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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-06-04

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00:00@mikegrb caker: best be hiring a christmas card maker!
00:00dann caker, weekends effect the amount of time for an account to be activated/approved? :)
00:00@mikegrb caker: it's in print now!
00:00@mikegrb dann: welcome
00:00nybble heh, i've been considering the switch to you guys for a year...
00:00@mikegrb dann: you are now our newest activated customer
00:00Dreamer3 nybble: switch from what?
00:00@caker Dreamer3: generally, no
00:00* Dreamer3 doesn't know why anyone with sysadmin expertise wouldn't have a linode
00:00@caker er
00:00dann nice!
00:00@caker dann: generally no
00:01nybble hostforweb VPS (, the first package is what i have
00:01* Dreamer3 laughs.
00:01Dreamer3 caker: was tryign to figure out what that was for
00:01Dreamer3 caker: so, why no big linodes, waiting on new servers?
00:01@caker Dreamer3: I have five new hosts here, actually
00:02@caker Dreamer3: which I'll likely send a few out early this week
00:02@mikegrb Free Fantastico DeLuxe! <-- but is it that much more fantastico then your own personal christmas card?
00:02* Dreamer3 nods.
00:02Dreamer3 caker: great! :)
00:02@mikegrb lolz
00:02nybble lol!
00:02Dreamer3 caker: i might need a bigger linode soon :)
00:02@mikegrb caker: I never stipulated that the christmas cards existed in the real world!
00:02@caker mikegrb: some people don't believe in Christmas :)
00:02nybble fantastico is an inconvenience at best
00:02@mikegrb caker: I have until december to write a perl script to generate a holliday card for each customer personally
00:03nybble hey, where is linode "located"
00:03@caker nybble: I'm in Nashville, TN, Mike is in Pensacola, FL, the two datacenters machines are in are Dallas, TX and Fremont, CA :)
00:03@mikegrb nybble: at every exit on the information super highway!
00:04@caker haha
00:04JasonF and he'll have a support tech in Raleigh soon, right Chris?
00:04* JasonF winks
00:04Dreamer3 hey JasonF
00:04@mikegrb convienatly located for easy access from anyware in the cyber spaces
00:06nybble ah..
00:06nybble just wonderin
00:06nybble sweet...
00:06nybble mikegrb: great sense of humour
00:06* Dreamer3 thinks maybe his default lighttpd domain should detect and do routing for parked or subdomains...
00:08nybble brb again
00:08@mikegrb nybble: they are using virtuozozozozo so I think you would be happy with the difference compared to uml
00:09@caker nybble: did you mean dann?
00:10@caker oh, never mind -- read wrong :)
00:10@mikegrb you are so going to get fired with wild acusations like that continue
00:10@mikegrb s/with/if/
00:11* caker has the powa
00:11@mikegrb oh, right.
00:12Battousai mikegrb: :)
00:12@mikegrb roflz
00:12Battousai rofl
00:13@caker how much are you willing to spend on a treo?
00:13encode wVjMwSTotLtJ
00:13encode ooh whoops
00:13@caker encode: better change that quick :)
00:14encode caker: already did
00:14encode before i pasted
00:14encode that was hours ago
00:14encode clearly i hadnt changed the clipboard since then
00:14Battousai heh
00:17nybble back
00:18nybble mikegrb: i hate being stuck with redhat 7.2/7.3
00:18nybble i want debian!
00:18@mikegrb mmm debian
00:18nybble yes, debian of the ausome
00:19nybble and i'm tired of their cpanel constantly "updating" my apache, but from source, so it screws up all my rpm-ness
00:19--- <<-- MrX [freebsd@] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
00:20nybble mikegrb: and plus, its overkill for what i'm hosting now...
00:20nybble mikegrb: which is two blogs, and an aggregator for them...
00:21nybble at the time when i got it, i was hosting about 6 domains
00:22nybble dang paypal...We're sorry. Due to heavy site load, this feature is unavailable at this time. Please try again in 24 hours.
