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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-06-08

---Logopened Wed Jun 08 00:00:31 2005
00:03Newsome linbot: Microsoft is innovative
00:03linbot But Microsoft is not threatened by it, Newsome.
00:05encode heh
00:08Battousai linbot: bewbs
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00:21@mikegrb AndyHat: are you andycow's master?
00:41@caker linbot: can you hear me now?
00:41linbot good
00:42taupehat bananas
00:47nybble night night all...
00:47* nybble is away: sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping
01:01@mikegrb sleep is for the week
01:01@mikegrb weak
01:02taupehat that'll cheer you up
01:19ZubonDo It's a SPACE STATION
01:19taupehat hehe
01:21* Newsome has Monty Python's Flying Circus for a ringtone
01:21* taupehat has a ring for a ringtone
01:23@mikegrb my cell phone sounds like a phone when it rings
01:24taupehat funny, that
01:25* ZubonDo has no cellular bananaphone
01:26taupehat I have a most excellent cheap phone that makes calls and rings when someone calls it.
01:26taupehat ultimate in cellphone functionality
01:26ZubonDo there has been no cell phone that yet meets my desires
01:27@mikegrb I will show you desires!
01:27taupehat err
01:27taupehat desire that =]
01:27ZubonDo #1: must clamshell and shield my soft tissues from radiation. #2: must have only 12 keys (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, *, #) #3: must never make a sound when closed
01:28ZubonDo I don't need forty buttons and a web browser
01:28taupehat agreed
01:28ZubonDo I want a 2500 model phone in clamshell format that will not make noise when I do not tell it to. Vibrate for krissakes
01:28ZubonDo Make sounds for ME and NO ONE ELSE
01:28ZubonDo heh, remember when phone booths were actually booths?
01:29ZubonDo back when we still believed that phone calls should be private conversations?
01:29* ZubonDo sighs
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09:00Sipherx Hey is there anything on the linode wiki about tuning your apache2 settings to use less memory resources.. Right now I am on a linode 64 with a 512 swap... And I am 120 mb into my swap. Suprisingly enough the server runs great io tokens are all filled up, and two of the sites get a decent amount of traffic, although I wanna tune my settings
09:01adamg why not look on the wiki and see
09:02kvandivo what kind of backwards idea is that?
09:02Sipherx well i did look but couldnt find anything specific about the settings in apache2.conf
09:03Sipherx I know you change something about Servers in there
09:08Sipherx Alright nvrmind I figured it out, Hey I am not spamming nor am I starting a war, but have any of you tried or heard of ? They are using Xen and some good things have been said about them
09:08Sipherx just curious, I might want to get one more a month just to check it out
09:08Sipherx for a month*
09:09Redgore Sipherx: xen is in testing on linode
09:09Sipherx yea i know
09:09Sipherx I was just asking specifically about their service on unixhsell if anyone knew anything about it
09:10npmr "unixhsell"?
09:10Sipherx their site doesnt seem to be as nice nor does their control panel. but it doe shave all the same functionality and their prices are better then linode... but linode rocks
09:10npmr thought so
09:10fuzzie heh, they ban any use of IRC.
09:10Sipherx yea
09:11Sipherx any comments on unixshell.. dont get me wrong, linode is badass just curious to see whats out there
09:11Sipherx linode will be with me for a long time to come..
09:11Sipherx but I can be a whore for a lil bit
09:13Redgore looking at their site I have two things I see there which dont really appeal to me, paying for a support ticket, and set amount of swap
09:14tizen Sipherx: check like online message boards... I don't know why you'd ask in a linode channel about another service we probably don't have experience with it
09:15Sipherx I already said I was just askin to see if anyone here has tried it
09:16Sipherx plus you guys are familiar with different services such as Xen and figured you would look at it
09:16tizen Find their channel and go ask there
09:16Sipherx Redgore: I agree with you
09:16Redgore also it doesnt allow you to add resources
09:16@mikegrb lolz
09:16Sipherx i feel like im being flamed lol
09:16fuzzie there's certainly nothing wrong with Xen
09:16fuzzie but their site is very unprofessional
09:16Sipherx fuzzie: yea
09:17fuzzie and things like banning IRC and set resources seem to make it less useful.
09:17Sipherx ehh idk fuck it... I am gonna wait til linode gets with Xen..
09:17Sipherx Unixshell also seems to be a new company so they are probably still working lil quirks and stuff..
09:18Sipherx It took a long time apparently for caker to bring on mikegrb into the scene so that says a lot right there, caker will only work with wuality people
09:18Sipherx quality*
09:18Sipherx which shows a lot about a company
09:19* Redgore laughs at mikegrb being called wuality :P
09:20Sipherx heh
09:21bob2 mikegrb: have you guys looked at xen much yet?
09:22kvandivo they've had it in beta for a few months now
09:22kvandivo closed beta
09:26Sipherx I noticed whenever I was redoin my server the other day, I seen you can choose to boot into a xen kernel
09:27Sipherx what is that for?
09:27Sipherx does everyone have that
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10:43JasonF !weather 27597
10:43linbot JasonF: The current temperature in Zebulon, North Carolina (27597) is 91\xB0F (11:40 AM EDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 73\xB0F. UV: 11 out of 16
10:43taupehat crikey
10:43taupehat !weather 97520
10:43linbot taupehat: The current temperature in Ashland, Oregon (97520) is 46\xB0F (8:29 AM PDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 46\xB0F. UV: 2 out of 16
10:43taupehat JasonF: wanna trade?
10:45JasonF yes, actually
10:45JasonF I love cold weather
10:45tizen !weather halifax, nova scotia
10:45taupehat I do too
10:45linbot tizen: The current temperature in Halifax, Nova Scotia is 70\xB0F (12:00 PM ADT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 57\xB0F. Wind: NNW at 12 mph (18 km/h). Pressure: 29.80 in (1009 hPa). Visibility: 20.0 miles (32.2 kilometers). UV: 7 out of 16
10:45taupehat bt this isn't cold
10:45taupehat but*
10:45tizen decent day here
10:45taupehat cold to me is bundle-up-in-parka-and-sorels weather
10:45taupehat not this unlovable drizzle
10:45taupehat too warm to bundle up, too cold for shorts
10:46kobs !weather 32124
10:46linbot kobs: The current temperature in Daytona Beach, Florida (32124) is 84\xB0F (10:53 AM EDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 73\xB0F. Wind: ENE at 10 mph (17 km/h). Pressure: 29.97 in (1015 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 7 out of 16
10:46kobs good day for the beach :D
10:46taupehat =[
10:46kobs too bad i'm stuck here in the office :/
10:49taupehat speaking of which
10:49taupehat it's time for me to go to work...
11:04linbot New news from wiki: Slackware <>
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11:50nybble back rack a lack lack
11:52@mikegrb miro!
11:52miro mikegrb!
11:52miro why am i in here?
11:53@mikegrb miro: I think you want to buy a linode
11:53miro really?
11:55@mikegrb yes!
11:56miro why do i want to buy one?
11:57tizen because you want to be cool like mike
11:57tizen It's that whole Be Like Mike commercial all over again
11:57@mikegrb well, you could never be that cool but it would be a good start
11:58nybble hey, will that linbot tell weather by airport code?
11:58tizen nybble: yeah
11:58miro but i already have a server?
11:58nybble sweet...
11:58nybble !weather YHM
11:58linbot nybble: The current temperature in Hamilton, Ontario is 82\xB0F (12:00 PM EDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 64\xB0F. Wind: SSE at 2 mph (4 km/h). Pressure: 29.89 in (1012 hPa). Visibility: 15.0 miles (24.1 kilometers). UV: 10 out of 16
11:59nybble sweet
11:59nybble more than i needed to know
11:59tizen someone feel like typing up my psych lab?
11:59kvandivo i do!
11:59nybble no...try using reverse psychology
11:59@mikegrb lolz
11:59nybble lol
12:00tizen kvandivo: cool
12:00tizen type up a aparatus and procedure section
12:00kvandivo i couldn't exactly describe what i was feeling, but when you said that, i knew _that_ was what i was feeling
12:00kvandivo i've never heard of aparatus. therefore, i guess i can't help you out
12:01@mikegrb lolz
12:01nybble lol
12:01kvandivo apparatus i'm familiar with.. but you are on your own with aparatus
12:01kvandivo good luck!
