafa hi all!
17:53Surferdude rafa: hello
17:53Husam Surferdude
17:54rafa you know if I can get more ip addresses on my linode?
17:54Husam if i sent you my httpd.conf would you be able to see whats wrong?
17:54Husam of course id cut out the important parts
17:54Husam rafa - yes 1 dollar each
17:54rafa great!!..
17:54rafa how do i order it?
17:54Surferdude rafa: Just go into your LPM and go to the extras section
17:55Husam Surferdude
17:55rafa (i dont have linode yet..was thinking of starting but my only question was that)
17:55Husam i bought an extra ip yesterday
17:55Husam how exactly do i use it? o_O
17:55rafa thanks dude!!
17:55rafa thanks Husam!!!
17:55Husam umm no problem.
17:55rafa se yall
17:55@caker Husam: instructions are on the network info page
17:56Surferdude Husam: is the ip in a diffrent subnet (i.e: the first three numbers octets are diffrent)
17:56Husam mhmm
17:56Surferdude Run this
17:56adamg caker, have those xen release you were waiting for been released?
17:56Surferdude ifconfig eth0:1 <ip here> up
17:57@caker adamg: partly, yes. PAE support has been merged, but is still a little sketchy
17:57Surferdude then if its in a diffrent subnet: route add default gw <gateway ip>
17:57@caker adamg: and a facility to limit disk-io has been implemented
17:57adamg so still waiting for the for the open beta then
17:58adamg implemented by you or the xen team?
17:58@caker adamg: it's included in Xen
17:58adamg nice
17:58@caker adamg: yeah, I want to run the open beta with as close to what we'll be running in production as possible -- PAE support is just too big
17:58adamg similar to what you did or in a better way
17:58@caker not to mention without it, the RAM on the hosts is cut in half
17:59adamg yeah is rather restrictive to only be able to use the first 4 gig
17:59@caker adamg: well, I was going to use network QoS and run disks through iscsi or aoe
17:59@caker adamg: actually, it's closer to 3GB due to how the newer machines' hardware is ...
18:00adamg oh, even worse then
18:01adamg so still a few weeks or more off then
18:02@caker yeah, I'm planning on getting some PAE testing going this weekend .. I don't think many people have tested it, and I think they need to update some of their tools, too
18:02@caker hopefully I can help speed the development up a bit with some testing
18:02--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:02adamg k
18:03@caker I think the only thing left on my end is to implement migration support for Xen .. everything else works nicely
18:03adamg live migration?
18:05@caker no, just the ability to move data from the LVM volumes to another host
18:06@caker also, I'm going to code in support from moving to/fro uml-xen
18:06adamg shame
18:06@caker live migrations requires shared storage
18:07adamg i thought you were going for shared storage
18:07@caker well, first things first -- get Xen into production. I also want to give the Xen guys time to make live migrations bullet proof, along with us time to figure out the best strategy for doing shared storage
18:08adamg k
18:10Husam select all in nano = ?
18:11--- <<-- rafa [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:21Husam caker
18:21Husam check pm
18:21@caker just ask here, please
18:22Husam [04:15] <Husam> i added an ip, and followed instructions on the main page
18:22Husam [04:15] <Husam> rebooted and everything too
18:22Husam [04:15] <Husam> shouldnt i be able to ssh to the second ip now?
18:22@caker Husam: rebooting made the commands you ran go away
18:22Husam :\
18:22Husam it wasnt working before that too, but whatever ill do it gaain
18:22--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
18:22@caker Husam: are your IPs in different subnets?
18:23Husam mhmm
18:23@caker Husam: if so, you need to "route add default gw ga.te.way.1"
18:23Husam did that
18:23@caker Husam: paste ifconfig and "route -n" into pastbin
18:24adamg btw
18:25Husam once this shizniz stops lagging i will
18:26Husam umm
18:26Husam now i cant even ssh into the first IP o_O
18:26Husam gives me connection timed out errors
18:26adamg go in via lish then
18:27warewolf routes are screwy in linode :)
18:27@caker warewolf: huh?
18:27warewolf caker- my dual subnet stuff
18:27warewolf caker- did I show you the ip route command that set it up correctly?
18:27* adamg has never has an issue
18:27@caker Husam: _none_ - Fatal: unable to determine IP address of `_none_'. <--- from your console logs
18:27@caker I've never seen that before
18:27Husam O_O
18:27@caker warewolf: no -- which datacenter, btw?
18:28warewolf um.
18:28warewolf ip route add default scope global nexthop dev eth0 via weight 10 nexthop dev eth0 via weight 1
18:28@caker oh, right
18:28warewolf that should tell you which data center :)
18:28adamg which distro?
18:28warewolf me? redhat
18:28@caker warewolf: afaik, you're the only one that's ever had that "problem"
18:28Husam o_O adamg - im in lish but wtf is it supposed to be and how do i us it? :\
18:28@caker warewolf: actually, the problem you were trying to solve was which IP outgoing mail went out -- hardly a problem with Lindoe's routes
18:28Husam wtf caker? o_O
18:28warewolf caker- well, that's the -right- way to set it up, so the kernel does the correct thing if one router goes down
18:29warewolf caker- it was a kernel multi-homing problem, yeah
18:29Husam how can i fix it?