00:22nybble for the virtual mastercard
00:27@caker "cd -" is the best command ever
00:28@mikegrb it so is
00:28@mikegrb caker: did you know there is a stack of directories you can push onto and pop off
00:28@mikegrb to move arounhd
00:28@caker mikegrb: yup -- I rarely use them
00:28@mikegrb same
00:28@caker mikegrb: history and cd - make things easier
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00:28@mikegrb I rarely use history :<
00:29@caker mikegrb: control-r is your friend!
00:29Dreamer3 nybble: we host 25 sites and i'm thinking cpanel is overkill :)
00:29@mikegrb it's one of those things if I used it just a little bit more to get used to using it I wouldn't be able to go back
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00:29@mikegrb like finally switching to vim a few months ago for everything
00:29@caker from?
00:29JasonF NANO!
00:29@mikegrb well still open nano on ocassion for a quick edit of a text file
00:29JasonF go nano go nano go nano go
00:29warewolf nano is evil
00:29@mikegrb but it is getting rarer and rarer
00:30warewolf do you use pine?
00:30@mikegrb I use mutt
00:30warewolf if yes, you need to stop
00:30@mikegrb I use mutt
00:30@mikegrb only free software!
00:30* mikegrb hides his laptop
00:30warewolf I use .. well, I used to use MHN.
00:30warewolf my mail reader was less.
00:31@caker heh
00:31warewolf and vi for composition
00:32nybble dreamer3: wow...
00:32nybble dreamer3: what were you on?
00:33@caker crack
00:33Dreamer3 nybble: i have a ded server currently
00:33Dreamer3 caker: ouch, that hurt ;-)
00:33Dreamer3 nybble: we have 1,000gig to use, and use 7gig a month :)
00:35nybble dreamer3: holy crap
00:36* Dreamer3 laughs.
00:36nybble dreamer3: we have like 200, the only site on the server that gets traffic is my site, since i've been digg'ed, googled etc..
00:36nybble and i was hosting some fairly large video files for a little while (Systm:
00:36* Dreamer3 nods.
00:37nybble of like 30 gigs of transfer in two days
00:41* Dreamer3 nods.
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00:47@mikegrb lolz
00:47nybble lol
00:51nybble so, why dont you guys take straight paypal?
00:55thelsdj nybble: i managed to do 10gb of systm in 2 hours heh
00:56dann paypal is fun to deal with, with their random double call-backs and other such issues :)
00:57nybble wow.
00:57nybble thelsdj: wow...
00:57thelsdj nybble: i started it 5 minutes after first ep was released
00:57nybble whats your site?
00:58nybble i didnt have it till the morningafter...
00:58thelsdj i don't have anything on there really,
00:58nybble i ended up going out and getting drunk......
00:58thelsdj don't use it for much
00:58nybble ya...
00:58Dreamer3 caker: this is weird
00:59nybble i didnt used to use my site either
00:59thelsdj wow its real scary that one of the torrents on my tracker has a seed
00:59Dreamer3 caker: i can't ping my deb from linode, but i can from home
00:59thelsdj i put that torrent up a year ago
00:59Dreamer3 and now it's working again
00:59thelsdj and its got a freakin seed
00:59@mikegrb lolz
00:59thelsdj lol
00:59thelsdj i haven't touched my tracker in like 8 months and theres still people tryin to grab some files that will never have a seed
01:00nybble i get an error...
01:00thelsdj wat kinda error?
01:00nybble Error: rejected by tracker - Tracker/database error
01:01nybble wow. i keep forgetting i have a sourceforge account
01:01nybble i haevnt worked on my cms in months
01:03nybble anyone here have any dell laptops/axims?
01:03Battousai hell no
01:03nybble i understand...
01:03nybble i'm hesitant aswell...
01:03nybble but they offer financing...