12:02nybble yay...
12:02nybble more cheesies
12:02tizen man
12:03tizen i've been wanting to go to the library all day
12:03tizen and fucking campus power is off
12:03tizen all day
12:03tizen they said noon
12:03tizen then 1pm
12:03tizen then 1pm
12:03tizen then 2 pm
12:03tizen then 3 now!
12:03tizen fuck
12:04nybble how r u on the comp then?
12:04nybble tizen: how r u on the comp then?
12:05tizen i'm on mine at home
12:05tizen i need to go to the library and get some research articles for my paper
12:05nybble ah
12:06nybble when is it due?
12:06tizen yesterday
12:06kvandivo at midnight
12:06nybble oh shit
12:06tizen yeah
12:06tizen already lost 20%
12:06nybble oh crap
12:12ZubonDo haha
12:12* ZubonDo grajumacated a week ago
12:12ZubonDo week and a half!
12:12* ZubonDo sighs and relaxes, nothing to do
12:13@caker ZubonDo: congrats!
12:13@caker ZubonDo: degree(s)?
12:14@mikegrb caker: yes
12:14ZubonDo caker: BA in History, minor in Urban Studies
12:14@mikegrb caker: in computer virtualization methodoligies
12:14@mikegrb ZubonDo: shh!
12:14ZubonDo took me ten years, on account of a five-year departure into dot-coms :)
12:14ZubonDo hahahaha
12:14@mikegrb ZubonDo: I'm trying to help you here
12:15--- User: *** ZubonDo is now known as Moffixx
12:16Moffixx I am my own Unix
12:16@mikegrb you are a tunnel is what you are
12:16* caker launches 10 instances of Moffixx
12:16Moffixx Hooray!
12:16Moffixx caker: you ought to virtualize mikegrb so that you can get more work done!
12:17@mikegrb !
12:17* mikegrb hides
12:17Moffixx imagine 32 mikegrbs running on a quad xeon!
12:17@mikegrb ohhhhh
12:17@mikegrb sexy
12:17@caker Moffixx: not enough resources to handle it
12:17@mikegrb do it!
12:17@mikegrb :<
12:19kobs Hey, I'm about to order a Linode64..and I was wondering if there was a way I could be placed on a server at the planet rather than HE
12:20thelsdj heheh
12:20adamg most new linodes end up at TP
12:20kobs okay
12:20adamg there was staff around 5 mins ago, so hang around they may be back
12:21@caker kobs: yeah, if you do it now, you'll end up at TP
12:21@caker (by the way availability looks)
12:22thelsdj caker: is it possible to shrink disk images at all (with appropriate free space)?
12:22adamg fuck google shares have gone up 100 ukp since launch
12:22adamg worth more than companies like warner bros
12:23kobs it's gonna flatline soon heh
12:23kobs and then drop
12:25@caker thelsdj: yes
12:27kobs Yay, just ordered :D
12:28--- User: *** Moffixx is now known as ZubonDo
12:33@mikegrb kobs: you are activated
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12:33kobs Wow, talk about fast
12:35alnr !weather 07059
12:35linbot alnr: The current temperature in Warren, New Jersey (07059) is 90\xB0F (12:53 PM EDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 46%. Dew Point: 66\xB0F. Pressure: 29.93 in (1013 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 13 out of 16
12:35nybble g2g...reinstalling kubuntu
12:35alnr i swear its hotter than that
12:35nybble !weather YHM
12:35linbot nybble: The current temperature in Hamilton, Ontario is 84\xB0F (1:00 PM EDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 66\xB0F. Pressure: 29.88 in (1012 hPa). Visibility: 15.0 miles (24.1 kilometers). UV: 11 out of 16
12:35thelsdj !weather 86301
12:35linbot thelsdj: The current temperature in Prescott, Arizona (86301) is 70\xB0F (9:53 AM MST on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 13%. Dew Point: 17\xB0F. Wind: SSW at 12 mph (18 km/h). Pressure: 29.77 in (1008 hPa). Visibility: 10.0 miles (16.1 kilometers). UV: 9 out of 16
12:35nybble just like i could swear its hotter here...
12:36nybble WoW!
12:36nybble its cooler in arizona!
12:36nybble then in CANADA!
12:36thelsdj this is 5000 fee though
12:36nybble ah
12:36nybble tru tru
12:36nybble anyway...bye all
12:36* nybble waves sadly to everyone
12:36nybble wish me luck!
12:36@mikegrb lolz
12:36nybble lol
12:36nybble bbl
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12:37kobs root pass can't contain non-alphanumeric chars?
12:37kobs Guess I'll have to change it afterwards when I ssh in then, huh?
12:37@caker kobs: it can after the fact
12:37kobs Okay
12:38kobs This is pretty cool.. I have a couple of dedicated servers, and wanted to give VPS a try
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13:15Whisky_ I modified my /etc/network/interfaces file and added my 2 new IP's but after a reboot, my Linode isnt coming back to life :|
13:16Whisky_ :s
13:18@caker Whisky_: login via LISH
13:18Whisky_ caker: im already in through lish but there seems to be nothing wrong with my interface configuration :S
13:20@caker Whisky_: obviously there is :)
13:20@caker Whisky_: look at your ifconfig and route -n output
13:20Whisky_ :P
13:20@caker Configuring network interfaces: /etc/network/interfaces:6: misplaced option
13:21@caker ^-- from your console logs
13:21@caker ifup: couldn't read interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces"
13:21Whisky_ :O
13:22Whisky_ errr
13:22Whisky_ i dont know, but its like "[Bauto lo" at the start
13:22Whisky_ Dont know how [B got there :/
13:24Whisky_ still nothing :|
13:25Whisky_ my gateway is the same for all IP's, right ?
13:26@caker Whisky_: did you read the Network Information page in the LPM?
13:27kobs Anyone tried out VHCS?
13:27@caker Whisky_: ok, all your IPs are in the same subnet, so the answer is Yes.
13:27Whisky_ caker: Can you have a look at the configuration, if i paste it in pastebin? There's possibly nothing wrong. nothing :\
13:27@caker Whisky_: ok
13:28Whisky_ thank you, wait please
13:28vaxen_ i can't stand tele sales anymore
13:29Whisky_ caker:
13:29vaxen_ i get atleast one call a day from india, telling me that they can help me lower my phone bill
13:29vaxen_ !weather london
13:29@mikegrb lolz
13:29Whisky_ vaxen_: lol...Where are you located?
13:29Whisky_ Sales on phone!!?? That must be annoying :|
13:30@caker Whisky_: methinks you can't have eth0 set to auto (dhcp), and then assign aliases .. just a guess
13:30vaxen_ just got new pair of replay jeans, I'm so hot I think I'll burn my self soon
13:30@mikegrb lolz
13:30vaxen_ lol
13:31Whisky_ caker: It was working fine like that with only eth0 and eth0:1, but as I added eth0:2 and eth0:3, it failed
13:31@caker anyway, this is beyond the support that Linode provides, and I must go to stuff
13:31@caker *do
13:32Whisky_ ermm, ok i guess :\
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13:34vaxen_ omg, World Biggest Hacker Held!
13:34Whisky_ who ?
13:34vaxen_ since when did so1o became world biggest hacker
13:35vaxen_ I remember the old days when he ask me how to crack /etc/passwd
13:35vaxen_ hehe
13:36npmr so1o?
13:36--- <<-- Whisky_ [Mohib@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:36vaxen_ npmr: yeah, the "world biggest hacker"
13:37npmr ...
13:37--- ---> nybble [] has joined #linode
13:37nybble hey hey
13:37vaxen_ lo
13:38nybble hmmmmm
13:38nybble me thinks i'm gonna craft a debian router...
13:44nybble damn...getting security updates from (k)ubuntu is so SLOW!
13:50nybble hmmm...
13:50nybble smoothwall or ipcop?
13:50vaxen_ ipcop
13:50vaxen_ just a recommendation from a fren who use it
13:56nybble i'm running ipcop atm
13:56nybble with advancedproxy and urlfilter..
13:56nybble on like an early, underequipped p2 box..