18:29warewolf caker- so I guess my statment was wrong :)
18:29@caker warewolf: ThePlanet's gateways only accept packets in the same subnet, so you're screwed if one gateway goes down anyway
18:29Husam caker go into my account and do 'hostname'
18:29Husam i think that might help :x
18:29warewolf caker- exactly! that above ip route command will dynamiclly adjust what router the packets go out! :)
18:30@caker warewolf: read my statement again :)
18:30adamg yeah but the router will reject it if it is on a different subnet
18:30@caker Husam: huh? I can't get into your account -- what's the matter?
18:30Husam i cant ssh into my account :\
18:30@caker Husam: log in via Lish
18:30Husam im logged in
18:31Husam but i have no clue wtf it is and how to use it
18:31--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
18:31Husam Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
18:31@caker Husam: (none) login: <-- type in root
18:31@caker Husam: Password: type in your root password
18:32Husam Access denied
18:32Husam oh
18:32Husam i see what you're saying
18:32Husam k im in
18:33adamg now do the ifconfig and route thing to pastebin
18:33@caker I would also check Debian's network config file, too -- that _none_ error message is odd
18:34@caker Husam: at first glance, it looks good -- restart sshd
18:34Husam I r vps newbie
18:34Husam How can i do that?
18:35@caker Husam: /etc/init.d/ssh restart perhaps?
18:35Husam 67:/etc/init.d# ssh restart
18:35Husam ssh: restart: Name or service not known
18:35Husam 67:/etc/init.d# sshd restart
18:35Husam Extra argument restart.
18:35Husam 67:/etc/init.d#
18:35warewolf ./sshd restart
18:35warewolf your path doesn't include .
18:35warewolf (which is a good thing for root)
18:35Husam bash: ./sshd: No such file or directory
18:35adamg UG 0 0 0 eth0
18:35adamg needs removing
18:35warewolf ok, try /etc/init.d/sshd restart
18:36Husam warewolf - tried it
18:36warewolf eg, type out the full path
18:36Husam oh
18:36Husam bash: /etc/init.d/sshd: No such file or directory
18:36warewolf sshd too.
18:36Husam ;x
18:36Husam adamg - i can do that how?
18:36warewolf what distro is this again?
18:36Husam debian
18:36@caker Husam: /etc/init.d/ssh restart <-------------
18:36warewolf eek, debian calls it ssh?
18:37Husam heh
18:37warewolf Husam- type what caker just said
18:37Husam worked
18:37Husam lets see if i can connect now
18:37Husam nope :(
18:37Husam sshd restarted but i still get connection timed out
18:37adamg maybe trying to use that non existant gateway
18:38@caker Husam: # ssh test@
18:38@caker test@'s password:
18:38@caker Worked For Me<tm>
18:39@caker Husam: the other IP worked, as well
18:39Husam why wouldnt it be working for me then? :\
18:39@caker Husam: your ISP block ssh?
18:39Husam never has before
18:40adamg caker was that from inside tp?
18:40@caker adamg: yeah
18:40adamg as it does not work here
18:40adamg tis a route problem
18:40Husam :\
18:40Husam it worked for me too from lish
18:40Husam ^^, probably, cuz it only stopped working after i messed with that stuff
18:41Husam = route info again if you cant find it
18:41--- ---> tsystemsc [] has joined #linode
18:41adamg route to the outside world
18:41adamg i would guess at the .39 been in the route list
18:42Husam ah
18:42Husam i see
18:42Husam how cuold i remove that
18:42adamg try route del
18:43Husam SIOCDELRT: No such process
18:43@caker route delete syntax is a PITA
18:43adamg try route del gw
18:44adamg i have never deleted a route before
18:44Husam doesnt work either
18:44Husam gives me the usage stuff
18:44@caker Husam: You could bring down eth0 and eth0:1, that should remove any/all routes
18:45@caker Husam: ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0:1 down
18:45@caker Husam: then run the four commands to bring them back up with routes
18:45Husam 4 commands = ?
18:45@caker Husam: two ifconfig's and two route add's
18:45Husam oh
18:45Husam ok
18:45Husam ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up
18:46Husam 67:/etc/init.d# ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up
18:46Husam SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address
18:46* adamg goes to find caffine based drink
18:46warewolf caker- mm.
18:46warewolf caker- seems I'm correct
18:47@caker warewolf: impressive :)
18:47@mikegrb lolz
18:47Husam lol
18:47* caker makes a note of that command
18:47@caker warewolf: thanks
18:47warewolf caker- np
18:47warewolf well
18:47warewolf it would be a *perfect* test if you could ACL me out on the router
18:47@caker warewolf: ok, one sec
18:48@caker warewolf: pm me which gw you want killed for your interface
18:48--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
18:48warewolf I'm currently SSH'd in via my second IP
18:49warewolf oh, and lish.
18:49warewolf lish++
18:49warewolf caker- also, I think the routers in that centre accept packets from whatever subnet, they don't seem to care
18:50@caker warewolf:
18:50@caker [root@host46 root]# ebtables -I warewolf_0o 1 -p IPv4 --ip-dst -j DROP
18:50@caker [root@host46 root]# ebtables -I warewolf_0i 1 -p IPv4 --ip-src -j DROP
18:50warewolf looks like I'm still alive
18:50Husam caker - have you given up on me?
18:51@caker Husam: huh?
18:51@caker Husam: bring up eth0 first
18:51Husam im getting
18:51Husam 67:/etc/init.d# ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up
18:51Husam SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address
18:51@mikegrb Husam: bring up eth0 first
18:51@caker warewolf: hmm .. make me wonder what a node would do without your funky command, but with just two default routes
18:52Husam how mikegrb? :|
18:52@caker Husam: NOT eth0:1, eth0
18:52Husam 67:/etc/init.d# ifconfig eth0 netmask up
18:52Husam 67:/etc/init.d#
18:52Husam that?