01:03dann I have an XPS Gen 2 laptop.
01:03nybble know of any other places that do?
01:04Battousai circuit city
01:04thelsdj i have an averatec laptop from walmart
01:04thelsdj pretty good heheheh
01:04nybble i live in canada... :(
01:04nybble or i'd get these sweet wall mart deals
01:04Battousai circuit...province?
01:04nybble ontari
01:04nybble *ontario
01:04dann nybble: whereabouts in Canada? I'm from BC.
01:04Battousai the leafs suck
01:04nybble dann: hamilton, ontario
01:04dann Yeah, leafs suck.
01:04dann ;)
01:05Battousai so do the canucks
01:05nybble thelsdj: tracker error: rejected torrent
01:05dann Now it's on.
01:05@mikegrb lolz
01:05nybble lol!
01:05nybble well its now settled...
01:05dann Where you from Battousai?
01:05thelsdj nybble: were you trying to create one? or download an existing one?
01:05nybble inspiron 9300, and dell axim x50
01:05nybble download one
01:05thelsdj nybble: my tracker only allows ones i've added
01:05thelsdj hrm
01:05Battousai dann: eastern pennsylvania, about an hour north of philly
01:05thelsdj weird
01:05@mikegrb nybble: apple has financing
01:06nybble business financeing
01:06nybble thats it
01:06nybble or thats what i'd be doing
01:06nybble i prefer apple over everything else!
01:06@mikegrb nybble: apple has financing for the bus comapnies
01:06@mikegrb and other businesses
01:06--- <<-- womble [] has quit (Quit: Gorn)
01:06@mikegrb just not on the website I think
01:06@mikegrb may need to call them
01:06Battousai i wish linode had financing
01:06nybble they stopped personal financing
01:06@mikegrb oh>
01:06@mikegrb odd
01:06nybble they do.. you give them money, and they give you service
01:06@mikegrb how long ago?
01:07nybble like last year
01:07Battousai i meant free-service financing :)
01:07@mikegrb my ibook isn't quite a year old I think
01:07nybble my g/f bought an ibook....
01:07nybble did you get it financed?
01:07dann The only place I could find good financing in Canada was the Dell page.. I looked for a good month.
01:07@mikegrb Battousai: you'd be suprised how many people think that and email asking for it
01:07@mikegrb nybble: I so did
01:08Battousai nybble: you dont have any best buys up there do you?
01:08@mikegrb Apple Credit Account - payments as low as
01:08@mikegrb $34 per month
01:08@mikegrb Apple Credit Account -
01:08@mikegrb payments as low as
01:08@mikegrb $39 per month
01:08dann we have futureshop, which is owned by best buy
01:08Battousai 17" too big
01:09* mikegrb has a nice compact ibook
01:09dann first best buy just opened up over in Vancouver about a month ago, out here in the west at least
01:09nybble its something i think there are bestbuys
01:09@mikegrb wish it was smaller and more portable
01:09* mikegrb runs
01:09Battousai the best buy around here does financing
01:09Battousai but it's not cheap
01:09@mikegrb yeah all the best buys do
01:09nybble and radioshack up here is owned by circuit city,
01:10nybble and as of tongith, they are now 'the source'
01:10dann I noticed the local radio shack up here had the name The Source
01:10Battousai you mean like that old white guy in the matrix?
01:10dann Didn't know what that was all about.
01:10nybble WHAT?
01:10nybble when did they offer that!
01:10@mikegrb nybble: so yeah, apple still offers financing, it's all over their website
01:11nybble it must be just in the states?
01:11@mikegrb nybble: find the one you want and it shows big red "Apple Credit Account -- !!! only 12412/month"
01:11@mikegrb maybe so
01:11@caker AFAIK, they always have offered financing
01:11nybble they have...
01:12nybble yea..