13:56nybble i'm gonna move it to a newer celeron box with 256 mbs of DDR
13:56nybble instead of 128 of sd
13:57nybble asks the same question in #cyberarmy
14:00nybble hmmm
14:00* nybble downloads the latest ipcop
14:01nybble anyone tried using WPA on linux?
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14:04nybble tra la la la la
14:04nybble !weather YHM
14:04linbot nybble: The current temperature in Hamilton, Ontario is 84\xB0F (2:00 PM EDT on June 08, 2005). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 66\xB0F. Wind: SSW at 9 mph (15 km/h). Pressure: 29.89 in (1012 hPa). Visibility: 15.0 miles (24.1 kilometers). UV: 11 out of 16
14:04nybble HA!
14:04tizen man
14:04nybble Linbot!!! ITS RAINING!
14:04tizen nothing is working
14:04tizen internet is slow
14:05tizen it's all due to this GTA bittorrent stuff
14:05npmr i didn't do it
14:05npmr however:
14:05npmr Linux prozac 2.4.30 #1 Wed May 25 16:25:58 EDT 2005 mips unknown
14:05npmr 19:05:24 up 2:50, load average: 0.11, 0.02, 0.00
14:05kvandivo prozac seems oddly calm
14:06nybble GTA?
14:06tizen grand theft auto
14:06nybble ah
14:06tizen new release
14:07tizen on some of the bittorrent sites there are 40k leechers
14:07nybble ah....
14:09npmr it's a linksys wrt54gs running openwrt
14:09nybble ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
14:09@mikegrb lolz
14:09nybble lol.....
14:10nybble i'd love to buy a wrt54gs
14:10npmr 89.99 at best buy
14:10npmr 30$ mail-in rebate through the 11th
14:10npmr (USD)
14:11nybble too bad...
14:11npmr i know, it's the 8th already... i need to mail mine in
14:11@mikegrb lolz
14:11nybble lol
14:15--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
14:23nybble ah
14:23nybble finally SMB is working
14:27--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:28--- ---> adamg [] has joined #linode
14:30--- ---> Whisky_ [Whisky@] has joined #linode
14:30Whisky_ caker ?
14:30--- Netsplit <-> quits: Ycros, tizen, raman, Nostromo, kvandivo, NeonNero, JasonF, thelsdj, Newsome, spr, (+5 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
14:30--- Netsplit <-> quits: Beirdo
14:31Whisky_ all my extra IP's get up on boot but the original eth0 doesnt
14:31Whisky_ anyone here running Debian on their Linode ?
14:32--- Netsplit over, joins: Newsome
14:32--- Netsplit over, joins: spr
14:32--- Netsplit over, joins: kobs
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14:32kobs hrm
14:32Whisky_ kobs: you running which distro on ur Linode ?
14:33kobs I run Debian
14:34Whisky_ kobs: All my extra IP's get up at boot but my original eth0 doesnt :\
14:36Whisky_ np
14:37kobs I think there is an error in that script.. instead of iface eth0:# it has iface eth0 for all of them
14:37Whisky_ hmm
14:38kobs Yup
14:38kobs THere is
14:39Whisky_ How do i turn off DHCP permenantly ?
14:39Whisky_ ifdown dhcp
14:40Whisky_ but wont it start at boot ?
14:40Whisky_ oops wait ill try first
14:40kobs erm, in /etc/network/interfaces
14:40npmr there is no interface called dhcp
14:40kobs you make it static
14:40Whisky_ yup
14:40Whisky_ wait up
14:40kobs that page has the info ;-)
14:40Whisky_ ;)
14:42Whisky_ i guess it has sworn it wont start. The extra ones do it without any problem :/
14:46Whisky_ kobs: you got extra IP's ?
14:46kobs I have 2 extra IPs
14:47Whisky_ kobs: Can you show me ur interfaces file, please ?
14:47kobs ok
14:47Whisky_ thank you
14:49Whisky_ thx
14:49Whisky_ k thanx
14:57Whisky_ caker ? mikegrb ?
15:00taupehat anyone run bogofilter on their linode? How hungry is it?
15:01npmr bogofilter is slim
15:01npmr i run it
15:01taupehat aye?
15:01taupehat compared to spamassasin?
15:01taupehat (sic)
15:01npmr spamassassin is in a different league
15:02taupehat ?
15:02npmr bogofilter is fast and lean, but also sometimes hoses its own database on upgrades
15:02taupehat ahh
15:02npmr you're asking me to compare the memory usage of bogofilter and spamassassin
15:02taupehat cool
15:03npmr that's like trying to compare the gas mileage of a toyota echo and a hmmv
15:03@mikegrb lolz
15:03taupehat lol
15:03taupehat lolz!
15:03* taupehat sends a demented clown to beat the lolz out of mikegrb
15:03Whisky_ npmr: my eth0 interface wont load eventhough eth0:0, eth0:1 and eth0:2 will
15:03Whisky_ any ideas? :\
15:04npmr do you really need more than one ip in the first place?
15:04Whisky_ npmr: Yeah. But lets forget about the extras, the main wont load :|
15:05npmr no, first you have to convince me that your reasons for needing multiple ips aren't dubious
15:05taupehat heh
15:05npmr i am very skeptical of most people who claim it's necessary
15:05Whisky_ npmr: I have to run Eggdrops/bouncers to connect to IRC and more connections from the same IP's can result in K/G lines
15:06npmr k im blokin u now
15:06--- <<-- schweeb [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:06Whisky_ blokin ? what ?
15:06--- <<-- nybble [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:07Whisky_ hello ?
15:07taupehat npmr: perhaps he has legit uses for all those eggdrops... perhaps not
15:08Whisky_ taupehat: What do you think npmr? I am making a Botnet or what? :S
15:08taupehat Whisky_: why you addressing that to me
15:08npmr taupehat, why don't you help him set up his botnet of doom, then
15:08taupehat npmr: no thanks =]
15:09Whisky_ taupehat: oops, sorry
15:09taupehat npmr: but why would you bloke him?
15:09taupehat was he recently emasculated? =]
15:09Whisky_ npmr: Anyone from Linode has the right to view my account :/
15:10Whisky_ so that they can clearify im not a spammer or whatever
15:10npmr was i recently designated the default helpbot?
15:10taupehat hehe
15:10npmr to wit:
15:10npmr <Whisky_> npmr: my eth0 interface wont load eventhough eth0:0, eth0:1 and eth0:2 will
15:10Whisky_ :\
15:10Whisky_ what about it ?
15:13Whisky_ :\
15:17--- ---> breaker1 [] has joined #linode
15:23--- ---> gpd [] has joined #linode
15:35--- ---> nybble [] has joined #linode
15:47@mikegrb lolz
15:47thelsdj lol, top of crashed call stack in visual studio is 'baadf00d'
15:47taupehat sweet
15:47taupehat microsoft eating it's own baad dogf00d =]
15:48thelsdj i think its standard stl bad memory signature
15:48taupehat kind of like deadbeef?
16:00--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
16:04@caker hmm
16:04@caker Whisky_: I wonder why you lied yesterday when asked if you were using your IPs for vanity reverse dns
16:05@caker tsk tsk
16:05Whisky_ caker: I never said anything about vanity reverse dns :\
16:06JasonF uh-oh
16:06@caker Whisky_: no, you just gave us some bullshit about needing them for people behind NAT
16:06@caker whatever
16:06Whisky_ what ???
16:06Whisky_ whats NAT ?
16:06* caker checks logs
16:06@mikegrb well he was asked specifically if vanity reverse dns was why he wanted them
16:06@caker oh no, that was rafa
16:07Whisky_ :S
16:07heidi haha
16:07Whisky_ caker: Am i free to relax now? :S
16:07@caker Whisky_: you beat the system
16:08iggy he's going to fire you just so you can't ever tell anyone about this incident
16:08gpd not on this channel...
16:08Whisky_ caker: how ? :\
16:08taupehat ...
16:08taupehat this was promising to be interesting =[
16:08@caker Whisky_: anyhow -- my bad. Did my update to your ticket fix your eth0 issue?