18:53* caker applauds
18:53* mikegrb gets caker a beer
18:53@caker warewolf: rules removed
18:53adamg mikegrb, something stronger is needed
18:53warewolf caker- it would pick the first route, and ignore the second one.
18:53Husam 67:/etc/init.d# ifconfig eth0 netmask up
18:53Husam 67:/etc/init.d# ifconfig eth0:1 netmask 255.255.2
18:53Husam mmk, now you want me to do the default gw shizniz?
18:53* mikegrb gets caker a bottle of jd
18:53warewolf caker- which was what my linode was doing to my mail
18:54Husam route add default gw ?
18:54@caker Husam: yes, for both gateways
18:54Husam 67:/etc/init.d# route add default gw
18:54Husam SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
18:54Husam argh
18:55@caker Husam: you don't have an IP in 69.18.92
18:55@caker Husam: it's 67.18.92
18:55Husam err
18:55@mikegrb roflz
18:55Husam rofl
18:55Husam k done
18:55Husam everything should be working now?
18:55adamg works here
18:55@caker [root@host9 root]# ping
18:55@caker PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
18:55@caker 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=48.1 ms
18:55@caker ^-- from HE
18:56adamg so looks like it was that other route
18:56warewolf :)
18:56* warewolf grins knowingly
18:56Husam hooray
18:56Husam looks like i can ssh into both ip's
18:56Husam but connection through the additional ip will still be the same thing as connecting through the default ip right?
18:57Husam the only way i use the other ip is by using it in the listen line?
18:59adamg eh?
18:59Husam nevermind
18:59Husam ;x
18:59Husam badly phrased
19:01--- <<-- eco|w [] has quit (Quit: This quit message intentionally left humorless)
19:12encode is there something wrong with the web control panel thingy? i tried to login, but it wouldnt work, i wasnt sure what my password was, so i got it reset, but no email has arrived
19:12Husam :\
19:12encode oh nvm, it just arrived
19:12encode bah @ lag
19:12Husam Speaking of web control panel thingies
19:12Husam Could i get like cpanel or something? :\
19:13encode Husam: sure, but it costs money
19:13Husam how much?
19:13encode not sure, never really looked into it
19:13encode there are OSS solutions, such as webmin
19:20--- <<-- bendy24 [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:20--- ---> bendy24 [] has joined #linode
19:21Surferdude Husam: has a cpanel licence for $15/mth
19:22Husam A 15 day test license has been activated on
19:22Husam how the fuck do i use it O_O
19:36Surferdude Husam: wget
19:36Surferdude sh latest
19:37Husam ?
19:43Surferdude Husam: run those shell commands to install cpanel
19:44Husam err
19:44Husam my bad
19:46tizen hmm...
19:46tizen anyone having probs with their linode
19:47tizen ... its back
19:47Husam i ammmmmmmmmm
19:47Husam :D
19:47Husam wait Surferdude
19:47tizen i meant connectivity wise
19:47Husam does cpanel install apache + php?
19:51Surferdude yes, it installs everything for you
19:52--- <<-- ElectricElf [] has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
19:53--- ---> ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
19:59Husam how do i unrar a .rar file? :\
20:09Husam Surferdude?
20:12adamg hmm how about an out of the box idea and try unrar
20:13Husam lD
20:21--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:23--- ---> TheQ [] has joined #linode
20:23--- ---> Guest6982569 [freebsd@] has joined #linode
20:25TheQ how do i make emails that can be the same username but on two different domains
20:26TheQ like i can have a
20:26TheQ and
20:26TheQ but they are two different accounts.
20:26TheQ and on one server
20:55--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
20:55Husam userdel: unable to lock password file
20:55Husam How do i fix that? :(
20:56kvandivo are you root?
20:56Husam mhmm
20:59* Husam pokes caker and mikegrb
21:01@caker Husam: rm /etc/*.lock
21:01* mikegrb rm's caker
21:01* caker locks mikegrb
21:01Husam rm: cannot remove `/etc/*.lock': No such file or directory
21:01TheQ how do i make email accounts of the same name but different domainsas multiple accounts on the same server
21:01@caker Husam: ls /etc/passwd*
21:01* Surferdude shred's Husam
21:01Surferdude :P
21:02@caker it might be called passwd.lck or something
21:02Husam /etc/passwd /etc/passwd-
21:02Husam :\
21:03@caker Husam: try userdel again
21:04Husam 67:/etc/webmin/apache# userdel cube
21:04Husam userdel: unable to lock password file
21:05@caker strace might be useful
21:05* caker heads out for some KFC
21:05tizen Enjoy caker
21:14--- <<-- tizen [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:14--- ---> tizen [] has joined #linode
21:15--- ---> tuppa [] has joined #linode
21:38Husam useradd: unable to lock password file
21:38Husam This is getting annoying..
21:42JasonF Husam: root?
21:42Husam Yes.
21:42* JasonF hands Husam a redhat large image
21:42@mikegrb JasonF: that won't fix anything
21:43@mikegrb Husam: have you tried googling?
21:43* Husam hides
21:43--- ---> Chang [] has joined #linode
21:43Husam one sec
21:44@mikegrb that should be your first thing to try
21:44@mikegrb irc is a last resort
21:46Husam can't find anything useful atm..