01:12nybble its just in the states
01:12@mikegrb lolz
01:12Battousai lol
01:12encode bah, sif only in the states
01:12nybble that doesnt show up on the canada store website
01:12encode comeon apple, ppl live elsewhere besides the US
01:12Battousai lies!
01:13nybble yea...
01:13nybble it Sucks!
01:13encode like .au
01:13Battousai if you call that living
01:13encode :P
01:14* taupehat would like some bread and some cheese, eh... and some gasoline while you're at it. Oh, I've gotta go get me some free healthcare,bbl =P
01:14nybble (3) The credit card for the Apple Credit Account is available to qualified U.S. residents from Juniper Bank or Direct Merchants Credit Card Bank, N.A.? The rates, fees, and costs of the Juniper and Direct Merchants Bank offers differ. See terms and conditions for more information.
01:14nybble sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
01:14nybble free healthcare!
01:14Battousai apple provides healthcare now?
01:14encode hahah
01:15nybble i wish
01:15nybble i'd get moulded with a powermac
01:15Battousai yeah thats good
01:15Battousai until they cram a fan up your ass
01:15nybble there will always be a draft up my skirt..
01:15nybble err...
01:15nybble pants..
01:15nybble yet pants
01:15nybble *yes pants
01:16Battousai tweenis 12!
01:16@mikegrb lolz
01:16nybble lol
01:16thelsdj urg need to be up all night doing postgresql upgrade
01:16* Battousai loves futurama
01:16@mikegrb Junior Bank!
01:16Battousai senior credit union!
01:16@mikegrb nybble: people from canadia don't need financing what with all the savings on staying alive
01:16@mikegrb free apples for all!!!
01:17@mikegrb let's keep those doctors in amerika!
01:17@mikegrb (I like canadaia
01:17@mikegrb )
01:17nybble yea...
01:17nybble i guess.
01:17nybble :(
01:17Battousai we cant use canadian doctors
01:17nybble i could lease it...
01:17Battousai because, like the flu shot, they're laced with biochemical agents
01:17nybble just have to register my website as a business
01:17@mikegrb Battousai: get me a treo for fathers day and I'll <3 u a bunch
01:18Battousai mikegrb: how much?
01:18@mikegrb 600
01:18Battousai hmm
01:18@mikegrb but I'll give you at least 1200 worth <3
01:18nybble <3 ?
01:18encode hahaha
01:18@mikegrb good investment
01:18@mikegrb you sell on ebay
01:18@mikegrb many profits
01:19Battousai looks like a blackberry
01:19Battousai except not sucky
01:19nybble a bunch of <insert what it is>?
01:19@mikegrb yeah
01:19@mikegrb nybble: LOTS
01:19@mikegrb I think the cat peed on my blanket
01:19Battousai that's verizon only?
01:19@mikegrb Battousai: sprint!
01:19nybble LittleOceanTravelersSociety?
01:19@mikegrb but I have been sitting on my blanket
01:20Battousai all glory to the hypnotoad!
01:20nybble mikegrb: LittleOceanTravelersSociety?
01:21@mikegrb we are on an ocean?
01:21nybble i think?
01:21dann I have a Blackberry.. its a paperweight.
01:21@mikegrb dann: that's waht I hear
01:21nybble i'm sacred...
01:21nybble *scared...
01:21Battousai heh
01:21nybble err...both!
01:21Battousai a cingular guy actually had to talk my mom out of buying one
01:22Battousai of course, the siemens voice pda's are out now
01:22dann my friends had a hell of a time with his Treo as well
01:22dann constant reboots, he's had to hard reset it a ton of times now.
01:23nybble eww
01:23nybble and i was thinking of getting one of those before i decided on the axim
01:23Battousai get one of the $8000 or whatever sharp imports
01:23Battousai with the clamshell
01:23Battousai c8something
01:24nybble APPLE CAMP!
01:24Battousai i read that as ape clamp somehow
01:24nybble ape clamps!