16:09* JasonF watches caker put away the beatdown stick
16:09Whisky_ caker: Its already like that. I just tried "ifconfig eth0 up [my ip goes here] netmask" and it woke up the IP
16:09iggy give him a beating just for our amusement
16:09Whisky_ i guess i'll put that to my startup scripts
16:10@caker Whisky_: post your interfaces file again, please
16:10@caker Whisky_: I'll have another look
16:10Whisky_ Okay
16:11linbot New news from wiki: Multiple IPs <>
16:12Whisky_ caker: its been posted
16:13@caker Whisky_: looks goo
16:13@caker d
16:13Whisky_ yep
16:14Whisky_ i guess ill just add that ifonfig line to my startup
16:14--- <<-- nybble [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:14tierra how many ip do you have Whisky_ if you don't mind me asking?
16:14tierra ips
16:14Whisky_ tierra: 4
16:14tierra ah, k
16:15tierra I'd have to say it's more likely to just let slide so long as your not like rafa requesting 60+ ips
16:15@caker tierra: before two minutes ago, the limit was four. Now, it's two
16:15taupehat nice
16:15Whisky_ ow
16:15Whisky_ reduced ?
16:15@caker No, people that had more before then stay at the same amount
16:15adamg caker, 2 in total or 2 additional?
16:15* tierra only has one, and only needs one
16:15Whisky_ yeh but new signups cant
16:16@mikegrb adamg: 2 total
16:16@caker adamg: two total. If someone needs/wants more, they can submit a ticket to have their limit raised
16:16* adamg is gonna have to comme up with some good reasons then
16:17--- Acknowledged: You're now known as IPNazi
16:18@IPNazi adamg: No.
16:18* adamg wonders how many people will put in there request, that they want them so they can have vanity rdns
16:18@IPNazi lolz
16:18Whisky_ lol @ IPNazi
16:18taupehat w00t
16:18@IPNazi adamg: many do
16:18@caker adamg: more than half the requests we've received thus far are for rdns
16:18Whisky_ by the way, what exactly does "vanity DNS" mean ?
16:18JasonF I have a vanity DNS :)
16:18adamg the one you have
16:19kvandivo must be nice to have the extra dollars lying around for vanity
16:19@IPNazi caker: 95%
16:19JasonF 17:19 [oftc] -!- JasonF []
16:19@IPNazi caker: I think only 1 hasn't been
16:19@IPNazi maybe 2
16:19JasonF not to an excessive degree
16:19taupehat hah!
16:19--- Acknowledged: You're now known as mikegrb
16:19taupehat levitra, eh?
16:19JasonF some people have like
16:19@mikegrb JasonF: having hostname.domain.tld is ok
16:19@caker mikegrb: have we approved any requests yet?
16:19Whisky_ mikegrb: is "" vanity dns ?
16:19JasonF mikegrb: of course ;)
16:19taupehat seems like is on the blacklist on my blog
16:19@mikegrb caker: no, waiting for you to approve or not that one
16:20@caker mikegrb: right.
16:20taupehat =P
16:20JasonF taupehat: why would be on a blacklist for anything
16:20JasonF taupehat: if it is, pm me, please.
16:20* taupehat forgot to set the Joke Bit
16:20@mikegrb JasonF: because he knows who you are!
16:20taupehat my bad
16:20@mikegrb lolz
16:20JasonF lol
16:20JasonF ok
16:20JasonF I'm exceptionally protective over oldos... if I got on any type of blacklist, then it's because something happened I didn't do
16:20JasonF which is disconcerting
16:23--- ---> nybble [] has joined #linode
16:23taupehat JasonF: I was on a large system's email blacklist because my server was at ThePlanet
16:24JasonF taupehat: I keep those RBLs checked
16:24taupehat cool
16:26iggy taupehat: we were on one of the popular BL's for a while
16:26Battousai i blame canada
16:26taupehat yeah
16:26taupehat those free-healthcare-getting momos
16:32gpd stupisF[6~[6~
16:32--- ---> Guest43 [] has joined #linode
16:32--- User: *** adamg is now known as Guest83
16:32--- User: *** Guest43 is now known as adamg
16:32--- <<-- adamg [] has quit (Killed ( (Nick collision (new))))
16:33--- ---> adamg [] has joined #linode
16:33--- <<-- Guest83 [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:34gpd why do you need multiple IPs for vanity DNS? Why not just use virtual hosting with apache?
16:34@caker gpd: reverse dns
16:34kvandivo vanity Rdns
16:34--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:34* mikegrb reverses kvandivo's ns
16:35gpd vanity rdns in google reveals linode irc logs at 2nd hit!
16:35@mikegrb oh boy
16:35@caker sad :)
16:35kvandivo when are you guys going to link up planet planet, anyway? i could use a PR:6 pointing to me
16:36@mikegrb < EFudd> i gave up on vanity a long time ago
16:36* mikegrb throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
16:36@mikegrb kvandivo: oh
16:37@mikegrb caker: respectfully request permission to link planet linode from the footer, next to irc and forums and wiki links
16:37@caker mikegrb: it's already indexed in google, if that's why you're asking
16:37@caker mikegrb: we need to finish up the community tab
16:37@mikegrb ja
16:39--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
16:41--- ---> mytoe [] has joined #linode
16:42--- <--- mytoe [] has left #linode ()
16:48--- <<-- Redgore [] has quit (Quit: SMDC-Network IRC |
16:50nybble ah...
16:50nybble sweet chat LOGS!
16:50nybble brb
16:50vaxen_ caker: why is it not possible to have to manage our own reverse dns?
16:51kvandivo i hate it when people use 'not' in their questions.. you never know how to answer
16:51Beirdo huh?
16:51Beirdo you can
16:51@caker vaxen_: it is possible, but I'd rather manage it
16:52vaxen_ caker: any particular reason why?
16:52iggy he's a power hungry bastard
16:52@caker vaxen_: a few -- one is I get to enforce that fdns<-->rdns match (at least a time of creation)
16:52Beirdo awww, but I wanted to use as my rdns!
16:52Beirdo hehe
16:52adamg and delegating single ips must be a pain
16:53@caker vaxen_: another is that I don't have to deal with the pains of broken zone files
16:53vaxen_ caker: is there anyway i can buy my own block of ips and manage it my self?
16:53adamg at one point caker was going to allow rdns managment via lish, so we could script it
16:53@caker vaxen_/adamg, yeah, and delegating small subnets is a PITA
16:53@caker The LPM actually has "support" for custom-managed RDNS zones, but I won't do it :)
16:54vaxen_ PITA? LPM?
16:54@mikegrb PQS
16:54@caker !acronym PITA
16:54@mikegrb PDQ
16:54linbot caker: PITA could be Pain In the Ass, or Pacific International Trapshooting Association, or Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association, or Palestinian Information Technology Association, or People for the Intelligent Treatment of Animals
16:54@mikegrb SOP
16:54@mikegrb POS
16:54* mikegrb runs
16:54Beirdo SOB
16:54@caker LPM == Linode Platform Manager (the website)
16:54@mikegrb lolz
16:54Whisky_ lol
16:55@mikegrb caker: so we need a license from the Pacific Internation Trapshooting Ass to do that?
16:55vaxen_ caker: did you write LPM yourself? or you bought it?
16:55@caker vaxen_: all me
16:55@mikegrb lolz
16:55vaxen_ mikegrb: lol
16:55taupehat trapshooting?
16:55taupehat haha
16:55--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:56@caker vaxen_: and now Mike has been contributing .. so I should say that it's "in house"
16:56@mikegrb :D
16:56vaxen_ all php?
16:56@caker CFML/Perl
16:56@mikegrb but my contributions to date are generally behind the scenes make my job easy
16:56vaxen_ !acronym CFML
16:56linbot vaxen_: CFML could be Cold Fusion Markup Language
16:56vaxen_ nice
16:57taupehat heh
16:57taupehat !acronym ASP
16:57linbot taupehat: ASP could be Active Server Page(s) (Microsoft web scripting language and file extension), or Application Service Provider, or Abbreviated System Paper, or Abstract Service Primitive (ATMF), or Academy of Students of Pharmacy, or Access Service Provider, or Accident Sequence Precursor, or Accident Statistics Program (published by IADC), or Accreditation Support Package, or Accredited (1 more message)
16:57taupehat !more
16:57linbot taupehat: Security Parameter, or Accredited Staging Professional, or Acquisition Strategy Panel/Plan/Paper, or Acquisition Strategy Process, or Acquisition Systems Protection, or Actuarial Standards of Practice, or Acute Suppurative Pancreatitis, or Additional Special Pay (US DoD), or Addressable Scan Port, or Adjunct Service Point (Bellcore), or Administrative Site Procedures
16:58taupehat oof, pancreatitis
16:58@caker <-- community tab look ok?