21:49--- <<-- Chang [] has quit (Quit: Chang)
21:50JasonF Husam: did you su to root or su - to root?
21:50--- <<-- TheQ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
21:51Husam English please. :)
21:51Husam su = ?
21:51* JasonF smacks forehead
21:51@mikegrb lolz
21:51Husam lol
21:51Husam I would be doing the same in your position
21:51Husam Like I've said many times before
21:51JasonF I'm going to walk away very slowly
21:51JasonF so I don't start screaming obsenities
21:51Husam The main reason for me buying a VPS was to learn more about Linux. :\
21:52JasonF Husam: you need to read lots and lots and lots and lots of documentation
21:52JasonF when you think you've read enough, read more
21:52Husam :P
21:52Husam Whats su though? :\
21:53@mikegrb "man su"
21:53JasonF my lug site has a whole page on it
21:53Husam good idea
21:53--- ---> Chang [] has joined #linode
21:54Husam JasonF - no i did not su to root
22:00@mikegrb lolz
22:00nybble LOL!
22:00* nybble also smacks forehead
22:00Husam :|
22:01Husam I'm not supposed to, am I?
22:01nybble husam: good luck tho...
22:01nybble no...
22:01nybble your not
22:01Husam ....
22:01Husam k
22:01Husam then
22:01Husam why did you laugh
22:01Husam when i said i didnt?
22:01nybble yea...
22:01nybble i chuckled on the inside..
22:01nybble your trying to install cpanel?
22:02nybble btw, here is a good guide i just found for quickly setting up a server
22:02nybble but it is debian
22:02Husam nybble
22:02Husam Read it.
22:02Husam Foun it a couple days ago
22:02nybble ah, oki.
22:02Husam Very useful
22:02Husam I'm running debian
22:03nybble it is.....
22:03@mikegrb nybble: "but it is debian" <-- debian is bad?
22:03Husam And am i trying to install cpanel? Kinda.
22:03@mikegrb I was under the impression it was best
22:03Husam Kinda gave up ;x
22:03nybble cpanel... do they even provide .deb's?
22:03nybble debian rules!
22:03Husam Well
22:03Husam I just stopped it
22:03nybble ah.
22:03nybble have you tried something called `alien`
22:04* Husam has a sudden urge to reformat
22:05nybble try redhat, or an rpm-based diriv...and you shouldnt have a problem in the world installing Cpanel...
22:05Husam Cpanel isnt a problem trying to install
22:05Husam Thats not what im saying
22:05nybble oh, sorry...
22:05Husam I just started the install
22:05nybble is it working?
22:06Husam Then i was told a bunch of things about how it wasn't a good idea
22:06Husam So i decided against it, and stopped the install
22:06Husam However, i imagine the files are kinda messy atm
22:06Surferdude cPanel dosnt work well on UML
22:06nybble ah. Cpanel isnt really that good...
22:06Husam So I've heard
22:06nybble i run cpanel on a UML over at hostforweb....
22:06Husam Hmm
22:06Husam Should i reformat?
22:06Surferdude They probably dont have the i/o limiter linode uses
22:07nybble ( for those who have never heard of it), but i'm thinking of switching to linode...
22:07nybble ah, most likely not...
22:07tizen nybble: you won't regret it
22:07nybble when i switch to linode, i'll just be hosting one site....
22:07nybble since right now, for $40 i get alot more...
22:08tizen huh?
22:08Surferdude When I tried reselling a linode 128 with cpanel, I hit the i/o limiter instantly and my vps down to a grinding halt
22:08nybble on hostforweb, i get 200gb transfer, 10gb of hd...
22:08nybble with Virtuozzo or some crap like that....
22:08nybble and cpanel
22:08nybble and fantastico.....
22:09nybble and i host about 5-6 domains on it
22:09Surferdude kind of like
22:09nybble and a counterstrike server.....
22:09nybble ya...
22:09nybble kiinda like it
22:09nybble except i'm stuck with redhat 7.x...
22:10Surferdude Heh
22:10Surferdude Thats the problem with virtuozzo
22:10Surferdude it only comes with one o/s template from what I have heard
22:10nybble they just informed me that it was installed. i had no idea...
22:10Surferdude all the others cost crazy amounts of money to the host
22:11Husam rm -rf /* = best way to reformat?
22:11tizen Husam: no
22:11nybble NO!.
22:11Husam What is?
22:11nybble Husam: NOOO!
22:11@mikegrb if your aim is to learn you should use cpanel
22:11Husam I haven't done it yet. :O
22:11@mikegrb er
22:11@mikegrb should not
22:11Husam mikegrb - exactly
22:11@mikegrb as cpanel akes over
22:11Husam part of the reason im reformatting
22:11Surferdude Husam: delete your disk image via the LPM and redeploy
22:11nybble use that panel thing that linode gives you
22:11Husam So I've been told.
22:11@mikegrb what Surferdude said
22:12Husam kk
22:12nybble ya, what he said...
22:12nybble i'll brb....
22:12Surferdude Just got the pricing on virtuozzo
22:12Surferdude they charge $250 EXTRA for a debian template
22:12nybble WHAT that sucks...
22:12nybble bb
22:12nybble *brb
22:13Husam How big should my image size be? Last time i used up the whole disk, will it be better to just use a small portion of it?
22:13--- ---> womble [] has joined #linode
22:13Surferdude Husam: just use all of it, unless you need to create empty filesystems or whatever
22:13Husam k i will
22:13iggy mikegrb: caker: you guys ever seen a uml kernel print out like 3 lines, then just die?