01:24@mikegrb dann: I haven't read a negative review yet
01:25@mikegrb I have read reviews with cons in them but all of the reviews I've read recommend them
01:25nybble *buys some ape clamps*
01:26@mikegrb lolz
01:26encode lol
01:26--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
01:26Battousai mikegrb: this place needs you_wish back
01:27@mikegrb Battousai: /win 1
01:27* nybble asks "What/Whom is you_wish?"
01:27@mikegrb or are you one of those generation xchatters
01:27nybble XChat!
01:27taupehat clickety
01:28* mikegrb doubleclicks taupehat's taupe hat
01:28* taupehat resets mikegrb's peer
01:28nybble i'm going to find some food
01:30nybble any suggestiions on dining ideas?
01:30dann sushi
01:31nybble besides that
01:31ZubonDo navratan korma
01:31ZubonDo and masala dosas
01:31nybble *is scared*
01:31ZubonDo scared of what?
01:31ZubonDo food?
01:32@mikegrb mmm Pants Ave
01:32nybble a little
01:32nybble it tries to burn me some times
01:33nybble brb eating now
01:33* nybble is away: I'm busy
01:33@mikegrb what are you eating?!?!
01:38Battousai tom sawyer, you tricked me
01:38ZubonDo "I was always eh... kinda wanted like to consider myself kind of a pioneer of the palate. A restaurateur if you will. I’ve wined, dined, sipped and supped in some of the most demonstrably demi-epitomable bistros in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. Eh-he-he-he... Yeah, I’ve had strange looking pattie melts at Norm’s. I’ve had dangerous veal cutlets at the Copper Penny. Well, what you get is a breaded Salisbury steak and a Shake‘n’Bake, and ...
01:39ZubonDo ... topped with a provocative sauce of Velveeta and half-and-half..., eh-he-he-he. Smothered with Campbell’s tomato soup. He-he-he-he... You see, I had kind of a eh... well, I ordered my veal cutlet, Christ it left the plate and it walked down to the end of the counter. (...?...) waitress (...?...), boy she’s wearing those rhinestone glasses with the little pearl thing clipped on her sweater. The veal cutlet come down trying to beat the shit out of my ...
01:39ZubonDo ... cup of coffee but... Coffee just wasn’t strong enough to defend itself. Eh-he-he-he..."
01:40ZubonDo ^-- nybble's dinner
01:40@mikegrb thank
01:40@mikegrb s
01:42linbot THE RIVER
01:43@caker Tom Sawyer++
01:43Battousai :)
01:46thelsdj red barchetta and the body electric are both great sci-fi songs by rush hehe
01:55* caker curses wiki spam
02:17nybble finally i'm bback
02:18nybble i'm going to sleep though..
02:18nybble night
02:18* nybble is away: Sleeping
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03:03Dreamer3 ok
03:04Dreamer3 now i'm interesting in simple mail server +vhost+pop+imap+quota+spamassan tutorials :)
03:06warewolf meh
03:06warewolf that's what I've basically got setup, minus the quota part.
03:06Dreamer3 warewolf: what mail server?
03:06warewolf but I thikn that what I've got is a bit of an overloaded linode 64 :)
03:07warewolf the mail software I use is: sendmail, and dovecot.
03:07Dreamer3 warewolf: i'm goign to push mine to the max... almost got my web services (-rails), php, mysql, and i'm at 20mb
03:07Dreamer3 sendmail *shivers*
03:07warewolf I stopped using mysql
03:07warewolf it was making too much IO
03:07Dreamer3 hmmm?
03:07Dreamer3 what do you use now?
03:08warewolf I don't.
03:08Dreamer3 *laughs*
03:08* warewolf skitters off to watch anime before going to bed
03:08Dreamer3 oh! i want to be able to add and remove addresses using SQL... so that might not be like your setup either :)
03:08warewolf mm
03:08warewolf no, I don't have any sql stuff tied into my mail.