16:58vaxen_ who do I contact to buy blocks of ips? was it ICAAN
16:58@mikegrb kvandivo: ^
16:58adamg icann is domains IIRC
16:58kvandivo looks fine on mine
16:58@caker vaxen_: yeah, and then you have to get an AS number, and have one of our datacenters publish the routes via BGP
16:58taupehat caker: it looks like the padding on the community tab is more than on the other tabs
16:58Whisky_ caker: Nice
16:58adamg looks fine
16:59Whisky_ yep
16:59Whisky_ fine
16:59@caker yeah, it's just the biggest word -- I think the padding is the same as the rest
16:59gpd Planet Lindoe Blog Aggregator?
16:59kvandivo PLBA, in other words
16:59iggy Lindoe
16:59gpd Lindoe?
16:59@caker whoops
16:59* iggy installs spell check for caker
16:59@caker fixored
16:59taupehat Lindee?
17:00vaxen_ caker: would you sell dedicated serveR?
17:00@caker vaxen_: not in that business
17:00kvandivo vaxen_: i'll sell you one, for the right price, and i'm not in that business, either
17:00taupehat heh
17:01taupehat cost of 1and1 + 40 bucks monthly =]
17:02vaxen_ kvandivo: how much?
17:02kvandivo well now... what do you want?
17:03vaxen_ what would i get for $50
17:03kvandivo nothing
17:03Whisky_ lool
17:03@mikegrb kvandivo: what would /I/ get for $50
17:03vaxen_ not even a bj?
17:03vaxen_ heh
17:04kvandivo mikegrb: for you, i'd go with 1 over infinity
17:04@mikegrb k
17:04@mikegrb thanks
17:04@mikegrb I'll write you a check
17:05kvandivo don't bother.. enwv is treating me alright
17:05@mikegrb hah! /me cakles at the thought of what the bank would think and do about such a check
17:05* caker adds 20 pixels to with width ..
17:06@caker tabs look more evenly spaced now
17:07--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
17:13--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
17:13gpd just found your rDNS pages and it all becomes clear...
17:17vaxen_ !acronym UMF
17:17linbot vaxen_: UMF could be Underground Mine Fire, or Unidad de Manejo Forestal (Spanish), or Union Fédérale des Mines (French miners' trade union), or Union Maritime et Fluviale (French: union for sea and river shipping), or Unit Material Fielding, or Unit Material File, or United Maritime Fishermen, or United Muslim Front, or University of Maine at Farmington, or University of Michigan - (1 more message)
17:17vaxen_ !acronym UNF
17:17linbot vaxen_: UNF could be Unfinished, or Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund, or Ungdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (Denmark), or Unified Fine Thread, or Unified National Fine, or United Nations Foundation, or United Nations Fund, or University of North Florida, or Unreasonable Forward Sequence Counter Indicator Bit
17:18tizen !acronym LINODE
17:19linbot tizen: No definitions found.
17:23--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
17:25--- ---> tuppa [] has joined #linode
17:34--- <<-- vaxen_ [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:36--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
17:39@mikegrb roflz
17:39encode <-- rofl!
17:44--- <<-- breaker1 [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:47--- ---> eco|w [] has joined #linode
17:48--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
17:55gpd !acronym wtf
17:55linbot gpd: wtf could be What The Freak (polite form), or Washington Tennis Foundation, or Waste Treatment Facility, or Water Task Force, or Way To Fail, or Way to Fly, or Weapons Tactics Force (gaming), or Werewolf: the Forsaken (gaming), or What If, or What's This For?, or When The Freak (polite form), or Where the Freak (polite form), or Where's the Fire?, or Where's the Food?, or Where's the (1 more message)
17:59--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
18:00--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
18:00--- <<-- gpd [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
18:07--- ---> cout__ [] has joined #linode
18:07--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:17--- <<-- cout__ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:22--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
18:24--- <<-- AndyHat [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
18:35--- <<-- Whisky_ [Whisky@] has quit (Quit: )
18:38--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
18:48@caker !kernel
18:48linbot caker: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.12-rc6-git2; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.12-rc6-mm1.
18:49encode is that good?
18:49@caker heh
18:49@caker been waiting for 2.6.12 final
18:50@caker turns out, there's a fix for the panic that's been happening on the last couple of hosts we placed online
18:50@caker and a few potential fixes in CFQ, as well
18:50@caker supposedly, we might see 2.6.12 final this week
18:54JasonF caker: why not build a prerelease, if there are no known bugs to affect your hosts?
18:55@caker JasonF: yeah -- if a host crashes before 2.6.12 is out, I'll build a host kernel with the ebtable SMP race fix that's been causing the host crashes
18:56@caker interestingly, it only affects the faster hosts (2.8Ghz or more)
18:57@caker (props to Shaun for finding that bug)
18:59--- ---> tsystemsc [] has joined #linode
19:00--- <--- tsystemsc [] has left #linode ()
19:01nybble tra la la la la
19:01nybble !kernel
19:01linbot nybble: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.12-rc6-git2; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.12-rc6-mm1.
19:01nybble weeeeeeeeee...
19:01nybble what else can linbot do?
19:04JasonF !rr
19:04linbot JasonF: *click*
19:04JasonF nybble: do !rr about 10 times in a row
19:04JasonF nybble: slowly
19:06--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:08nybble no..
19:08nybble i wouldnt "spam" the chat
19:12@mikegrb lolz
19:12nybble lol
19:12nybble !rr
19:12linbot nybble: *click*
19:12nybble roar...
19:12--- Channel: mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
19:12nybble "meow"
19:12nybble NOOOO!
19:12nybble dont put him in control!!!!
19:12* nybble pheers the wrath of linbot
19:13@caker FINALLY
19:13@caker something to do with all those extra Xeon fans I have
19:14nybble sweeeeeeeeeet
19:22--- ---> emcnabb [] has joined #linode
19:29--- ---> gpd [] has joined #linode
19:31gpd proftpd, pure-ftpd, wu-ftpd, wzdftpd, vsftpd, twoftpd, tftpd??? too many to decide - any help appreciated... simpler and more secure the better - is just for webcam uploads
19:31kvandivo scp
19:32gpd yeah - the webcam upload software doesn't support it... :-(
19:32gpd could save locally (XP) and use scp from cygwin with cron...
19:33JasonF gpd: vsftpd is what I use
19:33JasonF gpd: that, or proftpd seem to be the easiest to get going
19:33JasonF but vs has more secure defaults
19:34gpd that was top of my list... will try... cheers
19:36kvandivo norm!
19:38gpd seems to be anonymous only by default - i thought anonymous was less secure? I suppose it stops access to /home
19:41encode <-- hahahaahahahahaha
19:50--- <<-- jekil [] has quit (Quit: Ciao)
20:02--- <<-- ZubonDo [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:16--- ---> funkycow [] has joined #linode
20:16--- <<-- cow [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:16--- ---> AndyHat [] has joined #linode
20:21nybble bye bye
20:21--- <<-- nybble [] has quit (Quit: Leaving...on a jet plane...)
20:35--- ---> cout__ [] has joined #linode
20:35--- <<-- cout [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:43JasonF !rr
20:43@linbot JasonF: *click*
20:43JasonF !rr
20:43@linbot JasonF: *click*
20:43JasonF !rr
20:43--- !!!! JasonF was kicked from #linode by linbot (BANG!)
20:43* linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
20:43--- ---> JasonF [] has joined #linode
20:43* JasonF kicks linbot
20:57--- ---> runedude6 [] has joined #linode
20:57--- <<-- runedude6 [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:58@caker "New installs [of Debian 3.1 from CD and DVD] will not get security updates by default," said Debian developer Colin Watson in an e-mail warning. Installations from floppy disks or network servers were not affected.