22:14@mikegrb iggy: I haven't, caker's experience is obviously much greater, #uml is also good as jeff dike hangs out in there and is quite helpful
22:15iggy too many channels
22:15iggy I'll google first
22:15@mikegrb okie dokie pokie
22:15@mikegrb also
22:15@mikegrb iggy+
22:15@mikegrb iggy++
22:15@mikegrb iggy+++
22:16iggy what for? asking you then turning to google
22:17@mikegrb well turning to google before jeff
22:17Husam deleting disk images..
22:17@mikegrb it's one thing to be knowledgable and have a good grip on things and ask others if it rings any bells before asking mr google
22:17@mikegrb irc isn't the best place to learn from the beginning though
22:18@mikegrb more for giving one a push when they get stuck finding it on their own
22:18iggy I know enough to be dangerous
22:18iggy hah
22:19iggy the only reference Google has is an irc log from in here
22:19@mikegrb t/hee
22:19iggy it wasn't solved
22:19Husam after booting i got this:
22:19Husam Host Message helper: mount failed: File exists
22:19Husam o_O
22:20@mikegrb Husam: make sure you are using the right configuration profile
22:20@mikegrb likely one of them has no root image
22:29@caker either that, or you're running a non-ext3 filesystem
22:30@mikegrb (:@#linode) hah, which do you think is more likely mr cake
22:30@caker iggy: fix your problem? is this an older UML kernel? Is your /tmp mounted noexec?
22:30@caker (:@#linode) no doubt
22:30@mikegrb (:@#linode) you are so being discuss and admired by an internet icon in #tron
22:30@mikegrb (:@#linode) s/discuss/discussed/
22:31@caker (:@#linode) transcript?
22:31Husam why is my linode so laggy?
22:32@mikegrb (:@#linode)
22:32iggy caker: nope problem not fixed, /tmp is off the rgular fs, and it doesn't seem to be a nptl problem
22:33@caker iggy: kernel version?
22:33iggy I've tried linux-2.6.11-rc3-bk2-uml-compile-fixes-3 and 2.6.9-linode9
22:33@caker hmm
22:33@caker iggy: give a shot
22:34@mikegrb (:@#linode)
22:36iggy 6K/s, I'll let you know
22:36@caker dialup?
22:36iggy sadly no
22:36@mikegrb carrier pigeon
22:36@mikegrb but he has a flock of them
22:36@mikegrb so it is pretty fast for the medium
22:37--- <<-- Surferdude [] has quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different)
22:41iggy that one got farther
22:42iggy Checking syscall emulation patch for ptrace...<0>Kernel panic: check_ptrace : expected SIGTRAP, got status = 256
22:42womble Husam: Perhaps the host your on is heavily loaded, or maybe you're hitting swap pretty hard?
22:42@caker his host looks fine, btw
22:43@caker mostly idle
22:43@caker and he has nothing in swap
22:44@caker iggy: hmm, I've seen that before
22:44womble Probably a network congestion issue in the middle or at the local end then, I'd guess.
22:44@caker iggy: is your host kernel patched w/ SKAS?
22:44iggy yes
22:44--- <<-- FesterCouples [] has quit (Quit: .)
22:44@caker iggy: I think it needs an update
22:45iggy not going to happen, any way around it?
22:45--- ---> wdfbbq [] has joined #linode
22:45@caker iggy:
22:46--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:46@caker iggy:
22:46nybble yay i'm back...
22:47* nybble waves at nybble
22:47@caker iggy: patch is here <-- one liner
22:47nybble hey. off topic question, but has anyone used a Dell Axim X50 before?
22:48nybble i'm thinking about getting one, along with an Inspiron 9300...
22:48@mikegrb nybble: I have an x3
22:49nybble mikegrb: is it a 'dependable' device?
22:49nybble i'm hesitant because it is running windows...
22:50nybble you sync it with windows or linux?
22:50@caker iggy: there might be a kernel switch to disable sysemu -- on your most recent UML kernel, try adding nosysemu to kernel args
22:50--- User: *** wdfbbq is now known as Husam
22:51@mikegrb nybble: it syncs in linux
22:51iggy I'll work on it tomorrow
22:51@mikegrb I bought missing sync to sync with my mac but that has been no go so far
22:51nybble ah, oki...sweet...
22:51@mikegrb it can sync with evolution using syncml
22:51nybble thats good...
22:52@mikegrb windows mobile is actually pretty nice
22:52@mikegrb but compatibility wise palm has better linux support
22:52nybble well, i'm getting an Inspiron 9300, and an Axim X50 to replace my Aging Compaq armada m700 and tungsten e
22:53@mikegrb tungsten e color?
22:53nybble there is only color...
22:53@mikegrb ok
22:53@mikegrb my first pda was an ipaq (the first one that didn't run linux)
22:53nybble THAT sucks!
22:54nybble thats why i want to get an iPaq...because it runs linux
22:54nybble or most of them do atleast
22:54@mikegrb actually wasn't much price differnce to my between color and non color models but went for the gray scale as it was 1/4" thick
22:54@mikegrb which was damn thin for the time
22:54@mikegrb ('99 or '00)
22:54@mikegrb boss had the color version and it was about an inch thick
22:55nybble theres something on the bottom of this page 'bout running linux on the axim
22:55nybble ah...
22:55@mikegrb yeah some of the axims support it
22:55nybble hopefully mine...
22:56@mikegrb mine doesn't and there is only one guy working on it :<
22:56nybble if not.... its ok..