03:09Dreamer3 flat text files aren't very text
03:09warewolf my mail setup is complex and simple at the same time
03:09* Dreamer3 nods
03:09warewolf I've got a handfull of domains, and 2 mailboxes all the mail goes into
03:09warewolf (that's the simple part)
03:09Dreamer3 ah
03:09warewolf then I have spamassassin, clamav, and 37 dns rbls.
03:09warewolf I hate spam.
03:10warewolf oh
03:10warewolf I also have sender-id verification, and spf verification too.
03:10warewolf oh, and domain keys.
03:10warewolf yis.
03:10warewolf I hate spam.
03:10warewolf and you shiver at sendmail.
03:10Dreamer3 *laughs*
03:11Dreamer3 you sould be able to do most of that with other MTAs, no?
03:11warewolf probally
03:11warewolf ask anyone (but me) here
03:11warewolf they'll know :)
03:11Dreamer3 *laughs*
03:11Dreamer3 i'll be using postfix or exim
03:11warewolf I use sendmail because it's what I know, and (as you can see) I can tweak the fsck out of it.
03:13* Dreamer3 nods.
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10:51--- User: *** sadefasade is now known as jekil
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11:30nybble i'm back!
11:30nybble tra la la la la la
11:31* nybble pokes mikegrb, caker, dreamer3
12:05@caker hello
12:16@mikegrb mmm cake
12:16bendy24 mmm cake
12:19Battousai up your butt, jobu
12:27--- ---> adamg [] has joined #linode
12:39--- ---> gpd [] has joined #linode
12:44--- <<-- sunny [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
12:47--- ---> Guest43 [] has joined #linode
12:48--- User: *** adamg is now known as Guest9
12:48--- User: *** Guest43 is now known as adamg
12:53gpd Is there anyone here that can bump up my token_refill and token_max?
12:55--- <<-- Guest9 [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
12:58gpd I only have token_refill of 100 (normally 512) :-(
13:01adamg you would have been thrashing then and lowered down to stop you effecting other users
13:02gpd I know but I have fixed the problem...
13:03gpd should I submit a support ticket for this?
13:03gpd or will it get put back automatically?
13:05@caker gpd: I'll fix it for you
13:06gpd Thanks caker :-)
13:11--- <<-- Newsome [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
13:36gpd I'm looking for a script to email me when my linode starts thrashing... any thoughts?
13:37--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
13:41Battousai 48.6MB transfer already. i better slow down :)
13:42--- <<-- Battousai [] has quit (Quit: KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia')
13:57--- <<-- Newsome [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:58--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
13:59--- <<-- gpd [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
14:00nybble what are you guys talking about when you say thrashing...
14:02* nybble is away: Gone to the mall....bbl
14:07--- ---> Shaun [] has joined #linode
14:57taupehat rrring ring ring ring ding, ding
15:24--- <<-- tsystemsc [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:25--- ---> tsystemsc [] has joined #linode
15:29--- ---> dann [] has joined #linode
15:40--- <<-- tizen [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:41--- ---> Apachez [] has joined #linode
15:41Apachez warewolf: are you around ?
15:47Apachez anyway
15:47--- <<-- ElectricElf [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:47Apachez i found your problem regarding MACDADMACDAD as mac-adress stuff in snort
15:47Apachez its a pseudo packet created by snort itself, so its not a real packet that was captured.
15:48Apachez but more of a portscan report
15:48--- ---> ElectricElf [] has joined #linode
15:51Apachez "In order to get all th
15:51Apachez "
15:51Apachez In order to get all the portscan information logged with the alert, snort generates a pseudo-packet and uses the payload
15:51Apachez portion to store the additional portscan information of priority count, connection count, IP count, port count, IP range,
15:51Apachez and port range. The characteristics of the packet are:
15:51Apachez Src/Dst MAC Addr == MACDAD IP Protocol == 255 IP TTL == 0
15:51Apachez "
15:53Apachez over n out :)
15:53--- <<-- Apachez [] has quit (Quit: meep meep wrooommmm!)