20:59@caker \"
20:59fo0bar caker: yeah, it was a flaw in the installation CDs
20:59fo0bar if you download a CD now, it's fixed
21:00@caker electronic distribution++
21:00@caker at least they didn't press 100,000 discs
21:00fo0bar I haven't tried your image yet, but most likely it's not affected
21:00@caker shouldn't be, since I started with the existing woody image
21:00@caker and I recall the security line in apt's source file
21:01fo0bar to verify, just make sure "deb stable/updates main" is in there an uncommented
21:01@caker [root@host4 fs]# grep security mnt/etc/apt/sources.list
21:01@caker deb stable/updates main
21:02fo0bar the sad thing is, I knew about it monday morning, but I kept thinking "no, it has to be me. this can't be affecting EVERY installation"
21:02fo0bar so I kept looking into it, and traced down the problem
21:02@caker You had burned an install?
21:02fo0bar so I didn't file a bug report until tuesday morning, while at the same time an announcement was sent to debian-devel-announce
21:03fo0bar yeah, I did a new install immediately
21:03fo0bar it just sucks; how many people installed sarge monday/tuesday, and don't know about this?"
21:03@caker I was impressed that after removing /usr/share/docs/* and a package or two, I was able to get the Sarge down to ~95 megs
21:03fo0bar s/"//
21:03@caker oh, and locales
21:04fo0bar (they didn't get updated ISOs out until tuesday night"
21:04fo0bar GOD
21:04fo0bar I can't type today :)
21:04* iggy hugs his 1.2M gentoo rootfs
21:05--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
21:05--- ---> SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
21:06fo0bar though at least there was a (rather cryptic) error/warning displayed during base-config on those broken ISOs, so hopefully all users know at least something is up
21:08fo0bar it's bad for the debian community either way... if the word gets out about this 48 hour lapse to too many people, they look bad... if not, you have people not getting security updates
21:08@caker and they'll get "updated" on their 0wn
21:08fo0bar kinda sucks considering the flaw/fix was 2 WORDS on the CDs
21:13@linbot I heat up, I can.t cool down
21:13@linbot You got me spinnin .. round and round
21:14--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:15--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
21:20--- <<-- SupaZubon [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:27--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:27--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
21:39fo0bar <-- UGH.
21:48@mikegrb 21:13:34 @ linbot | I heat up, I can.t cool down
21:48@mikegrb 21:13:56 @ linbot | You got me spinnin .. round and round
21:48@mikegrb !
21:48@mikegrb linbot: I have that on a cd somewhere
21:48@linbot not any more, but I do
21:52gpd If I send you 512Meg RAM can you stick it in my linode for me :-) MySQL / Apache is driving me crazy with its memory usage...
21:53@mikegrb I would need to put it in my desktop for a while to verify it was kosher
21:53@mikegrb I think 4 to 5 years would be good enough burnin time
21:54* gpd goes to polish his resume so he can afford a bigger linode
21:55@mikegrb gpd: the secret is sandstone
21:55kobs heh, someone grabbed the linode96
21:57@mikegrb ja
21:57@mikegrb they don't last too long
22:00--- ---> SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
22:03--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
22:07--- <<-- harshy|lap [] has quit (Quit: I quit for now)
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22:39--- ---> atariboy [] has joined #linode
22:39@caker atariboy: hello
22:47--- <--- kobs [] has left #linode ()
22:48@linbot despite all my rage I am still just a bot in a cage
22:49--- ---> kobs [] has joined #linode
22:49tuppa show us your machine gun jubblies linbot
22:49@linbot I don't have a clue, tuppa.
22:49@caker Anyone up for a trivia question?
22:49kobs is there a prize? :D
22:50tuppa extra 64Mb RAM for your Linode!
22:50* tuppa ducks
22:50@caker supreme elitness
22:50SupaZubon sure, shoot.
22:51Battousai the answer is purple
22:51SupaZubon no, the answer is six!
22:51@linbot ... but the answer is yes, I would appreciate if you can reply, SupaZubon ...
22:52SupaZubon :<
22:52@caker Apple's 1984 commercial was directed by what film director (hint: he directed the first film involving HR Geiger influenced "characters")
22:52SupaZubon Ridley Scott?
22:52@caker also, name that film
22:52@caker SupaZubon: bingo
22:52SupaZubon ALIEN!
22:52Battousai heh
22:52* caker applauds
22:52Battousai that's not trivia
22:52@caker haha
22:52Battousai that's stuff-that-everyone-knows
22:52thelsdj hah
22:52Battousai ia
22:52SupaZubon Battousai: the Giger clue is the telltale
22:52@caker Battousai: you knew he directed that 1984 commercial?
22:52@caker yeah, had to make it easy
22:52SupaZubon haha
22:52Battousai caker: yeah, but only because of futurama
22:52tuppa damn, how come when I see the words "Ridley Scott" I think of "Black Hawk Down"?
22:52@caker I didn't know he did that commercial
22:53thelsdj tuppa: thats very sad
22:53@caker learned it last night reading iCon (which has been a good read thus far)
22:53SupaZubon whenever I see "Ridley Scott" I think of how "Ridley" in Metroid was named after him on account of Alien
22:53tuppa well, "Ridley Scott" and "Mac"
22:53Battousai SupaZubon: that's a lie
22:53tuppa goes down like a ...
22:53* tuppa hides
22:53Battousai SupaZubon: explain metaridley
22:53kobs !stocks sbux
22:53SupaZubon Battousai: what, is that an urban legend then?
22:54@caker kobs: quote or stock
22:54SupaZubon Ridley and Kraid were the two minibosses
22:54kobs huh?
22:54@caker !stock sbux
22:54@linbot caker: The current price of SBUX is 55.11, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.40 from the last business day.
22:54@caker !quote sbux
22:54@linbot caker: The current price of SBUX is 55.11, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.40 from the last business day.
22:54SupaZubon I always thought that Ridley was an Alien homage
22:54kobs oh whoops
22:54Battousai SupaZubon: it is
22:54SupaZubon and yet you say I'm lying?
22:54Battousai SupaZubon: but i dont see a cyborg ridley scott walking you?
22:54SupaZubon ?
22:55Battousai go play prime
22:55Battousai you'll get it then
22:55* SupaZubon has played nothing but the original
22:55Battousai man, the original was the worst one, too :)
22:55SupaZubon I loved it
22:55Battousai me too
22:55Battousai but it's still my least favorite of the series
22:55fo0bar super metroid was great
22:55* SupaZubon shrugs
22:55Battousai fo0bar: yeah
22:55thelsdj i loved the original for game boy
22:55SupaZubon my brother's the gamer
22:56Battousai thelsdj: return of samus?
22:56fo0bar nintendo did a great disservice by bringing samus into the 3d world
22:56fo0bar same with mario
22:56thelsdj can't remember what it was called, just liked it hehe
22:56thelsdj been a long time
22:56Battousai fo0bar: retro did damn good with prime
22:56Battousai but they should've left it at 2 = too far
22:57thelsdj i think the best mario move was to rpg heh super mario rpg and paper mario are great
22:57fo0bar bah, prime...
22:57Battousai fo0bar: what's wrong with it?
22:57Battousai thelsdj: smrpg was pwesome...i havent played paper mario though
22:58fo0bar Battousai: 3d, fps, etc...
22:58Battousai fo0bar: have you played it?
22:58fo0bar yes, the first couple levels
22:58Battousai fo0bar: you should know, then, that it's not really an fps
22:58Battousai first-person != first-person shooter :)
22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59Battousai it's got more platform elements than shooter elements
22:59Battousai and those silly little zeldaish puzzles
22:59fo0bar ok... then "3d, !sidescroller, etc..."
22:59Battousai i could see that, you're all for nostalgia
23:00Battousai i'd love to see a sidescrolling gcn metroid
23:00Battousai waste of the system's power or not, it'd be cool
23:00Battousai spacecataz
23:00fo0bar basically... I'm not against first person games or fancy grahpics or anything... I'm just saying civilization really peaked with the SNES :)
23:01Battousai yeah, i agree
23:01Battousai focusing on graphics has killed video games
23:01* fo0bar even went though the trouble of getting SNES->USB adapters from hong kong
23:01--- ---> Electric1lf [] has joined #linode
23:01Battousai well my snes still works, so i dont have to do that :)
23:02@caker ok, another trivia question for ya... this time Audio Trivia
23:02@caker probably an easy one
23:02Battousai caker: 55dB
23:02Battousai i win
23:02@mikegrb 60!