22:56nybble cause the X50's got Wifi and bluetooth...
22:56nybble so i can just do what my dream is...
22:56nybble lie in bed and "write" my blog entries...
22:57nybble mikegrb:
22:57nybble linux on the X3
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59nybble sweet a**
22:59nybble thanks... i didnt realize that link
23:00@mikegrb x50 support will likely progress faster as more people areworking on it
23:00@mikegrb bit nicer hardware, newer, more features etc
23:00nybble yea...
23:00nybble hmmm... is there a firefox for pocketpc yet?
23:01@mikegrb I'm not sure
23:01@mikegrb there are alternatives to pocket ie
23:01@mikegrb don't have much networking stuff on mine as I lack bluetooth or wifi cards for it
23:01nybble ah k...
23:02nybble heh. well i love to geocache and warwalk... so thats why i'm getting the wifi enabled...and the bluetooth enabled...
23:03nybble i'm also getting it through dell financing
23:04@mikegrb mmm geocaching
23:04nybble i *love* geocaching
23:04nybble but i mostly go out at night...
23:04@mikegrb haven't gone since highschool
23:04@mikegrb hah!
23:04nybble so it gets harder.
23:04@mikegrb some of my funnest were at night
23:04nybble yea...
23:05@mikegrb night of prom, 3 in the morning
23:05nybble its always halarious...
23:05@mikegrb lolz
23:05nybble LOL!
23:05@mikegrb "if we go to bed now will be harder to wake up for work"
23:05@mikegrb "let's go geocaching!"
23:05@mikegrb lolz
23:05nybble yea lol...
23:05nybble i've said that millions of times...
23:05nybble "if i go to bed now..."
23:05@mikegrb we had gone to all but two in the area so figured we'd go for one further awway
23:05@mikegrb drove 2 hrs to a small university town
23:05nybble oh god...
23:06@mikegrb cache was on a moutain biking trail the university maintained that was used for contestes and stuff
23:06@mikegrb lolz
23:06nybble lol...
23:06nybble whereabouts?
23:06@mikegrb saw the trails and said damn, we've got to come back with bikes
23:06@mikegrb so we did
23:06@mikegrb Stillwater, OK
23:06nybble i c...
23:06@mikegrb one of the lakes outside of town
23:06nybble sweet...
23:06@mikegrb was a weird night too
23:06nybble heh, i mostly cached during the winter....
23:07@mikegrb drove 30 minutes straight, no turns (with gps!) and yet passed same landmark several times
23:07nybble woods around here are especially "eery" at night...
23:07@mikegrb lolz
23:07nybble lol!
23:07@mikegrb hiked like 10 miles to get to it
23:07@mikegrb figured we'd just follow the trail and eventually we would get there
23:07@mikegrb saw the bread crumb tail on the gps when we got there and decided to just go through the woods to get out
23:08nybble thats what i do...
23:08@mikegrb ended up being about 1.5 - 2 miles that way
23:08@mikegrb but we ended up having to build a bridge over a large stream :/
23:08@mikegrb still fun though
23:08nybble yea...
23:09nybble heh riding in the snow on the side of a cliff for a few miles...
23:09nybble is fun...
23:09nybble then you hit down hill, and dont bother to brake..WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
23:09nybble instant speed!
23:09@mikegrb you shouldn't do drugs
23:10@mikegrb lolz
23:10nybble lol!
23:10nybble thought you would catch that one :P
23:11nybble heh, if i wasnt making 25 gbs of transfer biweekly, i'd so switch to linode :(
23:11--- <<-- Chang [] has quit (Quit: Chang)
23:12linbot New news from forums: Database performance tuning in Performance and Tuning <>
23:13nybble that thing is sweet,
23:13nybble that a custom bot?
23:13@caker !version
23:13linbot caker: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.80.0pre2. The newest version available online is 0.83.0rc2.
23:13* linbot licks nybble
23:14@mikegrb lolz
23:14nybble lol...
23:14nybble it LICKED me!
23:14nybble AHHHH!
23:14nybble ewwwwwwwwwwwww...
23:14* nybble licks linbot
23:14nybble so hah!
23:14* Battousai slaps nybble on the bum
23:14* nybble pocks Battousai with a milk carton
23:15--- ---> Electric1lf [] has joined #linode
23:15--- <<-- ElectricElf [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:15nybble *pokes
23:17nybble hehe...
23:17nybble tra la la la la
23:18nybble mikegrb: so what distro and version of linux do you run?
23:18nybble (on your desktop)
23:18nybble i'm looking to switch now...
23:19@mikegrb ubuntu on desktop
23:19@mikegrb debian else where
23:19nybble ah..
23:20nybble gues i'm not switching from what i already have :P
23:22nybble ubuntu is quite nice...
23:22@mikegrb indeed
23:24nybble now that i'm learning how to code with gtk
23:24nybble since its a mainly gnome distreo
23:24nybble *distro
23:24--- ---> Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
23:24nybble i've tried 'kubuntu'...
23:24Dreamer3 hey :)
23:24nybble its o/k
23:24nybble but slow
23:24* nybble waves to Dreamer3
23:24Dreamer3 anyone doing any mass virtual hosting with lighttpd here?
23:25nybble i'm not...
23:25@caker Dreamer3: hello
23:25Dreamer3 hey caker :-)
23:25Dreamer3 caker: i finally got that account ;-)
23:25Dreamer3 caker: extremely impressed so far
23:25* nybble would get it, but that would require first a credit card...