16:00--- ---> dann3 [] has joined #linode
16:01dann3 crap.. got disconnect when upgrading to fc3.. how would I go back to the output of the yum process, looks like it's still running..
16:01--- ---> Whisky___ [dfdffdg@] has joined #linode
16:01Whisky___ Do u allow IRC usage on ur VPS's ?
16:01--- <<-- dann [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:02Whisky___ anyone
16:02Whisky___ ?
16:03Whisky___ isnt any customer or admin or owner online? :\
16:03jekil yes
16:03dann3 I believe they allow IRC usage, I'm not completely sure though.
16:03--- User: *** dann3 is now known as dann
16:03Whisky___ k
16:03Whisky___ jekil: Allowed ?
16:04jekil Whisky___: yes
16:04Whisky___ ok and yeah how much extra IP's could I buy and at what price ?
16:05jekil rtfm on homepage
16:05dann haha
16:05Whisky___ rtfm? :\
16:06Whisky___ thx
16:09Whisky___ k thx :P
16:10* jekil is nervous when people that write like sms
16:10--- ---> tizen [] has joined #linode
16:11dann maybe he's on jirc on his cell phone!
16:12Whisky___ heheh
16:18--- <<-- Whisky___ [dfdffdg@] has quit (Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-)
16:23dann well that sucks
16:28@caker rscnet: around?
16:32* nybble pokes caker...
16:32@caker nybble: you rang?
16:32nybble caker: (sounds like an idiot) what are you guys talking about when you say thrashing..
16:32@caker FINALLY -- specs on SuperMicro's AMD offering...
16:32@caker nybble: swap thrashing
16:33nybble caker: i meant to write swap thrashing
16:33nybble caker: which is a rampant app using up swap?
16:33@caker nybble: or a number of apps, yeah -- thrashing refers to lots of swap activity (in and out) which eats up disk IO bandwidth
16:34nybble ah..
16:34nybble oki...
16:34nybble caker: ah. thanks
16:34@caker interestingly enough, that page refers to an H8DAR-T motherboard, which isn't listed on their website
16:35nybble caker: well, as soon as paypal lets me, i'm gonna get a linode
16:36nybble those are some nice 1u offerings..
16:36@caker yeah -- we use nothing but SuperMicro stuffs
16:37nybble so i read
16:41--- <<-- dann [] has quit (Quit: dann)
16:41--- ---> dann [] has joined #linode
16:43nybble caker: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....supermicro
16:47nybble to recycle a compaq presario into mediacenter pc...
16:47nybble mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... linux...
16:48* ZubonDo hands nybble a plate of dhoklas
16:51* caker wonders what Opteron 200 series refers to
16:51* nybble takes plate
16:52tizen nybble: what distro?
16:52nybble Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, and Ugh..Redhat
16:52tizen on that system i mean
16:52nybble Debian, or Ubuntu
16:52tizen cool
16:53nybble either or
16:53nybble ya...
16:53ZubonDo I hear gentoo has some good mythtv gubbins
16:53ZubonDo the debian packages are good booze, too.
16:53nybble ZubonDo: i just found a repositorie for the debian mythtv stuff
16:54ZubonDo yeah
16:54ZubonDo I know folks who've had trouble with those packages
16:54ZubonDo but that was a while ago
16:54nybble prolly just gonna run an MPD server till i decide on a capture card...
16:54* ZubonDo nods
16:55@caker wow .. Opterons kick butt
16:56adamg intresting
16:58* caker prices up a system
17:01nybble sweet.