23:02Battousai pwned :(
23:02@caker 80's song by Rockwell "Somebody's watching me", who sang the chorus?
23:02Battousai mikegrb: phantoms are 3-0 in the finals thus far!
23:02Battousai mikegrb: and i'm going to game 4!!
23:02* caker waits while everyone Googles
23:02fo0bar I sold my snes years ago (doh), but SNES emulator on a TV with original controller is just as good!
23:02Battousai caker: we dont need no education
23:03--- <<-- ElectricElf [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:03* Battousai doesnt do rockwell :)
23:03@caker heh
23:03thelsdj micheal jackson
23:03@caker thelsdj: bingo!
23:04thelsdj knew that one woulda said earlier if i wasn't idle hehe
23:05fo0bar thelsdj: sure...
23:05thelsdj hehe
23:06--- User: *** SupaZubon is now known as Moffixx
23:08@caker Which O'Reilly book has a bat on the cover?
23:08thelsdj ok first piece of trivia i can think of which is actually recent trivia, the soundtrack for lords of dogtown was done by the frontman from what band?
23:08thelsdj hrm don't know that one
23:08Moffixx sendmail!
23:09@caker Moffixx: I *knew* you would know
23:10Moffixx hahaha
23:10@caker thelsdj: um social distortion?
23:10* caker is clueless
23:11thelsdj devo
23:17@caker TRIVIA: what does ASCII stand for (person who does this "the right way" wins)?
23:18--- <<-- Battousai [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
23:18thelsdj i had to look it up so i won't answer
23:19@caker !acronym ASCII
23:19@linbot caker: ASCII could be American Standard Code for Information Interchange
23:19@caker I WIN
23:19thelsdj hehe
23:19@caker TRIVIA: Who wrote the music for Quake 3?
23:19iggy nin?
23:19@caker iggy: yup!
23:20iggy you and your nightly trivia
23:21@caker iggy: Did you beat "The Man" today?
23:21iggy I did
23:21iggy the officer didn't show, so they had to dismiss
23:22@caker I always hear that happening
23:23tuppa and quake 1 as well
23:23iggy yeah, out of 19 people that started the morning, only 1 actually went before the judge
23:23taupehat was there ever a single-player quake3?
23:23tuppa that's why the nailgun ammo box has NIN written on it
23:23tuppa taupehat: yup
23:23taupehat ahh
23:23tuppa playing with bots though
23:23taupehat that doesn't count!
23:24taupehat I'm talking about a storylined doom-esque thing
23:24tuppa well, quake 3 has a story in the manual...
23:24tuppa but, who cares about storylines in iD games :p
23:24@mikegrb lolz
23:24taupehat lol
23:24taupehat blam splat zap
23:24tuppa iD is good with game engines
23:24taupehat that's about the story
23:24taupehat dunno
23:24tuppa it's usually raven who slaps a storyline aorund the engine :0
23:24taupehat they made a bloody hash out of doom3
23:25--- <<-- eco|w [] has quit (Quit: This quit message intentionally left humorless)
23:25taupehat but it did have a storyline
23:25taupehat now raven's doing quake4
23:25taupehat bizzarre
23:25tuppa yes, all those cool demon models iD made
23:26tuppa couldn't possibly be used in a game called quake 4
23:26tuppa ;)
23:26taupehat haha
23:26taupehat perhaps they will find a way to produce netcode that isn't rubbish
23:27@caker TRIVIA: Who is said to have originated the expression "like nailing jelly to a tree"? (nothing to do with geeks, and I've never heard this before)
23:28Moffixx someong English, I'd guess
23:28Moffixx someone
23:28@caker Theodore Roosevelt
23:28tuppa Johnny?
23:28Moffixx aha!
23:28Moffixx I was wrong
23:28taupehat I'd have thought mark twain
23:28@caker heh, before our time
23:30@caker TRIVIA: adding up the ASCII values for "MS-DOS 6.21" equals what number?
23:30taupehat 666
23:30Moffixx intuitive!
23:30taupehat hehe
23:31taupehat it was a guess
23:31@caker everyone knows those
23:31@caker there's four or five of them
23:31Moffixx I remember the bill gates + barney the dinosaur one
23:31Moffixx 1994!!
23:31@caker hahaaaaa
23:31taupehat har
23:33@caker Barney the Dinosaur. Everyone knows Barney is a cute purple dinosaur. However, by converting .CUte pUrpLe DInosaUr,. to Roman numerals (making sure to convert .U. to .V,. as Romans had no .U. in their alphabet), we get C + V + V + L + D + I + V = 100 + 5 + 5 + 50 + 500 + 1 + 5 = 666
23:33Moffixx haha
23:33encode LOLZ!!
23:33bob2 some people have way too much time on their hands
23:33taupehat someone's gotta get mikegrb to turn that off
23:33Moffixx I remember the bill gates one relied on the fact that he was "the third" to add a 3
23:33encode taupehat: no - its there for a purpose
23:33taupehat yes
23:34taupehat a purpose which has kind of grown long in the tooth
23:34taupehat imho
23:34@mikegrb lolz
23:34@caker LOL
23:34@caker hmm
23:34encode hehe
23:34@mikegrb mmm cake
23:34taupehat cake
23:34@mikegrb mmmmmmmmmmm cake
23:34@mikegrb mmm cake
23:34bob2 cake.
23:35@mikegrb mmm bob2
23:35taupehat har
23:35taupehat lolz0r
23:35taupehat oneone
23:35@mikegrb mmm cake
23:35Moffixx aaaaaaaaaaaaand CAKE
23:35bob2 MIKE CHECK
23:36@mikegrb 1 2
23:36thelsdj what year was the first pentium chip shipped?
23:36bob2 199INYOURPANTS.
23:37taupehat 1997
23:37thelsdj nope
23:37taupehat bah
23:37bob2 96?
23:37thelsdj nope
23:38@caker March 22, 1993
23:38encode 92
23:38thelsdj heh
23:38bob2 wow
23:38thelsdj i used wikipedia
23:38encode what was the year the first intel processor shipped?
23:38taupehat oh ffs
23:38* taupehat has memory problems
23:38bob2 71
23:39Moffixx I would have said 72
23:39Moffixx the 4044
23:39Moffixx 4004
23:39taupehat I remember seeing a pentium promo poster when I was fresh out of high school
23:39encode bah, you're just having a look at the page
23:39taupehat argh
23:39@caker November 15, 1971
23:39@caker 4004
23:39@caker 400 Kilohertz (KHz)
23:39@caker :)
23:39bob2 score!
23:39taupehat so that should have given me the date =[
23:39encode ok, when did amd ship their first processor?
23:39encode and how many transistors did it have?
23:39encode and what was the lead engineer's favourite colour?
23:40@caker 03-27-1996
23:40@caker K5 PR75 and PR90 K5
23:40thelsdj uh
23:40@caker 4.3 million transistors
23:40@caker blue
23:40encode hahahaa
23:40@caker google++
23:40encode how did u find out the answers?
23:40@caker (I guessed on blue)
23:41encode and it was purple :P
23:41@caker damnit
23:41encode k/j - ive nfi
23:41encode j/k even
23:41thelsdj how many vorlons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
23:41encode 13 million
23:41encode plus another 2 to rotate the house
23:42Moffixx two, but I don't know how they got in there in the first place!
23:42thelsdj i usually go with 'yes' for the answer
23:42thelsdj or 'you are not ready for illumination...'
23:43@caker TRIVIA: InterNIC started charging for domain names in what year?
23:43@mikegrb 93?
23:43encode 5
23:43Moffixx wow that's a good one
23:43Moffixx 89? 91?
23:43@caker encode: good one == 1995
23:43encode its clearly 5
23:43Moffixx ooh right
23:43Moffixx when the NSFNet started getting privatised
23:43taupehat heh
23:44taupehat I remember when .net first started being used
23:44encode more trivia - what was the first line of code linus wrote?
23:44taupehat and nobody really had control over it
23:44Moffixx encode: I dunno, it was on a VIC20 I'll nevr see
23:44encode i dunno also
23:44thelsdj how would anyone remember what the first line of code they wrote was?