23:25@caker Dreamer3: signed up today?
23:26Dreamer3 caker: yesterday... josh@dwg...
23:26@caker nybble: paypal does a virtual credit card thing
23:26Dreamer3 caker: i find it annoying i can't delete or resize images while my box is booted (even if i'm not using them) but that's the only gripe so far :-)
23:27nybble i think i was told that earlier
23:27@caker Dreamer3: not even real linux allows you to resize an online partition (Fedora has some ext3 hackery, but I don't trust it)
23:27nybble but for some reason, my paypal account *was* verified, but for some reason it is....
23:27nybble and it needs to be verified to use it
23:27@caker Dreamer3: any you *can* delete an online partition, but it doesn't really go away until you shutdown
23:28Dreamer3 caker: you can with reiserfs... but i'm not talking onlnie... i'm just talking a disk image that's not connected to anything... i created one just to test... and i can't delete it or resize it... even thoguh my box doesn't knwo about it yet... am i missing something?
23:28@caker Dreamer3: You should be able to delete it, but not resize
23:28Dreamer3 caker: well, the delete is queued... maybe it was just taking it's time, but didn't seem to be happening :)
23:29Dreamer3 anyway, minor complains :-)
23:29Dreamer3 i'm not doing anything with the box yet, but upgraded to sarge and setting a ton of stuff up, great speed so far
23:30@caker Dreamer3: JobID: 163445 - Disk Delete [21108] Status Success
23:30Dreamer3 caker: ah :) well, taking it's time then :-)
23:30nybble anyone have a page on that vitrual credit thing?
23:30* Dreamer3 smiles.
23:30@caker Dreamer3: yeah, I noticed a swap thrasher on your host about 10 minutes ago
23:30@caker Dreamer3: which I took care of
23:30Dreamer3 swap thrasher, eh? what'd you do?
23:30@caker Dreamer3: it was probably keeping the job queue from running
23:30Dreamer3 caker: ah, queue is load based?
23:31--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:31@caker Dreamer3: no, but it ends up waiting on disk IO
23:31@caker Dreamer3: I use this: he
23:31@caker (redo)
23:31nybble anyone?
23:31* Dreamer3 nods.
23:31Dreamer3 caker: i read a lot about the various patches and stuff you use a long time ago :)
23:32Dreamer3 caker: and i've been here before... your site seem the most info filled of other UML places I looked at.. at least a long time ago... when it was time... there wasn't any doubt :-)
23:32@caker nybble:
23:32@caker Dreamer3: I remember you, don't worry :)
23:33Dreamer3 caker: how bout that planet network outage the other day? ;-)
23:33nybble brtb thanks
23:33@caker Dreamer3: you mean their power failure two months ago?
23:33Dreamer3 caker: has it been that long? like 1 hour downtime, 5amish
23:34@caker Dreamer3: hmm, that one was bad -- much longer
23:34Dreamer3 everyone was like "where's caker"... *laughs* i came here first to confirm...
23:34Dreamer3 i don't recall an outage 2 months ago... must have been at just your datacenter...
23:34Dreamer3 our ded box is at the old dc
23:34@caker same with mine, I thought
23:34@caker DC2
23:34@caker anyway, gnarly details are still here:
23:36Dreamer3 caker: i think it's the same outage... but DC1 wasn't affected tha tlong
23:37@caker <-- Wow.
23:38Dreamer3 caker: *coughs* and goes to read
23:40@caker I didn't realize AMD had almost 17% market share in PC processors
23:40@caker seems about right, I suppose
23:41Dreamer3 caker: wow... is OS X starts to run on x86 and they open it up to non Apple hardware...
23:41@mikegrb they sure do a good job at giving things a go for such a little guy in the market
23:41@caker mikegrb: AMD?
23:41@mikegrb Dreamer3: there was non apple ppc harware
23:41@mikegrb caker: ja
23:41@mikegrb Dreamer3: apple pretty much put a stop to the clones
23:41Dreamer3 mikegrb: well, yeah, but that's hardly x86 ;-)
23:41@caker mikegrb: their market cap is 6.7 billion :)
23:42@mikegrb caker: yeah
23:42@mikegrb big market
23:42Dreamer3 amd is great
23:42@mikegrb and expensive market to be in
23:42@mikegrb otherwise there would be more people
23:43* mikegrb thinks about the cost of taking a general purpose cpu suitable for desktops from design to manufacture
23:43* mikegrb 's head kerplodes
23:44@caker heh
23:45@mikegrb I had an electronics instructor in the navy
23:45@mikegrb a chief
23:45* Dreamer3 yawns.
23:45@mikegrb he had three months left in the navy and no college degree
23:45* Dreamer3 needs a lighttpd expert
23:45@mikegrb was going to work for an IC manufacturer for over 100k a year starting out
23:45--- User: *** Guest6982569 is now known as MrX
23:45Dreamer3 is apache2 solid yet with php?
23:45@mikegrb I think tjfontaine is using lighttpd
23:46Dreamer3 mikegrb: i'm trying to migrate from apache, and man is it complicated... using too many of those apache cool features
23:46nybble back
23:47Dreamer3 mod_rewrite is what i'm choking on now... that plus trying to find an easy way to do .domain -> www.domain mappings without being explicit, etc...
23:47nybble caker: thanks for the info on VDebit from paypal
23:48Dreamer3 rails has got me used to not repeating myself and seems silly to have directories named the domain and still have to make symlinks or all sorts of hassle for www.