17:01nybble bye all... going to watch some family guy
17:01* nybble is away: watchin family guy
17:02* nybble is away: watchin family guy and building my mediaboxor
17:02--- <<-- Jeremy [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:12--- <<-- Shaun [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:25--- ---> Shaun [] has joined #linode
17:28--- ---> rrijkse [] has joined #linode
17:30--- <<-- Shaun [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:37--- <<-- rrijkse [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:51--- ---> rrijkse [] has joined #linode
17:53linbot naaa naa naaa, na naa naaa naa naaaa, cuts like a knife
17:54linbot but it feels so right
18:00--- <<-- rrijkse [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:17--- <<-- dann [] has quit (Quit: dann)
18:24--- <<-- jekil [~alessandr@] has quit (Quit: Ciao)
18:32--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
18:34--- ---> scanline [] has joined #linode
18:37scanline can I have my token_refill back? :)
18:38@mikegrb scanline: done
18:38scanline thanks!
18:41--- ---> Husam [] has joined #linode
18:41Husam hey
18:42--- <<-- tizen [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:43Husam Anyone know the unrar command for *nix?
18:43Husam I've been told its simply 'unrar' but thats not it
18:44adamg it is
18:44Husam bash: unrar: command not found
18:44adamg then install it
18:44Husam How? :P
18:45Husam Better yet
18:45Husam Just tell me what to google for
18:45Husam how to install nix commands? :\
18:46* adamg takes the easy option
18:46adamg apt-get install unrar-free
18:46adamg unrar-free whatever.rar
18:47Husam meep
18:47Husam E: Couldn't find package unrar-free
18:50Husam adamg ^^
18:51adamg its there just probably not in stable
18:56Husam adamg - so what sould i do? :\
18:56@mikegrb try googling for rar and debian
18:57warewolf Husam: I really think you should learn Linux before trying to run a Linode Linux server
18:57@mikegrb lolz
18:57Husam Lol
18:57Husam warewolf
18:57Husam The whole point is to learn about linux :\
18:58warewolf that's just _my_ point
18:58warewolf you're not
18:58warewolf you're not even researching it first
18:58adamg !google unrar
18:58linbot adamg: Search took 0.289947 seconds: WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files: <>; WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files: <>; UnRarX - Mac OS X RAR Extraction Utility: <>; Pewter Software -- UnRAR for Windows: <>; (2 more messages)
18:58warewolf go download a linux distribution
18:58warewolf try it at home
18:58adamg !google unrar linux
18:58linbot adamg: Search took 0.270848 seconds: WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files: <>; WinRAR Downloads: <>; Debian -- unrar: <>; WinRAR - PCSUPPORT.DK: <>; UnRAR 2.06.1 download - UnRAR: (2 more messages)
18:58warewolf go buy a "Linux Essentials" book
18:58warewolf read it.
18:58warewolf then read it again.
18:58warewolf try things at home
18:59warewolf then when you understand it, *then* try to run a server on the internet.
18:59warewolf I'm sorry for being a jackass.
18:59Redgore warewolf: sometimes being thrown in at the deep end is good
18:59warewolf you're like an auto mechanic trying to ride a horse
19:00alnr running a linode is pretty deep if you dont know what a firewall is yet
19:02Husam i dont know what a firewall is? :\
19:02alnr Husam: sorry i dont mean that
19:02Husam [04:59] <warewolf> I'm sorry for being a jackass.
19:02Husam You're not bieng a jackass O_O
19:02Husam I take that as someone trying to help
19:03Husam Not someone trying to be a dick
19:03Husam I gotta go right now though
19:03warewolf take care
19:03Husam later
19:03--- <<-- Husam [] has quit (Quit: )
19:19--- ---> zee [] has joined #linode
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20:17linbot New news from forums: BSD process accounting in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
20:45--- ---> Zymurgy [] has joined #linode
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22:07linbot New news from forums: xampp? in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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23:42@mikegrb fo0bar: where did you order your new keyboard from?
23:44JasonF warewolf: you can't get through to him.
23:44JasonF I have tried, and I have failed
23:46@mikegrb oh
23:48--- <<-- Ycros [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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