23:44encode but i thought it was a fun question
23:44thelsdj mine was probably 10 print "something"
23:44encode my first line of code would've been basic
23:45Moffixx I remember because it was a C64 and it wa one of those "10 print ... 20 goto 10" things
23:45encode so probably fairly similar to thelsdj
23:45thelsdj hehe
23:45taupehat heh
23:45* encode never had a c64 :(
23:45taupehat 10 print "hello, world"
23:45@caker TRIVIA: by looking at the back of this 3.5" disk ( ), how much information does it hold?
23:45thelsdj i had a trs 80 or whatever they were
23:45encode ooh
23:45--- ---> cout [] has joined #linode
23:45--- <<-- cout__ [] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:45taupehat caker: what was the answer to the linus question?
23:45encode let me look
23:45Moffixx 720k!
23:45Moffixx only one notch!
23:45@caker Moffixx: CORRECT
23:45* mikegrb notches Moffixx
23:46encode hehe
23:46@caker taupehat: hmm
23:46taupehat jmp 0x33 =]
23:47Moffixx no way
23:47@caker cp -a minix/ linux/
23:47Moffixx his grandfather bought him a VIC20
23:47taupehat hahaha!
23:47Moffixx and they learned to program it together
23:47Moffixx maybe it was his uncle
23:47--- ---> Battousai [] has joined #linode
23:47taupehat hmm
23:48taupehat I need to figure out how to write a perlmodule for irsso so when it sees a number as an action, it assumes it wants 'window' in front of that number
23:48Moffixx heh
23:48Moffixx yeah, 10 windows isn't enough
23:48taupehat so like I could type /23 and go right there
23:48Moffixx I do /win 23
23:48taupehat 21:48 -!- Irssi: Unknown command: 23
23:48taupehat right
23:48Moffixx but it still comes at odd moments
23:49taupehat I'd rather just skip the formality of /win
23:49@mikegrb Moffixx: alt+ q, w, e, r, t, y
23:49@mikegrb I think it goes to u
23:49@caker mikegrb: yeahm only to p
23:49encode thats not gonna work with 23 windows tho
23:49Moffixx mikegrb: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:49taupehat hah
23:49Moffixx mikegrb: you made my day
23:49@mikegrb yeah I've got about 25 or so
23:49@caker mikegrb: correction, only to o
23:50Moffixx man, irssi is the least sucky irc client I've ever used
23:50Moffixx it's amazing
23:50@mikegrb Moffixx: also alt+a <-- goes to highest activity window
23:50Moffixx mikegrb: I know that one
23:50@mikegrb I just use it most of the time
23:50Moffixx use it a lot
23:50@mikegrb yeah
23:50@caker yum .. alt-p and alt-n do the same thing as control-[ p, etc
23:50Moffixx aha
23:50Moffixx I'd rather remap those
23:50Moffixx I'm used to ^P and ^N being command history
23:50taupehat hmm
23:50Moffixx when I'm running a command I want to kill and start again a lot
23:50taupehat mikegrb: what are those all for?
23:51Moffixx I hold down Ctrl and bang out CPJ
23:51@mikegrb taupehat: window 11, 12, 13 etc
23:51thelsdj ooh didn't know about alt+a thats cool
23:51taupehat :wq
23:51Moffixx ^C to kill, ^P for previous history command, and ^J is enter
23:51encode blah
23:51encode so it is
23:51encode how cool
23:51Moffixx when I'm waiting for a box to come up, I'll ssh to it, get denied
23:51taupehat hmm
23:51Moffixx then lean on Ctrl and hit PJPJPJPJPJPJPJ
23:51Moffixx until I connect
23:51taupehat I think I will write that shortcut
23:51encode ^P just moved windows for me, weird
23:51taupehat even though I despise perl with a passion
23:52Moffixx encode: yeah that's what I was saying
23:52* taupehat digs out his copy of "Perl for Dummies"
23:52Moffixx encode: I'd like to remap the irssi stuff
23:52encode haha
23:52Moffixx the only Perl book I kept in my collection was Effective Perl Programming
23:52taupehat hmm
23:52encode i dont have any tree perl books
23:52Battousai i kept one called I'm a PERL teapot
23:52taupehat I actually only have perl for dummies
23:52taupehat but
23:52encode only google and the oreilly online bookshelf
23:52taupehat here's a pic I took 2 towns over from here
23:52Battousai of course, i wrote it and it was only three pages long
23:53taupehat =]
23:53@caker TRIVIA: Which grew fastest in the U.S. in 1996? A) the number of Internet service providers
23:53Moffixx heh
23:53@caker B) the number of bagel shops
23:53taupehat B
23:53@caker C) the number of pager services
23:53taupehat B
23:53thelsdj c
23:53Moffixx I bet you it's bagels
23:53taupehat =]
23:53Battousai d
23:53Battousai all of the above
23:53Moffixx on account of Noahs going national
23:53thelsdj hah
23:53@caker Internet service providers enjoyed 9,475% growth versus 30% for bagel shops and 31% for pager services
23:53taupehat Moffixx is right
23:53taupehat ooh!
23:54taupehat Moffixx is wrong
23:54Moffixx wow
23:54Battousai caker: dot-com baby
23:54@caker TRIVIA: Which country has the most computers?
23:54Battousai we talked about that in our issues of cpsc class
23:54encode caker: clearly its .au
23:54@caker China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil (easy)
23:54Battousai china
23:54@caker yeah
23:54@caker oh man
23:54@caker Moffixx can't participate in this one
23:55Moffixx if the entire adult male population of china drinks one extra beer per day, they'll use the entire Earth's supply of wheat
23:55@caker TRIVIA: To Linux and OS/2 users, what was February 15, 1999?
23:55Moffixx !!!!!!!!!
23:55encode mothers day?
23:55taupehat Black Wednesday
23:55@mikegrb lolz
23:55Battousai lol
23:55taupehat =]
23:55taupehat uhh
23:55Moffixx man
23:55Moffixx hahahaha
23:55@caker Moffixx: school these kiddies
23:55taupehat yeah Moffixx
23:56taupehat ?
23:56thelsdj hahah
23:56* Moffixx organized the Foster City March
23:56taupehat ?
23:56encode <@caker> Moffixx: school these kiddies <-- which kiddies
23:56taupehat could not be found
23:56taupehat yeah
23:56taupehat who are the kiddies here?
23:56Moffixx poor hugin
23:57Moffixx that was <big>Rick Moen</big>'s box
23:57taupehat In 1999 I was living in a cabin 4 miles from the nearest road with no electricity or running water
23:57Moffixx he is now
23:57@caker taupehat: sounds lovely
23:57Battousai i forget which part of it made it that...was it the class-action ruling or the actual date?
23:57taupehat perhaps I was busy doing other things for a few years instead of this geekiness
23:57Moffixx in 1999 I was working for SuSE
23:57Battousai rcn is pooping on my intarweb
23:57taupehat caker: it was. Is why my /. tag is "Just some former luddite"
23:57Moffixx Battousai: it was just a movement. Some kids scheduled it fo PResident's day, so we commandeered the event
23:57encode in 1999 i was in high school :(
23:57--- ---> psykoyiko [] has joined #linode
23:57thelsdj i miss my first linux distro
23:58taupehat heh
23:58thelsdj good ol zipslackk on umsdos
23:58encode last year tho
23:58taupehat <--turbo
23:58thelsdj i rmemember spending weeks trying to get my modem and monitor working
23:58Moffixx man, we used the Brunching Shuttlecocks' "SMilin' WIllie" generator
23:58Battousai Moffixx: ah
23:58taupehat hah
23:58@mikegrb Windows refund day
23:58@mikegrb BAM!
23:58@mikegrb oh boy
23:58@mikegrb I was so scrolled up
23:58Moffixx okay, enough reminiscing
23:59taupehat thelsdj: My version of "installing linux" was "installing linux and learn how to compile a kernel straight off due to the then-sad state of the tulip driver"
23:59psykoyiko so is this segfaulting with PAM thing on 2.6 kernels just one of those things?
23:59thelsdj i didn't know what an ethernet card was at the time hehe
23:59Moffixx taupehat: haha, I was on the phone with Donald Becker when that happened. Netgear switched chipsets!
23:59thelsdj though my first network card _was_ a tulip
23:59Moffixx and he said that he called them up and they said "Donald Becker tells us that these cards work with TEH LINNUCKS"
---Logclosed Thu Jun 09 00:00:02 2005