23:48linbot tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies
23:48@caker nybble: np
23:48* nybble licks linbot again!
23:48@caker I still need to see what all this Ruby on rails stuff is all about
23:49nybble caker: i did not realize paypal did this...
23:49nybble sweet.
23:49nybble i can shop in a lot more places now
23:49* Dreamer3 thinks i need to write a journal or something and publish my methods when i'm done
23:49@caker there's a never ending flamewar going on on my local LUG mailing list (nlug)
23:49Dreamer3 caker: it's awesome
23:49Dreamer3 caker: about rails?
23:49@caker Dreamer3: yes
23:49@mikegrb caker: it's like mod_perl or mod_php but for ruby
23:49Dreamer3 caker: why?
23:49@mikegrb speaking of mod_perl ...
23:49* mikegrb runs
23:49@caker Dreamer3: *shrug* .. I gave up on NLUG long ago
23:49Dreamer3 mikegrb: do you use rails? i wouldn't call that a good explanation :)
23:50@mikegrb Dreamer3: oh, no
23:50Dreamer3 mikegrb: since there is mod_ruby... and mod_ruby != rails :-)
23:50@mikegrb rails is a full server then?
23:50@caker !rails?
23:50linbot It has been said that rails is a full-stack, open-source web framework in Ruby for writing real-world applications with joy and less code than most frameworks spend doing XML sit-ups, caker
23:50Dreamer3 mikegrb: rails is a app development framework... it just "makes sense"... and does a lot of complicated lifting for you... you worry about the app, not the backend
23:50@caker linbot: botsnack
23:50linbot thanks caker :)
23:51Dreamer3 mikegrb: some of their incredible production apps are less 1,000 lines of code
23:51Dreamer3 mikegrb: i think backpack ( was 700 lines at launch
23:51Dreamer3 speaking of 37signals
23:51@mikegrb interesting
23:52@mikegrb how is it on resources?
23:52Dreamer3 mikegrb: well, it's ruby, so it's interpretted... but not bad with lighttpd
23:52@mikegrb yeah, but php and perl are interpretted
23:52nybble wow. i'm getting an account as soon as paypal put that feature back online
23:52Dreamer3 mikegrb: i think it holds it's own when configured properly
23:53@mikegrb just curious if it is more along those lines resource wise or more like mono
23:53Dreamer3 mikegrb: i'm not sure :)
23:53Dreamer3 mikegrb: i know the main push isn't low resource use, but ease of development
23:53@mikegrb indeed
23:53@mikegrb which is a notable goal
23:53@mikegrb and is same with mono
23:54@mikegrb resources not being as expensive as they once were
23:54linbot Do you, *YOU* ... feel like I do?
23:54@mikegrb but on things like a linode, well you know
23:54@mikegrb linbot: always
23:54@mikegrb linbot: there is a little bit of you in all of us
23:54linbot But there is the best shot of him or an exception for coinage, mikegrb.
23:54Dreamer3 mikegrb: well, RoR is on my list of things to setup
23:54nybble linbot: i always do...
23:54nybble RoR?
23:54Dreamer3 mikegrb: we have a lot of low-use sites and apps
23:55@mikegrb Dreamer3: I will be interest in hearing how it goes
23:55@mikegrb may play with it some
23:55@mikegrb wrote some nice c# stuff and served it with mod_mono on my linode
23:55Dreamer3 mikegrb: well, first just getting virtual hosting working with logging and log analysis to my full satisfaction
23:55@mikegrb but just a bit to resource hungry to put into wider use
23:56Dreamer3 right now i'm trying to figure out the best way to rewrite domains without the help of apache's mod-rewrite
23:57nybble mikegrb, caker: how the heck does this signup page work? just randomly decides what is availible? or goes by resources? or by your control?
23:57--- ---> dan [] has joined #linode
23:57@mikegrb there was an alternatice to mod-rewrite called octopus or some such
23:57Dreamer3 nybble: it's system controlled i assume
23:57@mikegrb wonder if it has a compatible version
23:57Dreamer3 nybble: i signed up and the # went down :)
23:57@caker nybble: automated
23:57nybble sweet
23:57--- User: *** dan is now known as dann
23:57Dreamer3 mikegrb: well, it has to be for lighttpd, i really don't want to use apache if i can avoid it
23:57nybble are you guys leniant when you go over your transfer? or a strict shutdown
23:58@caker nybble: lenient
23:58@mikegrb nybble: we imidiatly dispatch hit men
23:58nybble ohoki...
23:58nybble sweet!
23:58@mikegrb to secure limbs as collateral
23:58Dreamer3 caker: are we billed for additiona transfer then at the going rate, or how's it work?
23:58nybble i love hired goons
23:58dann Anyone know if weekends will effect the time it takes for an account to be activated?
23:58@mikegrb dann: not for you
23:58Dreamer3 dann: yeah, caker would know :)
23:58@mikegrb Dreamer3: since you are special
23:58nybble dann: i second that
23:59@caker Dreamer3: if it's significantly over, billed at the one and only rate -- overages aren't more expensive
23:59@mikegrb at linode all of our customers are special to us
23:59@caker ... than if you pre-paid
23:59@mikegrb we hand make each one of the christmas cards and such
23:59* Dreamer3 nods to caker.
23:59nybble christmas cards?
23:59nybble sweet...
23:59nybble goons, christmas cards,
23:59@caker mikegrb: bad mike :)
23:59nybble i cant go wrong!
---Logclosed Sat Jun 04 00:00:03 2005